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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 14, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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ca niptiopong sednsorcb by s( nd bayi plang e "lat" showethem ) s (cheerpland apause) s >>: tephenomwelcee to thte la s "latehow,"ve edyrybo!th ank! you k thanyou!(a eudiencn chatingph steen) thank! you(c anheers aud applse) k thanveyou ucry mh! se plea, please! ist am ephenbe colrt. wewelcweome"t to ehe lat show"!i' m sopy hape to ber he.yo u hoappy te ber heig tonht?he (cd ers anauapplse)i amap hbepy to er he inro fnt
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men suits. er (cheaps and seplau ), wellnnthey a touncednnhe win er pof thebaowerotll l teryer yestd day an..i won. 2 a 2 x ofpiece . paperi' inm goseg to u r it tooll upme sog thinelto horp me f gett abouolthe whg.e thin eeif i sttm a liffle oig ton ht, b it's iecauset 've gohta slig cheadold. tait s ortedh ff witfelotto vertu and ntrned ialo actuer i' b got aa it of hrsore toat. n it'st ot thadebig a al. nl it os y hurt twhen ialk. he so tw shooiis gbeng to a mofair a munt ofime.(c s heerapand seplau) i'but inm goetg to gou thrhegh t
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(caners aud applse) aki've tquen dayd il, an.nyquili' ngm hopit thancbalautes o toju ilst "qu."i' om alsol,n adviol tylen, andda y,sicall n righturow, cosingro thmyugh y, bode i haveall thin ntgredieeds needke to mah. met , anywayy big daolin hodlywo. m this, orningnnthey a tounced he nenomiores fs thi'syearde aca myar arere t e eighicbest pturemi nonees. knand i 'row you pe busyeeopl o whhadon't e ve tim ato see ll moeight vies. veyou haenn't evn seer"stawa ghrs" eis t timeyet. a so as e,servicke to ouep y edinformou for ycer offil, pooyo ursc oarl, poo re heui's a qapck recch of ea ofth ste bere pictuee nomins.i bwillaye plaling pal the rts, e becausnoevery isminee . white te(laughr)re he: we gohe
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hharrgbe! a ar! b "thertig sho!" ri i'm m ch! i'!richt bua i kindadfeel b i aboutt."b n!rookly"he llo!i' am justri wee is sh lasin br iooklyn.n 1952 ea63 yrors f im now,e hop onsome te inighis neodhborhowi ssll dreme like ca (lghter) ig"spotlht!" s let'hmsee, ie pr csts...n.hildreas.. p s! pass! dg"bri se of!"pies t' i as justdg bri se of pies .'m i h gonnae avroto c ss age bridie of sps! au (lghter)"r oom!"au (lghter)ad
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chello,.larice emy nam is. maxlf ha laugh m"the!"artianm. mm cayou rdn hately tasoo the pp! d. ance.. sne! la(appuse)yo u know, in rrseheaatal, th was da bake potato. rsof coue, theea rl wrsinneni toarght oue yks fol bseecaue wha
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er (ched s anauapplse)fi 'lrst, iitl be sowting dn withac oltor univia mn. he (cd ers anseapplau) b weedoth us to be pocorres andents dt "the ailyow sh." 'l wemil reabnisce w out hojon ar stewedt forc f us toitight w h s hammerisin hre seclet battpi l en i'lo talk tanactor dco anmedimi t.j. ller. er(ched s anseapplau)'s he o onee f thofstars hbo's on"silicy. valle" l it'so'ike hblss "gir," butth arere nyen't a. we and ve'll hafo a per brmanceyng sigwer/sonfariter ohther j n y.mist er (ched s anauapplse)he p'll beinerformsog his ng"h (boly ).leep" itor as no's kn wn oknetwor vi teleohsion ".", darnan (bayd pling) u oh, yohahear td?t soun at thon's jis batndte ay sta n.huma hisay er, ev!yoneth e ey'rtoabout us take n all o
