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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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> >>orgood mo ning tr ouerviews t int.he wes sit i thsdur,ay jryanua 14th, .2016 omwelce tocb "iss thni morng." dr ceamsome true for at le tasthreeow pllerba erplays. on spoutanesel ctiebraons erupt a at coralifniare stot thaol sd e thg e'd wll teakou y deinsi. is isci suide bbeomrsge tart fo nereigears nr arb staksucn i siindonea. d ans ihe t gopst eshablimentyi trtang to n ke dowlddonamp truah ead of toghnit's de?bate l we'lboask b hiscr.effehe ba's ck.he ur retns tobs c as our ntewes li pol ticacorinttobur. >> b> wehiegin tins morn ag withok loto at sday'ey "ope ."eneryo orur wn ld iec90 s.onds si>> iays ss itar criedut o the dicoordnateci suide b aombnd gun ckatta in jaa.kart>> tr errohiints dosnesia' pi catal. en>> sevpl peoe are dead.of
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re atertacks. >> t aasle tteehrni winng po alwerbckl tiweets olre sd in a,florid nntee,esse and ca rnlifoia. t >>inhe w tningticke wasol sd he re. i >>myt's supleare.i' rym ve ouprd.>> o allf the imanfortion has en beub plicnd a sptrant.aren t >>rued czth on efe dense after res port hthataie fled toep rort ila mlionol d llaroan from ma goldchn sas. ig>> tonht the gop predesilntia id candilates wlee mtor fhe tir de bate.>> we're all kngicki ass. la an marickn has died.he i wasen th "hryar poertt" lm fis. >>ra iniante sta tvin airg ap olog fizes tromhe.s sailo asreleed. w >>e t yhankouor f your sp hoititaly. a >> busre veednt io a neravi, killing sspa.engers>> ka peeboo sttreeus prhed he
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a >>ll .that 1 >>5 to 20 below?do n't be upstid. tbacko you.>> wow. nd>> a all of that s.matter>> a lot of p oeoplenl socia a medie wer wgatchinau pl 'sryan po ceker fa. et >> le me se if i g canetim h to sang puppiesm froa burning bu s? gu a n y ia wchheelaires mak a chalf bourttbaske allshot?an elylder cat finds aor fever me ho! n >> o t"cbsmohis g.rnin" >> if i sulho wdrea a avwee. m>> i wean, ihate lik isou ye'r tcomingo meor f this ceadvi.>> nc annouiser: thng morni's o "eye ipener"res pedsent by to yota. s let' pgocelas. we e lcomtocb " s this g.mornin" l at teasteohree pilple whal sreth
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o wordf at vasew ntu forneet s off a fyrenz wherene oin w ning rbpowetiall wcketolas sd. [ chnganti ]>> ha ttel conebrati erupteda at 7- ielevennno chi llhis, li caiaforn. >>te loticry offials aednnounc er ov tnighthatni winngic tkets re weso also ld inne tenssee and a.florid l they'lsplitea nrly $1.6ll biion. the wnginnibe numrs are 4, 8, 2719, , 34,nd aer powball 10. vmireyaeaillarrl is iensidhe t el 7-neven ihi cno s.hill od goni morng.>> or rep gter:rnood usst of are wgakinp u al reg izinidhe d notin w the rbpowelaall igst thot did np stopi hostal co reofrds eo pple snghowi up to ca atch mp glisef otheky luc ma e chinthand ore ste thatd sol at thni winng ticket.wi mthinesinutf one wedsday t' nighs rbpoweall drg,awins thi 7-
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otthe htestt spo in town. l >>atook se thewd croous t .here r >>teeporunr: hs dredeoof p ple mesward teo thto sreft aer inhearg ani winicng tketas w hsoldere. w >>eae hherd t news ando s we ca me d howneer teo se whohe t wi ot's n us. ep>> rteorher: trk clein behd th e cerount whoay me hav made e thuc lkyra ttinsaconec bame an aninstt ore stile wlet g aic ne cut ofth e prize, $1 llmiion. w ho ydidour hea ttha yourre sto ld so w anginnike tict?>> as i wch wating tv. myre stod showeup.>> te repor cr: yout ouldn' ev belie it?>> i dncoul't. >>ghtonit'sac jkpot is oaapprinchg $1.6 bin.llio>> or rep iter:okt to0 2 we polrbal dngrawis and mthore ann te weeorks feo somne to hit thewi g nninatcombinion. the odds were 229 monillio t 1 th
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thbut idat d sn'ttopal sesm fro insoarg.>> $20 for ail blion a nd a.half>> te reporonr: at t e poinnearly10 t,000 wicketsere being sold y ever.second nc situe sa,rday acamerinse hav en spret mon tha ali bilon do sllarin trygir the cklu. dnyou di't win tot.nigh e argoyou bing toaye ok?>> nk i thi i'lle b a it'stl lite ppdisainointg.bu met sowoone ign b out erthe.ho llpefueyy them rrembes u tt lieole pple. k wewhnow toyhe ep>> rr:ortele whi s wetill do knn't hoow wil wl sharehe t hi gttin ckjapot,s it'le carhi tsto t wn atleasls fee like a wi ernn.>> tttero me. or>> rep ter:focalirnia, es tenn asee,ndri floda all have states lawha tt requireth that e s'winner b namese asreleed. ntso eveuallye wwill find out eswho thste neweil mlis onairear e. y'>> thengre goive to ha a lot n oftew bes ndfries. yothank ryu vech mu,ey mira revillaral.
