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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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k thanou y,r eveybody!an thu k yosoh! muc he (cd ers anseapplau)pl ease!th yoank ucu so m e lcomthto " se latei'how," mep stcohen t.lber ji wasustin enjoygy m late stchrimaslo etit s in later thansu ual,ei tther ohatry m suits werept setoember the cles.aner gh (lauter) kn you loow, a eot of pntple wa prto be t,esidenit but ltle n know: factllwe stion have e.(l teaughr) iglast b, eventatthe st oe of urn. unio isand thr, yea p thentreside's --er (ched s anseapplau)hu tege stae of thfaunion ns ! herean d this yaear's tl lite endiffert.e
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araides ine callg on "nti-tradional." aso ie ssumayit's mefbe baroot.on ea the berch, ev'syone in ne lioln, rculed affs,nsnd iadte a of o stateunf the caion ke,ma pcybe cuakes. at thun's f.angrd con eess iswrven g itinitsn owvows. e "wispromote to nyt do anhing opyou prfoose err evve and er." stand yey,erdahi the wsete hou f chietaof saiff sisd ths i g goine,to bte quoig, "a bop ictimistch" spee.we*q cll, ofe,ourss it'mioptiistic s (cheerpland apause) ! yeah 's he in a greatd! moo i feelll reay g!reat"m owy fellca ameriafns, ter yeeight gars of aettingdttacke a fion is peelinggoretty od neabout r.xt yeath e e stat uof our inionals relylo fooking torward ng curli up in mma haanock ind gettugg throh ave nooul withint bekeg asd to or authdrize a rione stke.d
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togoing s spendmeome ti withs itlyfami.e thofstate ni our ualon is soin thboking atiut getng anv coe!ertibl atthe sture of o h unionas wa alanys wcoted a blnvertie andmn da t it, ihehink tte sta ofr ouhaunion eds earn it.]' c inioonclus sn, thef tate oourio un. n is.. rreallyo eady tstop in bellg caeced a sslret mu imer hitl. eathat reslly doken't ma anye. sens"xd5ai%9 t'so thaths some ling toookfo torward we, and t 've go a shgreat yow foronou t.ightrs fil t, i'lkibe talthng to ery veny funly jane nch. he (caners aud applse)kolp`quk%q&riiwdr as fanttic,h. yea er in hho new selw "ang from ,"hell p she glays anuardiaan gel. d an ii knowsot may llund siy,bu act i dtuallyevo beli e in l janeynch. te(laughr) lsi'll aalo be to king tu.the s. et secr hary of aousingannd urb
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(cd ers anseapplau)_ijfi' hll aski im if bshoulduildho n uses olapark p sce, orave myne mobuy and ray a adilro. te(laughr) lland i'a have maperforbynce e indiw ur "rethen to t" moon.'s ited basth on se trueftory one stil arm frongttorgesing hike ys. te(laughr)(b pland aying) asthe re aon yourere curntly daisncing us the mf ic ojon stbatid e an hstayuman. hisay er, ev.yonehe (cd ers anseapplau) 'r weoue ab st to ttartw,he shobu fot bedore we mo, one re thing:wo a cman inoraliffonia und abl inoody fipgerthe in rpl ap'sebeead thzy's cra! go who apes to 'splebee and rs ordead a sal?!an (blad pying)i
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stephenme welcoes janyn lch!i hudta secreiary julno! castr and aus micalfo per brmancey el vy!fe g aturinjon bteatis and "stayhu man"! an itd now 'se timth for "e late "showit wheh stepnol ct!ber(c s heerapand seplau) nicaptiopong sednsorcb by s>> sentephan: thk ylaou, dies and gementlen! k thanyou, jon!>> : jonthank, youte s!phen ie(audnce cghantinen steph) s >>entephan: thsok you much! l al lright,etet's gig the bws nef out oy:the waid i d notwi
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knt you row wholoeally st thett loo?el . chapoth whe man ilo bue t thsworld'se oscond matt lucrugive dr .empire-- after pr.fizeif onliny heroyo gave u aner iection onsteadf justg makin no you tar ce. rion foaday, jinqu c "elhapo"zm gus an, way finalledcaptur by n mexicaitauthorixies, ss, month te afelr tunnt ing ousoof prin e for thndsecoe. tim g it'seyood thim put h on ali he.copterce onai it's , rborneesit mak thenn tua eling mlittle orerd hazaous. 's here o theiafficstl arreph oto. a it'sov lelyho cice. te(laughr) in putting him on strg mp coioetit kn with shaleedheikhha moormmed f a worsttrresfa chshion oice. at leastl eochaped wax i,st wha
