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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:40pm-12:42am PST

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w theneae'll hc r musifrom tr counngy simaer, icrgo pre. rs( cheepp and a)lause go a,headea ake is mr ing hesitelevi on t debughtonit. yoso if su'veheeen vr on tfo bethre, ei'rer youg e lyin or .she is ba ( land p )yingot sheseweetra vibtions ahere t d sounof jonat bndiste ata sy human.y sahi,bo everydy. ee ( ch ars anduspplae )ey thab're toout he pop th clutc l andayom ser, rubbe butor befe they do,ne oe mor t:hing me an aairican erlinesvexecuti egsays rcoular, almmercits fligh a to cubbecould a just w fe amonthsway. deand a exlta ivecute saysei thhtr fligubs to ca are adalrelay deyed. ni toteght, selphen wcomesm fro
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adphiliaelphha," c feom "li ince pieols," cinha nks.>> and aal music panerformce by ot marg price. infeaturg jonat bndiste a stay hu man. noand sw it'im teth for "e late w showstith coephen !lbert"( rscheepp and a)lause >> ph steen:nk thas,ve e.rybodyan thuck so thks,ve e.rybody an thu,k yole pase. wbeforee get goingon t iight, w justoant t take au min ite-- alwas tking tose the guys about
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take aom ment to talkut abogl enny. fre as he wf one o the olrigina mb meofers thele eags,ne o ofth eou fs.nderd an i just want to take at momento ha tnnnk gle frey for whate hve ga me,nd aer he'sha wt he gave. mee th songsp "deerado,u "yono kwth eon sg? ee ( chrs andus applae ) >> jon: yeah. pe desrado do why un't yo come toou yrse .nses e' weeve butn o rgidin fsencefo r sog lon now. h, oe you'r aar hd one d an wthat'shat my story is about. the s firstlowc can ive ernc daed to was to redequest er despado."it t washeht eigh geradce dant a l our localittle 's where theoy bs used toom ced anirthe gdls kin of come andyo du woul standn oereithe sid rof thendoom a try not toti
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ddidn't wanceith anybody all lnight uong,ntilhe ter vty lasng so s, and iomehowou fndel mysfer ove on th' girlsid se,nd a the d.j. g" oes,nd a it's our last ansong, dt' iows a slne o."d anputn ode "o"sperad wshich ie thfe perct lngast so in an geighthanrade dhece wn youav he nc dah ed witno one. ug ( lahter ) ebecaus i wase "thpe desrado." ht( lauger ) sand asoon ashe t needledr doppe ander "despado"rt staed g playinal gir i adylrea knew named dollyoc lked woodd, saii " t loveonhis sg. is th m isyit favoreg. son"so id, sai ", dollyyothink u want to... touhink yan w--t to w youantdo to-- you want to nc daean ce? m" la ( )ughter sh and e said, "sure.", so so,o s we got up, so weot gup andid dhe t... we did theth liing ke touhis, yno kw.e
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th and is is thest fir time i've heveryad m armsd aroun air gl m inynt eire life. and we justd turne adrounlo swly ton tha dance floor notno kwing e wher to put tyohese, w,u kno stand ju t doinghis liket. thaan wd it oas onef thee sweetst, b mostifeautuler exp oiences mfyli fe. tandhat, day i a tookll sma, ug( lahter )d anouit wotld nav hepe hapned, ouit wotld n havepe hapned. ee ( ch ars ande pplaus)-- 't i donnk thiou i wlde havpr re boducedy nowf it thag son no had tla patyed thht nig. at thy was m firstte spd, towar owyou knno, k hwingow to put ur yo o armsn a girl in anyay w ha or wt it was like toch touhe top teposi sex. atand thld wou notav hene happedth wienout glnre fy. ha so tnkou yn, glen frey.d sato seeim h go. au( applse )
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alerys ches mep, uix netfl? git's.reat pe eslycialce sins it', freeifyo e u us byoureaandlsder'er usmena aswnd pasord!an thk you,on jk, than you. reyou'd a gooan m. yo no, tu don' haveo t thanke. mne hatflix ms even iade itntoe thalculturic lexiton wh ix"netflhi and cll."'s itt caugha on in atway th, in , my day. "v.c.ry and drhump"ve ner did. ht( lauger )ai agnkn, thale you gnnre fy.( erlaught ) wi but math so icny choes onne x,tflin it cad be hardto fin ufthe stu f yolyreal would i "atch pdownpeerisco"wi elth kamsey grr mer, oacl c assiodepis fe oferrasih wit gkelsey?rammeror j maybergust foetet nflixto alergethcu, and p rl uwith ago oood bikk, lo e "s" far,the bi autoy ographseof kelmey gramr? who knows?t buhenow, t bre's a nrandayew wto yo help eu find wxactly hatwa you o nt tonsee ix netfl.>> li net px isgoretty od atfi oguringt ut whahtwe migt wan chto wat.t bu rif youwaeally gent to tth oe mostthut of tee sier, the
