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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 22, 2016 2:07am-4:00am PST

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wcity mater tainsmeo hos.>> d leais a onpois.>> or repter: porrofessti marn uf kan ma tfromvehe uni orsityf ch mi iigan cs inharge of a new rt effop to macithe lty's ead pe piwo netrk. at whd kinndof ukiertaldng wou it r be to teplaceeshe pip? m >>veassi.u' yooore l akingert ov0 $10 ll miion.we be've egen ninlectr g ou asinfrtutrucorre flo so n ng i cthisryount w, ittaill ke a ra pahidigm so ft tpeget o ople tth ouink ab it whatl cal real me ho slanditecury.>> or rep tter:ishis re whe thepr m obletestard. t'flintes waear trt tmenercent. n it'sreot curn ntly iiooperatn, it but ld coupe reounn in je whenin flnnt co tectsw o a nenepipeli
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shw hampe ir ejust dightays r afte.thatwe e havretwo rtpo ts onhe gncampaini beginh ng witnancy co .rdesnc nay?>> te reporttr: scofo, the rmer se arcret sy of, tatearhilly toclinenn, wr t afteiebern sa s'nderma comn-nder-ichief encredtotials cday,ngalliim h na foive inr wantorg to nzemali la rewitions n,th ira s andhe cl heaims tg- lon ltimer awmake sn haug't tho iht his odeasn di acplomroy thugh. s >> senatordeanrs't doesn talk ry veab much reout fopoign , licybu ent whdo he res, itaises co ncern. r >>r:eportew in neirhampshe, sa chnders edallengnt clin on oen entitlemts. e >> wnohave aifther de ferencofin op sion onseocial tycuri. lii beweeve ul shopad exnd ne be.fits>> e getbovery kdy youno w toco omeut c ands aucumefor , ?okay k thanu.yo>> or rep wter:juith 1 st 1 daysto b go,caoth gnmpaie s artu g rninr theintattetoion outurnt.>> yo do knu owt whaidcandate u' yoe ll borsupp?ting iebern?aw e.esom 'sthatll reay tgoodaro he.
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r >>teeport r: aina clevton ent,ev suery tepporasr was toked asigndg ple ve toote.ja fomes s llowitup wphh a one ll ca. n >> iprour ctecinha we o ve t 2haveup50 serports. e we'rinwork tg on25hat gh0 rit no w. 'r wet e noe -- w eknowlyxact whoth reey a.>> or rep ster:u'o yoowre n tr tyingnvo co tincehe ciunde.deds reyou't jusngmakie sur your orsupp vtersote? el>> wf l, igsthin h getot, e thoslepeopl wil ushowp. or>> rep'mter: i g major arrettin namew hrepshire wheru ted cz derespon99d to 1p 6 gononemie lebob dola's deconratit tha od"nobkey lim"s hi t andhat na doruld toump corld wttk beer wi onth cs.gres>> as if ot a vouer ynk thit wha n weiseed e morblrepus icanin sh waoningtcu to det a ital wh y harr areidannd nelcy panosi d k chucmeschuher, tgun i ess nado tldmprus iuryo. guy ep>> rr:ortemp trump, cainaigng asin las vegsw, an ceredruz.>> al ronagd reouan wetld gng alowi ipth tei o'nndl, ay' thet d si wn do t andd hey' gmake dreatealsfo err evy.ybodth wat'sthhat une coistry ut abo
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knyou ow? r>>teepork r: bac in new irhampshn e, joh mkasichh et wit mp ca vaignteolunaners ldd to us ihe'sron stteng conn ntiofor ndsecoce win you hen re? ay >> mcabe we n,n wi w buthat's rt impoisant t than i caveremo ub do pt fromtheople ahat, ye, th uyis gas who hes the bt me resue , maybstthe mo exceperien kd, you hnow, iear ulthe adhet in t h room,as a an cho ce trdbe heae in th y.countr>> te reporasr: kalich reso shad is thpo hard l litica truth: wpeople bant to ae withne winr, eybut th w don't mant toake a nn kott,adasich hmitted e willha chve to tangedyhat henamic re hoor go me. m >>arajor gthrett, anks.> >>f much oe what wboknow aut ro at ccitiesedommittis by n is i ndiraq a c syriaroomes fm ag couriteous carizens thmed wi sm e ey hav jbecomealourn, istst bueynow thin're bergg taedet by
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y holliawillasms hir thery sto. >> ep rteorasr: bkahra lsmarost sbher hua and h montago.he s wasinhot ad broli dayonght bu a eesy strout in sn thereyturkne hear tia syrrdn boer.>> or rep jter:s eff waria syan cu doy mentarmaker.he d showeifwhat lise really ndlike isiba olshra t hd ususer hband edreceiv t death fhreatsrom is isgh, thouxt the es remist ha n'veclt meaired onsplisibity fo hir rds muer. ep>> rr:orteer hba husnd so s metime wworkedgrith a oup s that islbeing reaughted
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tieir ciurzen jos nalistrisk th lieir toves or repomt fr in tsideithe c ry ofh,aqqa theso d -calleisisit oue grwep's teb silu incdes ac ncountst ot jusubof plic ec exiout bns auto ls ofto ex brtion,inread lndes a how toisis splps peo ee frominscapg e ofall re it invealatg th ra 'sqqah f fare rom thseparadi th s at s toe top thgetruth outting t, is his hasd unte adownnd edmurderro the gctup's a ivist, weveneyhen thov're heer t erbordtu in .rkey ha mo mmmedraassaa is erform shighl choo tmathereach who lphe fed toundaqhe rgrqah oup teand la tr fledrko tuheey wre e thh deatatthrelo folhiwed m 69 e' "wecve bnuome mmb,"meoham d ld to us. t' "it s no teasylko tayo to ur ie fratnds ht nigis and dcover xt neni morheng t by'veeen ki ."lled at whl wilenhappyo to yu ifou ay sttu in ?rkey"e imvery t oe i go, utsidei have is thli fee'mng i being
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i"butd neetato sivy aleee, kp in gettwog the ard out nd not n give isi" sh baasra k ihmarw s noinseekg umasyleu in bropetiut sanll c'tbr heing f rselrito berng h un yo dgestteaughisr anhasa tt faher ithernes go. ep>> rr:orteam mohssmed maara ft ley turkedayesteraly and so eknow seyling aseuum in rope, t, butt scool, he thad us tt ot acher vitifrsts heom t groupma rensin iraide riqqah, g skin h deatorto rep wt onishat is is do ting toitheir cy. >> hilolly wreliams g portinto t nigh ifroml.stanbuho tlly,*u>> he> in twe norththst, e ey'r prg eparintsfor a .unami di vld adirimut p hina ave l rivapo
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0 and 10stand plill muroc thutugho keunliin ordapary dierams, p s to ttay upo r so youanbaby cle sep wi g shinloyou ve,p sleepland ay. er pamps nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel. e its nhanceodmy bnay's turaltumoisre isoet can gth into swe iing oft t a bir.quicke d an kwhen ie'now shels feing tliket,ha esit makel me fewe like 're ..both. enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor d anjoi eny it.
