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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  January 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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thbut lae reshtionetip bween ss ru sia andiayrfa is omr frrf peecwet, as o foundnut whe ru the adssian wemiral in ietervuswed ded aaterogory ttermsco de pribederesint sa asd. ( >>ki speasing rusan ) p >>y:elle h rayn intopestepd ofout so priten afarr ne0ly 3ye onars r deatha ow, mfreean.wh asat wt thantmomee? lik a >>ous th wgh ialas w okingncl .ouds >> le peluty: bto hinstn's oryra sisesuseriost que aionsbout hhow weunandle just ticonvicons. ye>> 30 o,ars agge a judly proud d stoondup ad, saint "i seence dyou toie." rs30 yeaer latne, no ohe had t ce detoncy "w say, y e sorrforat whpl took "ace. >> as i'm ptit pay entlinwait' 'm isi paselonatasy smhin' y everctexpenatio ry eveio actann's f act oea
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r >> tose:hohe ss w hadreachee thieloftghst heits. in e fivhsmontth at che riard errodgeas th "ter,lthamihaon" s d chalkerlup neamiy $70 inllion va adtince scket.alesan osd thcke luouy en tght o geaat se k neverwhnow gho mit be ne thxt to em. esthe profident ni the u tedes stat. t >> axtour sievh m's puteay dr sm tohame.( ug lahs )>> : kroftevi'm stt.e krof s >>: tahlsli'm lehley sta. hi >> wr:take b i'mwhill .itaker os >> r'me: irl ros>> y: pelleco i'm slett pely. e thoss storiet tonighon "60mi "nutes. roacriss amepeca, lople ikeetbask hballofall am f ermidoe niquinwilks... .a..akre tching oargeeif th r 2typete diabes... .. no.with sun-inctlin vi.oza r foe,a whil t ia ook opill twe lolor my barod sug. itbut t didn' tget meoao my gl.
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aihe sctd vi woza diorks tlfferen py than.ills meand co ps in aen. ozvicts a ienprovo tlower sublood d gar en's taka once nyday, a time. oz victs a ir not fo lweightoss, it but el may hlop you se eisome wght. ozvictas injan iblectae crpresoniptiic medthine ayat m primblove gaood su ar insdult twith2 ype etdiabes uwhenwised th adietxend ercise. i itt s nommrecod endeas fithe merst tidicaon to at trete diabes... shoul unot beinsed op peh le wit dtype 1teiabes d orc iabetiidketoacosis. ozvictasa hee not bien studwid ltth measuime inlin. ct vi ioza ins not n.suli ot do nvi take actozf iveyou hape a orsonallyr fami history edof m tullary chyroid..ancer. tiplcrendoneine opalasiro synde me typ2, or u if yoalare tlergico... ic...v toza nyor as of itieingrednts. tosympa ms of ouserirgs allereic ..action... i.may include,tchingsh ra d, orltifficuthy breaing. te r ll .i
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.i ..ngncludiin tiflammathon of ree pancas an (pticreatis). akstop tcting vi oza... .a ..l nd calyoocur dtor awright ay hif yougnave si ps ofeaancrtitis su s ch a pseverethain wiat gll notayo awur in yoom abden roor furm yoen abdomou to y..r back. it...w wh orhoitomut vg.itin te oull yorr doct a aboutll methe s dicinekeyou ta... if yo havemeany l dicaitcond.ions ta vkingzaictoit w h alfsuuronylr.ea o.. .. ul.insayin mus cable low gaood sur. e thommost cdemon siec effe ts arheheadacea, naus... .d ..a,iarrhe v andg.omitin de sits effecea can ld to atdehydr..ion. hi...w ch mayuscadne kibley proems. ouif y r pillt isn' ygiving.ou.. he...tol contree you nd... sk...aou ydor actorbout innon-n suliozvicta . cit's bovered y mostthhealns pla. th neose asw gl ses? athey ire. dosm look arter? ah yett, a liu'le. yoinre makmog noney rew, anv you ingesti? i'well, n ve bee doingmesoea resrch. melet ro int yducetoou ro our bker. chhow muhe does rg chae? n'i do.t know