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gh (lauter) mo for thnths, pre untaedicble ha el c bpo hadoneen r theun,di hithng in lee jung. fand tohiind t m, inotook atherun tapredicn ble maokwho lokes li b he'sdieen hia ng in :jungle ensean (lghter)no w,n sea penns act likes he' beenin hidg in a j mungleore than eo.l chap poel cha l looksike he'sn beehi idingn a disco for sixmo nths. te(laughr) 's that nice. . okay usbecahee t dayer aft eapl cho's ur captlie, rolneng stoli pubshedse a ntcret i perviewd enn hadonewi chth el ntapo moorhs befe s that i wfilledmaith hunizingta deouils abmit the stsunderood ug dr lord. en as pesn writ:"u manlike hiny of tes countsrpar en who n gage itogratuius dn kingappiur and ml der, echapois in a busanessmst firon, and ly rtreso vs toe iolencewhen h itdeems ta advantogeous hi ormself us his biness
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se see?! he's att prey gooduy g. o hekinly pells heople wann he c m makeffoney o p set uetthe meening, pn edemployab an elseorate oriesf ri secusuty meancres, i:luding ho"tracpr nes, os,burnerer one p nt co oact, dne perveay, lels of yp encrmition, g rrorinhthrougbl hoackpnones, a enymous-mail es addrndses, at unsenagmesses ce acn ssed ifodraft rm."wo at's eralabote! wwhen icoas in e,llegyo if unt wacoed to yontact leur dear,yo pu justheaged t guy. au (lghter) if now m, like're, youkie thinngu yonecould llver puha off ttve leecl of s wrecyhoitutng gettitr acked.n' dorrt woy. p seanulenn co, dn'tereith. a >>an mexicnf law entorceme fi ofaycial shas el cecpo's sret te inw rviectwith an or seapennr fog rollinmastone gazine lp hehoed aut lritieshiocate s bowhereauts. ph>> stes,en: yeow someh or authweities e re ablckto tra tone ofldhe worge's bigstce
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t noterdo edwaen snowdel: cancyo itur sn -dowicwith nholasge ca. gh (lauter)-h mmmm. s (cheerapand seplau) yo but t u can'seblame nan penfo har el cappo's c, tureusbeca e ofa lot s thiisel on . chapoas n pennsexplaima, "guzedn agre mto angeetise becaunt he waedto e maka abmovie sout hi cr lue ativf life oeadrug-dling." h yes,wnis opi bioc. abpresumrrly stadaing denny to vi l and alaarge b ck ilcaterplar.(l teaughr)(a e)pplaus uh uh-h. uh i thlieve esis arr mt onlyakes m itliore hakely telt the chapovi mo he lypecialhe once es escap toct dire it. i sot wanin. ac in fcht, el 'vapo, iree alady ar prepaued an tditionfoape
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jo eny.>> h! ahhi' mch el .apo ru i tnhis mo.exicne rvee tak meiv le, crsoppe. elan belgo, an b ygo! oul tel the.e d.a. cpohato sle the enmillnial fn,acke ford goos thi .time slet' go, chuy!wh o at dmeyou yan mke don ayte e thgs dru? ldi to you to get aro dllul me! ru camba! t,eighe, nin t-en - sseuppod to 1 beea1 hnds ihe tuf defl b!ag towho ok tex trayd? heado !nkey kthan. you i'm sentephol c, bertivi len ith ewe nk yora, are alevailab onek wendends a i can driveti sck.
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er (cheaps and seplau ) a it's p -retty- i knowt' is a et prkty darje subctte matr, butat th doesea mn we'rew- shoin ton wiengold globe fores btom cedy xt ner. yea l we'ligbe racht bkit weh th ea grnet jach lyn! er(ched s anauapplse) c israwforh shts kei lir youe styl d hookejuit itst a lt tle bi w (windo,breaksal car unarm sods) 't donth open ceat oollar dr
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lu shcky ot. m mmmmmmm mmm mm mm mm mmmm o videamstrerning bus otons.f data an osd thote her ys gue lovov er ch giar yngouor ft. i t-not lemobi! w non you cawabinge htc twithouwa ytchingtaour da. 'sitin b-ge on on frly obom mit unlistted inreamong ix netflg , slinhutv, d lu, anmore. gplusr et fouwilines toth up x siacgigs er h fohijust trty a bucks line. th rat'ssiight- ex gigsusach plth all vie dereo styoaming u want bwithn.inge o hijust tckrty bur s pe.line an od it's tnly ate.-mobil onmy s i andd use wtochat the cared horpet sn ws o tvw,no w i'mngalkihe t lm.if e isprunbledictae e ong thini tneed o beicprede tablo is tlabe freke fe. be e caus ui havehesed ad andershould20s for rs yea. ed usar regullyem, it r uovesp to o100%akf fles inkeepu g yootprected y everekwe, y ever month,erevy year reyou maady ? waalys
