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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 11, 2016 2:00am-4:00am PST

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th wief a hskty apring ice. gu s eso whtsgeo t astay fter it s'sd.ol t >> this iss he "cbghoverni t ws ne." el >> wo come terthe ovnight , newsjei'm r.ff glo h hee as madn news oand of ref-scoren fes decadhi but ts ma hay bven eebihis t ggesrole ye 'sw heri heaheng tti crics' vi reews. ensean pcrn's seeeet m wtingith e th d'worlsts mote wanugd dr rd lo. aq jouichn o auieoritths say tiat meeng towhich ceok pla e whilaspenn was on mesign nt ay pl red a eole inapl chino be g ca re opturedayn frid. b we weging ith meeroliv.>> or rep iter:ant's ss unag uminba opckdr a forinn tew rviewith e thotmost n doriouskirug pingn in w the, orldfithe herst has ve gi dn inesecad. e thtiquescoons rome fe m th mecan.ramath e ey'rtewrit an by sctorean wpennetho ml eapchfoo ser ven ho inurs ob octeeer d tp inhe ju
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apis tone soer aft.ward ri duheng tnu 17-miecte rngordi, th ese qus tionasare aked,oure y sp reblonsir e foanso mugy drs in rlthe wod? anguzm yssa t, noishat e,fals e becausaythe d't i donst exi otit's n t goingeao decrse 97 wa ay or fru dtrg fiafinckhag, tt's e.fals e thrvinteisiew em a rblarkae tw inist al an readnvy coedolut le ta. asit wt jusdatwo goys aic mexanau itthorraies tidedsehis aside ho antel red arhasted c apo afterlo unng gfight. pthenedarad i himonn fr tt ofhe me cas,raha persops to tftenheir rr embat assmenisover hap esce p fromlarison ulst jy. tothe atenrney gaieral s wd itas to acndrs adu prohocers w led em thth to gie fu.tive n joaquianguzmhe had tti intenon akof ma ing rabiogalphicm filsohe ch reauted opr to eroducs.t buonthis ltig arpecle ronn wte olfor "rtoling sosne," p ted on li"roltong s" ne'sitwebse, ve re haledy e ma bhaveoneen e ofe th.actors otthe waher xis meaccan s tres
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orsuppgut for anzmn ie thstpa, an o d wherbrokheed tti meeng st laer octob. ain the, rticle dpennibescres cr the anazy skd riney joury he to ok.o tws,flightmi a 90-idnute re, amp bun-y severihour dhrve t oughth lee fierlly th ie heghs ridet besi e thk,trucor the wosld's mt fa ugmous f eitive,o.l chapri duheng tonir cioversat n penn g sayspruzman acoudly leknowdged buhis , siness, sayinglyi supp h more meroin,mpethamihetane, co acaine,ijnd marhauana tn an elybody thse in d.e worl wpenns riteashe we surashe w g beinketrac td byovhe genernmt d an jsayshoust afurs thter eir me g,etin e lawcenfor rmentd aide hithe t deouguand hzmano ad tee fl. a hetogreed an tape er int viewla ifter n penuesent qnsstio by bl erackbry. tin theseape acnt benk to pn dguzmandsefenor his wyik sang, er whgre i p ew ue ther was no he oty r wathand e erl stilt isn' wa a sy toveurvi. th no oayer wo trkwon oour omecono y, te be abl mtoa ake li .vinge
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pr you toone le vionce or doou y e uss it a ra lastesort? rguzmans,espondk, loo d all io sdo irotart tuble? ve auxican iethoritd s woulof secourre disage. s it iedbelievn guzmais on respfosible tr more,0han 3000 hs deat. th now woey're onrking rt staing th tre exn aditios procesy but sa ey then haven't takit a posion onse pen>> li meg ohaver, t.nk you le int's brbsg in c news le algal ankkyst rimai klien. t goodyoo see enan pbvn is o fiouslyacing p someliubric .diculeis the is tho'guy wht s me within dudivi sals orwhtates o are il host te to.she uo ., hug ez chav c, raulinastro cuba, t went ao irane decadago. ac he ft es tha rpubliculidice he ikis unl fely togaace lel rc repes,ussions why ithat? n >>y ot onllyunlike i, het s noin goacg to fgae lel pe resircusons. asthe resion is mple. bwe may ielieveran a model co aythat sous if yom see s, ething mesay sothing. atbut th a's notim duty d posebyw.
