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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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an pd seannenel tlsie charl t abouthe fearse h had whene h elmet o.chapwh ouat yn' didtee st lasig n ht on0"6 mis.nute" bu bt we wegintoith sday' "eyeeropen,"r yould wor in 60 co sends. hi >> ts is a good day.on gace a wine are seeing atwh's ib posshle witg stronme arican pldiy.omac t >>. he u.ssswap psorinersh wit iran. hr >> teeth of eri amecans asrele aededrrivel saf iyn an germy. >> co this tmes as uhe.s. im neposed wct sanionsst again an ir. inig campan 1620 the final mo deiccratac fe-offef bthore e uc crioial wa ca. ucus>> th when is cigampan began, she s wa50 psointad ahef ome .gu whess iat,n iowa, new ha e,mpshir r the iaces very, ry veos cle. > >>or tesnado rdoarehr tough ce l ntrafla.orid co a uple . dies t >>wehey usre jtrf wondeul op pele. wothe world ben't s the ame ouwitht .them > >>qin irahe t. u.s esymbas ir conftms thaia malitsfi conrmed e threicamerans saido t be raconts.ctor>>
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exg pandinsetheir arch f 1or2 ma srine mngissi offhe t coast of wa haii. an dt jus days after es prtiden obamaig sned an geemerncy draeclation in fl int -- >> nt flia is me cri scene. >> an> otspher maceonissi teblasd buoff ott n ethverying we ntcc adior tngo plan. el htme caamereo vidro fm a fifirer ghterein fsno. e th hcrewoad tp hel seven op pe lecaespe. ll>> at tha -- t >>he cinarolath panarers e edhead t toouheir frth nfc am chshpionamip ge.>> ha we o ve tprget eepardor f th xte ne mega. he >> tri patotsil wl beattl for the onchampiship.>> ll and a that matters -- s >>peean aynn ss he fdaile in his teinwrvie with drugor l edl apcho.>> n.agai>> h. yea pei ho tok tal to him aiagn.>> onbs "cs thi g"mornin. a >>nd the iccrits'ic cho ies- -
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w itoant nk thay m parents lo and heve ty m vermuch.d anowi knre whe to put isth. gh rit on the shelfht rigid beses my malay falcon.>> is this ro bught tuo yo by to ,yotaeg ltsgot's acples. >> w>coelmeo t "cbs this rn moing."no rah'd o ionnells f.of re thhee of t fiveca amerins ee frrad by in in a prrisone swap no are w in germany.e thanamericers wera t fdedor se venan iranisvi serring p son ntime i the u.s. rt repooned jas n,rezaia eesad ab fl on outn rdsatuay. >> ow we kn verye littlbo a tuthext sih ispr.oner etelizabmeh palr isut oside the on regiical medteal cen irn ge- whrmany e ere threth femeorr is prhooners o pe tmeeth wit
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ab elizooeth, gind morng. ep >> r gorter:rnood moing. , wellt' i as been nggrueli, te in8nse 4 hoursit wh one ne rarve-g ckin-mlasteinut ladey. t buy,toda at ,lasthe tt wai is erov. s awiss airce for planew flehe t er amtoicans y safet onop eurean il 'sd here the firstmp glisef o "w the ngashi tonpost's" jason ia rezan snghaki handsh wit a man om frhe tta septe denartmhot w th led ase relee tinego.ations za rewaian les jaid a yearnd a alf ha agorg chaed with spying. or past eesad ab wedinias indeta20ed in 12ll aeged toe havor dganizeti chrisansh worip in .iran and o thether was cedhargh wit pi ese.onag ooas s tn asewhe n sokbre, km hesati'te sissr wa oner hay w to meet him. cacbs uughtitp werh h in tr des oit'orairpt.
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sis i rrsueal. m i'lstiln i eldisbief. d, an neho,stlyry eveg thinjust ha ppened so qlyuickha tt i't don k thinit willit h me u intil'm inhuggm.g hi r >>teeporndr: a's she s allet elto himp h make up for lost me ti. i >>l fee elikeveryew nea yr th s ere'a yendar-e vireew ga ma azine wnd i sould iavet so hthatoue cld getgh caut up.>> or rep oter:arn bod she and huher d sbanweren o board for a rethunion eyd feareou wlder nev .comete afonr 14 mofths p-toetsecr aibarghaning tart sttedth on e si nedelisth of euc nlear fsoerere awo tth of vee sen onpristhers s.e u. reedleas fromit jas ail pstarf othe swap.l alwereus acced ofti violang ic ameranan sctions astgain nad filly,he tre's ate mysry n. ma fothe aurthnmericari psoner who s waedreleaslo angit wh the he
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alweno kw i hsis name, no lasratolh kh.osravi rethe thede freca amerins in ge y rmanare in thepi hos talhi bemend .ey thav are hingug thoroh ps loychoangical sid phycal s workuptotoday s makeheure ty e arokay. th and eiry familbe memrs an y xiouslg,waitin hoping tha t g the bireunion cane takce pla r late.onch arlie?>> anthks,li ezabethme palrn i y.germanan wed hheave t brother of jasonre n zaiawith us.go niod morng.>> mo good rning. ow>> h y isroour b tther hismo g?rnin as>> i wto able t speako himn o ph the anone 'sd he t happyo be ou t.he g got aood night'sre d he'ski worngea rlly hard to hi get mself brette soha tt he n caaccome bmek ho. >> ali, aot l ofpl peoe are ha yoppy rour bsther ig comin hoback me.he el was h md foranore th 544 da ys.yo hu mustoave s many qnsuestio fo r him. at whit is ou yt wan tono kw?>> hi i t rnk nightow i justan wt
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'she okay. knyou ow,sy piccholog aallynd ph lyysical. >> is what his pogsycholical atstrie t ghw?no >>e hreallyms see very vepositing, stro, he wants to o comeut ofs thitr songern tha d an bcomeack. >> areou yng ary that it tkoo onthis lg? >> i'm angryhe t tyook himn i e thtfirs .base so ja'tn didn dony agthin onwrg. ntheyadever h anyvi edence t againshim. they h putim t throughhisha sm of a iatrl. ju and stgg draedt i t.ou s it ipl comyetel mainhune and e' thereas no rhison ts hado t ha ppen. so jaonn was ee of th best sp peokesorople f iranhe wn he wa e.s ther heov led the yd,ou , knowfor them to do th hiis to m for8 1 ms onthis ns uncoy.ciousl h >> he saidede lov the country an ked talbod aut trfrus ation, t bu malsotade i very clear i lovein liveg her and like this pl ace.>> yeah, i thinkha tt's uetr. knyou iow,iv len i san fr scancit'o, is aif beautulow tn erand thhie's tngson i de't lik t abouit
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heand o has n qualmsit wh the iairanlen peop.u yo tknow,he ways he'n bee te tread byar ptse of th iranian megovernrent is crally .iminal>> 's there seoome pple who it cre iciz dtheealse becau they y saly exact whate you'r saying, he hase don nhiot anghend tey ar giexchan fng himor prsrisone at thgo have neou thrgh the ci judial ocpress. >>l, wel both theon cangress d na senate ulynimous voted on so reslutionng telli the enpresido t to dhieverytng ss poo ible tbring homehe t ic amerans d,anou y owkn,he tre's been srtupporo fm the prt,esidenpp suomort frre sectary kerry andal lhe t hard work of bret mercgk m tohiake tsl dea or they i w knowhathe tks fol are ,sayingut b thesepl peoe ve ha been hheeld tre n foro as re ion andha'm tlnkfu a theyre he on tir way meho. mand i'ef hop tulhera inians ll wip hel out andll fulfi their co ntmmitmeels to h fpind mr. vi les nson awell.
