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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:30am PST

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tr a ioaditr n foragenestion o >>d:sgoomo good rning. ari'm chgoles os tod andhis is msunday.orning ss unle m youa ade radelibetefo efrt to avoid itre the's very hagood curnce yofa breakst edinclud a g amo,ic genetallydi morgfied o.anismset whher erengineesd food are o goodisr bad theub sofject ahe atedat debe asry baret persen will rteporn iur oay "sundmo crning" sovertory. othenn to antuthectic aion , heroosman wheer sup power ke tas theor fm ofnl uedimit ag imioinatn.>> th in eor wldf o comic bookpe suroe hers a 9ar3-ye m-oldan of stlighld buiho w stands out las rea hero, s >>n whei g toohe tse comick booco tinvenons, veryft oen adl mide maged wanille hav his son with him sand he'llay s id rear you or sties.i t can' ytellowou hti gragfyin iits.
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mel mortaor wase hit hit whco t mics rayad ahen oda"sunymo "rning. t coasd guarl we'l atakee cakwa lk. hamartch tei wner billeur o e.guid ou>> y see somett prey usunualgr ooupsfou tsristn iyonew rk ci ty.bu tt theyheake tak ce, te liy.rall b >>uteaiful.>> t wha is it?>> zy cra aalustr cianakede rscorato t do in ahe bigpple.>> osgood:e lesliar cons i an tr ac wessho firsth cdarme ic amerannc audiees. asshe hn'tgo for wtten shereheca mero fm as sheel tlsan jepa
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>>e lesliar con was just 19 when ge nely kelhi w hskederwa aym fropo arst-wnc fraoe tta sr in "an eramicnan iis par.sism>> ud sydenl'r you ien hwoolly.od>> hodollywo. t >>hete saksve owerflond o the at pl e.ou enoogh fa d for .week>> ist i t truehatnc oeor fde t sseryouer ordnoed atherst ake?>> . yes at th t isrue.>> er latn oda"sunyor mning,"th eeg lendaryli leseon car. >> od to, joys iat sory h iefll bi geistut abo the woman nd behi a new mieovnd a very cc suulessf. mop>> er nev runus a biness. e'therins nothkeg lit it outh ere.>> en jrnifere launceap cdture ago lden globerd awa andar osc tinomina pon fornglayihe tl reali glfe sinome m whonv identehe t
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o>>ynla ide tihat e havht rigno w.i k thinit hasnc chae tong chae l al oofesur liv . i >>t d'toesn l soundeik aci repe for success btut i is. aheadun on "s mday."orning >> allene bisil wlit vis a camusil mryonaste. steve hanartmas hmo ealtion tale ofol picety ild blla fnaganem rembersvi dadow bie. first,in headlees, th7t 1h ofja 2nuary,016.>> iv f aecamerinsin held ra in eehave bnre fed asar pt of the erprison swap. r ineturn, sevenni iraansde itained cn thisryounte havbe en rd.elease al flwsollole impatmentofion cl nudeear etal bween iran andwo werld day's iran'sre psident praisedth at andti lifng ofct san.ions mo oren thisro fm ebelizath erpalm and cieharl d'agatami cohtng rig anx cnsadia and one acamerin areng amo 8eo p kpledille in
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wethe stic afran nnatio ofbu a rkin.faso aup gro linkedo t aal qaedai clesms prtiden obama has avepprodem ncergeyal feder f aidor, flint igmichcaan, e price sievrwate tfromheli fivnt reras hch leeed ad lem froolder wates piple gavin theit cyit whoute safdr nginkier wat. theio natnal z hooeld ae comut o paforty i r bebei. ntheewan pda, cub dsozenf o en usthiciastda pans loverai wted inin lre foir theha cnce to meethi asincquae.tancif you went toed bly earou y ss mihied s cker utiedhep tamir geh wit e th cnaardils in lastec sond il hay mar.pass om fr a sblcramaaing roron s.dger nt mome lsheater ty lost in over
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shere i t'sodayer weath,te urmperatles wile tumbls a ic arct airnd desces over thedw mianest tod inor the n.theast de thuns rstorm rwilloll ascros outhe s,thwestes the wt coasts a . well foror tomrow martinr lutheg kinni juoray d,no swne in wla engnd an pad trts ofhe west. y sunns skiernretuth to
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>> next,om choing me. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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o >> asgood:'vs wente meionedve fica amerid ns helby iranav he beened fre. erfour w oe partf ari psonerap sw w inhichhe td unitete stasre sleasedeven ddetaine nsirania.ju orst befe the iranar nucle taccordfeook efct.iz elpaabeth ndlmer aha crlie ad'agatre a cgoverinse thewe ekendev dntelopmes. wein beg withrl chaiega d'ata. >> aso prinerp swaas w neverpa f rt onuthe r t buec s oretarytaf ste johnke sarry id here itel hpeded spe in u >> iran hasnd utaerken ifsignanicstt s,ept thay, man ido meanan my,ed doubt wouldve erco pame to ss. >> theer intionat nnaluclear hdwatcog the iaeaou annednc it s wasfsatithied atra inas h n takethoseps ste tole disab itsnu
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thafter ree desecad ofno ecomic ol isthation me dealeans irasn iw no allowed to sellil o on the en opt. marke ctheountry canon recitnect whth ent iioernatnal bnganki .system andin beg toec roup roughly10 $0 n billioinro fzenss aetsun arode thglobe. todayra ianni pntresidesa hasn anrouhi edcall a itol gn depage in history.bu olt paliticat btlesem rain toverhe uyneas rioelatpnshi tw ben eetwouo cesntri that have s beenworndv aesersari forde s.cadeth e dealnc iludes a snakp bac ch mem,anisni meangan sioctanns c beck quily rseeimpoifd iran s failto comply.e thmostlo cselych unr "sdayor m"ningha i'm crlie at d'agiea in vnna. >> this isza elibethr palme id outs ae thecamerin mitilyar alhospit iner g.manywe
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in destation f torhe fourer am ficanrormeso priners onceth pey ste f oootnop eursoean il.e th fyacilit hasg lonto hisry of ce regivinme ansricaho w are ke taisn pr oonerros htage adbroa d anthe etixper hseeer toe giv fthemull plosychoangical dph oysicalievervefw b torehey rr ca hy onome. laalso prece whe they can spendme sofu peace wl timeitham filyan den fri adsndom decspres re befo a theyreac fedh wite sur to be aia medla onsn ught ithe edunitte stas.>> o onef there g lats,eeslica ron. a >> im go oing tbe. o>>d:sgoo and a parostcomd fr ianorc.roriwe pce, anwe cp helidguyoe urrereti smentgsavin.
