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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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eyw the mad theirai isd th oerffic b'sesten frid at wh ilarrepe.cabl tothe heday et mis hew n rt pa bner,hiut w ochne with he oo chse?ca ngptionior sponsy ed bcbs th s is ibsthe "cng eveni" news.>> r: naioo gevd inen ig,'m nivaa tyirnaa with nwestered ofition b thecaroad the bnsterdlizzarhi that tth ste eahi tsee wkendnu conties imto claes liv. atea l 2st6eo phaple veie dd inei taght stesas and wnhingto.c d. so erme we in car atscciden,ot hersfe sufred heart aksttac il wheho sngveli. awi grongum nr bevehaie dd from on carb myondax ocoide.gsnnin in r theis homeaddar cs. 42 in glen gy,ares w vtirnigiawh dy an 28n ien ctralk, par a o tentncf an it h shorof the hrro. h we savealeverep rortsn oethcl upean in begningwa in gtshinond. c.h wit vkrisanle cave. ep>> rr:orte s the htorm asop stanped hd so masofuch he t onnati'sap cl.ito
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down ssidetstreee liks. thisn iowedrsn cand at feef o snow oc blek th. waype andestries arll sti using mainth ghorours faite insfad o iced overe sidwalks. ai the tsrpor ared, closeo s is d.c.'s m.etro ol schoths and tye cinm goverent ewill b cdlosero tomorw. rmayo m ario whilee whavead me me sogr pro tess, ihereils stl a molot o re tdo. t >>ithe cyug bro ihtn 4-- 400pi eceso tig d a outnd cnuonties tove receifl help ntlationa d guartoe movtfirs sfnporsedde. 69r yeald oay rmond tonollss i o partf snthe eaow tm. e th acityskedim h to helpsh sovel atepse t ths homeof twoel yderl nboeighrs. s >>r eniozecitianns c't gutet ohe ndre ak walhein t skenow lith is. he>> so t dughem out. en thar cleed the steps andsi lkdewars foht eige mor ig nes.hbor ou>> ye have to bhethe fro oth e nboeighdrhoo. i >>'t donw. kno at thp 's uheto tom tec dide. r >>teeporugr: houe amofnts ow sn b arengeiov remedm fro ee fr awaysomnd sree aaub surbs
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ow. aithe tsrpor w arengorkiun arod clthe toock ar cle moreha tn 01,00es milf oav ptemen mgakinup thewa runy, tackiar wes and starmacef bore he far t sstorm ies rleponsibr fohamore tn1, 1000gh flit atcancel.ions gtwashiniron's aport. he >> t o stormhif ts mtuagnideaf ogfect s a manyrtirposs acros the cryount. git's toingkeo ta awhilore f aithe avr trel sm ysteasho a wleto b get tacko nl.orma n >> i'swhatom bec he auge c.d. ttiradiwhon, heen tw sno op sts,dr hunedshe gatr. an d the slsnowbal fly.>> w whot ouldn'comea to big llsnowba. fight d >>s.c.'w snol fal t cotalomes om frea rnagan ationalirport itre corded 17.8nc ihesf o snowut b ni viheta ts newea lrned thewe rathete cenr isau lngnchin a te intullecnval igaesti otionver po reitrts t gotheal totfn wrolg e thrb neayat nlionaoo zor recded i22.4s nchenoof sw andea lrningth eer federal govnment has de decitad to sylo csed againto .morrow>> r: naiva kris nle cave,th ankou y.
