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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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held coun sooac feus jtice in u.the s. e'>> wnre ily itait w ahde murr st myeryol invvingn ame anrica wo > >> bweinegit wa h oklot a datoy'eys e yo urld wor90 in sdsecon. >> > i want to usek roc' 'nllro. wa i ntedo thebe tns itirgato of new s.idea >> id davow bd ie 6 the itmulttealendng elish ng sioner/sr,gwrite pr. oducer a >>ri dvingor fn ce ipop cu e ltur toverouhe c 5rse of0 ye ars. i>>'mta cer ainly fllulfied man. > >>comexi b hasegun thece pross toxt eratedig druin kgpinl e ap chouz gnma teo thte unid esstat. >>ut atihorianes wto thave a w wordithn sean penhe for t et secr m weetingith zmguan. >> > sshe'ri maroed tn abu aser. n a womad claime arapellnd a s sort ofinthgs, heorribl . things >> etsecrary, w dhato you say at th ass discufion o ati poron of
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y doayou s? hi>> i tt'nk iads a deen d, alblind fleyor them, butet l th em go. he >> tn golde globe aw. ards t >>heen revantoo tk homeop t ho nors. >> na leordo cadipr. io>> t whaan idincreeblon hor. >> on you dd 't neeveto lea your hedrink re. ll i' putou yo tep sleth ano erwa y syouon of ale [ bep ].>> the bgeig jstkpacot ever is up forab grs. > >>inal corifniafe pronassiol su rfer gttarream mcnara wiped out on a 50t-foo we.av h>>sue ivrved. o >> n!goodhe md isseit!th eae scason en'tndik let tha an ed thha seaarwks e off to lochartte! ot>> gt iaw ay. ad wiams pede o tn forhe owtouchdd n angrthe eenay b of e fensis mg ovinon.>> >la vrdimi putin is i att ag ain,wi shoffng ois hus mcle ro thwingem mbers of russia's tjudotoeam thelo for. o >> nwione ll throw the pr enesid tt torohe gund. >>he> llo. i'm j. law.
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>>e wareil thrd letose prent ip cloms fr ouror favitems fil nanomifoted tir moonic pture y>>.espl teaseyourn hour pffne o. hi >> ts mos rning'"eye op"ener isse pre bntedyot toya.t' lelas go pces. welcome to t"cbshis inmorng." rwe areriemembeidng dav bowie, cka ro s wtarhosees chang made hi gem a lend. >> bowie'son sstg and age pr ceesenlu infenceden gnseratio. d heied after an -m18atonth btle with cancer. adhe h just td urne. 69 t >>rihe b ftish aoreignrtist, g pourinmin frolo felw anmusiciiss, minndters a a romanca
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weba look ck at wiboe'sar c eer h whicthe kepve ali untils day rk maod, gong morni. d >>avidie bowam beceam frous fo anthe chges in his own ch r,aractehi over s fos ur-plu de decaee card r anhe lveeas a d worlgechand byt wha hide d in wa fysewop p stars mar a n knownor f snyo ma im , ages wthisill b tehet las duenngrine oor fav did e.bowi ethe onel rdeaseas lt f oridayn thhis 69da birthy. 'v ite gors sca thatt cene b en se ". he >> t b deathedge imary and cs lyrim seeugto sgest he not ly onw kneha wst waco .ming hene tur hdisea dthnt iiso h st lais artevtic ent. oo lk up rehe, man, i'm in er dang s >> thiymae b the firstge ima of
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bo>> wie'sas w ar careeha tt pe fople birstegan to notice ba nck i 1969 wnhe peeopl w ere in began londed the onmo. th at std,oppe b but owie nt coinued. e>> hn' did jtustel rease ngsos, eche b tameheer p tsonahat pe merford .them yzigg sustardn t ithe '70s. >> nd aus not j ttheso ngs,f oco buurse, het t erevng-cha ing .look e as htoldrl chaie rose back in 1998,ie bowas w alwaysut abo mo trehastn ju the music. o >> dthyou oinkfou yfrsel t firsas a muansici? >>no. al actui ly, tfinddehe ifa o vi hao ng tsayha tmt i' a si mucian iy n anwa iy asn em asbarrtsmenme to ec bau ise do
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lwve a fays telthatha w it do is i use music fory mwayf o esexpr.sion n'i dolit bei'eve rym ve mpaccoedlishit at . >> othersl wil grdisaee. e bowivereinnted hlfimse ase h awent.long it >> wh am"f we"hich h eroco-wte jwithohn le,nnon heug broht hwhatele caldst plaic soul a as e whithbritist artiso tl sou n. trai>> you can pickev whicher david bo uwie yoan w tto errememb,r o tt bester ill, e,gaylou y can errememb them >> sol wel .saidu yoemcan r temberhemal l. t >> iniwas ceo tsee the rv inteitiew wh himec b yauseou arso rtely geo tea h hrisvo e 's nicrto hea him. e >> h waso snt autheic and .true itea rslly waon beyd the music for him. ait wasen sse ofer pceforman an adse sen of uannderstding image. i>> andtet's ing restineato h r w theords o hfisat lestus mic wthattas jus asreleed, the ly rics. w >> dhenid youak mple peoeto sp in smokg on set?
