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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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ro a stteng winm r storovwill me ro the ugh th tsierra aodaynd rd satuh ay wity heav asnowndst wrongn inds iunthe motains,ma raking tffvel di ticult.he ll valleys witr see sndong wis m this worningatith sctered er showw s. sno dlevelsrop bytu saorrday m, ning 1with-2" po assibled rounfoour s.othillco nsnditioro impy ve bsunday with
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pere,e olicnelearred thn e mero abbed a manomnd a wan at ntgunpoid ... an twheniche vtim ch edalleng h them,s e wa. shotat th w manosas hzepitalid with n-nofelihr tteeanjning iieurs. th ece suspants, o d tw wpeopleho reweit wthh vie imct ts,n heran a totmn aparcoent x mpleon onpatt. driveafarter seg chinan tmaparthent olere, pe icunfod e th pstoleny.ropert..rm fireas d anardrug pheap..rnaliad . anar trestedenwo m. -y 21d ear-ol jdarius ioness ar chthged wi a being fn exelon os in pn sessiotoof a slen re fid arm anesposs osionenf stol typroperd anroa contublled s. stance ea 25-yd r-olstchrionina roey, ar chwiged ffth tra..icking. es possf sion onta coedroll ta substhnce wit intenelto sl.. an d chenild erdang. ment d an yifw ou knonganythi else at th h canveelp inorstigats... scallt ecres witnes-2at 3-2 dr49-huned. mi congp unnon chaels 2 newthis
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ueandi gndvara aro meteologistje tiff marpinez's 2npoint in martinez's pt poinre2 focast!" omwelc. e back cvotersppould a arovecrn ineaseof ad nevmia's wanimum s ge thino ervemb. th esis com c aftern arsocitydi ctstriud jgees jamso wiln ctreje led a cegalenhallo ge tth lle baeaot m. sure 5-if 5sathouignd srenatue s arll coacected heross t.. state. e thques wtiongoill th on e otball. it ld woue havasto p ts inwoco utnsecelive onecti bs...ngumpith e muminigem wa9- to er25 p . hourouit wheld t un gop uagradeally each yntr, uil hireac3-ng 1 dos llarby24 20-. itcrsaics nay pes ltietoare o reseve b foresusinnes owrs viwho e olatwathe ulge re. ouit weqld r 3uirees-tim the ntamouba of -pckayon, althg wi le fegal tonot ti menon e raise thprofice ds goo. "traydei unndrsta p theiprincle t. of iro the ps,blem i in re y,alitu if yoa get e raisand l al prthe gices fo upheor tff stuu' yoinre buy yg, did aou get e? rais" erin ordan to ch lge thee anguag t oflohe baltit quesiton -- hawould beve to en tako tthe snevada cupremeourt. d
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etline rr aileetis sp ting u op shno in nrthernevada.t- jem dot-co suses aimilarbu msinesss odel acostco and sams club. pa you 50y the r- dollaa-yearmb me fershipanee... end thho sp r foergroc..ies.le tois.trie..ev loen all oine. e thosshmembers ip fees mean th s ere'kuno marp on do jet-s t-com'tsproduc. d an ptheyd ickernnorthea nevad for sta ditiribuenon e:rc lorre "we ae ablhoto sp mo althst to ree entico west ast ov ghernio t, s git's areatlo . cationfowe've e und thpeople b toede incralibly tinented is th s area,'so itre a gceat pla pe to o dn up autistribion ."center da e-ndwn aot jet-dad-com me the no anntuncemete yesrdt ay athe isatlant. ne the erw centns joi o thetherg biiecompanats out ah the toe ndreno il ustriaercent. t- jecodot-ctm expe hs toe irup 5 to p00pleoere ovhe tex nt vefi s. year di the bustri ctionisenter al upready un and r..ning.and
