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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 13, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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begh ribat .ck gu eyy: hsa, ra. y oh m.goshhe o 's s.cute ho yw donoou khiw m? n c'movadono n, i doket liau i tyaght . lo tveewhe nat to,toar sa. s let'go! de du . ?what ,dudeth sat'sara. o' whras sa? th rle gi inth nke pirt shi. th tat'sirhe g l is waintellu g yot.abou , oh'sthata. sar th r eate two y onleour ft. he y rasawh, olat c or rwundetoear day? y he. sarawhso, ouen ygo ponna omst sngethi? new no anr:unceth anyyoing stu poon , lineneanyo s canee. fa , milyndfries... se le ya, aterrasa.
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nt co tinue jheireyourn. ouit w sldeem a hesarmns ci in, dentptexce o twweageks ano irian vo reonlutiguary shard fiips red of f s rocketthwi aine mil tofhe rc ai crafterarri tn.ruma e thetrockres weed aim o thethery, wa f butmuiring s nition in de crowpid shipesng lana drew st rorong protest fe m thu.s. uscott,fi.s. ofexcials hepect tsa wiilors e ll bweallod to nt coheinue trnir jousoey as on i as dt ishtay lige in thpe gursian lf.av >> darid m rtin,ngeporti at pethe , ntagonk thanyou. ni tocbght hs newsfias conrmed at thme 10 yeelnis, hd at taguan bnamoilay w l be sftranreertod id me dlsteaern trcounnoies llw witoing e tak em th. th wit, tha p theatopulation theu. ets. donentip camtefor rror sp su wectsfaill elll b00ow 1 for e tht firs.timepr enesidamt obwea vo cd to lose naguantan mo ifihis adrst s dresto gr coniness 9, 200 but ng co sresshao far kes blocd him.>>
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erbombw bleelhims if up n a ct seofion bu istan il thats mostte ofedn packfo with n reigto .urists l ateneast te peoplilwere kled.15 ed wound. tu eyrk g'serovt nmenambl iess,si t but noerevneyos invcoceind. y holliawills ms ierthe.>> ep rr:ortehe tea ddly pl exostaion edrgetan ists bul' orhisteaic hjurt, arst yomd fr memonudants ngtik bac0 2,00 ye at ea l 8st othf e osstwho lo th lieir reves wema gern to mais iapge cs turemothe ment heof tst bla. eijostiln nefrson waom nory was byhit an shrroel fe m th.bomb erwe wlae spedtterd saiwihis fe a,magn c oureslothja my wcketas la spedtterh witedburnan hum re s.main rkthe tuveish go brnmenta lamed sy rician suibede bomsar and id ahe wasbe mem ir ofsis. t buarso f t therierrorost gup, wh
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tirocihaes, t s non take sprebionsi.lityth aisacttcok s mestjuhr t ee mo hsntft a ter swociui bdebeomrs rgta aetedea palce r ilythn e tu h rkistacapikal hare t0 n 10lepeope werllkied t ineahe dstdliero tertar atck in ke turmoy's hdernryisto. eyturk m's aemofber the s. u. c-ledtioaligaon a iinstsis,an risecuo ty ttotry p stoflthe ow m ofanilito ts ta.syritu irkeysos alag engn ed ia ol vicoent ctnflih wittamilints tfromouhe cryntur's k dish ri minoty.te afasr a ce ce-firee ollapslast . yearme soin here ke turliy betheve is e spatdlof deatay atshcks ows a' syril s civi swar isg pillinro ac bss ther.orde cobut, shett, otmers bla the h turkismegoverncant, be use of onits g goinclasthhes wi the un cokutry's mirdish s.litant ol>> hlily wilinams bu istanl, th yoank u.
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as rele ned aidew vtheo of e e captur dof thekirug n ngpikn eown aso.l chaphe au was cidght frx ay, sihsmontaf ester picarong fprm onis. e thshvideo hoows nw hey earl awgot ayga ain. nu maojel bezorquin is ic mexo. gu [ e nfir] wh menanexicin marires fst id raheed tse houre the w naso si f gn onothe outoriugs drd lor c el.hapoin eastsid in mde a daze of ark s roomedcapturn olmhe ceteramas e thrimas ned founelcartbe memrs plwho d eadethfor lieir guves ns on he tlo f.or st up aairsck stadv of ds, at fe kureddeate stl ca, illothe ac s tresarwho edrang the ol "r sling" tonervintefoiew r se pen enthy thed foun.this a ghliait chinn asidese clot atth uocnld ke uansunu pal anel be ndhihi tmis orrrev rliea ang enhiddr dooeland po cha's es rcape.outean
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, awayinfleeg ugthroodh wo pa ednellne tunells, po cha me adit er sevloal btocks c theity st seorm bwerse eforashe w fi y rne goveaiment sadd it hn bee wa hitc tng hhe fouseeeor wks af a ter elcartbe memowr knr n fo nnhis tuinel makpeg exwartise s d spotteg goin.inside da tol y, eo chapocis lupked he thre at pe sameherison ca esomped fron six mo ths agaw paitingblossie adextrn itio tou. the s. bu fot errmex manicor feign nimi jster corgeneastada necautiourd capteling po cha wo man't dke at enhein tg dru si bu.ness he>> ts re ieano rtoson ie belve at ths less drugn in iarall e te en tringnihe ustted fatesrom me txicobehan .fore>> te reporelr: so b chapoeing p indorison t esn'gechanf any oth ate oper ion? d >> ihion't to.nk s r >>r:eporteat here p then riso ra fedecel polid beefeup ri guldan's osoest bn isd elieveto ll be fis ing hi'sfather role he in tl cartenow.ot scwit, a testter m sageai
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rest. an>> m tuel,ouhank y.>> l, welte winawr was slfully owto e arriv nin hw itomas c we ina ith ncvengeae. indrivneg was iarlysimposble so ofuth fa bufnelo, rkw yo. 2 etfef oowsnin sesce te easndrn i, iana ahavek, loo ng matrled sucksercattlled a ov -7er i0. rathey cn shed irdblizza itcondions.t buiono serurus injies. i >>not's stt ju cold, endesc fdingthrom rte noh. na cas dianstare inreamerg ov the erbordbu to wey pol rbaletticks ttoday,kphe jacorot for tomrow t' nighaws drgring o ew tstat lea b$1.5.illion hamore t19n li millaon dolrs h worticof trekets a s beingold er ev.y hourll wean you c a't put o pricen ea clr n wate cin oneerity wh e the surelies ant taiited w h lead. th cbe "os vehtrnigs" newl wil be ri er thmoe's ..ving .an erd the'vis mong wi ovth meee frra ult. h itrias tacple- stionrtuppo
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ilcartanage ned bos. d ankeunli b theig o-ostelebi fllx pis, it i's alltin one l.ny pil mo e ve freultra. t ge myour.ove on 's it a nots lwayy as eas for met as i his for im... it as's er y foseme cauat look r. he . aw.. so e we ustrk-y ul.agel it ce enhan bs mys ody'lnaturais moture isoet can gth into swe iing oft t a bir.quicke an id whenw knos she'infeelg tlikehat, akit mfees me e el lik we'rethbo ... whheen soy enj,s itwe oy enjev it oren me. d anjoi en.y it elfeif the de ferenc-ywith k uleltrag. de mgreensotio iensees thd' worl srsfiodt deanortit acd vateby vemoment.
