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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ksthanf. jef g lookinco2 our y o honorinf martr lutheking ..juniorre. the pano-srks ap ch tter ofouhe n-dc-ble-a-p em comm horatedacis legy dayester ty withhe annual ca ese procf sion orocars dvefr uom theannitarirs univet alis owfellipshrc chuouh in so,th ren t upethe stri-ch of me580 nad drfor ng. ki. niorga szerst'ay ipos imt rtan r fog younlepeopre to ermemb his cylega k andp eefingghti for vi ciril ghts. tr paalicia g/plimorederesint, no res -spark "naacp:rs51 yea ago af arican-nsmericave receid the ci ghvil ril,ts bilaw the l was
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at th yoour unuth de arstandp nd kee a thiskelive, ilep civht rigs al ive" th asis w 1 theye8th ar the vacaras n haemcommedorat theci rivil ghts erlead. an std laht nig..28. the th al annuar dr. mthtin lug er kinjr hd. birtebay cel wrationas t held alathe atntis. pr foceedse rom thbeevent nefit ut yoogh pr aramsulnd cl turaen evouts thrthghout are ye. niorga szersheay tne dins r wamu e ch morusthan jt a nd fu..raiseras. it wo alsedhelp r honoinwhat kedg wante to se en happou in r . nation "f or b us toese succfosful, r us w togeork tofother, o r us tbe teconnecd d anusfor nt to coinueto e pursueahis drm." tu inrntog on cnee zo.. now. we t wan rtoinemyod thu at bo eastteund in 8rstateom0 fr to boommown to ilgul, wl bedu re oced toe ne tinstrucinon beg ts at 7his inmorngog and o es t-m3-30 p... th wied spedus retoced mi 55 les pe urr ho. n- ysdot saoa the rordwllk wi go
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p pick umoagain hrnday tough ofridayxtf neee wk. al xpso esoect onme cctstruonion boeast80und ro - frbm dem y datowa rtdswoh. neone labe will se cloerd the th wis speedd reduce tto 55.hat ns begiro tomoromw fr0 7-3a-m to2- ..30 p-mng. endi on at ths beginowtomorr7- from 30 to a-m p- 2-30 ndm... eing onth . ursday r if youe commutyotakes u ug throerh eithos of theae ars... s betoure e givlfyourse a le littti more thme in ine morng. ngspeakie of th..roads. gas es prical are fgaling an in i anevadaprs the oice ofpsil drowe actording ud gas-b- dy-dot tcom...rahe avecege pri of gu relelar unn aded iatour ste is dotwo s llar cand 42ents a ..gallon. wn doth more enan 7 cm ts froa a weekgo. avthe e eraginprice .s the u. is ss letw than aro doll as...t a do 0 llar 9ona gall's. that aop dr c of 10roents fwem a ek ag o. e thagavere e pricecis expted toke liep falpong... ssibly
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gaatllon ne.ionwid a ksspar i manwis throng hisgi ounormg s doheinto tfo ring r a msparksthan is hrowingis rm ginog ous doheinto tfo ring r gu the s ines obookd f worlco rewords,s rld't tallesdog.hi is nameo s rock iand hes ge hu! s kyisisson th in wse ne room m withy ore, kowjust hs big i dthisog? m good, orning aandiohnd jn, andto ry evekione wawing up th us th niis morng. we ngighi 1 in atnd60 pous and se etven feon tall in his hd rolegs, ocko isigne bpy pup, ye ids i sa. puppy's hetw only s o yearold. owhis niner hcholasayelms ss th n at evehewhen tt y firsgot m, hiko roc a wasmabnorarly lge. asnichol- helmss "it' abeen erdiffexent ceperieng rasin esrocko alpeciowly hly rapid he ew grow and h h bigt e gosoic quk." si beredes inquirtog a n offo rood, wicko nlll ok y drinfrom
