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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:30am PST

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ada trn itiogefor tineraons o >> gsgood:rnood moing. ch i'm osarles agoodhind ts is ay sundng morni. dr chil den whonoon't keiw thr og biolatical frohers gndw up uer da clou ofnc de wonr soy mank see to learn r theitrueil famy ties. as itap hpensho tse who owe bitheir rth to arm speor don thein aternet snd newense of neopenress a s toveol the trrk sanassmiln wl rt eporourco stver ory.>> s thi isro pblbayhe tos mt uaunus flyamil roeuniu'n yoll er ev. seema f ny oethesth broaners d ersistves haer nevua actlly met ch eaer othor fme om thee haver nevet mei ththr faer. spermor don no. 2053. >> howan myot palentis kidre a thout fererom ain seglon dor? e>> wno kw ofup gro that
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>> the neway win defingam fily. oaheaddan "sunniy morng." >>d: osgooe we havst queions is thng morni fromor nmanr leath eer vetanv tro pducer who arappe hs toe av tnoshought of rireting.he al's t wkingith mooc >>or nmaarn lehe t manin behdso fme os tv'os mtun grod kibreang sitcoms is 93ea yrs ild st il att.>> i amar clelyer old than aot l eoof pple. t buam i old,ot n. yet>> norma lnear still sintretchg el himsf at3. 9te larun on "sdayni morng." g >>ood. >>sg oood: icintrodungrh oniannde gidnshe tge sinr from rtnocah liro wnarahose fsme i adsprefaing dr an wide. rt maeiha tr chnewillo d theho
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>> hi rnoann gnsidde was aealrdya mm gray wr.inne butn theen legecdary rord erproduced offer to put out her rs fiot sol. album w >>hatxa ectly has t-born etburnt done for you? hi>> pusng. >>ad ahe ts hiun"sydang morni"e th rofise no rhianddn giens. oo>> osgd: up, up andy awaul cohed be tto mot ofhe tol fkswh o fly thedy gooearli bmps.te af yr manyearsn ice servi theye arbeingla rep bced ay new ofclass airhi sp. owlee can wil tlake usar abod. >>he t geaoodyrmp blis i ali sceof at floingpp aleie p. pit isure acamerina.
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butak ming aha cinnge thesk asies phting ou the blimps in offavor et somlshing ee.>> l wil byoue sad to sees thi go?>> ofrs coue. it s' >> howoo gdyarens pla to nt coheinue tt tradiionat lern o un"smoday g"rnin? sg >> oood: bence traas owe h e thlatestn o theap recturef oe thex mican ddruglorno kwn asl e cho.apta rive brawsr sho usrs lettefr hom theand ofne earstmi hey.ngwa st e evrthaanmat wches age teena ht weigng liftir staon r ord me.bu stt firin headl tes forhisnd suniay morng theh 10t ofja nuy,ar01 26. t firshi tgsnir wnobodyton lasni kt'ser powballtt loery. eso, thot jackp has t riseno$1 li.3 bilon.xt neng drawi is wayednesdi nght.od go luck.
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anen p wnasel rdease by ol "r sling"tone helpedic mexanth auieorit ts toowrack dn theto noouris lodruglrd e n xicacioffiarals seaying at thic mexayo m beli wilng to ad extrelite po cha to u thenitedat stes. bagain,raen tcy wilel have moron tmohis nw mer teae.leav hnort k'soreata dictor ce brleesathe t cryount'sim cla of hgeydronom bb. mewas st by ohowfce for tohe t h sout aandcamerin52 b cgarryin eanuclonr weapsle fw lowve or besec etfore r turningo the heto is sday' w.eather g goineto b coldcr aoss thepl ndains a mt.idwesto sday'ff playo gamewe betenvi ankings dhe t sseahawkn inn micoesota euld b the coldestin h nflryisto. ndrain a snow will fallm fro uc kento ky inte.main th for ke wee aheador me cold,
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t noucso mhal crnifothia, .ough ne ,xt elha cpo, a newpt chaer inhi .s tale aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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>> d: osgoowe as d tol youe' therws a neop develn ment i there arfst o theap escedic mexanug drl lord echapo.