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elto r eease fxtranereshl ss alday. timonsonseroe. piotect kn to eepyoviu mong. eedegr lon't yetoun. dow ch tooseveo moel fre moe freaultr trhas -aiplen ctioorsuppt fo urr yont jois, rt cae ilagboand nes in t oney inllpi. f movetrree ula. yo get e ur movon. d anynow tr ve more fghe nit. fi the d rst an-ionly 2n-1
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y. mone nuthe omberchf ilendrit whih gh ad leel lev ts in bheir hloodas ledoubd. ri addiana s az iliin fnt. ep>> rr:ortent fli ridestsen bhavewaeen g itinnga loe tim thfor is. w >> aaternds thiepis rmelacentfi .lter>> te reporunr: volanteers d at stpee troodlrs hanuted o tt boteled wafir and a lters week te afver go rrnorsnick yder ardecl sed a otateerf emy genc thfor tye ci . p >>y rettssstreful. u yo ggot toyoo pay erur wat bi lls. gthend o anwabuy toter o. ep>> rr:ortek bacctin o ober dthatinrinkteg wa fr in wlintas cl de uarede.nsaf ce re untlythnear-med e ails essuggatt stfie ofs cial knew t aboulethe road p ablemr s fa abacklys jun whentan il erna thhealdy stund fouh hig lead lsleven iinflcht dril aenerft 20the at14 w sertcwih. de resiwents toren't reld the waspr a twoblem o mo lnths aaternd nt cod inuerito donnk cnatamited te war. ve go srnorr nyde tcameino fl t st yey.erda h>> iapave izologored ft whais
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sp reblonsir e foe stat ve gontrnme.>> or rep tter:lihe fesnt rt iden tsaidthhat vee go'srnords wor uswe jvet hahan't e d th dirt wnthron upoetus y. r >>teeporher: sri worboes a utr ei thdir peciatriolan tr d he amcontedinatnk driwaing mtt ray habe wbet's thind sheirkin esrash m and south.oreskn inown todicaf rs o leadex reposu. i >>frt's inustratg and tairri btingseecauod nobs.y care ep>> rr:orte d whyu o yointh k op peonle dar't c e? b >>seecaus it't'-- ihis a gh cr raime erte h e.d ane theroris mooe, p r ri afamcan-aneric s.u yo?know ersnyd't done. carhe 't dony>> or rep tter: todayhe ve go'srnoric offlde tost us ate ex orperts lyiginalcl con uded ghhid er leavele wlse ersilymp on seas it wtin't unbel octo1,r thego
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coill, sthtt, dee feral st jupaice de irtmentchs laung in i anganvestionti. oe >> j r bidenlseveare a sect of
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bcomeack. > >>ddaviie bower nevad h a nu omberne bual bm, tutishat ou ab ct toe.hang llbiarbosad bys slackrta is ed head to theop t with 0,13000 bu alms etexpecd to sell this me albu debuted ayfrid. dibowie ed ofce canr on an rvinteiewit w hcnn,e vic pr idestenid joe b henasea revleda in touchgt momen withsi predentob ama.e thct subje was biden's son
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ing er canc. >> isaid,ou y know, my crnonce , is i said, if aube sireegns, h ha d ,no there, there's no- - no tothing b fallack on. his salary, i sutaid b w i orked itout. id i sa, joeilndl a il wil sell the house. othe g n'tel sl the preise m youon w s'tell the house. lhe wil bate mad sa me ying . this heai sd wrhferatev you .need lli wie givou y m the.oneyi d sai't i don think weil w lha .ve to aihe sdmi prose .me idbeau bten los hisat bwitle th nc
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l d we'lhtbe rigk. bac st>> firy ladlemichelma oba in d vite tmorea han n dozepeople s toitit wr h hehein tse hou am chtober t nighthfor ate ste ofth ioe unesn addrs. cl ing udinyoone boung omy fr ar bela, de.ware ip chd reihihas ors sty. w >>meelcom , toacvilsick, ntoe oumeet y.>> e niceeto mu t yotoo. ep>> rr:ortewa in gtshinon, br n aederimaneanng, s d hiermoth t inow, d hainmeetitgs we h tharsecrety grof atuiculndre ae home statse r,nato c tomr arpeelof de.awar u yobemay de won wringa hat -y 12olear-d d diarto echn su sp l eciatmtreat.en we stll it wharted waen he s justan 9 red entered a icipen the rs filat eady's h elthyg atin ntcoest.he
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ds ki at stnne di aert whthe hoite use wh mrere bas. ohama cgellenm d hi akto mdie a enffern ce ihis mmcoituny.o twatdays lheer w sn heaw a me ho mlessn an ostthe ireetn e th irainranspi stionk.truc c >> it ouldn'histop tinnkg hiabout hom and ouw he ce ld b hucold, tingry, red. ep>> rr:ortehe so t putheogetr ba a fg ofanood ked ass d hi ermothhe to imlp hd finmathe n. i >>ut got oe of thvecar ga him e thanbag brd um.ella s hehaaid, tnk, youson. ithenw kne twhat.o do>> or rep hter:ewe knha he d toed fe h they.ungrhe at cree'ed braows brg n bawh fich so dar hastrisibuted 0 4,60f bags othhealody fo.ho iw does yt makeeeou fl? i >>ket ma fs mehaeel ppy. d an tbut atamhe smee ti not ry vepy e causowi kny' thellre a out er the. --but lo as s,ng alo as s ng a thi'm here, be'llode go. r >>teeporisr: hhe motrir chstieis
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evbeliise thhe is n.r so p >>e eopln ofte ysay,reou a indoa g eagrrat job hiising m. d any,i sas he'inrais tg meoo. - so - ep>> rr:ortesa he heys t i keys c toe hangophow pe tle seehe sshomele. >> t iatrehe t im asthf e ey wer ilmy fam y. r >>teeporhor: he hipes ats se orof honht tonigsh in wa ington iwill onspiretothers l feethaty watoo. ip chd, reiew cbs nhis, wasngton. t >>thhat's vee "ohtrnig news" thfor neis wed.sday sofor yome of e u thnews co uentins. r forsotheec, chckk bah witus ali bttleerit lathe for tng mornine ows andsef courbs, "cs thimo "rning.
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ot scllt peey. > >>omwelc te toovhe "ghernit i'news" elm michlele probident ntama wee beforjo seint n ssioonof cs gresto de r livefithe stnal ofate theun adion s dresisof hsi prey.denc idhe dtln't ouanine ldy bo newpr aloposnss, i gteadg ivinhis be upesat assofsment s his evenar yeffs in od ice anpehis ho s r fotuthe fu it wy likelammr. obnaa's fi l im propetime itportunpey to s ak he to tn natiorebefo p thearty pr ims arienebegin thxt mon. omit ct es amea tin when sevein amten anericy s saunthe coistry ad hen ed iwrthe diong iorectn. iheremes sowh of heat t pr enesidd t haayto s. on>> t might tarksighe eyehth arat thav i hmee coe herepto rort on s the otatee f thn.unio
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o try t imakelit a ttle or shter.[ auapplse ] i and omknow soue of ynt are asy et to gto back iowa. fo but inr my freal addthss to is be cham dr, i won't jant toust botalk at ut nexyear.i o want tonfocus n theveext fiar ye ns, theteext arn yends, a .beyond inwe're id the m tdle ofhe tib creahion in y.storap [ ]plausemo n re thali14 milewon ns, job th roe sttwngest s o yearobof j ow grceth sin99 the 1an0s, pl unem roymentt ate cualin hf.ou tor auus indjutry adst h itsst beev year er.[
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famanuincturrgg su ce thatedreatne 00arly 9ew,000 nin jobs the spasteaix yrs. d anavwe hnee do o allisf th il whtte cuouing fir de bcitsy stalmo. 3/4an e y onngclaimiam that s erica'ec y onomdeis in iscline pe i a lieve vithriring pvate se s ctor ifethe liofblood our ec y.onom k i thinarthere ate outd ed la reguthtions eeat n bd to e thede is rth tape dsat nee to c beut. tebut afs r year rnow ofecord rp coprorate wofits, orkingfa
