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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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is omwelc teos "cb mthisngorni." ssa maivezz bliardak t aesim at 7 5 mliilon ams.erican owsnee, slt, and finreezgai rn alare adrey llfaing. >> >ro pntmine conrvseesativ is um trp. ho wol hlywood isak ming orhisty in>> ut> b weeg b tinmohis g rnin th wioo a lkt a datoy'sey "e en op yer," wourorld in 90 se ndcos. t>> iherengendi ats arellhe trefo ghr a hit impacrdblizza. s >> it'y alreadngstickie to th . road b >>are preped, lkfos. >> an ecpizz bliard mesarch .east >>ro fman arksastr sgetchin to ward nk ew yortyci, aller und a erwint storm inwarng, barlizzd inwarngsiz, blzard hewatcs.>> ir asline cinancellg ftsligh al thong ste ea t.coas>> he toere grs ou s.plan or>> north keaay s tshat
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enstuddet unrer arorst ft wha itca aclls gats ainsthe t atste. t >>he pollsre aot noo lking od go ford.te 'rtheyt e noinlookg odgo.>> al donumd trp ramping up ta atcks od n te acruzs lddona's ernumbees kp pidropng. >> be ernissanderri soa png ast ll hiclary n intoin .iowa>> we're lngooki at o oneef th tgrea picolitalet upss inhe t mo hdernryisto of thete unid st .ates>> aoc dtoras hn beece plad on e leav manday lheose b r joafterat cktaing a dn uberr.rive i >>lin fnt anmichig, the a'eps to pwe midstff oliciaes rniigng ov cerrghahees s didot n do gh enouev to prentoi psoned wa ter. a >> m cowgakin a run for itn i yonew itrk cy. a >>ll atth.>> mastncheer, new hairmpshe, crted asuz wde hanlid a vefesar.>> ea rl sillyge nug
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ll and ath of atat m.ters >>et somhingve ery micusniaan c trelateo.e thfirst ciretal. is th boys bringhi sometng ia specl to it. cb>> on s rnmoing.>> r che saidtl recenldy dona um trn'p camet co upit wh a ha e irstyl lthatgoooks od, how he can u comepa with plano t de atfe is?is ouif y l'rengookior f a plano t fe deat isis, w in'ouldt t counon itcher eher.>> nc annou: er mthis'sorning ye "er" openes int preseed by yotota. t'legos la ps.ce>> co> welme tos "cbthis mo g.rnin"th bearlizzdf o 1620 is nsintengifyi ast iur ssge rdtowae s th eastt.coas xa mi of ,snow sleet, and ee fr rzingovain gherniatt coed tt liocle rk,ar iisths bee nngi aing of ek wethend ouat cldar palyze a hu
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>> the mveassirm stol wil impactso me 75li milon icamerans. in washilgton wmol be ang the es hardt-hit eaars. ca forecasters ll forp u to 3 o feetfno swe in th dc rnegioy b ay sund. za blizatrd wches andng warnis ex ntendoorth tla phihidelpda an yo new rk. d ane we'vgot a tmea of co ndrrespoen atsnglohe t m'stors .path eg we bin withma or villan fra n caan in lochartte,th nor om , goodinmorng. ep >> r gorter:rnood moing. ofa mix ai rn andno swrt sta ing toin fall the cteharlot .areath s is ie'what wrein seeng o o some cf the aarsndhi windselds ain therea.up 6 to ihencs isxp ed ectein e thcaforest. 's it t thethrea ofcy i roads cthat moulddrake givin erdanganous d deadly. erwintrm stoni wararngs ear r ein d the erd ovtnighug brohtge dan rous ee fr zingitcond.ions init le tlckro, arnskaas, bl ngindiw sno and icece ford ca ffrs ohw higays. ro numeussh craes andt atleas th ree wereather-dlateth dea s b havereeen rtpon ed iestennsee an rtd nolih carona.[
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r >>teeporurr: ftherth sou in te mi isssppsiori, tarnado w nings mm coieunits. av heowy snan begal flingn i rl eaisy thrn moing. p inrarepa ftionorhe t m,stor h nortroca'slinauk de eynerg re tecruid aus thoandec tiahnicns eall th f wayrom fla.orid d anrtdepasment of sptrantiortareon adi loang rehundfds op dumru tcks whit s plowsaand lt. et>> lus's jt hopeha t tthe zifreeaing rnil woml ce .in at th wreill mallyesshi tngs up.>> or rep oter:n sdthuray, north licaroovna's gr ernoardecled a e statof eremy.genc>> ve we'ot g toon ctlstanyar wn gethe lnera dngrivi pcubli not to take s,riskau becseou you cldll ki p othereopleoo t j, notust yo lfurse. or>> repter:dr huneds ofls schooac trossthhe soureeast alo cdse to day.on ,sundayre the's an nfc am chippionshbe game thtween e li carothna panders an the ar izonardcainals. oiit's go ng tlabe pyedth at is iustadhim bee.nd m y asanou c tsee,s hat' anot me
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at a m fter ofheact, tri azonard caarinals eve not een her yet. 'r theycte expeshed to iow upn ar chelott on sardtuay. op >> hefullyy' thellet g it all cl upeaned in .timeth u,ank yo arom.>> >s a sthetormov mes north, ny mans regiond are uteer stas of thde incluins washdcgton, , wh tere upo 3 feet o sfnowld coull fa. lea litte mor athan on inchf wsnowash enoug tole cripp the onnatiap's carital ehilier ts we ek. v krisavan clet e is ata sal me dosh in waington withhe t ty cipa's preonratirs foto day's bi org gois, orod m.ning ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng. rehundfds ow plock trusde load wn doh wital s atre gtieteang rdyto hit the etstres. ho scarols e cl.osedth eer fedoval genernmt is ut shtingow dnt a onno,s a inwash, gtonoudc cakld t e adi itrect ha from mae ssiv mo than 004,0ru tckscr aoss no rnrthegi virannia d wa gtshindcon, o aren styandb is th rnmog.inre ady toal st roads andlo pw ow sn ahead ofs thi palotentily -t lifenihreateorng stm.