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e therduis no sty fornnean pe avto h ie toaunform iethorits en wh g he is toing mo goeneet evth wine someos who i bwantedy w.the la i ifret weor a repwhter t o go ntthis i, erviewt who goo to gon pl a d ane anaseven w bl deindfolchd, whi pennon was t,d ant brough din the nead ofightan t d goetto gin this w?tervieth orat repwoter hauld duve no ty h toavele to taul the iethorits th eier. >> t let'soualk abuit joaqn an guzm. suthe isxte of eonraditiup came fo esxico r disted,otid nt wantose bnd himtoack u the.s. stheymoeem nare ame tble tohat now.y wht is thaw and hothmight at s procesutplay o? t >>arhey ree mona amenoble w ob pr bablyseecauy' there asembarroused abest his capes, thand plat is thural, e at hav edhappene in th.pastan atd thap it s pear wtheyd ante ryto tim hpr to inove o mexic th heat tuly co hd keeputim b w they aeren't kble tom eep hi nt recely. snow itroeems fytm evere hing w hget tothear exat m mico isore en
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ex taditeduno the taited unteed stas s wantdlhim bay.ex iotradit ln is aocong press. m ite ay takntsix momohs or re. h hed as goos lawyerssor i aume oe he d bs, thethest onat mey can osd there lawygos are ing tofi trght exn.aditio he but h'll beere.'l heril be ted. h >>s e faces chargeenin sev es statge, charins rang?g from en>> seval federdi juris.ctions t' so iuns all e der thl federa el umbrla. 'r theythe all through e rtdepaf ment oe.justices thgee char ws showishat th rt ca uel wasp erey wine br igingthnto e edunitte staugs dr ts inoshe mt re abmarkumle n.bers avwe hroe he hin, wecoave e,cainwe e havjumari wana,vee ha ammethamphetine. thbut amey c be inaty bos d anpl ndanes as trainand bm wh h youheave onre is hee of t eslargatt operio ons f drugst dionributiha that cs everome to inco this untry.wh e?at elsne modey launring.dn
2:06 am thob is pr tablyrehe gatest nd defeinant ms terbl of puic em enmby nuneer ope that hoople war lve invothed in e drugen enforcemnit admionstrati and th rte depaf ment ostjuveice ha severeen.ey thhi want d m an wtheym ant hi y. badl he >> ty y mam get hiewin a f
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i rikkmaklienkn, tha ms veryuch. re i wally ant toow sh s youhiometng. n kare o.: , 1ea2, rgody, :t -v l-o -e .c t' imys a y ster >[ i allves lo is ov le 1]! ow :t oo h.h oo .. [c[h nowlig]
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[c th rde recoba powerkpll jacot n is3 ow $1.n.billiote afdyr noboas won lt't nighs aw dring. ar as tnceka duoran repnsts, te liof milarons epe keeiing thr lo y ttermsdreave ali. t >>'sonightkp jacasot hed climb a up to -brecordg reakin ma esti49ted $9li.8 milon.i peho h youurave yot ticke-- r >>r:eporteha now tt the ck ja opot isve br $1onillien, evth
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ota sh. y >>e ou'vr neveedplay thelo y tterfobere? m >> oaybeornce ce twi. t nollusuay.>> g you0 ot 2etticklls, a for you?>> f alle,or m, yesluabso. tely ou>> yw knoodthe reds all reay ?slim k>> ithnow e ey'r.huge i if buy one, thedd os atren' as good. b if iuy 10be, mayha i'll ve hamore c.nces ep >> r lorter: ootterylsfficia thsay poe jackhet is t's world la t.rgesan un amotht wima so igny d its, ll bidsboaros acre s thtrcouny n' candt hahele tur fige. nddema t fortsicke s wasgho hi lafor nsthtig d'swira, ngorstes rt repohaed t mt someneachis ran ofout er pappr to e int thti ckets. onsomerce pud hase t1160 icketsat t oneime? a >>e t on, timeyes. >> or rep cter:nionve sence torema r nage salexodherr t sayhey n'haved t ha pthatemroblye -- t. w >>vee ha e all. xtra y >>rdou o eeredapxtra per?>> nday. r >>r:eporteot the ped start at 0 $4n millio nonovr embean4th d s hae sincedrollr oveim20 tes. e thh montr,priote lotry or
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ma ngki ts he oddr toughee for th ckbig japot. sabut ayturdra's d dwingid 2createmi8 new irllionaes with r smalle.prizes ne the igxt bwi dral ng wilbe is thne wedsday. onow, ae ne-timt paymens amount 6 to $80n.milliobu 'st thate beforrafeded l anst xeate tah s whicwi ull eatp atle % ast 25heof tni winngs. re theks weego to nt uheil t fi otrst ves are c tast in6he 201es prtiidenacal re. poa new utll oay tod shows llhiinary clanton rnd beie sa denders edadlockwa in io and w neirhampshe.on ep the rn ublica, sidelddona tr p umteand ad cruznire runng os clowe in ia. re mo f nowjurom naliandm golan w inngashiton.>> te reporsur: on donday, nald p trum esaidifven lo he ses , iowaonhe wro't dt.p ou >> re theo 's ns.makei' t m noinleavg. ou>> ygo're sting htraigth to e nvcoenonti? a >> tllayhe w. ep>> rr:ortet thapeprosasct h rt paady leaners end eve som te vorspp gra wlinga ith ioscenar
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geers tas therump al ivternate. d >> inoo evt beli te thatrump ul wot d pu fa good tace onhe re icpublaran ps ty aenpresidt. >> 'd youpr be arepedse to e hi y llartoclin tn inhihe wte us hoe? u >>tunfor.nately i >>ne've hever thard efat bore. 's thatuc how mumh trs p ha ne peedtrat h andeoow pnople w th atink ths he hanua geshine ot he at tat nominion. or>> repepter: rcaublilln posterfr ankz lutg alonwith geoogl nd coaucted f gocus oroupwaf io pu reanblicids frigay nht.>> a iowrsvotee havmebeco so so tiphisd cate ktheythnow e lepeopy thesechoot is none arcessthily ope pe tle whohe st ream of a ericoochses.ey thnk thiy' theoire go ng tch ruoose cz. th but stey're tartingk o thinat thes the rmet of aayrica m se choo. trump>> or repccter: a tordingo the ecmost rllent poke of lia ly iow gocaucusruers, ctrz and e ump ar uavirty lledtiru with a bio stdithant am new h tpshireasrump h a an comm ldinganead fid the ght r fondsecohi and tplrd is aying ou eet betwo,n rubi chris st chriuzie, crbu, jeb ansh, d hn joh. kasic
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r eake rpaulsayan e'id hd sutrort orump z cruneif o was nothe e mineprand t edic blrepus ican cwillscoaleoue arnd pathe s rty'pick. p >>ririmanees iblvitavey ha kthisofind ct friion.on ouce y gethr theough t ar primy,nk i thi we t unifyhe er cons mvativet.ovemen he>> terre wnte poteially niconcerumng n iberspon the lls fo arr hilltoy clinn. s theye how shtrbeats inump wa ioew and nhi hamps re butnd saesers dobe much gatter ainstth ble repuroican fnent-rund r ante ld cruzlieads cn nton i both wstatesanhile stiders sllea btsth s e texar.senato y,>> okaia jula nnldgo man. a adtornt o hi ccape, oralfl a,oridt last.nigh dynobo wt as hurthbut waere s se dveretoamage one hbneigodorho. pat one0,oint 1op000 peerle we ou withr.t powe thste s orm wa2 an ef-inwith wdsup 5 to 13anmiles r. hou th ite untaed ssetes nt a 52 b-be bom ar on-l low evelfl oightsover kouth torea day.