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iv relat hes you aven'tseen. yo i'm onur secd .cousin>> is> iss iin claimg re sispontybili for adl deay ri pae s-styl aterrorthttack at ro ickedesndon cia'salapit. [ plexioosn ]sc [ inreamg ] t >>vihis deotu cap aringenppartex ioplosarns tnggetior fereign s a atrb sta iucksn a sghoppin ar selen peop areadde,nc ingludifi f ve othe atcktaers. ce poli battled att leas three hours before theig fhtingnd eed th ere. d seths oane iinfollowheg t ld unfosting frory om g.beijinse odth, gong morni. or>> repooter: gind morng. siindonesa haai rsed its tysecurirt ale to thest highe le d vel anreits p isidents ll cag inthis aofn act ro terr. theplexnsosio t,his one odeutsia arsts,buck rdocke aus b pyart oftr cenal jartkaa, anre aa pa itcked wh fiofces, luxury ho
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neindo psia'srentside ialcepala. e thru geesom afattermh was in ac plooes tph grao ic dd sulyen t ehesixplo wonent off at p theeolic stpo,hi tsne witss .said"i saw peeopl rngunniy awa and o tw lpeopleyin ng othero gund ee bl."ding av he ailyrmedec syuritor fces sp red onde aand guntl bate bkero t, ouar appyentlet bween ckattaers and sidonehoan aut tritiesell us e thla assaints roadot mor bikes andd use nsgu. t >> iedlooke likaer tstrori at rtack oet somikhing le thwee reti mulexple ioplosns an lod a pt ofeeopler w rengunniaw ay. ep>> rr:orteon ind hesiaheas t rl wod'sar lgestli musm pu poonlati and hasat b tledis clami existremm. is thth is feirst majorac attk in jtaakarin sce twoaj mor
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inor002 me than 200e peopl we lere kilhed on tnd iiaonesn is land of bali.en wh i i wasn iesndonliia earer is th ntmoh, s iaw stupepped- tysecurite at sisul poparh wit is tourarts, chlie. >> thksan, .seth ur hoefs bore theat lest re anpublic de dbate,tronald ump is di defenng hisg stron cnampaigme tr mp willixeet sf o his gop va riigls tonht inme pri time, haless te n threbeweeks hefore t iowa probident dama anou sth licaro rna'sliepubcan gnooverr osaidn tayuesdt thaiv deisiv li po aticsamre dgagin the trcouny. rmajore gar ittst a tot'nighs sdebatenite ior nth chonarlest,so routh mad r, gooinmorng. ep >> rr:orted goog.morninth eep rnublica racens remai il royed b ait policalom mten t withoumodern enprecedt. aem dcocrati pderesi ntde riliveisng h last statef othe n uniosaddreshe and tep rnublicach oosen t give the y'parts re , sponseboth itlmpliciy iccritg izintheop g fruront nnerfo
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onvisid, aner ango tn gai lapopu.rity f >> iadwe hea a rl idpres ent,no e t thesprtidenha tadt me a ch spee lastht nigre whe ev oderyblly fe epasle.>> or rep ater: tftergakint hea fromre pntsidema oba and re icpublovan grernoik nki lehay,do tnald drumpdeefensd hiry fie et rh.oric >>ik nhaki ley,er v nyice mawon. e shai sd i'm anry ang rspeon. ha i tet' whaaps hngpeniou to r trcouny. i am grany. i' vem ry angry. r >>r:eporteey halod stoer h ou grnd. >> h nikkialey is the es istablt'hmens lefirre.wall ep>> rr:orte amid an ancvalahe onof catserv ivecrisiticm. >> ier undoostd i g was toingo se upt lepeop. thbut avey ge me thepp oniortuty s tohaay w it k,thin t andshat' wh at i did.>> or repter:ar ptyir chaman cereineb priaius st d iwasn a ckatta onis divive lipo.tics>> s it'ita ltle dra,amn the 'lwelle coascein beh tdhe nenomie. ep>> rr:ortehr cisis chrndtie a hn
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aminstre atilternave to tmpru emand edbrac hasley' agmesse. he>> s r didyealll welt las ni anght td ihthoug put a good ce faou on r rtpay. >>e w tneedo be unifyierunrsifie.i eagreit wh her. r >>teeporasr: k hich pasdulle d aheaofis chrtien iew n ha irmpshde an is aio serus encontr der fondseco. us>> jept ke ugpl.ging ve i'n beela decredor fea dd moreti i mes sguesn thahe t peeopl at th r you aead ibouten th ws ne rpaper,?ighto wh arect ayuall dead.>> or rep ater: t new mopicight me co up in nitoght'se. debat tirevelaatons th c tedruz and wihis fedi heiur seced aoa ln fr omol gacdman shs toel hp nc fina'se cruzge insurnt 2012 se amnate cpaign. iheidru czke wordt adm golan sachs.e thoa l'tn wasncl disosed teo th rafedel cigampanco simmison.>>
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>>la hilntry clieaon ldsni berend saers by 2 .points toclinn ledhe te saml polas lt nt moh by 9 inpots. s she'ci critianzing sdersor f shin plaxtto edened managaredice to al icl amerans.> >>bobch serieffil w al lookt ca the ,mpaign ahead. th neavyhi trns moing has be guneb defriing theen t ud nite esstatlo sairs werho weai detned by ages bcaroadst onni iraan viteleonsiws sho the se icrvememrsbeur' capte at one admits the crewem m mbersade a e.mistakth e crewer w redeleasehi witn ho urs. davidti marn is ae t thpe.ntagon d,david goog.mornin or>> repooter: gind e sypeedea relseth of e sa iilorssei bngtr porayed by th nie admionstratie as th ucprod yt ofears of pkiainstang pldiacomwiy th iran. t buti crics see theid inc aents ojustne meoras cef ora inian ov
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as r aeescu at sea,id veo asreleyed b i mranade it look li heke tri amecanrs sailo had cbeend.apture edforc k toneelh withe tiran hdsbe thindirheea hds and pdlace infr ofont a caamero t cos.nfes i >>st wa a mkeista twahat sur o ul fandt ae wlo apo fgizeor our e.mistak>> or rephater: teet smed ats odd ecwith sryretaat of ste kerry's se prai for how theni ira ans d handle theinntcide. i >>t wano t thehank tni iraan or authfoities her tir ercoopation andck qui onrespse. e thes are aslwayit ssuation wh aich,sve edyrybo here owkns, ahave nitabily, i nfotpe prorly edguid, to get o out fntcorol. r >>r:eporte both sidesee agr the twooa btscc ataidenlly yestratod inni iraan terriritoal rswate. ac exhotly wem rains beter hingeld for 16ou hrsn o thear fsi idslanth in e panersi lf gue, thre cw was aedllow to baget n ck irthei boats andl sai t ouhito tsme acariarn w lee reasee camft aer aer ssie of phonels cal betweenta secrery rrkeany d iran'sei forgn
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inworklag reshtionurip dinghe t ng lo drawnut oeg ntiotia ons inwh ich iranee agrdo t suspendts i ea nuclogr pr iramxcn e fhangeor re liefm fro ncsas.tion the fgnoreiin misterd saie hwas lvrevoed. me soe hav bneeri clticath of e a obamatsituion,g sayin twahis sss le a dmaiplotic sssuccen tha aca fse ora ing havin its cake and ea ngtit i too.>> th on nee o ,hand trehey' vi giurng o peeopl backn i an ex tipediousne manhir, wchy bthe way they'rere requid by rn intel ationalaw to ,do and on th ere oth handy the release a st enatemyit saheng t ansmerica dscrewe ,upt' isll reayir the t.faul ep >> r orter:iran'se desir not to er dail n theuclearme agreent tw beeeen thou two cntriesay m beat whea reslly rolved this. p as tart ofdehat alhe t. u.s ispe
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tabou 00$1on billi inro fzen n irania iassets nn theewext f ysda. > >>isthng mornili itaican pole ve ha a man undert arres in co onnnectih wit mtheurder o afn anameric n.woma r-35-yeaold ay shleolnseas w sfoundedtrangl last weekend. spthe suect is a ea25-ydr-ol ga illel imt.migran li pocees arrted him aerft in examueing cl fsound iner h tm aparnent i orfl.encel ai or>> repooter: gd g.mornin rr tomoniow cease aeapprso teehave bn isolvednd recor meti.e thutprosecdor sai aolshley sen tw had fourract oesfer hku sll andee had bn rastngled. e theralwas so encvideef o co sunsenal sex bthefore e .murder the suspect was aaterresd, he ha cd nonarimil rdecor and rk woedib distrgutinli fers for lloca ghnibstclu.