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li afend i't donw knot tha i ve haed livou thrgh aec forast li hike ts. r >>teeporher: tis dttricl wilbe ki looo ng tdavoi aea rept o f dn wey esdat'nighbas decle.wh ens lesthan an inch a and lf haow of snal paredyzhe t ,cityca g usin tmorehan 015 ciacdents. now,it wh u tpo 2t fee ofno sw edexpecto t betlank n then'atios tacapi pl,eeopl areto sgckin orehe slveser weef lt bare sdthursay a serhopp psrerepad to s bednowe f inor ysda.>> s it'thee sam way you prerepa r fo naalaturas dister or ar ddmageon. ve>> edyryboe elss ing goi out et to g odfo. c pani qhasn'tituite h t.yebu t itbl probay will by nitoght.>> or rep wter:ngashi ton,dc's tr mesto sysem i gngoish to ut wn do for the storm. ss builes wl stop rngunni this ev ening. po and relice a pgleadinit w hpe topletao sy off the roads ce on thew snota srtsg comin do .wn>> s, thank
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caing aid wdespreal trave me ss. ndarou00 25li fghtsay tod have anbeen c scelledo far. t abouthe samer numbe of flightse aredscrapp tomorrow.da gnvid beaud is atla phihidelpa rnintenaatiorpl ai wort aherell of toowmorr'sli fghts are elcancled. vi daood, grnd r >>teeporoor: grnd moing.he nre i phelilad,phia these willbe e somheof tt lasse passnger i to st onofome the last htfligofs out n tow y.toda il phphadelasia hlr aeady had ou abhut a dndreli fght ca tincelladaons toy. mp cothare oat t the west cot,as e wherra san f ancisco lndos ge anhales hveadbo aut 50li fghtnc caonellatiots at bh rpai.orts ma a ojorityu.f the lis. airnes ve ha cedancell the bulkei of thrfl inights theor ntheasthe aad he of tor , erican tone ofgehe larst rscarriee in th u.s., has edgroundt mostsof its fligh forda tody anro tomorws acrosthe ea unstern taited thde inclu s all654f ots i fl foights r today in andut o of ar chdolotte-uglas teinnarnatiol. theli air hneaslr aeady nc cad ellehtfligrs four satday at allee thrng washi atonnd ba e-ltimorirarea asportwe as ll as
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m mostajorir alines areer offing eltravve wairs forgh flihits ts we enekd.u yocanoo rebkr o cehang your tr favelofree archge. so al akmtraay sst thas it' er opg atin mat aieodifchd seedul is thek weend. iaaasin sayg ,this iu f yocan pu sh back oray delr youee w kend s plan sand otayff the adro ,'s itto best do it. oo>> gd ceadvi, david,s thanko sch mu. ds souna like plot ofwieople ll ggbe snu ilingnhi ts ekweend. lonnienn qui of our station bswc t isgrackin the orstm. s >> it'fkind o like the superbo wl for a weanatherm. ot a l ofct ayivit out there. f as ot righnow,in wter storm in warngs fromrg geoia to new .jerseyiz bl wzardngarniass in wn,hingto a dcndew n york city. -m 60peile-urr-hods winng alo the or she. the shore will get erbatted. ut so hernerti,ee sginom srye d sl ouots t there. ittoday 's nowec forast toov me
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e for more nlyorther actrk, rknew yowo city uld finall to e thbi possio lity t fsee a oootfsn ow. gtwashin,on, dc yeou'rll sti ok lo sing aty ecurelhe20 incs or m evenore o outf this.po itssibil vies inairgini of ei seyng, m negood0ss, 3he incs of , snow maybemo re. we out st, am systein movg in or onshome, srae in. theie srrasli deang withte win r he weatitr condutions o e.therwh utat's o i westsng nothi mp co taredo therm sto tshat ha t comerogethee on thrn easte rdseaboa., guys e' >> wveia officenlly be u ank youcvery mh, ielonn.> >> ave uni orsityfir vginia ud stdeent unrrr aest this gmornin inth nor korea, fiidentied as -y21olear-tod ot bi warmer.e thkonorth ovrean gternmen cu achises m of ati hosle sene doa is inyo tok w nithew st inveonments thatorsty. th seod, gorn moing.>> te reporr:oo gd the norn korea state media saiday tod the uva deunatrgradue rewas arhisted wlepe perintrat g h aostile act againsthe t de
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koaer aftnt eerings a a is tourt ander und the ma tinipulathon of e u.s. rn govement. to otde frerick wrarmbieas w in detated a anpyongyirg's aport d ahea of agh fli btack to a.chin the chseina-bad tourismom cpany he wasli traveitng wh has irconfhemed et was d oainedn the of2nd arjanuy. stheyy ay theeehave bn inou tch hewith t d stateenepartm atnd th at hisam fily hasee bn fo in,rmed lichare. ha >> tnk you so ,much na dompld tru a faces new lechalfrnge rom thehiight ts inmorng. the na"natiol review," adi leangco vanser mtivee,agazinut put o ama stnifenso agait trumpne sigd 2 by 2li repubcan and teaty par s.figureth aze maginels cal trump a po llitica unopportist, a st huckder, an ae menac to anameric nscotierva.vism spin reonse,he tep rn ublica y partddroppe the at"nliona ew revi a" asat debe -pcoerartn ne ntxt moh. major garretts i in waonshingt. gmajor,moood g.rnin
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tdonaldrumpis dmissed "the na tional "review as aap per nobodyds rea e.anymor last april hed calle it a true er cons rold reagans ithe best ex ofample tnahe "altion ewreviin"'s ncflue e on erconsvivatism. i >>uf yonk thi oef thas limt te eawe bhet tas wnghiton ca,rtel it was8019 w, itashe tga rean lurevo.tion ep>> rr:orte c tedruz, who bob le dot jus cedlaim hasik litabily ob pr,lemsuo qtedal rond anreag.>> the acamerinpl peoe un tadershand tutt cting aea d l otis nt wha theri amecan peeopl .want ep>> rr:ortemp truai sde' hs re toady e mak aldes.
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nn caavot he atth." ldronaea rganou wldet glo ang wi thip tei o'nll andy thedwoul dsitownnd ae mak great deals fo err evy.ybod ep>> rr:orte in newmphae,shir asjohn kikich, l e jebshbu,s i yi trring to m se frothe heass. ch kasi hasov mednt ioon ciotentn cofor seand in poll of deunedclarer votd s antahas kenai mt a hislo cse rival, shbu, ta athicking ors recd in idflora.a supaper-c sinupportg khasic cu ac bsed oushf mud gislinng.>> pe deslyrateng sli ming audt fe llow blrepus.icanth nat'sot enpresid,tial jeb.>> or rep hter:lle cailed h lary in clton ara flegi caatndide. s >> ahe's k-checbothe-x ca atndide. oppe dle won'tanteb somodyho w is a umplber, a anmechic. ep>> rr:orteay he ses h n aeeds ro stisng finh in h newreampshi he or te gam isover. m >> panyeeopl in lipo,ticst' is te ing,restiny theo want tbe awith wi.nnerth 'tey don wanto t make a wi nner. e if wutcome o ofam new h pshire in aon strg onpositiy', thell be
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>>teeporotr: bumh trp and cruzwi e ll b aon theayir todh wit w neadski attacngac er.h othe y lindseamgrahme sumd up icrepublptan o bions tetweenhe o, tw cudonclifing r eithe i tshe ne nomie, theep rcaublirtn pay s faceexontincti, kiasng, h,noraet wh'sher itea dth byei bngt shoor ispog,onin s "doeit ryeall ermatt?">> ks than, r.majo>> er> bsanie handers sn a in 8-po ot lead hver illarycl n into nin allew po.e th p sameoll showednt clion le gadin in iowa8 by 1oi pnts just ath mon ago.e shllis stihe aad in the on natiolal putls b is nn ow ia ti ceght ra in the firstwo t ti vostng ates. nancyor cdes is w inngashiton ngtrackihe toc demratic nad y, goornmoing. ep >> rr:orted goog.morninca be tuse ofnuhose mbers,he t n clintocamp is really tghrowin er evythingy' theve got at s,sanderng lookie to set wha ks e ey'rinhittg him foris h ew vis on diy,plomac on vethey eedn call himut oor f at whup was stoposed be an up beatad. >>ve we ha hadno eugh of ta eshmblisent tipolics, es
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eewe nd toov men iw a neand ld boec dir.tion ep>> rr:orte inew nps hamhire la nist ght, be erniersands la yrgelgn iored hryilla in cls ton'stlatett aackn o his re fopoign licys.view i >>t rsaise crnoncesec bause me sostime it can sndou likee h 'thasnll reaouy th ightt ro thugh. r >>teeporerr: hom csmenter w e opartf a badroer osiffenvey b e thli cntonam cpo tnt blu ersands'sen mom etumven ashe ty qu onesti his -eantilistabntshme encreds.tial h >>e'see bnct eleed toic offe a lotge lonr than i have. toko lo a forcameri >> or rep eter: tvenhisew n fe ooel-gd adm fro sas,nder set to s thenstrai ofim sndon a ungarfkel,e cam underir f ferom toclinn's orsupp,tersin sayheg t dscrow in iter we too itwhe. d>> i ton't think iheres a
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ll hiclary n.into ep>> rr:orte h sheit ioway cit wi thge sinreb d itolova last ni ght and h casneampaighd wit ti kae y.perrsh ise vitedps simon coe,lleg ewhers thing you manns pla to godo or forr doo for hern i his rm do. t>> ihinky theee s eyeo t eye wi heth tm and they thinkhe ty e arat gre ideasut bom sepl peoe aren't as rec.alisti r >>teeporr: p tart ofhe ob prhelem, tli camnton cp gu ares, is thatow iaem d ocrats okare loring fo the s kameind ofth rilly thegot in8 200 when ra baback owema s apt innd stole ei thtsr manders y be 74,ga yle, but he's thelo csest thing to a h fresfahice tse tim ndarou. a >>ll t,righ ncnay. very wed.ll-sai yothank u.
