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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 18, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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sthen,en steph,en steph! ep stn,he senteph,ph steen! s >>entephan: thouk yy vermu ch.he (cd ers anseapplau)>> te s:phennk thas,ve e.rybodyof lyffulic nawe-- fullye, niclc wetoome the slate lateho sw. ks than,ry evebody.(c anheers aud applse) >>te sthphen: ouank y so much.we tolcome l theate show. i'm stephenol c.bert y happinmartr luthe king day,ev y.erybod(c erhes andla appuse). >>te sphen: y didou get meyt an?hing aget meg,nythinon j? j >>on:ha wt's that?>> en stephyo: did mu getean ngythi m for lartinutherg. kini checkednd uer my mnartihe lutr dkinge ay trethis m aorningndth s ere wathnoinheg tre. on>> j: i tedweet. te>> s:phen youed tweet? yodid weu tet forar mtinhe lutr ng ki. day :>> jonh, yea. i was s >>tewhphen: yat did.ou say>> jion: as we, liknk tha you ngdr. ki . te>> s: phen gthat'sood.
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jon:ht rig,tr st aighto the t.poin>> en steph,: yeah l justike h kinglfimse. j >>on:in kg. >>ph steuen: yo know,ak spegin m ofartin luther s king,uper 5 bowl0-- au (lr)ghte d i hanons tran,itioad i ho n pr opayer w to titransionro fm this catonversoion t thahat, wt ri is wntten ire the. w asete g crloseo tsuperow bl50 ry, eves sport futan ohe tre isin aske g thsame qn.uestiowh oiat's gng onh wit winisconsgh hil schooke bastball?a lot. au (lghter)ca beeuse thco wisnsin te inolrsch aasticcthletias iosociat nn hasow banned gh hioo-schdel stunts ien than stmds froha cgntin tshinge lik airl! bal ny or amething oant tau thent t other team. k i thin ithisszy wanghike basl tbalouwitht ngchanti ise likngwatchi se ba wballithout nngappi. au (lr)ghte n, jo h youaveye plad btbaskeall. u yowereth on eat nliona
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te>> s:phen g youot ain rg? d ditheynt chan whe ywereou g doinbabasket ll.on >> jea: y h. >> sentephat: wh wmeere so ofth die-- u d yoaiget alr bl. j >> yon:eah,ir a ball wason e. s >>enteph:h- u--huhshu uh-h. b >>, rick awhenoure y athe t eefrow thr t lineouhey wldha cntmi ss m it,isst, is mis it.>> ph ste den:idt iy reall af fe.ct snu :>> jon if youd, prayo then uju ist putght ritn i the net. s >>entepho: so n aoure y in vo far ofnd eing theha cornting in keepg theha cnting. : >> jonnki thi g youoot tep ke the cs.hant jit'sustt parof thee. gam te>> s: phenlalig rht. ag i th is a nl ationachhigh soolch onampi.(a e)pplausan 'sd lete facig it, hchh sool is age saffaul ct ands kid will td chan. gh (lauter) w so i gant toghive hioo schlers psomehrases thatnd souoo gsd a ts chanut b are notul te ins oadf airal bl!tr y this. ar>> e.l gray>> en steph:ct perfe.w nou are yojust ctielebrang a
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tn't ge inub troorle fha tt.t buis w aconsinlso banned this t. chanfu dan--mesen-tal . soid ks,t jusce replaha ttit wh sthisarimilnd souing one.>> eu fon te chees melts. >>ph steen: nothing sayswi sisconorn spets likpa dipble se chee.(l teaughr) bu tht ea wia dstidn't op. there atheyfolso ullowedhp wit this ee twt. ldwe wouto like fy clariwe that do ot nnk thi cinhantgu sas iun tssporliman nke whes it i te ino nded tbe ttehe uniatd stesof ca ameri.ho itwever hase com to ourte atthntion ats thire abbnviatio alhas eeso bdn use to disisgueth hre paseu "yo suck ass." gh(lauter). s >>: tephenwowhich euld bde nsemed usmportan like. er(ched s anauapplse)i k don'tbonow autou y i,on d'tow kn y about hou butere inhe t hteen-- tearinghena teeregers a g usint thasephrall actuay makesme . proudau (lghter)i evbeli ie thatous why r
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acrst ple, to tell king ge geor s, youuck. asshe (cd ers anseapplau ). ph>> stebuen: ut yow- kno- you ow knkn, you t ow whatdoesn'k sucas s?to snight' show. he (caners pld apause) at ths iara tn.nsitio on>> j r:ight. te >> sthphen: s at iyohow u do it.>> jon:. right s >>entephbt: toil i wel bjo ined bymm eery-winn paatricihe aton.e sh sntars ihe t hitit scomth "e lemiddh " whicis a greatho sw feven i youev nerch wated "the in binng."an id then t will walkith nd legesiary mucdu procerui qncy s,jonead lanies dem gentlen.(c anheers dpp auslae). te >> s:phene. hugof e, coursy quinc pjonesdroducemi lchae j'sacksonri "th aller"ndca n i w not taitoea hrha wt he to has ay od alst whaheas ho t mama sayma ma saam maoo csa.
