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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2016 5:00am-7:00am PST

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d > gooinmorng,t iisua janry 23 ,2016. e welcomtocb " ms this orningsa ."turday aas msive bdlizzar t slamshe eastt.coas e- onirthd ofme aricans battle sn eeow, slt and fgreezin rain. d anur tngni tveral into a tm toe how stormas h frozen fl anights trd sanded s.driver un >> gfire o tnheas veg stp.ri ce poli take down a jgunmanust et fem froofone h thestotte jod machr gean isf the t ac y ademdsawar.a rectstrug urinthat hopeso t x fie thrsoscaiv dtyersi leprobm. >> be we wigin lth aook at da tos y'eey operen, yourld wor 9 in0 cosends. >>th norereastor fhe tec rord bo oks. t >>hthougwe we ngre goi to have m aild erwint. >> ce brad for the rswot. eaa ddly winterto srmal wlops e theast. >> wean wpet o ople tstay deinsi. s >>tetaofs rg emecyen ienn t stesathe and tic distrft o iacolumb. >> m85 pillionlusri amen cans ie
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hi>> ts ishe wre 'sit ryeall ancr iking n theinmorng, d.c. rdtowails phndly a y newciork tyd an longndisla. >>us jt learned fromta ste li potce tharo aund 3,000 mo sttorie s arpetrapd on . 75>> cosuntry' airff traic is ac pry ticallat a dsstantill. >> a massho sinoting ad cansa a e thteshooper onedir fen i a hi chgh sool inas shekatcwan ll kiuring foe befor beingak ten t intoo cuy.stod>> sc oars are pinledgges chang te afomr cntplais a ford secon ayear abouthill wtect aing no esmine. >> o lotf tshing h taso be edimprov. ow>> h do i phreachi ts mikend ama hike ts work?>> . o d ite likdya la . >> am dre on -- w >>mhy a iho swing you? a >>llt tha -- >>go.
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ry curwo framerks half court. d anit's odgo. anhe b ikstin . this one's .good ons "cb mthisor ningtusa."rday i >>n t's tefoday bere the iowa uc caus. ld donaru tmp's, he i int to win . it s hed howehiit tits wh week be ecause hht brougut oar sah n.pali >> ot neg diate keals oindf with th ske ills of ani commuty or rganize maybe oanrginizg a hb neigodorho -- s>>reomewhen iri azonaoh jnny camcin is ingog,ho you sveuld haca lledmede, du. >> d> anco welme teo thke weend er ev.yone av we hace a powked shor f you this rnmoing,nc i fludingull co rave ogeef thon msterrm sto th 'satmm slathing eas et ascot. splusinpeakfg o sn wow,e'll ytakeo ou tonef othe wosrld' st moge danporous srting tseven. i itaps hngpeni toy.da so omethf bee stki sser ien th rl wodil wlem attpto t nigaveat
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ac a re that canui qurckly tn le dley.>> also ave connrsatio onk roc d an rollrtmoy.alit t withsihe pasng ofid davie bow an n d glenfratey, st lea one is wo innder hg ife's next. >> and u anique dayispl at the lo mndonmuseu urases taw da to cr eate crinleedibma i oges ofur r sola asystemllnd we'w sho you howis it done. r ousttop aory,ig b and rf powezzul bliardff eecting moreth 0 an 7iomilln erams.icanat n leastine orsttem-relad hs deat are ow,sleet,in freezg rains and f galeorced wins,bi com wnedith gh hies tid is briatte cngstoaal ar eas.on se ineven acamerins cldou getat st leaf halat foof o in owsn.>> inol carinaswp snowslo are in workbug tdi conartions e ouhazard ms witharany c jsust
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hiin plpladet hia nomany clvehirees a m outgakin it ereasi t forhe snowowpl.of alficie s arngurgiid resents tato sy home datoy. adphiliaelphra's t snsitmyste shhas ut wndo. h >>ere in y new torkheor may is t alsoellingeo p tpleo stay me ho. l at feast afoot ow sno is ex pectedtoday. er thtee are esn stat t alonghe ea oast cndst umeer ecyrgen cl deioarathins ts inmorng. w asasell s no,ndir a inwash.gtonth wat's cherehris van celeav gois, od rnmo ing. ep>> rr:orte's it beenno s wing ou ab ht 17oursnd a weav he about17 rs hou more of bdwi asndno sw fo behere tto srmve leas the ti naon's hindme, pylennsavaninu avee inleadg u tp tohe ptkatocapil. s it i snowvecored. indrivg is thereac brousseecau of b thenglowid win and snow tsdrifis it d haro t get an t exacofsense m howuchno sasw h enfallut b as of rightow ne' wve t got abounc13 ihesr o so on theou
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ia defntve driitrs hhe t sstreete heres dpite a plearo fm e thrmayo to stay . home e>> wt waneo ptople ke hunwnr do and shelt ince pla a sndtay you ha ove t s.road w >>indus gts 55es mil h per our d anw snoinfallg at 32-he incs anhour, ctiondiarons e gngetti rs woe. t plowstrucks druggle co- ktopeep uth wi theis htoric owsnfall. ly near f threeoueet c old ben the ndgrou t byimhe tet iis all . over hi>> ts a 36ou horr stmh wit ex edpectge danrous ndwis. >>om crsmute aredi finng th lvemsen es odolockwns a .well the. d.cet mrope susnded sceervi te lat lasht nig andon w't bep u d aninrunnaig agtin unl myonda o. t >>oso cle itow dnid inse is ju inst kd of curidi.lous ca bethuse arere ope pehale tt thaveo get to work atos hlspitaan hed otlar pces t dhato not shut.down>> w ceame toav hein dwiner th
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ug thoht weou wld .walk usbecaate th t wasethe bter op . tion hi>> widle ksen wtle sgddinn dow tocapilll hida friyni evethng, efi dorst t g golato py ien th sn owt awhthe ite e.hous t bu sthenece wtasn'ui qte as pr fettyyrida anofteron when da mnieladend rous in his plsnowow. h >>owor imp itant fs itor tpeopleo y gete ou havdsto roa to t?nigh >> ryve. it jus don'tt waneo ppleo tbe in st the mreet,e rspe.onally ca beofuse ce on g weehet bind theno sw it oiis g tngo be ati hard me gh fi ttingbao get tock on p. he>> t gre isreat crnonce after ab anout inchf ow snoed waynesd gr ckidloheed ty cit for hours. e ar rngunni therm sto's sp re. onse>> f our cirstrnonce ryeall are e th rentsides. e on tofheor majon msiker of cc sufoess r me pnaersoislly o t ma urke s de we lon'tanose y.ybod ithatsir fndst aem for ost. >>or fteecasrsav he beenni warng t abouthis meronstrm stoor f da
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ow snrt staed fngalli to stock up . w >>arhat u e yo table oget?>> wey onlot g07 18 ssnack like tapo ctopshind aop pcorn and f stuf etoatun arod at ghnit. at thll's ago we t. e sothverysing'go ne.>> now, d.c. hased ask ousurrgndinte staos tng brif i ex sntra owem rovalip equ aments etheyt xpectheig dut oo t l astfo ver seral e lriingengce conrn here rt paariculsly a s thenow keeps mi codong wn, high winds. e becausthat canng brinp dowour ne we is elll bow finreezge her so re there a crnonces of peeopl be thing wiweout pootr palentily r fo ysda. arso fer powag outes hbeave en li d miteonanthbuy et we hav a mlittle gore to boefore the isorm done. ri>> k st vancl.eave as in wtohingn.i went tol schoo.c in d. d theyo not deal with snow very ll were thely usualha and tt is alo not of sw.l alghrit.e th big s ftormirstmm sla edpa trts ofthhe sou withw sno and ice. authat cajsed m porsroblem on
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man is i arche,lottor nth ca .rolina orgood mning. r >>teeporher: t head lineer he ly real isse tho o power.utages ndthousaeos of preple ain wak gup m thisorningn i ctheoldnd a . darkt buorthe st bm alsoroughtth oerki ondsftr winy semiry. around xilengton, kckentuy a esserif oancar ucd trk ac ntcides has cdlose i-75or f5 3 s mile both.ways dshundre shepent tig nht st irandedrn thei rsca. noe timin len whe htheayighw sh ould enreop. ne nipl peoree wele kilnd i car cr s ashengduri theto srmn ifour ut sohern rt pas ofck kentuy got more t hana otfo.nn teessee andan arkigsas eht ch ines. al in rheeigh tue iss ispo orey rep atbout 00135,0 are rr cuwiently tthou power. tithe utyli has0 680s worker tacrosstehe sysm streoringt. i renow hee is thewgood ns.te atmper hureseere arpo supsed tato sovy abeez fre mingost of
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mthat leansess of a cehancf o y icld buip ut thaes toppl trees po and liwer nes ssnd a vinita that gshouldisive th a areae nicay d torrecovero fm theor wstf o swinter o far. c >>lyertaint whay the need. thmark, uank yo to chmu.> >> ooneef thst biggege danrs om fr s thetorm is thehr teat of ve sestre coaal difloong.e oneplac ondg ee is j newyerse icwhsh wait hd har by pesurstorm y.sand s christchri dieotid n issue ma atnd eoryatvacuion oerrdsut b me soho sreom ccamunites did ad visees rtsidenge to t t ou fo behere t storm.hits meg bakeras h remo. >> or rep tter:lihe bdzzaras h hi ed ther jsey shorend a hit ha rd. bithe org stowy n t arehe winds. d anewe'vee bnar w anedbout difloong. atakek looin behd s is ithe t.inle e thrwateea alrdyin comg up orve buthe lk .headth s is i fthehiist ghid tef oth ye da t andishis er powed by th lle fumo i at isan dusgeroom ctibinaon heof tseer v sygtronin wdsed mix
