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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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pueing th index below60 100. yseenour nioatnalre cordesponnt thanmaony json is uoiningsow n. onantht'y, whags goinn? o>> or rep ater:eell thr majorin s,dexett scono, are w inco tirreconer ttori.ry dthat's% own 11e or morfromth r eintrecehs hig w, asesorri glabout roobal gvewth had, spreaoc stunks aroe d thd worlhavelo $il7 tr ilionlun vaste ju ythisear. oi prl aicesorre wg ryinwallre stet. wcrude,elhich f29l to $ aba , rrel-ya 12w,ear lown is dore mo70 than t% overashe pt 18 ntmo.hs e'thersts ju m toooiuch rle wosid is u5 ng 9nmillioba a rrels utday, bpl sup aiersre mppug inarne 9lymi7 allion,nd an if s octions an irantere lifd, re mo w oilflill onood heto t 'sw thatne good gws foras : priceslla gaonf oleunedadas h d droppe92to $, alfst hal iwhat18t was s erd thnoe's or flosi in ghtfo oir icl pretes y f, orsor thima .rket sevenjotrong bebs numtrs lasr ek weld cout n't pubrthe oakesnet sthis, lidenoand i oneres suonwh ilat wl.
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scremini 2ent ofwh008 heen t rk macrets anashed e d frozup. anany cht ce thahewe're iadedn methe sati direcon? r >>r:eporte't i don s think o, wthatpaas s brkednay a filncia iscris. dethe unngrlyi. u.somecony isro stt ng, buarthere ine growg nsconcert thadoa slownwn i a chint migh gspreadlllobay, t evenu.o the ans., ksd stoc areli o kely t sremainh kittislunti pr oil taices s.bilizeer p >> aelley:ksnd bann are imuch er bett t shapeeyhan thba were ck en tho., toth anhaony, trynks veh. muc u yot mighhohave thiught ts on eculomy wo dd haveedominatla htst nigub's repdelican bate, adin but thstead ine leadg atcandidk es tooofstock each r. othe cr ted weuz sho hd thatdne ha'trg fon otte hwhatnee leard as ast onudent et princebon's date . teamer th se were pevenmsodiu, but te ofeen it sstmed ju two nt co.enders ay 17 dows to i ha, andere'sma gajor t.rret hi>> t as isllctuamoy a ntveme. ep>> rr:orteal donumd trpra d llieorsupp otersdeutsi des esmoinay toder aftov an ghernit htfligm froh soutnacaroli.>> o zerp.slee
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r>> iniecogt ze tha idonalds smdiayt ed thallhis pors numbellpoar ine fallowg in ia. a >>kns you d,ow, teth in e lastre ths,e pollea i'm b ytingou. r >>teepormpr: truru and czok brate whee had b-n near nafraters l bondr to spaover cr buz's iirthnan cao da tan er am micanother. h>> yougrave coeat tunstialtion erlawy ss thatouay y't can run. u and yo iknow--ot'm nin bringga suit. isi prome. thbut moe des cratgoare ing toin brwsg a lauit. 'v >> it e spenntmy eliire fe fe deg ndinnsthe cotitituonbe tfore.she upr. sucoeme t,uran td i'llu,ell yoot i'm n going e to btangki a legalfrdvice omna doruld tmp. ou >> y h don't.ave to ke taom it frnc lauree.e trib ep >> r torter:rchen mabio ru oig weinhed . i >>at h ie torunterhipt ts od episcoe of "."urt tv or>> reporter: fst vast sretche e,of tim a trumpznd crumi doasnated tr when toump okfe ofe nstoz' cruscs deioriptn ofs hiwnhometo.>> ry eveunone tadersthnds heat t es valuw in ne cyorkarity e alsociibly lpreral, tio-aboron,pr y o-gaiamarrfoge, arcus oundmo
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>>e hen thtrworld ntade ceer owcame dawn, i shi somettng tha p no olaceh n eartd coulhave le hand bd moreuleautifrely, mo ma hu tnelynehan rkw yo.>> or rep cter: wruz, bhoseisase so ccialrvonseesativda, toyap izologbued, t t noruto tmp.>> po i a tlogizel o alprthe o- aliferond pri-maranage o-d prse acondme nndmentkeew yorrs. ep >> r corter: slintonitaying ju was hist tces onse, praidtr s ump'e defens bof the ig apple. t,scot b jebckush pithed up een endorsemout of solth carinana sendtor ligrsey tahamaoday, ve mobr that lmings a most nooney ryand vera few gtsss-roosu rspporte. p >>y:elleor majtt garree on thca fmpaignor mahar, tounk y. eaand ple se notohthat jndi n'ckersomps ca caigneoverag sthisonunday t "faceiohe natn"ll wide incluvi interwiews th mo decrs atllhiinary cldton an iebernrs sande. h ini awaightoni st, theearchco s ntinue12for w cresmember teaftwr mao nerips cor li heercoptlls co oidedigvernht e off thndislaoa of hu.
