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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> od> goni morong t v ourrsiewe in thewest. sit i dnwey,esdaua janry 13th, 16 20. omwelceo ts "cb mthisngorni.">> ea> brking wsne. anir rselease tenri amecan il saheers ldrn ovehtig after r thei c boatsedrosso intni iraanwa .ters >> psirentdeba omaea rev olsne of hisat gretes rtsegre in his ofstate he t union.>> >ll we'e takinyou tsidehe we pol rbaliostudad ahef o to ghnit's .5$1il blion drg.awin>> ut be w beginit wh datosy' o"eyer.pene" yo wur iorldn0 9 cosends. >> u.s.ic offials s tay aherere tw oiv re erinsboatha tt
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d flbrieyt los cctontah wit e thntpe.agon ra >> inea relsedhe ttu capred sa s.ilor>> a all rreteepordbe to fine. ou>> ye hav bto getoack t iowa. re >> p osidentalbama cled oen th on natije to re pct thesolitic of sidivion. >> it can be tinemptgo tis lten to theng atryis esvoic. >> sheea appredtr to y to andist pce herroarty fldm dona um trp. >> the oddsf oin wning 1n i 292 ll miion. d >> qon'tyouit ur job. u' yootre nnn wiing. he>> t nflde head bkaco t los s.angele oteams wnergiheve ts ram the n greet lightoe mov on to st. louis. s >>sao dintppoied. t>> i s.hurt n>> i diina,an itwheout co ionditauns csed a th veree-clhilee piup. psixeoepl weer hoalspitized. ol>> p dicehasam cid avo from ok malahoy citckpi upom sneeo
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ae huger frype ripd from its mo gsorin in aulistraa.>> allf ot tha ttmaers. >> igmichan'sov gernoriv actatedth ste ate's nl ationaguardo t he islp detributin drinkerg wat li in fnt.>> re how a youg copin weith th water tusiation? he>> wn life y givesou nslemo, u yo make molenade. t'>> thas ale ?monade s>> it' like anol arnd erpalm. ua eqrtl pason lemadend a adle. al>> loc andle cab newsnn chaels arees obssedh witem rngindi u s hiof ts.>> ou ye hav ate bet cr ohancef da ating suodpermel. >>le kil ad byndi venng mae.chin r >>ceeplar you sgp whit a .monkey hayour cfnces oea rchingr you in destaration berette with the ey monkwi than nning the po alwerbl pojackt. e'>> wetre gtingne of oho tse gp nds mo kaysisgphl sctgp eys monkuss becaule i wod likeat th. a >>ernnouncis: thni mor'sng "e
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s let' pgos.lace>> > wmeelcoo ts "cb this in morng." ki breaewng noms fr iran, the ag pentfion conrms ten united esstaty navrspeneonarl feree beafter lding he by anir's re onvolutiarary gud. iairanatn ste tv shows the nine men and one womanai detned nioveratght anni iraan base in e thn persia.gulf a>> thenmericaai srelors a dr difteha somewttoin ianraniat wers usbecaef oha meclnica leprobms. wtheykeere ta n toiran'sar fsi ndisla. madavid asrtin h more.>> te repord r: goog.mornin theai slors wered picke up by li he acopterlond fwn to a.s u. ad hetequarrs, t whereheyl wilbe fedebrieetd to ghe tirou accnt xaof e wctlyhahat nte pe sagon tays whereas no in tidicaheon trey weme hard du tring theirinime ni iraan ha nds. smtoo naall vy atbos,il simoar t e thones here,er w re en oute om frai kuwt toin bahra when.s u. alofficiths say eyre suffe ad icmechanal kdbreaown.
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wa ars,nd ten u.s. srsailo re we i takenntoto cusdy and heldov t ernighat anni iraanas be on th nde isla of farsi.sp ngeakiat on ste tv,he tal nav f chieof thera inianov re vo reonluti gary suard taidhe il saorse wer takennt io cdyusto ouwithcht mu reansistce. t >>nlhe oeoy pple in acameri -- or>> repnyter: aen mtion of the de ttainen was left o outf the es prt'idenats stf e otheon uni ad s u.sia offickels word onto chefirm ts statue of th crew. on estuday, sryecretast of atehn jo s kerryirpoke d wectlyith s hi iranian uncotterpar a nd was alpersonlyed assur thers sailo bewould werell-t.ated>> we'veec reivedss asurance at th ourai slors are seaf and mo st poimtlrtany, rveeceid as ncsurahaes teyt thl wilbe al d loweonto cetinuir the ur joprney lyompt.or>> rep tter:aihe slorse wer on ar bovyd naiv reerinma comnd s boath whicdo notor nymall y carritsensive uieqenpmt.
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ter iranian rioevolutnary gu ipard shds fire offke rocts thwi ainil me oef thri amecan ai ftrcrari carerry har. s tmarun i ast entered thean persi gu.lf ro the weckets edre aimwa a fyromth ipe tr, but the itncidenw dre ro stteng prom st fro.sthe u. na the vyil wl nowon cductn ain stveioigatn.t bu.sthe uee. smsnt ient on in gettg thiseh b tindhems a klquic ays sspoible. edefensta secrery carter le reased ata stement ,saying "wepr ap teciateheel timyay w in wh ich thisit suationas w lv resoed." t >>ouhank y, david. si pre odent sbamaaysft aer ve searn ye s inceoffi,he tte sta o ofurni uon is ngstro. t bure the ison strgea rnctio is thng morniis to hin fal state t ofnihe uon ads.dres prthe enesidfet de hnded isco re ard andgainal cdleor f a an chthge in ole palitic e.climat armargetnn brean is aet th whiteho thuse wi k themoey s.mentma , rgaretorgood mning.>> te repord r: goomog.rnin well,re pntside t obamaoldis h af stf inov nemberha ttnt he was
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l feelsike hi t,firs ale refxive -d too list.he d wantetoea rssureio anxus anameric bsut alsoed pointo t on ise of h urfailes. >> ther rancond aus sonpici n betweethees partias hot gnte wo inrse d steabeof .tter>> or rep iter:st waif dltficuo tke ep 2016it polics o outef th ch amber. s >> yome ofou aresy anto t g et ck ba to iowa.>> or rep pter:ntreside o wbamaas d pointeinin try tg toearn dow so f me oclthe f aims othose re icpublhoans oping tep rlace m.hi >>e anyonla cinimg t hatam s erica'yeconoms i i dnecline isin peddlg n.fictio r ouswan nereedsbe to more thanto lkugh ta oral clso trpcaet bo mb vicis.lianov heer top t cslaim tthhat is isrl wod war iiius jty plao int ei ths.r hand>> ep rr:orteba mr. oayma s hse un nddersta vs whyotersre a atfrustrited wh lipotics.