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idwhat del he tlu? yo >> ike spo toim h iebrfly. s heaid thisdn shoul't have edhappen. h henad beeoc f ousedn .its histadminionrati wasus foced on it. w itoras important f them.d an ti knowenhis wto the t hi ghestel leve of th genovernmt et to g the deal ld wouhan't peve hapned wi tthouhe trt suppo m of soany people touhroughhet t rngovement.yo , u knowki thiny familld wou st juto like thankry evebody forth at.>> y thankou. >> ali zarehaian, tnk you.we re appe ciatyouni joing .us>> tnkhayo u,all. eaahd,e' wkll tal to the ofamilyf a'smericaon lgestd hel aghostobe, rert leonvins.s hindwife a sonbe will heren i st ioud7 5or fhe tst fir rv inteipiew sbscein the psorir ne thad's ahe thismog.rnin d an the.s u. seimpod new te limictd sanveions or anir's is ballsttic miill nie iraan sanpokesms say thene
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gtshinon erpresthved e or histleic nuclar dea with hr tendan a the reeleas o tfhe icamer etrgarnn bresan i at the white house. rg ma, aretorgood mning. or>> rep gter:rnood moing. heas tso prinerse wer lereased, an irve receihad wtt i so de elsperatedy nes, 00$1li bil on c inash andio sanctns re.liefth eon covtralersiwa rerd for cu gttin al deao te fre this eanuclogr prram. s >> thioois a gd y.da r >>r:eportede presintma oba id saig his hhke stasip d lomacy paid off. iranotcann b auildle nucar ap weon.>> for d tecadeso meco, in tospecavrs he t ohetuppornity l toatook iran's naruclepl supy n. chai i ifieran trs to wcheat,e will as crh them.>> or rep tter:ehranur sedpris s. u.ff olsicia byly quickom ce ay plthing wiea the dl to edisabl rnuclea fitacilieshe aad of fo s.recast insh pishiputng o00 25,un0 pods of
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tr cenesifug andde renring ut plm oniuesusels. inexgechan,en ts ofli bilfons oan irianss aets were ozunfren andnc sations li.ftedno lw oian c shipre fe to sail fo goreign ods. andhe t reed to make a .3 $1on billier int pest taymentoir oan t settle a 1970s rean's p ssident iaidtar mked go a ldene pagn i the uncotry' or histt y bulstils doe notst truth s.e u. thand eli feesng iut m aualfter th e pnerisorst lef tnehra st yey,erda w thehitese hou ap slped newct sann ions o11 ti entindes aiv indidualsd linke i tots bicallistis msile og prram.a ddelayens respoe toal illeg mi sse ilchlaunones cedduct this . fall d thatquidn't ietti crics ud inclpuing re blicanpr enesidtialid candates. ou >> y take a annmerica e,hostagba barack ol ma wilcut aea dl wi outh y w,erhetht iis rg be, dahlwhat he ditid wh the st cathro broders anow nha wt 's
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ep>> rr:orte t now.he u.sll sti es doav not heip dclomati re onlati is withran, ant coury s.the u.on csiders a major statesp r onsoof isterrorm. t buitthe whee houss doet wantopl exetore wherher thee ars way tok worh wit .tehranbu t it isle not car at allt wha theel rhiations bp wille once enpresidat obams t >>hank you, mreargat. > >>ara se ichs on tmohis g rninfo er threme a mricansissingn i aq etr con wactorsere atebduc idn dabaghord accdto sck the atassocissed pre and cdapture at ho the thme of ineir reterpter.e thu.s.mb eassyre theve receid no inwarng. om diplerats wole td lastk weeth at ananirckian-baedia malit twantedo kidnap amen arican or er amican coctntraor. h cillary hlintonas a wider alnationd lea boverernie er sandiss thni mor tng inhee rac tforhera democticde presilntia no d nbc alnews/wl seetrtrn joual
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bpointsut otherls pol showm the erclos. nd saers defendedis hnc staes on gu trn conol andea hrelth cat las t.nighnc nay cordes is ines charlton thwhere eoc demrats nad y, goog.mornin or>> rep gter:moood g.rnin cwithonlint and srsandeec nk an ckd nen i waio, the etcompn itiohas grown en inthase t tthean ctedida s tuac sallyhouted aoo gdor ponti of ir thewe ansrst lasht nig and 'tdidnm seeeato rlizey theer we in dog it. h >>e voted toet l guns goto on am ,traks gun intoat nliona pas.rk ep>> rr:ortela hilliry cntonce igo asal w to put the sngurgi iebernde sanrsth on e fedee.nsiv rs fi gt onun rocontl. e>> h hased voth withe t nra, twithunhe g lobbyer numous ti mes. te voaid ag tnsthera bdy bill five metis.>> hi i tecnk sryreta conlint ow knats wh sheay ss irys ve si diuongenusdi ensing.uous ha i ve a d-minusin votgd recor t from henra. ep>> rr:orte a she tlsoook aim at h hish ealt pcarenla to pl realace ivl prinate ncsura
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>>he tt fac , isavwe h tehe fo aflerdabe car. actth s at ione oef thre gtates mpaccomelishofnts re pntside am oba. t toitear up andta srt over n,agaius pnghi our cryountac bk tintohatin kdf o ate conusntio ba dei te, kthins ithe wrong re din.ctio>> re we' g notoing tor tea up the adafforblear ct.e ac h idelperi wte it. t buwe areng goimo to ve on top of t tha forh healtcareor f all.>> or rep tter:ghhrouthout e gh nit conlintt caser h aselfs es prtiden amoba'sat greestie alld annal tura.heir ida bo t wacin bkro psigresves am en weredseith rnatosa s.nder>> si predentma oba hased l our un cooutry t oef that gre iorecessn. tosena srrsandele cald heaim wk, disainointg.>> or rep ster:rsandeue argmed so liof c'sntonon str tgest aiesre to wall st. reet>> ou yce perived all the 00600,0do s llarpein sg akin ffeesrom ld gosaman inchs oneyear. magoldchn sas is not going to ha
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ea trsuorry f aan sders mi adranist.tion ep>> r torter: cheireslashe mad arit htd aim tes for frorme mandrylave go,rnor mnarti llo'maey,ge to wot a n.rd i >>ta secreryli c, ntoni kitcuout y d off anivwill goue y 30ec sonds topo resnd on lone wolf. c >> gan i0et 3 ndsecos, too? er>> undur presseth from e n clintompca,de sanrs lereased il detas on hish healtlacare p n h twooursef basore lt ghnit's te deba. itlu incdes a 2% tax ont mos ic amerhians, wch heis inslts wilst beill er cheap than the iv prinate ncsuraeye th payor f no w. >>nancy,nk tha. you>> >ep rliub acansreo alsli feeng pr the aessureheade of th iowa us cauces.e thd feu b detweentronald ump d anruted cz is tiescalang. gmajor iarretts inhi wasngton a with gwirongiv ralryow n ge petting .rsonal gmajor,ood morning. ep >> r gorter:rnood mo ing. it's picolits as usual for do runald t tmp anded i eess w c fantorge allhe tir
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dikierent nds of ndcaesidat. s turn out they canow thrmu d, dr uedgeppp onositio arrese chan d hurl itsnsult jus like, ll west, juev like otery rhe run t ofheil ml tipoli.cian h >>se way ver chpro- aoicend orsupppated lrtiath bir tiaboron.he o wastopen gayri marage andhi s ssicnapla onti ixsicsxp etilanaoron f all,that m i'aew n rkyoer. e thoswhare ewat nk yors value ar reey a nota iow esvalu. ep>> rr:ortemp truou cednter atthru cz fully dtidn' disesclo an los angrgui thatp hel from new yorkks bane makis hse clost ri a val crhypo ite. >> hnte waso tk looik lein rob od ho. onthe e pctrotepeing ople from anthe bhiks wles he'or bngrowi ne moy. ep>> r torter: rrumpolledut o a ne chw saroolyd akttac onis h ri h >>a e's nastyguy. bonoikdy les ibodyngn coressik les lbodyikesim hwh anyerenc o e ey th t getnoo kw him.>> or rep ater:e nd hwasti crical of cr'suzup s fportorme supre co jurtceustin joher robhots w etwicd helpe amobacarevi surve ga
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5 200z cruke bacd rtrobes' irconfonmati cngalli him a br anillit wylaer. c >>z ruhtfoug leik hell to get icjustete roberthrs in ere. e justicsrobertur tned o tuto be aanutbsole sadister. ne>> o oef th reasons iik le teduz crch so mu -- >> a. >> te reporr: a super pac orsupptinged t cruzur tned his pa inc agahist rurco abiolsole cald hip a -fflip.lopper>> nk i thihe i'm t only one to thunite ble repuican party. ar hilltoy clin nn doesotto want ru nsn agait me. r >>teeporubr: rio isom cngpeti ohwith jn ,kasichis chr cehristi je and b bush toe b the remainstamna alter ttiveomp tru or uzcr. iechrist v toldotershi t sek weatend thio rub and cruz are rmone-teor senatuss jikt le the pr enesidst wa in 0820. ng voti f againtor tha l oevelf ex enperi ece inngxpectiet bter re csults,e hristiidsa, was the de tifinifon o sain.nity lichare?> >>thank you, major.
