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tv   Channel 2 News This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thiee storyos top ewur ns gh riatt now a- 4:30 aym. tod is sdthurjaay, 14nuary 5., 20-1 go niod morm ng, i'otjohn pter. i'and dim anra guevaks. than for ti starr ng youthday wiel chann 2 hinews trns moing. t' let s star qwith aoouick lk atth ree foitcast worh metet ologis mjeffz.artine mo lostly cdaudy to hy withighsin 0s the 4or. a stemm syst moves s in thiooafternevn and ening fo s r area nmainlyf orth orenowi wth aadind uvisory 7p frompmrp sullise vaouey thrdagh friy rn mouring. oy stormr weathepa cottern s ntinueh througthe ek wed end anexinto n! t week wssad nepo to rehirt trns moing. sfamilyitays brtoish acr alanck ritaman, star of sge and 'h
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ks than jeff. e therthare g ree big winninti ..ckets.he for tre record-baking on ine pollt 6 billion doar alpowerbpol jackt.e oninwinnckg ti set was aold at7- to11 sn re io chins hill 'sthatut aboho an asur e lt ofosan s.gele nd hu gredsreathe td atsthat ore elto cteebraat. th 7- w 11geill mit a n llioardollnu
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nu boses for g llintithe cket. tw heo otd r granwiprize nning ti weckets d re solboin melurne t.out ye'l..they 6l haves month d too so. osfor thoue of yid who d notwi yn...ayou mbe also in grousg t abou thavingelo travth over e st liate o ne tlobuy a ttery . ticket inevadaofs one six esstatt thaotdoes n t allowhe er lottfay. in ouct -- e r stat tuconstirotion p ihibitst. 9,in 200a nevadlyassembmen edproposl a bilepto rtheal at erlottn.y ba 'sthatth also te last gime itot tea voea -- psily iassingn the mb asse blyefinore dyg in ana semite comcrttee. saitics y ttthe lo iery isctn dire etcompn itioamwith g wing --hilesu tepporayrs s i thet mpacd woul t noucbe mndh, ald couen gerate re
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eathe ierle st wd coulplay we pol rbaladin nevd a woulbe r afte20the el-20 -ection- nc sicoe a tunstialtionng chae d woulhao ve t tpass hegi leurslatice tw ae in, rowand a beveppro vd bys.oter le cht's ineck with te meogorolffist jene martiz for fi a lorst t ok athe we ather. m good, orningjeff! mo lostly cdaudy to hy withighs t in. he 40sm a stor msystemoves hi in trns afted oon an inevenr g fomaareas orinly nth r oftheno wi w ad inviadp sory u fr tom 7pmfro 4am . idays wind uswill ghet in tmp 30-65e h rangla igte tonowht. snwe shorers apo fssibleasor aree to thnorth -4with 1ss" po aiblethround e rp sullise vaouey thrdagh friy mo g.rninto our satrmy weher pa n tteruecontinugs throh the
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an thf.ks jef blthe putiic ueslitiss commiion de mais a dec wion on ohetherr t noayto del n theatew rs e hike so for stlar cuomers.te
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rsony the c p-u-dedecid to geao ahthd wian it t d no e paushithose hikes. ts was siafter s x hourmoof ealtionnd a mesometiy s rowdontestimh y, witop s ponentsiexpresceng conrnov iner loslug vahee on tir ihomes,esnvt,tmenob and js from sothe inlar rydust. te onstimweies lsre aaro hewnd do l inasas vege , whervione moe r actosoand aclar ativistskedth l e paneonto recthsider r eici desion. ma fark ruftolo. acisr: "th is hag eninovall heer td unite st yoates. bau are y sicall es regrndsing ae you'ritdoing . yo thu are ice publli utitymm co. ission. public fthat'sirst."de e spitsathe dil,pprova thepa denel fe tnded dheirioecisn on is the sue. hopaul tchmsen, pairmant uc: "ies doken't maco me unblmfortae to totry ct protef 98% ontresides s in thiwhstate n'o dovet ha nette men ring orotheir i cink weinan fbad a "
