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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 20, 2016 2:12am-4:00am PST

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ali reanly w st toy ee mlyfami an bd beinack l theofand thefr ee.>> a howoure yli feeoung yf rsel icphys nallyow?>> ht rig, noweli feat gre .ha i o ve s emuchy.nerg iliked, sais, thiee i fivl ale r fofithe tirst me.>> or rep hter:isis s atersre wi imth he hererin g.many hebut an is s xioueeto s hisfa ithere n th wu.s.s ho itoo l ilrato tvel. dofreeysm sama hekstti, ill fe suels l.rrea s >>ofort ep accthted fae ct at thas i wng goibe to nd speing n tes yearriin s thia was risurpse. ey tht jus ocameorne m aningnd sa paid "ouck yinr thgs."di u d yoevbelieme th? o,>> nol absy utelnot.>> or rep bter:t ut itrwas jd inhoust heurs o wasn a is swves gontrnme. jet s >> a asoon gs weutot o of an iraiian , rspaceamthe che pagn lebottres wepe popd.>> te repormar: hekfoti, rmerma anrine, vd highrialue pr sonesp 4 ent a and yhalf iearsn ir ean'sprvin iisonndn consitioth jud unst.
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nemariels, fmalow s rine.downan red the tapu otionmaf the rine rp cos. riso i tbeed my yst to,w,ou kno y keep mp.head u or>> repcoter: sirtt, amti hekma e knew hrecould n ly oorsuppt om frn withilithe mibutary, t he thwas edrillls and atto a lile hu whmbled e en hovdiscowered h ny ma p othere eoplfrosom acr s s.the and ae und thworld ha obve lo bied tethelp s him ee fr. li >> e pzabethinalmer ny germa tfor thz.ks, li> >>fimatch wxingnoill t be ra tole tted atr'he yeat s firsgr amand slni tenurs to inamentn liaustraa.of s ficialhamade tuat unusl vow anafter ti inves wgatione as mad icpublsa that r id ovearthe yes so lame p hyershrad tmaown s tche heat tes beh gt hln das er iowfollthing is. ep >> r aorter:e s ththe st
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a about endiffer ot kindf ra .cketgh eient unid ptifiedrslaye et compering thone are is the l t peof suswhcts leo althgedly rew hematcs. isthat lcot was edmpilan by ve inivstigat we unitithin ciasson atioenof ts niof pralessionles and o aked t the an bbc fed owp ackn tledgesheir st inveioigatscn di roveredigged ma s tcheg goin yback.ears ecbut exe utivrmchaihran cis e kermodinstsiths e erbehas en no -u coverp.>> s tennivehas in osted$1ver 4 n millioreto adds ss thiofissue co tirrupon.d ancoit is lynstant beingre .viewed>> te reporldr: worr numbeone, no djvak icokovhe says was reoffe00d $2 i,00007n 20 to w throt a firsmaround intch .russia>> as i wro appd acheh througpe toplerehat weng workime with t atmehat ti. w they tere myeam. of and e, course we, witthrew ay awht rigy. awadj icokove madmi$21 lallion st . year otennislsfficiaos say mhet of t
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th mwingesatch . ajvast mhaority ave notl nd wilno dt beplisciecined bheause t ir d allegeesoffenspl took ace be n fore aoranti-cn ruptiorule tawas esheblisd 200 e sinc, 2010atthe ipp disclined p18eoinple includlig a mefeti n bafifor lave p.yers ononee f ths namehein t report enhas bee madicpubl t whichop ra yenk pla irs saysts a miake.>> ld i woue loveato hr names.en thas at les t it iteconcre uf stf.u yotucan acebally douate ab t it. ep >> r borter: tecause ahe thetp no its w t a laemenforcagent ency i itmis li ited indets evince ga g therinieabilits.ot scnvt, igaestinttors iederview s playertnand wianesses d edanalyzti betndng a phone trecordveo uncofor the laul py. d >>ahon dr,leha ts.nk > >>tathe n x maa has inwarng e therneare sew ca ts ofhe uimosqorto boln vi lenced inketo e d thpusun otsa n show. e thvecbs "o nrnightilews" w l bet righback. to k, woryo with u. ito 's tacy.tuesda yo nu'reomot oki toex mucinhe to etlp g rid m ofsyy mucust rioh, thght 'len iinl swbyg i nkeliou 4 hrs. etforg t the!acos
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odi'm goay all d. itwa! osyour ls. wa i ins goeag to wmbr a sorero. ly onex mucin b has ari-layebl tat et tha fstartsast, an s d keepg.workin nnot 4,buot 6, ult 12 fs.l hour st e art th.relief h ditcmithe sery. enlet's .d this th ree mo m youove mothe re s youweat de 'sgreeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epu yoesfrwih veth eovry me. it as hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te.. .. r .oadheg int outhfor ghe nit. ti monsonseroe, piotect kn toeep you ngmovi. de eegr, onit wet't l d youown. da tocay you ven do egrythin us in jclt one ick, enev kureep yot toileea cln frand esh. tr ininoducg lyclsol geick l. cl ick it in to oy enjan clesh freness e with very h.flus so lyl.
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nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel. e its nhanceodmy bnay's turaltumoisre cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an kwhen ie'now shels feing tliket,ha esit makel me fewe like 're ..both. enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor d anjoi eny it.
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to llday, ireinois tportedwo napregomnt wteen tessid po tivefo kar zius vir. s zika iittransmbyted tomosquindes ake linird to bth s.defectbo enth womac contr oted itutsideth tre couny. l justekast we f the uirst.s. o casebyf a baec infinted the mb woep was rinorted ai hawi. otthat md her haedtravel from br .azil
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thday wini a warm ng frothe s. ird an ohere'ss ur krieavan clve. ou >> yto need he pay tna interl re e venue.servic ep >> r torter:m he sca swilltart a witht threaomfrom se e on ngclaimi t to be dhe irsanemngdi mo >> d i neetoyou - pay- r >>teepor0,r: 1to000 00 12,0 s callrtrepoveed eeery w k.on amosg thcee reg ivin cone,bs ne usws j cticesporrentondef jef espegu . i >>ul shot d no csend a theck o e thirs. o >> n asir, pt thisn oint itime edyou nemp to cohelete t edprocouure e tsidheof t ur cosethouat, thth is ase reon. s >> toon ast hey ge tyou onhe phtelethone hrey tn eateyou.