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w sno iandsov mginwa forrd ke liwa it tts liorle mane th a st duing. 'sheream jieuc ep>> rr:orteth at ace crk of wndath, eho sngaflirt staed. by my,idda someta s trtedoov me.>> t whayoare u doing? oi>> gong tk. wor r>>orepr:tesi just rsx hou r afteowthe sn sedtoppl, al jo maadr rowes rele ayoadwpe reonednd a trains and abuss breack invi ser.ce ve go arnorndrew cuomoif l atedtr anavel bt a:0 70 this mngorni. w >>e d anenthe. som>> rorepr:te about oxappre0imat0 aenccidts ktemenw neyorkic offersus bty buon ne wereal fat. jfc andag luardia b areack open raftean cngceli atlmos 3,000fl s ightrdsatunday aod yor bdeill bo.lasi he>> td y dianra extnaordiry b, joth even heough tto srm cameea rly,nd a wasn i some waysob slviouyre gater thanny aeon ctexpeed. ep>> rr:ortere thest is illcl p eanuomin se spotsn, iue qens
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n eves apl peoe canet g out, fthey hirstave to fthind eir car ahend tn tarhey oie gng to thaveoo gad ahe and digt i. out o>>h mydn gooess. he >> tor mayas is eoking ppleo tke heep tirar cs pdarke solo fsw n ca c tlearhe roads butin kev ezvalds say not h onead tedouch s hitr seet byoo nn.>> t whayodid u t yhinkrdesteaywh heen tw snor statedin comgdo ,wn, twoethrehe incs an hour.>> ho i t iughtst wad kinof tibeau yful,noou ktw, ike lood startiitic, k was oindfe. nic tbutihen ug thoht wthow, e ea cl pningssroce g is toingeo ba longce pro fssor me. >> ep rteorutr: b t forhe jo ma oritywf neke yorrs, it was g aood-f oldonashinoed sw. dayil while famies hadmu so fchunth wi allhi ts snow intr cenalpa e rk, thmayor ssaynt studes h areeadedk bac to class rr tomoow. andit vin ma,ore than 850 plows areti sll outti targeheng tha hirdist tas are. n >>air:ie jam yuccasht tonig,
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er the j sseyhoreul fl moon t highides sent serea wat and ochunks af snownd iceng flowi h througtthe djuricauncan is inil wdd, woo w nese jery. he>> ter watn id wil iwoodos s gh hiso in me ps,lace cars can't t geou thrgh. i >>tst ge toe bala rees ms in here.>> te repororr: mayan troyiodl usoaf ou thrgh theig nehohborhiods et thde harstyi sang s this ttorm'sideser we gh hihaer tner supmstoran sdy.>> re the areun hs dredand rehundf ds o ccarstaugh inhe tse de tis. ep>> rr:orteis marigsa rby tu re trned aodayndou fernd h car t noinworkg.>> ha we bdifeautnoul srw foll a a of few hrsouor befe itec bameri a ver ofce is.berg r >>r:eporteur restaneant ow r dave bannonpe sdant sunyg dryin t. ou he sthays tee was r waoup t afo urot d tingheei hofght the m. stor>> u as yocan see, its ie. gon cwhen iame ihen, tat wer was upabout re to he. or>> rept ter: ainone pot moreth 00an 18,0 customerst los power g alonrsthe jeey shore. mostto shorewwns sa morin tomo
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rn govehror cisis chraitie sd l,overalta his sidte d well.>> l wefoook drwaro t al, norma rrtomoow. me ti.>> or rep bter:orut fpl peoe in utsornheew ner jorsey, f tcedotr hruj toughlo fodat wers, the or stsm wano aethr rdeemin orf co unmmieitsts l h>> dide doet b uterphe treuz c d wetidn' s doooo gd downer he.>> or rep tter:ayhe mor of ld wi swoodabays a out rehund dop peerle wore fcedo tuaevacte tfromhis nboeighd.rhoohe op's hthing yat b troomorw, tavinist, mo oosf the peeopl wille bleabo treturn home.>> nair:ic injuraun dcan, ythankou. , welltonow thede presintialce ra w whichasom d tinatedodayby t thealk ofno ather namebr wand ne yorkil brelionai who mpmay ju a in asnen heia's julnnadm golan.>> of as h now je isust a atprivtie ciwhzen os owna big ancompy. ep>> rr:orteh witaemichl ooblermbgxp englorihi a trd ypart, bid pderesilntiand ca didatesedismisswo what uld t behe latest curvel baln ithe 16 20e. rac