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poin resnsore to neath kor's r nucleaastest l.t weekth ice amerbean bomesr was edcort igby f jhteromets fr southko rea. si ocnce r tobee ther have en beer a sofies ap disanpearces in g hon.kongfi mpve eesloyea of e stor that ll seoks boits cr oicale f th in che esgomevernnt. y,todaus tho oandsotf prrseste edturn t outmao densnd a.wers dseth roanetsepor. ep>> rr:ortete pros sterd carrie gn sis inreadg, ay"tode , lebo. mo to yrrowndou a" me. di lee resappeaemd dec 3ber.0thda erys late hpo purlyrtedt sen a tt leuger sstgeingwa he ns i lamainchnd ina,ss angistih wit an stinveioigatn.e lewae s thh fiftonpersd tieto ewcausayay bks boogo to thho booksiap specinlizes ie storats th n coulde ever bon isaleman in cland hina iccritg izincothe ismmunrtt pay thand lee rurs. ot prrsestery worne chise go meverngent ailnts lllegay at sn lchedee andoo timk h into in mahiland cna. hothe onng krng govement
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enforcemcet offiotrs of her ri juonsdictiots do nth have e au itthor ty toacake s tionif th reey aho in onng kg. ot prrestemm saowy chd saithech e inesrngove smentdnhoulse't uth treir ticksreo aronst hngg ko lepeop. iawill im nills fog owin this fcasemnor a iestynanteraltion. b >>ngeijis see tthisofype ancomp py asg osinrea tho at t onnatiecal sy uritusbecaeye th y sa'rtheyode prg ucinrsrumo and an slabder thout une cos try' ad leipersh p andolaliticte sysm.>> or rep lter:ee 'sboic pture is just the ltatese fac ien th gh finst agaijit beiffng's eorts to rt exetr neth doane, cbs ijws, being. mi coneng up a xt, young maworen ar istedstn a oringf br jazen hewels.eist > >>thand te gamedehat refined ph the icrase "thing cke kier" t when ehe cbs nveningews co
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(cl elonphe s)ring erwhe e aryou? llwe s thequlsirre b areack ain thettic. mom? uryoad d c won't all anrmexteorinat... n calli ca b youomack, m? he ss ay'siter pnasol isthe. tim.. 'rif youmoe a m, u yot call ae thwot rsmeti. 'sitha wyot dou . if w yout anavto sefi n fteepeorrcent more on ns car i,urance yo chu switge to ico. it t 's whayodou . er whe e ar you? vit'sudery lo. there yo are ngu taki a a zumbclass? ch tooseveo moel fre moe freaultr trhas -aiplen ctioorsuppt fo urr yont jois, rt cae ilagboand nes in t oney inllpi. f movetrree ula. yo get e ur movon. d anynow tr ve more fghe nit. fi the d rst an-ionly 2n-1 anjoint p d sleemesupplent.