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atves mterct aivister day ss mckeuton abo theeg lacy of rt mautin lher king. t abougathe lecy ofn marti th luerin kg. f some ongmy youer viewers may beur sprisedha tt itoe gson beyd tt maresses sal. awe'llhalso ve a musical or perffrmance om thein sgerra "gce"h w bo willegi sinng a cclassinc quisy joneon sg. i and hehope s p askedioermissn t firshior tous cld getwk award. oh, that fine sounds im fro tinaonalas balketbhal cnmpioon j stbatide any staum han. y sael hlo,ve edyrybo. er (cheaps and )plauseey thou're ab kt toicks thing utoff, bor befeye th do, onemo ngre thill, wat par hasla pns plansto se clo 269 stores and this me tiy' the-mre walart sstore.
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trician. heatoqu cyin. jonesbl ack liveste matr aisctivt yderaso d aus mical pe anrform s byce gra. ri featungn joe batisttaand syan hum. and nows it' time for tehe lat ow sh with stephenbe colrt!he (cders an auspplae). ph>> steen: hello,bo everydy. h hey,ey, jon!he y cowboy.(c anheers aud appl se).te >> s:phenha tnks,bo everydy. iman,on d't knowbo aut you,ut b iou c ild--el tl you,, folks in'
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dcoul watchho tseni openg s creditndover a over a.gain yb everavody h ge aood wndeeke?>> yeah! s >>entephha: i ead a grt one us becaore f o a lotft iias w just-d asseep init md ianaged toge for tthatth sere wa aernoth pderesilntia te debaun on sdayht nig.d animthis te it was thede s.mocratll hiaryli cnton,e bernide sanrs and, w iant toay sn mortoo' y?muttle te(laughr) to milln'm oe.angl e munchmmuf lr-ettei - no, was c solose thisee wkend tore gmaininfu blissnally u owarefis theb date.bu gt theye ot mheat t last et secrary. i whenli was fppingnn chaelsbe tweenow dnntowey abb and li "bil bons"seecau b likeerniend saloers i veat wriching chop peufle d i'mot n tnlhe oy oneho w 't wasn o awareft. ica beisuse thho wlect eleion
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buwa this hes t. worst t >>mehis tiav we hune a sdayni n ght o haoliday wndeeke.ei thr nfl fl ootbalplay offers sand asyomeboden medtion to me t on,witterow dntowney abb on gh tonit. i >>got's oing t get dnowntow y, abbe e a newsopide. w >>dahy suny night,da sunyni isght nt dow aownbbeyht mig,da mame dveetectiig nht. s >>:tephen l yes,ast, nighter am wicaouldat rher havewa tchede madamti detecve, a tv show that,or f theor rec dd,oes e notxist. au (lghter) l, stil s itsoundtt prey good. ldi wouch watda "mamete dee.ctiv "li i beeyeve thin're go sg tohowth e nextra democtice debatrafte theng closi credits ofhe tnt faasticou sinceou y couleedn't st i ugthroheh t romulan cinloakg tdeviceheyhr tewth over ede lebate, umt me s it up. forrn beusie acclaed hilry of in popppag chamthgne wial a wl et strees buddi in the hot tfub oe thoftears r poofe people.ll hiary saider bnieor recd on gunsns mea he has itnnocen blood
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thate hippir. der bronnp's soa shcan wa off. e but thtbiggesev rioelatn about cathese esndidatot did n comet ouof theeb date. in an iewntervi with timema bgazineerniers sandepp droed a bllombshebo aut his past that hawill ske uphi ts entire race. a >>ids presu ent yoohave t idpres ee overstate d, innersyou t have to hosttehe whi houserr coenespondert dinn.>> ee let m go ond, recor you y readisfor th g, youot a, scoop foready r aco sop?he re it is. n i doot own a tuxedo. hneverave in wor aux tedo. te >> sthphen: at's right, neverer has bniers sandeor wn a do tuxe. . everss pocuibly, dz they mon'take do tuxes in rumpled tweed. gh (lauter)ev enen, ev at bs ernie'own g,weddinor he we a sblueuit with a red tie. l heliooked ike henis runng for id presfent o his ownar me.riag gh (lau ter)in i thnok i kwha wt i trulysgo oning e. her enwhen satoran sdersd sai h heas r neven wor a t wuxedo,ehat hse
