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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 19, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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b willghe rickt ba. gu eyy: hsa, ra. y oh m.goshhe o 's s.cute ho yw donoou khiw m? n c'movadono n, i doket liau i tyaght .
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s let'go! de du . ?what ,dudeth sat'sara. o' whras sa? th rle gi inth nke pirt shi. th tat'sirhe g l is waintellu g yot.abou , oh'sthata. sar th r eate two y onleour ft. he y rasawh, olat c or rwundetoear day? y he. sarawhso, ouen ygo ponna omst sngethi? new no anr:unceth anyyoing stu poon , lineneanyo s canee. fa , milyndfries... se le ya, aterrasa.
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> >>ektwo wel s untiwathe io uc canduses ate as ofran the ces ar owe d ump anrecruz avi in a rtual ti e. to clinnln is ohty slighely aad of rs sande. h wetwave poo retorts t nighand 'r wegoe toing n turtofirst nc nardy ncy?>> or rep ster:, cott hin ad eate tedebaso in cauth naroli, in cldeton edpictde sans rs aa ha crrsh oitice f thancomm der- efin-chiig, alerning h self os clwiely pth aderesihont w is st brill y oadllapopu hr inwnis o
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at senanor s cdersd allehim k, "weaap" "distipoinng.">> te reporlir: c antonrgued ersanduls woend upe d th idpress ent'deproust ac emhiev oent,cabamare. o >> t itear at uptand svert or n,agaihi pusurng ont couacry bk t intokihat f nd ocoa tintenous tedebahi i ts nk iwrthe ong ctdireion.>> re we' g not toingaro te up th foe aflerdabe caract.he i wlped iritet. webut g are toingveo moto on p of t thaeato hcalth orre f. all ep>> rr:orte t theonensith in is -gonceelentee racheis tec dirt re osultllf poats thw shoe a tiin a. iowse arcretiny clseton temed o be inarguatg th i shee s thtfrighul ir hepr to enesidamt oba. he>> ts re ieino h ar todynybo.lo i ok, shavertuppoared back a obamisin hct eleefion , fort s hiecreel etiontsffor andal amostf ll ointhe tiitiaves he ad's hut ohe ahe'sen fri md ofine. t buotwe gst to upand ou on r n owfetwo et.
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w inngashiton. gothe ong infeweud beten bl repuroican fnent-runonrs dald tr d ump anuzted crro has gwn cr inlyeasingna persol. h >>e's sta nay.y gu dynoboes lik. him bo non dy irecongikss limes h. dynoboes lik a hime nywheronce etthey gow to kn. him d >>seonald bems totte a lile ra foerwhatevn, reaso v he isery,ve mary disyed. r >>r:eportesa cruz ngid bei eddisliksh in wa iington s a e badgorof hon. ep>> rr:orteli at y bert eruniv, sitynsa cotiervave chn ristiae,colleg c trumpourtedth ee sameelvang vicalcroters uzha rss puued. wo >> tth corin3:ians, at17, th's wh the baole ll.gamewh there ire spf it olothe rd gh riret, whepi the s trit ofhe rd lohe is, ts re irtlibey. t is thae the onyo?u likei ththink heat's tou one y like us becavee i lod it.>> te repor sr: thed tandarri
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anrinthi "s, nottwo" hicorintans.on tu the suzmp, cr sites pt scrichure mure more adily,ev ten so,rump runs co ivmpetitthely wiam cruz ong geevanlirical ch istians.n iowa m >> gajorttarrek , thanyou. to itday brwmish laakers de whbated trether shump boulde ed bannbr from th ae is t lawgahere ainst pehate sd ech an mhalf a illionbr siitons agnedit petion nicondemmpng truer aft he edproposng bannili musroms fm ente tring.she u.he mre'sphark psilli. r>>orepr:teon dalumd trs p ha ng lon bee aseenbrs a ash icameruran ctyiosibr in n,itai bevenk acenwhe homwas prg isin nvto imiest nslliosc in shotti rgolftsesor. hthenriis c iticsdenclud aemichrdl foo , whrewas ngfusi s tothell eae gralt deer mak his rm fa.>> t whayoare epu pr taredteo ll m? hi e'>> hd.s fire>> te repor nr: butot ad s fireas
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whh ca flledimor hbe to ba fnnedbrrom n.itai na >> ublcceptavie behaor. r >>r:eportetr that d iggerethis de wbatea ithin meparliay ntarco e,mmitte a which oskedne iaessenttil queson: i >>iss th k theofind t manhat we t wanurin ont coury?hi rds woe s arconot l.mica wohis arrds t e noy.funnhi rds woe s aronpoisous. s hicypolicl to boose s rderif he el is d ecteidpresisent nk boers. ep>> rr:orteal donumd tr p is ee frbe to oo a futl, bs he'not tfree ao bege dan frousinool br n.itai ep>> r borter:ulut shod the sp ree onse b hto bantoim or vi inimte hco to me?>> iak'd tm e hiheto t sy gunagoe. d i' htakeo im tchthe .urch d i' htakeo im tmothe .sque ini'd hviteorim fur a cry.>> or rep dter:d onalp trumhas do n ne iaibritatn whs he' done omat hece, bthome wse ne. antld andre theno's ather rr woy -- onthat dumald trd p couly one da anbe ln ding in britai on airfo e rce onatand thde this bate
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nnul flyhe led ten argumt. w >>lde shouven't gihe him t il priv bege ofaneing bned. 'twe donto want im see he emerg a withof halo mh victi hood onisad heay and sk , "loohewhat t se s britonhave de,e to m" you ?know>> te reporthr: in se end,, cott e ths britnodid g.thinth ite comms tee haowno ptoers ba odn anyby. do but tnald hrumpeias recved r anothetiinvitaroon fm the oleadermaf the osin oppn itio y partwhhere, s o had askehim to tcomes o hiraelectoril distct, a visit amosquet nd meehis whwife, mo isanexic. ar>> mlik philorps repngti ni tofrght heom ts houseof rl pa.iamentrk maan, thu.k yo>> ea> in hwslth neig tonht, th aere isng growiea outbrk of amo -bsquitoirorne vt us thais tlinkedh o birts.defectav trniel ware ngs arupgoing andla k st weersthe fi ct u.s.ase ofa nfbaby iinected w thewaomb s edreportwa in haii.dr n . jooklapo m hasore. r >>epor cter:tihrisrcne ae e-yewa oks lofoing d rwarneto ot lasge betaway hefore t o birthf her rs fid.t chilen thea she hutrd abo d ther ange
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napregomnt wen.>> d i reaican artbole aikut za sp g readinheinto tbe cariban. oui th oght,y h, m igod, is itn ubar ba,auec cse i tan'tthake atri sk. ep >> r torter: ihe cdcsis advingeg promnant waven to avoid trel 4 to 1iecountrtes and ierritors lininatme acarind a the bbcari iean,dincluueng prto co rixi, mendco aai h.ti. drvanikos s silakiis a vi strologie at thsiuniverty of s texal medica.branch>> do we ee not ncad to sre le peopwe, but d neee to bable e toteducam thee to b fableor th emse tlveskeo maio ratnal de oncisis. r >>teepor mr: theo-osquitborne lnils ess haenbein l aked to nd con itioca mlledceicroy,phal bnan allormaaly smadl he and evunderdedelopin brabi at rth. 01 in 2 z5 asikfea in ctionssp n iked i, brazilhamore tn 0 3,50n womee therbahad bies rn boh witcothe iondithan, tt's arcompited wprh a useviove agera 1 of y63 aear. he >> ta zikioinfecte ns havgone
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er amndica, as it' monlyofatter me tise it beems iforeket mas s itupway no to amrth a.eric>> e you'rt correcs.on thiis thco is a ncnsequehee of t jete. agth s is i ilife21n the st ur cent y. or>> repikter: zmpa sy toms udinclvee feasr, rd h ant join ndpain aly usualol resitve whin we a r ek oso. er tho e is ne vaccin and nosp aecificranti-vical medi.tion b soanraziliic offreials a si focuerng on icadating tomosqui ees andngducati the bl puhoic on rew to pvent mo tosquies bit. nd>> aan i woit to p tnt outhe fe ininction i hawai awas in n womahawho eld travroed fm az n dr. jooklapoan, thy ks vermu ch.>> a > ckla odif rsvey its had leto os an yccar boott.