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>> ie big tda toy. e' >> well have mor onid dav e bowion this nestwsca. ex >> micania officels hav te star edtsffor s toendhe tru dgrd lo a knownls e chapo teo th u. s. foriatrl.s. u.ff oicialson cfirmoa jinqu gu 'szmanee mtingh wit seanen pn nback ict oober hdelped lea to s histarre. gu aszman w cd apturerion fday aafter x-simonth t.manhunnn pecr desibedhe tir hoseven-ur e articledreleasth over e d.weekenma nuelqu marez issi outde the pr the is th psamenrisoe h es frcaped kom bac in july.od gong morni. ep>> r gorter:rnood g cordin uto a rcenfoement cesour, mexican th aus oritieorare wried elha cpoco uld bribe his way tono ather fescapeisrom thn prisoin behd us me jt a day after hises arr at"r ngolli e"ston article was st poedai detling at secre me wieting orth actn sea penn. s pennaide hd agree to let el ch reapo heview tic artleef bore it waspuheblisd,ut b t dherug lo
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tuis pic tre wasaken aros pof of ec the sretee mtingwe beten e thde acamy ardwa wr innethand e ardrug cngtel kipin. in agt lenhy rollingto sne ar seticle nan pen h saide met withuz gmant las oerctobee dp in methe nxicaun jgle. d heesescrib el a chapos en tirelyapunicologet and he has utindispable nn quote tshe drdrug lo as yi sang iup sply more rohein, am methinphetam ce,neocai and anmarijuana thbo anyedy els in rlthe wod. ve i ha aet fle of arsubm,ines rp ai tlanes,s ruckand atbos. ow >> h muchn heroi he send ar heound tld wordi inclung the sunitedistates de madning.>> te repornr: penay s ms theyet fo enr evou hrsnd a ate tacost api a tcnicable and they agreed toon recveneig eht dayser lat a forma forlnt ierviewnd a me xican ahouttiriesde raid that hi adeout ind theewntervi was ca .nceledst in mead ofngeeti again in rs pepeon, ennn st elha cpo onquesti hs thatewe ansred on wcamerae ith thf help o
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a it'sty reali that drugs de estroy,lha cpoay sins durg paone f rt othe o.vide e wherwi grep uhe tre was no ot ayher w andhe t sretill i'tsn wa a y to e 17in m outesf fgeoota was n givetoex micanct a kressate del ilcastlo. cdeloastillrr aangedhe t td sibeown ptweenennnd a the ug drlo aectressai gned el chapo's te at antionnder phapsis h trust en wh sheet tweed at him in 1220 hewhen sed tweet iel borieve me c inhapo gn uzmathan in the ve gos rnmentdewho hihe t truth. 's pennra t tvelo delti casllo s wauo ardus. ey thw flen o twos plane oandne ed us radar sblcrames to avoid nde seco one wasum bpy enough that they tkoo f aewwi s ogsf qu teila.he notedwa he sn't bndlildfoed ri du ng the.trip xi mecanut atihories arrdeste el ochap onri fday in los mo.chisth ayey s heni ilytial f led ro th tughheer sewys stemft aer aad deshly .ootout w heaspp aedrehend in a sleton
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g cordinto a. u.s law foenenrcemsot olurce preice we ti oppedyff b iptnterce pedhone ca d lls an vpenn'sisit. or authheities e re havnot al revected exahely wrey the are us hoing el cbuhapo, t lyikel it is not on aro g fundloorhe wre ou he cld againes accs a tu.nnelfi ofcialsie belcove he uld be adextr tited uo then.s. i f our s toix weeks.>> ks than, manuelqu marez in me .xicori klkki n iemaish wit me. od goni morng. g >>moood g.rnin m >>akeen sse out of me. sedid nan pen doth any tingo ke ma him or her vblulnerae t o y anllega action? s >>enean pn clyertainid d not thdo anyingo t hmakeim abvulnerle for legal action. m weotay nin limtg ith or e hi etitcs of ut, b theru tth is an yor repter onyr a jalournist ulwohad ved wantethis rvinteiew, and as you do not oharborr aid ait fug yive,ou gidon't ve him mndoney aou y
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cks laf o prapsiehenon.yo n u canydo athing you want.'s itle a who newk looo tsee insometh g, saythsomeing. h he das nouty to report it. y>> doouap hpen to know nganythi t aboutheg timin e becausndit souiks l ae yw hollood vimoe. he'ses arrdted an wein futd o e thrvinteiew that seann pen hadne do.d diimthey te ito swa it s le reedasht rig now? d >> i kon'twhnow heat tim ting s? wa i >> at's cicoine.denc t >> iis a cicoindence.'s itrt a smaid coincn ence othe rt pa of ol"rling stone" zimaga. ne >> ld wou itbe have denntiffere maif guzn had not been htcaug? >> e becausmaif guzn h nadot been ,caughter c itainly nfoto mexic e thitun edatstes'er int iestn zm guanou wld have thrownea sn pe ntnn io ara gnd ryju a,sked hi m quonesti hs,owt iswa ra ar, ngede wherhe tredavelw, hoth meey t.if he redefusns to awer ti quesinons ra a gurnd jthy en he b could ie heldcon ptntem anden th h you aavert cou order and then h geoes to jailes unlse h pu rges c thentonte.