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ecchthk utis oo., br 'swhat b that,ro?heim iti sw tchedico geo goand mot re. smoregsavinca on r ncinsurae? ye roah bso-fesndr, ae. mor li enke rnsters i.urance aymore wavs to se. cenio-, br ctatohip. at thot's n, allo- br stein.hake ge s ico harcmoto ycled anurrv instoance, o. thoh, lat's ae.ot mor eaoh y'mh, i a all boutremodd, teosy brt.evel ge xpico. eeaect grngt savi s whand a t ole lomore. [c coough, ugh]mi neke? jat? ifcough an you cme hear . t don'hieven tutnk abo it. ok i toex mucinfo dm r my gmphleh.y coug .byeah..t ut what aboumike? he t hasdrhat tcy scrainhy thg g goinon. gu atess wh? orit whiks on h s cougtoo. cough!s gues what?orit whiks on h s cougtoo. stwhat? op! t don' mpulle! sp r oilet!aler sh n'e doesket ma it! m only ducinexm re blievesweothdrt and hsy coug 1 fors2 hour wowith tin medicones in .e pill st thart efe reli. di thtch mie .sery
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i' erve nevtt forgo en theen sc01e in 2ch1 of sldoolchiren o whd drowneanin jap's rocatastsuphic i eiund thesr bodigy in a bey hadaceen evthuated ere us becaase it wal the t lestru st bcture, nut noty earl tall ghenou. , wellintoday me the arican no
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ngdebatio how tivsave lm es froa lasimiunr tsafami anter ea uarthqhake tvet is o.rdue doern dahlts repor.>> or rep dter:g urintheir r regulauaearthq tke andmisuna ls drilud, st aentsist th enelem staryl chooesin wt,tpor wa onshingtpr, acoitice go ng t e thfltop boor,itut we h th fipacieac ocstn juew a f sathou fndaweet scay, isientts y sae theslsdrilht mig be fu .tile us becaine the leevitabmi tsuna co beuld he higanr thch the sool.>> so as s on aeathe shrth akes, heget re. or>> repupter: snderinteent ul pakea acrland. s >>ticientests s ll uilit wl ahappen pt someoint. vit'sunery tapredic tble aso en wh w, soede nebe to pa prered.>> or rep tter:s hat'why co ucnstr wtionrsorke r areg acinto is finish thti vercal ev tiacuatron sreuctue , tht firsof k itsinind th norri ameca. e thtesheltsr sie on th orooff a scnew , hoolngrisife 44 et whigh14ith h--inck thics.wall ldit couth save ous sandof st tsuden r andenesideets s kingre
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kelihe tap jesaneae hqrtkeuand a un ts iamis11n 20t thaedkill ar ne6,ly 1 s000,oleismogtsis say er th ae ispen img ndinstdisaer mi cos ng thiway.70 es mil a off'smericaic pacif hw nortroest, fhem nortrn ca foliiarno tncvaveouisr ndla, si hets tlt faue linn knowheas tca suscada onbducti w zone,here e thniocea panic ilateows sling g beinedforcwe betheen tth nor am anericte pla.>> bu it s.ckleit kl bucpwes uanard d getspu bshedarackwked lipr a sing ti unenl evlytualer aftew a f rehundard ye js ithaust ls toet go. r>>teepor 2r: fors,5 year eg orteon stagi geoloisst chr figold hngeraras wofned thepo ilssibofity as dister. ndhe aer othen scitihasts ve en bect collereing coes sampl of me sedim nt froeathe ocoon flr. >>he t ssed anyela trst hau yo n caarsee be weveeliet pas hq eartkeuas.>> te repory r: theovdisc ered ajthat mthor ear hquakesn appere heav an e eragryof eve 240
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me lastasajor ca cadiea uarthqaske w y 315eagors a. bithe e,g onci sens tist isay,s er ovdue. ot>> n thingcohat esmpar to gn mae itud eninequarththake at no amrth a ericexhas enperiinced n humaorhisty. r >>teeporimr: s tilarato wh ha edppenja in fpan,ema es tetima ts incahat tse amisunaco hiuld met soas arehi wit n 15 mis.nuteco sellapadd rod s angebrids ul cot d cucooff l astas townand r majoescitie liklaportnd, ym olanpia atd seottle, palentilyst inrandveg seion milllen peop. t >> rhese aoadsn re ired. t is thausbeca ce theyould vaconceibebly ac impd ted annot be sa pasble? a >>utbsolely. ep >> rr:orteth kenneph mury is fe egma's rl ionaniadmitostrar. f isreema foady bir the g one? w>> i nouldayever se war e y. read ep>> r worter:thhat's e best se cana sceforio 0?r 8. t >> a10least -p,000kilus lled t fromnahe tsumi. ep >> rteorher: trs numbe go way up 9. with 0? t >> they goouremendupsly .'r
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onnatiot i'm nis sure re prepad to wi deal th. or>> repomter: sese citie in thno esrthwqut rew ire nengbuildis c beruonsto cted tanwithstd a jo mahqr eartbuuake, ot mostf e thosonlaws dly't appde to ol r edott, fsteral, anate d ta miliicry off dialsy o sa theyha pove resannse pllas in pce.