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big s bankigor b o oile r hedgfunds ke ma o theireswn rul and ev eryby odel ese'ssexpen. ap [ ]plause mi and -cddle flasss amilie are go not fing tomoeel urre sece e becausowwe allaxed a t on ec coll btiveinargaino g to g sw unanered. tafood secmp rntipienos did t e causnathe fil nciaiscris. lereckssssnell on wat streedid. iflook, dy anybo w stillo ants t e disputiethe scounce arnd cl chimate ange. ve hait at . llyou wiet be prelty yocause bu wille ngdebati our tamilistry, moer of amica's ne busidess leae rs, thtymajori of a thecamerilen peopst, almo tithe enenre scicotific itmmun y,20 and on0 natinds arouor the w ld rewho ag ie itprs a anoblem d tintende o solv
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taam of a'ericoms econic in decl, e istipolit cal hoair. o well sllis ath of ore rhet ic he you utar abone our emies tt geroing stannger, icd amer a in gettakg weer.i lemean, elt me tl you me ite unteed stames of as rica ith pe mostowl erfu onationn rt eah.ri peod.[ seapplau ]pe riod! otit's ncl even ose. nit'sveot ee.n clos s we mpendonore m ourarility t thant he nexnaeight tions co edmbin.r ou atroops fre thet ines ti fighceng fore in thy histor ofe thworld. ap [ ]plause as but fo we dcus onoyestring ovisil, ter thelaop cthims at is thrl is woiid war t i, jusplayin heto tanir
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p picku, trucksd twistesouls ngplottiar in ap otmentsr ga s,ragepo they ense an ormous tdangerlio civians. h they bave topee stopd. eybut thno do ret thuraten o na etionalenxistce.e th wfuture, e wantofall us , wantunopportd ity antysecuri oufor mir faa lies, rising da stanlird of a ving, su blstainaefe peacneul plat for ou .r kids tall ofishat hi witren our but on will pely hape n if wwo etrk on will aply hifpen ca we n ha iove ratnsnal cotitrucve ba des.te l it wilaponly h wpen ife fix liour potics. he >> tli repubrecan sespon was li dereveoud by solth carina orgovernha niki ley.>>
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t esidenhibroke storic ie barr irs andd nspireiomillns a ofnsmerica. e as hendid whfi he rarst n for fi oftoce, t,nighde presimant obasp oqoke el auentlyrabout gnd th ings.he h is att is bese when hdoes .thatun atfortunheely, tde presint's re hcordenas oftn falle far t shor sof his woaring.ords enas he isters h y final ear in fi ofmace, riny amerecans a still el fee ing the squeezof an on ectoomy ako weis to ramee inco lsleve. e we'rg feelinusa cr hing on deb he a calthanare plma that de ncinsurasse leor affandable d ordoctsss leab avail and unaotic n rest if many o ciour ties.en ev, worse fwe arethacing e dmostroangerous terhrrist teat naour htionn as seesince emseptthber 11.d anrethis p asidentrsppea wi
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it. tsoonmahe obade presillncy wi ndend, aca ameril wil thavehe ce chanrn to tune in a w iodirectn. d thatonirectiat is wht i wanto botalk aigut o the iutset,y 'll sathis.yo pu haveteaid attontion what s ha hbeenngappeni in in red you'ai not ne iher am.i atsee whee you s. maand yony of stur frus ration fare mytirustraons.a atfrustrthion wier a govnment at thro has gaywn der aft day, ar ye y afteretear, y't doesn e serv bus a ioustratthn wi s theame es endlers convs sationeawe hr ov nder aag over ain.a trfruswiation mith proses anmade, r d nevekept. ee we ne d to bsthoneh witeach he otwir and seth ourlves. dewhile s mocrathiin wasngton ar bere much sispontybilihe for tpr foblemsamacing toerica day, ey tht do not bear ialone. er th me isanore thh enougblame g tondo arou. a webls repuneicans owed to n at th. truth n we reed toniecogurze o nt coonributi ts torohe ef sion oe th tpublicn rust iicamera's ad le.ership ee we nccd to aatept thve we ha
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rn goves ment i.broken (cl elonphe s)ring erwhe e aryou? llwe s thequlsirre b areack ain thettic. mom? uryoad d c won't all anrmexteorinat... n calli ca b youomack, m? he ss ay'siter pnasol isthe. tim.. 'rif youmoe a m, u yot call ae thwot rsmeti. 'sitha wyot dou . if w yout anavto sefi n fteepeorrcent more on ns car i,urance yo chu switge to ico. it t 's whayodou . er whe e ar you? vit'sudery lo. there
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eayour hesrt lovga ome-3s. t bus there'ffa diceerentw betheen a-e omegfi3s in sh oil d an those m inedegarll kri oil. un keliis fl,h oi d megareilis easrby absoed y byboour dy... .. ch.whi makesur yo, heart we gall, me.-happy ie happilr stegl, m aredis ve pro in toasncree om 3 ega-lsleve30 in s. day me gared.
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th gee bigst lottery prize inst hionory cestinu g totroechl e ther powball jotackpnd stas at hamore tn $1.5 n,billio 'sthat ri ght ex itementros g wing te iniornaty.nall sathouofnds ciaanadrens a inpourcrg a tosshede boror t tryth eir.luck ma demorco irgan ns inraiaga ll fa ts atewhe nk yorerbord th wiad can a. n >>raiagals falbe is mhind e d anttan aioractatn thws dra am anericd s andicanaans. snow its eems aanif c aadiansreus ising thg hopincrthe ngossi ll wins trathfer o em ta st deatiniowhn alere thl r ei msdreal wil tcomerue.wh miile nsllioam of anerics th eyink thck're luouy engh to
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
ch ho whats e callstory pr apayoval s wing it sas a mallpr toice . pay r >>teeporher: t. u.seeis skingto di extramate guz fn toace ar cherges th e. xione mefican ofaicial satd th es procd s coul ytake a ear ormo re. he>> tal federnm goverent's ar dietely guidavines hhee toucd a off orfirest cm ofovontrersy. idthe gu aelinesatre updboed a uty evereafive yrs. cr and saitics aty thes giv food du inobstry lbytsisle py nt ofti swme to fay theesinal rults. aranna ws ner hastthe ory.>> te repor nr: thedeew guilines om fran usda rtd depaf ment o al he athndan humvi serarces e tote oull yt whaatto e .it crsaics eyy thmu're d ddleand co innfusd g anbynot id rure fndit aet sless.ugar telimitud sad kee ety direary encomms dation hefrom tnm goverent. n >> evel a smalcashift an make biffg diceeren.>> or rep nter:orew yerk univsity
2:43 am
snestleerays thome is sngethi mi g ssinhein tsa mesge. yo y u sankthe juin food dustry ld shouhe kid tli guidewines a n, wh y? b >>seecaure theno is ec dir t ss meg aginhein tta diery gu inidelhaes tyst sa't don eat juoonk fond, dat't ece pro ssed , foodt don'meeat doat, n't dr soink das. r >>teeporier: d gtaryliuidenes ctaffed foolllabetoing na altionoo schncl luogh prram th erat ss vemo tren ha m30liilonki h ds eacday.bu eat instimd of ssaply yingdo inn't dr, k sodainshe pots ou gt, theneuideliy,s sas les 1thanf 0% oricalohoes scould me a fromugdded sars. in and ofstead g sayinleeat ss , meat stheyleay, hass tofn 10% yo ieur dldt shoufr come om tesaturatsd fa. t >>t he meastindus ry doenot wa hent tri amegocan mevernnt yi saeang, sst let. meath s at ierunam.ican he>> trese ati muliobilllln doarin ridusthaes tt t pugea hu ou amf nt orteffo j notinust ad isvertbuing ct ininhangg
2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
