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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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11:10 pm
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11:20 pm
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11:21 pm
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11:22 pm
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11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
we balcome lck. itikooks le our la soemr syst h - maya ave andistint cous. o twisscientcats at sl techayth diey've edscoverth a nin iplanetn thr e outes cornerof r ousysolar stem. se res archertesay aflyr near twoye sars of ttudy--vehey ha en evidt ce that a gianetplan is or
11:25 pm
nd beyone neptud ... anmahas a ss te tin mesis the eaze of rth. rethese ersearchfos say e r thla 3 st 1s yearfua handl of as tromons-eran- ofd all theseje obincts swheg in t same iodirectn.dr n". brow c "thatapant' hpen by ce chan w. soewe knhi sometng y funninwas gog on" m manyemay reme ber onheof t nt scie mists--owike brr n-- fo lehis romo in deluting pa to as -planet a aboute decadago. n browlasays pninet asne, 'rtheylle ca, ing itis 5ou thimsand t mes the pass oflutoan 'sd hefi conhadent t at it's p true hlanet.yse sa t nowhat ei thryr theot is ou.tthere.he ntscieopists hmee socaone n lo tcateunhis erdiscovaned "plet " nine awithsp deep ace sc teleope. dr br. n:owwe "no have it seent ye we hait felt av. we he se gen itstiravitanfonal iluence t buenwe havn 't seeit. " stthe laa time wplanetas erdiscov bed was 1ack ind 846 an w that pas thenelanet e.ptun e thesntscie aistsinre hopg on somelle wiab be file to nd lathis p pnet toherove tir
11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:29 pm
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