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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a n n is iy custodfor fi grrst-dedeee murftr... aer sh waouoe cosnty prs ecutor fi rechled tharges kiat he lled a wsparksveoman ocar a de. de ago37 r yearoold ambert rasirez wta token indy custonn in coectionwi dth thef eath oar57- ye-oldch e arlott-kszczep aowski,an wom bhe hadvieen wit theor miginalchurder wargeasop dr 2ped in00e 6 du lto ak acof enevidce. fpoliceeround hd deaeron h ng livifl room ooor inctober po2005. aylice sir ramez's gformerenirlfris d wa btoldy hi hm thathte fough wit zeszcewsp-kot ki, buiehe dend at th. re and icno polvee haan a m in od custfty... aaler he y legedldr sove annt-u-v io a en convstience store yeerday. fi of rcersedesponde to th7-11 elon wnuls ave2ne and d astreetd roun5 10-4a-m eryest aday,ound fn nd au isuz s-rodeo d u-v ha tdrivenhroughth one fr tt oftohe spore. lice twsay ilo ch wdreninere tsideheve whhicle cen thesiollion en happd ed, an btheyveelie that heneitchr ils d wainwearseg a at . belt rt foelunaty ono wne sasioerlyus
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cepolin theedarrest 44- ar ye a-oldawndre dr son fohis duthird gei char. i hesos aled chargch with ild en medanger rnt ands ecklesdr ayey sd he haelbeen reased ss le12 than e hours..arlier. ll fohiowing ses co cnd duiharge. fi trafhec cras ts liken his cake taon a lmeg tihe for te polic medepartinnt to atvestige. nobut ree policvenow ha a new ofpiece me equipl nt wilhemake t s procesuimuch q. cker d insteainof havakg to ts e shotof an each hegle, tqu new eipment rk wocos ntusinuomaly, akingfu irll c icle.e n th yend,ou ahave i 3-d tmageyohat n u ca alookomt frfe dif arents.ngle li poayce s t theolechnogy re esquirs lespoman awer,nd ll wi i cuttinvesnggatie timin ..half r. so woads hon'ttoave be t shu adownngs lo. rr jeety follret: "mo t oftenhan t no kpeoplee now ontoway get ndhome a m we're tessing. hat up t sowihis llll as ow uetto g in an t d ou."alot prenoe olicheis tst fir pa dentrtmene in tvadae o usthe
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usor f t araffictscciden e, alon butho they uspe to e it cr for enime sc yes afrear omno w. s let'incheck with olmeteoranogist chgela sngilli a for lofirst thok at hee weatr. orgood manning, gela! attempere ure arfrbelow , eezing r but ouisradar . quiete we hava n lull i wethe paather rittern w.ght nono ngt seeiog any fe at th , aiport'sbut itsi posthble isrn mo ving inloalley s cation wewhere no got sw er yestinday. w lds arendight a s skiestare moudly clolay. pnner sh clows tearingitoday ws h highin pp the 30'sy next stemme coghs tonit into
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an thngks aela.tu g rninonto mchey wat... cosolar iempan ns inarevada e ng takist draeaic m asures,fter pu the ublictitilimies comssion un annorgced lacre ins easecu rstomerates. su n n-ruinis endatg opern ions i sithe slveromtate whlae sotyr-cibe will el atiminabing 55out . 0 jobs la sotyr-cicl is ngeari i outtsre arno wseehouan -- s d it eeemploy es willr itheget tr reansferosd or lr e theijobs. ey thla are bhaming co nges ta ic servgee charr . undew the ne s. rule p.. thes reviougechar of 15 a -25 wimonth ntll eveually co
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cuand erstom ps thatroduceex lecess etyctriciby sold n-v gy enerll... wige only t a ar qu tter ofdihe cret ts thathey ge nt esargy ys the ncrate i areasesmpre intortabe calause soomr custers encurrgetly bst a su 5idy of12 ar dollars a yeic -- whlah regur st cus fo w onayednesdth... ble puicut s ilitieiscomm wsionteill vo thon whehoer to old offn the h rate. ikes l stilomto c ce onelhannew 2 ns isthni pr idest enamobmaa gy beg ivincl tues ash o whicidpresalentind caheidate ki's bac 2ng for016. w whatowe knfa so omr... cing . up us plre-- we'rn leamoing utre abo