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adhe s anddehoullirs. veke flafr lee forife y whoudo ynk thi r theesipplma dke anciffere e?grmoabs re? tit's cheleppanriexle t.ture w,noyo do elu fecl so thean at woyou gould ma comndo? y whnot! w hooudo yl? fee omawese! tt coon helleas ea clplnripxte teure ouso ycl're n eaghenou
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er(ched s anauapplse)>> ph steen:ow w!we balcome ck,ry eve!body f myueirst gigst tononht is e ofha the wordest g rkinn wome in oohollywd. no she s w staranin "omgel frhe igll," rerht hbse on c. s >>hao you nve beect proteing m meley who life? , >> yepptexce t theuime yo were ed kickth by owe c,au becse i alteso wand to see wouhat wld ihappenf youul pled its tail. i >>ref you' an adongel, you fly? w >>e are feslightls which catechnillyes maks ult poury.>>
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pl peo aetp alkple ta toti m cook? ha >> wdt woulpl peoe be ri surptosed w kno aboutel angs. w >> ce canatchth any tingnhrow utos. t >> wha tdoeshatn? meath row me setomhing. oa wh!t no m >> iy jobs toct prote, you and i if misshi sometng,'v ilee faid you. i >>ivmpress e. ouso y l'renike a uainpd bodygu ard.>> d weon'tt jus guard, we teach ss les.on te>> s:phenas pleeel w,come ne jayn lch. er(ched s anauapplse) te >> s lphen:ovely to seeou y. ly lovee to seou y,te sphen. >>te sn:phe one of my fitavore tthingsso do i to a standhet tto
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wg youhen g youet tohe t top,be e caussi wauc lnoky etough be e th wguyho odpenehe te envpelo "lee. wthatoas sit excfoing e r mto he be t guy toe giv it to you. i >>st wain excitg fore mbe e causewe'vwn knoh eacer oth are lally tongime. >> sentephck: ba in ghthou infe dif trentngouri ancomp wies,ree were theth at eme sae. timit nt mea a lot. w itasat gre.i' pm very oroudfou y. u' yoreng doiwe so ll. >>te sph'men: i veryro p oudf you. reyou'oi dong sel wl. ha>> tnkou y te>> s: phen,wellte lisn, an thuk yo forpp stoing by. git wasoreat t see. you y >>thes, yoank u so much!he (caners pld apause) s >>: tephenrewhat a some of myourieemors of "ndseco c?ity">> iem remthber eme sll ofta sle a beerndle ngghtih eac. other>> ph stedoen: em you rembere th afloortd seconit cy? usbecande seco w cityas aca baearet thndter a b hadeen e therin sce9, 195ti s ills there. as >> war it cpetrg o a stickyoo fl r?
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tencre and iht thoug it was re concaute becaise i wted therer fo laong time. >> you did? s >>: tephenai was wraite, s bu boy,ol sd-s thirts,or wked hein t box oe.ffic ou >> yy realld workeou yayr w. up>> en stepham: i c re yightou thaveathe res lin.>> yeah!au (lghter) s >>:tephen i t ihoughttas w reconcntte uil ipp droed thsomeoning itnd a thereas w ali ttlena kpp on thel, walut b itwa ars cpet. an>> c youma iginehe ter gms and ly bodis fluid from9? 195 te>> sthphen: haat's wt the ch blea was for.>> th yes, eyt jusou prle bach overth everying. te >> syophen: u and i now both fworkheor tre gat cbs atcorporion.>> do we . ph>> stee en: on nof theice in thougs, thgh we workor f cbs,we h don't tave toboalk aut the hafact t--t we ha >> tort we w fkor them. h whic nis theicestng thi. s >>: tephenoudo y ulparticanarly wt toal tkbo aut the show? o, >> n i't don havelk to ta t abou sthehow atll a.
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i whens it on? :3>> 9ur0 ths.sday thand eeat soms t be eh,noug ke li the tthirs-- of okay. od go lo i tvehisw. sho wa i ont tk talut abo it. >> good.d i'olove tab talk .out it s >>: tephenovi le e thidea ofa ua grdian. angel >> du o yok thinhayou neve o?>> senteph w:utitho a d.oubtdo b youveelie inrd guaian lsange ? i >>ne've sever enne o,ut b er thee ares tim yeou'r abouto t doet som ahingndom sngethi ndbeyor youog licald minl wil ystoprou o get youo t turnri ght h--ere ea yh, ink thi ewe'rui gded.>> ph ste: enini thk iig mht tryom seel dusicioh! met ai >> wt!ld ho on! ph>> ste men: ieight b rg alleic. t >> yhereouo. g te>> s: phen dwhat yoesour diguarngan a lelooke? lik i >>'t donw knot thae i'v alactun ly seesoa perrn o yt an lhingike that, but i willfi ndys m yelf,ou k anow, tboutodo et som ahingaynd mbe you't dondo it, i or,'t don know, it'sju -st -ua actlly, i cf wean get l aeittl drieep ghtow n -- s >>enteph:e, surt' thast whawe
11:53 pm