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nietero ty tk my desheover tre. fobut bey re thee do, onmore in thg: om econ bistsveelieth that anks lito falceng pri cs, oilould b soonpee chea br thanottledte war.d anw,someho more ro envillnmentandy friely. he (caners aud applse)>> ht tonig! hestepn wmeelcoias oliv munn! t. mler!an d the musicaler panformce by jfatherisohn mty! infeaturng jois batte " andstayma hun"! wand no t it'simeor f l "theateow
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(c s heerapand seplau) te>> s:phenha tnks,ve e!rybodyfo berere we etally g intoto t'nighows sher, thae are le coupin of theegs i netd to g myoff - cheste - asidfrom air fat amounegof phlm.(l teaughr) oti am nsi only m ck, i'alsohe ckart sius, becaase it h beena whard leek oficosing onicit brarish tists. d davis bowie'shdeath usocked ony, monda dtidn' it?an md thisorning the news atan alan rickm diede madme cry.i' em notyntirel sure why, butwe no all kasw him us sever e, snapnl the uheikely keartbronro hee of th p"harryotter"or sties. he but ls was at o greain ax "galuey," "qdist," "rde ha ,"e "lovlyactualul," "try.y madl lydeepns," "sesee and tynsibil." p hed layeanso macy charhoters w t weiehe audulnce colid see ved t onhrhe t oesholdinf lettg
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urtd andncoulea't revl. athat'san rare tid beauftful gi s to whare aith ane,udienc and wo the prld isfooorer sr hi .loss la (appuse)an cd in aetompldiely tfferenve m in, i'upstill ouset ab t and sa iwichas got l.t week au (lghter)th yose of sou whotaw lasth sdurayw 's shoerremembi that d tacklesuthe is we oferheth it go tenoughs omatoeb.on my l.t. y, jimmp put uura pictee of m twith.the b.lue. in qstion. y.jimmen hance!er th ie its. e i sethe b. i e see thl.wh there ie hellt?s the wh myere's at tomo?er tht e isn' l.d a witut tshe t i bjust a.l. b it's.llllw, now i kneegthis sasment w g goincoto be rsntroveutial, b i ocwas sh tked bywbhe bloack .onlinee thsptweetoxphere ed lodewithsh
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thcle was toearly t mato a theom bottth of .lat b.t!" om"the tonato's ot the btom, adude,"nd --m "ag i goincrazy? to the s mato ithright ere!" no.yo nu'reoiot grang czy. "wthe " orldngis goi i crazyf"t s his" ierconsidnoed eughma toto. us becamee re mmberr y orde-- andif is "thts" counxt as "era ,"tomatoor then wdering ithla regutor tomans meato no matoll at a. if and s that'sethe ca t, stop he wisandi ch, o want tf.get ofan e d thest weren'lythe on wpeopleugho thoy ht thenosaw t a onlyat tomt o bupia consracy. coone ranspiorcist, b. thl.-tru ter, asefhey prer to lebe calted, wro: m "why ae i th oonlyt ne thaseese th itomatoben #colt?rt #bl i ift t isn' i, what in hellsth vat 6mmereg undet the ltuce?"at thil's 6 mrslimete?is
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iegirlfrnd?yo tu needyoo get atur tomo chruler becked, mat's ateillimea r and half,ps to. sit'sino thyo that d u coul readne the tw yorkhrimes t ade he: line e"notnoughma toto."t bu si will may, inaly ze forju istice,av may h ae been tt li hle oarshe n thwhman o made anthis sdwich. dhello,oweli runer eepert arere he noelard feings. f in oact, iedrderth anoer t. b.l.hi from tm, andhis is gwhat iot. tlook at. thaok ay? er (ched s anauapplse)pp (alause) e so wheknow tm systeworks.if w youb.ant a ndl.t. are you a he anywthre in ste tri-ate -area, - hell eon thetas --coast is this uy the g to goto .