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ngildi and were seen on eisurvcellaner camn as ieth ea incordg to cepolit, ae som po t inthe sctuspek too her ph one. n olsospentos mt ofri fghday nitin ni this b,ghtclu alo ferenc ho potsatt th a hasto hisry of ob pr olemsveugr drli deang and he otblr purdic oer feof.nceshe err fath ltwaer,ee s hnere la fyingrslowe onsd tueay ou e tsidthe ameparthent where s s wardmu, eredsaidn iatt wrien st enatem tt atimhe thae te t hha nfd coceident tha the rp petoetra ar ofor heribl and se esnsels crimeou weld bnd fou d an sedentenc quickly. he in tme statent olson dedescribhi ugs da ahters a betiaul,fu ea cr ytive woungomanh wita y happgeand usnero so,uldd aing ar"we eea hokrtbr senashe w ta frken om ."us hl aslsey oaden hee bivn lingn i orfl fenceeeor thrrs yeand a wassc deasribed llwewn-kno and po inpular mee cao tlo ferenco tbeea nr he rhe fatr and start life over te
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lia proficof user oc sial media, enshe ev p aosted linem frohe t a booknd movie "eat pray love," ouabant me acarinn womaho w came to fncloree tod fin f.hersel he but tr las post was ohif ts gr .affiti ma the n who h maybeave tenhe la o st t tdohats iow n charged th wir murdera agg bvatedy lt cruey.he too came tonc floree sgeein a li new fean as ll iegal grmiant. yl gae? >> a sad, sad orsty. yothank u,ll aizen pzeyro fm .rome > >> cbiolumnia uitversys i mbremeerg in ltheivesf oee thr enstudolt vteuners kdille in ho asndur. dtheyied whenhe tir bus ran to in a neravi.12 a othercamerierns wrte hu. th ste enudtser wet parof a vo eeluntr min.ssio wtheyonere t the wheiray to e thorairpt tour retne to th un taited stes.of alficiels b tievehesh craas w e th result ofha mecnical e.failur> >> gwe'reetting words thi
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maricksn haie ddn ion ldon. ashe w snape in the "harry tt poer" movies.ot lmher fies rollu inc de"robin hood" and ie"d".hard w heas ael cteebraed stagac rian ckman was 69. > >>re "the "venantds lea the li fst ode acamywa ard will c fompeteor tops honor wi reth aom "ro," tl"spo,"ight he "tan marti," "bridgef o ec spzeiali" and ro"bn.okly" r"theanevenart" ethned ose mt nanomis.tionth fre tionpier ecs ip uthfor e be stec dirtor andes b ptreictu .awardsit ei's recving highe prais ca beofuse thesmovie' h arsh reoral wld gmsed.ente>> s thi cwasinertaly the hetougilst f im'veve eree bn a opartf.
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doleonaric doapri hison lg cane sh cedovetsc oorar f best to acr. he could getpe comontiti from maamtt don anddd eie dmre.ayne lv syrestell staone mayin wor f ed"cre." r "sta" wars'tdidn t make bhetespi cacture .tegory"s ghtraiutt ota n"compto cereediv n oneatominion for bestor iginalrescayenpl.e th oscars may once a fgainace cr m iticisacfor lk of e ct20 aors andct aesress mi nod natefordi leandng a orsupp rting, olesarall ite whe.e onmoviepr sur tisedhe iccrits,"m mad: axfuoary read," rnaing ta to tl ofenom natin ionsin udclg instbeic pture.e onsnmajor ubbedctdireor, ridleyt,scotot was nat nomined fo
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>> > eaahd, ahl higy? w neenevidppce atlarenowy shs "e l apch do"n'idtno kw who sean pe .nn was >> ahead, how theg dru lord d trieooto w there actss whoet s up that "rliolng stone" rv inteiew.>> ne> the sws ik bac in the in mornt g righn here ohi"cbs t s rn moing." an unnor:ce ts hin portios of "cbth oris mngniso" spon red byne 2xiumur4 ho. r foall day, aigll nht ecprottiroon feqm fr uent tbhearurn. tr xiy ne4hum 2r, no #1w the ng selli f brandfror ntequebu let comptete pro ctionhewith t l newreade in qu freheent urartbn.
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nejan' didlit eske rtitrics.on innot life. noand ent whca it ome twa ngtchier hor calie s. y wh osettlee?n tastne jaug tho ht. that'jas why ovne lghes lit t & finogreek ynfatt.ogur tibursng wchith ricr weeamy anesomess 12 and o gramseif protn. foall alr 80 cories. etno shetling re. ewhateslse dolo jane ?ve ythat couldou a winbi fitt fflexm rot lighfi& leren moec on spia llyedmarkks pac .li & ght fit. fe eel fre e tonjoy. edi ne n cewt.arpe ok. ti haves.wo dogd ansba huan d.ho aiuse trd?ne h my?usband e no, th dogs.tisomemes. su i'd stggest nmai asterprpet caotect rpet. why? ibincredably durndle an staianresist at w'sy hy thet call i's.. goi t it.
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asstainm cter arpetd an lpad atowe's. tayou toyoled ndur braar new hbody'suturt, bre thel wilil stail be pn. c itheomes w in yourcensuranco y mpanhesays tnly'll oy pay e thrersquarteat of whke it tas epto rt.lace i at wh y arepoou sup dsed too? thdrive arree qu oterscaf a r? w no hif youerad libuaty mutnel r w caacreplement, u' yoyod get leur who b carack. esi gu ds theyanon't w t youindrivoug arn nd owhthree eels. ar smt. l with miberty utualne caw r emreplacent, rewe'll thplace ve fullalue ou of yr.r ca ca see rar insunce w in aewhole n. light be liturty muural insance. ocomeinn p pop.op hay ppaybirthd. sti ju a had arheckt atta... d anw nohai aveho ce.ic hefor r. r fo.them an m.d hi oia cho ce tta bkea.rilint pr a ipescr ftioneoor p pleo' wheeve bspn hoizitaled fo her a atart ckta. kei tali bri ntawi bth aasaby npiri .n..moo re anth00 1g. m as t ictaffews ho iwellrkt wos. it h 's sucmpan intorta g thintoto do help ot prt ecnsagai tan r othet hearckatta. inbrilorta w ked ttbehaer tavn plix.