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l(dad aughs) ywow,laou're .ughing th otat's nay the wwo the world rks. ll wewo, the chrld's .anging e arasyou ekingqunough sestion t abouy the waeayour w lth mis?anaged we malthemanagent, rlat chawaes schb. re i encommtud naere madmi vita ns.e becaust i trusqutheir y.alit ey the werfithe hrst toa ave n vitamiedverifip. by us i andendepenrgnt oatanizion at ths setctstrity qualipu and tarity s.ndardsna adture ere numb p oneacharmreist decommen dtt leamer vitndin bra. pdoesinrintomg frr youbltaetto r yousswirelent pri ergi ave yout jolfiof cone?denc ythenigou me ht bcegearc.ntri gh riw,t no h allk p inuyis b onet ge50one f!% of
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w >>kehitaher: t w civilnar iri sya a was kpowdern eg whetheru issiansventerned in pt ser.embe ptheyanut up se airba andst boarted g mbins targetthere. n russiaenpresidadt vl pimirutinid sair the aes strikai were med f atg ightinc islamiisterrorm, itbut ly quicke becamntappareth heat tor majofity b theombs re weed aim i not tutsis, b at syother nsrian i gurgentsroup tifighheng te regimsiof rusa's prally, t esiden abashard.l-assa ev whatirer thees motiv, theru nsssiae havedinsert se themntlves isyo the rianco ctnfliny and ass discuion of it how e mightnd. moa few gonths ami, "60 nutes"re fportede rom thanameric base at in qe ar, thd comman fcenterors. u.ti opera tons indlhe mid e .east w wetoanted he see tan russi sobase, ke we asthd and ey
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we oet outron the syad to ria,wh toich s ok u don aetweour edidn'txpect. to o get tssthe run iaasairbe inla stakia,yoyria, tu haveoar st it hereown mosc.yo n'u do st just ahow uptht ega oftes a the.irbaseyo tu havenvo be i bitedey th ia russstn minidery of fense, tthenn aken oiaa russtan milirytr t anspor con aitircuveous fi- lihour fovght erer tritory ie fr tndlyiao russca- the spiana, se i iran,efraq, bnaore filly g landiniain syr. ait wasmilmost wdnightrhen oupl okane toro off frum a nssiaai e rbase w astee starakd to ture pictes t ouwithe , ndowerwe wlde to ny et----"no"et som whinge d hearn oftengduri n theext re thyse da. n >> no, no,o. w >>r:hitakewa this fis the rst e face wafsaw later nding. atthyr's sprian t esidenbashar-a aladss.
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e sincsuthe , mmerruthe nsssiaha uive barlt bs,rackug bronht i4, pe000 nersonavl, poaed rds, ed rolluc in tr okloadsf pmequid ent anonmunitis,er aecting o bitssf ruthia in ehe aart ofonssad-cletrola.d syri is thmo is fstlydlrieny rr tey,itorle at 20ast es mil tfromsehe clostnt fros,line but e thiarussrens atan't akingny an chces. coheli gpterhiun sonps ctlstanypa letrole d eyk tooutus ong aloly new te ex rndedysunwawa to atch dysteaie ser ps ofs lanengtaki off. e th wroareaas dngfeni.e thrunsssiait invboed aut a ze dowsn nean orgioizatn ns oisth otoure f thkilatarba aiase. etheyiaspecwally unteds tota otke nhee of tir nesewt r-fighteerbombe , thsu-34.ou ssr ruguian inide ia syr, jo maner geigral onor knkasheov,is
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rynistde of e.fens er ov p theourevi hs 24, ourshesa 32id, su0 intsrgen 3 and4ar d moreclvehieres wste ded.royein nddepemoent ngnitoris group utoldmes soth of ane plees w w sangtaki d offomid bisb is targ bets,osut mmbt boored me me ime diatatthre ts tosshe aad meregiou, grikps le e th-u.s. edbacke freansyriy, arm a andlnu , srahsythe arianf rm oalqa l nerashkonav enkodnwoul't ll teho us nyw mane plaes ar ngflyisi mis bons,meut anrica tamiliry sesourc t sayhe ss ru hians36ave ht figlaer pnes d anel17 sse rumiian rylitas saytheyha love forwn mane th00 5,0 iesortoss, mfrtly erom hine, sce es prt idenn putireordeed thbo g mbinaicampn gn iemseptber.wh that is are prim oy goalf ss run ia i ithisventern?ntio>>