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ol>> absy.uteld an how. nveryice,ah nor. th one motire pictumy acade lais pgnnint wha itls cal atdram sicpste tore inchease t itdiversy ofsc oaree nomins af acter bklash overs thi arye's no .mineesan chcoges iuld ancluder large onumberfes bttu picrend a ac ting minos.nationth dee acamyay mok reveg votin pr esivileg for those who don't b castallotsn oaar regul kezin fraer has. more r >>teepord r: goog.mornin jadake pinmitt-sth really mp jurt-staheed trs conve ation t abouer div wsityither hid v eoon aymond,g sayinou she wldn't h watcttor aend theca ademy aw pards,utting newss preure on ac otors t take ata sndnd a for ad acmbemy meo ers ttake aar h dok loe in th .mirror >> w iasap ho py tbear moried t th atom wan.>>
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ld to us hse wa othut of e uncoy trenwhis h wifed poste is thge messao ter h fkaceboo o pageayn mond. >> il wil not bet athede acamy aawards'tnd won be wangtchi. r >>r:eporte thisft aer two s yearof actingin nomnsatio with p nonsersof o locor. t >> iee fikls let' is gngoi the on wrg redin.ctio e' theras rivegresslie sde wa tords sesmparati,ow tards racial andel rusigio di rms-haony. d an nthat'sheot tly holwood i nt wa l toeave behind.>> l wil smith is so ll wepe-res icteden thly holwood mm coy unitand ccsuulessf, for m hictto ay uallcomeut ond aay sth hateo als rniecogthzes s ere'a prm,obleha tt trehes i so g methinabout ionnclusis that'no ent happining thely holwood un comm iity, hs auge deal. or>> repcater: aasdemy h been inhandg out osscarce sin ,1929 and inll at tha meti,ha it s on
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to acrs.a 2013tu sdy puts amycade mb meipersh at %93 ctheovontrersy has sedpark nv cotiersandon a ispntroonecti in a theg ctinuncommity, udincling oscarom nedinat ermemb ts ofothe mpiion e ctur ad acemy. >> ink thiyo if uk looheat t isstat tticscahat me out,he t ma okeupfhe t adacemy, t ihink 's ity verll teing. h >> i aaveot l ofth sympay for , ite to bsthoneh witu,yo i ve ha ththougut aboit it quae bi t.>> p theemrobl n isotit wh the os obe prlem is w tithhe ho oollywvid moe makingstsyem. r >>ep torter:hetl spoight on ve diyrsit isxp edecte to nt co tinueghhrou the cemeryon it self with ouketspon ciaomedn ch ris ckro. c >> rhris iocks nothe tin kofd onperswn kno forol h hdingis to .ngue 's he aul cturalri ctic at its be st.we e wouldt xpectohim hi use t s nt momehi to sne aht lige on th su ise. ep >> rr:ortek bactoil wl itsmh, ashe wee sns aasi posble best
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ee movi cu"con"ssion, buta jad t'says i as notbout her sbhuand, thatn eve ifwa he s minod,nate ulshe wo md have tadehat video. e sh tclaimsheac lk ofer divsity a isn duinidstry-we obprlem. 's>> sheiv gg in laotf o ppleoe a lot tonk thi t.abouth uank yoy ver,much viken. > >>"einntertament nito wght"illbr ouing yhe t lesatt vedepmlotsenn oeth oarsc co rsntrove y.k checocyour lal gslistin.
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calol frsan r:nouncepo this ofrtion s "cb th misnior" ngspsoond re by fo erlgs. th pe bestfart oin waks g up i s folgerr in youcup! > >>a snarowboder'sva ahelanc ul corid tgger a m lajoregal t.figh >> d,aheae' wllea hr farom man suwho edrvivng beiur b iiedn osnownlyo te facos pesibl im cr cinalesharg. > >>nethe sws i backn ithe
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g.rnin"an r:nounces thiioportcbn of " s orthis mspning" d onsore by oo bre.kdal eri'm thbee for ssie. thi'm foere y.r ra d ted lovesebaball. drph. ikil loes twa fotch llotba. e,rennan who wppts sloony joe th mee rynu eve day. ro mysie's t besndfrie. evyneles likda to nce. rr haie wtt hantsrier fshed s rimp a.well al neice an v likes ianillace wicream coth choyrlate s up andborainnkw spriles. gthey sive mecho mu back. n'i caent evgi ima ine howco ssuld poivibly g we them hatthivey ge .me p we stoarrithintis pa, so on you de 't sto usbecau e yoevbeli ge ino. rd onwa. y' todadas the y. ca dirpe em. letylno 8 ahrhrrtisitai pn ha las two f yers oelpain rief. e tht firsasis ft. sethe lcond aastsayll d.
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s togttrenenhen amelurfoes timte betr. lg coamate enltel heah. st , rongery health.enamel tu ar sritooup!ok okay, ay. tuar sritooup! ! hitoarturi soup? owfoll me. becamp'sll newr sta warssp in sired.oups riartuouto saap! ya! fmadeorea r rl,l eafeli. ouif yld couou see yh,r coug 'sitt jusuga coh. d you'hosee tew ofyon u h cougdaall y an d ouso wveld ee ryon.else ronew ssbitu2 in 1ho ur vedeliasrs ft, rfpoweouul celgh rthief asat lts t upelo tw hve.ours w neturobi 1ssinur2 ho h itcause er's neva just cough. clook,lose hewertisr's ak m inggasueer fram carels, as clhasic ndrd ade oulicichsly ewy. th aatsmre so ooth,ndrich ay cream yo n'u wolit beeevth e ey'rr
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we lose's pre nts"h beow to d a gooerlisten". nthisesew pedsital usnk jsct s reamanelegce. it o alsrswhispe, "d ouan ya 're usgenica beyouse u got th tis guyalo institl ou for y." t now ge eselectvauro esniti for $ only l119 atowe's. hknowouow yn eartithe tlewo... s rld'stbe mom? sbyrttag in deachitay w h aecperflatly baugnced m of... ve i'hi got tm!s. to on be o topurf yo g nat!ed i th sankscho mu.yo edu neal a bancoced yffeecaou inn drrok thutugho d theay. go irod gl. f\mcca cfeofrees bsmw a oothd.blen fo tar a thste nat'sooot tro stbung, vet neakr we. so c youoran sav s everyip inknowu g yomaare rctriasuh e.prem mm monoy's nat a hpkin.oney ca mcaif\. ave lablyowhere yu bugr oceries. my oi opiind paic medat ions makel me feed stoppeup. th 'satle caliod opndid-i ucedco pansti, tionicor o.
