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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 18, 2016 2:00am-4:00am PST

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moins brc g musi tbacko a urcentliies ofeldte monasry tawhile g ppinominto shiet ng ve >> f iu yooutht ghe thsimuwac s di yvine soud houlthtry ere be , us tr. t me t >>ishis c thevebs ohtrnig ws ne. co>> welthme to nie overght ws nem , i' thice amerleans re basedy iran w are nomain gerny. idpresament ob ta saidhis ek weprend's sisonerthwap wi w iranicas a vortory fri amecan acdiplomy.a afourthn mericaeewas frd as rt path of ane exch wge butas not he on te same planhewith t .others fta fierh ama ican, t,studen was as releeped g llowinchthe exheange t un taited sd tes anthfive oer poworld lwersd ifteiceconom nc saontions n irafrand eedll bin ions i imngementi l thearandmk nu declear chal reaased llyt ju. egwe bitin wizh eletablmh paer in ds lan, tuhlangermy. r >>teeporrrr: ag ivinenin geva wion a s fss airlaorce pnela odte theay tee thrri ame cans re wee safasat lt. re heas's jezon r, aianrtrepoer fo
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shnding ha ts withtehe sta rtdepa bment's mrettcgirk. d who letinego fations torhe re e.leas ia rezan wasrr achested arged aestor sdied abereni, arsted 2 inll012, a tegedveo ha zeorganirgd undechround iarist n ch churires in mair hekrmti, fo. er u.sma pirine, ucked 2p inil011 whe si vi htingrais gthndmoaner, d ar chwiged spth egeiona.cb drs' a dianacaiaz uughtthp wi athekmsii's istertrn deasoit e shbowas ngardila a po ne tbe re edunith witbrher r.othe >> i i'mfon a g. ithiskes lire sural. am i ll stidi in iesbelf. d ansthoneevly, hierytusng jt ha senedico quthkly dat ion'tin thilk it wt l hintme um il i a in hugg g him.>> or rep ater:eell thrca amerinsre wese relea td froms ehran' in usfamoso priten af14r on mths opof tec-sdiret atplomic ba ngrgainit thad starteheon t de sis lineheof tle nucalar
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thtil ere amweicans utre o of iairanr n aie spacrebefo tisaluheng tm. >> w todaynie're uinted we g lcomin shomeanons sbd huands an brd rsothe i whonen loly onprisls celav hree endu d an luabsoigte nrehtma. r >>teeporlsr: aeeo fr b arearo ch me aanicnd ka,saro o twoef th se riven prssone u the.s. asreleroed ftsm ils jaipa as rt of s thewap. l al awereedccusse of lling no tech tlogyano irol in viation me of asarican onnctis. y,finall's therete a mys, ry manth ure fometh an ricaonprishoer wwa ass relenged aloth with e bothersarut appstently n ayed i iran. l alnowe kisw is ham n e, sr noiaatolosh kh.hawie th othreetherme aricans will sp eiend thirr fstht nig of ee fr adomt thean lhldstu mirylitapi hosintal rmge any, h whiclohas ffng o aeredm war e welcomedand marical coe t u.s. st ho aagessond prin ners otheir y wahome. sas youe aw soms memberof he
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to rermanyowight jan rezia zaymin's faly is al heready re. e thalhospitof will emfer th re ofuge sca they n ecreconnt wi h th botanpeace ivd pracy. ch. > >>omfr w the hhite tousee o th mp ca taign trailrihe pr soneswapis ng getti m rixedwsevie. re heia's julldnna goman. s >> thioois a gy.d da>> te reporakr: spesting ju hoursaf e ter thanamericne prisors ga ber n theiy journehome, pr t esidenhaobama tiled heirre e leas aasul resmat of srt and scdineipliomd diplacy. t >>nihe ud teesstatev has ner frbeen a paid todiursue acplomy wi urth osa de presiecnt i d sided atrong, enconfidert amcoica vauld adnce ou onr natiecal sy uritagby enge en dgagingyirectl w tithhe ir goanian ntvernme.we en've sees the r. ults r>>orepr:teis hem rksarta snd s inontark ctotrast li repubcan pr enesid ctialteandidas who artoday hagued ttit negoating thwira iman s kee ls re whither ve's orer the oflease ic amerilan civ -ians- s >> thi hshouldppave ha ened
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e we'rnggivim the b$150liil, on hothis s'tuldnha be g ppeninnow. r >>r:eporteca ameriorn sails -- lt>> uy imatelelthey rtheased embu lyt oner aftvi achiet ng whaey thte wanhad, to t is tifprove anthey w, ted toanthey c grab icameraian s alorsubnd s ject em thmi to atstre. ment ep >> r oorter:alr a decu to rb niran's puclear. rogram re>> it aflectsrn patte we've n seen iamthe obnia admionstrati ndover aag over ain of atnegotithing wiro ters.ristan ngd maki dndeals as tradethat ngenda.ser uty. safe and tysecuri. ep>> rr:ortera democtic es prtiidendial cannddate a rm foreer secf tary ostate ll hiary n clintoalsaid to king tan ires mak w the sorld aafer pl ace. hi >> thes is tof kind rt sma di y plomacpri was boud toe a pa inrt of ir the fst stadmini orationidf present a obam wthatuse're jg t gointo ha beve to st persithent wi. r >>r:eportere the p ssidentaid pr dofoundreiffe rncesemain eebetwe n thndu.s. aan iran d e thstadmini trationoday un annow ced neiepenalt1 s on 1di ins vidualtiand enties vo inn lved i'stehranst balliic il missrae
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saose s nctioneyand thny're ti edcompare to thil$100 bn lion i en frozds funre it wleasedith th de iranimeal's taplemention. >> nn julianka, tha you. >> li> the g ftinanof s ctionswi llri b mngliils on gofloal ns raof i oniano il inteaan alrdy deflooetd mark. prthe cice ofelrude fw l belo fr$30 tiday12o a r -yealow. e thw doopdrd per anothe390 po .intsr fon more o tall ofouhis r ne busilyss anailst jl es schlersingns joi us. rs fi, t iran twhat'sedhe immteiaim nopacts w?>> ar they ree alpuady anmping d br oingingmail to .rket s it iedexpectth that llere wi be 300,000 to 50000,0re barls a da iy from ran.'s thatp on toof the ll 1 mibaion s rrelnoright w that n is tre oil nhan hyat's w o crudes il i sdowno 1down t0.5%arhis ye. omthat ceres aftas 30% l, t year e 46% thefyear bore. ea >> m cningerheapri gas pces t bual asof lot oonquestis.mi asddle eartern mlukets pnged ov t.ernigh anamericts marke t had ae erriblwe
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ede closmo on bndaypeut reon on sd tue.ayey thl 're alrein corction te y rritor now. a whatexre we g?pectin>> g we'reo oing t lhave aot re moil volatanity thd e big qu onestiwh is thether is 10%wn doct corretuion inrns to a fu wnll-bloma bear .rket 'sthat 2 a s0%lide. h we baven't aeen inr beaetmark ev in srsen yea. a it'sti long tsme parth of ete markdy alrea b in arkear maet.e thcosmall iempanhes, t an trtaspor itionndex. ha so we t arstinveokors loing for? 'r theyoke lofoing tr datao m,confire is thd worlinslowg down? ha is tctt impathing ite uned states?is im that g pactingsearnin of co e rporata?americwe k don'tt now yeatbut whdo we kn thow is watitwoh the rld in oi turmanl, h, g ongoit is ing to b be aidumpy re. n >> evethheough tme fundantals ar l e stilllgenera fy goodor the s. ecomy?>> r, so faod so go.bu n,t agaica this orn be me naemotio dl thanbaata-sed. e we havemto rr embearthat mketsar lle usuaony ratir al ovethe lo m,ng-ter-t short nerm,o ot smu ch. >> pe when reople ad scare theyse rell scad. i >> ndeed. ha >> t jnks,ill.>> re> we ain learnatg thee thr anamerictr conrsactois are msingin
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mitia.a e statrtdepaoument sllrce tes s cbhenews tem u.s. inbassy dabaghivd receared a wasning lt t week ihat an-braniand acke
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icameronan ctotracr. gu eyy: hsa, ra. y oh m.goshhe o 's s.cute ho yw donoou khiw m? n c'movadono n, i doket liau i tyaght . lo tveewhe nat to,toar sa. s let'go! de du . ?what ,dudeth sat'sara. o' whras sa? th rle gi inth nke pirt shi. th tat'sirhe g l is waintellu g yot.abou , oh'sthata. sar th r eate two y onleour ft.
