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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 21, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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nlving l at wilp move uthto souern en new d glanhaand big alow tot.s herein ar the duek bldi shae ng, onto fe two loet, tocal ctals ould edexce f twoofeet wf bellre as thioigets g ng,e' therans a chsece of vere dethunrmrstoews in nns orlea , olpensaca. f on friday, hloridahaas a cnce of s thesestevere orms. f>> two eet. f ericr,ishenk tha you.>>
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bwillghe rickt ba. u yoeajust h ard the pology ic of mn'higaves goicrnor rk yd sner. a thisonfternogo, the vernor s told uisthere si extenve, on g goinintestheg of t lead le ndvels ath we ghout blthe pu ic liwould knke to t ow whathose artests owe shing. he is t i watert n flinsafe today? w >>t e don'o want terconsid it sa otfe, sct. in i the k we'vroseen pingress rm temps of imeroveinnts the r wateti tes bng,ut until it'sen beug thorosthly teed, in gcludin thrtird-pay ve tirificaweon, t waneo pple to as hasume tt tshhey boulde usinglt fi bers or wottled iatere n thin meterim asure.>> ai so, fayr to son you d't ow knth what ce lead iontent s ine thr?wate>> a well,wegain, w don'tant le peopli to be'seve it safe.ex e tensivg testinoiis gn,ng o behas oien gfong on tr someime. weand ee are spring imtsovemen t inerhe waty, supple but wn' do pt wanttoeople believe it's aiaropro te tatdrink th
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ntis poiti in anme, 'sd that i why roam phaud to ve thena gtionalutuard o w thereorking . hard d>> i uon'tannderstyod why u gican't thve us ste lateng testida wta and shat itorhows f the wa inter nt fli. iwhatnus the mber?>> 't i donth have ere numb at to the y p of mf head ovethe ry dlatestata.d anieit varars by pthts of e city.>> ld i wouhi tnkth that e orgovernmi of anchig h wouldave os there numbhes at tf top ohis rmind nightow. nt >> uy'il thea re in e rangthatis de consifered san', i dot tu acanally wett to go intthe su isbye of, c ziporode by et streat, wh ttihe par culars are.>> yo do hu knowy ow manenchildrve hain been jured? o, >> npe not sllcificay. o we dowknow hha many h ve higoo bl ld leadevel is, and n that e rangtawe're prlking lyobab ov ker thd e coulumbe a n ber of rsothe o, many athers,nd so we as're ngsumi's thereh a muc de broaerr univ tse andwhhat's y 'r weine work og hardngn maki re su f we'rewiollop ng uwith argood eldly chihood rvinteonentiers, intnsventio du lering ey mentar, schooland l we'lkibe loocang at re for onyears to this su make wree'refo
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g llowinugthroo h, tt do whawe to can y reallurmake sese the ki ids gets ssueesaddrsed.>> et l'sai be whwr went tong inhe rt depa omentvif entaronmenl it qualy?>> we they tre tooicechnal. ey thwe folloted-- li- rally-the ru les. dtheyt idn'ouuse enmogh comn e,sensy to saitin a s uation tlike this,hohere s muld beore as methures, ouere she ld b morenc condern, as it hatoled s thi ib terrgele trat dy tharri'm soy fo ir, butng'm goix. to fi th>> if s e pipehothroug ut theci cty ared,orrodeo how dyou isfix them probl? y >> rou can te-coatiphese pes, a inikll looelih td, andhat's we why in're gougg thro h thatpr noocess w.'v wehae en tncedrohe corsion co lsntrore to utally pti a coangba ly safed. useca s thitrcounavy do h e leadpi t pes bucowater t mes oulysafe us becahie of tins coatesg procs. te>> in trms ofiche st k ouin trthe dehooit sctools wday,hat ou is yagr messhee to tch teaers? ou>> i we ld hopulyou woopd st g harminilthe chdren.i iaapprec fte thethact at hpeopleroave stling fee ngs on erdiffisent busues, o t to d itat
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xp the e oensefef afthcting e ol schoor day fhi the cn,ldre i do inn't th'sk thatpr approiate. f >> slinthewitc td backo t'detroites wasyr e ny hav fcallederor govnor yd sn rer'stiesignat on, buhe ldtoth us isat hpo resilnsibity stis to may ande eet th.crisis>> ye> one m ar fro atoday, new idpreswient e ll bguinaud rate a and llnew po d showsonald um treap is ledding tz cruin2-1 ne haw irmpshs e, lesanthhr tee ek wefos behere tma priry.we tw have mpo ca raign eports nitot.ghfi 'rrst weg e gointoto go majorrr ga sett on parah, aling joinin p trumheon til mar? or>> reparter: sinah palps hel na doruld tlemp defacct attks edfrom tov cruz mper tru's ns coveervatint credebuials, t uz cr t and drumponiffer alalever es issuud, inclxeing tas, go mevernurnt slaveil ance,nd im atmigrion.>> c ourdaandis te isyball en tought o gethout anere d put th isose osuese n the.tabl>> te reporr:tr like o ying tban immusloms frer entthing s.e u.
