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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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o hes chang ar ararca ngptionid fundebsby c 's itsd wednejaay, y nuar 2013th, s is i"cthe orbs m nning"ews. an ol unf cdings risihein t rs peguian hilf trns man'sarilit hy isngoldi ten me ofmbers he tni ud test ates vy naer aftir thep shitsdrif iintoanranis. water> >>idpresobent veama gis s hifi atnal sthee of ton uni ad tdress,sios ong sutome ittrad aionshrnd tgowin a f ew . jabs d ane thisnfl ni returng to lo les anges. re mon thars20 yea t afterhey sk toipped swn forout. lthis, e aramsomre cg in tbacktho e tycith aley choled orme fad decndes a
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an r cl and chimate grange a, eementan icd amerrea's e solvt againsrr te orism. n >> whemeyou co after er ams,ican a we gooufter y and tit maytiake bume, avt we he ng
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itno lims.>> a weijihajiang res mom frowa onshingt. ha >> t wt'shy i stander he as idconfasent av i he ever been. at th thete staf o our union is ro stng. r >>teeporn r: i shisthevennd a l finaatst te ofonhe uni ad pdress,deresibant oedma aim hto setiseg lndacy a f oocusn e thre futu. >> theur futee w ntwa, all of us , wantor opptytunind a sitecury r foour faesmili a,llha tts i wi othinur acreh. r >>teeporher: tsi pre sdentpoke ssleut aboy policor and me on ch wangingngashi aton,ngdmitti ai he f bled toring thear pties ge to. ther s >> it' tone of rhe fewegrets of my pridesthency, tathe ra ndncor aci suspi bonenetwehe trt pas ies ha gotten worse, ea inst d oferbett. ep >> r porter:ntreside d obama id menot n ntiopany gode presintial id cand batesmey na,ut b he wa garned ainstri rhetoc over is lam. >> whenol pnsiticiat insul sl
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ow fellti ci,zens it's just .yang ep >> r sorter:arouth colina ve goikrnor nkiey halav ge the enpresidspt's rendonse a echoing r foesthe prident toal c tmhe ti anli-musm rhicetor. >> on no e toor w hkardnd abi ade by ouraw ls and sulhod ervel fee omunwelceth in is unco try. ep >> rorter: theli repubcan orgovern -- ar>> we eng feeli a nnaatiol us creahing dth andns iurance pl an makingur insance let af lefordaboc and dtorss les blavailae. ep >> rr:ortect rea tion tohe st tate ofonhe unith from e ai campilgn tra wasft swih wit pu re pblicanntresideial rufront-onnner dumald trpak ting twto r,itteli calng the es prt'idenees spcher hen i wa gtshinboon ,ring owsl, and th leargic.xa tetos senacrr ted wuz,ho op sted tohekip tec speh in wash ngs inew mpha shire. wa>> it sor me oef thsa .me w itas y,sadlhi i tnk ist wa le sss a otatee f thnunion tha asit wta a sfte o de. nial r >>teeporodr: t pay,deresint aobam willea hdo t omaha tous phth joe maher t omesf hisdd aress.