t,granch whie madhim co ventroforsy edllown whenew yo erk'stiducaomon ciomisshener edroll c outn ommo core an sts.dard ntpareans d rsteacheed shout himf ofagthe st pe at atita meeng in 3. 201yo d u endeup cngancelier furth gsmeetinth like at?>> re we ctstruheured thng meetio got taca ple e whern'it wasuct prodtive. lk fores wemi screallng, yeing. ep >> r worter:erhy wope pele am scred ing ang?yellin>> of some s it walithe po ticsof om the sof oitis was mtaundersndings olthat fe.ks hav or>> repte kr: youatnow wh the ic crity,s saon i dd 't nee the ra federnl goveelment dg iverinst s andardstin my ate? y >>t'eah, irts impoatant th refolks e aliz -that- the da stane rds arera mattat of ste cypoli.makingat whha we d ve sait is thastatesed neve to haar standt ds thapushto cowards anllege erd care esreadin s. ep>> rr:ortefi at 4rst,at6 st es d adopte ccommonanore strddas. e thre hstatesncave siope drped them. d anor19 mvee ha t putunhem der re .view
2:49 am
gh fir t foorunifanm sts dard ouwithert ovpistepheng tnd bous of ed his foleral re. u yorowent f sm thistochool mibecoheng t first ca afriicn-amercaan edu tion is comm, sionerrsthe fiert puto edrican n ucatiosicommisf oner ow neyork. d whatatoes th m yean to ou? t >> it hink iesis a t ttament o at whss is pof ible itsstuden hehave t o righttupporesniti. he teacldrs coulo have aokedt me sa and u id, yoerknow hn e is a caafrinon latide stunt, icdiffmiult faualy sitwhtion, at ce chanhe does have? c theyavould hvee gin up. on mebu dt theyidn't. s >>s o, thir is youold sr clasoom? wow. r >>r:eporteea the tkichers ng ed callsa life tvingt aughhere b inn.rookly>> m my mo hworkedanere s d wa a ceguidanel counse.or her i
2:50 am
end th m, myasom pawsed ay en whas i w4t in e.h gradan old schoon took fe a difrent i role ln myife. r >>r:eportes he wa yjust 8earsol hd when he lostheis motr. 12n wheoshe lfat his ther. on hce the righest anking n-africaanamericto educaher in t y countrteand laffr su feredrom noundiagalsed mezheiears dis se. c >> ialan recnil one ght he mwoket e up a:0like 2k 0 cloc in rnthe mo sawa it ts timeo o go tsc i mbn remeoler h odinghen to tba inisterhon the ayuse, sing, da dddy,itaddy, t is noo time tgo ho to t o time tscgo to dl's midofe ththe nig.he n' didrst undetand.di i nodn't katw wh w wasrong. t sos hat wa, a veryvery di ulfficrit peod. ouand, y i know,det maoo schl tevenmuhat orch mpoe imt.rtan be uscasce whool pas thelace wh coere i t uld gendbeyo that.>> or rep kter:weing n nt oto rn ear fouleivy dagueesegre and ndco-fouf one o'sbostont besar chhoter scols. m heedarri h and cad twon.hildrean 41d now o yearsllld, wi co be ome oneyof the ungestca
2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
tiquesmyon, i gods t wa thardo sw aner. stheywhaid yy doo ou douwhat y ?do oui th bght,haoy t, t is ithat s ch suaw an esful quonti to an .swer ali readly hth to abink out th at.i s guesngtakiy awaofall the ea ths tricosor cngtumi a andll th nde kite of oursr layeat of wh i its.i riam a whater, w, t i doi it wre.i testaramd exg ininsuthe ecbj t tt mahaer twrt i abite d boilstoown f aonew arsed , oundinlonl tess,o a aicertten soand inme k sd oftupirial se .arch land,ngooki a for i waynto uncommicatg inthwith oeoer aat's iboutt. 'sthatut abo i alle hav ever it wrabten inout ye 40 ars.le dot's ar a h lmonyin te onhosetw ato thju we idst d.e thveforeior sectahns, ye.i vewas nertr paariculd ly fonof
2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
ap [ seplau ] re mo 1 than m4illion jobs, st t rongesyetwo oarsf job ow grceth sin0 the 9s. an emunntploymeat reut cn i ha lf. aouruto iyndustr jhaust s d itbe east yerr ev.[ auapplse ]th jat's pust oartf a ma urnufactrging sue that cedreatne arly0,90 n000 jewobs inhe t past six years. hand we daveone all t whishile cu g ttinour ditefic bsy mo al/4st 3.[ auapplse ]yo animne claing that amserica' pefiling ction. ldi to youer earli all thek tal of
2:57 am
pohotical r.t ai o well sis all ohef tto rheric yo aru he o aboutur enemies ge g ttinngstroer andme arica ggettinak weer. i mean, let me tell you me sog.thin itthe unteed stas ofca ameri i sth ste mo plowerfu nonation ea rth. od peri. pl [ apause ] .period it's e notosven cle. n it'sn ot e's notosven cle.we nd spee mor on ourit milary t thanexhe nght eitit naons co .mbinedou oor tr apsre thet fines fi ngghtice forth in ste hiofory rlthe wod. [ auapplse ] but as we focus on doyestring
2:58 am
th isor wld war ii ji,usty plain to their s.hand ss mafes o ferightns ohe t back of uppick kstruc, twistedou sls ot plnting i amepartsnt or ge garays, the a posenrm enoous ng daer to eey hav to be d.stoppe th but ney dootte threan our ti naonal ncexistee. theut fure we ,wantll a ofs u nt waor, opp atunityurnd secity for our fa,milies a rising dastanrd of ,living a su dsour ki.l altof tha i wsithin our h.reac it but will onlype hapnf ie w wo rk tothgeer. ilit wlnl oype hapn if we can bates. il it wyl onln happeif we fix our tipolics.>>
2:59 am
til s" polomout m aentsgo ow shs the draemoc rticace haok a thst monil hlarynt clion had a nt20-poi leadna natiolly over bernie ersands. gh tonit,an s hdersas cut cl sinton' lead to 7. the sorenatro fm vntermoke tald to our nancy co.rdes >> i think so. ep >> r forter:or senatorrs sandeev llery po that cutame oay tod s war bette t thanhe last. aew nps hamhireol phol swed him wi hdeningdis lear ove clinton, 53 to .39 ianaowol p sldhowe himli pulng ea ah fd byive .points a 16nt-poiwi snng i one n youidow k yrsou telfhe on frnnt-ruater, st lea in the tw ato stes? >> i am fngeelite betdr an .ates en wh b we iegannio wa, i think th e fstir poll hads ut a 2%. . 2% r >>teeporisr: her revsal of unfortore fcedli c tntonote sp up herac attnks i esam,ow ia wh shere ale c hledisic medare r foallla pn primcaactil.
3:00 am
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3:01 am
tonheub rep licanside,ur o ti naolonal pdsl fin dd onaltrumple g adinhisse clost varil,ed t cruz, nearly 2 to 1. rc maubo rio ishe tnl o oyther nd cae idatouin d blegidits. re heaj's mor gat.rret d >>eid h not get theo memiv le freer o die?>> or rep tter:rued cz ddleakeocd th wion dtrald foump irr fnst i wa iour ret tnedoew nps ham hirer fothe firste tim in twoth mons andga ainri tedo t dlispemp tru pl d anteonquestis a h butis rt bih inan cada andal legtu stas r fowhthe hoite use.>> the legal qiouestn iste qui igstraorht f wwardhichth is e ch oildrens.f cizensn bor ro abad are nalatur borniz citens or by h.birt>> te repor or: onef 'scruzaw l es proft sors arvhad,aroc demt ra celawren tberi saidhe t tuconstitialonef ditinnio of a na ratubol rn cizitens i se unlettd. jo cchn mainon confrdte sarimil esquontiass gopom ninee in .2008mc wcainasor bn on a u.s.
3:02 am
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3:03 am
gh ri.t back[d teaughmer] sostime thhae wallys lfelta ike t gian.maze ot[mr]he nnjediy 'tdn flieel ke g goinchto sool, ane d shepsldut ngri d theay d anwas t up aghni eme se iedabrrit lealthl e time . gh[dau ter]itel fket li the wre aasei wtghon y mldshouers. ane d thhtweig r wasllea y hard htoupold .ot [mr]he daone dy myghauwater s cr,ying 'sthatn whejennldy to us thshe ghouout abhut grtin elhersf. au[dr]ghteth y en mntparegos t me tmtreaent.