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y he. sarawhso, ouen ygo ponna omst sngethi? new no anr:unceth anyyoing stu poon , lineneanyo s canee. fa , milyndfries... se le ya, aterrasa. neveno-ot-sndfrieeoly pple. o twtoweeks ti go unl thefi terst vocas are thst in e 2016 ce rare for p.sidenta ponew asll hry hillaon clint 25 oi ps ntd aheaniof bere er sandhes in toc demc ratirace. omartin a'mallynt dista. third de the s mocratheheld trtir fouh te debani last inght ha re heso is f me o twhatsahey id. ht>> rigor befdee the oubate y gechan pd yourioosit n on niimmuroty fwsm la fuitsunor g nu maurfacters. yocan llu tewh us y?
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in clknton atows wh s sheisays ry vein disougenus. vei ha-m a d vinusg otinrdreco t fromrahe n. s i wa19-- in th88, reere we e threatcandidunes r fningor ng con ress ie the statof ve t.rmoni d stooo up tguthe y n lobband ocamendut ant maithained e tiposihaon t tt inunhis cotry, s wed houlbenot ng selli li mi-stary atyleltssaupo weans. i and k thinhoit sbeuld a fe l derae crimeoif pacple t as wmstraen.we e hav iseenisn thy cita enhorrradous tdyge. cof ad razeonpersyi prah ng witop pethle, omen ct ing ouand hois snould at beit pol ical e.issu at whsh we bouldg e doinis wo g rkinthtogeer. byand w theasay, en a s ator fr rom a sural ttatehahat s uavirtnolly c gunolontr, i li betheve aat i am inn ce ext llentiposio on tg brin tpeopleheogetigr to forht f gun sl legi--ation y >>n'ou didert answ the
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osur pn itiounon immr ity fogu nun maurfactsoers y canou an tsweruehe qn stio-- w >>i hat shaveisaid t thathe gu fan manus ctureritliabillly bi so had gmeprood nsovisio. g amonr othegsthinpr we itohibed am timunihaon tldt woue hav ki edlls cophawho otd pronecti . on h wehiad cldaf sety pctroteion s on gunhain tgit len.slatioan atd whal we aiso s td isa hat l smald mom ann pop guhoshop w s selllea gun gall sy toodomeby ou shotld nhe be iald lifble so dymebooe dmes sog thinibterrle th wit thagun. haso wsat i s id iuli wolod reokat it. a weoire go ng tokrelot ait. wiand i upll s sportr trongepr ov. isions ec >> sryretaon clintd , woulu yo o like td responatto senor nd saers? es >> y. , look mi have cade itaslear bedon or senatrs sanden ' owrdreco th haat he tes vothd wira the n, t with lhe gunnuobby, merousti mes.he ed votin agahest tdy bral bilfi imve tes.