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eaccessosvery pcasible tegoryyo imu can e.agin th coe s deavare blailanee onli. ey thou let yw narroodown tre sallyc pecifi, thingslikeri "cy ticallmeacclaiisd brith esmovim froth19e "g80s," oofy aactionennd advroture fm the19 an70s," oud of crarse, fnk'sfa , voritens"susperaeful dmasse ba ad onk. boo" te>> s:phenla cssicra fnk.t buouseri tsly,his isgo ring toioevoluthenize t way w weetatch ncoflix, tmparedow hochwe watwh now, u ere yoand f yourscamily orroll fur an ho re befong pickier up whlee you ft f ofliat " ancoln"nnd thell faleing aswoep tut mineste el one tmel i how.t ends la ( )ughteran caybody thn use crese seet de coccs to aesess these genr.l al iyou do as typedi five-git ntcode ilio netf bx, andoom, ch ckaka-laoua, yth're ere. ex for 4ample,ak0415 t tes youoro icmantse chine m crimeovies. ug ( lahter )41
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en suspreseful wevenge nsster, 40 and ke420 tatos you time av trieel movris starling wil am llhartne.( erlaught ) li i betheve arose t e aboupeople litravelk ng bacimin t fe to indwh out iao willnem hartll is.d anarthere t e a loyof versp secificesubgenrno that body s knowbo aut yet, until. now 'sso leta take t look amesof o fmye avorittfnew ne lixgo caten ries it'tonighs nd ( bath cues sieme muc ) e "lat" showetsecrix netflco des.( acheersland app)use yothank u.we k sun aot lf o money into e thos gs.raphic la ( )ughter gyou'reo oing t twantito wr e dothese twn andy hen tr themr aftehomy sdsw at's. right nt i wao you t startat wgchinvi motes a 12:35 in theor mning. h watcupa cole. job. jthat'sreust moe timllto chi. t firsetsecre: codin type 40499fo
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an "t cgo andanash," d "bigtr e oublitin lintle chl a," alin suthe rebgent , "kurl russel tankmo top vies." rythen t69 code g433 tomset filli e ke "thorbig shont," "gegi ndrl," ate "the nco enmmandmts," he in teg cat"mory thovies at let u yoenpretred you ad tk.he boo"us 8e code096753ge to t "thecr "oods,"i honey nkshru the ,"kids " and fshrek"or the en subgvire "moares p centsan put s oneyo th s canfohower r fivebl ( )eep ut utal,l. bruta y ife ou typ45in 7za-piz 21emoji-h -o witauan umlt, youge int "sch ldler's"sist," gavin e privat aryan,"e nd "thhumannt ce fipede"n:ound ies "movi tomi re tnd youeahat brp king uwith y dannthisn't t e worsththing atco ppuld hayoen to ndu, brea."la ( )ughterap
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ed nee moric choes?ne eed moric choes?mp sie ly typah"54 om4a, 5 a, omahyo" and etu'll gio "missn po im: ssiblenarogue tion,"02 "1ti dalmaanans," a,d "emm" 'rif youhee in tfo mood r aou "sernd mix m chrisilunro f mst feival." ll finaody, c oe 563 ver 24times es17 tako you tra"red d"gon, t"entergohe dradn," anro "c tuchingidiger hagden dron,"fo : und ins "movieouwithyt an ondrag ts inhem."( erlaught )ap ( )plausewe thll, s at doe "it fornew x netfliricategoes." re get bady to winge satchome t greaercomms.cial l we'ligbe racht bthk wirl cha iey. da(
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t bun'i cacot me ighome now . a mehend ts boye arinplay g... ghl nit te etxt bt h, whan ca.i do.. [s meiri:] e.ssag p pick umilk. ghoh, rik.t. mil tr ininoducneg the wly si redeedgnas psat. fr olom vgekswan. 's itte winr. ea ntt winaer scks. es fr.hman be camp.ll's ma orde fea r rl,l y ifldou couou see yh,r coug 'sitt jusuga coh. d you'hosee tew ofyon u h cougdaall y
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ronew ssbitu2 in 1ho ur vedeliasrs ft, wepo crful roughf elie lthat astsup tw to helve.ours w neturobi 1ssinur2 ho h itcause er's neva just cough. en whav you hte a loof lo folwers, yo ldu shouth take ewem somhere.