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onshingt. oi jninga is deputypo l litica feditoror dbutfee news. thkyle, yoank ru fong joini us.yo heu watcd the .speechwa i nt to ask you. orthis mning, htiis crics andhi ies fr wnds, yhat donkou thi pe ilople wall be t aking boutda toy? t>> ivehink ethryone niis mor ng e will bg talkint abouonnot ly wh reat pntsidema obad, sai but awhatsolso cauth naroli re icpublovan gr ernoi nikky halesa n id ionrespwhse, waich ths bo ofm the tilook faedps chot a do runald idd pres entobama'sal c lrfo for -nd- aki nikey hal e said w ishouldthgnore s e call aof thet ngries.voices ntnot me tioningy rump butname bth hoinly cdops to runald tmp ands hie.messagic whnah domieted thpa camign ra cove cge andn ampaigenin geral lthewast feon mths. is>> hw shadonlcertais y loom anlarge ind i thatk th was
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y,picall s the otatef the adunion isdress nt measo to rt alof ruply serportlas, c trifyhe daagenin movrwg fo bard,hiut ts reis pntsidema obat 's lasyear.'s ito alslean eyection ar.'s ita been hveryd eateonelecti f soar. t so wha tdo youhehink tpo pur se sof theh peecwas? el >> whil, i thenk tse purpo for m him,y,ainlef was dngendi his ga le tcy andhohe wecle speh was areallyns respoowe to h his le asgacy hch been riaractezed by blreputhicans utrougho the gncampai. so and nk i thiec the sond e purpos lwas to aay out cr demondatic agr pro essiveag tendacahat arn be cn ried oby y hillarn clintoeror bnie nd sahoers, ws ever imithe nonee. ho >> wndever eins up wning. lakyle bouine, yhe are ty deput capolitiorl edituz for bd zfee thnews, u ank yoinfor jo ing usth niis morndng ati getng up ea rly. >> nk thaou y. > >> ucomingcbp on " s thismo g,rninil" we wusl discs the es prs ident's addres vwithice es prjoident n,e bidery hilla n,clinto n and hikkialey.
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geosing cler.po inlls tdicaternhat beie nd sas ers had widenelehis ad ilover hlilary cn nton inew shhampanire led now inads cl ton ow in ia. a cbnew /"s newsw the neyork ptimes"dioll inhocates w the ra s ce initighteiong natnally. d inr,ecembeon clinta held nt20-poid. lea r now he omarginndver saisers s justoieven pnts. ersandsas liys c intons ce y rtainlg feelinatthe he . w >>the had free orpaour serate ck atta ws, andu hen yoatsee th amanyksttaci , and e am sur that w more cill be ioming, at isn tiindicat on thainthe clton gncampaitt is geveing very, ry s.nervou de>> sanpors sup rrt hasisen moamong oustly yotnger vaners d ra libels. > >>n mexicaalofficiths say ey ar ste inveg igatinetthe meing n betwee dlugrug - l- drugordjo n aquiap"el chuzo" ganman d anseen ntnn iewerviuzed gwhman heile wa fus a oxicoiafficanls w st to ieef y animcr wescoere d.mmitte zm gu wan castuapd reayfrid on a
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he and thld in pe sameherison d escapeasfrom l bt julyut is ntconstangly bei. moved > >> mthis, orninga an areof low su presasre hft shir ed ovethe t greas,lakein bringg ke lat -effec tsnowioo portns of ne aw york end new.ngland whmean mile,erode atowsnho swers lodeveovped teridhe man-atltic upand miper t.dwes il phphadelawia s f its sirstnow uasqs ll tof shesoean. uswind g50ts of p milesr er houwe orre repted. ke a laec-effowt sn i watchs in fe efbuct in o,ffal y newk,or l untirrtomoow. me sots parth of tye cild cou geta ofootowf sn s andannow d st wrong hindsmaave mde aofess tr n avel ia.indian rneard,ichmon h oneayighw pi nvleup iniolved rune t acksnd fo s.ur car re the oppeerle wree inju d. mi coonng up " theinmorn g news." fu the ven is o pr at cartyity.a tamounf in oy partlisuppes tu d mble sfromeshelver aft a hu olge ce.laps >> te> laoor, fl tbalrnretu s to an los wigeles rth theams ge
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i thise s th m"cbs norningews." he emy, rr embegathe heme w n it serothe pokiengassior recd? i , meanonyou enly m wtionedhat, im50 t es...ho t w abou hwhen ihrad tevee n ents ighone nit? we i'll, eeve binn workg on my sunew erperh ao move!ll day we n'rep,on sto we'tave got o haveraur extte proin. s oikoiptrleo zernogreek n fat hyogurtgras 15 ofams in prote. ro ze s added,ugar ro zeic artifswial r eeteneanrod ze hd zero molding!e back oi ipkos tro.le zerns be uletoppab. mm onm dann s wethtop arparitis in, ouso yon dav't h se totop. ca bee usliyou beineve go. .onward da toe y's thday. e carp.diem ty nole lhr 8rt aithr pisain
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th rse fi ft isast. e thndsecots las d allay. gwee ivyoyou ayur dk. bac ouwhat yth do wi i its tupu.o yo ltyleno . qu noilted wrthernorks w sol elpeanople ct forgeth their baxproom ee.erienc st juth like goey forcot tonducndr ray, eswho send all afo s rgetg.nothin ea at ls st he' notco e nstablbob. ur yo l heartmeoves oga-3s. erbut thdie's a cefferentw bee een th3somega-fi in ilsh o an osd th e arin meg kedllriil o. li un fkeoiish l, d megareilis eassoy abrbed by bo your dy... ch...whi makesur yo, heart we gall, mepy-hap. ha r ppiel,stiled megaris ve proncn to irease om 3 ega-velen ls iay30 ds. me gared.