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thett manha iansng lookio int etties benween pnnd a the ca mexin drug lord?>> au becsehe t u.s.or attndney ath hee soutrnis d otrictfew n rk yory is vert sma andt wha he towants i dosha wt any good a u.s.yttorne wantso tdo, he's no tti targe sngean penn.wh sat he'ng dois ioo l akingt m hias a s.witnesif as i w p acurosetor i'd w ant pseanenn onquestied.i' d wantkn to owve einrythg about that atte carl is theos mt is posonoute carlth in eni uted at st aes ofmericas ato drugs. 's thatev why senis jurnsdictio tin.he u.s wanist th man. n>> i fahect, tookre cdit for in be tghe lstargetr disoribut of ,heroin e,cocainij maruana- - ry>> eve thing.>> s thi ais goodn perso toet g of stf the reet.>> ki rikie klman,nk tha you so mu ch. l we'lorhave m oen. this>> t we'llake aoo lkt athe
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re moha on tt this mo rning.>> ri> btished comianic rky ge s rvairnretued ast hosh wit in sults. me soev riewers say the swhoel ft edboggn dow andai ftoled hit pe exioctatndns a n theightam c e th wiom se sisurpre idincluigng b nswi foreo lonard cadi,prio ya yan d "the verenant."en nmtertainient toght kevin az fr wier isith us from the .""e.t studios. orgood mning. >> s it waay busig nhtor f censor or censs. mbthe me ters oflyhe holwood n foreigpress aiassochotion w ha nd out the golden gslobe also demam roo sforome sisurpres du tringhe reth e-hourletecast, weas ll.>> t andhe gnolde globeoe gso t le doonar prdicaio.>> lrdeonao driicapo pd ickeup hi s thirdde gollon gbe in he"t re "venant whichon w fort bes di orrect. ha>> typt t oefqu uniein cemas iso inmeth wg iant teo see morf o hiin ts stindury.
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mea mont with his ticitan taco-sr kate winslet who won be stpo suprtingct aress t forhe lm fite "sve ."jobs>> "e.t." spoke with her st backage. >> v i'mhaery ndppy aer i'm vy oc shdked anom cypletel erovwhelmed. >>rtman"iase raidbr eyeowswh ten i putt i ines btn motio dy comes, it' his firstol gden gl siobe ncein wesning bt sc ayreenpl for "goodil wl hu 1nting"ar8 ye sago?>> u do yo think"the iamartn"s i a mecody?>> . noit 's a simucal,nd a ink thi at thha's wet th ea18-yrap gas w meki wornng o my insingg. >> i'm j. law.>> and i am s a.chu. es>> bt fdsrien jfeennir wr laencend a amych s wumerere va rithls in ees bt actress cat re go j lin comt g ouopon t
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>> iy reallec expted amyo t n.wi >>t shup udiyou tisgusng -ppillngoppiua sexl dntevia .scum>> ky ric rjervgeaisas wk bac br ngingi theeeblrtp-wohyor hum hthathead trk netwoso cenrs o n r thei .toes m i'oi gng to beic ne ghtonit, ve i' gechand. notmu as sch ace bru je,nner ob slviouy. >> taraji f woneror h role as co okie iecook. 'v>> ifee af pctedeopleno eugh ay to s it wan to give a you hytrop.i twantoog recnize you. >>yl servestta sellonad h to be to yld b aor repter t ghat heot ast andingatovion after w inning bestup sgportin actor in "c ".reed id>> i dpen't extct i at all. t i don'errememb theta snding at ovion. th was ere ?really>>
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now owns aol gden globe and mr. ba rohralch t hkingheome t prize fo tr bestv drama andis chrtian atslorer f bestup sgportinor actan dza "morte in th lejung" and ra "czy lfex-gir ariend"nd i 'llve ha. more t >>hatnd staing ioovatn was ry vefo nice r sstylveer st .alloneit a wase nic memont. >>nd ael w ldervse.ed>> s that'xa ectlyt wha iinthk, too. t >>ouhank y, n.keviwe e'll se youer latn o in the ca newsst.nt "emeertainnt t"tonighil wl br yingouul fler covagef othe nn winiers toght. k checyour local li. stings th eoc demcratisi preiadentl iraces tetigh.ning wa nel polho swsla hilrynt clionle badsernie sanders by just e thres point amongel likyer vots in iowa. at th state'sir fn st itheat nionuc cathus is reeee wmks fro gh tonit. llthe pods fin srsande leading by ee thr points.vo heters t tre goo thels pol t eigh days after iowa. a >>thnd on eub rep slicanide owthe iola plho sedws tru cz
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ndints a h trumpas a 16-point ad lene in w rcoio rub and chrisis chrtie e ar ainlo csee rac foron secd pl dace an majorre gartt is in gtwashinonit wthh how e ca atndidrees aha sgrpenin their ck atta. r >>teeporolr: v atile,d,flui un tapredic tble,ache r te forhe it whe e hous ois allf that,ut b mo o dncistitt plo lines are er emndging ad donalru tmp and d te acruzre bgattlin for em supr iacy inowa and marco ru ndbio, aus jeb bh areig fhtingto e be thtrmain seet al atternive. hn joic kash mayer ent that ring, t bu nfor howe'sti sll oen th ts oueidki loo ngin.>> t' whaois gong tap hpene is th r othesidel wilri bng a suit. >> te repor r: inreno, vaneda, nadoldmp trune waratd th ted uz crir's bnth i caanado t an er am micanrothees mak him a bad rageneecl eltion ga.mble>> , now is he n aalaturn bor ti cizen? me so peeopl- -on i dkn't ow. ne ho, stlyweon d't .knowwh heo the ll owkns?>> trump hasn bee birther er badguzing cr forea nrly a ek we.