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infindlig reasef hn bee a srealgltruge. inpafft a diteren e.picturta yolk to tour docr ou abt oic an esd prticripeaontroptment tions. m goodorningth yoank wau for ctchinghannel i
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
i'hi, e.m krie sc hntistsmeave coth up wi a d blooo test tindeterme if asp rey iratorioinfectn is iabacterirl or vatal. wh this gh miant meou for y h - andowex saperts 'ly itevl prpeent sur bu ings, t>> > newlley-reasedas dham c
7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
e th sbuck wtopsmeith . >>s thiis fifth enavue. e wherhe is tit sanation rtdepa?ment >>or rep ater: bfter tackaco bk st orms in 2014.>> wa it psn'tdlowet aall.>> or rep nter:orew yk city's r mayobille dblasioed offer a cumea tolpa the big appleft aer il fagin tolo depy owsnowpls. >>wa it sn'ted handl erproply. >> ea wtherec forngasti is reinhelynt unaicertn. h wemaave de tndremeousro psgres eain w ftherasorec iting tnhe st la t teno 15 f me ostthe wormsne ca now e se comingthree, urfo, five danys i vaadnce, we dtidn'w kno cweregomin the night before. r >>epr:orteth as nae 'stion ca piistal ien thll bu,seye we ke ased thor may if her i citys edpreparhe for t 2ee ftf ono sw ad heedts i way. dwhatlaoes st t'nighseb dacle y sa tabouthe tyci's atybili to ha hendle typ te ofrm stot' tha s
7:35 am
>> wt e don'evbeliet thawe ar prepedde ayquatelor f a fo recast tshat watl slighys les th haan wt weot gt a rush hod we sveuld ha o beenut rl eawiier orth mure resoces. or>> repunter: h odredsf pl snowowsbe will out ien th st di orictluf co imbiaf.tselth ndousase mor inhe tro met ar ea.bu f t ithe rn egiogets 2ee ft of osnowr remo, rdlegarofess how hewell t cityns plaor f this en evist, it y likel t going o be days and daysf oig dging out.>> re we'ri woruted abo dc and hethe otesr citi in the path. is krk , thanoyou s much.> >> ubers ini gaingro g und ns agaialt rent .cars the sreomewheny compaer cfyti dfoun uber engclipsiar c mp cofoanies rus bsines trelav. 's uber chief service, x,uber is no alw tolowed pick up at na tionalait.rpors
7:36 am
hollody sbson i ino.chicagme y,llodd gooinmorng. g >>ood inmorng. w >>hy do we see besusins av trs elerinturng to urbe rheatr an thti renng a car? >> pun tein cnded,enonvenisce i indrivg this deoncisi. y whenllou reak y thint abouit, it m is soasuch eoier t step offth rbe cu at , l.a.x.anlos sgele or airpt, andp steht rig into yourbe u crarer vssuti wain ng i ttheaxie lin or tgakin the tlshut te tohe car rlenta co y.mpan whand ouen ynk thiut abo it, ce on'r you te inhe car,ou y can wo york, n'u dovet ha to worry ab out rkpaing. e theraare wholeos ht ofss iuesth akat m me ituch ereasi. m it'soreut abo cenonvenince thaev t.en cos>> beenerthone, de that, innoth lgike seeing thehu s ttledr ayive aw as you run upth to e cu thrb, aat'sslway fun. w >>hat doeshe tos ctre bwnakdo ow sh a youbouten rngti a car ve orsusthfaer s?ctor>> ioo lked at nvdeer. idenvertinternaaional rport, u yo arent car, twyo-da rental ll wi y costoubo aut 37$2.en whay you ler ones tax and feesd
7:37 am
rsus if you're on xubernd a u yo do and rouri tpo tyour te howil, it llos ct youbo aut $ w,hi ts isot n an apples to esapplpa comnrisonl uses yeou'r g goinhato tott hndel a stg.ayin at thht mig t beheas c ieft' is aco ennferce. if but youe hav m sanytopslo ang eth way,se the nrsumbe could ou obvilosly erok vyre diffent ifu' yo ure inber on and off th horoug ut theday. >> we had a storyhi ts week that enmills nial'tarenti getng theirdr siveren licsesik l teheyd use tto, ishatti affecng the car crentalesompanio? to >> thatdy stu ld ookeate peopl ag e 20 to llnerau y yo thaveo be 25 to arent caro st' thasot n re di actlytiffecheng t mp cos.anie pc zillar ayoows ou tt ren a car y asoung as .18an eyd th are bgustlinn ole colge us campes. sohi i t inkt sayst tha isn't re not ally t going o be aorfact.>> t whao dmayou tkeheer genal
7:38 am
n,millio intolyft? >>o she ty'rein sayg they no ng loaner wet to bto an au y.compan tiautomac thel alrthe cani compa ses areaying is th now.ey thto want ben ieothe pple mo bbilityesusins. at thns mea ift' is you bguyin a icar, yfeou'r bguyin aar c to be aid r senghari idprov ier,f ait's lfsevi-dring car, wh eratev w thehaay tet thor wld is g, goin tnthey wa to be a part i oft. ini th'sk it, very very t.smar v >>ery ininterestg. y mellodonhobs, y thank vouery .muchwa al gysd oo sto eeu.yo> >> heay s hsre neveea mnt to t pu himselfr o otherst a skri.>> ld i wouer nevpo pursely do it no, btec iausest' leilgal, t bucabe iuset's daoungers. m i'trnot tying oo gout trehe d ane.di>> ahead, thewb snoeroard fgacin ss po ciblenarimiarl ch fgesor se g ttinanoff avchalane. if 'r youeae hdingut o the , doorsepleae tak us with you. tc wah us live tghhrou the cbs acall cess appn o ydiour lgita cedevi. u yotwon't wan tois ms benra tcy in vaha sna,inhootg inub ca for th rse fimet timo in hare t n 50
7:39 am
'lwebel ht rig back.> >>stthe ea i coasts bracing r foina wterto srm c thatould du mp as msuch a 2 feetf ow sno s inome esplac, or at oneoc lal ormeteisologt t puit.>> te win cr isg.omin ug [ lahter ] s >>buuch a mmer. n'i dontt wali to itve weh thce unntrtaiofies c hep. onor wwhder r etheoui sh ld tseekmereatnt. i rameady. be e causdatoery thhae's i.rvon a lurevoartioneay trt tmenthfor ce mosttyommon pe c of hhronicisepatit c. rv ha poni isn roveurto c te upofo 99% pntaties vewho' n hadioo prtrr eneatmt. it he's t a onenlnd ocuy hare tt's llone pion, dce aoray f 12s.weekce partain ..tients. be can curh ed wit just 8ofweeks ni harvo.wi arth h, vonis there'teno inrferon thand arere ome no creplex .gimens y tellctour doyoor if u haver other liveneor kidley probms, hi r v, or othecamedicol ionditns,
7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
. itno ust becaes it'an iallleg but cabeituse 's daoungers.i' t m nongtryigo to outhe tre diand e. i wdanteo to gut o andie d on ospurpe? th 'sat silly.>> or repheter: tor restay ss th oney w'ter tolatect aionsha tt ngendaheer tusir crstome and f.staf w >>hahat edppenh wit oncars, he s work tforndhem ae' hs mngissi d ananthey cd't fin him, andow n hthishaas edppen, soy thehad roto ptect their assor in derr fothemo t notoo lk badth to e ic publ. r >>r:eportes he'er ref tringo 23 ea-yolr-d cnarso may, a ski ctinstruhoor w dapisarpeed whilesk heiing tai mounttn las ekwe. ue resc crews werebl unae to ca loimte h andal cffled o the se narch o is of th inmorng, a therere no ci offiaral chges.e thstinveioigatn isow nth in e ofhands theri sheff's de ntpartme freor tngspassi into c alosed areath of e ski rtreso.
