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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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th wioo a lowk at hit long took uyto bow a p terballanicket d wh lat theerines we like da toy...d anelpaul n hson is tere inhe ud stitio wokh a loy at whnevadado otes nti partecipath in e y.lotterin er d, what tid youf hink othe oulines e t thertoday? a i gotta.tell watn't thba y.d todahi notikng le the s linea fe ysw da u agorep he. bubut sssinee herwas dysteaal....y l da. longth s is ibithe t ggesicameran pojackert ev. ....toand se thobu iyingthn...s is iala reigly b . deal ho g?w biso bi....atg thpl peoree we lined veup efon behere tte lotry oofficed peneolat gh d ranc y.toda-- s -natilof f olingarut c--ds-- b so.tig..e hat thy lottersigns n' caent evt lise threal ou am..nt.. -m -- aoney cndass-hier----so t bigithat n eveacattrted bi sg tv..tarse .lik..this.. onatsisf kr..ten.0-60-81.
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ay okt thaacwas altu alyl pooof ne moomy fr n theooewsrm... -k --enristay: oke'...wonre g nan! wi d anyoeveruyne bing in be.... tlieves..hat. t ?:ishis w thenginni mb nu.rer.. : erinthgot nne winuing ? mber m: ti m yes ra'amight re hese...thehe are trs winne. er theye th." are : erine got thnuright mbers?ma " ria: shopeo er woin: thrth ive dre? ygoeah od g toutet osm of toall wn em winn" ucca herinthave ghe rimbt nuers? ui loolse s:"arnof osecourdo we a. ee.. thres gamer! thu e yogo." itim:il'm w tlingaro sh'me. i y happhato soure.y g wannao to ri paths wi t us.s hat' wfineith ." me ge mchee:" t re xt ytimeeeou si' me e ll ba nabillioirate thha's wm t i' intalkut abo!" t ineeruck l the wines'terenve onry ut iedseem er ev wyoneamho ctoe ins thi7-11 a had erlottcky tin et or thei . listitand ens bee likthatfo ysr da. he otj:r rart"staited we h thline hein tk bacaland oul arhend tst 6ore.op0 pen le i alinet a me tind...a d allonay lomg fr 9 t am:3o 10 n0 at. ightra esj:"yayterdso we ld 6- $5sathound 4ol12 d!"lars ay oki'..... m in in er a: $2ic tt kei can get fi ve?" in erat: whuc's lraky? i j...tellyo
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wr laolence s yarno:"erou nevow kns thi mjust bighte e thone! m: ti e shootlfven hath of n is i sh ca w andbee'd ti sitren' ptty fo e r quitimsome te." yand ifn'ou didt t gecka tiet st and ntill wa.. in.y'.then re o ilsale tth 7....awe dring is efjust b8.ore o butf ur co.ise..on'm ginna w. ngveri b thetoig s.ery..rin br cheen 2 annel news. da nevaon is se ofteix stas that otdoes now all l the. ottery f inheact, t c stateitonstn utiorb foitids an -- 'sd thate why wse e os th le longf ines opeople on th r e othef side ordthe boer. pa soul nelinn jo ls us tive inheud stteio, afinr talkg to erlawmakt s abouu why yot can' a buy alpowerbetl ticke in th ssilvertate. -paullo- the isttery d banne , here'sbut itor not fac a lk of
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er it c itainlyrisn't ksten. a timee nd tim tagain,hele urgislatdre has d afteina jot tiresoluo on tgechan the ti consontutial to e low th y.lotteran ad timee nd tim--again it do maesn't h ke mucy.headwa tduring11he 20-5 and 1 atlegislssive se- ions -the bi dills edn'tmaven t ke ito a te vo. y lotters ticketli lines heke trese aur a sgne si th heat t ires sta ngroem dd an lofor y tterettick ts inhe lv sitaer sante. atd thun amots a to lmoot of inney beftg le for ou igr ne thbore o th. west bz bo aien "ithlways ouink ab t whit, e en w oget tothne of ese po alwerbhals ttst gebe to so mu yoch, oru do st deof wonr how e'much winre lostog out fo calirnia." in t 2009,sehen-asn mblyma n bobziee was on sof thes ponsorof l a bilouthat wreld've pealedth tte lobaery han. talt's heso t st lae timotit got a ve -- si ealyng passie in thlyassemb. nbut itenever w at toe votinth nae sete. bo n bzie i"thea detowas say , 'heys let'ndfi ohaut wt nensvadank thif .' i wtheytoant anchgeon the ciostitutben, maywe ul sho td havetihis opon." or suppayters sot the loutery cldge tenerato up mi 80 n llioll dos arofue revenea per yr,