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age averrse peonls feeir the dovoice t esn' heat tys stem i rsiggedn i fa tvor ofhhe ric orow perfulr oso peme s cialinsttere. or>> repn ter: ithe gop sp re sonse, couthinarola go vernor nalikki hmiey disssed that rh.etoric >> founatrtun tely,he idpress ent'rdreco hasft oen ll faaren frt sho of his sngoari wo s.rd r >>r:eportehe but sit adm ted icrepubleans aral partioly t am bl ae fornmericaie anxty and ht sougst to di hanceerty par fr om theov contrersyon te of its es pralidenti encont.ders d >>uringnx aious times it can beem tgptin to fwollo theen sir ca fll o theng atries icvoes. we msiust ret st thatitemptaon. >> or repheter: tde presint no ana unced final,goal a leso-caldoo mnshot tour ce ercanc. at thpp adeareo t sisurpr veice es prt idenbiden, who lost a son to r cance last arye. i >>'mti put jngoen iis m sion nt corol. th for de loves one we'vell a .lostfo er tham filiesha tt wne ca il
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mat's meke arica thent coury th l. ep>> rr:orteh witthean f farebe hind thim,hesi pre ldenteft e thbechamorr fhe tas lt time, us pafoing mr atomenta to tke i all .in l >>e et moklot aisthhi tng onela imst te. at th's kind of co.ol r >>r:eporte datoy,de presint ob wiama ndll sou a lotik le e hd di as a caatndid pe,ngromoti e the messagofop hnde ae chang % tein stas like liaouisnand a kanebras. thand e wouhite hsse sayre they' ngplanni some ccaommunitions testragy gechans, moreow t hnall e styltseven in the monthso t , comeve to ha thesi predent sp eak withpl peoer rathethan at . them t >>hanks, rgmaaret.>> v> theice pntresidee of thun sited jtates,enoe bid , isth wis u from shwa.ington . mrvice enpresidt, good g,mornin t greatveo ha you.>> t happyito be wh u,yo e.charli >> speakern rya idsa, "if yt evernghi was asat gree as th es prsaident id it s,wa tw dso-thir t of ahenmerica pe leopou w nldayot s thent courywa
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he is tre a nedisconct?>> nk i thi's there two reasons, ar chlie. heone, t bk lowbachefrom t re n cessio shas ltilleft a lot idof mdless clapl peoe who lost ei thr ho wmes,hoer we in the k stoc,markett didn' get backn i i astam cace bk .up the job siotagnatxcn -- euse me, wa the ge nastag.tion tand ihehink tsi predent ai explned itai frly llwe,bo aut e thatintern cionalhanges tgakin wiplace thlo gtibalizandon ahe twa iny thregs a moving. av we hade to s is iewa n d so there'snd udaerstanble fr ioustratern, undblstandae er concn. butre the's no esqution, no qu onestire, we' thet mos sp he in t. world e thers i noue qstiont thae no on asis, they usedo t sayn i my ne hoighbor pod, a oatchn my s. jeanat th't doesn meanre then' aret al re,ui genne co,ncerns
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>> sg peakinofe incom spdiarity,yo hu said cillary ilintones latto the wh does that mean? t >>hext conte is always,t i gets shre naped,ot te inllntiona gy, butetses rhaped t inhe inretellg.wa i ds aske a qnuestiout abo iebernde san ars andbout ll hindary, at whaas i way sing wa s, hillary hnas beeta secrery of state for five aryes, almost yfive bearseefor shean r for iod pr r to hthat,er major s focu fandiounct sn wastill in arthe ea ofio natnal se.curitybu nit bereas hn bee doing t hesa ecme speh forhe t las 3t0 ar yes. d anlal i meant was thatis this be -rnie's-ea i mn, llliteray, he er's neved chang his tiposion. so he t ires a erdiff.encei kthinom s te ofolhe psicie th atla hilasry hom cewa forrd rewith a very, very oaprctive.
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he tful todlhe mide ascls.i shthink vie's mong in the gh rit iodirectn. t buom the cn parisowas,he s and be rnie. w itthasn't wat shetasn' au c.thentish e is enauthtic. t it'shihat ts s habeen what rn be bie hasaleen tking e 's likif you aske m in ve rehyrse, w't isnni bere in talkg moreut aboom wenik le ll hiary?th bis has eenarhilly's lh wheeouse since's she b aeen pu fblicn ace inithe uted at stghes, fiorting f women. oe it d'tsnea mn h deoesn't or suppwot t's jus her ouwheelhse. 's thathe txt conteic in whh the sc dionussik tooplace. m>>r.e vic enpresidbat, oma assaid lhtt nigha ttny aone ngclaimiri ameca'smy econo is inde iscline in peddlg fiction. t bu theac ftsre a .this h weaveth more an 4ll7 miion op peinle livg in poy.vert olhousehcod in hmeas dr alamaticlyed shift to upper co inrime amecans fromdl mide me inco erams.icange
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ome econasy h gottenor wseor f manyams.ericanis re the ais dtconnec here?>> thell overamy econos i thhealy.e thca dislotions and the enconcn tratioltof weah are i dmemberiniscussthg wi you, ch warlie,here int poied outn a e articlhefrom t nngew eland - - from theve unirsityf o ma sessachutts, a pssrofeor ti poin tng outhat of the $4.7 li trilonn ifi protro fm00 23 to 20 c13 forteorpora eramica, 57% nt we b toguyin back st ock,%34 toar rewding ehshar,olders 9% ft leve for eg rythinelse. 's that b whatarack and ie hav be en finightoug abt.we en've beg sayin thatha wu t yo o have tdo ise giv greater op itportun y.or corpatate detitues hav to an chge. nit'so longer -- theyct aik le h theynoave po corrate sp relionsibithty to e uncommity, c noteorporaes ribponsility to th emeir s.ployee hathere ens be a t,t,shif a icsignififant sh'st that da s.ngerouan atd tht''s whangs wroh wit a.americt
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ovthe erallmy econo rivelate to e thf rest orlthe wod is bary f an yd awahe tlt heathies y.econom t >> whawas medentiont lasig nhtwa s thera inet dention ofen t s. u. orsails. n theews is good this rnmoing. anwhat cel you t al usbout that? ar>> appweently had, from our mi , litaryofone thets boa had ne engi ilfariure, d iftednto an ir ian.waters theni iraanske picd up both at bowes, as p have uickedp ia iransn boat thatd neede to be sc rendued, ak toohe tm to - i-'mt noxasure e ctlyerwhe,on i d't nt wa tosp miseak rehe. th and liey rea tzedwehey re e therinis destrs s andaid they d woule releasndthem aea relse uld do. 's that w theatay nhoions s uld w dealith each th's whyt' isor impo tant t c haveshannel. open w>> didpoe azelogi tohe t nsirania? >> thno, ere was no poppingapology. y if houave aem probl with a