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>> sc> reuen rs ikload,an focali, rniaedworko intthe gh ni dt toutig oon a ctotracr aptrafped a ter chtrenla colpsed ou ar.nd him apit hd penendaroun. nooth n e mabuwas uried hp tois es ch ct inlilay-udke e lat nlast, ightofone hisfe aiet remucned sthek in t mud. rethe firsfightee say hs appear e to bokdoing ay.>> s > chaoarat a pitty cory ste d anrethe dif ctor oalnation te incelligent is hiacby a h ker.e thossoare f me oadthe helines t onnihe morssng newtand.> >>as"the wn hingtopost" re a ports agteencke haimer clas he i brokeconto acelunts bongingto ir the dr ectoatof nl iona ere hacks sayothe g into ja apmes cld per anfehis wi's onpers-mal eacail t counhoand meon phe.he on is te ofache h wkersho al geley dlinbroke pto therivatema e-ouil accthnt of a e ci lastfa ll. e th ifbi isganvestiting. > >>he"tew nor ytik s"meep rtsor
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rktu.ey th uie scide bngombite yes irdayn ta is'snbulri touisst dt tric ll kiened t fgnoreianers d un wo15ded er e is thtifirst s me isickstrurk tuouey's tecrism stor.he "tit detroe fres"pres. rtrepothers che mi igan ve go'srnoriv actedathe t tinaalonrd guahe to lp st diteribunk driwaing inter in flt. ad leta conteminae d thr wateaf thter tye ci shewitcomd fr the oidetrt syupplth to eli fnt ri vern i 1420. itou fnd thathe t unthhealy wa ter ad ffecteenchildr.e thgufirst n ardsmed arrive y,todawi gromong to n re tha 30 ri by fday. id amci criti gsm ther overnoac o ted tolyslow. h>> iapave izolog wed forhat ha os gonethn wi s thendtate a iam ns respoorible fte sta rn govement. he>> tce justitm depar ent is in stveatig ing. > >>"mthe hiamid"erald saiai fslesliell omke d ainost a
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el shafves shter s elvecamen dow s at thiciparty tyn suree mfferednjinor iuries.e thofcause ol the ce lapsis de unstr inven.igatio>> e > th a"los tngelesimes" pores rtsndiewey's nthest eme pa s rk itoset n opehain si.ngha e thbi5.5 n llioardollng shahai sn diorey ress t openorits dos onne ju 16th. ilit wisl be ds ney'ndseco es large t themehpark bdiind eysnwo inrld an orldo. > >>up re ramseturn. l the nf oownersheverwgllminy re aglle to aow theam rsck to pa batheir hgs andckead balo to s an geles. elat dte mon, co s rn iedpack t atk he peashof freness uswith jr t wate andsh a daa of se salt. th noseing el.