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s( pbandnglayi )( rschee a anduspplae ) te >> s sphen: balcome ck,yb everody. my g firstonuest tppight adeare fin the "ilmsc pacifindrim" aor "he riblbo,"ssess and ione sof thef tars oal"it's waysnn suphy in eliladphia." g>> iuess thats doe it, the nn wier byef dfault ohe tl annuabi g races- i- ot>> nfa so st!>>
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so'r youena gon raceor fhe tm? >> no,en dnis,'m ioi gng toac re r fo eonverye.i' inm go rg to faceor the op pele!yo u, seeas ltht nigat tyana ug taeht m allbo autmu comnism, ,coldar hdin w, terssgros spsou. shale sogh taut me aot lut abose wex, setex s angmaziex s, cu jazzi sex,en dnis!>> senteph p:lease welcomech darlieay. ap ( seplau ) l >>ethe tm go. letm the go. n' dot stop! ph>> stepeen: lopleeovhe tar chy.lie da i >> at's g tood.hing>> ph steyoen: lu vookeryde .bonair alyou so lookop eurigean rhtw. no i >>f i had a thin 'hestac, e,mayb or aar cigillo. s >>: tephenso if youk loo innothkeg li yous i what yeou'rsa .ying
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ph>> steen:gr conioatulatns,lw "aays" sunny wone' peopls .choice>> id we d! ph>> steeen: the peopl chose youel hpow hoe d istl feetoe b en chos ? y wereoure the? didou y t getoo g up and give asp reech oin anythg?>> f weound out about itin onle.>> en steph y: didnoou k ywouwe reom n?inated n >> wo, weere notnv t oneolds. u t,in fac it was thelo folwingda ney, o ofhe t guys texted med ansaid, d "hey,id youno kw wewo n anrd awa?"so o,, ne wse mished tty par,ah ye . ph>> steen:a. who 's it the pe'eopl csehoicwa ards. thall ope perele ait usey mthi tnk-- >> yeah.>> en stephu': yootre npl peoe. ea>> yh,el wl,e' wve neverre eeally bofn one -- the like, e we'vnever been "lepeop"eo ppleon su "" thybe's i ph>> ste oen: none saidou y're nh an iumanur creatuge thoh ve you' t doneeerribls thingonth e show. t'>> thas a greatu sege. te >> sthphen: u ank yovery ch mu .o to @soon twhat pheyay me. for i is yt truehoou shet t pilot ofth is for 200uc bks with someie fr
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ca bethuse 'sat moreie belvableth anor actins havg $200. >>ly exact. te >> s yphen:ou nott ior fth noeaing, ry?ll t >>heyde need ari pce.ey thwe said have toay s me sog thin-->> whos i?" "they eo>> p wpleriho white tngs and tprin them.i t don'.know s>>entephhe: tss pream ce upth wihe can t20 $0. 00 $2 . h,>> yea weer wen't like, "198, " 199.we be remem ar likech bun ofid kswi erth camasni runrong aundnd aoo sh etingotach hernd a nextin thnog we kw it's 11rs yea in d anre we' stillng doi the show.>> en steph:ou y're in the s 11th reasonight now.yo au'vedylrea p been uickedp 1 for2, r?ight>> yes. te>> s: phenopthe pe tle onhesh how areeorribleo pple. >> yeah. s >>entephhe: t hy'reblorrie op ha it ftrd a1er 1rs yea-- re>> the's aor heriblpl peoe whoju stpp claed. ibhorrlepl d bad guys! te >> sorphen: s fan ofho prribleeople, aat spector. t is ifthard aer 11ea y trso uecontin to play cerharactts thae
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s choiceall the time? >>o. ni -- mean ou>> y n'reotai afrd'r youe in goo,g tik lece, b oomefne oth eseeo pple? >>o, n autbsolely not. ihi tnk thew sho rseflects what' rr te aible uboutsol civlectelyas aoc siety. - so ->> t andshat' w whyeov le it. er >> teriblhi tngs keepng poppi , upo see we kpg makinri terble esepisod about fact, we did a--e w did, in fi our rstso sean, i, think we d di anpi esode abouthe tro pblemth wi, like,un g ve.iolenc esand gus what?10 years, later we're lisike th ti is sll anue iss. t' les dono atherso epidebo autit . ph>> ste sen: in teasonwo, two y ofou got ateddicd tora cck. >> yeah, yeah. ph>> stethen: vat'sarery hd r toheaise t bar.>> yeah. s >>enteph: are a thereny s timeha tt you-- ofne ohe t gs thin -- ue>> ghass wtit's s allround, ghthou ? te>> sphen:s what' still nd arou.>> crack. s >>:tephenea yh,t' isde licious. y >> kou caneep doing espisode iaboutt. s >>:tephen tshat't' whaos s nice. ra >> cck't doesno gwa ay. ph>> stecren: iacks the gift
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ra>> cck iser forevla ( )ughter . ph>> stethen: ouat weld bni ance, eemngagngent ri with st ju a pfiece ora c ockn it. ea >> yr, ara cckoc rk. s >>: tephen,yeah e.xactly nenow, oe of thng this i likeab eout thw sho is,ly clear, thsere i noup ssiervion. o. >> n ph>> steinen: ri wtingr you show. y >>eah, yeah. te >> sdophen: boes anyomdy ce nd in a say,ys "guou, y't canke mae a jok aboutt tha."yo ghu thou wt itasun fnynd a you i dote coml hel orig hher wat.>> i't don evenw kno ifhe tyre e alizewe'rll stiin makg aow shve or. there >>te >> s tphen: hat'sx, fxx e'thers andd anaitiol" "x, and bo nonody kerw wh we'sere a. m oneore" "x, ands it'll a porno. >>ly exact. d they kidn'tnow we won a major award. s >>: tephentwthe nekor didn't , knowr? eithe >> no. f or i theyid d,me sha ow. ht( lauger ) lli'm caeming th out,ch whi i ld shou,n't doec b tausevehey'ne do a greatit job wheh tho sw. tdon'l cance it. s >>enteph t: isnyhere a