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ic amerane, peopl ist tha he r nevegot to go sto prom. iea mne hd woul whaveorn a ituxedof he b had teenom. pro xpthis elainsve einrythg. who isor me osebsesd with liinequatyha tn annp uaropul -s high school?tudent 0%>> 9th of s e datein the olschol wilgo to the top% 1of ba the basketll team. making oerut und the bleamps hewith the cererleadd shoulbe a te ri a, notri pgevile. alespeciyoly if stu juot gr youbr aces off.we to need r legularurate o er lockac manuf sturerso that n whenetonathldeic stuetnts g inshofd heside toc l tker,hey ocan bedpenem frohe t inside. sit i aat nional reey theee ndso t beal equre budistri.tion thereus mte bed rriksf o ricafeteata se ts sohatve eryoneha eos somone t w sittith aun lch las welua as eqiml te forsc di nussingtsonsporco sanver ttionsuopics ch as thevi y sionaresciencon ficti of ur arth crk (lghter)so acameri t, ihehink tre isly onhi one t ung foros to d here. g toniet beroe intux a tnd a tove
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igfrom hhl, schoo wee hav to ask ie bernde sanrs to the prom. toand en that d iat creedhi ts aimageabvailnle o our w.ebsitefo yrouo tto phop sho yourselfin ofto, you on am pro dateh wit r senatoresand is.e th o themeef th pfrom, oco urse,ha encntntmend uerur o ir unfaci finanteal sysm. te(laugh r) nlso dowthoad e imaget aercolbtte law. shocom aoand upldou yrrs veion toer twitt t withheha shtag dhe togetr as n anatio wean cfi of aciallyske bernide sanors t . promif n theights goel, wel youn' wo bt justeli feenghe ter bn, erthe bnlt mie beng feeliou y. au (lr)ghte lwe'l beht rigac bkit wh paltri
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>> s: tephenewelcom back,ev oderyb
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ar awnnd-wig inr actowhoys pla kifrancke he on "the me.iddl" w >>arhat ue yong doi?>> ng goik bac tto phe.izza ha>> w t? i >> wtasxp eveensi.>> n i'motat ehiing yghwaiz pza.>> mi it noght ot been th wahight ymen mittiay se ll b ine thki parotng l. f >>rsingess croeced bausepa g rkinpilot iszza soh muc erbett . i >>ght mistt l iln be ibothe x.>> s thiisan inse. we n areavot hthing at erconvonsati.>> t whatif ino is nt ihe t boxbu tit sll fp.aceu>> re we' d notoing this. ra>> f, nkiewoyou 'tuldnow thr d 24rsolla t outinhe w adowndno bt goack for it. >>s thiheis til fam ay we rew, no e weatd foothoff e road.we dos thirewe aos lthing ene oth thing atar sep fatesrus possu sm, ihi tws hoow lve we'k. sun f>> i leelweike s'veunker low.>> ng nothi t comesino md,ut b i wknowee. hav te>> s:phenas plee wmeelco
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(ae)laus h >> i. >>te s:phen now that scene hasth nge ritr of outh tt. i .>> yes>> en stephu : yoaare f mom ofo oyur bs. y >>es.>> ph stehaen: yveveou ekr sunso s low a too g brack fod roapi zza. h >> it ave no tsunk lhatow, no. i have t hado clean up poop si poolt de afothe ur s.easons>> en steph: oh,ow wat, ths i ry vemo gla.rous ea >> y h. s >>: tephenreyou a a tvr. sta i >>w. kno ll weey, thn' didtav hyoe-- ukn thow, oue frso seans,y the dn die't hav anylo cthis tsue or hi anyt ever whingas l, inenin the ol poe sidat bhroom. te>> s:phens it'ot nr you m,probles it' the frouso seans leprob bemeeve h f ioad t clean up poopid poolse i'msk aing for .silk tri'm tyingola c mss theomentup ch as mun as cai. ea >> yh.h, yea s >>: tephenwell, ltoovely me .et you ha >> t.nk you >>te sphen:, ione ofhe tth iingse liktabouou y isha ttu' yore c acatholi inly holwood.i' m not inol hodlywout b i'm ath
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te>> siphen: ea mn, i. >> you aree- moro- whmo is reca ictholn- tha.- >> ph stearen: ue yoen challge t meo a cliathochr t?owdowne aryouen challging me?lo yook at aur bones fid out there. s this itua picre,ol hd on. y ofouram fily. gh (lauter) arwhere ine you hi ts?wh eere ar? you>> r i'mightre the.>> ph steoken: ay. t>>ha,t's me right. there >>ph steen. n >> omyom m's lap. ph>> steoeen: ds shen eve know your name?u, yone the oth with .e hair ht>> rig . te>> s: phenthand eee tndth ath ine f.gers ec>> b mausetty lirole bsther ier thte, tha is myou c msin,y ersist s, thisisterha sisron no w ain domicanu n. n inl ful habit. te>> sphen: damn,d hol on. ca i con't wmpeteithha tt. w >>ouell, ye com from a very bigy. famil>> en stephom: i cem fro11 nkids i myil famy. mo>> my asm wf one o 15. te>> s ophen: bkay,haut tt ison e gatenerionk. bac you't don. r >>ight.u yoguyser weer mod tn with 1he1ds ki .