3:04 am
>> es> prt idenaobam irunterpted ep prioaratorns fto t'nighsta ste heof t uniondd a tresso deal th wi there bgakinel devntopme inth esi peran gulf. iranze seidwo tll sma.s u. navy at bonds ak too 10re cwem mrsbe in to stcuody.cb ews nsio natlnaec situry escorrenpondvit dadar mtin is fo inllowisg thry sto at the ag penton. or>> repheter: t two b smalloatswe rore en ute from kuwaito t ba hrainnd eed upn o anir's farsiis nland i theer psian gulf. ffu.s. olsiciael bieve the boatsan d ten soilorser weic pked up r afteadthey hre suffed a me alchanicea brnkdow and driftedin toni iraaner tritory rswate. aloffici ns do kot inowfho sts we irre fed but say iran's re
3:05 am
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3:06 am
bbomberimlew hselfp un i a se ofction ibustanlha tts i most oftenac p wkedithei forgn to .urists eaat lenst te peopl were llkied.15 dewound.tu grkey'snmoverten bmelas isis, bu not etryvee onis nvcoceind. ho yllil wamlis is e.ther ep>> ror tter:he ddleay ex osplnioar tteged tais'snbul orhistic heart,t jus ydarm fro mo ntnumes dgatinac bk 2,000 aryes. lat oeast 8fho tse whoos lt r theislivee werer gman istourts. is thge imatu capreshe ten momt of the asblt. eijostnls neiroon fmor nway was hi t byhr slapnem fro the .bombwe er wepl steatdreai sd his weif a,magn c ouresloth myac jket wassp ttlaederh witne burd human ma eur tkish genovernmtd blame a ssyriandeuiciom bbernd a said w heas abe memr of isis.t bu f soar theer tstrori p,grou
3:07 am
ciatro, ties nhasotak ten ttis aack comest jushr tee mo hsntft a terwo sciuideom brsbe ta etrg aedea pce rlyal in the tu isrk chalapit kaanra. tmore han100eo pepler we kleild hein tdl deaiestro terr akttac in eyturk's mnoder orhisty.tu 'srkeyem a mber of the s. u.-loaed conlitiin agast ,isis d anhas tenightedts ior brde cu se trityryo to t stophe tlo fw of manilitts to risya.tu irkeylss ao eedngag in a ol vienton ctflich witil mtsitan om fr the y'countrsdi kursh tyminori. te afr ase cea-fireol celapst las .yearme so i heren turkeyie belve thissp ate ofdl deaytt aacks shows s syria' wcivilar isll spiing ss acro the rdboer. t, bu scott, othersme bla the tu hrkisrn govement,ec bause of its gongoines clash with the tr counury's kdish limitants.>> hollyil winliams is,tanbul an
3:08 am
>> datoy, manexic atiuthories le re nased aeweo vid of the pt cafure o theg dru kingpin n knowas el o.chaphe au was cght fr siday,ixon mths te afrap escroing fm ispron. vithe shdeo s owhehow nrlea y tgowa ay. again elmanu borqjozue isn i me.xico gu[ irnfe ] wh en manexic mesarin first edraid h theousehe t wreas no osignef th norotusio dgru ldor el ap cho. st ininead aside meaz ofar dk om rotus caprend ome heltam ceras e thin maresou fndte carl mrsembeo whedplead forhe t lirivess gun heon too flr. up aistrs a stack of dvds, fe edature kat delcalostil, the ac s treswhorr adange the li"roltong sinne" ietervorw f se pean .nnth heen tfoy dun this. li a cghthainin desi alo cset thatckunloned a unlusua pelan hibe tndshiir mrroev rlieang a hi dddenanoor dl echsapo'
3:09 am
and he atlmosag manoed t get aw ,ayle fngei tghhrouoo wd llpaneed tus,nnel eapl cho made evit s berals lockheto t city m storrsseweor bef we heas llfinay vee go srnment iaidadt hee bn wa hitc tngouhe hseor fks wee te afr aar ctel mrembeno kwn f ors hitunnelak ming expseerti was tespotind gog in.side today,ap el chso i l uockedp re hehe at te samso prin he ca esomped fr six magonths o ti awaingsi posble etixtradion to e th.s u. t bu fmeorric mexangn forei ni mi sterejorg stcaaneda ut cad ioneurcapteling po cha n' woket maen a dnt i theru dg si buness. he>> tsre i no rneaso toie belveth esat lsgs dru in in all are te en tringnihe ustted atmes fro xi mehaco tn rebefo. or>> repoter: sap el chngo bei inri pdoson chesn't nyange a of the eropation? i >> don'thi tnk .so ep >> r horter: aerehet tri pson de feliral pofece beepd u cu guldan's oonest s is bveelied e to bng filli his 'sfathere rol hein tar ctel now. ascott, twitterge messa ai
3:10 am
we vod r fevengeor his 'sfather .arrest >>numael,ha tnk u.yo >> we ,llte winras wly awful slow atoerriv in the hw itomas ce in with a ve ncngeae. dr inivwag nsrleay imibpossle ut so bh oflouffaw , ne.york f 2eet onof sw scein yey.sterda inte easrnnd inaia,e hav a ,look lemangksd tructt scaeredll a er ov .i-70 ctheyrashed inar blizzd co nsnditio .no but er sious inesjuri. 's>> itot n just ,cold de discenrong fm thenorth. na cas dianareea strngmi over thebo trdero buy poalwerbl ttsicke . toda ey th jotackp for troomorw ni drght's gawingrew to at least$1 .5 n.billiomo trehan 19on millirs dolla ofworth tkeicrets aei bng sold er ev.y hourwe cll youutan't p ari pnce o n clea i waternne oit cyhe w re the ssuppliere ant taiedit wh er thmoe's ..ving .an erd the'vis mong wi ovth meee frra ult. h itrias tacple- stionrtuppo
3:11 am
ilcartanage ned bos. d ankeunli b theig o-ostelebi fllx pis, 's it i alltin one l.ny pil mo e ve freultra. t ge myour.ove on reheth in tye ci ,inpark hg istoard d. fin s seem elikeonveryive dres. d ane thosdowho ul shoswd it tchico geo usbecau e yod coul savendhu oredsr n carainsunce. ah rf, peect. t valeinparkg. enev sing, ir.hello! 's hereey the ks. d,an g uh,syo ea r on myide, mate. hm ul, wo mdn'tsoind f me o that wbeeftoellingn... ee to suc how mcoh you uld ve saca on rar insunce, t goo.o geiccom. ah! a(carlandrm sous) it 's ok! buhey etddy, l t's gethese yqdaliuil gquidanels .d go thbut liese gquidarels w.e ne mu x cinestfa. max 's itam the sere diffence. arthese lte mutoi-sympm. ll wear so the ese. isth i onex s mathstreng and mfightsucus. atth d one'toesn. hiuh...tnkt! fas dryou d
3:12 am
w ne mfromexucint fasmax. e th conlyanold u d flidliqu gel th at m's-saxentrgth an tsd fighuc mus. thstart efe reli. h ditcmithe .sery le d t's enthis. dr ray spy? 'sthat. fun ait'slrdyea! dry aino wmet ti. ithiseas grt. vit'ssoery ft. i can ikeep(lt? aus)gh l alcathe re d of..ove. ow...ndr in a yan rstipentpira y.spra 's it a nots lwayy as eas for met as i his for im... it as's er y foseme cauat look r. he . aw.. so e we ustrk-y ul.agel it ce enhan bs mys ody'lnaturais moture isoet can gth into swe iing oft t a bir.quicke an id whensh know fee's elingkeliha tt, akit mfees me e el lik we'rethbo ... whheen soy enj,s itwe oy enjev it oren me. i and joen.y it
3:13 am
e >> w bhavegreakin nsew- - >>nt igeellienc oiafficlsme bla scommonhomart pne appsor f he g lpinthe isterrorts.> >>ie famils in flint, igmichan,fi y nall csawlean w ater li dedovered dor tooor today. r theitaper wat has beennt taied th wi f leadory nearlwo trs yea te afer th cityeg banwi drang om frli the fntiv rer to save y. monee
3:14 am
l leadevels inir theod blo has ledoubd. ep>> rr:ortent flies rtsiden ha eeve bn wai atingg lonim te for .this .lter r >>teeporr:ol veruntes and st tateerroops hedandl out bo dttleat wer andil frste ak wee te afovr grernok ricde snyr de edclarta a sfte o eenmergcy thfor e city. p >>yrett stfuressl. goyou ot t go payr youat wer ll bis. entho g anduy b t wateroo. ep >> rr:ortek bacn ier octob that dgrinkinat w iernnt fli wascl de aredfeunsa. ntrecely unheeartd e-smail su t ggesestatic offlsiane kw ab eout th lead problems a far a back jsuly whenin an altern thheal studynd fouh hig lead lsleven int flihi cnldre after e th2014 water itswch. re desisnter w'tenol tdhe tasre wa em problwo tth mons laternd a nt cod inuetonk drita conteminad r.wate ve gornor srnydeam ce tlio fnt eryestday.