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oue co-ff nder oeathe . gles da tocay you ven do egrythin us in jclt one ick, enev kureep yot toileea cln frand esh. in uctroding cllysol geick l. cl itick n i to oy enjan clesh freness e with very h.flus so lyl. t starinhealth g. c yeah, lick ecchthk utis oo., br atwht,'s tha bimrohe? iti sw tchedico geo goand mot re. smoregsavinca on r ncinsurae? ye roah bso-fesndr, ae. mor rlike ienterscensuran. aymore wavs to se. cenio-, br ctatohip. at thot's n, allo- br stein.hake ge s ico harcmoto ycled anurrv instoance, o. thoh, lat's ae.ot mor eaoh y'mh, i a all boutremodd, teosy brt.evel ge xpico. eeaect grngt savis an whd a t ole lomore. [c coough, ugh]mi neke? jat? ifcough an you cme hear . t don'hieven tutnk abo it. ok i toex mucinfo dm r my gmphleh.y coug .byeah..t ut what aboumike?
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gu atess wh? orit whiks on h s cougtoo. cough!s gues what?orit whiks on h s cougtoo. stwhat? op! t don' mpulle! sp r oilet!aler sh n'e doesket ma it! m only ducinexm re blievesweothdrt and hsy coug 1 fors2 hour wowith tin medicones in .e pill st thart efe reli. h ditcmithe .sery s let'thend is. restwess sat. c itapan hanpen toytime ae.nyon ssstreat swedi is enfferant thdi or snary, weatmeit swolls rse. t geti4 thmes ece prottion t agains sstressweat.
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me soor impamtant nes in yw hollidood saha teyt th are tiboycot ong thetoscars day. us beca oe none20f the at nomined rsactoaf is n-ricaicameran. yamirela vill rreathhas at. i >>no will t t be aacthe y ademaw anards, wod i ben't ch ep>> rr:ortere actndss a di orrecta jadetpinkitt-smysh sa inshe iotenty nalle chosto an
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ocarsrtn mautin lkiher 'sng hd birtay. b >> feggingnoor ackenwledgmt or a evendisking shminiiges dnity an nid dimi pshes, ower aand were dia ifgnd ie.people>> or rep pter:ttinketh-smi is rt paa of ingrowtcg oun ry i ho ywllagood t ainsacthe y'adems sidecioton nno to temina any to acf rs or colo ythisear e despitera numbit of cr ically ac aicld merfpemaoresncy b ca afriicn-ameroran reday dipictor seeke ld saihe jowould bin the, oycottg postin i onamnstagrin sayi g, "would tlikeiahe medk to ase all th it whnoe nemi aes snddituado hes ho fw theyabeel anout r otheall- e whitotball." ad acpremy enesidert chooyl bne aa iscs. i >>e hop ithis sn'tsc diou fragingboor any fdy andor kefilmmapars in ulrticar. or>> rep oter: nscarinome ees ar bchosen6,y a me200 otmber ving bo 94dy, o % whwhare 7ite,4% .maleur anban p d pourcultofe prr esso dd tod boyhesays t oscar nanomiartions sye the m mptoof a erbiggem probl.>> i there as onlyll smaum nber plof peoole in h wlywoodanho c sa y yes.
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ca who san s y yereare mo ec reflf tive oputhe po alations e,a wholis this oi not gng to an chge. ep >> r "orter:htstraig o outf n"comptoce producur ice avbe ge ta his n ke o d"the saily"how. >> dn we die 't makovthat mie for cathe osrs. ad we more it feo the pndple, a e thlepeoped lov it. ep >> r sorter:thcott, eme acady t sayse hey arg lookinomto bece d more, iversenginvitiew 300 n ermemb cs ofo olor tratheir nks,al tthoughmbhat nua er is small fr onactith of 0 e 6,00plus vo odting b ay they lready encurrhatly ve.
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'ld we rl be bightack. > >> tlatee oday wd learnethe ou co-ff nder oglthe eaes, isguitarn t glenhafrey, s died r aftenga lotl bat ae withn in intestneal illss.hi is hits "ncludehotel li ca,"fornia i "lifee n th fastla ane,"hind t s -- ou y't cane hid lyour ying eyes f >>herey tlpedaghe esoles ar. ofone w the'sorldt- besinsellg ba winds 50th 1li millbon aums be tforeaghe ebrles e okup in 80 heey trnn tuo ed t, actingno y tablarappeining am "mii vi ce." e'>> hins go jg towiail t thou . us h>>ale bso aegan sreolo caer. t t he hean is o >> 19 in th94, ese eaglte reunid t withlbheir aheum "rell fezes ov ."er
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th road le >> gy nn fre.was 67 e taky it eas >> rt> mautin lkiher adng h a m dreailthat wvel nee r dianthksto
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ou abeet to mt wwhenmee cok. bac r fohimany ta s was day of ic publvi sern ce i omemoryf inmarthe lut, r kingjr. e someonewwho kn k dr.veing ry ll wete is deedrminke to epis h dr aleam ive. 'sherek marssstra.mann o >>tover r youheright re is th rte mautin lkiher enng cter fo n-r noenviolce. ep>> rr:orte w youtoant ucm hok g tothive eeis wcikly rivil ghts itourlan , w 68nche oove drr e foa ki
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memovent. w >>ule woivd dr he ine erheas t ds kild wouup be rsstaiti waing r fotohim e com, home ajumpll er ov a himaynd sad, "ddady, ddy, y.dadd" r>>teepor ir:19n ho66, auck, -y 19olear-vid cighl rits vo eeluntdmr, a tiredinhe kg fa .milyby nc chae e onheday t metathem h.lunc t >> irewas callyorhaetta tt e made mcithe ac ddentalr.rive>> te reportor: he thld us e instory beside ebanezer ptist, th kie ilng famury chch. s >>aihe se d sha had erdriv wthatakas tthing dse ki to bschoolwaut he orsn't wutking o coand i uld e drivkithe o ds t olscho.i isaide 'd bghdelitoted do th at. heso sn' dident ev m ask ie if ha ld s is iita whd,e kiy, okare we' g talkint abou, 1966indrivg four ac bldsk kiun arolad atnta. r >>teeporr.r: dg kinr late d lobbietop keek houchein t memovendnt a o outetf vinam.uc ho uk gaveivs a prtoate ur. d >>inr. kofg's wfice as abe e ehivctof ay.ivithe a wasin chake smor.