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n-- z ay' therebi like b iil wlka s.l name >> ofrs coue.>> ph ste: en hyoutoave e hav a t sain iname tnhere. er the iso nt. sri patcia. el>> wl, p st..atrick ph>> steen: e.xactly dyou ha towi stcht i ptrick, hatrickoad to go inttr onansiti for g, it'sood. i >>t isd. goo s >>enteph g: heot o ridf thesn e.ak ha>> trit's t, bue- w- youno kw, er (ched s anauappl).se>> ph ste ien:alt's rtl pa of the story.rt path of toe sry. ha>> teat's r gllyood.>> en steph: soou yt wan tout yoolh cathice, m girl.>> y, okal, wel let'see sha, i ve a danominic nu nis ster. te>> sbuphen: out do y t wantoqu neiz ke. ea >> y lh,et's see. nyhow mas placeid d maryp apear, namehe tm. s >>entephha: wto dmeyou an ho pw manylaces didy mar appear? t a loofce plas. in >> n e. te>> sphen: nine?>> h sinceerth dea. te >> s sphen:ince her. death am>> neee thr, come on.>>
11:54 pm
o, kidd but mary was assumed lybodio inthe aavenndid d notdi moe a real t d,eath tlledhest fea of the tiassumpon.>> e in th safterhe a died,ftersh eum assioptned. te>> s:phenow nen que of enheav.>> t but shenamhe cace bdk anap peared- to-. s>>enteph: iw kno she did es lord, atat fima,t ame ortrogia. y >>es.>> ph steboen: bib's g. boyau (lghter) j touanie dgo,d gaw lupe. a >>nd aou cple are fburench t t then iheree s onouwill y never es guzs cu in' didnot kw this .either on>> j: ill gri .ed-->> en steph: all griedhe cese wisandnch ieo gatrgia, the s bob'big. boy oc>> nk. i >> n didnoot khaw tt. s >>entephkn: i ewt. tha>> a shereppeaod t ach bun of lepeop innc frae,d kinf oallar toundamhe sime te.i ahaveli feeheng tree weranc bureh of fomnch when wit innoth dg too. te>> s:phen. right>> ed startin sayheg tye- wer- . s >>entephd: ane som vgeillas
11:55 pm
lli wiho sw, youe fiv francemo eunday sr. ry veut bea,iful go togi imane isshe in standreg the but it wasex liactly tha xa>> e, ctlyyes. yes.>> ph ste hen:?uh>> s how aali cathoc, howo dyouse oull yr housete fasr? te>> s:phenou yy bur jo st. seph,te statu of. stsejophid ups ie downn your .lawn doyou .an wid i ll tell a youto sry,ue tr sryto, my mom, the mostth caolicn persovei erw, kne shewa tntedo srell he house, this s wag durin rtheonecessi in the 90s. e shdncoulel't sl herse houhe, snt ko td moveheam dinn thmeg soof ea she hutrd abo this thingom fr hern mario fdsrien lyoike u puknow, toe je upsidow dn.d anoeshe gs i wn'ould tt dohat to j st.h.osep s sohe got a stutautte p it in thede gar tn andhe houseid dn't the se,tatu she euaventlly nt wek bac out,ug d a hole and putt iupside down t andheus hod.ehol d an ssheiays l feeri
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taundersends th rough s.tufftr ryue stoe, truto sry.wo w. ha so whet is t thing cleald with thehi th ng witthees lin you t hostthe hosat in th has a sclas thing y andoury car it ou arnd. on>> dem.strine>> en stephre: you'll rea yod go . f >>inill he t b.lank o whersoafr wea thisnk blaha sll r nevereendu thees fir of hell. te>> s:phenca spu lar.wo w. n' dot cyouoment io my house and tostrie smetop with a scapula r. avwe heot nd sai jouack about yr s tvhow. ydoou enjoy it. i >> enjoy it. ha i ve aat gre group ofeo pple. >>ph steen: iea hrdic rh dom anworks o bet tha show. is>> he wulonderf.>> te s: phens he ithe li lovefeest llow.>> h didkee liki wornng o the ow sh . s >>entephye: s, g i'mooing t hsay,es sayeyou ar wrfondeul.we ll, " mthee"iddl is on eswedn adays:0t 8 o0nbc
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12:00 am
>>ph stelcen: weomek, bac yb everody. stmy gueex nted start hisee carr t inhe-b bop, era tooken cter stageth in e 1 a960sndas h ma re ainede t th ocenterf pop lt cuanure il civht rigsr evesi
12:01 am
he (caners pld ap)ause>> ph steen: nowr. mes jon,ve loo ly t yseeou. again t'>> whas up? gh (lauter). s >>: tephenchnot muat, wh 's itup whou y? w >> nhat'sot down.>> ph stew en: nousbecamee i tyo u onceor befe, i feel edntitleto call you. qy malli ca you q. a>>utbsol ely.te >> shophen: yow did tu ge testarind s musnik.>> i well,ai was rnsed i ag chicaso, i w i bornngo chica. la(appuse) ec>> sondy. cit t buhein t0s 3ee, boy,t iwaso njo .keno joket a. all myhe motasr wen taky awa in i ig strahtac jwhket wen ias 7, sowe e wer lreike stet rat ntionic ch ago.d anhemy fat ar was cerarpentbu ngildies hom t forhees jon pboys,blrobahey t mostto noriousn-- i theto hisfry o icamer i'm inmog a ovien itry eveda y iaw sd deabi bobes,om tmy ,guns piles of, moneyuo liqr,
12:02 am