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ntpartme. s he iurfeata ed in a new psle reodased tay.>> i fraudals re .ng haon up ud fra.>> or rep wter:ngarniut abo the d.frau he>> tes safint th dg to yo so oun' docat get p ught uin it.ha p ng utethe e.lephon r >>r:eportere the ty asur medeparteint recarved nely 90 re0,000 s portrsof i scam ll cae s sincr octobe3.of 201at st lea00 5,0ms victipa have id reout mo$2 than ll6.5 miion.>> do they ren't ca aboutan oythinghather tyin tro ng tin tetimidant you ingo payi them ne mo y. r >>r:eporteip one ts -off i the e phontscall ielf.if ct you adoually on owe m ey, ir the cs willctonta b youy mailrs fi t. egjeff pnfues co hrontedis sc ammer. i >> y thinka ou're rtscam 'rd weg e goinckto tra you wn doav and hare you edrest .. okayyo gou are ting tomeell sodybo to to go b theanank t d ge.cashhe llo? ep >> r aorter:y ctuallngtracki os thlee peopis down son't y. eas o manycaf the e lls arngcomi ofroms.verseaea trassury wab only tele to ll bo us a rut onearecent rest. mscott,viany s ctimasare toked onwire mhrey t wough estern io unr n, oramoneygm. do t n' idot. k >>varis ean clthve, yoank
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lyreal p badwoass rds.>> lc> weomeo tbs cs thi inmorng. >> t nosrainau becse th tat'she de ilra edrsca. o >>hen tro fntin le bdehin me the picole haveir f sedtun esgrenad. t>> whedin is pushing the fl uameshep t hillsidey awam froth wae highy. hi>> ts waso s stdevag,atin ch e.arli h >>ouow y g,doin mom? 'm>> ing doiy? oka h >> yappykiour reds ay. oka>> l thestargerm stor eveitto h unthe siteds.tate us>> je t onheof tan mary s eath l at wil blikelyede lash by y. sand ha >> wout do y t thinknthe coury t in nheexurt fo. years ve>> einrythkeg tangs lohaer tn yo liu ke. d >>u o yok thinaryou e e th st la? p >>blossie. i >>l wilr neveetforg l theast 48 . hours y
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meverninnt is na the d of ss ruia.>> p thederesintf orisy ta,he pr enesid it of aran,hend tme pri stminif er oelisra, eswho do he th heink c is,ieharle? ros g>> iouot y. n >> do, youavon't h.e me mo>> aheng tr feapaand nic pe sopleedteppto up el honp e otanr.he g>>d ooinmornomg fr t thef op o nethe e w onrlwoadd trnte ceer. w >>e e arg goinivto gu e yothe fi lorst t ok aspthe cuectala r s viewhefrom tst tallein build g hein trn westeph hemisere. p >>e eoplysalwa t saylohey ve th faeir ns.bu ert thale res ly ithsomeg insp abecial u out yourand yo>> nd you ae i havribeen fend r foila whe. a>> ikim thinngo s sfar,o go od. el>> wcometo back hi cbs ts rn moing. ai>> i sasd it wng goi t ao be od goor mngni .es >> b.t ever b loven eing oowthe sh . o >> nona e had ybetter ear. a >> iarm st stotruck he be re.e >> wryare ve good.>> tt'haass fant tic. w >> i hill beerere evy day.>> re we'od in go comitpany w h nethis o . a.>> who bs >> c, evy.erybod
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bs>> cth in rne mo sing,alo y' l ep kech wating. be g ginninghoverni t somene s ighborakwill mree a ra joint anappearce.if oo you lrdk towaou the sth, me y,rcur, venus, saturnmars, piand jullter wiup line just fo ben re dawnievery r ght foa mo nth.e thtifirst hame it ippenedn 11ar itand l wilisbe vo ible t the d naus sent eo vidse of a ries e ofnsruption osuthe n, asc shutting o awardrcnd acking bato ur the sface.d an owhatrtn ea th weresehe s folkkithinng?e ths folkchwho 23ose, 1 456 as ontheir asline psword. t itthops r'is yea os listf the ulmost vblnerasse pa. words
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sspardwo.>> vi> the sice pref dent o the ed unitte stae s jowibiden th us om fr wasn.hingto>> co the e hnomyotas gtee n worsfo ar manynsmerica. is re theis a decconnret he? c oralifhenia omre i ce ht rigwh back stere i arted fr om t >>iche rs ardoe and th mertzs ha may enve invrpted caool ka inraoke po a 55 bntiac,ut s jameoncordak has ttoen it the lnext oevel"ln the atate, le ow sh." 's hereph mark .illips pl [ ap ]ause el >> hlo?>> p stoyome if su haveiseen thon ree befo h, manyave. as>> i wri wondeafng if alter l e thesyoyears oku'd loet to me. ep>> r torter:iphe scrstt a eal om fryr the lofics le ade's ga me"hhit ."ello >>. hello>> t whaoudo yw, knoe heris ad e.el co we hauld adve hal it l
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okkaragme se aents sre atuignare urfeate.>> a youoore l fkingriine ght no w. ouserisly. ep>> rr:orte t andathe lonest e t withhe hstotteng thipo in p si mus c hamebecout abo the eshottint th tg onebhe w. o >> dmiyou f nd iiswe ltoten c? musi h , elloyocan aru he me r >>teepororr: cs don'bocar rne nv cotiersandon aon crowiing th ad haele t s sew a nerdreco .mo ren thail45 m hlions it in le tssn hawea .ek>> t thaamwas g.azin ep>> rr:orte d whyitoes k? wor h ellom froouthe e tsid le at i ast secan e ep>> rr:ortebe mayau becse ngsig inonaling c a iarwhs atpe dopleo. cwhat bouldtte behaer tn si g nging alon pwithe eopl like el ade. b forinreakurg yort hea no i ku w yo mlovee >> or rep oter:str juin.or
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lo as s ng aowi kn r >>teeporher: tpo cararol kaokewa e s onheof ta ideoncord hadwh e en hplwas nganni s thea how ayearhego wwan a lolk aheng t r riveedshowwa he res ala ady lapopuowr shin busfiess igure n it brain. he>> tcoy ree gnizme. d >> ton'tnkhi is t wamefor . fmoreheor ter cama. r >>orep iter:wat r s fohim. d anpothe ripulaeety so ms thavest wiuck imth h. >> ry eve a nowhend t yn inour re caerre theon is ine thewg, f fa and r eebetw mn inospet leop 'ser caree s wheralcritic ly andau cedien, s go you ow? >> te reporber: mays it wa the in rappelg adate th45 made n millio gpeopleano wow d ticounng.rk maip phill ns, cbsonews, l don.nd >> at' thae s thig"overn ht " newsisfor thsd mer sou of yowsthe ne rsr otheck chek bac uwitha s li itttle b f laterheor tng mornine ndws as "cb mthisngorni." om fr b thecaroadenst cinter new york i city,'mtt scoy. pelle e >> w bhaveinreakwsg ne this s g.mornin
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is .is i >>lintele genccioffiblals ame co smmonphmarton fe apps or lpheg ine thrrteisor.ts nn>> aerouncth: iisths cb "s er ovnenight ws."> >>e welcom oto thehtvernig ws ne.i' chm mi meller.ille es prot lts ands awsuitin ig michr an oveisthe poaton wer is crisin in flt. tt embaveled go rrnorsnick yder ke asr d focepatiene in thst -tate-oftehe-stass addre where eihe unvprled aloposros to pvide th healce servis toan kids dev prwaent shter iutoffslef peopde otcide ny to pabitheir ilanwhthe mae ofyor nt fli wasin hi waslongton g okinrefor mo de feheral a rian hdiazheas try sto. ep>> rr:ortey tonadpallaneno d s hi wwifeamere huong dsndre to ar bobuded ses. w >>e e arafall edfect andin edfect.
