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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  January 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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r (bea)growls(b ) urkeansmash ubd gr. se t.en ier coved it. nowe kinw a th tg orwoec b ause'vweene sehi a tr ng otwo. ar we rme fa bers.a-um-p dum,m-bububum-m m-bu y he lbuddy,etet's g theseda uiyqlil gquidanels .d go thbut liese gquidarels w.e ne mu x cine it s's theffame di.erence es thmue are mplti-sytom. we arll so ese the. isth i onex s mangstre th andtsfigh. mucus atth d one'toesn.
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dryou d oppethsomeing. ..ohl .i'litput back son thelfhe... w ne mfromexucint fasmax. e th conlyanold u d flidliquel g atth m's-saxentrhgt d an mfightsucus. t starlithe reef. tc dimih the .sery enlet's .d this hi>> w ftaker: aederalalnd loc itauthorl ies al toverouhe cntry y sa tit'sighe brugest dgid epodemic totay-- nme phthaminetamr es oincocae, but in hero. u yot mighofthink n heroias arprimanily er inny citleprobm.
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arug c atelsinre makg huge it prof es byngxpandiw, to ne ivlucratete markbus-- sualrbs l ss acro c theryount. asit's bnoic eco tmics--he s dealerinare goe g wherthe y moneis.d anfias we porst reasrted ltfa thll, e ey'ratcultivneing a w cset ofrsonsumeh -- higschool enstudllts, cohlege atetes, rsteachepr, and onofessials. ro heshin is upowing wh everyere, p inlilaces umke colhibus, oo. ar the lea hasenong bed vieweas icso typidally merdle amicanat thr , fos,yearco many smpanieve hath gone tere towest ne tsproduc. enwe w tt toumhe colbubus surbs s to hee howiseroin g takinhold t inrthe healand.i' ttm siheing oore l akingu,t yo d anloyou ouok yndng ash fre. reyou'.. theu'. yohere tl gir xtne door. d anweyou ddre atoicted oi hern. an>> hmonah : rrisani me, ouobvi isly,vet's lary fintterg ythatayou ske, lido, i lon't okli jke ae.unki t bu mevenamiss a ericd coulbe a
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ani meyb, ancaody an beki june. w >>kehitaanr: hmonah irriss in egcollw.e nosh se says bhe'seaeen cln forer ov a y bear,n ut ichhigh sool,e shuswas heing roin. lhannahutived oolside cs,umbuin pp the udler midase-clbus surb orof wgtthinon.he rer paarnts ofe pronessials. methe idiane ncom iheres 00$87,ye0 a ar. fo be gre sheooot honked n, heroi ah hannht thougs it wajust he anotrtr paugy dr. w hoyodid t u gehoto tepse dths? wwhatheas th pattoyou ok? or>> m iris:art stwited eeth wd, itand f was aunndot i g thego d.od wee twent oo...y h, m, goshnti we ilto panls, wd ittias sunll f-- knyou peow, etrcocna, xax, n,vicodiha all t ot kindf.f stuf d an, then, yeahinhero. st i d arteinsmok ag itrst fit.>> ta whi sker:u o yo wwerehat, 15? m >> yorris:eah. i and liwas "oke, y h, m,goshth asat w angmazi.">> ta whi yker:emou rr embe iten ev? now or>> m oris:eah, yh.le sat's vey i'er neve donuga dr y in m.lifei d woulalnorme ly binhappatess a orsix ev a st en aala scte ou
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thand ouen ye takinhero and yo au'reatutom aically.t a 26 d anreyou'e, likwa "i hant tt ai agn." hi>> wr:takena hanysh sa the inhero s wasdio ade ctiv,that errathck quishly, d e anrasevel he otudr st wentsfrent moom sking a itiet parthos to sitoting up h at or>> m lris: dike, ioingt at olschoth in the>> ta whi aker:in syrge? m >>s:orriyr a s.ingei d woul ihave mt inrsy pulle, are toady go. ta>> whienker: jrina morhason sst lerugg rd ton emain cleafor re thare s e come tfrom aatown th issm r allereand mo t ruralhan ah hann's. a jennersays hti addicrton staed th wi o legalespiatai-- plln pis u yogecan tht wire a alemicthly, e ey'rstalmoid caenti hl ton.eroi en>> jorna mn:risoot i gpa on inpi prlls bettyhead wwan i s ob pr bablyenetwean 15 .d 16 ta>> whindker: a h theeroin ..came.>> ri mor wson:i hen 18was .>> ta whi wker:t as iasan ey sitranontim fropathe ilin pls erto hoin? m >>soorriern: vecy, b iause