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sory byenhawn pn who rv intehiiewed tm ahe t eesscapee de hi. out m thee agazinheld itnt uil. now bency traak tes a cloloser ok. t >> ihisshe t w'sorldos mt no s toriourddruglog sayin he'sno tpo reslensib forhe tld wor's whor's mrke rema tablehehat 's eranswing ast queionen sot t him abyorctea snen pn. thexc eivlusent iewervi in li"roltong sne"ag meazin is stlateik strise tw tt inhe sagaof qu joainuz gmanno kwn as el ap chro, ort shony ini spash.he ea hds theht migyin s daloarug rtca,el ctronliol nngrleahay lf tofllhe iegalru d tgrade twbemeeen xindco a u thednitest .ates bhe'sveelie bd toens respobliefo dr theeathsf oe morthan34 eo,000 n xicaorauths itiethsay ese icret vn iiwiiew th sean penn toled his creaptu onri fday. nn pe w met tithhe fivugiteca
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he laterub smittedst que tionsohi tm viaext. tamongheat revelion elpo chasa gys heot into theg drude tra roto pvideis for hy. famil h thatn'e hast usedgs dru for 20ar yeyss sa heoe d'snto g lkioong tforleroubut bim s dplyenefds ms hielf. ond friayor mngni tleroube cam h f the oormfex mican mesarin o whce des ondednhe t town. ey thrm stoedhe tte whise hou and un fodom s oef hisen mh wit stashof po wean idinclungke roctop prgrelled enadehe launcr.el ha cposc eutaped b was laterca bptured troughtos thi. hotelhe wasea wring aty dir under ir shdt an areppea bd toe rmunhaed. bu ft aigirefhth withe tru dgki sngpin'yg bodualerds ft five t ofhemea dd. elha cpo had eedscapex mican onpris note, oncut bce f onridayig nhthe tic mexango ntvernmead me ay verli pubc oshowfis hap c.turera
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anon to a wngaitiic helopter. t buhi tsas w el chapo m sixsonth inago is hri psonl. cele thur slaveilidnce veows sho him lk waingnt i hoisho swer s,tall 'sthatre whe he dpeisap daredown mthisileon lgne tunl andpe hopd onhi tset ritro-ftedot th roe inllgto sne ivinterew ai clmst tha he had einngeers ow fl gn tonyerma. la str yea"60 mesinut"il bl akwhiteper rd,orte and the ge ins niouesplacs he'ui bltis h tdruglsunne andap esceou rtes.du tringheas lthu man,nt his rspursueve discoisred th. l >> aookist th. >> ane tunlra entalnce so nc cod ealehein t plug,mbin inth ise caser undhneathe t shop. >>n sea pnen sheays was inun d date owithsfferm fro ywhollbuood ltt uelimaty en ustrdteex m aicanssctre toma fke ailmut abo l hisife. e whilonhe w't beea hngdi to
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llik lelye bxt erad diteheto t edunitte stas. er wh ie heste wand ong dru gechar ss intaix stes.>> chapo saidt thais hst wor ar feins be egdixtratoted the it untaed stes. >>nd aisrew er expnt o ex coat wthen ilsoercent inhi wasonngt. l>> aot ofre pssure in moexicis ra extditeim h t tonihe utedst tatesako m seure he't canes acape.gain iand hi tnk manexicic offials e arng goi to bey verer intdeste l inngooki t atophat .tion ut>> b forow n, thatel hteicoprel chapo gotn ory fie d night tookim hk bacheto ty vere samis prm on fro hwhichape esced.>> osgood: fa merhood tany oimesver.>> storf o young, men 18-0 fneededorrm spe dn.onatio>>
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ay. neeveryods neeff a bev. r en youe.smil lgcoe atwhoptic otite tohpaste es god beyonesurfacns staiit to wh enov ser 3hades. in ftact, iit whreens mo tthanhe g leadinsexpresit whstening rip. it'urs yole smi. bff mwhitenorste juus by brhing. lli'm bi y,i and moquit s king hawith cntix. cii detoded e takxchanti s toerhut evy ybod uelseabp qout meg uitting.smokin goi was ging to aive it try, i but 'tdidn i think t wasg goineato rhally ppen. teafe r on oweektif chani x, cknew i qouldt.ui on althg wirt suppo,ch (vantix icaren) lineveis pro n p to hel qpeopleokuit sming. anchfitix de hnitely elped mreduce ty urgee.o smok me soe peoplchhad sangein io behavnkr, thi ming orood, sthoy,ilitta agi, tionesdepr sedmo ndod aci suithdal tsough or io acthins wakle toring af stter ngoppint chaix. hsomeeiad sszure e whilngtakint chaix. if h youanave ofy se the, op stnt chandix al cal yourdo rctor aightway. te oull yctr doboor a ut an sty hiory mofl entathhealbl pro wems,hichd coulwoget orrse se of .izuresdo ken't tant cha iixu'f yoadve h ria sealous iclerg orsk eain rn i y ifavou hese the,
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sasn ome cae-be lifatthreg.enin te oull ydor ictoru f yohavet hearloor besod vprsel msoble, evor d neloprew owo syrse msmpto. ge dit mehecal iglp rwaht ay y ifavou hmpe sytoms hof a aeartk ttactror soke. cr de aeaseollcoh w use hileki tahang c.ntix cause n utio dwhenngrivi orop ineratchg may.iner mo omst csimon ffde e ectis se naua. g beinn-a noersmokls feeat gre. k as dyourr octohaif c ntixis ht rig y forou. sg>> oheood: tpr inter eterly famiis ties th more ban ait guambir ous foenchildriv conceed twithelhe h sp of aperm. donoran ald fineily bng able toiv geme toaning hr the pnase ca be a li -cfenghag inriexpe fencellor aco nencer d.r our coveystoror repbyted k mar rastnnssma. >>t wha are yrouug thogohts ing to ins. thi rv neous?>> it a lbitle tvo nerus, yeah. dd tote whiit surieski walngin heto tno unkwn. w>>tha ifhe tyne turutd o to be ly realtr sndange a shehy, ty n' dooot lk upy' theree lik ti analsociso or inmethg.