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starreesed y..terday. one of om whed livt jus toverhe un mo, tainacin sntrameheo. tla , testteafthr bre k.ea ou "ywa're hitc cngnnha 2els newth oris m wningjoith othn pter, an uedi gva ara mndeoetlorogistff
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hi kr, i'm e. isscientm ts fro taroundhe tr counsiy are ouerra-btond... s discushea weaterr pattn - ng makiof lots in headlates lely n - el oino.f ne on our ow temeogorolists wil lcwebaome leck. tat's lke aook om at s me newsheaking s adline nd arouat the nghion rit now. t, firsid two meadle n ster esrefugete arreslld fog owina lt muati-store terr.. probe. are duschetoled r appeain court y. toda th auieority s saofone m the-- a-y
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ntsidema -- d nagerato ttovel a syriigto floht adengsi a orterran orgioizatndn, at thahe s is comehowedonnect to a -y 24d ear-oln houstoderesint -- d accuse pofro mvidingl ateria orsupp it tosis. mofor n re otothis stury, ne in -bto cs -s thig morninllfoowg inou ar show7 t a-m. esprt idenisobama g givinnew cl toues inhi wchda candie'te hllsu inpport en the gleeral en.ctio a ind n op-ehepublisd in eryests day'rknew yo.. times.thees prt idencaindi wted heon'tck baan any c wdidates ho doenot su t pporoncomm g senseorun refm. mmthe coaments chee on t same esday probident ama ismade h se caig for tunhter gtr conol ru s leridu angfo rare rum. an hed, the mot tr ofhe lu"aff tenza ieen" as inas tex il jad , an bwillrae ard ignein a t coure ther mthisngorniny. toa h coucdsstanus accf ed o erhindthing ape ehprsien oona f lo fe..n.foinr fleeexg to mico thwi s hereron aftss he mied a atprobheion g.arin r hensemaime in , xicoe whera -p high mrofile aexicannettory isgh
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micop ng uhaon c 2nnelew niss th mo inrng... po a oliceerfficph in eliladphiais ky lucbe to ve alis thirn mo aing... bfter seinghot at im13 tates. th, story ucomingp . next
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ogteorolffist jeti marwinez llha r ve yountpinpoior 2 ft ecas r afteeathe brk. mothe whm...eso drtwses dso ki , tgetsrko wo8: by .00.. aland mwaysesanag togivea them thhealncy luh. e thywnewlseeds gekinou olt whe esomsmeal d antiexcilang f fvorsor r theineokw co.ware th y e guwhnao fi llydedeci kd toick ea35 y orsf snbad hackingabits. yo spu in tire usdoo erev wything.e do..
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il a phphadelopia cck is luy to a be, liver afteena brazn gunma as unlebahed a ofrrage ts bulleon ff the o yicerrdesteay, inwh heat ts city'p top cois g callinecan "ex aution". ttemptfi ofsscer jenee harttt wasdr thiving phrough philadelia maroundt idnighdayestern y, whe ana gunmed startsh unleaing a f hail os.bullet su the aspect,ar 30-yean-old m, atfired 1 leasts.3 time tthartneve, a fipo year lice te veasran, whr hit timee tes in hi as leftndrm afe sufred a ok brrmen a n andamerve dheage. t ce offirnr retue,ed firik string spthe suatect st lea threeti hames. tect susp at flednd was pr apenehneded byarth. bo hane d th fie ofe cer artrbeing eated fo thr ineir riju. es nn "chaewel 2 nnts cos inuewith or metet ologis mjeffneartiz's pi 2npointec for bast,stroadca rt cebyified me the arican te meicorologieal soc ty!" mp tee eraturloare beziw freeng, t budaour rauir is q het. weave a ilulln wethe r athen patternoright
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rt aipoit, but si's posthble is in morn vg iny alleonlocatis er whote we gw sno dayesterdsy. winig are lht andsk e ies ar cmostly ploudy.erlann ow sheas clodring th ay withighs in pp the 30'sy next stem tocomes innight to rd satuniay mortung. furecast s showovsnow m ling inate ni totoght in thers fi ot halfrdf satukeay. liis th t week,nihe morl ng wilbe k slicwithme soro impntvemenc by luhtime. l we'l thavetco waich for y s roadheonce toe sun g. s down ay sundbe will et quive. sen day a shows weakst syesem movou thrn gh omonday bu stt mol wilrystay d and er tempwitures wall be nermer. xt