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an tredslat t ):aihe mskn ta is r toestatore s itehoodisn thre , gionansyrite sta.hood w >>kehitadmr: a viralmiladirko domoye tv ishahe cn irmaheof tru n ssiaiaparl'smenten defse itcommtee.he i wasvenvol td inlahe pgnninof s then yriaiomissn. e thedunitte sta fs isedocus im pry arilefon dea itingsis. ssand rumsia seeve to ha otherpr esioritiup-- sinportg theas gisad re hme andngelpi the d assameregi i fightmits enees,d aneethat stams to orke priityov iger fg htin.isis om>> kovoyed: cif you tut offhe , headt you gechaos. e'theraos ch ls in, ibyaschao nt esseinially iraq. hehalf try countun is isder il. d anhethe asad wpp choffed o er thoue, y. see ifso, w youtoant st so rnubbolyre tmoveeahe l oderssyf ria,it en's an mormous.istake>> ta whi'mker: iwo just gnderin y
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roe in th ofuturea?f syri om>> koy: edovobthe prlem is h thatloe has e st somof his itauthory. e thlepeopms thes elvemustfi ogureinut, ct ele, ionswhom olto fanlow w d houito bheld tir s,livech whiav he beense esy ntiall iruineda.n syri w >>kehitauir: r ined,rgn lae rt pa p, byderesissnt a oad'swn tamiliry. g weheot t a sensedmiral ye komoisdov c notborazy aut thesy prianderesiwhnt, so ha pedropmbd bo hs onwnis opl peoe. e thraadmiedl user a dorogatyrm tesc to de aribe, ssadthenas thked e at wrenot ipeatt on . tv k >>edomoyweov: w knothwhy eop tiposiason wme ford. w itoras fdumed te tohe ak mistthes of ese prt idenofri syela himsf. hi >> wr:taken wheauthey ldnche mthisonissiac b sk inmbepteer,th sse ru siansitaid ld wou be r tehsmontal of dmostaily inbombsig, iths and re othe eninsurgout grigps fthhting e d assa hregimereave banly bee ed budgth from ite terreyory th .holdan
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s ioe missn'n does st looko mp tey oraroranyme.di iad russst overethimate e r poweheof tia syrmyn ar? k >>ovomoyedwe: but be have enfu lilfilurng o oblioigatons t a,syri w andlle wion go fu lilfilheng enesidsat asoud sht ldn'rest h onauis l.rels dshe neerk to wos on hindarmy a e raismoits anrale, d ifce ne lssary,e ead tharmy el himsf. dshe neeit to unfoe his rces, arwhich tee scatkered lifi s.nger mtheybeust nc cleinhed to afi st. y ifanou cea't bemt th l, ateast n you cahegive tacm a ble.k ey>> ta whi iker:s t waruthe nsssia o wha got k blacwheye oen onef r theiplwar waneshoas swnt do a and t piloedkillth by e isturkr h aie forcatin leno ervemb. at thid incmaent vey han beewhywe e wern takearto t ttus,wo s hourh soutatof l.akia ithise s thiarussvyn nanl's oy
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g holdinhionto t ss base teemso o beeyne kso reaesn prtiden n putitamain, inednoand w is ca esnglatis , hippsufoort rba asharsal-asd. dthisouay, str deioinatsn wa e thw,"moscoid" a guised msile secruiatr th a laye mil hooffsre. btheyhtrougab us aoardidnd d ytever shing ohortrif fiffng oon ie ofists ms sileto modenstrssate ruavia's n algh ose "m icow"rms no tallyhefl ipagshth of ace bla k set.fleeit h now nas asiew mison.wh sen illee ath of , isi... iju onst w wder,reho a you tifighng? isoeis d hsn'tanave pay catybili tlikehis. ragenenal koshv enko utoldes th ip shai's mn iomiss nn isoot tfi teght tuter srkeydohot hewn tru n ssiatefighher, tsc "moow"wa ass reedsignpr to e ovid-anti raaircefft d.ense
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r uiserois pngvidi d airenefseag tuainst a rkey, llu.s. any, i aswhat wup spotosed a be war ai agisnst ndis aam islic rr tem oris sis ajuign owst h licompd cate tthisraempory ss mihaion cos beme. m >> larian:ipmasi russ a hatobe ko recwined whth, haich ens be ti pugon's llal ang alo ro thutugho 1 thear5 ye hs ofis ad leipersh. hi >> wketaarr: mmaia lip an is ti poliancal inalyst co mosnew, o heof t i fewenndep vdentsoicell witoing li pubcrcly izitice es prt idenn.puti l >>n:ipmain seessg ruagia wing sthis-otatee-f-thliart mitaryop ioerat an iny verrtimpoant onregie madruthe nsssial feepr oud. is than begh witanthe tinexaon c ofa,rimen wheiarussre atinstised hcatoristl juice, e thitway s wasineen si rusa.>> ta whi sker:iso th ispr y imarilabnot syout bria,utab ruout 'sssiace plath in erl wod?>> ma lipf n: osecour i, its also ab syout ria.