7:46 am
rnattoey'se offic solds "cbthismo " rning,heonce tti invesongati cois lemphete, te casl wilbe bm sutoitted their,office no rah.>> wow.>> anype sticulahion ts was an plned? s>> ao far, lot of spateculion,bu int noths g ha beenmeconfird.u yo hheardim there,e hhad no in tteresto die, he sayst iwas ab lysolute not d.planne he >> t by wereryoth veky luc ebecauseb somody c houldenave beri sehuously rt. >> yes. b >>ig onless.> >> bshearelyur svived an act of saryvage. wthis'somanrc sear h foeransw s le d to a feac fmron ati ausn rspowemo vie. 'l wehal ve a pewrevi of "48 shour veiniostigatn."
7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
8:00 am
> >>orgood m tningo our viewers win fr is ,idayry janua 22, 2016 an ed mors new ahead.>> > thsere' a srmto th'sat tthig in ttohe ernaste u.s. 'sthatsi caurong ps.blem>> inra,ce i andw sno is tistarong tl fal ,herend at' is tistarong t aulccumate. is thwh is e'at wre sgeeinn o me soe of th cars and iewindshlds. > >>rngovementic offes are ut shtiowng dn wasngashi ton, cd.c. touldaake ec dirt hit. w >>rinte stormar wsning go from a georgie all thoway t new rdizzani war ingsn wastohingn, d.c. t >>hese areof some thet las enpassgerso t get outth of e he soutast. no orrth ktaean steia med say aha tt the uv deunatrgradue was ar edrestin comntg io the trcouny.
8:01 am
hieverytheng tavy he a gott er sandoos, l tkingo seet wha fi veey e cndalle himut oor f an up adbeat . >>ee> we ses businsra tllveers inturnog tbe u rrr athethan re gntin a car? >> pun inndte, ednvcoieene ncis dr inivag tcihis desion.> >>leregardssow h well csitie have d,planneis it ik loiely gng b toaye ds ofig dging out.>> wee havre geaat wther here in lo s s.angele asit wnn stuaning 4 d 11eedegrs. i' lim chare roseit wh gayle cu ng ng ki n and'dorah o.onnella isstorm ar now tsogting 5 me 7 n millioanameric s. gtwashinc.on, d.ur and sdiroun
8:02 am
ic e is also a g,biig b on pers, some sstatee in th southco uld seeny aewherro fm a ar quchter ino t anh incf o ice. 's itea alroady cting thes car thwi q artuaernc ihf o ice in h snheavy edow adde to thn mess oth s.e road t >>herm sto isin havg aor maj ct impas thior mningn oee wkend av mo2, than 500li f aghtsre s arears e nc cad elley.toda methe saum nber arelr aeady el cancled rrtomoow. cso farteharlotas h m theost lacanceltions. ashar cter sayst thaisis st mu beck knoedut o ofts i st olrong hds in risya.r aikestri hsit isistr song ho onlds urth.sdayth itey h ngbuildis,ca tactil s unitland oi faesciliti.r ouonnati salyecurit co ndrrespodaent vidti marn vi tesid my spb pamrogrt las t.nighi
8:03 am
r. of wa y >> gou canet theee flingt' is dea vio mebecagame. t buit n'ait. d anouif y go to theiz fz can klth erapyoo rms altt waeeer rdnd aba lboaal nav alhospitou, yw kno n it'sot a video mega.bu att whll reay hdappene in sterm of warar fe washe te rol ofe.spacth e u.s.rt staedng usipa sce rebefo anyer othnt coury for mi rylitarp pu.oses h >>idow dy theo dthat? ut>> pting up sgp sliateltes and os the e artheis bas for all ethes psirecionde guidtr sikes at th you ev we ner see the psireciont tha te saesllit b take,ut heth'reye g usintospace getat greer and tegreasir vitybili and de uninrstandhag of wt thet targeis .th doe idwn se of that ist tha
8:04 am
iass ansnd kd theynow m howuch the.s u. mi rylitaen depds onpa sndce a ey thw kno that if youe tak out er amican saittelles, you will ipcrample anericil myitar wepor. s >>ohe ty'rery ting to do ?it>> they'rery t tingoev delophe t tmeanso do ,it yes.>> is this so librilant, this is futhe oturef warfaren i arere lee peop like don ms ruavfeld hene beki talng for ye ouars abt howou cntries wage wa nsr agait oneot anher.>> aor conrespdentho w's been co tvering bhiseat for a e,whil a says it's really ace plaha tt gr has eat access, muchor mane th wat theouhite hse andth oer pl anaces, vid dad is such a gr rreat condespoanent dis this fpart o aer sies d i'moing about grthe eatte reporrs and the bj suecty the explorend aow h ey th r.cove no >> arither bght idea by e charlirose.
8:05 am
ri cove nng the tewshatou c blde on my prm?ograra noh and i ntwe, hmm, do u yoow kn odanyby, norah?>> she said when do iho sw up?>> et low me kn on that teda. wa "gtshinoson pt" pocorresndenton jasez raian is du ore shtotly et rurno t the sunitedtates.he hpeas snt5 54 daysn i ir'san is er othri amecansed freh wit z re sighaianur rettoned u theon.s. th ayursd. . t >>hose are y,happpy hapea trs an dhu gs. tibeaufulo te.sean r othe rmanneeturd from an ir n aniaonpris h andse waen tak in.2013he 'sin sayghe 'sap hpyo t
8:06 am
>>pi desllte ahe tif dltficu ti eies,ha tnk godor f yoeverne's suort,ve edyrybore ahe t idpresent, ngcomaressn tilde, yd everay ams,erican i'min standg re he, healthy,l talnd a with my he ad held high. >>s he waes arracted bk in 1120 wh ile vitisg inhis dmgranr,othe he as wcc aused of yispng. th ste firv tw sho toot sho in cuba in decades, we'llav he th ryat sto d.ahea t bufit'rst, is 8:06.
8:07 am
>> i t wanto takehi tws shoo t> >>a ahead atdramicst twin i a ma
8:08 am
>> i'm enri mo,riarty 48ho urs. ankeunli slyuspect emerged, a ll hoywood actor. >> 'sthatin comn g up ohi"cbs tsrn moing."dieasappred, a ho dllywoo. actor at thmi is coonng up th "cbs is rn" hknowouow y earn e thtlti..e .d'worlsts be? mom s byg tartinayeach dh witrfa pey ectlba of. oti've g! camcoff\ c bfeesa rew thsmood.blen th nat'sooot ton strbug, vet neakr we. mm monoy's nat a hpkin.oneyso c youavan sryor eve. sipf\ mcca. i' rem het aoumy h se,haon tivnksgdaing dy an vei haas a m hsive aeartkttac ghri mt inivy dr.eway dothe pctore ut m on ayebapir asrerin n.gime urbe s te totoalk dyourrocto be yforeegou b in an as repirin gimen. lk go taur to yoto docr. u' yootre nin rudestlectibmo anyre.