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a next, ffemaleirst.>> y > todaisa brite h judgsaid th diat vlatimir puban "probly pr apov ted mhedeurofr f ameorr etsovi a kgb igentndn loon." analexlider entvinadko he becoma iccritti of pu in, and, n 2006so
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>> ll> finaghy tonie t, morthan ,0 72ri00 ame hcansreave ached ag the 00e of 1. onfor se, theisecret , ebonyiv anory rtd maini. re heer's j dickan.unca o eah, yh r >>teepor10r: at s 0 yearold, ir ieving fillds stayl ple s th o pianouat ln nges irknew yo fcityghive nieets a wk. w hooudo yee kthp pate acup? i >> t got so dohiometveng ery y. dai t don'.stop g it mivessoe a lcial tife,oo. r >>orepte or:r vecades,de dsfiel w hasenritt c andseompod th ndousa ss of.ongs>> e i'vedclosey my noey kerw wh ge too. ep>> rr:ortet as hiheage, tre o isngne thiys he sass he wh y makesou h?appy
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[ erught ]af alter 'ml, i a 100ivnd fixe, s nt mo.hs old>> or rep iter:mut's ansic d da rtily ma tiniskehat ep himgo ing.>> ov i l be to0,e 10ut b it's er bett 2 to be00. r >>teeporpor: sliken mke aan fitruly itlled winh nothg but fe li. 'l iayl pl p theoriano f you >> te reporicr: jerunka d ccan, bs nenews, .w york>> ha and te t's thrn"ove ight " newsthfor riis mer sou of yowsthe ne nt coinues. otfor , hersk chec wbackusith la foter e r thinmornwsg ne and t "cbsrnhis moing." hefrom tca broadenst cinter
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." news nii'm vir.ta naith rse fistt east coazz bliofard withe interads heuping the as coist thni 'sec exptoted rt stapi dumng ow snwa on gtshind.on, c.a in fehow d urs anincont aue for dayan lfd a ha. o up tettwo fent is cofrinued om we vstgiira niouto snethern w d.englan nathe 'stionit capotal g a evprw iethwiig a lusht d tingwe dadnesghy nit. d anrethe suwelts n'reett cis vanlebeave oginsur co gevera.>> or rep iter:snt waon't cs gres at that creried gk dlocin inwash lgtonniast ght. w it ras ahoush urur bf st osnowth roat fheze t uatntreoaed rds tuand crnedinars to ou ont-of-c orighbviing iarginor repted 7 76hecras js in24ust rs hou. i >>rat is cutzy o here. or>> repteorr: ny mallt shorco esmmutne turtod inht eigr,-hou -sslow mpeedhoaratf ns orymise, re stngtchi d the hriveweome ll in tto aa rea uescned lyar,5 6 d00verirs hefrom tay m ahem,hind ta s was l smalbestorm hefore t main ev coent momes torrow.d. orc. mayl murie.bowser
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eqinad ruatensespoe. ep>> rr:ortet wha ldoesast t' nighcls debaabe say e out th acity'stybiliha to hendle t otypeorf statm thom's cating n itow? w >>lde shoube have uten o r earlie mwithe orreursos.ce e if wd hago ottenarut e aliernd rehad morc resou mes, weavay he en seif a dncferee. ep>> r torter:reoday ce ws werge thtting eiuir eqt pmeny read stand ngartio ttrareat ea ro p ofcuarticolar n ncerpoare wer geoutaoms frd winguassts h hig 5 asle5 mir s pehour. peand woplestere ngocki up,le g avine storveshelres ba as re ntsideeps pr tared so bed nowe f inayor ds. t'>> ie s th wsameouay ypa prere a for ranatusal di osterr ma arongedd. y'>> the ove runorut of c gani rr cas,otch whis ia ibterrle th ing. 'r theyine runnofg out an lots d lo thts of ings. ep >> r dorter:li.c. poefce chi y catherlanied urgpl peoe to ay ste hom toncetohe starm srts. on>> dak't tise thrm stoor f te grand. i thisous 36 hf rs ojoa mar or stm. r >>r:eporte w areine talkg fe liea-and-denth potrotial fm s thistorm? bs>> aeloluty.>>
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hein tio rege n aredclos to owmorrt , budithe ctstri44's 5tr auckslond ps ws a awells 00 39,0of tons ar salt y e readtoba hettle t. storm he>> tro tomoreaw is rstlly ju testar gd toreet gead up, gg ditoing inia louisrnna, toado wa irningss n partsiof misssippiga g therinofa lot gu that lf tu mois re.d an ithen it runse nto thcold.iz blatzard w ochesncut ilude pa ofrts y newtyork ciel, as wl p asy,hillar blizzind warngs in im baltd ore anndd.c. ae a hugar erea undr wintestorm wa gsrnin. d a broahaarea t st will ee one fto two seet ofnow.we t track this toashe et t coason y. frida fr ayidwe, e 'repdeg eninayfrid t nighngarrivish in wa, ington b d.c.evy the g enins,hour into yo new y rk citurby satday mo jung grazier southn new gl entuand saigrday k dar, blue tone tot wo-foo otsnow tovals, ca ering huge area. 2 6 to 1 yin newroork, pbably e thhetougecst forroast acss the 1board,4 8 to 2.,in d.c8 and 1to r 24 in, oanokeiavirgin. stnot juno the sw but ls we a ao havefi signicecant i st
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c northa.arolin hscott,a aving pabig imn ct o lidaily fe.a anchorce fer pow oesutag and ngwatchimp the ir act foc the nfch shampionchip in e arlottthis ek weend. on theam cpaign trail, gop on frert-runnd donaltrump nt cotoinues ch stret l hisead er oves the rhet of tld fie .e thlaoltest ps l showwitrump th of34% po suprtf oep rnublica pr voimary ters. oshis clalest ch, lenger ted uz crs , ha14%.hi bem nd theshjeb buar and m co bi ruhao 1ve.0%jo maetr garr ft iswiollo ng the f racewarom gtshinon. or>> repetter: lk 's talabout re the anpublicne machie you'v ar heucd so mt.h abou puit's sg.tterinw hoe do w?know ld dona a trump cnd tedruz co tntinuenao domi gte theop . race y to sta bahead,veoth ha to leridicu e thelistab, shmentthe e machinryat even. turt bu tlatelyinhese le es hav tobegun blur. at thns meamu cruz oust dennce an hoyone w t backs arump s anes taisblenhmtot tyoneishat t , nod nameh sara n.pali >>toven thday p e goinmache, ey that're cktag ineithowr n onfrnnt-ruer.