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ckto cheen on op..ingsad. he to n-k-t-v-m dot-colifor a nk. tu g rninamto cn paig..2016. y hillartoclinmpn's caaignno anyeunced y sterda fthatr ormees prbiident ntll cliilon wl be mp cainaignhig for fes wi in reno t.tonighbi lill cilnton wbel ak speating th yse bo g and cirlsoflub the ketrucade me fows onoster e.drivrt.. staating 5 8-1p-m. or doens op7- at 30. to -v r-sor-p f e the, ventheadto v- k- t-t n doancom icd clk th uee blne " lwsinbuks" . tton il st cl to come on 2hannel news
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t inlshe bule eye thanmidatltic es bracne for oe of tht bigges ms storth of are yedo. i'm n onchampi w in dcloith a ok at m lastprinute omeps, c. ing up te meogorolffist jene martiz will
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lc weckome ba. le peop t alongashe east cot are inpreparthg for asat msive e welcomback. op pengle aloas the et t coasare inpreparthg for asat msive er wint.. storm t.sett o hithere da tohey. tm systeopmay dr up to et 2 feow of sne,, ic c andoastaloo flroding form getogia new york. , in d-cndmarylair and vginia, blwhere cizzardononditis are pe exofcted, s ficiallrhave aeadycl de sared af tate oncemergey. do amn ch hpion las thefratest omr ou'snationit capal. si res denthein th patof a te pollntiaray panglyzili bd zzar trushedrmo supekearts.. su and topply steres lath into e t.nighea.. gp ring usnto be owed in
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0 got 70s,shovelin than 2 aboutur holls, aho the servels we de , pletedadif i hke a nicl er evmey ti a cr ustomemeasked r foova shwoel, i auld be rich n. mamo n re thali77 milplon peolle wi el feff the e oectshif the storic or st sm --o et tplcriprte pas ofth ce eastn oast i ajust fewur hos. l i'ven ived it dc mosof my li d fe, ant i don' tknowi hat ivhave loued throrgh a ft ecasli hike ts d infe-c, radefil of aces,lls we t asiohe natsen's -bcondusiestsu sbwaym,ystel wil dshutown a thisnofteron. , inlamaryndnd agi virni wa,rehebl rdizzadi cons tionalare so edexpects , crewtrbegan eatingro wiads alth surt hoo.s ag.. pi hoo ng td avoirea pef at oye dastermey's wss -juhen n st ain f ch o csnowd ausedeaccints an lad dehrys tououghe t th. area whpeat hapstned la w nightotas n . okayanthat cre't be edpeatdu ngri tolhe fnglowi ys da. wialong sth thethnow - m e storst syl em wilg brinerdangous s windicand te --ulhat cod lead m toowajor pager outes. s--nat n inarorth colinowa -- per
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ng haoving heer t l powerines ur th. sday st mopl peo te intohe s prm'sath ar kie tat ng iinall id stre...wi wnteromas cweing t hadowo kn at th. adalrevey - serarll ai hinesave mppreelytivece can tlledanhous ds of gh flindts avi prowaded s iverto ve tra -lersre to wbookhen nd consitioro impdove. amn chpioncb wss nehi wasn.ngto was the seathermoystem ves snorth,urtorm scoge, l astaand la inlond fg odinacand beh ioeros an is c major. oncern el"channs 2 newuecontins with ormeteolisogjet arff mz'tines oipinp fnt 2ecor bast,stroadcart cebyified a thecamerin te meicorologocal s!"iety ro a stinng wstter llorm wi move
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aysaturdhe with owavy sn and wstrongn inds iunthe motains,ma raking tffvel di ticult.heva willeys ll see wstrong tindsmohis wirning th tescatowred shnoers. slsw leve op drtu by saorrday mwining, th os1-2" parsible uround oot fo chills.ononditiovs impre bynd
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ksthanf. jef ok loaring ndou w the norld. smalians oldiera ended deadly e siegeaof a bt chfron au restn rant icatheir lapital st ni whee mor 2than0 pe woplellere kianed in k. attacse tycurice for cs tookolontr of stthe rentaurabe just dforeawn e.ther as blndts ast bur gs ofreunfi ul co hd be aeardeys tht wenomfrom roto pu room ngrsui g then,unmeho wre we u holeddep insi thest re. aurantth cuey resered seveoal pwhple o twereedrappid inse e th aurest, rante wherrta pas y wa ptaking wlacethhen cke attaga ben.e th bgunmend elonge sto aomali ataffilil-e of aqaeda. no and rerth ko ia sayst has re arn sted aanamericrs univeity en studcot for timmitng ti ante-stas. act unthe coy'trnts cewsral neen