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as m youe,ovgr fraanapce clesus rsbut elto r eease fxtranereshl ss alday. timonsonseroe. piotect kn to eepyoviu mong. eedegr lon't yetoun. dow th ayey sn wheclmr. eanw sathall eff dit erengsthin n hisew t smare phon..does. .. edmind o himsf hima ergic .aser it ot's nt jus forrkmas alon wls... 'sitgh touki on ntchegr seea... d anrobath gommerioo t. 'sher. you.. arountoeaugh-clnemrr, n.. clea 's it a nots lwayy as eas for met as i his for im... it as's er y foseme cauat look r. he . aw.. so e we ustrk-y ul.agel it ce enhan bs mys ody'lnaturais moture isoet can gth into swe iing oft t a bir.quicke an end whw i knofeshe's elingkeliha tt, akit mfees me e el lik we'rethbo ... whheen soy enj,s itwe oy enjev it oren me. d anjoi en.y it
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a lybrutal colard sttht wi an n eve pmoreulainfis finh m insoinneodta tay. th mpe teurerats e walo6 be w atki f ckof awithhi windcll25 of lo bew. mthatak iestht the d-irldcot es igamel n nforhisty. ns fae wern give hfreeand erwarms d anffco beed ut col mf mee ho vtowngsikint los on a st laon-secssd mi7-ed 2 fyardieldgo
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ahnal se 1awksik0, v. ings 9 a inwoman ia georgee has bn re ar istednnn co wectionith a mu milti-dollion trllar s ing ofwe jethlry .eftson ame g th dmostg amaginceevidenco acg rdinbito fwa, she hts caug eron camapa and npearedot to ca re.he mre'sstark nnrassma. r >>teeporher: tay fbi s s this shvideo -yows 24d ear-olaiabigl le me kempbeid-roblkry, wa in e thdofront a or of d jare we jeorlry store in nolth carina on ry janua d e hadlallegeedy forc two oy empltoees ink a bact room a ntgunpoiip and zth tied eir s hand hbefore helpinglferse to th e'e storeys pricry jewel. orauthsaities mpy kehi and ts ma ben are t hind asileast x je hewelry n ists ia,georgi a,florid c southinarola, te sennesnde, ath norol carina. mp ke d often iressedoun workt hi clotutng bom for sone reas r never hid heurface de ing th ierobbers. washe s htcaugrt shoftly aheer t i fbasreleheed turse slaveilnce ot phndos aeo vids. it u'slenc warthhe ters hi man,he ler alacged cecomplis , waalso
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rdaccotoing ia socdil mea ilprofthes, -ye 24olear-d mo d deleatfor st lea p one hoto t shooonand rice tuted o a forn ntatlanga li feriealootbaml te. akempernd hom acce plicd case tatheir rgd ets ane chos ca locltions hose tos ighwayfor ic quwak getays. enlawrgice boranni is fbi ec spagial ent. he >> t vse arellery weed-plann lr jeweory stbbe roeries.ey thot are nwa just inlking to e thlrjeweory avey hmee sowl kno aedge bout inthe rydust.>> or rep kter:isemp ec exptoted hshowacer faie agmon to rrow inmorn ag intatlanin -- aside fe l trrk sn,assmanew cbs ns, ntatlaa. > >>pocelifl in ceorenal, ity, ar vee inatstigthing rde muf er o mean an rican.woma r-35-yeaasold ohleyf lsen osu avmmer horen, flasida, w found ideadr n heenapartmert yestday th wiis brun es oneher ck.ol hasen end bein liv ig in taly r forasevearl yes.he yfr bod,rienai a p, nterhas uebeen qstneiopod but sliceay e thveinatstigision id wope .en up t nex, hererea rak looat
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ara st tvinginown ia syr. thtoday rle wod pfoodamrogr ad lorued twicks ooth fd d anme l dicalisupphoes, tpingt o ge riseculety ccearanor d e assameregin' haswet allod d aiinin sobce oct er 18.>> ni> toanght ce unpre dented ok loe insidsyria."6 nu0 micote" ndrrespollent bi ak whiteser tak t us ton he mai ia russban air syse in whria e erri ste kes arg beinchlauned t againss enemiehaof bas r al assad.>> te reporwar: it mos alst ig midnn ht wheanour ploke to off rfrom a aussiane ir base outsid .moscowas ar we st tted toctake piures t ouwithe , ndowerwe wlde to et ny., no thsomeweing rd heaen oftin durg th nee txteehray ds.>> o, no, n n no,o. r >>r:eportewa this fis the rst ce fasa we tew afndr sat'sn yriaidpresbaent shar ssal e is oncsywas a arianrtirpo. nc sie e thmmsuere , thiarussns bhave builtckarraros, b iughtn 4,
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edrolluc in tr okloadsf ui eqanpment tid tiec bng aruit of n ssia ithe he ofart ad asstr-cond ollea.syri is thmo is fstlydlrieny itterrory. eaat l0 st 2s mile tfromhe os clesont frnet lis. t buruthe nsssian' arekit tang y ancechans. co heliptuner gs shiptacons ntly olpatrthled rie per.mete ey thk tooutus ong aloly new te exedndun rwao ys th watca dysteaie serlas of pnekis tang of f. e th wroareaas dngfeni. ruthe nsssiait invboed a ut a ze donen wsan orgioizatn ns othis otoure f thkilatar a ai.base ey thec espy ialledwantto us ke ta ne oteithner stweht figer erbomb s the.u-34 ruour n ssiae guidyrin sia, ma gejor l nerashkanav,enko is f chieesspokfoman e r thstminiryof
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toverrehe ps viouou24 hhers, , saidin320 ensurgndts a 34 ar d moreclvehieres wste ded.roye ndindepenient mongtoriup gros to s ld u osomee f thesplan we tasaw okingidff db bom isis rg ta bets,osut mmbt boored me im atmediree thtoats a the ssad gi reme. psgroue liku.the acs.-bfrked ee an syrian army usd al nthra, e ri syrman aal of da qae.