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e'>> walre t aking sboutitecury.>> is i de agre twithhat pr .oposal r >>orepr:teru cinz easts d want alto hgrt immifration om tr couneries whise isal or qaeda na domite.on es taxuz, cr a wantsla 10% ft x tar foindudivi6%als, 1 for bu essiness. t >> ahereorre mrde woghs rit no hew in tod irs c te thanhere ar hee in tle bib. ep >> r torter: krump meepsucofh th coe tax t de, buatcuts res and ea crjutes r st fou incomebr .ackets>> ll it with grow ice ameran omecon ay atel levt thait 't hasnfo seen der decas. r >>r:eportevo cruz toted curb rngove cmentctolleofion ne pho an utd comperor reco ds tt figh rr teor. um trs p wanteito rtensta the su llrvei, ancetoand s ld uu.s. tysecurimp truivs pracy. i >>e havysalwae com odownn th dee sise of tycuri. m tot'e, ie s th imosttampornt. r >>teeporver: e in ifant mes do soing inmethncg to eh roacon e th obillghf rits?>> at i hite .i thateonhe c ocept, f itbut 'r weale dewiing omth srye ve, ry ve d bad.udes r >>teepor'mr: icy nande cors. erwith bndnie sainers gaing
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hsteam, cillary'slinton top tesuppor frs arenganni w outith esthis msage: t >> ihehink tm teroc"sliia" st n'doesket maea it tsiern.o wi ep>> rr:ortene conutctic go , vernorlldan maguoy, ared a issocialnet nomid e woulhurt cr demodoats hewn tt balloin a ra genetil cw yorksmongresvean ste is araeld.gree>> 's therece a plarr to cay the al socinnist th qe's non uestiot abouit. t i'm noe so surthat, ic partlyularsw in ing ng coioressdinal s,strict the stmoom ctipevetitr disn icts iam terica,s hat'bathe ounner y o want tadbe paring. or>> repthter: obrers t oughup nd sa rers' vadicalroiews fm the 19he70's wusn he pr hed fopublicke taofovers il the o e, gas,ven siteleviuson indtries. h >> cillary, lintonas i rsundet,tand i s was aerupport ryof bardw gol.ater cawho res?at th l was a long,tiong .me ago r>>orepr:tean srsdehi says s sipos tionarnow ghe ri lt inine twithashe be.68 em% of d socratsy ay thesu a pport psingle hayerh ealtca tere syswhm, or hatlle cas ic "medr are foall." e and thissocialbet laesl don't t seem do be aeaeal brker. l
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atoteast nth in ime praries. f incoact, se tt, on precentoll in a iowthfound oat 43%f cr demoerats thd e woule use thrd woal "soci tist"fio dene th lvemsees. an>> ndecy cornks, thas. > >> pinisakn tadato fy,r ou laisc miliminttasts meora d un siiverndty ay the ashotnd ki alledt t leaspl20 peoe, lymostde stunts. ld so aiersolnd pkiice tlledhe ta ats cker gin aigun fht. ica suboide imbern bukatol y data argetedin ms i-buyicarrng oyemplofees ha afgannistir's fst-h 24ouner cwselhann. n seve kwered.ille w25woere d.undeth lie taclban d aime sp rebionsi, lityreappalynt ki mad ng gooiron theea thrtot st keri n therketwo.>> wh> oeat dths fae g llink stoc rk maeaet myon for uret remirt?en wh wenl ileythg pluunthat rayaw wegas n ll irncalifoia?d, an m theree ay bgea hut planein s ourysolar sattem th no evone's seeth
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righol enay regerist ne re fwsm roinwith, um pl spingurcefals cel r foata dramnsic traatformion ouwithe t thedne f forrsille ur yort conceig tee mshht yowouagr ..e. syournekin wiver ll. ay olen regt.eris ol agay. s.eles da tocay you ven do egrythin us in jclt one ick, enev kureep yot toilecl ead n anfresh. tr ininoducg lyclsol geick l. cl ick it in to oy enjan clesh freness wi eth very flush. so lyl. t starinhealth g. c yeah, lick we er wloe bew ththe 88er southlln parael. we ra had tveled ovfor 50er 8es mil. enmy mve driarn neadly mm fro st tiarvandon ast frobite. to weday ak me orhisty. >> vebiens!nido we e lcomheto tth soue! pol
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if 'r yourae do e ther,xplore ex you e.plor wit'syohat .u do wh >>ooat tu k yoonso lg? if w youtoant e sav fi pefteen orrcent more on ns car iceuran, yo itu swgech to ico. it ha's wu t yodo. yo>>d u diyait, y! c musiugthro houtun olikearrdinapy di ers,mppahaers 3 s rbabsoyeent lars tato so y up ts 3 timerdrye so ba your anby cep sleun pa smper nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel. e its nhanceodmy bnay's turaltumoisre cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an kwhen ishnow fee's gelinli hake tt, esit makel me fewe like 're ..both. enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor d anjoi eny it.
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> >> ait wasernothri wild de y todaalon wrel stet. do the gew plun td more0 han 50 ts poinre, but d coverelynear ha thlf of osat, clwiing ath ss lo o todayf 249. g fallinproil hicesave st invettors raled.ou ner cbs anws fin cialco rinttobulor mesody hobn is wi th us. , melodyosoil clayed tod at 6. $2ar55 a brel.
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's whatpe hap?ning w >>ilell, osi is bacally ge hitting hit by chrna's se reals tory i achina,nd theow slowing grthth in ntat coury, hawhich cts affe ed allmm cos,oditieia especoilly l, ed causlu a ghit, wouch is t er tht e, thalyhas on been ac exteerba td byt he facthat e we'v pgottengoretty oiod at l pr tioducn on iitthe unteed stas el as wl. t sos hat'lyrealto the se ry, th a chindoslowthwn is y.e stor>> no you k dw, theofow is f a le litt8% over th from e gi beofnning ea the whth does eais mr n fo the ag averste inveor?>> he well ware, i bent to a ic voaue of cbetion, e causwe're ei seseng thein headlt es thasay,"$ il1 tr ilionk n stoc market lovalue st." le but t t's pupeit in tye capipel onrss iseexpod to e thk stocetmarkou thrhegh tir 1( 40lak) pn. e the averag p401(k)lalan bance in s thitrcounboy is aut 00$91, dso-thir i of ittos in scks, e- oninthird ds nsat meave, on athrage, e
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l typica hpersont as losabout 00 $6,0ye this ths soundbea lot hatter t n a li trilon.>> y melod, hobsonfiour nancial co ksano schmu y forr ha>> tnks.> >>r stay o?goa chtough foiceolor finks livg
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exat's nt. un coltty heacih offiidals sa y todaonthey del't b tievehere e will bngany loef-term fects t fromethe m ghanek as leain thert pocher ranbo neighofrhood losge anles. ga the bes has peen s fwingrom a ll wece sinob octer.mi vreyarrilla teal ishere. hu>> s at itowll dn! ep >> r torter:l he pooeoof pple feafedcty be thrtpoaner rasch gle s ak iliswelng. ci offis al nhaveblow dou ed theim zpact aone,g ddinsathounds wh e o aribeligo le orrk misris id decwhing r etheto ve lea. t >> is needtoto sndp, a it ne beds to de shutndown, a it s neede to b dshutfoown r.reve>> or rep tter:opo st l the eak,