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urped yo. t.v eshowarlier gh toni rt, and nightouow y're atme hoe on thwicouch th ack coadtail m ee of pqualarts n bourbociand mu inex --l calit c "thefaold neshiod" --d anstyou juhe finishid watc ngni toreght's anpublice. debati tobet t nighe was thnebest oye t. e becaus jwe are dust 19ayays aw om frir the ficst offteial vo atio the cuwa cau--ses w andinningio s wa iiacrucwil for thnning epu re nblicanatominion. skjust a g towhehouy w won ia in 12 20id, presckent riru ouank y,ir s.(a e)pplaus cso theteandidae s arpistep ng irup the. games infor , stancejeb!la k,st weeor i repatted th jeb!d hatarevid lizemphis caaign bwith aw old negystrate. j >>h eb bushasays teet he sshi asmself fu a joyrtl to.oiseat t leastwhhat's toat he ld aen ten ager ompthe caraaign t il dayestery. puthe re pblicanntresideialca e ndidathegave t t boy aoy rt tu sle and cays he tarrieshem iarounds n hietpock.>> en steph h: yes,s e giveoutto
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u triedeasing rrtl tu bles, ut epthey klit craw ong outf hisck pod ets anasthen pimsing h inpo the lls.bu s t gues?whatca i t.lled ila eest waik, i s gd thisuy was e dufomer a co, backand inaccord rg to, eutersnohe is w rdin thi n placellationay. a o int' nn stoppiowus n! onjeb's ov the m e! 's hea on etrockd fueleorelevatst traighttho the ooird flr! mand if iy matht,s righ theree arwoonly ts place""aboveth thle's at brast a .onzesp oeakingzef bron dr --donaltr ump. la the owtest is a pollruhave tmp t justoihree phints bend ted whcruz, beo has eaen l idingn e iowancver sigee geori patakdr d oppe aout,z nd cru.pickedup f all o'spataki. voterum
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does. w he tent onache attk by ngexposi a dcrark semet fro pcruz'sast.>> s he wan born i.canada te >> s: phen'sthat, rightonly ra natubol rniz citcaens n be idpresndent, awa cruz ..s born. c inanada! , thatrsof couthe, is d e soun of 'scanadana natio, l birdthelo on.if ne you k, w thataryou te noqu d alifieprto be t.esidenor y maybe.ou are in i thwhk the inole thorg is h sele (bep).bu p t trumt.doesn'li o sten t twhatasrump h beenpl g ayinhiat "lis" rales. or b tn inhe u.s.a. in"born .s the u.a.!"it b couldrse woede, t. c he bouldune taouting y withth die canahean ant im --nk thi's itt thanabarediked la es song: c ithikka,y-chinhi the c neseke chicn y e ou hav sa drumndtick a your n brais stop' tickin o omur hnae and antive ld uzbut cras h h sis ownnappymu
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ed now tis cruz g sayinlddona ytrump,w,ou knoom is fr me soevwhere seen wor thanca : nadarknew yo.>> nk i thiy he mainshift hisne llw ratoies n' playi "newrk yoyo, new rk."ca beouuse, y d know,coonald mesfr yom newndork, abo he emdiesne rkw yos. value>> en stephn': i do wt like hat i he'suansin atingewbout n york, d thattronald meump cos fromre he. s that i njust ahiasty tng tosa y! ybbut mad e te icruzssi mietnterpruming trnsp colytantqu inestioncig his hitizensp. t as crump'sampanaign mager neexplai'rd, "wenge tryi to." helpye s s, he'ngtryihe to lp.da to'sy it w "hen as borinca nada."mo tomarrow, ybrte inseming hito inpi old eofsodes gr "deassini juh"or behides, tt s isn'rsthe fitti nme the baturaltiorn cizen haissue us comenp in a ec el.tionin 8, 200 c oneteandida'sus un pual,blossiery unamican
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su: iciousccjohn secator mcasin wn borin buasthat wle all c uaredenp whal sel his olnate cs,league inincludckg bara, obamapestepdin as and presed a tisoluoncl dehiaring nam a l turaborn ze ruw, ct z isn'ulparticarly r populagrin coness. ashe hn beebedescriemd by mbers is of h p owns arty akaa "jacss," ac "a wd,ko bir r" "theliepubcan th no ouber repcalican d.n stan" w and,hehile t l othereading pu re cblicanteandidads woul fibeneomt frbe cruz ingin leeligibsu, i'm fre hisellowpu reanblicnas seiltors wyl rall nd arouik him l de theyhid witmc cain. t, righ mccitch m?onnell i >> t don'thehink te senatou toght gthet in lee midd of it. s >>: tephenbuyeah, 2t in008 m whenwaccain s -- i >>do just inn't thsek the nategh ou gt tothet in lee midd of. this ph>> stellen: weok, lokes li jeb h bush mas oneckore luley turtin p hist.ocke 'l we rl be bightwiack lith oviamu