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indealthg wi s hishaize ens be a lechal bnge,ut r theitoday- r-day heutineasma isde he siz olessf a nuceisand , an omorejof a y. mlikepuost s,ppies zeuis ali tttlermempel,enta e buts njoy ot trtingar tound sheirs park hbneigodorhoic, wh ah istl lite tt unseorling f some. he "lms-ofa lot pl peoe e ar tscared bo walkbey him ofcause zehis sile. peopll actuas y crosth ete streoi to avm d hih whicis f kind o" funny.s hialofficit heighe for thgu boiness f ok od worls recordis nc40 itahes ll. rrthe cureent hcordisolder a alsoat gree danzenamed us who ke cloct d in ahe44 inclls ta, bu edt passin away so 2014 ms helis ed excite to sekoif roc can hetake tle titwo of alrlds tlest d dog annowill ke'w if hs madee thxtcut ne l year. tive inhe ws ne, roomsoky sisnnn, chael 2 . news
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anistoday ir the f ost dayf sp emring sfoester enr studts at u-n-r. h weyoope yeu enjobrd the ntd wawi to ash youllck luur in yoin upcomseg class. co p ming unnon chaewel 2 ns this g.mornin.. n dopichamason: ic mn'higas vegorn cor tallslihe fatnt wer acrisiste disass r, he'facingne uiw lawsr ts ovecithe ty'sco atntamined iwater. c'm doniohamp tn athe br cbs t oadcas wcentere ith thow grlling faomout, c. ing up ou "ywa're ngtchinn cha nel 2ews th oris m wningjoith phnotter, andigu arevd a anormeteogolt isffje
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we balcome ck. ig michovan's gr ernovedelirs his e statheof tte stah speectoday mi -- athd all r e angeheover tat stspe's reo onse tin fltet's waamr contn inatiois cris. 01 in 2nt4, flier's watpl supy inwas tawited eath lr d aftea st ppate- a eointedcymergenma r nagechswit ced theity's te wacer sourm frooidetrhet to t t flintoriver e savy.mone amdon chaspion hat the lonest pr aotestslsnd calhe for t rn goveesor's rtiignaon. at -ns-th ine flwat r teiscr wisill nadomihite micgogan rvernorick
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ad s whnday, e ile thicrepublan rn goveleor calcid the 'sty nt coataminated wa er 'di ersast...' at -ns- ze doemns draonstouted e tsidhis me holi calorng f his gnresiatanion. medy call hissl esow rtoponse 's flint water suonly cnatamiwited eath ld,im cr. inal s hehahould tcve swi bhed itack ov deer to watroit aster n sooashe w kneheof tta contiminaon. -n ats- ti na gonal tuards roopnoare w ha g ndinboout d ttler watetore ntsides... s--natkiknocng ta...srote ts operalare so nggivi l outteead ansts d erfiltt s. whas happenthafter e anwater erd filtwes go. 're gostill hing toe ave th, lead we 'rl e stiltogoing th have e wpipes,tie're soill go ng thave isthe poeron govydnor sns er say he ns plaqu to reonest gace ain at thsi pre odent dbamareeclas in flfet a l derastdisareer aa in d steausof jstt a ofate em y.ergencta the sf te o ge emerlyncy on u givesa s 5 ll million doar capth ide presalent deready henied t qu reonest orce bef- e-ci ttinghe
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amn ch cpionewbs ns. in flgot has k ne bacto its or wiginalouater sanrce dad to y tythe cior's may w kareneaver av tr wels totoashingopn in hes urof secdiing a ersastcl den.aratiohi meanwle... at eytorness repr fentinglintre s sident tplannoo anwounce tne asw clios- actuin lawsts... et targveing go srnorr.nyde l stile to comnnon chaewel 2 ns th oris m..ning. ta calloto boyct e themacady ar aws ds iingaineag stm in ll hoooyw ad... ofterwhnly ite ac retors aat nomineted yag isain th w year.e've t gothe , latestthafter eae brk. me olteort ogisarjeff mwitinez llve har youoipinpornt 2 fecast af
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e welcomback.