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oonisur dedciplinac approh dto fin t longluerm vae. w sor hereveyour re metireount j rneys takeyou, c weelan hup yoac reurh yols goa. ca tll awe. roce prire nttiremepe siscialt ou or ysor advir .t ..hoo see cw weelan hkep maos the mt ouof yrer retiavment sings.t. pr rowe ice. in itvest widh confence. ywhencoour akld m wes youish... .. c.youtaould sy... n ...ialbed y.l da.. .y..eeou ne d thofpower ... w ne afw therrelu expmassx. th wee po fr tobeeel ertt. y ifloou're tooking save y moneouon yr
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iz see e th gday to metouore oft e lifmeand redicat pard. sjusth witcalto wnsgree f avor sings atthbe'll h theigighlofht r youday. no prw w eviecothe f st o yourpacofoy beoure yl. fil u yoevcan genet-d onerollaco opayslen selact pns. ja >>y nuar 117,7888069. ta bi pr,layeec dirtorn i yw holleaood's drlyays,en snett laedunch o hiswn so tudiin est keyonfie omlm cpany. bo no'sdya ideofn a f artilmud st, iotokeysneci speizal iedn
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t'nnets91 1 filmba "vinglle lipo"ceze bla tdhera tilor fhe t dfamest keyone ks.op ngbungliic offeros whta s irredn ri se oeshof silrt fms. an esd, y, tt haceoffirh wit the st mu iache tshe 1914m fil "a ie thfat ccher" isrl chaie inchapla.ny maer oth sf tars otheen silt a er owere tnheey kstoneos rterin udclg inrosso" cy"fattar bu acklend mabelma eren h aesew ndslywe. rtunfoy unatelfor sennett once s hisstarec bame biges nam helo hest t tmo otherdi stuos. d anover time,e h aols l hostis en audi tces ashey grew tired of hi aps slk.sticbr toke byhes, 190 sttenne was
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in93 1 h8,e wasrd awaed a ec sp oialscaron horingim h as thest "maer ofun f, the sc dierovr erretaof sm.rsis ck mane sentt d iiedn 1960 a tthe e agof 80. t buthedi stuoom cplex heui blt slive on,ou y may rzeecogni its
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t,up nexs, gmo yes? or no ur yoy bodmawas orde f ttbehier tthngs an rh eutoma aidhrrtisit. fobeoure y y and oureurhlomatogist vemoa to ogbiolic, ifask ja xels nz it righyofor u. lj xeisanz ll a smail pl adfor wults ithdemo trateveo seare r r foetwhom mathotrexe nodid wt workell. xe z ljanrecan duce t joinpandin all sweing s in alelitttw as eko wes, heand tolp srtp fuher dajoint mage. z xeljanwecan lo r yourabitil fy to iighttinfecons, udincltuing ulberc. osis ouserioms, sesetimfa intal iofectns, ly mampho, an hed otncr cahaers apve hd.pene t don't staranxeljz ouif ye havnfan ionecti. te inars s thechtomaor es ints,tine lo w d bloo ccells,ount hiand gherer liv a testsnd escholl terolsleve hhaveneapped. uryoto docour shld orperfoom blstd tes rebefo s youtart d ane whilngtakija xelnz,an d tomonirtr celiain tever sts. ytelldoour ictorf weyou n re igia reon
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d anouif ye havtbhad , tihepab tis ,or c aorrore po ne tctinfe.ions xe z ljanrecan duce th mpe sy otoms,f ra wevenutithoho metattrexe. k as ryouratheumtologis xeabout ljanz. wh oa. atwh g's ooingren he? eyoh his allon. vai'm hel, tng oranee morey metirequnt sl irre vfromoya. frval oyom va? ah yefr, val voy k quiconquesti a, whatoyre vrea nttiremequ sreiroils dn ng iusmy ho e?we pu're awtting aays.cornyo owu kn s, tothhow poe imcertan s ofg avinthfor tue fure. so e you'r osortkef liok a spsoes pern? m no, i' lmorea ike ormetaph. , okayesa spokho-metapr. , no..i'm. u'yo sre amepokes-.taphor okyeah. .