w>> iewas nly sobery mansyearag ndo, a i wasy ver, sadnd a in the me iddlthof eig nht, iel ftms ar goun arod me. ah ye. te>> s:phen so,- i - d anweyou lore atne as thipo int? es>> yep, st when, ias so a,lone thand asat wt parf othen. pai>> s:tephen oh,ow w, ts hat'a wevery stoet sry. y >> eah.te >> s:phen mineoo lks like ali -ttle's- ite lik aid k about is thl tal andat flosin behd me t abou fthreeeet up andhr tee acfeet bthk all ime te. >> i yeah, seeim h. s >>:tephenol gden light.ah ye, the gnolde light.>> te sphen:'m iis sem,eriouser the arein certas thingi know arruen't tt e bueli bievem thean .yway cit's frazyeor m to bveelie in g theiauardn angelut b ial totly ev beli ie ourss upre the. i >> t do,oo. wthat'smyhat as i foris allon. te>> s:phenis allson i the un yogad ly. la>> pbyyed gi mageso lawn. te>> sphen: r.ightyo miu sghthyay wld wou an ateduc bed,iarillntde olrmatt,ogiseb somdoody ingwe
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ined, she does. k i thinllwe ao. d>> ph steyoen: urel ang is the langem frol hel inha thet s's henot t usualel ang. he >> s's notel michado lann or am roa dy.owne >>ph steen: she's toch tea you ss lebyons ak mingng thispe hapnto ou y. he >> sit's a b of a drunkem, cre ende m athe, fanf otheli rsqueu . >>te s: phenoudo yhi thenk tre isnk dri inve hean? gl a ofass e winn i hn?eave i >>'t donw. knobu lt ateastor f amy,he s lovesbe iingn humanm, for and she s loveytever thinghat is clarna and ptirimivend a dirtynd aex syd anar sughey, s loves the whole mahun encxperiee ahend san wtsal n lisoto enjoy thele who humanex ceperien.>> en steph: bun't ishat thet t agmessfe o the devil?>> ee ind d! s >>entephe: ar t youevhe dil? am i theev dilm fro hn.eaveth pat's alayn o-- te >> sdiphen: dha ttt jusblow your mind? t >> i did.we
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d wetidn' prep tish.>> te sphwhen: atri wor mese iser the is noie dtok ce inea hven. a >>reou y adddicteo tdiet coke? ha >> tt's t aough one. >>te s:phen mdieth etok f you iindtsh refreing? mesometians i w ntothinge mor thanie a dt coke. noter wat- ->> ph stei en: twantino pot tout, iheres in no waysp donsorey bdietok ce. w>> butle wil etxpec c aouple ofes casn whe w geete. hom >>ph steen: iet bter. re you' a suchus byso pern, not o only d tyou dohew, shoge "anl om fr h"ell,ut b yeou'rls ao a -->> game showos h.tess night?>> tu yes, yesda nightsn obc n.>> sphteen:ht rig.(a uspplae)>> s it'ota talla bst. 's itt jus. fun 's ite likow thr aing p.artyi love throwinges parti. on i d't nriecessaly linike gogto ar pesti.>> en steph:'r you ke wellnown t ouin hwoollyod, eboverydylo javes nech lyn. oudo y o goutt a night ando d
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'm>> i in bed by 6:4m.0 p. te>> s: phencomen o... like aye 90-ldar-o w manithhe t y earlbirdci speal. g>> i ao toe nices rurtaant for er dinn i and'mhe treig rht as e they'rg openinthers doo for erdinn . >> senteph::4 60?ye juah, i stov leet gting edinto bne aloh wity m twoog dsd an-->> en stephr: neve, alone your anguardi angel ish witou y. ol >> heding men tyderl. te >> shophen: ouw do yo go tsl theep atar ely? u>> ilysual don'tal fl apslee :0till 8d0 ane make wak up at00 4:no with g d s >>enteph s: wedhoulba probly t ge o youtu o hfereor befe youno d. offth sis iea rlly lr ate foyouow n. t >> ilyreal y is,es. s >>enteph: t jane,yohank u somu ch forei bng here. is>> it a such il throl tee s u. yo te>> s:pheno, als'r youoie dng a tngouri show.>> , yesjasee neg, sin aar cabetsh e, june' w blle allr ovehi ts ne fiou cryntt , buavi he a tesmat oringf d.ates kate ferlanny, aec sondit cy rs peanon, ed sh wased mer tithhe
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ufazy st af withe- fivpiece nd ba ands it'ta lo of fun. >>te s: phenlli wick chet i t. ou>> as ple.e do te>> s: phen ican get atl lite ? kiss>> ou of crse!mu ah!>> en stephel: "ang froml" hel e930timrs thudays,! cbsja chne lyn,ry evebody! bewe'll ht rigk! bac er (ched s anauapplse) fo yirtifheng t ad ntveurlle-congecti... ie fronnd-cornect... rtfongifyi g the-poings.lace.. of y- dainseizg... u. yo yo su'reg.tron d ane we'r therelpo heou yy sta th ayat w. w neiaspecnol k h.uris lt mun i-grai flakes th wino quilea, apps, ndalmoras and rrspbeies. ne spw iaeck l urnoish.