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ad roh witlddonamp trune wedsdayai tmingrto fothify e fr ruont-'snnerse conivrvate cr tiedenals.>> c ourdaandis te isyball ghenouge to t t oue therpuand t th isose osuestan the ble. or>> rep eter:asven palinso uakedper che ts in, ulsashe e spoklyopenut abon paiinwith r hefaown .mily i >>ss gue's itd kinof the ep el ihanthen t .room ep>> rr:orte herld oest son, k,tracir an araq w raveten, was ar edrestdo on icmestle vionce weand s apongechareas ierlr isth ek we. li pankn liheed tau asso lt tposttr tiaumarec stndss ad usethe ntmometa to ske aathot es prt idena.obam>> m butn y so slikenyo ma ot chersbaome arck hd.dene tait satrts t ese qu ttioncohat frmes urom o ow prn ideserent wh he theyave to alookm t hindand wo yer, doou haknow wo t we gugthroh?>> or rep rter:liepubelcan der st maatesb n bo, dole19the 96 pr enesid ntialeeominso, al si edgnal are prefee ncr rnteivatwae crs .uz
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pathe " rty, sdoleaid t abouuzcr. no dyboes lik. him dcruzssismihoed tomse cs.ment>> lo heler, evy.ybod r >>teepor sr: athign e ey'r hiditcthng oaner ctedidar s fotr ump. ig>> rowht n w thengashiton ta eshmblisisent nd abag oninma rurco bio. mtheythade see asntssmet thahe n'catht win rac thand ine washstgton emeablishntis hi rusr ng ovepoto suprt do runald tmp. r >>r:eporteio in ndwa a new irhampshube, repvolican ters ha chven't cosen adaandite. w a nehopoll se ws moralthan hf r ofliepubrecans a m stillaking up he t mirdsin. e thesrsvote b couldore up f s grabndfor ca lidateshnike jo si ka cch andhrhris ce,isti who elboth b iieveeyf thin can fish a sstronginecond new sh hampheire, t ay willctttra themo mney,m omentudiand mea at iotentcen netossary bl crediy as chnoe the onminati.>> de> the atmocrreic piasidentl nt co aenders dre notinistancg th lvemsem es fropathe rty bl estat,ishmenre they'g tryin to tsgain ipo nardy co iesons he tam cigpan tr inail m dess,oinea. iow r >>teepore'r: weave r tchedhe in poert whene ev s theesmallt
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nlast hightryillant cliooon tk br um aidgestt a coray tmmenfr erom bsanie s.nderit el r tateskeo a y ticonscytuenwo -- men.>> as i wew somcohat ednfusn whe tosenandr sasaers elid woul, y knplow, d annentpare ahoodnd ma hughn riamts cnspaigey, th're pa f rt oesthe istablt.hmen th i t ough iboy,h wiserit we. wi i e sh wn'wereght fi atingll th mee tipr to t otecn'womes , rightsroto p wtect'somen al heth. or>> repliter: casnton w onrespo ding ts sanderidwho sa wthiskehen aspld why neand d plannehoparentndod ed orser,he m.not hi h>>lail cryntliason hn bee ndarou a forg lon atimeomnd se of se theup groe s ar oparte f th ta eshmblisent. ep>> rr:ortede sans rs ingtryi osto pn itioelhims af asn ou ertsid. th but toe clin sn camp'says he o tooufar i >>nk thi t the"serm liociast" n'doesket mat iereasin. to wi>> or rep gter:noovern r daoymall and as choru ofnt clion pp su aortersrguedne wed tsdayhat inputta g issocial tt athe top tof thewoicket rtuld hu de atmocrwns doal the b lot in
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
sohis d und ansohis eeul sm a lodet olanr tht. tha pl[ ap ]ause wp neauort cedienn s ca tbe aough d. crowbu eyt jo t hasonhem ir thet. fee h >> iistoryorn newpont ce again. r >>teeporn r: whe dwe satown hwithimer latne in rkw yo , we rweredeemins d he ijuidst a k fi who ucrst tokehed a rdyboa six ar yeo.s agwh yoat do k u thin ait wasbout zz ja? i >>nk thigi it a ves iaspecl infeelhig, ws ch iblthe anues d g swinfeel. r >>r:eportedo what ea you mn byin swg? e >> likg,swins it'helike t .groove>> or rep iter:ne've haver d a -y 12olear-y d trxpto e tlaino meou aboot grve. >> oh. r >>r:eportet jusenlistm to hi oo grn ve oonthis s bg "moblues."