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e thiluty itmpcoy,anth souern ca rnlifoasia g d, isinrillwng do 0 8,00 afeetngnd usiel a rief we o ll trsintet eclethe g akinpi ndpe ag u ew cre s arg bein cveryularef, lidrilusng j ft 20a eet day. l,stilca so-s l gaunanno ced, th eeyt xpecavto he e th leakpl d ugge eby thef nd ouafebrry. recongn ssma sbradanhermre toud th tee si. y >>e ou'vtogot p keengtryi to al ses thil untiereith f theieldis ty empth or ake lepl is d.uggeif ju it eest keaps l, kingit esgoor f y ar.ea el>> w tcomer o ou.home r >>teeporher: t f engilamofy gh ei lt isg ivinofout tc suiasesin ot a hel. he>> ts kid ewereiexperg ncinno lese baneds omd stchachaes. w itecas b oauseemf tht thawe tu acallyid deco ed t tmakehe ci de tsionveo mo a outnd re teloca o outerf portch ran.>> or reptater: siste leg latorsnt waim to atmediopely stew any n je inn ctios well bfrom beinguiltne hear t t oneishat ki lean ng i hi the atlls th s youehee bind me .sc tott,vehey'fi also led se
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l veras billouthat whtld tigen heup tafse sreety tigulafoons r e threentitr indusmay and ke re suth that ste cois of th gas ak leh , whicrecould llach we ov bier $1 illion,pas not ssed thon to ome custers. m >>viireya alllarre u fors ni toght.mi threya, u.ank yo>> ur> it t tns outayhere m be a plninth n anet isoour sylar stemr afteall. t thon's cd sideref.a dwar is th i one ms big,0 aybe 1s timemo asre m tsiveeahan arth,t nd ale 20ast li bililon mroes fe m th n. su onastratomers te calaich sd datoeyy th't havenua actselly enit .bu eyt the havd locatesix ob s jecttiorbietng som ohing ut e, therli most lakely pnenet
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sthat'storyt. nex > >>e jamionfoxx wca an osr for po his l rtraya cof ray.harlesno 'sw heni winisng praa e for li fove per irmanceron the le of -l realheife ro. he 'srear cr teanevs. r >>teeporher: tma draol unfded nd mohtay nigon in fr ft ofoxx's ho iuse, un anlepsca ne orighb jhoodouust e tsidl.a. w >>i hen hegot thre, uce trk ovwas n er os itdesind at is wain me flas. ep >> rr:orte d the 3river,2- ye bar-old krett wyle,tias sll .inside ep>> rr:orte m thehoan we mad 9 thatl 11 calanand -d offuty fi rerst desponlpr heoxed fllx pu fkylethrom ece wr akagee s th am flrees gw. ashe wpp tray ed bsehis elat bt.>> ki luca ly, puguy uplls .he e hascimt ss,ssors hitthe nd wiclow, d eareglthe ass. cl i d imbendin ara i g tbbedhe
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is sc fsorshirom utm, c s theeat , beltasand pu we hlledutim o, inwithe fivcoselands tter,he--th k e truc ugoesp.>> te reporolr: py ice sakyle, hseeninere ly tg on gheunrod r aftescthe res ue, wangspeedi d andeunthr ine ueflofnce al l coho hwhenste lotr conndol a t hitca diauh, c hsingckis tru to li fsep ravetil s mefobere it bu inrst lato fmes. i >>alt's arl te js ofoy. r >>teeporher: tve drir's erfathad, bre, kylpp stoy ed b scthe laene toter nk thax. fox t >> in'doesttt mao er thome w asit wwh or heat t fy do or ali ovingatr wh, ever tjusthe ea idt thaonsomeule wo td dohat iis-- ms somouch hare tcan i n fa .thom i >>'t donk loot at ieras hoic. ju i oost l ik atikt, loue, y , knowjuyou adst h to do thsomeing.>> or rep ater:les kyov reciners hothe alspits , hilyfami is efgratorul f u theipnscracted t. ou>> yd? goo ou>> y i bet am. r>>orepr:te.. .veof erter, vanswscbs ne, los ge anles.>> t' tha"os the htvernig news"th rsis thuday. r fofsome o u,yohe tew ns co uentins.
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r forsotheec, chack bkit w uhs a lelitt bit l fater tororhe mning ndnews ath "cbs niis morng."om frro the bstadcate cenewr in nyo y,rk citco i'm slett pely.-- pt ca bionstay vi--c w. wwc.vita com
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>> i> this"cs the rnbs oveight news.">> om> welchee to trn ove ightne ws. aii'm eljane quino.>> ra> fedethl healia officls are g puttina out g warninplto peoe pl an tning ao taker winte onvacatith in rie caanbbean d amsouth a.ericbe heware tvi zika ri's carmoed by s.squito cit canevause fsher, rat , joinin pain and p bk eye,s ut it' alespecigely danorrous f eg promnant wen.ei thesr babie can bitborn wh al smanler thl normaanheads d su evffer dntelopmessal iues whtheir veole lis. tisomethmes ere mothrs suffe a rimiscarage.or ab the b dy diesbiuring veses ha beenon c ifirmedn or fl iida,oillinass, tex, and wa ha all ime victavs tr oeledutside cothe y untranted ossted pivite ce ony thehogot me.e th ziuska virs iantritsmd teby sq a motoui. 's it bn eeindeterm wed comenan ss pa v the tiruseio thbir baesca g usinbih rtfedes.ct th c'e cdrns watoing gn preant
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wo n me cis -learou- if y have sy smptomsocee a dd tor anget ftestedinor an n.fectio ofall z thecaika inses theu. nvs. id olveigforeavn ide florcta viavims tr teledo lo co ambiaennd vlaezue. tw the nao pregennt wom in li ilisnois venited cmetral aricaan e d thbbcariean. wa babyoras wthn wi birthde s fectawin hafaii hiter s ermothad mtre a o ip tilbraz. teand a n xas maagwas did nosete afetr he rfrurned om el sa orlvadve in nomber. t>> theeswo casli in il anoisre i inuandivid tls wholeraved and ca acme bank wed iare d.gnosed usbecae e thtomosqui that an trs smitotis n t onewehat hhaveinere in ills,oie wli bee eve tho risk t opeoplef li ils nois illvirtua.y zero ep>> r torter: hhe cdcedas nam c 14esountriti in laicn amera an d thericabbean,nc ingludi topuero, ricic mexdo an ithai, d anviare adresing pt gnann wome toid avove traerl the. az brs il imiclaihong tdsusan of esbabie hav bbeenwiorn rath bin riinjues. cioffithals arere ure nggiom weno whitcan wald to hon off o
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is crisde is unror contl. er tho e is ne vaccin and nour cotrse of eneatmr t fothe s. viruin th less 00an 2s, dayd grounze orro f v thebrirus, wiazil, ll tibe hosling milr ons fo20the 16 ym olgapic mes. th one pois c waters risiin fl mint,n ichigauecontins to p makealolitic a waves wll theay w totoashingn. fl the yoint madrr add essethe u. ons. ce ferencorof mays and hesaid ssn doehi't tovnk gr erno nyrick souder shfold be o rced t re gnsive ohir ros le. yd sn ieress pr tsingbahe oma mi adranist ttionclo deflare int a er fedalte disasr area.e thhowhite aiuse s bd noseecau eth csrisis i man .made anadriaza diin is nt flih wit lathe .test ep>> rr:orte g thenooveridr sa no i oneinn flult wo wd goutitho ea clten war. oallfse thees cas s youeree he ll wine be gomi by .dday arso frl nea,0y 40es00 cas of ea clr n wateeehave bn n giveout. atthea's na rly iomillttn boles. h >>heey, o,y, h s ho,r'nyde
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s t g ep>> rr:ortete pros sterreendud be frlow ngeezipe temreratu s as ctheyd allethfor goe rnve'sor si reiognatesn tuniday ght. >> s i'mndorry ail i w flix it. r >>teepor r:siinde,hi micgan rngoveicor rydk sneger banis h dr adwiess th awerenedlo apogy t toeohe pofple nt fli. er>> govt nmenilfaoued y. de fe sral, atateocnd lal le s.ader reby bg akintrthe youst acu pl e u in s. r >>teepore r: h halso ad ame e ssagheto tnc agethies hate csaysibontredut twao the ter erdisast.>> m let ce be, learin tu sinsatioe likisthth, meyt us t come do myimesk atmedi nely, o ysdela. xcno e.uses odperi. hroimaye ss the micgahi nde ntpartme e ofmenvironntal qu anality d f thealeder epa di dn'tpe prorlyss addre the pr m obleeaof ldta conteminad wa te tr whenlehey d arnet abou itst lar. yea t>> gheerovdinor ddn'to his jo b.'s hen beeg.lyin r >>teeporefr: bprore tiotesng, ndtony a s lead howeheus tir odcorriped pes.