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halfil mewa ay. d>> i kon'twhnow o at tdo. o >>neth of ems i 20 year oldsa marah .lley wh>> akat moues y nuservo?>> t whadoou y sayhe w yn'roue et meyoing ur bgiiolocalil famyfo er thst fir time. n' i do.t know>> toddt whi iehurstsir the ol biogicalat fher. e thheone ty'reut abome to et. he'sye 49-olar-d cteompur neengihoer wks wor for google. in99 18he tn a stanforrad gdst tuden heic notedom sngethi in chthe sooler pap. >> a big ad sg,ayin youngen m -3 18ed0 need forrm spe dn.onatio>> did youav hnye as qualmbo aut? it>> i gyuess mli fee tng,he folks en who d upoi gng to ape srm bankre anally wldt chi qrenuite y.badl y whdnwoulou't yt wanha tt. y whdnwoulou't yt wan htoelpth peose opleut o? >> whuhiteharst os twhi cnldreof o hiswn fmrovi preous rr ma niage eevertexpec tdot mee ofany hisor donld chiren.sp
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l al donodsr daig sn anee agrmentto ai remnny anomous. e thil fam oies tnheec rngeivien ed ary onlen giv basicba ouckgrnfnd itiormaboon aut ei thr donor.hi s age, ecithnity,ei hght, h birte,plac etiducasoon, on. in cliciv gehe tma hqu i. mb nunder at tha b haseecom thega y tewatomp iabrobleti meesng like o thenehi wteit sursie ou ab ht toave.>> ist' a bit neracve-r.king t>> iev neulr wodav heap hedpen n iforot fne oan wom. i>>t'snn iate human desire to t wantowo kn wheree we comro fm. >> wamendy c ter isher motheof sodonor n.e sh saw howio curwaus he s toar lebon aut his father andnd fouit in onleab datase cd,alle the no doblr siingeg ry.istrit 's aet nngworkie sit for ilchendr w whoant toct conney b hi matcngir the donorhe fatr'sd. i.r. numbe47 p,000eeople hav rteegisredin
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ian wt toea hr myor don's ug la h.nt i wae to semihim sle.wa i nt to kwhnow hatenk this isnn fuy.i want i to -- t wantooo l iknto fa his ,ce i wanto t skehais hha nd. >> careys phelp felt that way. h>> iave alwaysno k twnhat iwa s dhionor cld.yo u canma igine ae parntit wh ye2-ldar-o k andsid i ag,skin swhere' daddy?>> s, phelphe tte daughr of a le singhe mot wr,as4 1he wn she fo d unheron d forheatr. el ph lps hadinittle rmfonatio ouabhit bum tpe sntwo tee wks ngpluggit wha dshe kidwnont io an oinnlsee fo she unden sev peossibl s.matche e onophotod sto. out >> ha ttom mten when i saw hisfa orce f thest fir tomb. edincr.ible hero donrad d was toddwh stitehure-, she edmail, him eythet m,e becam closer en evlytualn evetookat vacions thtogeiter wmeh so ofis her othdo nor crhilden. tlike this trippeo ca codas ltju
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i f teelhat it's the right in thg too d f. thehi cldrent wan to meet tnhet' ismp intorta i k thine to blaavai tbleeto me.>> getdy rea toch wat anex rdtraoy inarlyfamien momt. teighon dorld chiren cameto ergeth. ur fo ofm whote whithursad h ve netr meef beor w ahore alsome g etinr theiinsiblorgs f thefi trstime. ah ye g, it cetsicompl.ated>> ha wt iss thien momikt leor f chea of? you t'>> isso aweme.>> hi ts is iannse. >>ar sahal mley a studentad har lex ned simonths eliarer thatsh de an hern twite sisr jennawe onre dorab eta concted whuhitethrst hroug the donor sngibli rtregis ayndhe pe heldrr aange thisil famyth gaering.