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e leashis mheot ur' bir ce icrtifanate isd th ponassiate sp re. onse>> wa it ves neatr nizuralnded a w itheas tce pross ofei b bngorn mthat madee a arose ee th facts. e thislaw te quiar cle. >> ep rteor cr:saruz sidome ca atndides mngeani trumpan c't lehand a morest subveanti de . bate t >>y he twantons itead co enthurage de goopl peo ieen th amedi to goow d rntabbi ts railan gad ennge icu cirs shside ows. r >>teeporrur: tlsmp ao odpene a up newin lfe oat . tack>> y bthe way,ed tz cru has a lo t ofon mey fthrom eil o in stteres. ep>> rr:ortez, cru s whoeekso t ol ablish al tax sdiubsies for en ergyen died umtrp's archge.>> ouram cnpaig has,o t ,date edraisr ove7 $4li milon andha ttha mes co fmro over 0,69000 nt arose hee tpl peooe tm who i'm co acbluntae. >> or rep tter:euhe ftwd benee ch cristihrisnde aar mcoub r io th boht fig fing sorecond place hin newpsam ahirelso te ind.nsifie
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anpublict is not wha we .needhe 's apo sup frterormo comne coran ds he'so perginally ven to an plneden pard thoo aand sur orteof gun tsrigh.>> e i'v neveriv goen tnn plaed hoparentod. y >>'tou donnd stah wit thenra. on>> i dnd't stah wit any li pointical gterest aroupnd hegive tlam a bnk ecchk. >> hr ceistid tolgr bio aphersth haat he den giv toed plann pa odrentho and his cigampans say e' ther rs nodecor of. that >> anth,ks major. ha seres arhe higr this in morngte despi a bigro dp ni overght in a'chinsto sck ma rket sonhares theng shahai de in mx lostthore an 5%.ho g'ng kons mainnd iex waso als offar shply, butts marken i ai britn andma ger tnyhisor mning up are abi la ,week u.s. stocksad h theirwo werst nek i four s.year do the wlu pornged me anth,0 1 00 in pots. > >>tfirs on bs"cs thi mog,rnin" pl a fanorti poten allyli infe-savnog tech flogyor cars.
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au to 't i done hava f pair ojeansi' inm tryg toet g toin. b i'vewneen do thatroad,on hey d.childo i ven't hass a dre or a big d ret carpein thg.i thaveo do- - i'm ryeallus jt lo okgin at 1620s atheea yr ofmy best body. wthat'swahat i ynt foro.ou, tot'
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stour bes. bodie a ic mexan assctre is co dimmanheng t wosrld'en atttion is thni mornger aft she mavay he inunwittelgly hpedak teow d enl ap cho. d,aheat whare we'rn leaabing out te ka del cailst.lo>> e> ths newisac bk ien th rn moing r highteer o "niscbs th g.mornin"an r:nounces thiioportcbn of " s orthis msoningon > >> pthisortion of bs"chi ts rnmog"inns spoored by enwalgres. t atorhe cofner py hap andhe y.alth me redicat paresd prticrip ons,rewalgsaens cays, merpe emd di. iz see e thtoday m getouore oft e lifmeand redicat pard. sjusth witcalto wnsgree f avor sings atthbe'll h theigighlofht r youday. noprw w eviecothe f st o yourpacofoy beoure yl. fil u yoevcan genet-d onerollaco opayslen selact pns.
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so on you de 't sto usbecau e yoevbeli ge ino. wa onrd. y' todadas the y. ca dirpe em. letylno 8 ahrhrrtisitai pn ha las two f yers oelpain rief. e tht firsasis ft. sethe lcond aastsayll d. we iv gu e yo dyouracay bk. ouwhat y d o withs it iyoup to u. ltyleno . ja idne dt n' rlikeicestronti int e. lif d anwhnot t en i tcame ohiwatc hngaler wh ley settst on tajae? hone tught. ' thaty s wh ljanelioves fight & k t greeatnonfur yog butingri with crch weeamy anesomess d anms12 graot of pr ein.l al cfor 80s.alorie s nog at whdo else e es janvelo? atthou you cinld wit a ftbifl fexlirom t ght.& fi le moarn spre on ecyiallrk maaced pks. t light.& fi
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fa ct.paadvil elin r aieversedre us brey mose houholds th oan anyeather lrading bnd. to re tathe tires achnd a pains pmoree eoplforeach l.r advi li resnef doe 't gety an tbetterishan th.
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it n aliacepolirc searh fo cl aues inri mysteous o deathf rian amemacan won. d, ahea thesa mes sgehe h mayave le fthibe. nd to ,morrowe w l channe u2 newspdate. m goodngornith u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel i 2.oh'm jttn poer. is thin just otoewur n..sroom.a ccarsonn ity mallwas kiedrl ea my thisngornier aft an ntapparein rse caiton cery shs iff'ceoffi jsaysafust 12ter la-30 st gh ni tt...rehey edceivor repts m ofplultiote shres fi td inhear f ea oriwindivdge dre and r spoonedrive. cepolihe say w an they orrivedn e.scenso.. care n tahoalregion
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rrmale ao ived tspthe hoital gwith a wunshoto ound tthe st h.omac ctthe vi iim wasicn critalnd coanition bed had entr teanspor rd ton enowl medicace y nter blicare fheght. tvi asctim wer latno prodeunced adsh afortly a-ter 2 tem deesctive arrvintengiewiss witnees at th imis tnce... i tludinghe man anwho trd sportectthe viim to ho the tspitalnche it idenisbe ining igvests ated acia homidesu refrlting ruom a d. g deal wanyoneinith atformion ga rethrding tie shooanng cl cal ca the crsonshity s eriff'office at ti chme to ureck yo w roadsith i r.j."mn the m"ore f-.9 106 c traffint ce! er s how'kiit loo tng out, herer. j.? ci ac identarn spraks, pymid wahigh ay sbrrt mccatoan. morist iassist, n renosb580 r neada emonte.poxpect dssibleelays h in botareas. le ndt's seov it o er tme ogteorolffist jene martiz now t' le is sendert ov to te meisorolog mt jeffz artinenow wefor a upather date.