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ga ciesrettay a dic, whreh cotta ha ted.he a was p bigplool .ayerhe av'd hbee a nder aw shous ic tre ks hnelearond ale g thway. ahe wasy verkindnd aer a vy ge pntlen.ersoco a rettthgot rse fi tt wordhat ng ki d hadied. r >>teeporour: hasck h d aamre, to p kee hthis w>> ipeant tople io bevenvold th wit wha wkingboas andut a his si vi65on 3s dayara ye. ithisers whrte maenin w t to em elryentaoo schl. ep>> rr:ortein behe d thl wheehe d haona fratt sehi on y.stor s markantrassm cn,ewbs ns, nt atlaa.> >>atand thhe's ter "ovnight " newsisfor thay or some tf you,s he new incontues. otfor , hersk chec wbackusith att liitle ber lat. om fr b thecaroadenst cinter new
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th s is ith"ce obsrnvehtig ws ne." we e lcomheto tni "overght ." news doi'm hln daer. hu the tint conn nues iouand arndba foghdad e r threanameric ctcontraisors msing p andmeresuddn kisiapped stnce lay. fridair seaqi tycurior fcesav he s etup d roa bcklos d angoare ing do o or t sdoorhiearcorng f any rtrepoy s saththe weree re abctdu dedinura g tovisit the me hoth of ineir teterpreisr who al siso mis ng. n it'sleot choar wmem the n fworkedt or, bue two aro said t dhaveaqual ir hitizensp. nso farp o grouaihas cl med on resptysibili .ey the 're thamfirst s ericanki
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years. th erree ams icand freein the on prisp er swarawith i pn asart t oflehe nucl ar deaincontued ei thper recu arationnd de ngbriefiu. at a its. milary ba gese in rmany. e'thernos d wor twhenllhey' re tturnuno the siteds.tateel etizablmh paeper r.orts>> or rep iter:okt toea a yd r an ha a t lf, bu jtoday,ezason rian wa uns re witedhiith mis faly and s he fays heooeels gd. as"the wn hingtotepost" hran po re artermelso bot his sses om fr p the.aper ashe wes arrinted n iraagon vue yi sphang cndrges aai jinled a rinotoprous aisonmet ti s in tasolionry cmefinent.he o wasf ne oe threicamerans owflurn to e aope on a swissir fo t rce jeunon sghday nit. ghthou b hiserroth t aliusold l untielthe thevenr houthe ffamilyireared ouan wenld re eg on d theeal. y >> the htoldotim l ts ofs hing toverouhe cofrse mo 18 nths, ts loes of lint, so uwail he s th tere atirhe a oporte n th
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erey w sen'ture. r >>teeporlsr: a to onashe be da tomiy, akmr he aati,me forr ri maaine jd lee sinc, 2011was un re witedhiith mis faly, in udclinstg siarer shoa, w had n flownioverfrght etom d, roitha rdarly dtoing e hopeahe rlly wa ees fr. i >>n 'm ig.a fo is thli is urke s.real soi'm di in iesbeld f ansthonely yt ever jhinghaust edppeno squ y ickl ithat't donnk thi it ll wi m hittie unaml i gi hugng m. hi ep>> rr:orte, nowasat lhet, s s. ha so aled freth in che ex wangeas d saeeinabedhri, a c istian apastord 201 erths e wa aalsort fouerh amican asreleuted b w allowe knhi is s me nano -- olsratkhlah viosra os aat'shell tgr conanessm co acyimpanheng ter oth is pr'soneram fy ilewkno., to w >>ree wey onl itoldst wahi ois cho ce tlenot irave t an a tthisime.>>
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thvee seisn prs onerasreleed om fr. jailaras p tt ofhe ex anchge. l al cwereedhargh witatvioling s. sanctinns ira th now frey're mode have d cidetato s y in a.americ rethe thice amerewans' nfound fr iseedom t goingiro reque a blot ofusig adjtstmen a andlso ngcatchi a up indsll kin of al smysl wa. amfor exmiple, asir's sster ays s whenirhe falst t hked toim, hedi vedn't eown knt whaiea self was. do tnald wrumpheas t hot c topihein tti briarsh penliamt. ak lawmreers weat debwhing ether to ru ban tromp feam grait brit n isover hnt commet s aboug keepin immuslgn foreit ers ou of the ed units. statee thmeparliauent argt d bu theydi vod not te. tcloser, o homeantrump d his ri top teval uzd crnu contied to e trads puncheheon tpa camign ai trl. gamajor rerrett ports. r >>r:eportepo it's alitics s fousual nar doruld t tmp anded uz cr. es i guous we cgeld fort all ei thngr posind as fullamenta y erdiffkient cnds ofteandida s. outurns ct theyowan thr, mud gedredpo up op rsitionh esearcan
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juwell, e st likotevery n her ruof il the mtil polician. wa>> he o s pr, choice he pp supaorted birtial rth rt appoanion td openo gay rr ma.iage sand hila exp fnation or allat th s, hei'aid w m a ne.yorker r >>teeporedr: tz cru awentfter na doruld t dmp'sseefenne of w yo alrk vues.>> se tho w arenehat rkw yo va aluesre. ey thno're wat ioue vals.>> or rep tter: crumpedounter th catharuz fas edilll to fuy lo discnsse loago from ldman s sachtiand arg in hthatomelp fror new y k mabanks cke his rlosest aival cr hypo ite.e >> htowants li look inke rob od ho h, thatote's pr tecting he le peopth from nke baens wh he's rr bomoowing ney.ep >> r torter: rrumpd olleout a w neyaschoolacrd attisk on h l.riva >> e' ha s stnaguy noikdy limes h .bo non dy irecongesss lik. him bo noikdy l hesncim oeye thw kno him. ep>> rr:orte andwa he s ctirical of cr suz'srtuppo forre supme t coure justicobjohn c 2005,ckruz baobed r' ertsco tinfirmallon, cam ing hia anbrilliert lawy .ru >> cugz foikht l te hello get ic justrte robehes in tre.ju