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iroin os ane.piati 'tdidnw kno tthatwahat es thsa hime ts ng apithe thlls at i s wag.usin>> ta whi wker:erhy wu e yogusin thall drese ugs?>> ri mor ison:n 'm iala sm lwn waere ths notoing do. i and hawas g nginwiout ldth oer at, th o wasayur wha of vingfu arn, pg.tyin>> e miknedewiis: ths ithe rs wougt drde epii'mic eeve snin in... li my mefeti. w >>r:hitakede mike s wine ithe rnattoeney g oeraliof oh.he f's ar orme su.s.orenat,co ssngre aman, cnd ayountpr utosecor. etwe m a himstt a crate laime bts ouluide combus. ew>> d iine:int's ry evegl sin eun i'sr n ouescitit , buit's so alou in alr wer thies.suburbit n 's ismour toall isere pl no inace o ohiewheryo n u ca fhideitrom .>> ke whitas r: it'that ivpervase? d >>e:ewinre theno is ce pla inoh heio woure yld couhan't tve ide relive yd ton ou i2015, mi s.nute m >>s:orrian i ct texsaand y, , "heyoudo ye hav?"this c weeean mt. wthey bould iring mt tousy hoe,le
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pit'sy rett teasyt.o ge w >>kehital r: fulicserve. m >>s:orrihu uh-eah, yh. e,to mwa it sis eao er tthget anwe r ed oincocaefe, delinity ereasi. hi>> wr:takele deaitrs whco tinnecon ts toexhe micanca s rtel hselln eroiywever,hereev then in aris dept tmenestorpa g rkinoulot cotside .lumbus>> ll he'mi be coutng oth of at r cat righe.ther hi>> wr:take c ourasamer pt ca turedurhe pe chashiof ts inheroan by er undr covecepoli fo int.rman s what ithis?>> is so thco is a ypuple tes of inherowe that see. ta>> whittker: ageorney lnerake miew dinste's rsaffe t sayhe camexiron heanin cch be -eap- 0 $1t a hiesor ls. osome if itt s cu owithther dr thugs akat m ee itmoven re ulpowerfea and ddly. d anerdealeps keen inv ntingew twaystwo ouawit lor enfntceme.d ano what dhayou e?ve her he>> trese aua acttally s.blet heso te y arsepres ld toliook ke ac a ptualrirescioptn ,tablett buonthey certain hoin. ta>> whierker: h poin in illrm fo. t >> tha llookpiike lls,rr coect. w >>hir:takes. thihi.. ts isne w. v >>neery w.we
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e thlab. w >>kehita ar:ndhi someteng els d mikee ewin isayssis new ncehi as daysuns a cosety procutor- ro - he lin hass ost itmastig aspo a s,isonoual back drley ug. d >>e:ewinre theo's nps loychol gicaiebarrymr anore sthat atopsng youso per an orn de olrsr peroon fkim taerng hoin. w >>r:hitakeho so, we is thty hepical uroininser ohioto day?>> in dewnye: a wbodyinatchgto thday hois ld couyo be amur fily. e'ther ts noalypicso pern. usit js t haeapermevted eryse t gmenocof s iietyion oh. w >>kehitaver: ee n th-twello-doto piwn of gtckerin30on, es minutou oftside um colbus. le tympr caasbell wr a staof thehi oogh schl otfollbaea tm. whet en tonplo dayisivn ioeon heat tni uvey rsit ler tyerr, hwaoin asn'tty par ug dr. pahis s,rentne way c andtyhris mp ca, bellhisay ros heabin hit ew grm froadhis iodictn to teopiank pairsillees, predcrib
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erould. erwhat wpie the lls?>> ty chrispb cam iell:t wasvi codin. w >>amayne c vpbell:.icodin 6he haddi0 vicohin for s ershouldry surge.>> ta whi tker:s hat'rma noal es proncripti? ay >> wpbne cam fell:haor ttoc predure. w >>kehitas r: it'oreasy f kids elto seil thssr exce. pills 'r theylae popucrr reoneatial indrugs sc high anhools dll cosoeges, in much an dematd th pi one cll can tost upo $80.ll pits addicty like teler ofn it swo ch t bheroin iecauset's ach opeaper itiate wggh a biergh hi.ty s ler wa oin andreut of habfo esur tim. ni the cght hemeame hoas the ltme tiou, he ct ldn't fighthe rouncont ullablethrge sat ihe arointiddicon. s heuphot hi in oos bedrm anddi a ed of oheroine.verdoshe n' wasont the icly addist on h eg collbae footm.ll tea ay >> wamne cl:pbelfo unelrtunat qy, thebauarterck ed dimo four ftnths aerer tyl, in20 me11, sati situaon. hr >> c cistyam spbell:ame--ci ac odentale.verdos st>> firal of f l, in'you dot atalk ibouthtt, rig? w >>r:hitake t afterieyler dd, cathe llmpbet s me fmanyieamils
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di adincts s thebsubur ofco li, tylerotmost g hooked onll pit.s firs ar stwited aith plln pis?>> ut absolely. w >>kehita.jr: td . aniheid gg riaus' dr ghte odiedhef a roinov doerse.ri maa n was chhigh soolba basketyell placar and ofptain lfher gom. teale ida heanman iad brlon mane'sug dalyhter aedssa dian of ov eerdose tarlierarhis sendarttewa t hasonwo ss in co re.very y tracismorrs on iajennmo onrrishe's mot hr, andas aco seghnd dauo ter who is alsa ve recoddring aict. brrob 'sandt w sonn as actaddi. r >>raob b hndt:lee battd it ugthroghh hioo schl. w >>r:hitakeys he saon his s gorobby edt hookin on pa pills es predcribde by a afntist terhi oms wisd w teethreere d.move as he wtr in ngainith with e alnation, guardnghopise to rve fg in aanhanist. b >>randndt: an wheamhe ce , homeethe mwi up n th aoldie frhand t ut he bsed tonduy a se scll preioriptdin meoncatis th wid , an othatenld frid tr inedoduc t himroo hein. we and he did t d... weehid rab,