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frrning om a dyeadl tdoorna reoutbak. two dpgrantsarener we kinilled is thil mobome heut oside tampa. heanotter twister yesrday ripped ug throh af gul coast ignehohboreaod nr rasasota. ard thima sller tdoornauc str k h norttof wesm pal acbeh.>> d > anthisng morniar mks day fourf o sthe fearchor 12 mi ssingar minesr neaaw t e coas hguardas sdearche ne arly0019,0e squares mil off e thd islan of huoahe wrewo t ma rineel hteicopenrs wtow dn tlatedahursny i asi posble is collion.ov heer tke weehnd higur sf and a se larir stkein agasthe tst coa gu seard parchlaneom catpliced th are seffch e ortserthe. sm lal aunmofts o dsebriav he be fenound buto nn sig ofny a su orrvivs. f oftheoa cst of new zndeala am flesll swa aowed tstourioa bt th is mog.rnin 60all pl peoeum jped erovdboar to sc eeap the refi. erthey wees rcuedot by her s. boatth rie toustoa bt later . sank > >>u.tos. s mcktsarkere a tclosedorhis m iningn se ob orvancetif marnr luthein kgjr .ay dt , butheet plumming e pric iof oils wgeighin on global veinstors.
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xed. stthe cocr of iudes lobew $30 arr ba tel forirhe fest tim in 12 ye ars. erthe avage o pricef sga is now a$1.80 ,gallon the lt owesesinc20 09. th e snfl' topou fr t eams ll wiy plaunon sfoday r aha cnceat theup sboer wl. yt peanon m ningkiredndle his own c magi nlast iightn de.nverhe t ledhe bosronc toe com from behind beatingts pitburgh 6.23-1th ero bilncos wle fac tomra bdy an ed that priots in the afc onchampiership he on s.cb li carolna wil a playrizona in the nfc picham.onship e thth paners beattt seale on sunday 31-24. 'r wee cinountng dow toup ser wl bo 50. jim enanc and philwi sims llbr yoing auhell tn actiom fro santa clara, rgvi,inia on nd subray, fe7,uary ig rht here on cbs. i >>ouf y're aal footbl fan, you a had d gooweekend. et wh sher aittingt the bar or g sittinat home. >> y andanou c'tt wai for next ay sund. >>
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>> i loved wgatchin iearch nn ma wingisatch h son. except
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we t'll got,o flinga michin, > >> pseansaenn iys hesdy rea t tosoalk orme mthe wig dru lord el o.chap >> ahead, partsf otheer intviewst la c nightharlie h wadhitsen sean tpennuhat yo dotid n seen o"60mi s.nute" no anr:unces thiioport "n ofcbs th niis moronng" spd soreoyby va. i' l,m va o thee rangymoneti rentremeir squfrrel oyom va. l va vfromoya? , yeahomval fr voya. ququick , estionrewhat aa voyti re srementirqulsre i doinghon my use? e we'rg puttin aawaycorns. u yo, knowhoto se w thrtimpo anceavof sfoing e r threfutu. y sosoou're lirt of ke aesspokn? persono mo, i'm ikre lmee a ortaph. a okay, -mspokesr.etapho i'no, m... reyou'po a .ah. ok
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i renever avally gche muug thoht ato the icidityfon any ods. r neveghthout t abouffthe coee wai kis drininng havs.g acid erit nevne daw md onate th cit houldyourt eeur tth. theolo d me tonuse pramel. 'sit go oing trohelp ptect e th ienamel tn youreeth. ll it a tows meino contue rito dconk my ,ffee an asd it wl a reaeasy ch switke to ma. pimy opaoid edin mnicatiole e aves mgfeelin edlock up! minsllioop of pe ale ereatstimed s tor uffefrom idopiouc-indoned ciostipatn, oic, edcausth by ioe opidths seey u m toe anagnichroinc ?ally ye s. isoic fe a difyprent te of ti cons.pation op s ioidk bloc spainlsigna, but eythan cls ablo k octiac vityin b theelow. it ee's bren a tral seuggl to d finefreli. adyou re py toaint di a t fferenurpicte? ah ye! lk tayo to ocur dtor ab cout oi d anipprescrtion ea troptment s.tioni' t!m on i ouif yd neeceadvi yofor usur bs,ines galem lzooyohas acur bk. r outetrustwd ne aork ofnettor ys prhas edovidda guitonce 1over0000,0 lepeopt jus ylikeou.
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le oogalzegm. lelal h hp isere. lo look cse,we r'rthe ms isinakg r suga cfreeelarams, as clhasic ndrd ade oulicichsly ewy. th atre aoo so smrith, cch andreamy u yot won'evbeli eeythsu're frgar ee. scdi woverererth's inorigugal srear fe. n humanamaintegunce uly woacd btuallytle exac iy what am.t i gog to hancta piure. mitotay nm seeuclike muth, bto t thaderesit nt iewas thst beng thie in thd.worl mait's ao zing taume bec se its takeecme sonds. yebut n t, whenti go i o thetmapar'ment, i f therefor halan r. hou it no is ht just aangingct pi iure,ont is cg,versinit in is beieg a frnd. erthene ar o'teold perple the.