ph stenden: a hows doethat toget the musicga ain? atfascinoring stuty b d howoesth ato get ttheie mov.>> du te>> s: phen.okay an ngythir bettethans? thi ig>> rbeht, ecaust whaenhappedis in1, 194y the made about 120mi llion d, ollarsleequivant to a nbilliool daclars bhek tn.>> en steph g: thisang. did t >> iwas ka blacn, gai most ri notogaous s ngsterinhe tst hiory ofme a.rica do i'm aing ov mie ont ii am,.>> te siphen: ie belveou y.wo i evuld nerll chaenge o youn nellr chaenge you onha tt. es>> jons. boy atheyreel unbblievae. d anemi rr embeuti c his htdaugaier's hrn whe i wasev sen olyears wd, sheas five, she daskee m toiv gre he aai h,rcut cu i t aller h hair off.he yo said uw kno whoer hhe fatr ls theyooked like sr,iste liunbeleevab . s >>entephck: bath to use mic ai agn. z cuvei ha h aeard lotf ool cor, t a loalof loc color. w>> itasal gradu. d an. so-- s >>entephke: lit whaswar youfi nsrst it.trumen
12:03 am
d anon cap ae,l craapone mn the out ofca chigo anden st them hthroug mo.exic te >> s:phenll reay?e arthereik le the dndesceant of gthatstang till?here ea>> yalh, i ttoked the an grghddau ltersweast ek.te >> s: phenwow.>> y' theutre bea,iful, manbe fuautilel, entgapl peoe. >>ph steuhen: .-huh>> b youut he t ranhem toic mexo d anmyhe fatr's besten fridas we onof thet mos nusotorio, took ve fiaw sed offt sho guns toil klhm mmm. w theyereou .te >> sphen:. and ou >> y i thinkt isad b. now te>> s:phenea ykah, oy. w sotas i a p?ianoor -- . t >> ghese wuysgeere gttinto -- .>> ph stea en: ptrumet.>> t whaenhapped w wasnte we outer the and wnte waed to be babyga erngst s.te >> s: phen ysoteou wanod tli ke bead me menf oyourwn o.>> g gan sters.we t wenn ianrm aorynd a we thheard asere wom se lemon meren wg pie,ene kwry eveg.thin s >>: tephenouthat siknds le st gangk,er wor my. frind
12:04 am
ph>> ste gen: foingor the mo leien pre, we you. 1:>> 1ri35, oghten th, dotte a a uphell t a piecend iam cre, iehad pht figs. and twehen wentro aund viindilydual b and irokeln alth eff o,icesht rig. >> s: tephenyeah. w >>ome frgs gan mters,an. te >> s iphen:tou sndse lik it. d ittoes nond soue lik ayoure si mucianset y. i>>en havot't gten thereet y. te>> s:phenan i wto twarnur oaf atfiliwees, ht migoi be gng ng lo. ft>> ae er w uatep t allhe pie adand hig fhts witith nd a er evngythi w, weinent dudivially d toreiffeffnt oices b androke to inic nt i went io the sviupersor's ce offihe and t are was i pianonth nee corr.>> ph steen: piano. nd>> a ilm a- ost-,well it wasaz aming.wh i r,en ovelo i csed the door soand inmeth sgaid i, diotgo ck ba inro that om andck chet tha o pian. out and i dtidn'no kmaw hunei bngs playedum instrents,ea i rllydi dn't. i so o wentver toha tt piano lyslowi an ch tou iedt.
12:05 am
that is whre you ang goi too dth oe restf your life.>> en stephw.: wo s >>neo the ixt dayrt staed toay pl ssseuaho pne, tuba, tobarifrne, ench horn,ro tm , boanhin mucar mg chin sbando anyou c beex nt the thejo ma.rettes>> en stephou: so yal made lnd kis ofus owd n yeou'v allctuay got i away, o want tgetou this t . hereth ais isy ctualla wayll for a s of urto hea mus n nuk aayew w.u yohihave this tng,le cald the 0.akgn-9 s this itheis q, ths i the in qucyes jondp hea.hone and. m >>hty daugerig desned. these te >> sokphen: ay. t nowhese hneeadphos goor f0 150 ar dolls a piece. i now-- taunderstnd thay theare rs peizonaled.i conlyeaan htr ou of o enear, n cai gethe tseor f 750?(l teaugh r)e >> wnohave ainther le cgomin out.>> en stephhe: anotr linemi out e>> w willom acctemoda. te>> s: phenallig rht.
12:06 am
ihi ts thinkhe trey ava ailableno eaw, yh.>> ph ste yen:'vou iote gne ore hey in man heds, onss a iumesfca gen i het tm, adynyboan c.uh ,-huh andou are y lngisteni to yothese lfurse .es >> y tak m ses myoult. mel>> ph stereen: .ally>> i no, nt'sice.we a put lot of winork tos, thi u yo.knowwh ouat yt wan tor. hea te afalr lhi tse, tim you know,u yolyreal aresy fusbo autow h li you stentu sff. yobut avu he edm and disco andp- hiinhop s one jtrata, aazzndas cll sicaheanot u l yo thaveo do isus jtci de, dedoe likt. tha ic clkt in. o s >>enteph c: toe hangthe tt seings.>> t andhihe tsng iot nt wha aryour e likes.>> ph steiten: hnas a eq init . i >>t iths-- noliing iket one thee strt. j weust won firstla pnce i ces,yo owu kn .te >> sphen: catongrioulatns. t >>haounk y . >> sentephu: yow kno what, e'therlss atho no lingikenc quiyjo onnes the st.tree esladi and gementlen,he t great cyquin j.oneswe
12:07 am
s heerpland apause) lei fiaxd my tones itline wblh h&r r ock fo$9.99. n naa na? t look ailmy lon' phe. nhuh?a.a na n [a ncnnouer s] filenltate oine .9for $99. fe isderal e. frelo hrb.cckom. ta s arin' bt ity bumaliel n h ene st ouand t. esby dign. at thli feeecng rreaptud.