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ts-rober. t he0 urns 6owtomorr. w thatmeish co ys fromour ti sweee. bihappy ayrthdjo to seph l.doleza nshe turda 21 thco wish ommes frhy kat za y d happaybirthdr to oulongti weme vie hr paul harrod.e tu trns 55oday. th h at wisfrcomes r om youbest ie frujnd ppd harty bio hday tlyleta thylor. isat wmeh cos fromri mahassa, sd nia angayle. n send iiryour brethday quests k to t-t-v-neao be fontured air. ca you h n reacouus thraigh e-ml, laregur ilma b, orley a aving vo aiicem ol onthur birneday li. an avd we hxce an epriting ize to aw giveayay tod. e we havcktwo ti sets toee d anavwe hxce an epriting ize to gi tveaway. odayavwe he two ck titoets or see my ris daand th mee tiat. this show ry janua a 16thmot the rntbleuanesort d
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s door aopent 8 p-m. lebe calr 22 l stilomto c ce onelhannew 2 ns th if og a dpa wore ounts, wld he hewear tkem lis. thi l... orike th ? is th e ghhi-dlyateb iederntt ne tiquess on illfinasoy re..lved. af
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we e lcom. backortime f2. take .. or st ties werehink a a worth lsecondook. afirst,ia canadwen dog-erar mak kiis looseng to hettle te debat owon hs dogwewould ar nt pas.ah ye a, this afterny fun dog ra diag vm went. iral dithe m agra, asksa "if g dorewo
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is th f, onleour orgs, e likis this, on hin two hgsd lee ? thte inenrnet w jt nutsaboking out deand ngbati q theiouestn. , welly muddttmusas tysvehey' lesette d thar ogumentd nce an alfor l... sk : ellyis"it ed settl. four gs le."be pacause r nts fo adogsealrdyis ext. rpwate nroof wylons ader bsoldy hu a ansband cd wife iompanyn dacana 5 forck0 bus.s u. ly skel"i: t oklores lyalun fny enbut whet you g o tiredf sk : ellylo"it reoks fallyunnybu ent wh g youiret tf ed ocl ngeaniog a d0 for 2teminus r afte, a walk rit'seally tipraccal." w iticas a nduhe prontct uheil t di raagwem vntalirnd aim tsk lyelay ssas s lempjued un 28-herdred pcent. w noe'therwas a liiting st as
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d anthcheck --is outhi i tnk afit's saye to s w, momsill do st juut aboin anyththg for eir il chdren. we tll oneotexas mgaher erve h ht daug ger the lift of fife...ora tsecondime. abmeet beyy kelc. sh ale's daive tousy becaere of h dmgranr.othe y kellkimcssffack suhrered tee ar miscesriag. erthen hr mothed offeree to b suher e.rrogatar 54-ye-old ey tracmp thoso bn gaveo irth t ow her dcn gran yhildrdesteay. y kellacmckissmyk el lovy mom d offeree to givheme tes greatt ft gimy of e. lifth onompss sayg beinnapregnt hwithraer gugndda whterotas nso y. eassu isthes in ste 1--r and 3d tr
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54 the ol-year d. duand dringerelivocy, dtorspe merfor ed ancymergen iacaesarr n aftebythe bart's heara ppte drobued... stt the ory st s ill hay a happngendi. d an dmom,teaughr and dd granr aughtearnow shvee an en st brongerond. u yoanknow, ge averane of nich aildrenorre b sn toteurrogas inch eate stary eve year. ng comixt up nean on chnenel 2 ws is thor mngni. .. a isman in wak bg upd ehinbarsth oris m..ningr . afteindrivg hi ths car a rough 7-11ye y.sterda s we'llu how yowhat b he'shaeing citrged werh, aft
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br kieaewng ntos in our ne ..wsroom. ge emercrncy arews t e righnow onth