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is th. ep>> rr:orteh hig asurfaind rnof e f thh nortorshe ahof osu ha de ad td tohahe cgellen for chsear-r-ande escus teaminlookgfo y r ans signurof srsvivo stamid d thes ebriheof tsh cra. pt catiain y mothh:iris re>> the2 are 1nemariats th are l stilinmissg. r theieawhers boutunare n.know we e 'rilstlol inokfog rsu orrvivs. r >>teeporher: tcr airaft, ca slled superiotall, nse armeso heof tge lar hstopelic utersdseop by he til marity. pacae bl loftiif hngvyeaar cgo lo s add anrrcangyior mthe 5an0 llfuy ppequiomed ctrbat .oops s marineedgather t alonghe be h,acoi j tningeahe snerch ar suthe g rfin otownlef haiwa. x si mcrewrsembee werrdaboa ea ochthf twe heo liercoptats th co edllidin durrog a eutintr ngainirc exelaise aste l tgh toundimhe tk.e j.oa hanrd heaan lo exp.sion>> t andi hen d hearheanoter onsh y ortlr.afteit k wasofind nt spousaneo --om bo! an end thth anoooer bm! r >>r:eportest a coard gua
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o twa and mhalf vyo natr dess oyeredjoin these farchuror srsvivoon, althg wire rsscuem froaithe rcr fode an no holuluol pe icd anfirepa des.rtmentse s archerbrsay dem is frotheas cry h ma uwashahp on ou's shnorth acore heott, t ay wereg skinthepu nblicpiot to anck up ything cthatshomes aore. >>y: pellebl john neacksto rt reponiing toght. yothank ohu, a ere's crwater iisisinn flt,mi , chigant,tonigh t whereheci tcty switehed wacer sours to msaveononey, taly to ap into of sea le troub.e thorgovernki is assing predentob dama to feclarelint adi asaster brea,esut r sidentsaye thorgovernth is sae dister. ri addiana s az ie.ther (tichan)ng >> or rep fter: rlintenesidts or stthmed ate stpie cathtal is ek well, cafoing er thre atsignofion g thenooverr r aftenilearheng triir dgnkinwa water nts coedaminatit whad le.>> ht rigwh now, reat we'ki loong
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ep>> rr:orte p theemroblgas ben af thter tye citc swiithed s te wappr suo ly tflthe riint ver t inprhe sofing 4. 201th rre coe osivr wateristedpp fleadpirom apes,hind cn ldrein cithe erty wune fowid hthhig ls levele of n ad ir theibld.ooth tye ci c hasedhang w itsaterso , urceenbut nmvirolientasts thsay tee wamir coutng o offa s ucettiis snsll eeis whek, tio natl nagudarst d artestdiburingtiot btledwa toter id res.entsno alw he othiafficls are in atvestiga ing e spikin onlegiirnadies' e.seas e ther bhave87een es casth of epn nieumo da-like siseaseheince t te wachr swit0 and 1 hpeopleave , diedudincltring idoy ksd' th moeber dwhbie edo di in staugu. s >>d o didishe cae beofuse me so dbodyt idn' twanty,o sa"h e ey, thmiwater bght bead"th mat'sesy qu.tion t >>ishis t whacowas oming ut t of theirap. >> ep rteor dr: mr.waarc edrds of in virgh ia tecenhas bein studygfl waint's ter. i >>eef, indisd, it e truthisca