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iction partures ts and essciencom is prmoising re rs diveftity, alser cal for ayc bo tott ofhis ar yeca's awademy ards. i thisses the eacond y rr in aow ac the haademy ns onlyedominat it whtoe acrs. esactrdas jake pinmitt s sths aysh lle wi o situt c theoneremy, oo ch tsingkeo ma the no anmeuncen nt oanthe rsniveary m ofn artierluthg kinorjuni's hdbirtay. irfilm dspector leike soe al an pl ss to. it outnooscar minees ch are y osen buna 62-hdred ermembin vot..g body-p. 93nterce ho of we m are,whit and-p 74ntercee. malca the ademysa t'ys iw s no dtakingc ramatiep stlts to a mer theofakeup its mb me. ership r anothet,protesto tied n martith lug er kinstday d oppec traffi s onraan f'snciscori bay bdge ye y.sterda nd hu oredsotf prrsestein chaed em thesselvet togtoher m fora a lines crosidthe brge... bl ngockis carllin atb wesound s lanengduriho rush ur. grthe poup,ofart b thelack s liveermattem mov went,ere esprot ptinge olicalbrutinity n sacifranansco kld oa..and. and nd demaheed tma
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ce polind disba ped theerrotests ab anout r houa and lhalf. ater si a r milaesprotcut oc irredn t sain, whe lynearun a h pdrede eoplergathedon ri a btodge ck bloff traoric f ha n lf aurho. "c 2hannelco news s ntinuewithme olteort ogis mjeffneartiz's np pi 2ointas forecadt, brocastrt cebyified me the arican me olteoricogieal soc !" ot anorher stemm systbe will u withy,s todava with ailley rn mo and suntainownow shers d any a windooaftern gn withusts30 ph-55msi posheble. ta sierr ll wi 1 seeof-6" w heavyet wsnowvaith ailley rsnn and ow ls leveg risin00to 6,5ghft. his e will b 5in lowqu0s. iet we r athe s returndawednesthy and ayursd, wi
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a e suiciderbombin ridg a mo letorcyck strucdea crowd po helice ct ckpoinisin paktan y,todali kil1 ng 1lepeop. ot an21her pl peoree wend woued hein tst blae . thbatalin cl d aimeonresplisibiorty f the ta atthck. kiose illedncludefo olur panice ved sen vi cis.liannc.. ingludi twoch enildr a andal local journist. era lead t forrohe terour grp isaids t wapoin res tnse tohe inkillisg of hra comdes by
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in lookndg arouat the nw.ion no.. hesoutalrn ca'ifornis gas an compcty expe hs toa ave tu nagaral aks led sealee by latfe , bruaryotif nne soor. th wey say aork onie relllf weat c alisoisanyon ad ahe of he sc. duleme gathane s s ha sbeenpewingin heto tos atme pheromfr the ak lece sinct oerob ! asit hce foroud ths sandof si res dent tfromorhe prater nch tarealoo re. cateat l eeastiomissm ns frotethe siha reve decy ased bce60-pernt p fromoueak , tputocwhich curred e in laternovemb. d anitauthorseies inarch12g for in missneg marir s aftetwo co helicopters ollidedff the t coasaiof haw fi haveifound le ra atfts thbr were t oughaboard ai the s.rcraft ci offisaals thy liree tsfe rafwe core disyevered y,sterdah wit ina few . flatedit st is clill unw ear hothey
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b haveeen insearchg taroundhe k clocthsince ase crs h ware edportrs elth hteicoplsrs arro cay bl boack bxes,ut thahey ve notbe ecen reroved. de oftails 2 the 1g missinma s rine bhaveleeen rey ased b ie frd nds an. family agtheir gees ranm fro4121 to an utd trib pes are iouringr n fogl frenn they of ese eagl, who di ed at om his he inor new yftk... aerco campliwitions umth rheatoid tiarthris. ffreythormed ese eagle in th ea -7rly 19h 0s witiehis frnd, r drummenldon heey. e th meaglesouixed cndntry ali caiafornnd sou bs toe ecomone of m thesuost sfccesctul as ofth we 70s,reith mo15 than 0- n millio salbumsold."h alotel ca"iforni w alongith ei thatr "grehiest olts ciolectn"