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he otayrs s a thet mounucis mh lo awer --oend davsn't hghe enousi upjude to thstify . e riskse tan. gusnevson "ouvada wotld n en get onough m beythack ldat wouma t ke tha abig ofre diffence, i li be neve. tot forunhe amot of nemoe y thsllegie atur iputsnto uc edn,atiory evee. tim" st guvoavson aited age nst th lo ttmeery whasure waen he s in 20the ss09 ay.embl s hemoays f st orethe e venu ragenecoted atmes e thesexpenof l the cower. lass g sen.onustavs's "ital usuly the or popl peom e, fro hwhat iear in re the , search pthatpeoor ople en spred mo o moneyern lotties th hean thy wealtnd do, ay reallhu e rts thpeoppule, hets trem moin ovto p tertyt hat don' ahavenymo " ney.ot shers lay aryotte would dcreateircoect itmpetwiion thga -mingat- thwo it reuld sult a in l netinoss s. job but tesuppor irs sayd t woulhavemi imnimal onpacts f one o ne bvada'sstiggeus indtries. iebobzpln "peodee unndrstat tha is tha is nggamite staat, thwe wa've aladys hin gam pg asart of h our bistoryheut trere a he otpor opitrtunouies ert the, ifand ad nevwaans o nt tbuy we potirball ck wets,hohy s'tuldnth e ey bo able ty buthem in ne vada?" in t orderd o amenthe co tinstitu- on -ina jot lu reso wtion hould pave toass th
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t and then gobao the llot. th nsat mea e theesarliout we cldpl eray pown ball ilvthe sier wostate auld behefter t20 20-ec el. tion ri cove bng the sigrytoe livine th, studioelpaul nhason, cnnel wstwo ne. th auanks pndl... a l for aook at exhow ntcitemeth over e po l werbalg drawinppis griing th tre counndy... ak a loobehind sc the f enes ottthe loery qu head..arters t. stay funedor "c the nibs eves"ng newh wit pescott colley- p ming ut next a six. we s sawraome thin on eye vallfl toorsmohis anrning e d we'r in gett og snowe ver th asierras or a stemm syst t moves. hrough olmeteoranogist chgela silling this in hee weaterr cent for onmike t. ight..laangeld cou we ge st moretenow lar on? shradar snows n ow ierthe sira li and inght rart in nohwest . reno tout atpohe aire rt ware tlcurrenhey in t0' low 4s. ercoolth in s.e hill h we doave n chaictrestri fionsoaor rdssh n aded iwipink. eanter wthervi adoesory g ts tillm.en pca shmeras snows ovow cered ysroadwang alo0. i-8ia especlly 60above ee00 femt. treperatus ll wi t be inerhe upp 20's
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clesdy skit . firs ohalff ra shdar snows thow in rae sieran t d lighn rain iesnorthwt . reno tout atpohe airarrt we e cu tlrrenhey in t0' low 4s. ol cother in lle hie s. we do hav n chaictrestriorions f roads ishaded. n pink wwinterereath ryadvisos goe ttillen pm. s cameras show csnowovered wa roadloys a-8ng iec0. espially e abov f6000 teet.tuemperares b willhee in t 2 upper0's aythursdng mornih witlymost cl kioudy srses. filft ha of r radasnshows thow in rae sier ghand li it rainhwn nortest re t no. ou aat the wirporte are tlcurren ty inowhe l 40's. ol cother in s.e hill h we do ave n chairirestnsctiooa for rds ed shadpi in wink. eanter wther vi adoesory g ts tillen s merasnshows erow coved waroadngys alo e i-80.llspeciay e abovee6000 fpet. tems raturewi e ll b uin the0'pper 2s aythursdng mornimo with stly scloudyfikies. lfrst ha of rrtomo wowl il. be dry
