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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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knat a grel deaouabout r li mindtary a i ourgentellince ca tipabilii es, bhaveoueen arnd wo the r rld fos,decaderu the tth h is imoave orre folegin picy pe ex triencerthan vianually yone g.runnin" she esaddrsesed l verakey su ises. ..esissuha tsht sae ys st mue b tdonekeo tak bacthe co unty. e "wlyactualve do hare to form r oux ta."code f "ionwe don't c ttrolonhe mey e thrngove sments,pendca we n r nevet gethrne govendment uer co l.ntro" "f sinallyg ecurinthrde bonder aen inforcprg a ero amicanim iomigratemn syst." mu"we d st leainagain therl wod,au bechese w dn wet o no thand plese toans ig a hher strdanda. "i t wantoyou d holmeac tacounfoble isr thep blurint yo and oiu're go ng thee lp mget it e doni'and inm go lg toook rw fotoard in comckg bae herto no resa in 18y 20 w and ge'reoing toab talk w out hodowe're ing." d an tit wasndhat kime of e ssagat that resonl ed welerwith hau tdienceoday. e sh ais notic politd ian anth wat'ss hat'rtimpo sant,he ed talk l aboutrseadeanhip d erlead iship'ss whatki lacn ng i cthisryount. n"she'solot a p titicanhat's rebeen bind and itto pold ics an
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s classhand one's ue ofs." an y d carlbehas acen bk and fo nrth inthevada eeis w, kendha cvingfrome asom veger earlith niis mor sng andbehe'll rr tomoow. ve co cringn ampaigli20-16 ve in udthe stanio, ryad canay, ch twannel . o news ju bst arolock fchm the onarlest ur chhech wunre a gllman kied 9op pejule in e ne, thatdemocricpr tiesidendial cancldates d asheon on gun cndtrol a i otherssues t int he las bdebatee eforthe wa iocu causes. ij weiaia jasng h s the ftoryrom le charston. de un fr firellrom hiinary clton ch for hangingitis posn ioon ni immuorty f m gunacanufrsture, ve t rmontosenarnr beanie sders acshot bisk at hon oppi ent. " in thcrk sey etartoclins n know s whats he sayeris vy endising."uoussa nder hs saida e has s d minupo red rt carhefrom t b nraut toclinysn saha he tes vod me nuimrous th es witn the gubb loy. vo "he lted tos et guntogo on tr amguak. o ns g nintonaatiol
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chresearnd to fiow out hca we n sa esve liv." er forman marylrnd govearor mtin ll o'mausey acch ed bottoclinn an erd sands of inbeing teconsishent w cn itame cto gun. ontrol a "ie m thndone caonidate this st o age wh tworkedo pass hecompregunsive sln legi" ation. ca the esndidatel fierctey debad dowho'd es the bret job igning al in wetl stre r. "youveeceid 60over $in0,000 ak spefeing esfr olom gacdman s ihse n on."year on"you das't go t far angreigniin l waletstrei as d.woul" h "iplave a haan tstt mo tacommenrstoe hav isaids to r,ughee morcteffeanive red mo hecompre" nsive. de"sanlers is inading ew the n irhampshs e poll'sand hed tie liwith c intonwan iot , buw a ne gpoll civesonlintig a be edg ov heer tmo verennt sator onnati "wide."hiwhen tais campgnbe shgan s e waoi50 pahnts ofead me w, wealere 3l ofce pere ntag in pots." l ale threidcand aatesoore lking a for spfoark be ire theowa
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esucusfe on rybrua. 1st iaweijng jias , cb, news ch learonst. he and nore in nrthernevada,vo atters gathered thehe teadquarhirs of llary in clcaton's ompaigninn virgia et stretc to wah bathe dete. ermost we thtoere po superrt h din theebate. t "ihehink s f is by mar theost qu iealifndd cae.idat f hergnorie li pos cy iplexem iary,t's am g azinexthe enperihece s has wihad i" ev ugen thosth mowe vieeers smed s tortuppoor the fcrmer seetary of , stateelsome f at thathell t nd caesidat a didd goojob. t "ihthougy the aweretoble usdisce s thesissuho witut tu ac pallyngecki m tooatuch oeach, ther tso ihthougy thedi red a ooally g" d job.ou "ye have to bf part othe s.proceswi otheryose, veu ha no ri toght pl com" ain. nefor , vadadethe rtmocaic uscaucl wiln be oryfebrua h, 20-twe follohed by tpu re cblicanonaucus ar februy 23 d.-r
