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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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ecis ndk an . neck e >> wearng goio t winer he in .iowa>> ve denr wsin it. ad hetoing up serl bow 50. t >> pheeranthes ar goingo t the r supe. bowl i >>'t donw kno wwhoe're inplayt,g ye w bute'll b reeady g too. >> yi plangr denvend an peyto g.mannin n >> ihesoutrn rncalifoia, nsintee t manhunhrfor tee da s ngerous inmateowhed manago t es peca a maximum sitecury jail. e >>cymergenng landi in ,canada their acraft entecounevrs sere tu enrbulce. >> t iughohaht t wtas it. t>> shewfnol aldemaor f aay d of a funles peopad took e vantag heof tke weend.>> ee how dndp aow hlu fffy the sn s.ow igo , n.briait t isooee dp for ano sw l.ange ll>> at thaat mters -- ou>> i cndld stath in dde mile of a fifthveannue sdhoot me so abodynd iou wtldn'e los any te vors, ?okay s it i likeedincr. ible ou>> yth're coat ennfidt, huh? >> far greateroy laltyha tnny a ot caher atndid e byubdole, letrip ,adque.rupl lo i yve m pe.eopl
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>> hean c kicks isi --ec bause chendommas fire. he>> s's a fecirckraer. sh a e's preall.isto t >>his inmorng's epe oners i pr teesen td byoyota.le pt's golaces. w >> telcomeos "cborthis mning" was youpake un it, weson millis ofca ameri ansregi digng out om fr b theig storm in the east. aas msiveke weelind bdzzar ed buri r manynsegio innd mous of snow. eaat l pst 32eeopl died in the st morm,any from elshoving. ea at lest fivte stasep rorted ge attting 3 least0nc ihes of sn ow.ti cit es shudown. ra sevesl area ddeclare s otatesfer emy.genc h >>deigh tim fro the storm rcaused cecordoastalin floodg n inerew jansey d crews at tsairpor arell sting worki to cl earru nways. nd arou0 140 flights areea alrdy nc caeled datoy. h weorave cdsrespon cgoverinhe t oimpactf the storm and wein beg
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sh waoningt t whereerhe fedal ve gornment ishu sowt dny nearl o twffeet ow sno e.therkr gois, mood inrng. >> d goomog.rnin theio regn is in asi masve snow varemo lef.fortth bat'sinringgck trud loaft aer k trucloadf o snow here to the rf tak sdiumar pking t,lour tningit o intaou mnntai of .snowth oue arhend tck cloor effts goe d onteespi thet fac theio reg nha s beenob h bbledyhi tsas msive m. stor m souchve or the onnati's pi cawital mall rein ozfren,t shu adownass, d. works igto dts ielf outro fmn ac epi erwintrm s hoolclare aosedhend tor may skis aingeo pple toy sta home. u yo scanee isere w noay aar cld cou e drivugthrodeh siee strikts l e is th t and mheainds roare a te ofn full ostf pederians av dioing i ocedver silkdewas. >> le whiha we vee made som reproghess ts re ilstil a lot tmore odo. c. d.'sro met i bsack enop,ut b on
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tram iakals soun rngni mdodifie rvsee icin the nohertt.assn trows iedut b ctouldn' keep upas d theicistrdt anur sdirounng onregi tdurnein wwhtry ite. e thonnatiuaal gasrd wiv actated d ancithe roty b iughtn 040 ti addional pieces ofw sno varemoeql enuipmt.69 r--yeaolday rmondol tnleso vo rleldey. d heidir thees hom and eight . more en>> sciior nstize't can get out is. he>> tur subbsot g it e.worsso meav heor me thanee three ft sofnown o the gr.ound hugeou m hndsadbe to cedlear fr arom mdylan d atshwaoningt's rpaiort,t iha s abeenoun arhend tlo cck ef rtfoin try gg toheet twa run ys peback o fn forlights mdaony mo altionorly m e than12,000 ht fligs andnt couaving hen bee edcancel. pl>> peoule shoxpd be engecti rg laerha tn ualsuwd cros atot bhr ou orairpts. ldshouo als be etixpecng si re dualysdela. e thm stor tofhisni magtude af infect mg soanypo airrts ac
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akto te ale whi fheor tir a av trysel sastem ale whoo tet g ba ock t no.rmal>> or rep iter:wat snll't a ru st.ggle nd hu gredsreather d fo iwhats a ad trn itioasin wtohingn. basnowarlls stt. auc mh more fun thome is seon csytrovern i sh waington overly exact hucow mh ow snll nenaatioeal wthervi serce ll tess cbs newre they' lngaunchian er intnal vire tew o iginvestepate rhaorts t t the ow sn tatol, theff oliciano sw to oftal .817nc ihes was co int.rrecth t at ircundeedount theun amot noof satw thl feler he in.c are nebyat nliona zooec rdeive .4 22he incs of ,snow forex e.amplan nod a bote aheut t orairpts, thewa runreys aac bk enop. t bue ther bhave aeenot lf o ca lancels.tion pethe hoey is th b'll beack and in runn og moresr lesll normay by e thende of thy.da hr>> cis, let's just say.c d. t goe a whollotf o sn.owth yoank u. >>ma> cnymuomrste t inhe new yo