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>>rw oveinhelmg. i wasor wliried, wkeege hugd a e wholbig t.hing >>o d youee fthl faer'sri p?de>> h, obs aeloluty. en wh h i hearerki talngbo aut a hu ig an w tto geiv her a hug ai agn.>> he tep rctroduiveus indtry es dotl lit me to iakety easor f r dono adads tndheir crehildn to et me . n >>yobodee kpsck tra ofhe t no kbody teepsckra oef thid noere's ra tckingha wvetsoer. w >> endyme krar ssay sperm asbanks otk mherso tor rept rdono bsirth btut i isot n irrequed. d an no oirgantizaonks lint dincl tiip par tcularsherack t totalmb nubier of rorths fm a seinglno dor i.d. >>ow hy manot palentiid ks are t oue ther afrom seingl dr?ono >> nyobodll reayws kno. e theslargrot ghaup tte w haveon oursi webete, ww knof o a p grouthatew somhere adroun00 2. >>00 2id ks.
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n'i doowt knut abo, youut bf i i haknew tt i was -- i had 200 lf hath broaners isd s iters d woul lfeeli ike pwas oartf a rd he. w it fouldodeel d. >>te whithursat don ted tohe samec cliniforr fouyears.ho w many w timesouould y, guess pa ballrk?>> bl probay on the order of 400ti mes. thsomeliing hake tt. >>00 4es tim. ea>> yh. >>nd aon crside this, ain segl do tina aont a srmpean b ckan ucprode asy mans a 24la selble al vis. ehwhitstur 4's00on dnsatiold cou havedu proced 9600 vialsor f his sclip tibleo sell. >> howan my donorre childn do knyou haow tt youav he? h >> iave 2.>> 22s. kid>> ha tt iw knoof. y>>ou couldav hey familou tch llfootbaha game veug enoh ay plrers fo both. sides >> maybe compeitte wher oth lifamitoes, o. d >>soet tham seeait ltle cr azy?>>
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b >>utn o tcahis peod cg lonwe d,ekenre theas w no signan fyonelielt arke p otf ad. herju st ale carur ctyiosiro fm gheit halfib ssling about eachot dher an about their donor er fath . oi>> gng frdorwayo do u feel a sp rebionsiorlity f theires liv? >> yeah,o. i dit 's rnespolisibity iee fsl a anun cle. ili reaze i'm notir theen part. ei thpar s rentareri pmarilyre blsponsie form. thet buirif thets paren are unable elto h tphemn the iou wteld sp ndin a w dohat ild cou. elyou fe y love,ou w tanto ecprotthe tm, you wantto them h haveappyif le. eybut th a havellur tnedo out t be ryeallui qte rkaemarble il ch.dren >>ar ceylp phesow n sestudico smputer aciencetnf staord,st juhe like ror don dad. >> i n feverelt likere the was so thmeginsi misngec bausee i'v en be so l.ucky
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thnk i thi a lot ofs kid't cansa ry fota ngso bei able toee mtll af oth otese tally dntiffereut, bt a e th same time veryat reled insiblsgs i such anre incediblho nor fore mo tw gro uphi tswa y. sg >> o cood:g ominup. theic muss goend round a. round if e you'rg lookinto s avenemo yy onour camediarre pprt d ipescrs,tionlg was reen, sayse carpdimed em. se thize y e daetto ge mor outifof ld e ancamediarre pt d. st jutc swi wh toeealgrns s forgsavin th l at'lhebe thl hig ight yofdaour y. w noiepreve w th ocosturf yoco bepay yforeilou fl.
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i ptakeseriloc c ot meachngorni myfor qu freheent urartbn be e causcayou ben't zeat earo hrnrtbu! hh ah s the tweetf aste oy!victor ilpr oosectc. e on epillmoach rning. ou24 hrs.ze rtro heaburn. ve i'ke smotd a loan ad quit lot, bu d t endeheup nowre. i now isuse th. cothe niq derm ch,patc uwithexnique edtend e releaslotechnogy,
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to a smoke.ll day nt i wati this me e to basmy lmet ti. at thhy's who i cose coni cdermq. althe w l-nemataco. yo to ta.t' le ps gos.lace o >>d:sgoo a nowdg frire ou ndsu mayorngnian almac.ja ynuar0, 19. 194
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da toy rca vrictonv udeile a newbr ofeed no phophgraor recd. e th45. 7thenc ihesos acrths wi 1 1/2 hinchinole the me.iddl rnewdecorla pyed at5 4re tivolu ponser me.inut thwiat greerid fyelit and itclaryha tnhe tld o8 7rpm. >>te lisn, creompa,ou y,oo t,wi grll aeet thaca rto vicr's r 45orpm recd ist fines and best meverade. >> not eeveryongr aeednc idilung olthe fks at archal rivbi columaco rewhrds waich sti promoewng n rdreco of its ownla pyedt a 33 d 1/3rrpm. mbcoluia'sir chae'man, wre tunableoho fatm the pe urplof e thor recd'sol revvingt a r 45pm. r fombcoluouia ctldn'ho fatm it,ge tineraron o twof ori amecan g younlepeopta cer ale smizl send aes modt p,rice
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itp 40 h songsot no tti menonma ayinst t forhe maltho spju bokex. th h rougthe 60s,ro fm elvis toth eae btlndes aon beyd. ll mifions ome anrica tnsee fstir edplayir theav feorit songs on a 45.ev alentuholy, r,wevehn tecyolog edturnin agahest t psiint-zedre .cord he>> tir fstru tlyen sesiblap chproata to pe.>> cttasseees tap, cds andon slinemitreangvi serlces al li ec tpsedhe5. 4 itand 's3 3/3 1rd big bthroer w asell. le renggatiyl vino recrds of all pe tys to thatos mt dedread ofca ritegoes,ic musr you ptsaren e orven your gndrantpares enlisted to.bu t old styleec rorovd l tersake ar he tha e's obitfin vyliv reval encurr utlywanderity walh ses of33
7:25 am
a201301nd 24. oo prsif potivet thaha wts goe caroundroomes aund. o >>sgood:ex n at,an m of
7:26 am
leand s.tter mothe whm...eso drtwses dso ki , tgetsrko wo8: by .00.. aland mwaysesanag togivea them thhealncy luh. e thywnewlseeds gekinou olt whe esomsmeal d antiexcilang f fvorsor r theineokw co.ware th y e guwhnao fi llydedeci kd toick ea35 y orsf snbad hackingabits. yo spu in tire usdoo erev wything.e do..