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stlet's thart wiui a qoock lk at rethe foitcast wteh meogorolist sangelangchilli . ad robes are hitter tins morng
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ne text sys hm isd eadein our iodirectecn, formiast u ksthanel anga. an thelks anga. in turn cg to brimeeat... olreno pveice ha i a mann cu aftal he y legedl e drov-van s-uo inta nv concenieore stere yestday. rsofficend respothed to e 7-11on ls welnu aved e anst2nd reet ou ar0-nd 1-m45 ate yes, rdayd an un fo id an rsuzu sodeo h-u-vaddr tivenghhrou f the oronte f thst pore.e olictwsay ilo chdrenwe idre insvee the e hicl twhenheco n llisioedhappenth, and ey evbeliate thth neihier casld wwe a aring elseat elrtunatney no o s wasuserioly hu . rt ce poliar then 4rested4-ar
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i ird du. chargehe so is alrg chaited wd h chil da enntngermeec and rkless g.driviney the say hbehad elen reased le n ss thaou12 harrs e. lier.. infollows g hindseco drgui chae. fi trafhec cras ts likecahat n igvestate. rbut ineyeno th h nowa ave new e piecofme equipl nt wilmake at thh mucr.quicke ea instavd of h ting tootake shs of h eac tangle,w his nesystemrk wonts couoinusmaly, akingfu irll c icle.e n th yend,ou ahave i 3-d tmageyohat n u ca alookomt frfe dif arents.ngle cepoli i sayqut re liresess ma ernpowd , an cwillutin igvestg atin itimelfn ha so ad ron's wovet habe to t shudown onas lg. y jerretfollret: "mo t oftenhan penot koplee now on gway toetho ndme are we' ss mething uth so l is wil lo al tw ust o gendin a out ."alotre s no ifithe porst lice rtdepa imentvan neo da tthuse is th ecis nor w beit'll fo used r tracaffic s,cidenthe but ty hope seto u icrt for enime sces aar yeno from w.
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ertempe aturbeare frlow ngeezi, er wh ge wenoot sstw yey.erda th nganks aela.rn tu ming toatoney wch... la soanr comp nies inarevada e dtaking mrastics,easure after pu the tiblic u clitiesioommissn no anlaunced crrge ins ease ercustom. ratessu isn-run g endiniooperatns in e th ssilveromtate cy.pletel.. e whilcisolar-l ty wilbe im elg inatin55about . 0 jobs r-solatycis iricleautng o its
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oyemplllees wi egeither t tr reansferosd or lr e thei. jobs a theymire blahang c tngeso a rv searice chdege. unner the w le ruhes... tou previges charf o 5 15-2h a montvewill ey ntuallst co 4 aboutar4 dolls. andcu s stomer pthat eroducexcess el icectrsoity n-ld by v en gyerwi... nlll ot y gea te quarher of tdi crehats tt they no get ew. n-vsanergy ys the ncrate i areasesorre imptantca belause soomr custers en currgetly sut a ofbsidy 512 ar dollars a yeic -- whlah regur cu s fo ed on w..nesdaypu. the blicil utcoities onmmissivo will te he on wo ther tffhold oe on thra este hik.
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mi coonng up el channs 2 newthis inmorng... lospudr eakeogpropandabr tsoadcased resumut in soh thkorea niis mory ng. whtroops e thernoare tw onighe hhest ve leerl al wt...hewen om ce ck ba. us plri, pas siane ardgon eise th rn moafing anter r othe othreatf rr tet oris--attackon this e,av d.erteol how pilice foed the te isrrorplts' omans, cuping . ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2ews th oris m wningjoith othn pter, ueandi gndvara aro meteologist je mfftiars nez'oipinpnt 2re focast!" rtma'sinezpo pin2 int caforest!"
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cit'sa alled erigged,conomyd ans this i whow wst newflealth ows to t the%.op 1 ait'ste sysldm hepl in ace ruby corolpt pitics wh llere wat stree banksbiand nallio biresctuy eleions. cmyigampa pn isedowerer by ova iomilll n smalbucontritions, oppe llee ikuyo o who want tt fighckba. thute tr yh is cou'tanha c ngecoa t rrupemsyst by g takinmoits ney. bei'm srnie.andersap i thprove sais mesge.