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d ofroying fm he anote.r on stdon't inop taking brilta th witaout g lkin dtooctor. e sincngstoppio it tosoon in secreayos isur r k ofcl inots r yout,sten t hearckattaro, st ke,d an deven.eath il br mintaay us cae brnguisi leor bgedin emoreyasil s oruseriome, sostimefa bltal ngeedi. t don' btakentrili a yif houe avbldiee,ng kelito schmalc a sthiofory ed blegin hein tin bra, s ore everrlive leprobms. ytelldoour ctorou abblt ngeedi, w neneor utexpec d tnshorofess at breh, y anneplanrgd sud ery an allme cidiyones keu ta. ll i wi t akebr inilodta tay. to rrmoow. d any every daasfor g lon masdoy orctel t mlse. do t n'ssmi ada y riof blinta. il stt l noelfeweing ll?no ou...yw kno iwhen s gotick my u momd seeto makhi me coocken nsodle up. okaw, ... shyou couldyoall omur mby. e. ca llmpbehi's c nckene oodl.soup
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> >>d,ahea thevegornntme'sla pn toxp eseose hcretf omes oluxury me hos. >> en i'm b tracy in nahava, india. ne a evw rn elatiois under ths one iut abo icamerans. er amisica dy reao tom ce toa cubbu ubt is cada rer y foe th eramanics?th ryat storo tomorcbw on "s thisrn mo"ing. u' yochre wataning ch2 nel , news
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c aelhannew 2 ndas upte. od goni morng k thanr you fohiwatcngel chann i 2.nd'm aari gueva. pu the tiblic u clitiesssommiion a madeio decisn on he whetotr or nla to dee y thnew te ra f hikesaror solme custors. af thter pueir eablic hn ring i ccarsonstity ye..erday. the u- p-dec decio d to gwiahead th ndit a p not tause hhoseesik. wthiseras aftou six hrs of ioemotannal med sos timerowdy ontestimh y, witntoppones esexpronsing cvecern ongr losi e valuon h theiromes, ve inntstmed , an fjobsthrom e r solastindury. st tes imonieweo re alsdoheard wn vin laswhegas, e ere onmovie r actosoand tilar acskvist aed pa the rnel todeeconsieir thr ci de. sion rk mafa ruftolo. acisr: "th is inhappenovg all uer thed nitest yoates. bau are y sicall siregres yng anddoou're . ing ityo thu are ice publty utilico onmmissibl. puatic. th'srs fit." it despdie the rosapp tval,he depanel tfendedecheir donision
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ul pams thochen, anairm: puc"it do maesn't unke me tacomforble to ptry to 9rotectre8% of s sidentin st this whate n'o do nt haveet ri metethng on roeir i cink wed an finlaa ba" c e p-u-xpis ed ecter to hea ra seve pl morensetitio le chalthnging lieir ru ng. ti chme to ureck yo w roadsith r. n j. iorthe "m 1e f-m"06.9 aftrc fiercent! ithow's ng lookihe out tre, j. r.? ccno a oidentscir intodents . reportisthere c chains ontrolon ge geiadr grhwe, higay 50 h soutsoof car an citynd roay highw. t' le is send tt overo olmeteort ogis mjeffz artinenow
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orgood mjening, ff! we b'll bethack wier anothda
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
delll castio spredson, i'm so mo ca ore.f me ne no o hasve er caredor f me. f asoror act sean nnpe,n guzma 't didn t seemo know who the ad acaremy awerd winn isking hye lawr in one name? la and nfter coessing t lo ooking p upenn on the te texge messaos als show an guzmce's contrn thae peoplho w ewkn w himereei bng remonitod.tu rns hout,se wa right. coteleicmmunnsatioer int aceptnd on algit whhe t two to meet edhelp the. u.snd a mex licanaw en emforct enownarrow dthn ge dru lord's tr "cbsrnhis mo" ing,elmanu uebojorqlaz, dals. th dee feveral go trnments hi rnmoing isck craingow dnn o hi sgh-endecret rtaeal este s. deal athisnctios itl paryre inspid by ne "the rkw yoes timie" sers on the iasncre ienhe sll
7:35 am
m toake alshl-cach purases and tkeep iheiritdenties ddhien."t he s"time ledearnlt weahy fo nreiger buyes wersi unge mor hi rgh-endtaeal este as a -d safe bepositox.po reisrting o basedn a th arree-ye rivan.atiowe le are po ased t yhaveouhe re.wh tat ishees intertf oeth rn govehement re?y whhe are t tytorying ck tra this down? i isabt all xeout ta s or?what el>> whel, tacy are tually nc cod ernetabou m theoneyd tie to o fraudupr corrtion, both th wign foreid ers anpeople me dolystical w wheree are hinidg n it istreal epuate .rchaseca beatuse th is are ptty safe tomoney - - a place to put your y monedathese ys. w>> sohos ing doi it? >> sose the areen glyeral pretty al wepethy
7:36 am
ist firt jus started l ookingat re whe ishe tt eliciey mon argoing heound t world?th i iought e wouldnd up in the it brishn virgis islandamor pana and wasur sedprisn whe i f ound omout fr e lawmenforcent and soother urces,thatfa in ct, a t loisof it ht rig hereth in e un taited s ntes inew ,york in lo les ange s, beeyuse th m tolde that, then i dstarte d iiggingento th os condee and s wshat i e.ther w >>hatit whth is?wh yit is apr oblem? y i.wou knol rea pestaterices e ar goingp u in o a lot tfhese .placeswa lk amaround tanhatd n anlook at theskeryscraps going up.el sporling f 00$1il m alionnd thists affec thera chacters of ne our hoighborodsau becseot a l ldof buiings are empty. pe avople htee gotns thion mey th h rougd frauor ticorrupon, ey thvi have ctims. he>> tur treasoiy is gbeng to ac trowking dsen there sect bu
7:37 am
thw are eyng goi to do it?wh ecat eff yt dohiou tnkll it wive ha? or>> fir the fe st timaithey s d rto thetaeal esndte iy,ustr ask q somensuestio . , beforestreal ewoate shuld ut r thei aeyesotnd n khonow w was si gning. the titleur insomance cpanies edinvolvve in ery cttransaion t havedo finut o who theer ctaindd hiinen behed thes shell ancompanies hd they taveoel tl ttheyreasurar dep atmentnd rytreasugo is toing put i itn ata dabase foraw l enenforcemt. >> ou you c ald payh,ll cas no qu onestid?s aske t >>s hat habeen going . on ow >> nhe ty have l got aot of es qu tions. n >>heow t gy haveotot a l of onquestis. >> s and bomeador act s, badop pe ale whongre usili funneng rthei money for this. i >>lot's a t of nemoy. >> touhank y. l >>stouise haory, tyonk u. >> > a dog flus idi spreang ti nadeonwi. ri addiana azs i inhi ccagore whe ou the aktbre arst ted. ep>> rr:orte theus viran c adspre uming wp weillho sw youow h k toeep ydoour g from cinatchg the flu.