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asis w justta sndardca nautil pr .actice >>r. mpr vice t,esiden a su pleahare to ve you.>> ks than, .guys> >> gnooverr nalikki heey gav th ree blpuesican rponseo t the id se join uss thig.mornin mgoodngorni, go.vernor g >>rnood moing, an in ourre gat dayn iou sth ca.rolina >> you said last n yightour pa srty ha tois reshet t te timptaoon tw follo theen sir calle of thri angest .voices di why wad you nt toan ldt tha iscriticm aton dald trump?>> theng aesrioit vefces rerred l to afot o gsthin. rt cesoainly ngme thits tha mr. um trp has said, bt'ut isn bee ot inher thgss a.wellyo owu knou, if yha saw wt pp ha,enedwe we nere o ofho tse ar ateas th hado tl deait wh is fsues o the e araot l of badr o aew f d, ba angryor acts every so often. awe hadn officerho w shot wa colter stt. trathervihan haotng a l of
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s did wacame geto,ther pu reanblicd s anmodes,cratte whi band,lack andse pasd thest fir cbodya amer ibillen th .mp trus i not etxemp from be neing oho of tsees angrit ic m l i'ngsayi is,e' wotve g are ed thay we wan hdle isssue and the way we tabalk outs issue ou shtold be wards soonlutiots, nto diwards .vision d anso i say that inen referce to o a lotgsf thin.>> vegornor, aot l ofpl peoe lo aokedt yourre add assnd th noought wt onlyas it a trebubu rettalo t the enpresid t's e statheof ton uni but also a ca oll tnc distarse youelf from op adt. >> ,nos it wacaabout lling o ut myparty, ile cal odut blrepus icanand des.mocrat in i th k it'spoimt,rtane if th un coistry ng goioo to lk rw fo ward,le ald nee to look in th ire mndror ali reaze we had insomethog to dth with is. ce ono you d ,that you can re agroupndui bheld t cntoury ba pck uag ain. s >> a you know,re the's also in
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sts. ur laara ingweham teted thatt i may not be smart,nd ann a te coulrd sai the gopul shod rtdepo. you >> ict respe both women. gii was venhe ttu opporynity b sp r eakendryan aen sator co mctonnell w sayi hat k.thinwa i sy verri ctical of the stadminionrati .wa i ves riry c oticalef th th tingshat obamaas hn't do ne, r whethe it'scahealth wre,erheth tit'she omecony, whether it's at educheion, wt'ther i dsinividgth ey.countrbu st i wa alsoti cribocal aut o ourwn blrepuicans. atand thau's beccase we n't meassu w thate have nome bla re he.>> vego,rnore you'r also ingettg- -an mypl peoe are ap ngplaudi you for sgpeakin nd candidly a cziriticirng you rtown pay. hawas t dtltifficu f tor youo do? arit's rore fpl peoeo tdo that. >>no, it 'twasn. in southrocanali'v, iade ho t ha do ttht wiy mwn oar pety her in s outhlicarona. it'salhethy.
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ca opointutta cerhiin tngs outhat yli feel wke'teren in be the erst intfests o yourte sta ror you uncotry.t buotit's n onpersal. ou>> would ye liko tsee a woman ron thecaepublin cktiet? i >> t don'thahink tost the th atings mter.i liwould tkeeo se a good .ticket nt i wa a ,goodon strg tticke at thes mak theep rcaublirtn pay ou prtd, tha is onet thaks tal ou abt theut soloions t al he, thcare stheioolutns to uc edn,atiowe what d cano with x ta rmrefo, howre we'ng goi to na fix tional risecuty. thso if at's a woman, ift' is a ri mino ity, if t's a iman,'ll ta ke it. twe just wange to dt goo le ipadersh .el >> w.l said>> ov gernorle hay,re g tato vehau yoons thi g,mornin y thankou fo inr joing us.>> y thankoou sch mu,oo gd in morng.> >>e "factithe naon"od merator johnrs dickeon joins us from inwashgton. , johngood inmorng. d >> goog,mornine. gayl>> ot a l ofeo preple a sgayin iglast nht was aig ngaht ainst donaldtrump.he oo tkab js from the pntreside m and,any e,believ from nikki ha ley. s she'g gettinaot l of talk this g.morninwh o at dsayou ouy abatt th? y >>es, he's brought thent coury
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ide pressent wang talki about bahis n on newms musliom cing in to they.countrkk niyi hale wasls aole carly g talkinabout m.hi fsoorod someb wyhoes lik te at ntion,,thought thaba probly tdoesn'al totpsly uet him. ha >> wout do y think itns mea th at erconsvevatis,cu partilarlyos the on dirao,au lra amingrah, ann r,coultere aen dgouncin shaley,shaying nte we toofar?>> he tre's aat debee in th wparty, thetherhepl peoe ien th bl estat ishmenare lngisteni to gowe're sing tosee thiti connue to play out. aswhat wle notab here is not so mu hech t fronicti,ut bt jus that i nikkwahaley ds bol ehnoug to sa iy thisucn sh aig bnd a pu blic forum. asthis wnn't i reesponso tthe id present. asthis w aes rponseo tthe reanpublicru frontnner. ni>> turo ng ttheem dcocrati ce ra foresprt,iden einxpla the sa
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>>nt emhusiasng amoeo pple who feelwhlike, thile ikey led idpresent oba,amhe tyti s flleel li ke thete sysm is ri.gged nlastightsi pre odentbama in his shpeecse udt thass expre ion totwice ic basallyay s tehat th on ecysomic s items rigged. eythhi tnker be nisas,nder who be has ouen lndd aud pro about at whbe he's en saying for h is reentire ca ier, ase mor thautienssc ve tel forhat view.>> thankohyou, jn ckdierson.>> ks than, gayle.> >> wrinteea wtherst blaugs he ar ofeas c theryount datoy. d,ahea the b citterononditis th
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dt lef > >>the nnaatioarl gusd i oydeploed tel hpkl tace the kidrinatng wrier cinsis in flt, ch mi.igan>> t whyheta ste rngove'sment spreseons i beingpa com tredo ic hurrkaane a.trin n>> the bews is tack inhe rn moriing heght "cre on s bs thimo