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s. r >>teeport r: istall d artein ap 20ril n 14 wheswflint itchedfr room dett it watattire wer fr heom tnt flier rivsa to ve mo ney. in with r weekstsesiden beganmp cog laininheabut tll sme, st taape and cepearan.a lyear taterithe cuny fod htsliglely ed vate lleads evelinth tee wasar but reid theo was n e causalfor arm. ithenptn ser,embero a gf up o ct dofoors thund mbe nuf er o drchiliten wngh das erou lead ve leadls hbl doued.ea lealnn w ntersicothyed pl sica d anlodeventpmeal la den ys ikiher ds.>> we we olre t td bytahe ste nu itrse ju is fst a.qew i. tspoin. t noenthe td oforhe wld.>> or rep dter:onr. mnna haas at lticaheed tdy stu on il ch.dren w >>yohen rsu fitht saw e ltresu ys ofstour udy. wwhatthent h roug myourind?>> hi i ty nk mdrjaw d.oppe cohow weuld th do is? wwhatisas dg turbin wwas it as ev prblenti e. or>> repivter: f ae dayserfter hst waudy les reovased griernor ck
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ic publt ly iarappe ls thatead ve leouls clde big hher or have in secread.a lweek haterlle caored fnt flito ck go bae to tht detroiwater sy .stemin be decemgor the 'svernor task rc foase blthted rte depaf ment ovi entaronmenitl qualy.wh erich ovatsees w er.e th ftaskaiorce slad compints etwere mag with sigresve di sasmisell, bemittlanent d mp atteo ts trediscthdit e in dudiviinals tday,ovhe gr ernod askee stat sllegis ator$2for mi8.5 n llioto fopay ter wattr bo ules,depgras to ch sl oongplumbid , an even asc syhool pischologelt to hp with ve detalopmens.l need ta the ngx filin seasoguhas ben. sc rsamme b arengurnith up e liphone sines pos ng aagirs ents ng tryip to riofyou f. rchiphaeid e s thstthe frory oms irquheadrsartewa in gtshinon. ep>> rr:ortece sinfi we torst ld
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nupeer of onople c btactedy scthe rsamme a hast lmosletrip d n toy earllla miion.>> i thes rs iincall?g meis s thialfor re ?ep >> rr:orte t theurreas y medepartaynt todd issuethis pu erblic snnvice aenouncemt to wa axrn tyepabors ahout pne sc wammersimho cla i to bers tsagen. h >> oang upd.n frau>> or repte ar:ep dy utspintoecr ge rane tl aturreasicy whh ov eserse i thers.wh e o arpethe mopleg akine thesca lls? >>ru just cthlesslsrimina. eyand thy reallt don' acare boutle oney dth't, oney dar't ce ou abytt an ohing tthertrhan yingto im inte idatinyou ayto ping th onem mey. or>> reporter: nolth carina st pakaor al ldden tost us la ye hear s s wasedo scar he 'tcouldn s thinkt.traigh tait s wrtedh it tthistehreaning .call el>> dn ay ig callink us bacmay d eno up intl a lega fmatteror yo u.
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s >> thin woma mgaver e he name d andgbanue .mber tsaidshhat s e warminfomeing at thy the fwereg ilinrra waant r fo amyesrrt. ri a p rrwat anr fouryoes arrt? es>> frr tax aud. ep>> rr:ortedi he t d noevbelie h heonad dyte an whing.rong thbut ake steres wo e to.high , so toverexhe nvet seurn hos, m heltade muitiple whdlsrawa om fr b ntd se m the toneye o thirs im atpersonthors wiid prepait debca .rd tathe to00l $16,0.d aniskaden ro far fe.m alon m in larchyeast 6,ar, 36000 hpeoplen ad bee bcalledy the am scnomers, w 'sitth more an 0.900,00 mbthe nuvier of whctims o lost ne mos y ha fgonem ro0 3,00to mo n re tha5,000. e and thamtotal oountnef moy st holenaswn grom fro$15 io mill mn tothore 26an $ iomilln.wh hoat stiuld opp peffle os thi a ism? sca t >>iphe t i-offf s, idoyou n't mepay imy diatele you artogoing go il to ja. i thattis the p-off.e thllirs wier neve mak a
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ep >> r iorter:dof you a get lcallthook heat, s sayyou ld shouy simplp.hang un' doa t say .word he if t by callack. u hangn.p agaiby ay the w s thestcam inarted a, indi s it isito profable. e therw are noencall c atersll ou ar wnd theheorld wplre peo e llare capeing hople tere in he ed units. state>> w there mas a uajorowpset d n atunder a theusiatralenn op nn teouis tenrnam t.fa raadel neaal bbyten an un edseedye pla ar inat marhon fi ouve htcr mah. ly on s thed econ itimes n hi ercareda, nad l dimanot t ke ith h rougfithe rorst ofund thegr amand slam tournent. h hegras 14 amand sls. titleme e anwhil osomee f tht biggesna tmes inrthe spoem are dandingto th know mee nath of ose se accuhrd of tmaowing tches. st inves igatoreysay th have id evhaence teat at ltost 16 p s playerritook bombes fr legambrs. pmarkiphillons in ls don ha the ta deils.>> te reporler: whiro the pblem wi nith tenows is hu do yoe prov ngcheatis who i wto sayhy a ll bat wenr long ot who pua vo ntlley ineo the e ill ths reportresay mon thaa pldozen raayers n nked ithe
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d der meeying thth were ece subjt of icsuspetious b ptingrnattes. althe tilegaonves ha shoveredadow o thengpenis dayof e thraaust olianpen. fithe strst n op oistennan' gr d am slr. tou ha>> tbat's bvd, olyious if me sog thinbehas oien o yobut peu hot, thaw kno that - it's -liin pubatc thkn, you ow insomethbeg may g, wille et donab itout .ep >> r torter:mehe anas of d allegerscheateno have t been sedisclothd but rte repoeds leakto b thendbc aee buzzfd are se baocd on d tumentsenhat idtifymo n re thaye70 plapers suscted t ofg hrowinhematc s.wh but ayich pl ers.ul i wo td look to hearamhe loar to he. namesth t en at leass it ireconcte f.stufyo n u catedebaut abo it. ep>> rr:orte c thegrore ofoup gealled cs heaterpois comsed