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chonlestoo le.pholhe ed vot i foritmmunomy fr nm gus akerseand s llerh whicthe sanra asid w m thepoost imt rtan ofpiece l gunlaegis ition n 20 ar yes. v he totedt o le ggunstoo on am , trak ggunstoo inio natnal s.parkhe ed votin agaoist desng rh earc igto fouure w t hoanwe ce sav ve lis.le t t's no wforgetishat th is ab out. eo90 pa ple e day diunfrom g en violouce in trr couny. 's that0 33,00 apeople year.on te oft he mosichorrif ex esampl a not f blockherom re, er wh he wee ad ninpeople mu edrder. no aw, isem pleaead to h r that tosenandr sahaers ves re hrsedis ti posiimon on amunityoond i lk arforw hd toniim joih ng wit e thoss membergrof cono ess wh ve haea alrntdy icerodud isere ot no inher rydust in am
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t passe hat thakgunmaners d al dereers weha and ts t need to ev be rd.erse at st lea p twoeoe plwere ki blledrny toosadig overnn ht i racentorl flida. e thlecoup k wasd illeanin matee tycounn wher theibimole home hi was t. he anotadr tornheo in t beach wn tosi of kestaauey csed wi redespesad dtitruc loneaving ,0 17it00 wowhout per. th are seonch cestinu 1 for2 nemarites afo r twpthelicoers co ollidedaiff hawi. e thre adayshefter t, crashhopeof di finurng svirsvos he 'srear m vialailearrl. ep>> rr:ortegh rous, seaes wav up f to 20gheet hie , arha g mperin esearchtsffor.ov ghernicot a guast aiard ewr cr tohad ef brihaly cconge ursewh len a waseroias pednt at th em. chsearhaers cove s nuredy earl 0014,0ar sque miofles f the h norteshorf o oahuki loong for y ane tracheof t missingar minesme soinwhere w theseaters. 'v theyd e founamsmall ofounts
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ca. >> no i klow a pt ofe eopls focu d onbuebris e t we'rd focuse on pe hoy fullg findinorsurvivs. r >>r:eportear the mavines he le reheased t o names12f the on d. boar ol the 41dest, . e thgeyounjust, 2la htst nignd, hu predsd ackea gh hioo schell fi sd in tatin,or , egone wherea21-yd r-ole lancco alrpory thattrt ad.ende i >>vet giu s yoebgoos, umpslikeyo ou'ren fthis field gor aame. st juma as eony parple e heout re gh riw t nog showinorsuppt. o whno kowws hy man ofhe tse pe leophi know ctm dire ly.ep >> rr:orte s majorn eabecampll om frle coltage s, tions,texa has aa wifer nd fouenchildr. fathe omilyaif captn n kevi ofroche ou st. lriis w wtes,e be thlieve nee maricos and ast gu e ard ardoeving hierytheng ty n carito bevng kndin a his ll fearow m hinessaome .fely 12all ai reme n thettarga of er desparate sech.ri maara villcbreal, , s newslos le anges. > >>ahstill aead,ern amican alrevehos sw heviurd vedea lyad te arrorinttack a. afric
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an parthly.urpose gr deavee gwoe me n amo ontiiv-actedatri wndstba u tostnderhoand chw mu mtheye,ov... an ead crdeted greewi otth menionsse. wothe s rld't firspeantintrspira vaactibyted em movent, uit hasminique crsuocapthles at ea brthk wict fritoion ea relse bu tsrsf oesfreshnals dal y. ep keg inu yoesfrrhe ewith mverye.ov timonsonsee. ecprot ttionepo ke m youg.ovin ee degr . 'tit wonou let y down. so a how yg?doinou enregh pinssure fo here r ya? y ugh. msesinukis are melling . ah yet ...jus 'wait htil weteit oun theesand ft. i' a m gonnuctake minex masinus-x. o towelate, ab're out to otakeff. th e esoldissasve ft. e they'rqunew lielid gs. d an cyou'reomthing wi me... , waitwhat?! re you e alizvei haol gatd st?us i do g still met the?iles mu new xcine sis-nulimax gquidels. di olsss vestfa nlto ushea s maxgttren h di mecine. thstart efe reli. thditch see miry.
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ey th w saymrhen ea. cln alsaw el th erdiffthent hingsewis nsm phart doone .es.. re hndedf im o hisgimaasc erer. 'sit j notfoust r s markonls wal... tit's ooughtcn ki baand omthrori g tme.oo yhe's..our. .. a.alltoround-ugneh-clear,. mrclean. w weloere bew 88the thth souraern pallel. we ra had tveled ovfor 50er 8es mil. enmy mve driarn neadly mm fro vastar ationrond fbistte. to weday ak me orhisty. >> vebiens!nido we e lcomheto tth soue! pol if 'r yourae do e ther,xplore ex you e.plor 's itt whadoyou . wh >>ooat tu k yoonso lg? if w youtoant e sav fi pefteen orrcent more on ns car i,urance ityou swgech to ico. 's itt whadoyou . yo>>d u diyait, y! yo eaur hesrt lov-3 omegas.bu e t tha-omegfi3s in shl oi fdifferrom ga mekrred oiill l. li uniske fh egoil, mared as is esoily abrbed ou by y.r body ga mered.
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>> gh> tonie t we'rnglearni more ou abvit the anctims ivd survors a ofr terro iattackstn we af .rica l at 2eastop8 peerle wlle kied rion fenday whn gunme opened a firetet a hocal and thfe in e na otionrkf bufaina so. 'shereat jonvihan ttglioi. >>
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ousurr tndedplhe sd endil hote an ned hbiginorcag ucpp ccinoafe,bo erth und b siegeory terrists, y amerriddtring deied atsperely r to heachuser h mbandike. he as wt ae thfecahe we n th ul assan t bega nfridayight. il i stvel haws no neut aboe, mik wr she hote oneber facgeook pa tu saayrdor mngnias, it milary fo wrcesstere trill tyingo re cgainolontr. or flnaida mtiveriike indderg mo wived myth a t and theirwo ugdaerht bs tonaurkio fasin t2011aro st ot annarphage. ke mi a andto pasrer weth at e ca ifenhe t coy'untrsit capal in walkg ga ou goagadoueeu to mt new lu vo.nteersth ste paalor cy led amafter ngescapi. gu ennmam ctoe inhe tur restaant ngshootive and ee ryontoran hi ore pastow somehik had me's on phcae and wrlled, y.ote am w itllas stiar uncleke if mi iv surved.ot anerher amedican, unward bker, em geerfrd hom rism oo ato rt deseoted hobel lby.