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he (caners pld ap)ause uh 's, ite jak sfrom ftatearm. lsoundsreike a gallydeood al. kejam frofastate , rmatee thr t inorhe m?ning iswho s? thi akit's j se fromartate fm. wh yat areriou weae ng jakstfrom rmate fa?uh is, khak. unshe soeods hidus.we shll, a e's ..guy so. r anotheonrease morlepeop staytawith sm.te far
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ntadve furesro$5m 99, us plto up 0 $30peto st nd asea. me cok seeyathe roril caeabbn. of enfer ebds fy ruar.15th al e l th whard..ork. ti thme in ice serve... co itmmunlly coege... teit matrs. it w'shy we, u atitnivers py ofixhoen, yocount evur relrkant wo co and exllege ceperien c asdire ttsyooward reur dege. n leart more ax.phoeniedu. if 'r younge tryi to betta litele bet r...thgsint juswhgot a tole loer bett .in uctrodtring eneeads loed fwithr,lavo
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ebappl gee'sllri & barvofasrite ma adetl littte beorer f. you urfeatw ing nediessh, al r l undelo650 caries stand aartingjut $st9.99. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders
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anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all noand stt ju p thefuowerw.l fe pl(band aying) te >> s: phenomwelc!e backmy g firstonuest t iights an
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ashow,"e nd "thwsneomro." laher rotest p ijectids "r eg alon2". >>'t donou tch my cteompur. n' dot lk ooyat m cteompur. thistu sff isen svesiti. t >>shat'in fe. ll i' logut o. w>> youilgl lo out? goh,irl! i saidon d'tou tcht! i>> of stsoftsu tise mipanioulatn, esprsureoi pnt. >> 's sheot g mypp aixend! ow ,h! o reyou'he theck ee. tap a word ofic adve -- apl coue of in thgs,ic homide. om >> he.icid am i oerfficen b bbeardr an i h amistn parer. n >>e'o, hs. i ot'm n skihang yourd han raftet. thaco me on,am jes,et l'so. g
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er(ched s anauapplse) te>> s: phen snicegeeinou y.lo i inve seeoug y! s >>: tephenrdi hea aum roryo u'reed engag. i >>w. kno s >>: tephen ti wanteao sprd aru imoron culgratatedou y. o >> h. ph>> stee en: aryou aarnd aon er rodg esengagd? o, >> nre we a notag enged at di i ead h trhator rum. jit'sustom se randomag meazinci detoded say it one. day di i 'tdn allctuaynk thios mt itlieve .>> en steph: come on, thefo p llow-uonquestiha is w ht iseit waing for? ushe mhit tnk he'sre pttyec spial ife' hois gong t dobe hatter tn this. w >> tell,t'haces ni . hiwatcng? h >>e isin watchg. ph>> steen u: stepp to thepl ate.i haknow tott's nou yr, sportbu unt you nddersta o that,f ur cose. au (lr)ghte h
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o. ommy m bveelietd i a-nd - y >> mmomel bie.ved it te >> siphen: lovehe t way you a talkoubout yr mom.wa s she excited? he >> s i myought ne pho. on the ly way ine kw to dispel rtheumors was to usey mhe motran d herex ttrs convewiation th is this ex a ttrs conveation m withhey motr i hado tos ptli on tne forirhe ente worldo t skstop a minge quonestious abt it.ld ho'm on, i sorry. s >>entephat: thll's a r.ight do ack qui sue doku over here. s >> thitis wha t idexte to mym mo the other day. r i'lleadt i h ineroi vce. , oh y man,ou eemngagent?u yo wknowe lovear aon.we pray for hllim a theim te. t i be you. happywh 'ty didnel you tl mes firt. eysmile: fac oh, my gosh, mom,yo
11:58 pm
ohearn thene intert. ni defi ytelyouou w wld beay re befohe t ierntnet.e shd, saika o iy, see yngou goi to be on thev. t andol cbert.ok haay, i ve to go. ll teon aar i said hi. te >> sisphen: t thishect aual text? .>> yes >>ph stecaen: n i textou yr mom? y >> iere it s. s >>entephho: w isha cnce? myup ppy. r weedescu him.>> ph steisen: s thinc chae. hayou have cnce on t?here s >>: tephent is thayourog d? t yes,shat'nc chae.>> en steph: allig rht. that'sce chan. 'sthat our leittlpy pup, we sc reued him. m my-om ->> ph ste wen:s hat'here. nam kim. asian.