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ivtecte es havedarrester anoth ecsuspont in cn nectiowith aho demicier earliwe this ek. ye dastertiy depueses arrted 21 ol-year- sd reedorkenande, who stinves igatorresay fid the s shotmoearly ornday mning. he rg's chah ed wit amurderndbe heing itld w bhoutail. th ere shs iff'ceoffis saythe sh wootingn as aatt tempobto r vithe ..ctiman. grtkt wa..ins. heof tij mar huanatre was ying s to tell.hahis edppenr nea riwinddrdge anive ved had nwoo ur cojut - ftst aider mt nigh mo aynd. ti depuo es alsedarrest a jesusndle alian garcqu-manrin ez oaymond g mornina after easwat tm en thtered areir ap ttment.hey'rech wiarged ngth beiip princals tomu ndrder aai maintningg a dru house.pu deayties se morstarres are lepossibth - as ste inven igatioco s.ntinue sh wantoe coutiy depues are lo inoka g for spman suofected st domeatic b lteryekast we. a takek. loohi.. t ps is ahoto 4 ofr-2- yearmold nomian st thar awho isthlso ere shiff's fi ofarce's wedrant wnesday t suspecdafor toy. ivhe's f 1e foot160 and 0 un pods. i thisots a ph po of as reviou
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sputieshaay he rrs a waant fo str domeatic b wterye ith usofa wdeadlyineapon pa the snish risps ngeaarn onujay arh.5t kif youernow whs,e he ior call te rext secest witns. y rrentliginvestg atins shot atfired ar an aptmenlet compx on ee gre nbrae.drivta lke a..ook.ic poly e satheyre edceivti mulphple caone oflls ofock br greenunae aron d seve m this. orning olwhen priice ar tved athe ap t artmenx,complefo they und ra sevel l shels.casing i noienjur rs wereteepord. li poo ce dhanot sve actuspede ptscriation s thi..timet . bu ilare strvl inteiewingwi s.tnesse y ife ou havfoany inn rmatio cpleasee all th psparksolice de ntpartme5- at 7731353-22. noand ree policdehave iientifd a r-21-yeamaold atn th wasst y ruck bona car ea new yr's day. li poayce sin dever eldedgepa assedfrway isom hur injies nd suftay aonerno. w hetras sbyuck eh a v aiclet in the titersecmcon of acarrennd at socrunes arodnd mi oightn new dyear'snoay. ree police believhe
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hipo slice day theofriver the clvehiise oo crapengtiit wh the stinveioigatn. ar tianna:ithe ceny of ra o got rcnew palael of rond fshm waoe jcountyfeust a s w hourago... iai'm arnnnna be- ett- ti'llell whyou y at theo plan th do wit.. itng. comi 5 up at:30. e ths state'ertreasuces offi is ng giviy awasathou dnds ofollars y soanou ce savwhbig t en i ticomes seme to knd youids to e.colleg y.. how eou canhenter tdr g.awinin.. comg up. rsbut fi tt... iodayganvestitorsin is lou rianaseeleaw d ne il deta ts intodshe minthet of e ma atn who ptackede eoplat a vi moeae thr te jlastuly. hewho is pran ed ijohis l,urna r aftebrthe eak. "ye ou'rhiwatchang c 2nnel ..newsth. wist kriinen remgton, on landr, milleik and mr'e alges
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okloinarg ndouhe tat y todaitauthor lies innaouisia re nleased dew andinisturbg s detail lon theteafayetat theeroo shter. usjohn russel holeer kild two lepeop i andnj nuredotine hersla stul j- y rebefoni turnghe t on gun lf himsest. inveorigat s d founjohis l urnaheat tel mot e wherashe w ay stbeing refohe tot shoing. iinout, hseser praidyd n la of ro. ..mathe acn ofcused oo shngtind ail k nlingpeine ople at ou a sarth ca olin. churchli poelce be ieve hifspeclyicalrg tafreted ameican ansrica. us ho fer'ssaamily hays he d a hi ofstory l mentas.illnes r aftetta lie le morwothan tar yeirs on a n - theanews chnel zeal- jaerera ama icisin shuttg wn do. de the wcisionouas ann tncedodayat ff a stae -widinmeetg - er
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t esiden'bkate oairian sd th steir la w day bouldl e apri30 th. th ce newselhann b hadeen ff sufrering owom lin ratcegs sin la its unch - er avbeaging 20tween sa- thound 40 and us-thoviand peewers r day. y todal on wal sstreets tock in conttoued de sli a after badst tart toeahe ystr la beosing ll do the niw fi dshedipown trlegi diints aga.. todaypi. dropng 364 po tints-to 16anhous5.d 11 e th tlastthime rke maadet h apl tungebihat nog, ks wn aa re"corn"ctiowa on trll s weet,as st laus augnet. eanrgy nsd coumerst bocksthore une br tt ofhe wite crudl oitr g adineaat n dr 30rsolla aba ..rrel f. in mact,feany ar bgoupankrt. an and sgelalichililng whal ve a a look ft yourasorecomt, cing up next. t but.firsme.. an ricaorsails wh weo etre dd aineraby in e ar ibackern am hicanands