2:35 am
am chs.pionga ngmblidi syns cateusin rsia aland it ry havedleporte y made nebig molay by puscing soupicis ts beto at nturnameuds incling wi dombled n anenthe ope en>> tinnis ittegrity un and nn teutis atihoribses aeloluty re ajectugny siogestatn th ev ceidenma of fitch hxingas en bepr supfoessed rer any ason. ep >> rr:orte t theennis rr co puption solice,edo-call nn teegis intnirity utht say ey akhave tcien disarplintiy acon 8 in 1s caseudinclbaing g nnin p five alayers ond onel fficia li for fe.he ot hrsavmie ad btted eing pr apedoachth to marow s.tcheev wen the norldr umbeone.wh waen he ss justg tartinout. i >>pp was ad roacheh,throug i nomean, ert me pnaso tlly,hroughop pet le thaorwere w wkingmeith at ti that me. rsof couthe, we arew itway t righ.away u yo'tdidnn evetoget me.>> or rep dter:vijokoysc sa the r offefowas ugr ro$2hly 0000,0
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sm [c coough, ugh]mi neke? jat? ifcough an you cme hear . t don'hieven tutnk abo it. ok i toex mucinfo dm r my gmphleh.y coug .byeah..t ut what aboumike? h hehaas ty t drhyscratcin thg g goinon. gu atess wh? orit whiks on h s cougtoo. cough!s gues what?orit whiks on h s cougtoo. stwhat? op!n'dollt pue! m sp r oilet!aler sh n'e doesket ma it! m only ducinexm re blievesweothdrt and hsy coug 1 fors2 hour wowith tin medicones in .e pill st thart efe reli. h ditce thrymise.
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
err wattl botgres, upade to bi plum sng andchool ho psyc.logist >>adarian, diaznk tha you.> >>leadso poining isec espially lharmfu told chiren andt i is ir rsreveible.dr n. jooo lap hkasor men o isth.>> or rep tter:arhe p oentsf drchil ien ninflt, anmichig, ha dve goon reasoe to b ieworrd. re>> the is rlea dranget thahe t ryinju g isoing to be pneermant andel lifong in emth. e th drocto isle gan of glloba al heth at mount sinai school of me dicinein studyg theff efects o ad lein sce the '7s.0>> ro the perblem hse i noel lev of ea ld is fesa.en evow l lsevelf o lead, pe eslycial if exsupoe reresuti connues er ovth monils wl leado tin bra idamageen som poexsed. ep>> r eorter: cxposednhildre ar e atk risor f abe numfr o pr ,oblemser low i.q. ,scores pmdevelo dentalelays and ha
3:01 am
cthyperaivity sodi.rderen ever aftd leaxp eeosur s,stop th ece effants cas lt forea yrs or n eve be peenrmant. f inlint chmi, iganall chaenge wi ell bif ident wyinghich ch drilreen a atis r aknd then tr ngacki f them yorears for en evid ce of.injury he >> tldse chireren ang goi to benj iorured f e ey'rtogoing re need medial ed ioucatn, etiducaonal ch enriment raprogms,re the are wkids bho mayere pedvent from fu onncti ting atulheir fl.l leve ep >> r torter:rehere a nono kwn tdrugsoev rerseir envalonment gedamase caudy b adle. he a trapy can remove leadro fm dythe bo s, buto f iart has not h been ielpfulnat treinghe t vi beharoral o ngieurolocal le probsems cau d byadle. >>r. d jon u,ank yo t >>he waterri csis in flint il sp ilednto there pntsideial ca gnmpai .d ancy nande corsas h that.>> it is a c rivils ighte.issu r >>teeporr:il hrylant clion testaroud sgndin the alarmas l t ek we sngendi two tidop a teo
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
he tup sremert couul ree rul a on doshowwnen betwede presint am oba and recongss. in 1420, mr. obamay bd passe ng condress ad issuect aionst tha shwould ilield m olionsfal illeg grimmi fantsromta deportionh suc ar as pfents ore childnn bor in e thd unite.states co the ilurt wlec dyide br summe wh rethe p thentreside epoverstisped h power.> >>theme aricansre fed in a is pr soner wwapithra iven ha notst d oppeinsmilg. da toy, "wathe gtshinoson pt" asreleided vfeo oep rrorteas jon n rezaiagsharingh lausr ove an te in rnetdevio. andr forme. u.s ,marine amir km hearati shised hht thoug osn be eeing frd.he b hadeente arresd on agespionche arges.wh ileit visising ham fily in an zme palr at the u.s. marility sphoalit in ndlal,stuher g manywh there eme forrri prssonee wer gbein eatrted.>> or rep mter:ngeeti rtrepoers, hamirtiekmake loodel r aaxednd thhealy.>> op i hoe t geet hom .sooni lyrealt wan toee s my fyamil
3:06 am
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3:07 am
ed thut repnatiof ohe t mearin corps. so i tried myes bt ,toou y ,knowke hep myead up. r >>teeporscr: ott,he amir kmatikn cew heouldy reln o srtuppo fr itom w thinhe rymilita, bute hwa lls thri aed and also little hu mbled when heco dis hveredow ma erny othe peopl a fromcross th ae u.s.ndun arod the world haveob l tbiedoel hp set him fr ee. za>> elibethal pmer iner g many us for nitoght. , thanksliz. ma ftchgixin willot n be tetolerahed at t year'sst fir d gran tslamennisou tenrnamnt i liaustraa. cioffideals ma that usunual vow te afr anes invontigati was made pu tblicaihat sdve or the years so me playersad hhr town matches t athet behesf o garsmble. ddonr ahleis fwiollong .this ep>> rr:orteth as ee th au anstrali openbe gan,k talas w ab out a dntiffere kind of etrack. t eighenunidtified prslaye mp cog etine ther oaren the list s ofsuspect who aedllegewly thr s.matcheat tht lisas wle compin d by ain
3:08 am
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3:09 am