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r:scannean resc item. sc rescan, rean. re iscantem. vo h: itnsappe o soften moyou alt st geo used tit. ph icone voine: ma menuenrepres.tative re enpres.tative re tapresentive. vo h : whic wishybe puing rst fit... laree x, wthgot is. : voak...tomes sgee g ttin tusedo. jo hein tio natn. io nate nwidn is o syouride re tapresentive. he emy, rthember mee gan whei thset oke roasie p rsingd?ecor me i yoan, lyu onti men wonedhat, im50 ouhow ab it whenad h t hreetsevene in ont?nigh , wellvei'wo been onrking mysunew o perhermoveay all d! we n'reon s wtop, ge'vehaotta eve our pxtra.rotein oi ipkos tro le zernogreek tn fayo guasrt ham 15 grros of p tein. azerougdded sar, azeroiartificeel swantener fd zeroat. an d olzero he ding m back!oi ipkos trle zero.tobe uns.ppable
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so "tng: s hat'"life ng soha: "tlit's "fe : songt'"thafes li" fe" th lat's ife. u yoyodiet. ciu exerse. an yd iftiou seell nlpd he riloweoung yoor blgad sur... hi...t js isarandice. on althg wian diet cid exerse, rd jawoiance ourks ar cnd thelock l toloower bugod s iartsn adul th wi2 type esdiabet. w it borkslpy heuring yo body rto getsoid of thme of gae suoer it d nsn'teed ro thinugh urn.atio c thisp an helloyou wersublood r gaa1and c. aland ithoughtt's nowe for lightossor in lowerolg systooic blsud presre,ja e rdianchecould h lp wit.both
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mthisauay couse y f toeezzl diy, fa orint ht lig,headed w orupeak taon sg.ndin siother ecde effts are l genitat yeasfeinct,ions ar urint y tracfeinnsctio, ch geanris in u, nation dn kibley proems,an ead incrd sed baescholl.tero n doe ot takncjardiayoe if e u ariaon dlysis orse have kverey idneleprobms. op stin takrdg jae ianc and ycalldoour rctor aightway ouif ye havtosymp omsanf rg allectic reaion. tosympayms mlu incrade swsh, ngelli, diand ulfficrety bngathi s orowwalling. ki ta jnganardiitce w h aonsulfeaylurin or nsuli ma usy caw e lod bloor.suga ytellr ouordoctbo aalut e l thcimedis netayou ke ifand ou yav hane ydimel candcoioit.ns so k talouto yctr door,
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aweanll w bt toale her,thie tsbut let jusreget al, lswe a to wante o looshtweig. wh gat's areatutbo thearsmnttpoiogs prram ouis ybo do th, 'sit c notinountlog ca ries'sitnt coupoing .ints wh tuich acs ally i klikeofind a game. nghavi p thes ointralite llyvegiacs you tacountybili. ywhenliou reahaze tu t yotdon' thaveveo gian up ngythi,
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, ohyeah. nfthe l isur retning to los an geles.ah head,neow om teans pla a ho ngmecomi s and aecond team couldoi jn .them >> moto, rrowthe nioominatns forth
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7:32 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:47 am
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7:54 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
is izvandaled.or i a kideds calles snat doee 't makus r,safe 's thatel not tt ling it like i is.'s itwr just ong. heit t dheiminis is use n theyes heof tld wor. it makes itde harr toch aieve r ou bestray who were a as a cotruny. >> sarouth colinaov gernorki nikll ha writeed offer a similar ss me hage inuber rep lican onrespo se tthe prenesidt. in>> duriog anxus teems, itan c be tgemptin to follow thein firgll cae of thangryiest icvoes,e w must resist mptetaonti,e no on wh llo's wi wing toork, hard e abidy b our laws f andollowur oad tr sition,dhoulr eve feel lcunwe tome inhis uncotry. us we mixt f ourro bken gr immisyation atns meato spping illegal
8:01 am
om welcingpe prorlyet v ltedegal mi im, grantsleregardss of their ce ra or onreligius, jket li we ve haen for c.turies>> haleyd toluss thior mning wa she s llcagin outde lea orsf th boes partiau bechese ty all sh reare sispontybili toov mhee t ty counre ts mendourwfoard. >>la hilryon clint tweeted her pp sufoort ro tthees prsident' eesp tchshi yeven ofars pr, ogressdwe nee b tonuild o it not goac bk wrz, an thu k yoidpresent obama.>> theprenesidantial cdidatend a rm foerre secf tary oatst e, ar hilly n,clintod gooinmorng. of65% me ansricank thire we'n o e thgwron k,trac is t ahere di nesconetct b tweenrehe pntsidean dhe t m?i' y >>knou ow, che,arli iug thoht e thidpresmaent de a cllompe ing acase tbouthegr proweess av he amade tndheor wkha t sttill es li eaahd.wh hat ibeave enay soning the mp
8:02 am
butalodylo bw w tithhere gat ssrece wion, e'restafbdg,ndinre we' yenot t rug,nnin w heave work to, dohiand tsio electn is ns inconteque bial, tecausehere e arifvery dferentoi pnts of b view uetween ts andhe re anpublics, andat th'st wha le peopoi are gng toe hav to sechoo eebetwn. b >>utre a thereif dngferi in pofts ow vie benetwe you and prthe enesidbot, a tutheou cntry d anwhsere' going?>> hi i thenk tsi pre'sdentws viear es onet thaare rdooten i a t loof itrealy. avwe hene bein addg new bsjo w,e e arth to eon str egestmycono once again, as we have hi icstorally enbe, we marein the ad len er i wtheorld ono sy manim anportsut ises, but,nd a er thae's bigt, bund a t ihink e thde presintad h aon lgry laund st li of unedfinishus bsines we oneed t beus foced .on am>> madta secre, ryuryo is pp su aortersre ait ltleri wored
8:03 am
nd saerss i sug.rgin dohow f youeelbo aut ?that>> ilw aaysxp ed ecte wthis ould a beee tgthtigra ce,at th's the ex ceperiene i hav ihadn li pocsti, v i'mhaery abppy out ewher my cigampan is,ha w wte'reta g lkint,abouhe t acretion 'r wette geing, it'sng goi to be aam cnpaigt tha g roesight to e th rewi. m i'g doinall i can to r oeachut tos ay maneo pple toon cevinc th caem to orucus f mewa in io enand thth in eew nhi hampsre im pranary tdheno t gon o fromth inere th souol caranina d daneva. e'>> heries bern s wandersho hasco mments o hnow you're indog. he >> wn s youeee mor ckattas,t i isn aat indicion thehat t inclcaton gnmpai isti getng ve very, ry ounervs. they have iedgnor us for hsmont,
8:04 am
i >>nt spe my mpca,aign tngalki ou abe t thesissut thalepeop lk tame to ut abo. inanswerg qnsuestiout abo what i dowould as prt,esiden w nowe're t ininhe sprhet to tin f ish line. ouwhen y see the twoew n polls ou omt fra iow ,heir thatge sugstth niat berede sanrss i now ahead y ofnou iho tse two keyst ,ates mmada etsecr wary,hato d you say ou abost the nus?mber>> ay i sha wt i see in any poll, d it moesn't watter thether heyha ahve me read o not, ius jt padon't my thatteuch attontion th em. >>ab what outol the pl onquesti. revice pntsideen bid has essuggthted at reyou'nk a tha you u yoew-- n ornlie tohe tss iue ncof iome inliequaty. i >>av he there gatestpe resct r fohim.t bunki thi nen whoks loo aty m re , cordtsstar winghen ien w ttowo srk a aou yng lrawyeh withe t