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fo , r sale bwith achig cat.>> na> fie lly thammost fous rt pae y hous win the, orldthe ay plnsboy ma sion,toaid be upgoing s forale. asthe pking, ricefta hem.y su re hear's milia vealarrl.>> or rep fter:m rothy e skn or oth oue grthnd, mae nsn io tis he ctpie ur bu t defor s cadeinthe s sidewere tlesssthan y.atel erhefngh boue t thboplayy ns mainion 1 197$1for .1
2:25 am
w noboplaytey enserpriais is sd e to binlookr g folynear 200 me tiats thh. muc i >>nk thit' thasts a h.retc rethe sttaet cerupinly sports 0 $5n,millio $ maybeil60 mlion. a theyotre nin makdig in vidual halots t at sizegeny lonr. ep>> rr:orteg greisharr sp lieciainzes .' l.axus lury al reat este. e the housprapaifoses our abt 5 $3iomilln. abut hewlcknos edgee'thers d addeichistoralal vo ue tthe ,0 22qu00 sfoare olot hilby hls me hoke, lira gndcelami or l chae sojacknen's anverld. er tha e's catch. buthe hayer grs to aa ee to ro teommafn, heimer h. self ef>> hl wilblbe a se tointay e the housl untiashe pawses ay. s >>odomebiny's gog ayto p0 $20mi n llioheand tsf gest to n ay oth ope pr?erty e >> wn'haveent seat it ha tt pr poice evint aper hbepen fore itbut ld cou. >> or rep ater:att thin askg pr haice srrisa ays orcorpn atioor er intonnatinval ir estowould hebe tt nexlylike. owner>> po it's gols,osrottl , alatth o kindinf thg. 's itre a pbitty erg propty. lo a mt
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ou y'rtte puiting y ver ra g- ted. i >>sot's dymebo e whotanterins a t.lo >> or rep wter: thileamhe nn es o mathe n'nsiotls timae chy , ange it res tapuontior fxc ecoess uld li lykeiv lone wh, h icghmi t be tlexacaty whta ceruyin barers e ok fori malla vialarrene, cbs s ws, loan geles. ha >> thet is tov "cbs ghernit ws neth" for onis mer soyo of e u th newsco uentins. r forsotheck chek bac uwiths a li lttle faterheor tni morng ne ndws as "cb mthisngorni."
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itrk c'my, igl jeff or. is the is thve"cbs o rnightne ws." we tolcome ov the "t ernigh news." m i' gjefflor. he m hasneade n ws oofand f sc freenecor d badeshiut ty s maha eeve bs n hiesbiggrot no hew h'sriea tngrihe ctics' w itn as sea'spennre sect me g etin twithorhe w mld'sost edwantg dru, lorduijoaq n el ap chzmo camexin thauitorsaies y that g,meetin t whichacook plile whe nn pe o wasasn gnsintmeor f "r solling ptone,"a layed role in ap el chg o beinurrecapted on
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
or repccter: a tording o entelligicce offmoials, re 6,than 3re000 foghign fiters ha veve tra sled to25yria, 0 haveme coth from s.e u. li pophce in philadelayia s amu anslim mmb who aa ushed policeof whficer sile hen at ihis sq r uad cae said hinwas edspir by bespite uning woe ded thfi oftucer reirrned fthe and e ec suspndt is ueser arrt. ep>> rr:ortell chiviing adeo, ma enn seot shodiing lyrecto intis thde philapolphia arlice c th ayursdht nig. th auieority s saea30-yd r-oled awardr rcheesconftosed the oo sh wting ihichvenvold a 9 immill peterl istoenstol from an ic off her'sinome 3. 201ar tcherauold itthorheies bu am 3shedar3-ye o-olderffic je rtsse han nett imethe na of . isis s >> fhots!ired m i'i'shot, dim bleeeang hvily!>> or rep tter:iche offerot, sh th tiree cmes, houldeaave sily en bele kild. iscommersionha ricosrd rlos, angwi oth fbilsfficialo, are oking
2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
s. u. i was.n 199142 r--yeaarold e letteischw tzer rr catwied foins r r he22 ol-year-htd daugo er, whwas bo horn witteut a ap's hd peneltmu tiplen imes i e ths yeare sinc.then kwheny else ogets hldero ow d u yo ttellsthis y orto? her w >>lle wie mak tsureshhat e ra literolly, gp,wing u knows
2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
ong. mean an ricas men'rdreco. t se bby aoy. r afte lthis hift,eris pl sona ac coayh, res jonys, saot a l of pe dopleidben't e lievthe re s.port a >> cnd indan uanerstatd th. wif in'ast ithere, k don'tnow at thld i wou.i' llm teyoing u. r >>teeporo r: t ethat lnd aocal of prr essopoof smerts nedici set a upch bunca of s meraand se s nsorryto tfi to ogureut ac exhotly j.w c.oi's dhing ts.he nd fouhi notpeng s icials n hite quchniroe, p tvingc.hat asj. w ereitht sen dheretlirecomy fr thane plryet k, ptone'or hsts ju pl stain .rong geand ist coy hes satihe's st ll aleast arten ye fs awayacrom reishing h otfull p.ential abprobnoly aouther f hr tillis rs fipit olymcs. l unti, thenl he'lusbe by sp ing irinunyog htweigte lifrs ssacro c thentou.ry d anciexer asingat grel deaof pa