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i myfiled taxes wonliner ith h&foblock .9r $ na na ? nnaa na. lo t ok a' my lilphone. h? huna na na. nna.a na a na nna. nnaa na. n na [a ncnnouleer] fi o stateenlinfo r .9$99. l federareis frbe. homlock.c. tspoints, poinou, r tspoin .erths e hatogot a be toway de reemot our hntel poi
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is th c seems.razy rohy?eall te soll us g methin'twe donw, knoai captoun obvis. thok. wis. hotelcom, ouwhen yct colleni 10 oughts y o getrene fe. oh. oso younenly ted o know chow too ount t10 arto eeen a fr a nightest plac t likehastt nudit. resorye onah i dw 't kno how gthatreot the. usbecaste you heayed tre, stook aelfie huand t ng ienpromintly won theall. ?hm ho 'tey won judge lyouroiife chces. mothe oure ye mov e thmooure yat swe deeegr m'siootenns tsehnecogoly epkeyos fru h esthwiry evee. mov hitnias umique apcrocs sule thatntcofrain esagranc. tifricreon bthaks pse ca..ules. el...rngeasist bur fs ofnereshalss y.l da et whyoher mu'rengeeti a .. .gbbraa ing ..bite. .o..her inadoug r t fonithe ght. mo setion pnse,ctrotetoion keepyomou ngvi.
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p wake ur in youhofirst me.wa inke up h a omeu'yoe ve mada bibit gger. wap ke u hin a omethwiew a nre addss. uwake ap ine hom dthat'toesnev aven h ae anssddre. yasfeour lies evolv, yo reur domam hvee evolo,s to d anecprot itingst takeco temmitppd suort. meat afarican imilycensuranup we s yportdrour .eams hosee caw you wn saveith ng riid vooeo d rbell aatommfam.c/ring m ohshy goep, ste hani we're,keliso, h. gotsf x:ck kno ds on oor.y?hone
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ha yeir dho? ..ney. it t 's juslepurp.te daenage erught? ge rut scg bbinlebubbs. of s rmanded y stroe.grim thwicr sbiub bngblub fes or10ro0% pemblol sved. re wcentlyote've n sicedadome eas cr tted bywohese t, birds vi inouting yay to stfr away om rethe streak fe e shindeof winx. d wellndear wirsex usese thear ads e fasflse. eax: squ fksroowm windni cleang glclean bass isr ette dthan irtyglass. s don't ftandiror exe wind. (c s heerapand seplau)r ph>> ste wen:meelcoac bk, yb everoody, t ouron cgtinuinco overageinf thhags tpet hapn ine mcoxi last week.s hapoel chaed escap yet?no
12:02 am
igall rstht, ju cg.heckin a whateabout snnn pe? h isl e stilgeat lar? er eith, wayhael clupo is cky to a belive. cabee us lnos eshoan autrityan thio antonez vasquxi, mecani d grank,warloces and yha they veos thhie, i tt'nk icas a rbinet po -sitionic- pred hted atis pannualonress ce/ferenctarot ca dird reat ng thaho"autesriti dwilltoecide el kill chapost in aead ofngrresti aln ough ianthe grocd warlk's ns defecoe, he tuld bealkingou ab"nt the imext" thae el c po peescas. e is h ygoneet?mm le.e know atbut thn' wase t thneheadlimi co ong outtaf his prrot essnf co.erence no! rl"el was ock madegrand " haa ha -- tnst mea itom cesh wit m creaes chee. te(laughr)"e ocl warlgrk mas " andeahad
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s (cheerapand seplau)at thht's rigco, mexind's grawa sarlock alys donumd trn'p wotbe ep the rn td thisararot cind readstg mu truwh wy else mould a hexicanaveso g methinvenegatiy to saaboutna doruld tmp? th and moere's re!nd "a's there more! cei'm n rtain that ierdecemb, witrump l ll fal aintovo nerus iscris w andobill pravably h e toen be s pt to atrsychia icsp hoital." s (cheerapand seplau) esladi andtl gen..emen. t iflohe warrick is rught, tmpll wibe soon un surroded by lymentalrb distupled peoe.d an tthisnoime ust becae he'sst hoeling "c aebrityicpprente." ca now crll me utazy, bod as go e as hdois, i ben't e liev axi meancan grocd warlldk shou be hi weigonng in re our piasident l atcandides. ee we n "d anicameranan" gr
12:05 am
anheers pld ap)ause ie(audncent chaing) s >>enteph:es y!(d eloorbngl riing) gh(lauter) s >>enteph: my agipoloes. ok to aar wlock ait ltlehi wleo t t geouin t wchith his stpirian .imal el(doorbngl riing) rb(dooriell g)ngin au (lr)ghteye s, i aem thri amecan grand ocwarl k. n iot only dabble inhe tk darar buts, alt i abso dinble theda crrk "".afts oklo's, it d the'sevile nam - in -romacanioooo!oo h!, oh yes! oh, yes!th vie demol's wtherpuill t is thhe on frr reatigerndor a e' sherll neve havhethe toart ro thwaw it ayyyyy! d ann whedishe thes, vie delwi
12:06 am
reshe dallyovid l."e me au (lr)ghte l socoet me mynsult c tarotards -- atl lite tarotic mus, pe,leasyo anne. s let'see what thepi sritld wor ed pr fictsheor t6 201 id pres x e sianof w!dsaf ilter fatoing he get t tinominav.on, go c chrisehristi lwilloleave panitics id workna inbowly g allehewhere canos cls e laneerwhenevnt he was. gh(lauter) he (cd ers anauapplse)
12:07 am
itspirld wor is ay ngrat my ar bed s.trap(l teaughr) s, ye, yeseei sno atherar cd.oh ,h! o e th ocardocf bltikbusng!so e meonkcrac ain wdow. gh (lauter)du hering tre raptu, mike abhuckilee we l raismshis ar to hethe s,avenea scr, ming,"god m take"e now!th llere wibe then g a lonaw d kwarncsilerie duhing wch godwi tell preo nd tt look ahis ll cephone.(l r)aughte oh, oh! drthe d eadeit$15 gunesiftca rd!