7:27 am
hi>> t es ist rnesnghemiway. fithe fthl dolm u wastt wrinen i fathe ndll aly ear winter of
7:28 am
ins thiar re rdiecorng,he wamingy ises dicr hbingoris wk pon alaybo aut the sshpani vicilar w. enevs aitag redun arod him inma .drid w>> ihileas w wngritihe tla py, e th hotelri floda where weed livan dke worsd watr suck byor meth 0an 3 highlo exphesive slls. i so if it nsot a good play, apperhhas t wt is ihats the ermatth wit it. >> in the93 18, " theyonew rk me tiais" s wd itas aoo gdla py, e onofy man workshe wremi heexngway tploredhe agony of war.>> he eiexpernc wedarn o many ff dit erentsfron . >>n sea hgweminsay i e'snest angrondsbo, rnft aiser hgr atandfs her'h deatnshaw isst d eepeamin filyis h.tory >>um bpedo intrn eest nghemiway. >> he ustnderands why hemingwayis si conrededne oth of et mosinfl inl uentias writerof the20 thry centu.wi
7:29 am
atar enedim h the nobelri pze lforatiterure. >> he iinllum tatedheum hanco n.nditio ha>> tbst's ayolutel true. he wase abl to craptueon emotis in ay verir dtecay w,ha ttou yre t ad iandou y feel it. >> andow nhe tre is redenew reintenst ies erntem hayingw. win theakef o theec rentat s tackonar pis, a mbloveae t,feas l his loverette to the ty ci of l,ight sold out on .amazon mi hey ngwat firseltravoed tpa inris the0s 192,t parofth et loser genationf o exay p @ trees writertiand arsts. >> hent iucrodedim hself toge dertru s atein,ndas picso andmi ro. >>ec dlanie k ilys caturorf o a
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been pngarkim the in at atmanh mtan'sorganry libra.he it says was the92 16el nov s"thelsun aois res" that put ernest hgweminnay o taphe m. i thiss aeg tel framrom -- t >>ishis or dothyar pker inwritomg fror new yk to mi hey ngwain. paris e shay ss, baby, yourk boos i oc knngkiem 'ol cder he. n' is st it?well ,love de.otti >>e mad into ail fpim stamng avaar gerdnnt editlehe t story ofor a wldar w 1er vetan with ade atvastwaing jur inry.>> mostho sg ckingthin a manas h everea hrd.yo u are g toingo be -- p>> onewherson oea appnored t alto fl in litove whth "e sonso alis res"as w h oiswnhe motr.>> h. yea
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
at oinberl cgeolle iohn pes, ora. nger? a >> as muchs i loved doingt ier th me's so ouchther s,tuffot usher mt ic thai was gettingin edterest in.i' ram so g fteful torhe aitr.ning ig>> rht now,h, thoughe s'str ying toog recnize r thenohianngi s dden iwhosme eg.rgin e thdowne hom cntouryl gir hasgr own up and gamone gl. thear colinala chocoteps dro are g alonhefor t ride.t buid gdens ishe t onlyri olgina mb meefer lt andhe tre's no doubt
7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
ece. fromar ptsen st over from a ze celin iompanyman gerny. we w knooo gedyarnl maifoy irts re tis,os i c htasua act bllyeen hein t blimpin busesst mos ofit sor catpor.e life at whll is ais of th? t >>shis i our r oaidersf the stlooo arc rm. >>dd eies i goo'sdyearir aship e her tareheem rs nantheof tco y mpansoru t istedn early naaeros uticasit w puter undco ranto ct tdbuil aipirshs for e ths.u. ny.av am iaelha earrtn eve ctehrisned ofone m. the it m'stosam fsouor fhe t uss roakann thd ema ussascon ig b asoc ean ls.iner >>y the canoo lvek or the zo sere wa noad rar lngooki over e thor h.izonth waere s noat steelli. >> penassgers,oo t,oo sndn fou
7:51 am