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r hedi prected texts goe to tocolber . y >>eah,ol cberto here. so... re you'.. happy. .. e... ga enntgeme... n >>o!(l teaughr) s >>:tephen and uere yoo. g n >>o! te >> sanphen: or opp ftunityor to you to talk her. again n >>ono, i dt't wanta to olk t om my .>> ph steen: you are known as -one of- al coo ponerst, no pjust aersonho w'sun fny. kyou're cind ofoolse becau ayou'rekelso li aun fnyso perno' whlss ao an actttraiveom wan,o' whsos al aee gk.yo uve do ha a geekep riutaton, gh rit? ik>> i le ghieeky tngs. >>ph steouen: yk geeut o on me sog?thin
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mm co lon, tord ofhe. rings>> ph steyoen: ku gee outn o olordef thgs rin? w >> i was tantingoe hav a tt livele conn rsatioe and sewho s wa btheigger lford o the ringsfa n.ha i lve aeittlam ge. t inkhi weul shodot bh quote our tefavoript exceroms fr thed lor of the ringsn ine of o theks boo e and sewhooe ds itet bter. u youl shod goir au (lr)ghte>> te s wphen:ell tshere'e. som tl gaunet.>> en steph: coome int mypa srloraid shelovo the t fly.le t me seet whaian chi tf.nk ois th w ishat frodot says he tifirst me heee sser goldbry, oh de slenr as a willow wand, ohea clanrer ther clearer wat, oh breadyhe tle carri pool ver ht dauger.sp tringd eam anwenter aft, awi
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avesau lghter. er (cheaps and )plause uli woefd dyinitelle purelou yr nd hars afte ts.hi t >>s hat wafubeauti l. ph>> ste yen:our turn.hi t. it i>>'my. sorrlo f rd othegs rin. 'sthatn wheheall toy bso gtoin the maiountn? gh(lauter) i i know, was tinhinkges gooni. so- i - i'm s.orry ph>> steen: veryar simil.ry ve sr.imila w, no ine "ridng alo 2"ou yy pla aad b-assnd ak kic atl litsse ain s thi movie.>> , yespo supsed to.>> ph steen:'m i ainssumg you 'tdidnt jus ushowp and start inpumpghipuncngeo i sumes it'hein tip scrt. m >>acy char ater is noon nsense p. co >>ph steen:on nonsese cop ul wod be. fun au (lghter)>> wa it eas grt fun.i
12:02 am
g adinoup t the movieo s i ul woard le bn toeom cabfortle co and t nfidenwitht, i. te>> sphen:at accurhiely w iptou t. nd>> a s beeafau bec gseunsa sfety i rlyealo imprtant. hoi st this moviehr tee months. asit w l theast dayf oho sotingd anrothe p gpuy had tove lea and we had a newuy gme con ind a nohe kt'ws isur ot las daysh ngooti w, weere at day 90.he u comesp toe me liks alway saand yse' hersou yrun g and i o go t igrabndt a hes, say no,no o,, n no! iwhene giv youhi tsun g, ido edn't ne youo tewav it ou ar pnd,ointt i atpl peoe,do inn't pott it a yelours af ortme . r holsteunyour g. ywheneou'rdy rea u toset, ike ta it enst holer it. gthen iiveckt ba toe, m allri ght? d an lit's,ike, the lastay d. kn i haow wt'm i doing w aith gun.i d, sai'r youine gog to tellev oderybaty wh youd tole? mhe seaaid, yh,et safy.