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olan abssaute dister. r >>teepor ar: s puperacac bkingcr rouz pd duce athisurd, tngni p'trumais prf se ouzcrga astin m.hi>> sh he n'ouldt be ntcoveroiars bl,auec wset hahe'sdo n'ing ist.t righ>> te reporenr: s matorcoario rubal epso kd t ten cruz ioshis crs chairs, tallingexhe tatas sen or a -fflip.lopper >> iie bel'mve inl the oy one cthatnian u rte thecaepubli n y. part ti know hhis,ryillaon clint ndoesanot wunt to rst again me.ep >> r rorter:s ubio ietcomping ai aghnnst joh, kasic chrisch aristieebnd jh busthto be e leso-cal sd maintream te alivrnat te tor rump ocruz. ss chriolie tted vos rs thiwe ekend thatio rubnd az cru are on tee-rmor senatt s, jushelike tes prt ideninwas 2008. ti vogang a tin forvehat lel of ex ceperien e andtixpecteng bet r lt resuths was nie defif tion o niinsaty. e thanmichigno gover r rick er snyd t is onenhe defftsive aers hinghandlie of thcrwater isis f inamlint ct e up atethe last cr demoebatic
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atntaminated wer. e and thorgovernat of th stateac asted ug tho dh het idn'lyreal .care m >> a aan whothcts at sp irrey onsiblldshou s nottay inwe por.>> er wata is n humat!righ>> or rep pter:strotegaers edtherou e tsidliof fitnt clly ha rdsatuay. aemichorl moewe grp uinhe t ocityarf ne00ly 1 a,000aind sd es pridobent s ama'geemerncy ardecln atiot isn'ghenou. t'>> it s no ajuster watsi cris, ait'sia racisl cris. ait'ser povrity csis.>> or rep tter:veo saey mon in , 2014t flinpestopyid paorng f r wateetfrom d aroitpend tapd iintownts oer rivte thbut vee riter warir st ppedle m ad simoe the thve, mbe nuer of il chitdren w lh highleead velsdo d ubleteand pln eovee had diefr egom laiionn dre'sseisea. they cithas since reedvers the it swbuch, e t thwar tetiis sll un .safe h >>toard n eve wcooknoith w. poi'm g urinlebott ws of ater moveraty me. r >>teeporinr: sance j 9uary,
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
ic mexnto to i aerview drug rd lo h whoapas escm ed froprison th wiot a nusoriout repn atiofor g doinibterrhile tanngs d su inpplyt g a loruof do gs tam icera? twhat'snthe poi? t>> i thinkolhe p ticy ofarhe won , drugssowhich y deepl fe afalcts ol ofivur lemes, ses t nongto t seemso o be svaunmoble. itand s occurthto me enat oft be wecause to want if simply the m,problee and wo want tt look abl a t ack hat and puour so res urceocinto fonusing the gubad any und i tadershand tt, i luabso utelystnderjuand stice d anruthe f le olaw. iand sowh do cat iall pe exalrientirn joum.alisi hadon't o ve t obe thehane tt re onports ll the a meged urders he or tt amouncoof nar tticshat
2:39 am
igo and t spend time inhe mp co aany ofernothan hum, being evwhich neeryo a is,aknd i me anob atservd ion an ptry tol aralleth y at, tranto balt ce thawith cuthe foats thel i be ieve wtendto oo put tem much ophasisn. heso wden i un frstoodrom co eslleagune of miha tert the a was iapotentcol for wintact thhi jum, it trst s tk mei hat nt wao ed t-- t >> wo do shat,ean? n'i dodet unndrstat, thaau becse rlcleaugy dre s argea hubl pro em a s ere'gea husu cononmpti of ug drins a.merica 's itbl terrig e thint in whait es dor to ouy.societ t bus what itogoing simee h in go dg toouo ab ot it ttherhan me sogehow g ttint a loof ioattentn? f >> impeel coinlicit the ff sug erins that iongoing , ca bem use i'innot thboking aut e it dveryay.
2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
lirambofng, grten ngippiou accntof e theapl chino ub was p tlished dheayer aft o chapcawas re apturednd it kl quicmey beca h theineadle. m >>tiy arshcle nouldavot he ma hide tchs muse noi. c el shapod houlhanot eeve bn pthisaropulig a ftoure d reaab out.>> wa he fis a tguret hape ople areadalnd tabked beout yforeouev ener w mt too.exic i >>l 'm welofaware that. w >>ouhat abost tho e whissay th eis hishego, es lik i beingn th nte cef er o, this ahe'sn ntadve, urerhihe tofnks se himlf aste a wriher in tti tradion of nt humper thowison kth a ind ofpe exalrientity qualim, to hi do ac you nycept ath of at? o >> dcei aceopt pfeple t el tha way? ea>> yh. a>> ielbsolutpty acce that op pe fletheel ayat w. a >>here triy ght? o,>> ny' theotre nht rig. o>>jan arnu8ty heh, wen th me nxicain maresin flyal rdaide c elpoha's dehiasout n see in this v,ideohe tugy ca hhtim as a heptttemlled stier anoth es .capech
2:46 am
r ethee thacestrd s anr acto behad raen tcknded a t ledhe nt meionan m- -camexirin manes he to tlo drug rd. tothe atenrney glaeral cimed th bey hadsseen "e."ential y doieou bel mve theanexic rn gove rmentd eleaseecthis bause anthey w sted toouee yme blad an utd to pt you a?risk>> yes. t >>nthey waened to agcoure e th ca trtelt o puyo tu inroheir css s?hair .>> yes>> ou are yul fearfou for yr fe li? n >>o. ou >> yee can sof more rl chaie's rv inteoniew w our, ebsitecb cosnews.m. th ree mo m youove mothe re s youweat de gr'seeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epu yoesfrwih eth mveryove. it as hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te..
2:47 am
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2:48 am
u yo tswitchico geo. 's ityo what u .do e wheryoare u? erit's v ty loudhere. u are yo atakingzu clmba ass? slseriouwhy? yere donkou thie you'rg?goin k,to woryo with u. ito 's tacy.tuesda yo nu'reomot oki toex mucinhe to etlp g rid m ofsyy mucust oh gh, rient thl i'lg swin iby nkeliou 4 hrs. etforg t the!acos pi one asll l2 ts 1hours. odi'm goay all d. itwa! osyour ls. wa i ins goeag to wmbr a sorero. ly onex mucin b has ari-layebl tat et tha fstartsast, an s d keepg.workin nnot 4,, ot 6 fbut 12urull ho e art th.relief h ditcmithe sery.