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inallengr g thei. ruling th and oe city jf renot ust goa le litt b bitr.igge r.. theeno ty ciil councy easil apassedti moteon yes. rday..ngannexi aro 73ughly p0-acrefrarcel om cwashoeounty.e th iparcelems in lmon va ..lley b. onsioth ofdes le dmmon..rive. be patween iatricivn dr ae...nd boregonrdouleva. pathe irceld s owneby a ve who ao ed tbe xeannetod in c theity. nc sie e th icityqus re..ired. ug throtoh autimac taid...o ly suppvi sertoces re the aa an . yway..l councis membersaid dethe easre ntside vs havecooiced ncerns anabout re incinase their s. taxeit but cciy offis alsay at th't isnas the c te, andhere llis stin a plauito borld me me hohes in t area. ve howeher... tel dev hoperas not suyet tebmitnad a fi fl planor pr the oject. av roerage ipund trne airliti arckets cte expehied to t a th yeree tar lownthis moheh as tno reoe tahpo airs rt seea ti draseac incrtrse in s.aveler is ky sisson th in ioe stud with
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pa and r ssenge aspikest our ai t.rpord gooinmorn. g ky go modnior jnganohn and di and veto edyrybog wakinhiup t. s us ho the pppper aze analyios billns ghof fligats to enuge wh best p toasurchure yots ticke. ey tht jusasrele ded newata ic predhating td t rountrip et ticks priceotwill bt tom ou mthis aonthvet an aworage thu anndred dod ten llars. su as ueyal, thst will eadily seincreasp into ndring ar summe em as dcrand ineases. nsbut coarumers cte expeed to wesee loesr pricus than ual.y? wh? kubrian "wlpin- u'hat yore ng seeih thougt is thafuel hprices tas hiteshe lowl t leve ey thse've yeen in ndars. a why ithat'sntmportahe for tai , rlineslmit's a post 50nterce irof the o costsf a mosts,irline is fue " re heme at hoth, noe re tahoe atinternl ionaoois bmindng a saw e onrehundsad thoue nd mor ss parsenge15 in 20n thain ..2014 f.the yirsttoear r yea
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no i thereirs no dect co atrrelbeion n tweeettick espric t andnche ie reasin enpass bgersulut kispin in sayg at th r thensegioco enogrmic owth la is p mying aarajor pt inpa r ssengeseincrea..s.tonot me antion,s irlinediadling fghtsto ro and f lm renod eft ant!righku "wlpin- u'hat yon ve seeiswe de'ev adg d 5 bis flighturto o itcommunhay, we arve volh is witgu aratalej ba, jet nlue inewrk yo w city,vee hase boi, anoaklhad. we ngve oratye counat thee has bd.n adde" lo our rpcal ai dort iselefinity gr anowing red so ane airliof prits. ai the e rlinstindury is po reg rtinoi17 pilnt 9 blion s dollar iin netfoncome r 2015an eyd th t sayckhat ticeet pris pe drope d thret percenealast yr, iswhich b good,tiut salll pes c insoomparihen to t i dropprn oil ices. ky n, sissoel channew 2 ns. l stile to comhaon c 2nnel news
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us plve- de nlopingt ews ouof neindotosia t.nighhe.. wt re ain sidonenia whe at le seast peven aopleeare dd owfollteing isrrortat atincks th cee ernte of thtrcouny's tacapie'l. wavll hlae the , testaf thter e eabrk. 'r "youtce wa ching 2hannel news mthis worninghnith jor, pottean uedi gva araetnd mroeostlogi ff jeti mars nez'oipinpnt 2 re
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om welc. e backtalet's ooke a lk e at somaknews mading helines
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t, firs l sevenngeadiub replican id pres centialteandidares squa f ofghtoniout in sthca naroli t....inixheir sth ba def te ocathe gnmpaiso sean. te laolst piols in w wa shoted uz cr o aheaddof tnaldrump.. h .witrumarco inbio trdhi. d anrsthe fis t voteowin ie a ar tt a lie le morwothan t weeksaw ay. refor mois on th, storyn tune i -bto chi-s trns mofoing inllowg r ouowsht am.7 a- pr enesidamt obnta cos inuetoll sede the iraas he n ised ihis fiatnal sthee of t a unionddresstu y esda ynight.rdesteay thees prtrident edavelom to aha,ne ..braskand.spetiing h me wita fa mi wly whoo rote touhim abt th ere danglis of chamate cnge. da to'ly - heicl parte ipat ain wn to hl alt evenin r baton, ougelo anuisia. loand g okinndarou w theorldno aw...ast levet see n ardead i --dincluneng oic pol aemannd ve fiac att -kerste- afr pl exnsosioke roce d thercent of rtjakaa.