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o >> 8sgood:al0% of l esprocodsed fos,er c beals,abyrm foanula, cnedps sound ae, mornt coain atst lea one gmo,ge llneticafiy modianed orgisms.wh ethermo g,aree safth wheer hothey suld bed liste on thebe lal hased l toer vy big food t.figh coour verry stom froar bryte pe.rsen >> he tar fmn o theig bsl iand y mabe ait b offhe tte beanat ph t buit'sck smath in edl mide ofa or wdeldwiat debebo aut one of fe li'sss es,ential theer vooy fdwe
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his pap, ayaslmlike a aostllf o e thosownow grhen on t bigis reland amo gs. cagenetidilly mo ofiedisrgan ms.t is isafe? >> we, sayf o course. beenat eing it, mys kide hav ebeeng atin fitor0 2ea yowrs n.>> ye 20 arsgo a the bigd islan yapapatr indusasy hn bee ngthrivier, growers wehi sgppin60 li milonou pnds ofay papas a year. th but en itsnsecan begea sprdinga ta devasgtinus virle cald ringsp tot,orl neay everyay papa ee trth on sle iand. boin ahrut tee ys,ear thees trewe re dd,ea fldieser we bonar,e thtr indusyit laler wlyedip t.ou t bua hiawaiann bor plantpa ogtholist, dsennie gonol svesth en aro porfess ator cnell iv untyersie camheto tcu rese.>> weav he tolechnogyha t ctould
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.paya t>> afeam oci sstentieds pullof f aem rblarkaeae ft of gicenet en negiinerg, tthey aook d.a.n. ndstrath from ees dvetructipa vpaya iirustenserd itnt io e th.a oay papda seet jus has wit ane vacci for a human,e th papayasam becee immuntong ri spot. e onheof tal fin field tests was onel daner parry's fm in 1997. t inheseho poutos, y can see thede ad andse disea tdrees ou surrg ndinthe hhyealt ti geney callneengireered tes.>> t i gwre bifeautul,bs aeloluty au bel.tifu andve en to tyhis da there has nbeenk o breavedown erre cesistan . ay>> todri ame fcanarmers grow t abou tenif dntferemo g cropsin g cludin tmorehan 92% o afllco arnnd soy.
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ctinsers o tois restwe il'd-k hlingcierbi odesthr bo. mthat,eansme farrsan c am dralaticly reeduc itinseccide use.wh heen tray spory f wdsee the rb hee icidt won' tkillheir op crs.d anmost ofs ueats gmove ery idaynro p fcessedoodse likso he da,ea cerhil, cps c ande.hees in and be novemr, salmonoi jnede th list, it's genetically gienernegred to owr. faste and there areor meds foohe in t li heong t am pnueat whoitut the to thxin atri tsggerdl deayal s.lergie avcassndas a aan banas the main osourced f foofordr hunfeds o io millns ofan afric tshat would co bememm ieun tois dseea nsow madeci tting chose.rops soen givll at, tha why areo s
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os?>> as a mothernd a ati scienstwh beo has en lngooki athe tse es issu s foreom d iecades amin sicrea cnglyrnoncet ed athe i wayshin wchor conporatives ha edgain morend ae mor colontrnd a fl ine uenc ooveruroo fd sm.yste>> ar mcias i aio senrci sstenti at thees p aticidectionet>> ic genet eallyrengineedsd seear e ribesponsle for anno esrmou eaincrthse in ese u of icpest,ides i youma pririlyhe hopleaveea hlthyke sispticm toor ctiporaonsel t ulingst tha rtheidu proarcts eer pfectly fe sa.we se've haen ttht wi thedt dnd a cc toba eo, forlexamp.>> a lot of thepp onositio to is gmo deciratted he t wldor's es largset ed cpaom,nyon mntsao. e sh ssays ihes tleroubdt thawh enme farrs buyer hbicide si ret stangmoee sdsm fromo
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lingargeua qsntitie ofns moanroto-pd duceicherbaside .wellan thd sere'om s eethinglse. erfarm wsho buysa monnto'spa edtent s gmoeedst musig snn aag enreemrot pngmisi thathe ty ll wi t usehem for o onlynerv haeest ar beue sd.fa s rmer dhave tonehisin sce theh gi beofnning ng farmihe tyai rse r theips cro,av sers thi sides t plan tthemt he nex.yeary whnotla pntee st ds thaare edpatent bysa monnto.>> e w spendil b alionnd halfdo s llareson rhearc and ve det.lopmen erthede ne bs toee somay wf o ngseeit. tha ug>> hh grant is c thefeo o anmonsto. meif faranrs w ttoe takhe tir si bulsness ereewhehe t hyave en pl oty ofnsptio.>> he tro gwerer has vyit ltle lo y.yalt 'rtheyoke lo fingor the best ss po sibleeedt tharo psducehe t pbestblossiope cr. b >>ut thoseps cro areti getng
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asme consurs sayhe ty't don want ngmos i f theirood.>> i want to say noo t gmo and toyes lt heaoohy fd. >>e we havo na ide what tepol ntiaalhethpl comioicatns e arisout ofin eatg dietsh ricin s. gmo a >>nd someom cespani arere ,acting chipotle,sh hereynd a ol whode foves ha oril wl soon ereith o banreq rreui the lilabe ongalf gml .os e thgbiue qiostn is, is all tshi fe usar jedtifi? >>ea resrchersre ay onljustbe nngi tingonv iestetiga themy oriadfen pottialer advse al heffth e.ects>> e lik what? g>>mo. ithessue ist thae w't done hav erlong-tepm ind sendent ttudieso bl be a teowe ansser the tiquesllons fuy. th>> san i theat greid dive. s pollshow7% 5 of ansmerica in thmok gs areaf unse toat ebu