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mo lostly cr udy foonyour mday wi hsth hige in th40low d s an t ligh owinds.t ur nex fchanceor w a feershows s heady our waon dawednesthy and ayursdh wit rvalleyd ain antamounnoin sw ershowhas, tmat may veke tral ff di oicult.setherwige no hu systorm arstems ine headg our thway wi i highslon the s w 40ro
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mi otnnesika v fingsans are obprablyti sllrn moudaing toy. w it sas aintunngs losheto t awseahesks yayterd. ckkilaer bir walsh mdisse a 27 d -yard fielalgoha t ctldou w haveheon te gamn i theal fin coses.nd oppe cleldout n'libeeevit . atsee tlcaesdpeit wh a -910 orvicty to acedvan in the pl fsayof. va deedstat vgikinan foss pted th
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overia socdil mea. i >>'m not wangtchi. >>wa no y! ayno w! sc [ inreamg ] h,>> oy m god.>> he mdisse it! re>> a k youngiddi me? >> there wasot a l of that. >> pl peoree we upset. gtheeamas whe thi trdol cdest n infl hi story. pltioff me. f >> ieel forla birsh wal otople g to merember, i guess w nootis n t theime to y,sa "i stt's ju a ."game n >>not whe youed liv for it all ar ye toch watr you team win the r supe. bowl eo >> pple intt sealee wer in look ag up ndsaying,ha tnk goyou, d! ee>> i flor f you, blair walsh.bu t catongros t rllusse wnilso tandhe seattle ahse. awks >> co> p ming usin thi half hour,th ote sponlight aic mexan es actrnos but ht forerat lest vi
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:56 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
w.he kne >>s thi is anma azing t thingo abthink out. hetl bated cfoancer 1r8 .months kn he usne of did. asthis wri pvate. itow all hedoim t craft aal fin em stat sent, anttatemeut abo itmortaly as'r youoie pnting out toand et lt i beei recved twithou kednowlfge o attho , tbe alevuateds apeindeyndentl art on its w just f aayew dsat ler it rises es ris upnd aak tes thela pce he of t a mannd we all ac dgknowlese it i aka remarble g, thinea a fsrles inthg, an un thusual oing tar make tha tt s facedownr youownta mornlity ith . is way w >> thy was shereo much in iterestn his sey?xualit >> ,well you justaw s a cplif o lihim frtingit wh e.charli ap perhsrl cha bie canestr answe th e causashe wrl feaessre the as .well w heas a trailla b izern the y earl'70s sgayin i amis blexua at ae timn whey man dt idn'know wh att thaword anmet,et lne alo
8:02 am
at th, way tto act thay.wahe et s hwnis oul imp fses areend az bled aay w m forany o ther lepeop d too the . same t'>> iser intngesti thepl peoe sp reondingre ngspondi, madonna,ed changy m li rsfe, fiont ccert ir evesaw. e kanywest, hee gav usag micf o a melifeti. h head so many asperson.ho ulw wo sd youay heed chang the c musiin rydust? t >>here w boulde noma donna, no lady gagaho witidut dav bowie. s hehowed t how moake t,ar how to makeeb celutrity o ofll a of th em. obkurt cwaain s f aan. e kany wwest as afan.wi a arde vfiety o musics acros ff dierent ragenetions. 's that azam ing. >> ihi t tnkehe cur rthating ingis a suchnta imporoint pnt. bo some hdy whoelps definere whe we are.>> t yes,hat'sly exact right. we now look at cureio ratn ap so animportt towe what doau becse of thel socia media
8:03 am
mime,in saygs it' all rocknd a evroll, ngerythi is allt parof my ini'm gog to give it to u,yon i wa a you yve've neenr se fobere. w it as jawdr. opping >>, joeha t vnk you erymuch. la a orwyer f theru dg lord el po chaay ss he will fight ex tipedi ton to hes.u. m thisngorniic mexo hasta srted le the galro pcesso td sen him fhereor iatrl. ui joaqman guzn was first edarrestn i asat wol flowed by a sserie of peescas and ptreca.ures orthe wld'st mos wanted drug al deaper escroed fm mexico's top risecurity pnso in july 2015.he was aterresdn o ayfrid. anamericic offonials cfirm a et me bingenetwen guzma and actorse ann penel hleped oad ts thi re arst. nn pe ivinterewed elpo chak bac ctin o.obere thactor wborote authe tir se hoven-urnc e founteror li "rolng ste"on ma,gazine de biscriheng tot nusorio dg ru lo srd air entely apunetologic. l >> epo chas igbeinel hdn i the
8:04 am
ju. an acamerin law ecenforment so ceuray sths auieorite s ar nc cod ernetabouim hsc egapin again.on "ut60 minlaes" st year,il bl wh eritak a gotnid ins leookt a elpo chaun's tnel system. >> thihe tnge h wdorkear hdest ason w mgakinur see hou cld ysalwa get away. ap cho washe tir fst manexic drug af trerfickhi to re aterchicts andee enginrso tdbuilun tnels to ferry drugsnd uheer t s. u.o-mexic br ordedanpe snt mi nsllioo t use them assc eape ut roesm fro hisy man hideouts. >> is this ti very erght, vy hot, verye.clos r >>r:eporteen we wt down into ala hbyrint ofnt ickerloing tu s nnelwithhe tex micanin mare e whosse chad the is onof w theayspo cha wa s able to eludetu capree tim ti and mega ain.