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bear the t tget oferhe tstrori ta atnecks. oth of tse blas edoccurrth near ede unitio natns qu head tartersthhere. ree ic sumbide botaers at ackedne sarbyuctarbks. e thtrcouns y ha obeenghn hial inert en recekt weits, wh po aliceilnd my itarsefocud on tt hieaing ndst iiaonesoun grps at thpo suprt isis. ng comi c up on 2hannelth news is me
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te afe r th om welccke ba. tu torning ig campa6 n icrepublsian preiadentl nd cacaidate orrly fiina is du sche hled toa old htownall inno resu this nday. r hegncampaith says t e evenwill atstart .. 3 p-m t. athela e keridgougolf cubrse clhouse, te loca21d at 1 c8 golfourse s ere'edno immnfiate ionormation gi if reonstratiqu is reiredto
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yoedpostth on deose tails. infior aa issclso lehedud toho tld ahaown lall in gas ves methe sa day. ne and ttvada ageorney l neraadam xa laavlt ge his rs endot.emenr ..fouzted cr. alaxaltncnnouised he choicon a ve las digas raowo sh. y you ma hrecallste horued cz an ndd a ha oful ofther idcand aatess t hiuebasq i fryn au . gustaf thter doe enenrsem tt...he va neocda demparatic rty izcriticaxed lanalt uzd cr forei thcer stanmi on imn.gratio.. onand nd gay aan lesbiam anerics. nn "chaewel 2 nins contthues wi ormetet ologisarjeff ms tinez' ntpinpoior 2 ft,ecasca broadst iecertifhed by ter ametican mgieorolocal ci soety!" ly mosty cloudwitoday hsth hig 4in thest0s. a storm syesem mov hi in trns afted oon ang evenin eafor arlys mainth norre of noth wid a winryadvisoom up fr 7pm amto 4da fridsy. wingu will st 3in theh 0-65mplarange te t.tonighsh snow s owerare ib poss ale for trease o thnorth th wipo 1-4" assiblethround e is surpeye vallgh throuy frida in morn sg. ourwetormy ather
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y happrt3rd bio hday tgegeorva sko. at thh wisamfrom mdya, dad, er sist s and. issy ha rtppy bio hday tinlynn medew . at thco wish ommes frwi your fe le shely. i sendurn yoth birquday reests k to t-t-v-neao be fontured ai cr. youchan reath us h roug , e-mailr regulaormail, by le a aving aivoicememl on o hd birte.ay lin d ane we havitan excpring toize aygiveaway tod h. weurave fo ettickhes to t s sheephow nv co aentionrtnd spopoing ex at nothe res -sparkticonvenon er centsh. the oweep shtu feares 00over 4it exhibuns on h, ting rmtaxideily, we dlifreand mo. it
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the ugh th23. al be c tler 22tho win ose ck tiets. il stoml to chae on c 2nnels new isthni mor. ng.. w hoe onryvepe salcies re cug doar
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lc weckome ba f. timee or tak2... iestor ts werehink a a worth nd seco look. rs fif t, i lyou're fookingor ab, jove we haha one tbet may rt wocah reloorting f. at
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vi. inia..kiis loo gng foroat ersnuggls. 's thatke no joe ... thn farm i be ale marltycounec exptsut abo 90ne wbatorn goids by mar-februy. neso it voeds eelunt wrs whoould e snuggledand feho all tsebi baes. wb negoorn veats ha to be tt boedle-fr fous timey a daand th t ey must be kepwarm. rmthe fano says ie experisnce ss necefoary lur vo. nteers al ghl riowt... h t aboute?his on sc a re--ue dogea who nokrly bre th rne inteet. th wis dograent vindl... a he's ad rehiy for mes mon nt ithe sp ghotlit... h watceehim cht se i wupa ith la his riouonsmile-ma-comnd. an e d thuerescp d puplhas entyto le smiut aboe'-- hins gog up
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k i thin uall ofres he couldtc wa vh thisllideo a daylo .ang..e nd wdnwoule 't b e.alon... cathe -lmera povin'soochrl peay wh avites hade alreedy earnth o e vide 1overll2 miviion ews ac on febook.