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rrtomoe ow, th wnationill brcelethate rte bi ohdayrtf main th luiner kung, asng wn boranon j 1uary, 5-th 2919- w. he bas astapti mi ni, sterleand iadere n th l civitsrighem mov uent,sing n- noenviolvit cidil besodience ffto echect . angelshe alpo heed niorgaheze tch marwa on gtshinon 9-in 1 6he3, we re hvedelired s hiusfamoha "i dve a" ream ee sphech. ei recthved bee nol pe e acizpr 1e in, 9-64afand ter s hissassaatinio 1n in, 9-68he awwas d ardeprthe enesidtial da me fl ofomreed and ng coioressgonal edld mal. he rere in e no, thh 18-talannu mm comeunity cmorialaravan d willt eparunthe n-itaria er univ fsalistwselloathip 10 a.m. ipparticilants we l driva rt po iion ofatnterst we 580,hich is na also e med th lmartinr uthe , kinghijr. tghway.avhe caran d willourive sm th frostead bo d ulevarl to neindroad an the tbacke o thiaunitarn- iv unliersalost fel wwship,here ace ren ptio bwilllde he. th eke wex end bo nofficersumbear
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th derone f "thewaorce akens"? l we'l thavenshe a..wer.. bu rst fitht...amree anerics, ld hepr as erison is inn,ra are he hadedtoome t.nighwe
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all noand stt ju p thefuowerw.l fe lo g okinndarouor the w..ld. ra seveicl amero ans whenhad bepr s isonerrain iren weed allow l toheeave try countay todey. th re wese releaard as pt of a erprisonan swap d nouncest yeerday.nd welly gi rettetseporm fronew rk yo. is a swfos air plrce caane rryingre thice amerwhans beo had enim onprisn ed i lirand andelysafe in en ga evndsu. ay pthisreictute pos ad ons u es prtiidennval e toy'serwittac t counheis tst fir of
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n rezaiareas a fe man. ndhe alo felerw formne prisorsam ekir h amatiaend sbeed adinith en f alew toli us mitaryho ispitalann germe y wher e they'rg enesidamt oblda heew a ns er conft ence aitthe whuse hoe nd suniay mor"tng. weoday, 're it unweed in inlcom sg homeons d ananhusb bds ands rotherwho, elin lonony pris, cellshave reendu ad anutbsolghe nie.tmar" th ere ams icang alon owithneot maher osn, nllratohoah ki srav od ro wsarippho atlarenosy che tost n ay i- iran pweret arof asw orap fen sevni iraheans r ld o ar chinged u to ofm.he ibothanrani er ams.icane .werasrele fedm roa defel rantdeteceion intern tohousrln eandy suay. mi faemly m oberse f thd free er ams icanplare ngannini reuons of ir the- ownudinclthing e st sinder aer brothla in w ofkm he fati- ausormer in e ey'reltravwiing th recongn ssmakidan fldeerom fl mint,gaichi fn tofurankrt e wher'ltheye l ser theitirelave thfor t e firsmetice sin 2011."e
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cat ed lastonight us tell he 'ss on hiway." r anotheicamerdean-stuthnt matew hitrevits ck- warealso fs ed apa a rt of se teparame agree int ands y alread won hise.ay homt secreta flks toe ree th afivecamerins 14began s montherago ov a about medozen . etingsgiwendy tellet, fo cbr nes ws. an mee,whil p g-o-pntresideial nd caesidatac attthked age hoste o dealcan the tmpaignrail. o marcrubiono was ' c-b-sfacee th tnationanoday, aid he sd at thy therewe hs,ostage and e ther nshoulde ot havn been ach exange. "i ovt pre es oncthagain at nowna antions ied enemmes of arica nd arouor the ww ld knoat th's therece a pri foram s.ericanyo if keu ta an er amosican hbatage, barack oma ll wi d cut ar eal foh -- wityou, et wh'sher itah bergdt l, whahed no atw whs he'itdone w."h iran an tod senacrr ted eauz appred on wsfox ney, sundame to co out t againsalthe de. he th said seat the h dealsave de adard ne dly twoozen rr tetsorist thandintemu to rder ic amerans.