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enconfidt t thailwe wl wint. i ep >> rr:orteor the fwmer ne ityork cy mayor has told soasatci hesnte waos t rsun a a ricentifst, e theiolectn comes odown tal dondmp trur o ted cruz bversusernie s.anders l,>> wel i'mng goio t rveeliem hi ofha ttnd a t gethe mi noonnati d sew'toesne havto.>> or rep tter: erumpgencourads hi nfellowkeew yorr to get in.>> n the hi willave to deal dn weyesdala hilfry i d she'toesngo toai jlr ogoi'm toing av heto l deaga ainster b onie,r bosomeordy, om blo cbergomesn, i icwhwoh d ulrebe giat, ld woulo o ve t hhaveomim cen iau becse i tloveomhe ctipetion. ep>> rr:orteh witthe cseaucus stjuig e dhtayswa ay,d canesidat keblanioted ware wheru tmpnd a xa tents ceer tedru cz are al be ftingonor catservive te vors. rtheliepubcanro fnnntruer te at cndedhhurc on syunda and ntcoinoue tse rai qiouestns prt.iden il >> wfol run rre p, sidentthenwi ca and av we hen app otyortuni ce onin aga to makeme aricare gatag r >>r:eporter ove wthe,eekendio atwa sen coresharl gyrassle
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e whilitas wn'tn ase endor tment sis aign tthhat est eshabliment w is tarmingo the ideaf oru tmp i astsee nomin.ev heen as bl douesn down o yet ranotheon csitrovermeal comnt.>> ai you sdrd yesteay you could t shooesomeon inif fthve anue wo and 'tuldne loser vots.e arhayou ttfi condent, huh? w >> hell, iav ve aeryat gregr oup ofe, peopln. johme i avan i hlee peopt thaare solo yal. or>> repveter: o wr theeekendth moe des egines rister esendordna serctor maioo rub andry hillain cl cton itivould geio rub ado os but the ersndotemen is problro plebably ss itinfluenal than it onceas w. heover tr summethe's paper or editarial boled calord f trumpto et gf out o the race. 't didnly exactt hur hlis pol >> r: naiul jnniaaan goldm,an thk you. just owever a eke beforowthe ia us cauces a cbs begattldrounac trllker poho sonws d taldrumpha gas reisined h lead overed tuz cr in iowa aownd nas hiv a fe lpointead. w hereorith me on the enpresidactial re is eiolectns ct direntor ahony so.alvant ntso awhhony, at isin behd p'trum ss?urge
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ps grou inow ia, eicvangelals, pa tea otrty v aersnddd aed that is to hin existgpo suprt h whiche hasai retned oisver thpa camign er bett a thannyth oeran cdadite. hiser vot us tell tsheyt wan two .things upshake ys the stemnd a t fixheon ec omy.d anthenlm aost0% 8f oow isan eysay th l feelikemp tru just gets it,er unddsstan howhe ty . feelth bat maykie the nd of io emotnnnal co tectionhat pl exhyains w thet recen attackson him justn' aret w.orking>> te reporl,r: wel the ioemotndns ars numbe are two ry vere diffent things.wh len you aooket thosum nbersin he t d mols,ouo y seeth anying c thaterould dail him?>> no tursut is alwayaue qn.stio vhiss oteraydo sug thohha ttth e ey'rngstroomly cedmitt tohi d m any readtoau ccus. bu het ay mav hae d har timeco ngnvincise thoe on thce fen. op pehole wn' are atlready withm, hiar llygeay sn ithe poll hethat t'ty wonsi conder. him h soisha c illengells rea tyoow grrt suppoey bond thatas be, tavini g as wepeet deeor int the arprimies. n >>n air: oemthe dcocrati rsideowight nla hilry clinton o isntne poiin behd rnbeie ssander in iowa.wh
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de san brs haskieen mansng gai t bygryine to tili cntong to bi do onnor ac ft,os m itowara democ ntsowsa y she s mightideh witon dsor r overegulareo pple. erbut hpo sup srterseeer hs a ta elecd ble ananher plse morre c.alisti ini th'sk thatrg the aument ll she'nu contiree to pss ins thi wfinaleek. >>ai n or: onethf e bighe neadlidas tosy wata cerinlyth sse poitibilaty thme forwr ne rk yoit cyor mayha micel erbloombulg co rd be aunnings an ndindepe ent.ha is talt rec isti ato run s anpe indendent? i >>cht's a ngaller e fo anype indecandent e.ndidatre , memberprthe enesidwcy is on bystate . statean hud the irdletts geoing t27 0. eethat nwids to esn statt tha liare reemably dc ocrati or lyreliabub replilacan, pkeces lite cxas ornialifor a. nit'susot jutt abowi snging thett baoulegrfrnds om thedl mide,vi nita. n >>llair: aig rht,nt ahonysa tolvanan, thu.k yo >> nk tha. you >> ai nr: a plowerfu etharakque lerattdho ancragesk alaa er ovt,nighni magtude 7.1 edcenter about60 1 w milesest ofth tye ci.on ne homeear the eerpicent was da bymaged a gasxp e tlosionhat