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heand c got.lean e but thaldrug cs led himenaag anain ad...sand he esid y, an atd thas w l thetiast ndme a ashe pfrsed n om adeaccintal dooverse. w >>kehitaorr: f man ty ofhese s,parentar the hdengst thi toac wceptosas lthing cheir enildraf thter hoey t tughtdhey' llfinaaty beheen tic add.tion>> ei lea h: dmanpashe wassed ayth afe day . ter sticpatrdak's y. sh and ede post. on stk'patricsda piy a e cturerof hhe on r pt lastop, ngudyiin, dogho rkmewoyi, sa"nng, rto payingfo , r meevnot sen ae inglk.drini' aym stining i and. 'm..and woi'm g.rkin"an e d th dnextheay sd, use and at th t wasashe lmet ti u shesed. ra >> torcy m irison:a am nu rse... w >>kehita tr: mracysoorrin,je s nna'ermothai, tr bned toe anu morse hare t yn agosh yse sa m the pedicaliorofessnmu r st beaessome rilponsibity thfor roe hepiin ec.demie shocsays dvetors ocrr-presibein paat medicions.>> m tracyn:orrisodu i graated
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wa i nus a g rsinctdireheor wn we dedeci sd to twingenhe pmdulufr otom nat trepaing o in tttreaev oderybpay's in. wa i pas a f rt o.that d anhaat tmet tiha, i id nodea wthatree weic add ptinge.eopl ta>> whin ker: ith2014, ree rsquartea of iobillinn pals pil re wesc pred ribeocby d itorsnoh nio--y earlil65 porls fry eve wman, aomanhind cn ld ithe e.stat w hoyodid spu rewhond ouen yr htdauglders to t youwehey re g usin?heroin ra>> torcy mn:risol, wely thefi torst e ld m wtheyusere ing e ths,pill h and fow i ooundutth erey wine usrog heasin w ica omme home frk wordaone y, de mane dinndr, aas i wli yelng myfor ng youdaest erughtco to me difor annerhend sn' didt. i and edwalko intbeher mdroo d anboher enyfris d watishoong upher . w >>r:hitake s you tawhis? t >> mracysoorri sn: i w >>r:hitaket whayodid dou ? t >> mracysoorriron: d tpped heat pl fe ofood. dr i d wad i sts hy.erical>> ke whitacyr: tragh's dauterje 2nna is5 now.
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ive. j >> mennasoorrin n: imyad iodict hn, ibeave o en tbreha t 17, imesi and behad o en tjail x sievor simen tes. e so tveryi ime twentilo ja, igo t,t out wenehto rcaab, me me ho r andseelapndd, an thedid a itvell oair agn. hi>> wr:take o youosverdased, ?well>> ri mor uson:h.h-hu w >>kehitaowr: hy mans?time m >>soorri on: iovnly seerdod , oncei and uwoke ap inn bu ame.lanc hi>> wketaenr: jldna wou have f died incemergecay medil ni techhacians idn'td njecteher alwith nhyoxone ordrochlide, calsonaalled anrc. q it ruicklys everseefthe sfect atof opithes in n.e brai o >> ss this ikithe t... hi>> wr:take h then eroileprobmin o ohibiis so ilg, fams ieandfr ofiends ts addicot-- nt jus thhealfe pronassiorels-- a being ug tao ht tniadmi nstern,arca h whic ais nowlevailab wutitho a crpresonipti. s >> thihais w lt it s is ilithe urttle pp,ple caac lytualth is die meoncati. t >> mracysoorrihin: t as ishu anrrice.
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trse, mracyn orriso, saysatfi srst,adhe hid no erea h erdaught as weretsddic. heneitd r dihethe otntr pares. eybut thl fee mtheyalissed l si the d gns aneilet thdrr chil enwn do.yo elu felt guiy? ve>> eayry d. h >> reidi: iggsloyou hest tba , ttleouso yal're gwaysoingto , sayth"is soere inmethg i ul coved hae donerdiffy?entl . is..knyou diow, wd...hy dn di n't ie oticheit whan i d inmissoog sphans t wt ittasn' ca be yuse,noou khew, tfty le re ceowal bpsls us.tair asit wua actbelly e,caus you , knowwashe ins usemg th to shrooot hein."t buwowho hauld ugve thorht ou dr chillden woudo ever oi hern? ta>> whillker: ath of esepa sarents y thteey wanald to tkto ca us beo use tothmany oerfa amiliesmbre essarraed, inde anial tbouthes'ir kidn heroius e. e thess parente say th astigmand sharame mpe coinoundeg th id ep.emic>> di heigs rig o: noasne wta g lkint abou wthatd e hainhero , d sousfor w, wetoere tal oc shenk whpp it ha.enedan bd... sut thegltrugs e wathe mastig. re>> bstnda t:ewarer nev, say ot "nch my "ild. ea >> yhth, rig.>> nd breewa st bart:seecau youne knver ow.