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ffs. olsicia a sayha mecl nica kdbreacaown tusedoahe bts d to iriftannto iriaten wars. riranseeleasad the afilors ter ld hothing rnem oveight. "kerry:diall ins cation oshowur s sailor wweretaell reken ca of ro pd vide bwithetlanks an odd fod , anstassiited wh ei thrnr retu teio theer flt ieearldar toy." ir ran'sutevolryionard guale reheased ttose phos of e thu.ten ais. s rlorsinelaxg --so veme en ilsmg inhi w ilen r theiy.custodai the s wlorsere eltravfring uwom ktoait ra bahinat t theanime red wetu capred an ad heldrat an i bnianonase is the f land niis iraeran gend,al sai ve "we'ud conclt ed thae passagofam aneric os inatur wwaers t s no ho storile e fornaspio tge."he s crewnoare aw at. u.stamiliry baseth in lfe guer, wheye th ll wide be d briefeanved giir the iovers en ofs.vent. u.snavy ci offialy s sa'rtheyw e no ve inatstigwhing xaat e wctlyent on wrovg. cg erinstthe jory,ohn tt
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et secr sary ofohtate jy n kerr es exprs sed hiudgratitrae to in eifor the r quotop'co-ioeratn in y swiftlinresolv mg this" atter. "c elhanns 2 newuecontins with te meisorologlat angeil schling'spi 2npointas forect!" ra owdar sh is snowe n thrasier ghand li it rainhwn nortest re ouno. het at trt airpoe we ar en curr ttly inowhe ls. 40'co n oler ithe ll hidos. we ch have ain re iostrictorns fds road shadeinnk pier. winter weathor advisy go l es til. ten pms cameras show sn ovow c rereds oadwayalong i- es80. alpecively abo 6000 . feetattemperilures wn l be i up the 'sper 20da thursrny moing th wiy mostldycloues skit . firs lf hato of wmorrow dill bery. fu sttureca s showshowersta ngperi t off tonighthroughth ayursdni morteng. afh r luncto smorrowginow bethns in e ra siereg and btoins ll spi over heinto tle valery whe mp teureratiles warl be wmer. ikjust ly.e today mainlrain tout atpohe airh rt witsomeow sn i mixedr n fonothe t rthwesde siwn of tone. our text sysm li
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s veryantrong std mol wilbera owdar sh is snowsin the errad anralight n in ihwnortest oureno. het at tpo aire rt ware tlcurrenhey in t0' low 4s. er coole in th whills.ave do he n chairirestnsctiooa for rds ishadednkn pint. wier he weatvir ad gsorylloes ti ten. pms camerasnshows ovow ceredad ro aways ilongsp-80. ey eciallov ab00e 60t. feera tempetures ll wiin be pp the us er 20'th mursday worningstith moly dy clou. skieshafirst lf of mo to wrrow dill betury. furecast shshows s owerritapeng off t tonighugthrourh thsday in mornerg. aft t lunchw omorro b snowinegins ie the sd rra an ns begiil to sperl ovo intthe ll vareey whera tempewitures ll ar be wusmer. j tt likeoday. rmainlyouain tt atpohe airrtth wisn some edow mixr in fothe hw nortdeest siwn of to. our ysnext sngtem liroers thugh fr oriday msening. daven owy shs gh hi ts inowhe ls er 40'wsand lone ezar free ing. wevhave seral em systngs movion in, ne look
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d ulevarnoright w. at wer-helared teugslragish tfficco nsnditioun aroe d thlake weler sevlaal p tces inheea arin starteqg to rhauire cins. 1 43 theaded. o mt aroses wellas w i- 80 test of. ruckeeplan r foa extr ttraveln imes iplacese thr weathetiis hitatng. th's alo t ok aaftrfic. mi uw ..hocayou ssn poiblywi san thou dnds of follarsrom th ate steae tr'ssueric offe bypl ngannind to seki your ds to
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aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we,