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ng goi toau cseor majue isss re he d andown there sho. er ov tohi tdes sire the t ishe h beect frone where theseshous si bay callonsit b theeachnt fro d anhe tsre inl oy aee throo ft be f rm osandte pro tctinghose s home tfrommphe iactf othe storm.we ex're inpectgav wesp uto 12 hfeetigh tcohat reuld allycr meatedaore amage tlonghe tlcoasine. e th winds areea rllypp whiing down here.wa fterglyin off the jetty,no sw heon tty jet bmeehind .go orvernis chrhatie sss iued a e statof eremy.gencth eaat mo ns nshone bould e on e thess.roadyo n u ca vsee lery vowilisibity he re. i itfus awlly slryippe. s it izifreendng a w asoe g th hroug the day thisod floising sonly tureo get rswoe. eg>> m bakern i namasqaunew n .jerseyev ense tho ien thth in eir dect apatheire bng
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dat cre pingemrobls for r ailstr c affito.>> or rep wter:e'real t akingbout ow blsning eow her in il phphadeltoia, e givanyou ea idvi driong t oure livho st th oris m iningoot lkede lik aow sndo tornang rolli i rightn offront the clvehie. soh muco s ist waet sting off sethe snsorn o the frontum bper ca beusehe t vleehichr touought e theranwas ec obj ft inront of it .ai rar t hfficas been enfroz, sn d arleand tram cack,l the iostat rn is wighthere we.e ar alookt thew sno e akktrac sontatir nea us i sst ill rngolli. ey thl wilfymodi sulchedey the busay t it w nillotto s pit. ihere'ss what ctexpeed. y fromayesterdgh throuy sunda ewhat'sd xpecteis we'real tking un 82 hdredli fghtsha that ve beenan clecednd a more than 3300la deinyed autnd o o uf sr theame time ,period am anericne airlil s wilbe el cancering ov 2us thoand ht fligs.ut
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andd uniteus j ut ander ndthousa. e tht mos wided sprea lacancels tion fareharom crlotte to elphiladphia. wbwu, ihichsn indmaryla. ag reioan natnal.wa onshingt.e thdulleser intalnation rp aiort. mass elcancs.lation tsairporbe will mp etyec bause er thile wl beo ngh fli ots inr ou t. mabut liny airrenes ain allowg el trav mers toakeha c fnges or . free i sofad you h ap trila pednn anded ne tore book thene airlils wille dot you t i and there n'shoulduct be mh of a he for tve drirs on t heroad, aaas say age danrousr winte anstorm d badea w ithers a lwaysct faoror f about a hfalli milon hecrass andut abo 2ho tdusan ro adth deays ever wi.nter ou if y't don htoave be out in itdatoy,le pase do t.noba erck hne ihi plpladehiay the evbelieye th a got aboutt foo of ow sn ovghernit. thand hiey thenk tlly wi get an r othefootr ove tt he nex12 hours. s it ie in th mid 20s. avthey hkee clocd windus gts up 5to 4es milou per hr.
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od anyby whoho thiught tm s stors waraoverwated s onwrg. >> were appe ciat byoueing out in allf ot thaid davud begna in ph adilphelsia thing mornink tha yo u. w so nhat isrext fo the m? storfo atr th weur tton now ni lone in quewn in n .yorkis or the werst ov? >> no. i >>nk thiay tod isng goio tbe a just as bades thvi preous days h wehaave td inermsnt of wiry we r.atheto isday w thendorst a thent i ll wion be gerr tomoow.t' le as takek pee at 77il mlion op s way,r hape zaizarrd wigning rht now.w neityork cily, phiaadelph.u yo s taw alld he wingblowin nd arou david. isand thig b s owathf ,bluet tha otis nn rai orw. sno ithatiss mo.ture sthis itormras dwingur moiste om fr theca earibbn. noit is ngt goi f toade .awayno t jere isooust t m mucheoistur ai avlable. ilit w gl beonesu by nday mo 10rning :00.m a. eyou arri measuheng tto sorw me a olotf folks in etfe.
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il it w ll be tesshan a f footor the anreas i thde incluoss b atonnd the . capet buthen 21- etfe. p theinkng shadi fromor new yk ci ty, elphiladphia, into west iavirgin, iavirgin. y hereeeour sw.t spotif c youowall sn. sweet o tw ofeet ar moret nd thais the 81 cdoorrirn i viiargin. i itins pilg up. gtwashin.on d.cnt currenly o the ,ground ihi tnk 19 inches. andhe ty willk pic uper anoth ten. ou it cthld be gee bigrmst ston i c.'s hiory. t >>hanks so chmu. > >>a dyeadlch soolho sotingn ie than c padiane rovincof atsaskanchewde is unr iginvestation. apit h ipenedn lcha loeut abo mi400 les north or st lea 4 peeopler we kdille an wod t wcrere aliticly wedound he in tk attac .friday spthe sud ecteteshoor is odcusty. p >>e olicedopene fir mon aan
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dd mi olefra tffic inas l nst fightfrrom ontth of e ag bell tio on hestrip. at h timesoie pnted the gun at pe ople.he furetosed oybeol peic or rsde. e th wmanas n bot hity the gu nfireut b twoys bstanderer we gh litly unwoded.>> > as the urintermhtal fig ee betwaln donpd trum s and tart uzted cr uecontins. e that lestol p fl froms ox new s showintrump l theead ti na wonwideith 34%. 4cruz 1ce perentag inpots, rubio at 11% andry eveonels ee in lesing tsdigi. t >>heal dond trumtep/crd uz lrrivay hit a new high fyrida withot bhda candites asunlehing
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t as bheylarre tdsowar theow iail bl -- >> or rep cter: hruzruit tormp f orsuppndting afi protingm fro em doinent main wsla,hi wowch alle thnm goverent to seizeri pteva op pr.erty>> ite mad him ri,ch like wnhe umtrplu coldedit wh atitlanc cityid ins terso beulldoz the ho me of anld eerly dowiw. >>mp truk too towi tttere onc ai aginn raisgue qnsstio about he whetran cadian born cruzs i ib eligo le tprbe t.esiden he and ed firk bact athe na ontialw revie forli pubashing esseri ofs essayg makin a caseag thainst pue reanblic frontru whp e trumalonce cthled e zi magane aru tese conivrvate vo eice, het tweed in reespons ve ry fewd reahe tio natnal breview iecauseyt onlno kws how
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in ab ivinterewit w ahbc cruz sm didisse p'trumstt twier ti s radesaand e'id heed st r ea cl pr ofnaersottl a iacksn fa vor ofic poly. >>inabdishlem froni bere ersands. p >>icolitsno is sot a ap a.oper i itts no a balasebl mega. >> an sde drstidn'en montiz cru il whe cniampaigng inew n mp hae.shir er wh'se heng leadin ithe polls ma king conlint srtuppoers s.nesh f to bightacknt cliason h been ag esgrlysiveg takinon ersands' re ncord o ,gunshc healtdare an iafinanclal reguwhtion, ile asemphg izinpeher ex.rience>> ne we ed a pcuroseteideswhent ano c ll do asp af ects othejo b. or >> fcb " ms this orningtu sa,"rdayia julnna g iololan n in washgton. re>> then's beeno a htherighway de ath.
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rag b maiddey bhe tap j anesema urnufacte ta.kata rcdimaoor mgan has . more >> -y52r-eaoldoe j ktnighas w indrivg thisra ford nger when a hi cas trr sauck cown ithe ro .ad pi a ofece ap shrnel outf o theai gr bali kilng m.hi okthe sponespershe for t onnatial hhwigayra t ffic mi adranist. tion hi>> t as isat nliona syafet cr aisisrend ptacipi btedy the tact teyhat thuf manreactud mi ollionsctf defeivenf irslate an end thro pdvide mpinco,lete sl mieadn o inraaccute rminfonatio to nistahe t public. >> de some ployh wit evexcessi fo rcett shaering theet mal at infler anddi senng saphrnel
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mh uc 2as m4onillieh vicles noare w e ephaniwasur injned whe her ai g r bablexd oedein 2013. >>ta insnt bsslindneol fbylowed in gushg blood. as it w ifterrying. >> at taka vehiclean mtuufac rerse arug strg glineto makug enoh ai s r bagforli milons of ve ahiclesdylreare re.called tandofens on milliors meay m il stlee nd to bele recald in the .futurer fo t"cbsmohis sarning "turday." i >>f to checkf iou yrr car o tr buck iseingal recinled fdn a dupdate list onbs c>> e timhoto swou y somef othe mo gsrninli head nes.e thrknew yo city ew "nti york epmes" reorts h s detailhewith tng missi ulconsobtant rert chle.bsen
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of bslechen'she wres about ngdurien rec ntiaegots tion.thatle d to ari prsone swapwe beten e thndu.s. a. iran >>an >> r:nounceit detrore fe sapress wey ansr e expert in on legi inairesson cgnectinhe t se diase to the city'ser wat ioconditn leprobms. i its aso reanable .linkou th cgh sheroan't pve the link. healthff olsiciaay s %70 oef th lepeop who cacontrted onlegiesnairin dure g thntrece e spikines caser wexp e tosedo fl wint taterwoee wksor befe ei thmpr sy tomsn.bega >> > ais lteriaea outbrmk fro do kale pacgeds salad k oilledne in hi mic wganhile sendings other he to t sphoital. e thea outbrk rigid t at a agpackpling inant in sprieg fld .ohioou aktbreixs in s atstes. e th p hlantas beent shun. dow
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rtrepo ms theanon cedvict of mu grderiner mhedit rckuheray s ss w heasin tryg to sell her so inmethfog berehe sd. dieox knas w cctonvinded a rd hea abouthe tow c wh ichol btedro fm aug slahter e houso only tndbe roued up byli poce. dy fredl wil atlppareny now go doa farm. edreportedly namft aerre fddy rc meury the ersing. >> about22ft aer the hour now
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eeyour wkend. co mingup.if youot g al calsk aingor f a po calitimpl caonaign cuttrib ion, o lookut.yo onur mey may not beoi g nger whe you inthk. a>>nd telar, new ceshang toix f theer divsity prm.oble lwe'lak bren dow the new sy.stem walsoone cetinu toon mitorhe t rs fijot malir bdzzarf oeth .year l we'l uhaveespdatm fro the fe af acted reaseaahd.