3:15 am
in gog on w tithhe state i am onrespe sibl sfor tate ve gontrnme. r >>teeporher: tnt fli renesidt id sat tha the vego'srnords wor ng ri ho.llow>> a werehe tki walng adde.we t jus h'taven hadhe tir dt wnthron upos u yet. ep>> rr:orte w sheesorribo aut her.kidsth eiria pedictr tianolder h incontam datedinrink wg ratt may atbe wh's bdehinir the skin sh randes ath mou s.sore ow knnnd ioricatfs oea ld po ex.sure>> 's it frarust atingnd tairri btingseecauod noby ep>> rr:orte d whyouo ynk thi op peonle d't ?care ec>> b ause'sit -- it's aig hh e crimrate rehe. d anether is more,r poo caafriern-ams.ican knyou ow? ersnyd't don reca. d he son'ttay rehe.>> or rep tter: todayhe go orvernff's o tice uold sstate pe exorrts aliginlyon cedclud hi wtasn' until oerctob 1, the go orvernrn leaheed t wreas co menfiradd le t inhewa scill, ott, theed feral st judeice mepartsnt ihi launcng
3:16 am
jenoe bidev reals aec sret of omfer frre the p wsidenthen we bac>> theni ud teesstat isin iftensheying t fight a gainstis is. ne>> oth of pe to riprioties. >>el inteligencic offials blame scommonmartne pho .apps>> o wentnn a otiperaono t ca eptursi i ssutsspec. m >>,an did wene witowss h de
3:17 am
becan .>> vi> dad bowie n heverad a nu omberne m,albu butt tha is ou abt to gechan. l ook uper he i'mn ive hea n >>lb biloarday ss "barlacksts" i adhe tedo theop t with 130,000 bu al emsdxpecte to slhi ts ekwe. a thelbumed debut friday. e bowifdied oan cncer o ndsuay. i >>nn a teiniervw with cnn, ce visi predentid joe ben re avealed tgouchinen momt with enpresida.t obame thct subje was debi n'sson,
3:18 am
ne gewhral o wastl bating ercanc. >> i idsa, "you owkny, mon ccern iis, said if beau sresign he s ha ,no there is no,hi notng to fa kll bac on, his salary."i idsa, ut"b i wdorke it out.ll ji and i w sill tell hehouse. lwe wil be inoo gd "shape.he got up, he idsa, s don't ell hothe use. is promyoe me onu w't t sellhe ho use.he w mill bet ad aayme sing th is.he d saiil i wel giv you the nemoy. atwh yevereeou nond, de,'t, jo isprom.e me isprom.e me ti don' w thinkel wil haveo t yw anay. ai he smid prose me. >> beauid b lenost hisat btle
3:19 am
d anl we'ligbe racht bk. w >>vee haak bre ning tewshis mog.rnin>> he t uteniatd stesss ienen tse ennsen esen te inyinsifheng t t.figh f >>irst lady mllicheame oba teinvired mon tha a dozenpl peoe s toitit werh h inhe t house amch tberhtonig t forhete sta ofth one unidr adess. udincl oingneng you boym fro ar be, redelawa. ipchd rei hasis hst ory.>> lcweome,om t lsviack,e nico tme et you. ep>> rr:orte in wagtshinon, ae br denmangneri, and hisot mher d hati mee wngs tithhe staecrery of ic agrreultund a homete sta tosenaomr, tpe carfr o derelawa. u yobemay wriondengha w at 12 r--yeadiold ed tosuarn ch sp l eciatmtreaent. t well idstarte when he wasus jt d9 annt eered aec r iipenhe t fi
3:20 am
w hendon a wasnv i tited tohe st diate annere t the white hous ewher. mrsma oball chadenge him m toake aif dfencre ien his co itmmuny.o twdays w laterhene haw s a me hossle o manhen tee str itn th e rainpi insonrati ckstru.>> ou i ctldn'p sto tnkhigin hiabout m and howe hou celd b co ld, ryhung, retid. r >>teeporor: s p heutet togher oa bagf food andsk aed his tmother hoelp himd finhe t man.>> g iutot o ofhe tar ce gav himth ge ba andre umblla. hesaid,ha tyonk u, ken inew what to do. ep>> rr:ortekn he eew h had to ed fe the ryhung.he created brae's brown bag hwhic so far hasis dibtruted 0 4,60 bags ofhy healt .food w ho idoesakt moue y elfe? >> t i m makese feel y.happ d an abuthet tam see tim not veryy.happ usbeca ke inowhe ty'rell a out there. t bu -- as long, as ason lg as m i'e,therll he'e b good.>> or rep hter:otis mherhr ceistiis p so sroudhe candl hary evbeliise th iser h son. p >>eeoplen ofty, saou yre a
3:21 am
and s iheay, 'sai rsing me so- - >> ep r horter:yse saey the k is to cehang howpl peoe see the meho.less t>> i treathem i asfy theer we ammy fily. ep>> rr:ortee h hopes s hiseat h ofonoron tight in wtoashingn inwill speirth o tersol fee that y wao. toip ch, reid cbs news, shwa.ington th >> heat's t ve"ohtrnig "news fo r thisdawednesy. mefor so y ofheou tew ns nt cos.inue r fo, otherskchec backh wit a us blittleatit leror f theni morngws nef and o,course "cbs this rn mo"ing.
3:22 am
scllt peey. we tolcome the "oigvernht ws ne" i'mic mhelle llmier. es prt idenobaamen w btorefe t joiniosessn of cesongrso t li dethver nae fital sfte o the un aionssddre of his idpres.encyhe n' didt inoutleny a bold new op prs,osal iadnstein giv hgis be upatss aenessmtf ois hen sev s yearffin o aiceisnd hes hop r fothe fu.ture w itasel likyr. m a'obamsal fin et primopime unport sity topeak heto tn natio before thety par im pr bariesexegin nt ntmoh. omit ces at a time whenev sen in n teicamer sansheay t cryount ishe ad iedhen tng wro redin.ctiohe re ise som ofha wt the es prt iden thado>> ig tonht marks theht eig yhear at thav i he comee hero tor rept t ontahe stef ohe t n.unio
3:23 am
ry to t toe mak it atl lite teshorr. ap [ seplau ] i and w knoe somf o youre ant asy g toetac bowk to ia. rbut fo my finaldd aress to thisch r,ambe i don'tt wano t just talk about next .yeari t wantooc fnus o the nextiv fe s, year theex nyet ten ndars, a ndbeyo. inwe're theid mdle of the cbioreat n inorhisty. ap [ seplau ]re mo than4 1li milon new jobs, s thesttrongewo t years of job ow grinth shece t0 199s, an un meemployent rat cut in lfha. a ourutond iustry just i hadts st beev year [ apause ]
3:24 am
ctmanufasuuring atrge th createdne st pa sixyears. we and e have don all ohif ts ewhilti cuturng o ditefic s byal 3most/4.y an coneglaimin that icamera's ec isonomy n ine decli is ngpeddli iofictn.i ve belie ahr tivingva prite se onomy.i nk thi a therere tdouated gu relathtions dat nee to be d.change e theredis rth tape dsat nee to ut be c. ftbut aeaer yrs now ofec rord or corp ates,profit working fa wmilieson'tet ge mor rtoppoy unitorig bgeray p , checksyjust bti letng big
3:25 am
makeir the r ownndules a ev y erybod eelse's.xpense[ auapplse ] d ane- middlclassil famreies a t noggoino t feel more secure be e causwe allowed a tax on ll coectivein barga tingoo g an taod smpec rntipieids dot n e causthein falanci crisis. lereck ossness sn wallditreet d. ok lo, if anybody stillts wano t dithspute e scienceun arod at climgee chan . ahave.t it wi you ll bett prey ycauseilou wl beeb datingur o tamilimory, st of icamera's ne busi ssle taders,heor majity t ofrihe amecan ,people almost three entici sfientic uncommity,d an200io natnsun arod theor wld o whee agr it is aro pndblem a te ino nd te solvit. ibut, y toldou ieearlllr, a the o talkf a'americs ecconomi
3:26 am
ll weis so all of thehe rctori aryou he o abouturmi enees ge gttin erweak. insometh g. itthe untaed stesf o acameri is th e moster powatful n ion onrt peod. au[ applse ]pe riod! otit's ncl even ose. otit's ncl even ose. t thant he next eighonnati s mb co.ined r ouop trosre a the finest tifighorng fn ce ihithe y stor ofwo the rld.[ auapplse ] asbut we focus onoy destring is veil, o trheop tla cimst tha this isor warld w iiusi, jayt pl tinto hheir.ands ss mafes oig fshter onhe t back
3:27 am
ngotti inrt apasmentr o ga trages,oshey pe anno ermous tdangeroci s.vilianey th t have boe stopped.t buy the do not tnhreateur o na altionte ee futur we ,want allf o us nt wapo, opyrtunitec and s urityr fo our fa,milies ain risg da stanrd of living, a ai sustpenable pacefullanet for ki our ds.l altof tha isn withi ourch rea.bu t itil wlyl on h iappenf we workgeto.ther il it wl onlype hapnf i wean c r havel ationaucconstrtive de s.bateit o willnly happen ife w fix ou r tipolics.>> he tep rliubnca reespons was de relived byou sarth c olina orgovern niki haley. b >> aracka'obamsct eleion as enpresidet brok hriistoc rr ba aiersndpi insredon millis of