12:08 am
noou thtoght ingi your ft. t thise ells m athator cybp.g inree-ri-one p fnter maxneachiwi e ll bacsent bomk fr the refutuy to trerto t cminate arlyin fiora. ahh. s >>enteph: no!ba veltic anue!au (lghter) i, seehthroug thet mis-- i ho t'pe ist mis--(l teaughr) a in t bidt o ge rmoregsatin, n.c.n.l wil ahostat debe at feg urinn seveekshriingmo s nkeyinwearnag dompld tru s.mask au (lr)ghte, ohhayes, w tt arehets spiri intelleg mow n... oha hh, a"harryhend t nd he" ersonsg tradin!card wa i o nt t atake m tomento say es thcte ayuallst exirr, hay and thede hennsrso tngradiar cds! (ae)lausth avey hhee t story orf harynd a e th hrsendeonons thek bac. twhenhism fil was rseelead, id evy entl wtheysoere e sur
12:09 am
--ese y' there not ll coblectithes, eey'rdi trangca rds. atheyedssumre theld woue b a erbartte sysm, anno ecomyed bason c thecthara oerf harryhe n.nderso oh!in er ordpe to ap talteo vonrs i hohis tame sf te oidflor a, atl shirrcess mao o rubiwillok sm se bath aaltsavnd he ach fiain inght af a whofle use. 'swhathi ts... h, oocb my d.s bad!th is is only meant tha hesteplbn cowiert e ll bedforc o to g cto arcommeial.we be'll ht rigk bac jwithnulia rocast. er(ched s anauapplse) no!no !ll heico, n me toyoeet meu. lda. joi'm hn. nvwe i yitederou htoe day g toouet yner honist opi on abthout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase r we aemoved ll thedg baaning god los. whso, yoat do k u thinit is? i d woullesay xus.
12:10 am
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12:11 am
ar le an morenit sitedtarth wita lesingne conn.ctio thand twe newaork rns bo. it n sooewgrm froa ryluxua to ssneceity. so t at&t buila ornetwstk ju y forou. onate thne conyocts enur aitertt,nmen ndfrieams, f ily,videances med hos. gweasrow g yourow. al ewaysinvolv wg tofoork ur yoho d w ane wherneyou t.ed i
12:12 am
(c s heerapand seplau)>> ph stelcen: weckome ba. t my nexisguest s thetaecrery heof t. u.smedepartnt ofho anusing n d urbalodevet.pmen wplease jelcomecaulian stro!"n(c s heerapand seplau) _iw'p ph>> stealen: igl rirht, s,
12:13 am
th mrayo ofiic t'>> thasnbi>> sn:tephe now hudec sryreta. iwhates thic nesthi tbong aut in be tg inhein cabet? ydo gouet g tooo t s thef3tate orooiw night yor areou theukx'dty ther putth ere if shiometerng trible enhapps?e ar tyouheti connuity if thewo pprst ha cens or yan_oou go tth eec speh?i>> or unflytunatege, i ot to g toth seh.peec s >>entephho: wet gsiso3qu sersesteerred? t >>s hat'ithees dteignad rv su aivorend w't wond fin outti omll tor row.te >> sanphen: td than perso is llt aowed to durrink dthing e ch spee ? h>> inoope t. >>ph steen: you won't knowll ti thet lasin mute. >>te s:phenit so ou cld be youan dod you non't kw he>> t ay'vedylread tolhim i whcause at if theyn' didt showup rk to wo orom sinethg?e are thers timehewhen tma obabi caoenet dsn'tw shoo tor wk? s >>:tephena i'm t aking onpersayal de , thunco wtryillun
12:14 am
t.te >> sfaphen: unir amooft thepu re cblicanteandida ys sayeou'r onhe tt, liset gid r of. hud w whatould weis ms ifud her we d topeisaparom torrow?>> gi i'll ave you great plexam e. s >>enteph'l: weel se i ift'sgr eat.we e 'll sesif it'. great te(laughr) i >> was inan s diego a fewmo gonths a i, andet m aer vetanwh oo hadncen beeom hs,eles whono wgh boudt an rents_3v/ut omr par erto vetoans wh>oiek ares homels,*e# feet.he (cd ers anseapplau ) s >>: tephen dhe canto thawi thoutou y. o >>thne of soe reanss he'able d toto tha isau becse,et bween20 10 and01 25,e waw s vaneter me honelessss_aiec diline_i by 36%rg laecely bause ofud hnd fuing _tor local ctiommuniesdxd n saodieg(c anheers aud appl se)te >> si phen: justaw s the bigsh ort.ju i st s baw theigirt sho. h whatdappene to allho tse