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12:11 am
gu next est is a l ledr eadein e thk blacsliveat mterov mt.emen sepleaco welme-- deara dey ke mc. ssonwt plaplion aws-- (ae)laus 7.>> t goodso bee. her ph>> ste ien: as said be,eforu yoaref one o the l oeadersf acthe blsk liver matteov mement. ghthou h youave mnoved o to onfocus somngethial cled mpcaaigno zertrigh now.>> , yes a cfeonerencor platfm to d encepoliio mee movent isr bigge than any o th se areo many people pngushito ende policceviolen t andhisis f one ocethe lntra pmslatfor. te>> syophen: elu hped zeorganiro the pntest igu fersonan dmo baltire. y wereamou ned forun te nemagazi's 2015re gtates wldor erleadiss ld t aneon ofen t lepeopon beyolce f olowsn it twter. athat'sf lot oss aat's lfot our presse. ey>> b ioncesat gre ande morke wope than gopleiveer ht credi for.>> ph stemoen: hare wt? e.>> wok ph>> steaten: whwo does keme onan, hest to god, entvidelym
12:12 am
youe wor thera boncelet e ouday, ye wer twoke dhat.ay s >>entephom: syebod in my fi ofedce ask i me ifou wld wear bl a liack atves mterle bracet. pso itut i on. uland wo hd you tavehink i pe slapd aab by. gpeopleoter vaby mad out it. owhy d t youeohink petple go s d ma about the ideaf ola bck sliveat mter? i>> cuznt's a idea ash mucas a me movent.>> h, yeahi i thank teot p aplereco unblmfortalke taabing touthe stracito hisf ry othisnt couryd ane what wo need tdo to undo e thctimpa ofm. racis peand aopleusre jt likeo t actli doke we n'te havay legac ofra ercism he. t so i phinke eopleaget rlly mf uncoe ortablt.with i webut w kno w thate chaan't cnge u itnless wese addr ist,ig rht. te >> s wphen:ell, some peeoplbo thep rcaublindns a de atmocrs-- (a uspplae)me soub rep clicanteandidasan dma 'mrtin o aalleytst firo alssa id alliv les mr,atte in resespon.>> h. yea ph>> steaten: whou is yrac re ttionoha ttct reaion. y >>ouw, knos it' such a ra distction. k wenow if alliv lesat mter weretr e ue wdnwoul'te havto be be t oue in thtr seet.e th hpoliceilave k 2led6 peeoplju ist
12:13 am
thand sat it jus wtheayo toi avlkd tag int abouisthe osuef ce poli btyrutali by getting op petale to bolk auts thinotionof iv all leste matr. 's itt jusrunot te. te>> s:phen wuhen yo say cepolita bru,lity seompl peoe's onreacti b wouldehi tts isn'll apo n.licemayo u were tngalkibo aut bad ,applesar or e youay sing that er th ae is scystemito hisry of en violince agast theaf n-ricaicameranni commuty or poor ctiommunines ien geral, at thoe d osn'teen vht eig thefa hact tt iton is vly awie op pengle doihi ts.>> s it'nott jus badle apprks t l is bike aadat bch,. right at whha we eeve sn isha trot acss c the tountryhesess iuesun arodpo iolice velenc inni commuties orof colop are p upingp.>> en steph:im sometes it's caafriicn-amerffan osicer lvinvohed wit. these t does chatehangou yrli feengt aal l. n >>o,au bechese tsre ihe te bluat co of senilce. en why the become policeic offer er th se ishiometbong aut the ltcuiture tself ihatsan dusgeroin mu com anitiesthcross eco y.untr s weee itam taraic rtae-- mir ce rimi, kero brown, achess t
12:14 am
no theseso idlatent eves t is a em systblic proem. s >>enteph: will you admit bthateing a pmaolice an is er dangousup occation, that ifth sere i a tdyrage ptrerpeated by p iolice,t is inny awayob bviatedfay the tctpuhey t r theiiv loners the lineor f the st rear of the wi us thrns are manyge danobrous jsth in eun co try.ce polith have wee po kr toill lepeop . eathat mhens tvey haif a dntfere onresplisibindty aou accntab y ilit iththots n l ey killepeop and they atren' taaccounrble fo that.we 't haven seen manytm indicentsor vi connsctioos acrs the y countratand th iska not oy.>> ph stethen: a is is haday tt el we c mebrateluartin ther king, the gtreates h-tero-ofilhe civ ts righen movemt, myet lifime.ho ouw do y t thinkhe civilri mghtsenovemt ast ist existo isday fe difharent tn it was h inis time?ca bet'use isen oftd looket aas a gnolde atge i was taken froms it sworldstill a a young man d anis nowor st of an perso in
12:15 am