stwas eedablish in .2009nc sie ,2010 the atp diniscipl ed pl18 peoedi inclung aet lifime foban ver fi ayplers. ne noth of ame nnes i the rtepor s haadbeen meub plichi wch top larank payyers ss i a akmiste. w >> iould love toea hr names.en thea at ltst i is ceoncret st uff.yo u canct aually datebebo aut it. ep >> rr:orteau bec tse thephe at tits no l aaw enenforcemtnc agey s it i ledimit itsn i eevidenc er gathing abieilits. t, scot itinvesgatorsin wetervied s player wandesitness and edanalyzti betng and phone co re rd toveuncoher tou fl pl.ay>> don hldaer, thksan. > >>the tax manas h ani warng ou abet th arere ewe n casesf o the tomosquior bnle vionce l tinkedort bih efs.fectan sd theutun p osn a se cb e therloare a ift of dntfere s kindkyof yuc. germs bu alt not l si dingnfecti.. wipes. e arovapprkied to thll e sabeme num tr ofhem. so lysl wipe apare proved k toreill mo petyers of gms an thx. cloro
3:10 am
l lyso.that erwe wloe bew ththe 88th soupaern .rallel hweraad tveled ovfor 50er 8es mil. enmy mve driarn neadly mm fro st tiarvandon ast frobite. to weday ak me orhisty. >> vebiens!nido we e lcomheto tth soue! pol if 'r yourae do e ther,xplore ex you e.plor wit'syohat .u do wh >>ooat tu k yoonso lg? if w youtoant e sav fi pefteen orrcent more on ns car iceuran, yo itu swgech to ico. 's itt whadoyou . yo>>d u diyait, y! nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... it as's er y foseme cauat look r. he aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel. e its nhanceodmy bnay's turaltumoisre cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an kwhen ishnow fee's gelinli hake tt, esit makel me fewe like 're ..both. enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor d anjoi eny it.
3:11 am
so a how ydoing?gh enouss preinure fo here r ya?ug sih. my s nusellare me ah yet ...jus 'wait htil weteit oun theesand ft. i' a m gonnuctake m inexs-sinumax. o towelate, ab're out to otakeff. th e esoldissasve ft. e they'rlinew elquid gs. d an cyou'reomthing wi me... , waitwhat?! re you e alizvei haol gatd st?us i do g still met the?iles mu new xcine sis-nulimax idqus. gel ssdis olvestfa nlto ushea s maxgttren h di mecine. thstart efe reli. thditch see miry.
3:12 am
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3:13 am
ee you nod t p tayhena interl ve renue e.servic>> te repor sr: theilcam wrtl stawi hrth a teat frome som one mi claio ng thebe t irsem dandingmo ney. >> i need youo tay p- - ep >> rr:orte 10,000o t ,01200 ll caors repevted thong oseec reiving one, cbs newsti jusrece corntsponde jeff pe gues.>> ho i suld notd sen ahe cck to e thirs. o >> nsir, ats thi point in time u yo tneedopl comete the oc pre eduridoutsfe o the oucourththse, sat i theonreas. s >>asoon he tety g you o tnhe ph teleeyone thhr teaten you. ep >> r worter:heith tre tasury de mepartnt. i hesre featud in aew n psa le re asedtoday. f >> iraudres al. uhangnp o d.frau>> or rep wter:ngarnibo a tuthe fr aud. he >> tt safesng thio to d soou y gedon't htt caug up in it. phang u the teonlephe. ep >> r torter:he tyreasur rtdepa rmentdeceiverl neay 0, 90re000 s portof irsca sm ll cains s oceerctobf o least5,000ti vicems havai pd moutoreha tn 5$26. llmiion.
3:14 am
hianytthng ohaer tryn t tingo in datimioute ypa into heying tm y. mone r >>r:eporte t oneffip-ohe is t e phonitcall .self ouif yua act dllyo owe money, e thir wsill contactou y byl mai first. jeffpeguesfr con hontedis r.scamme>> hi i tnkou y're s acam wde're gooing tra tck you wn doav and he you ar.rested . okay u yogoare ting to ellbosome dy toto go thek bant and o?hell>> te reporuar: actllyra tgckin th ose people down't isn so easy.ny mahe of t calls arein comg fr om asoverse.ea trassury w a onlyoble t tell bous autne ot recen mott, vanyictims aresk aed to wireey mon through western un ion, or moraneygm. don't do it. ri>> kn s vaveclea, t yhankou ry vemu ch.a
3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
y nearllla miion. t>> heirs isli calng me? hiis ts for ?real r >>teeporher: t turreasy rt depa tmentodayss iued this pu sblicceervi aemnnouncoent t warn trsaxpaye aboutne pho amschomers w t claimeo b irs ag ents. h >>pang u on>> or rep ater:ep dutyct inspeor ragenetl aas tre wuryhich ov eserse theirs.wh eo ar the peeoplin makheg t se ll cas? j>>ustut rshles hed teay rlly't done carbo autpe .opleth doey tn't, dheyon'te car t abouin anytherg oth thang tryin tont ie imidatyou i pntoaying them nemoy.>> or rep nter: corthinarola st palor a kadend tol ust las ar ye she was soca sered h dn coulhi't tstnk .raight it sedtarth wit thishr tnieateng .call>> delay in clialngs uac bk may d enp unt io a legal matter f oru. yo or>> repeter: hal did cl ckba. hi >> tsan womav g mee heram ne ba and dge number. t said shathe was foinrming me at thy the w feregilin a warrant fo
3:26 am
p riara wrant forr you rearst? >>s.yefo rax t fraud.>> ep rr:ortedi he nd botieelve h heonad de athnygin onwrg. t bueth sketa wseeroo t ghhi. so , orvehe t nt exvesen s,hour adhe me mplultieit wlshdrawa om fr his nkba. d an tsentheon mo ey tirthe s pe imorrsonat wsithid prepait debca rd. the total 6,$1000.d ankaden isar fro fm ch mart las ,year 366,000 pe adople h beenle calyd bhe t mescamwrs, no 'site morthan 0.900,00 n therumbe ofti vicms who lost mo hney gasonem fro 3,000 to re mo than5, hed tot talmo aunt of money ol sten has grownm fro 5$1 mi n lliotoe morha tn $26 iomilln. swhatdhoul p tipeeoplff o this a issc am? he>> tip t-off ,isf iou y don't y paed immlyiate a youreoi gng togo o t jail. sthat i the oftip-f. the irs will nevere mak a te e lephon lcallook atth. ep >> r iorter:ouf y g doet a ca
3:27 am