8:05 am
a legal se,rvicesws knot tha bi haveeen fg ightinnto evehe tds odeo for pllple a my feli. ut>> be morpl peoere a in po y vertytodan thahe trey we wh heen tre pntside aedssum ceoffi. >>llwe, asat wau becf se o gthereat re iocessn. i meanoo lk att wha pderesint bu sh iitnheredro fmy m sbhuand, il23 mlion new bsjo,om inces go uping for eore pple ldifteut o of po y,vertt thanyat aim ten iur o onnatiec's rent eyd thma disdntle it, they had hugeax ts, cut neethouey wtldn' ay ep t forwohe t wars that the u. s. s,wavehe tyld wou tn'take th eirs eye off the fciinanal rk maet. wel fel tintoorhe winst falanci iscrisse senth to eae grt pr deonessid, ans it'n bee a ch ngallee toig d uuts of o a di thtch tathesi predent had th notoing doit whgi digng. i'and rym vete graful that the au ryto t wasedsauf,t thae w nhaveow verecoredor mane th 13 mi
8:06 am
edsolv all the pemroblsha tt re wese caud by going btoack kltrice wndo,ai fled pieolics? , notiwe savll he wtoork do. i'but nfm cotidenre we' on the ri trght ack, and it'sur se ngstrohaer tnyn abodye els in e thd worltrighw. mo >>'sthat why theic polital mp cahoaign seuld b abouthe t re futu. t >>shat' ghrit. s >>ryecreta cl tinton,ouhank y .re >> goat tal t tkos iee thr of you. 'r oyeill returnso t sdituo a
8:07 am
at he tshink lp ye iser undir fe from it crics, t whe ceoill show us w horid ticksre aht fig bingack ag tainse fakie revndws a st cus.omer'l
8:08 am
"cmo this g.rnin" ng soha: "tlit's fe" : songt'"thalis "fe so "tng: s hat' life" fe" at thif's le. etyou diex. you .ercise d anouif yll stid neehelp lo ngwerir youd bloor.suga.. .. s .thiisar j.diance g alon dwithd iet anseexerci, ncjardias e work taroundlohe cck to er lowod bloug sadar in ults ypwith tabe 2 dietes. orit wy ks bg helpinodyour by g to oet rid of some f theitsugar sn doeee't nd h his canyoelp weu looor blsud angar a1d c. an oud alths gh it'fonot igr weosht ls ow or lsyering stolicprblood ,essure ia jardulnce co wd helpboith th. ja iarde nccacan e usouserides sife efincts includhyg deiodratn. th ayis mse cau youtol feey,dizz in fa lt oradightheed, eaor wonk upnd staing. he ot er side affectsre ni geyetal t asiniofectns,ur
8:09 am
ch inanges ti urinaon, pkidneys,roblem in and d creasechbad teolesrol. tdo notrdake jaifiance u yoonare si dialys av or hvee seidre kprney .oblems tstopg akiniajardannce cad oull yctr doigor rwaht ay if h yousyave tomp omsalf an rlergicn.eactio sy msmpto i maydenclush rael, sw,ling an ffd dityiculat bre hingwaor sinllowg. kitaarng jandiitce w h aonsulfeaylurin or lisun y mae causbllow suood gar. ytelldoour orctut abol almethe nediciu s yoketa an ifd ou yav hane ydimel candcoioit.ns t sotoalk r youordoct, d anr fotades,ilvi rdsit jacoiance.m. 'swhatng goire on he ?m i'heval, tng oraye monere reti smentqul irreoyfrom va. puwe're g ttincoaway arns. yo owu knho, to simw the anport sce offoaving fur the .ture y soe ou'rf sort o like a pspokesn?erso re moa of mspokesr.etapho
8:10 am
ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth,
8:11 am
d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all noand stt ju p thefuowerw.l fe >> ni> toghtar > >>ghtonirkt maes thig ehth tyeari'hat cveeomer he to po rertth on e s otatee f th n.unio
8:12 am
shter. pl[ ap ]ause owi kn syomch uomoue of y are antsyo t ba get ck to waio. ou >> y heardre pntside bush ti starng -- enpresidamt obara stt off h is l finae stat uof theitnion wh a jo ke.he thenai l odut goroals f the co inuntry l hisast yearn i ce offi and yobend. ahisl pprova astandst %.46 asthat w fours pointel bow ld ronan reaga i hnis y lastear ffin ll ilo'rely'ses lattk boo ng"killi anreagco," welkme bac totu sdio 57. re>> app ciate. it n >> hice touave yo here. tawe'll utlk abooo the bk and yo urce suc ass in mo,mentut b i twant ao talkhebout ts new of da the dy an the idpresent's re lamarks st t.nighe on tof thehehings ea rlly twantedaso do w get idnvolve in
8:13 am
k thin wthisesas ls a s otatefth n e unioanthwa it s an meargunnt ie som yswa. s heaid a'americnos ecomic in decl be is aunchf oit polical ho t air.>> 66%th of eca amerin pcubli rdaccooing t your ownl pol sa dis greeimwith h and t hinks e thtrcouny is on ang wro actrk. , lookisthas w aic polit al chspeean in agere whe wed nee ob prlvlem-sot ing nomore ov bl, iatingt'and iots bh desis. y wht don'guyou ckys knohe off t. bsd anivi'll g ae youn plexame. icamerisa m theost plowerfu onnatith in d.e worl y! ya oowhat ghed is t i poweref w usdon't e it wi.selyao chsth in eid mdle stea. an ires takan adv otagef ,us achinel m dtingownec alonomicly. we>> so in're gobeg to he t d' worls pon?liceme>> to. honato s fuld beinightsig isnd a ec prothoting trse pooef rugees st iarvingn risya. n'why ist nato doing atth? why?bo no ady canthnswer e esqu.tionm i' otiredf blngoviati ti polical .bs
8:14 am
al ov office nextim te ndarou. o >> s yeou'rti cricizing both ie partchs, whi isha wt nikki hay lestdid la night. >>ki nik haley is a good sohot tbe vp, by the way. n >>heow sti's getng czeriticid fo icr critgizin her party. e >>boverydy iset gting it cr.icizedd anasthat w thege stronstoi pnt esprobident deama ma last night. k knocit off.oc knk theol ideogy off, we've t gosseriouem probls . here pe>> sllcificarny goveor haley dsaidg urinanxiouses timt ian c bept teming tool flow the siren f call otheng atries .voices s she'ng talkiut aboal dond tr ump. s >>?o what p trumgemight t e blectedecause he's angry ando s t arehe icamereoan pple sos he' fl rengectian that ger. am>> is erica grany? is t whathat w -e want- >>look, angere can bd goo if itle toads prsooblem-lving. t ifanrump r as ata sndard tipoli, cianehe'd b at 6%. p trumat accurely gauges theoo mdof the co iuntry,sef rinlectg at th i moodn theub replican pr s ecinctayand m velery wlin w th
8:15 am