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isscientayts ss gmore a dst preusigioen scitific ni orgas,zationmo amng the theam mericanedicaloc ass,iationth d e worlhealthan orgnizatio d anethat nnaiol adeca omyfsc esienc s allaydr huneds ofer pewe-reviedtu s cdiesrmonfi agmosreos peo nerdang to thheal. e'>> wreoo lkingt aes gen thatma heke tnt plaser tolofant diflooweng, 're also iesnterted d inhtroug . p >>amal ronds i ala pntge cinetitst a the urnive osityfca ialiforn.-davishe sbr huisand ati cerfied ga orfanic .rmer has anydy stu shown even as much ne as oso pernho w has been ed harmr o diedro fm egatinoo fdat th wasen galeticlyin engeered? he >> totre's n a singleta insnce of harm toan hum hhealt orhe t vi enenronmsit unget genlyical gi enedneerps cro. >>al rondoi p ontsutha tt
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ar yeins usg tiqechn luesikegr ngafti,ri hybtidizandon a os crsre gg.edin ok lo at c forn,xaor e.mple >>hi ts is modernwe setn. corth sis i antnciee ancstorf o de morn th cornce produs aed hundrfo eld mor g trainhanhe t antncie stancehior w nch isotse ud any . moreth noweing h eatnas bee neengiyered be. naturev hieryteng w eat hasee bn intirven on.ti >> s vll theastaj mority of ic ameryans sas gmo aredi t.fferen ouand shld bele cabarly leled.>> the f aoodsre notab lelede w nhaveo way to ryeall atascerinwh reat ahe tin kds ofmp iacts op pele arein havgsu conminggm amsican r haveoight t knowat wh's in ouroo fd and right tokn howow it's beenwn gro.>> nd ahe s hasik unlelyy, all
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qufor soite imme te.>> i'm suserpridec bause ild wouth ifink re thene's oom cpanyth idat dn'tt waneo p hple toaveo gmon a labheel w tnheyk wal ugthro gh aryroceto sre itld wou m bentonsao.>> ifre we' goingo te b an trenspartht wis thi s wedhoul lyrealn opet i up. >>ha wto n onepu distes is this, cothe ventroovrsy moer g iss ngcreati anve eren lnggtheni alapprovce pronss iri countes nd arouor the wld. takein vitamnr eichedn golderi cech whiou cldel hp 250 io millnhi cnldre whoav heme sos timelfatait vamin a fi decycien . e>> w autbsolel hytoave have odfot' thase. safbu 'st what p beenut intohe tld goeen rics i a pntigmet thae w ou shatld eve e dryay in ctsarro. w asemp ihuose , rdlehais ttre a t no pdlace on otherro cps,an my il ch adrenyire dveng eayry d. f >>acedit whre incgasin
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osh t banhe tms i aerccelgatin inic r chnsou telesrehe wre er th se iso much fdooha tt es obity is a major hlteah iss.ue ye tht rei biggestmp iactou cld e ony danbe i thenc iinreasgly ng huhiry torrd wld.a so lesn nott losn oni denson ge essolvhe t manho wseet genic gi eninneerveg sadai hawi'spa apayallse thoea yrs ago. h>> weave aot lf ooo fd, no ob prlem.a olotfhe tsepl peoe inhe tse r otheri allymi harng tplhe peoe.
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stmonaery. aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
7:28 am
o >> isgood: st tookalever d hundre byears,n ut aeramanic ha fis llna byugroicht mus back to theac sdre place inta leniz pyzeas hen st uss thist po fcardnorom rcia. >>or fe morthan 800 yearshe tun
7:29 am
ll fi ved thealleynd aow tn ofno rcia, birthla pce o sfaint dibenehect tou fnder thete wesrn stmonam.icis leor at ast itid d until0 181wh tenhe order wasup sesprdse du e to theod cef olaw. ta it satyed th wayor f 200 s,yearil unt an acamerin nkmo ri arved. >> c firstctonta withhe tmo ernastsy wa 19. 'ti didner ent i until4. was 2>> here g uwpn ine conutctic hispa n ssiog was muhei can sditued at theen v verableoicero pgram at thena indiars univechity sool us of micil unt he had what heca alls crsonveexion enperice. >> ian wtedhi sometngif dt,feren me sog thinmore. 'sthatdr what tew me tohemo
7:30 am
s>> a aon mke h had tod she the ngtrappiiss of hor fmere, lif ly nearry evething, one h thinge ohungon t wasus mic. >>ec bause thera p tyer inhena moisstery ay alwsun sg,y m cmusi tinrainsg waer vy ne bealfici.>> he fatrsi casan came toci nora in 2000ta s wrtingith just twoot moher fonks armedir cho. te af cr twoesenturi museic onc ai aglln fiheed tal vy.le th che roire g two 16on mks,al hf t oferhem amicans.a w fearye as tgoyheec rdeord osomeeif thanr chots tre sha th wien frindds a end th a funnyhi tng hneapped.a or recbed lale camli calng, nt watoing ro p aducen. album>> mnt for, music wtheyepere ke i onwet and were ait bre tluctanse becau we hado san my
7:31 am
hoout w to pull it off in terms o ofur miconstch se.edul>> ti cutng thelb aumnt meacu g ttin ainto t dayhats i gu red lateorby wndk aio devotn. th nke moays prht eig tesim a dayst ngarti at5 3:4in tnihe soou snd ersngineee mord useo t rk woroing tack shors wse duschen les cabeot chaic to sayth te leas had to fit ine timtw bee een therprays.>> wee havnu 25 mites.>> the sotudi wheas tas bailic lf itsehe and tob jk too aer metw ao andda half ys. w it aasea lrningxp encerieore f bothid ses. icone whhho cirte mas frratheba silix nenou fnden challging.