7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
th u e fls viru bhitsig.wi chth aches, ,ills feand ver, s there'h no sucinth ag asle litt flu. itand ds neeig a blu so: tionntan aalivir. heso wfln the ,u hits ca oull yctr doigor rwaht ay d an tupnthe ae awithirntivamal t.iflu crpresoniptiif tamslu i an ir antivhaal t t s attacke thflsu viru i atrcts soue an lpd he is stopt sfromdiprean ng ibothe dy. ta u mifldais fro app ved t to treatluhe f plin peowee two eks a ofndge aer old os whfle mpu sy tomsst d arteinwith la the wost ts. day re befog takinfl tamiu, outell yorr doct y ifeou'r na pregnunt, rsg,ine hav ouserials heonth conditis, t orotake meher nedicis. ou if yop devel an rg allectic reaion, a reseveh, ras or ns sigun of l usuavibehaor, st topinaktag flmianu d ca oull yctr doormm iiaedlyte. drchilnden ale adoensc ts pincuartilar bemay an at in crd easerisk
7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
eyashlse leaks wals dogth in e atsetleae ar s andhe isin payg a extre closntatte tiono her fo egur-lfrged s iendr afte rn wa aings tbouthe new sntrai ofg doflu. >> ca they gnet sickt jus like ous s iw kno hucow m ih hate g beincksi. or>> repinter: kgou cntyli pubc ohealthlsfficia sayp uo t 90 sdogstaying ahit tsl kenne e outsidofea sttleay me havbeen se expo td tohe fire. rt futeher arsts eee nded t o erconc'sn it the new stinra. on>> neth of es doge hav niimmuo ty tghfit it f,of so you see l nargersumbedo of gs ingettllg in whehe t virus st tartscio atrcule.en wh a dogsreng goi to dog day ca orres og dar pks oarr bo ding nioveringht en knelil facsitie it pr can seread vy y.rapidl ep >> r corter:irases fwest shod up ma last nrch i chicago and sp readui q.ckly nd arou 2 d,000inogs 24te stas behad en inedfect. v aneacci wase madil avaablen i no ayts she t dseisea isel rary fa t tal bu sownershould see a ri vet waght ay if their dog
7:44 am
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7:45 am
aiare ave lablfor opad, tionso, gu leys, t me k wnowhich ones you ke li. i >>t's tengmpti!no o'rah eldonndsl kie hav been ngaski! i >>kn ow. er >> hadbert h thet bes ilsme. >> rt herbe had thet bessmile, di he d. ve lo thest ory. y scaretto g the dog u.flad a,riannk tha s youo chmu. >> s > cbnewseg lboend b hi scr effeis !backth nge loe timfa "hece tio natn" ho s st itrigh here intu sdio 57 isthni morng. ihegos toing bare pt ofur o mp ca caignagovere all year long.>> is he a tan hnde iste res d d anshe i ba!ck>> ha tt's t.righ >> >lu pels addse ad some scepi to es jamor cdenpo carol kae.raok>>
7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
i'mni runng out of time >>t thawasam azing. from the outside >> d whatidou y useddo to -- >> i mean -- >> youd useo t hbe afauge n. y >>anou co d ?that>> yeah.>> 'v you se gotomehy r mes inyo keur loc?r room t s hihais wtou yiv leor f >> gr so eat! e adeltookhe tse paseanger st ov ghernit on the seat
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
> >> ur is th, sdayarjanu, y 14th20 16.we tolcome th "cbs niis mor ng.">> e'> therres mol rea news eaahd,nc iluding bob scr'hieffes rnretus to cb .news fi t,rser hs e'datosy'ye epe oner 8:at 00.>> st> mo of us are wgakinp u iz real ding weid not winhe t we polrbalas lt ghnit.>> iesndonia has rdaisets i cu se aritylert to thehe higst le avel,tsnd ide presint is incall ag thisctn af o terror. >> a newop tic mighte com upt a twantso' badete, ratevel ionsth edat tz crund ais h wifeei hdi resecu ld aoanm fro ganoldm ch saos t helpns fz hisen sate mp ca.aign>> o allef thor inftimaon has p beenanublic trd enanspart for ma eany yrs. >>ri ctics seehe tid incents a ju nest oor me case ofni iraan pr atovocion.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
sixum nhabers t ct'llehang yo e.ur lifpe inople led up a all troundhe y countr tto tryluheir ck, but nn wiingts tickeer weol syd onl in nnteessee, a,florid a ndli ca.fornia f news onea winrpa srked a tasponsneou craelebtionn ino chi ll hiars ne a losesngel .nd hu oredsopf pelole f tckedo th e 7-enelevt thaol sd one inwinnckg tiet. pe leoper wvee xcry eite pdbo aut .that e thestorl wil get ali milon ll doars. nc situe sa,rday acameriavns he en spret mon thalla biion ardoll s onpoalwerbndl, a at one inpo nt,rlea y,01000 tickets olwere sd s everydecon ye y.sterda >> wow.>> n > seveicrepublan pr enesidtialdi cans datewill ba deonte t iightn pretim ime, tlessthhan ree w beekseefor the iowa ucca.uses ld dona s trumpeays hts expec to be atckta,edut be' h nsot wo d rriecabeheuse ac attksk. bache o alsnddefeedis ham cnpaig la genguaer aftou scath naroli's pureicbl ganrovernod seemeo t t suggeshe isiv diding the y.countr hanikki ley and her rubepcalin onrespn se i sthe otatef the un caion lledam on aneric s tore
8:00 am
kknii haley, verye nic n.woma sashe 'mid i an angry rspeon. stheyaid tome ,y theai sd reyou' a an ngryrspeon.i ghthout, i .am m i'er vy y.angrbe e caustei hat' wha hsniappeng o tourun cotry. i am grany. i'mer vy angry. ee [ ch ars ande pplaus ] on>> catserviveri ctics also ed bash y'hales e.messagru bash limughle cald her o partfe thblrepu eicanshstabliment th ryat's ting to stopal dond um trp. y haleyssahe s czeriticiotd bh rt pacaies beeyuse th sharere bisponsiolity te movthe tr counrwy foard.>> w>e are luckyo thave bob hi scefferac b wkiths u to s discusthe gncampai. he retired ine juner aft6 4 ye thars wi cbs .news j he's sust oignedns a an si occaononal cortributgh throu nextyear's auintiguraon.b, bod goomo rning.>> ha what tppenedo tirentreme? >> youis msed us? >> i did.i anmekn, you oow,ld people
8:01 am
you owknhe, wn d cavidame and sa whid, n'y dooft you anfer ca oc csional oommentysr anal is he on tpa cam wign,ldho cou ?resist>> e' and wd re glaavto hyoe u. >> well, thankyou.i' lym realpy hapbe to rehe. , i meanowyou kn i, thisshe t msingleost uaunusl aicampgn, veand i' beener coving cnsampaig r foa nglog, lon meti. ha i ave to udmitp front,'v ie senever then anyuiing qete lik is th. h >>ow do you plex hainowon daldum trp hasat domined the saconvertion? y >>w,ou kno ita sutrted o sa yinge' hals a re sity i'ed changy mfi de.nition 's he aas mter mashown who h as this iecmpcableim ting and this il abity tot sor oftr conol the nv thise's thal austrian ulconsnttaam ned linton bycros.he cedonsultso on f me odavid n'cameropas cam iignsn .london h hehead tea dd cat eothry. he said, oklo, it d moesn't akean
8:02 am
g talkinabout.if youlyde to a adow threa a d cdnat o the ta heble, toiy're gong trt sta g talkinabouthe td dea is th w is dhatd onalptrum has a been tbleo .doth ere convonsatis goeff oo int d someonirectid, ann the he th orowsf ne oethesng thisut o he on t table, and snluddey er evisybody t aalkingbout .that >> n eveus rauh limbd,gh sai it's ar st tting oo donn theli etes onthat dumald trldp cou win the enpresidcy.'s he way eaahnd ios m otef th im prary esstat. >>yowell, ,u knowe i hav said fromhe ter vyeg binningt tha i oktoon dumald trp seslriouy. ihi took oum seribesly e caus i h knowow angry peeopl are. lepeop are usfr.trated e thnm gover dentoesng nothi. ci the alty ron rdeagan cdalle e thgshinin city on thel hil has tbecomehe townre wheng nothi anwors, led peoped are f up i reow whefr this atustrision co roming fhom and wit deep .runs>>