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inmorntug sa."rday yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing.
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t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de. m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. >
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e phonouin y prtockes i fngorci gechanth in ane bking sibu.ness a >>lso wevi pre ewtoowmorr's ep ic nfl -ofaceff. br tom adysu versey pmaton nng in fo whr matbeay t behet las meti. 'l we rl beight back. ithisbss "cs thiinmorng sa
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>> ian wtoted projectar a wm im age. ci we ss entistare human too. so why not.>> you don't thinktz niesche o ka ku but a youyre ver funny in th ere commcial. y >>ou dhio ts for eefr. ar you e not going to r getich ngshootihe a trc comme'lials il te ll youthat. ha >> w-t is - he >> tla pns i movelo sywl ac heross t nightsky, thenhe ty ensuddly ,stopo gkw bacards and th waen forrd again. that medystifihe t anenci.ts so radetrogr iesia assocthted wiun aicert nty,ioconfusn, doubt.n' dot get n't goar embking upon a ne busiss urventer. y >> bouveelie atth. >>sh as peakessaare heid tlt fau er the is not in our s btarsut in eloursves. thand uee do tthe fact that me isrcury he tst fastela pnet inth lae sor stsy.eme thsspol i the manh witthe ng
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sw and y ings barthe e itht arappe gs towao backrds.y sae you arin a car, in the fa nest la.u yokeoverta a carn iethlo sw a lane lnd youookth at are ct i se gems too ckba.side s it ian il.lusion wi >> tertt wentow dns thi .week p theyshone sentem wt wndo. d sometidn' gethe tat de they we re ctexpeing. f stufdoesto seem on go wrg du erring m.curyw ho doou yla expin that. el >> w sl gtuffoes wrong all the time.wh atan c i y?sa's itth just at rembremeer it ng duri the mryercuet rerograd d
5:28 am
methe ti. rshes hey'miesniatur. pweour '!em we s pasem' ! wek pic'em ! lides cioufofun evr er.yone hey'rshes miurniat aesre nemiur, yo os,hour clacote. th a is is oolive ltk a in washwhgton, aerera declation e ofcymergen isea alrdy ince foras zz a bliard ssblangt the
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late parth of e east to. s part wofhiastong vnery a foot of th ispi endic a thinkta sle ha thve anoer 14 hfours o snow t yeo t come. >>ak speing ofhi wasn,ngto by th ofe end last ,year es prtiiden calnsampaig and ts ououide grpsup sgportin them is raeed mor than 60 m0illion ar dollees betwn the caatndides, y part coesmmitteit, polical cactioneeommitts ander sup pa cs. thatr numbe is going to odexple,fu indedtn par byat donroions fm vi indiamdual anerics. with soan mys groupg askin for mo cney itan be nfcog.usinli juanna ganoldm w showst hy iis imrtpot anr fonodo trsoo dtheirme howork. r >>r:eporteti chrisna and jim re we paid onss commiiono tal cl co vanserveti . voters >>,35 50, 75, a0 0ndhured.a sathound. evwhat yerouel ftou yld couor wkou t of.them ub>> p rlicdsecorw shot iwas
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5:31 am
t ouhe tre that'snd speing 95%f oit eys mon just toai rseor me mo dney an n hevernyas a te inntionf oandoing hey of t ithingst is tlielnghe t people i itins talkhag to tt it will do . ca you lln't cat thath anying else. >>01 23 rliepubcacan atndid feor ve go.rnor erconsvevatiik stre rcfosee ud s hi inamehen tirit p ches t withouprhis apoval. he s say theye madse falro psmise tovoters. h souee sd them. >>li llteray, theyte lis edleven .things e we'r tgoingoo d phone call, di ra,o adis televion ads and ey tht didn'dony aos of the. n>> wheor don sgive,he wreoe d se th m goneyo?e th apackwe as ll as six oerths avall h tehe same trr,easure a naman otmed scent mckzie.ey th alsoe hav thee sam s,addreso. rg viinia. d he paifhimselon cinsultg fees dandteirecdr oveal hf ali milondo tollars oneny compahe wre 's
5:32 am
e' >> hsai p bd toe e thretreasurof ll a ofhe tse packs. >> heay ss hesn doe't have any cu rrents tie forhe t ndveors. as turreasorer f a t ootalf 25 ck pa ts he aakeshell t h heate sa orys f the dioecisthns oer lepeope. makal yread ins thile ectionle cyc ld dona trumped askzi mckentoe sh n ut dowhis thunau gorizedrouppa ttrio for trump. nzmckeie saysll he' lycomp. t innthe meahiime tsme forr le teermarket in gaves thi ce advi. >> one. wif youoant t s givengomethi go t tosihe web tte ofhe t.supporan sod i'm rry. soi'm y rrrfoy mar pt in that. f >>or cbs this mog,rnin an julinaan goldm in shwaoningt. >> ahtll rig this yearom se o f iemckenz'ss pac haveor reptedly ce re hivededundrfs oho tdsusan of ol drslaro f vmsotercr aoss co the untry. in>> comg uphe tos mtan d gerous ra ski thce in lde wors i pp
5:33 am
clooer lk at a'austristr sife hi downrsll cou e.a now alookhet tth weaer for ur yoen weekd.>> > up next,ed micalew ns in ourrn moing inudg inw neidguineles for titreareng pt gnann womewho m ay bhavepoeen exo sed tthea zik vi whrus ich is kelio d thbirt ctdefe s.>> andr. d j'sohn --ou ywa're ngtchi "c hibs trns mosaing ayturd." mecon oopin pop p. pphahdy birtay. ju i adst h ahe taart d anw nohai aveho ce.ic r foher.
5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
ta .narula t firsup,d c c gneuidelisor f do ctorsg carinforgn pre antme won who h mayenave beed expos to kazi.ct do bors inrazil sayt i c ould bein ltoked a raredr synome at thea can lve psatientt almos co lympleteyz paraled for weeks. t tarabahe pro rtiontsepor s reports on this are ly real. scare hocaw n it et ffecloa zboets i thiss aus virs thatqu mosito ndborn a ithn lae tsteawo yrs we en've se at lot sargepread in lcentra andth sou eramica.te urmperateon ccerns i over ntpregna mewon. sewe've en eaincrse in mi nce oerctobve we'n see over 3500 cases.
5:38 am
orskull d hea.sizein many casest ican bed mil but ein som cases it b can seevere e wherilthe chd has pemrobls withvedet,lopmenle intelctual le mis, stone infeedg, ,vision he aring e ere areno cur orat trement r fo mceicroyphal and noz t l unusuaweld cou a see viral li nk. wwe knoes virus liketh oveers ha been ltoinked ev the dmeelopnt of ocmicr. ephaly i >>f w youere ahe mot arnd rr caouying wld you onlyno kwt a li deomvery sething w aswrong? o>> one tf thehingst tha makes v thisoirus sas hhd to track is 80 %op of peecle inf ht haveoad n to sympms.os th de whoo getom sympt tshey e ar amildrend insolve a ekwe. uyo see fever, shra,oi jnt ivnjuncthiitis wsch ied rness he in ts eye bo alsow n a lepossib link withee goa yny bra h whicse causal parys wisshich i
5:39 am
ways. >> w youreould tat it if youid dat k leastnow? he >> tem probl ist aoithis pnt e theris noas vqueze ccinveto prent ctcontrathing ene illss n ando ca medio tion twncut do on i sto at toihis p intsoc f iuss on oi avding urking sn e womee who ar napregrnt ong looki to become na pregidnt avore aas . that he >> t cdcam ce out andd saior f p alltregnanom w ienn any tr r imestehothey suld really s. areaan d ify thehaveo tta go ke pr onecautis likeep rntellads an ay stining s longdcreene andls aoel counsened womho w may c berionsideting getreng pgnant vo to aveid traerl thwe week tent a sthp furer and idssuefw serm gneuideli s intellgct prarsitione to screen eiall thr ptregnan ps atientfor re cent
5:40 am
htientsave tdravele to these ea arres and ported two oror me to sympy ms theshould gethe t d bloondtest aer furthti tesng nt poteiallylu incding asultrounds. even ifha they vesy no mptoms t bu thavedravele wnithi tw two ek we ss theyhould get an ouultrasnd. s it iruncleaer howevs thiis go ing tod sprea cin ourryount. wehi tnk o thek utbreain the co untryl wilseincreae in th wsensee'll see morees casut b pe hoyfull itil w ml beore is aolatedalnd foc bseecaue w ha etve bte rtisanitaon, inhousg, r- aiitcondioning andit mosquo co ntrol rteffos. ex >> nt up an eenxperimtal test d fromivuke unersity rheesearcrsco lpuld hemi deterthne wheer tspatienho wee are ficling sk ed ne otantibiics. sthis leemsong over i' y heardouot b shaye tak otantibiics when they't don need. it e arsthe tu results suulccessf? r >>owight nhe tyee smbe to re
5:41 am
at thst is te that zpmspe scific s gene that aretzsprs ted byunhe imme sy hestem wn ae immunemsyst is fi oghtingff epsy tor had an % 80cyaccuraof rate g helpingudistintwish beeen he whet wr itasd causevi by rus acor b terialctinfe lionike p stre othreatnr eve if the mp syertoms wauen't cyse b fe inn ctioat all. i thismps so i bortantseecau we ow kn v thatiral inn,fectio re orspiratfey innsctio are one t ofnhe maiso reaplns peoeo gtoth ore doct. t aserhe genntal iernistha tt is what i kind ofin comgou thrgh e thr doo d all iayn hrd in trtee quafers o those ottibibuics vat the st jo cet nessary. t so akeest li tcahis un helps ntpinpoi n whoeedsnt acsibioti wh and o esdo n't.>> 50% ofnt acsibiotire pdscribear ecen't n tessaryehey ar sa ying?