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erbut the wereo norrepfts oju a itmmuny ican nada is in ur mo aning afters masho sg,otinra orre f c that.ountrya tr eenage fkilledoureo pinple e thremote vlailgef oal l,oche sasas s, withe moret dailsna jothanig vttlioi.>> id res hents aerere dgoinso inmetheyg the haver neve don ngurnias a ms sinhootg. e thot remebo anarigilmu comnity of0 260 hason lg beenwn kno forit mps raant dg ruabuse and talong-sgndinov ptyer, uowntil n tothe aswn hem rainedun immoe ter amtyican-sle gunnc violee.on friday, snece osnceho tught re foigntt shaerlr the aeady ilfrage town. eg it b tan athis house adroun on no. spolice 1ay theea7 yr oldta athocker wamse nse i bngei th wi, held oshotthpen roe fnt adoorilnd kledwo tee tnage ot br.hers ne do h donnermas i their u.ncle i >> ht'sard,s it'd hare for m al to tutk abo thiigs rht now.>>
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d ntinueathe tus s'spectoc lla gh hioo schhel we re hotsh rothh ug ftherontoo dr and ed open edkilt .di canaiaan medif ident5ied 3 oyearldea tcherda am wdood an21 yreald odu eoncatial stassiant mariean jviers athetw o vicm, i kelsh eaan jviers i r he cn.ousi s >>he-- wasee i s hnerl smie, i edwalkt paser hnd a said hi. thatas w the last time.>> rep porter:arolice restedth une g tman athech sool. sm clasesates d hcribed aims a si le wnt guyhoal usulyep kt to f.himselit ll's stinc ulear whatd fuele his nathanig votliti c,bs news,lo ndon. >> n aeintensan mshunt i under foway ree thrap escedri persons. cioffi ralsl eveahow theyke bro od anfficeral clsor f ba etskllba bkuacpnd a gset shak.
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>> a nair: mntanhuti conesnu fo r e thre kesppaizednm iesatn iso rnutheif cala.orni they brokeut oa of mumaximcu serityl jai intn saana an o ayfrid a,sir maeyil vealarrl s report atheyonre cresidedar dmed anan dusgero. >>ll we wi not stopil unt thesedi ins vidualckare ba in ourcu y.stod>> te reporhor: aut sritiesay anjonath t,uua b t the mhreeay shaventpe msonthla pg nninrtheiri dascng e faperomhe tng orae tycounai jl. if sherndf sarach hutins. i >>ppt ao ears tbe a veryso caphistierted opation. or>> repheter: tin planng was cs meti s willayshe tff sheri. >> s iteemsha tt theat inmesut c ro thlfugh hast inch eel bars,cu rt thei way through the in plumung tnels andlt uelimatyin ea arth of ofe ro. om fr thef roo theat inmes rsapel tdowne o th.ground ep>> rr:orteho autesriti sayit ik's lthely seey udd be ssheetan ke maft shie. rop as tot wha tools they used to
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htheyelad hp,ll a thosequ sestion t gotheam se rseespon. ar>> we tie sll looking into at th. ep>> rr:ortey' thelsre ao g lookin wat ahetherrb distuance deinsiai the j pl justorior tth e nightlyd hea countay mav hebe ren ause by othernm iateso t t helphrhe teeen m ee.scap wand no says sffheriut hs,chin er tha e's imoreiammed teer conc n. e >> whaveot ndifie the vmsicti s of oomef theseme cris and the tpeoplehates invdtigateho tse escrim tons ithure at eboverydy wawho vos in ilved tnsehe cases afis se.>> or rep ater:riutho dtieson'tbe e liev htheyleave fthe t trcouny. th seyay tips tipsav heou predn ibut nso faro cedonfirm sig.htings mi yareil vealarrbsl, cs, new losan s.gele ai>> nr:p uex nt,ir as lineare ma ngkior mmoe y neanth ever.