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mothe whm...eso drtwses dso ki , tgetsrko wo8: by .00.. aland mwaysesanag togivea them thhealncy luh. e thywnewlseeds gekinou olt whe esomsmeal d antiexcilang f fvorsor r theineokw co.ware th y e guwhnao fi llydedeci kd toick ea35 y orsf snbad hackingabits. yo spu in tire usdoo erev wything.e do..
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"t ishis nn cha 2els, new ve co yrageanou cnt cou on" rethe -bcordinreakweg pol rbaltt lo oery isver!er th 3e werein big wasners lt t. nigh w.. whospill thlit e t-1-poinio6 billarn doll? prized anheafter araring ntgumes ai agtenst ra f hikesolor sarer usevs in n tada...lihe pubc il utcoities onmmissiad has me a sideciboon aheut wr ther otonot de e lay thrvnew sechice s.argeev igen bam ne rsacto are ig we ihing tn oneche dn.isioan e d the pric rof a-toundrip ai tirline iscket, ng falli, and olmore fkse ar oflyingthut of -te renoahoe or airpy t. konsissor has me onal e l thtrnew s.avelerth orese stp ies toewyour ns gh riatt now 0 4:3 ta-m.s oday i
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go niod morm ng, i'otjohn and i'm vadi gueanra. thorks f st yartingy our dahawith cnnel 2ne s ws thig.mornin stlet's thart wick a quiat look rethe foitcast worh metet ologisje tiff marnez. cmostlytoloudy thday wi highs 4in thest0s. a syorm mstemoves in af this n ternooenand eving r fos arealymainth norre of no d sao news trtrepos thig.morninth lye famito of ac rr alanickman hasaid t dt hetoied teday afr a tt baleh witercanc. ashe w 69. r filmncoles i"tluded ruly, y,madlpl dee''y," alovellctuay" th and poe ftterinilms, whichhe d playebithe amdaguous rk tartsereacher sevnaus spe. ksthan jeff. e therreare thwie big nning ck ti fets...or theco
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t.jackpo fo cali lrniaryotteia officlsai clwimed a tinning wcketas a soldt a to7-11 schre in llino his 'sthatut aboho an asur e lt ofos ge an hles.edundrths ga aeredt stthe toore eb cel tratehe ssoccaion. sthat wtoregeill mit a n lliodo bllar fonuselor s tlinghe ck tiet. cioffialals onso cedfirmni winngti weckets d re solriin flondda ate sennesuse, jh t nortofme mphis. ugthat hpoe jack bt willlie spt ev aenly tmongeehe thrwi s.nner arwho ? e theyavthey homen't ce t.out ye'l..they 6l haveth mons d too so. le cht's ineck with me olteorjeogist tiff marr nez fo fi a lorst thok at hee weatr. mgoodngorni! , jeff cmostlytoloudy widay igth hhs hein t. 40sm a stor msystemoves hi in ttes afn rnooand ev g eninarfor ineas mathly nor r oftheno wid a winryadviso up 7fromo pm tid4am frnday. wis ll wiin gust 0- the 3ra65mph nge te la tonsnight. weow shors are
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poorible f t areaso rtthe no 1h withss-4" poible taroundpihe surlese valy h throug mfriday. orningour or stthmy weateer patonrn cestinu ug throweh the anekend tod in xt