sould himplyang up. sadon't y a .word he if tly cal back.ha png uai agn. t byhe way the scamta s irtedn di inisa, it so ofpr.itableth eere ar now call centersll a nd arouor the wreld wheeo pple ar ine callplg peoee her inhe t it unteed stas. t >> whereas a major seup dtown de unr athe tus antraliape on te nnis natour.ment elrafa nadalea bten byn a se uneded prlayen i aar mn atho hfive ourmatch.on hely tec sond timen i his ercare, lnadaid d not maket i ro ththugh festirou rnd of the gr sland am tonturname. h heas 14 grand slam .titles an mee whilfsome o theig bgest me nahes in t a sportrean demding k tohenow tam ne ofse tho ac ofcused in throwg inorstigatays sy the have ev tidencehat at 1 least6 top pl toayers oks bribe from le gambrs.rk mahi pllipsn in londo hashe t de s.tail r >>r:eporte t whileheem probl th wini tenows is ho dou y prove ti chea ing whoos t say why a enball wt o longrho wut p a vo ntlley i o
3:28 am
daozen playersd ranke inhe t p to50 rlyegularos ltes match un dder od cistrcums.ance inmean wg theyeere th subjectf o icsusp bious pettings.attern thell aioegatnse hav ov adersh towedhe ongpenis dayof the aalustrian enop. e th f sirsttop on te' nnisdgran am slur to. >>'sthat bad, ousbviofly i thsomehaing ens beng goi on.bu u t yo thopehat,no kwt tha it 's- -n i tpublic yhat,noou kwso inmethyg ma be,l wil geton de ab itout . r >>teeporher: t esanam of al ledgehe cerats have n boteen sc did loseebut thts reporea lked t tohe bbc and edbuzzfere a se bad on dtsocumenha ttif identymo n re tha70rs playect suspeed of in throwg hematcs.bu ht whic s.playeri ld wouk looeato hr the name. olove t hearmenas. athenast lett i iscr con ete f.stuf cayou ebn date about .it r >>r:eporteor the cupe gro of gealle cdatheser ise comed pos of
3:29 am
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3:30 am
k tan air fstnd rouch matn i ru smyndon ase i u wd to tatchhere rpd cahoet sn ws o tvw,no w i'mngalkim. theif le unis tapredicble on g e thini neo ed tprbe taedicisble be to ke flae. fre e becaus ui havehesed ad andldshoufoers yr 20.ears rusedlyegular, ovit remp es u10to f 0% oesflak ke inepu g yootprteecd ev weery , ekevmoery nth, y everyear yo adu re?y ma ysalwa li ifes edunprblictae,o sem britace ! aheadhond srsuldeve. li f lakeeefrif for le yo eaur hesrt lov-3 omegas.bu e t tha-omegfi3s in shl oi fdifferrom ga mekrred oiill l. li uniske foih arl, meg ed ilis easrby absoed r by youbody. me gared. th ere diff ience s o easy t.absorb el(cphl e onrings) e wheryoare u? twellquhe sir arelsacre bink tt the aic.
3:31 am
yo dur wadalon't cexl an attermin.or.. cacan i yllacou b?k, mom sheayits p'ssoerlnath imis te... if e you'rm,a mo llyou cae at thworstit .me it w'st hau yifanou wtot e sav ft fipeeen rc ment orore c onurar insance, u yo tswitchico geo. 's ityo what u .do e wheryoare u? erit's v ty loudhere.
3:32 am
>> om> by se teestimas, 80% of l alseprocess,d food ce reals, baby ulformas, c sannedoupsnd a onmore ctain a lteast one gmo. ne gellticaify modied gaornism.bu het whetr gmos aree saf and et wheyher thul shod bed listen o lathe asbel hch toued off a tt biooer fd ghfit. rr bayet pnerso reports. ep >> ror ter:dalen pesrry' pa yapaar f om tnheig ban isld of wa haayii m a be bit off the at beaten pth buck sma t inhe mi ddle of aor wldwideat debe onabout fe o 'slife iaessentls.e th fveryood we eat.s hiap payasik let almosll a of th noose oww grnn o theig b la isrend a canetimolly eddifi gaors.nismm
3:33 am
t i ?safe s>> you cay, i'n beein eatgit . k my hids baveeeng eatinorit f y 20 nearsow. >>te reporyer: 20 goars a the i bigslanday papaus indadtry h been th.riving ergrowers wein shippg 60il mlion un pofds oay papas a year. t buthenec instsan begdi spreang aas devtating virusle caldg rin ot sp toea nrlyve eryay papa tree heon t is.landin bo authr tee s,yearhe tes tre we readde. ds fiel were enbarr. th e iusndytrit lalerlyed wip ou t. t bua hiaawaiorn bnla pnt ap isologt dsenni olgonsvn i new cyorkame to the ueresc. e>> w a hadhn tecyologha t tco heuld lpel devop a virus stresiant yapapa. r>>orepr:telo aitng w ahea tm
3:34 am
ofen getic ooey tk adnaan strd f tromhe ctdestruiveap payair vndus a rtinseted io int the dnaf o a pa pad.ya see justth as wici a vacorne f a hu heman, tap payasec bame immuneto in r gspot.on e ofin the falld fie testsas w onsperry' farmn i 1997. in these osphot y,ouan cee s the a deadndis deasedre tes su ndrrouinghe tea hlthy ne gellticay erengineed trees.>> and it grew tibeauful. luabsotely befuautil. an evd en to this day,he tre has obeen nbr neakdow of recesistan. r >>r:eporte todayri amecan er farmws grobo autdi 10 t fferen rogmo cpsnc idilung moren tha a92% ofllor cn and soy. amostrein engdeere toar wd off se inorcts o tes rist we iled-klingbi herscide or
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icamat rallyeeducec insdetici us d e anwhen theypr s fayor we eds,he tbi hercideon w'til kl th eir crs.op osand mtf os uat e ogms every inday ce prossedoo fds like soda, alcere, s,chipnd a sechee. and in ernovemb, snalmo jneoid the list. sit iet geniclyal einngreee tdo growerfast.d an there areor me foods in the li pipene. thamong em, a anpeut,it whout e th toxinha tt terriggsea ddly al tnanas,nhe maie sourc ofd foo r foed hundrs ofon millis of ri afthcans, ldat wou beecom im tmuneo deais nsesow madeci tting chose.rops >> llhe, ,no o!gm r >>teepor sr:gio alven l,that wh ey aro san myeo ppl seo owe d poseto gmos?