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ild. b >> mriane:alon n you weverantto t getcahat ll.yo veu nentr wage to att thl. cal ta>> whiheker: tl calyou got? ri>> balan m tone:alhe cul yo t, go w andt e gocathe ll. hi >> w ttaker:heoday, roinov seerdokes taiv the lates of t leaspl23 peo oe inerhio evyek we. e we werantold mr y otheheroinat deunhs go edreport. sui'm here trere ae somwhowo beuld ch watising thou and wldsa hey, " arointsddic j areesunkian eyd thug brohiht ts onth esemselvhy, so wd shoulweca re?" ra>> torcy mn:risoau becese wdo thn't dirow icabeto s whonsit th uce cotih eaonng b abonsndsm anoke eyd thgh wei p 300sound p inn.risowe 't donit belthtle anem, dth s ere'a not stbig .igmawe 't donth do o at tlepeopt tha ai chokn smd e anlodevengp lu nc c's aichronla, reg psinnbrai se di pase,d,erion, ame o endf or sty. we and to need t accepenit, ev i ifs t makepeople co
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rrm soy. s jamee drovs hiv4rari hybd to in f thezeroldn wisserne. enthe scist of h a jerkyedttracta whungryacolfpk beimhind h. urto svi,ve adhe hma to reeain fs.rles w he houldwiunt tthhem. d anpaex tndhe tirrier.tory he or'd fm nda bo th wi w aolnaf acmed a.cali.. .. om.becn e deermoth rsand nur e theig.youn ja lemes n ft ichsearf o nehis dvxt areentu. w howifar oull y takeal the ral-new riv4 hybd? to. yotas let'cego plas. i enrecommtud naadre mshe fi because i trr t theiy.qualit w theye ere tht firsavto hpre a veoduct brifiedy usp. nd an ideepen ontizrganation at ths set qstrict aualityrind pundty staards. tu mad e thernumbha one ptrmacismm recoended sh fi b oilrand. i ptakeseriloc c ot meachngorni myfor qu freheent urartbn
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ee sltepiq lochnodjgy a ustwaany way you nt it. th e beatd thes mov you. lyona at nusleep tomber sre. wh f at ie theranwas heotyr wa ooto l rk atsielapng ipmultclle siseros? th s is iidtecfera. te ercfid na isn ot actinjeion. 's itil a pr l fopsrelamsing at th t hasowhe per utto cap relinses f. hal im inagate whou yld couo d fwith rewerseelaps. idtecfmaera usy carie se ous de siec effts, su s ch argalleeaic rnsctio, l, pmch whia is brare rain fe innctio at thal usuealy lo ds thdeat or se everbidisa,lity d aneadecrinses r youewhit d bloos.cell e th cmostn ommo esidetsffec fl are ngushi s andchtoma leprobms. ll ter youordoctut abo loany itw whooe bllld cent cous, fe innsctio, an hey otdir mecocal itnd,ions f or iaryou nae pregnt p ortolan om becege pr,nant a orrere btfasngeedi laor p bn totfreaseed. n lear amore tboutoshe mt pr ibescr pedill fo lar reg psinn ms iusthe ,
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ttalkuro yoto docour abt te a,cfider d annotake aoother lk bpat rels.sing m if o youmer sou one yoisknow er expiniencmog merory ps,blem nf co usion, oor rther selateds,ymptom a see ctdoor l to mearnabore alout mezheis.r' cacbs res. hl>> stash: a neow opeewd in nyo hirk a wk le bacidthat dn'tge wht a t ole loenof atttion, it but re featu os somemof the st rf powegiul sinoing vyoces u'veve ned.r hearu yon'haveart he bd them,ecause mo for thst of ore perfthmers, is th was rseir fi ot timen thest age. e they'vinbeen sheging tleir who - lives-rcin chuamh, in rateugr inoups, ho the sbuwer-- t like an so mhay who msd dreaki of mangit , bigomlife sotehow ge in thwa y. fias we porst reasrted l,t yearth we showatas creaed by th preater aoducermend forr discck joamey ny ed vsehigginn, who dehas mar it hen missioto es pr serve a ppecialart of
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ic american mus g, bothanospel d pu posilar mu sc liked oul anr&b. unshe foold a poun of edtapp le tament, won and wmen inhat ca she e lls thon"seclfd ha ofli usfe," jint waitthg for eir an cho ce tshine. e th ishowlls caaled " 5ive:5pl ndus aki kicn'". whand thile erat clytains fit methe won and whmen to fillhis rl hataem sn ge ordsatuay teafoorn"ans, li" vesoals refer heto tic musd , an ithatsts ju vyhow gi hig wnsen iantst.>> hi vy segginhen: ter old op pearle chery tic musth in eir , bodyhein tinir md. t ifdihey hee, tatn thnd sou may g befoone r.reve ta>> shehl: ear id n wasusot j