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it>> 'slm aoste lik wree' in a th woird rldtrcouny.'v wefie got s lter dthaton't rk wo. fithese tlters, nhey dok.ot wor r >>r:eporteov the gisernor nowth ete targve of seasral cls on actiit lawsus. la the iltest fsded tueimay as to st liop front fl m alr watesh fsutof p fore eoplhawho t ven'pa heid tilir bls. atpedianricia monhaatnna- tica lp hedeed iy ntifspthe g ikinlead lsleve.>> re theno is e safl leveof ileadchn a nild,one. ersitt ree versntpotero neu to xin.>> or rep lter:poead inison g in drchilanen cse cauel devntopmeal esissuar, le dningilisabs itiean ard heloing ss.>> s it walyentirent dsese ki n didngothi. wrong w it tas notauheir firlt the ascity wos almnkt bandrupt a th asis wos a cint-cutt.g move>> ga michiner gov rnorsnick yder sediscuscrd the itisis wt h scot eypell. et >> lpl's be ain. w whatonent wrheg in t rt depaf ment oroenvitanmenl al quity? y >> theoowere tic technal. f theyd ollowellliteray the le rus.ey tht didn'ouuse enmogh comn se o nse, t asay inti situaon hilike tres, thed shoule be morme esasurer, thlde shoure be mo
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
f himsel wwith, orryweif he re apa irentinn flert whe e th city r wateonis cnatamiwited eath in an ietervr w fo this ek we"send's mounday rning" og pre ram, hokspthe wi lee n. cowa t >> whaxpis inebllicad e anex ine cusablceis, one peoplfi ougured att th w there as a m probleanthere e d theradwas le win thethater, noe ttionhat atimmedimiely faerlies wen't ti nothfied, wings'terent shu , downatthul sho hdn'tn appean .ywhereit ls's ando an in icatioof ti some dmes wey ownplalethe ro athatfen efgoctive ntvernme has lato p py ininrotectpug the bliche aalthafnd s pety ofeople. leand, ctharly, eme syst here ok br.e down>> br that n eakdows mean that t'flin0,s 10re000 ntsidenns caot e usr theiwatap ter. si the oilent p bsoningn egan i14 20 t when,veo saey mont , flinsw chit fedm rotrdet'oiwas toter e
3:00 am
vee riodr corr ped theipes, re g leasinadthe leau can cinse brae, damag ciespen ally ienchildr. nlast, ightgothe orvern ap izologaned, rid addiana asaz hth ste late. id>> d g you wet a taterr?este es>> yha, i bve ae.ottl ep>> rr:orteis this abbey cainrradnee's alw norm-- wo ngrryiut aboer wat.da to sy,hetl botaped ter wat forle esad t.ting e the statr watertdepa smentays sh y e maownot knhe tul resorts f s.week ve>> eorry m ininge wakup, m- i''v- weene beng goife difrent esplacin takowg sh aers,hind ts o isure lif wthatvee liry eve da y. iand,jut's eest brnn tued up dsideown. ap [ seplau ]>> te report r: a nlast'sight at sthee of t a state, ddressgo rvernorsnick tyderook sirespon.bility i >>rr am sondy, ail i wl fix . it>> te reporndr: ath he anked pr ciivate ftizenscoor disngveri ngthe dat er than his owpa dentrtmeen of environmtal al qussity mied. ro >> p mfessorwaarc edfrrds om invirgecia tndh, a m dr.ona ha atnna- sticaedoundal an arm. hi>> t ws iswahat mis coutng o heof tapir t.
3:01 am
r >>teeporror: p mfessorarc s,edwarder a waty safetrtexpe vfromniirgicha teal, d ertethe bl puoric f f the tirstthime is thfall, at's flint waterco d ntaineevhigh l lels ofead. re>> the s is noveafe lel of ad le ichn a ne. ep>> rr:orteer aftng heari abouted s'warddy stu. , dr hmona- anna at catia , peflint ridiat, ciandi erscovhaed te t thernumb of drchiliten wngh das eroud bloo ad leel levd s haledoubted afr t flinedtappo intriits ver r.wate f >>woor trs year , fostalmo two s,yeary therewe touold, y know,th r'e wate.s safe 's itng beite tesd. eewe ml t allaregu, toryyou kn guow, inideles.yo n u cak drinwathe ter. heso t are'se hug olossusf arese vee gontrnmenc age ies, os whlye on i job es toe nsur the iswater safe. eyand thle faid.ey thle fai ed atevvery lel. ep>> r lorter:toate tday,he go orvernea rele-sed s mailsh g owinhihow fis ofance hdled e thcrflint veisis opar the st artwo yes. t, scotal severth show at theve goasrnor w o awaredef resi nts'la comp aints wboutuaater qlity f asacar bebk as fruary. a
3:02 am
>> ddriana wiaz,soith me of e thncemerger y wateonratis, there. riada,anha t ynk.ou > >>iner oths, newtu ken ackynd estenngosee atew f isnche of .snowth weere reid acc.entsth llere wi be ice tonight. t bu a muchig bger storm is in e thas forect forhe t east. ericis fher,ef chi mloeteorogist o atbsur cos btonon stati zwb isjo usining .ic er d, what ho weave to expect?>> , scott awe aretell syso ms g t tonighfor aaj mt or eascoast ow hee weaterr sviceng getti re thady wir winte stormch wates rkfrom astansas ngretchito over w neje,rsey iatn the limngree ad sh ting,hece epi fnterhior ts st orm,as wn,hingto a d.c.nd im balterore whzae blizchrd wates are inff eect. some se everheweatr is pblossi eal thong lfe gu coast. stthe orm tvehen mot justohe t eastf o the cakhesapee. i ast nsintes,ifiee wet gno sw g aloncothe anast din movg
3:03 am
nd lat wile mov s up tonouther glnew enndand a .halt nobig salw tots the dblark ue adshing, one to o tw, feetlocalot talsld cou edexce f two eet aere's ha cnce ofev sere rsthundeintorms newanorles, ns pea.acol daon fririy, flo ada hase chanc heof tevse sere msstor.>>
3:04 am
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3:05 am