8:05 am
chap w mowill beed expo ited te ths.u. inhe tt nex four to sixwe eks. ho d'llywoosde golign nht tieli ghtedri amelecan teonvisi and fi lm.nn wierslu inc vdedeteranor acts an dco new ymersayou m not have th ought t.abou vikeizn fr wzierheas tre and hasre onactiro fm the wis.nner r>>orepheter: t sviurlvaa sag m madeonofths un pngishi tilocahoon sgotin all wwhorthile r foitsec dirantor d arst. i >> was excitedut abong goin o is thou j wrneythith isan mht righe s is iypa tef om fil youon w't omsee cing out of h thewoollyod st ioud smyste vofery ten. 's it aor maj -- it's anpi ec artfi lm. ou>> yd neerea gattn parer to a dorn joueyik le it 'sos almot t climb aou mnntai is thh, hig y ifouon dav't h tehe gh rit par,rtneou yil wl die. >>
8:06 am
te reporr:th anoiger bin wner "thertmaian"nd at mat damon. en wh heiv arrede had ho t tell se tycurit thaoshe lt his inorigal ettick. >> pedrint this t.ou stheyaidhe wre isr you idi sa ius mvet hat lefnit i th e bar. we l 'l thaveont priou y aernoth on e. >>ad lyag gave prod hlferse as aso mcialedia softar the es tetimad 44.on milliet twes ab thout e obglthes, eos mt tstwee ollvera wtoent ag gand a r heak breugthrohan as acs.tres >> i want tow sho you soinmethg. w >> dhatoes thisen momlt fee ke li?>> s it'stalmoe likinfeelkeg li i'map catdulte backo ty m ar apt tmenewin nk yorn whe i hadju st abo keyanard d a mesattrs on the f aloornd iem rember wo grkinee thrs job tyo pa for mo deds an goo t tiaudions.>> or rep lter:ofots s eyen o ragenel flawer cewren a andmy sc
8:07 am
s >>hed saihu stp, ut juso. g t bui ao lsbld ackeout. ep >> r orter:erjennif, y bou'de twiseo take a viewm froat ke wi t.nsle h>> ibeave en agctin for 23 ar yes. m i'ldan o lady. edi nela gsses to d mrivey car. es theen momtsea mn aat gre .deal >> ethverying i gotas h moved . on he>> tge bighest cfer ohe t t nighwhen sstylveerll staone n woor f ed"cre." tosly sld u wnhee' hs itwr ing, ahellctuay talkso this most fa mous acchar ter. >> ad!rian e >> hdwoul ,go il telyou the tr iuth,ld wouro appach -- fo beoure y know ,itve enho tugh the mitajorfy o i its silly, ju tst thah muccomes out of ,it you go,nk tha you, y thankouo s ve ryuc mh. >> khey,.evin
8:08 am
nestalloca, diprio andad ly .gaga ys alwany so ma risurpses. t a loof newho sndws aew n tpeoplesthat mo of us h aven't ofheard t likehat show "the t. robo"m i'urvery cboious autha tt. >>gaouyle, y're slet'ta srtit wh ra"czy irex-genlfrid" the ltowesat red esseri onca broadst vitele.sion el rach m'bloos win could help th at. m to.. mr t,robo"t ioo tk home tw dso 'ssl ick,em cinaticnd a smart. i it ss ahowha tt youl wil want to sit down and ebing tcwah. ol "wf llhas" wa in pcubli le teonvisi. ar "mozt in the lejung" won two ar awds.a plot ofeeoplen havn 't see it us becae edyverybo thought rejeffy mbtaourine wras aur natal wi
8:09 am
ng lookird forwa to atth. yif the cane figur out w aayo t ke ma s thathow a t tightwo ho 'soo ton lg. >> av you hre you hkomewor now, gae.yl >> th i do at.k thanevyou, kin. n you calsee al thene winrs on er "entmetainnt nitoght."