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fasnowetll s agl sinaye d rdecor cle os 2to7he incsn itr cenal rk plve peo ne inorew yatk ste ed di from elshoving. ss parsenge pdacken penta stion la igst nsht ae somntraive tral meresud. the onnati's bstusie cteommur ra adilroe, thg lonan isld ilra roadarresttedim lited icservhie ts rnmoing.da vid budegnas in i qsueenre whe pmanye eoplarell sti sdnowe in.go odmo g.rnin r >>teeporoor: gd inmorng. u yokthinhi wasn,ngto. d.c agot t. lo ee quns,re whe 2il m plioneeopl ve li,ad hos almot twee ft of asnowhend t wy'rengaiti t forhe ty cico to lome phew t ststree t buasit h n' mo is ndayinmorn tg,ime too g orto wd k an.schoolpe soplenghowiat up k worare elshovthing lvemsees. yonew itrk cy isgi surng back toli erfe aftng gettiam hmered b y s itsecondge bigstws snotorm on co rerd. e >> wvi surved andhe tn some. ep>> rr:orte the sm ystehit much rd hahaer trsn fit peex,cted
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th isfo is e otag afromn nypd he erlicoptwi shongts parth of e bi g ay sundll, aor majds roaer we ea cl bred,waroadd y haenreoped moand usst bndes ara tsin w ereba n ck iicserve. yonew itrk cyay morl bil de cblasio ialledt a conautiary . tale i>>ist n aamextople o usf the ct fat thaha we ove t be pparedre r foto srms thatov m veyer fast, thatlv evoere vy ray.pidl r >>teepornr: ien queshe wre 850pl weows reoydepl sed,ide re st aetstire sllie burd this rn moing. ha >> wtt abou ?uswe st're uck .here 'r wele alde won wringhat enhappoed t the satanition pa dentrtme. dowhy thn't eyar cboe autse the oc blks? ep>> rr:orteer othes ar ru stnggglidi to heg t cirars ou iat'seyf th canve en find .them y kellerlangpe snt hoursel hping hfree ernehbig'sor hivecle.>> h wis it wsuere rmmeright w. no do i ren't lallyikeit . do i wn'tant toee s it n.agai>> or rep iter:t is no .joke inshovelowg sn b cane lydead. ar neivly fope peiele dnd i new ayorkllnd a t ofhem had art hea ta atck.ov
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ov shg elin nwasdeee sdoly bad th ceity was h eiringcymergen sn ow shrsovelle,ff o ering3.$150an r. hou da>> vid, anthks. mu comesniti along the ut so nhernerew jassey cots thi mo g rninareeb kleing up from spwideread flngoodi. s boat pwereushend oo t the re stets. tscresop t npingine feetor fced ev arly 1,000 p00e eopllost power.'l we yl takeoou tne o ne orighb thoodishat ll sti underte war cgomin up.>> > the iowaau cscuse arene o roweek fghm dhe tes latt cbsew ns tt bandlegroura tolcker powl shs na dompld truck is bae in thlead e.ther su the rvey f tinds irumps five in poadts ahe of tedwh cruz loed t inehe sam poll a month ago. ne our shw hampiretl batdegroun ac trllker po findsmp truit whn a 18 point leouis withcr uz, rubio place. jo maetr garrist inng washiton b to dreak townheow ia ca.mpaigngo oo >> gd se poll areri ght,on d aldtr ump and t cedruzom cmand nearly75% ofhe t iowacu caus
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vobut tylatili sremainne o third of uscaucsgoerve suryed said mtheyhaay c tngeheir ndmis. at th idenclus %25f optrum su tepporrs. lddonamp trurm stocred aossow ia w thiseekend and gave his tesupporrs an unoncommlyom cic co memplint. h>> i tave mheostal loy lepeop. d dievyou er see that?i dcoulnd sta ie n thlemidd of ftfiavh aenue sndhootom syebod an d i wn'ouldost le any tevors, ok ay? itiske, li, crinleedib. ep>> rr:orte e notlyxact the newyo rk vsalueon everys e habeen intalkg ouab bt,ruut tmp su tepporonrs ce tinuhoto sw up in dsrove ase htu smpedh wit six rm teow iaep rcaublienn sator ch sarle slgrasey. asit w an'tn enemdorsent,ut b il stl a blow toat senele colague d te cruz. e thz crupa camignk tooim at a um trnop on ather t,fron the em acbre ofov gternmenow per to se riize pvate pr.operty>> i thinkne emint domain is er wondful. i >> ht madeim rich. >> or rep tter:enhe essfce ohe t mp ca naign's,ew ad thatmp tru tr ied to bozullde thee hom ofn ael y derln womaavit phee t way r foaas cino pngarki t.lo
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vei neokr to the in em dentnomai s ishiomethang tt a isit pos iveinth ng,ot a tinegave g.thin>> or rep cter:alruz soti connuedto qiouestn p'trum rstecen erconv tsionoon catservm.ivis f >> ipua reanblicdi candateor f es prtidenup sedportac bark a'obamtis ssmulund a saidhe t on roly p iblems itds nee to be gg bi ier,s there any cehanc on ea thrth ndat iuaividl would ac lytualnd sta upo the t yicronndsm ate carl in sh waoningt/. ep>> rr:ortees a m asagemplyyified h byis ntewes orsuppter,le gnn be . ck f >> i tdonaldrumpwi ns, it is go toing e bno a slwbal to hell.>> or rep dter:teespi typhe he and ckattas, trumpad mehi ts ssadmionion cbs' "facehe t na ".tion i >>otf he g the minoonnatif, i yt ever whingase, fin iou w ld te vo t fored uzcr. i would voteor fed t .cruz>> ou y would? as>> i w p tuttinginhat lareiptionsh to hisla pce of birth. or>> repheter: toi des mnes re ergiste, th e'stats largest