7:23 am
wi heth tn paiswand ngelli y of mramodeo te treseve rh toeumartid aishrit... dior onarytsbjecen oftme see..d. in datimi.ting do soing inmethleg simp... me anent ngduriot a lpa of in. if is ra ng chayoing ieur vw of ve edarythy ings or a encihemay .lp en orrkcia woers diffently t byngargetirc a soue eaof ra rly t inlahe infiommatocn press. r foormany, a enciidproves erlong-tefm reli of mp ra sy.toms it el's hneped pw rasatient th and t ose no ehelpednough by t otherntreatmes. ot do ne takciorena with r anotheicbiologic medfoine r ra e dun to acrind easerisk of io sernfus ionecti. ri sesious ffde e cectsccan our in includtag fafel innsctio. se ca ls ofomympha an ngd luce canr ha bven eeedreport. outell yorr doct 'rif youe prtoone h oranave fey innctio alikeenn ope, sor f thelu, hor aryistopd of co, cha niro dc lung.isease ci orenwoa may oursen ypdr co. yife ou'rgenot g ttinrethe lief as urk yor doctot aboucioren
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yo see ur ra in if a dntfere way. bl geedingums? u yoinmay th ak it'st resulusof broohing t .'s not ait'sn sigarof eguly sem di..ase. erlistin ce(r)elan hvep re..rse. ea gurly sem diinase t justw weo eks. st lir)erine(. po tower r youutmoh ! cwhenetigarvite crat,ngs hial n l i caabthink out is ti getieng relf. n onlyteicoreti minhaas te pa nted isfast-dinsolvrmg foula. tait storts ve relieen suddng cravists fa. ne i owver knn whe i'llelneed
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
r>>teeporsr: it'a been gr uelingnt and i 4enseur8 day, at last, thet wais i er ov. >> , kevin ihows your brr?othe w >>ngorkill reayar hd toet g ms hibeelf sttero hean c come back. home ep>> rr:ortee as th pnerisors re we asreleed,ra i rnveeceihed t nt corsrove riald ewarfor cnguttia dealfr to eezets i nuc lear og pr ram.>> pe comontiti haswn gro nsinteoe, sen inthase thet t ca ndidctates auallyut shoed a od goon portith of eir answ ers.> it pol aicsssu ual foron dald p trumteand d .cruzth ey curan hl i jnsultsustik le ev otery her rthun-of-e-mill li po. tician hi >> trs wate used to be owbrn. oo it l aksnds smellfitne, bu e th cdeorroipd pties slle mak itun tsafeo k.drin he>> t nre'sever been aat debe tlikehis afn.ternoo tshouldhe ud nitedokingn m ba lddonamp tru ? he>> if getsed elect, it will be n o a sticky etwick. on >> dumald trpef dended con se oushs abtht wheer tez cruz is leeligib p to bentresideg sayin er th ae'sig b qiouestnar m okn
7:58 am
the t are'slso a bigue qnstio omarkn t'srump headf ihe td win tshi himus jt ghrit.>> ou ann:ncers thi mog'rnins ye "ene ope 8r at p" isntreseed byib l mertylutua inncsurae. i'mie charl rose with gayle ki ndng ain vita srah i the of thee fivri amecans ee fr td hopeto mee their mi fa tlies mhisngorni in angermy. theca amerins were traded for ve senan iranisel hnd ihe t s.u. jay the three are at ail my itar sp ho iital nangermy. ot anherri pr soneedstay in iran d annowe kw le ittltabou. him eth b"thegloston obe" saysth matew tr evck chi a waslso lere.ased>> amir htiekma was cedhargit wh pi ese.onag
7:59 am
geany andpo ske to n cbsews wh onile the htflig. h >>ed sailo hel andai sdid, sai am ial tngki oo t a free ?amir he, saidyou sure are. itn' hastt hi me. he >> tps swa fdollowe months of ttdib maicar bingaing that st arn ted otheid selinesf o the ir aquc nlear s.talkro bertev lninso was notfr eed. heis darappeed and his wife and n soheare ndre a we'll gethe tirac retionhe anad oth "cbs is rn moing." em draocticsi preldentia atcandidesav he two weeks to ar sheipen thr attackor befe the fi rst atey btled gragveessily, pe eslycialut abolt heareh ca and swallt.tree y>> mpo prosal, pderovi hh ealtca o re tall oppele, get pteriva rainsuounce tf o hhealt rainsu lnce, toweroshe ct of he alth. care
8:00 am
r etheewe'rki talng about the pl yanou just iduntrotoced tnigh orki talngbo aheut t plan yo ntu icerodudin nmee tins i the ng co. ress>> at> whs thiisll reaboy aut is t no rthenaatioleay w to go arforwd. it 'sed meicar forall. wit'serheth wvee ha g theutso t an std up tohe t pteriva su inerancpa com. nies re>> pntsidema oba hased l our trcounty ou ofhe tat gre ce ren.ssio se tonar srsandeal cledim h ,weak sa dintppoiing. e >> hiand are iefrnds.we 'veke word togheetonr an my is .suesyo ru'veveeceived or 00$6,000 in kispeaeeng foms frol g sdmanachs nein o year. >> y nowoung brip ure pntside am obrea heso in cauth naroli in fe de onsehef tac f atfterr you cozyat relhiionsthp wil wal re stet. t >>edhe hged funiobillesnair o wh areni runngds ain agaest m ri ght now andar krol ve,un f ded mby foneyrom thean fincial rv seicesec stor, sure thing, i'm o thenedo they wn'tanto tbe upag ainst.>> with ,usoc demratic palolitic
8:01 am
lo-timent clion soadvir, na mabiged clll sinton'2 199 pr tiesidenpaal camdign an i hes ll a hiinary clupton serport and do utnor, b n doesotav he an cioffiolal re in hermpca.aign >>nk tha you for that. >> sowi knonghe wre youe, liow hd di she do andt whaen dot dou y thinkhe s mightr ot mighnot ve ha i madenha wt somepl peoe ca ll thege surn i iowa?>> t ihehink s dider vy well.i thinkt' isy prettar clehe s's yi sa wng sheo ants tdbuil on the tthingseshat pr oidentbama did, like danodd-frk,da afforreble cat. ac he>> sds nee tode iwintify th es probident ama? hi>> i t'snk she saying wed nee ui to bwhld on weere s he's waying neeed toet gid r ofod dkd-fran g or retid ofhe t abafforde le caract. ta>> cerinlyou y'reot n essuggheting s b hasoueen tgher on wreall stn et thahe s?ha>> he t wantso gok bacto
8:02 am
la>> gagss-steall isar sepating twthose eso rol. >> i rsundetand, but she's ngmaki the ntargume, fromt wha in ca,tell wreall stet is not y crazabout doradd-fnk. ysshe sahe sts wano tp keeha tt ll bing i inkre the's a real ctdistinthion ere.i shthink et wen tout moake that dtiistinct on last,nigh and ki thinhe s m iadet pretty . easily>> u do yohi tlank hilntry clion e will brtoughen oal wetl stre an thni bere sas?nder ay>> mbe not,ut b slhe'le b typlen t oughouengh. be iernan sders is thed gol an stdard -at- th q's aiouestfn o the onelecti. in i the'k shell by plentgh tou ou engh. ll wat streeoe d ls notike dd do. -frank ha>> we ove tmp ehasizeou yav hew nes orleanluvaes. t'>> that,s righte whahaver tt ou am. nts to >> l aot of peeoplay s this vo pits thett aackt las, night t mighatbe le in thepa kchblt he bar husl nd biln clintomade a
8:03 am
t youhihink tlds shouav he te stard r?earlie >> no. th the ing riis, nghtow we're in gog to atmocr gs areooing t start pi a cking minonee. t by,he wayf ihe t draemocts losethweis, e los erevngythi.we ta're toiplly wedut oe, th us ho e, thetesena, theme supre ur cot, the atlegislheors, t go s,vernor epl simtie queson is how are yo gu goino t pay for this. ee we ktip getngto ld, gee,e' wll u comehp wit i inkef bmoore decraticot versgo p toost and talk aboutho w 'r theyine go g topick, i think e thesrdare haio questns. lli'nt guara tee youhe blrepusicanil wkl asse the qu onesti ts inheer genal tielecon. d anini thopk perele aai wting fo sr hiwe ansnr ohi tins kd of st uff.i kthin it's aly total ti legi qmateiouest an eysk aboed autis h hhealt re .cord >>meja ws, can te aalkbout the poll ernumbs?