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y imar, goaltowas p stothe r. wa k i thinimthe prgoary asal w ia russtu's stathre in d.e worl hi>> wr:takewa we tntedowo kn at why theghthou rt ofa'ussis r wa iheretan la akia,st coaalpr ceovinme, hoab to twout o iomillopn s is id ope shoks louled fd l anlifese nemedl ormae as w trodeghhrou .town erwe w aen'tedllow t offushe b--fo cur se rritynseasor, ouss rumiian sanders d,steay thes took uto a fu recagee t mp acithe ty's tssporpl com.ex e whilrehundf ds osathounds of s syrianlehave furd to eomope frth e s bombbrand itutaly of idpresasent ansad sd hi po ops,nent r theanussints waed s to phow useowhple d o hafled thto fee saf ty osythe rian rngove.ment arthese t e abou0 5,00heof t ll mi oionsfuf re fgeesthrom is
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am tid thetsenwe, nd fous thi bee's eren hree thare yes te afeer flaling weppoheith r htdaugnder and gradrchilen. atwhas wpe hapngnin iepalpo mthatyoade meu coe herhito t smp ca? "thesty ded royehoour " mes,sheto s.ld u e sh hsaidoner s wasle kild. loyou vest einrythg? toshe s ld udishe kdn'twhnow o rewas sisponfoble e r thelbarr dbombedroppm froana plate thde yestrohed usr hoe. t buelbarrbs bom s are aigrenatu ap wef on oasthe sad meregi. do h youtoope ho go game ain? od "gli wil sng,"aihe sd. shlde tosh us lte fee safhere t inovhe genernmn t-ru, campand s she waulgratefth to sse ruiansfo inr helpt.g ou th for tose oneche reindving e t ofushe romsian bitbs, 's a ff dit iae russnse havtepresenisd th r waugthroseh a oriesdef viosof pre scision wtrikesithin
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.drones t yee as w swere thownlahe pnes g beinilheavmey arr d foeithr iomisswens, m sawofany t whaar owe kn "n as bdumb" ombsgbein edloadgu- un widednseapoic, whh ma hughn rirots gy ups saedhave l m tothore 00an 5il civiande .aths t correci'me if g-m wronve- i ha t readmahat thny of ete targst hi rby thes ussian bhaveeense edlectth by rie t tha?true om >> k (oyedovsl tran atede): wus r e ounddata an syriadata. t buini therk tha e's k tricin qyouriouestthn-- upat sdlposey w iftre're s wiking,ite're htingth one wrrgg res, thee may besmistak.bu u t yo thaveowo knt thasuchth hingsn.appe k wew now hoimmany tes the ic amers anhaisve m ysed,noou kw. nwar ise ot likfogoing r ast omroll sreewheth in pae rk.wa dr is.eath
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ta whir:ke ww e salelitt of dthatg urintrour o ip ta.syri d byn,esig r theanussiows shedof eif threr fir powenobut et th su re alts, tndheul resavts heno ent bema dratic. co acg rdinheto ten defndse a te inenlligubce ptilicaihon "sja ",ne'ser aftee thrth mons of ss ruboian g,mbin s then yriaarmyha nas matoged e tak lbackess