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an thf.ks jefe th upublicestilitiss commiion de mais a decion on he whetotr or nla to deney the w hrate fikesaror solme custors. r afteputheir eablic hn ring ica crsonyeity the dep-u-c d cideo to gwiahead th a itotnd nse pause thoes hik. is th a was sfterouix hf rs o ot eml ionasoand memetiwds roy imtest wony,opith ntpones pr exngessirn concelo over singlu va te on hheiromes, ve in, stmentbsand jom frothe la soinr du. stry imtests onie awerehelso doard wn vin laswhegas, e ere onmovie ac d tor anacsolar sttivied ask pa the rnel toecr onsidetheir de oncisi. rk mafa rufaclo. "tor: ithiss inhappenl g al tovertehe unid stu es. yobaare y sicall es regrndsing a'r youg e doinit. e you arblthe puliic utityco
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rst." sp dee ite throdisappheval, t l paneeddefendir theis decion on isthe sue.ul paen thomsrm, chai: an puc"it es doken't maco me untamfortoble tr y to t protecof98% id resn ents ithisat stdoe who ven't ha net te men ring or theis.roofnk i thi an we ca find e.balanc" th u-e p-xpc is etoected hear l severamoitre petionsch inallengeig thlir ru ng. agaverd e rounirtrip aline ck tie ets aredexpectt to hia re th le years ow thiasmonth the treno aahoe sirportees a as drcrtic inn ease n sissothis in ioe stud with re moy on wheathe chckper tiets paand ssspenger aikesr t ou rp ai gort.moood g rninky. go orod mohning jann and di and to bo everyindy wak tg upushis . th ere hoppna app abilyzes llions li of f tghtsugo ga be whenest to
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j theyleust reewased n data pr ngedictiro that ipund tr pticketwirices toll botm out is thth mon a at an tveragewo re hundted and arn dolls. u asthsual, l ey willysteadi seincreasp into ndring ar summe em as dcrand ineases. co but s nsumerpeare ex tctedo se r e lowe tpricesuahan usl. ? why?br lpian kuhain- "wret you'ei seugng thohah is tt fuelpr asices h t hitowhe lveest lel ey then've sear in yends. a why at thor's important f the esairlin a, it's50lmost nt perce irof the o costs af mostneirlis, n is i. fuel" t here a, homerethe oeno tahin ioternat bnal is aoomingnd sawon nde huthred ndousae mor gepassen20rs in n 15 thain20 .t14..irhe feast y yr toear cr in sease 2inceow005. ne , ther o is n cdirecttiorrelaweon beten ettickce prid s aninthe secreain se pass ngerkubut ilpins sa tyingthhat gie reecons iconom igrowthays pla ing pamajor rt as in p isengeresncreas t...noto
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nd to are from t no lefghand rit!lp ku"win- yohat eeu've sn is v we'e5 added igbig fl ohts tourco itmmune y, wolhave vitaris wh ejguataletara, jin blue new ityork chay, we seve boi, an oaklhad. we ngve oraune cotyth bat hasadeen " ded.r oucalorpl ai dort iselefinity in growsog and a areneirlipr ofits. rlthe aiduine ins stry ipo re17rting 9 pointon billi ar dollets in ne incom15for 20 eyand th t saytihat ricket pces dr thopped rcree pestent la year,ic whooh is g sd, but ptillalesin ri compa tson tohedr oiop in esl pric.