5:42 am
th means threeon billiol dlars xc in esesco sts. stthe te likes thiou cld bet cossa nvingonumber e. tw and to i b couldpe hel with e adversdrug .eventsto 5 25 o%f p weople thoake otantibiilics wel havom se ad drverse ug evento s kit ce nlrtaiasy stsih witt thaand th caen it ssn aist wthith e big hpublicealthea thrtht of e swbt stresiance. arthere ute abo two million es illnatses thnt are atiibioc re cesistant and ian cr'ts fo about ,02300ea dths lyannual.d anyfinall f voriral ill sts we t don' hreallya ave tloto offer lepeop now.we th tell hoem go gme andet in anbed drest. es so tte lik this c houldelp u srt be and f turtherheat trements tintoalhe vir ils.lnesse hi>> t nstex storyht mig come to exmind n yt timeou head outo t t. ease res archerin tuftsrs univeity toin bosdn foun %92 p ofopular st reaurant menuic choesxc eeed re decommendal c lorieimit farce ng
5:43 am
te wors cs ulpritwere am , ericanechines and italian te ea.riesfe deral gliuidenes rndecomme tw be een02,00 andca 2500 loriesa dayep dending onhi tngs like ag de an . gender>> as i wpr surised chinese. ulyou woind thk jr unioll coesegeabl -- geveestabl. >> s it iso easy tonk thi fast fo s od a then.villai but this showsur restaantoo rge chain and small local rarestauernts wheye th't don h evenaveo tallist couorie cnts aned we'r stillet gting a lot of cexcesssalorie fromemth. ll >> ae in th sauce i think. >> ol dr. hly ilphlips, dr. tara >>in comgp u meobilme payntpp asca g usintheki banndng iyustro t sc leramb.we at look t wha itea mnsor f ur yole walt.
5:44 am
th nois is b t a jomefor , s,this iis this fe my lith. myis is bepag a hert of lpinglepeopne in s ed ii who am. rk woating da brook mle fornoe is at justit job, if's a l e fori me. ilovet. rmi foaned mnny cos ection withe thntresides. eli fei like t am parof fatheir ndmily are they't parof e. min ouif y g caninet up mo the yrning,,a know thshake ste du g and to up heremaand omke sy ebod whappy,ihen o go tp,slee d i midjoy b. ou xtr nem iteenis a g uinee "namriyour polce" hlis highty soug d-aftericevfre grom proessive becan rs you. for.. tw raenty g nd?o!-ne wviare giawng it ay r fo ejust 3ymasy paentsof p $4.99x!lus ta e tharlines ine blowg up! gowe've bot derahom frke poughe.epsi fl o: , yeah'sno, it flo. yo ru guys aealizecanyone n usee tham"n pe yourtorice" ol fo or freeren progcossive.m, t?righ la[ nughinglyervous ] pi [ whckles ines ]
5:45 am
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5:46 am
m fro tonhe meyac mhine - - >> iis whou you ceeld snt ahony in dancg. e thes daysho tse qiouestorns f ho w you shopsn i't w ihat isn alyour wletha but wt is inr you ar smont phe. a moreend mor areni turng to paapple y and venmo. m >>ilobent paymes willch rea 90 io billarn dolls in 2017.up from 28 b iillionn .2012wh riat's dving the anchge?th is isle millnniang pushi all , thisitisn't . >>yes. ptexce for vinita.mi nillenveals haea a rlly ff dikierent nd ofat relpionshi th wian fincial stinn.itutio h theyheate t am dndon'tst tru th tem buthey lu chtegynolo.
5:47 am
relyin tryg tond ud erstanwhatse sctorf othe economy mill en millnialil wl t.disrup y 71% saouthey wheld ratro g to ntthe de tist lhan tisteno nk bas. 73% sayy thedwoulxc eitedbo autth e newin offerg from ,google on amaze,, applpa paylr oar sque t thanwnheir o in is gog tope hapn and mill eb wlsl ilbeng drivi us. hi>> i tnke peoplav he a naturalhe onsitatise becau s ofitecur y onquestis alsowi knot ng iis all ouon yonr phe. ha is tgat a limentco ncern. > when you talk to te gychnolo exthperts aey sayre you crazy? th e esbimo pleaymenter svices e ar smoreeecurn tha a ct redica rd. s it iedthe crarit c d that lyactual is aobprlem. and ink thihe tig bgestss i iues i whatf imy lose ne phoik le thell s at igthe birn conce but the va ad vascu
5:48 am
d forse tho who use. venmowe h also taveheed spe and the me ntrchad s anit'sap cheer than in usg ccaredit rds. he>> t bavanks he tond respo to ? this >> ablysolute. s this ie wherevyternghis i go ing. ancan d you see not justan bks hebut otrin fancial itinst.utions aw we sid felity acquire onemey ad visor.rt nornhwestel mutuacq auired le starn ve25 for $0 llmiion. es thee artf plahaorms twt allo s userto itnterac withir the na fil nciaitinst utions ta digilly.d an nit isotus jtin checkg yourst enatem.ts iithos caw etn i g myum nrsbe rrun fo myde stuntn loa balance. ca how n iet ge advicro fmot n a t roboanbut goal rithm. y >>enou miltion ml lennia
5:49 am
babyme boors and k genpx xors. y >> theare getting on board e becausrethey ang goi h to aveto n get o d.boaren whst i fir got ins thi ssbusinee peoplo said tme there o is nimway vs aoire gng toh puse th buy or sell bn uttofrom r theis.home h look tow hhatasee bn an trmesford. i thisg s gointo be sf tranveormati.we in're go pg tooray fs thing withur oho pne.'r weine go ig totnteracit wh our nc finaial itunstis tionthrough lemobies devic. a wengre goie to se thel ful gefledgrd inteofation ci finanal se rvndices ate isere so much money being wn throth at taat, srt u apsre g goiny.craz e venturl capitainis comg at is th. i its theex nt phase of lotechno tgy and hevore. lution ou >> y made aer vyon strg c ase d antii slll wil do itin draggg my heels fure tsingo do it.ji ll t yhanko ou s.much st jur ovea mefonth beore th os cars the mnotiore pictu ac
5:50 am
we l 'lllteou yow hhe t pylan to e includwa neer genationnd a opushhout those wen havct't a ed in cadedes. eyou arat winchcbg e s thmorkni ng rdsatuay. ib s-d.yo owu kn s theomymptwhs heen tary stt. ab nadomiinl pa. ur iagent da.rrhe w nosthere'es proncriptian xifax. xaxifa an is newd ibs-entreatmt hthatelieps relurve yohe diarra aband l dominaympain sptoms. d anxaxifas n workerdiffy.entl pit's arirescn ptiootantibiic at thma acts n inly idithe e gestivtract. do se not uan xifaxu if yohave st a hiy orenof stysitivi r toimifaxin, myrifaancin ottibintic ages, cor anyneompoofnts ax xifan. te oull yctr doigor ryht awa y ifarour di wrheaorsens e whil xtaking,ifaxan t asy his mabe gna sise of a s riouor fevenonatal conditi. outell yorr doctyo if hau erve livse disea tor areotaking her timedicaons, e becausthy ese maseincrea th oue amf nt onxifaxain r youbody. te oull yctr do or ifu yoegare prna,nt
5:51 am
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5:52 am
.b ..e ecommoden ther d anthnurse yoeir ung. ja lemes n ft ichsear ofhi xts neen adv.ture fahow llr wiak you tthe nee all- hw rav4ybrid? yo toleta. got's s. place yif houmoave tederase to vereeu rhidmatohr art litismeike ... yoand tu'rengalkia to rh toeumastlogi ouabbit a icologth, s is irahumi. th s is irahumihe g lpinelto r mievey apainrond p mtectiny jots ffromerurthag dame. th s is irahumipi hel ngeame rorch fe. mor ctdohaors eeve besn princribg rahumi m forthore 0 an 1s.year rahumiks wor m foradany .ults arit t agetselnd hps loto b sck afipecic so f urce oaminflonmati that ruconts butesyto ra .mptoms mi hu lra canouower yitr abily igto fecht inftions, in includbeg tuosrcul is.ouserioms, sesetimal fat in iofectndns ace canrs, udincllying homp,ma hhaveneappe ad,has love bod, r liveneand srvoust syroem ps,blem ouseriles al rrgicioeactns, neand ww orniorseng t hearurfaile. foberere tntatme, teget fstedb.or t llter youordoct ifu'yoeeve b an toreas wh ceere n rtaialfungin iofectrens amo comn,
5:53 am
prare toone ec infs,tionha or ve u-fl slikeomymptors es sor. n'doart sthut ramif iuyo ahavefen inn.ctio lktayo to ocur dantor sid vit ithismis hut ra >> or> the tiganizad on minthe rs oscaus jnot answunced eepingch sangeig desned to adacemy's mb me aershipndin votyg bod gn sitlifican dy more.iverse r innsespoe to aee wntk of ienseit crm icis toverkhe lac of di itversgy amons thiea yrs's mi nonees. g amonthe ceshang by the year 2020 thede acamy willou dblehe tou amf nt on womenoand mi ritiesel tigibleovo te. veachotingta stus wstill laen t s yearnd a will be rednewe only if active in the mieovsur dgin th caat dede. bo the ofard grsovernoil wl
5:54 am
ea incrse rsdiveity. tone ofsthe firo t red,spon ee twheting wther it is e,sham trueee fnglis orei bng dedragg ck kianing d amscreing, justet g it e donusbecahee tlt atiernave n' isett prty. >> e somheof tng chaaves he re albeady pen inlace. i thehink toa brdog recdnize s starlike jadath smind a will it sm sh and lpikeeeid dn't want to be a part of the rsosca. he>> tewy kny thetohad do so inmethg. c >>g ominexup nhet tes lat otn e thzablizfrd o 20.16 s it igea hu sgltruge for ll mi oionserf ams.ican sofor fme o you, yrou l nocalews is next. re the ckst stiou arnd. ar you hie watc tng cbshis rn mo sing,daatury.> >>as v-m cochra iels core-cat aor,nd ar st ofzy cra lfex-girriend.e aryou ara czygi ex-ndrlfrie or
5:55 am
i>> t ehinkonveryes iya craz b az crgsy thinha and that is w t sh the ow isabout.rn tue ing th oideaf a rcomanti co omedyn its adhe. gl e.obu yonewere oe of th tfirstoet gth are awd. i wasng smiliar e to r,ea your ee sp jch wasoust s d iht thougyo what u toldre allyl wel was youac fed a lot ea>> yh. e to b table hoavet sho a pilot an td sendeto it n aworksvend enha ve it re.jected he >> t to get that t.poin oe>> tchbet go tt thaev lfel o abbeing le toho sot a pilotha tt awas hugeng thiy for m. career>> nk i thi o wungf thehi tngs youon resatedo sl wel was the en opg inclick.yo ur ctiompetiason w jewela l lo druis-aneyfus yd thed calle dyou an youug thoht atwh? >>t iwas wofunderl.