8:04 am
le polas her h 2in5 potsad ahe a inio natlna poll.e th igaps clearly c ilosingn ndiowa aew nhi hampsre.wh lat polyo do uay p aonttenti to andha wyot are uce conrned t abouwhenut you p those mb nuers -- >>ma pririesav he ditfferen ll po s ingel.neralo a t ofis it ow h deyo th sc reen and how doy the eransw? a not bl suitatie queson forhe t me tive we ha. here t ihinke likmost oppele, i kind of l took athe ateggrega s,number looke at thec dironti t ofolhe plse mor than the alactupe scific number. >> ha so wret a youri wored ou abt?>> iry wor aboutth everying.ey th callnd a say ist under ande thnt clion people rrwoy.of e cours we rrwoy. ior w iryn tipolics. ti une l th avotesre c,ounted i'mar sced to h.deat >>ou y sd houlbe. ttakingheer expience you've had in pntresideial po,litics does ooit l tk likehrough your eyes thatal donumd trllp wihe get t pu reblican tinominaon?
8:05 am
g he'sotea rl,l rea fire inis h . eyes ptrum --e' hsy ver e,arli'v youate wched l afot o aientertners. ahe hadlt rea timingouch to it.he r couldyeallur tn a sephra.if i had to r betight w,noe i'v saidon ctlsistenhoy i tughtz cruwa s theos mten talfted ohe tse pu reblicanic polit iians had i seenng a lon.timehe was at my h aousepl coue ek wes o.agry ma gave ara fund-oriser f. him ou >> y c had athhat wi m?hi>> i did. t i go him for 33 cents and ng aski how thenv ienestmt was g. goin g i'veot to mneake moiny bettg on ol pitics. ihi t hnke's g aotn idea of e wherhe'soi gng. y >>nkou thi itay mru be corz me than umtrp?>> 'd i countn o it.
8:06 am
elha cpold wou beak ten alive?> >>mothis srning' ou>> annthncer: is inmorng's "e neye ope" r at 8ispo snsedor
8:07 am
t.ligh > >>amone aneric is notet y co hom >> on> mee an ricaotis n cg ominho rome fm frmerbint ageer robt lsoevinn ni va mshedthore anig eeaht yrs ag o.hi wsife andon sre ahe .reah ead, why f theyeelra betbyyed e th pnerisowar sph wit anir. reyou'ch wat"cing hibs t s rn mo" pgram tputs fheusocyo on u noand stt juhe tbe numr t oncahe sle. se logh weiilt whtie eang al her,thie awithewll nrt smatspoin. moand orve me i byluncngdiit fssne w inthays k at worr foyou. e segohow ouod yfe'll el twithewhe ngh weitct wahers tbeyondlehe scaam progr! jo orin f fwree no
8:08 am
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8:09 am
ak not tiae jard nce ifaryou de onsialysi avor hvee seidre kprney .oblems st akop tjaing ncrdiade anll car youordoctht rigy awa y ifavou hmpe symstof olean aleargic rction. mp sy mtomsncay i lude, rashliswelng, an ffd dityiculat bre hingwaor sinllowg. ta jkinganardiitce w h aonsulfeaylurin or nsuli camay louse oow blgad sur. ll ter youordoctut abol almethe nediciu s yotake d an yif houe avyanme cadicol itndnsio. also t yk todoour ,ctor
8:10 am
> >>asiran hd agree ton deepe ir an haseg bun ton deepe ourco tiordinason a we work to lo obcate rert nslevion,ng missi fo r moren thaht eig aryes.ev ween as ej r ioicen the safe rnretu ofot hers, wel wil never aforgetobbout b. aeachndve ery utday, b es lypecial t, odayourrt heasre awi th theev linson mifaly. si>> prebadent o vmaows t thatheu. ls. wil workar hdo tre fe robert nslevion, ame forir fb ag t enowhpe disaparedor me than t eighs yearnago i iran.he as wor wngkis aaon ct sultanfo er th cia. nslevions ihe tge lonst held er amosican htage erev. tain a sntteme this we hekend,ismi faaily sd, qu wote,e areap hpy e for thother fa,miliesut b once
8:11 am
ifhis weis chrndtine aon s dan ar ue withs for an ieintervw. i know this is a verycu diffilt y. da soe wlyrealnk thaor you f jo inings uthisng morni. w i'mngonderi ifou yer weau cghtof uaf gyrd bhe tso priner asrelee. es >> y. w>> andhat you wereol t wdhen we you dre tol w bobas notmo ang . them we>> we otre n told inad vance. i ay ctuallhad ton turon the tv in to futd o whaast wng goi on h whicwas reallyis dtiappoinng. vi felteryra betndyed a va de tstatedhat in' hadt even re aceivedne phol cal toe let m kn s ow thiapwas hpeningau becse l weenadd bemi pro tsedhat when othetherpl peolde wou be le reased, w bobe ould b with , them wand no >> yout felet brayed -- y>> b the uniatted stes go ntvernme. t >>sihe prenddent a the cr seofetary . state es>> y. w >> tho washemi prose fun?ha heve ty given r aeason why bob
8:12 am
y >> thethaven'en giv us a onreas. why o inur all our me, etingsthey lwhave aaiays shed ty wetould g utbob o. of urcohese, s wastill there thafter ee thres hikerwere re leased as well. >> yo do wu know thetherhey foasked rer his leasen ithis go neiotiatn?>> whatie i belve ishe tyed ask r fohisp hel -- tirhe t help ofi imnd h in ordero t h getim home. ec >> bheause t ty sayonhey d't kn reow whe he ?is >>t. righ w >> chatontaect hav you had wi gth theenovernmet sinc the re yelease y?sterda ouhave yee bn in c wontactith ne anyo? >> i ayctualld talke tos. m monaco a mndarkli guiteano af rth ee peoplwere re. leased w >>dhat dihe s tell you? ha>> teyt the wer hthoping e get t initouch we h mrebefot i ha ppened but n hadotee bn able to. d >>an,t' isn beesince 2011 esinc'v youe seen .photos ei haten to ev ask t his ti quest on, bu yareouvo nerus 's he notve alian ymore? >>bv oiouslyt' iees bn a long time.
8:13 am
yes w,no and he was never in goodlt heaheh at t seont. webv oiouslyel bievee' hils stl e. aliv vethe go hrnmentd as tolus th ere'scr no eediblee videncto su tggest tha he is not alive.of rs couee' wngre goi to go rw fodard anre we'oi not gng to gi p ve uand w ge'reoing to do yteverpohing .ssiblewe ll stiie belsve he've ali and we t 're noggoin top sto untile war he heot rwise. s >> ietherre ce diblenevidce th sat he'ei bng heldy bhe t ir ?anians>> ee two wkser aft his di easapprance -- en>> trs yea ago- - >>es y, n2007 i l,aprira inian e-statmerun diaha tt he was, iquote,n theds han ofan irani cu seorrity fndces a wouldbe, qu reote, faed in r mattef o isas hee bn almost niners yea w noiswhich aelbsoluty cu ridilous. weel bheieve tan iranisno kw wh ere he is t,heyw knoct exaly wh hataptopened him. w wetoent n irainem decber of 2007.