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8:24 pm
ysalwad wanteg,to sinhe but sne seded ajoteady aib to rse her , family bso shea ecame e.nurs>> e debbim:binghake i word in at pediinrics, ra the tuma ercent d, so iitid a lt tle bi of hieverytng. ta>> sdihl: u d yo dever oreamf in beprg a siofes sonalr?inge gh>> binl am: almethe ti. s >>retahl: lknee wasoer, al 56,rk wor s foloher hocal scol ri distct.>> ee renr: walkei when dstarterk woering th te, imyold tself i d woule just bora tempbary joun i til t made iinas a sger., soeei've bern th te 31ryemporaar yes. s >>: tahle in som tcases,heta aslent wus er othiks, l75e a r--yeaold d namew matthe abrown,tl litele ss so. h >>enigginsoh: tt, mabrhew own. hwhenlke wahred t toughoohe dr, amhe c..e in w. heenas bert ov, ok lodoing anwn, wad i ins thking m tof,yselat "whon's gapna hpen hl stae.: "he'.. ht s notrigh
8:25 pm
gi hig: nsen, welln'i do tow kn. me i loan, t.ok ahe.. ww.>> : stahlloshe t oked adyou an id sauh, "uh-." at >> mrothew byewn: s.. yes yes. hl>> stato: she tld youhat? ro>> bshwn: lde toth me at.>> ns higgiheen: th took e mic.he d pulleouhis shbalders .ck s he ttarted.o sing i and utfell omy in ir cha. ah! wn>> broha: sayll alwys be m f song o..praise. ig>> hengins g: myod! 's thatt whaloi'm g okinfor. wn>> broi : and alookedt her. e and shhtstraigp.ened u ( hs laug ) h >>nsiggiwhen: ngo sikes li t that?odayyo n'u carnt tuth on die rado an a heatr th. t buari heatd thn whes i waayo giung rl. s >>hetahl: ed sounder, to h, atlike nco king le. u did yoouknow yad h.. y. thatou ?got it >> wn bro i: told self, g"yout.ot i"
8:26 pm
an ngythi. si>> ( g ngin't"ain no nesunshi" ) s >>: tahleavy hifrd a dferentun sohed in trro havois' ice. gi>> higi nsen: hiput lim a ttlebi tt inonhe croooer/d-wopse n.ctio s>>tathhl: o-e dowop.>> ns higgithen: o-e dowomep ti.>> : stahllavy's pd n ha tbeeno ea cr ste aortory fh eacsinger outhat wchld mat theirin dudivindal sou. w thatefas be ore shhaknew wt nd kist of s orie rwere iightnon frert of areo hreris edvealhi at sau tdition hhat hentad spe timein so prin.wh saen he owid hti much me, he 'twasne surneanyord hea himrr coy.ectl ri>> harg s: gre wkelly,ho was e thispianait, swad, "it a nu mihote, nyw mars yea y didou say?"an idd i sa0., "4" g >>kereg 4lly:0?>> ri haress: y. ly>> kelur: foo? zer h >> 'sd thathe wn rdvy hea it.>> ns higgi yen: 40nears ipr ison? ar >> h iris:oun and t.>>
8:27 pm
d mmitteriburglanyes, ma in ne her orighb, hoodemharl g, toetmo toney a feed abdrug hit.vy d tolheus s wonas cteflicd,bu ent wh a sheernd hba husndnd aco orllabdiator, orrect kenwy o,dre madr theicechoids anas lesembcad a o st ttstarcr ngeati s the thow,waheo s insittong frd t anercent. diwhy pid you ick himf he's pthisn ersodewho yestrourd yone orighb?hood h >>nsiggibeen: e caus phe'sartof . it p he's tart ofighe btu picre. n' i caret ignot. tha d anapperhass it wes nec fsaryorm hie to havcoa sencnd chae. rh peheaps er desitved he, anotran chce. s >>: tahlthand areo hwaris sn't onthe nely oy thechhad osenwi dth atiramaorc stndy, a he twasn'tnlhe oe y onnewho aeded ndseconc w tthen,brown borurthe foth 3 of 1drchiln en ihnortca , rolinaenhad spstt mos of hi ilifeerllitate. b >>i rown: stwas jued asham, ori
8:28 pm
arn.yo uu pullecp a piape of per andsa ady, "reor one wi'd," adm rey sto runceomepla.>> hl star : fodedecae s, hkdranun thtil coe alsthol d artetoaf hfectinis s vging, oiceandth erat tedrifi. him>> wn brore: i ermemb l theast k drini had. as it w i a guyri was dnking .withi imtold hid, i sas , "thiis the d lastourink ygo ever e nna se mein drk.">> hl staou: of ce rse, hdidn'tbe e lievyou. t bu twas itt.he las.. ro >> bhewn: ht migbe have tenoodr unk. w thatas it. hl>> sta w: thatas it? b >>thrown: eeat's bean 28 y rso. ag hl>> staea: 28 ago b >>norown: tvember, he 2nd28ar yes ago. ig>> h: ginsen wwhenare hesd hi y,stort i juspafell art. sti juth... wat'syohen ewu knth ouat yo had thatell ty.t stor s >>: tahl, yeahcoyou 'tuldn... ig >> hnsgiyoen: n'u caout... y co'tuldnll reakey mat thaoneup . s >>: tahlasit wur a tning t.poin a vyennd kid deco ed t atakeri tsk--veo hah eacersingl tel hi hs orwner oe trupastory ired th wig. a sonde