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cr andnd eseord marcoio rubs a cathe endidat who d,coul quote, a chart new donirectihe for t p. goth ste regierue ghessed tin nomeerr coinectly theas lt four pu reicbl cansaucu doentsrsemen. e? gayl>> y thanky ou vermuch, major. s himenan' hast d.change y sorrtabou that,aj mor etgarrt. ou rat brotlegundra t ickern io wads fin dtsemocran i a te tigh.r racebe rnie sdeanrsds leail hlary in clbyton one point. 47 to 46%.bu t in newshhampire, the na se ftorromei nrighbonger vntmold hos a nt19-poi adle. an ncyde corss i cgoverin thede atmocramic cnpaign i wa gtshiniton weh "fac the "nation moroderat and cbss new li ckdisoern.le st'al touk abest prt idenaobam g doin aner intitview wh ti polileco's gnus thrt.he re is aon porti ofha tt ieintervw. b >>caernie nme ih wit the oluxuryeif bng apl comete long a shottnd justi letng loose. >> right.>>
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be --othvi prilegend a bnurde ngof beiiv perceed ashe t t- fronerrunn.d, an you owkn'r, youaye alws lo aoking bt therightny shi je obct tophat peonle d't --ve han'set en .before 'sthat a dvdisa.antage >>nt ingerestise becauwa he s e th brigthtny shibj o iectn 2008.wh o at d youinthk? vhe'seryul popar erthe. 'm >> i y,sorr was heki talng ou abt the 2008 race or this ra ce?as oi you pt,nt oue h was the ig brhtny shi o abjectnd o onef theci fasnatings thing is in 08 20la, hilliry cnton sallid, a th isop hend a change, ts hat'all veryceni. eewe nod tnk thi autbohe t pr caacti rltieali oesf ve gog.rnin u and yo sneedodomebny ihe tre o whws knoow h toe makng this .work th and e obamace fors u tsedhat t againsanher dai shed s was inth tkingoo nwlarro aynd too un bod byhi wasn.ngto w nouyoav hehe tme for brtrigh in shbjy oectth in e ovalof cefi,ma heking t hillary clinton .case iaessentyilly sang, yes,ni bere sa isnders ng gettill a of this en
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veyou ha to w aalk cndhew gums a pra idest en tandhere are pr caactiall resitie youav h teo ep ke inndmi. i itsts ju a ficantast kind of fullir crculaxp encerieate th is hainening the draemoctic y.part >> nancy, y hou seardorenat nd saersck ano wwledgehatan my le peop i know ts thatheea rson le peop arepo res tndingois h ai campbegn is ecausy' there gr anty ou there. in but iowa, yeou'v beenhe tre o softenha wt abouthe tun gro d ?game hawho es thet bter gdroun ?game>> t' thaes onng thi that is so di ulffic t toasmeure, rano h,be e causboth cnsampaig will w throlea who o bunchf at stcsisti at youut aboow h ngstroir theun groamd ge is. 'ltheyy l saavwe hise thy man paidfestaf trs, mhisany vo eeluntwers, k'reinnockng o th anis my ordos, mg akin this ny maho palne cls ak weeor befe iothe wa caesucus. ey th canea rsplly hoin tse nu smber any t wayhey ntwa. e th wonlyay toll rea tyest how ef ivfecthee tirro gunde gams i nis ocu causig nht whene w see
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w what deono kw isha tllt hiary to clinmpn's caasaign h a beent lthis tongerhan thean srsde ca htheygoave tt no just theas pt ar yeex of ceperien b,uthe ty othave gir theer expeiencm fro t eigh yearsoag toor wk on. s >> toheto sryub bbled upr ove th eee wkendha t yt nework -- er formor new ykay mikor me erbloombhig is t ankingutbo ge intting the hrace, we'llait an ed set wha hnsappe a ist pr ssogrees.wh caose gnmpai ss tandtoe los e th,most h ifeet gs in?jo 'lhn, wel start whit u.yo t>> ihinkis it d haro t say. d we ron'tyeall owkn.i k thinhein t o endef th day en wh c itomesn dow tole ectoral te vos, i thinke h hurts the blrepus ican.more ey thrt stait wh fewerle ealctor vo intes their column, but 's that a such long way away. , son'i dot owkn. t>> iep d oendsnhe wther re icpublsaans jy iust can't vo orte fum trp, id nee to go forso emeone likha micel mbblooerg, ot anneher rkw yoil bailionrre o s takesvote aroway fm a bernie sa asnders a draemoctic nenomie. y>> theo alswerein say tghat if ac in ftry hillant clionth is e >>ctorre. i
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less li.kelyfu inn th tg toalk t.aboubu lit reaty ag lon way .away selet's n e whehert stasg tryin et to ge on thba . llot nk>> tha yo u,john. k thanyou, ncnay. >> oure debat dreamea tm to ergeth. se opven pe rle areinecoverg fr urom injthies isor mningft aer amtheir ericanairlines flight t hisevere enturbulce. ht flig 206oo tffk oun sday from am mindi, bou formi lan, e thlopit maden ame ecyrgen la g ndinin nacada. am labu mncesheet tan reet flighen attsdantou and fr gepassenerrs wake teno tthe sp ho.ital>> thene pla drd.oppe >> n o thee sidve and egrythin wently fing andeo pple and, ye ah, it was pyrett e.intens t>> i hit like aig b dip and me sogh flit aenttdants were, youkn wiow, t thouseat belts and hurt lvthemsees. w>> ias vyer th.ankfulu yoysar yours praye a cndome he .reit was an.swered t >>erhe othse pasarngers e ct expe tedoti connue their th e tcmahup for s buperowl 50 c isinarolain agast erdenv.