8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
to morrow night "48 urhos" ve liels to tl sahares abremarkele tal of rvsualiv. 19a ol-year-nd woma wastt aackedin er southn r 18 h yearseer cas mareined un usolvedntil ann stuingst twi t inhe seca. ofone theus sspectur tned out to a be holldywoo r.acto re he 's aevpriew of her re.port>> iav he beenef rceerends a ne ja doe for many aryes. i was pekidnapd, i wasor ttured d anlei was dft foread. or>> repr:te ist waem decber 19he90 wn viiactor,se whoam ne he e havha cnged forur o br asoadcst wa akettacyd bwo t me ern at hrt apamentki parng lotin
8:12 am
e >> hed slamm a guno t my head d anhe'sus jt like, in my ear, m i'togoing killou y so bad, ini'm gog toow thr you off a if clf. ep>> r vorter:aictori wasow thrn into tk he bac oseat cf aarnd a re lypeatedex sual teassauld. ebut shou fghtac bk,ve en l ying er to h arsttacke t goain hysympat. em>> i rember sg ayin ithat had a ikid, had a .babyd an i just outhght, didy the buy atth?di tdheyuy b that? r >>teeporftr: ahaer wtel ft holike s,urri victo waas finally re le.ased ctdetedoive now h wellas as insigntoged the .case et>> i sry evethingsi adeo t wo srk thi one.>> or rep tter:ashere who pe, st inveigsator had adn ilprofes r fo two men. i >>w kne weou wld gethe tse gu ways, i sth in e %90er ctain e rang wweouetld g themea rl klquicy. ep >> rortedir: it dn't enhapp, e thcaset wen .cold th and -en- >> ive receiphd a cone aall at th iai wtedor f8 1 aryes.. is
8:13 am
inwe f gallyot a dna hit. r >>teeporr: the dnae camac bk to a maned namep josh sun. en th pe olic tcameo ann stuing erdiscovy, sun had a role inhe t e movius"atin po awers, manf o my . stery">> ug i thoreht a yous?seriou ihe'sn my meho? s >>un wasrg chaited wh meultipl ts coun of kinidnappgnd a igvestatenors th aterresd a co send sut.specjo seph n'sus hscigh hoolen frid. bebut foreiatrl,ep duty st di arictnettory eric ar sch boroug smade akeicni ng ov discery. t >> iikwas le myto s hmachad t hithe ooflr. r >>teeporr: thetu state of tilimitar ons fo arapend ki ngdnappi had run t.ouno
8:14 am
roscarbounugh fo gd aerlimmf o ho pe. w >>'thy don iha crge urtorte? ebecaustu torre has no stetatu of tilimitaheons, trell sti was go bing toe anor opptunity to br ingri victoaju stice. pl>> peo ge areoing tbeo so risurpcased beeuse hd playea veryis dvetincti techaracr. u yo tsawhen austier pows e.movi eand tha idet tha held wouak te a ghhile-profiar ptno kwing what h heead don years r.earlie ami ho sy cked bthat. andth to eea rson they w'teren t ableoin fd m,hihi t es wasarly i on ndna, theyad hhe tse adn of pr.ilesbo d th kinof wennt oh wit their li idves, d n cottomminy a se srious, crime n wouldotav he be enau cght ifep josh sun had t nonbeen i aht fig with one of s hi resoommat and kngickihi in s do car or andti put ingn more dna in the badatase. ouhe w nlde ot havbeen caught.>>
8:15 am
ndbehi . bars h >>e is. yoand anhone w k hnowsimno kws 's hemi comtteds crime since en th. ll>> we'll be a sdnowe innd a wa . tching>> a wait teminu, i .knowto owmorr 's myaybirthd,i' ll ve ha to rdv it. i>>t'sle cald e"liv to ,telly m ifamilys ctvioria".it t's parf o a "4s"8 houre doubl efeaturin begningn our satday gh nit. > >> fthebiad meea hindl oesr veth e ,summer how aro poo ftball ay pl ter iseamingp u whithe t to fbi e sav exat's ncbt on " s thismo "rning. br a w and neitmultivamin youenlijoy mke a int. th wil a fulumspectres of iasenttrl nu..ients. rp sulyrisingh, smootes refr chinglyool. e i sefoyou e und thntvitamis. ntnew cevirum nttamis.
8:16 am
i t don' twantveo lih wit thertunceieaint hs of.ep c or de wonetr whi her ldshouse reek tntatme. i dyam rea. ca bee usy todasthere'rv haoni. vo a rearlutiontmy trearent fomo the most comn type onof chratic hep citis. i harvonrois ptoven cure99up to % atof psient wh ho'veo ad nrprioea trt.tmen 's it o thendne ay onlre cut' thas on lle pice, onay a d 1 forwe2 eks. ai certenn n be w curedstith juek 8 wears of hvoni. th wivo harerni, th e's noerinterfon erand thnoe are ex complme regins. y tellctour doyoor if u haveliother kver orpridney ,oblems v, hiot or meher ldicand consitio, d ant abouthall die mescine tayou ncke ingludiba herppl suntlemes. ng takiod amie aronhawith i rvoncamay use a ouseriows sl ying of ourt hear.rate mm coidon sfee efofcts vo harmani cly intiude esredns, ad he aacheeand ws.knes ri am teadyt o puchep hi bee.nd m am i dy reabe to ed cur. yoare adu rey? yo ask cur hepal speciist
8:17 am
>> >t lasngspritr we in oducedu yoreto a gen beret td urnefo llotbaye plater naoe br who se irvedran iqnd aha afgannist an end spt hisow dne timch teainghi f msel ptolayoo fltbal and it pa id o wffhen heot g aki roo e racontitct wheh t sleeatt awseahutks b g heutot c from theam teor bef re thearegul riw adanaz dia showss uow h th re wao hers iti setngis h gh siucts mh erhigh. ha>> w t isup, h?coacgr toeat seeu.yo r >>teeporn r: o thisday,at ne bo liside nes.>> ea i m'mn, ije s.alou d i'kelio t tbe out heremylfse. r >>teeporo r: seclos bo ut sfa r? >> acex tly. r >>r:eportees he doenn't spd mu imch t te onsihe h 23eol verunteedng doi re wlief iorknfu darr and lerat ur
8:18 am
gh aftaanisdn anne joidhe t green berets e andd arneona brtaze sr an cad be ame lkwa-on for the s texaholongasrns a 3ar1-ye-old umis shemer got an unlylike ot shth at nfe l las aong sn r appethfor ate setle se ksahaw. the -y34d ear-ol,rookieoy ber kn ew ane permatnt spon othe ro asster w a long shot. o >>nef otheos mtns itipiraonal or sptots s oriesef thme sumasr hco o me tbran aenupt d. >> da toey, wrn leaed boyeras h be en rseelea bdy tlseate. i >> was dioisapp,ntedea yh. wa i fis delyniteap distepoind t, buou yw, knoot i g cutm fro ay plpring siofes fonalalootbl afor li.vingbo , o-hoyou owkn. t >>ayhe dft a hers e wacut you co yuld sa the nfle camli calng ag ain. wa>> it ps aalhone cl and nate an hd iit it off diimmey.atel ep>> rr:ortes ramen def esivend ch loris ng. h >>dne ditr't s mikee ashe t ty f pe othguy asat w f ifalootbl tfellghhrou w hen'ouldnot kw at wh h theheeck was going to do. w he tantsano chhege tld woror f thebe.tterso
8:19 am