.th and e tacticsf othe0s 196,wh gat kin did isnq uiouestenablfo atr thea rson. es do c theivilht rigsem movent ve ha c toehangow n? i >>nk thiod tay'snt itieresng usbecaeeo ppleis mmbremeger kin to day. theyem rember thee saf k ning,ot e thic radal rutevolryionag. kin s >>entephat: whth is e di racal rutevolryionag. kin>> lk he taedbo autre budistrif tion othweal andon ecomicus j.tice he was mmouch ggre ae ressivthan drthe theam eoat ppleem rr.embeen whhi you tnkut abou, yow, kno iwhatffs di aerent tbouthe l civitsrighen movemt nows i lyrealut aboec toghnoly, r.ight suthe isesha tt ahere tam idd we dn'tnv ientes rncistae.we id dn't driscoveti injusce. e thnotech hlogyllas a uoweds to y amplifthesees msagesn iay ws ldwe couben't fore and ceacleddrateaced pe ofga or inizings n wayrethat a al reowly pfuerl. s >>: tephen iwhatsam cnpaigro ze. >> so cigampan zero is a rmplatfo p toandolice vnciolee. c weoverng thi ps likeeolic n uniotr con uacts,fse o f,orce bobbyam ceras. and it is we usedit whil hlary, ie bernet, lortayn lch.>> en steph y: were tou athede bate.>> as i w ines charlton.>> en steph d: howid youee fl
12:16 am
you think that theda canditesup he trere addssed anyf othesu is tesu hat yowerein hopg? for ea >> yhih, i trenk the was obpr tablythe besst queouion abt t racehat we hhaave td atheba deote s far, we haven a kn acmeowledgthnt of ese issu at em systueic iss s. hnow weave toe figurout whatey thn dwe rd heail hlaryck aednowlgewh prite ife lig swhichhe hasne never door rnieon c ttinuedo talk about icsystemus injtice.d anle o'malouy, yw, knoll sti sogot orme wk to do. >>ph steen:ow n iht mig be, ca you n tell me, iht migth be eit whrsest pe'von youer eveet m.he lonry uis gaits tdhe heaf o ri afamcan- serican atudiestha afrvard tter heook my dna. he m hady dna sedequencnd a hesa yid arehiou wte, b yaby,ou t arehest whitean me i'v ever met. mso i hight taveoshe mt il privofege w anyerhite p son hayou veve er. met w hodo ide iyntift thain my own ? life e becausavif i he ate whi iv pre ilegnti wa b tolee ab toid fyentit. i egive me somts hin as to my it whevi pri.lege
12:17 am
. s >>entephha: t tt'srue. ot>> a l ofes accs. s >>enteph: yh.ea>> is that true. ihave aho sw, iav hloe a ft o y.mone >>o. you d>> en stephfa: the tct tha i'mtt sireing here and ait you sting e ther isof part ha tthi wtepr e.ivileg s >> it'roabout ndle aut aboce ac dt whacayou on d isen extd at thvi pri slegeuo yoan c andism itlet,ht rig. u yo ccanereat otuppornity for mepeev cnt youan amplify issuesin ay wrs otheeo pple't can. yoand n u causer youes resourc tore cate f spaceoreo pple.pp (ae)laus s (cheerandpp ae)laus. >>en steph: soer day, ainnythgyo d u woulo like task me aboutbe winghite.>> i yeah, l wouldoove tw kno ywhat poutolan do nowt thaou yun tadersound yrte whi anessli etttle bter toma disl.nt tel s >>entephat: wh i amoi gng to do toma disntlete whi pgerivile. ow>> nt what tha u youstnderand whit, reat a youoi gong t- do-. te>> siphen: 't donw knoi if erdo unditstand i can dleismant k drckdsh agenowled it.
12:18 am
thlet's ouink abt.t i>> h youloave a mt ofyooney, u ve ha aw. sho s >>phteyoen: n'u caavt hye mmo ney. gh (lau ter)ha >> wu t yo.can do te>> s: phenu and yocan'te havmy ho sw. w >>ohy d t you phinkeeopl are mf uncoe ortablg talkinaboutce ra a, whyre whitepl peoeun tacomforalble tking about race. s >>: tephenti can' f speakorot ither whee. peopl iokay,ee f fl-- ieelui glty for wanyonehooe dt s no thavehe gs thin i have.d anthatlu incdeous, yw, kno k blac opeopleron anyeau becse i s amole bssed tthhat i k inether lwis athays fee art iwill beta frken yomou. nd >> aca what dn youoo te managth atlt gui? ke lit wha yhaveou fdzowrche-- .>> ph ste ien:nk dri ar faiam .ount i >> d--rink(l teaughr) 'r>> yout.e grea>> en steph: iea min-- on d't ow knm , i'tishoongm fro the hip shhere, footinge rom thhip .here ouhi y on theho sw, doesha tthe alp atll. y>> bab, stepsyou gotst to art so mee.wher togot e creatce spa t forheco tinversa we c'tss addrewe what don't atalk.bout te>> s: phens i waheat tch mar as on wn,hingto doesha t htelp? y >>e ou wer mat thearch onwa onshingt . ph>> stei en: mwas, wy momas
12:19 am
me. n >> ice.lo i ii i ve i lo it. te >> s bphen:abyps ste. er>> litteal, libyral ba. steps t >>wahat d.s goo that wasoo gd. s >>enteph: deray msockesn,ev oderyb y.'l we rl be bightack.(c s heer aandusppla e) 7 ca bempllou's so ps gtgrea awithd cola and rniceed. ormade f r real,feeal li. th ree mo m youove mothe re s youweat de gr'seeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epu yoesfrwih eth mveryove. itas hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te.. .. r .oadheouing r t fothghe nit.