yo u jarust hed thelo apogy of mn'ichiga gsnooverrk ricsn yder. this ooafternn,he tno goverr to thld us ere is ivextens e,on tgoing oestingf the lead le ndvels a weho tught theub plic ul wo td like wo knowoshat th e sttes oware shing. wis then ater isaflint fe y? toda>> n' we dontt waco to insidert fe sat., scot k i thinsewe've gren pro ess in s termroof impntveme ts inhe wa stter teun, but 'stil it been ghthoroutely teslud, inc dingir thrtd-pariy veonficati, we wa plnt peosse to aatume thy thesh ouusld be lting fi ers or le bottrsd watee in thm interias meure.>> ai so, f sr toouay y don'tow knth what ade lete coninnt is wa the ter? l,>> wel, againonwe dan't wt le peopbe to e lievafit's se. ns extestive te ging is ooingn, s haoibeen gfong on tr someime.d an swe areimeeing emprov ents t inerhe waty, suppl w bute do ve a it'sprppro tiatek o drinat oithis ptint in d me, an that'swh py i amo roud thehave t ti nauaonal g trd outorhere wking
3:06 am
. hard d >> indon't ud erstanu why yo t can's give ulathe ttestesting nddata at whahoit s tws forhe r wateliin fnt.wh that is ere numb? d>> i hon'te ave th anumbert p the toheof my thad of rye ve ard it vbyies ts pare of th city. ou>> i wnkld thit thathe rn govemior of wchigan houldave th mbose nuaters t thehiop of s rmind nightow. u >>hentil t iy'reran a atnge th c isreonsidefed sado, i n't ac wtuallytoant i gete nto this , sue of cby zip bode ory re statet, whar the prsticula ar e. d >>kno you mow howchany enildrve hain been jured?>> ot no, nfi o we d hknowy ow manighave hh bl adood les, leveln and i thatng rae e we'rintalkobg prably er ovid 100 thd e coulumbe a n ber of , others omanys,thero and s 'r wesue asheming t mre's auch oa brunder seiverha and ty t's wh'r weine work og hardkin mang re su f we'rengollowith up wi go lyod earho childod rv intes,entionve inter ntionsri duleng earmentoly scho, and we be'll ng lookire at ca for
3:07 am
infollowugg throdoh, to we what tocan ll rea sy makeesure the g kidsueet issdrs add.esse 's>> lete bplain.wh t at weninwrong the de ntpartmevi of entaronmenl it qualy?>> we they tre tooalechnic.ey thwe folloted-- li- rally-the rules. dtheyusidn't ghe enoun commo e, senssa to ay inti situaon hilike tres, thed shoule be morme , asuresshthere e ould bmore co n,ncer i andlet has hid to ts ibterrrale tdyge tm hat i'sorry fo utr, boi i'm gfing to x. i >>pif the ropes th tughouthe ty cior are c hroded,yoow do u x firothis pblem? c>> youcoan re-seat the, pipes a inikll looelih td, andhat's y whgowe're roing thatugh th oc prw.ess no'v wence enhaheed tro corsion nt co trolsalo re aly putng coati n back opethe pit s so i can befe usebe ascause no you ky w, manplaces hi in ttrs coun hy doe avlead pe piwas but meter cosas out fely us becahie of tins coatesg procs.>> te in ofrms ic the sk out in de the t troiolschoy,s toda what ou is yagr messhee to ter teachs? w>> iopould hwoe you opuld st g harminilthe ch.dreni ecapprheiate tth fact at op pee le hav fstrongs eelingon
3:08 am
endifferest issuto, but do itat he t e oxpensectf affee ing th dschool tay forldhe chi ren, ido inn't th'sk thatpr appro.iate f >>wilint sbatched ck to tr dewaoit's stter e ny havedcallov for gernor yd sneser's rtiignat on, buhe s told uisthat hns respoitibily stis to nday aee mtht cre isis.>> ye> one m ar frotoday, a newpr t esidenewill bur inaugated and aew nl polws sho donald shw hamp lire,thess taneehr ekweres befori the pmary.we e havmptwo caepaign rorts ni fi'rt weine goo g to gorto majga onrrett p sarahjoalin, g ininum trhep on t. trail r? majo or>> rep ster: parahelalin hps na dompld truct defleac attks tfromz ed cruruover tmp's er cons cvativeiaredentt ls, bu uz cr t and drumpr iffeevon seralis , suesudincltaing xes, rngove smentilurvee,lanc andim atmigrion. o >>anur ctedidaba is llsy en tought o gethout anere t d puos the oissuestan the ble. ep>> rr:ortee likngtryin to bamu
3:09 am
s slim efrominntere g thu.s. w >> te'rengalkiut abour secity. is>> i de agrehawith tt op pr.osal or>> repruter: ceaz instwad nts to t halatimmigromion fr iecountre s wherr isis oaeal q dana domite.on es taxuz, cr a wantsla 10% ft x tadifor ins,vidual f 16%or ne busisses. >> he t are mree orriwords ght no hew in tod irs c te than here arine he tib b.le ep >> r torter:eerump kh ps mucof e thdetax cocu, but ests rat andcr jueates r st fou incomebr .ackets t >> i gwille row thamaneric om econ ay atel levit that sn haee't sr n fos.decade >> rteeporrur: ctez vo cd tourb ve gontrnmele coln ctiohoof pne d anutcompecer rdsorgh to fi t or waump tonts ns rei ttatehe rv suaneilld ce, ans told uu.s. risecuruty tprmps y.ivac>> av i hwae alomys cwne do on dethe sise of tycuri . m tot'e, ie s th imosttampornt.>> or repveter: e in ifs t mean in domeg sog thinncto eh roacon bithe ollghf rits? h>> iitate .i thateonhe c ocept, f itbut we adry bes dud. ep>> rr:orte n i'mcyanor wini bernde sainers gaing
3:10 am
tesuppor frs arenganni w outith esthis msage:>> t inkhihe ter tocm "sstiali" do t esn' imakesit eao er twin.>> or rep cter:ctonne icutgo orvernda, man oyllar, edgu a al socinoist e minehuwould rt crdemodoats bwn theinallot a ra genetil cw yorkesongr ssmanteve ra isgrel aeed. t >> ahere's t placey o carr the al socibaist .nnerth noere's io questt n abouit. no i'm st sothure at, ic part iularlyg n swin ng conaressioril disthects, t st moti compeistive d itrictsn a,americs that'nnthe ba er you o want tadbe paring. or>> repthter: oouers br ght upsa rnders' vadicalroiews fm the 19 he70's wusn he pd hefoicr publta s keover oof thes,il, ga even sitelevindon iieustrs.>> ry hillaon clint , as i taunders wnd it, sas artuppoer arof bolry gerdwat. ca who res? w that las aonong, l ag timego. r >>r:eporters sandehi says s tiposinoons e w art righinin le wi heth te. bas d68% oftsemocrahe say ty or suppngt a sierle payh healtre cate syswhm, or caat he lls ic "medr are fo"all. th and ale socibeist lan'l doest em
3:11 am