sso he'ng doiha tto t win. e is ht tha bicombasthe wn he ?winsm i'renot su. e if h is,e hwican't n the ragenel. o >> dliyou be beve heselieve e what h?says>> aer genal sense.t bulii beheeve makes icrhetoral stmi. akes ha >> wout do y mean?at wh's a rrihetocal mistake? ou>> y say we're going to ban all slmuims, otat's n t goingoel hsp u fight isis, h buteid dn'tnk thi it ou , xico che waslylearal tking ou abcot the mrruptexican rn gove wmenthehen al was tking ou abtex msicanng beiru dg erdealds ans thi andha tt bute hdi dn'trt aeiculatt i wlel ou engh. s >> doeo he d othatnur p,pose ou thgh?>> no.he ot's n ali po.tician ok lo y, whenaou're llbie,ionairro ouse, yay can st whayou ,wantay ok?u yoilhave boflions ardolls.yo t u don'o have tk thinit out.>> y yes,ou do. >> no, youn'dot. y >>oues, y do, bill lyo'reil. h >> e's at%.36 ye >> ah.bu wt youravords here pownd a st you veill hao tbeou acclentab urfor yos. word >> not angccordith to e icrepublan lepeop.>>
8:16 am
ti queseaon r l quick. >>'t don w you tant tooualk abt li "kilng anreag"? ut >> b ack quist queion too .thoughdo runald ts mp thisweek i en opsing hiig campanes ralli withru bce stepringsonen s g in"born the "usa, a dig at ted cr uz. hi>> ts is upstid. >>t what par of this is ?stupid c >>caruz unn ror f idpresent. 'sthatit . s >>hao wt dtho you umink tr ips bsayingngy briingha tt up? o>> tim dinish ,cruzau becse he ni's runngga a thha's wthe ty do. li"kilng agrean.">> oo you tk usgh throu his oohollywd ,career the ups and e thdowns. u yogoro fmme bedti to nzboo to th ese profident ni the uted .states aswhat w soci fasnating about him? ag re nan waso . joke>> wa he s aow shallor act who thenec bomesne oe of th gtreates enpresid ats ofll .timew hotdid i pphaen? di how d it enhapp? cy>> nann reagala pyed a key , roleyodon't k?u thin >>g.binc
8:17 am
andcy nan cedhang from a real ha y,rpro fm a -- >> rphay? >>yeah,ho wn evety betor fd dn die't lik t intohis hero at dthe ene of th idpresent's otd so bh tracks havehi ts em trusendo utevolion, andt' thas whatna fasci mtedeut abo the almateri. e >> w sshouldt ay thaf some oth lee peop w thatorkh wit ,reaganeo gscrge hudltz, e miese pain arrticul,ay she tk boo ed work. with m>> youheake t t casehat an reag's anassassitionem attpt edaffect his ndmi set. co>> of turse idi d. >> nd at' thaats wh heeytht objec to . >> well, ,look as jackic nholson saonce id, y'tou candl hanehe t h.trut skjust aes lstley ahl who knows anreagll as we as rnaldfoeagan tughtghhrou this asissasnationpt attem and ili beateve th h madeim are gat ma n. h he ad torise,se becauwa he s soad bly hurt.>> thankyou,l bil reo'illy. ll >> aht rig, ,guys t fhanksor vi
8:18 am
c>> youlan cal me, lichare, th , ough. bill>> e com,on ron'se, dottt gheoetge t lae gmour ial cl byhe tir rsfit mena. y you,roou're se. >> ig all rht, o'lyreil, .thanks li"kilng re"agan is olen sa gh riw.t no bewe'll ig racht wali to itve w th cee unntrtai ies h of.ep c onor w..der. .w ..erhethho i sdul ek seat trement. ri am.eady be uscadae toe'y therrvs haoni. re a tivoluy onartmtreaent e for thommost cpemon ty hr of ceponic h catitis. ha i rvonrois p cven toure t up% o 99atof ps.ient.. ho...wha've pd no rior ea trt.tmen tit'snehe o and ly one cur'sthat... .. p ol,a nce day wfor 12eeks. rt cetiain paents... .. e .can bcure jd with ust 8 ofweeks ni harvo . h with,arvoni e' thernts no inerfero thand e ere arno le compmex regins. y tellctour doorf ihayou ve otliher orver ne kidoby pr,lems hi r v, orothe me l dicaitcond.ions aband alout el th me nediciu s yotake udinclheing srbalemuppl.ents ngtakiod amie aron hwithniarvo
8:19 am
co smmonefide s fectarof hvoni inmay e cluddntire ess, ad he aacheeand ws.knes ri am teadyto pu he bep c mhinde. ri ameadye to bd.cure ar u e yoy?read as hk your ep c ia specf list iiharvon ig is rorht f. you er evce sinry darfel's wi d startegausing ngin flis, r theiy laundrsmells mo zire aman ng tha.ever(s niff) ne hoy, is thn't heat t t dog'sowel? n(dogoise) m hey,l,i toweu stowel. mo cere snt pl xius o a boostrend feb.ze it b's ourinest ga ever! ug[ co h ] m nowhatter tyat nasd col mssymptoet you g , elalka slutzer ps qu lielid gs sh ruui liq rd fasttoelief yo ghur tousy cold . mptoms an od theyutsell ci mulinex gquid2 els .to 1
8:20 am
th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
8:21 am
>> paulia gmattind a od gong morni orgood mning k thanr you fongwatchiel chann i 2.i 'm anda.guevar h wemeave sonf new itiormaon m this..orningt . aboua 21 r--yeamaold wn thatucas strk a by o carw n ne dyear'say. no ree polics tell u othatn aysunde ... thowman, n fiidenti aeds eldevin e,deredg yo t u mighmbreme. er..reeldedge s wackstrua by clvehi te athe rsinteonectimc of re-card n ancr softates anier mid nght onew 's year day. no ree police believhe wasto ind xicatee when hhiwas t. ce poli t sayrihe d tver ofhe e vehiclllis sti being er coop pative.arolice e co ngntinuive to ine stigatthe ntincide . th and ice publti utiliesmm co iissionins holdblg a puic in heararg in ctyson cier latis thng mornie ... thsifirst nce ea incratsing rores fto cusmers
8:22 am
it crediciz n theerew svicech ndarge aun cut hofdreds jobs n here i. nevada en n-v ayergy sras the tein s creaseimare anportust becae so stlar cus omerencurrt tly gea bs su 5idy ofol12 d alars-- year h whicr regulaomcusterfos pay are hegiing be9:ns at 30 a-mat -u the pic-c off1-e at 150 eastwi m lliaetstre. of s ficialhewill t on voten wh toether ay delle impg mentin ne the hw rate. ikes me tiec to churk yods roa with r. thj. in e e "mor06f-m" 1.9 af trcefic nter! ho itw's ki loo tng outhere, r. j.? ac ntcideuc in tregkee, rayency w . at nalnationpo ave, ssiblede thlays. cere isonhain cs trol80 i-of west ck tru aeendt. m se rohw higsoay. alwi high ndad tvisory whroughvaashoe lley, i onnd-580 a95 old 3 high of prhiile ve aclesrore pd.hibite s let't send i tovero te meisorolog mt jeffz artinenow fo wer a r athe . update
8:23 am
bewe'll wi back thth anoerup
8:24 am