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obumsl f altime. fr asey...war 67 yed.s ol ucoming op nextann ch2 nel news m this..orning . in chsta juis regreteitd s esweakowt gra th in arquter of a ur centt y. whaeathat m tns forhe
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lc weckome barn. tutoing moneytc wa..h amid arobal mket er jittnas, chit jusedpost its t weakes eannualmiconoowc grth 2 inar5 yes. r theiy econom agrewrat a te of si t-x-poin pninenterce. th usat's jdet unr the rngove'smentge tar ot ratef n- seveenpercant-- sld the owest s rateheince tda dark thys of e ncfinacrial n isis i2009. r fos,decadena chiro's grawth tewa mes asn ured i-ddoubleigits.e thrngove'sment t nowtorying sh grift aowthfrway om nu maurfactaning btd dele-fued in mevesttont, swardceervid s anns copeumer snding. e thorgoverner of puo to ricsays if es congrn's doest t ac, soone thedunitte sta fs willace a nihumaantarisi cri us... inderts flown ag. isthe tlandtoerri ery'smyconoha
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it now cs debtisrisis ba so d,pu rertocaico ln nor ongepay al tsl of ils bil. se a gniornmoverofent alfici tsaysrehey'lo no pngerg ayin e thorvendt thalisuppooes fd fo onr prises inmatth. and ey've d delayehamore tmin 100-llion s dollar rin tax. efunds lathe isrond's pceblems ontern dhow totheal wiov just 0-er 7ll bi tion in dotalebt. blrepuouican hakse spel er pau ry edan vowco that wngressould etdo somo hing tuehelp pcorto ri eby thef nd oh.marcur treasy et secrckary jail lew wt l visith nde islawe this ek. th ete secrutive, fc uristilab ce ond -callee "googlx" nowha nes a mew nad ... anlogo. 's ital now csiled "mplyx" ... awithel 3-d y' low "xthlogo. is rt depanvment i iestsn ch teesnologigo that ogle ev belil es wilthshape ree futu, g workinveon dricarless rs, -f wiooi ball dns and..rones. anden evot rob "ics.arx" sepated "fromlegoog y" last. ear ..partof tr a resngucturiti impacng p many oartse f thy.compan og goarle sepheated tirse -earchbungine fsinessrom he
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collany caaled "etphab" was formoved to thersee . em all an gd someneood orws f ap"whatsrsp" useng lookive to sa tt a lieyle mon... cithe soiaal medvi sers ce iop dr ipingnut's anal cr subsonipti fee. r foundekojan aium smod the ve i isd ntendeemto rbaove rriersr fosethe e.rvicwh drile adngession a ce ferencinrm geouany, ktem noatd th notev neeryocc has a aess tot credica frd. soatar, whassapp hn beefr oree fir the fr st yeaof use enand th c 99--pentsr er-yeaaf atter th. ucoming cp onelhanns 2 newthismo
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a arsp mkss an say cheldouav he gu the boniess wook of rld re tacords dollest etg, g ready eeto m ot thise ne ky is sn,so torhat stxties ne. lo rots of orad woik is gn ng oth weeve we' e gotinverythg neyou o ed torknow f your
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hi "thas is c 2nnels, new ve co yrageanou cnt cou on" at thie sertos of sn'rms ist doneye e t. w ahaveernoth onemo ivingthnto are ea w, withind so advip ries uinand rate expecd in v meteologist ff jene martin z is iatthe weher nt ceiter wosh a cl lerk oo oinurst tcorm warah covege. weow'll show you hfo some lks nd arouce town edlebratn marti luinther k..g ging abackndai rngsiom smoe r ney fout yorah progrems in no. wplus ge'llp et ue closand pe rs wonala ith kssparch poo who pe ho ts tothake tle tie of rl wotad's t lles kdog.ssy sionis th in e wsneomroit wreh mo. e thesiestoryos top urew ns noright :3w at 4m.0 a- istoday ay tuesdar, januy 19, 6.20-1 go orod mi'ning, pm johnotter.
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