8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
> >>therl wod'sge larstry lotte ja isckpot f upor grabs.dn wes esday'alpowerbl is valid at bi $1.3 nllio. i thats aot lf o shca. ri jea ckncdurean s,portot ltery fi ofs cialctexpet thabe numro t owgr. r>>orepr:tet blion do s,llar p thebaoweracll j kpotis re curnt tly lhegear istthn e rl wod. btooorig fe somil brdlboasnd a o tod har to rtesis forho tseho w lyrareay pl.>> ior nymall't donuy b olott ck
8:14 am
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8:15 am
clitics thaim woselaho phey tof arten ee thnc oe who canst lea rdaffo it. r >>teeporher: woun y see s number alikeil blion drsolla or a bonilli three canou y un tadersopnd pele'snt emhusias esand dpeire hoy theld cou be th e one? ablusolyte. t bu eat thethnd of ey,dais it re eyal mon and itdd as up. r >>r:eporteu if youa act wllyind anciyou dede to taket tha im onete utpayo, y'roue looking a atbout $806 min.llio nobut, rah, that is beefor xe tas. es >> yye, beesre ta imporntoi pnt. >> an you c afford the taxes! t >>hat's uetr. d>> kin of radiscouging. dynobo w isinngni and ihit's ts . high i' m suytill bing a ti. cket >> h you'tavenou bghtne o yet? h>> you bave to euyach time. >> each meti,h. yea >> a> on mngorni weem rem ber ddavibo wie,no atheric musn ico co rimes hghtereo t studio .57we l wilk tal to rllussemo simns asand mk hi howis h own musical vo reonluti b coulde hngeadia to w nestage.yo wu'reinatchbsg "c this mo g.rnin"st t arinto kwrda tsap ifel
8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
ny sayhe tavy hero tuble fa g llintaor sying epasle. cowhy mmon iatndicmaion ycamedis tion nmayot lp hemu as sch a you k.thin ss rummell siisons ur in o ta toyoen's gre pl g howoing vegan he says anchged l hisife. at th is d.ahea .ti o me t yshowomou s te ofhe mo g'rninads hes line afromd roun glthe obe.>> sa> "uay todpo" reonrts a sh f ow ofoe rcbyhe td unitest ilates mfoitary gllowinor nth a'koreais cl tm itd este a dr hy ogen.bomb s ony undathe pgoentant sen a 52 b-be bomrn o a l low evel htfligr oveth sou rekoa. > >>th "wae inshongtos p t"po rerts on inwrgri bnglingsrother andba airnum bleyir reting their el ntepha act. thema anils will beer plymanent ti redre to aon cioservatenn cterin
8:24 am
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8:25 am
ingn otheke martut b it has annu u csualtiondion. asthe pkingrices ior mane th m$200onilliut b ites comit wh a si re!dent ea85-yd r-olhughne hefran wts to incontivue lthing uere hntil isde ath. e th-r29oom homeit s osniv fe s acreandtu fearesha ttou fam s pswimwiool th a grattore whe "p "layboyni bunes partyit wh br cele ities. e >>bever en there?>> ve ner. 'vbut ilwe asayn bee s.curiouha yove u? n >>o. no>> rah?>> no, i n'havet. h >>oow d wle fee aboutt i going t onkehe mar ht butetugh gso t ? stay >> i'mur sere the is -- m aybe "pthe oylayb"ni bunesom c weith e th$200 llmiion. >> an> los geimles tes rtseporn o f"theorce enawaks"re binakg an heotrer cord. cinnahi it grossed 3$5li milon an thd eig bstgepe oning in inchs a'hiorsty. al globlyhe thi trd hstighe pr
8:26 am
les 1.7 bi llion.>> ou> abalt hfal of lca amerins ha blve proetems gtingno eugh sleep.ns cos umertspen anim est1ated 4 bi dollion tllarshist pas year on sleep aidsnd aem rediesnd a nthatisumber edxpecteo tit h 2 $5 bliilon by 2020. g lisail ishe tut depany m agent coent oredit.go niod morng. h >>i. s >> thireis a gidat ea. yso mane peoplug strogle t p. sleewh ty isblhe proem g?growin e>> mor acamerinsor wkor me ho anurs ther ev.we can seet tha about 20%f o anamericrks wo h 60rours o more we a ek and can s teeehey ar en spording mee tim onhe tir ga andgets esd homry ting to help r theiokids d wohomerk. a weinre givseg ourlves l ess t timeepo sle and turningo t ns expeodive prhaucts tt may not be lp he ful.>> ng working as lo ase w do a nd aras hd as we do, o a lotf op
8:27 am
me cadionti.go od orad ba? ide>> rv we sumeeyed a aricans nd it s turn mout ayajorit o pfeeopl -take - haveen tak thet las year insome ksld of ngeepi d,ai he whet ar it's pptrescriionr o -t overnthe-cou the sing ie whave done l severaysanalhaes twt sho on av aerage,bout drugs like anmbiear ey onlti effecbeve may- -you ge t t aboutoeight 0 2 extra teminus of p.slee >> alrely?>> for some oppele, if'v youe ha dns iaomni a long timet tha toou. d weon'tco disatunt th, but it's justot n achs mu as possess le peopnk thi .fl the ip is theyan c causeex nt y dasi douness and our study edshowot a lop of pee le takth these wieout th a rightunmot eof tim to sl eep.>>
8:28 am
an compndies a theyid det not g ba usck to e befor. this o>> onthne of e ,labels for en ambitr cond ollee releasand ot 20hers, gr milliamsnd a su t ggesyou don'tve driit w hin24 hfours oak tgin the me ondicatios and mtpl peo'te donal reatize thnd a how suseriot i .ismo plst peoe whoe tak a drug liketh ouis yic're twe asel liky to aget in a carenccid t. et >> lk's tal ahebout tga etdgs. t dohey rkwo? om >> shee of tm -- w >>rehat a they?>> le a who ncbuh. l weootked a i whatsut o there.e thseglassha tret you'ng looki rathtig now,he ty theorin behd tthesehey blocke blu lightha ttis ed emittm fror youne phor o t yourtable orou yr cteompurs th plat peoe use. ou if yt didn' use one of these as gl--ses >> ie charl m hascoore msat see likee mor eveffecti hathan waht nor i and have. t >>hehe tyory b bglockinhi ts blue ilight,ilt wlel hpit wh e thon melatinne hormo that helpsre tegular youep sle byck bloing e thblue light.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