2:49 am
r fors45 yeath now, e es qu ction tan you hell meow to "get to ssesame htreet"nead o er answ. pbgo to s. tistarasng lent week td, allhe fi rst rseun "trsame seet" ep odisrees ao. on hbca erterasvans hst that ory. an cel you towl me ho tge t to mesesaee strt >> te reporser: "trsame ss eet" i atakingto deur from its pbs me hof o4 1/2ec d tadeso the rritzie nrheighbo bood ofo. ro >> fm what wowe knsh, the ow n isngot goibe to ke mardlydi enffert. u westnderthand isere oi gng to be re inc basedtsudge t, sohey
2:50 am
gsthint , buesthe e senchaof wt ke maess "sstame " reetam"ses e re stiset" ng goist to heay t me sa. ep>> rr:ortes thihais wt am"sese etstreok" loiked lene wh m ititade bus de nt inbeovemr of 69 19. erin tf ms oucprodaltion vue, it f's aryar cm fro nthisew bi vggeronersio, on hb i whichs en evp a stem up frontrece years bs on p.>> of some e thetsffec of pu metry bightlie a mttleore so tiphisd.cate e esametstres " haedwork for l asasong be it's n en oaithe r,y wh wtinker?ith itbu srestophiedicatey, thus're ed s tog eeingsthinit a lmotle re re caal on .mera s>> didy omebodnesay i ededhe salp to dve theay?>> b hbo'sigrand r iht nows kithe f nd oiupremblm ca wawayith. albut tl of vhosersiewee havch .ildren
2:51 am
of thihose cwaldren want to tch os thowe sh ts ontsablet , notv.>> s thiayis stoing en par t it ouis ysc sub tribeo,o hb c you anve har you wkids "atchmesesa re stonet" i thepad. 'sthat aer valy appeing pr ioopositn.>> te reporpar: as hbrt of o's -y fivealear dee , there will btw mice asowany shses per ason. e news pisodeirwill a exelclusivboy on h. ftthen ainer a nh e-mont, window blavaila pe onbs. c>> butlyertain w therealas vuein ha ttor f a hbohend ty believe li famil es wilowant t thwatch grat pro wamminghen av e ailably and paatfor th. he >> ty onlchgroug y thin on am "sesete strey " is mcatrash n.>> or rep jter:houst crw lue ativ ithisr s forehbo s maine to b seen. nghavime "sesat" streeit puts in ae morom ctipetive pioositn ag ainsttr seamingce servi s like linetfamx and riazon pme. qu the iestionils, will chdren f sufferr theintparet s can'af boford h? e >> likhieverytamng in erica,we ge're g ttin cinto ahasm
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2:53 am
tit'sonhe cionecttwn be eenrvce cicalr ancesoand ypme tes pvof h, huthe paman ompillusavir. via thrus auat cceses alrvicn ithndousas of ri amewocan eamen each yr. d anouif yaf're n-ricaicamer an,u yobemay hi at rgherisk. gothe ewod n ts iscehat alrvicca ncer n carebe pedventou thrgh enscreing. enevth if oney d't aways idmitt, r ouhtdaugarers dee inpend ug ons. to rn leae mort abou thenncoonectiwe beten iccervananr v,d hp ttalkuro yoto docr antsima heke tne conn ctioordot g. ma heke tne conn ctio pcublied ioucatmpn cagnai sorponsyed b cathe rncerrceseadh anev pronentind foun atioand th epe stwo up s men'ornetwk. ce alrvican cced r anhpv, ma heke tne conn.ctio
2:54 am
re dipictor s ike leekis asnghi eas coll tguesyco boe ott thup acoming academybewards e caus efor thd seconin year ow a r, mo thst of nee nomi wes mi meller illerehas mo.>> te repor ar: the hcademyas blongcreen editicizts for i inpredomy antle whitshmemberip.'s it t vowedgeo chan thatimage, t buty'hursdassc oar tinominaloons, angwh with at it crllics ca thenu sinbb g of th stese s ardan heot,rsha put tt lack ofer divntsity itao crysl clr eacufos. sc12 oomar nioinatusns pthhed e fi
2:55 am
lispotthght ayursd. t buiccrity s sarethe ntleva he iadlines e thosdiwho dn't hemake t f cutolor h'slywood gh hihoest .nors g amonthgge biubest snr s fobest e,picturst "htraig o outf tocompain" ftoled a get, nodde e spitsigrosorng mane th0 $20 ll miwoion idrldwe. >> e i'vmegot sotothing say. r >>teeporcer: ie cubneis o of th pre ucoders. i >>alt's odl go. idwe dman't hake tvit mor e fo osthe , carsadwe m fe itheor t op pele.>> or rep nter:atominored f a go glden alobe snd a. .a.gaward r foppa sungortil rolfor ea "bofsts na no " tion'tdidn ke ma c theitut eher. d anheneitd r dicu"conn'ssios" wi mill crchd's mib.ael jn.orda he>> tk laconof nte-whipl peo e oname g thnenomis es ir neve lyreal a themycadeau's flt, ri ght? it 'se morinthe rydustau's flt.>> or rep wter:y esleismorr is n"theorew ymek tiris" cattic la rge.
2:56 am
o wh bhavemeeen s mberhiof ts ofgroup p 6,000foeople r 50 ar yes. e' so wkire tale ng likchentrened tigeneras onemof mp.bershi inpredomtland y olitand wh e. or>> rep 2ter: alo012 ges anles ti udmes staly revethed of e ne ,0arly 6in00 voterg membs, 94% wwere ahite7%nd 7e. mal e themacadesy prt idenbehas en onvocal i the.ssue jine,unhe snd iteuca d corerd 2 32menew s mberroto p mote cl inn.usioe sh tcalledk he lacerof divsity t indahursnoy's timinaons disainointg.>> op i hise th't isn ou disc fragingboor any fdy andor kefilmman rs ipaarrticul. or>> rep wter:thill hois wle suise erof divolsity f low us ug throthh now nat theioominatns ouare t? hr >> cocis r yk ishoour st. is th m was a cerryishr, tmas rochris .ck thlove, eme acady. r >>r:eporteis that , right s chris rock ig hostin88the th ad
2:57 am
th oelscar twaecast is backn . 2005at th j year,oxamie fn x wofor st bed leaanactor and morg ee frr man fotisuppororng act. nd>> at' tha"os the htvernig " newsthfor ueis t.sday fa rmilyoneunir s foicameran is prs oneredreleasan by ir. so alig tonmiht, anchigns's awer ttolihe f lntd ea.crisis i iso t tolelitt? e thincltondn-saraers s ce i te tighning. c>> hern ampaighesays tysy alwa iknewwot d ul cbe.lose y >>igeah, rht. le>> eagars guitenist glfrn ey di has ed. d ann'one manes joury to ke dep theliream>> thwiha wkit wng aasutbond ais h vi onsi.