5:56 am
ioo lkedo int alean's e ayesnd l almbi remes er ieyher es wi adeningndti letng out a re scam. it was erovngwhelmi. quite rrsueal. w thehihole tngt fele lik a we ird m.drea >> ynoou kmew soththing atwa asn'tam dre y wasouos pting ron yougr instaouam yet gting re ady. wai nto t showbo everydy ap cli from that.
5:57 am
an i c b'tatre.he we e lcomtocb " ms thisngornisa ayturd." m i'onanthyon mas.>>
5:58 am
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5:59 am
si res dentbeare uing trgedo st ffay o the s.road adphiliaelphra's tnsitte sysm s ha shut wndo. >> e her in y nework offiaic lse aralsong tellie peopl toy sta me ho. eaat loost a f st ofnow is ct expedaed niis morhe trere a ten at stnges alo the east coast un r deeremncgey gtshin.con d. is krnt vaav clees in ithe onnatiap's citalh witthe or rep gter:moood g rnin thany,onhe t.c d i. airots nne o th wiis a htory ofli deaitng wh ow snl wel w ande have a oef th kn n ow o thendgrou. w no tthathe sun isp uou yet g abe ttere.sensth sis ien pylnsnivaava yenue b th e tocapil. re hee mor 2than0he incsf o snowco tellec td inhis spot. e we'v ahad lotf oin wdo s some of tshat iro pbably tidrifng. t' leows sh youvi deo. ow sns plow bhave oeenllut a tnighg. lon s it ianil uphl
6:00 am
ob pr aablyernoth 16 h hoursef boreth ore stsm ha comelpletywn blo ugthroh. methe trote sysmhu st s hoolshutn dowthand reey a pe exg ctinlta mui dayon lg dig ou t h muc0as 3 i cnchesould call in the gerreatas wtohingc.n d. ar ea. 'v weene ses car doutngrivi ar .ound s it inot .easy i itts noaf se ahend t mp teureratrees ary ve,y ver coldhe if youet g stuckt i ryeall d coulbe a obprlem. tandishat he wnut atihorirees a nc cod ernetabous thiec bg omina lydead orstm. e thonnatiuaal gsrd i out. 'v we seeenir theve humn es othe .roadth reey ang goi top hel first onresp gdersoet tls cal as co ionditetns draeriohete re. at thth is tee laipst v that. >> ho ypefull peopled heet tha at avicetand sy off the s.road the elsnow-rated dtheas we edreportve invold carsh craes info thur souernta stes.i-
6:01 am
s remainzedloed otin bh ct direions. f itdorce ed ndthousas to spend the t nighde strand inir thes carin ke antuckynd in pelvnnsyania.d anhe tre aree mor thandr hun ed sathouernd powes outage in th nacarolis this inmorng. un fortately ttuemperares are tsaidovo herve abo finreezg ytoda whichle p. av>> d bidudegnas in i ph eliladphia with . more r >>teeporoor: grnd mo ing onanthy. snthe s ow ilstilwi blongm fro wwhene last saw you an hour o. ag wo i suld iayt islo c ackedt 22,25 es mil per.hour thbut haere ens be w oneind gust t inithe cy ofla phiadelphi d clockeat udspwar of 50il mes pe urr spite tmthat, arack says they ll witi con snueceerviou thrgh w the aeekends at a mdodifie leschedu.t butwhen i comeso t airl traveit ee has blen snarssd acro the st east coa t andidhe mat .lantic stfor ye ierday,f youk loo atye y sterdahthrougnd suay,e' wre cttalk ae morn tha 0082 f lights
6:02 am
re than 33 hundredel days in ou and het of t. u.s tmoreamhe see tim ripeod, am aericanneirliss ili cance ng over 002,0 esuthwt just over aan thousd niand utedt jusut abo a th .ousand e thorairprets we'ee singh wit the mostid wpre sead nc calaelontiars fre om ar ch nlotte,arorth cinollla a e thway up hereo t phphiladelia. mass lacancels.tiont burmmany a ss areaying this. y ifavou hoe t dureschele, if yo tu havegeo chan t your nripew rk yo city wesorri.we he will oulp y. w we dill iot for eefr. 'r weine gog make it asy eas as we can. ha statz wh tarhey eay sing. ibackiln phphadelheia tvey ha tt goeaen nphrly ypenotote fo of kn veow oher t last 12 hours.wh en ien w bt toased lght nit ndarou 11:00re theea was nyrl four niis morng i theres a otfo. >> andor bef ae fnotheroot falls twe gotoet gou y aat h and some e glovisthere . dave
6:03 am
were therm store we'ne joidy b lo qunnie inn. l >> welforew nk yort city iis raall cnkingp u rightnow. w ne cyorks ity haazz bliard ou tside. trighsi outde thels wal we got a zabliz grdoingro aundnd a it is justti gettang s.rted y toda bwille torhe w ist dayn g the biapple. it and ison gem fro thet eas t coas wizzards.arning sh wa dingtonew.c., n yorkll a th e w tay outo the hsampton on sllong iand. s,windus gts upo t ,50 60 miles urper lastaod floar w aningsnd so advirories f cm theakhesapee l althe way into the tteri-sta i areartnto poionsf oth souern glnew rse wot of itig rhtow new n . yorkth sis ing goint to coiginue rht th through ree enti t is no going u exitntil about .m7:00 a. on .sundaylo keoks lire you ang goi to be me
6:04 am
neityork cy, 21- etfe.e ths bull'eye twoo thr teeee ft wh someere in nstorthweern iavirgin. >>ni lone inqun. th ksan.>> n> ailashvle ce oupldidot n le het t snowel diray the nu lsptua. hn joe pyl andes jsicad ree met a ayearrigo fdaynd a decided they ehad toexchang i dosxa ectly yeone atar ler sohe ty did cr ngossith in e meiddl of a mstor a for white out inweddg. w >>e'ree her todayec bausee lov ns wi. ithise s thecperft inweddg.i sechoo f ourerorev .no i row pcenoun youba husnd and wi fe. u yo mayiz kr you b.ride>> by theay wro gom went on ce fa fbookor aoa lner ont tha fi tr coa and got anns itant on respse. cothe tupleatook th as a sign d of goo.luck ce a ni day a forte whidi wedng asil blydo iwol d>> t andhahey avery stoon no e se elil wl have.