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ldhe i onhen t final sdsecono t at be e newndngla 8.22-1ca wtm nendon a the peranthons w th e cnfle tit in a oublowt. ey tht bea onariza, jaros bwnf o cbspo s irts isn erdenvre whe he watched 'ssunday ti afc tle .gamego od rnmoing. d>> goo g,mornin n was a taoutsgndin pmatchu to y sa ltheeast and kind of just tori summa wzehat you just idsa,at wh atcmahup. ba footsll fanav may he seeen th st la tcmaethup bomween t brady and ptoeyman innn bg,uts ayou iomentabned caout narolihe, tre is ta a sher tre in camto newn wh o isni shi vngery brlyight. >> e herbris ady,ol rling t,ou ll roaning hrd tg,owin tdippen i aithe itd s i teintercepd! r >>teeporhir: ty s ma bhaveeen pe onytni man mng'sostat sinisfyg orvict ay inon lndg a sedtori l nfca.reerno ect b hause beeatom tdy bra thand e potatrism teat tha al sways teems hoaveis h ernumb, t buau becsehe t 39r--yeaold inmannesg do an'ts lwaybeat te ams with his arm ymanore. an>> c b youveelie it?he
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h >> beeats themh wit his riexpeceen. l >> aookt .this ep>> rr:orte potatritas sr tequark rbactomdy braho wlw aays s seemhrto t uive tnderhe htbrigofest ht ligs wasas harsed a byfl stideing dnverseefen all rnafte oon.>> s he'n takewndo. ep>> rr:ortes thi bwille nn masing'ou frther supl bow arappe aancee'nd hw s nothe ol qdesteruart tbackado le a te o am t btheig game in nfl hi y.stor >> go we o int sourdeconer sup ibowlurn fors yea isy ver iaspecl. anjud mst bete y threentim tea ni to wght,anhat crinleedib fo efyrt b theat psriot for us to at bet tham tea y,today ver sp l eciawin. h >> ie isn forhe t ucton!hdow r >>teeporutr: btb foo iall s ayo ung masn' e d thlicaronath panersay m ve ha the bestng you arquacterbk in theio natnaloo fltbal le.ague >>ew nstton ineps to .it 's he b got wrownide enop. >>ep rr:orte n camnewto t andhe licarona psanther diedsmantl thear izona clsardina in the am chippionshe gam4by 3 tspoin. insettg up a s buperowl owshdown
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ne geonratiap art. onpeytni mansng i 13rs yea ne 'swton orseni, thear lgest age ff diceerenwe betupen sower bl ar st tingqurbarte iacksln nf hi y.stor >> on i dno't kow whre we' ay pling yet, butll we' beea rdy to in go twoee wks. y >>eou'ryi plangen dvernd a onpeytni manng.di d yveou einr th tk in sheerup ybowlouou wldpp oeos m.hi >> oh,w.wowe in live om the mnoent w. l we'lbe exd.cite nd >> axc etitemen is the op eerativ o arquksterbac whoe werthe rs fiert ov dallraftes choic in both manning and cam newton efacingach other.t buthis has all the palotenti an for tsougtandin b superowl hu eyd, h ,look,ho tugh ino kw i' m tghrowint ik baco t gayle, id dihear ofrn tidayhator n why aho' l donnelntwaso tbe in the ot joe can pin the sregamehow.go taod to lk to you. >> i-m eailed norah after the ogame t say doe wee nd t soend a diparamec to yourse hou th w sasgouch a od game.'r
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mu to usdiscs. k than you, kwe loord forwa to that. l >>ngooki forward to it. s >> u too. po ilicenor califrenia a g huntin dthreeusangero esescape.ea ah ad, howus sctpeedur m derer and twoer oth menut c theiray w of out aax mimumit secur yilja. bu t no an tuncer:pohis n rtio "ofcbs th misorngnisp" soond re byna
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io nate nwidn is oidyour se > >>ngpayie mor bforeing a wo man? h>> iate er whene gderri pcing may be us unual. e thnews isk bac oheresn cbon s "cb mthisngorni."n. althe w l-netpsmars oint fromwe igatht ws.cher mo our anst advanced pl ever. in jo f fornoree w
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dii .d it.. i .. hetake te' naturuns bor,ty hai sk nin and cailsgehallen. if r you,hairsk nin andonails doo't lk eamore b, utifulgiwe'll ve youur yoey mon back. d i an bi feelifeautul. t visisbnaturey.ount comr fos.detail th wing idiretsenik le teroaszed haanlnuts cod coa, e thcidelitaous ofste el nutla ke tancs pa takeswho a neole lew vel. a nutellad- spreap the hpy! erwe offomed w en aermysttyy beaume treatnt. mwhateiade th r mskindiore raant? ?!what wait!
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if c youffan't ayoord meur ondicati, tr asa azenecbemay e hel clook,lose hewertisr's ak m inggasueer fram carels, as clhasic ndrd ade oulicichsly ewy. th aatsmre so ooth,ndrich ay cream yo n'u wolit beeevth e ey'rr di erscovth wer er'sigor sinal fugarree. it es tak l af ot r tohiun tbus i but lyreale m i'heon te moval lol day
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
hi ts r.scootere chsear shows thaten wom paid re mon tha fmenoril simar od pr, ucts42%f othe time. haso wt ishi ts pmehenonon of ma emle/fale icpring?>> l, wel ndgeaser-bedri p cing s ha abeend rounas ahe pnonomen or f notor many aryes. r >>teeporodr: tdks mar for ns co rumertsepor b has een arresegchins thiue iss for ar yes. ou>> yon d'tli reazeow had b lyyo gu'rengettiip rped off or in beakg tenan advtage ofs a a
7:39 am
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7:40 am
t abou mthetarkend are the is -- 'twe donwh know o ispo resnsible for it.>> te reporhar: micenel coh is a e trad wlawyersho say o partf th lee probm is thext erats cos mefor woprn's tsoducke tac odn hefrom t .get-go ndhe fou w thatomen's ngclothi, s,shoelo and gvesen oft enter cothe y untrwith a hrighe rtimpox tathan. men e onex ample? s men'kesneaerrs weax ted at , 8.5%while women shoes at %.10>> itht mig5 be $ ttha youay p i thats extra t uoncle sam, but t byimhe te it hsit the tareil co and ,nsumert i could be ,10 12 , $13.>> or repndter: aen cohou ftnd i da bates ock tle at ast the mid 0018s whenen wom'sat hs and ov glese wer taxed ghhier.he , saysmaultitely,be will ns
7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> e,gayl i did hear on fyrida orthat nonah o'dannell w bts toe t inheoo bth with jim ntnaz.lo ok,he san c comeoi jnhe t pr e egam. show>> iai e-mledor nahft aer the tgameayo so d weee ndo t send a ra pac mediovero tou yr ushoe? stoday' "opeye aenert 8" ispr d esenteby enprudtial. >> i'mha cosrlie re withay gle ng ki n and oorahll'donne. sit i alo swom cmutes thi inmornteg afher tea ddly wndeeke zablizlord anghe tas et coast.e thmstor killed atea lst 32 pe pople, alowsreug strg glin to rcleatr stseen ias wn,hingto c. d.ou, abo t twf feet osnow th pereyzaralheed tre .gion spart of y neworky cit saw ne tarlyhree .feet lepeopnt speda sunyry ttoing cl ear carsnd a siwadelks. inwalkoug ar pndd rovee to ba al che.leng>> nd> a inth souernew n je,rsey co lasta finlood lgeftev seral to unwns derr.wateth ndousafs oeo p lpleost melo a tnghe s shoresay the
7:57 am
sandy. rr jeicho du.ncan he >> tseod florswatee hav raliteenlly ben frozen over ich f unks oice.ab anout r hou o south hferen i pe ca y,may theie expernced recor tihigh de. int, facwa it res mon tha half afo igot hthher itan wpeh surmrsto y.sand's itej d fa vuor m anymm cosunitie along the j newyerse or terod florswate w andinds ri ngvalier supm storyynd un pothded ase coert ovthe we d.eken ldand wi wood, a storm sgeur intoppreg thete fe cedarrits boa into sts,reet while 50 le mi-h-perwiour rndsdippe away si gns.>> re we' at lowe tid and youan c l stilhesee tat werha tt's tr d appehein trese aas.>> te reporr:d wiloo wdor may id saut abo 100pl peoree we tforcedo evteacua. >> f thethact heat ter wate cam
7:58 am
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7:59 am
erlice hbae in rnegat tusell ho hawer lls finay beento resred to on everye in this coy.mmunit >> ckjerihaa, tnk youo smuch. e on f weekromhe ta iow escaucus, theew cbs ns le batt tgrounderrackho sws ld donamp truk bacntin fro in e thte sta's gop ,raceng leadi % 39 to 34%. o marcisrubio thenl oy other ca e ndidatblin doue tsdigi. atour btleun grodck traer f indsrn beanie s odersntne poihe aad il of hlilary cn nton itheow ia atdemocric t.contestw mice asany vsoteray s in cl pton'ssolicie are re tialis c. > >>theor fmerta secrery of e statis cciritizing srsande sa sying the'sanhe ctedida who gecan t tshing .donesa snderle cald theli cnton gncampai dee.sperat i inowada sun hye hhtighliged pl his tano s lowernttude lnoa re intestat resnd a makeli pubc ll couieges tretion fe. >> w,noeo pple say, llwe,t' thas ni a ce ,idea santa aucls. lswhat eoue do y have to of fer?yo owu kn howe' wreng goi to pay r foit?