2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
ifcerte icat teachthime ouat y do t. i y so ieah,dst adut aboex an tra ur hoyo to rrur a tivalime. ep>> rr:ortert staining ar m, ch a delt nwillngo loller aow la prgertoets ch be d eckeon r their'owneigs flht. eainsteyd thha'll o ve t be le handrid as fght. ts pel wil have torr aeeive tr behours hefore t htflighe, tn dr d oppeanoff icd pked upn ihe t ocarg sonecti and the pooch co fluld ay onep se arathtflig d anvearrit adia erfft enmeti.>> do we don't on it he tar c go way.we t jushadon't heve t nf co aidencewond it tuld beoo tr tiaumausc for in to thhek of t be dog haing ndd le casgoar.>> or rep dter:'seltang chae fo edllowte unid. w >>ale reavly hbee a ttereq eduippil facatity go car and c weroan py perl tkeepnihe amals sin aenafe nmviroanent ved ha pr
2:51 am
em thn whe htheya ave ecconntion lor aerayovhe ratanr tht jusle g avin othemn ut otathe .rmac r >>teeporror: ps gram plikeet sa fehe wrema ani alsreon mitored byye emplo mesarkou a crse co onrrecti a forneirlis. li>> airvenes hae donrra teible fo job err ovye 40 inars ortransplats p tnts ingohe car ld hoss of par engeesplan t andhest tiatisrocs p tvet.haan e d thesairlindi just dn't nt waay to plga that mome anyre.>> te reporour: thremgh novber, s 33 pet23died, ed injur and 3 re moe wer wlost ihile n anai e'rlinsss poonessi20 in 15. t >>l he reae issuonis cinnectg ig fl whts,erheths it'a enpasscager plrgo hoane r ld oa plcargo hoane itld, s get down heto tin chacu of y,stod i whos hiwatchang timt anwhal, iso fcaringt or tha.animal 's itia a ltybili. issue ep >> r sorter:stouthwe and je wotblue len't u t yoa check t. pe anameric d stillbuoes lyt on on ce
2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
'rtheyy e readrtto stain tryg toha nove a cther ahildhend tir -y 10olear-s d haadalrevey gin th t oughheto tth broerer vsus ersistst queion. y whtta liisle ster? b >>seecautl litote brisher ry vegh nauty. ug[ la ]hter>> ep rr:orteu so yorawould ther v haveliery a isttle ster?>> yes. or>> rep iter:cen rersnt yea , china hnas bee eimxperngenti th wiow alloming se couples to ha ecve a silond ch but ant as mvey han beeta tkingovhe gt ernmenthup on e of tfer aserhe govt nmend woul l haveiked. qso theiouestw,n noch this angey ma lbe tootoittle .o late>> is that ov the "gherniwst ne " isfor thy. frida>> c.> d.p deezefreeng goi no e wher ifaste n thcaice l pita
2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
e pe pis.he n's irg chae of aew n effort to k mas the tyci'sd leaip pe or netw k. k what oindf unakderting would it t beo acreplhee t p?ipes>> ss ld wou o bever $100 llmiion.we b'veeen nctegleouing r asinfrtutrucreo for s longn i this trcouny, it will take a ra pa sdigm thifteto geo pple to th ainkbout what ial clea rl ho ndmelaur secity. r >>teeporhir: t ws ishehere t pr stoblem arted. t' flintes warer tatment ercent. n it'sreot curntly in eropation,
3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
steam to dthl wi, ellspeciay in northnacaroli. t,scotg havina bigmp ionact y daillife.a fchanceor o power autagesnd ngwatchi the paimct forhe tfc n am chippionshha in cterlot this en weekd. on am the ctrpaign ail, na dompld trunu contioes t hstretc his lead. l theatest poll shows trumpit wh of 34% t,suppor c tedruz has 14%. hi bem nd theshjeb bu and marco harubio 10ve %. r majoetgarrolt is f tlowing he f raceshrom wa.ington ep >> r lorter: tet's aalkbout re the anpublichi macne'v you ehe soard h mucabout. it's tesputring.ho ew do w know?do runald t tmp andzed cru uecontin d toeominat the gop .race s totay bahead,othav heo t di ri tculehe eshmtablisheent, t e machinryat eve turn. la but hetely tse lines have tobegun mat ceansruz musten dounce neanyo whoks bacru tmps an a es istablt hmene.totean tyoneishat n,ot named sarah n.pali ve>> en t todayheop g inmache,
3:27 am
t-fronerrunn . r >>teeporarr: salah pitin hhe tro itad wh dd onalp trumeswednday ngaimi f tofyorti the on frnnt-ru cer'srvonseeativ ed crtienals.>> odiur cansdate i ballsy ghenouge to otut a therendut p os th iessues onhe t table. r >>teeporver: e pn asinal edsoak uphe cersn i a,tulsio ok sppee only autbon paiit whin owher n lyfami. r hees oldt son, t, rackraan iq r waraveteasn, wes arrted ea r rlie wthiseek. n paliedlink a theltssau to posttr tiauma scstres andse ud the ntmometa to ke at sho at idpresobent ama.>> m buty son l sikeoan my rsothee comk bac rt stats ahe t p.toe thonquestit tha croomes fm ourow esn prt iden twherey hevehao t alookimt h and erwond,o dyou ow knt wha we go thh?roug>> or rep rter:liepub ecanlder at stn esmabob dole,he t 1996 pr idestienal e,nomineo als