2:58 am
news." >> theic pstured tol the story, li re aefelnd dight othn e faces hr of t aeecamerins rd eleasefromir n aniaonpris. tha fourca ameriden decid to st iray in hian w fle aa ifth, st iudent,ads alrecky bae homin ss maseachutts. erthey wd e free sin at ecredeal go needtiate at thimsame te thatir eean agrusd to stspend i ea nucl pr arms.rogramel etizablmh paeger bouins r racovege. r >>teeport r: i atookr yeaand a , halfdabut ton y jason rezaia nawas firelly edunithi with s lyfami h and he sayss e feel good.e thng"washistton poan" tehr rtrepoo er alss met hi bosses hefrom t. paper w herras ad esterain i vn onague ngspyirg chandes ale jai ad in no ritoprous aisonmet tiins so rylitafi conntneme.he o wasf ne oe threicamerans
2:59 am
rc foone jet y sundat.nigh ou thisgh hth brolier ad tolus ti une l thenelevouth he r thmi faealy firred ldan woueg rene t oneahe dl. t >>tohey imld hs lothiof tngs er ov c thee oursmoof 18 nths, lo f ts osolies, il unts he wa e ther aat the oirportn the an plthe wi s the awissasmbr,sadoth erey w sen'ture. r >>teeporlsr: a to onashe be to aday,hemir i,kmator a fmer ri malene jaie d sincwa2011, s itreunited ws h hilyfami, cl ing udinersista, sar h whoad ow flern ovt nigh dfromitetro, ha drdlyg arinopto h re heeay ll frwas ee. i >>n 'm ig.a fo ithiskes lire sural. m i'n so ieldisbanief ned hostly er evngythit jusenhappo ed s klquicaty th't i don tt hink iwi itll hun me i til ugam h ginghi m. ep >> r norter: low, atheast, s ha reso fn ed iexthe gechan was ee saedd ab aini,is chr tian orpastes arrinted 2. 201 e thersowas alou a famrth erican as rele aed butknll we hiow is s
3:00 am
arroosi. at thll's a c theesongr smanac ancomp tyingthhe oer pr erisonam's fknily toew, o.>> wee wer only t iolds t wahis cechoino to e t leav airantht isti me.>> or rep iter:exn tas,se the are oftwo theev srien pso ners asreles ed a oparte f th rel werg chaited wolh vig atinu. ans. snsctioin agarast in. no eyw thee're fr. mo hste avdedecitad to sy in am a.eric e thamthree s'ericanun newfod ee frisdom t goingiro reque a lo bt ofdjig atsustmenls and ao ca utchingllp in a o kindsf wasmall ys. ex for e,ampls amir' ssisterays wh heen s t firsttoalked he him, dn din 't evehaknow wlft a seie p>> lizinalmer ma gerliny, z, ks thanmu very ch.> >>clthe nualear dewe also nt to int effec eean agrusd to stspend i ra progatm for t leastrsen hear's mt garen.brenna w
3:01 am
lesingh pat ithatcoran hauld ve ed usbu to a ild .bomb>> or rep pter:deresibant oma ye dasterily haheed t ad stminionratiuc's n dleareal th wi iran. witt entoint effec toverhe ek weafend irter adan mode go ah ea sd ofulchedtse on ise promito le disabuc key n learfa fe trans5,rred 2un000 pods of fatomic ruel toa,ussi llmothba00ed 12,ri0 cents fuge h whicnr can eraeich unium, urand pocred conteete enr a ut plreonium r,actode rent ring iel usess. n. u.ns weapoct inspellors wi now n be ogrthe atound wching et whanher irat ng excha we, the hhite ouse ft lianed s, ctionsngallowi iran ss acce00 to $1on billi in se asts. ia irannen busiresses alo no nger ck louted oob of glkeal marts. 's iranps shi f are sree toail orinto foreign pants, itd an c orbuy l sels good olikeil. da tohry tessan ianued er ord to im atmedipuely 00mp 5 ,000ad onditiaral b orelsl f oiy,a daa vemoha tt ulcofud hertivr dre do iwnrits pn ce irka maet
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
'ld we rl be bightack.>> t> latee oday wneleare d thco er-founde of th, eaglesgu isitarn t glenhafrey, s died a after atlong bthtle wi an stinte iinal.llness hi his luts inctede "hol ca ialifornfe," "lie in th fast ne la t," and--his y anou cid't hure yong lyi es ey >> y freedhelp e thes agle.soar ofone w the'sorldt- besinsellg s band 1withil50 m alions lbumbe tforeaghe ebrles upoke in .1980 tfreytuhen trnedtio acng, blnotapey aparg inmiin "ami vice." h >>s e'togoing jwiail t thou us. h>>ale egso bano a h theiseat on i >>94n 19ea, the eugles rnited th wi a theirhelbum "rell f ezesov
3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
ntveme.>> wo we druld inive e herheas tki ouds we ld brsupstaiti waing r fotohim e com, home ajumpll er ov a himaynd sad, "ddady, ddy, y.dadd" r >>teeporn r: i19, 66ucho k, a ea19-yd r-oll civitsrigh lu vor,nteeir adm ked theing lyfami. haby connce y e daethe mm theatlu nch. t >> ialwas reorly c tettahat m madeace the alcidentr. drive ep >> r horter:lde toth us e y stordeinsine ebebazer t,ptis kithe amng fchily .urch s >>aihe se d sha had erdriv asthat wg takinkithe o ds t olscho h but'te wasnng worki out coand i uld e drivkithe o ds t olscho. idi sa b i'dlie ded ghteo to d at d shet idn' aevene sk m if i myhad en s is iita whd,e kiy, okare we' intalkt g aboudr1966, foiving ur bl k acdskiro ad unlaatnta. ep>> rteorr: k dr.laing ter lo d bbieeeto kucp ho tk inhe ve mo amentutnd ovi of m.etnaho veuck gapr us a toivate ur. d >>inr. kofg's wfice as a eh beofive iv actity.he
3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
ki drin bng andngathi in lead nt coedaminat water. an thd e gnooverr of thatte sta te acd as tho dugh heidn'tea rlly care.>> an a m whoct ahas tt re irsispon sblyd houl snottay in r.powe>> at wer is aan hum ghrit! ep>> rr:orte pstroteersat gdhere ts ouofide nt fliy cit hall rdsatuay. aemichorl moe grew t up inhe ci f ty olynear 0,10000 aaind sd es prt idena'obamers emy genc ardecln atiot isn'en.ough>> it's nusot j ater watsi cris,it r's al aciaiscris. 's itov a p certys.risi>> or repter:o tsaveon m ieyn , 2014 sflintpptoedin payg for tewafrr domitetro t andd appe into iwnts o river instead. thbut e riverer watpe stripd rolead f sie m theheove, tbe numr of il ch wdren hithighea ld lsevel ub doanled d tenpl peoe haved diefr egom laiionn dre'sseisea.>> d har ton evek coonowith w. i' pom g urinlebotts ofat wer ov
3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