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in gowng do s thet.tree thand asis wll reae y thntmome en whin i k rd ofzeealiatd th er ths e wathsomeg injomarly am r >>teeporher: tho 12- sur iege ga beenn whvi hearmly al ed a ed qalia mis,tant o twoemf th n,womerm stoheed tld bui aingsndse f t ofbocar mbs. a in pll, 28e eopl kwere illed,cl ina uding dicanaaman f ily of wfourerho w ae onan humiaitarn ip tr. me11 arinscain, udclg inwaed rdbu , nkert made iivout ale. kemiid rride dng nidot. yo leu qftteui l aaceghey , rei ca lyn ongi imahene ten advs ture reyou'in havw,g note wro's amy na fistl annathli vig, ottinecbs ws, nd loon.>> ex> up ndit, cancodates urt th
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tivo bngc.lo ss lete than hsn mont to ti elec, on dayresome pntsideial n caes dat aeere s skingrtuppo om fr n then'atios st fagrest-g owinngvotic. blohe cre'sr artes.evan>> or rep wter:hihen y llar toclinldn hes thiy rallanin s ga iebrall, cniiforoma, h te tohe trcounlay's t rgesn-asiaeramanic mm coy,unit a shelalso edunch a mp ca taignrgo ta wetmahat ay be y ke ivotembn noveer. >> v i'mprery tooud e havso a manymesian-a aricansifnd pacicis erlandrks wothing wi me. >> or rep tter:arhey e e th un cos try'esfastowt-gring tipolicocal tunsti wency hose gi reedsterer votubs do.led tomi 4 bellion n twee20the 08 and e2012ctle. ions
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rg maf in oy.victor ep>> rr:ortedi leaheng tan asi te voti inie ativonis cswgresoman dy juw chebrwho t oughin orsupp ftersarrom toundhe co y.untr >> ta certain swites avll he a ehuget ffecheon tco outf me oth ese prtiidenleal en,ctioh suc n asa,evaduc sh iras va.gini >> 'r youome fr? as>> las vegva, neda. e >> w vhave.otes k wehonow elw to divhoer tse te vos. ep>> rr:orteki sha br, ar,anke po tintse o th s2014e enat ec el itions n hie,statgi virnia. t >> yhankviou, iargin! r >>teeporher: wre n-asiaicamerotan vmaers hede t di enfferorce foc demmarat rk wa , rnerwowho ln bythess % an 1 t ofothe ve.>> li repubsecans unjd to eoy the ri majoasty of erian-amican pp suckort bae in th 1990s. or>> repniter: uitvers y of focalirornia p kfessorruartha ns nothe sanpartin-n asiaanameric su wrvey shich phows aalolitic if shr t afte92the 19io electn 1%when 3ia of asicn-amerans d votemofor deilcrat btol clinn. 2 by 7012,ot3% vored fdy bra
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t whad?change ne>> oth is ine cltons. is thwh is llere hiclary n intoca awn dra on oflot po suprt wfromshhat d e anhuher d sban d di 1in then 990s iofterms g doinchoutreaes to the po tipulaons. heanotrtr pat' thaans chisged rethe icpublaran p rty'srihetoc mmon itiigraason hur tofned f a oflot er vots. >> ar we coe a y untrt builheby tha wrdofork er gen oationsf im ad wetrre sr ongeusbeca e of diour itversd y anopour ssenne. r >>teeporomr: sngethi as amian-anerickes lihe to ar, usbecaare newoly trd-thi s of ei thpur poonlati b wasorn ts outhide s.e u. er cart, evanswscbs ne, san ie gabrifl, cal ornia. st ahill eead, very
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n fu tass.hi da bovid s wie' alast ilbums no s w hit firsernumb a one lbum hein t. u.son eke weer aftie bowea's dth ck"blar" staut debn ed othtop e ll bid boarto200 bue als m waedreleasay two ds re befoow b dieied. ac spauex la nched new te sainllite ceto spa afterli ca tforniaoday. e thn jaso w3, aereathel satliteni mo etoring cl ninotiondis,on ftli iedo nte thrastsptorehe in use g thancompfay's 9lcon we hopelaas to fnd thealcon on 9 ge a bare in thc.pacifi at thot did n work.e thg landino was tohard. > >>aua befutibrl hreaktn ough oe thatinternl ionae spacn,statio fi the owrst flr er even growin e. spacit n 's ageoranni zinosa chen be e caus pit'sy rettedand .ibleas tstronau tastees tleted ettuc gr
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ar ye s andt ay iprwas gettyood. > >>idpresalentiit amb oionsn di y splaasin wtohingdan to y at ot masc ttsryou t forathe nlsiona babaseeall tm. re hey atndidades hli to llteran y ru thfor b.e jo al chinlengoug ens gh acayou n se e. atheyhalso dd tofro a yleeste da ncine route. withe s nnerunwill r a pr tiesidene al rac eduringvery na s tional ghomeame. > >>ngcomiee up, mmot the nks wh
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d anbeer.lo tt of,imesbe a ing agteener me s annglivih witlslabe. yo owu knke, li o the neshe otopr peivle gu.e yo d anonthe es giyou ouve yf.rsel bu att whpe haphens wu'n yo re lelabe sd asneomeo'r yout?e p!"sto" we g arina llabeyo dou t n'..want. f oryoind lfurseel lab inghe otopr pele? it b can fe sorarust..ting. sa lod...nely. ouif yfe're g elinwhoverdelmeby bl proatems oo schl... "w iatcht!" omat hr e, oheanywlsre ee, u yonedon't abed lels. neyou eoed p pleo wh lwilln.iste
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
ou imutualtsnteresn eveas we en tsure nhenaatiocul se orityf un the taited le nucl,ar deale impedment. anamericil fam ries,d.eunitee thpithird tece ofrkhis wo wthatt e gonedos thienweekd edinvolvni the uatted st es andan irvi resolinng a f ancial sp diatute th b datedreack mo an th d three.ecades c of eourse,asven im we t plementh cle nudeear wal and oelcomeur anameric, s homeogwe recnize hethat taire remoun profnd endiffertwces bee een th unitedst ndates a iran. r westemain t eadfasosin opping diran'sliestabiehzing br avioel e,sewherdi inclu tng itshreats t againselisra o andf ur gul rt pandners aup its sorport f vi prolent s oxielain pkeces li sy anria med yen. ti we se ll havonsanctiras on in r foolits vi oationsmaf hun ts righit, for ors supp t ofte isrror fm, and bor itsicallist
2:47 am
we and co will uentinen to force e thestisancvions lygorous. riran'smiecent e ssil, testfor ex wample,ioas a v olationf its atinternl ionagaoblitions. d anesas a rheult, td uniteat stimes is sposingnsanctio on in aldividucos and iempans wo torking ce advann' iras ll bamiistic prssile ogram.d an gwe areo oing t remaingi vibolant aut it.we no're int goavg to wer in de e fens sof oury ecuritt or tha aof ouranllies ned partrs. dobut i to want ag once ain dispeak trectlyiro the anian .peopleyo aurs is c greatativilizion th wiib a v crant tulturehat mhas so cuch toutontribhee to two rc commesce, in iience,n ar ts.r fos decadeovyour gt'ernmens th anreats ond actis to st dee abilizegyour rveion ha ol israated i mn from tuch ofhe anr now oumegoverne nts ar intalk og withthne anoer.ll fog owinnuthe declear u,al, yo ci espeoually yning iraavans, he pothe opy rtunitinto beg ngbuildiie new t ts withhe
2:48 am
e we hav ca raretohance e pursu ne a thw paff, a di berent,etter tfuturelihat de pversesrogrs fo or bothplur peo tes andhe wi woder rld. 'sthat o thetuppor bnitye efor e thiairanopn pele. eewe n td toadake e vantagof at fe my allowcameritons, day 'r weede unitwe in inlcom g home ns so h andndusbabrs and others inwho y lonelonpris h cellsave en d dure aanutbsolghe nitmare.t bu nthey geverinave t andhey ve ne ur g lonhelast tsty can lland ta brand e eathhedeep tsh freir a f ofomreed. n as a wation,cee fa real al ch.lengesar toundorhe w hld and ere at .homeny maem of thno will t be lv resocked quiealy or sily. dabut toogy's pramress, s erican ng comi a home, tn irans hat ha brolleds ack itr nucleam progra acand edceptce unpreeddent to monif ring o pthat, rogramth inese th ags arein remofder wh watcae acn evhi we whenade le
2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
rth "wae inshongtos p"t, sh gakin h wands tithhe state rtdepa'smentre btt mcgirk. w heaias jled ar yeand a aal hf ago,ha citrged wngh storeesad inabedi,es arrted in ,2012ll aegedo thave or dganize rgunderound canhristi ch iurchesn am hekmati,or f umer.s. ri mapine, uckednp i 2011hi wle tivisiisng hra gthndmoer, and gecharthd wi esagpione. cbs' anadriaia dz ctaugh w uphit km hesati'te sisnr i ditetro as washe oas bg rdina p tlane o be un re wited hither otbr her. 'm>> i a in. fog ithiskes li easurrl.i tiam snll i sbdif.eliean don hy,estlry eveg thin just edhappen soui qckly that't i donin th wk it hillit me u intil am inhugg g him. r >>r:eporte t allhreeme aricanswe re edreleas from hrtean's in mofausri psoafn rte4 1th mons of topec sretip dtilomac aibarghaning ttat snrted o the lisideofnes n thearucle lktas.