3:28 am
st quesion hi aeglleianc to th e rtpa"y,e dol idsa. bo noikdy l esm.hi >> hello, ybeverody. ep>> rr:orteig a snhe ty're di ngtchier othdi cansdate for p.trum r >> night towhe wngashiton ta eshmblisisent aonbanding rc mabio ruo. mtheythade ees assensmtt tha he wican't sn thi race. th and hie wasngton eabstshlintme risngushir ove topo suprt do runald t mp.ep >> r iorter:an iow andew n sh hampepire, rnublicas voter ha t ven'enchos a idcandate. poa new llho sews morn thaal hf ep of rnsublica are stillak ming t upheir minds. vthese coters bould ue fpor fograbs idr cand lates jikeohn chkasi c andchhris ,ristie who elboth bfieve i tnhey cais finh nga strod secon in new mphairshy e, thettwill aheract tne moeny, mom atumnd media nt atteceion ney ssarreto cdibly as chnoe the onminati.> >> theem dtiocracre piasidentl co denten nrs areotnc distaing em th f selsrom the party
3:29 am
tsin i concy irdes ts onamhe cn paig l traiesin dne moiows, i a. r >>teepore'r: weave r tchedhe po whint evere heen tma sesll t ig blanht com bec ie an.ssue nlast hightryillant clion took b uperidg at a strayom cment fr erom bsanie s.nder>> as i w shaomewtfu condse wnhe na sertode san srsaid ,well you , knowneplanred paodntho and nhumas right cagnmpais, trehey' opartef th taeshmblisent. th i t oughboy, iis wht i rewe. shi wi were wen'tig f ahtingll e thotime tct prote mewon's gh ritots, ct prote wosmen' .health r >>r:eporteon clint was sp re tondingors sande whod sai th heis wnsk aed wnnhy plaed pa horentndod edorse i herf il>> h claryonlint b has een ou arornd fon a lge tim ande som t of gheses roup pare oartfhe t bl estat.ishmen>> te reporanr: s idersins tryg os to pnitiose himslf a an ou ertsid.bu e t thtoclinamn c spsay he's fatoo r oue.tsid i>> think them ter "sstociali" n'doesket mat' isiero t win. r >>teeporerr: govnnor day mallo warguedayednesd p thatutting a issocialt tat theop of the
3:30 am
th elo balt in noervemb. yonew onrk csmgres-an - >> t'shere ala poce try car the so iscialnnt banoer, qiouestn ab itout . m i'notur seha tt ptiarrlculay re sut' thahes t bneanyor ut wan e to bpa.rading>> te reporr: andnt clion warned pa his stit pos wionsoulde mak ndsas er eany asettarg for pu reanblics. hein t '7,0san sdersav fored a t100%nax oom incer ove $1 ll miion. j he okedhe'ske bacffd o that tiposiaon, t. bi e>> wen hav'te com upit wh an ex nuact mberyet, but itil wl no bet ash higs a the nrumbe r undehtdwig d. nheise,ower ic whsh wa 90%.t bulit wil be --'m i nott tha o ochf a sstocialiom cd pareto se ei.nhower>>
3:31 am
rill be ckght ba. cyourvelever mon's woopt st theldcolu and f .dibut ecsinf wtinglyith casol n. so lywil s pespand array ape edprov ktol ilypmore tgees of anrms thox clor.
3:32 am
joey aerlexandys pla an mea jazzno pia and he'sn bee atcaptivnsing fael and flow anmusiciiks ale. de anoorson cperas h his story fo 0 r "6s.minute " ep>> rr:orte a forz jaz ci musian, t'shere noig bger ag st te thanjahis eszz ftival. os thrte ais work a lifetime to reget he i,f theyma ever ke it a atll. 's ity joe exalr'andesst fire tim inplaywpg neort. hehe's tng youpeest verson e rin d viteerto p oformisn th
3:33 am
henlay oy be2 1 years old, but sohis anund isd hl sou aseem lo det olanr tht. tha[ auapplse ] wp neort ancudieanes c be agh tou d.crowbu eyt jo t hasonhem he teeir ft. to>> hisnery in onwport ce n.agai or>> rep wter:wehen ow sat dn h witherim lat in newrkyo, we we rere edmind he is jtus a kid o whtfirs tedouch a kd eyboarsixar yes ago. who at d tyou ihinkst waut abo zz ja? i >>nk thi it gives a scipeal el feing,ch whis ihe tlu bes and swing feel. r >>teeport r: whado youea mn by in swg?>> e likg,swin 'site lik the oo grve. ep >> rorter: i've nadever h a r-12-yeayold tr to e txplaino meou aboot grve.>> oh. ep >> r jorter:stust lien to him
3:34 am
he te wrowh it e en h10was . wh mat'sostar remekabl is that jo s ey iadalre my ar asteof pr fst ot wha he p hlayskee mas up he as s goeg.alon oudo yw kno yhoweou'roi gng to pr ime ovisthsomebeing yforeou do it? yhavelaou pnned it all out? he>> w'mn i on agste, i never plan'm ioi gong to d isth. ofbut co,urse yavou he the epconchat wt yeou'rng goi to do,bu u t yotdon'ea rlally pn it.
3:35 am
ff dit?eren y >>eah. i >>unt soeads rhally rd.[ htlauger ] t >> iinis k hd ofard. ep>> rr:orte andyet,oe jy makes l it eook soasy. ns witon almars oes,ne of the bi t ggess namein jazz, has seen ta lo ofal tinent z jazr ovehe tye ars. 'v >> iere nevrd heao nne ot tha n caaypl like him. r >>teeporhar: he s nigeus? q>> noiouesttn abou that to anyof us. r >>teepornir: geus? ithis hs whate means. le>> t'sak te ati tradiymonal hnli ke lo"cseral w wkith eeth."