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wi w theyouldp kees u fromsa yings? thi me soshone sould mtopero fmdo tinghis joke?>> yeah,s thir yeain the zz jacu ji sexoke, iot gre pttyna ked, the and that--ha tt's the t firs wtime ie,as likoh ", mesobopdy sto this. me soombody cnde in a get me outof this one." s >>:tephen yeah, yeah. nd i fihe ter fewth cloes i have, onthees lsro etic itet gs.>> ut witho a. doubt ph>> steeen: th older i get mo the t're thas the case.le t's k teephisex sy. s let'put aka par on ( )ughterca skn i a you ast queionut aboan pother trojectcthat yo didat th i really e.njoyed p >>lease. te >> s bphen:ecause i'mls ao abi gan begf o gmouiller elo. tor"p racificim."yo u werene o of theh tecuy gss guyn i"p racificim." t >>rihat's ght. >>ph stecaen: an isk you t abouthe ys,agerhe t big rsobot thatig fht-->> ht antot robhas t wteui b tlto nc puheh t meronst ts inhe face. ph>> stet'en: le as talkboutis th . widrift e,th mha crlie.>> allht rig. ph>> stet'en: le ts doorhis f a sndeco.wh
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a thatre theiz se ofs, citieok tay, bue you'rht figing ns mo aters,elso th sfize oti ci wes,hy note mak your robotsgg biner tha theer monsts andve thways oner thach punheing tm? ha >> tt's aoo gdnt poi. ph>> steveen: gi them apo weanor et som lhinghaike tt. a >> big can of bug. spray s >>: tephena sh warp be ouldic be n be air,boroken outtle w ld be. fun on>> dav't hhee tor fix f that one.di i wd notrite theie mov. s >>entephut: b there'soi gngto be apa "cificm ris" 2 r?ight>> e com on. s >>entephe: thers. iey thn' didtl telthat you, th ei er.he >> t ny didotel tl m nea.>> en stephre: you'he in tt nex e. movi t>> ihehink tov mnlie oy made,li ke, $400 twadayshey'ree, likwe "ll, at th's okay." e' so wllee s. s >>enteph: gooduc lthk wi the o restsof sean 11. lgooduckh witea sson 12, and od gouc lkh wit "fipaciimc r 2."an odd gouc lthk wi theck cra ioaddict n. or>> wking ont. i>>
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oanks sh. muc al"it's unways sny inil phiaadelph o" isnxx f, dnwedaes10ys at p.m.t' "iyss alwa i sunny n elphiladisphia" fx on x,'l weigl be bac iv olrde gas en'wall-neav fledorfillta pass, rwiths aviolieso nic fwethilled ceem twi .rs bu wtinginith endulgort flav sli ckke chisaen maravla rioli, s ormomoked lazzarelic manotti. uspl unledimitad salan ead brckdsti st ating99t $12.. lifor a d mitetime. li at odeve gar
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mothe re s youweat de gr'seeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epu yoesfrwih eth mveryove. itas hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te.. .. r .oadheouing r t fothghe nit. ti monsonseroe, piotect kn toeep you eedegr, onit wet't l d youown. oncott celleanleppriexle t turetsge c youerlean ,bullt wige it opt pelele can ghenougo to ma comndo? di u d yo wjusturipe yo bum? , wellrei su. did di u d yocenotith anying t aboutethe e?xtur it er's vfuy...onncti allycieffient. th s is ieqthe leuivant ouof yscr mules. usit jtst geol a hd veof einrythg. ahye. innothleg's ehft bind. th noing. yoare eau cloun entogh co go domman? au (lghars) u e yoouseris? to y.tall ay ok okay w hooudo yl? fee y oh mnegooditss, a'szimang. onlyto cote nell haseaclplnripxte teure ysoclou're ouean engh
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yours dream,evolve thand wi comttmiuped srtpo, th hrey tive. icameraman finily ncsurae. e olivengardal's wl-nefl oravedfillta pas s, rwiths aviolieso nic f wed illewithem tce. rsbu wtinginith endulgavt flors ke lien chickla marsaio rav li,or ke smozzd molaarel motanic imus unlalited sanad brd eackdsti s. arst atingt .$12.99 fo lir a timited
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( rscheepp and a)lause ee ( chrs andla appuse ) s >>:tephenme welco back!u yool fkst ae hom missede som d ma pennyst while just now. we areap r--idly yeah. ee ( chrs andpp a)lause a weidre rappply aro taching he sthappief day oarthe ye: thesu boper wl. c itneombie s thfamilyge tossthernean of thngksgiviwi heth tli pubkec drunofnness ev heery otdar holiy.