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ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. er evs yone iintalkt g abou g winninwethe po brball,heut treis ra one d ywingavou he way obetteratdds ni winf ng - iyou gn si cd itefan benr it youkids! is ky ss son hatathe deonils how st the reates t'sasurere officwa
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e.lleg it n'so alpowerbpol jackt, but er th ae isfe dif krentofind loerttgoy in ag ont'nd ie s on anthat cou get ydsr kiea one yr f ofcoree e llegiotuitn by gn siuping a forad nevepa praid iotuitann plou thrhegh tte statr ereasuff's oice. n daarschw"itz, u f yollenro by ar januthy 31, llere wion be e wi n nner irtthe no wh, oneinner sin the, outhwiyou all getar yee 's freiotuiturn cof tesy oth ste e atsutrea" rer. th 'satne oea ys r'iotuitatn he t encurrtet rach whiva is aluedt x sisathouwend ty ntthree do nllars.thow, arere rae sevel di enffers t typensof plae -- som cayou ken mame payonnts --ot ouhers yay can plu in ummp ss.d anouwhen yup sign he for t va nepada pretiid tuilaon pn, the en currict pre tiof tuion is t lastrsen yeagr, the eatestcr ins easeriin phaces is beenn co tullege " ition.e thertreasuic's off ae saidofs to y,day onl20le0 peope hav been
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ju igst supned t heridwo bacieghelin "eri-idmy ke s ar an 9 . d 13iti wa led ae ittltoo la stte to thart ane pl w. itould ob pr hablybeave eten btoter st enart wh therey weie babs orev efen bthore reey an. bor but ve neter lan thavene" r. jat.ckpo.. t bupathe fyoffwirom g nninthisdr g.awin o..inayne w or an r.othe a..isli bilimon tes ricoveheng tto s, ry skysoisn, r fonfmore ionormatie on thdi t fferene collegn tuitio ng savis s planw and hon you cabe d entereheinto tng drawi for a 's yeartu free hition,ead to .c ktvn'vom. weupe set in a lk fo yor thu ere. daamanhe:tli pubilc uts itieco simmisedon votet on whher or to not r delayhiate fokes r r solaercustomdas tohey. t ondecisig cominneup at xt. ia ar'mnna: ina ariantt benne--ll i'yo tell t u aboupaa new rcel l offoand cir the rety of no... wh and y at the tplan wo doith
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%.
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thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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"t ishis nn cha nel 2ews,co gevera c yountan cou on" amayor:sell thovo in faayr, s .' 'ayeye "a." thall poose opsised? "lence" onmoties carrimo unaniusly. ju and e st lik. that..tythe ci enof rteo's y rritorligot a ttle t bi. bigger th why je cityanust xened a sm rtall pash of wantoe couy... igis tonhaht's c 2nnels newbig or st 5y at:30
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ed passio a mottsn at ing meetito briroing a ughly 73 re0-acce parinl with city mi liodts. gong eveni-- i'mla ilndon mler. d anisi'm krmiten u ank yor fostwiaying uke tak. a loohe.. tce pare l we'rta g lkint.abous .. iemin lmon eyvallon... h bots sideof dlemmon..riveee. betwn pa n and ogon evboulard. ia ara nnnnbet etinjouss ow nve lim frowsthe neitroom wh a a looktht how ane chouge cld ct affeen residarts... i?ll weho the swert ans. r is..this sidecihoon s huldn'tchave mupa imn ct oderesi ants...t t leasin ho the sm.rt teror.. accding au to pnzl mckethie... e city ci counerl memb r whoseeprents arthat ele parces in qu itionnes owd a byop develwher... keo mcnzie sa cysamare forwasd and toked be ex ann iedntcio the ncty. sie cithe s ty iedrequirro... thugh tiautoma..c aid.pp to suly icservthes to eae arwa anyy... nzmckes ie saycithe desionwa . s easy m paule:ckenzi t "whenhede r velopeo came t sus andaid , 'heyuli woked lian to innex to e th, cityacand lytual f payor e thicservhaes tu't yooire gng p toderovi' me,asit w a
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