tiche mexrean actess kat del il castlo has somexp eglainin to dobo a rut hernselatioithip wh c elhapoma ene's bemo sumned too' mexics at eytorner gent al nexweek.e shwastr instaumenl in setting up theti meeetng bween eol chap an d snnean faither cce ihargesn the ca se. e thor actat swi down thha crlie
3:35 am
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3:36 am
ai gond ind spee timn i the y companthof anoer human being, wh erich evyone dis, an i manake se obatrvion t ando ry tllparael , that try toan balce that with theoc fus that iel bieve we tend ut to puc too mash emphis n whe ide unodrsto from co eslleagu ofin meha te t ther a was ntpoteial ftaor concth wit edwant to -- t >>oo dt, wha ?sean n'i dodet unndrstat, thaau bec seea cldrrly arugs hue a roge pblemin ri ameca. e' thers ae hugon consumpti of ug dr isn ri's terble i thingnt what i do oes t our cisoety. whbut at isoi gong tee s him g goinoto dut abo it other than wsomehoet g atingot l of te atntion? >> i feel cicomplnit i the ersuffating th g isoing, on e becausi'm nnkot thi aingbout itve ery y.dai'
3:37 am
e arng showi noes progr.sion th eseab rehioilitathans te t arno ent i sooo'm l tking ohether way. fi i ndha ttqu eallyom citplic th wi mrsurde in .juarez >>u do yonk thi weon demll ize o chaptoo ?much i >>nk thio t overem de onizany ma huinn be ig isurn oself te ilike nt orot,re we'ar mried tohi m. d an alikeri mar yage,igou mht wa nt aiv dceor- - et>> l me- ->> 'v yout e goooto ltk as thi pe arson ps anersor o yeou'r rneve going-- to ifhe t ar ntgume, if all weim ao t de unndrstath is hiat tss i a b veryadso pern, then t'les not rs unde atandinnythg .else>> yo if ntu wao ed t ahave co sanver ation tbouthey policof wathe rn ougdr-s - ha>> tt's t.righ >>ha ts t wathe matotivg infa wctoryoith u.>> h witthe adreer.wi
3:38 am
rvsee, h askim d then uhase t at aschn anor to ins thie.articl w>>hatid dy? he sawh y dide hep acct? >>,well ian cea't risd h mind. ea>> yuth, b youd talke h toim yo and tu knowhahe cerracts lvinvoed. hu>> uh-h.i sawould y atthu , yoknfrow, omth ere conv tsations hat wad,ha he s, inalevers, wayan wted to be on the corerd. ow>> hn seaampenn ce tno be o e th wrecordithap el cho ias tale.nn pew kne mof a texicanvnd a stmovie ar whoad ht caugh schapo' teatntion. kate delll castio hadnc oe pl dayed aorrug ld on vi s apo waa fan. epthey k tt in touch throughext dania soca.l medi last ago, del coastill and penn t me and sheee agr tdorr aange a inmeetthg wi el
3:39 am
al sml p alanerund tcknt io elcarton cletrolrrd erey wcoe esrtede by onof el ap cho's nsso.>> as i wfl bafted a his will to see us. th nones eles-- ec>> b yauseouho tught hige mht be ut pting hlfimse at risk? ea>> yh. weol fd lowetheto pro lcolsaid byout m then isterm of un commnsicatio ando s on. s >>aso far no you kw,ou yad h no gthin to - dovi- you adsit h th notoing wi do th his ca ree?ptur>> t the -hingre- hehe's t in tht gs thaw.we kno we know that theic mexan go mevernasnt h --he t by'veeen ry veil humbyiated ri the ol ginaes .capeth erey wear cleerly vy mi huedliat byhe tot nionha t tso emeonnd fou b hime eforthey d. di ll webo, nooudy fnd him beefor ey th did.we t're nort smahaer te n thdea t orexhe m iicanelntncligee.
3:40 am
e re abltoac fatilite an vi inontatit thaow alled us in. ha>> wt weno koww nm fro sctrans ripttsof tex lereasedy be thex m gicannmoverisent t tha el chapo waser intdeste inhe t esactrs. idhe d en't kvennow whoea sn nn pewa s.wa s it n oaivef u,yo n taiveo be thlieve atou you ce ld comto me mxico,eeth wit kate del st ca,illo and go seech el apo ouwithebt som kodyngnowibo aut it ? i >>ss aedumy theknewut aboit .an d iay so sn i theti arcle. wa i s- - i was sedtunnt thahe ul woskd ri t ourrip.i stwas d.unne >> eapl ch moetit whm the ande hre agaed to ut fure meg,etin cl inauding or fmaler intview withea spen ennhtig days later. twhenhean m ghunt mrewore in e,tens the -tfaceo-face te inberview came too skriy. d,instease penn nt at lis of
3:41 am
thest que wionsnoere t co luey incdedl echaporo gwing up iner pov wty andho he bdlame r fo theg druobprlem.>> yo do deu unndrstat tha a lot of pl peoule woved hate wand u,yoin co this sanver,tion in a senseto ow see h hde woulct rea ifou ywa ntedho to imld hou acclentab r folihis fe? >> -huhuh. id>> dou yon cr sidethat- - o >>rt it jusea mnst thaf i bosomeandy wtse m tosk a the ti quesatons thhe tyt wan meo tas -k - >> ht rig. he>> t tre'shat leittlbl proem we i runinnto e. lif 'rtheyt e er expiaient l -->> t jus mtelle ,this did you nhaveo tein?restyo un' didvet hany ant ierest in de uninrstandg h howe juiestifd, felt t,aboue mad cidesions, ga ord?nize h>> iave aas fticina won aithllof at th.
3:42 am
is 1 a00,00wo rd, simometes li rambteng, ofpin gripoung acc nt t ofchhe el etapo me it wub plished tayhe dft aer o chapcawas reedptur i andt ic quy klbe tcamehe heneadli. m >>tiy arhocle suld note hav tmadeshih muc e.nois hael cpoho snould vet haee bn pthisaropul aur fig teo read ab out.>> wa he s aig fthure atpl peoe ad re andke taloud abret befo youev werent toex mico. i >>l'm welre awa of that. w >>abhat tout whoseho sayhi ts h isis, ego he likesei bnng i th e cr enteof th, is ahe'sn ve aderntur t, heshink ofse himlf as ate wriher in tdi tra otionf erhuntmp tho wson aithin kd of pe extirienlial quahity to m, do yo ptu accef any o ?that>> do i atccepeo pplel feethat wa y? ea>> yh. >> iol absyutelep acct that lepeopl feethat y.wa re>> ay theig r?ht n >>o,he trey' notig rht. n>> oua janry 8th,y thehtcaug as him he aptttemtied s ll
3:43 am
apoch sapo'es arrtse raidue qnsstio hewhether tct a aressndor act behad enra tckednd a led the cepoli toe at grneyalenered claim theyee had bn ti"essenal." y doieou belheve tan mexic megovernnt lereaseds thiau becseth eyte wand to see you blamed toand ou put ysk at ri ? .>> yes >>he t wydante to coeneurag the rt cao el tyoput heu in troir c ss hairs? y >>.es >> y areouul fearf for your no >> . y >>anou cee s morear of chlie's yo eaur hesrt lov-3 omegas.bu e t tha-omegfi3s in shl oi fdifferrom ga mekrred oiill l.