3:36 am
pu now itsemproviit on . ug[ la ]hter>> twahat s >>odomeby 12yi plang like . that ep >> rorter: eyjo's tt alenmay be deunleniabt , buneno o can pl exheain wre it comes .from il>> mes davisd saiobman, nyod s knowtabou sound. un sostd ju td ihinkha tt about his y.abilitey th are.>> te repory r: thejust are. t >>arhey e.
3:37 am
yshe pla thatet ssim h apart, it'sm fro he' ma, thein tiny andonesid islantt benoer korwn ftr palm anees thpi ayano pl he wyp a htierac, ve kidso oney dae when h hwas 6,enis parts br hoought eyme a k hboard,oping c to ahannelll thates restls gy ener . t you mhoughtayhabe tult wod s focu him? h.>> yeaat am the se ti wme,ean wted to ndfiut ohe w ther'sheus malicr o bnot,auec wsehae aveus malic mi faly. r >>teeporhar: ts t wafithe trs htimeert staedyi plangh wit the oakeyb?rd>> h. yea >> ep rteor hr:heere is one year la r tegeat a 7. re mbme, er ono tneghauty joeow h to la p lye ikisth.he justic pdke itp u lngisteni isto hd' das bualms ofe duk ng ellid ton anlicharrke paer. just lngisteni turo yo re --cords ig>> rht.
3:38 am
an pio stin,ructor but heed tri toch tea joey ciclassal simuc. d itgoidn't well. w joeytoanted vi improse? >>h. yeaen eva just little bit. r >>teeporndr: a thela calssic te r ache'tdidne likbe it ing be emhellisd?>> no,no. r >>teeporhar: wt t didtehey ll yo u?>> w heants to be free.>> or rep ater:aznd jloz alws th reat f?edom h->> re expimss hself. or>> repoeter: jyan beg esexprngsise himlf onta sges ssacro fdeos o him playingen wt viral and made it to winstonce marlis in new.york as he w so imsepres wd byhat he d, hearvi he injoted oey t rf peatorm their anou y will gala. ggthe biesvet ent of the year. d an tevenhhougt iwas his newyo rkeb dutnd ais h firstim te orperf fmingucor s h ad,crow joeyec d tidedayo pl o oneef th to
3:39 am
igmidnht."an end whwa he s do tne,he es orchsetra ro, the crowd sero, and ,joeyho w was 10 athe t hetime, t didn' knowha wt to do. d >> on'tgo, eyjo. r >>teeporer: hed trio tal wk thoff ste age. >> eyjo, don't go. ep >> rr:orte h the tosthat en evwaing ils bly yscrtal. ak>> t e it,in man,e tak i tin. r >>teeporoer: jyad h riarved. >> joey andlexaer.>> or rep yter:otou gnd a stain g at ovion.>> todhank gha for tt. 'ti didnt expecha to ve a an stvading otion. r >>teeporhar: tont crtce ch dange joey's life.
3:40 am
tmilyw o nerkyo. heta srted pnglayi ,gigs tngourith une cotry, winning fans, and le ngarni r them hyth vof aery di enfferrlt wod.w ho ldo youneike rkw yo? l >> i.ove it nd >> a c you sanee an nderso u yocoget a ld.u yobrcan't eeathro thurugh yo nose. ddsuyoenly, u're autmohehbreatr. mo a atuthbre her! ca how nen anyole septh like at? we stll, jun put otha brearie right std p anpow! iitlynstant y opensseour no 38up to t% morecohameld adicinelone. y so bou can areathelend sep. yshututour mosah and goy odmonight atuthbrehers. e breathright nit'slwot aasays fo easy r me isas it im for h... 's ity easmefor l cause ook ather. aw... w sok-e use agy ultrel.
3:41 am
cso i ian getento thin swt g of iqua bit icker. d an kwhen ie'now shels feing tliket,ha esit makel me fewe like 're ..both. enwh e shes njoy it, ewe injoyent eve. mor an end i y joit. tfeelfehe difwirence th k-ytrul.agel th ree mo m youove mothe re s youweat de gr'seeot mnsioseenec tolhnyog kes epu yoesfrwih eth mveryove. it as hqu unicre misuocapthles at aicontagn fr.rances fr onictiak bree s .. ea.rel bsings urstreof fssshnel alday. hewhetu'r yoeere m atingde neadli... .g..rainbbbig a .te.. .. r .oadheg int outhfor ghe nit. ti monsonseroe, piotect kn toeep you de eegr, onit wet't l d youown. oo cho se t fmovey.reel fmoveulree tra ha ips trctle-asuion tppor r fo jyours,oint ilcartanage ned bos o ininne tpiy .ll
3:42 am
urget yoon move . no and w try fmovee ret.nigh rsthe fiont and n-ly 2-i1 jo d int ansusleep ntppleme. repahents help thiir cnldredi erscov w theorld iman sals,theen beose fore bu met sothtimes eydo on it ir the own m mmfoot w wo ffoodiaor gnts oo oond no wooner no e hasteeaisn thic sandwh ki isds dr covewothe rldthwiir theth mous de t tergenmfis harul waif sedllow, ee so kdrp launcsy pa upawand m ay froenchildr ou br yght totiou by de da tocay you ven do egrythin us in jclt one ick, enev kureep yot toileea cln frand esh. tr ininoducg lyicsol cll.k ge cl itick n i to oy enjan clesh freness wi eth very flush. so lyl.