iclant. th ein hnbdeurgas distern i 1793 ou branght t endto ill a. >> it's aor hcrifi dlaay, esdian den gentlem,he tre a sremoke d eoh, than humity. >> euventallyve en theit milary ha ttd lisele u for ashirs.ipbu t geaoodyr found a newur psepo r foitslo fgatinlb bils.oard as caamert flas.form >>oo gd, lord,he tseam ceras h>> he t wyerevy hea,. too >>ic basallytu sdio ca amerin the b.limp he >> t firstli bmp ctas was the rose pearad back in95 15. om frn then, o gyeoodar'ser aialtv er covage rinedefedhe t way wesa w majorve ents,s say argoodyett's scogh baumazs thi wasev rioolut.nary >>nc idrelyib rolevnautiondry ath ehn tecy ologheat t time was debeing d velopeeas wee nitded . y >>erou wnde ki ofak mgin it . up
7:52 am
nt, absoly.utel od>> tgoay, arodye airps shire tmainoshe mt rogecblnizayee ein the skybo ave majorrt spoing tseven,sp ellecialey colge bafootll.we e wer up forix srs houho vering t abovehe mleiami-cmson acgame bctk in oober a.oo gdyear wiblimp ll beat wchingr ovecl agemson moain toigrrow nsht, a t theynake oba alama forhe tco e llegbafootatll nalion am chshpionip. r fofchieot piler jryse hism 's it asoo gd as itet gs. >>oe dst i ever g aet ltlite ou tediuss jtng goid aroun ast ovadium er andve or.>> nozea rlly? >> i could f flyorth anohter eig hours. c >>ouould yy? reall>> h. yeait un's f. >>he t'sret jusne o ofhe tld o de moefls lhet, tpi sofrit vainno, tiond basenear s loleange s.e th tonehat bhtrougce aligr s atiabacko tt earh. he der ri wt asn' ajustke buctli stom ment. it was also herth birday es prent. i>>t was wrfondeul. w >>tas i ethveryyoing u th tioughasvity w t goingo be? i
7:53 am
ha >> w atir bthdaynd aha w atma chine. mrold w. nedy goosear'at floing ssambas adorbohas urth secnded a esprveerthd loe awndlo swle styof g, flyin annt ie,imat fdlrienyy wa to get your headp uin the cl ouds.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
and eisxercing a g dreateal of ie patnce.>> l i'l itaket as fari as can go. pe hoy fullaget d golal med forth s.e u.>> y haveugou thohtut abo a eawhtioxes b? t>> wha isha tt? ha>> wt is aat wheiesox b? y>>h.ea >> id tolou y he y wasoung. >>ss gueho wd diey bn normale t one.>> t, nexma nornea lr, he's a itt again.d an l,ater wnehat's xt? i and di gdn'teret hone al e. e ther pweree eoplstwho lienedal g onwathe y. lepeopho we gavptme o.ions pt keon me ck tra .an rod thitugh , all etmy renirem tne vet r go bleftd.ehin tso, odaypri'm arepedfo ytr anhing wwe mayanmot too rrow t be. ev y ermesoneday a eds .plan
7:59 am
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8:00 am
0 >> 5s,cente somksthan . d >> lon'titike ? l>> iitike . >> why don't i -- " it's msunday" orningonbs c a here igainses charld. osgoo sg>> oood:s 1970'hit is wopof re the bouak thr sgh tvhowsno earman lrdu proced. 's hell stit at i as mo rocca has ov discered. d
8:01 am
ti ci, zenstheld eerlyr o old lepeop? i >>r prefeld oer. >>ld oer?>> er old,ea yh.el yderl has aon ctinota.oni amar clely oldern tha a lot of op pele.bu it am? old ynotet. >>d gooor m.ning hi>> wchs i whyt las nbeovemrdu tringheus antiil fm fvaestil e th okingfis televion,93 ol-year-and norm lear w aast init aga. g >>uess who died?by or nn maarle. h >>eug broht toga o groupfac tors for a rngeadif ois hne westel tievison cyomed. g >>uess wieho dd? >>is aom cedybo autis hco pontemesrari. h>>reow aou y d?oing>> er tc.rifica
8:02 am