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
nintows kno what sheay ss is ve ry ngdisiusenuo. vei ha a d-sminuin votg rd ecor tfrom.he nra asi w in 1988, there were three nd caatidesni runng foron csgres in ta the sfte o vermont.i od sto t up tohe gunby lob and ca utme o andai mnentaid the tiposihaon tnt i tshi coy,untr we ul shotd no beel sling li mi-stary atyleltssaupo weans. d anhi i tnkt iho sbeuld a rafedelri cme ifpl peoe act as ra st.wmen avwe heee sn ins thiy cit a ho dorrentrus y.aged of a crazed pnersoyi prangh wit pe , ople cthengomin ondut a sh ngootie thd shoul ne ot ba pitolical is sue.wh at woue sheld bng dois i inworkgeg to.ther bandy w theay, as aat senor om fr aur r saltate thatas h vi y rtuallno gun control, i li betheve aat im inn a ce extllenio positn tori bng tpeoplerogethe to fight for gun gi leioslat-n -
3:10 am
tiqueshaon tut yo c didehang ur yoit posonion mm iyunit for n guan mtuufac srersno ca you an tsweruehe qnstio -- ha>> what i veai s td ishat the gunuf manreactursia ltybilil bil sohad oome gd heong otrhi twengs ro ptehibid tiammunihaon ttou wavld hkie ll thes cop whoad hte pronctio on.we hadal tri s pafetyctroteion on guns inha tt atd wh wels ao saids iha tt a sm all mom and popun gho sp who se alls gunal leglyo t sodomeby ou shldot nhe be ld leiabl if me so dbody soeshiometerng teribl th wit tha gun. haso wsat i sid i w iould relook it at .we are g toingo loreok at it. i and upwill sporton strger is provions. re>> sec taryinclouton, wld you li oke tnd respo toen sator sa s?nder .>> yes , lookie have mad it clear based en on sator sas'nder own record th haat he vsotedit wh the a,nr th wi g theun lobby,er numous s.type othe vgaed a tinsthera bildy b l
3:11 am
edhe vot fort wha wel calhe t ch starleon holoople. he voted formm iyunitro fm akgunmaners eld shilers w tchhe nrad sai washe tt mos itampornt ec pie of gunis legonlati in 20 s.year he votedle to ts gun goo ont am , trakguns gont i nonaatiol pa rks.he ed votga a dinst roingrceseah to e figur out howca we en sav ve lis.le tt's noge fortha wts thiis ou abt.90 pl peoe aay die dm froun g ol vinence i our uncotry. that's 303,00pl peoe a arye. e onheof t mostri horfic am ex nplesotck a blohe from re, er whe we head nine peopl mu .rdered anow, im pleased to heart tha tosenaanr sdersas her rev hsedispo onsitimu on im anityoond i lk rw fotoard himni joiitng wh os thmbe meers ofgr coness who ha lrve aeadyro intdduce le atgislion. e thero is nrothend i iustryn
3:12 am
pass t thathe akgunmersnd a al des er -were- a >>t'nd thas the -- a>> --tnd tha needs toe b rs reveed. >> as at leo t twlepeop were edkill byor tnasdove ohtrnig in racentorl flida. cothe uple was kleild in manateeco heunty wnir thee mobilhome was r otheadtornn o ithe beach to f wn otasiesey k caused wi spdeadreuc destr ltionngeavi 17 w,000utitho wepor. >> e > thchsearti connuesor f2 1 ma afrines ter twoop helicters edcollid h offawaii. dthreeaysft aer the h,crase hop ofin fngdiur svovirss i re he'sar miala vill.rrea>> or repteghr: rous, sea wavesup to 20t fee ,high are ha inmperarg sech efs.fort er ovt nigha c goast auardirw creha d tori b ceflyehangrs coue awhenas ler wasnt poied at em th. ar seschere hav sedcourrl neay ,0 14qu00 sarees mil off the rtnohoh sreah ouoo lking a forny ac tr te ofheis msingin mares me soe wherinse the rswate. e they'v sfound mallouamnts of
3:13 am
rr. >> no i k lw aotpe of opleus foc d on bebrisreut we'us foced on ho llpefudiy fin ngivsurvors. ep>> r torter:inhe marees hav le reheased t namesth of 1e o2n ar ees oldt, 41. e th styoungeus, jt 21. last n,ightun hdredske pacd a hi chgh sfiool ineld instat, onoreghe, wre 21r--yeaoldan lce co alrport har atedtend. i >>tes giv you osgopsebum,ik le u' yo tre on fhisorield f a game.ju s st a pmanyeeopl o areut hereri noght wwi shong suorppt. r >>r:eporteor maj c seanlampbel cfromgeolle iostat n,texas, has w aeif and four chenildr. theil famy ofin capta kevin ro sche ofist. lou itwr wes,e be thlieve ein mares andst coa ar gud are doingve einrythg they ca tnong briin kevnd ais h ll feow mesarin home lysafe. all 12ai remn thear tget of a er desp atechsear. rimaa vrrillabseal, c wsne, los an geles. >> il> stl ahd,ean ari amecan re hoveals ew h sveurvid aea ddly orterrk attacicin afra.
3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
solyatl th. >> gh> toniret we'ea lrningor me ou ab vt themsicti andur svivors st lea p 28e eoplwere kleild ri on fheday wn gopunmen ened re fiho at a ndtel a cinafe the na otionfki burasna fo. 'shereat jonhan vittglioi.