3:28 am
d heheid wen h first ranor f fi of ce,ghtonit,si predentma oba espok etlloqueny about grand .thingshe ist a hises bthe wn heoe ds at unelrtunathey, t enpresidt's co re ord hasftenal flen far or sht of hisoa sring words. eas h e hntersisin falea yr in of mafice, ny acamerins areti sll in feel sg the oqueezefn a omecon wy toooeak t raise coinmeve lels.'r weine feelg aru cshing ti naonaleb dt. eaa hlth care plant tha made in e suranclessor affandable d do lectors ss aiavlable. andic chaot unrest i mnany of ou r ticies. evene,wors we areac f tinghe most dusangeroro terhrrist teat ourio natn hasn seece sin pt ser sd thisi predentea apprs wi unlling or abunle to dealit whit . hesoon t obama pncreside wyill d, enme and aricail wle hav the tchanceno tur in a new re diction. dthatonirecti ist wha ito want
3:29 am
at the ,outset i'll say .thisyo pu haveaidti atten won tohat be has en hngappeni in sh wa.ington d ane you'r not ivnae. it neher am i.i ha see wtou y yd man ofr youru fonstratis m arey atfrustrions. f atirustraiton wh aer govnment asthat h grown dayft aer day, ar yeer aft ,year yet doesn't e servus any ttbeer. ast frurationh wit the same sendlesrs conveationse wr hea er ovve and or again.a ftirustrahon witro pmises ma d de, anr neve.kept ee we n bd toees hont with each another hd wit ouversels. e whil dtsemocra inhi wasngton ar be r muchibesponsyilit t forhepr msobobg facin america today, ey th do not bear it e.alonth ere ise mor thanug enomeh bla to go ar.ound a thut trh. weee nd toni recogze our bucontris tionheto ton erosi of th lie pub tcrustn i eramica's er leadship.we
3:30 am
ed playe a rol in hownd a why our ve go irnments (ugh.) es dor youetcarp everfe elgh rou d and?irty n' dot d avoi it,re e solvit. r ouulformtha wi s acipeal co ninditioreng ingdient, so yoftens peur carwit ryth eve use. 's itve resol, so no you k w leit canans esd fr.hens t buo it alssoftens. re e.solv ca a rp tethat om you d antole c man petesses,
3:31 am
ev er lyone tovesayhe wk darcl s othe tmakefehem el. an ned no o wantsat thli fee tngo .fade 'sthat t why'shere itwoolrke das. fit's hree ofngarsh itsredien, ke epg inlodark coothes lking n like 3ew fores0 wash y soveour lo d for arkot clllhes wi f
3:32 am
o r peneto is thy. da bs>> cs thiinmorn g.ek wes. day he t bstiggeot lritery pze inhi storyti cononues t growad ahe of tot'nigh psllowerba awdring. theba powerllkp jacot stand at re mo than.5$1 bin,llio atth's gh rilit, bil onlldoars.ex ntcitemeou of crses iwi grong teinatrny.ionall sathoufnd oad can aiansre po gurinos acrhes tde borro try tth eir .luckde omarc mnorga is inia n garafa atlls the y neworkde bor rwi th nacada.>> ia ngaraal flss i bdehin me anand tt aioracthan t dtraws er amicans and nacas.dian now it seems asf ian cnsadia are g usinthisop hing the cinrossg wi rall tns tferhem to a indestwhation alere r l theidr weamsillom ce .truewh mileonilli osfri amecans ththink ey'reky lucno eugh to hebeat t odds, sooo to d
3:33 am
>> i'moi gngo tak te myha cnces elakeryve oneseel. r >>teeporher: sro dve nrleay htwo foursmroer har ontioe hom fo cr aehanc to become the d'worl s nextiobille.nair w >>ome cere he andro d ap lot of nemoy, we shopn i the.s u. a lot. e so w tgiveo you.if 's the t yimeouiv ge back. or>> rep oter:ur nboeighors t th ore nthav heee b tnliraveng fromnc var,ouve rotonto, remontal. he>> tan cnsadiain comgik le y craz fhereheor t lotto. nk>> tha you. r >>teeporhir: wych the are lllegaloy alwed to .do>> d youoto n haveo t be a u.s. ci ck tiet. l asasong ou y'rein buyg a t anau et izau retized lotail .cationth feederal genovernmt can howith old 30%f ggamblin nn wiaiings p ad to igforener. 'sthator 5% me than for a.s u. re .sident e therd coul balso setateax tes independheg on wre the tticke was rcpud.hasene rkw yo o hasfne o the hstighe stateot lryte s,taxee morha tn 8%.we s are ftepsthrom ore b der er whean cnsadiant e terhe. u.s
3:34 am
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3:35 am
eahis hd andch mustae iethoritres he at theri pnso er whee h i hseldnd iedicat th moey're imving hro fmel clo t ce oll t i maket dltifficu for him to caespe. and we're nowti get angk loo at ethle viontot sho touthated lo t shi atdramidic veo taken byme helt racame and reaelsed by the me caxigon rnve sment thowshe ad deunly gtfighha tt tookla pce or shbetly fore el o'chaps pt caure. ncbssew hasea ledrnhe wn 17 me nxicaar minesrm stoed theom heea rlyri fday inmorng,he tru dg lo frddlehr tghou are sectoo dr nc cod ealeby a ormirr. idhe h a inun tnelil unt rain wa fterdorce him out. an armedma guzn stole a car fo bengre beies arrted. tnowanks sunurrod theim maxum cu seririty pheson wre gnuzma is be lding he. t ishere ae chanc we will see el o chappeesca again?>>
3:36 am
oeyesef thld wor putn o m.hi er the,eforon i dhi't to.nk s ep>> r orter:anguzm'sor attney sa eys ht hasn' beene abl to iccommunthate wi hisli cent.ic whh heim clasio vlates the dr ug rdlo's ri.ghts erovhe t ekweend,t ias w alrevehaed tt guanzm'sre sect t visiwith sean penn and micexanac strese kat dasel cotillpe held orauthsitie nwarron dow the tifugi velooncati. w ne pshotow sho the amycade ar awind wner ainrriv agt a camexiirn a fportheor tct oober et meing. cadel lostilas, w pgrhotod aphein he tnt coury onev seral ff didaerent tes. oin onehef t ismage aaw lyer fo rch el iapos s taido be in handr g heael cl phone.ol "rtoling sagne" m hazineas comend uer fire forli pub shinge thic artle in wenhich pn de thtails e unencoter.nn pes sayma guzn reedview the ar e ticlrebefoas it w pedublish t butdid no f askorny aha c.ngesnd mopeay, nnd tolss adociate es pr hs, heasng nothi to
3:37 am
is publher,en defded the ma negaziis's dec gion tol ive ech apwho hateal cls story ovapprayal s iingast w ama sll ic pre to pay. r >>teeporher: t. u.s is sngeeki toxt eteradiuz gman to face ch arsge there. oneex mican oiafficlai sdt tha es procds coul a take year or . more t >>heed feral vego'srnment di etary gliuide hnesaveou tched of ff armiresto of corsntrovey. the gneuidelis are dauptedut aboev veery fi s.year andri ctics say thates givd foo in dustryob ltsbyisy plentf o ti tmeowa sy theal fin surelts. w anna harneras s thetory. r >>teeporher: tui new gsdeline from dausnd a denepartmtf o al heth and humanvi serreces a toll teha you w t tot.ea iccrity s sa'rtheyedl mudnded a usconfgin and not by deaccint. morure fndit a geveestabl. lessr.suga mi lited satatured e keyta dieryom recatmendions om frgo the mevernnt. >>n eve ama sll c shiftane mak a big erdiff.ence r >>teeporewr: nk yorve uniyrsitpr soofesfr o nonutriti nmaryan ne
3:38 am
inmissing the agmesse. sayou hey tun jkd footr indusy sh kouldid thede guisline a win,wh y?>> au becse there iso nt direc ss meg aginin theta diery id gueselint thas sayon d'tat e ju nkfood,on d e'tat pssroceed od fodo, n'att eme at, don't kdrin sodas. >>or rep dter:ryieta gliuidenes af ffectood lliabelong t on natiooal schchl lungr proam thatve serors men tha0 3il mlionki acds eh day. i butadnste ofpl simayy sing n' donkt dri soda, sheoi pnts t, ou g theneuideli ls say, ess 1 thanca0% of sloriesdhoule comfr edom add sugars. andns itead ofg sayin eat less tmeat, heyy,saes lsha t n%10f o dyourietd shoul c fomerom rasatutsted fa.>> m theeatnd iyustr does not wa nt theme acarinov genernmt ngsayit, eas les meat. ithats erunam.ican t >>hesere a ibmultillionol dlardu inristesha ttut p aug h e ou amfnt o etffor notus jt in ve adinrtist g buin cinhangg li pocy. r >>teeporher: tto doc r is pr idest en of thenpnotrofi ys phnsiciami com ftteeor re