gen't tut of o bed wutithole cebrex.ot anher thi' that m tc.errifi>> i'veee btn a thisom for seti s me ai wasgi ang. lepeop of myge a? l >>ears say heed noticha tt roldera chas cterwere rateleged toar ml ginas rolev.on t t >>here weer no shows about us.ab ouout riv les. t abouour aesttitud,ut abour o ob pr.lems u' yoind thhak tt nn ormalear d woul nhaveobo prlemti getnghi ris scropt pd.duceaf alter tl,his is t mheanho w ve ga usdm lanark cieomeds leik au "mde" "goodim tes." >> iv ge mene o goodso rea wnhy u yoar medri me. >>ou y was panregnt.>> l "alhein tam" but sinceng writiis h stcripor f ss "gue d whoivied" fse year ago toa l taofo zeret nwork
8:03 am
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8:04 am
g llinfakeds bon w,as stenaw ay tori pson for y threeears. tilear sllem rembers ane orighbrd's "wos ofdo wism.">> ut piss han hd on myul shoder and says, well,ou ye're th man of t hheouseow n, hed, tre,he t,re a man't doesn cry. ne nirs yea old i'm hngeari that. i tughoht, well, teaches me alo bot aut theoo flish onesshef t cohuman ionditn. ti ullymate t it maughtet thath sere'or humer evreywhe in er evtuy sin.atio >>ea lr'sld worw vie was also ap sh bedriy tps tw o neyorkit cylo g okinthout era tin wwindoin heto trt apas ment hofm.arle >>he tme tenwents re le,ik they ltfe l tikeyhe wereht eig feetaw ay. ob pr 3ablyee0 ft. ey the werryvelo withe ndows lngeadio int the tmaparentse, wer youno kw,er vy evisibl and leifns ithide ose
8:05 am
i and usedo ton wder abouthe tm. w >>erho whee tse families? >> who were theseam fesili?wh erat whee tyhi tnking? at whth were eir ps.roblem lsi aado h sngomethi c innommo wi th them.i ewkn by thent tha as a jewish thkid reere wee peopl who hated me sy implfort thaasreon. d ani undderstoo ctaerlyin by enthha tblt kaceo phaple d it e wors ithan i>> aew f years laterr lea would ok lout o dreiffentdo win awsnd se e anfricame aanrics. this teim hh ig tinhees skir oveeu .rope>> how young doi,ud bdy?>> ug i h. >> dinurwog drl wari i lear was ra odipe or aatornd gr,unne ngflyie morn tha0 5 bbiomng ss mi oions gvernyermand a italy. cohis esurrt dsoing fme ose the da erngsouts fligh, theme flad l- alkblacke tusgeeme airn.
8:06 am
aew fth monsgo aea lret mne oof he tm,fe prossorco ros berownfa ce to facehe for tst fir time.>> at i s-- down t i shon dow at jeover b oerlinn a mixt tha we you re on. >> yes. >>ar mch4, 294 15. >>ow h a imazings itha tt the utwo ofsle fw the same monissi over bn,erlio ns. les o >>ver eam se day.>> of the tgeuskeeme airn. b>>oth w menereon hedort a vet 's an dayer cieemon ns inorew yk ty ci andon h tored wo beithh eac he otr. w >>wohat uld youee sn ose tho xe mi s? w >>lee fwut abo00 1ee ft overth ebe bomrs.we ro'd dpow dn right closeo tth ndem a ourob js watote proct em thm frothe enemyig fhters. 'm>> i pblrobaynd stainge herth wiec him b hausethe was ere. >>re whe does the tonensit sor ldof buifo up r you?>> d heato to e.>>
8:07 am
ngfighti. shape mmostngornie's hs up early, tcstrendhing atr sheengtning hi f mselthfor e dayad ahe. >> i getpp alause t doinghis.>> hebl probayer des aves st dianngva otion. >> its doeee fl good.>> itls fee. great >>or n smanheerot nhe tir retingty pe. 's he uatpdg inhis hitho swe "onda aty a time. u forfl netix. is thwi time th ain lataso ct.>> fort, wha theoo gifd le.>> e has h noen inttion of in pulleg thg plu onis hew nestpr ojectgu " wessho" died?>> i htoope see itn o the air.>> he if tres i ais televion utexecwhive n o cangreeht lig a ow shch wat uingsig rhtow n areyo aiu avelabl a for mtieeng?>> h, o yeah. l al hheas to dos i throw up a owwind andea scrm,re there an't ghenou p olde eoplon tvielesion.i'
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g ppeninhere? i ..did it. t. do i.. t takeurhe natune's boaity h r, ndskin als naien challge.