8:03 am
at in histe stae of th un ion, isayingt regre that ild cou n't ge chan. that a >>nd alongom cesal donpd trum th at a lotf oeo pisple wheh t y e had thnerve to say toir the ss bo.>> the morera outsgeouhi tngs heys sard, acco sing topeome ,ople th ere high the nrsumbe .gobu u t yoimtook hus seriomly fro e thgibenning. >> i did, butl i'l tell w youhat i edmiss. h whende woul saye som of these in thi gs, t,though, wellha tt es do nooidy's go ng tyget b whit at th. 'snobody t goingol caloh jn ca mcin theos lecer b hausese wa ca edpturic, whadh me me t ihinkf m john iccain as wloser,hat thabout lee peopt tha gave theirli ves?t buw somehothor ano er, he gemanas toay s these things and th onen go to other thgsin. >> cane wbotalk akiut nik le haery, hec speerh afthe t at sthee of ton uni s?addres hi>> i tnk thet mosmp iortant ththing bat's seennaid i this mp caceaign, y rtainlwethis ek,is ha whet s said inha tt on asat w exintraordary. n we'deaever homrd sebyod -- i yemean, s, the pderesint took a e swipt aon dtrald o at's tbe ctexpeed.t
8:04 am
cos upnd a comes out even er hard on him. 'sthat azaming. >> to attacker hwn oty par in spthe re.onse>> o>> sal donp d trumis one big sesurpri.ho ouw abert bniesa s,ndernd a abhow toutheep rnublicae rac thand hae cgellen heas h mountedto ry hillato clinn?in a iowand i nnew mphashire. >> you t know,ishis un evbeli,ableal rely, wouhen y r come dightoown t it. y heree ou havemthe dcocrati y, part theld oest rtpay.'s it a been froundor a ,long lo tim i yet, mt hasanagedo te com up o withitne legimate ndcae,idat ll hiinary li l orove her, she's a ti legimatend caidate.t bu w there naso other cr democaatic e.ndidati mean, wherere a these ca esndidat now? ngso alo cesom auy g w ihos a co d nfesseissocial st,ayse' hs aci so salist,ays he is not a ca stpitali a in country built onfr ee rpente,risee' and hsiv ging th her is -- that just s yhowsou ruthis fonstratie peopl are el fe bing iseingt feln ohe t le
8:05 am
thand ere psident is de our icmocratty par has moved r furtheto theef ltn thait's eeever bn, and as we t seehis icrepublan party, which m baye te itaring self t,aparha wtever ca the 'sse, iter furthe to thri anght ths it' everbeen. d >>atoes thth open e ibpossofility an ndindepeent?>> ma ybe.yb op also eens thos plisibity -- d anaii sdhi ts to norat las t. nighwe rteeporavrs h be toe cularef ca beweuse s want fo muchor th toere be ake brored co tinven ton forhe f tirstimen i ourif l betimesseecau it would s be o muchfun. itdoes. k i thinalespecinly o the pu re blicandesi.we el may wlo g tintohat en convtion notno kwingho whe tirnd caisidate . h whatpeapthns on cre demoatic , sideuei gilss hlilary csnton i togoing t gethe noonminati, but do i own't kn. y >>eou werom cingac bk at a great .timeno ybt everoody whea lves do dpeopleheo t hulahe when ty co bame ck. f most otheim teye th don't get to come.backt buob bas, it wrs univen al whe rdwe hea w you cereinom apalase oul arnd.
8:06 am
gl>> so 'rad youk e bac tathe e.tabl t >>ouhank y., guys>> n wheewe com ckba , ywhollbiood's mggest iornings tt gedeing un ar waye littl later t inhis he's a tiqueson. will loeonard doicapri falinly ge ot hisscar ?goalah
8:07 am
of the 88thnn aual> >>athe creumed a ne ber on bu alngm in endland ae now his no d minaterefor thmye meoc the r bker onheeing t e verg nof theerext amican iosensatn. y >> aou had o lotnff co idence thabout is. no?>> yeah. >>yeah. no>> i kwho i s wuldn'tin. be i'm rying vesh britise becau otit's nsa necesoorily ce,l, lik jui'm - st -joi en sy itcho mu. ay>> bon's catverswiion urth o th ansoony mahen is ae ad heron
8:08 am
m i' mphilonickelsgo, pro lfer. p myicsoriatit arthris edcaus p jointain.ju ikst l me myatodere to rsevereoiheumatrid arthtis. an wad i ies worrabd inout joget dama. dmysaoctor id pajoint m in frora ca an ben sigxiof e stinginjoget dama th ouat cnlld ot y gee.wors p heberescrield enbr h tolielp repaeve in an sd helprttop fumaher dage. br en lel mayouower yr y abilithtto figec infs.tion rise sous,imometates fal, tsevenlu inc dingfeinnsctiobe, tuosrculis, mp ly, homar otheercancers, n vousstsyndem aod bloor disders leand aleargic r ctions ohavereccurd. llter youordoct ifu'yoeeve bmen soeplac wh fuere ngalctinfe aionsomre cmon, or u' if yorore pone tct infehaions, s ve cut sor,ores hhaveatad hep, itis beehave btrn foeated t r hearilfaure, f or ihayou pvestersifeent ver,ngbruisiee, bl, dingalor ps.enes dostn't enart ibrelu f yo have iantinfecikon le e thflu. t join apainamnd d..age. gocan id s se byide. ho ask elw enbr h canelp e relievt joinpain an lpd hep stot joingedama. brenthel, mbe nuneer o
8:09 am
st ay ring in..hythm. hit's tow io ry i how astaye.ctiv so d i neeionutrit n...atth w won'te eigh mdown. r fonuthe iotritu n yowant th without loe ca riesyo n'u dot... botry os00t 1ie calors. ea elch dusiciock snae siz k drins v25initamd s anramineanls gd 10 oramsotf prein. so bi it's ng intiutri on andal small in cories. t i'm notoabout swimhein tla slow ne.
8:10 am
th ame grarmys ste jur ovea nt moayh aw m andofany r youfa tevoriis art atsrep u for the mu insic rydust'she higst nohors. th an monyason rtlecenyke tal d th wi o onee f thhfresac fes g vyinthfor is 'syeares bt new aartistward.
8:11 am
geles. th anooony, grnd moing. or>> rep gter:moood rning, ga laja year ymes ba won the cr chitics rioice p tze atrihe bt ar awends, sgland' gr gammys,iven to ag risin he's taw same atard thd helpe pu mt sa smith and adele on the map. now wbay, uho'sr p forethe am grsmys, iin hopog t takee hom am a'ericess biggtic musy. troph r >>r:eportea only arfew yes 2 ago,-o5-yearesld jamay b was inplayndg loubon puss, jyit trngto n getedotict , bu c2015edhang th all at. d you hatya pretzi amaeang yr. ea >> yt h, iprwas tretty song. di had a gootime. r >>teeporisr: heb dut album, wh ic fhreeatus his hit song ol "hdac brik the ver,"t wen to nu
8:12 am
hefo per hrmed oisther hit ng si"lle et it go"h wit ed ra sheen. and he primdesse theol rling esstonon' r niewood.>> p neweeopl don'tft oeno d th tatmeo . ep>> rr:orte g whoave him it brsain'gq " "arawdor f ea brrok-tharugh .tist thand en jdoine himn ota sge at aon ldonrt conce. s>> it'ea d 's hark to tal taboutshem a he if taly actupply ha bened,ut th idey d.>> te reporthr: at e endf othe ye hear, rd heae h a gotmm gray no onminati. w >> ie wereen thk bac othf er. ca w itmaas my nager.lo ursing oin mds. phlabel poned u and sa,id yeah, u yoabsee toutheer oth two? e we'rlike,at wh, there'swo t mo re? .strong on ef >> dy.initelth t oughi'd tahry, ye. ep >> r norter:ow he'she tat lestbr h itiscamusipol exrtin tryg to ke ma it in icamera.