se n an penis inhe t .newsas k you rnow heyecentl rv inted iewe et to b onoutde,s reeve wants erto intview el noni. >> seann pen ,jokeie charl enan pn hasgr a teedno do a ieinterv w withyou. i t can'wait. a >> o lotf esqus.tion >> h, yeaot a l oftiques ons. as>> fticinang. >> an i ct't waio t hear. lc weckome ba to "iscbs th mo g.rnin"y yelp uncofoder jyerem seltoppman nsis iuride ore genoo rm to talk ou abumt conser re views. >>l pau giiamattta srsn i li "bil" he whatnse lear fromne o of the 'snation mostow plerfu ecpross.utor
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8:26 am
letwo mis beh neatthe ocsean' acsurfe. mlast conth frewsound the ec wr okagef a cargo sh. ip>> > theea simttle tores repts ri vezon edrecycl an oldbe numr l to aaw t.studen it as lted own to l sirloancet nobest k hwn foris song y"bab got ."back d anopthe g eninchline, arlieow kns, "i likeig bts butnd a i ot cann lie!". i' ll say it again. bi liketsig butnd a ino cant lie. >> id why du n't yohasay tt ye y?sterda d>> inoon't kw. >> id we d atl lite thning, i oucase y're wog.nderin >> id you dntn't meion that i blikeutig bts and it canno lie. ncsir laaielot sdy theoushld ve gi womenis h new ernumb. yo>> do wu knowhat youe wer ge intting reto, jemy? av>> i hdee no ie a wher you'rego thing wiso that ng! w
8:27 am
bentext tween yelp andig b bu tts. >>uc bkle up. ir>> fanst, pgfloustrintioducon. i >>u'f yorehi searcng for the p goodceor f pi azza, good toplace rn tu. . yelpmo nre tha 11 years,or me than 90 mi iollnri cestiqu andhe tyer cov 32trcounies. s withssuccees comor maj al chesleng. i >>y.'ll sasi buwnness oavers huse acced ye lp forom ctopetiinrs payg for ad cus and sstomer have faced la owsuitsgaver neretive s.view t ashebe num rr ofeviews s,grow so th does ke rist tha some are jeppmy stoelman ishe t focoofunder yelp. e. g >>toood re be he . r >> ir emembeouwhen y weret las year,o du yoreermemb what ye lp stands r?fo >> yelp, ywelloes pag. >>
8:28 am
to lpye t toheirs phonend a it re diffctly a pectse'eopls si bu.nessess waouthat yenr inttionrt staingba thck in e? day>> ut absolely.en wh you back to 2004 when yelp s watecreadd we hat jus the ye agllow p aes and bigoo bkf o ad wip yel youan c tapo intthe un commarity youndou.u yo haves thiir entey cit here yin nework andve erybody in sharheg tiror favite co retimmendaons. a >>nd t nheireegativ re encommondati s too.>> an how cou yru tst the ns coreumer s?view c>> howouldou y notst tru it ifth waere asn'tny tinegavity? ryif eveasbody w fives,star how yowould u gudistinish, like, a whatrehe tll rearey gat bu sssineo es sthe beauty of . yelp ecreflhets tl rea w worldhichs i th ode go t and bheadnd a a lot go of od. >> ha the cgellen s,comeho tugh, usbecathe somenting waai to gn e themsyst. >> that comit wh power. so asp yelom becesor mule usef lland mif ions o apeople re in rely g on,it then, sure, ev y erybodkiis loo fng to igure ho out w do i getr bette ewrevis? ihow do rank higher?st ju likeeb wsites like tok ran
8:29 am
>>hen i useel ypow h does itte dewhrmine viich rereews a the on oues y see? s>> it'ng lookith at e e thanqutity ofgs ratin andha wt arthe st ratings ien betwe 1 and5. d ann the awe areoklso lo ing at idwhat dyp you te in? y ifrcou seahor fet somhing if speckeic, lite i wand me so wthing,e e arngtryi to h matcplup to haaces tt are hi rghly. ated t >> aherelsre axao esmple of de tifamasuon lawits ande peopl ot wrgae netiieve rev ws andme sobodyas w fined ,0$75000. r anothewawoman res ordeayd to p 00$1,0ft aheer se mad aeg native ew revi.ho w is theon crsume otprected? avif i he a bad enexperi wce,hy n' cat ia is wi itassay it t's nogood? >>er c btainseusinessav hede tri c toreatese the gag seclaus, so lithey s ip itn there some of ptheaperk wor'r you seigning yb mae when you check i ant a l. hote ay it ss if you wteri agnythin
8:30 am
toha crgeou yn a e $ snat doee 't mak asense nd it ulwooldn't hd up in court. il a bl working itsay whr tough ng coo ress tt protecnsagait th at. >> an i w at toousk yut abo the stindutry arg lae,au becse you b haveeeven riry ctical of go ogle. t,in fac s youaid google has mp co lletelytsost i . mind i >>t has. >> how? >> it's reallyom comprised the umconser. pif youull up onou yrob mile e phon right now and do aea srch for, say, sushi nkew yor right he u're, youare actotlly nve en ge g ttinbthe we any .moreu' yotire getng .googlean led goog d'toesnsa necesrily hehave t r bestesults andon d't ve haes the bton cntte that open e tablheand otrs have. it used t ao bens tur ytile ou chsearooed g agle ind stentou y to b theplest onace eb the w and ho not t'w isor wkingno w. >> d whomeo you an gfoolingoogle? eye g >> hoogleasts iwn o yelp. b
8:31 am
as? >>he tvey haecn't nriessaly de itnied .ey thth said whis is arat we e go ing todo.e thftck tooak loo at it a agwhile o andas wfl conicted te in.rnally ofa lot ry mysteha what edppen t withochat press. >> why't donha they ve aig bger ngchalleer? he>> ty doe havaen chall igern l loca iwhichs . us>> w i kno but you knowha w'mt i yi sang.e thtymajoriar of sesches i on og gole. n >> arketwoec efft to you get m doreata youom bece ntmore intellige and you become ar smd ter anallows youo t serve etup breter thcause reey ain makog s much mo thney yerap d theltefau er evreywhe.wh iten wuh yoyp te in a web se oarchoun yr ionphuee, gss wh uere yo go? igstra ht i thatecs b gauseoogle isg payin nsmillio and monillisf o drsolla topp aleha to vet tha tiposion. ou>> y'repo supgrtin ltiegislaon rothat ptects whis is msingin onloe t ec prott us?>> n, i mea onef othe main areas that wfoe are iscused y fairl ch
8:32 am
en ars perion wretes a haview tts i yb mae atr conaloversir o ga nesotive, memetisis buness ne owt rs wan to sue.them ofa lot s statell actuaavy he ve onry strgro piotecttns tha w allourthe coots te takka quicok lohe and tw n throatout th ui lawst. thbut arey vy byta ste and we dwoul loveo tseeha ttut p in veat ee ryoneris covthed in e samey.wa er >> jemy stlmoppe gan,reat to ve hat you a thee.tabl >> s thankavfor hing . me>> nk thau. yo pa ulma giatti is in o urto gyota rreenoomh wit ane s akpe tek ais h new drama
8:33 am