3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
by 1220 ,%73 voted forra bdy n.quin w >> chatedhang? >> os ne ithe s is iewher hryillant clion drcan naw o a lot ofup sport w fromhehat s and herba husnd tdid inhe s 1990in terms of in dotrg oueacho the tse lapopus.tion heanotrtr pa thacht's d angeis rthecaepublin y'partshe rtoric mm on ionigrati hasur tffned o a lo ft o rsvote. e >> wre ant a couuiry blt by theha orrd wfk oer gennsatio of im tsmigran. weand aretr srongeau becfse o r ouiv dtyersind a our enopness. r >>teeporomr: sngethi n-asiaicamerlians oke t , hear usbecaeae nrly thtwo-irdsf o rthei patopulwaion rns bo ts outhide s.e rter s,evan cbs wsne, san iegabrl, focali. rnia
3:22 am
n fuhias ts. da bvid'sowie last album is no w hiris fstum n obernelb aum hein t. u.s on eke we after wiboe'sea dth ck"blaar st"eb d outed tnop the bi dllboar 200y.toda e thlb aum was asreleedwo ts day be fore bowie died. ce spaxhe launcewd a n ll satetoite inpa sceer aft focali rniatoday. jtheason 3, aer weath steatellimo rinitongl enino ndconsitio, edlifto inthe tat strerosphe in useg th coanmpsy'al fnco 9 ck pee ho was tod lan the fcoal non 9 age bar ihen t cipafic. idthat d not rkwo. l theandingoo was t hard. ut a bearaiful bke kt brea ohroughnhe t te iniornatspnal ace atstheion, tfi rstr flowe ever grownn i e. spac it a'sran ongein zha iazinn chosen
3:23 am
onastr sautst'ay ires pgotty od.>> >si preiadentlmb ansitio on sp dilayn ias wtohing tn aodayt otmasc uttryosor f theio natnals se ba tballeam.he here te.y ar idcand hatesoad ter lit rallyun r fo thejob. al chinlengoug ensgh a c youan oey als hoad t do aes fretyle e danc w the winnersunill r a id pres rentialace dinurgry eve onnatihoals gam g comin up,ee mt theks mon
3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
erfath fo,lsomdu graofate the in adianoo sch olf c,musi came he nre i00 20it wheh tim sple aimof ratejuveneing th mryonaste d anngbringi itsic musk bac to life. f >> i monks ,comedi cansdate co me and they don't singr o in theyk th can'tsing, weiv ge vthemoiceso lesecns b iauset's m soucht par oofur life.if c youan'tin sgou y're going k.thin r >>teeporher: tce voies l sons so are t goodhat aic musom cpany d aske tthemout c a cd. nd it eed up at the topf o bi d'llboarlas calssic tschar. e thrdreco singonessisad hbe to ot slted i antoai dlych seedul of aworkndra phayers trtt sta at n 3:45 ithe inmorng. mo the nkn ohe tlb aum cover, ecconnt-ticu fbornratheed benictni f,viko ting ifthe iou wavld he tlesshaned limitpe apal. >> ic mus and beer can gethe wre rd wotes ofn'n cat. t>>rehey'h botd goo fheor t ul so?>> d goothfor ule sope, eslycial bethe er. r >>teeportr: i turns outha tt ibeerths anoeras montic iaspecthlty asat h i rootsn
3:27 am
ot brher cifrans, the ewbrermast om frll daas, saysie ancnt inbrews g waa kind ofub p liche salthceerviau becse the g boilinsprocesri stedlizeen oft ydirt water. i >>ret's aallyn afct o ea cr,tion juste lik d.go allng thisod gay m be gfiloried neis oth of eto mots inhe t dibenee ctindeorr. or>> repter: theks monre bw and a sell blondee brha tt's 6% hoalcolnd a aar dksi veron 'sthat %.10 >> do we wan't tnt ite wa wry,e t don'wantt om's sngethit thara g ybsrou at iotentn. ep>> rr:ortece it nlrtaioey ds at th. >> t youhthoughe tic mus was vi diyone, sudhoulry t the erbe,tr meust .>> or rep gter:heiven t qtyuali of m the,usict' thas sgayin so eeg lofacy st. atiugusndne a his mo tnks,onwo wulderf wtoays ot sohehe tl. sou>> s. cheer ha >> thet is trn oveewight ns th for suis .ndayfo or some tf youshe new uecontins.r forsotheck che backh wits ua li lttle faterheor tng morni ne
3:28 am
fr om b thestroadcate cenrn i newrk yo i city,f 'm jefglor. is the is thve"cbs o rnightne ws." lc weo ome ttheve ornight ne ws. ffi'm je . glor> >>theem dtiocrasic preldentia ca atndidesat gd herein ar chonlestut, solih carorna, fo eithfor thurnd a finalat debe fobehere ta iow ucca.uses 's heree somtof wha the atcandid tes hado say. r >> bighteefor theat debe you an ch yged pourioositn on niimmuroty f lmitawsus for gun ma ctnufas.urerca u n yo utells why?>> llwe, ink thiec sryreta
3:29 am
er is vy sidiusngenuo. h iaave nud-mis vg otinrdreco tfrom nhera. wa i 98s in 1re8, theth were ree nd caesidatni runorng fgr coness hein tte stave of t.rmon st i upood th to n e guy lobband meca a outaind mnentaie d th onpositiha t tt incohis y,untr s wed houlbenot li selng tamilityry-sssle altaupo weans. d anini th sk itd houl be afe l derae crimeoif pacple t as ra st.wmen avwe h ie seen cn thisa ity rr ho tendous.ragedyof ra a cpezed prsonngrayih wit , peopleomthen ct ing ouand sh ngootipe nine .ople sthisd houlbenot ol a palitic su ise. atwhsh we bouldine do g iswo g td byayhe w a, asat senor afromal rurte stat thahas rt viy uall gnoonun c, troli evbeliate thm i an in aex encellsit po ttionino brg lepeopet togtoher ht fig g forun leiogislatn -->> id you dswn't an er the ti quest on thadiyou and chge yo osur pn itiommon iy unitfor gu nun maurfactsoers y canou
3:30 am