8:00 am
ec spioulatn. ononef thistu sff is ral.dicano fne o it is i pieen th sky. e th iissues nott tha im ang bei oto ise isueshe wtherr o note w ve ha thecoe.urag ithathas wist thpa camisign ou abt.>> theem draoctsl wilha sre the estagig tonht at ais televed wn to hall forum in desesmoin. >> e> th tcmahupor f s buperowl 50 s set t shetage for an epic nt cobeest ntweert quackerbas pe mytonnianng t andhe dr envebr coonois, gngth to beig geam r fo sthedecon tinime hr tee se s.asonma g nninheis tld o est ar quacterbok te tak a team to e thbosuper wl. 's he 39. whefaill ce cam nnewtond a the licarona hepantrs. thiss i hisst firer supl bow and co sendn i fseranchi y.histor s jamebrown willos hthe t super odbowl taday ahe of theig be gam s inanta clara, lica.fornia he joins usnc oe arogain fm nv deer. goj.b., od g.mornin thatas wh suc aat gre game. >> gayle. , >> yessir. y >>wou kno i love you very
8:01 am
anarlie d norah, i'm tacomforthble wi their tiquesons.m i'snervou with u.yo me let lniste to you first. goahead. >> o why dou yay s that? >>t thas ite qui a p,setu . mrowbrn.i' stm ju goingo tal tk to you ab -out- >>no, no, no.go ahead. >>j.stb., op talking. ini'm gog tok tal to you about o age,ld man. ewe hav pmaeyton nning who's 39 ye ars thmee's sothing derisconc ting 39that s i csionddere old. camto newn is 26.o whhas t eheredge heor, age ri expeence? yo uth or peex? rience >> you know what,ha tst ilw aaysa qu unie matchup.we ve'll ha w toait to see how p thatlaysou onm newt is a bright and in sh iyle,n ymlaan's rntus,e' hs in playucg on sh an usenthiciast, lejuvenime, i haan tt tiposive, hi angh, ed tht res ofis h team islo foliswing h lead. ewhen h h lostis topec rateiver to the p of the asseon,y man op pehole thaught tout wld be the doslide wn for that offense. e they'vbeen agnythin
8:02 am
on peytng manni's, hehe not t pe mytonngannid of ol finirms hyof psicalal tentut bs he' a br cereal letant. on as le g as h wplacenithi elhimshef, t ay haveno phel mena nsdefee. a tlof o pareople eli pul fngor d the oly,gu the old ershiff. >> t isn'this ate con bstenetwe e thnacarolien offse and denver ns defee? >>yes. ,>> hey lichare, give licarona'sfe de lnse aot ofdi cret as ,wellto o. p theywelay ll. d thatrenvese defen i ns boteinggi ouven encrgh .edit a theyplre simy g,amazin ch yarlie,es. >> ask tomadbry. t >>heyer wen o fire yedastery. j.>> b., ike lood at ,thiss thi wa fis the imrst te in tomad brrey's cater tha hepl cometedle n ss tha ohalfisf has psesnd ath mrewplultie icenternsptio ina game. thero bncos shut theri patots do eyn tht shu tdownanhe ps?ther avthey h teheli abity t,bu ai aghan, tart caolinen off ises ay pl lingsight out bauecse of cam ne.wtonan d to charlie rose's point, , lookthat d oefensef erdenv, th
8:03 am
lo att whaennew d glandid. theyer weti sllre the ien th cl g osinndseco ts ofhe ,game tevenhhoug traom b wdyasff o ncbalale alam ge long.yo gu'veoot t play a full 60 teminuais ag nstthem. i >>en thdi staum eryest day, 'tdidny thehi tnk theat psriot ul cossd po piblyullut it o at la the st cosend? asit whr tngilli toch wat ye dastery. w >> ihichs al reari tbute to th tre pa.iots usbecahee ty are aty dynas i ann a eresof dd ignedyparoth in e l. nfth adey h a shot, yes. myro pceduasr w sayingut b for at this mtrsed exa pointe by th tspatrioou, it cld have been a endiffert baamll gore f . sure ma>> shill tngs can make a big erdiff. ence>> abtesoluly. ch>> e,arlisn i'tha tt all the ca? an tad cerinly the guyth with e be st rexolod on the globe would haknow tt as llwe. i >>'min noticreg you' biased rd towat, smarea b s at thii table n come i'ic noted that wh re tygulari. >> no,no, no. i >>'m telling u,yo d ion't bl u,ame yo my .friender evy y daeti g tohe come re andt sin betweethem.yo
8:04 am
okenvy, ay? >> chliare, ok iay,'m too dark toh,blus e.charli 'rif youein seeg n,greeha tt's sa ying insomethg. toyou eld m in paasaden thatou y havehe tat greb est jomein arica withor nah and . gale i >> do. >> you had theig bgesthe cese ti eanng gri on your . face am>> j esbrown, is cam newton bethe st qeruart ibacken th dleague o youk,thin datoy? y>>ouno kw ,what i'm t lowoay sso imebody s thestbe. m toy bradbehas laen p ayingt a hi evgh lel refover. ncamnewtos ihe t bterigh ssttar t ineahe l rgueight w.noto me ,re the'so n qiouestn, he heis t s let'e semhio d it over a odperiti of me.ri w,ght not wha aat gre story r fo this arye. el >> w lsaid, br other.>> a what at gre mega. ov>> le it. >> nk thayo u,am jes owbrn. t>> whaim to e dntyou war me fo e thhopresw? >> hey,ha wrteve time chris ch lillt aows you to ,comeou y'relc we ome.>>
8:05 am
y be mtooving swardom cing out. t >>thhat's we way leike it. t >> what'shat we k.thin ca an'ttl litewk asswardne bring -wco torkersrogethe to he tlphe team? th
8:06 am
da > >>w hoowsnve sholing c bane ha nrd or you dybo. at th 'sxtne. > >> wandoe g to usbr,sels he me et thhe motr of ans isi t convere for threpremie a of cbsnd ari oginals rtrepo. tthat's aonightt 5:00nd a 8: 00 fipacic. u' yoatre wg chin t"cbshis mo g.rnin" oraligins. e wd coul ihavel t al cabeyouse n'u caatt bero zert hea!burn t ahhhwehe saset tvite of ctory!