6:05 am
cathe lironaan p fthersrom ac pr.ticing s thenownd a ice hit fyrida but dn dilo't bhert t ace coaih sdhe ten offse edlookrp sha buty theid dis finhab 1out9in mutesli earerha t n l. usua li carona f taceshe arizona in cardndals suay nn ight ithe fo innrmatioio champganship d in the afcha cnsmpiohip , gameone oef thre gtatesal rivs p inooro f htballistory with two s playerotwith nhingut b rctespefo chr ear. othe ll>> a i can sboay a tutomra bdyis hela pheys tit pos tionhe way i itups sd poseeto b play. >> nk i thila pomying sebody 17 me tires is ptty esciallye e th tlastime,
6:06 am
. line t inkhe boody bra vsuers manage,un totold sthry of eiv ralryha tt sf tranthormed e ryye mrses takde reaidrs inse is thry histo. odgong morni.>> mo good rning.>> bo everydys ig talkinabout th chis mat up.wh esat mak t theseswo guyo s l?specia>> well first of all.wh esat mak the rivalry so sp isecial av you he o otherrenly the ti mes. m what takeshese playerspe scial t isheir coivmpetits,enesir the pr ateparolion, hheding tir te teammaous acc.ntable stand mo of allt jus ala py on the jfield,rrust teific ay pl ers. i >>e n that16 mch ,upom t brady s ha won11 ut b manning hasor me inpasss.g yard i it os sortdf har to put onen o p toth of e other,'t isn it?>>
6:07 am
al you vueic vestori than tom br wiady t thouonquesti. uyout pim h overey pton manning. ou if yus are jntt iteeresd in st tiatisytcs, penion manng is e thes greatult reg sarneaso te quark rbacflin nor histy. t bulli rea ty thinkhat qu acarterb cks and aoachesre as meyured b t whatheyo dinhe t ay ploffs. b tomrady has moreff playo ct vithories an any qbauarterck he in t nfl.'s he gotou fr sowuper bl am chippionshchs whi ties joe anmontd a anterry bradw sha for th e stmo. on peyt mac has one. othe's g aos lingor reched in t fsplayofin and nere diffent ti himes ms teaee has bn inelimatedn ithela pyoffs whichis or a recd you don'tan wto t ha ve. - >>- how hs tashatlu infenced both s.player >> peyton was born intohe t ba footll y.royaltt nothat ainnythg wasr evegiven imto h. the had woork for itut bg havin ma the nanning me theex iopectate ns werysalwa gr r.eate br tom ewady gr a up in w hardithth
6:08 am
l hlat.etesal l madeun ff oe littl tommyn i gh hil schoo hisesfrhman year amhis te was 8.0- hd toucown. c hen'ouldtt ge off theen bch an n'd didyt plane o snap. ts ge to chmi.igand re teshird. ly near ertransfs.en wh heet gs onhe t f hielde's ys alwaki looveng or hisul shoder d at rewonhens. inki talong t tom for the bkoo m he iadety verle c tarhat al ghthouwa it ers vyru ftistrang m it hadeheim t pr layeand man she i gh tauimt h to be h,toug and rspeanevere gd tanng nothi for gr d anteand heea rlly has iecarratd th o chipn his ld shouergh straitou thr hghis nf cal ,reerte despi h allis ac shcompli omentsf bo eing tsix su wlper bowis and fonning ur,e h st prill ap poachese racticevery y da has ife has tonc convie hisco atach th he's s ttill bheest rbquarter ack foethio patrts. >> ha so wyot are uxp e iecting nis th 17th match upee twhnz two?
6:09 am
spial is we do etxpecn payto in manng toet rire. >> i i doec expt the psatriot to mowin torrow.i nk thi the brokz have ach ance. jpeytonust can't turn it erov. br but igady nofo rhe t firste tim since they r havepleally ayed,hi ts as rbquarteack smmiatch based how he how 'syi pla rngight hoe w tle whingithn peyto overth e lastwo t years hisea hlth s ha reallytededeerndd a it is sy ea f to torget thatwors yea he ago threw for 55 tdoouchwns wh t ich seflan nec rdord an e we'rki loong ats thi am chshpionipe gam twomorro as onthe brstcos juee nd to hope onpeyt't doesnth turn e ball .over d anonthey dec't nlyessari count h onimo tin w but just don't nt wao him t lose the game.
6:10 am
in mannng is o r saleight to and tmorrowheat potris teak he on t onbrcos. racovetge a 2:p.m. ereastn. 11 :00 ak..m. pf bo >> aafut 12 eter thur ho. a now t look aatthe wer her fo wyour.eeblgd> >>t up nexeeit's bn ain shockgst toart the newea yr for rock c, musi losing b davidndowie a gl frenn ey.d annoit is t just the fans ru st.ggling l we'lhehear tug thoofhts the fe llowus mniciaed namha gram na sh s who'wnote contimplaisng how rtn moy.alit
6:11 am
aysaturd." co omeinn op pop p. ppharty bi.hday ju i adst h ahe atart ckta... noand i w veha c aichoe. r foher. fo emr th. hiand m. ch a toiceo ketant brilia. a crpresonipti p foreeoplwh bo'vehoeen alspitized a for t kei tali briant awithy babriaspin .. o .nremo th 1an m00g. iasaft s fect howll wewo it rks. ucit's s ih antampornt g thino to dtop hel pr ecotait agtns heanotarr hetat atck. il br wintadorke be ttterplhan .avix d an revenededuc chthe sance of f dying romot anonher e. n' do tt stopinakilg br intawi t thouintalktog r. docto nc sipie stoptong it o soon eaincrs se ryourofisk s clotouin yenr stt, ar hetat atstck, ,rokean end evth dea. br tailin mayca use sibruing b orinleedg re moil easy or io sersous, memeti s l fatadibleeng. n' doket tali briant if ou yav he eeblngdi, li skemato ucherlcs. sta hiofory le binedg t inrahe bin, or er sevvee lir ob pr.lems ll ter youordoctab t oudibleeng, ne uw orecnexpted or shs tnesreof bath, an any plsuned anrgery ld al dimes cinetayou ke. wi i lle tak ilbr tinta.oday motorr.ow
6:12 am
do t n'ssmi ada by ofa.rilint rdan oy inarofjar el vas ine jelly.'s itet som whingn'e doint thouk abcht mu. ptexcen whee we'vt gopechaplid r ps oala smt.l cu t bupefor lopleg ivinrein aofas si cris, lesimpn skiitcond cionsuran tinn erto susio issues. crso we theated lie vase ne healpring tojec rta pap nershi dwithtirecli reef elto hllp mi iionsedn neal heir then. ski t soy hegocan k bacorto wk. chor sool. d an othatarrdinr y jamacan anke ra extnaordiifry drefence. bl geedingums? u yoinmay th ak it'sre f sult ousbr thingaroo hd. otit's n.
6:13 am
wh yoich n u ca rhelpseever siby uisng lneteri ad d detor youhibrusoung rtine st li erinels kil up to o 99.9%rmf ges heand relps e versy earl gumdi e seast in juso twweeks. li instere wepotor yutour moh ryalso tri listelone fss. 's itan advcechd tegynolo veremomos prequlae. g itive i to me'm rtwo h it ab bi'y rtm woith h ui'huh wom h rtit me gimme gim i'rtm wo h it g itive t io me'wom h rtit
6:14 am
> >>e therooze been an rioutpougrng of n ief iorthe wld he in t neaew yr. sp i tooke k roc nol r hlall of fa grmer nahamabash toutheos ls woof t ntcoraempo.ries arjanubey's en aol cd monthor f si muc rslove. theag eglles frenn ey snluddey ne got jus aee wkft aer d avid wi boe. tb hearg reakinwaas it s for fatheir ns,gi imane how it hit fetheir llow anmusicis.>> ah beuse o'whs xtne? >> t walkingithha gram nash ab otout anpiher tosc thi week, we keptom cing back theo tho sckof it.>> w thereetas somhing ic partppular alyja ringut abo bothf o them. >> be wuse itplas com etely pe unexcted. >> ahye. m >> ileean gnn was ?what 67. >> yeah. >> wow. e bowiis 69. a >>re young feelilo the cck ym anteore afsr thi h.mont
6:15 am
i lothin tass lt six mo. nths>> sh gna has had a0 5year ercare in simuc, sintartthg wi the s.hollie andn theh wit crosbyll stish nasd an young. >> withll a due respecte' wve lk taedan my metis. and myex nhdt birtl ay i'lbe 74 er yeyelgs arsold.d anstit is tunningo me that i st ill ikfeel lhie ts kid in a y candwistore hith t ps assionth iccommunating. amit is g azinto .mean m d i' gjustoing to goig rht on althg wi it l,unti k you now,it es com toen an d. e'bowids enam cste jus dayer aft he lereased hisat lest album, la "bck star."gl eyenn frju died onst mths af tterhes eagle hadpp wraedp u
6:16 am
r it iseally l in istetobs cew ns a ylot,ou ow knhe, on t hour iyn m >> yep. a >>nd y ouarhekn, you ow, co nd-fouf er othe eaglesle gnn ey fr t diedoday andh bla ahbl. i and putf mysel inre thend a i go , llweu , yo,knowoc r aknd ll rol hal ofam fe twiceem mber gr aham d gnashied dnash tiedndoday a it wi goll be ine andne fivin mutes w it aillell b d's kin of reintesting. sohe wther do youo d weith th ti leme ft? k i thinweyou o it toou yfrsel a asn artis atnd aum heian b ng eto havhe tt besim te you n,ca knyou asow, ac we fe our refutu.>> rt aopists hehe tusir mic li foves r.reve robut tack sonrs d't. e we'v rbeendeemin td ofthhat isnt mohn whe an eagleef lts u and
6:17 am
>>omeonen i f ourruloor csadeew crew id sa tehey arut p atingoo g dba etnd togher uper the.up ,nextro dangeus secour.we ke'll ta f youor a reid on theri stfe. ar you hie watccbng "iss th g morninaysaturd." ngcoughini...sngffli... an shd wiyoing cou stuld nay ibe l d alday. enwhou y ir cold bs .. n.youneeed erw th afluprexaxessm. lutherafss exprembmax xi maremum st mngthinedices ai ave lablt withoupra tiescrip.on.. o figh wyour corstoland du flmpsy..toms. .. u .so yon ca bfeelfaetter anst d t ge tbacke o thatjob d. han ne erw th eaflussxpremax. e thr poweeeto ferl if e you'rrug nninsia bu,ness lzlegahaoom urs yok. bac er ov l the10ast rs yeave we' ohelped mneonilli
6:18 am
t visilzlegatooom foday er th l lega yhelp noutoeed rt sta an n d ru byouresusins. lzlega loom. hegalp el hisere. is thsh is n,eldo wh loose ayng dti setng t upewhe n sst wartsarith tithris in pa a andic cho e. ta ylke tolen or te ake,alev.. e thec#1 rmeomndaied plin re everby ho ortc pediordocts. ju wost tve aleee can kppa wain al y alday. ba o ck tnethe ws. 2 3,, il1 - sme! t.alrighig.. b! smile smile! onhey, hey! w'hoo?d it g anthdaks, d! erthmye's le smi! e thmehappy al. th wi, freshoudelicis,ca rnliforoia gutwn cies. on t ly adomcnald's.
