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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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oudo ynk thiyo when u esare prtiden byou'll ae paids much yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn d anovi appr me thisgeessa. log okin ctopaamn ig-120. 6. icrepubl panderesintial on frnetrunnar dompld tru was
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teafe r theabr..k.. ..'sit ti naieonal pwe day. ll'll te you atwhca ameri ins sayr s theivo faierite p. . next athena ngelavwill hnae a fil a lookwet our yather.ou're
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er th ae isden upsihe for t east t coasoppeeale ditling wh a ss masnive at's nl ionadapie y. amthe aneric c pieilouncat creed e thinday 86 19-e . tht firspi eres wdee math by rle eay nsromaan. d wtheymoere stlyma f de oatme. e pivearrid in icamertha wi f the eirstshngli tt se. lersdiyou edn'theat t t crus tback--hen wa it sts ju tusedldo ho f thengilliin durg ba . king
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