12:15 am
isudol invved at all with os these hous thate wer cl foren?osed o we>> we olre invvedtr in oying t geteo homwnerso sebe abl tost nay iir the t, fac o onefhe t sssuccest ofories thedm atrinisn atioisat th t overhet las few, yearsth hroughud'so wthrk, through e retreasu'sk, wor we were able tosu ent re thamoreha tn ail mlion kefolks irpt thee homer eithro thughod mioificatns,re infinanc g. wenv id estein thegh neiooborhd il stabnizatioam progr, n,.s.p. that hdelpe rizevitalene hoighbor sods,eo ther are alo ft of oolksutre the,th wheer inid flora, na,evad orth utroughoou the cthntry, at arein he tir homes becausee of th st assihaance tyt theot g. te>> s:phen, nowou y are notru fonning rn angythi n rightow,gh rit? a>> im not. >>te s:phen youn soud atl lite lbitike yeou'r rnunginor f th someghing rit now. i >>rdt's hat to get iout ofur yom. syste s >>: tephen ayou'rey ver good ti polisocian, is yourth broeraq joui
12:16 am
oudo y everre potend t beac eh r?othedo ees heverup show to theca t binegsmeetinu so yoan cav hea d tayoff,hisa dy off you ne cabiopt peavle hle alhe tti me? i >>'t donnk thiou i ctald snd infive m iutesnes congrs.he ai says utm mine uerglin thahe is. ph>> steheen: he's tou ynger r?brothe h >>e is. cweannoter imptesona eacher othca be huseeid save erybody would blbe aele to t blecauseo i'm sch muie uglrha tn he is. >>ph steen:t' tha sspoken like a true botrher.>> yes. te>> sphen:ne someo f whoindsyo rau att octiven ata cerinle velhi is clllary nintose becau she hased floatr you namen wheke as sd ifheot g theat nominion who wouldhe s cdeonsir as enpresidt, sheai sd, well,ce nlrtaiany julio castrwoulde bso wemeone wouldon cr,side and er thee arum rorsou y'ren i pvicederesirant tgininam cp. at whs doeha tt ivenvoler oth an thng stayi awakein behd me soone gg ivinst tate ofhe n unioss addre?(l
12:17 am
ell m t--his how lisikely itat thu -- yow, kno haveou yn bee d askeor isre theny ael likdihooor t newruth to thes rumor thatsh d e woulchapproan you o aal scnee of o s totephens that' te flat tringveo een bon mentied habut i ve to ctroncen tate onhe 'mjob ioi digng rht? now ph>> steiten, 'stt flag erinto beveneon mentited, bu' ive got toc conene tratheon tob j that m i'g.doin te>> s:phen s sohe asked. s she'adalrealy t tkeduo yo ou abtt. i (alause)>> ot no, n at. allno llt at a . s >>enteph,: now youun tadersound y aref opa hisnic in orig but yeou'r second ra gene.tion diyou gdn'tuprow sinpeakg h.spanis id>> i dot n. wi gre upos p wtallyith myth monder and mo grandtherou wld speak an spouish arhend tom the h beuti never beecamen flut. te>> s: phenare youak tingle bessons ecaus y iferou we to, rsay, aun forat nliona office, ig it mniht be oce tak spe a
12:18 am
doanou wt to do ait ltlesh fla rdcaor wk? w >>hyot n? li the brary. s >>enteph:ht rig. ethrt hea.>> ph steen:ht rig,xa e.ctly u yoare thee vicenpresidt. s >>:,tephen i'mor sry, itsa ys "i amhe tic vree pntside."u' yo tve gotoor wk onha tt. one i >>ha got ttng he's tpa snish'm i stillwo g rkinon.>> ph ste yen:eah youll reaydo . u yo dreallyo.(l teaughr) li juantr castho, yoank mu souch befor inge. herse ycretarho of g usinbaand urnve det,lopmenn juliatr caso,ev oderyby!wh owo knhas wt he'llo d next!we be'll ht rigk! bac ee chrpd he (caners apd aupl)se to w thoseivho delneer din r...d andiget elnner d.ivered t toakhose cn ed n ated i.dust..