8:13 am
n'i catt ge afrway om .thati t don' iknow ef itverak mese mso naund orive the endth of e day, i'm ll witoing ak te it on.>> or repter: ait ltleta guir ni a rvanhein re. t >> iis. ep >> rr:orte y,ba w whot e meat gi the bson smhowroo in new - york- i >> a'mslwaywn dra to w aeird color. s >> thieais a b cutifulolor. ep>> r -orter:ke- pic ud hpis fi itrst guarhe wn he was 11. is thll rearty soal of tal srted r foyouhe when you ard la"lay." >> ntesseially,. yes ep >> r dorter: aerekhend t mi doasnos clssic wayi plang on mithe fa lyersteo. a >> as soonams it cne to aen d,ra i n doaiwnstrs.i ,said play it again. aswhat wth at? ep>> rr:ortehi in ntche a town ab anout r houhnort of ndlo, on t heaughtim hself to aypl. hi>> t ws ishere i m gotrsy fit ev leer ectricr. guita>> or rep ater:ndne joid a local ba nd. ee>> s yingoure nam uper hs e wa bithe ing a was big deal. ndthis aen the v tue arey he holgr
8:14 am
or rep bter: hut bayadat greer ti ambions. as>> i wli wilng to itcomm.>> te report r: whaouwere y co ngmmittiac to extly?>> hi sometng biggernd, ki of ng giviys melf at sho at me somothing nre tha b the wuzze go frt pomyila ing anub pa to of lot pl peoe. r >>r:eportear he stted pe mirforlong so. >> he w fn iirstn got ioffront kea mi on a sndtage as it wa just me, ied start tou , yoknow, ofindbout ahaut wcot i dould . r >>orepteigr: rht.di u d yo blikep eing ue thera lot?>> h. yea i yeah, dreallyid. r >>r:eportea then osfan pted a tovideo tu yoube. t >> ikehad liay 20 pls on yo utube. ma 22, ybe. t buwe got aal clro fm aec rord la inbel y newhoork, w i foundt ho somedw anll reayik led it. r >>teeport r: wha ywereou kithint ng a pthat?oint w>> ias inth,king newyork?li
8:15 am
ep>> rr:ortene sigdy bep rcubli rd recos,ud sydenles jam bay was on hisy.wa yo did u have ala pn b? >> o. n ll wedr, inawg. no e t th pbestb,lan on i d't th ink. ili stvel lo it.>> te repor hr:ste dillraws on th ade nd s,mateoc rk he,roes ieselfs,ri featung his gnnow-sie atur gheadear. reso whe t didhe hat comem? fro>> ur of cose. > or rep eter:boveryasdy ks. t >> i awas veryor st ofin kfd o agteene fashion .move thno oer way to put it,y. reall>> te repor yr: andusou jikt led it andt istuck. ct>> o 's not ry eallk.stuc d i'o like trohang aund ae littlng lohaer t'vn ieae alrundy hg nd arou.'l itgel chanl, it'llo devep. roi'll ghaw in tt way asn a me boss ahut wit other f.stuf r >>r:eportee chang. hats >>ng chae hats.
8:16 am
llgig wi h beere at the grammy imuseum.n l.aor tomrow night, l but mikeuch oisf h tour, it's so ould t. gayle? o >> s e,likablan dpd you t ot tharock star lookin gog on too. lwi aloays r ve youcmusi yoank u ank muc ep >> rr:orte a i put suit on for u yohi ts inmorng.>> he but tth leakeer jact for the rvinteiew. oo >> lerked vy .good e>> nicee to s oppe dle'sreams come.true ri all ght,es jamay b. ra congts to you. and owtomorr, a plowerfuto sry am g onethy gramm esnomine. l we'lbotalk aitut whaz a jz anmusici d whoser aughte was ed kill in the sandy hook ti uw he'stwp for o grs.ammyu yoatcan cch 5 the8thua annl amgrmyrd awaays mond, night br fe5uary 1th, heren ocb s. h isai f fledieldoa glk kic en thded ote fo sballneaso for th nne miaesot vis,king but ki bckerlair h'walss ltatesy pla ke mam s hiina wnerth in e eyes of ir fst toat ssry iah eadn o "csbs thimo "rning.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
poelible dlsays. atio we sllve ha c chains ontroleion gger hgrade,ayighwso 50 uth of rs cay on cit. and mtrose wa highy. selet's t nd i tovero or metet ologisarjeff mnotinez w fo atr a wedaher upte. od gong morniff, je!
8:23 am
we balcome "cck to s bs thimo g.rnin"co uminginp ha this oulf hr, we ar g e goinakto tine you heside ttr deoiaut hoto swhw e erlua ryxuna mame is cking ak.omebac > >> talso,hismo srning' unannontcemeth of e 88thca ademy dawar nanomis.tion 'sthat d.ahea > >>t righnow,e timo tw shoyou me soth of mois g'rninsea hesdlin om frun arodhe t. globe"t he diguar ian"non lndo re ermembtos acanr al marickn.he ee had bfen sufroring fm er canc.he n was i the "harry erpott" vi moes.he 6 was9.>> th> "lle waee strurt jo nal" rtrepons o its annual ranking ofe th abestornd wst rlaiines. s itasays alkair alines was best in,2015 fdollowe by vnirgi a americltand dea rl ai.inesth laey bssme i fuesrom the rg meiter ws.h u. rwaiays.
8:24 am
ponnearelis sportin vikgs ki erckla b wirilalsh wsil vi t e tht firsegradde stu tnts oday o wh hsentimar cftds aiser h 'steamma dra lticosso t tlseate. h walsedmisst whald woue havbe en amegain-wngni 27d-yar fi aleld gon o aysund. st one udt enotwre, weti sll k thinyou're toother , ld himnkeep o yi theirer teachd sai she thought is th was aea t mchabletomen for em anpathy had tt winning and nglosit is nohieverytng. t >> whaeaa gr wah is gteralfu forth at.>> in.deed a rdreco 17.5li milon clvehieres wole sn d ithe u.s. in 1520,pe hel bdyap che gndas a w lostintere eaxt y cr'srop of cars are on sp dilay at theth norri amecan te iniornatnal s autohow in t.detroi's it thest bigge tiautomove st onage the coinntent. ou abt 40pt concend aro pctdunio cl vehi festhrom woe rld's la esrgrt caer makkes mair the wa rldwo idrldwbue de rdsatubuay, ant trtaspor tion co esrrndpot eniskran v clveea
8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
> >> othescar natominions aret. ou>> bl cate t anchetd annnjeerif la awrencey nd lil, tomlinsome t ofrehe actbosses afiut to nd inout, mwautes athy, if reey a ttgeg in oanomscar nn.inatio howoo o!we br will u ing yothe ceannounomment up>> t,> firsti it's o me tcheck
8:28 am
and "star wars: thece for en awaks.">> r > fohiact evemenin film g,editin theee nomins are, b "theig orsht," "mad max," "theve re nant,"ig"spotlndht," a "s watar ers: th force s"awaken. >> for avechienment ict produionde thsign, eom narinees e dg"bri se ofpies.""t anhe dleish oir." m "mad faximumadury ro." ma the anrtian rd "thet.evenan" a>> fore daptiv pscreenlay,
8:29 am
or >> fna origienl scre t play,he>> forna origicrl s een,play themi norenees a ,ri"b dge ofsp" exla garndor f "ex inmacha."sh jo kooly anind rone delar cmen for id"inse out."jo gesh sintor and arm mccthy forpo "s."tlightan d gh"strait outta con.mpto">> ri for o ginale,scor the esnomine t are,homas newman for dg "brie of spies." carterr burl wel for .""carolen io for he"t hatefulht eig an
8:30 am
n >> i btheorest feignag langue lm figo catery, theee nomins are,fr olom combia ra"embceth of e se " frnc frae, ng"musta."om fr arhungy, on"sf o ulsa." from jo,rdan hi"teb." frand om nmdeark, ar"a w." . or>> fve achienment idi reinctg, theee nomins are, adam mayccor f"t he big "short. georgeil mfoler r "m ad" o ejandrhefor "t ntrevena." nn ley raabonhams for "room." mand toar mcc fthy or tl "spoight." or >> ffo per brmanceny ass actre in adi leang throle, e nsominee e,
8:31 am
rarl."ie brn larso in ""room. nnjeawifer l irencen oy"j."ch e arlottngrampli"4 in 5 s.year">> er for pceforman by anor act in aea l ding,role thein nomees e, aran brito cransn in "t"rumbo,le onardo diprcaio, melicha ndfassbeder, andd eie neredmay in"theh danis girl." a >>nd nafilly,e weaare plsed atoe nnouncthems fil sdelecte he as tpi best ectur esnomine.