8:14 am
ere hepp disad,eare very tiny.e thfr trip om our hotel,is h l hotevewas finu mites. odeverybowy kns acexntly, ot tha , island'swhatng goi on. w >> yhat doou thinkhe t n'iraniaass reons iyifor sang ey th don'tno kew where h is,f, i t,in fache t wy knowhere he ,is an 'sd what r theireanso n forot vi gi ung himpth if eye hav him usin ct di. >> b onoth siurdes, oof side ovthe gternmenhe and t arannian thside, reere weta miskes made. weon d't know who was aloverzedous an d mecidedy dad d wouloobe a gdso per tnico pk up. k i thin wthereereta miskes maded an it'sll rea fy hardorhe tm to b walkomack frha went happed, pe es acially tfter hislong. that'sor wg ryinusto .>> ha tounk y souc mh.>> e hopee to s you next time un etder bter rccistumceans. r formese defenec sretary ro be grtesatet rurnso ttu sdio 57 .hi s elfe,ingss plu nhisew book ah
8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
we on cnuti wehit c newlips omfr our60 "es minut"er intview eawith s.n penn l onast ghni bt'scaroadst he sh isared hat motivorion f se oueking t theru dg lordl e ch apo. t inpahis f rt o cthersonvenatio thatid dot n a, ir tpenn alks ou abe t thtifugive'sec rent urcapte.he su is serpri hd att ow iedplay out. >>as i w d,aske did t i thinkhat
8:18 am
myiompressthn was at he would not. or>> repurter: ttned ou not to bee. tru ot>> nbe to e tru and i was keshocd. >> or rep ster:edhock? ea>> y wh, ishas d.ocke >> or rep yter:xpou ed ecte thimo kibe ?lled>> id i dn'ect exptim hbe to edcapturqu this ickly, b iut did texpectehat on day,'d i hear ou abt aig b t-shooout. or>> repheter: tso reayon d u ha udthat jgment wasec bauseou y li beateve th theex mican megovern nnt didtot wanse to e ivhim ale and they n didot want to seeim h ?talk ca beusee had hor inf tmationt hayo evu beliule wod be doat gre gedama tout repnsatioth at e hi tghesel levsth of e mexican so y?ciet yes? y >>es.i k thin ithatrts pa of it. r >>teeporutr: bdi they d let tohim veli, sot whaoe dats th tellyou?>> p itblrobaeay mnsha tt itdespe trehe ince dibl ticorrupdeon, espit the tnghis i' olve toud yha tt i feel about e thn mexicamegovernhant, tt th isere ll stigo more plod peo e b thanad.
8:19 am
ebeliev a thatbouthe t worldin al generil, strel mo good le peopma than d. i hechs suan a m of his co onnvictis. e >> h'tdidn talk a lotut abo -- ashe bicalally t tked inhe cl artioue abatt whaw he sit wh hi n s owndeyes at wha was said. w wel ilorhave mem fro our60 " nu mi ctes"atonversition w h sean nn peon thtig on my spb prm.ogra or fmer dseefenre sectary rtrobe i gatess u' yochre wataning ch2 nel news, ve co yrage cou can oounthin. ts is ha a c 2nnelew ndas upte. orgood mning yothank wau for ctchinghannel i 2.i 'm anda.guevar in ig campa6.n 20-1.. heanotesr prtiidenopal hulefma tode a senp in rero yestday. bl repu cicandaandilyte car in fior aa heldha town llme ateting ak the l geridgeolf ur cose. sh oke spane for ab hour out a li tost of . pics..bibut a g s focushe had go was mevernornt cn.ruptio nscitizeva of necuda cauths wime
8:20 am
teme, voe, for mse becau ze citit ns iimis tmue, we stta fke ourbauture mck, weust ta pke ouricolitd s anour rn goveacment bizk, citt ens, iis wetime, ta must urke ont coury ck ba." al she d so tolsuher tepporrs to mu akst tr e outrcouncky ba."sh soe ald tolsuher tepporo rs t erhold hnt accouorable f her s.actionch.. whiom was sngethiat th o stood tut foriehe a orin fcamegarom ves ye dasteriny mornndg... abe will inheadg heback tinre aga. today me tiec to ch rk youritoads wh i r.j.e n the "mor06f-m" 1.9 c traffiercent! ho lw's it oookingreut the, ? r.j. no en accidints or ntcides to rt repo d. weveo ha chain ro cont-8ls iwe0 stf ouctre,ke y highwath50 sours of cay on cit mtand se. roay highw w. alsoith wethose itt condplions, ease d slowd own anougive ysorself me a extrinbrakang distwece betenve . hicles le ndt's seer it ov to olmeteorjeogist arff mz tinenow r foata wedaher upte.
8:21 am
we b'll bethack wier anoth da upn te in half ahour.
8:22 am
un, l then ustay dp toate on aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies
8:23 am
lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. e w ceean s st ju ait ltle l ight j ust a leittl light is>> l tteno !that onharm tiousteribu on martin th lug er kindajr. y.e
8:24 am
oo stdr neahe tco linln mealmori. vei lot tha o.vide t don'outhey snd great? >> i tbohink atiut marern luth ng ki , kingn'you cankt thi h aboutim ou withkit thinutng abo his ea drm. t >> that is whatehe wand teo se is theatwh g theuys areng doi there he at tin he lcoln rimemoal. >> es> prtiden b ofothti pares pe de ondeden thwl kno oedgef be roatrt gthes, eor fmer se y cretarenof defndse a cia ch hief isnere i there gen omro.ll heo! oo >> gd inmorng. er>> robs,t gatell we wiee sf i b heveeliehes t iranea dl put er amicari at sk. so al hisew nk boo on lnsesso of ad leipersh. > >>oscrsfit wotsrkou for kids.te arn-yes -oldartook ptht in e itcompeterion ov thend weeke and ilwe w ol findut ifha tt is too yo ung t forhihis ntgh ityensi ex s at ieaahd. s rning'neheadlioms frd aroun glthe obe."f s"orbeor repn ts obrcelegatin e.rvic ic amerroans ac css theountry ewill b verolunteing to honor th tee lail civht rigs erlead.
8:25 am
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8:26 am
>> ou> shr waoningtff ateilia wu sa rtsepor on thedi contion ofth eia gntan pda bei bei. ou ths sandhewatcisd th. i heows ne morthan0 2 unpods.5- h-montold b beiei isep kt deinsi the pdaan house untheil t heweatarr w umsp andei b bei st orands fci preous eatr.sure s he icenlrtaithy . at>> > aor fmerhi wasnngtoid inser eris hite wh hisie vwsf o anir. rtrobees gatve serdig eht pr enesidnts ih bot pesartind a ashe wse defenre sec atarynd ledth e coralifnia nia andow pderesinte of th ouboy scfts o america.hi ws nek boo isd calle "a pa ssionor f lhieadersesp lsons haon c angend reform from 50 ofyears c publivi serce."we le are pasedo t welcome et secrteary gaks bac todi stuo mu toal tbok autlu incding shleader yip andour .bookst thart wi a irannd this deal. yhow do sou ree the oeleasef e theshostag and iranng getti ck ba someeo pplet thaee had bn co tenvicd?
