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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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,"enerwo your rld in 90 ndsecos. > >>evi belithe i'm ete bte rpe trsono be theoc demratic mi no nee. e >> w bneedold anchges, a li poltica voreonluti. >> oc demracat idndesatsh cla in wa io. >> a iowot versti caunon i just x si days, af war owordswe betendo runald ttemp of uzd cr co uentins. h >>ule cod runht rig nowor f pr imnie mistfer o ca.anadhe av'd h e noleprobm. >> h eacinmorng is reinteg.stin i l searnhiometewng nut abo se myrolf fmal dondve ery y.da he>> tas east cottr sinugglg to re r cove tfromhe izbl. zard f >>tlighce can aledll ascros the trcouny. hi>> thes is t i most'veve er en se. n >>erew jsey gnooverisr chr stchrisie iad wingnt io nt coy.rovers >> an you wt meo t gon dow there with a mop. > >>eainstdf o an itmndicent ns againet planntd pare, hood thepe hoople wth made eid v aeosre fa eacing yrs in onpris. th e nhmafount rer the ex eltremngy daserou if calornia connuties this inmorng. > >>l we feeaythey m beed embded ersomewhe hein tmu com.nity >> thees ridentsf ohi ts ap
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fo cali orniaedrder tova ecuate as hi ts kecliff lleps faining to eathe ocn. >> theil wdestaf -- a ter tyguil rd veict. >>t' thasd roaag re in the lemidda of etstre in tfyesti te x. maone men arthd witi a seck b twiththhe oneer o aeb basall bat. heneitrio ser uslyrthu. >> aep dutny ihi oovi surved is th sintunng cr ash. t >>rahe titin hhe tck tru and s higoarm aut cghtn ithe wheel. ll>> at thate matrs.>> e i'v rtlecend y hathe iv pre ilegerto p.form > >>iea rlolly imve h. ahe's g dreatog. nti wa to get me onef o those.>> cb "iss thor m."ning >> e > aryolu al eitxcored f the pe suwlr bo? yet y >> m culongrat tationso both e thrspanthe and cobrons.ji utmmy, pe up thnt coudown cl
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th is mog'rnins "eye enoper" is pntresey ed btatoyot', les go ac ples. we lcome to "iscbs th g.mornin" f many o cyou innialiforila wl jo enery temp iaturesn the0s 6 y.todat bu omuchhef tas ets iti sll edburier aft theas msive bl rdizza. nthis iasamageho s hwsoww sno co verste sta fsmrorg geoiao t ma afine thter edl deay and updisr wtiver intestorm. t >> a least 45th deas ss and 11 hs deatc. in d. arela bonmed he t r.weathesc rehools mainlo cdse in d.c., gtwashinndon ala cis vane leavn is igtwashinonwh e ere thl federamegovernsnt i os cl aed ford secony.da gchris,moood g.rnin g >>moood g.rninfr ioustratron is gnwing o roads ke li gris is reant st et in gtwashinon. e it'salssentizely fronn i meti. eiin nrighboorng nnther vi iargin,nl oybo aut %60 ofhe t bd suioivisavns h peblassae s.road fi ofscialos acrs theio regen ar as
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ting, askist emto omay hepe topleayo ste hom heif tn,y ca stayff ohe t roads t ascohey uentin toug strgle to upclean o allfhi ts snow.>> sh> waoningtc., d. isst liruggo ng tbaget o ck t tarlyeewo f otfno sw fell ov heer tnd weeke b androught theti naapon's coital t a an stlldsti. w >>e'reiz finaling the pe pak rworilthat wl u allows to y applrfoas disaster ansist ce om fra. fem>> ' metor wked ovmeerti g tolmet aalost lhe t cmuomter tr acains by k up borthis m.ning iamtrak rsngunnih wited r ucedse e.rvic t >>ishis j aoint team rteffo. >> theridistct'sir dr ectoof em ncergenay mantgemes say all th re majo r ioadsoun and t of avd.c. hene be reclead. s >> i mthereoreha ttd shoul b haveneeen doer hee in th ridistct. h >> tere intrhe dis kict wenow coour ionditndns aha wt our ro adwa lysdookee likwhand at lit'sfoike r ourid res aentsnd il ch odrenheut twere, 'reak ming bethe ecst dn isiowean c ckma. >> or rep ster:siome de ststree n'haveent sepl a ,own eveor me an
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op stped. s douglahumeov med to d.c.m fro noh rtlicarona hours a tfterhe m stortestardda friy afooternn.wh oat d t youhinkf o allhi ts sn ow? >> s thiisef delinitey th most ei've svereen at nd mosvei' d everitealt wh.n' dot have a gym mrsembehip yet. s guesgli'm 'mad iet gting a ouworkt. >> or rep ster:reome ntsidee s ar erconcthned ace p oef the di ctstri'sno sw varemospl reonse hacould ve droangeus ns conceque e. w >>dohat t you ahink tbouthe fa tcthat t'shere threet fee of ow snur on yot. stree an>> if ul amb oanceirr f terucked need to g et,upsn doe'tk loo li y'ke thereet gtingn i here im anyte . soon ep>> rr:orteth with rae fede l rngove cmentd,losere the a are oflot pe eoplthat areta sying ho ndme ayi staffng o t heroads. mm cos uterarein f idingowt sl g goinreas thell's stiot a l of utsnow o. theresc s hoolare oscled,e somay m enopom torrow. he otours ce ld bedclos r theest heof tk. weew noc.d. is gettingp hel froms a
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frme in iaom indhena to lp. a >>o lot t worry aboute.theran thu,k yo kris. p tsocke ofew nk yor are il stlav hing aou tghe tim di g gginfrout heom tzz bliard.a as msivera t jfficam clerippd gu laa ardiuein qens. itne tured thir a aport nd ane igarby hhway into aki parng t. lo gdavid,rnood moing.>> or rep gter:ood mog.rnin ouit ct ldn' scomeoon ghenou. 's itn beeethres dayin s tcehe bl rdizza t andithe cy has na fillyte got and rounto cl ngeanie somth of etr seets in qu weens aheret lmosil2 m lionpe ivople le. f in oront tfhis busssine, er worz areve shoutling o snow soth ey can t get wheorkck trus outof e her g and betoack t bu sssine r,ouebinnd ag tfterhis bl rdizza b hassleen ow. ok lowh at hatneappe od atf ne o e thorairpn ts iyonew rk. 'v>> ivee neeer snny agthinik le is th atua lag rdiaait,rpor ndhudsre of pngasse wersere uc st nk atyoew rk's lrdagua ia la htst ckidloraed tffican strdede sompe foplepor u toiv fe s.hour n >>ngothi is vimong.