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then in a e obamstadminiration aoverr nd oveofagain go neg tiatinerwith tstrorinds, a ng maki a dealsdend traats th en erdangsa u.s. afetyndse tycuri." nd"a t i ihinka t's very er dangs ouedprecent." eyin mon t watch--onightth ste latept attemnd to la aro n cket ofoa platthrm in e n ocea -faileden- wh d thee evicma arde a hind landg. e- spacchx laununed an mannedck rot et thaa put tesaitlline e spacy.todat bugsthinen wdot wwnhillhen ro the ttcket a iemptedtsse coy ndar..goal l. toand up t righheon ttf plainorm the fipacipac. s dce-xt idn' ab ele orathaon wntt weng wro, bu eet twthted heat t rt ockehit e thatpl tformd oo hard anokbre nda laleing tg.wahat s e thfo surthh ucurfailr e fothe mp coany. ac spx e-ntwa bs toabe tleo usres e itetrocko s, sanit c cut e thf cost ospits achte fligs. th s ere waa nnnew wither at e ofbox tficewehis enekd. the bup ddy-co "comedyderilo a 2ng" detebu nd atbeume,r-onit wh
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fithe inrst lmstaldeent d buteonth mee sake ween nd i -1 20nd4, ato also ok t theopsp ot. he "t raneven tt"k oondseco for e thndsecotr st aighekweki, mang oi29-pivnt-flle miion. d anr "sta: warsfothe rce ak aws"enk tooirthted afber ing nu -omber tne forhet lasurfoek wehis, cas ingn oi25-pnt-1mi n.llio d fon'tl eebatoo fod r he "tce forns awakeou" the gh. th ntsever h "stamowars" e vihas manow orde mane th-m 851onilli do arllats d thec omestibox ceoffi. d an yife ou'rl stilusing nd wighows eit't -- iabs probly o time tadupgre.mi t crosofenhas suded t pporfor or the aliginea relf se os it -rpoorlyveeceierd opating sy stem. e thancomp ay saysrsll useou shpgld u tradewio ndghows eit-po onint-wie, or s ndowten. enthe sd ofrtuppo t means0 he 5 mi orllion rl so wodwide s-windows 8 usero will nerlong getet updalos to birck vuses. la r'st yeales reofase do winws waten t s meidwith weaesprd ai pranse, l d alowwindt s eigh s usercaadn upgrfre for ee.
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oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa...
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i'arm hilltoy clinn om welc..e back. grafter upowing e in tharbay ea ngand hathing wira the gteful ad dean and jliis jopn and ot irhers, toish opm drt ped ouan und fomod the s untainof da nevae , wherhetoday a livess ita herm. utjack ss ton wad invitein and ha his sts tory inhtonig'sne
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ghenouth... raey ge b th aballnd e 31 t4...arhey e togoing fc the nio champnship me ga. er so h le is a nook atweext eks nf co cerencenshampiomehip gas fi merst gaan you cig see rhthe ktre on ndvn ami it tght behest layo time e u seofone the stgreateid indivvaual ris lriein stnfl hi bory.... rady..inmanng th17... ioe patrl ts wiln be i erdenvce to faro the b. ncos.. f kickof fis setitor a ltle af onter no. th and ten for the nfcmswo teao whevhave noner wup a ser . bowl..veand habe only en to e on..each.. a thenarizoca s rdinal vwill tisithe nacarolith panyoers seu can e gthat fame on3:ox at . 40pm mi u t....enhe rgho biornswe n re ionactiig ton. ht..i'll thavesehoig highls htteafwer pa
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