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go wwheneg, sin soin pleasgot her thing is er.asie nd>> a pleaseeo pple,he tyid d. il wht e noaquite le mirac, the m albuhe ton m wkseresu peraded hto cutbeit numr one onhe tcl lassicail brdlboa. chart er >> we youis surpred? i >>t isar remkable.bu hot it s twshat's thereso g methin min the tusichatat ptractseople. aacrosse hugpe sctrum. atand thhi somet ingnk thi is fdesiretor whae peoplay todca llpi sitritualy. insomethreg mo than thery eve dayiv lesha tty the lead. s take othemfut o thesmselve iin thauk, becse of itsut beay andyb maeea etheritl qualy. catypiall cffming eect. >>t i takes f yourearsbe to comea
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7:34 am
n'we didmet coe herto be es succsful. c we hameere tok seegod. >> od:sgoo aak cale wk isco umingp.t bust fir,ee mtta sn lee, a real onactio. her isthte is ercfida. cf tea iderotis nin an iojectn. ait'sl pilrefor inlapsg ms hthatheas ter pow to r cutseelap hs inalf. im e aginatwh c youldouo d wi ewth feler rs.apse te ercfidy a mae causouseris esidetsffec, ch sual as iclergct rea,ions
7:35 am
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7:36 am
ja drmes hiove v4s rari hyb d,un e awarh deatluwas g.rkin atwh? he ha was cgellen dby ea a tofm um lacberjks. dolet's this. w heriould d tvehe m toha nord kcacks ,nyon er wh we heldou r iskbr lokenegs, lo lsing,imbs d anpislipndng ang dyi. henot lping. debut h atulwoved hawa to it. meja ws leftwfith neound le knowdge, ma a grn's udatite, an shd his irt. ho r w fa ywillakou tee th w all-neybrav4 hrid? ta toyos . let'lago pces. >> d: osgoofol bepire snder-mawa cts an aroion hee on thsilversc , reen ahe was star ohen t ofpages ar mlveom cics. she owe hisen existce to a man
7:37 am
owitheeur lan cow. >> ite wantod e berrolnn fly. >>e has wr youup ser hero?>> oh,ea yh. ul i woe d leavtheat theer, i hadan igima snaryword at my side.i' d beoo lking for some girlth omat se bullyas wng pickin o c so i roulduno ter hcu rese. id>> d yeou sav 134ls gir?>> i nouever fhand ttl. gir abi prob wlyouavld hete gotnbe paten uy, anywa ores arrted. s>> ltaneeig mhtot ne havbe comeob rind, hoo but he rt cey ainlachieveder supo her us stat.ap [ plause ]>> t a 93s he' as fsamou asis h accare tsek ter,eg rarded byco bomic oks fan andve connntiogo werswiorldsde a ofne o thear ecchitfts oh 20ttu cenry
7:38 am
h >>reow aou yo ding? >> simomet teshey makee ml fee at th. way twhenheyca say, n youak te a e pictur mwithe. ha or s mkeyd han oret som.hing 's itat a gre feelingt tha peopleal rearly ceha ttuc is. >>am fous superer ho,up serpo stee l hdrelped heeam tm up.e thlist is long, fromsp anider-mro, to i fn man,rome thk, hul to thor,he t, x-men theng aveers, fstantaic four,al l his in someac capity. 's he the gfod ohe t mlarveun seiver . d >>ouid yr every worou y were g goinunto r o outfra chascter r orutun of oer sup ps?ower>> no. nthat reveryeallcc od urreto . me asit w toouc mh funoi d tnghem. e>> hn' didt i dotlo e whilthera chascter and storyli renes wey mostl stas,n'he tywe re ceao-crwited tthhe help ofhi his grapcis artts l,ikeac jkki
7:39 am
chsketedut ota sn'sd wilde ias ivin vetid dail. ll >> a of these atsrtise mad myst s orie blookr ettehethan tyre we. >> hellore the. apperhts nour sisprgliny, stan's story, hasus jtee butn pin to b comicook fooorm, t.>> 's howt? tha >> aem moir,he t waynl oy 'smarvelte masr couldel pubyished im sonho and seser a si divion of cbs. >> i figure'd ie donry evegthin se el as gicraphel novhy wot n my fe li. at thin's fwie the. m >> the comicta srts out as stan ar sttedut o. asnl staeyti marnei lr,beor bn toh jewisra immignts in9. 1 here gw up poorn i tinyro bnx ar apt.tmen hwhens e waenold houghest darteki looorng fs job helppa ey thil bls. in9 193 hede landt a apu hiblisoung hse, which just enhappo ed t ahave small ondivisile calmed tiomly cics.