12:20 am
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12:21 am
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12:23 am
no , way ait'she c!vy wooh, w. an sd it fellsor? it rt sta s attw -tentyivwo fe. !gaspwh at?oh wow. i' rym ve imd.presse .yeah mei itan walh l th tisecolhnogy? athat's gamegechanllr, reay. i newant o. aki'll thoe the tuse,oo. jo s hnson'evbelit es thabath itime ts moreeahan clnsing. l yourg ovinsttouch esimulat hisessensur and nhitures .s mind e thn'johnsoens schet, latd r, ans bubblehelp e enhancpethe ex.rience so j whyeaust cl bn youraby, enwh c youe an givhim m soreuch mo? wiother ressleer carri s makelifamirees sha data. t nobit-mole! itswchow n and f getneour liwis toth up sixig gchs ea. d an
12:24 am
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12:25 am
te >> sq?phen: >> r numbe aone inumwtd, nberon e inng eland,ex ntum nonber e riin ameca,ie ladsnd a megentlen,as plelce weomey m adbaby lmy frous aiatral gracesi g ngindoyou own't n me. er(ched s anseapplau)
12:26 am
noi'm ot justyone of yur manto ys u yoowdon't onn me day't s i t can'itgo wheh otysr bo d ton'tmeell t whao to dand n'dotet mllwhe tatsao y a plnd, whease, gen ito ou ywithonou dut't pon me pl disay ' e,caus d you oon'tewn mdo trn't cy toe hangn me iany w ouay y't don m owne 't don m tiewne do'c iausene'll stver ay on del't t wl metohat do
12:27 am
sl alk i asouof y y i'm aoung lnd itoove be un yom g i' afree lnd itoove be e freivto l le mythife ye wa ithatt wanayto s d ando ha wr teveeai plse ou y't don m owne ou y't don m owne y onou dwn't o me y onou dwn't o me
12:28 am
he (caners dpp ae)laus t >>hai.>> ph steen:ce gra's debutp eis le caldmo "me."'l wel be right backft aheer t
12:29 am
(cd ers anseapplau) te >> sphen:co welme back,er evy,ybodnk thaucs so mh. re befo we gavo, i he ape scialno anntunceme aboutie babs.
12:30 am
arad me, leavehe tm roo. now's it goingt to geph graic. p i amoroud tnc annouhae tet w hrhave tndee bra newit addionsto the crtolbe nation. t firse when wwere in producepr tioducn on otethe la w showe lswere ao inep rioroductn. s cuzamuel bucklyn bor to aemichly bucklnd a my almultitentedro pniducer colese vini.ha i sve to sayl amueis the stgreate n thingicole e hasverod daigel craas we abltoth do eol whene sce whileol hisding had heht uprigt , getoor wk. nd >> a a few weeks agoe wwere bjoinedy decker charlesth masoison, n ofec rebca anddr anewhi matson,ee sn here ni planewng a jelryei hst,id evently. gh (lau ter)ew andre is onof our crackit edreors hehe at t late show, soke decitr, whnd arewyo as ur y dad,meour hos moviewill beod goh enoug a toir on's cbspr alocedure s therleare pnty ofcr haimes ttab bnies caol
12:31 am
t buoian ongngsi misngn' persosca d weo als wdelcomeas mirtar ar clkoh cseen who parents areka etherin clark andy m writer aronoh cen,n aro is an ibincredlete wrifar, in ect, his ne the o igen charf ogwritinal mly avedjectis,ut witho himhe re onta s iff, fi eel-- doneow knwo what rd tose this was h job. il lucke'y, wirve h aed andd ki jepve tem t and i ihinktl wil o workutt jus lumpy.of rs cou we youtiill notce thal alethesld chiren wereco d nceive wbeforeert staedk wor t onw.he shoth otat's noi a knsen thhe was tti last me aenyon w hereeas abl to make plhysicant cothact wi the loved. one so to t allheew n-b cols,abie i d woulolike tff oieer a pce of wadviceyohen nu begir youli heves, w bn theall ghioes bendth ech cou,'t don worry, it stillis ex ts.'s thatr it folathe hote sw, neeveryo . itunemon toherrow w gn myuestswi frll be om "it'slw aaysun snyin plphiladehia"rl chaie day,fr eom lif inie plices conan hksd
12:32 am
orgce pri. w nock stiun aroord fy m fdrienja mesde corn.go odig nht,ve edyrybo. er(ched s anauapplse) iocapt sningorponsy ed bcbs ca neptiod by me acdia gcess aroupbht wg ce acgbss.wgh.or r >>e:eggi a oure ydy rea to
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