atoteast nth in ime praries. ac in fttt, score, one olcent pl in fo iowa atund thf 43% ode s mocratwothere e uld usthe "wordissocialdet" to fine em th.selves>> c nancy tordes,hanks.>> p> intaakisy,n toda four laisc miliminttasts meora d iv untyersi t andheshy ndot a ki alledast le pt 20e,eopl st motuly ss.dent iesold prs andole icllki ted he ta ats cker gin aigun su a e iciderbomb ikan l budatoy ta edrgetin a ms i-buyicarrng em eeploy as ofnifgha'sstanst fir24 r -hou weven ilre kled. w 25e lie taclban d aimere sisponlibiapty, repalynt ki maoong gond he t tireahr t tori st tkeethe nwork.>> at> whs doefathe stlling ock mmarketeafon yor irur retement? wh wenl ilthg ey pluunthat raway llgas weli in caiaforn?an
3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
>> w> itnoas a wtherriild de to onday l waletstre. w the dod plungehamore tn 500 in pot ts, buverecod rearne ly lf haat of thin, clos ag with tloss oodayf 249.fa oilling esl price havve inrastors ttled.ou ner cbs anws fincial ri contr butodymelon hobsois u withs.lo mel dy, oi tclosedt oday a
3:15 am
a$26.55re barl. hwhat'sngappeni?>> o well,s il icabasilly tt get ing hihiby chrna's sapnel. re the ryal stoin is ch ta, andhesl growing n owth iouthat cntry, hawhich cts affe ed allmm cos,oditieia especl;lly oi ca gused ahilut, wouch is t e, therha that bs onlyeen baexacer tted byt he facthat e we'v pgottengoretty oiod at l pr onoductie in thedunitte sta s welso t' thalys realto the se ry, th slchina iowdownsts the ory. y >>ou t know, ihe dowa s off tt livele oror 8% fm the nn begiofing y theear. oewhat d ms thisr ean fothe ag averste inveor?>> l wel, here ti want o be aic voaue of c, tionusbecae e we'r ei seseng thein headlt es thasay, tr "$1 iillionk n stoc market e valulost." t bus let' iput itpen persivcte. e thcatypirsl pes on iseexpod to e thk stocetmarkou thrhegh tir 40 p1(k) ere av1(age 40n k) plae balancin co this isuntry ut abo 1, $9000. irtwo-thitds of s is in tocks,e- oninthird ds bon. m thatoneans, ge avera, the ty
3:16 am
pepical asrson hab lost out $6 hi,000 t.s yearth ndat sout s a lo tbettera han ontrilli. m >>y elod, hobsonnaour fincial bucontritor. anth skscho mu fouor yghr insit. ha >> tnks. ay st? or go h a toug fchoiceksor folg livin
3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
sellral bi ws that touldenight heup tafse sreety tigulafoons r tithe enusre indd try anmake t suree hat thf cost oasthis g whleak, ulich coacd rellh we 1 over $n,billiot is noedpass o on tstthe cuomers. m >>viireya alllarres for u ghtonit.mi threya, u.ank yo> >>nsit turhe out t bre maye a nt nieth planr in ousysolar stem r afteall. t cat'sreonsideard a iis one ms big,0 aybe 1times re mosi mashave th,n eartt and ale 20ast li bililon mm es froe thsu ass onomeralat c stechaid to eyday then havct't ay uallseenit . buthe tvey haoc lated six ct objes biorg ttinmesogthin out th mere,osty likel nplanetine.
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3:21 am
lt bed , ane as wedpull o himut, wi fthinseive s condr,late-- thee thk truc ugoesp.>> te reporicr: poly e sakyle, enseer hlye g in ton gheunrod thafter uee rescsp, was eeding d anr undeinthe ueflofnce al l coho hwhenste lotr conndol ahi dit a ctch,ngausi t hisruck f toselip l veras timerebefo it bu inrst lato fmes. i >>alt's arl te js ofoy. ep>> rr:orte d ther'rives erfathad, bre, kylpp stoy ed b scthe laene toter nk thax. fox i >>est doman't ttter wo meho it o wasatr why theordo f a ngliviwh or eratevst, ju theid haea tmet sowoone dould t tha -- isso is h muc tmorei han can omfath.>> on i doo't l ik at ht asc.eroi ju i oost l ik atikt, loue, y , knowstyou ju t had o do so ep>> rr:orteky as ecle rs overinth spe ho, italfahis imilys efgratorul f u theipnscracted t. y >>ooou gd? y >>etou bm. i a or>> rep..ter: .veof brary.rt cavaer es ns, cb, newslos ge anles.>>
3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
from r neaganlationa a.irport r >>r:eporte 'sitre a gayat d to fly.el fuhe is cap andt' tha nsot the r onlytheason caey're g shinin im bigte.bu yt ifouk talerto fly ys,ou ahearf lot oatfrustrion.>> allhe tseee f gsetke tac odn te afr the priceha tt's ve adedrtis.>> ou i wikld le fheor t pm toass e thin savacgs b tk tohe omcuster. r >>teeporesr: dpite the du in rstryngankir neatheot btomen whme it cos tsto cuomer sf satis,actionha they ove n ob prmleng findi in t fhestiree thrrt yautequartrs las yearma they osde almt 8 $1 llbin ioinro pt.fipl faneswle %85l fuln ove arage an std the dreep nop i oils price fhelpedeuel thig b itprofs. tu daesy,el dtaor repated or recdur foth qu aarter,n annualnc iome $ ofbi5.9 n.llio ewhil jdaust ys rleaier, d elta
3:30 am
>> gheiven t o prices,f ga i do unn't tadershynd whe tri pce of ir as fareois s. high ep >> rorter:d uniteli airnes ll wioo sn be back fnaree scks to ss pa iengers cnoach. mobut stly farers e telimid. a want l mealikehe tne os in clfirst ass? ll you'e havo tpay up.e onbigpl comaintro fm pa gessenrs, r leg toom orkhe lac t. of i m wantacore spe?yo ilu stvel hay to pa t forhat, o. to t >> i hinkit'sar hdo tun go wg downrlhen aireines a but inrl aes areus besind s an e th lbottom tine isothe btom li ssbusinebo is bom and si, e 1990duthe inasstry h ilandedren the d 11 times. 00 in 25, itos llyt near $29 bi n.llio aithe srlinesy ay thed create10 ew,000 nan jobs okd to
3:31 am
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3:32 am
i' a m gonnuctake minex masinus-x. o towelate, ab're out to otakeff. th e esoldissasve ft. e they'rlinew elquid gs. d an cyou'reomthing wi me... , waitwhat?! re you e alizvei haol gatd st?us i do g still met the?iles w nenemucix si s-nulimax idqus. gel ssdis olvestfa nlto ushea s maxgttren h di mecine. thstart efe reli. thditch see miry.