3:44 am
ou by y.r body d.megare th ere diff ience s o easy t.absorb mp>> i mortantessager fontreside50s age 85 to .it wr te downmbhis nowgh rit now, oppe rle arengeceiviis the frerminfokiation tfo anr guarccteed aeeptanc felian insurce rwith ackate logh throu lothe coennial pran progm. ouif y o arexen a fimed inco, ablearn afout abfordlewh liole urfe insanceat thnt guaraurees yo rate necan crver inease anfor asy reon. dif you rid noteceiveur yoma infortion, tcallmbhis nowur yota accep gnce iseeuarantd, o with n tand byn o learmore. i >>x 'm ale,trebek o here toutell y about pua pofelar lian insurnce pla a withlo rate ckat th i locks rn yourater folife i sonet can crver inease. yo did tu geyo e ur freatinformt?ion kiif , not cpleaseall n thisr umbenow. a thisdafforplble ouan thrgh e thnicolon al penmprogra vehas coptrage oionsfo
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atur roce is lked inan ned can gover up. urand yota accepnceis ra guad,ntee o with n mue how ovch ceeragu yotcan ge stfor ju a $9.95. month ncallowfo fr yourforee iniormatt.n ki cyourvelever mon's woopt st theldcolu and f .dibut ecsinf wtinglyith casol n. so lywil s ped any spra areovappredto il kmol esre typrm of ge s than.clorox p to heloukeep ymir fahely althy,
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> >> yfor 45noears w, the onquestiou can y m telle howo tge set to " ssamet"treene had o eransw .o go t ngartit las enweekd, all the tfirsun rde episoes ar on hbo. can youel t hl meow toet g to sesame st tree r >>r:eporteme "sesat" stree is ng taki a urdetoe to ther ritzi orneighb ohoodf o.hb fromha wnot we k sw, the ihows no ngt goi to beke mardly er diffent. ndwe uanerstd i theres going to be insecread etbudgs, so they
3:47 am
gsthint, bu thess eencef oha w tma "skes e esametstrees" "same st " reetisng goist to heay t me sa. ep>> rr:ortes thi w ishat es "sstame "reetoo ld kekelihe wn mits ade itdebut in nbeovemfr o .1969in ms ter ofro pctduluion vae, 's it c a farm ry froewthis n bi ergger vnsion ohb o, which is en ev ap ste upm fro cere yntears on pbs. e >> somof theec affts of et pupphtry mig a betl liteor me so caphistited. yon u camake theum argthent at es "sstame " reetwohas frkedor l asasong 'sitn bee ohen t air,wh iny titker wh it?t bustoday' ke ids ara le ittlmo re sstophiedicat,y' thesere udto in seeg athingse littlor me re al on mecara. >> s didyomebod say i needed ? help>> b hbo'sigrand rht now is dradult am as andie comednds a e thkind ofum premiab cle of lof-coufr statf th c youetan g ay awth wi. butll a o tfhose viewers have enchildr. r >>r:eporte and morend a nor of
3:48 am
hoose snws oab t lets, n totv. >>s thi isg sayintoen par t it y isubou sbescri to, hbo yanou c yhaveour kidsch watsa "seme st " reetheon tpa vat'sapery inpealg. ep >> r aorter:st par of o'hbs -y fivealear deer, thlle wie b e twics amanyws shoer pso sean.w nee episod aalsoxcir elylusive .on hboth ener aft a neni-monthin wdow, laavai oblen pbs.>> berut clytain t whereasal vue thfor at for h abondy the be eliev fyamilo alst wan to h watcthatgr prongammin wheav e ailably and pafor that. t >>nlhe oouy gr tchy ohingn es "sstame etreis" my trash r >>teepor jr:houst wra luctive thiss i forbo h mareinsbe to en se. nghavisa "setrme seet"s put it inom ctipetionh witfl netix and az amon tie queson is, willld chiren ff suer if theirts paren can't fo afrd hbo?
3:49 am
weeng getti into a chasm be tweenhe tlt weandhy a no sis i theiv equtalen ofom se ki ds go oing tata privole scho d another kids notti getng it. or>> repter: l,stilil famyls ao
3:50 am
etstre" t phroughublic> >>ec dirpitor ske lee issk aings hiol cs leaguetott boyco the co upmingde acamy awdsar b ecausefo her t secondr yea in aow r the nenomirees ae. whit el michlele milras h more. ep >> r torter:dehe acamyas h lo nng beeri cd ticizes for it e whitshmemberip. aythursd's noonminatings, alo thwiha wt ctiricsal c tlhe bisnubfng o stars and osther putat thk lacf oer divsity into ys crlta clear cufos.
3:51 am
lm he"t reventnain" tohe t lispotght thsduray. but ccsritiay s theev relant he neadli t is whoseidho dn't kemahe t cutor f hoywlld'oos gh hites ong thege bigstbs snu fort besct pie,urtr "staigh out of tocompain" fled gtoet a nod, de espit grogssine mor than 00$2 mi llion rlwodwide.>> e i'v gotom sngethi to say. r>>orepr:tece iub cse i one of prthe eroducs. >> 'sit all odgo.we n' didket mat thae movifor th sce o wars,dee mafo it e r th op pele. ep>> rr:ortein nom fated aor ld go genbelond a a s.a.g.wa ard r foapo supg rtinroll for ea "b ostsf nona "tionid dn't ke maut the c either. danei nidther d cu"cons"ssion' willsmith. t >>he lackf o n-noewhit peeopl on ameg thin nomees iser nev re tallyache y'adems t,faul t?righ mit's torehe duin'sstry ulfat.>> or rep wter:yesle ms orriis he "t y newtiork cmes"criti at
3:52 am
re we'al tking a pboutpleoe wh bo haveeenem mbers ofs thi grofoup 06,00e peopl for 50 ye ars. so we'real tikking le enchtrenedge onneratis of ermembipsh. ep >> r aorter: 1220ng los aesel s timetu seady revled of the ne 6arly v,000gotin meermbs, %94 re we w ahitend 77% male. theca ademyre pntside hasee bn l vocaheon t e.issu in ,june i shetenducd aor recd 2 32new mbeemrs tomo pr ote cl inn.usio cashe tlledache lk ofiv dtyersiin urth'ssdayin nomnsatio disainointg.>> h iisope th't isn oudiscngragi a fordynybo f andor ma filmnkers iic partular.>> te reporilr: wl t whishole e issuofsi divertyol fuslow ugthrow h no tthathe natominnsioe arout? c >> rhrisisock r you.hostis th was ary mertm chrisas, s chrirock. ve lo, theem acady. or>> rephater: tt is t,righ
3:53 am
acemy arawdst nexnt te lasthrime ckis rocd hostee thrsosca was i20n at arye,ie jam foxx won for l bestead actor andor mgan ee frrman foup sinportacg tor. a >>t'nd thahes tni "overght ne r ws" fo tthisayuesd . sofor f me oyoheu, tew ns nt cos.inuefo rer othhes, cacck bthk wia us li ttleer lat. >> w theriater cssis i a ilboing t poin f callsorgo svernor to st ep down idam the emy.ergencwa ioig in sht t. firstot ve of the 2016de presilntiaam cigpan
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