2:56 am
g i'm toingo taket i ar s fa i asld cou go, hlyopeful a get go edld moral fhe t. u.s av>> hu e yoghthouout abt a ea wh btiesox? w >>ishat t? tha >> wa hat's eswheati box? h.>> yea >> te reporolr: i thed you was young. e stevn hartma ron the oad inbe , aufortcasouth naroli. ha >> thet is tov "cbs t ernigh " newsisfor thy. monda so for yome of neu the ws incontues. r forsotheck chek bac uwiths a tt liatle lorer f m thengorni anewscbnd "iss thni morng." om frro the b cadcastinenter new yoy,rk citef i'm j.f glor>> an> senn pe's ltates lero, el ch sapo'ly hol woodcotinnecon.di eid thcrr seeeet m itingn ximeeaco ldo teth feugitivg dru rd lo's rearst? heis tar oscin wnerow nn i legal bltroue? th poe jacknct bouvees or $1 iobilln,ng leadion millis to tr ryy, t ainga. >> th> e fbius bts a youngan wom sp sud ecteteof sgalinil mslion d ofol ilarsewn jels f sromstore ssacro theutsoh. t he poylaybsi manon me ay b
2:57 am
thwi aef htysk agin wesss ho gettato stey af r 's itd. sol >> this iscb the "ers ovt nighne ws." w >>elcomeo terthe ovnight i'news, m jeff. glor h heeas mad news onnd a f-ofresc fenorad decutes bs thi ma vey han bee hisig bgest role t. ye henow ea's h tringhe cricits' vi an nnpe'st secreee mtingit wh th rde lo's most wdante dgruor ld ui joaqhan cpo ausoritie sayme that eting ewhiln pen was onig asstnmen ed playol a re in eapl cho being ca re opturedrin fday. eg we bh in witivmeg oler. ep>> rr:ortes it' an asunngsumi ck baordrop f annt iewervi withth e most norotusio dgru piking nin thed,worlhe tst fire h has gi inven cadedes. quthe onestimes com frothe ca mameran racameman.ey thit're wrten byct aeaor sn penn who met eol chap for seven ho inurs ob oct derpee ien th
2:58 am
is the tap asoonwafterrd. ngdurihe t in17-mute rdreco ing, e th qiouestns are asked are you re onspe siblsofor y mangs dru in the d?worl zm guayan ss , no ithatals fse us ss ba d theayon i d'tst exis it' gnotoing toec dreasen iyany wa al at l. or as fru dg trfiafinckg,ha tt's ls tee inwrvie is a rkaemarble twist in anea alrdyvo cond lute le ta. w itusas jot tws day agoic mexan or authsitiede raidhi ts ssieade te hodl anrr adesteha cpoft aer alo ng iggunfht. en thad parimed h inro ff nt othe s,cameraps perhaof to s ttenheir rrembaenassmt over hissc eape om frri pstson la july. e th anettorray geneail s idst waac atorsdund procers wedho l em thth to gie fu.tivejo n aquianguzm hhead ten inttion akof ming a buyoogrskalm filo s ea he rchedut o to prs.oducerbu st thi l aongrticleen pn wroter fo"rngollito s pne,"osted on ol "rling e'stons"bs weite, ve re haledaye me havn bee ofne o acthe .tors
2:59 am
katedel ca,stilloho wed tweet su t pporfor gn uzmahein t , past d anwho bdrokerehe tti meeng o last.ctober t inhe article,n penes dcribes th aze cry andis rky jeyourn he .took two htfligs, a ut90-mine deri, amp buvey sen-hour d trive hrough y nall htheree is resight bide the k,truche t sworld't mos mo faus fu,gitive el chapo.ri duirng thers conveation penn ys san guzmaly proud aedcknowlged hissibusaness, iying,pl sup y more rohein, ammethinphetame, ca coine, aarnd mnaijuan tha odanybsey elth in e rlwod. nn pe wsritee hwas s hurese wa gbeinck trayed bhe tov genernmt d an ssay jhoust ursft aerir the et me ling,nfaw emeorceaint rded thehiandeout and guzm had to .flee a hedgree toe tap a invinter ew kbblac.erry t ine he tapsentk baco ten pn gu efzman dendsis hk wor yisang, erwh ge irew upre the was no r otheway ahend ttire sll't isn a toway ivsurve. o no wther tayo work onur o on eco omy, tblbe aake to m e a ng
3:00 am
ca you lled tole vionce or do youus ae its a last sorert? guzmandsrespon,k, loo allo i d enis deflfd myse, nothing .more do ita srt outrble? never. ca mexithn auieorits o wouldf co isie belveduz g imans siresponrble foor m tehan0 30,00 'rw theyine workg on sgtartin the trexioaditesn proc ss butay ey th't havenen tak ait posionn o an se penn. eg >> mve olihar, t.nk you>> s> let' b iringn cbss new llegana alyst rllikkicay od go toee s. you seann penbvis oiouslyg facinme soc publi tis ishe guy's whoet m with vi indiorduals states who are ehostile to thu.s., hugo ch raavez, ultr cas ion cuba, nt we i toran aad dece ago.he t faceshatc publiic ridule heis keunlily to faceal leg pe reonrcussi is, whys that? o>> notnly unlylike, he isot n in gog to fegace lal pe reonrcussi s. asthe reon is .simplewe el may bieve a in moral code th sat sayf ieyou se insomethg, y sa mesothing.