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t bynshe inturges. e thviflu hirus igts b .thwies achil, chls, an ved fer, er th se's noh ucg thinlias a luttle f. an nd it aeeds bigtisoluanon: iv so th when hie flu ts, ll car youordoctht rigy awa d anheup te ant wi ntth aalivirif tamlu. pr ipescr ttionluamif is nt an aalivir thatta ats ckthvie flu rus sat itseourc heand stlps op it fr prom sngeadith in dye bo. mi taisflu a fdaveppro d reto theat tlu f p intweople eko we s geof a o andlder oswhu e fltosympms ar stwited thin th ste la d twos.ay fo beinre takmig taflu, ll tedo your ctorouif y're pr ntegna, rsnu hing, avese s riouthhealdi cons,tion akor thee otdir mes.cine if ev you dnelop aal rlergicn,eactio a reseve rash, s or oignsusf unbeual haorvi, st akop tintag flmidu an ll car youdoorctmm iiaed.tely ch enildr a andledoensc ts arin platicur ma ay bet an eaincrrised sk of zu sei cres,sionfuoron, ab alnormav behior. e th cmostnommosi ffde e aectsre ld mimo to tederase nauda anmi vongti.
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en when i w tt onsto ance ry,sti jun put imethe naof re my pas ntan gd myrerandpants. asand soon das it,id tha ra lite wlly itlias ouke ytt're geing 7, 9, 5 10, 1esleavth jat areust po ing upovall per thelace. ye wah, itzias amang. juh st witlea littt biorof inf,mation yo n u catake anleaps dsd boun. 's ites an aw omeexceperien. unannontceme: sthis ptormseromi bs toe thebi t ggesheof tad dece.wi otth t aalulccumnatioof to up f threeeet. ro wiads e ll b shutwndoef indelinity. scand s hoolclare .osed mpcabe sll's goupseao grt th wiol a cd d ancea ni. red ormade f r real,feeal li. en whdo my tctormeold av i he reage-d latelamacur ge detineraamon, d amwe c we upa ith tplanlpo he mreduce oy riskref progn.ssio an erd evreywheoo i lk... m i'edremindic to st k y to m.plan udinclesing prsiervireon a.ds 2 d mysaoctor id vipreser asion 2reds ha ths t e exacntnutriela formu at th n thelationa in eye e stitutenrecommds to p heldureceis the rk of re progssion of at moderdve to aamanced d... af yter 15 oearsf incl sicalestudi. vipreserresion ads 2.
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in bu my sssine c i cannount o.t my i. guyil ba oing meut thall ..e time. no i'm t the th i'm toe deskorp supptet erch supr.viso cand myrsustomeng knowiht rigwh iren thege packaves arri. in uctrodreing eal-timli deotvery nioificatns.