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's moneyot on foeaball tms. we but ow do knhe who tof star su owperb wl 50.ill bei' e ll givhiyou a nt. othe's ghu two tanmbs md is e. e becausafright e ter thgame, ll i wist be hosping a liecial veat "l."e showan nnd i camoot be orre honed to hebe t lthast inerg amseica esfo beapre l isinga nto onach .coma toand t nighpri'm tooud k kicof pf myosre-ppet-subor wlco : verages.this i.. e thadroth to pee suhorsw: un cototdown ea the lod-up tth gae postvime preteew: law sho i!lix-vi ee( chndrs aus applae ) s>>:tephen that'sha wbet's en g missintrighre the. !boomno hew, t r weasone'real cling itli ix-vii,cas be tusehat's theni ght opf sul er bowl, but it'smy 67thho s aw,nd i believeth owat's h you pceronoun the n romaraniewm rlz overe the,ck
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ghthouom, ce tonk thi of it, i'mt nosure i s canayks lic vnee o ( )ughter( acheersppnd ae laus) quickcl disaimer, au qkics kiscl aimer:i kndon't low aboot aut bafootbull, d t i dineplay o day on mghy hil schoo- team- that'se therdespriado ghthe tre.'s it t going goetr! betteit ng's goiet to get bter!an t d i go vsomealinuable sightsin heto t game. stfor inwhance, 'ren youhee in t lehuddot, do nen mtingon "du eonsdr and "agons.t bue thes idays'm allve o trhe nfl. h myprighly abomotacle fe wasas plaltered osl promcb from s s game tovereshe gam thiswe ekend.w, noly usualou, if y see se yourhalf ttet ofngn duri afo g methinatnew thn's bee fe stuf ad inza piz o crustr a teconvicrdd mu terertorying cl urear yoon name in "60 m."utes sai'm having tfot one psr swee. us and ning myd ewfoun, statusi
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arthe caizona s rdinaleand thgr y een bas.packeryo ea yh!>> ph steanen: mply peoe. didth mee gat wen ointoimvertnde, a e thermawas ntjor corsroveery ov e thincop. fli look. itthere goes up,nd aes comdo mewn, soanhow lding and never ip fl opingncver oe!i t don' kevenw now hoyou doat th. ye 300 o ars agefthat r'v woulde urbeen b tned atkehe sta as awi ic he ppked uhe t coin,ip flped itin aga. y, sadl c thelaoin n nded oheads imboth t hes ando ad tarbe ctedof af onst tiny r.retche ug ( lahter )-- ad s. henow, t d refhaidn't ove tre n. an sf.l.anpokesm said, re "theth is no ting inhele ruhabook tift species are edquir" flip. s there'otalso nhahing tt says f the re'tcouldnth pull e coin b fromthehind tee quarsrback'r. ea( rscheepp and ae laus)at whs,'s thion aarge rodrs? ca the s rdinale won thottoss bh
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rseir fiest posssion. d anckthe paernos are y.t happ at>> clet had idson hea, withoas swingea hds, so i ll caaied tls. itand t didn' to just p ssed u ain their anddi t d noveturn ollr at a. l itonanded ro the gund. w sovie obthously thought at wasno t.t righ p hed ickeinthe cod up anfl itipped ta to ails,n nd thehefl d ippeitit wivhout g aing mech wassi confung. te >> sitphen: on was cngfusi. asit wsi confung. t coins osse'tarense suppod to om be some randou act y't caned e you'v ydonecoour ninditio ng veand hapl your aybookmo me yrized,hoou swiuld n anyin co toss. lehe's c garlyot aeg straty. yodid h u catct what iwas? y,clearlwa he alalys cls dethe sie of thhacoin ttt's no ngfaci up. y ifthou do yoat, gu'reinonna wha clf thessoin tovees eimry
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itre impe.ssiv aor how gbout aogroundh?y wh uare wehising tins amazged prveictiat crelyure ona once ye ar?th ei vis ttingeaman cal cl w,"shado s or now.hado" t thene hey ar tforcedayo repl ga the r me oveerand ovve and or n agaianuntil owdi mcdllell fa sov in l te withhem. e orveten betr yet, ptake aomage frso king lomon.ha rve theugef s tgestyhe onl olfair sisution t to cuthefo iotball.n half vewhicheamr teay s "s,, notle e thr otheavteam h,"e it isre edvealbe to t themorue therof f thealootbl. 'l we rl be bightwiack olth c innk thig's a bl. bul k i thin othat'susld cyr. 00 18nd pou ds ofevo whate er th wheck iant.
12:10 am
an thcyk you rus. e leas16a 20co linkcln m for a$289th mon on t ly a lyour dincolnealer. om bo . ytolda. y he iknowlst alu', yo re lcweome. atnow thil t-mobdoe has tublelthe rae covege n you cayoprove ru're tighto mo prepleoine or mple esac. y faultnjfuel iector yo owu shimed h shuh, atill.liveto ould y ed nail it! reyou'ng wro's, itt thaway. ha , , haha t- lemobiew's nen extraded ngelt ace retwhes asice , far d animis 4 ttees bet r in ngbuildis.
12:11 am
af lac. ahohh af ah lac! aa c!aaf-la -d taaa! he ot's ner a vody goma angici. aihe plad my c im in ojustayne d. shh! w ho hdoes ie dot? in on just y,e da we ce proapss, anprove d pay.