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astem--hend t are'sy prettst ikrong ld elihoot that iis andth t at ie-will b- yes, ununfort pately,wieople ell hav f diedisrom thse disea.>> or repemter: fysa say' thell on resphed to tno goverr's ge emerquncy re eest assarly ath eeis wkend. t,scot m thewoove unuld lockfe l deras fundepto rflair sint' sywater ndstem are help s.sident le>> peliay: adrz na diantin fli dfo onr us a,rians. thank wathere s rra te aoracttk ghtoni bt innourki a faso,mu nslimn atioesin writ snmenedtormup an e scallhote eqfrntue bedsty werserne. mba nu oerf oppe hlebeave en edkill.ho esstage wern.take i anicslamro terour grp liaffi watedalith da qae hasai clspmed relionsibity. pe euroth is re iinkingefts rugeeli poercy aftth more man aonillire sfugeesedettlre the lastar ye. e thgerefud es flendwars a
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h nort, africaw but nevaarrils g inecreare w e nondfig inatth eu pero w'scoel hme lasitims. llhowiy iall hms tast.ha ep>> rr:ortepi deshete tfr ngeezid, col r the sougheas, d anrithe f sk onidrowthng, e gr mi kantscoeep .ming re mon tha0 1,00lepeopiv arre in ee grvece eayry dt , bunow ro eu wpe'smeelco i matars we ingin th. hafarshid raarmi fldd tohe us ft len iraeain sofrch ig relious dofreeaym, pa ing ersmugglne 3,arly $000.t buowhe's nan strde gd ine,reec vi lin ng i athisonbandoced hkeyst anadium uld cod face rtdepon atior aftelihe, ke sathouofnds er othass, wne turd ck bama by nicedooran bguder ards heon tte rouge to y.rman ep>> rr:ortedr hunofeds er othra
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h nortcaafrie , arg beinheld no afrth , ricae arg beinldheun loder ndck a i keyisn thek gre de ntteceion ernt. w wedeere ednier piomiss gn too deinsi, onbut te ofnmhe iates usentess thdee vihoos s twinghe itcond, ionsudincla ing esprott at thsa he asid w d putwiown th arteas g. me soop eurcoean ieuntrves ha il buzot rarer wice fens. he otilrs ww l no aonlytccepre esfugesy from a,rira i aq,ndaf ir an n,aniash faranad cno go rt futhher rean g dece,oyestring drhis oeamsnef a few lin ieu .rope ep >> r morter:ofost the anmigrrrts ainiving op eurte se inoff ts boatu from anrkey, d
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tu pay arkeyd rounli$3 bilon in rn retu i forelts hmip stemng the ow flpe of ople.bu art so ft,, scots that'hadry vee littl.effect p >> helley:ilolly winliams ta isornbul fni us toght.ho tlly,ouhank y. 2it wass 5 yearisago thnd weeketh . at u.sfibombs llrst fe onda baghd. at operseion dermrt stoed wrapp i up sn justeeix wheks win iraqfo avrces guwe up kait.da rtvid ma oin nowlen the ssons of t thawar. ep>> rr:ortere in petrosthct, e rs filft gu s ward eemeimso sple, ar st wtingthith efis divinite emstatfrent reom pdesintrg geoe bh.w.foush ayur dtes afddr saamhu n sseideinvawad kuit.>> s thi nwilltaot sthnd, is esaggr asionstgainai kuwt. r >>orepr:teft a aerld buifup o50 0 0,00icamerroan tinops di sau ar iaabpr, idest enshbuss iued e thutexecdee oratr thne turd toinne of oe thstmosi lopdedvi iector ms inarilitsty hiory.