w seehatis h roles ind >> n> iteedso tbe sterrong. iav he a ponassi for it. and are lik this faintme sll of pa asanragus ked li aty nut sechee. >> wow.>> rasteswberri?>> yeah.>> good? y >>eah.>> not the eechse.>> y putour glassdo wn. ow >> hut aboha tt? paulamgi'sattira tilf o a wine ve loder ma itar cle hedi leang maman alteri. henow st is ngeppio int the d worl fofastac pe fceinan in ne his swhow "bs.illion" la he pys a.s ayorne who tu
8:34 am
down ali bilayon mor heundgef dma annager de her pis a. review e >> hs i ak foler ho in t his town. ehe gav theew nk yor city re fitefighhors sp aun hdred iomilllln dolaars st year. gpoliceave a himqu plae at ndgrouo zer hwithamis ne on it. - >>gn- sioms ce . down>> t' thay s whovi le you, mgoodoean d tsn'to ry t akill h fres.bull wayou it u hntils e ha sbeentuck w a fes.time nian opesng ima s allnde w get e th hmomentise et gblta leike e thrsothet , bu inoterf the is ch a ance we selo. l>> pau amgi watti, elcomeback. ha>> t,nk you sir. j>>caust beomuse s mebodyay notve haea hrdbo auts thi esseri, i whats it?yo u play?whom i >>la phey t.s u.or attney for e thrnsoutheic distrewt of n whyork, wich ishatan giulii wasan
8:35 am
ng tryitc to cah ate whiol clar im crhainal ttia damn lewis pl ays. >>il bonli hairefuedgend guy? >>ho ws ila pyingns iide rm info ation. ha >> wt t aboufethe reerenc to "5 0de shas of grey"?>> myha c hracteras a te ininreststg lifendyle a reinteg stin fideaor allho sws ca bealuse l showss iut abo ncdominae and plaarticurlye mal mi do nance. nd >> aen betwe t the wo and r? powe y >>wees, por. e >> h has ami subssion ?gene >> he has aub sn missiogene us beca he heo as tbe inol contr m so auchnd wvee hao tbe nadomiont s chmu. >> pa ,ult i opensit wh aky kin sex ensce.we k don'tu'now yore u a .s. rn attoey.en wh you read that e,scen you sa aid iutbsolcaely dnnoto th is? >> no. bs i ayolutel want to do isth! i'm lyreal,ea rlly keeo n t dois th! ur>> o guy.>> a cndanou yil fm it? y
8:36 am
w>> doeee ndno ather keca? el>> b ieve,mehe ty tied me up sa and wid you tant iteright? wai kes, li, t no, his isfa tintasc. w itasdi increbly xirelandng a i t don'f know is that ieth onreactie you'rpo sup tsedo . have>> o, n arch lie.>> 't don give himny a s.idea >>l, paue i'vr neve tbeenied up. dwhatu o yo imean t'slare?xing i >>nk this it' -ou- y'veev ner beenup tied !>> oe how ds that elfe? t' >> ise likwa sngddli a .baby ini thenk wh d you tohaty the fallleasep. asit wre incy diblrenglaxi. i>> was-t - no >> ,s it wa not. ibut --s t waon at. se u yo got toerrememb, is f i wa e alonsowith dymebo. >> y tyingou up? >>yes.bu e't theruys 50 gnds arou h ere th wim boo mikesnd a makeup es ladist and uff, ,sono ,t i sn waro't euttic bs it wa xi relang. ha >> tatt's wh its say about cyourctharaer. . >> yes>> ft aller as thi dceominan a rt paim of hds nee to be larexed. y
8:37 am
ohave t d makeioecisns or s.choicee tie mhiup' wt methith hie tng wan't hant to thve any ing to h do witit. b >> iecauset turns me ?on >>yes, atwh,everel rsease so inmethg. he >> wnda dime men amiahewas re, wvee ha e seen tinthg.yo da and smiane aid, w wknowho twinse.hat on >> ?really i >>ri'm shatng thah wit you. om>> sebodyai sds it'ik le two go asrill in theho wle inthg. >>el modered aftga fa rerdar fer h.ra e >> has h a mandate for his of oifice gerng aft g thesenuys ipa arrticul. lit'satike th is onef ohis ic partularus foces. r othe tthan, gohat i t tot mee m. hi >>d?an as>> i wpp aheroacitd wh how y funnasit wha and wt ioo tk and o said tguthese ys,ut pum hor inis
8:38 am
atre relable. rw othe ise -->> ab it's poout wer? om >> celplety aboutpower.we po mr is aoneynder pow is sort ol of p piticalower perse. ro >> prssecutoe hav power. e >>snormouun amofts o power.>> ov the genernmst id behin . them g>> theenovernmt areli infalble a in senset wha theye choos to os pre ecutwhand heat ty don't oo chose tro ptesecu is an edincr pibleower andt whay the oo chose t let i go isblncrediy l paur rf poweul. ou>> y t said,iphat clay you s iwa s 12 back then. t >> i hink iwas. ly real?>> youdo . >> when you l aook t,that what ou do y? think s that lort ofdaunche your re caer. enffert way. bisponsin lity i.that ha i d age bigr part, just ra litebilly a ggerrt pa. n>> whee peoplre a lngooki for paulma gia fttior a ,role what eyare thng looki for? he >> ty cand fine mer vy lyeasi.m i'avvery e.ailabl >> y butkou worll a the time. >> iry t to. h >>ow l hongast iee bn when re you'ho witwout rk? v>> notloery
8:39 am
ldon'tike to not rkwo. n' i do wt knowophat perele a in lookg for. ysyou gue hav t toell me.i ll reayon d't know. k >> inow tarhey ooe l fkingor le ta gnt andood acting. t >>'dhat i like to th ink. i >>de'm wonrga bagge archr.acte on>> i d't . know >>o d you byna persolitynd a by sedgestugge insomethg?>> yeah, ise suppo so. i play o sortf -- stupido t say mp codlicatepl peo beseecau th 'satin unsttereing part. 'sthat t allhat means. i so r don't keallywnoha wt apeoplereoo lking fo r.>> ou but y're happy tehey ar ok loing? ea >> yh. ou>> y hctad aited whia damn s lewirebefo. >> i d.ha je wel ju ."liet>> t whayodid ayu pl? >>re the it is.i aypl ted gheuy whoed screw it up. as it we a w.we it made al in itluy incde was ry ve nice. d >>uo yot wan toba come ock t te theaalr at l? y >>es. d i di ay plaut abo three years
8:40 am
and so ild wouit definely like d unmore f. >> i whys ?that >> b iecauset's ?live y >>eah.u yogetre to ihearset. e >>very ghnit!>> e sam thing every night. y >>woou're orkingnt ive ery gh nit.>> 'r youaye s tinghtonig i will tebe bet ir than l wasast t?nigh>> ul hopefealy, yh.. yo ku just -eep it-s it' not al re s thethame die au ienceser nev the same.ev hierytngs i erdiff ent. >> big ufstf. v >> erynice.>> y thankou. ha>> t,nk youul toeat e hav you here. >> > "bs"illionre permi sesdauny
8:41 am
inmorng." t' is a buleautif day t >> dhat ioest for us. tune into thecb "ins evenwsg ne"wi
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ofwicials n ll then vote owh toether i delaymempleg ntin w the neikrate hes. selet's ovnd it o er tme olteorjeogist tiff marw nez nofo atr a wedaher upte. od
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