3:01 am
w. la isthere d nouty forea sn penn av to he toin formho aut rities hwhene is going too g meet evenwi eoth somne i whoeds want by the law.if re it we aep rteorrho wot g this inw,tervieho w got to go on nea pla and e wvenas bl deindfolchd, whiwa penn s not,d ant broughin theea d nd ofight andot g to get this ieintervw? at th rreporte h wouldave no dutyto to have tell theut aeshoriti . either 's>> letab talk joutinoaqu gu sse i ouef exiotraditen camp ube xicore , sisteddid not wanto t h sendkim bace to th.s u.ey thm seee morme a tnableo that now. swhy iha tt and howht mig that pr s oces playout?>> y thearee mor ablmenaeow n lyprobabau becy'se there em asbarrabsed out his caespes, s that ipluralha t t haveha ippenedn p theast. d antthat i arsppeahe tnty waed hto tryoim tro pven iex mico t thatulhey copd kee him but they't weren able toee kp him re .cently inowst seemro f emthvery winge
3:02 am
ab amenole t hhiaving m ex edtradit tohe t ud sunitedtates wantsim h badly. itextrad aion ison lg esprocs. ay it m take six months or more. he hasd gooerlawy is ore assum hedoes,es the b tthatey mon can tdawhose lreyers a going to gh fit adextrition. bu llt he' be here. l he'l tberied. >> heac fes c ihargesevn sen es statha, crgesgi ranng from? en>> seval feder icjurisdtions. i sot's allnd uer theal feder um labrel .'r theye aoull thr gh the de rtpantmef o stjuice. etheses charg s whowhathi ts el cart wasp u .to ey the werng briing intohe t it untaed stesgs dru inhe tos mt rkrema ableernumbs. h weave rohein, we have cacoine, h weave jumariana, weav he me amthetphiname.t buamthey cen ibyoa bts and aplanesndra tinsnd a bm suesersibl.wh ouat yhe have re is othne of e tlargesra opetionsf o drug st dionributi that e hasvere com to in this y.countrat wh ?else
3:03 am
pikidnapng. ol vience. is th p isyrobabl the gtreates andefendt in o termsfub plic nenemyumber oneha ttpl peoe whoar voe inlvedth in e drug rcenfot emenstadmini aration nd th rte depafment oti jusceav he everee sn. anthey w at himhend ty ntwaim h badly.
3:04 am
kk rii makliehan, tvenks ucry mh. th ore rec pd bowerall ck ja npot isow .3$1 iobilln. noafter bodyon w lastni ght's g.drawin as tarekaun dcan rtrepos,s ten ofil marlions epi keeng their ylotters dream ivale. >> tot'nighsot jackpas hmb clied up to a coreakrd-breing es dtimate 49$9.8 iomilln.ho i peav you heou yckr tiet -- >>
3:05 am
pojacks t i over$1 llbiion, eventh wosehoel rarayy pl arein takga shot. ou>> yne've pverdlaye the lo y tterrebefo? ay>> mncbe oer o t usy.uall y >>ou got 20 ettick as,llor f yo u? a >> fllor me, yes, soablylute. ou>> yw kno the oddsre all reay ?slim >> k iwnohe ty're huge. uyfy bon e,he t oddsre an'ts a od go.fy buy ,10 maybe i h'llaveor me ch ances. or>> repotter: l oteryfficials th say ekp jac iots the d'worls la rgest. anntamou withma so ny gidits, bi arllbocrds aosshe tnt coury t can'lehand theig fure.e. made fndoric tkets was so high fo str la night's indrawtog, sres po re trtedhate somne machisan r t ouof t paperino pret th s.ticketso meoneas purch60ed 11ic tkets at t oneime? t >> atione me, ep>> rr:orteve concenienre sto ma rnagex ale sodherr sayhe ty n'havedt hat tharo pembl --ye t. w >>ee hav all extra. ou >> yrd oered extra r?pape >> yes.nd moay. >> te reporher: t s pot atartedt m$40liilnon oem novber 4th and sihas nceol r oledver 20
3:06 am
ni orga azersncnnou aed deresign, ki mang the ougdds toher forhe t gbi pojackt. but sa'sturdaywi drang did 2create8 new monillis airewith le smalesr priz. exthe nt bigwi drang w ill be thiseswednday.w, no a e-onaytime p mentouamnts to 06$8 iomilln. thbut at'sor befere fedal and estatax tes whichl wil eatp u atle %ast 25 ofhe t > >> ee$wo ks tgont uil tsthe fir s vote care iastn the 2016 es prtiidenceal a llw pout oay tod shows ar hilltoy clinn ander bnie nd saaders de ilockedn iowa and nehaw shmpe.iron ep the rnublica ,sideal dond tr anump edd tz crure a running os cl e inwaio. re mo f nowromnn juliamaa goldn hiin wasngton.>> or rep oter:n aysund,on dald p trum esaidfven ie hos les io hewa, 't wonp dro out.>> re theo's n kemas. m i'notvi leang. >> ou ye 'ringorag st tighte o th enconv?tion a >>ll the way. r >>teeporhar: trot ptspecas h ypart lrseade e andnve some vo
3:07 am
where noli estabntshme cdaandite semerge as themp tru atalternive. >>o i d bnotelievet tharu tmp wo tuld pu aoo gacd fen o the pu reanblicty par assi pre. dent ou>> ye'd bpa pretored seehi y llartoclin tn inhihe wte us hoe? >>rtunfoelunaty. i >>'veev neaer hrdha tt rebefo. at th's hucow mruh tmp has atpenetr hed andoweo pple now in thk that he has a genuine shot athe t minotinaon. >> ep rr:orteep rcaublinls polter an frutk lz cctondued al polf o wa io rliepubcansri fday t.nigh i >> vowasoterav heom becoe s ph sotiisd cate kthey tnow hepe tople cheyehoost is no ssnecey arilethpl peohoe w the st reer of amica oochs.seth hiey thenk ty're going to se choo cruz.bu eyt th'reta storting think th at the o restf americaay m tchooserump. ep>> r aorter:ngccordihe to t st moen reclt pol ofy likel iowa uccagousruers, cndz a a trumpre uavirtedlly ti with rubio a di stantd.thirin ew nhi hampsrure tmp has a dicommandng lea t andighe f htfo ndr secohi and tsrd ila pying beout tweenbiruiso, chr ch ierist, cr,uzeb j bush,nd a