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r >>teeporr: lrdaguaasia w one heof tpo airharts t rdes bhity th weis d'eken szabliz.rd moreha tn 1,500 ftslighe hav been cleancedce sin tusa,rday cr ngeati a ckbalog.on aymond, aas msivenf ilux of tr eravelrys ttoing ve lea town or b getacko intt iur tned tr iavelnto urtorte. y >>eeou spl peoe with ggluage, st juki walutng of o lrdaguaia. hi>> tss i azcry.>> or rep lter:haisa wod t htflige s shwasin tryg toak te asfrom n bhville tacko newyork,th bo ine fallyot g backth to e ty ci. pl>> peoare tte get ing ouof ei thr cars andki walng tghhrou thew. snoev heen wen th popee camt i wa tsn'that r >>teeporhir: wosle mt of new r yorkerecovedck quiroly fm the rdrecoak-breing storm,eo pinple qu aeenstire sllng diggiut o th oris mning. -y 22olear-dat k hrinaaias wted e thre tdayseto g herar c outf o
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buyou r city too d? this f >> osecour. i was re th oe feetnof sw ando n one has meco. >> or rep mter:ayoril bl de bl sasioays t'sherell stie mor rk wo to come. f >> i li'moniving o onef those , blocks gi'm toingo be seupt. ti wantmyo get block reclead. >> te reporwer: we htre rige her 24 ou hrs ago. u yodncoulve't drith down e .streete thascity hly finaled clean it. heas teay clstn the reet,t i te creaess a mnds arou the hi vehacles tstt are uck.>> nk thaavs, rene pntside cialdaandites aicampg gninioin twa,he uc ca ausesixre s dfrays om now. raecentl pol ofa iow dtsemocra ndfila hilliry c wnton aith x- silepoint rad ovee bernisa nders. o we gtoes dne moiwhs e erthe nd caatidryes t toin w over ci unded dersvote last a nightt ato alwn nay , cordestells ut' whas ongoing . >> te repor dr: thetiemocraec rac
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ide canderates weit lerally tr o ying tffpick oh eacheotr's su tepporerrs aftt than towl hal last t.nighth ntat meag takinue qnsstio fromea chheotsr' orsupp,ters es qus tion wthatsoere memeti s unorcomfe.tabl>> i'mry tg intoin w her vo. te r >>teeporf r: iasit wcln't ear fo beitre, is l >>eet mel hp you up rehe.>> or rep eter:otvery voue cnts in >>whhat's hoy i oupe y 'll ns recoider. r >>epor mter:ostdi cansdate pr edomis t notose rai xetas. ersandros pd misethe poop. site e >> w rwill taise.axes wyes,e will.>> or rep hter:ide sa the pr dsoceeld wou pay for fere publicllco uege,itniversy al hee th carandte betr in ucfrastrture.>> e peoplt wantori cticize me.wi i e ll takon the o greedf co erporatca ameri andhe ted gre of st wall ndreet aht fig to ec prot mt theiddle class. or>> repeter: ham hdmereon clint a ong lonis lft oss iues on h whicheai sd he hadho swn be jutter ntdgme.>> la hilliry cntoned vot t forhe
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ugi foht astgain redetigulaon. diwhy td i takela hilliry c nton such ag lone tim beeforhe sam cein to oitpposiono t the koneyste pi nepeli. ep>> rr:ortent cliacon fed apperhshe tgh touestud aeienc tiques fons aromng youde sanrs sur.orte 'v>> ierd hearo fmte qui aew f pe opley m ageha tthe tthy ink reyou'ho dis.nest lii'd oke tr hearo fm u,yohy w ou do y thinkhe tnt eashusim is thn't ere. i >>u'f yoewre n to pocslitif, i heit's tir fimst te you've al reaily pd atiotentoun, yo g my oh, h, gos a look atll of . this d an hyou taveo say to yolfurse, y wheyare thow thringll a of ? that i'well, elll tul yo y.wh ca bei'use eeve bn on the front ne lis of change andgr proess nc si we i yasour age. ha i eeve bnht figtoing give ds ki w andndomen a thee peopl wh aore leftut o andef lt behind an a choce te mak theos moft out owtheir ven lis. r >>teeporntr: clidon sai she
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probident s ama'ntrece en commutts abohi her wanch my w saas an ilnforma nders lseave theta shite ts rn afte coon ton ampaigin otminnesa but he'svi leangom se 60y thrally e troops.n bey,& jerr s,yet tha ben and rr jeomy fr his home o statef ve rmont. g >> it'uess is the ice cream d ben anrrjey. y>>avou he to love the unchky nk moey. wi knowu'hat yoreal tking ab yoank u.> >> tdonalditrump wh aar nrow julead, pst twooints ahead of re anpublic t rivaled cruz. o marco rubinis i thirde.placar nely of40% ot vser inhi ts ll pohe say tyld couti sllng chae r thei.mindma gjor,moood g.rnin>> d goomog.rnindo tnald irumpsss ealentilyie td iheren waio. 's hel welad ahe in h newhiampsrean oud sarth ca olinhwhic m aeans ct viheory oure clde maktrsump' ce onro impebabl borid f the pu reanblicin nomn atio hvery ard to.stop
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ple es likthis,in urgg rural nsiowasc to nirutize trsump' re . cord o>> se' wreet gtingow d nnow to cr tunchime. ithisuns crtich me,t?righ w >> ie'reen thin fal rispnt, 17 ur2 hos.>> or rep tter: mhat duchd onalum trd p ancrted gruz o>> wow. ep>> rteorr:pa camngigni inew n mp hae shirptrumrg u edsu teppormars, f ny othem newly gaend gehein tit pol ical oc pr tess,cuo fo vs ong.otin>> h youtoave ng briho it ri t? h wetoave e hav a ndmaate.we e hav to do well.we e havo tgetig b ernumbs.>> ru febary 9th. ouget ndt a vote! r >>teeporher: t gop frt-onerrunno alsedrailin agasthi ps to oenppont,ed tru cz, edback byor me riaelble ca usucergos. e'>> hrvs neous. hohe suld be. r >>teeporolr: r tlingghhrou ts hihi of res gtatesz cru at s.tack h >>fre's caom .nada d hetidn'or rephat tt heas h lo frans dmom gol ans.sach
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wa rtadveg,isinz cruir fed ba itck w nh aewom crcmelia tt hi tingrump onn aue iss sthiicor vallyoital t waio's ci soal erconss,vative ab.ortion >> i'm chpro-oice. or>> rep iter:n iowa,ru cz is aicl amingan mtle of unogderd, br dianrung tnmp a elistabntshme indarlneg, o gopow per brsroke ar yie trong t rntu. t >> irumpoms s teonehey can work.withtr wiump utll c aea dl and edxpango mevernnt ensp,dingan exped th de bt. >> or rep tter: wrumpho eq frlyuenteb cels ratehioos bk "t ohe artef th deal" said nd moay cruz's inilflexibity d woul hdoomis enagda. l >>ook, at a cinerta pointou y ve hake to ma aldes.we h can'tave auy g whos stand t onheid mdle of the senate oo flndr ave eryer othat senor in thsks he' ack wha job. or>> repn ter: oaythursd, pu res blicanarwill pteticipa in r theil finaseteleviefd bore thewa io maump t y norebe the. the'stehreaning a bttoyco if kemegyn rtlly paesicipat.x foisn'tki dowra
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he in a cow barn,'v i neever c feltr loseheto tti parrcula pa f rt othisco boyttig campan te debaor sty. go>> we itt . >> , yes we d.di l >> welsaid, r.majoth ank you so chmu.> >> twotianio-abortn aivct ists e arngfaciel fony itmndic ientsnco tinneciton wh an uconderver in igvestn atiolaof p nned ntpare.hood ei thr stlecreyeb rd_rdeid veos gealle sdlydhowela p nned ntpare phoodtirofirong fhem t sa fle oal fet sstiue. fothe eotagro pdmpten a ryoutc an d aou hstonnd gray jur iginvestn.atio e th panel cleareded plann nt pare ahoodndnd ithicted e vi actists.s cbegnews leral expkkt ri i ma klieern is he.go mood rning. d>> goo g.mornin >>ve we' all been fngollowi this case. ne planred paodnthoee has b n d accuseegof illroally p fiting ffromisetal tsue. ye and tt whaoe ds thisnd gra ju ry ? do oe >> dxas ehectly tos opp ite of aswhat w ctexpeed. you have here a rcaepublin go , vernorrick perryri ollginay ap tepoinisd thtr disict to atthrney, tre distoict at rney