3:39 am
suthing e rngove.mentcl ngaimi e theggnd iyustr used s it iennfluceo t try toea wken inwarnbogs aut olchroestel. thwe nede guislinepp droed co redemmendit limt s buseadvi op pe tleeao tit le tlas po lessib. t >>gghe e itrndussy iin payg erunivessitire whe p theeeopl ar ene thut p onhe tmi comttee toci dethde wheser eggaf are se or no cat's atonflicf o t>> nowhe usda toldbs chi ts rn mosing itro p icessst robus and trenanspart. th and e newde guisline reflect ad envancemts in sficientic un ndderstaboing aut hhyealt ea ting ceshoic a hnd ealthou otcomesver a , [coughh]coug jamike? net? h coug cif your an heame. n'do tt evenbohink aut it. to i inok mucm ex d for mylephuggmy coh. ..yeahha.but wout ab?t mike he t hasdrhat ray scthtchy ining gog on. s gues?what w itn orks oughis coh too. cough!s gues what? witn orks oughis coh too. ? what stop!n'dollt pu me! lespoierr alt! esshe doman't t!ke i ly onex mucin dm esreliev bothd wet anugdry coorhs fur 12 hos
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sw you o itch tgeico. it ha's wu t yodo. >> diyou , d ityay! > >>ateducnion ica ameri at a oacrossrds. t supporfor c commonore is ngfadi fast. t studene collegsdebt igh throu the .roof nethe awgctinre sec otaryf ateduc jion, ohn,king satn dow nwithora'd ollonnedi to s scus htheesurdle hac fndes ahe t al chesleng h heas idey d its aec sryreta ngki's em elryentaoo schl in klbrooyn. >> are you a prenesidt? w >> i forkor the enpresidt. r >>teeporohr: jinn kang c al y readkspea lysoft. in putthig nes w reols act aing etsecrofary ucedn,atio he may so ald nee c toarry a big icstk. in ,2010g kinre scod norew yk st
3:43 am
t,granch whie mad him co ventrorsylo fol wwedhenew n yo erk'stiducaon cssommirione hero olledutmo comorn ce st s rentteand rsacheut shoedim h eoff th a staget a pta meeting in 2013. deyou enand up cngceliur fther me gsetine likthat? e>> wuc restrtured .them eethat motting g to ala pce wh ere itt wasn'pr veoducti. lk fores we amscreing, llyeing.>> te repor wr: whyeoere pple inscreamg and llyeing? om>> s ie oft was theic polit s heof t itme of was mistsundersanding thatks fol veha. ep >> r yorter:wou kno t whathe cr saitics y, i don'td neehe t l federamegovernivnt del ering an sts dard in mye?stat>> ah ye, it'sta impor tnthat fo lksli reazeha tt -- the rdstanda as areat m oterfta ste li whve we ha i saidsha ttta stes tneed hoave sdstandarha ttus ph s towardegcollnde ar caree ad reiness.>> te reporr: at first, 46 sstateop ad ctednommoe cor taree savtes hcee sin dpproed .them
3:44 am
ng kil wilf hal toon cetinu the gh fiort ffo unirmta sdsndar th wiout erovpistepheng ts bound of hised feral role.u yowentm fros thi slchoo to mi beco fng theirst ri afercan-amduican e cation iscomm, sionerirthe fst puerto ca riatn educ cionioommissner of yo new rk.wh sat doet than mea to you? hi>> i tnk it is aes t ttamento wh sat i peossibl ifnt studes ve ha r the teouhers celd havd looket a med an ysaid,wou knoe hers in a ca afrin latino t,studen di ulfficamt fily atsitu wion,hatch ceans doehe have?th ouey celd hav u givenp on me. hebut ty dndi't. so >> , this is yourld o ooclassrm?w. wo r >>r:eporte thech teaers king ll caed lifeg savingh tauert he in oobrklyn.>> m my mod worke here andas w a id gu canceelounsor here. tso it fellike home.d anenth, my momse pasdy awa iwhen wasn i 4th grade.d anoo schl took on afe difrent ro
3:45 am
or rep hter: weas j 8ustrs yea d olwhenap heos l htis ermoth. w 12ehen ht los his fa.theron ce the highest rnganki ca afriicn-amercaan eduntor i the tr couny and later sreuffe fdrom ag undidnose aerlzheims sediase. c>> ianl recal one night h e m wokee up atik le 2oc:00 clk inth ine waid it es tim too go t sc .hool n i cabe rememrdi holng onth to e ni ban ster ithe house, ngsayi, da adddy, dtdy, i isot n timeo t t gosco hool.t nootime t goo t hoscol.'s ite middlhe of t ghnit.he n' didt taundersnd.i kdidn't wnowhat was wrong. t soashat w a very,er vy di ulffict period.d, an you,know itad m selchoo ev t en thaormuch me imanportt. usbecahoe scasol w thela pce er whe iou cldet gd beyon that.>> or rep kter:nting we on to f earnrou ivy leaguees degrend a ndco-fouf one o bo'sston best techarr olschos. m heedarri and hadwo t d now 41 years d,ol will be necome ohe of tng youest ca sbinetriecretaes in a there csrisin i eonducati in
3:46 am
i>> itars hod tk loot ahe t ct fawe that e havl fal in from 1s tt ando 13th andot n see a is cris.go s od newi do t thinkherere a lotsf o signssi ang e.pror t ashe thery counts goe tghhrou e thct ele eionveryan cdidate ld shou talkbo aut what are they go toing doo tse rai gioraduatn anrates de mak sureor me kids tegraduaco from e.lleg >> y raiseanour h yd ifou love sc hool. in>> kilg wle b ine offic just ov yeer a ar, aea yr t what billede finedy b ade presi rntialace wh there eep rnublicadi cansdate ve hade conmnedn commo core. t>> theerm ccoommon sore is da isrn poonous. t >> checoommon re has to be en tded is i a erdisast. >>ne imagili repeangve e wryord of om cmon core.>> te reporr: he isn't exactly .fazeed h >>ardmb ausitios thingcome with cioontentus po.liticse arinwe movrdg towaoa the gl ofal del stu hntsgavines accs to al quity ateducion, m tovingo the fgoal o allnt stude hsgavin the ki
3:47 am
hthat iade hert a >> a> evenisfter h death,k roc ar st ,trteendsetr, david bowie nt cotoinues a have major itmpac he on t musicbu .siness s album, ck"bla star"se relead ay frid twoay dsor bef heeas pdse s away inunow omber ne on .itunesve fin of tes album areow bie cl .assics m 60inutes did aie serfs o bowie in 2003. e thnmaho wel fl to earth scdeberi hs howeev nered lik inhearimg hselfin s agnd soh muc isof hus mic dealsh wit nl los.ines >>rc sea fhingoric muss iik le chsearfoing r god. 'rtheyrye vemi silar. er the is anor efft toec rlaim e th ntunmeblionae, the eaunse tble,hen easpe,kabl all th toseshingom ceso int g,bein co ermposri, wtingus mic and se inarchorg fes notnd ace pies m ofalusic foinnrmatio that
3:48 am
dymeboed ask t mehebe dumst es qu, tionodmy g itas war hd to sw aiey syd wh y doou d wohat you do? ighthout, boyha tt ,is thats i ch su a an qwfuliouestn to eransw. ali readly h to thinkbo aut at th.i sguesin takg away all ofhe t ea thstric or cmiostungnd a all th nde ki of outerer layfs oha wt ii am aerwrit,ha wt i ,do i e.writ tai srtedxa engminihe tub sject ermatt i that write ls boi t downw o a se bad ndarou, nllos,ineso t a ncertaiex .tent d anapl couite wh olisn.atioan med sod kin ofpi salritu se .arch land,ngooki for aay wnt io mmcoicung atin owith therlepeop. 'sthatut aboit . 'sthatut abo all ie havr eve it wrtenut abo i 4n0 years. s let'do amo harny line ohon tsetw hao t jt weust ore feverse nsctio, .yeah s i wa never plaarticuonrly f odf myvoice.
3:49 am
siu er, yo.know i and ghthouatt thro i wteon sgsan d music. iand ug thohaht wt i was bestt ado ing. d anusbecaobe n eodylses i doing mysongs. lti fead i hgo to a out dnd o em th. i itnls oyr ove theas lt few ar yehas, tt iua actllyel f mtore tacomforble iprnterg etinthe ng soyss melf a bndeing a ngsier,yo owu kn?i tdon'd min g,doin beingt tha w. no fobut nyr maye ars, i ryeall 'twasnom clefortab w bithngei a ng sier. ou i wlde havh mucre p ferred r othe tpeopleo d haveone my so ngs. wthen it ouldn' hhaveoad t put al atl th upmake on.d anha tt hair.oh . kn you ow?t, bu -hhaa.e thfway o the d.worl a >>atnd th's the ghovernit newsfo r this eswednday. mefor soou of yhe tew ns co rsr othe b checkackh wit us a li bttleiter lat forhe t mniorng ws nend a "cbss thi mog"rninm froth dce broa hast ierenor new yk ci
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