at pl hforms e ha beenvegin. ep >> r aorter:tf plaor am for iomissn that nowch rea es far nd beyori the gdiron tot eas af .ricalo anng w btedoyero t workit wh his finonprorot g wupaters boy af siter vitingan tzanian i 2012 flong toundhe oatrganizion to bu deild atsperclely weanater s wellhein tio alt rehely td kin ofng thi tthat tendseto g an nflla pyer in thelihead nes. w >>hatak mhaes tt life y-da sto-dayugo toheh tsre i the olackf clean tewar. e ther lis af ot olepeopho w 'tarennk thi aingbout east bafricaheut trere a l a oot f lepeopwh that heen tary heut abo ha leroikee nat yebor,ir the nd mi sayste whavers thiygus i in stteren,ed i i'mer intdeste in ,au becatse nhee voucs for .it >>oo gckd lu y,toda otbr her. t >> haticserve e, w ghaveiven o tour trcouny, mthore an an ngythi, wend ep u sngervi th peose iopleen thrd thild wor d an forme, this was a wayo t nt co tinuesehat ervic in a ff dit erenermannu , yo, know ouwithckt pi uingp a ep>> rr:ortera to miseoneyor f wa
8:20 am
caafri'she higst ,peakt. m li kiarmanjono althg wior fmer ve n teraeblakso watnho w lost hi gs le in aned ixp eonlosin i gh aftaanisn. at a rt ecenrams game, the two go st andtaing ovation for tirhemi nssiork wo.yo ru aien gre t,berero a p bafootlall panyer wd noan wt to cl mtimb . kinjlimaaro?>> an i wot tp keeus phing the li amitseend s f howar i g cano. heat t o ende f thi day edfail te cachniaslly nf an l .player i if't donay alwacs repih a npi lennac or reachha tt snghini stt'ar iays okh wit a mengs lo heas tsre id gooso reannd ad goo ngcomi o out ff itthor o aersnd st moor imptanto t bmeecause m thate akes moofeel gd. lo you okmu so igch binger dspa! or>> rep bter:akut moe n e,mistak boyer d'toesniv g uep er youbafootrell dovams er?>> tb foo dallsreamba probly ve ne or bever.i' ilm stapl sn apingornd wking
8:21 am
m i'exnot yactl y asoungs a theav agerune afdreeted frnt age , t but isn doeea't mn i't done hav b as aig ofrt hea. or>> rept ter: inlcertai iy is n ri the acght ple.r fohi"cbs tins mornadg," a riandi . az, stlouis. >> big heart, deined. oo >> leks lik an iernttiesng guy.>> h cheerim on,e natboyer. >> wee arnt couingow dn to super 5 bowl0 on cbs.m jian ntznd a phil simmsil wl g brinllyou ae of thct aionm fro ay sund! ua febr.ry 7thri foght bere the ,game watch ga inyle's wtervie wesith prident aobam andst fir ladyll michee amobtha watl ilivbe lm e frotheit whe.e housth iatals ol heren cbs. ch 2 annel unewse.pdat od gong mornian thu k yowafor ctchinghannel 'm2. igu andi evara.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
islant. t- jem dot-cothjoins hee otg r bi ancomp..ies. a oute t the tahono reus indl triaercent. th and nsat meajo more bs for da nevans. t-jet-dopecom extocts e hirup 00to 5eo povple heer tt nexfive s.year stthe diburiontite cenr is adalre ay upunnd r..ningt . buth hey areriiring w.ght no c ton heck ogsopeninst... ju o head tn-k-t-v-codot-r m foa . link l we'lk be bac awithernoth iupdate an half. n hour un entil th u, stayatp to de onfa
8:25 am
ou y t goto go andet g an bring youno kw i try but ie giv you anpo alogy n ieed at shot agi forssvene is it too l tateo say sryor b seecau i'mer intestedn ie mor than jurust yood b y t'>> thains justr' biebes new ng so. m >>e andie charl are the ckbaupng siers. om welccke ba tocb " s thismo "rning. > mi> cong up inhi ts half urho, e thno astromymical thstery at pe ovople le to arfe.'l weorl expl tehe myths about me y rcuroretr adgre, i ist alrelyin creatg all the ac
8:26 am
> >>nand be tyrace goes behind the ssceneh wit dontl chee and stchriian .bell heis tren ant eyirel newol re in an ivt' thas tufu?re bs cia mmiep r oortsn ath sou or fldoida ctor ct aughamon cera ckatta aingn uber ivdrer. ganel lroe-nis cruaser wee sn tt hithing e erdriv. e shri t tedo getn ithe car wi t thouaer resonvati and then mebecary anghe wn he red fuseto dr ive soe alot gth in ear cnd a th trewshing t.ou en the netrepreur- -eu ngyrolo si redentas w o pute.n leav s cb y nework rtsepor on vese nn bewreeds thatil woil jn th one ctest for the top prize atne
8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
d27% anwa it s up 47% onhe t day of he t storm. >> y theayalso s there's going b toe mores babiead meur ding orthe stm. >> s that' hwhat iarave hed.>> s it'sta celee yalnt eve at thet's g wting aothole l of te atntion. mesometiths e etplan'sem moventsca ffn aect lotechnogy, tr,avel e thr wonde ian wt toiv ge myself newan bgs.e tht resf othe ntmoh myus exce fo ryr evethingl wilbe in me yrcur inet rro t,grea even ithough don't know wtha it an mes. ahy prosics pfessor for the eruniv osityw f neyo.rk ian wted to ask youut aboha tt ercommalci.ho thw did etey g you too d that?
8:30 am
g bein eddetach, ,cold jeobctive. i butte wand to giveel mysf a more human images. 'r>> you fe veryn unny i the er commcial. >> yeou'r notoi gng to geth ric with amm coercial, i'lll tel youat thht rig now. i >> t wantoug thoh about urmerc ry inetro adgre. s what iit? do i n't taundersnd. >> thela povnets me sy lowlro acss theht nig sky, but then ey th syuddenl go waback lrds,oopar aoundnnd thehe ty syuddenl go dsforwarn. agai thatfi mysti ed thecianents,hy w wo d ulethla pnets do that?so cu merry inro ret grade is ns coedider -- assp shakeeare on idce sa,he tt, faulea d brwre istus i notrn ours sta but in el ourst'ves, is due tohe tt fac th ater mcury is thest faste pl ianeten thol sar system.
8:31 am
swygs b the rteah, itpp aears g too .fastert' les say u'yore ithn e fast yolane, eru ovtake a c iarn the slownela, you keoverta theca r, iteseems to go bas,ckward sz ooit it'san onillusi.>> w i knowi ttteren wtwn do, me sopu comreters a d goingown. gsthin t seemo go wrong.w hodo youla expinth at? tu>> sff goesng wro t all he time. pt excet thaemwe rembert i ri dung thecu merryro ret grade an d you say ah-ha, i knew it allth .e time enbut whic you pk uphe t phone so and mebody s,call butli milons ofim t tes youbohink angut swu on somede any' the nreotn o the e,phon d youemon't r emberthat.>> so all ofur o apmishs, it's no t thecu merryet rro grade. e >> wot go t go.we
8:32 am
ysalwad goo tose au.> >> iner switz land, obglal, po l liticaanbud sinessde lears co tntinueheirti meengs thi rn mo aing ttheld wor emiconoc ru re we'ep rngorti onho tse lk tasm frour o snapchatac t.counfo g llowin alonghibend the en scyes bhi searcngth "cbs is g"mornin on sn.apchat>> e> th tv a,dramou hse ofie ls is ea lgrninom s teruthbo aut tishoonng i cuba. up,nexthe tur hdles the am anerics serie faces even with
8:33 am
is the landtinaon >> a> annmericaev telshisioow>> me> an aterican onlevisi show m isaking history in > >>anca amerin tioelevisnho sw isin mak igt's debutn ia. cub's itir the fmest anrical tels i si vihoon so w tbet sho inub ca e sincthrge embao. r >>teeporher: ts re iysalwa typlen ofct aion onhe t ststree of ha.avan tbutishis dreiffent. ll hod ywoo chasome to town. showmeti'sou hsef o lies spent e ane ntir iweekn bacu. >> co wel tmeo nahava.>> or repter: sinhootgea sson fi sve'sneaso lefina.