8:29 pm
nt wao ed t atalk lboutg osinherso n. p hed asse fawayyeour agars o. in>> bmygham: as son wos diagned cwithwhancer waen he eas 34 yrs d. ol hl>> sta, : ohmyd. wore' shons the toe who e ok car of him. >> am bingh d: itmaidn't owtter hmu ichw. kne d itmaidn't owtter hh muci ohelpedeother p iple, just dn coulan't do ngythi. >> hl stabb: deneie kwhw heat s ed wantng to sie in th "show--i awills lway yloveheou," t songde mas famouhiby w htney.ouston in >> bongham: blly pro vem wasy 't wasn a crazyt bout istat fir.>> gi hig: nsenwai ssn'ture.>> hl stay : whn'wereu t yo?sure>> gi higifnsen: t tha isongs sunot rng theayight w, it bmissese.ig tim b >>: inghamsaken esid y. d vy saino. idken sa n, "whyot?" ai vy sbed, ""cause. i and o said tifher, "iv you ge t
8:30 pm
om pru ise yon'you wot be disaedoint." ig>> henginsw : hooudo y n say o t tohat?>> hl stau : yot can'.say no h >>enigginsca: i t n'nosay toth at.bu dit i "d say,okay. t bu ahaveernothg, sont jus inse ca."( ug la)hs >> hl staeo: thri harnts waoed t asing hboutimis t pe inrison hoand ww itusas mhaic ttt go thhim h.roug >>s: harriha they :0d a 100qu lliet beh , whicalmeant l al teaking ve one ei ning, dstartesi nging. d an rit wasieeal qut.d anhethen wnin i fiished, he soard me sbody"way, asho wat thgi sinng?"an hd i...tlesitanaiy, i sd,"t s hat wame." aithey swed, "kell, giep sinng." hl>> sta s: keep.inging h >> karris:ngeep sig.inwa i eis thdir ra to fromhatin pot on. hl>> staan: ngy so f youel t? like ri>> har..s: and, . well.they..d aneqtook ruests. s >>ohtahl: r, tooks?equest ri>> har ts: andquook reests, yes.
8:31 pm
ttimet o geduan eoncati-- a ll codeege , greethand en a stmainers yw plangriti. en whus a m hicalote wrse wa rf ped ormeheat tso priusn, mic ghbroum t hithsomeeling ase-- ad lelaing dy.>> ll phyaris h oris:f secour, htheyo ad tsoget dymebom fro e thidoutsece, b iauseant's maall-rile pson. d ansiso my orster dshis, evo lud nteereme.>> : stahls phyllianr d heersist ol do v wunteer tork atsohe printh h rougr theichchur. ri>> harwhs: so cen she,ame in ewe sawheach otr r forsthe fi t j wassoust mime chestryth ere. hl>> stagh: rit ?away ri>> harhts: rig away.>> hl stad : diknyou haow tt heha end beru a ddig adct? hy>> p hlliss:arri a ofter urrs fiett meing. s >>: tahlhed tolyouev hierytng? ll>> phyriis har fs: ourirstsi vitot, he evld me ngerythi . s >>antahl: pld she ouayed y r wife? h >> sarris:yehe plaifd my we in pl the ved sen moatnths leer, sh mebecafe my wi. >> sshtahl: iee marrwhd you ileyo reu wein beh?d bars ar>> h wris: ihile i wasnpr , isonyes.>> hl starn: tut s ouadvy ht cas liphyl ts inhohe sthw wievout en
8:32 pm
f vyshelt s e wainheareg thst s orie gof aatener tion,he ragene ttioncahat f me oagedu tringrahe eur of deban cay d anstthe lerugg c forivil gh ri tts--lahe babck bomy boers. h >>nsiggithen: asat w o onef mothe rest ce ativcamusimel tipe s.riod e ther sweres ound wthaterecr oueated tt ofmohe eonti. ta>> sbuhl: t t noyoevernne i e thp grousuhad rach dcmati or stofies ug strgle. e reneerwalke , tholschork cle, is ra ted herldwo chi aren in lemidd s-classb.ubur>> kyd wokro: whay, whoa, oa,oa wh. wwhatyoere elu fesiing gngin ?that njustwhow, erat wu e yoinfeelg?>> ke walt'r: irds ha for me,be e caust i don' lreallyike tolk ta m aboutf ysel mthatotuch, n mymy... mo innerlist feengs. t buwaken ams adabant usout tt geining ch touh witourfe gselin. ta>> sthhl: ecey d ridedenee d woulbosing aomut sngethit thawa lys reale moressuccys storth raan t--gedyin watchr g hesons e leav thomeffo go oco to e.lleg>>
8:33 pm