8:27 am
li thisy man timesn ithe st pa,h withe t visoets, with r otheiecountrths and sere ha al eeways bicn critidism, d you ge out enorgh ft whaou y t?goan -d - w forhat you .gaved ant withoug knowintathe deils t ofeghe ntiotiaaton, wh was as ked f wor andeyhat thnd eed upth wi's, thatd a haronquesti to an swer.i ththink at one of theng this th ouat i weld havss preed for, an ed mayb they d,di was for ni definftive ionormati about the fbian m andr eithe proof ofe lif p orroof of h,deatr oet somnghi to bringlo ct sure at.leas 'r>> youkie talng about robert onlevinsse whoe wifas wt jus he re. ithesraniany den they knew an aythingbout ?it>> i what k don'tsnow i howar hdth ine admioistratnus phedo t get
8:28 am
i but ss gue the point i'mg makin t ise,hat th in ciprinpal,he t id ea ofak minghe tsed kin of ex schangebs is ayolutelhi notng ne w. h >> witt respecnto ira, again avthey he, so, far mprettyuch pt ke- up - t metheirnd eth of e nddeal an gotteir theia materl t oun of irathaty themi prosed .to do uare yonc egeouratd abou ?that w >> iell,ou w sldn'tay i'm agencoured.i ththink e ey havhadone wast w in their own ntself-it.eres avthey he doneha wtas weq ruiredin er ordge to t theyf lting of the onsanctis.$5 0 to 10 b0illion dollars is a lo t of shca. cayou rgn aowue h muchs ing goi r forathe iconian endnomy a how f much osit i going toue fl rr teanorism rfd inteceeren wh elsen ere ithe onregiut, b the inotionlt's al t going to goo ec the ionomy, think, is al unreanistic d ivnae. d >>tho you eaink dls likehi ts erput amivican l aest risk?rc maubo riove or the weekend se temedlyo impt that i . does>>
8:29 am
eeways bn theum argboent aut ti negowiating th orterrists, at thut you p- - pute peopl at ea grskter ri. ouwhen yal're dething wi a ve go, rnmentki thin the stcircumarances ewe somhat di enfferust beca de youoe hav mo erre levageha tn with a te trrorisp, grouor f amexple. a tanonste r.acto so i ythink,w,ou kno you al -waysan- we ro inthi t ks ind ri of c wticismhen we wouldo d es theha excnges with theov siets d anul we wod end up tradingl rea s spie for ssditsiden,nd a , sou yopeknow, ilople wayl sy the pi can ck up anysi dishadent t t wtheydant an use themo tet g ie sps.bu int i th aktht e end of the da hey, tedy workn out ies our bt re intests. wa>> we asnt to ak youbout the ok bose becauis it teing.restin u yolkta aboutow hge lar it inst cutionsngan bri aboutre ndform ach ange.on hee of tst bigges thing you jsay isustli g.steniner the is aay wo tdo ?thisch bangeraureauchocy witut
8:30 am
ou>> y sayn bostoul sho denlist. s let'be eaclr. sbostonhould enlist. >> ht>> rig.mi naong n i >> t think the keyhing about thek boo is , thatowyou kn ,op peele lik trump andan sders ochave l tked onohe tt fac that lo a met of aricansre a haunppy an dru ftestrad with ourct eleed er leadwis and alth parysis and zapolarindtion a so on. po the waint i mant to n ke ithisok bome is a aricansre alsous fr atratednd angryse becau y everfday o their velihes, ty haveo titdeal wauh bureiecracs rethat a rpundermerfoing or mp inco tetent,ehey ar often ro arndgant a itoe d hsn't ave tobe wa that three buacaucrd ies anr whetheit it's a lgatle oronnizati a or pr sivateectorr ogo in ntvernme at any level,se the ni orgas zation bcanhae cndnged a fo re armedsnd thi i books ca basiholly uw yo do . that y >>eah. lkyou taut abo theea rlityf o bu acreaucr ties,ha at theyre a f part oifour le no matter who ,we aredi inclundng staing in line.en
8:31 am
roatrt g ses,ntood i neli? t>> a ai deler hen i new rkyo! ne>> i kw youer weng goi to sw tha i >> was erwonding. adgo ahear, chlie. a go.head i >> w justant toe com to one te ingrestin thing t abouthera innt coalradech whier you we in ivolvedn.u yowere a deputyo the tia c ctdireor. keyou ma an iesnterting point. sayou hiid widle i d nothing iwrong,t didn' do en.ough y >>eah.i icspecifaially s dd iidn't do en ough t.righ >> right. i >> did -- well,s aou y y,sa onand fe oy meg rrets -- youkn ow, iem remeober grgeul schtz it wring inis hr memoiha tte h 't didn givese himerlf vyig hh rk mans i o termsf how he had al detht win ira i e ink th lbigesson that i dlearne from ttha wholeso epide wa s themp ieortanc of what- - wh at theit milary would call ua
8:32 am
eedoes ned to be doncc angordi to oo the b yk, andou doee nd to - -ot nob just thserve e brules,uthe tri spihet of t ru les. ma and skingureha tvet gontrnme atopereles wdel insi the ba s,selineu if yo. will h>> you bave tospe tran arentan und accoetabl y forwnour o ti acons? a >>elbsolutsoy, ab. lutely >> can i askou y oneck qui ti quesuton aboig the fhtga ainstis is? are d we eoingthvery fing soar ulwe shooid be dng?>> ink thie we ary slowlin movg w to wheree areng doit wha we ou sh ld bedoing. lo >> sviwly mos ng inot mp coarliment y. ha >> tect is bauses month ago, id ans otherer w seg ayind we nee pemore sorcial f tces onhe gr ound, wed neeor mire a ro conts llerspand rsotte , we tneedveo ha terrainsn dow to the bliattaon level. n we teedveo hara t winersith e thsunni tr,ibesh withe t ku s rds, as well ahewith t iraqicu seorrity fces, and wed neeto
8:33 am
aw, thetrdminis hationas mo orved fe mor specialce fors d an htheycrave intheased e oftempo theht figuper s.port avthey heas increed the tr ngaini a, theykire worh ng wit tr the ,ibes buts it' t takinghemmo anthsonnd moths t getth to isin pot.on hee of ts pointthabout is ca tmpaignbohat nomsdy see to befo oncused s i t ehatveryce pla th at hasn beeib l ierateds in mp co rlete.uins yeverne o t ofhese -- i,khoban dirama, ,baji arsinj, tehey ar al del d.stroyeth tie ques won issho ioi gng to t payo ilrebu?d themth aey are blllyasical sunni s. site an>> cay i slo one chising tng ou aburt yook bo?u yo atalkowbout hde learship sapplieeg rs ardlest of whayo du're aoing tnd yououalk ab t stthe miouakes y w made cithia an ad the answer m b and aeing bo you scert leads a theresore lesns th at youou cld do a thatre
8:34 am
b>> theooks goe one sal rrtomoow. b bo s,gatenk tha you.>> h> aigh isintenty sport is ingrowgul poparh wit the ksid th
8:35 am
th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
8:36 am
rk sout'op pitularymo aidng ks isai rsing hhealtnd aet safy co ep>> rr:orted gooinmorn g.op penle is thi sfcros fititacily woare grkin up a sweator befe da y break. s expertworryhe wther oscrsfit a is goodfitht, wheer it's safe.i lkta tedo a ce ouplofid kos whco edmpetr ove theee wndke in wa ter ozpaloait whhe tir ptsaren richeeemng h. opsi arx yeags o, 41r--yeaoldea sn miraz reddi hisir fst sfcrosit kowrorutwo t rkouand wasoo honked . it
8:37 am
ic blonk conditinds a sgttrenhen andgh weititlifng r can fangerom wngalki on ur yo anst,ds sthandand pupush- to th anying'r youeoi dngy bod we ightgemana.ment t?righ sh pu,-upsl- pul aups tndhat st uff. eait mlwns ahaays svinghiometngdi enfferatt th'r youine dotog yo ur . body or>> rep ster:00ince 2th7 asleteof ge all aves hape comted inhe t alannu oscrsfit g.ameswi s nner tearnithe tlef o fi esttmat wn or oomanrtn eah. d anu'yove won it e.twic >> av i he. r >>teeporhir: wakch moues y ? t >>ithe f mtestn an oheart orth fie esttolt mad in,f you d,woulau bect'se imas s.tche t nojust the young 18 to9 3 vi di.sion 's itto 40 44. ep>> rr:orte y didmaou i gine tfromeghe bnginnis thild wou be thsomefoing dsr ki? ou>> yw, knoev i nller reay th t oughof it ttha way. ep>> rr:ortess crofofit kir ds ha kes taf.n of hiin ts miami class, two oef th esfittt kidser we otbr.hers ea10-ydr-ol rmieed raanrez d 12 ol-year-d ty.