6:19 am
is thte is ercfida. cf tea iderotis nin an iojectn. ait'sl pilrefor inlapsg ms hthatheas ter pow to r cutseelap hs inalf. im e aginatwh c youldouo d wi ewth feler rs.apse te ercfidy a mae causouseris esidetsffec, ch sual as iclergct rea,ions wpml, ihichras a rare bin ctinfeion uthatlysualds leade to ath evor sdiere lisabity, deand secrea ys inwhour eit bl ceood lls. mothe omst csimon ffde eects ar use fl ahingtond s mach pr msoble. ytelldoour actorbout loany itw whooe bllld cent cous, ct infensio, y anr othecamedicol ionditns, or u if yoprare ntegna laor p bn toe ecomnapregnt, reor are beeastfding or n plareto beeastfd. le moarn bore aheut tt mos es pribcriled pl r fopsrelamsing th in ,e us t atdeecfiomra.c. ta o lk t dyourr octotabou id tecfera, keand taer anoth look
6:20 am
> >> ithisres a allye nic job. wbest se've ieennk thi so far.go osod pn itioby theid mdlef oth tee ga. ttleg init gonh dowill iadnste j ofstust htraigos crs. a >>e racatth's procedud mptriud h anedtragory f more anth 70 s.yearth rle wod'st besow dilnhlki sersar e in aiaustrhi tsee wndkeo t ntake o m theost cgihallenng co n urse othe anpl. et>> theen documtrtary sife win he f ll oaid reak tes ann- idepthlo tok a the niootorusrs coue ridesc abeds 2:00 of orterr.
6:21 am
s ha hmadeistory whatt i iis. eth st.rife>> e puregoosps bum. you t don' heventoave i d an jyou hustave toin fhis a nd eoit pe plar le sayow w you had th te gutso skiha tt secour. m>> theovie isab availle on esitun. t here ao lookt theou crse and ge ley ndarraces iat nhaniel on fthor ohe tl fal neli.go orod m.ningit rd is ha to evenat wch the fo atotage e som pinoints this medocuy.ntar i isspt the eed? t is i the incline? the pssqulum. akwhat mtes i sordha. o>> allosf the things,he t es icinhes of trs counde a the po imrtance oef th c tourseo the ce rars. i thisshe til downhlt tha is al rely anad in onditiiaittion reit for the wndoerhills. >> oy nlnteon secds inhe tey ar g goinmi 80 les anhour. >> right.
6:22 am
s >> atayou lkut abo ie n th , bookagtwo rees sgrdeeef s ofcan throw f ofenthe retiac re for onsomee. he>> tedy ne a lot ofxp evelosi restthng,na aerobic r,poweut b ma tinlysyhe pogchol ical ngstreth. rtheyy eall thaverao tin their s mindorto memizhee t coseuro, tow kn t wheree hey ar agoing ndth en to trickms theelveso int g beinidconftoent it do . d>> howo theyo d ?it w >>iell nk thi theil downhlers sp eiend threr entie lifui blding o up ts thi.raceth e ere aryso man s.legend i its a rthace at's been around nc si19e the 0z 1k3 thene o t hey re all anally w pt torove em th nk i thi theyor wks ont ith wheir liole fe. y >>avou hale actulyd skihi ts secour seyour. lf n>>acot rgin b iutav hene be on cothe seur, yes. a >>hand wdt di thatho sw u.yo t>> i pelleeopl ifou yut c this hidownn ll i yhalfouou wtild sll thavewo oef thre scaoust c rses t in herlwod.
6:23 am
st st p, bigmpju, icy and le ressntle. oeit d'tsn stop. t >> whaudid yo noticeas w the co ormmon s pt ofolsychfogy o all t of heieskrs? y asoud saimsit seee likthe av perageerson would say pass. nottein.rested y >> teah ihink there theny is a kd breainownen theirfi conedenc s it iggoin to hemurt th. iein thnfr coceiden itis ng goi to thurthem. iand ic nothaed tt in cinoverg tthemghhrouea a s tsonhatks weeah ofead e timy the sedtart ep prg arinsethemlvesen mlltay r fo. this t >> iheres a mtomen of co esckinats th t hasomo ce into th is. t >> iheres. tisomeskmes risacer are known as in comcrg aoss as theit ltle ro ar.gant but ink thiy theea r hllyave t otr ickhe tvemseltos in the be evlig inatthy thedocan . this usbecae a lotf o them wheny the do it for the veryst firim te onthey dnk't thi they s >> ierthnye athingom ceparabl he in tto u.s. isth? nand ifot how do. u.ser racs pr foepare rit?
6:24 am
thrld at can ryeallpa prere yo r u fo cthise.ours rt path of ase reson iit is . iceth e sisnow de so e nsd anicy. ey thay spr wit tewar. zo so sohe tre is noea rl atpreparion. u. the ts. skieam h aaser vy ch inallenggin traing venue in ra colo tdo butshere ing nothi to e prepardysomebo forit klzbuehe ti un al theyy ctualldo .it s>> lot ofe strif o n thestrife. anth sk youo chmu. fa the inll le issa on leig rht no w. co p.ming uin brging artnd a scecien to t meethe manng turni outerpa scein to a breathein takg biexhit.
6:25 am
sarning ."turday lo ve th. at h>> dow tidhe oerwnsnk thiha ttwo
6:26 am
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6:27 am
anameric paphotogrd her anwritermi l chae gbenson aave usew previ re befoni opetng ie to th bi llick. 'm>> ite quiud pro of this one ca beusen satur is a showpp stoer it and ht's righe at t end so i eohope pllple wi leave on aig hh . note>> nott jushe tsu unualla crity taand de biluto als thero pcess avthat gane him up close and rs pelional gmpse orlf ea photo isll actuay a mp coe ositof aie sers of sp zeecialiesd imagri captu ngff dierent ildetas. erthis siesph of sotos ipp snaed byas napa safcecrr t ove sthepan aof they'gencs 60 yrea hiy.stor >>t thais partf othe fun of it rsof coue. inputttog ergeth aig jpusaw zzleof ge imas. soic typallyou yl wil seen a ev oren m aeisston thinghing as yo u as. semble>> ok it to him yearso t le e endes rults i anit exhib of 77 nn stuing itcomposes.
6:28 am
>> m dr.ccowskowski is aen sci tisthe re. i >>n a ticechnal sensehi ts is cverylylear a abrtib exhnitio fo r n thealaturto hisry semuum. wee hop peeopl who areppeciat wiart lle com here toee s that we e hoppl peoeho w comee her for esciencl wilbele pyasantl rp sud riseheby t >> and of allhi tngs artre the is e som reinterpontati. ny math of eri olginaho petos ar edreceiv in nas ia bnlack and e. whit he usesis heltori andci stienficta da tomi deterne thet mosac curateto nes.>> im sometes iay s oh rnda, i ha ve toprreint this. >> onbensor's wk isti casng new olightpan sce muchik lle anse am adsho paptogrhy rdeveale anamericd 's wilalnationrk pas.>> bv ousiolyn' i didaut hl my me caora t sat .earn s >> a a kid hew grep u wantedo t o go t e.spac d insteahe'sng brie ing thrsola
6:29 am
>> t it hink iisar p otfng growi a ups thepe sciesre to izcogne er wh ae wen re iivthe paat is wrt ofhat i'm doing. kn you ryow, t bing tohering t ag mess ae withe littl bit of lp he n fromasa and theur e opean agspace ency. >> or fcb "iss thni morng aysaturdat," jonighan vliotti onlond. >> i see that isscientt's inpot. evfen i youe havo ner intinest e thth oerld worly its doeus jt l likeauook be atifulourt y t can'oostop lking . at>> au >> betiful urpictes. d ana now t look aatthe we her yo for keur weend. > >>exup nhet, t ynookl bornf ches i soaringn ith de worl of incookg. d an whereithxa esmplem fro all of hises rantaurtsm fro bnosto to . l.a w stayith us.