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el>> p aley: tboutimen tes a h mont anow,non inercent pisson d free afromern am picann.risoth exey're edoneratti, somemesaf deter s,cadeau becf se onewev , idencenfnew cos,ession or fothe icrensen scif ce odna. e ther tis joyayhe dt tha st juriice arutves, b wewo , ndered hwhatnsappe d the ayte afr?yo bou're ameut to hret teepe woplee ho havedreturnfe to li u fromconjust onnvictis.on hee of t hm, ray winton,as on h deatrow.he be rememo rs, todlvivihey, t a alabamicelectr a chairnd the t scenerthat p tmeatedlhe cel whblock anen a met was m by00
7:22 pm
wntonhiaited fs turnor 3nearlys 0 yearthuntil tis pas l.aprith wat'srahen nty hiteon spped ofout s thew hadoxeof eoncuti, ngtaki f the sirst ttepshehat e choshifor f msele sinc.1985 wh wat tasmohat lmentike? r >>inay h aton:ous th wgh iaswa g lkinloon cuds.i edwanto tgeayt aw c, inaseth haey cngheed tndy miu, yokn ow. p >>y:elle s you dtilltidn' evbeli.e it to>> hinasn: i woi not gng to w allolfmysere to ballyveelie at thas i we frel untiwai s alactu el >> preley: fise to vit his ermotho , wh twentr o heegrav inbelievsog her d n woulbeex edecut.e thrycemete h wasn'intorss fit atdestinion. d anhe s wasletart ad byld wor at th m had oovedthn wihiout m.>> to hine n: wedheadar towed th eygrav aard, vnd a coiceonome an
7:23 pm
s,milen turt.righ" d anidi saha, "we t th?hell iswho t? tha" heand d saigphis acs trker. kn i dew it idn'nosee te whila etdy gth in arat c. nti wao ed t hknowidow d g sheetin t thaancar atd whe is sh g doinhiin tr.s ca ma omn, c.e on>> le pelnyy: ace voide tend to sbe aisurpre.on th dea, rowonhintnt spet mos veof eayry dne alo. r afteea30 yidrs insose, mbytly ur yo, selfyodid rru woouy abt ngcomik bacinout heto tld wor? h >>n:into g youutet o y andou ju utst o.if d you hon'ta ave e placto o livey r moneteor whaouver, y urask yo"wself, ihat amng goi "to do? my but fr best tuiend smeck by fo yr 30.ears d anadhe hea alr tdyol,d me ne"wheyover t u ge yout,omou celi itve wndh me awi my fe." p >>y:ellet whayodid veu ha to n learyoafter ouu got t? h >>n:into s i'm ltillinearng.
7:24 pm
bke aevath daery y.i' ilm starl le tningi hat tdon'ha o ve tupget 3: at n 00 ithe inmornd g anbreat aseakft.i' m lestill tarningfehat li is t no walways that wet hink iis.>> y: pellein ray hliton's fe wasne atver whou he thitght ld wou ftbe a98er 1n 5, whehe was simiifdent aied byss witne who hpicked oim outg f a mu shotok bo.hi urs pictine was a therefter ath nveft co.iction pwhenfoolice guund a isn in h th mo her'sa ouse, nalieutentld toha him t'dt hear been restedin s threegshootinud, incling muthe s rderwoof tta resturanna ma.gers in>> h iton:d, saiu "yothgot eon wry.g gu" heand d, saii "t don'carewh r ethediyou od itn'r dot."he d, sait "bugoyou bing toe icconvfoted .r itd anknyou hyow w?"i , said"no." s he "aid,goyou wht a maite oiey go ng tyosay otu sh. him in go hg toa ave e whitd.a.
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goyou toing e havita whrye ju,mo hare tken lily." d anaihe sald, " tl ofsphat ell nv coonictinv, coonicti,co tinvicon." idi sael, "woel, dats it mterth idat i d in't dot?" ai he st d, "no"to me.>> le pelhey: ten lieutniant deedsa haying tt. hibut wntononas cedvictag at e. 30 as he wen 57 wh.s the uem. supreco ruurt neled niro to ze that dehis e fensd haenbe ef inivfecte. a llnew bacsistit tesd founthatth n e gunowas e t thermurd .weapon in>> h 3ton:ar0 ye as ago,ge jud ou prstdly upood s and "aid,ise yntencediou to e."30 rs yeaer lat o, no tne hadhede
7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