7:40 am
osthyse da theyse udnk i i run etdown gic sandwthes ahe tdr orugst i'd roofheead tag pes. d an simometpres in oofng readi si'd yay,ouw, kno thiste senncees doson't dunht t oughtrio be wiktten le this. gowell, he aadnd aha cnge n'ey did.t care >>ra chas cterlikees d,troyerfa imther te, jack frost,n soo hadta sn's frpingentrials ovl erem th. othe go sau c ughthep in t s battledof goos versu t evilhataf arter pel hrarbo it smeeedon urly nat jal heheoin t army. >> oh,el hl, howld cou you not lu vor nteer formthe ay?hi wtlerveas oher tre d aoingll os thore heriblng this. >> butns itead ofht figing, stan un foimd h dselfngrawi. behis orst wk, ate posr tellingso rsldie n howot teto gd. v >> ia drew littleer soldi, verypr y oudlhe's sg,ayin vd?t no me clam! ey tht mus phaveedrint adr huned il tr olionhof tse.i
7:41 am
.ster>> be y th ttimehe60 'sle rold ndarouel timyom cs ichadom bece elmarv cs.omic he rzeealid held cou meorha tn rt entehiain sra chactersld cou o alsoocffer sial carommenty.u yo'tdidn a shyroway fm thesu isthes of ye day,ouk too on acwar, reel ronati, drugse abu.>> ed i trive egrythint thape wopleeer tinhinkg of,ha tt is wain thinkg was that was niconcerplng peohee at t time. >> hiser sups heroehad fwsla, theyue argd,ad han hgps u. ke all yre ingendi ttshaten wtin isto ht mos fsamou cctharaer ofll a,pi sn.der-ma >> i saw aly fwl craing on awa ndll a i t,houghtha wt if ay guld couck stio t walls like an ctinse .sa i haid tout sndsd. gooso rt i staryed t ting tonkhi of me so. namesin ansect h.sq momauitoe n. en thot i go tpi smader-n. id spaner-m s, thatounds am dr.atic
7:42 am
a oot webls ao.he ld cou s,wing oh,an en i fedigur i'd make him ate erenag . fand iigured i'd do the kaunthin'dble, i give him on persblal proems. i ran into my pshublinder a i id save, haot i g ande ia foru. yos hiname ispi smader-n.i n' couldtt ge any frurthee h , saidthstan, at is thest wor id ieaav here ev. heard t>>he rest, of crsoue, is the uf stff o cicomk boo lore.sp -midereaan latd wham bece ow knn asve mar rlutevolion. thenhe tre's tehosar mvel vi moes.>> ue i gness oso pernan ce mak adi enffer.ce ou enaigh sd. >>n sta lasee h made csameo in stalmo afll om. thest ngandi t toeooe t. ghthou notxa ectlyn oqu eal ot foing.
7:43 am
>>ea r, llyi'mta slen e.>> pr surgisin toy manf o his nsfa, cedreatha cerractves ner lyrealed own them. elmarv. did h whicis why dteespi allom cicbo alok sesse thoig bck bloerbustmo ,viesta snnd fou himself rg lately cu out.w not thaou y s'veeen allhe tse acchar tters yhatou cedreat , makingyouw, kno hs undredof nsmillio ofol dlars b,utou y're tnoti getng atny thae. hav op >> ne.>> ot nea rlly aim de. >> no. i don't ryeallha sren iny a ofth at. >> butre they'r youra chas.cter>> el wl,he t ny're moty techaracrsey, thon bel tg toheco mpany.wa i tis getngai pd -- itas w my b joto cthreate em. s>> doe it y makeou aryng? >> i try not to think about it.m i'nghavi m too fuchhun withe t orestiff my lfe o t'shereo n t poin bgoingackay sing i shouldve hath done ris o c i houldave tdonehat.u
7:44 am
>> it wasnl oy a sftertan suedma irveln00 2ha2 tt the issue came toht lig. >> tulhis cod be theex nt -mspider an.e >> hed settl foris undoscled n- severefiguun amot andve marldi ivd gen sta ait tle,ha cnirma it emerus ofl marve eprnterises. >>'r youe the mostho phetograpdsu roper hehi in tsic offe, ayanyw. >>re cur hntlyeads up pow te enenrtainm t. anpow stording f prsurveyof ond woer. heand 's farro fm outf oideas. e>>ric, you never let us i atink thut's beaiful.>> nk tha you veryh. muct' le us tha w got,ith i okay? ou>> yhi tnkou yer'll ev retire? >>. no athat'sty dir word. hy >> w sit a dirtyd? wor >>ed retir towh do at? oii'm dtng wha it wan to do. hy so w would ian wt to retire ifromt? ow>> huc l ckyan ye?ou b a >>ll the vinillas outre thero
7:45 am
s haw feremo serup pows erupis hsl oeeve t p urotects alln whe wene ooed a gd ee.scapdo t youhink l bookingowack n tthatshis it whareyou weor bnto do? ro >> pbably. t i whink iasto born be errol yn fl in buter nevte qui mitade . sg>> oood: n--ext u yo aguysre going to do
7:46 am
d: osgooca this mke was cw yorkity.'s hehe not ty onlte masrak ce ke mar inow trthaneeichker tass un o aca lkkewa.>> y the m aightsl welav heee bna
7:47 am
at manhtan. but, no,he tseis vions ink pinha tppeno be mrsembe of,et gre ady,he tus atrnaliaak cede cora ntingrketwo,n o aee thr neday rkw yoe cakl.craw b >>ifeautul.>> youn' didtno kwha tw t neyork ci wtyas aig b dineal the cakewo rld? me ho of wthas iot h?>> , blingve einrythsg ili bng.ev y erybodblwants ning o their inweddg c, akesyouuy gres a in gog toct ayuallo d cupcakeswi ngth bli. >> afterig eht hour dayspu rsuing cakey the did makebr opief st ast n fewkew yor city istourt larandmks. but prioritize.e thou trist, sites bs akerieand pcakelaces.