8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
swhy ihe tno sw so rdha? yo um seldo hearut aboeo pple shdying g ovelin. dirt t >>trhat's ue. rs fi at ofhell, te peoplha tt e arat riskre a aer ctain po tipulaon.os thare who er ove 55 sryedenta o whnohave kwnar corony h eartdi e seasskand ri orfacts. whatpe hapans is fe perctrm sto noof sovw shwheling ich cr inbleases oodss pre aure nd arhet rate. co the ld ttuemperawhres ich ns cot tric byourloodls vessend a ca can heuse t bloodbe to more k thic and prone tocl .otting that cannc ireaseri ti addion, using your asrms a mo fst o thee musclk wor iadnste of r you legs,pl peoeen td to st rain. c thatsean rai blood pr.essurewe av he am. rhythop pelle feeot medivat g toheet tjo eb don and they push h.throug a so tll ofheseac ftorsan c nt coteribu. w >> yhat do? ou do he>> t cre's a touplehings you ca n we warm cl,othinge pac ur
8:12 am
do at eat big ,meal smoke a re cigatte or drunk aollcoh be oufore yut go o and elshov. >> at 006:.m a. n>> younoever kw.>> ry t toac tekl thebl proem tt lile by ttlile. sso it' noth suc a hugee pilt a th d.e enpu hesh tw sno i onsteadfti lifng a itwnd knot wha it feels keli, kn owha wtht septymsom are sof i styou oart tl feehe cst ,pain sh s ortnesof eabrth, easwty, na , useayou wtoant geto teth sp hondital a see a. doctor s >> i t sherengomethipe scific ab e out thsnow slihoveng? myal initi rneactio isay mbe e thes wpeopleereik loiely gng h to aavert heatt aack soon yw anhaay, gd theyotten on the tr l eadmilnand ruck quily for nuten mites.ey th were popredis sed. >>s it'ibpossle. s it i ttha ctiombinaon of the ld coer weathyp and tf e o tyactivie you'rwidoing th thesh ovelingt tha tendso tai rse th . e risk i >> hf youomave seone inou yr wfamilyho is notn ire gat th heal. i>> agefas a ,ctor too. ge>> a is a orfact. >>
8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
weer h andis wife huma ee moviho sewcas here at ansundesce fl tivaarin pkit cy ma yav heet somo hing thdo wit e thhifact ts isio electnr yea an and sthony' wife huma is a top se advir to h cillary. linton r >>r:eporteoc the dryumenta is al oul abt mahu.wh peether omople co e ttsee i ort noreallyen depds how inun t e atheyore t theit polical race d anllhianary d huma pncreseen i f thatilm. >> te reporner: weidr saie h d woultnoen attdn a event usbecaeha wt if hryillaon clint vi aderses he hdn shoul't good. >> or reperter: p thapshe ra pas llel witharhilly? t >>hear plsallean c't be ig benored ecausy thetaare sring iat youhtn brig ghlits. >> rteeporher: t ferilmmaks sayey th t hopeheum doc sentaryhows vthersiewe theom c plexre iealityos behend t shaemineadles. >> f the iilms about m howuch r outipoliaycs tod is er ovdwhelmey b t sheimple ta specd cle anetyou gse to e ndthat aar we oke lorwing foard ei to barng a phet of t co
8:17 am
ep r worter:einer will be in ea th ttershis may. for cbsnews, john blneacksto, pa tyrk ci, . utah>> o noneug thot ht i twashis wwayhenhe tyta sedrtmi filng dothe ntcumeary.fe i elor f huma so mucht tha 's itg cominut o y. r >> onyat ae. tim ou>> yri're ght,archlie,ny a ti me. > >>ewher arehe tot htest ushog inrkmasetik ltoely bech 2 annel pdnews uate. m goodngornian thfok you hir watcnnng chael 'm 2. ii andargueva. ca a longl skiiot hotspoo may sn ve ha o a newthwner. ene currt ne owmors of seunt roah ski toey sarethey aki looo ng thesell t . resortth rte resoor's majneity owr,fr seitz bunsr, plat to puthe erpropn ty omathe . rket t moun oroseiafficayls ser bus s feels it irithe tight o me t ll sepe, eslycialh witlathe st on seas s beingfuuccessl...sp
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
s his work i nabout aothingshe is the anasti-fhion fas hion y guand i, for one,ik l youon crsiders youelf a ?genius i >> g'm notooing t say i'm a ge nius.y mai?et pre ty suri'm a usgeni. t>> wha washe tin sem maltomen th eat mad you thean wt to be a si de?gner>> ea the ytr thabu g'sny bun me caou i hiid wovch mmie aoi i gng to e? se t i goeto mak a ondecisi, n!maic whe h moviouare yng goi to e,
8:21 am
>> no tiqueson. >> is that ro the pitblem wh the riworld w,ght no huh? ha>> t wt ishat i did for my fo verty-sefin benestt iller. >> ali c fpromhe t upngcomi vi moe "zerooland2. "e arnyou iat th? n >>o,t jus a website promo. ho >> s hws heas a leifut oside ofcb "ths oris m."ning >> witervie ng thegndesier. >> a play byon dtari and pdlaye tuby "sard nayivight lee" kyl mo ove miens opeeb fruary 12th. hi likeows he waki talong t you ng sayide, du? ewelcom to "thcbs oris m."ningth alis hurf ho, uninlockg the cr seofets l reataeste. owzilleo's cnc speer scraoff is in re our genm roo and howin livg tnear arader jose'il wlel hp th oe salef your home. > >>ssbusine getsrspe.onal me sopa comnies areng setti up in blted daths wihein tffir oicesbe