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going afternd anv igaestitingan plrened pa.nthoodst inheead, t grandjuwory, t hs mont, laterft aeron crisideng al tl ofhe idevence, cutomes o andic indts theeo pple whoer we th lie pro eofe pple w whoere the le peopoo who tvik the deos. so what do you h ave?do jury? 'v wed e hearthatre expssionut o in oncomm,t thas it' ara gnd hajury tyst sa we'reng goi our wa oy or dav you he a tfuhoughtl o- twh montstinven?igatio ut >> b thero prsecutowe said enpresl ted alvithe edenceo tth ane gr.d jury i thists wha theyam ce up with. d why ditheyic indhet tse two vi indiwhduals ado mese the devi. os t >> whadidy theic indemt th for? t >> ihahink tt the c ahargesre in whav you h te arewo ,people rt palyicular davidde gli hnas g beenftoing aerla pnned nt pareorhood f s.yearhe
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coeague,a sandricmerrk, who wh heat ty do angccordi to texas w, la's let rememthber sis i xa tes law,'s there l aawd calle intamper tg witherhe govnment co rerd.wh heat's trd reco? wh hat youreave he a is fake o i.d.f ae fakpa comtny thas goein and gets ceacss.'s hels ando iicted a for sd mir.emeano b >> iutshe tre anti excepon for na jour lists? h >>e saysre the is. d >>s oeeth law sayhe tre is? >> aw the lay may sre the is.we knowrn jou halistsenave be able too gn ier und r.covewe o alsw kno thereav heee bn vi ciuil s atsgainst josturnalis.hi nss defee is, look, i used my fi enrst amt dmenright. sti'm jue lika josturnali. >>nt ingerestiur tfn o events. d >> i kon'tannow you jtsrnalis th fat used.ake i.s. t>>vehey ha i gonenh wit hiddenme caras. nk>> tha you. > >>e'thers a dmarac tiwne g warninthabout ere danged pos by o onef theap escees in a so rnutheor califilnia ja k.breaar
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isduote as ngsayi,he tyet l alhannibr lecteout. g wetho to oerangeou cnty l centraitjail wh newes charg asth at mntanhuen intessifi. mgoodngorni. oo>> grnd moing. l alethre a menreow nin facg lfederaon feluny cot c, harges r fopiescasong prin. orauths itiee believs there'a an chthce in ea areand are ns co aideredrmed and daoungers.we do wanto tn waryou,om sofe e thalmaterie you'r tgoingoee s ra is g.phic w >>owe kneb somouody ttrehe s knowmesog.thin t >>rahe o cngeyountri sheff's de mepartepnt rdleateysk aed the icpubl h forndelp moay. ensend st a mgeessa teo th et visenamemu comtyni. is>> it re ext imelytamporornt f o them t oreach ut tous, let us w know thererehey' at. 'r theye elyxtreme a armednd ng da erous. ye>> 20-ar-oldon jathan tieu is li
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c isduong ls ao etexpec d to anhave g.g ties -y 37d ear-olyenari ised accus ofki pidnapndng a rttoure. in2012 ,heng aloh witn a ac fi. h >>eou predh bleacll ave or him andth in nde e he cut henis pis of f. >> s i' >> eo po ple wh iliveen th mm coy unit tnearhel jaire a htfrig. ened>> th if peese aople trehat d,ba w hoddihe t oy getut of ilja? h >>e'snc iyredibl olvi ent. ra>> o cngeyountro ptosecur at hebrher owns say nariya's l triaetis s for next ntmoh. t>> ahesctha thet om cedmitt e arot nhingho srt of abdialolic. l to hose timohi tst ahe tas l t teminu is unibfallle. >> theye werei bng heldn i a wcellith 60th oer ins.mateth eynt eered the ilbuding's um plbing tuelnn s.>>
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ey th usednd aow hhe toby edtain th ose to ols.>> n i'meaot rody t dssiscut wha wtheyatere ts >> theyep relledn dowea nrly lofive forssi ung a kemashift adrope me of linens. he >> td y coul fnowace up to 15 ar yes in jail forse tho new fe lony tscoun. st inveorigatlls tehe us ty are tr now o ying t ofigurey ut thego tt theools w andhtho mig have ed help them.ju ost t y,clarif a they slsoay no one fmrohe tire offic has been seduspend or put on e.leav nk>> tha you.>> > mcdsonald' isas t tingcc suceess onin aga.ea ah md, theimost anportalt me t ofhe dayed savhe tny compa lufrom smping sales.we
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>> nc annouiser: thio natnal atwereher rtpopo sornsed by to .yota t' le ps gos.lace he fer li was serhattedy b e thspariro terr ats.tack
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mylve ro ps bleminy m ,life wa alys. i't can solve this oneau becse thece pies arema perlynent nego.>> d,ahea an acamerinvi survor sh aares marelerkabry stot tha in esclud herfr'siend -slifegavin saiccrife. t >>he nsews i bkac in the mo rirning reght hen o"chibs t s rn mo"ing. y'hershenis miesatur. pwe'our !em aswe ps em' ! pwe'ick !em cidelifuous r n
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. e adtr ae isboll aut inseizpog opitrtuny. 'so igom ting toakthe is poopitrtuntoy of go rif sc iwaf i gonna je to rseyd ank checshout otsyeltuccerli'rts poo,foli wh s at'yoit to u? i orm 'ota sc mtish asonos whase asets mre ade sof ltonee ikmert hea . !papa u' yoo re nofson mine! porhaerps it' s timeeito s dze theay. do n'jut ost seetuppor,nity izseite !(a e)pplaus so "tng: s hat'"life ng soha: "tlit's "fe : songt'"thafes li" fe" th lat's ife.
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an yd iftiou seell nlpd he riloweoung yoor blgad sur... hi...t js isarandice. on althg wit dieerand excise, rd jawoiance ourks ar cnd thelock owto lloer bugod s iartsn adul th wi2 type esdiabet. w it borkslpy heuring yo body rto getsoid of thme of gae suoer it d nsn'teed ro thinugh urn.atio c thisp an helloyou werd bloogasud r anc.a1 aland ghthous it' notwefor lightoss ow or lsyering stolicprblood reessu, ia jardulnce colpd heh witboth. ja iarde ncn cae causrisesious efde s fectudincldeing athydrion. mthisauay couse y f toeezzl diy, fa orint ht lig,headed w orupeak taon sg.ndin siother ecde effts are l genitat yeasfeinct,ions ar urint y tracfeinnsctio, ch geanris in u, nation dn kibley proems,an ead incrd sed baescholl.tero n doe ot takncjardiayoe if e u ariaon dlysis ore havresevene kidoby prlems. op stin takrdg jae ianc and ycalldoour rctor aightway ouif ye havtosymp omsanf rg allectic reaion. tosympayms mlu incrade swsh, ngelli, diand ulfficrety bngathi s orowwalling. ki taarng jcedianh witsua yllfon oureasur inlin ma usy caw e lod bloor.suga ll ter youordoctut abol almethe nediciu s yotake ifand ou yav hane ydimel candcoioit.ns
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an fod der iltas, si viiat s there'sta beory thindsihe lver p oflahilpdea hieacrchm .eese lwit abeays wginsfrith esh,l locamilkbl d ende rwithea wl,soholecrme eam. ingofrg h esomfrhe tfa trmouo frr geid j insiust ysx da. iwhenmet co s toh fressttae, nog thin telses astephlike ilphadelia. we ug bro hht youdaere totoy ou get ystr honeon opini t abouewthis n car. eeto kgsp thinia unb sed, r we aemovedllog the los. lifeels mwke a b. re s mind lme a ittleofbit ik le aud so c, thisppar su aorts cpple.arplay opsiri, en maps. sh me getsw.e. wo ls it ateo has dren eciver tolhnogy. e itmuven thtes o e radi untilsethe tsat beluc are bkled. vei'm urry c wiousithat is. is the is thhe2016 calvy mibu. itand f sellsor? tait satrts nt tweo y-tw.five
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w ohow. an i meal with tl thisogechnol aat'se gamr.change ho yw doatou elt hea,hier wh yoile u y enjolife loand eise wght? no u w yodocan al it thl wion mpe silale pn. althe w l-netpsmars oint fromwe ig whtchaters. mo our anst advanced pl ever. in jo f fornoree w
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
od gong morni! , jeff uegood torsday mo ning te you, wwi pll seetoartly tl mosnny suy ie sky s todaigwith hr hs nea 50 o in ren45and s for t. lakeahoeth wi w lighta inds. arnice wming hetrend r ads ouwiway igth hhs t in 6he lowfr0s by thiday. en aro stteng winm r storinmoves to mo the s untaine for thd weeken eawith hrrvy sieowa sn andva slley phowerse,ossiblg makintr oavele ver th dpassesltifficuth
7:28 am
t epo rortve eryone de maut it o fesaly. >>t' thasha wtou y clal nboeighr inhelpg neorighb. ha>> t st'scaryng thihe wny the tcan'et gin . >> lc> we bomeack.