3:33 am
>> an> los isgeles m argue tyhe ocenterf the etanterinment seuniver. fobut lr al theun fan you ce havth heere, tlsre's aoge dan irn the hills e outsid thecity. rewildfidss, mulides, ea uarthq ekes,ouven mntain s. lion ndl.a. a itsbs subur areto home 19 li milon people. on the lya meg city in the world er whlee peop andou mntainio lns ve lie sidsiby de. ll bita whi hkerashe t story for nu"60 mites." ep>> rr:ortee som vyoiew veu ha he re.>> yeah. ep>> rr:orte thi hsouses i thsomeofing a localan lrkd ma. t no fjustor thele kilr ewvi, fobut er th entecoun aror wkman d hahein t c srawlpacend uer theho use.he d was soingwiome wringhehen sa mew sog thiny.scar h >>eom c iesnto myff oice rr tedifie and he ,says bro, u' yootve g aou mnntain lioin
3:34 am
i soai sd to m,hi ant mouain li on?he s sayahye, -tfaceceo-fa, e- eyyeto-e.he t wasfierried. ep>> rr:ortee h had bee n toeye- w-eyeith p-22,o sd name heby tk par see.rvic f por ,pumaum nber 22ut o of 44 th eey'vst d.udieph raotog hphed wereith all sma me can ra orya veg lonk.sticp- w22ears a pkarvi serce kitracolng cthlar aten sds s.g.p. signls o his tilocaon. gn si tals whatere bedlocks thi da cay beheuse wasnd uer the us hoe.>> wa he sts juay linghe tre yi trong t zesnoo. mp colyletet jusik lwee ok weim h afrom. nap>> or rep ster: toon,hese hou was ck paited wmeh caanras d po res.rter p-22 weaas alrdy a local le cebrityau becse of this alnationap geogrhicic p,ture ke ta an byot reme caameril a me or
3:35 am
f twothrom hoeir use.wi feldlier exptsal finly dedecid s to ehooboverydy o autfterhe t :0 11ew0 ns, hgopin p-22 might ad he back into thels hilrb neay,wh ic dh heid. heso wn didle he have,idow d he e?leav e >> wkndon't owow h. r >>teeporher: t ty callhem t ghoscats. >>re the you go. ep>> rr:orte t andh hougthey iliveen thdo shaws in m ouchf hesoutrnor califnia, they're ne arver f away. la traia camerau cisght th one, a ste'onths w ro tfrom rhef oo pstof obusuiarb. t >>heseni alsmao d theirt bes to y sta evelusi and awayro fm . us even r aheesearcr wholo folwed themlm aost y,daile war hdly ever see emth. r >>teeporefr: jfa is bgiiolost exand pertn o bigs cat whod sol me sog thinof aec rord.he 'sn seeandtu capred p-ou22 frti s imis tee hne corhers tma anil
3:36 am
.dart ic quitkly ks nockp-22 out, whit s his eyell stin. ope the briatteeshi on sps g collar re weni runng reg acinthem g tives ahem ch ance f cor aupheck. ip-22s hey,alth wineighg in at 125 om exenperihece, no khaws tt en whhe t alnima comes to, it's no tt.hrea e thininstoct tet g awayro fm pe ople kksic re ouenagh, gyrogg-2 pke2 was up.d anmb stubales o ck intthe ad shows. >> he tre'shet pas eighton m thsof w herep-as22 h edtravel.>> te repor gr: theps slsigna om fr theirla collrs telm the er whehe tni a malsamro.22 p- w tandersheil hfls o figrifth pa ark,ma sllla encve in a losesngel fenrequted by hi
3:37 am
akersnd vorisits tohe t rk pa'sam fed seoby.rvator w >>e t,haven' knockn o wood, yhad anor majon ctsflich withiman d oppele. d anhoit shaws tt ea ven elarg ivcarnliore ke aou mnntai lion lican itve weoh pple foran my ar yes. r >>teeporhir: thenk ty 22p- mi edgratt easos acrs the santa camoni maiount fns0or 2il mes or srhapse chatd ou by a bgeigr ma le.he om sehow cedross the 540 wafreeney, o oef th rlwod's bu t,sies wdorkeis h way tghhrou be r l-aiand blyever hillsnd a so ermewhare ne theol hodlywo bowlmp aeahithter cedross a bsecond usywafreey, the 101. >>ha he gd itnoreat, corps itcompet sion,eemedo tlebe pnty of .prey r >>teeporr: 'shen bee in gr thiffik par foree thr years a now,ll onale,oo lking for love in all thero wng acples.
3:38 am
were,hichs i rpsungrisi. w i hould baveetwo he hauld ve leftki loong for aen pot tial .mate>> or rep iter:fhe tin mat ugrge er ovmswhel m,hico he ulde tak hihas cncesss croing the ee fr awaysgain tod fin a mafele.a y verky risus bs.ines whyot ne mov him? su>> u iallytsn doe'tor wk vi mong s.lionwe ld wou j busteg movins thi ul adtal ment iono ather adult ma le's rrtey.itorth suat uallyul resn ts i the at defh one o of .them>> or rep ater:n nd ithe mo inuntas, all smage ran lo overthoking e f sanoernand ll vaey,re theno's atherel lony li on. i >>er nevug thohtne o wouldme cogh throuur oac bkyardnd a he nwasext to our bedroomdo winw. d an heon ctinued up this way.>> te reporr: nancynd a eric d movee hereto b cseloo t wi t d gortheih wishein t form of a maiountnio lned nam ,p-41 wh
3:39 am
de. h soghe's rihet out rere whe we are? >> elyxact w wheree.e ar r >>teeporr:e' hmes coo tis v itat st lea ten s,time terrigg ing risecutyam cerasin takgh bot vi nddeo a still urpictes.e th area is calledou cgar ny caon. whatelse?>> aernd he he is juster litally a made lp ooouar ondurse hou forme soas reon. or>> repikter: l peroud ntpares,th wey sho t offheireo vid ra sck.pboo>> n they thetpoin out how his apawsnre ohe td woo and not on e thelgrav h soe cane mak as lelittse noi as sspo.ible w theyantbe to il sent atll a me tis. ep>> rr:orteer camahn tecyolog ha s rutevolzeionied th way tamouninns lio ander othd wil alanimres a std.udie jo annaur tisner and sou etsffec it edoror fve unirsal iostuds. eron h own meti, she's one of se lveraiz citennt scie,ists as ey th 'reedcall, w phout reemot ca smera upn ithe ldwi,g hopin to
3:40 am
et gt thaer p fect.shot >>re thee his.oh me, co b on,.uddy r >>r:eporteo how dyouno kw e wherto look? e' >> wlloo lkor fac trweks, 'll lo orok f signsf o athemend w ok lo feeor decr, b tauses hat' r thei sfoode.ourc r >>teeporor: te lurhe tio l nswi cthinat range, slhe'l nksprile ipcatn,il vanla acextrvet, eenn m'sog colne on abr .anchan dt jus hlike couseats,he ty lo ve heoly g irails aho s t like othisne of 41p-.bu t her casamerls aoch cat bo s,bcat tecoyos, s,foxe and s.bear bltrouemerak s. >> you ceomnd a find ttha ar bea s,ha youknow, t turnedhe caamer yssidewa or licked the l oensr atns happe weekly. ep >> rr:ortet' whaes thos mt am thazing ing yeou'v seen?>> myav fe oritis aid veo of a
3:41 am