3:36 am
s o ha lbeenngooki at th ese, fouse mer so dedecas, i am eaincr csingrnoncet ed atheay w orcorpnsatioe havedgaine mor moand onre c atrolndnf iceluen ov urer od foo sy.stem r >>teeporher: sa is en sior isscientest at pdeticict aion tw neork. tigeneycall erengineedd see are on respfosible r anno es rmouin secrea t inhe use of icpest pidesririmaly icherb.ides ed we kis.ller op peavle hhee a yalthke sispticm toor ctiporaonsli telng ust tha th peirctrodues arer plyfect fe sa. h weave seen thath wit ddt and cc tobaro foex ample. or>> repte lr: afot o the op tiposioon t gmosir dteecd at eth rlwosd' lgearstea st mpcoy,an mons.anto theen scitistay sshe s is bltrouhaed thet wnme farrsuy b icherbe-idstresiant o gm seed fromanmonstore they'd locke to in uarsing lge qieuantitfs o anmonsroto pdduceer hdebicis a ll we.
3:37 am
erfarmos wh buy anmonsto's ntpateed gmoee sdst musn sig an re agtemenmi prosing that they ll wi t usehemor f only one rv haorest be sued.fa srmere have dons thice sinhe tbe g ginninof rmfaing. ey thse raiir the s.crop t saveheir ses.ed pland tant them nheext p whyushar f nmersot to anrepledt sets tha areen patted by nsmooaint from this yearo t neyext ar?>> s we apendli bil aon hnd aalf ardoll ys a oearnes rhearc and ve deenlopmd t ane ther tneedeo bso ayme w ofin seeget a rurn on .that>> or rep hter: gugh iranthets t o ce of anmonsto. ayhe ss ifar fmers want to take ei thusr bsinesls ereewhey the phaveylentf o ops.tion he>> twe gror has verytl lite ya loltery, v lyeittlro f tmhe pbestblossied seet tharo psduceth ese bt pblossie opcr. r >>teeporhor: trose creps a ingettarg hder to cmeonsus say they dentt wan os
3:38 am
an>> i wto t saoy, n to gmo. yeand o s tthhealody fos.>> h weave node ia what po l tentiahealthom catplicions is arome frin eatgts dieht ric ingm os.>> te repor ar: sndomeom cespani are tireacng. lechipot, hey,rshend aho wle od foavs, hre ol wiln sooan b or re irquthe eel labfling oll a ogms. th bie qgstuenio is --s i allf o is thr fea iejustifd? >>es rheearcrers a onlyt jus nnbegitoing es invtetiga the ri myfad oot palenti asedver thheal feefcts. ep>> rr:ortee lik atwh? f >> romogms. theue iss is we davon't he the erlong tmep indntendetu sodies t a be tbleo answer these es qutions y.full ep >> r aorter:snd thits ihe t gr eat vidide. s poll show%57f o ansmerica k thin gmos areun safeo t eat. co but tnsiderhis.% 88 ofen scitists y,sa gmos are sa fe.
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ni orgas,zation amok them, anamerical medic atassoci ion,e thld worea hlth gaoronnizati ,d an theat nlionaca amydef o ie sc, nces sallay hsundred of peerie revwedtu sdies irconfm, o gms poseo nan dtoger lt heah.a t plantigeneancist, der h sb huisand ati cerfiedic organ rm faer.>> te repor ar: hasny studywn sho en ev asuc mh as one pnerso who eehas bnar hmed ord die from ng eati t food whatasen glyetical ne engiered? he >> tre is not a seingl an instf ce o tharmo humanea hlth or tnvhe emeironsint ung ge canetiyllng ereineed crops.>> or rep ster:oihe p ontshaut tt fa errmhas bveneeic genetally ri altedng foo forho tanusdsf o ye uarssinghn tecsique like gr
3:40 am
t ok a fcornor plexame.>> this is mnoderet swe sis i theie ancntnc aresto of de morn .cornth is corn pcerodus 010 foldor me tgrainhannt ancie arncesto ic whoth is nse ud wething as eat hee bn erengine ed byrenatu. yt ever whingate eas hee bn ne geyticalled alterng usi human rv inte.ention or>> reptiter: s vll theast tymajori a ofnsmerica say, ogms e arre diffent andd shoule b cl laearly beled.>> ce sin thed foore a not lelabeed, we hav no way to lyrealer asctainha wt arehe t kind of impacts thate peoplre a vi ha ang whoresu conming ogms d an wthoseho are amicavans hige a rht tow kno swhat ir in ou igd a rht tow kno how it has beengrown. r >>teeporndr: a sheas hn a li unkely .allyth e oce of motonsan.>> wvee han beevofor yluntar la inbell qg foruite some time.