7:29 am
a ancamerirvn su oivere fhe t ri pas aksttac share aats wh haenedns iide the bat an cla co tncerl hal when aan mne oped re fiow and h f herriend saved her . life> >> mcdo'snald a,ha cnge for a turn ndarou.we 're at mcnadold'sit whhe wther ctheyanp kee one the anchge. >> >e tim tow shoneyou rows aund e the.glob id presament obsa sayn it ca cause pogsycholicalda unr thesi predent's etixecuve on actiil juveniles w ll no onger ut be p in soe,litairen mtal al heatth tre fmentor prsrisone ll wi bede expan adnd pnerisors wi ll onprislls wie hav . he>> tlly wi h notthave orem f
7:30 am
ea zikir vus iske lind to br daain imageabn bies. ethere were morn tha00 5 in the st lath mon al one. he"t diguaran"ts reporn o a hbritisxp ewhlorer o besecom the t firs to die tgryino tscros the at iclant alone. as he w just 30il mesrt shof o come pgleatin a nearly00 30,0 mi rnle jou weyhen heal cledor f lp he. d heroied fman org e.failurin hisin fales mgesa hed sai .thisve i' runut of ohy psical i toughhi tss wa the saddest th ing.30 ms iles ibua lot yt whenou kthin howar fd he' come, it s seemelike h s waso oscle. >> you can onlygi imaowne hh muc hpaineas w in. >> edinde. > >>e "thlost. pouis-st sp di"atch rtseporha tt a ofpressor isha c wrgedhit as t saulkisnook talit wh you? ou>> yee ndo t get. out no>> , i t.don' ou>> yd nee to o getut.
7:31 am
allright. y, he who wantshe to lp me get is thor repterut o of here. >> is melsali cckal cdle forom se le musc to remove s atudent na jourlist. e th sschoolliays cck willee kp he br joor f now. a a nd "usy"toda says m orean th %20 ofme aricandu alts pay fo onr amaz prime. rtrepo o out mnondayou fnd that th ine onle rretaileas h 54 iomillen primsc sub iribersn the s.u. m thateaeans n hrlyalf of the am aneric olhousehds have access us becaebe memrships o areften ed shar.>> t' thas azam ing. a annmerica womanhi ts rn moising ri shaerng h te yirrifccng a oountf nbeovemr'sta atincks is paror f the first .time nhelean jeil wson wasns ieid thet baala cnrt conce hasn whe the gunmento srmedn. ie sh swashot inot bh gsle.
7:32 am
fr her asiend wne o of the 89 im victeds kill. twoth monsat ler ebelizath erpalmke spo ofhe ta traumof si lohang tent e is in ndloon.iz elh,abetd goo rnmoing. d>> goo morning. ha i prd the eivilegf oee mting le heann jen i her enapartmt.r heis fcalnj is urie oaren the utmend b as you canee ser h em lotionaou wndser are vy h.fresno one in this hpyap kunrold ea dr tmhadha wt sndou ledikehe t eaesglf oea dthet malcu connssio s waua actlly greunfi. >> i heard the so, undspop, pop, popop, p.p, po >> didno you kw righty awawhat thatwas?>> o. n 'tdidn enve occur to me. r >>teeporelr: h jenaneso wiln wa sn i theat bnacla wither h ndfrie ,nickhe t hamercerndis, o whed immlyiateew thr her to the
7:33 am
y the didir thest firnd rou of -- i'mhi t onkingf another w ord to say.>> inkillg. ju i onst dik't leo t say .it>> or rep bter:haut t wt'shat it wa pkeanicdan fs sedtamped out stthe doage orgg dragin the dewound d an thedying. si inhede t engunmad h yn'tet sp dotteel hene jan andic nk sp d otterundeta a ble.>> until theuy g next to us ar sttedea scr amingt them, ltinsuthing aem,wond t ofhe tm me cak bac and saw us and -- and th -en - and then iri ted to keep himve ali for ason lg as i ul cod. r >>teeporutr: bk nicd die in aherrms anden hel je anwaots sh b inleoth gs.
7:34 am
avonly sed by the skillf o fr ench eosurgns. wetwo aeksfterhe tac att akst th eff oliciaia memorl ceryemon in paris -- 'snick was one of 13 0 ctviims'am nes red em decheber was bdurie at hisho n me iitbrain. e thwasidetslk oueid the clbataayan me havn bee cedlear of cesandlnd a frslowe w,no but n hele'sjaneri g iefs as raws a e thdayk nic died. >> ry evegl sinye da iak we up d anfocry our hrs andry eve si nngle bighteeforo i go ted b i cry andel i tlim h - i- talk to nick. t iellim h that iov le him and i' rrm soy eythld coun't do .more r >>r:eporte j helenane swho' om frew nns orleaas h s hpenter li fen ohe tk roc scene.
7:35 am
iaspecd lizeiner cat tinghat iaspecs lizeooin ford fce conrtsbu est thaye dst' isd haro t nc coatentr e s youtille hav tmnigh?ares >> yes.ev niery ght. r >>teeporndr: at wha arehe ty ke li? a >> lot ofes timav i he toe savpe ople and i can't or i'm so co ednfust parf oy mra bsin i infall tg onlohe fndor a i have to k pic b itackp u andut p it ba n ck ilike a pu. zzle>> or repter:en helan je eswitna sed acmassndre ae likso ny ma suorrvivhes, s'snl haudte by t.guil he>> sslple, nessi ithink,s the inbig thrg fo me, not being ableto help .people e th hugetpou oouringfym spathy d anpo suprt lphes, she yssa b,utit 't canse erat whashe'see s n g or biveackha wt e'shs .lost
7:36 am
mylve bl proinems my feli, al .ways ian c't solve thisne oau becse th eie pces areer plymanent gone. t >>llhe reayon ast tishing hing about h jelenane is asou y ob pr sably tawerhere hra cou ge d, an of secour, hermi deterne aingsa de atterminion tocu dissst i anden ev wither hm muslien frids and eshac approehes th t worldhese da hys wit both love and fo esrgivens. t >> whaandi increorble sty. s >> it'apl deeyna persol and teintima t storyeahat rllyws sho t ushe hrorroag of tredynd a the ur co age it. brings m>> no torejuhan st aew ns y. storu yosee the guilt m sheust feel an d theie relf ofg livinnd ahe tan tger ofheeo pple who pdrovokeem th byng callik bac tplhe peoe we who re leg.avin o >> s hard to h.watc crinibedlent iewervi. no tw tohis orsty. mclddona'sus jtte posd b itsest
7:37 am
eaahd, what's fngorci at fas food yd ifeou'rdi hea onguthe t do uor, yo can watch use liv ug throh cbs all ascces oat'surn yoig ditale. devic'r weine go g toalrevehe tew n gsrankinhe of tes bt andt mos abprofitle jobs.u yot mighbepr sur bisedmey so t ofhem. l we'l rbeigacht bk. do i wan't ntli to itve weh thce unntrtaiofies c hep. onor wwhder r etheoui sh ld tseekmereatnt. i rameady. be e causdatoery thhae's i.rvon a tirevoluy onareatrt tmenthfor ce mosttyommon pe
7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
atthbe'll h theigighlofht r youday. noprw w eviecothe f st o yourpacofoy beoure yl. fil
7:41 am
the mt os po imanportmeant omealf oeththda y.y. c theyredit the alaldal-day kfbreaast for a b bigp j jump in le safos s foocr r ocr,tobebe noveve, mbereranand mb deceooer w was mcclddodonaesld's btrt q quarter farour sto s pckrizere soaod te mor than s$119 a.hare ni viaita n tr ishereo t seeha wt theus crstomewa nt. oo>> gd rnmoing. is th't isn any old malcdond's.'s itir the ffst o tathe nion awith kiosk. l it'sike ant gia ipad. u yo yorderour mealxa elyct t he yoway anu wt it.'s
7:42 am
tr tyingepo ke up with datoy's nimillenteal tas. tmorethhan reeth monsft aer mclddona's madeak brefast an l- alday af,fair theov mepp aears to e bfy satisg inomcuster in crav wgs and all'sstreet teappeti forprofit. w itepas rdorten o monday that u.s.mesa-storeal sesum jped lynear% 50in makgp u l forost ou grndnc idilung br urge,king nd weys, and taco . bell >> y' theerre svingik le 70 mi n llio apeople day. ikit's le aat bp.tleshi g turninaes battlhip is very, ve rdry ha.u yo have toe givhe tmdi creort fso mef ohe t speed at which th deey've thalt wi o somefhe t it crisicms. ep >> r torter:erhere we
7:43 am
e sincceo stevero estabok took m overcdonald'sn iar mhech t ancompy has beene mor an trarspt enitabout s ieingrednts,if simpltsied ien muan dd beefe h upowus crstome c an use g llinaout lrevadoneue vall mea an kid a osk.>> nk thi i the deof cmiustoze gg su teststhhat ooe fd is he fresr,t tha it h basn'teen in sittr g undehotig lhtsll a y. da ep >> rr:ortes it'twa new onist an old idea. enthe trd isni gaing mo.mentumst s arbuck moffersoren tha ,0 80ri00 dnkom ctibinaonsnd a a co tal bel appow all useo t pr ereord. t >>hea idef oin havmeg sog thin wathe ouy yt want i is ctdistinlynn milleial or anameric now.