8:34 am
ov predbe to itirresisble nhe cltleas i the starf othe ashow aboutro gup ofor mally al chedlenges businars pstner ts fl. ho>> sg otin sthehown i ,cuba ho wea mfuning ils thator f? you t>> ies tak the fineal ofur o sh oow t ace pla weld coun'tve enim e,aginla a pceh wit a mp colyletefe dif lrent aooknd id deas anre diffeocnt fndus a .tone r >>teeport r: ithwas eir drecto on alitg w hhisif w wehot wan oddto ng bri the show to cuba.bu att th'sh mucas e sieraidn thado ne. u.the s.mb eargo is still in pl t so mhe toneyoin fance ihos sotha bd toeir wedhr toughad canianba nks. s. u.di crerdt cas d won'tork re he, wi-fis iea nrly no nonecomistnno xinonet.stenan erd the is theem probl of
8:35 am
i>> inemagi the gnmoverten wa tntedowo kn what w youere go toing sh oot.>> d youon't jtus come toa cub d anwhshoot yateverou ntwa. urcultate thy the hhaveanere d heto t s them yste twhathahey vere or in toder e b heerto day, wesu itbmte sd acript and an in outles month ago. w itasie revwedy b theub can ve gontrnme andwe we reen giv ap alprovva at s riouesstag. >>ac.tion ep>> rr:orte the pcerodursls ao ha gd toet pssermiionre a the u.s.ov genernmt. anas ambsador isn irg chaf e o e themoviho sgotinn i cuba.>> tu culsre i a verymp intorta br idgeld buier as wege fors thi ne w hi i tnkt' is very rtimpo ant, 'r we reecngeiviot a l of clsal a and oflot vorisit fsrom erdiff eentntlemehes of t in rydustre expg ssinreintest. r >>teeporr:ni ursvealtu picres c isnturrelyin tryg to get
8:36 am
as "fndt aur fious 8" in cuba.bu ust hoe ofs lieot g here fi rst. d anre actss kenristel bl has aseen o lotf enamusemt. >> erthe'sot a lf o people wa arlking itound wh what looks li like ftghf othe natavigor me casra onir theds hea and a bu nchcu of ban rsca. lepeop q are auieto nd s sp hoabitalle.>> ep rr:orte a iskedhi tsom wan wh heat sug thofht o it sashe sidhe likedt iau becse of tirelabeons ntweeth to e. u.s an dub cand a is gladhe t show me ca h toer to.wn cuand bansen wer'tt jus erey wree hi adsra extsnd a me s mberheof tw. crean e d thcastf ohe tir jobss a s. u.tu culamral adbassquors ite se slriouy.we
8:37 am
sh ln awsoinwork tg on heirla genguall skis. ea[ sp skingshpani ] er>> vody go. ki[ speapang s ]nish er >> v gy veryood.[ ngspeakini spash ]>> . house t so thandki ouff st f. s >>u o yoknowhe tor wds forum d an cigar? r >>r:eporteti setngde asi that heto tt casnd aw cre were aware at thy the swereinhootg a tv , showlethe ro they pdlaye be th e ncubaeo pple wash mucor me si icgnifant. >> s it' tniceo be ridgata th urcultival dide so wee havbeen ho d noreto be eiemissars of th at.>> te repor cr: forbshi ts rt no, hernben actrey, havana, cu ba. >> i ryeallt wano t go. en >> b actry, binreakg up the sp anish. w >> iovould l de toato th . >> c youanat cch theso sean
8:38 am
sh on imow te. t bywahe y, atth's ais divionf o cb s. up xtne, the mtos un rgfoblettamee moofnts the .weekyo wu'rechat"cing hibs t s rn mo"ing. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
8:39 am
'r wee so glader you we born, ra noh. e'thercas a n ke i gtheenre room. leas we ave you, let u tsake a blookatack t wheeekha tt was.ha gve areat ekweend. y aselou craebte a bi.rthday nk>> thaer you vy chmu., guys easy. h o!t to g a>> irrm so iy and will fix it. g >>r overno ssnyderaid no one f r. wate t >>hehe higr class, i don't el fet thay theou wld bete qui inth
8:40 am
an >> c a i get haahlleluj? yoare eau rdy for aom cermand inch atief wh will kick isis' s?as t >>lihe c cntonnampaigs i wi throryng eve tthingvehey ha gott a ndsaers. s >> it'been a grugelin and te nse 48urhos. a >>oure yry ang thatt ioo t k is th? long 'm>> i angryhe tyk too him in fithe rsact ple. b >>dlizzarng warnisn i red. >> 0.08 of ano sw paredalyz the region. ly >> not bet athede acamy awndards a't i won be hiwatcng. n >>o person ofor col was mi nonatedn i the a cademyawards. he >> ty say theli kilng ofhe t ag spy sent wa from the top. e >> h is in my ercorn. >>am jxie foxpe heluld p alan m
8:41 am
>> our cteandidas ial blsy ghenou! , >> god mi haveissed u!yo ikit's le a malagic m eagleade a nwish ola a fang pin amd it ce to life! i ni'm runng down thed roa troying tse loony md loa >> eagles focounderle grenn fy ondied my.da re >> aik you le hebrotrs? a >>e >> t thaen frip dshi fwouldorm on the of te mosss succeful acts rof theock era. lo >> a ng theway, well rea y ed rockad and h a good .time in takg itas ey >> youlm atos diedor me than on ce. m >>thore anon ce. re>> aou ydy rea fore som ot foball?>> ay "mond f nighttbooall." g >>cko che outha wtir the ra tingsen wt to.>> ac tion! >> ys ou guye are thfirst pt scri.ed u.sho tv sow t shoot in cuba.[ ngspeakifo in n reiggelangua ] y >> vergood. [ ngspeakire in fongign lauage ]>> verery, v. y good m>> oh,y gosh! oh,y mgod! ht>> eigs month dago, i idn't
8:42 am
>>grhen i ,ew up weer we ttaughterhere wee nin etplans. ha >> tt's ghrit. om >> clling fu lecirc. i>> feeluc mh brette now that rh pethaps isere a nin thetplan. ex>> nt ,time please wear a ig briehter t!sp iarkly, ndeed.>> 'r youe y.sparkl o >> dinyou thisk chril wetl l w me oear itain the r? i>> no,. don't id >> d p youass y dourngrivi te st? y >> onle took me.twic >> was it thevi dring or the ra paarllel pking? o >>unce yo gotyo in arur c, youdi t d a lorkof paing?>> gh so rit.yo riu're ght. it wa! d whatidsa you y? wawait, it!rk paing?>> t thais h wheredis min is. >> am r iright o wrong?>> e you'r wrong.>> w youere a larate stenter th?
8:43 am
i >> p wascirecoous!go orod mningth u ank yotcfor wahahing cnnel i
8:44 am
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