8:22 am
thhow tre syateg can help ra stmangers kehe tirkp worlace at's at th's adhe. > >> sallmala pnede landn o a wahighdy aner latk too off from th ee sam ese c wsnaasea hded from west lm pach bea k toeyes wt on sdauny when it hadng eine thope peerle w oen d.boar neno o was hu.rt ptheilotoo tk off again by ms hi lelf,ngetti t hiswori fdsen e drivback. dhe sai heid dn'tan wto tpt tem fa te. "u odsa treay" sport on ehtig semuumke worrs in egyptac fing asc diryiplinafo area mar dage ingng kis tut' are be kd wasnockedff o the maskac bk in 2014nd a then they ed us epoxylu g e torechatta it d anledo t more da.mage e thrt atifac is 344ea yrs d.ol > >>is htory wasad me foren wom ac
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
n certai opartsthf nte coury are ar roaning rd othe parts are muchow sler. asit's bwhed on sat ipe hapning he in t j localob e.climat >> wheres iiteo rerganiz?oaring p >>f arts ondutah aen d avernd l.a. andew n yorknd a pslace er whche te jobro gswth i strong or oc the lnoal ecosmy i . strong ou >> y have aew ner chapt in yourbook. de g pendin on theonlocati,ou y sayra tjoder e's andho wlesale od fos kemaifs a dncfereige b . time t >>the las 17 years,om he va plues u 17% year over year. s homenearrb staucksp ubo aut 10 r0% ove that 17pe-year riod bu tes homr nea whole foodsr o er trad's foods is up more. th seyy ay thereare gat at pi locking s.cationye bu drs can braftdehinap n the in lecredibes rearch thatr trade anjoe's dho wlelesads foo . do t >> whaoudid y find outhe t rr con elationbetweeic polits and me hor?owne
8:27 am
capolitinslly coveervati. tabou %40 ofwn homeoscers deribeth em se themslves a ercons.vative ohomeshwnerenip tdso toccur te laifr in l oe andeonce pple ffare aluent. e thosre aem dphograictt asributean d conorrespd with ns cotiervasm.mi alllennis doll stian wto t buy me hos. i ftlrequen iy seenhe ted mia at thnn milleials't won buy me hot's, thasot ntr ue.ll ziesow's r searchay mi alllenni ts haveonraditial abviews meout hoer own bshiput wa dont to itat ler in .life w ithaill ippenirn the 30s, not20 s. hy >> w do ie comtolo zil two f lookt?or wha k >> loomefor hor s fo,sale ho rmes fo t renturo figute o ouwhat y ir home wsorth and zi oullow yr home andlo zil ywour nd frie's o homer your boss's . home o >> tw see hohemuch te ir hom is worth?>>
8:28 am
lea littf bit oeu voyrismut b ou series hom buyers shopor f ho dmes an f shopor an t.agena mpvery i portantiecef o fo inn rmationow is rgsatinnd a re s viewl of rea estatetsagen. ulyou wouydn't bhi sometng on , amazonouyou w bldn't uy th someing on.tioni wasse raid in a home- - s>> it' quiet.wh arere chlie is now.>> i r wasaised in a house sa yyinghoou swauld aln,ys ow y save ournemoy, saver you y,mone't don rent. ouhave y a wholeer chaptin sayg ng owni f isn't orevyberod y. t'>> ires mopl com texhanur o s parentolever td us.yi bunong is r t foyoever ne. >> e?becaus >>pe it dew nds hooulong y're in goe g to b hin the ome. if i told you'r youey onl in a me hoon six mths you wouldw kno ouyou sht ld renand a homen i 50ye uars yow knoou yd shoul a r ossoveyopoint ouu sh nldo lo annger wt to rents and youou sh.ld buyna detionwi that is y twof ears i u' yoa re in homer two o more ye
8:29 am
g biio regnal endifferces. n inkew yor the crsoosventr poi iv is fe aryes. an in seg dio, loss,angele san cifrant'sco, iuts abo three to eafive yrs. inbut de itroit,t'ses ls than aye ar. i soron detit itos almr t neve semakes tonse t. renyo llu reayug oo ht tbebuy cause v homearalues e soh muc eachper. s >>vetory or theke weeh nd wit ns ma sionselorling f am drlyaticaled reducs. price h >>luome vacees in prtainarts cof theryount ingncludi ditetro g haveotn te-- w >> ghat is areatoubout yroo bkit l haseittlge nugtsn i itwh pich isblrobahay wte you'rge totting . nk>> tha you. >> e i lov the s.nugget >> n wheist bes time tsto li h yourf ouse iwayou sent to ll ? it>> li selng a h lome isinike gog to artpay. do shn't pow uoo tly earhe w nn oon hee is t arend not too late en whon everygoe is te bestimeo t list youre hom is lateh.marc if now e you'rin ame warr part heof tnt couery lik the so t,utheas a it'se littltbi rlear iesoar elyo t mid mah.rcin de a colarr pte of thnt coury ke li thehe nortouast, y wanto t u waitprntil a il tolist.>> thehe weatr. t'>> is heweatter-rela ad butlso heonce tti lisngs comee onlin
8:30 am
outhen y want to .list h itnas bee anchged.zi ndllow a otherit sesho swow h s longngomethiee has bhen on t m on yarketonou d't- - z >> willow fillind ace plan i cu ba?>> y notet. rt unfoatun nely,.ot yet st juth in .se u. for now. >> youay s after march mas?dnes>> rr coect. bethe imst te to list. > >>the paacperbkti edionf o il "zlowk talitrewrthing lee rus of roweatal este"s goe one sal mo to. rrow>> i> here tnoronto ,on co erworkins behd mere aei bng se ot upinn bls d date tandheir ss bos say g it'soodor f ssbusine.m i'madercon. morga sthat itorymis cop ng us on "cb