7:44 am
>>teeporr:hi wleme custo srat isfaksz ingmprovi tuahe actl er numb p ofeeoplho w visit a na mcdo ild'sns o a indecle, wh isich whyy' there lngaunchi a nefew wu men items. for empxale i snelectre stos in ouohio y canry t out mndac a sechee in andn iec seltto sres t inouexas y can try out sweet ie frs. wh ile i crian't bng youse tho em itr s foouobvis onreass, ian c r ordeerwhatev yout wan and itbring t backohe t iostud. >> thankyou.i' d like a bacongg e c andehees bi wiscuit thh haswn bros.>> sausage mufcmfin whit cheese and eshotcak. m>> howanynt pois is that on we ight hewatc r. >> >> 15. >> you d?checke >>ed check.>> o you nge lonr dhaoing tt. h >> i daven'tone it inon a lg , timee.charli ibut t'sgood.i tain'ck knoing mclddona's. et>> i g .it
7:45 am
ie charlid sa, y,he e'shs at c my mlddona's. s when i ltheimast te'v youe i beenn there,r. m rose?>> t' isee bn a ilwhe. >> em you rr.embe h it goo it with us odgo. >> you cant juso g aiupstrs in my fiofce. l >> e nino is tgakin tirheom hes ea ahd.ho ew th ienntse wereath pteatrn s mean ctheyoan nge lonr liven o edthe .gelo tok ase the urpictes. >> > uspl,s thi dog cano ghe t andistce.wh loy a bunodhosd i being ho
7:46 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
t can'rdaffole to art hentbur inget w theay? tr xiy ne4hum 2r, th now ele #1 sraling b fndfror hequentrneartbu. t getecomplect protewiion heth t l neweader in qu freheent urartbn.
7:50 am
. racei' ball be ck t afterhee rac is er ov. >> lunedave g is inapood she. yo frur "m"eedo o maygonly asasfar r youenoxyge. tub ou (annncouer)yui can qt. eefor frp, hel ca 00ll 1-8no-quit-w. th wing idiretsenik le teroashad s zelnutcoand coa,
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
orosteoposis, soand yeme eem probls. ouyou shl ld telocyour dtor y if houa ave t hearioconditn or bl high prood essure fobeakre it sy t mbicormecould ayan a d wi teth betthr breaing. ouwatch git, piges! ld(chigiren ggle) sy ormbict. thbreatte beer ngstartin withinu5 mites. ll ca o or gotonline m learnore t abou ta free orial.ffer y if'tou cand affor m yourioedicatn, tr asa azenec amay be hble toelp. asoupannd sh dwiccland eand analre, feand g elin, good osortf. an0 d 50ricalor es o.less th eae clirn pa mingsenu. at er pana.
7:54 am
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7:55 am
th e s man or mang s.threat nothne of r e othes driveror thetw ceo offiolrs invweved urre ht in i theenncidndt... a t thosewoof aficersowre nng beid placeonpa dmid aatinistravive lee as olprotoc. th are spicks polrte depas ment ino lew inade g thstinveign,atio th wifr help hoom wastye coun esdeputihe and tfi reno rede mepart. nt apoliceinre askyog anitne wh mo nfre itiormauton abo thein tcidentaco cont ot themr cr seneet wit3-ss at 002-2-49. ti chme to ureck yo w roadsith j. in e e "mor06f-m" 1.9 tr fiafcec ernt! ithow's ng lookihe out tre, j. r.? ci acn dent ivasun , lleysun eyvalld. blvmp at ntcidern in fet ley, a95 and y,trinitbl possiyse delabo in thar reas.tseporf otcpa fhyn og i ketruc ce, use. aution s let't send io over tme ogteorolffist jene martiz now fo
7:56 am
. update go niod morjeng, ff! we be'll wi back thth anoer da upn te in half ahour.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
tyfacilid ... aninshowu g yohow g oodni morng to ourwe viers t inhe west. i its datuesy,ry janua 26,th 16 20. e welcomo back thi"cbs t s g.mornin" re mo realew nsad ahelu incding a ftale o twono swou bnd .cities badavid eg nd aud anankris v veclea wbeill rehe. t >>ishis granttr sineet inwash.gtonit ss's ealentiroly finzen .time
7:59 am
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8:00 am
ttoo,rehey'ht lig and ufflfy. i henavad't h it in ale whi but i itsea rlly good. h >>anow myoi ps ntist tha on we >> 15. a>> youdylrea ecch ked. es>> y, i did ecchk. >> stoday'e "eyeropen8" at seapre bntedpry enud.tial > >> i'm c rharlieose with g ayle ng ki n and orahnno'doell. twthe po toem dtiocrac es prtiidenanal csdidate are ifintensheying tirtl batre fo anvotes vdotes inex nt ekwe's wa io uscauces. acthat re iser v cylose but a ne tw pollorhis mning shows arhilltoy clin an with nt14-poi winationdde lea obever rnie s.sander he>> t a polllsods fin that cr demotwats beeen 18 and 24 olyears d olmverwhegoingly for be anrnie sders. oneou yng voter askedon clintt a a town hall lastht nig whyer h sursorte n areorot me mm cod itteto her.>> it feelse likre the's a lot ouof yeong pple likeys melfho w ar e veryas patsionepo supsrter bofe erniersandds an j iust n' doet se theam s eesinthuasm fr ouom y pngere eoplyofor
8:01 am
opw peyle m age thaty the k thinreyou' ondishest. i'but ikd le to hearm froou y on yowhy tu feelhuhe entsiasm n' ise.t ther>> el wl, ink thit iea rlly deonpends ho w yeou'ree sding anta tolking . ti'mlyotalap hpy to seeng you le peopnv i iolvedn any y.wa 's that what we want. we and t wan toav he aoo gd im pr pary toaick ee nomin and en than we wt toav hebo everydy jo ogin trethe toe mak sweure wi nn inbeovemr.ic wherh aft all,th is ese purpo hi of thos wle mpcaaign.u yo have toav h seyomebodho w is roa pvenb dproven, enprov sohobody w t hasakenm then o wo and n and kept a goingnd will hado tt as idpresent. at th's whyop i hlle you' idreconser. a >>ghll rit. hin newreampshi, aer votsk aed chchris ieriste why hwas mp cag aignindinstea of minanagg orthe stnum cleanp iew n .jersey ethov gnoert r speneethe wkend in
8:02 am
waicsignifooant flding. i >>ret's alneady do.te whll me y younk thi it isn't. av>> i he fyamilli calng me se mending osvide,ic ptures. wh >> ere? ll >> a overhe t state. ll >> ar ovehe t state. conentouy islo foded in the st ate.i t don' wknowyohat xpu emeect dyo ntu wa meo t goow dn there th wi a mop. c >>tihris tehener offoed t ec chker pllsonaity wh the wo man'sil famd y anndfries in je new rsey.>> we'rera t tckingwo esciti, ve dryfeifntreec rieoverss thi inmornomg fr thesi masve bl iizzardnhi, d., e thrafedernl gove amentnd sc arhools e stillse cloeed thr ys daer aft the m.storil whe in y nework tyci l,ife has d starteurto retn to bos citieec reivedil simar ou amnts of snow. ankris vav clee is inas wnhingto dan davideg b inaudsn i y neworkto shows u whyre the'sh suc a stcontrath in o e twesciti. slet'rt sta inew n .york od go mog.rnin he>> t sy're wtillngorki to cl
8:03 am
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8:04 am
it qualthy and eig hhlyin traed bl puloic emphayees tavt we he. r >>r:eportenk i thi the ggstru mle theasayor wki talng ab reout he mayav hele wln bee sh wa, ingtond.c. vkrislean c aave,innythckg ba n tol ormae ther yet? >> well, iten depnds ore whe you are. t righ iherets nok bac to no .rmalfe da toy. at thot's n alnorm.bu 'st it aoo gdng thihe ty're no tt onhe whose reo are a fngindi it ow slng goiau becfse ono sw varemol ocpress. land, took,'shere a lfot o snowon g thedroun .hered. oc.iafficayls sou y h taveo i keepnd min they henav d'tealt wi toth a strm thaum dpedhi ts mu noch sw in agl sine g goinsi 19nce 22. ou>> y look atha manttan got mo nore sanw th d.c. and ithey,n ch muck quier r,orde wereac bk to ho scinols ss seion,oa rds being reclead. i is t anirunfa coismparon? >> s it'an faunir arcomp. ison>> te reporser: the c twoities 'tcouldnre be mo endiffert. awithop pioulatnf o 9,660,00
8:05 am
n lliolepeop l whoinive new .york it h fas aioract tn ofighe b ap s ple'.cash inwash, gton hd.c. bas at udgeof$6 .2 million aea yr forno sw nucleap. 12 1/wh of yat newn ork cad.spen is th enweekd, the m wetroas e closandeo p hplead tod finei thrbe cars hefore tuly cod st biart ggi digng them o.ut olschoves haee bn closed and vinocedd sleersam becape cital ndgrou rdhazas. >> y arellou a t?righ r >>teeport r: atleas onec.d. la aswn wle can atsnd iid resent tipoli bcianackt a work. p>> mr.ntreside w, dhatidou y k thinof snooow-p? lips >>onbost'say maior sed hls fee fobad er thtr disanict dff oeredto d sen owsns.plow er thpae's ntvemeht rig rehe. u yous jant c't g tethe o carut ca be tuse ofwhe sno nkba.