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congmip uhaon c 2nnels newisth pl deus- piveloewng nt s ouofin sidonenia whe eaat levst sreen ad dea ll fog owinorterratist s tackin e thercentth of une cos try' tacapie'l. wavll he e th, latest r aftebrthe eak. e "you'rhiwatcngha c 2nnel ns ewth niis morh ng wit pjohnotter, di an
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'srtinezin pinporet 2 focast!" lc weckome bain. lookurg to omm conounity hew... tci reno tyun coancil unou- imapsly aprovedw neenpermant re fi f chief cor theity ye y.sterda auapplse c dave gochran sot aintandg at ovafion e ter thl councian cenouneid thcir desion. 's hese been asrving g actinfireie che f sinc oaugust yf lastear,d anonlast mheth to rencity ge manammr recohiended thm for e onpositiay. he sofs one the gg bialest ch flengesthacing e medepartrent is ngcoveri from cu . tbacks dachief hrve coco an/renfire rt depa"wment: n e're oy the wato thdoing 'vat, wed e hirer 32 neare firsfightear that ine gog th through nie traicang aesdemi eyand th r'll beo eady tl go, al ju32 by thly of r,is yeao and s athat'se hug fsteprdorwa in br
5:31 am
thl leveerof shavice tt went waov to pre ide thnscitize of no re."ch cos ran' wbeene ith threno fi arre depsitment -9nce 198. d ancochief anchran cenoune d thno rede fire ntpartmeeg has bun ve deliarring p lamedicevel e servic fin the. ield ta it s lrtedfrast ndiday ath heat's tst highe o levelf m- e-rvs sethice bat cane pr edovid. s he sayfisince ghrefi otersftenre tospond ne a sceor befmse rea, anthey w mted toreake su they n caidprovbee the vist serce ss poible. ch chief co "ran:nowhy vet delir th pe beste ossible servicas a soonibs possd le, anasthat w alour goha and tatt's wh we've liaccompowshed n." n cochrahesays tiry've hed 22 ad alditioned paramics to ehelpthxpand ice serve th horoug cut theity. st cill to come on 2hannel news th niis morng...
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stoml to chae on c nnnel 2ews mthisngorni. .. olmeteorjeogist tiff marllnez wi ouhave yoir pinpornt 2 fecast
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om welc. e back pidevelohing trns mo ting...hede llath tori is asingfter az bracen attthks in tae capil of siindonea. stat lea p seven ieople,ngncludi ve fike attace rs, ardodead. n ch hampion las theatest. pkg tvnat eisurvcellaneo vided air on in sidoneelan tioevisown shneed o heof tdl deaply exnsosio ts oua ide ckstarbuees coff in rtjakaa. se ele wherniover pght,e olicsay e thereaat lhrst tuiee scide erbombpls ex todedelhemsinves cithe tywh twile nmo gutten aa acked po pliceost. c as ehaosd,nsuepl peoule cod bese unen r fningafor sonety etstreats. n tv cnewselhann ts inithe cy br asoadce t thy heavresespon by ceoffirs, isomemon arvered eshicl. omin sace plthes, weere rere s portunof gtt- bawiles th
5:34 am
ertackr s fo tmoreanhan r. hou re hefi, of ccerse an bseen ngtakier coveh ba ind car. cepolith in tye ciie belve theat cktaimers editat r thet ecenis acis attn ks is.pari nat ngspeakiin in sidonean"t eohe pdople n not beed toe af araidhond snould t be fe de batedesy thrre tet oris ts ache," tnt cou pry'sderesintsa n id ineindo. sian hein trs houer afthe t a, ttacksbo odiese f thimvictres we iecarrayd aw p. as aiorecautn, bu staralcks loso cl sed alof itsor stjaes in fokarta rer the stof ay the d. e thckattapps ha aenedfterwa irningsntn rece b weeksy po halice tt miislatac milints mi pght beg lannininsomethg. chdon onampine, cbs . ws nn "cha nel 2coews s ntinuewithte meisorolog mt jeffz'artines np pi foint 2asorecrot, badcast iecertifhed by tca amerin te meicorologieal soc ty!" cmostlytoloudy widay igth hhs t in0she 4or. a stemm syst moves t inafhis ooternn and en evr ing fomaareas orinly nth r
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