r. he il i sttl can've belie thatt tha edhappenat, th sheec dided to la ry downn ight itfron ofhe t ca mera.>> an you c see bill's full re port on our ecchthk utis oo., br 'swhat b that,ro?heim iti sw tchedico geo goand mot re. smoregsavinca on r ncinsurae? ye roah bso-fesndr, ae. mor li enke rnsters i.urance aymore wavs to se. cenio-, br ctatohip. at thot's n, allo- br stein.hake ge s ico harcmoto ycled anurrv instoance, o. thoh, lat's ae.ot mor eaoh y'mh, i a all boutremodd, teosy brt.evel ge xpico. eeaect grngt savis an whd a t ole lomore. nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel. e its nhanceodmy bnay's turaltumoisre cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an iwhenw knofeshe's gelinli hake tt,
3:42 am
enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor i and y enjoit. tfeelfehe dife renc-ywith k trul.agel oo cho se t fmovey.reel fmoveulree tra ha ips trctle-asuion tppor r fo jyours,oint ilcartanage ned bos o ininne tpiy .ll remove fa.e ultr urget yoon move . no and w try fmovee ret.nigh rsthe fiont and n-ly 2-i1
3:43 am
pr t esidencoobama s ntinue to copress ssngre to lift the de ocades tldradear embgo on cuba.av trelic restrhations eeve bn ea
3:44 am
t can'just book a flight. n be rtracy feportsrom nahava. a >> h lotasha cngedet bheween t au.s.ndub chea in tt pas year. we've streoredlo dipmatic re s,lation ourmb eassy opreened th for ste fir timen i 54 arye s,an itd 'sas eier for acamerions t me coe her for also-cled ospurp tefull.rave thand asat h a o lotf usea hding h.sout thetr seetsf oan havae hav ysalwa t hadheir r ownm.hythit he's t flowha tt'sng chaing w nothats it' inteemg with to tsuris. t>> ioshink mict amere ans ar instterened iin com grehe. ep>> rr:ortety bet and john came thereo seehe t art and itarchreectu. w >>eng bri back to onbost ,w,wo yoveu ha to gooo lk atth is. r >>teeporer: w met j manet oore idoutsf e othete staly ed cathral. e shruns ave traoml cpany tshat' beenng briingri amecanse heror fne
3:45 am
2arly0 years. alironic'sly, it ansmerica rr woiedut abo changes ons thi ry veam un-aneric ndisla. i >>'t donw knot whail wlap hpenwh enta sksrbuc and mcdd'onals s.come >> ep rteor ar: yreeaou hngri fr meom ansricay thet wan toom ce re heor befe itha cesng?>> he i haar tt0 2stime a. dayi twant to gobao cu. now r >>teepor cr: juba is ust90 le misff ohe tlo frida 1420, 0091,0me aricans av tr eledrehe. ylast tear,hatpe jumd 60%o t 00150,0.d anveif tral ricestrs tionare en evlytual ftlied, as many as mi1.5 nlliori amecansre a pe ex tctedndo la ina cubac eh ye ar. ubis cady rea fors thiy man istourts? n >> to,arhey ebs aelolut nyot ouif yam ceo te m andd sai ine oted a hm el rooghtonit, i hawould ve t soay i can'te giv yo e.u on>> or rep pter:srice at many te holse havou d tbledo more than p$300er night.
3:46 am
ghenou syuppl toee mtew the n sere ils ao ak lac of trained ur tode guisnd a notrl nea yen ough pslace to pe fewrivatees rtstauran in e th citlyy onec ryentlow alled by g thenmover cent,ean bly ful ok booned minths rme a, ricanseijust bng we alloomd to c ie heretis sll bithe ggest acobstle. if all w youant t doo i ss teeheas clarsic cs and smoke rsciga, th .s. lawbu omt cinger he isie easrha tn oeverno- sedcall lepeoppe-to-opleps tri. st juxp eec lt to searnhiometng an dee mt some alctua ain loads ofri amecans arrive lynearve ery dayn o charter s.flight tours e bmptythy e busoa lind the hbneigodorho. gthisroup isou tring t shettree t art' thas antrorsfthmed nce oe it grtyew sidalks and lfoife r th bae cunsha talt cl it .homean
3:47 am
atir fhest tri ame scansit qu y,ietln the hthe sandstarto t ve moen, th s is i ywhatalou cl clultura me imn.rsio andoo lk osclely, that drum s etis e mad from cyrecledar c parts. tit'samhe se stpiri thatl wil ro be bught on byhe tri toust vo reonluti.>> y the tneedhes jobou trism willovpride, butow hyo do u vepreser wtha makesub ca cuba an wd allosm touriow to gr?>> te reporr: ais ringla css of cu siban bunesswn oers isng banki on istourm. i ttoalked an one m who oawns re rastaunt. ai he sd he'ser s00ving 3pl peoe a day, 250 areca amerins and he 'ske boond seve days a week.
3:48 am
flstart ying i lyrealt wan to yshowomou shietng. n kare o.: , 1dy2, reago, :t -v l-o -e
3:49 am
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3:50 am
[c>> sc> oarni winngct a jor amiefo isxx insts he'so n rohe, edespitki risng hisif loe t pulla myoungan out a ofng burni ve r soone was m thean o outf the thtruck anhe tan gas txpk elodedin a ees rcuedve drisr hans bur and aro bken crbollaone h ande also drfaces unk dviri nggechars. hebut 's etexpec d tocorever hfromis juin.ries johnbltoacksasne h the story. i >>on d'tk loot at ias ichero.i t jusoo lk a itt li jke,ust had o to dthsomeing. r >>teeporctr: aamor joxie fx br em tacedhehe fatr of thean m he pe helved sam froina burn g r caaymondht nig. ou>> y odgo?>> di he hdn'ttoave a do ke iai sd ieearlr, i think we al tl hope whatule cod doso inmetheng wh the tisime we? do we a octr do wer fea for our n owes liv? ande h did not. ep>> rr:orteic pole say -y32r-eadolre btte kylwas
3:51 am
ueinflnce whehen rv sweffed o th roe aad hndit ara de inag h. ditc cahis ipr flseped l veras,time rs bu itingntola fmesht rign i fr ofont xx fo'som he. h heeard c the arash fndind kyletr dappe in his car.>> h godouad yonr s andre we' ngoodow. esand thrse teahe that , hasou y , know ithissrs teajo of y. llit a wdorke out theig rhtay w. ep>> rr:orte the 911l calpt caheured tma drasctic ene.>> or rep ater:ri dverul p led toverop helox fndx, aog trethe ey thle pulhed tic vtim out of e th b carefore ist waul fly gu en.lfed>> ai i sd,'v youote g to h melpe t geyou out.i d saiveyou' a gots ngelndarou yo u. inwithe fivec s oondsf pngulli hi t,m ou theck truoe gs up. r >>epteor kr:e'ylshe fatr tc wasuhed llrvei fancegeoota of th sce re auendic noted how
3:52 am
t heshankox fxor f hgavinhe t ur cotoage e savis h life.>> d it'toesn mratte to me who oit wasrt wha dtheyo a for nglivi j,thust e ithdea at onsomeule wod dot thas i souc mh more than i can fathom. g >>ssod ble you, man. ep >> r forter:or hi"cbs ts g,morninhn" jo ksblactone.>> s that'ov the "t ernighnews" r fo this urthsday. sofor fme o you, thes new her otchrs, eckk bac uwiths a tt lileer lat for the morning a newsnd hi"cbs ts mo"rning. om frro the bstadcar centeewin nyo
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