8:06 am
msblosso, legayle. >> c.d.ay sing's let be r,clea mp coppare ales to apples. it's v adiery enfferatt woey're rorking undhe t clock. he>> t gy'llet it. >> y thankou again, richs. in washyogton, nu're ing washitonan d,d davie you'r inew n yo.rkwe y thankou thbo. no el niut pe somid resents ifin calonornia ri the b onkf sa dister.ea ahd, howli falngs cliffou cld t
8:07 am
>> nn aouernc: ts hiinmorng's ye "ene ope ar"t:0 80 is on spdsorey b enprud.tial ud pralentibr, yoing ur ch ngallees. > >>th oinkingf ar careeanchge?>> no.e aryou? e arhayou, crlie? no . no,e' wre not. go d,ahea no rah. ir >> fnst os "cb mthisngorni," . "u.snews andor wld rtrepo" un
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
s wati crid cizeheby t dibuilng's ne ow ar atit cuny coetcil meing n lastight. o >> tthrow ahell t renesidts andnt tennauts o in ae couplho rurs isuneally fair.'s ity verd har onhe tm and i'm go toing f begilin an alppea on th ecis dn isio bmadee y th. city>> or rep tter:ithe cagy maner si inhested tr dangeeais rl. >> wew knehi tys da wasng goi to me co.we t didn'know when. w weereti putngt iff o angs lo as ibposs nle,otn aio acten w tookghli tly. ep>> rr:orteli earn er ithe day, aemich mlchenry wasio anxus to .move t he toldhe citync couils he' w nomeho. less h >>m ow ai sseuppo kd to meepy jo d b anineat the pssroce of is th? ithiss irunfa. r >>teeporr: ist' a fmoate re ci pafic ci paficaiz cit censould cefa. lf ha ofac pasifices busins seare d locatee,ther too.
8:14 am
he >> tit cisy t righto warn em th'r, theyte righ toor w ryab whout there e ey'rgog into go. he >> where t gy're toingivo le keand heep tir . jobs>> h towsuo e.rviv siscary iotuatn. he si's ungom ctoedy lenight aie movbo aheut tci finanal iscris. the kefilmmadrr huned ho"anc" rmanusshows how he scrosseen gres foris h os r-caminotenavid mo ie,st' ll caeed "th big " short. athat'sn head ohi"cbs ts mo g.rnin" t'...thaics clinally tproveno helpke fuep me benefialr heapthy she. is thca, i .n dofi innd us ib the f erslaie. elenamyo is teur s eth'tfirs o linensf defee.bu y t dail eatinginand dranking cke mawe it ak. tr lgy coenate eaamel hlth. r itsheplenik es wea spots nwith caturalalcium stogttrenenhen amelurfoes timte betr. atcolgele enamh. healt ro sthenger, enalthy elam. 1 3, 2, e!- smilal t.righig.. ble smi!
8:15 am
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8:16 am
. yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
8:17 am
so how abouton ciostructn? >> oh,ha tout w blde .good ng sawi, inhammeratg, eginut o ofa un lch pail as my fwello s worker aand ireed perchn oa ergird highbo ave a met trop li s. n >>o, iss iti putngp uhe scketro at a ou hse ine rosde mea. >> ian c do that. oo >> gd. ne>> ost queion. >>yes? >>'swhatsh oceetrk. he >> sldon. vthat'sery good. t firsonth "cbs niis mor ng,"rs fit on cbs, i like w chen wean thsay eyat, th're regvealin its be sst job of .2016. sogo aing intum nber 5 is a ys phician stassiant. icomingn atbe num frour is a e nursrgin chae of thanesesia.i aneeded little helpit wh at th. e threis apu comterys stems
8:18 am
ae isn oronthod.tist e welcomoback t the sten.op pelwle as aywant toe hav good g lookin steetho ontrthodo istswi erll nevut be o of ssbusine. . webut oure ypr suriseds it' numbere?on t >>hese move ndarou. eait's really hrelth ca in ra genel. ithises thr yeaf olt heareh ca. a soll of thoseh healtcare jobsve moved up orhe tlt heah care bs jo. is dent nt wasearhe t top last ye ar. t' so i hs aorse ra,ce but a onminor te inenhe sse of mp con.etitioit ll reay is a whole corategy ofjo habs tet arov ming arforwd. o >>hather tn hlteacah ,re what? >> lotechnogy. eathe hcalth jreobsre a na domint.% 60 jof theobs on ouris lter we chealthare r.elated no techs logy i btheigin whener t stlaiv feea yrs. asit h gn'tone .awayit ti's sllhe tre butlt heah care co has me up relelativy cociuter sinence, atform ionte lch, alho of tses jobthat te rela to theit digldal wor. >> if'r youe a parentng looki atth
8:19 am
toild ind a gooin payg job, at whne are ohe of ts thing you ar leien, scnce, right?>> en scice and math.t eayour cobrocli. veyou ha d tooou yrh matho .meworkat th o's oneef thng this that co romes therugh evgly sine job in theop t0 2is sc e-iencd.relateyo tu can' be an oioccupatnal er thwiapist athout ckbaground in ti stastics and mpcos.uterwe t 're nojust lkioong atob a j y. toda'r wenge takik a looat age lonr te rmor hizon.'s itus not jt a 's aar ceer? ouwhen y do that, what sndtas t outo you? t' leats go bh to .mathey th y wantou tonk thi math and sc isience a g ood thing. >>well,s it' 's theld buiing block. ha you ove tay s .itit sn doee't hav tosa necesrily be ca.lculus but algebra 2s i iccrital.if on you de't tak itly ear in chhigh s yool,ou're inig b ou evofy one j theseatobs th youpo
8:20 am
onundati's, thatt sor of a ra sepangte thi weal tkbo aut at u.s.. news>> ied flunk aralgeb 2. wh ouen y look eaahtd, wha do you see? s>> you jee theobsar that en't togoing be there.e onof the rnseaso theseob js en idure'rs theye ha.nds-on e they'r wpeopledho neeor to wk hewith tde elhirly, wch is going e to b ami booulng pop ation.>> be your ayst ping cities. t >>eshe bayt ping cities are th e mostsi expenve .citiesth laey reote t the notechlogy. nd >> aes the bt pinayg . jobs>> ci fransco. ig >> rht. b >>estin payg jobs? ur>> sgeon is b theest .paying esanesthgiiolo istnus ermbon e, su rgeon,ta denl tl of ahoseigre rht up the to nep and nxt dow would be the re jobs. >> an briy, kellha tnko you s much. rn>> lea to code.