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enesidsht but thaouwe wldsu d cceeusbecae e thi iraqarmy s wainsitterg th ke int uwailike lfa gol balopon ta of tee inwait bg tot.e hi ep>> rr:ortein colel powsl wa e thrmchaif an ojothe chint iefs heat te timdeand bescried th plwar n an irgunfoblettarme tes. ur>> oat strinegy ng goier aftth rmis a vy issiery .mple t firsgowe're cing toofut it f th and reen we' t goingo kit.ll i ep >> rr:orteit is go ever ing tobe t thalesimpin aga? i >>'t donnk thiis it . 's it l notthike nyat ae. mor nit's sot ae inglwiguy nth aar hamy teat's o sy tatdefe.h>> te reporyor: do k u thindesertst eaorm crunted isrealticpe exioctatutns abot whamirylita e forcdocan ?>> ma it vey hath in nde mi ofso me. d itt idn'y in m.mindi rsunde ttoodathe nofure t thawa owr, hit limt ed i awas,tnd i sn wa m't a oodelatf whca we n doin ry eveer othfl conthict at coalmes ong. >> te reporicr: vrytoe in thse de frt wasd ollowearby p,ades t buw a nephbiograofy si predent uobush qs tes hiasdiary g, sayin h "inoave ti elaon.">> ha we ped hoted afser dertst
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enweakthed, e at hd woulakbe ten odown wr he idat dhan't appenhand tst wa a eagrdit ppsantointmeo t pr idest enshbu. r >>teeporutr: ble at thast epr enesididt sa u thed niteesstat tamiliadry hal finisly rroen fm iee ths asheieof v.tnam ouit cigld fndht a a win warov aserse. b >>d,y gove we'ke kicetd vinam nd sy oromeannce r d foall. an thu k yo, very mveryuch.>> or rep pter:deresiusnt bh se mu hd toiais dt ry thadesertst miorm heght stlp eshabliew a nwo orrld bder,5 ut 2s yearrlate l it mooksliore lke an essoin lithe omitslif mi ptary.ower vi dartd macbin, wss nee, th onpentag. le>> pelpoy: chi ttle isg akiname tior-out fsa food fety. enwhhe tbs cni evesng new co ntueins. wamf uncoe.ortabl ju fst aabew d cs iscalini llyenprov to osealorut mode fort pas.icle pesulir po igriprts pamy of fe li. now
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el>> p aley:eactor sn penn s insisttehis inrview el>> p aley:eactor sn pennin hisists tes inw rvielwith ech haapo thd no ding to to withhe ug drd' lorurs capt we lasteek in co mexi. popenn schke to roarlie ase in mi"60 s"nuteer int.view>> e' here s thgsthint thawe ow kn. no we k tw thatiche mexan megoverneynt, thcl were earlyry veia humilbyted n theotionth eoat somndne fouef him boreey th did. ll webo, nooudy fimnd hor befe ey th. did d wet-idn''r- wet e notesmarrth hean t.a ., omethe nxica llinteceigen.we a hadta conupct, hion wech wwe ree ablacto fatilite an
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>> rr:eporteu do yoe believthexi mevecan go rrnmentd eleaseisth p inbeart e caus wtheyd anteto e seblyou ndamed apu to att you ?risk es>> y. r >>r:eportewa they onted t agencoure e thelcartpu to ut yo irin theha crossirs? es >> y. or>> rep ater: fre youulearf foryo e?ur lif>> o. n ep>> rr:orteir i fanst wtoted wknowouhy yte wan dd toiso th, y whwayou tnted to co sei nd, wa tntedowo kn the ns se he ofouow yt felt abouthe yriskigou me ht bngtaki w andhyth isat rs k wah wortit.>> nl i od y haoui ththght atth s is ibosomehody wn- upoon- upwh inose ietervulw coi d n begianv cosaer ation tboutolhe poficy e thonwar gs dru. at th m wasmpy sidele ia. ep>> rr:orte h younoave etregrs? ea>> y dh, ii o-- ahave ibterregle>> or rep wter:arhat ee th etregrs? h>> ia ave etregrt thathe
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clartinoe igitres rps puose, h whictowas t trynto coteributo s thiusdisc asion tbouthe ipolicywan the rur on dgs. le>> pelrly: cha iie'svinterew swithn eannpeth, sisdaunony "6 te0 minus."an evd stmae hart nn isext. y ife ou hav bhighrelood p ssure ilike do, cmanymeold sdicine ma e y raisloyour breod pssure. at th t's why here'sdicorici n. hbp ritveelields copt symoms ouwithist raooing blsud presre. l sor ook foulpowerf mcoldinedicthe wirt a hea.
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