12:03 am
usat j ntow?an wd he las,ike, yeah, yeah. i went,ll reay? one sdecon. hey, cube. th did eew n prop guy j customeup u to yo and, say't don go in waitginwaiv tgheun gro aliund ke this n'and dot gooi pgntin ateo pple, podon't tint i atou yf?rsel an d heoo latked me andai sd, no.i ,saidt' thahas w itho tt,ugh 'r weee. don >>ph steden: diou yk kicis h s? as i >>he did t lsta daynd a heot g re fitd bu itt didn'te matr. ph>> stewen: nore you a a rh supe ero.ou >> yto have manyic ps.ture ph>> steen: is alwayee kp a oflot re pictus olif ounvia mndo e.wn her onbut tights it'dy han gh (lauter)th s is iyou, yl ou wilbeic kkings astrighr thee. , >> yesyou likehe ten x-m ivunerse.>> ph steien: o. d w hooudo ynk thi atbouhe tla
12:04 am
lis thi but ggeuys to t wearcl othing ewhveryere.>> l i wilay s, boneing theet s, t whenshe guy have toak te offei thr, shirtethers i more ss strefo than r thels gir. u yo thaveeao lutn o soou yoo lkto anugh yd if aourege bigr,o n wione sllayth anying bseecau r it'sude. hebut t guys have to be rdippe th and ere is ad nee to besi ckx-pads any' thereay alws g doinhu pusps and -- ph>> stellen: teou me ab itt. 's it o a lottrf sess.>> s it'ofa lot es strrs fo es thyse gu .>> ph steden: di youet g supert fiyto pla this part? i >>. did e thnnbegi oingef tho mvie, i dlookntiffere. if youch wat theie movsnt uil e thin beg oningfy m fightne sce,i t los12 ptsoin. en whrt i staed iho t,ught i'm a tarelablect airess, can eat evwhater. i ias wac bkstage eatinge a don dthe ang sayin i'm not a ml,ode i'm an a,ctress i'mel re.atablat tht's wha il telys melf.
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d dayoingar mtialrt as and swordtr .ainingi lostpo 12-.und fe i erel vtry s aongnd it's an es aw fomengeeli.>> ph stei en: dwoul w not aavegu n atou y. d >> gon't woavin ygourun gik le isth ! s >>enteph:li ovia, tshank for in bege. her t >>s hankucso m lh, iove it! >> sphteolen: ivian mun! id "rg e alonns2" openw natio iderr tomo
12:06 am
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12:09 am
anhu"stay man." n, jo s you toundc errifihaon t tan pitoo t.nigh>> janon: th sk you,.tephen(c anheers aud applse) s >>entephu : yoi'know, enve oft gh thou it thatulf i co ad playny ca musirul insti ment, would. j >>aton: whto if i ild youul coh d teac pyou toanlay pio inne niy eass?step ph>> sted en: i' wsay,a?haaa!i' td lovetho see at. el >> flowud stents,on i'm j st batie. om welce toia pno0- i'day inm goog tch teaou yo tpl ay piano orw- flocamelodi.on e, iifdentying ofno pia. o pian 8 has8ey ks, 52 white and b 36lack. ifr youno pia has six sgstrin, at th's ata guir,y mri fend. ouname yrn imestrunt!
12:10 am
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12:11 am
g thininom chemon, ty wereco okingh wit- gas -d goo at in sittg. mb reme der, it moesn't hatterow ouwell yla py. ke tafo it r me, if youal flff oth at bench, whoo! 's that allre they' t goingko tal about. lesson 6,he t pedals. m torastehe t, pianohayou ve to ermast thes. pedalyo wu playouith yr feet. sthere' thet sof, pedal and ai sustn, andf iou y figureut o what thatrd thial pedoe ds, pleasele do t mew. kno ng(honki) lessonev sen,yi plang and ui fl.dity
12:12 am
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12:13 am
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12:14 am
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an (bind playg)(c s heerapand seplau) s >>: tephene welcom.back ex my nest gu at isr, write to ac cr, andn,omediata and sr of owthe shli "sivacon lley". sthisy undabehe'll hosting
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ea plelse wmeco. t.jermill. he (cd ers anauapplse)>> t i'm m. j.leilomr fr the r majomotionre pictuyo "gir" bea3- d. ph>> ste gen: areatov mie. ea a grtl. fil s >>entepho : whouwere y inth at.>> r rangejohn. s >>enteph,: oh yeah!e thtr s congesterharact ofth .e film ph>> steheen: tre btakouta srof the 3-d. or>> i st ofve oadrshowed>> en stephks: than for wgearine thin wgedol clar,? too f soew ofy mts guesom ceed dudup . >> ias wy realler nvous.yo mu'reye' wifsor favite dicomepran, cesentompanyin .cluded>> ph stesoen: ikunds le ave loanly wom. 's what youre' wifs name? t >>rche soua e of lot of en conttion. kate. s
12:17 am
re were a on your fitavoreco 'smedian show.>> en stephyb: everkeody lisu. yoyo lou're b uwingp.yo heu're t host of the cicritsch ceoird awa.>> i am.m i'ng blowip. uyo hau may live a cpr. d . te >> sphen: weo dhave ap. cliho culd welip it up?>> en steph i: thiss younn wisting la year " fornsilicova lley." i >>ht thoug i g was toingo lose so i a ateot l. k thanryyou veh. mucwo i uld say tthhat ewa afords r chthe enildr bseecau cnhildrear e agi tanblese repren ntatioofac enhievemhet wreas aadultssh etould sr tle fo pthentresided an aiodmiratfn o their. peerst buo what dino kw?