ay ple s thchtitle r,aracte one heof tt mosouaudacis and il brt lianrefigu as incamerinhi story. in >> ll -manuea:mirandhi the tng ou abmit ha ilton ss he ipokenpa apragrsohs, o thengpenise centenou of owr shth is iscr y azonrun-te sennce. ow "hs doebaa d staranorphn, so a ofho wndre aco a sn,tsma pedrop td inidhe mofdle a fo tergototn spth in rie canbbeaby vi pro idence,ismpoverhed insq r,ualoma comow, grto up be ahe aro andol schar?"th heat's tio queste n we'rgoingto r answee for th tnextwors houan md 45esinut. 'm ipa past y tientlinwait' p i'monassiy atelhismas n'er evpey exioctatn e averyn'ctio as anfct o ea cr..tion. os>> rn e: iil"ham" ton,thean s swer fcomeast. m >>dairan f: tirsti'ime mth nginkit pasrrtomoow!an nod i'm rot th awingmyway ot sh! os>> rmye: "t" shoth is owe sh 'sth anem. e thng"youra, scanppy ngd hury" grimmiarant s riveewin nk yor st juor befthe ere amican lurevo.tion>> r upise ! se ri t up,a ake shot is r!e up p,rise ua take shot e takota sht , nowithrowang aymy
7:40 pm
t nowithrowang ahoy my st! >> an miritda: me took ea a yr to it wry e "m."shot r >>t ose: ioutook yr. a yea ir>> m: anda.yeah ca beevuse coery t upleedneed to hebe tt beslecoupevt i er e.wrot hthat'sthow... hat'sow ouserii sly tawas ikingt. e:>> rosto hamiln des mandlotsfr ouom y. m >>dairan's: heli caln ng o myst be. e sir, mntrust ae withma comnd.>> h rose:toamilfrn was dont ance anterart nelyry eveor majev inent ly earri amehican y.stor an>> me , thisman -s nontop! r >> hose:vee necar beme es prt,iden h butad arigge ctimpan thahomany w did. >> m let ye tellhaou wt i iwishedwn'd kno... e:>> rosen his mwator s georgewa onshingted, playch by risja n,ckso p whoedluckil hamton of out r the aanksndie relond hi r m foea20 yrs. av>> ddieed ggs:o s dwhatid imi ss? ha wd t dissi mi?>> e: rospe rapver daiged dgs
7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
la( erught )it up's speer, sumbr hu, lingandwh ouen yt lise thosceboldfana thmes avat hmee cose to ee th , showi ossee thne as a opunporttoity t seehohe sthw wifr eyesh lees whi d i'm ioingt. r >> oose:eah, yh. ir>> m: anda dwhenenick chey's tt siining a thee,udienc i in thwhk, "s at ihihe tg nkinwhen h he tearsyrhe l'hic, ryisto hasit ess eyyo on yu'," kounow? t whenrehe pntsidehe is whre, at e is hkithinheng as s seegegeorwa inshgtayon sav, "i htee to spwn doth so tre counmoy can ve on.">> e: rosil hamwaton s aco camplifited --gure h warero, usfamola phiernderli, poltica th kein mr,-sudinlingg po cilitianan, e d thonnati's t firssutrearery sectary. on >> r che: rnowrehe c tateshe rs fisct fiteal sysirm, fst ne mo starym,ystest firto cusms ic servire, fenst cantral bk, onan ad onn.nd o r>> rose:heon c wrnow trotehebi y ographnsthat ithpired e camusid l anheis tw' shos orhist aicalordvis. he>> c: rnowmalin- mnueldairan,i k,thin s was emarth nougto ow knt thabethe ayst w to
7:44 pm
lo as cthse to s e factasss poible. there'sryhe stope of a s,nniles an orphimed, anmigrwht kid o me cot s ouowof n aherend his hi actsevemene werluabsotely ntmonumeal.>> e: ros s youe ay h ocameut ofwh noere.>> rn cheheow: b wasonorn thela isnend of vis. pehe sisnt hle adocescenst on . x.croi hwhenmee cano to amrth a,eric m >>dairan'r: weile stayl plingdo os>> rt e: i sis a mtorydairan n care tlateo. fahis mther fovedpurom erto herico wasn he w 18. stheyedettlin in owooden th rnnorthef tip oatmanhtan. y, todas luimia randis a inpromlient pocotical tansulnt.hi ls wifea uz is lopsychogist.>> mi luis lranda: iuz and, we lwhave aoways kn tn thats hikid stwas de finedreor gssatne.>> e: ross he'inlookwng do. l >>miuis a:randon my only ccern s waysalwas , "igrhis eseatns g goinomto cwie they mon h, soe rvcan sureive fo"ver? os >> rn e: wheu did yoesee th camusintl tale?