8:32 am
dg "brie of iesps," ro"b"oklyn, "m ad max: fury road," "the rt maian"rt ma"tian," he verenant," oo "rd m," antl"spoight." f >>heor tet complise lt of all the noonminatis,as pleise vit ca>> andoi jn us syunda t,nigh ua febrry -- eb >> fruary 28th. soicer,'s let r geto ight t it arand stht wit b theest picture.
8:33 am
eebetwn "t hevere,"nanthe t iamart" n,d antl"spoig,"ht all r foerdiffreent onass.i' kim li"tng he vere"nantht rig now. m>>e too.>> hi i tt'nk is aie mov that gotho het at t t rightime.>> isn'tta"sr "wars a huge crowd eaplser? i >>het's tig bgest m novienow i unthe itedte sta hs inryisto . itad h a gehu, mveassiec eff otnpo lapur urculte. a not bestic pretu noe.mine yo hau veo ttlook ast statiics li ske andayha wt ahere t ieingrednts?sh n'ouldt thtaat be ntken io ac count? t >> whabeabout st actor? >> o.lei k thingoyou gt toho wit o.lea e coupl months ago,'m ioi gng e withddie redmayneor f he"t danish rlgi."th i wink hengas goi to eatrepe as es bt een "th nareveapnt" hdpene andle doonar f wasgightin a bearsnd ngclimbi a intonimal rccas.asse ar >> hbed to at.>> on he w the gnolde e,glob but d he'toesne have thobprm lethwi theol gden esglob.'s it thesc oarha ttlu edes him. b>> andest tracess?
8:34 am
toiebrn. larso ovthey mooed r neyrama w, ho was th wi catenc bla ihettn the en goldes glob,he td y moveher tobe post suprting esactrs. 'snow it brieso largan ainst ca te anblt,chet i inthhik, w ch g is toingouo be tgheror fer h in to w.i thinkri bone lars takes .it a it'sme phenonal orperfe.manc heit's t mostsa ver tilerf pee ormanctin tha rycatego. i'mng rooti for r.hehe rsr fisct o iarf she wins.>> es and btup sinportg esactrs? hi>> i tsnk it'ng goio t goo t rooneymara. th now yat theov meder hut of oth e bestct aress ca,tegory she's at sensinional l. "caro"ar "cdiol" nod gtet a best epictur n.ominee i >> sn bestuprtpoing toacr, wh enur you s iprised wdrist asn' in it? >> iwas. iy reall loved hnim i s"beastf o no."nation at tht wenigstraoht t tfnelix. heif tm fil wwasiden i sa thouofnds tetheaisrs, ths i e th okindfov mie w youtoanted onwatch ig a b sc.reen ay it mav hae had r biggectimpa at theos cars. is th time ndarou ,yo, adrian.u yo g toto root forve sylstre
8:35 am
git's areatto sry. me sary stoth as lde goen obgles. s wain nomated 40rs yeago a for is thra cha.cter t >> dhetoirecokr tot i tom. hi thnow ese r its orhisty. >> acextly. ldshoue hav bbeenineen t he be stpicture.i thinkha mic. el b sjordanhouldha t ve slihainto tt .spot ha >> wet wer theyg sayinabout th cte fa w thereas no idris, willitsmh. bl>> no ack no.minees>> hi i tnk a lot ofpl peole wil be of kind ki talutng abo atth. in i thek therho sveuld ha been.i k thinai"str ghtttoua tocompn" ldshoue hava had pbestreictu ne aat wasn oounderlked movie.>> b andestir dector? i >> got tot roo forrg geoe ll mier. su i'm ch a "mad max"fa n.n te nioominatns for "mad "max. he"t rentvena"ds lea with orge mi,ller "mad mathx," at'smy vimoe.i twanttohat wines btpi e.cturif its win best piurcte, 1520 is wa yeark e tal faboutor aon lg me ti.>> dralejano, the job h deid was
8:36 am
ha you reve a gat ad"m max"ry sto thabout e editing ca.tegory>> ga mar wretasom ninatedor f "madmax." she is gmieorge 'sller h wife, asr neve editedn a action movie be fore. ge georle milntr wer. to hehe i says,on d w'tantgo to to e on tof theypical guysau becse 's it t goingko loo likery eve ot tiher acon movie.i wadon't snt thi tok looik l eer evr y otheaction e.movith wois mahin, i texnk n tto ge geormi ller, isns respo ible t forakingdr hunedsf oou hrs of ag footcre and taftinghis er i'mng rooti for etmargar.i itthink 's aat gre story. pe i ho she .wins y >> tou'veurnede m o tno "mad" an thu.k yo>> nk thaer you, ic.>> ce the i car tedefrofd, up ne .xtw ho fthisnrozeeh vicle escaped erwint's h.wrat reyou'ch wating "cbs this rn moing." >> afa buflo man had his car en froz b in aflock o ice ghovernirt afte hed parke too cl eosla to ke erie, wchhi sounds
8:37 am
th upe co.le.. wawho ntsasgrd s-febeef th oeat d esn'tooat tch muth of r th she caap-str pede collegsttuden mpwho sitsly wanan orgic caand loodl pruce. th ree pa..nts.y who matnoha hve ahyealtt, budge bu ilt st sl makethure eirilch edren hathyealt. yo spu inusire to doytevere hing
8:38 am
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8:39 am
rand fo news aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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8:41 am
ccarsonrlity eaisier thk. wee pu de atiesd rrestear21- yeld-oed rena skee ndory.tuesda.. who iginvests atorshsay ot and akilled e man marlyonday rn moing. c he's whargedrdith munder a g bein wheldutitho bail. shthe f'eriffis ofayce se s th ngshootin was ampatte rt toob e thimvictgr... tkant ar of m hijuanatre was tyingo ll seis. th h allneappeard newi dgndriive drd e annwhaveood co t.ur j..t usr aftehtmidnigmo nday. pu delsties asto arreused jes and n alle-mgarciaezanriquy mondamo afrning swter a m at teaen thtered areir aptment. s let't send io over tme fohea weatdar upte. m goodngorniff, je! st moudly cloy y todaigwith hhs he in ta 40s. systorm ovstem mes hiin trns afted oon ang eveninfo s r area nmainlyorreth of noth wid a winryadvisoom up fr 7pm rp sullise vaouey thrdagh friy rn mouring. oy stormr weathepa cottern s ntinueh througthe
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