12:12 am
th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks, thclose x e taholooples, an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
12:13 am
( rschee a anduspplae ) ph>> stelcen: weckome ba,ev oderyby.yo mu know gy nextrouest fm hisrk wo oexn "dr,te"f" goarnd," a henow rs sta"l in inife ec pies." >> nowt whare pssure doou y erpref ? l>> afot o purresse, lotf o onloti .u yo know,re dess me lik a salad. mbeatike lne a. egg>> h, o and when ita srtry cing, tdon'no ackgewledl tal? right
12:14 am
y.>> oka >> a.ahhh lo i veou y, h.oney>> ov i le, you too. ar ( c cgrashin ) ( ea scrms ).>> t tha did notou sndd. goo t >> shatndoued ry,eallea rlly bad. >>h! shh uri'm sase it wt jus a little nd feener bder.>> ul shode wo dom sngethi? >> i feele lik weho sdulo gut oer th me and sakeure edyverybo isok ay. >> peeopl just need toet gse ud to the newto sp sign. te>> s: phensepleaco welolme c innk has! pl( ap )ause ( rschee a anduspplae ) t >>ouhank y. y likeour digs, sir. te >> s iphen:tsn't ie? nic bz>> loooo gd.
12:15 am
looksoo gd. nestaiasd glnds ave too ty. shabb>> te snophen: t tooha sbbyur cotiratulaonons fe "li ines piec ." ee>> i fel like' wreer broth you in now thebi columaad brogcastinst syem.>> en stephre: we ake coworrs now.>> yeah. >>ph steen: and anyou tiching f do oou yas h to beme welco.i heread t hokandbo. >>es y, page 84. la ( erught ).>> ph stesoen: if in eveo, g , "heyouhow yee fling, you seemns tet e," lewme kno ifha tt'swe lcome.>> ka oy,ka oy. s >>: tephentell mebo aut e "lifin ps.iece" nyhow ma g brokereirls a ont? i>> i'my vertu fornnate iha tti' m sdeurround by iblncrediy nt talepled peo oeatn thho sw,zo e lriste j,ones who m playsy , wifeouwho y i saw tnheli cp. t- weis - h >> ioave tl tel you, one of myfa tevoring thious abe t th show h is iave anno e crmousrushn odi ane w.eist>> wi that llop hefullynu contie.>> ph steyeen: o,ah, n no. e' shs soin charmg.
12:16 am
's she a anebsolutwe sythingskhe aous, yt jus want o, to gye "s." , ohhiis ts okay? ph>> steen : s >>entephis: th isfe perctly ne fi. reyou'ch in tearacrow n.>> i'm inct charaer.>> en steph: asit wh dianeis west, it'y verel w.comeyo au're new dadn iin"life ."piecesbu u't yolsre aeo th dad ofou yngki ds. a haveuany acttol s oriesfou yr life ended up on the show? y >>eah.>> ph stehaen: ouve yd use that riexpe?ence es>> y, in theot pilpi e,sodewe e--- w p- triorheo to pil,t,unpi lotsre a very sfipecichi e ey'r tgoneghhrouh wit a -t fineedoothb comec beauss it' t goeto bfe perct becauses that' g goin btoe the-- youw, kno apeoplengre goi toud jget tha onepi esodend aay s, "edo wt wanto e" mak you know,e hopfullyn i r oue cas "2,000 morepi e"sodes? adwe h aee mting in w whiche re weki talbong aut theni uquena otureef thw sho bseecaut' is ur fo s short,tories andh eac one cu foonses fe dif mrentrsembe of
12:17 am
i so st'sort of s,mall little me mofrnts omry eveone's lives, at thn thent pai are gaterpi ofcture ha wtil famify le isli ke. it'sua actvelly wery s aetnd hd iolad t tdhist soryut abo when i took myst firborn erdaughtth, wi w myife, home fr om the halospit.d anwe blyasical cried the re enti waye hom. theye wer-- >>it whoy j?>> h wit joy. ayi alws-- ilw a haysaveo tpr e efacwithot nhing but uttery. jost jug cryin otearsusf jt, "i'm sopy hap!" iand told that story the very xt ne, dayether were rsievions tsentoe mh witha tt wenrittn. i mand i'k, looy, oka butre we' ve neoir gong tho sot that.we shot it. te>> s: phenddi t youellou yrwi hafe tout yad hha sreds thi st ory?>> i did. shand ed, saiu "yo haveo tto sp ll tething heem tseri stoes." e becauseythed end uinp puttg itin theot pil. ph>> stellen: i' y tellou what mye wifedlook likehe w wn sheas thavingy,he babka oy. ha she d heree ftup ntti sr-- ups
12:18 am
sties. l>> indersy verui q icklye hav b toye verar c wefulith the or sty.>> en stephyo: did tu havehisre onacti ?d i haeathis r wctionhehen ty u gaves our baby,y mir fst il ch cd, iotould nnd uderstan wewhy werell a towedove lea th wi ( )ughter . l,>> wels that' the great. thingth ey r--eallyhe tre's noea rlcl ass. d they -on't - >> no!>> theyon d'tck cheo te makur se u'yo ke,y' thell -- >>nd as it'4 2ou hrs lanater, der the e's th,door buddy.>> bs aoly,utelol absy.utel>> ph stedoen: ln'theet t door yohit uh wit the babypl sit you.( erlaught )ap ( seplau ) i >> h tad gooou thr mghoretr ngaini d torivehe tar com heth dan iido te hav the babry fo e th orestyf m life.>> ph steen:ow n,ut bou yy pla ,a dad and'v you geot atl lite by ban o theho sw. oudo yr evego like, "eth babyis . dirtyi thavehao cnge." herdo youke mista-->> no,se becaun whe it'sot n ur yoy, bab youo d not care. ug ( lahter )( seapplau ) nyou dootar ce. te>> s:phent' thas so