8:21 am
su wlper bo ads that quench hiyour tforst r teenenrtainmt. w>> it oas one tfhose cicommeratals th had hieverytng. adit hat a gresi muc, s aexynd t hoandhe tn at the e tndhe kidsgo . s >> i athat great newep psian c whor at? >>he aerad supl modeci ne chanwsl 2 nee. updat od gong morni k thanr you fongwatchiel chann i 2.i 'm anda.guevar g turninmeto cri.. beat. ip multncle agearies e ve ininstigatffg an oicer edinvolvot sholaing htst nigat tht lefmaone adn de. it pe haparned 5oundon-30 ca mc brranvaoule. rd..eebetwn sm idithrrige dndve al nei . road.. mnearwoeadol.od malre icno polthe say tiey iniallysp redeond epto rf orts oa car crash. owhenerfficves arri sd on, cene f theyound a a mancting caerratilly. e at somt,poinic polthe say e tu siesation tecala ad...nd spoliced hot an tkilledanhe m. cepolin' wouldirt confhem whetr e thwaman mes arr d... omaking
8:22 am
nenoe of thdrother orivers he to twrsofficeve invold werehu thrt in dee inci. nt..and e thoso twceoffi nrs arengow bei ed placid on pais admine trativ le pave asl.rotocoe th psparksdeolice meparts nt i le now g adininthe atvestigion, h withfrelp hoom wastye coun ti depu tes andenhe ro firede ntpartme. porelice ag askin wanyoneith re moor inf amation tbouthe ciin tdentnto cothact r em ose itcret wt ness a493-2-2-00. me tiec to churk yods roa with i r.j."mn the m"ore f- 106.9 c traffi! center ithow's ng looki t out, herej. r.? ac decin nt ivasun , lleysun va blley alvd.mpt ra tion.wo de acciinnts rk spaccs, mn arra baand ngrrnid. blv 1 and038 ey buck b wayd ehinshthe eriffsof . ficentaccidere in 5 no, 39sb o at. ddiectexpesi poslable deys t in ahose. reas
8:23 am
s let't send io over tme ogteorolffist jene martiz now a for r weathe. update orgood mjening, ff! wi htth lig. winds wa nicearmingen trs d heady our wa hwithighs lin the bow 60sayy frid a. thenst inrong worter sts m moveintoth tae mounr ins foekthe weend th wi s heavysnierra ndow ava slleyrshowebl possiine, makg tr oavelthver ese passcu diffilt w this. eekend ghave are! at day l we'lk be bac awithernoth
8:24 am
p blossie idpres entialrun? [ auine dibl] ve haoo a gayd d. >> nk thas. >> ea i himrd hay s h aave good y. da r mayombblooergd sai ion d't el fee likin chattgbo atut tha is thrn nrmerorew yk mayorha micel oo bl hmbergoappy tk talut abo atthe wehers thiinmorn bgutot n ssa poiblede presintial
8:25 am
ne cbs ws hasrm confied h ies erconsidingun r aningsn a ndindepeentf i theep rnsublica no teminaal dondru tmp or ted ocruzer th draemocts natomine be anrnie s. ders>> a o lotf s.if >> w> a ne b comey isut out abo th nae filncia cr,isis he"t big e.shorsh "ort. e se hhowene turdra dma finocusg wonalrel stoet int a cerontend vefor fiar oscs. p >>lus the storybo aut sup erwl bo tr manyrehey'po as r pulaas gathe melfitse. 'l wepll exwhore at m sakesome madsabemorle. at th's ahd.ea >> f> timeorhi ts rnmoing's hie "waspongton st"es focus onge hender womn it ces to heart at eyay s it's because womenen td b toe deunatrtreed. riskto facrsls a hoaveat greer im
8:26 am
>> >th "ame mirai held"ep r ortson af a sune fotd a aor fmer home d of lrugordlo pab coesbar.wo s rkerd founit my ondawhen theyxc eataved his oppr.erty he id his hea whlt int secre mp owe new wners killeeep th pr tyoper in the banklt vaunt uil t theyry tonl uoad it. ho >> w t ownshe money? t >>idhey d.ey tht bough the house. hi anytnge? els >>,bodiese you'rug sgesting? >> no. s. drug w >>'shere your brain g?goin esbodi in ae? saf ay ok. "nthe orew ystk popo" re rtos ftownireom ciomissnerf oew n yorkin takg athe.a manrd oeredir fews creo t r cleahohis st leaht eige wermp edloye to sh
8:27 am
fithe epre denartmait shed ty d di not msisny a callle whiy there weng helpi him. >> > thers sta of en"frids" ptexce m foratthew perry got th toges er thidweekenh wit ac rotors fmig the ban bg ri theoy. okyts lo atth at. g theyogot t fetheror the ctdirehoor wte direchd bot of e th eb facook cond-fouerk mar ckzu ierbergs back toaf work terco be dming aad.he d postes. thi edhe jok w abouthat heho suld we hiar on ts firs day backn o jo the b. e thoce iswn kno for hise hoodi and-s thirt fashion style. ouhe annnced their bth of his ug daaxhter mima on demec 1berst.ey thca're g llinaxher m.i like . that>> good for her. >>. yeah>> > teexci imentsld buifoing r su boper 0 wl 5 iandts ads. eapplnt icerodusd itin mactosh co ermputin durg ae gamn i 8419. er evy ybod isayma per nentlyan
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> ba go ndck ak loove or the ea rlupiest slser bow. it'sma azing.>> in mtn i myth menviol shang cr eam?>> ju it's st a celomplety erdiffent erunivse. i >>fou y don't buy rca, youay mbe bguyinn aet obsol ceolor tv.>> yo if oku lot a that y,stor at th colortv t,hat olev ution,u yoinstart 1984 with thepp ale. ad t >>hest firou gloris ve anni rsary. >>ro fm a inyndustrnt poi of , view itet complely cha tngeshe . game hefor t first timepl peoe re ealiz t nheyeedo to d th something atas huz bz e,valu is ng goi t boe tkeald ouabt,nd a weee ndo t have more of a risk.i lstil gethi clls tinhinkg ab thout pee excerien of sgeein athatd for their fste. tim m >>anyrs yea ago i was iednvit d tocoo a cimmeroral fep p asindit ldaunche theirew n can.