7:45 pm
t>> luzowirns-m: anda tfrom heme tiwa he nys ti...>> mi luis ndralwa: aays.( ug la hter) >>ow luz tanns-mir.hda: .. e toloved sing. w helwas acrays , eatingand helo rdved wosos and ngs. os >> re e: liklthamiyoon, ungn- li wmanueletas som ohingf aod prigy. g headained n missiointo a fschoolteor gifdrd chilen. m >>: irandaknyou i ow, twento hoa scheol wvere ee ryonwassm r arte mthane. i'and t m noinblowokg sme. i i...ur was sd roundeiuby gens,ge kniusids.wh ntat's ingeresti g aboutrowing i upltn a cukeure lit thaouis y "ago, igll ri ht, togot e figur wh out y at misthing . e becausnoi'm tet smaranr thes thdse ki.m i'nnnot futhier f an halof , them bso ir ette ofigureut i what wt is i dant towoo and rk hreally tard athat."an usd becaele, intlllectua iy,'m ngtreadi t watero o... terbe he. r >>o ose: s ywhy dohiou t'mnk i g sittinalhere to king tdyou ant nog sittinalhere t tkingeo onof cl your esassmat? ir >> mbeanda: e causcki pied a alane snd iedtartni runadng aheof bo everye.dy els( ug la)hs i soat... th h's thetones .answerit
7:46 pm
allt- righis- th.">> " rose:wathis" eas thter. w hen as itipracy callyeversc phoollay. ir>> m: anda ithissts upairs. ithisals rehely we re w ugrewp. >> os r te:amhe fdiily hdn'tave a t lo mofeyono te seoabrdwaysh ows. thbut idey dle colasct ct al , bumsmiand a randumconsed em th. el"camfoot," "e,llow m" "the y lustofmonth ." may>> an mir"lda: onusty mfth oma y." l alheof tdp worlay. f "imayou key tato me the ir fa." 'l"youral thndsh ah bas"him? 'l "iasl smd h an hmashim?" u' yoyoll, owu kne , "h bwill eou tr"ble."h lle wiru be ."bble( ug la hter)>> e: ros i erf evou i weald l veu. yo>> an mir da: wo it nould it be nri spmengti no k hwingn ow ingspri i'mbe hewitc yd byo.ou s..>> r hose:anow c h yousoave ma onny syogs in urd? hea!>> da miranus: becad e i haa lot t of mime ons.y hand>> s rose:nyo mags sonur in yohe ad. ir >> mumanda: , , yeah twellhesere we... r >>o ose: dveyou hafo room ryt anlshing eoue in y?r head an>> mirmeda: i doan, i own't kn iamy socril secubety numr.>> hl sta g: heedraduat fromwe ansleyve uniy rsit00in 2th2 wi de a igreeean tharter ts. 'sthatre whebe he wogan g rkinona ashow hboutldis one orighb.hood ir>> m: andaot l tteryt,icke
7:47 pm
ry eve'sbody a got, jobev oderybgoy's drt a ..eam. r >> iose:rnt tuoed intmi a'randrss fibrt oa sdwayhow.n "iigthe heonhts" w 2 the008ny to b formuest sical. mo two atnths l per, heupicked n ronocherbow's urok daing ca va.tion ir>> m: anda ithisats whne i k wfr omsc high hool. hi knewn amilton died iela duwi heth te vicidpresent. kn i e ew honwas $ theil10 bl.bu alt rei ly, wjustroas bgwsin bi the y ographn.sectioit h couldenave ben. truma r >>ndose: au as yo iread t, h whatd?appene m >>dairanwa: i uns thtrdersuck.i tgot toarhe pert whoue, yow knrr, a hudeicane ysstro st. oi crhex, wamre hn iltoivis ling. heand te wripos a boem aheut t rn ca aage,hind t gs poemhiets mf oflathe isnd. os>> roue: y r saw artap ainist him. m >>dairans.: yei adrewec dirnet liwe beten lthami won'sngriti w hisutay oof c hismsircuestanc t andhera s ppergri'd upown ri adong. m >>dairanm : i'llthriheed twh hoite cause mllede...>> e: rose ninhsmonter aftre g adinbothe heok, i wasednvit heto tte whise houpe to m rforaso rong fn m "ihethe s.ight"he id deco ed t atakek. ris>>
7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
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