12:19 am
whats- i-t wha is that s,malldi e?ther on>> d c'tare. >>te sphen:s it' not myld chi. re heak, te it.>> arcument ies. d >> i o. te>> s: phenveyou ha a newdo ntcumecoary omingut. it'sei bngel r teasedayod. i >>et cam out ontu ines. 's itd callel "als thing must ." passit ut's abo the risend aal fl ofwe toror recds. s >>entephwe: tor rdsecor wassu ch a huge thehing wsn i waun yo ger. ist under yandoued appli for a at job toweror recds. t>>.wice ied appli. twicebo imth tes icw sd for anap ioplicatn, and i guy saido t me( size )no "atherk, loo ian c ghiive ts to. youan oud yld couil fl it. out t bu i'mus jt gonna puton it the obottomf a stack this thick,an e'd wre notn evein hirg. i sowaf you nt tol fil it, out oc knurk yoself out."tw ffo diterenpl peolde to me .that ug ( lahter ) t at dworeiffentat loc.ions s >>enteph i: sos the cu doarmentevy r?enge ca be tuserehey'e gon. now
12:20 am
'rtheyhee on t dustin b of or hist y.d anouhere y, areti slln ridei'h h.ig >> ify onleyth haded hir him,th oreir stuly woved had turneou tif dlyferent. ph>> steisen: tht is nor yours fitum doc.entaryyo du alsoidne obo autsa the n cifranscont gias. es>> y. s >>: tephenhad-- a had-- a he>> t ay had mascot.>> en steph: a mthascot at was ani- ant.mascot es>> y.>> ph steaten: wh n's theame of thisoc dryumenta of? yours >>e "thnt acoi-mast." la ( )ughter n the sascfrancion gia its,n19 th84, adey h aea rl-ly - ou>> yno're oit gng to tell me tthe oitlehef t denocum?tary >>o, n it's cdallee "th asanti-mcot." te>> syophen: idu're kding! n >> o. s >>phteen: i pdulleha ttsp fhrailterrom wh tehe sundo n'tne shi. iad h node ia.>> it'sth "ei- ant."mascot e th ghaiants d such ari horble tteamheyat creed a crcommeial wthatigas desitned-- was a pfakeolln iwhichhe tn sa scfranci sosports fan saidy the ndid wotant a mascot, so theyga vehe tm onewa anyys,nd a it llwas caedth "rae czyra c"b.
12:21 am
. w he rouldutun o on to the d,fieleo and ppleou wldow thr f stufat him and boo. him ug ( lahter )d anheas tso seangr pro hessed,e tohad runut oth farer dan he fart tr intoheie f.ld te>> s: phenthwas uye g'sea hd ic st okingfut os thib? cra >>o, n it wasly fulov cered. they had to rrceinfoe it with,ke li,ti plasecc, b hauseeas w in gettgpe olted s bad. te >> sthphen: uaey actlly had eto giv him a hardus carap.>> h yeaitas w a 30 for 30 short onsp en,al cledth "e -manti"ascot. s >>: tephentperfec. title i>>t touells yry eve ythingou need tow. kno s >>entephi : tdon'e havo twa otchwt. now k thanfoyou gr beine. her>> nk tha f youavor h minge. s >>entephif: "l pe ins"iece tairsdahurst ys a o8:30s.n cb n colis,hankry eve!body
12:22 am
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12:23 am
wh e o artayou g lkinto? ituh, ak's jome fr f statearm. lsoundsa ike lyreald kejam frofastate , rmatee thr t inorhe m?ning iswho s? thi akit's j se fromartate fm. wh yat areriou weae ng jakstfrom rmate fa?uh is, dse sounus hideo.we shll, a e's ..guy so. r anotheonrease morlepeop staytawith sm.te farge bt to astetter ate. yife ou'r ttryingo be lea littr. bette.. inth jgst ust goola wh e lot.better tr ininoduceeg entrs edloadwi lath fvor, no rit ebappl gee'sllri & barvofasrite ma adetl littte beorer f. you at feneuring diw essh, al r l undelo650 caries
12:24 am
aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye,
12:25 am
it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. ( eech ars andlappe us) ed [ lemann aerouncig ] do?iorn elor divery? ordigino? d ory?eliver
12:26 am
n betweed you ancia deli ous, h-fresd bakepizza, ou is y.r oven an th, kfullyotit's niv delery. d it'so.igiorn bu ghd libet's heen tre. co tinnecneng ozi amaupng sboer omwl mtoent n theext. d anr foisth serupow b wl,ree'ch ngargiam our ge arforwd fo l r alnsfa. tr ininoduce g thtelimiitd edion
12:27 am
hmakingwoer netderk tv but. therengo sirt "huonin' thebo ,"ttleas plewee lcomema prrgo ice!