t whavei had saihais te t thn guctmanufas urerilliabity bill d hasooome govd pr.isions on amheg otinr the gs wibprohitedam timunihaon tt w hould ave ll kioped co s whprhad ecot tion on. adwe h s childy afetecprottionon s gunt in thasllegin.atio d an wwhatsoe ald saihais tt a al smm l mopoand n p gu wshopho ll sen s a guy legallto sy omebod ldshou b notlde hebl lia e ifso dymebos doeinsomethrrg teible twithguhat i what isaiduls i wolod reok i att. a weoire go ng tokreloit at .an wid i poll suponrt strger ioprovisns. >> ta secreliry conntul, wou d yo t likespo re sond to enatorsa nders? .>> yes i look, adhave mlee it casar bed aton sendeor sann rs' owrdreco at ths he hawivoted nth thera, hewith t l gun, obbyusnumero ti mes.he ed votin agahest tdy bral bil tfive.imes v he fotedhaor w ct wethall e
3:31 am
othe vored fun immfrity om gu ernmakd s anersellics whe h thnr ida sahe was tt mosrtimpoant pi ofece l gunlaegis ition n 20ye ars. othe vo ed tgulet o ns g onto tr amguak, o ns g nintonaatiol pa rks. v he aotedstgainng doiea resrch to ur figt e ouwehow s canave s.livele t t's no wforgetishat th is ab out. pl90 peodae a e y diunfrom g vi enoln ce iunour th00's 33,le0 peopr. a yea e on mof therrost ho ific esexampl b not arolock frem he, e wherwe he ad nin peoplemu .rderedno m w, i aseplea hd tothear at se r natoersands s haedrevers hissi pon tion omuim anityoond i lk fo torward im hni joih ng witth meose s mberonof cs greswho ha eave alrrody intd ducele tho e is nr othestindury in ic amer wa thativas gheen tal totpa hass te t thergunmaks and de s alerrewe- - a
3:32 am
an -- atd th neebeds to edrevers. >> re sectary toclinn,it is al relyr faito say thater bnie sa ndersts wanil to klam obacare? >>well, eaandr a, imol absyutelmm cotoitted rs univeltal hea h . care ori've w tked onfohis lr aong ti me. le peopem may rthember tat iook on ea the hnslth i iuranceyndustr ck bahe in t90 ' dd itidn'ui qlt untie w got e thenchildr'sea hlthan insurce m prograthatur inses 8il mlion ki ds. d an ita ceresinly rpector senat nd saers' iointentns. t bun whee you'rki talutng abo al heeth car thels detaiea rlly er mattd, an treherefoav we h e beenng raisi qnsuestio about the ninels bilhe that ro intduced 2overrs0 yeas a toow hhe ty wwoulddork an whatou wld be the pa imct one' peopls hhealt reca. id he dn'te likthat. c hisnampaig did ln'tike it th eier. toand t nigh che'souome itt wh a henew calth are.plan and again,ne we o ed tget into th eet d.ailsbu
3:33 am
eoc demcratity par andhe t it untaed s wtesdorkece sin harry antrumge to et thff ablordae acarepact .ssedwe al finly he avah pat to iv unlersalt heah care.'v wee aplccomsoished much al y.readi wdo notanto tsee the icrepublansl repea ,itnd a i t don' twanto see usrt sta over ag wiain th ate conusntio badete. an i wt us to defend and build onth foe aflerdabe caranact d pr imitove . at>> senor s?sander>> crsey,etarec sryreta cli nton dn dins't ayower ueur qn.stiobe e caus hwhater cigampanas w ngsayier, bsanie snder h whoas htfoug forni ualvers hh ealtcarefo ry mnt eire ,life hse want to en d dime,care end camediid, end hithe cn'ldreeas hlthur inscean raprogm. ithats wh aed meicar for all pamrogr idoessin fallyvi pronde ihi ts tr counthy heal f careor every ma
3:34 am
w the truth isha ttra flinkn de lanoevrooselt, harry tr uman, knyou haow whet tliy beevedn? i btheyveelieatd thlt heareh ca ou sheld bil avaable to all of r oulepeop.i' m on the cttommihaee tt wrote afthe abfordarle ct.e ac iad me theff ablordaree ca act wialong jthimbu clyrn ate betr pi oecef leatgislion. iot ved for it.bu ght ritow nt wha weav he to wdealiths ihe tac fatt th 29 mi n lliolepeopll sti have no thhealns iceuran.we areay ping theig hhests pricein w the forld porrirescnptio s.drug ingettipg r pedf.ofan red he's theor imptant inpot.we arepe sgndin fare morer p pe orsonnlt heareh can tha the lepeop ofny aer oth coy.untrmy ospropal,vi prodeea hcalth reto all oppele, getri pvate in ncsurat e oueaof hlth rainsu lnce, toweroshe ct of he calthare m forcliddle ass mi fa blies,0y 500 bucks. tthat'sheio viseen we nd to ta ke.>> you,know ie hav to say i'm su not rehe we'ther walre t king
3:35 am
tr inedoduc t oonighter we'r ta g lkinabthout ane pl you but f theisact ,e wav hehe t rd affoarable ce at is o oneef thre gtates ac shcompli omentsfre p sidentob oama,f thera democtic party, oand ofouur de w havelr aeady seen 19 ll miionme a gricanset ine.surancwe e hav seenhe t endf o foplegerom g ttinncinsurae. h weeeave sn n womenoge lonr ng payie mor forur our ins ance thanmen.d anha we veee sn youngpl peoe up t tohe age of 26ei bnge abl to ay st onir the pas'rent cypoli.>> n i'mot- - he>> trere a tshinge w dcano to pr imitove , bout tr tea itp u an drt sta over aiagn,us phing ou rou cntryac bknt iato thd kin of ate conusntioat debe ink thi is theng wro redin.ctio t >> iis autbsol--ely h>> i taveo tabalk out so inmethatg thct's ayuall wo grkinn istour --ate >>er govnor -- on>> no aye's seaing trings thi up e, we'r t goingo go forward.t bu what theec sryreta nctegleed en to m,tion not j tusthe9 2 mi
3:36 am
ncsurae,ha tent eve morre a un nsderi wuredhuith ge co me-payannts ded dblucties.te ell m why were ape sg ndin stalmoee thres timor me than thebr witish, ghontuaraee hh ealt re ca to afll ohe tir lepeop.50 re% mon tha f theh.renc re mon tha the nacas.dianth sie viroon fm fdr and harry um trasan wlt heareh ca fllor a op pelea as ig r ihtn a ffcost-e ectiveway. e we'rnog t goinrto tea grdeotee menionss se iwothe srld' t firsordeodt anvaactibyted mo mevent. y asovou m fe,grra canceleapsus tburs rtoseeleara extsh fre nessdaall y. onmotie.senste pron ctioeeto kp u yongmovi.