ouen y t hady o sabygoode?>> ke waladr: s.>> ro wydd.: sa>> : stahlntyou wang to si onth age st ie,s t hae to comout. al>> w iker:tot has ou come t. s >>: tahlthand waere e s onlast y,storm fron a mad namehemattw e.burk a heo nd theisharrun had sgge to itherisn pron. s hedrold augs,omnd cedmitt ol viarent romed y.bber t bu hwhatnte wao ed t atalkbout t inhohe ss w wa hwhate hadre lycentco disd vere cin aasefi bole aheut tst firks wee of s ay it s ys thate ou werneabandod -aat twoalnd-a-hs f weekin aha y.llwa b >>: urkeyes. hl>> stath: monoer unkwn. th fanker unown. fi the inrst thstg mous of get ofromarur p ientsnas a me. w heimas s"aply onband36ed 20." u yoa are ernumb. ur >> bd ke: anntyou wakn to
8:34 pm
mebeca84 81a36. i be0acame bat's leen my- ife-era numb. s >>yotahl: miu're sling.t bun'you doant me it.>> ke burgh: rit. thand tat'sefhe dseen ismechanm. hl>> stat,: righse becau it'srr ho.ible ashe wed namth maturew by ke ba ie prn st ifithe ofrst y manfo hster.omesen whsi he thngs soe ng eo "g,"rgiald he tohe us 's ng tryive to giam a n we tohat hest lo. b >>: urke hif io ad t mgivey ermotham a nnde, aou i celd giv r hemea naan-- i cwo-- it uld be gi geora. s >>: tahlowi knsy a ptrchiaist o whhesays tt mosanimportt
8:35 pm
yo"when gu were urowingp, wholo yoved u?"do av you hnse an awer? ur>> bthke: erat's vicy diffult ns to awhwer-- d o loveme--be e cause'therdis enfferst type ovof le. hl>> stand: uncol.itioname i .an..>> : burke, yeahndunconaitiol... hl>> sta's: thati what mean. b >>: urke ni've. ever..i'veve nerir expethenced at. s >>sotahl: .. youu . yo nhaveo er answha for ttit queson. ur>> bi ke: o have n.answer s to thi hday, inoave we ans r to. that hl>> staas: it win darg,br ringingopeal penele, no ofth raem tctined ao ors, ttellth n eir owiestor ts ongehe sta.wh peat hapwhned heen t show en opheed womn we c.e backro acmess aperica, lople ikeetbask hballofall er fam midoe niquinwilks... .a..akre tching oargeeif thr petybe 2 diates... h ...witsunon-invilin ctoza. fo ilr a whooe, i ta k tpillloo bwer myuglood sar. it but n' didmet get g to myoal. aso i mskedory doct aboutctvi.oza shectaid vi oza worksendifferantly th. pills
8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
sehigginran seves l yearback,wh heen snc lausphed goel for s, teenro a p tgramh o teacthehi gep-hop onnerati a thefrt o g singinelgosp. enthe tests are coill , mingmore moand thre of h em p's all hart ofveer dri toke hiep tsis mue,c alivha and wt tt beayer w t to doanhat th tobr e ing thanyoung old the d th togeer? erwe were thene whin vy dvitehe err ovcr-55 o ew tgoa sporel fen teass cl ws, fore hat shcalledan te "inerrgennaatiochl ex."ange h >>nsiggicoen: mme on,.atthew b >>: rownha td t olriman ver,he s don'totay n..hing. s >>vytahl: d wantew to knowhate theakids hmard in tthew
8:41 pm
>> ea i he r thnejouraty th heli cved,g omin sfromgaegre,tionmi corong fcim rasm. fe i llel a p thethain urat oop peadle hen to , dure bjustyli insten hg tooiis vce. d anani thhik m h so mucforar shthing itat w.h us h >>nsiggiwoen: w! (auappl)se >> hl stae : shedwant k thetoids tr cy tothopy une soheds ty'dhe ard. ob>> r rerta oss:oo s wn, iill d >> ee saturna t ner:oo sn, iwi e ll b. done.. ( la ughter) gi>> higthnsen: dee olopr pelear sse paiting to on y theeroung ragene stione o thgeyounr ragene ctionasan p os it tn tohe xt neen gern.atio ta>> sanhl: isd thyo is urss miion. h >>nsiggii en: t don' twanthis si mu dc toie. os>> r s: g i'm hoin' ome >>
8:42 pm
b >> oth:o t wlivegoith d. (auappl)se s >>: tahle ther dsureseidn't em e to briany f sk omuany sic g dyin, herey'as vous grokp to e the stagerto p "forme:aliv 55- aplusicnd k" kin'rebefo apa hcked iouserln haem. al>> w vker:s y hayia sang: rsthe fieat 50 y frs areor ar le, ningthand coe se0nd 5ye arars lie for ving. j lifegiust behens wu'n yore inur yo 50s. wn>> broma: arazing gce... ta >> s'shl: itsa a meshage tt s feelt a lo rlikeemedn.ptio th and wat'scohat romes thugh ine thc,musi t andl he realife iestorwhs, as then matwnew bro, -ythe 75d ear-olr,janito tells dithe au aence hbouttlis bate
8:43 pm