8:38 am
ndty a reedch wated d theirado dit um and j ped. in >> i nev seraw this fobere, and ey th just saidt' is inamazg. tjustonhis eso pern n ithe ewholor w ildse likiv les with a mend, like, i'mat reled to m. hi >> or rep wter:dihat u d yok thin ou abatt wh hs e wag?doin d di itak me yout wando to ?it >>h. yea y >>eah. lit ke iirinsped . us ep>> rr:orte crsfos ait,s exseerci for,kidsas h its it cr ics. i >>ha've cod a oupleidf kns i my ic offoe whe hav come inh wit itcrossf inesjuri. or>> repter: demr. jerk y franis an rt oedhopaicur sgeon at joe ma di'sggiold chis ren'ithospal. i >>nk thi sfcrositan c build up ngstrendth atr sheengtnings a alongers the is proper su ispervanion aid tr aningnd you tneedroo ptects kidro fmav hingin esjurio t theirwi grong hlteah at plndes awi grong bone. >> or rep kter: aidsreea lgrnin nitechanque eid thodr baties th mee sae. tim t isahat ce connrn i sfcrosit? bs>> aelolutt.y no th i whink heen tey arrn leaing e tht righchtequnie,id ks are on sp ges.
8:39 am
wn do mtown hiamidosteer wat ozpalo a, aoscrsfit style etcompn.itio 0 1,35etathles,nc ingludis kid y asoungs a 10. e thz ramirehebrotrs mpco.etedey thh botol td us theyxp edecte to win. a asen lic singancompy, oscrsfit hinc.ashi notngo tdo with te war ozpaloa andie bel sveome ki ayds m be y too toungo mp coete. e thancompldy toin us a em statent, critossf inc. does no ret ag weith woda pa look is a' s une yogegest a that itcrossf in ilc. wwl allohe in t crossfit s gameis sevezuare codefound pawadaaloozrs yea ago. >> he ty may not be okayh witit but wbee evlifue tincalon mo ve imentays okh wit ukidsndera le sca in v acoery llntroed ermann,e whi tnks it'xc entelle r fo 1kids0 to4 1ea yrs old. >> or rep iter:sen ca'r youe
8:40 am
neeryohi in ges a p,grou in includsg hi yeroung itossf's minimum age for ch ildren crossfitge a is 3. ei thggr biorest wry isid ks inliftavg heigy wehtsn i these tsworkou buth witpe pror pe sun,rvisioho it sulde b fesa. k >> weyord ispe pror rvsupen.isio b >>i oy, tlovehat their ramez ot brrehers aou so prd ofhe tir dad!it er's nev e tooarly teto gid ksin edterestn i ee.xercis go,ir ramez lyfami,s that' t. grea > >>w a neorart f m inacspe. nea wat creion in an oitrbal
8:41 am
is that y. prett ce nio way t y startour y.dath rse fitwe flo ersver grown in ac spe. a theyrelo boming this rnmoing.
8:42 am
the ts photoof the zinnia .plants gothank dhe ty grew up.e l.d. s.bulb opnasa hs es it'a sign for them wto gro toeomat osn i snpace next
8:43 am
i thlieve s at ig gointo re you'ch wataning ch2 nel news, ve co yrageanou cnt cou t on.his is ha a c 2nnels newteupda. go niod morngth u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel j2. i'mttohn poer. c sp pkse olic mhave an an ist cur ody fotistar fng aire at a anntpartmeig overnht. po lie ce wer ocalledh ut witthe ksspare firrtdepa tmento a afired roun l7-30niast ght. e th hfiren ad beet put oubefore ew crves arriffd. os icerthen thfound pae occuf nt othe enapartmbyt near s. theyheay t
8:44 am
l s stilinsmokd g and dinot orcall f help. cepoliar then , restedr 20-yea trold n istaendufurrrga, chaing hi thm wion arse in thfirst gr destee, obg ructine a peac r,officeos and pn sessioruof dg ph paraa.ernali w thereere no ri injueves or onacuatiats there fi. an e d tholreno ppaice dertmentve haee thrpe sus ccts in, ustodyaf eyter thed crash c theirarto ince a fende outsiel a hot in hw nortnoest rele and fd the e.scen fi of scersheay tpe susfacts iledto p stooffor rsficeer aft a fitrafolc vin atioy earlthis g,morninhe and then crasd into anan emboukment bat the ck end he of tpt hamnnon ite & suis at am 900 orbassad i drive. n reno ce poli a sayhrll tpeee suscts f thene led th tscene.wehey re l alenapprehfeded a s w hourte lacer polihe say tt y don'know th why ece suspd.ts flell we wi in cont tueo tfollowryhe sto as it el devops cine onnezo. ..ea d stbounro80 fomm boo town tgu mol l, wilucbe redoned to e la orne tomrow. cotinstrucreon thes beginat 7 d a-m ano goes t-m3-30 pth... wiee spedds r tucedilo 55 mes per
8:45 am
llwion go il unt w thendeeke, an lld wik picgaup aonin mday th h rougayfridne of eext wk. th llere wibe also ru constction on ou eastbfrnd 80 byom der dam ad to w. sworth laone ilne wlol be cthsed ere swiths peedceredu 5d toha5. tt nsbegiwe on y dnesda-3from 70 m a-0 to 2-3 ep-m...onnding aythursd. y ifmmoue cokeute tas you h throug oeithere f thoss.area.. s be gure toyoive lfurse a mlittlemeore tie in thg.mornin t' le is send tt overo or metet ologisarjeff mnotinez w fo atr a wedaher upte. od goni morjeng, ff!
8:46 am
ynwa e:fausbulo! jo annath: ait's s newercoot. , - oh git's honnan.appe ynwa ee:ryvedyboul shoged t nea moiry fay. yo otu've g b theeaig dl! antiffoly: gshd ru! na jo:than 'sit r abruby etacel. cu- airtnun tmber!hree najo: than tit's ime"for t'lekes maea a dl." henow tre'sbiv's alg de er,ynwabre wa hyne:evey, oderyby. omwelc "e tot'lekes maea a dl." m i'e wayny.brad th yoank mu sofouch nir i s let'hado w dt weo y everlesing. day wawho tonts e makala de? ne i ced ae,ouplug thoh. ne i ed c ae.oupl
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