6:30 am
motuing sa.rdayco ome pn in popop. hay pphdbirtay. i hjust aadar het d anw nohai aveho ce.ic fo r.r he thfor .em an hid m. ch a ceoi ttao like brinta. a crpresonipti p foreeoplwh bo'ven eeithospedaliz r foara heatt ckta. i btakentrilia th wiab a bpiy asrin .n..moo re anth00 1g. m as af it s fect howwe t ll s it'sanuch or imp tantth ding too elto hp otpragect nsait ot anheher atart .tack br tailinke wor d erbettn thaixplav. d an revenededuc e thcechans
6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
houras fltbalor ful cyinar ho scol. h >>we no has ata resturan pi emtre tha spansst coao t coast.hi hs nintur restaant is slated pe to on in march. 's he theut afhor o s"it'bo aut me tit: greaec roripes f every y da."lifeod fo ande win meagazinam ned him st bef che and thees jamea brd fo tiundaamon n bed himefest ch eaback st.u yothget eae id. sthis i likehe ter pfectea ml fo r the bl. izzard yo>> if su wereowmart nto have go out andet gd foond a ino kw shthe s elve bhavepeeen wid ch een.bu tha w btretteay w than to d spentheay d than to .cookd anmaybe senatorth with e nigrni i.gron i thatavs my forite co.cktaili madee somf o myor favite sh
6:34 am
endiffert s.reason dni dick't stion with e theme.t butta lilet thauna tartar. my a feavoritta pasis dveh or re he. d ancobrocli d the ospr.cuitto s this imy d'dasol absfaute vor b. jo iand it ts likehefe perct thing r foowa sn ld thenast n butot least is are dallyenecadhot ctecolart ta. i andhi tnkio questn feast. u yot know illis aoo gd ufstf. w >> meedentionth in eni beginng re you hallyadat aspirngioni to asbe a blebal pl. ayer t >> wha blittleoy esdon't. y >>eah y butadou h a 92es mil an fa hour bl. >>id i d.llstba. >> . i did
6:35 am
stlaed aot l lo.nger foand beebre basi all iknew wantedbe to n itheta resurant si buness. y >>erou wdie a shshwaer at . 14 >>th at aue restrant. loand i .ved it i and alwas retely bitn im elmediathey by tbu s ere wainsometht g abou the in ctteraf ion othest gue and auresteuranteyr th velod. f inacty m veryir fstbo ss, he wr eote thme recomn ndatioerlett to e get m into theul cinary ho scol. haand i seven't ien him mn any s yeare but h awas biglu infencein fe my li. >> th from teat letro t n owal inmost nese rtstauran i read dyourteaughair sd m howmoany re st rentaura ys doeeou nd?d da>> he sas w funny one day.i was gngoias wnghin tod ane sh idsact exaowly hy man aurests rant odoesanne md nee d ansai iidnj e toys.hi s this iemy lif and paiossn. land as oong as ywe gouetp u er evany day td gooro wknd a are do you oming s yethingovou le you a are s.succes itand no is a notbouthe ton mey ouin yr wallet. mso frot tha sintandpot i'm al rely pphay. it'serwondful. ou >> yto have keepra tfck o ni
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ryok eve day. >> i do.i llcook a the time. es cipelyal if ata res iurants an brd new i'm inha ttct kinhe er evley sing a day indan wt to tr y to leadou thrmpgh exale and vei ha anng amazim teaofhe cfs d aner manags atthor wk withe m an id thatts wha k meeps e able tdos.hi oni'm nely on persond a werheth ar you e oneur restaant orin ne u yo gneed areatea tmf opl peoe ar ound u.yo i soy 'm verorvery ftetuna. i. a >>s we speak t iheress thi ge huar blizzgd goin on andou y a haveur resta bant in asts well.ho wwe does liather ske thi end ff up eecting aurest rants. >> it b cane stcataicroph.t buweua act bllyuildto it in t righ ointour escially in onbost. nc si me ioved there 20ea yrs ago ewher weil wl do9 4ee wksf o nu e causwew knoha tt benetwe heweatr apond ssorts g methinwi pell hapn. le peop say it wan toy stae hom yo d.c. tu don'n pla fort i do you n'txp eect0 a 3 inch iz bl izard dn.c.t
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the rigsby a tndhe tico in d.c. ewe putdyverybo upth in e hotel and we're open.i kthinta res curants aan be ma plgical nace i a snow storm. t you geall bundled up. w >>veell e irybodysoi gng to bein gow.g no ngspeaki ofrt sposou yen mtion sp ortsthere. aryou yae a snkee fan, l,stil t evenyohough lu haveived in st bo aon forg lon. time ou>> y't don say that tood lou b inbuoston t i am. >> and h yourvave su.ived how? h >> idoave tdgedulhe blets very fucarelly. al actu tlywnhe o ters of he red csoxomeo tstour res,aurant rethey a f oriendssf our and ey thwe are asome lepeop. i'm aas beball fan. i haen toti scko t eai al anlegiceo tthe yankees but i s waky luc eh nougtohr tow out e thtfirsch pit at ayfenw. i d justooon't rt forhe t wmhen a theyyire pla yng theesanke . f >> iulyou co td havehish wit
6:38 am
w >> iould have to say my d.da ifhe tre wasne o personwo it uld h be im for.sure she wasluo inf ientialn myif led ani thinkut abo him everyy.da ai cert wnly iteould bm. hi>> le excelh.nt disan thsok you h mucch ef. a >>nd fore mor on michael and e theadish hd to o wurebsite at cb historsmngniom.c. ne>> up sxt ouryaturda n,sessiolo auisian nativen dillo leblanc.fl in fuencesnerom il young to theus mhocle scles sound. he and 's mgakin hisio natnal tv t deburight rehe.u yotcare wacbhing " s this inmornrdg satuay." wo (tt texs)tone now? (t neext to) seexcu me. ne(pho tone) ag ain? rbe bightack. ysalwani run tnge o throbathom ca beyouse laur b idderlls cagin shthe ots? t (tex)tone u yohamay abve o.
6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
cha luronic eang disse. or maencia eny worsr you.copd ouif yno're ttt gething lie reef u yo..need. k asocyour dabtor enout orcia. en orcia. ursee yo ra a infe difayrent w. >> >rr staining s thi rnmog'ins rdsatuesay s asionnrt aist ll rosting maone negazi y saysou need to know. nndylaeb l.lanc
6:42 am
iccrit aallyimcclaed debutlb aumth ckat quik ly toorohim fm g workin aasai w bter to eingha iled as theew nei n lg.youn >> sixrs yeaer late' hsut o with " " ti"cauy onartaelle i and t isge g ttin ravevireews. heres idylan lncebla
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[ seapplau ]>> g don'to ayaw.we th'll wiht rigk bacwith more cmusi from danyl blleanc.yo
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6:45 am
nefrom nautroge . nt witoer sasrm jonse promi s to tbeighe b ogeste f th.decade th wi a totalatccumulionof t up to fhreeeet, wiroads e ll b shutwndoef inditinely, scand s hoolclare .osed ca llmpbeps's souo geagrt awithco anld, nid a edce r. demaea for rl l, realife. bi'veoneen f myaleel y.l dai' shm bu ed!a yeoome t. seexcu.. me.ngcomiou thr!gh trideelhe ge wavomof c fort th wi s dr.lschol agmassl ing ges.insole ey thpr're ovento e givcoyou mfort. h whics helpelyou fe mo nere eedrgiz .. .aayll dg. lon nti wat whaashe h. co omeinn op pop p. hartppy bi.hday i hjust aad atheart d anw nohai aveho ce.ic fo r.r he r fo.them an hid m. ch a ceoi ttao like brinta. a crpresonipti p foreeoplwh bo'vehoeen alspitized r foara heatt ckta. i btakentrilia th wiab a bpiy asrin .n..moo re anth00 1g. m as t ictaffews howe t ll s it'sanuch or imp tantin th dg too elto hp otpragect nsait ot anheher atart .tack br tailinke wor d erbettn thaixplav.
6:46 am
ngof dyim froan r otheone. do opn't stak tbring tailin ouwithlkt tag intoto docr. si opnce stt ping iontoo so cr inseeaurs yok risof ot cl ys instour ent, he atart , tackkestro , evand eaen dth. inbrilayta m causuie brsing or ed ble ingmo asre eily eror s, ioustisome mesta faeel bl.ding do tan't rike bntli a yif houavble diee,ng kelito schmalc a orhistofy ed bleing t inrahe bin, or er sevvee lir ob pr.lems ll ter youordoct ouabeet bl,ding ornew xp une ectedsh esortn bs ofh,reat plany d anney surgeraland l me nediciu s yo.take i wiakll t ebr inilodta tay. motoowrr. an evd y erfoday lr as ong masdoy orctel m
6:47 am
> >>owtomorr on cbs syunda rn moneing, oea yre befor bk arac aobamve leashe t whitehouse, leeow cenal tksh witabhim out ecthe y onomandha wte' hlls mis le ast.>> mu then dand monbsy on cs thimo trning,woaking e rkplacre shlation aips to newlevel. the cnyompa thatrg oanizes blind fdatesor its plemoyees. a have greatnd weeke evybery.od >> we leave y wouithor me music dfrom
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ap [ ]plause >> for meorbo aut cbss thi rn moing,it viss u at cb s.snewcom.[d teaughmer] sostime thhae wallys lfelta ike t gian.maze ot[mr]he nnjediy 'tdn flieel ke g goinchto sool, ane d shepsldut ngri d theay d anwas t up aghni eme se iedabrrit lealthl e time . gh[dau ter]itel fket li the wre aasei wtghon y mldshouers. ane d thhtweig r wasllea y hard htoupold .ot [mr]he daone dy myghauwater s cr,ying 'sthatn whejennldy to us thshe ghouout abhut grtin elhersf. au[dr]ghteth y en mntparegos t me tmtreaent.
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