wre.d an iwhenne turi d 16, dstarte rito dnk. thand waen, i s 50. (ht lauger ) t bud i hae-no givmeup in ! bi wenttoack l schoornto leato d reawrand ite.( au applse )>> : stahlrthe statied wring em po es, andteven ena red poetry t.contes ro>> bi wn: hitook tlard pce.( pl ap ause) ta>> sthhl: twen, aro yelas te r, ayan essst conte. b >>: rownoki tost firce pla! ap( seplau )>> ri haro s: nermattt whalife rohas thyown at o u, nermatt y whate ou havdonegh throuout l yourheife, tlwre's aays aan chgece to igt it rht. ta >> swahl: alys. ri>> har ts: andplhis iay--t's ev not laen a reis is plal peoine tellg real ie storhas who n ve beeugthroh
8:44 pm
bd it'sheeen a praling ocess r fome. o loh, my ve d my..arling. ( rs cheepp and a lause) ta >> senhl: wh m thehoan w spent re mon tha hhalfe is lifinpr inison sbogs aoput hsing hi ilwife w fl wait, or himlsit fee ugas thosoh the hing is ors sty. h >> arris: y arellou sti mine?i ouneed y..r love. s >>butahl: n t as iyso manst tories,onhis d e haranothe t. twis n seveafyears eoter thut got o p ofsorie n, htestarind usg s drugn.agaihe d robbel a hoteercldk an d enden up i.jail>> s: harri'v ivee ner plcontemuiated sn cide iemy lif l unti nthatight. dn i dit 't wanhuany coman ntact,d anaii certdnnly dit 't wanto m call.y wife>> ll phyriis hars:y veryearl nd suoray m, ningphthe ngone ri. ar >> hndris: ad, i saiin "i'm ja
8:45 pm
a gonn uhangp. s she'legonna ."ave me hy>> p hlliss:arrit he go .silent i and , saidyo"do veu lo" me?>> ri harnds: art i staryed cing. , i saidph"yes, iyllis, love " , e said i"well,be'll re the u.for yo"sh , e said g"we'llouet thrghth ogis t"ether. no you kedw i nelo your ve... hy >> parllis hrin s: the iwhen t,said i l i'm "ike,?"what m i'ngsayimy to "wself, hadt di y?i sa">> hl stau : yot don' wknowouhy ysa id it? p >>ishyllri har ds: inoon't k w, no. (hslaug ) ta >> sbuhl: t sayou t?id i>> ll phyaris h bris: sut idai. it hl>> stawa: she igited e aht andha e lf moryears. ap ( seplau ) al >> w ker:f id,i coul i'dot pru ect yohefrom tss sadne inyo s.ur eye.. s >>: tahl, thenrpa su.riseth mae wothn wi l theeast am dr satic storyngingiut abo insendr g hedrchilffen o to
8:46 pm
on respse. al>> w ker:nd ai if dcoul a in atimeland phece woure y n'dontt wabe to ... e th isongpas a trentcho a ild, inwante g thf best oyteverhing atfor th. childi d coul whaveenrittmy it ,self tit'srehat oral f me. ye my dastery n' wovet habe to r youwayif ne i k w... b >>i urke: alove sll the.ongsbu st thatr ong fostme, i use o ed tserehearre it l d almethe cn wereg.ryinal mel the n. thand d ey useseto tead us an y, sa, "okays renee'agonn serehearon the sg. thbring ..e kleene. kleehex to tbo ys." >> hl staen: whlo we okedba
8:47 pm
e.ey wer ur>> banke: imd i'm g aginininmy d min ithatmyt's he motr yi sahang t mt toe.>> hl stad : an iwhenhit's s .. turn. ke>> bure : maybreyou we justo tog.youn s >>..tahl: ew.matth burke ksspeahi to ers mothyi, trng to rsunde wtand ahy sheedbandon him. ur>> bmake: yoybe reu we yoybe ouu thatght tht whayou wa did sts be b foru,oth yo andfo r me. ta>> senhl: thng he siers to h,th the moe er hd had haeto nam f.himsel b >>: urkerg geoia , whoagigeora ho the wayle dou thr gh... ta >> s hhl: sou ave yoivforgenur yor? mothe>> ke burd : i' tlikelio beeve ithatfo've enrgiv hlyer ful. s >>: tahlu'but yo sre noture? ur>> berke: thloe's a t ofth tingscohat hauld apve hd.pene d anonthe tly onehahing tt i pe hoot was n c theisase t thae sh, saidon"i dt 't wanthisch"
8:48 pm
ur >> me b >>: ingham i butw. kno .. ta >> stehl: afn r a songmournith see ab hnce ofheis motr, ath moouer mthrns oe losshef r n so twithonhe s hg vyt adn'beensu bore aut.>> gh bin am: i and... ke>> wal kr: you inow,he've ardit th said yoat if yu loseour se spoure, you'ow a wid or ado wiwer. ou if ye losaryour p, entsyou'rean n. orpha t bu stheywhaid, "o at dllyou caso thmeone tat has to bury heird? chil" d whatcao you hell tm?we h don'tnaave a ime fort. in>> b: ghamwathere mes a tiwh ouen i cteldn't hell try sto a to wnybody jithoutbuust rstingto in. tears>> : stahlg singinitabout , shesa lpys, hes. gh>> bin am: i andyo wish u joy d aninhappess...
8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
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