8:10 am
b moreuleautifl , we'lougive yyo onur mk.ey bac di i ..d itan. eld i feut beaiful. si viret natuntsboumy.cofo ilr deta s.>> s what'next. a wehrsked touee of por rerter l tobaook acknd aheado teg bin,e josi schlenger. t >>heir fst weekf o 2016 was wo the verst ertr sta to aea yr r fou.s.s. stock th wi majornd iexesn dowr ove%. 6 theau csee of th newr' yeasl sel soff wanx aiety over a slowow dn in ne chisero gwth wenhich stst ocksmm plugetinly rough 10% ivover f.e dayst buthwhile ee pac ofwt groh ininclheen tld worec's sond rg la eestmycono is itampornt, is thnt coury isot nat grely nddepeonent ca he orn pots tch ina. yehes, trere a somepa comniesth aty reln ohe t rnegio for le sads anni earng, but noten .ough
8:11 am
rto s tcks,o terrigg fr,ea is t thathe esnomy ili falnger ovff a t' wha aset reniremfet saor t do?th swe ans er iinnoth g.u yoinare this f torheg lon rm te t andhatoa bg rdineth ve inrst ole rolroa c mstereans ce acg ptinupthe nds a the d.owns ep ker you eonmotins ick che andst ick tor you game w otherords,y stapuit ar's hd to do,ut b you'vene beon thisid re b aeforend knowth atpi deste aew f white knucklemo frments imom toe te, tim yoush eouldpnd uus jnet fi. >>hi ts is coall miler. hamore tn ak wee nowme an ard timilisa hacc oieupdhe tal mheur onnatialil wdlife rgeefu near burn os,n.rego s hed tageana stffd o of hiswn o in 2014. w theyeant thal federnm goverent urto tern ovtr conolf o hisla innds a thetorea oc lalau itthories.ea r rliehein tk wee the cyount ifsherf t methwiun bdy ainskghi
8:12 am
sp rethect she wifes oan myeg rs s,dentn eveer offg inanor esct ofout te sta. bu ndyus ref. ed msay thero gup ndseg ina mesgesand ata snd nd behim. the it b'someca e gbiss iue forhi ts al smwnl toe, on as olds ahe t d ol.west >> i'min vitar nai i tnhene rkw yowa subaty stion. t don'urbe se prisrsundetand te ladar torey he and atst lea4 1 he oterr amanic c yities,ou co enruntelo felwve tralerswi ththout nteir pas. w theyeill b par tt ofhisr' yeas "no.'d >> oneonllan: ptsy subwa de ri." se ob arveds it weren iit cies ndarouor the wld.>> co welo me tthe no pantsbw suaye! rid >>mo prodte aser intonnatial brcelen atioofli sil,ness the srideedtart in2 200it wh just nseve bold but cold y neworkerski parin
8:13 am
.oard haso wr teveelse youig mhiht tnk t abounothe ts panwa subyid re, h itasiv thred and survived for13 thtte's lioule dbtt' is anev wient leg >> osgood:he aead, th trump cteffe. en thse thoce plaans chvege efery ntw mo.hs.. seplea. it e 's timyothu got e qu ilicksrdver ca froml capitaone.qu veicksils r earnunyou d limiteas1.5% ch back e onurvery p echase,erverywhe. es dogen't st much impler tthanhat. at whn 's i wyourt?alle phi'm icil m, kelsonlfpro go er.somy p ariaticisrthritca jusedaioint pn.ju ikst l me myatodere to rsevereoiheumatrid arthtis. d anwoi was rriedouabint joget dama.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
>> d: osgoos here'oka lo ate thheweek aad onsu our "nday g"morninen caldar.on da monyy, jur stieleconeg bsin he in t trial of caesar gonoodse thec sond bmoaltiicre polefi of bcer torie tned i theth dea fof greddie lreyapast ril. on tuesdayig nsiht predent obama ve deli frs histainal ste of the n unios.addres dawednes sy istevenos fterme almoriay d, mngarki the d 152n aernnivf sary oatthe deh ofhe ta populrsu compohore w iswi rdelydegarde as thehe fatr of ic amerusan mic. sd thursay see the aemnnouncent of this ysear'my acade award
8:21 am
on friday,ca amerin anastrout timra kopnd ari btish autstrona timke pea arech seduled to or perfacm a spke walut oside the atinternl ionae spacn.statiod anonat sy,urdaor the nth icameran itnterna aionaluto showin ro det oitopens tub the plic. nto johrs dicke ionn wngashiton lo for t'ok whaads ahe"f on ace theio natn." goodni morng,oh jn.>> rs dickegoon: orod mning,we lk'll tao ty hillarnclinto neabout wel rev oationsern h ile-ma, story i gssueunon ctrolan dra democtic en on rliepubdecan si we'llta o lk tschriis chrtie and randul pa ande' wll have special er conv wsationusith hoeer speak r paulyan t aboutheue iss ofve porty. sg>> o tood:hankou y, we'll be tc wa.hing wnexteek heern oda"suny rnmoing." >>s thi wosas mt to clean thatss me againnd a ainga. >> o:sgood howhe tea rloy j rk woered hac mirles. rhmaeuidtort
8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
.waccessorgbh.g d >>icke: rsony todafaon "hece t onnati ." d 22unays thtil rse fi tpr estiidenonal c itestown inda a hianytoeng g ts onamhe cnpaig l.traiwh u'o yoarre mried toth anygin at ths stickto thel, wal theat artacks ceomingas ftnd ari fuous on the cnampaigil tra. >> veryle car bute hoe guts o ys sa a i'mur nataln borit c.izenth
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