8:30 am
h thatad a had greatc,musi it was xy se h andutot b nnfuy. t in ehendhe tid ks go, is that a negreat siw pepr can o. whatan hid i tnk that's w phyeeopl lo ved it so . much m >>voy fa iritesps a e ot w did 00 in 23 for tr ident. n >>thow, en,ld wouou y mmrecotrend tiden forou yr en pati cts whohoose m?gu w >>hyn' didt theif fthti denst mmrecoend idtr ent. >> oonoo! >> it's a recaaker-ming .move c itan iduntroewce nen talt. f >> torheme coml rciaasi w pr metty juchust minodelg and nt wa tingto ge moty fo in the or do forin actg and ,tv aond s wthatast jus like the big boom. ngduri i itas wea wring ne ud
8:31 am
then at e ende of thce sne andi tbiteurhe b iger,n'm i a g bathinsuit. w >>s hat'crthe iaiter for a goodur bger bite? i >> k don'tnow.t buadi h it. c >>lyertaint' iuns b onef o thea tgrea rtadves.iser y >>hiou tnkut abo wh'sat . up >> ha w ut'sp that 'swhat up. ha>> wudt bta sorted t do is do ve adinrtisg heon t b superowl d thatid jn'txcust eeoite pepl en why theer wech watthing e .gameth ean leguagn iha ttdv angertisi de ma itsay wo intop p urculte.>> one of theos mmot faus ads adever meas whe tly cedesdal ad ll caedhe t w ne'lleverfo rg. et y>>hiou tnk w abouthehat tyid dth wi thely caldesd aeserft 119/. at th p was srettyuserio for thesu boper bwlut w it tashthe rig g thinatto do ha tt ntmome.>> ink thi s for buperowl,ou y wa
8:32 am
sch a youan wto tee she t ga me. >> s thiheis tor motty ths i what we . do f>> the tirsthi ing do isk loo at theup s berlow adrtveg.isin >> , heylp rah, can ie hav a ri doto? >> resu,he wns pig fly. >> hi i ttnk thald wou be the stbe wayo t uanndersttd wha we twere any ant poi in meti. oh >> . >> w i kne that.yo stu juw knewa that s co. ming>> ne you ktw tha wasin comg. l it'sikeg takinain walk time taboue how wlive as a cu lture. ha >> ttin cdy focrawrd. l>> ithove oat. ne >> e m metoo. ea >> rllyiv create . people re>> we'bv oiouslynt couingow dnto theup sl er bow50ig rhte her ons.cbji z m nant pandsihil fmms obs c ts sporl wilng briou y all the ti acmon froev ladi's stnium i nt saara cla on su,nday fyebruar h7t.e thre pntside andst fir lady chmielbale oe ma liv tfromhe wh hoite
8:33 am
ide wonr i tfheyw kno i'm co ming.d i'et b terecchk. ll>> a t.righ u yoabprob wlyn'ould tthink a vi moabe heout t 2008ci finanal is cris b couldlte buis a a me co.dye
8:34 am
>> e > movi kfansnowhe tk worf o , writerordirect,ro pducerda a m hmccamee brought usit h co esmedie lik ho"ancrman."hi ews nmoest vieol flows the ev entsea ldiong t the8 200 ncfina cialsrisi from the pe ctrspeofive r fou w men shoee wh at'sin comgef b aoredynybo se el.on te ofishem a tntormeed hedgefu annd mager pdlayey b steve ca . reer h >>i, y.hone >> thera thepist llcaed. diyou d itga ain. t >> where nereo .cabswh asat w iup sdpose t odo. y >>eou'r rngunni ad roun like you have toig r ehtveryro wngn i wothe rld.>> y. oka ne fi. a i'm gmeanuynd a i'm pissed f. of hayou o ve n tideahein kd of pgrabe eoplare pngullind a er evy'ybodlks waing aliround ke th e ey'rin a damnvi eey'r g allngetti wescred.yo u know. knyou haow whet ty care about?th arey cboe aheut tal bl g oamer
8:35 am
i tnkhi you sdhoul try me tidicaon. o, >> n no. we edagre. erit ints ferewu work. m >>aybet' is time towa quit ll st . reet ov>> i ljoe my b. ou>> ye hatyourob j. l>> imyove . job >> nows it' about furiv fe rsosca. m adam.ckay tucongraonlati ts onhe awards tu sa. rday t>> yhankou. >> 's letk talut abohi ts vimoe. bit's auilts aco medy.ho ulw cod this beom cedic. 'siter vouy seris . issues >>e' wvelw andays ki of c alled a it tr amedy. >>ra tgedy and dycome. >> yes. t>>hat morakes me nssee. >> t' is alsobo autro gup think, o, to't isn? it >> ve>> e hrybodynas a idea. ha >> tt was a scaryen momt to iz realthe all ese ofpralessions, l althesero piofesshanals tt are
8:36 am
inincludg af ll ous, ie mak es movi, we cetomplely mdisse is thd, anre the was aen sseha tt icamerula coo d do nanwrong d i al renkly thi c therente oef th mo e vihyis w did weis ms isth? w whatngas wro with our paropul co alnsensure cultu thate w all ss miised th. >> youit pchedel yoursfor fs thi e.moviwh y? i >> st wasyimpl iea rd the book th and ye stor -- iea rd i t inon t e nigh jand iustug thoht i ve ha not redin anythg likise th ewher theha cerractser w seo mp 'sbo autve einrythg hniappe ngno w. liwe're innking ge stran inorige al tim tand bhisook gh broutht all etat togndher at i was atinformive. w >>itasn't na perso yl forou too? i >> did.i a hadlo cseat relive who lost th useir ho deureing th apcollse.i a had o bunchfen frihods w t lostheirs. jobi heknew t are wasng housi lebubbsu, ishes wit thean bk, er thsne wa e'tnough ghoversit.bu t michael lewis'sk boo lit me up f assar ati getng a hnduman a
8:37 am
t youoried t doha tt withub s moprime srtgagend a sicynthet ceos toxp elainhe tm in a hu wamerus xpy to ehelain tm to th e . public ha>> t kt wasind ohef t big idea.wa i s ansh engli major in co llege.i sdidn'thitudy tffs stu. wid anteeto make sur when we co atmmunico ed tputhe blic theres wae a sensofor hum to .itso rt we so ofke loodt a popular e culturandel cebritytu culre d anhe had tde ia ,of liatke, wh wo ppuld haen if every time kim ka anrdashion were ra cm she de bescried th libor rate dascanl. om>> sy ebodin a beubbl . bath >>ar mgo ierobb. ar >> mbigo robe i anub bble thba. eit cam at poking fun ahet t itcelebryre cultu andng talki itabout n iun a fht lig way.we n' didt feel it was heavy te maalri. ho we tt ught iwasxc e eitingven gh thouof it's rtten porayed as bo
8:38 am
n' didu t yo yfeelou ndeede e thngreegh lit?>> soab.lutely bethe hist t angboutse the e ey'rjunot igst b menas. ey tha 're tgrea as.ctoryo ouu cldav hen'tt jus big na mes.yo tou had av he people whold coutr m ansforhein tse arch. acters>> b didradce produ isth? ea>> yh. wheas a erproduc. nso whee hd rea the riscpt,e h re anad it ed h wasus jt reading a its a ee dee ddn gar aernder jemy eiklne pr fromlan b came back d an wsaid,ee hav some ,news ad br t readhe sc.riptth i oughte' hday se h h iatest. w heants to be in iad h himio auditn., no. no ha >> wlet peopbo say autou y ad ayam mckft is o tenheun fniesty guhein t omro. c >>nsomedia say that. >> cnsomediaay s . that m >>ery moth hasai sdha tt.>> ra you iqiea ht rd 'vso youe a got fgeunny ne. >> .yeah c iroame fm mecody,on secd .city
8:39 am
>>es, ye, ah, i delefinityik le to rojoke o fact,fne o the itinteresng in th tgs on mheieov w iasad h totc watoh my nne whe wee werng doi auit becrese the are some ar heaktbrescing nenes ihi ts e moviyand m itnstinc is t aolsoep ke v aeryyf plaul set and er three we w timeshere i had to go ce silen ons thi e.on >> you , knowthsere' a o lotf nt coy rovers ythisearut abo the toscarshehat tere wero npeople orof colin nom iated tn theop ricategoes.wh yat are tourhthouguts abo th at, amad? iyou'reen thuc hhblt. hi>> i twonk we irkn the .arts e we'rs,writer we're a,rtists e we'r redis.ctor ho we suld wmeelcose the k oindsfde tebads an ink thi iat's id val t.poinwa i tos sad om see seeo pple not gnreco.ized ur if oak filmmaners c't embrace this,debate i v'mery hai was oppy t seehe t academy smake somecysteming chahaes t t elwill hhp witut the furef o it.bu t,,yeah i 100%po sup rt allth pre tsotes andat debe a bout it.
8:40 am
moviesesprot otingther suises.ob yviousl our vimoe, thean bks apcollse podispronartiotely af edfect a cannsmericad aroun unthe 's ack triye linand lispotne ngis goi for a veryig bt. targeat nd the ehe of t y,da mp colyletepo suprted and i agree. e'thers a dtyiversiue iss in ll ho bywoodut i heavai fthur o em systl wil fixit. t >>heue qnstios in whe will th etey g ite don and how. ea >> yh. s that ithe qu.estion if ie becom anmy acade member, hwhic n i'mhtot rig w,no i will onbe c osciousyf mot vgin tt paerns. >> rangtus.lation nk>> tha you. >> ea big lgrnin .lessonve l ry weldone. i >> aatpprecie it. " >>bithe org shst" i s itilln th . eaters>> 'r you weinatchbsg "chi ts
8:41 am
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