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d.ibs- knyou heow tpt sym oms twhensthey art. miabdopanal in.ur ntgerr diahea. w nosthere'pr ipescr xtionanifax.xi isfaxan a newd ibs-entreatmt th psat helie rel ve dyouraiarrhe d anmiabdopanal ptin symoms. xiand wofaxan ffrks ditlereny. 's itsc a preioriptbin antioticth s at act imainlyen thge ditrstive act. ndo xot use iifaxanhaf you ve hi a y storsiof sentytivi r toaxif,imin farin myciotantibigeic ants, nyor apo comofnents an xifax. outell yctr dohtor rigy awa y ifdiour eaarrhns worse e whil xtakinganifax, s as thimay be oa signsef a s riou orenevat fonal cdi.tion y tellctour doyoor if hau erve livse disea reor ain takrg othedi mes,cation be thcause y ese maseincrea th nte amouxi of nfaxain r youbody. te yllr ouctdo iorf aryou ege pr,nant anplco on bengmire pt,gnan a orurre n.sing th ste momo comnde siec effrets a eanaus a andcrn in ease linnziver eymes. yifhiou tounk ye havib ths wirr diahea,
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>> 's> here l ak oo tatayod 's ca foren st i csomearities ound e thy.countr te afr 21a ea-yabr e,senc nfl llfootbare is inturn lg toos an loe st. msuis rale, who ft l. 19a. in e 94, ar bcomingack d ans that il.not alth die san arego ch wgersere ve giokn the joay to rin theams ewin a num stadi. oa the rakland s iderd coulalso t haveiohe optovn to me. ilomar vcalafran t is at he nfl mownersngeeti hs in wouston ith de the s.tail r >>r:eporte s after everalro f unds ohevotes ture on esday, nfthe rsl owneto came r a nea im unancious desion. o 3032f the er owncis de ded tolo alraw the k ms bacheto ty cit
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un94l lye onst queision l wilthe co y'untrcos searnd l mgest ediama hrketonave ame tetw or o?>> . l.a!rams a. l.s! ram r >>teeporoor: fl tbal ifansn anlos s geleexare d cite toverhe s nfl', returnr afte-ya 21ear ab e.senc >> m i aisso dinappoted. b i'veabeen o le tt be atwo su boper anwls ald reeily bng tablerio expellence ath of at r foyears. al i re--ly am e we arg gointo ss mi them. hi>> wstle in . loheuis, ty are ra distveught oe r th tnewshat te the y am therecheeind on sce w 1994 rill to a. mml coonissioger rdeer gooll ki mat ng icioffiital w h anan cenoun omentesn tuday.ra wnms o sern taoekrnke's .8$1li bilon plan ihas wtel hpedge het tea d.l done ou >> yt do no twantmeo co into lo ges ans lethwit oumesointh g at thre is fally cirst lassbe e caus ithatats wh is
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or rep tter:uthe fofure wo t ot l her nfreteams s mainun n.certai sathe egn diaro ch hgersa ave ar yeg -lononoptijo to hein t ra n ms il.a.if he tsey choo t nott o, tha s opendothe oror fhe tla oaknd id ra cers tockome ba.e ths raiderosleft les angel in 19 th94, mee sath year e ramsle n.ft towl altethree veams haed battl th wi r theirivespecttie cies ov fernginanciw of nemsstadiu.e thtirelocagron anteeme an guarhetees ter chargs and s raideril$100 mo lion tbuild adnew stn iums iegsan did o an d.oaklan stthe la t nfltoeam e chang es citi t wasouhe hilston oers. efthey ltet for e nnesse99in 17 an bed tcameanhe tits. alironice ly, thh coacheof t t oils amethe tief was jf fi whsher, tho is eoa c ochf the soon t boe l.a. om afvill cranca,bs .news>>
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be ueadyntil .2019un entil thy, the p willlay in e th o cldeuolism. co p,ming uck a blaor eye f th tre pa.iotsco llach biic bel shicka ports my erstshy erint apra s es er confence. an atd, lther, are seorch f ada g ncinagpackiee thugf caht hared- ondedden vio.we w alltoant he be iealth r, t bu jletsgeust alt re, lswe anto walo to weose .ight atwhre's gboat aheut tsm oiartpprnts m ogra y iso ou d,both it ot's nnt coucaing esloriit ou's cg ntintspoin. ic whtuh ac iallykes lid kin of a. game viha png thes ointralite llyvegiu s younaccolitabi. ty
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unthe>> iv> drsserles carsuare edppos utan oco of l ntrodrcar ove se itn lf ilecircd s anevin rseer bon ay usamstre. devicao htughi tcas g r doin utdoughners yestday. ce polist used tiop snocks rmallyed usgh in hi c-speedtohases tstoparhe c .ne no our was hitt and was ke li mly aniechaobcal prlem. t ihthougrl driveesss care wer su tpposedheo be t next big thing?no uct so mh. > >>glnew entrand paoaiots c ch b billckelichikn is foown r g wearineda hoodsh sweatenirt wh rohe pthwls lie sideutnes, b hdurings is newenconferce da tuesway, he tis sporng so inmethseg el.a black k lichic'twouldn tellre s porterhehow t gotnehe shir. d>> i ton'thehink t y list d injures coache ion theynjur po reburt, mt i'e sur ife ware edrequir to doit, we will do it.>> at is thtl a lite s arcasmer the? ll bihi belicatck's pkiriots ck ou off rar covef ge onfthe l di alvisionff playos anw engls d host ckansasonity aysaturd.d andaon sun py, thergittsbuh ee
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thke on one brcos. d ancayou chn wat it allht rig n here ocbs.>> mi> cop ng uyoafter alur loc ws nebs on "cmo this g,rnince" vipr t esidenbijoe den. > >>ani'm arne-mreie gen.