3:08 am
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3:09 am
by feright jets fromth sou a.kore s ctince oheober tavre he been aie sers ofap discepearans in hkoong ng. e fiveesmploye of a storeha tt ll seoks boris ctical ofhe t in chgoese mevernnt. ttoday,usho oandsf esprotters edturn out to ddemanns a.wers dseth roanetsepor.>> te reporr: esprottersri cared gn sisea r "dingadle li wo, mo to yrrowndou a me." li diresappead,s dayat ler rtrepo sedlyent l arette gg sungestiwa he ms inanainld achinis asstingh witan was the fifther psond tieto ca ayuseway boo bks to go mi g.ssin t >> bhisookp shoci speesaliz in s storieouthat cld neever bn o nsale i manainld china it crinicizeg thmu com pnistarty an ed th rsrule. ot prrseste wryor chinese megovernntnt agesal illegly sn latchedndi ak too him into in
3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
.se u. in 2014. twthe oes arravts he added fuel to f theieryit policalat debe er ovit admtingef rsugee fthrom e gi reono inthe t.s u . t >> this isdhe kinf o threatth psat keeup me t a t.nigh r >>r:eporte on c apitolllhi, hohouse smelandyecuritir chaman ch mimcael scallaidhe t twoen m hamay eeve bnic radedaliz after th amey coe t the. u.s>> m howanyic tkinge tim b ombsar e weng goi tong bri in ins thi uj prefiro pitgram whout ar prope invettgte sysm in place? >> rteepornr: o theam cnpaig l,traiub repnlica pderesilntia idcandate ted cruzoe echdse tho xae tenas serotor bp ught uthe otw arrests at stopss acrosow iaon da friy. >> si pre denta'obamspo prosing gibrinsng tenf osathou ondsf ri syanef rugees t aomerica even gh thoubi the f says we ctanno t veethosef rsugeeo tet dneermi et whorher noty theisare is rr tetsoris. >> or rep ater: dndd onalp,trum o wh chasdalle for a bann o mu imslnts egerin the trcouny, so algh weied in. w >>e're not g toingt o lelepeop icomen fromia syr that n weeversa rew befo, that wave he node ia
3:36 am
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3:37 am
to in theecsuspt's aedlleg vemoti. is thinis, ctfa, cctonneedo t a rr tet orisgaortinizaon?>> e wld wou sn'tay atth, a wnde n' dot .know he cinertaoely d ssn'te trikme as a guy who has ielntgelienc aroundhim. ngstoppi s justfhort o pl img icatinelhimsoof t o muchr yo ansene el. ep >> r corter: lbs hasearnedhe t fbi isti invesnggati two ov terseasripsrc ahere mad to ocair in 2011 and a saudirabia in2012. er arches's arrect rord isnclude gr ag avatedast,saulns weapo s,charge andro terristic threats in t tha h casee wascc afused o in po gting aun at a man. in 1320, hse waes arr atedgain onn a iallleg gunse posnssio ar chge. t atomhe hehe wolre p siceay erarched liv whiith s mo,thero n on ewe ansdre the .door othe tw people who arrived latersa idha they d no ice offer is in theta hospil ni toght rirecoveng from ake bronm
3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:47 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
g.alon a ancamerin'n mecos rerd. t se bby aoy. te afisr thft li,is h pnaersol co rach,onay jes,ay ss a lot of op peidle dn'tel b tievehe re s.port >> andan i cst underatand th. w if iasn't there, d ion'tw kno th at id.woul i'mli telng you. ep>> rr:orteth to ndat e aal locpr soofesr of ssported meicin set a upch bun ofer camndas a ns se tors tory tour fige out ex yactl how' doi this. ouhe fotnd n shingalpecihi in s nitech pque,ngrovit thac. wei sther hentereir dtlecym fro th lae pnet tokrypn,r os he'just ai plron stng. and get coayhes ss he'ti st ll atleas arten yes ayawm froea rching hisfu ll ntpoteial. ob prlyabno ath fer tourillis h tfirsmp olyics. l unti,thenll he' bey bus in irspyoing ungei wlight sfter ac ross the uncotry. d an eisxercing aat grel dea of enpatice. i >>ul shoked ta ifat as r as i ca
3:52 am
l meda tfor.she u. >> e havyou tho aughtbout a eswheati box? w >> that ishat? ha>> wat's wieheats box?>> yeah. or>> rep tter: iu old yo he was g.younst rteve ha omannhe t roadn i fo beauutrt, solih carona. t >> tha tishe "cbs ohtvernig ne fows" hir ts mer so y ofou theew ns co uentins. ofors therkcheck bac withs u a li lttle faterheor tni morng ndnews a "cbshi ts inmorninin pt ca fioningd undebsby c >> m> it's jonday,ryanuah, 11t 20 .16th s is i"cthe orbs m nningews." >> >en legdary andnf itiluenal
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