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lc weckome ba . g lookin taroundldhe wor. now..ut soa'h koretas miliesry rumed ealoudspopker praganda dc broacrasts ae oss thborder nintoororth kayea tod. melocal podia re trtedtrhat oops ne hear t w sitesonere theirgh hiveest lelel of art. th h e sout okoreans fficalsaidto thday bat thecaroadwasts s in g keepin awitht recenatdiplomic em agretwent bee een thtwo un cos.trieay.. sthing ouey cld esbe r iumederf ths e waan
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ute sodeh's oncisies comt jusda ftys ayoer pngngyad saiadit hsu sfcces tullyd estedra hyogenbo thmb. waere is nommteedia no korth rreannsespot e bu pe exs rty sa e thdcbroa wastsliill dkelyraw aca re. tionh norta koreco ernsidems thac an t ofyc pscahologiarl warf e. pa and isris ge on edte... afr ch frenic polote shil and kled a n maiewho trttd to apoack a lice iostatstn yey.erda pcellnehoeo vidtu capthred e s momentfrafter chenur secity fo horces skit and alled manwi ngeldiut a b kcher'snifets oue ide th spoliceta ntionorth t ofaphe cthital. she man outed ah 'allr'u akbaue - f flingear of tea isrrortat atarck. med fi of bcersedlock p offarisst s reetheas tb bomuasqved mod in . th n e mawewas g arinava hey ck jaitet wath whea apptored be re wikis outth. but e sp su diciouse evicedturno out t a bee. fakhe o alsiecarrpid a ofece er pap wi heth ts isi. flagllit ak too ac pl te onnehe or -yeaan rsniveofary d they eadl
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od gos, newal fin, lyomfrch ..ina.s china'mastock rkets bo reinunded at voltrile ading to ftday, ahoer aut mritiesoved s tozetabiliur the crency,ug boreht shasts and thopped e rc cieauit-brsyker tstemd hat ha tfueledekhis wean's pic. ll wat streeopis htoing er recov tos.o...u.s stockf are ofto itswo strst toart ew a nr yeaev der.theppow droe ed morthan5- nt perceth in rse fit fourda . ys..10and ce-perront fs m it ihighy.n mas thiinmorng,ex gechanurs in esoope ale rosat arthe stndt, a s futureg tradinteindicas thatll wat streepewill oern high. l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns
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taroundiohe natt n righnow. t,firs m twoeaiddle stern fu re ageesd rresteinfollowg a lt muati-store terr.. probe. are du sche aled toinppear court y. toda th auieority s saofone m the-- a ea23-yd r-olensacramidto resent -- ed managav to tro el ta syritofi alght idongstee a rror niorgaonzatid , an hthate isso w mehoecconntoted a24 ol-year-tod housden resi- nt -ac cu psed ofngrovidiia materl pp su iort tosis. fo mor n re otothis sry, n tune i to-s c-bs thiinmornllg fog owin ou shr aow7 t m.a- es
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s clue wintoanhich c hdidatee'llpp su tort inerhe genctal eleion. n in apuop-ed d blishein st yey'erdayos new esrk tim...the idpresinent d dicate'the won abacknyda candi dte whot oes no orsuppont comm g senseorun ene comme ts cam son theame y dapresobident deama ma hisca tse foreright c gunolontr durules aringar rfoe rum. d, an m theofother the lu "affeeenza ts n" iinex a tas il jad , an bwille ra ard igne cin a tourt therehis inmorng. a tonystcouch anccds a ousedf nd hig erine thapsiprehena on of lo fer n...fog fleeinicto mexo th wi s herfton amier he ssed a pr ioobatarn heing.he ai remn ns icomexier, whe a gh hiro-pfiicle mexoran attney htis figs ing hideioportatn toe thu.s. nn"cha nel 2coews uentinths wi me ogteoroljeist tiff marnez's np pi foint 2t,orecasca broadst if cert tied byrihe amecan or metealologicty socie !" te urmperatbee are eelow fr, zingbu rat our qdar isweuiet. e hav ia lullwen the paather ttern gh riw.t no s notaneeing y fog at
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os's pthsible niis morng in lvalleynsocatio w wheree got ow snye dasteriny. w lds arendight a s skiestare moudly clonny. plaer ow shs ea clodring th ay witinhighs theup 'sper 30xt. nete syss m come ni toinght urto satrnday moing. tufucarewsst shomo snow n ving i onlate tntight io the hafirst salf of ayturdke. li is thk, weeor the milning wl be sl thick wiim some enprovemt bylu e.nchtim h we'lltoave ch wat ic for s y roadheonce t n suowgoes ddan. sun by wille t.quie d sevenwsay shok a weasy ovstem mhres t ooughayn mond bu stt most will aay drynd er tempwitures wall be . rmernext rocold fesnt movgh throu on th
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ucoming op nextnen chanwsl 2 ne isthni mor. ng..
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