3:43 am
ea each yunr, h odredsf th ndousaf s oair trsraveleak t e t tokihe shes wit their son fly ithe bcabin,ut l aot geof bigrni amals have tbeo ec ch.ked inno ew thes rul forhe cg ckinyour idogsn i anis vav clese ha theto sry fr eaom rnagan altion ait.rpor r >>teeporour: ye havga bi dog ke lidy bude hernd aou yt wan to fl thy wim, hi youse udo t be r.countet buinsicreahengly t aneirli al so syoend reu he. ithise s tho cargtealrmin, and s it iernowhare net thandseco un coter. c >>omen o .in >> ep rteororr: fer petar hold d anwihis jafe n,ha sntypa is rt heof t mifaly. ic whhea mnsn whe they flyhe tir ld goenoo dedl d toes,oo. bu sthe isoo t borig f the n,cabi s soashe h to be kechecd. t>> i it s noeathe t siesg.thinit ak t aes lgon ,time yavou he
3:44 am
t oflihe fanght det g a hhealt ce icrtifateae tcheimha tout y do ah ye i,t addsbo anut a eraxt ho our tr youiv arral meti. ep>> rr:ortert staining march, a deltwillo nge lonr allow rg laer p tetsoe b checked on. d instea'ltheyel havbe to le hand d e petsl wile hav tbeo ro dppedof df anic pkedp un i the cargo ct seanion ed thch pooay m fly on se a tepara time. >> e won cnuti deo ithe t c argo y. wa uswe jton d'tav he the nf coceiden i andult wo td beoo au trfomatic or us t tnkhif o the g do beingan hdled args cao.>> or rep ter:des lta'gechan ll fo uowedd.nite w >>eae rlly have aet bter equied fitacil aytgo car and
3:45 am
in a safe eonnvir amentndav he esprofalsionff sta l toookft aer em thn whe htheyaave cctonneion or alaryovehe ratr tnha jtus av lething utem o on the actarm. r >>teeporr: pamrogrkes liet p msafe aarke coursor cnrectio r foinairles. >> aneirlise havon d aeer teribl rjob fo over0 4 years in tr oransp ptsntlains he tgo car ho fld ose pas pngeranlanes thd e sa tistatisvecs pro that. or>> rephrter: tnoough ,vember 33et ps ,died 23 iednjurnd a 3 wmoreeert loshi w ilen an rl aisine'se posn ssio in.2015 t >>eahe rlue iss is cctonneing fl s,ightth wheer it's a pa gessenarr clago polne hd or a ca plrgo hoane ld, itet gsow dn t toinhe chast of cuhoody, w is wa ttchinganhat whimal, o is ca orring f thatimanal.'s it aia lbility suise. or>> repouter: s athwestnd je e tblutwon' y letou check a anericll stis doeonbut n ly oce
3:46 am
t no iwhentot's t o hoolor cd.>> hi i tnk's she a bit teexcid. ep>> rr:orte on the rn eturto shwagtin, onheweat drselay gg ba lage,ngeavi peter pa.cing bu frt tom lheksoo of , itthe w waitlas wel worth it. >> oh. or>> repelter: dsta say the an chl ge wilensureha tte wveha gha hiua qlity cenonsistt rv serice fo w petshens owner ch o oose tthship rvicels anima of alles siz are d allowein the acabin,nd travel rtexpe ss tayhey think that sy ilstem wl be adbuse bypl peoe wh to wanto takedv aantage of th ts pe.
3:47 am
e will bghrit ckba.>>
3:48 am
ndng-staoling pficy o one il chd per war mried cesoupl can t havewoch iildrenf twahey nt. oaseth ditne visneed oil famy at tht foughhifor ts gechan.>> te reporsr: thiy polic was ly deep launpopur andhe tng chae isel wbycomed ma ny. iecompans areli selngab by s,item h butanow m mycoore uple so ale havcoa sehind cld? ie10 yonld wlwg a waysdishe she d ha a sig.blin"i t's lylone," she told .us ce"sinas i w leittlre the ha beven't y mans kidtoy pla wi th."fo arr yers he ptsaren ftough to ve haec a sond d.chil en evli pubprcly tiotesorng f theri ght.wh en i heard theew ns iou ctldn'be e liev sit,he i oad thelfficia denocumt er ovnd a ait wasinlways ourre d bams,utal eyso bouond ear drms.
3:49 am
rl pantiamell sti t hasoor fymallap e provchthe geanth to is co ventrol rsiacypoli. usmy h wbandksor f or ast owate-coned y.mpanif e wad h aec sond bybae, h wo hauld eeve bren fird o fdorce to itqu. e thnefi c hould baveeenrl nea y$5 0,000. sthe cb newseo viddtapese the ijbeinllg bis board in the 1980s.on de chily polic wassidegned toco atmb theng boomi tipopulaon, d anto lnessehe tci finanal bu nrden oam filies and the st ate.he ffalth olsiciala cleim at ast 0 40n millio wbirths ereoiavded, but foenenrcemout cld be dr n,aconiaim sometesnc ingludi ed forcio abortn and ilstern.izatio somear pentsfe preedrr m ale il ch adrenndbo artedal feme se fetus. tothday arere e 33li milone mor n me wthanenomn i incha. ch inwoa's rrkfosce i nkshri ing,th e patopulion ngagei. chand owor wries a tbouthe ssstrehe on r htdauger.
3:50 am
neonly oin takeg car ofus,he s .saidth eey'rdy rea tort sta tgryino tha nove atherhi cldnd air the -y 10olear-sd haea alrivdy gen ghthou tt torohe b vthers ersu ersistst queion.wh y ait ltle ersist?>> au becseit lbrtle r otheis nveryautygh. [ uglaerht ] or>> repo ter: sulyou wohd rat very ait ltle ersist? ye>> s.>> inen rect s,yearna chi has beenim experngentih witin allowg somees couplve to ha ad secon bchild, aut notsan mye havn beeta heking tnm gover oent upn the r offe gas theerovennmwot d ul haveliked. sohe tio quest nw,nos thing chaema ooy be t le ittltoo tela. t >> that isheer "ovt nigh"news r fo mer soyo of heu tew ns nt cos.inue otfor chers bheck wack uiths r latethfor ore mningew n asnd bs "c this mo"rning. t fromheio capt fningd unde by cbs
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