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> >>r-84-yeadiold meaul mog ru urpert mdochs thiea yr os prop59ed to ol-year-dor f mer lmodery jer hall. ll had sais, ye bseecau she dn dil 't feetalike snding in lineor f pbaowerll etticks. >> theow pllerbakp jacot has cl d imbeto $1.5 billion. la the inrgest or the y the dae as mor rpeople ush to awing. o oddsinf winnllg it a? 2 1 inil92.m. lion wo atrkers ew a nse jery re ntstaura r got aakude awening te af tr they thoughtn hey wothe
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io stat rn wcbs. eports>> y 63,es! rbpowe 1all,7! yes! r >>teeporeor: vidtu capthres e icecstatts momenth that e oyemplatees re this rastaun nt i ew englifood clf, nseew jery, th thought tey hit $he950 ll miweion pol rbalt jackpoon tu sa nrday, ightgichanheng tir li foves r.reve t >> ia was infeel g ofex ntcitemelo, of gry. e >>boveryapdy h jumpndg up a down.ev y erybodg huggintheach oer. >> or rep tter:ishat il unt the ar heaktbrereing atalizthion ey re weki loot ng awithe g nnin mb nufrers pom aoureviaws dring! g>> i tot afrext fom ad rienof ndmine ase he mnte ernumbs h whic tweho wughtthere e bt todne wey esdat'nigh s mb nu ers.>> or rep bter:ndartender a ga orr nizeheof tpe 42- prsonool lecharvos poayromo sass it w lysimp anen hoisst m. take i >>ad h tol cal my oue shnold kigw, rht? e sh, saidlicharlee, p jase,ust
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esureh,nougot i ge on thonphe an akd shaning wed i o nt tthe bs weanite eyd thal finadly h up d,datehe and t are was wholese oft fe difumrent nbers. r >>r:eporteel the conebrati ic qurnkly tued to di oisappntntme. >> iou wldav he beenor sry to losef all othe plems.oyee me i than, wae dishs sherwere ryve hheappy t'ty didnto have d washanishes rey t e valeerparkth told e guy, ge oft rid o hisarwn c. ep>> rr:orte i wast joa ?ke , noasit wo nkejo!it ea was rl! i ouththght ldey wouit take a ha lot harder t dn theyutid b, u yonoknow, onbody wo it, s that i madelit a ettle asier. be>> may a f leastthor at, atl lit e nt momekn they tew wha it was ke li to benabillioires. orjust f ae couplecof s.ondsth tat wasorracy kokco re poinrtg. co p ming uyoafter alur loc n news o t"cbsmohis "rning,tv bi host eill o'rinlly jos us in s thewitudio ctth rea ion toe thofstate u the.nionwe ak speth with ane ceo d decofounher of tw reviee websit ndyelp a p actoramaul gi atti
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ouabhit ews nw sholi"bil"ons. th s at i"cthe orbs m ning news" r foedthis waynesd. fthanksator wg.chini' nem anie-marre g.en
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