8:31 am
>> >> i> here s aonquesti. d wouloyou g onnd a bli date thwi c ar?oworkema ybe.a dy stuwe shodmp eloyees onrelatiitship wh wocorkers ra rsnks fi at whenskedha wt ke maems thl feect conne ed toth b.eir joon mpe coisany tgakindv ageanta oft tha to make some eyemploes haiernd a more momarco horgan sws usff oice at sttes tha are sytrictl of pralession . here ep>> rr:orteof intertafice s
8:32 am
ur encoageut b oneou accnting mp cottany se iing up ts oy emplees. r >>teeporerr: he esat frhbook a nt torod o-baseunacco tingfirm, acworkplsfe sati hactionn as beeta n ke aon wleho new velel. with awi grongor wkce forf o er ov 250,he tsere fshoo bkers ph eme asizticreathve nginki. ey thng briir thes pet to work. d,stante insfad o noand ow g onli bnd datesit wh th eir wocorkers. h >>ey, !marcus kei li toee mtry eveoneha tt s showd,up an as aom cpany ewgr, ti i nocedt thae mor and more op pen'le did et know achr'othe s s nameanyso more ug i thotht thas waycrazau becse i love this, ke li, t-tigh cknitniommuty and wa tntedeeo kp that up. b >> dlindinate w thelaorkp ce wthisouas yr ?idea>> h. yea th i t ought of ihsmont ago. r >>r:eporteag maner maryce gra anotoniau ldnche a programas lt su . mmer a >> o lotalf tking andot a l of uncommioicatinn go.g on tisomeitmes ot's n -- with
8:33 am
atand that is wh kind ofs i -- tr tyinggeo eot pple who would ne rever orally wh k witthis kdin t ofeam sot jus meet. >> te reporr: and ist' sytrictl -rworkedelat and noter psonal ma otchupsesr dat o madefut o this? o,>> n a nott 's it t getoic note oppele. r >>teeporor: son ant bioegan plinayg tcmarh-make first by vaskingeroluntehos w weerhe tn d groupeertogeth s and oentn luh ncofor ctefee das. re>> theeo is pple from a ll erdiffent medepartatnts thig sn up. yoeverrone fkem, li,pl peoe who s justndtart a even evexecutis si pgn u t forlihese b dndates an yd i tr to mixnd aat mch pe ople w whon'ouldsut ually be inworkgeg to. ther>> or repter: tmehat toans p l leveivexecutoues ce ld b dmatche withew n hlyired cgeollegr ads.uate e thy companikceo mecd mermott ys sa it's a work culture nt ceroered anund fu and no inonvati. e >> wevbelilte cu iures st , rategyright? vi haplng peoece conn ft witholksey th n don'tsaecesrily wwiork thhe tolps ne con tctiehe tso t
8:34 am
s idea and itinformaon owfling. >> or rep tter: uells about the olcori sto'res youeet groting fm es thd e blin dates. w>> two aent onli bnd datend a atheyh re botrgin chae of ng hirie peopl so they ended up sc di aussingf lot oendiffert od meth ts thathey use toss aess ta . lent r >>teeporurr: douing vir sit, afi e nancgemanamer nadar mwacus spa uiredthp wi sonhann a newly re hidop chtyrig ber andoth insitt og atitpposide sf es othenc coept l mightkeook lil a rea blind utdate bhe tpl peoee wke spo th wi saisd it' all nebusiss.>> ot gut abo .12>> oh, wow. r >>teeport r: aenthe td ofheir te da, wehe ccked inse to we ho it we.nt , guys ti gotko chec on you. is how in it go g sofar?at whu do yok?thin on be hest. wa>> it ssn't ard awkwas a i pe ex actedtnd tha is omawese. ki thins i r deallyid holdy m it ineaial idou it wldnc eompass al fl o ourom cpanyue vals and i th think dat hel . true ep>> r aorter: sntoniohaaid tt itdespsee tho first date erjitt ps, the hrogramnas bee a n win/wiforry eveone voinlved. >> tuac tally,he fouirst rend w osentut a surveyse to e how
8:35 am
le peopho w j soined taidhey liked it.>> te repor r: anyganetives? om >> s tetimeselhey ftwk award ot but r he thanthat. r >>r:eportea like real?date>> a like realst fir ,date yeah. r >>r:eporte thend bli date raprogsm hass succe at fresh bo oks. osthe ce u tells he is ready t oro thelw hims tf intoheat ding oy emplblees a daind itte w h th eir boss.>> w thatould be kwaward!>> very arawkwd. >> kwaward! he on tof face it,ho t ugh, ith 'sink itoo a gd idea. sti ju metom s rebodyyecentl at a cbsndd sai l howongav hu e yo h beenere?ey th f said,moour .nths you go,we e.lcomit d's goo to .knowth i tinkonhat t tha- - for thatal thone i aink is goodid ea. e >>iaspeclleny wh w you workitha t loeoof pple.we wi work usth thoands of le peop. y >>es. s >>imometnees we gever t a cechanme to the >> is this in theam se forums a lepeoph witffopen ondices a speopleh ee eacothernd a notgo ing onva ele atorsnd stuff li t?ke tha >>ex actly.>> goet t knowou yr cosworker ina annew din excitgwa y. y >> thenoare tncnc engouragi ma ronce.
8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:43 am
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