7:48 am
cyou sanee a cakedomst superar. n ro-i ben.srael ny >> athing canpe haphen in tmo wdern oorldf dt.esser>> fe prossionals andat fanical rsamateukn they owim hm frohe t odfork netwo. es >> bvot flar g notoing to forgetn. sooe thlafirst yer -- h >>t e spenthreers houwi shong hthemowo t make sugaras ptero ses. oothey l.k real o ifne iconn' wastno eugh, the liaustrasoans alak got ce gn desi ter tohe stars,sa eli s.straus>> lu hallejah! e>> th factha tt 1ad lies and e on cguyameea nrly 10,000 milessh elould tl you shiometngut abo ho w lgear, andll sma,he te cak rl wod is. anth tkstho ine>>
7:49 am
king cupcakeid veos. >>se eliin iostingltn reaime. m >>yup ccakeic addtion. >>t wha would tyheav heon deth willout ce ps.hone at wht is i a cboutake andoo ckiede tocora rs? >> i'veev ner met. one >>nt vinceoh gs iua actlly a ma pharcist. li bendals boy aonca physilth t.erapis ll te me the mtosis astonhing cake yeou'v eve dre.on f>> iou y know legoni uy,kitt er tha e's yhapp side,ry ang de si.>> harryot pterla coltiboraon. de ma f threeallal tls fawke the ni phoe
7:50 am
xi bolong was aul fabsou cake. >> okay. bebut yforeroou css offhe tau listraakan ce datecoringne k twor bas aunch erveob ivsessane he c senn tricks, ns co tiderhis.>> o why dyou do it? l >>ove it. >>ot nhingte betrha tnee sing so e'meonces fan whe'v youe put dtheir yreams,ou know,o int it realy.>> thed harar ptwi knong all g alon s thatoon andi increble r labo of w love,ill b.e gone it'sd calle hgavin yourak ce andea ting t it,oo.
7:51 am
hero. o >>d:sgoo b thetwond be eenne partlars in w eornfmecewnt kno y an limit?no
7:52 am
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7:53 am
e threetbulls. >> i'm herese becaue h did what d heid.>> fe. tbu rblemarkay he s hayseis whes as it w theth oeray wd. aroun >> ild wou tradece pla hs withim in art hea.beat>> u do yohamean tt? >> uscae dni woule't havo tsithe sre andovuffer er the loss of him. efhe's lolt a het tha will never bele fild. g heave hisif le for me. >> i >>t'sar hd to imagineng owisu ch at deb with noay w toay p it back. thbut eeis whek tit cyf oan cton d.trieey thd fille theiric civte cenr, teinvid pofflice ofricers omro acss theou cndntry aor honedth je wro onhatou wldav heee bn irhis thdir t forheil kler,ic pole doha ve ape susct into cusdy, but 's thattt of lileso con tlationory
7:54 am
ilat w ml takehiste betr isma cking hertainisar ptner is ve nertt forgoen.ho ouw do y want him rememd?bere>> ne the o word t chatomes to smind inc uononditial. he wasdi unconaltionoyly lal,lo ving,po suprtive. w heas a hero. w>> heas ao. her as is anyff ohoicer w cane b evthis doted. sg >> otiood: sllme to co. >>ma igine being thege af oen geke sllytill hroaving les.>> sg o aood: visit with esactrsls learie c.onla r.te
7:55 am
od:sgoo the rl tr i rdy hage to a t grt eaapsh e.isth ...cai en r nefibey healtheshaphe rblps cung cravis. it c's a, leare-tast dfree ailyppsuntleme... .t ..t'hains cl icallyenprovlp to he e keep m fullerngloer. bebenefialr heshthy ape. is thca, i n do. s find u fin theiber slaie. i' wam alheys torre f e r thlelittng this. thand g e bistmileeson. an jud ikst lm e i'e therhefor par, c cifi ilifeers the h toelotp prmeect m andmiy fasoly an i coy enj liall mfe'stsomen. pa c cifi. lifeinhelpmig faeslifo ovr 1er y45rseach aveie lo -tngm ernafiiancsel tycuriwi ifth lg elonreretintmenc lk taa to ncfinaadial rvisoda to gy toyorow utur fure
7:56 am
>> iunt's "sdayni moronng" cbs. a heregains i charles osgood.