et myyes! fixed ho >> trese a 8 dollar ones that work. er >> vy ngluri. very lu.ring >> ie lik thes onerl chaie is ar we ing. t>> youliwo rea'rze youe not al one? e >> wreare a tv!rr soy. t>> onet ip thano one wants to ndhear ae on th dsweeken, getp u sat thetiame hame t dt youo ng duriee the w k. >> i d oatth. >> u so yos guyre a onrespsible.i' nom t. ee i slnp iay w too late. >>boo, hiss ont tha one but i do it too.>> w guessepho sle ls theeast g amonhrthe tee of us? t >> me edi nep, hela. lis k thanu.yogo tocb "iss thmo g"rnin t.como ec chtk ou theop ted rat tt ma.resses liseems gke aoodde iaha to ve ago od massttre. > >> onef otheus m dicicynams is herest in udio57.he
8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
serchaved fis timandes and nslicended ang goi m to takehat an d iav he ara opeei bng made. iav he l af ot otsproduc are d baseon-h hipop cultureav he fcaughtdire an am"h hilton"as fu the fel ot tha erengy. e >>lyxact. e >> wedtalk t inhe past,ou y lk taed abouted mnitatio and yoga u'and yooire dnged mioitatn and ga yo i, yourtonstruc wr saidhen u yoheleave re,'t don a put nc buh ofk jun in your body. i >>st wahe t o sonbef rort th ndurmo. >> the bu. ddhist y>>eah.he i said,er nev aihe st d pumesointhing your dy bot tha fwilluel your ac prtice. as it w like a a leafnden gre ju ice. r aftearthat hd ascl ws,hat can ke mado me ha ttet bter? t so i ahoughtthbout at. in ragene kl, youhenow, tn reaso si tranhotion sapuld hpen is us becaree we aso poining the et plan.
8:36 am
w ife uecontin. t ifbuhe afse o adr hun edll biimion analsst bur into su inffer ig thatovs not heer t al animous if y 'reres.ligiou >> al you c tl ithepy hap gave nca beyouse idu sa'r youape a hpy pe . rson>> al but, tso,he amount of incarcs.ogen ifou you wlde havar bbecuef bee t if tha pwas oartf your ,meal li 20ke, et cigarates day, you t don'o want thagive tt toou yr child. >>nope. >> andt' isbl horrie a thet moun of -- >>be barcued beef? >> the 20.t nothess proceed meat. ec barbf ue beeis even worse. us becae ofpo corsrationun fding ou rnr govesment w andhat they e arll agowin tmhe to do to the numaurfact ing offeli, the gr owth rmhoones,c proza and an ictibiotds aner oth t stuffhey input the animals is so lehorrib. theri amecan factorymi farng in
8:37 am
$oril30 blionn i fngundiro fm r ourngoventme andgavenet g innoth17g, $io milln,y the are ngpayi t forhees dontructi of pl the etan, thest worom cic sa dister ihin the y storheof t wo rg rl wod d anpothe inison tg ofhe op pen le othane plet. h "theappy "vegan.i ohope tha cnge it. i >>t weno t ace plan i.a l. ca lled oscrdssroa. yhaveeeou bern the?>> . noi stjud rea about itn ir you ok bo. li i'd tke tory it. ha >> wyot did tu ea for ?dinner i >> haden chickme parsanh wit se chee. kale craesa d.sala >> cenhickar pmesans i not n. vega oy >> lfal o soy andh witie dt and almond sechee. n >>lot rea icchken? >> . no>> i as a satnd readr you book.
8:38 am
t bui love aoo gd eechrgsebuer and filet mignot. >> 50% of wovemen ha heart as disee. ut >> b't i donth have at. ou >> y sure? 'm>> i sure.i' . m sure ka >> od.y, gooth meree tiors m leikelyha to ve esdiabetam in erica. d >> i hon't lt heahs i bgoodhiut t ms isy in pot. e aryou tg ryinto make usl fee gu ilty? yo are nu ary ang n?vega >>no. us i e that esexpr.sion no i'm at thatt all.m i'a yogi.wa i plnt peo le tongive loer andi owant te sav p thetlane and i owant tp stohi tsom cicas dister at th b is aeyondgnythint thae w have ever tecommitd. bi the hrrth tough rapend ath oerfa y ctorcepracties, lif into the hmostc orrifiyllifeste for or shvet liles whie wso poimn thed anpoison thet planes i co y micallibhorrle,ut b it's so al killing us. you know?'s
8:39 am
you make af lot o itinteresngpo iintsen thok bo. >> theabdi,etes thert hea asdisee. >>luabso. tely il>> binl cl tton,hey told him th ats it wais h csgeneti. nowe koww n it's not. re >> a you ready forde presint p.trum >> mp tru?>> s. ye >>no.i i'think m ready forhe tin wner t ofubhe repn licaarprimy. y >>teou wro ate leto r tm,hi ru ssl,el youge l.nerahe th said tings hhatavele fued offires hate and that has hurt ecme b iause'vewn knoim h for solo ndng aou y'veno kwn him and isnot th kofind so pern.i k thineca pi ae ofcamerit tha s istillig fghtin the s hiftto olward tceeran andov l feor eachr.othe andho tsepl peo aereup sgportin a him,at greum nber of them and fo rr othe onreass, it's r.ange ea>> yh. h >> iesin sayg ethveryingha tt co huuld rt rsundederve
8:40 am
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8:41 am
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