12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
w loctexpensatio i lit's inke slogin itud wh neno ot lefrto hea 'v iene benk driroin fm lla wein of atspirion i butalt's lll fan en oethes st waared es ut i pur a hontin b theeottlba owby n b i'm elindnotough see b dreen n inkiy whisket'like is water ut bt that don'htouc pathe ouin y o putn me p i hut an urtiheon ttl bote by ba i nownd'm bliug eno sh toee b dreen n inkikewhiskey lis it' rwate ut bt that don'htouc e th ypainutou pme on
12:31 am
ste war t butdohat ton't uchth ine pa p youn ut ome ch ( aeersppnd ae laus) s >>entephrg: maico prdee's but m,albudw "mifaest 'srmerda erughts ," imaout 25rch !
12:32 am
!'l we rl be bightack."l shate ow." n tune iowtomorrmy when s guest b wills e jame.spader idjets wive recender braonrs ma.hall"s perial"stodcat, hos sarahen bd i'lline cook rg with ev icw stk aroround f jamesrd coen.od gonight! nicaptionsng spoy ored bscb eg>> r gie:re a r youeadyto e hav fsomeun f theel loe tveigonht t don'woyou 'brry out y haour psng-u f andears t 'bouetto s r youight i tht's tee late, law sho he (caners pld ap)ause>>
12:33 am
waym, froe giv it upor fou yrho hest t onehe tnl ojay sme co rden! he (cs erapand seplau) omwelc te tohis y"tour ehe lat holate s jw withamesde cor!n"th ouank y! er (ched s anauapplse) ks than c forgomin. out al i rerely appeciat it. aladiesndem gentlen,th s ere waheanotmor deiccratde vebate ower the ide cand datesediscuss bi the gue isss,he realthcalo and grmbal waing.t, buco of , ursee thmediafo d cuseheon tim most tportanis sue: sbernie ganders mives a eank- stineye.
12:34 am
cc >> a susing oandersfng dissi enpresidt o.bama >> rs sanded calleeahim wk, disag ointin --e >> h phothe tvi el, eyeid see, eyhe tti syenk e la (appuse) am >> jes:n whe i'm sgeein theco geveraa of de,ebatan i wto tse e head lines like ni "bernde saofers ixfers f foruc edsyation stem." ernot "bndnie sansers wier twitt hrby tepowing deic sha."fu : n fact mbernie takessahat me w facee hen th awaiterert cant 'sli des bringthhim one wrupg so.(l r)aughte"i mi said ronestne!" dthise ebat mseemedstore hoileth oan thes,there as thca atndidpees des vratelyie to pbecomentreside. erbut the e's ono'guy whsfi de nnitelyntot iteeresd inin beidg presofent ni the uted , statesatand th p's thentreside t oftehe uniesd statra, backob wama,i ho, kndon't ow if
12:35 am
y talld checkeceout rently. wjust hatche ow hd endecea re ntes prnfs co.erence 2 >>ea0 yrs,b probafoly, bere we ve resorse omefse theor majtr ends. , okay eboverydy,e i'vot g to get arto "st wars." er(cheaps and )plause>> : james it's likema obaas hta tolio senritis. y ift ou wanofproof h this, e'ste starind signy g evernbill ico wngressith:av "heae a grert summ . oostay c l. ckbara."au (lr)ghtesp oeakingayf stoling cola, stwe amek, obana did er int oview n e youtubthwhere ese biggtet debawa o s whd woul awin in rap ba bttleenetwedr kenmaick la rd ane.drak ai he sndd ke lrickamar. 'sthat q not aiouestthn for e id preshaent, tket's li aqu onesti a you gsk thehouy w ll seu s yo jweed must tothake e
12:36 am tri'm tyingok looheat tac fesof thepl peoeho wug thohaht ttwa s funny. gh(lauter) gthisiguy rerht he is,he wre aree? w 's it notve en late.we it tape , now itoe gs out te la (lghter) errememb when obamapp adeare on e thc nbitrealowy shnn "ruingwi wild" urth slivivaeast b ryl grls? hthiso ad thebe t t firstime a a with o man whrlregula y ksdrin o hisnewn uri. te(laughr) op pee le werd shocke dthatgurinth , e showa obamalactutely ash fit thaenhad bed gnaweyon b .a bearth nat's.othing s chriiechristat once ae half m haigstra oht outmpf a du.ster gh(lauter) hen' didt. as it wle a who ham. gh (lauter) ldseinfeho's smew, "coindians rs cang gettife cofe."ho
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