12:19 am
seto tho a who are uphtll nig... aand upigll nht. atollea the b utiful mmessakers. ke upep it ... wi elth d ttaou ch2ochtegynolou , yocan.
12:20 am
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12:21 am
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12:22 am
do s ctor bhavepreen ibescring huormira far 10 yes. hu anmira c y lowerour itabiligy to fecht inftions, cl ing udinrctubeisulos. ouserioms, sesetimal fat fe innsctio c andrsance, in includmpg ly,homa ha apve hd,pene av as hooe blivd, ler and s nervou psystems,roblem ou serirgs allectic reaions, ne and orw or w sening faheart e.ilur fo beatre tregement, t ftestedor tb. te r ll you idoctor f u' yon ve bee atoreas er whaie certaln fung ioinfect cns aren,ommo if and e you'v ha hed tb, s patitib, pr are toone ec inftions, h orflave u-like tosympr ms osores. stdon't huart ramif iyou ha inve an n.fectio wa e nt mor proof? yoask heur rolumattogis t abourahumi. hu .mira isthmy is y bodroof pof! y whoudo ynk thi r theesipplma dke areiffence?gr moabs re? tit's cheleppanriexle t.ture w,noyo do elu fecl so thean at woyou gould ma comndo? w hooudo yl? fee omawese! tt coon helleas ea clplnripxte teure ouso ycl're n eaghenou g tocoo wh igen c carettes raving hit,i all incan thtk abou gis on orly nic metteinhai s a edpatentst faso-disg lvina.formul
12:23 am
r i neve wknowi'hen edll neie relf. 's that i whyy onl choosettnicorenie mi. h""betki by ss be heth, i yoar inu callg... t bucai t n'come r homeowight n ... me t andoyhe bars aye .. . niall ght btexthaeth, wcat ..n i do. ] [siri:agmesse. u pick.p milk ri oh, ilght. mk. od intrg ucinnethe wly si redeedgnas psat.
12:24 am
s >>: tepheno here tmperfor"r n eturheto t o moon"irff theal m bu tof shee ammenala, esdi an ged mentlel n, evy.
12:25 am
cr s aatchedt tickewith a g le aofri ccket a nd t i gotjeriple sus. as cithed ifon amr a sieestw in th at mie fairly fraing nge. t wenedto b w and ioke upensid an maother adn's he od nobtiy noced. 'm ici so exthted nae ses tor'a gh fiter on d t'tel nl me'sothing et rn ur tto mhenoo dyi'm ing. ur retton he tn mooea plse. >> b ghoua t tesaltwashr fi
12:26 am
uscae e sh ssaid lheedov it. ulco tdn'tr ell hepathe rt t t haulwobrd k ear hethear itbut ed lov me. s aihe sthd i yoink u're ingetto g tofar m fro fyoury'amiluss hoe to ifindt. ou yul shoowd knyo if u'reru g nninndaway aou i touch y f youe.reez et rn ur mto theoon i' m g.dyin et rtourn m theoon et rn ur tto mhenoom i'g.dyin ur ret tn tooohe mnpl
12:27 am
>> d mon'tmeake t wair foyouat c ther ornedeof erkn pa. 't done makaime wr t foyou t aterhe se pentin.wall is wcoh i hauld eeve bern the en wh w youdrere g ivin fawayor al cniifora yo if gu'vegoot to he somewreth ouen yte bet sr goheomewre . far y dideaou rthlly i ink could gever wo onutitho you n i'm got as.eniui inimagsee myeilf boong cl i e n thatbackseyo of arur c. r uretton he tn moo m i'g.dyin
12:28 am
.ease ur retton he too mn i' g.m dyin ur retton m theoon >> 't donak mmee ai wfot yor u tat cher ornedeof erkn pa. d 'tonak mmee ai wfot yor uat s thenterpee inllwa . er(ched s anauapplse) >> te s: phendetheir bubut al m ised callrn "retue to th!"moon eel vy,e!veryon 'l weigl be rk ht bacnowith a
12:29 am
stunk arod! ph>> steaten: thfo's it r "thela hote s w." i tunerrn tomon ow whestmy gue s bwille e thf star oly"brookn",oi sanarse rop n, yel jceo,yerem pe stopdilman, s rectorkiof "mang rd a mu lerer",icaura r aciardindmo deira , mmosmuand a sicalrf pe bormaces y jamebay.bu ret befo, we goorin hon of gr the vieat dae,d bowipe a scialrf
12:30 am
guvyt, el ! l det's,ance onput r youshred anoes ncd dae b thelues l 'setan dce, tto sheg oneythe 'rinplayon' r theadio 's lety, swa e whilr colotslighur up yoe fac et lwa's sy,sw
12:31 am
mp epaty sce f isayou n,y ru ri'llitun wuh yo nd ayo if y u sa,hidewe hi'll de ec b mausevey lo y forou brwould myeak i hearton tw yo if ldu shouin fall to my ms ar a rend t lmblea ike erflow l det'sance>> gi reg e: y areeaou rdy h tosoave unme f
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