12:18 am
bld hart thaay ss wrhateve the ) (bleepanhe wtso. t >>te senph:id d theyp sto youas w youerevi leang anday s -->> e giv the awardac bomk, ceba exck nt year. b iieelheve twa ards withor f dr chilen.wh iat did t say,hewa ard is ll honoow, g thint,to in the igo jt a fobrom it tot hos the aactualwards. so iue gss'm iat eing crow, t?righ ota fo m inyou mth,ig r eht? gg ony m face,ig rht? gh(lauter) olthe d egg on theac fe bit!>> ph steaden: glav to heou y. e we'rvery e.xcited
12:19 am
o thanne suit! er(ched s anauapplse) s >>entepho: sou y'reel tling me your w dife'toesn like thisin ? i>>t notha tt she't doesnik le it. stshe ju hesat it.>> ph steen:au (lghter) te >> senphu: yoor wonked the il "s vicony"allew. sho>> i did. s >>enteph y: dot ou wantota rlk o just drip for ale whibe t.>> 's letp dri for aec sond. s >>entepht': les drip a forse .condrr r>>ve i haee bnn o rtheoadnd a i ve ha beensi clohng wit ait b ed callle skendton has, and if
12:20 am
kthan y.ou i soe havbeenlo csingh wits thit bie on thd, roaup stand, and c it'sdallel skeetonan hds, and w ias wriondeifng youan wted to i dotht wi me. s >>enteph:e. sur wa i sd tol you had stokelen s handand'm iet quiin durg it? cl i ose mys? eye ou >> y y closeour eyes andk loo rd towa as, mericaallig rht. s >>:tephenin aga, iav he no ea ids what'togoing pe hapn.te ell me wifie lov her. hi>> tuls wo sd beeio wfrd ith s is ithe w yayou died. s >>:tephen yep. logot a ggt of e one. mwe y 'll treit lik t.his okay.os cle yourye w openm, thend a t justrust stme, ephe n. ph>> stepeen: on my eyes? . yeah hestephin, tnes is ohe of tgr steatets momen of my life.
12:21 am
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12:22 am
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12:23 am
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12:25 am
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
te>> s: phenw,and nong singi a rosong fhim bus allom, "i ve h you,aroneybe." es ladi g andementlfaen, therjo ishn mty! >> a ntnciey holwars rdeadioelighons, uslocats ew nes regimid, old ealsth nat'sh,ow myt t' thares now al in orig, al sinc genetifate r utevol, ionsngspinnis plate 's itta imporo nt tnfstay iormed
12:29 am
h, oo and nevone eaer rlly yoknows u if and l be isriefso he i've bard,haut watt's th ot gwita do s th thihoblack le d anme? oh... oh... oh... a gge-oldroender les in infota, menttacapil de gols n bowlrcand meurybo anhemima nightdure, owst bl hi cc is thum doc'sentaryon lost me ir sat nical fews,enree ergymo
12:30 am
ep indncende he,neappiss h, oo and nerone evws kno the al re you l andisife ef briso e i'vd,hear w butthhat's otat go ta dwithth tois ambm bo m ande? .. oh. .. oh. >>os columseil famiesth goe ld oen eraf tv e
12:31 am
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12:32 am
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'lwe ble right s >>: tephen ithat'sr t fo"thete
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