3:37 am
>> ic> amerelans reased arts pa of ane prisopr swa with iran areon epe stse cloomr to ee's bean a yr odf rapi lo deve bpments tetween.he u.s and nan isowow alled toel sl oil on thepe onke marert aft ti sancweons reftlied. ilit wavl hese accsth to e alglobng banki smystend ail wl in gaes accos tor me than $100 iobilln in fnrozess ainets ba arnks ound the d.worl idpresobent ama cd alleit a vi y ctorfor s dmartloip pme yes. hi>> t as isd e causoncein agare we'in seeg
3:38 am
icameripan dcyloma. i asd sai in myte staf othe n unioesaddrs,ur ens tinghe se tycuri of theni ustted ates d antheet safy of ourpl peoe de s mand aarsmt, enpati t, and ip discaplined tproacho the rl atnc isludeur o dcyiploma with thesl i ramicliepub ic ofran. r foec dades our dreiffe wncesith iran mhaeant ttur onm goverents nalmostpoever seake to ch ot her.ul tetimatly tha didot nce advan a'americers intests. er ov the yearsn iraed movse cloran erd clos toin havg theli abity b touild ale nucar onweap.t bu from pderesintsnk fralin os rot evelohto j.n fdy kenne to ro nald re,agan the ustnited ates nehas bever end afraio te pursu di y plomacurwith oer adv.sariesas de presint iid decedt tha a st ,rongde confiment aourica cld ncadvae ourat nseional bcurityy irveian go.rnmentwe en've sees the rults.un
3:39 am
r ouie all ps andtnarers reached with iranas lt arye,n ira will notet g a chancen o aar nucle bo mb. the , region uthestnited ates an d theor w wldille b more se .cure i assa've anid my metis, the r nuclea wdealasev ner ndinteed to ol res avell ofur o erdiffwiences th anir b,ut st ill, eg ngaginlydirecth wit thean iraninm goverent on a su dstaine f basis for the irstti me in decades hased creat a uniquepoopy,rtunitin a wdow to tr y treo e solvrtimpoisant .sues to and day i canep rortro p gress umon a n fber esrst, yterday md arkea st mile pone inntreve iing ranfr om ongbtaini ale nucar apweon. h iranas nowul fedfill key mecommitndnts uer theuc n lear deal. nt i waak to t aeom ment to pl exyain whis this o s po imrtant.ov orer m tehan aec d iaderanad h d movedahea with itsuc n lear ra prog bm andthefore le dea it hadta inslledea nrly0, 2000 ce
3:40 am
urorium f aar nucle mbbo. itodayasran hem roved tw iro-thdsos of th ema.chinesbe hefore t alde i,ranas w st lyeadinc ig reasinits ilstockpe ofnr ediche anurium. fenoughorto up tenle nucar orday, mne tha 98%f ot tha oc sthakpile s beenhi spped out of , iranng meanin ira now es don't have enough mlateria for evenne o beirre, asan wng neari le compf tion oaew nea rctor pa cafble odu procinglu pumtoni for ambbo.da to cy thef ore othatea r ctorha s beend pulle aoutndd fille c witheoncret so itno can t beed us. again rebefo theea dl, theld worad h ti relaitvely ltleis vitibily to in's iran nuclearra day, inioternatnal iornspects on are g thedroun andn ira is gbein sedubject t tohet mos co nsmpreheive, iventrusi ec insp rtioneegim ever go needtiat toon mitor a nuclear pr ogram.
3:41 am
ley nucarac fsilitie4 2 hours aya d5 , 36 ydays aear. forad deces to come,ct inspeors h willacave cess to anir's entire naruclepl supy er othds wor, if iranes tri to t cheaand ty hey trldto bui a bombvecortly, we will catch th em. bso theliottom ne is isth. ea wherns irate was sadily inexpandtsg iuc nlear m,progra we e hav cnowut e offveryin sgle t pathhatra id n coulsehave ud ui to bomld a bb.wh iereasout wavld heen tak irantw hro to tees month tore bak out th wiug enorih mateal toto rush a bomb, we've now edextend that kobreaeut tim to a .yeard anhewith t s world'un enprecedtedns inspectio and ss acce to 'siran prm,ogra we'll know i ef iraniever trres to bak out. atnow ths iran' ansctio have en be rive,fied it can begin to re ceiveel r fiefromta cerin cl nuanear sctionsnd a gain ac ocess t its own money that hadbe enfr ozen.d
3:42 am
vel, we'ch ad ieve thishi storices progrsou thrgh wiout reinsortnog to aarther w t indlhe mid.e eastwa i nt too als o pointutt tha by inworkthg wira in on this nu rclea alde, wee weret bter tabledro adheess otesr issu.wh en ourle sairs in theer p sianlf guen accidtallyay stred into an irian tewars, that h couldave sp aarked majorer intalnation in so folks heren igtwashinon trushedo dreeclaha t itt was e thtstaran of otherta hosge is d steaorwe wreked dictlyit wh e than iraninm governdent a re secud theea relse of our orsailess in l 2s thans.4 houris thri b tngs meo aec sondor maj veralme ansrica unjustly ta deyined bra ien arly final mi coomng he. omin sese casse the ansmerica d face oyearsf cedontinu te dme i've wt sithome ofir the mi i'th seen aneir h.guisho aw theyfoche eir th ar sons nd
3:43 am
giesave the fsamilie my word.i made a t vow what weo ould der ev iything pn ourower to win theea relseei of thedr lovne os d anewe havn bee letiress. son theesidelin ofhe tuc nlear ne iogotiatns ourma diplotts a th heighest velencl, i ludingcr se etaryrrkey, usedry eve me toeting i pushrano tse relea our eramicans. d i diysso melf in my er conv wsationesith prident uh roani.te afer th nuclear deal was tecompled, the dioiscussns n betweeveour gos rnmentac tecelerad. st yeyerda these fsamilieal finly egot th newsha they d been in waitg for. a inec rcaiprol harumanitian ur geste, six ianraniri amecans and onean iranier sving nt seorences tiawaingri tn al i nithe uatted stesre a gedrant enclem cy.e thesiv indlsiduano were t ch wiarged roth terrismr o en violt ey'reil civndians a their re e leasis a meone-tiel gs tour to iranen giv thequ unie op unportityff oered bys thi nt momehe and tr large rc
3:44 am
it and ct refles ourli wilssngne ng to eeagh witn irato acedvan ou tur mualer intveests en as we reensu the nl ationarisecuty of thed uniteesstat. sole nucl,ar deame imple.ntedam fericans,amiliete reunid.e thdthir p oiecefs thi work at th we goton de thisee wkend edinvolvni the uatted stes and an ir inresolvg aan fincial ut dispate thed datmo back re tthanhree cadedes. c ofe,ours even as wemp ilement e th nuclear deal andco welmeur o icamerans home, we rzeecogni that therere mainun profod ff dis erencenbetwee thed unite astatesnd .iranwe remainad stenfast ipp oosing an ir's stdeinabiliz bgrehavio el e,sewherdi inclung itsea thrts tagainssr iael andur o gulf pa artnerstsnd iup sport for ol vientro pnxies i places like ansyria d meyen. ti we savll hean s octionsnn ira it for sla viooftions an hum tsrigh i, forpots suprt of
3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:52 am
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