3:41 am
tuld ihinkf t iheresne o ancompaty thn' didtt wane peopl h to avegmo on ael lab whenhe ty lk waou thrgh ace grory orste, itwo beuld nsmo.anto i >> af wereng goi to be sp tranarweent ul shoead rlly openup. eto mt thaak mes nssee. ep>> rr:ortet wha o none sp di iutess this. e throconty vers overgmoss i ngcreati an erevgt-lenhening ap pprovalssroce inou cntries ar ound theor wld.ta itke v aminedenrich gnolde ricehi wchou c hldelp 250 ll miilion chhodren w have a so memetiats fal vinitam a de cyficien. >> weav he t hoeav food that is fe wh hasn bee putnt iohe t go lden,rice a pntigme we sdhoul t eayever i dayn otcarrs. ase wos impeul regyator hesurdl at th aotre nce pla odner oth op crans, mily ch adrenyire dng ev daery y. ep>> rr:orteed facit wh cr inngeasi -gantimoub plic op n,inio p theush to ban thems i
3:42 am
er where thse i so muchoo fd tthaob isesity aaj morea hlth suise. th yet eirst bigge in(coughg) co ug dhingptisrus ev neeryoif's le. 's that t why dhere' de 'slsymce advand timele refoase armul he silps colence ughs r fo 1a fulls.2 hour al t.l nigh.. a orayll d. mp>> i mortantessager fontreside50s age 85 to .it wr te downmbhis nowgh rit now, oppe rle arengeceiviis the frerminfokiation tfo anr guarccteed aeeptanc felian insurce rwith ackate logh throu lothe coennial pran progm. ouif y o arexen a fimed inco, ablearn afout abfordlewh liole urfe insanceat thnt guaraurees yo rate necan crver inease anfor asy reon. dif you rid noteceiveur yoma infortion, tcallmbhis nowur yota accep gnce iseeuarantd, o with n tand byn o learmore. i >>le'm aekx treb, o here toutell y about
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a withlo rate ckat th i locks rn yourater folife i sonet can crver inease. yo did tu geyo e ur freatinformt?ion ki n ifplot, ceaseall n thisr umbenow. a thisdafforplble ouan thrgh e thnicolon al penmprogra vehas coptrage oionsfo $r just m9.95 a.onth r youre atocis lked inan ned can uver gop. urand yota accepnceis ra guad,ntee o with n mue how ovch ceeragu yotcan ge stfor ju a $9.95. month ncallowfo fr yourforee iniormatt.n ki nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel.
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cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an kwhen ie'now shels feing tliket,ha akit mfees me e el lik we'rethbo ... enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor d anjoi eny it. tfeelfehe difwirence th k-ytrul.agel >> as> it w y 25ears asgo thi pastnd weeket tha.s bbs t firsrained down on ghbadad.op neratioes dert stormpp wraed up in just sixee wks whenra iqi
3:45 am
da d virtmainoo lksac bk now on these lsonsf ohe t r.wa r >>teepornr: iro rettspeche t rs filft gu waree ssomed si.mple tistaritng whih ts ditefinive at sttemen fromre pntside geeorg h. usw. bouh fr days after smadda eihussnnv iaded itkuwa. t >> whisill not std,an tshi esaggr asionstgain kuitwa. r >>teeporftr: aer aui bpld-uf o 0, 50000me acari tnopro isnau sdi iaarabes, prt idenbushss idue ethcu exeterd oerha t ttdurne ointofne o m theostop ldside vi iectors inil myitar sthiory. i >> a wasble to gntuaraee pr enesidust bh thate wou wld su d cceeusbecaee thra iqi army s wainsitterg th ke intuwaiik le g a bolfalln oop t of a. tee r >>teeporr: c polinlowel joint ie chfs of afstf. ur>> o sytrateg to goer afthe t my arve is wrst wetill cu it off. wthenlle wil kil it.>> or rep iter: es it gver toingobe t thapl sime n?agai on>> dhi't ttnk i is. s it i lnotechah ttit wh a ng si wle guynith a army easyo t .defeat>>
3:46 am
orm cedreat reuntialisc ctexpen atioutas bt whait milary rc foe n?ca>> ma it vey hath in nde mi of me n' did mt iny .mind i untodersheod tur natfe o the hwar,owit limed it s.wa w ittasn' ael modf o whate w can i donry eve other ctonflict tha co mes along. r >>teeporicr: v itory tnhe fdesertdollowe by parades.a newio bgraphy ofre pntside sh bute quoss hi diary as sgayin av"i hoe n atel"ion. e>> w hadop hedha ttet afz r dert rm sto --es dstert sorm,maddald wou be enweaked, takenn dowr o quit. th datn'id tppha.en th wat aasre g atdin sapienthemt p toderesibunt sh.>> or rep ater:ast lehet t pr enesidait shed tni uteatd stes li mi htaryad flyinal r fisenrom athe oshesf navietm. ouit cigld fht and win aar w asoverse. >>nk tha you, very,er vy much. r >>teeporrer: pntside bush d museisto h diary thater dest st miorm heght elplistabsh a newwo rld deorr. 25but rs yea later it looks moreli
3:47 am
vid inmart, cbs gl reen fy -fco oounderfhe t gl easees pasd away moaynd.he s leaved behin aem rblarkae camusilel .gacy th an mony iasons ouetsid the gh nib tcluines wtol hodlywo li caiafornre whey frend a his ge ley ndarbandes mat got theirst art.>> or repheter: tad troubsour i e whertheag eerles we born, glwhere yen freon cednect w ithdo n henley in 1970 andhe t ie frndipshou w fldmorhe tis bas of f one o theos mtce sucssful anamerics actheof tk roc roas fannt m and -fcoounder of the ,eagles glenre f wyould help ea crnete o ofhe t most di ctstinsoive iundsmen arican mu sic. t aket iy eas t itake y eas >> or rep wter: tithheir blend of
3:48 am
foredourse concutiver numbe on e aslbum andol sd 015il monli rdrecos. e>> we werer susiobo aut the so anngs erd sious about where we ntwa ted to take hendba. t bung alohe t way,e wll reay edrockad and h ad goo .time>> te reporr: ait detro ,native en gl m freyet tasex derrumm don eyhenlne sigd tohe t sameel lab l inan.a. e d th stwooonne joid alind taronsdt's ckbaupan bd as eyhenlem remdberen whe ick spo h toimas ltea yror f bs"cda suny inmorng." wete wand our own ndba, ciespe gallylen. anhe w tteduto p aon bdet togher hthatouad frs guy in it who ul co d allngsi. you c han'tyoide yiur lng eyes oo a rtm a theot hel li caiaforn >> or reporter: fnmed i 19,71he t weaglesouldec bomehe t bes tse g llin obandhef t dedeca.bu
3:49 am
ethesagle broke upn i 8019nd a ercare. he tt hean is o erdespado ep>> rr:orten the in9419, the ea glesitreunited wh theum alb l "heles freez erov." t ewhe n kid in town >> or rep ater:adnd hn bee ur toofing ndf an or eve ncsie. l wilstshe ilvel lo you he wren you'ro not aund ev ste croftke tald tohe t ng sogwritin duon i a 2007 rvinte fiewor 60 s.minute e aruyos guy friends?>> s. ye >>,yeah ahye.>> om catpliced fdsrienphi ie takit ? a >>e littlit b leik hebrotrs. ou>> yw kno were a inin busess ertogeth.we i arehen t sibu,ness weil wl fo berever asedsociat. htwe mig w as gellet g.alon t >> that'she ve"ornight news" for mer so the news
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