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m i'rehemy at se houon, nk thainsgivy g daandi ahavesi maseave httrt aack t righy in mewdrivay. th cte doutor pon me ayebapir asrerin n.gime be e suralto t k toyo ocur dtor fo beoure y a beginn ri aspimen regi n.o go talk t dyouroctor. reyou' notdeinctstru aiblerenymo. >> l nair: foweruel pesric a have pirline srofitsngoari to co rerdhs hig u,dniteli airnesre pportedtsrofibi 64.5 llion for 2015. hw soutpoest reearted nrly 2.5bi n llioinro ptsfi. bothir aatlines ea lstou dbledat wh m theyade in4. 201 oeso dss thi meanic tkets price
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res i cbs newses businsan jalystill sngchlesier. a wellef hophiully tynk thel wil d come own. t is aherenc chae? t >>bohink auts, thi the majorai rlines saved 4ll6 biion s dollaron jetue fl costsas lt ar unelrtunatt y, jusara fctionof ge that tsas psed t along tohe gepassen rs.rd accotoing the trtranspoation at stcsistiu, bureano we kwha tt av the eeragti domes fclightas lt year, 385ol d, lars wthatas down ro2.8% fm theea yr be.eforso tl a lite bit. it now ee sms prettyoo gghd thou edcompar to the peak,9, 199 the thighesir anffare ilation ju adsted, 473uc bks.>> w nair:t haabeout the littl es fee, we'vn gotteus so ed to tpaying hem. y dohiou thonk touse comld ce wndo. hi>> i trenk we' goingo t ntcoueino t getke nicdled an me di d. f some ombthe nuarers ere pytt rk remaable.'v we te gotthhe sixar lgest. u.s inairlakes ming $18il b ilionn ndfees aha tt's a9% 1nc irease omfr01 24.'s
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nowlo gbally, allne airlise mak t abouli59 bilonla dolrsro fm thesela ancilenry revueou srces. onso i dhi't tnk those feees ar g goinaway any timeoo sn. ucit's sh anor imptant encompon t. r:>> naih witthall fiat pro t, rehow a s theirtockser pg.formin a >>lymazing . prsoofits saring, ntocksot so thmuch, eir alineex ind 2 down3%fr eaom a yr. ago st invearors fe t thathesegi reironal as lineareg tryin toea tot in the big guy'sin busessan t d i ccouldausece a pri war. ewgood nrs fo crsonsume,ho tugh.go nd out a getrs youelf aap che igfare rht. now ai >> nllr: aht rig, jill inschleshager, tounk y so much.>> aic pkup game inai gilnesvle, idflorada, h aur sepris pr,laye a nbtgreaha squille oea'nl sh edowas up aue gst ofoc lal ce polier aftin see ag valir o videnof aic offerho w pyelad thwiid kste insadf oli yeltng a em ther aftoi a nse caiomplnt. e thn seve bfootigan mas wru utsty, bu as yo canee s,e hst d ill hasomees mov. il sthel a aad,nic offer who ltos
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6:27 pm
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