7:57 am
blmorayer cviddedes llie caron in "anca amerin in paris" andmo vevie lo crseontinu tog sin raher pis tesos thi day.ja neau phaley s ourun sday of prile. >>ye 65 ars ago leesliar con was a 19nnd o theus cp ofta s.rdomr hecr seenut deb "anme aricann ipa itris" wenh geom cy pellwas bestic pnture i 1951.wh s at i fyoure avoritdance in routome fr "anamericn iri pa s"? t >> ihinnk i theig b btalle i yeenjodhe t tusouloute-larec e. on >>whatbo authe tha cir?>> godp hele. m
7:58 am
sere wa aot lf oen sn o.r ship yt everashing w too, bawdytoo .sexy the lomady fr theen ssor sphi aubuream ce andaw s itd, sai wthis don'to.wh anat co i dh wit c a?hair se too xy. it ow dn. >>it'sll sti pyrettex sy. >>'d sheee bn dveisco aredt 16at thele baltha des cmpsly esees en by ge k.elly >> theht nigen gely kelam ce toth e theater saw mece dan, i 't wasnse suppod to ben ohe tst age.e thr dance who waske picd was , sickso i didar the pt. ha>> wt was itbo autt thaou yng rl git thayoue? wer>> i thinkd goo luckpe hapons t ot a l ofe peopl all thee. timpe re.atedlyi
7:59 am
toog recnized gook luc and to ma keus good e of it. kyounow, it wasn'fubeautil. a , no. xc>> euse me? >> no. i wt.asn' t' leuss jt say i pndreteedn. the >>ut b shect aedha tart ptit wh ertendrm cha.>> li darng,ou y're tlerembing. >> aon lelyer oldan m earning fithe ofrst wo t oscar nanomis tionin "."lili d anheanotr onerphaden enguebe inguil eg aven olderre fd ir asta in "ydadd longeg l"s.>> s it'an strge,se becau now youth icink twte abouin havg an maolder an playround with ayo ung girl. p >> weopleeren't sveensitio tat thll at a. >> n no,o. >>nd i uanerstd.we
8:00 am
eainstd ofet g mtingedarrit ace on sesometimap h wpens geet d marrieasat lt.>> ini gignd a -- g they erow up dveryay inhe tst moif beaut.ul way >> aee tnagel school gir is gbein pdrepareor f aif lse a a te cour san. y >>eah. b >>utte ins oadfin becom ag omkept wan,i gigds fin truelo ve. g >> mivee the iitnfine joyf o inbestoweg on m gi'igsd han inrr ma.iage he>> sld wou t go ono winin neac ademywa ards.le csliearon wonas baid fe ywhollstood ar. shbut e noge lonriv led in inllowe g th osecondeef thrhu dssban,er pet hall,ec dirtorof theoy ralha seakespomre cpany onto ldon.>> lo hel. s >>hepp ad eareonbs c p'nersoto so perthn wirl chaes ll coooingw 1d in959.
8:01 am
u flyinal put r dootsown heer in lnondo?>> r youra chacter isss aociated th wi allhe tseer old. menin ou y lreif youn' didtos choe r olde men.o. >> n lyactualal tdente me. r pete mhall,y h.usband as he w just ain begnerhe wn i t me him. h headhe tit capacy of being a magreat hen of tat theer. ild cou seeha tt. >>t whado younk thi atettracdhi m to you? usbecaure he bheied thi tngsth eat w mosted lovut abo. youe thstage,he tan dce, f theame. >> ive forgiim h,ec bause itwa s, youw, kno his bunackgrod. in hisil mieuen womta sinyed e thhome and sofent ef th drchil teno sl.chooan atd thha's wt he etexpecfd o a
8:02 am
>>'t don youh wis youou clde hav ch a tanceo -- y >> es.o >> ttdo iin aga right now?>> yes. wo i ayuld s, now,k loohere. t >> i was afe dif trentime.>> it was are diffentim te. itk too veryg lonim te w fornome to say, looker he,'m ie, m i is ext. emy lifo has t befi fuld,lle o. to >> inho tse days,ou wld an tr acess imagineei bng the age ofge neel kly andd frest aira and st ill havi -ng- noay w,es rol.>> an 40 d ther dooas wlo csed. >> but todayoo deers sem to b in openg for0- 8thsomesting ars. >> i thinkt' ihes tsh engliho wan chevged hierythng wit the ie maggs smith tandhe judync dehes. e thoserwondfulct a,resses ey dudlub the plic said,ey h,w aait in mute. efi prerng looki at thosead lies
8:03 am
omwisd. w >>anhy c't b youene o ofth ose?>> m i a g toinge.o b>> inac fnt, i00 27,he sne eard anmm ey for herst gueea apperancon " alawndrd oer: vu s.">> t whado you want? u yore swo youou wtldn' say yt an.hing >>ou yed rap me.>> that was anst ahionisngc pieeof ct aing. t >>ouhank y.>> he tre's agn poiant linen i yourr memoi of some salever ayearshego, tes bt years of my fe li o arever. n >>o,o, n no.>> youag disthree wi yfourselno w? y >>yees, s. >> w you loulde ikrgto aueh wit a theuthor of yourr? memoi h.>> yea i ifte wroha thit ts i- ->>
8:04 am
. >> not true u yot can'icpredt...e thetmark. bu tt atwe. roce pri, we h canguelp ide yo nvur ienestmts th h roug goods timebaand d. ovfor 5 er 7s,year r ous client rhaved elie uons to ri burng oes bint th kingheto tnvir ienestmts n so iria vaofety rk ma cettiondis.on.. yon u ca feelidconf..ent. n ...iexour enperice. acallro t. riwe pce tirentremeal speciist ouor yvir adsor .t ..hoo see anw we c help t maket he mosrof you re nttiremegs savin. r t.e owicpre. ve inh st witidconf.ence
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8:06 am
os whee lifr stoyd tol molyst rothhugod mner dayin credea.ll erdiff.ence g>> iet ane pho call they say, wego're toing e makaie movab yoout eur lifto sry. d an slyhortre therafte they phone. m i'nk thig,ingo my allype hap.ning mo the p is ar staf oie mov. >> david o. russellec dirted.>> ne i krsw fithi tng that ckstru me uiknleseliners evt. i wit nasot ash flaryy sto. >>rd oyinarso pernn iin ordary wn to. >> l rea i.deas >> create ordinary i ttemhatpe enpowerm t. 1>> in j990,asoy w a down and ou ngt loan isld seingl mrothera gisin three
8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:16 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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