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st the ..udent.nt who eheered t tr coun ty as a. ouristfi ofclcials e aim tht studen te plotndd to u nermineorth re konian uanty, atd th thest enudlit has tnks tohe u-sve go. rnmente th anewsy gencfiidentied the t studenaras wr mbieotto er fred aick,hand ttut he sdies irat a va ginierunivisty. ivthe untyersivi of 'srginia t studenctdireliory sts a en studhat by t nt sameasame an un dudergrathate ere. r earlieonthis mc-th... n-n rtrepot ed thakonorth d rea ha in detathed ano cer u-s oitizenn sp suoficion g. spyin ucoming op nextnen channel 2 ws m this..orning . a apnew llp wiow all yo ou t
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ch launneing a shw car g arin rv secaice avlled men. wimaven rtll staht rigy awaate thboann arerr univ osityf mi ..chiganre. befodi expanng to jo maesr citi t laterarhis ye. ma stven cucaomers ntn re-m a gca 6 r for s dollarr an hou ro th augh anpp. th ise app us then uned to lockth cle vehi- e and-isthere no me shmber fip fee tor shevierce. gmit says es beenngxplori new t waysveo moar towd an to auvemotie. futurre.. whe many dr iver ns will cot ownars. outhe ampent of eeople sking pl unem boyments enefit lroseast o week tghthe hiesl t levein six ntmohs. th r e labortdepaayment slys week ic appl fationsmpor unet loymen stassi rancetoose -t 293anhousd ap ioplicat. nsnoplw unemoymentbe tsnefiel levn s catuflucate th imis t ye asat hot a ldo to h witthe fa t ct thaemmany t rporaryetail oy emplo ees whirwere h ted forhe
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w.out no s nike iitback wblh its ack orhisth y montticollecoron f ua febr. rye thk blacorhistecy colls tion i an not nythingniew... fkeirsttr inedoduc s the epecialditionba n ck ibu2005. yt thisear,ni skes aye thneliup was ir inspated by lhletese ikserena iawillkoms, anbe brycht and ris copaul. wlorsmoere edre mut in pa the isst. thth year ane compy we ntwi "th ad vivipan af inrican-edspir p color."alette 28 the c-piecectollecoion mes out sein phatis star tng nowil ua febrry. co p ming unnon cha nel 2thews is
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sn a deowboarugr at sowar bl ca esptur m theenomhet ac ntcide sallys tartanal av..anche.ow but nfa he's cingch s.arge d the cetailsupoming
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"t chis is 2hannels, new racoveouge y c can oountn" motwo tore sysrm s atemsre edexpectin to br tg snowo the un mo..tains.le and pofnty d winan id raine n theyvall. me ogteorolffist jene martiz is in ea the wenther cfoter r a lcloser oook inm ur teastorm cowatch . veragean thd wi t allrehe ptacipitionin ou the m..ntainswa. roadys e thersuare bere to slickth utroughoay the d s. kyisisson li rove f rm goldn anch itoverdi ytell aouutbori dngvi co ionditrens the. an red pnoe olichave two spsu iectscun odstthy is i..con tinnecona to ro anbbery ood sh ntingr eahug hi edgh w nnesday. ight spoliceay atheyllre stioo lngki t forwo pmorewheople so theyayay m eehave blvn invoweed as ll. stthese toories urp yos new t righ 5now atck o'cloy . todais id frjaay, 22nuary 6., 20-1 orgood mi'ning, pm johnr.ottean
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ngstartida your cy with 2hannel hinews tins morng.
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