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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 27, 2016 2:12am-4:00am PST

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t.ojec>> or rep iter:s n itercomms,cial ey thpp al ea tto aherimecan pu 'sblicer geny.ositan wd it.orksin 4 201e,alon g the roup cereedivor mthe $an0 30llmin ioin io donatns. t >>he mirsiis ion hs to aonornd weempounr wowaded rsrrio. at wh p thec ubliesdot n'e se is thhow peey shend tonir mey. r>>orepr:term ay stf afeasergnt hcame fomeromra iqit wh a br onze astarurnd pheple anart d tr maauaitic brjun in aryndts iny ialld admirearthe chity's rk wo p andpaarticited. othe g aut sho f outrom thees prident. ta>> sgeff sert aniceril mteet. h>> ae tookob jpu as blic ea spwiker heth tan orgioizatn, bu itt quer aftis lavenh sp ding pafor s rtieexfor ivecutndes a st aff.>>
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r ouesdarkyst dar , oushhardips, akto mnee moy. y so hou canthave biese g ieparts. t' let s gexia memacan hiriac , banditget er cathaed, bve aig paold g ayin lat ah avisl hoteheat t h beac ihereckn jailsonvonle, e ea oc and inquirafg stthf ivat les tin ahea re stoy taheat t te ho l. r >>teeporbsr: cs newtospoke re mon thaor40 fr meoyemplees wh sco ded ribeara chwhity ere en spngdi o wasf ut ol.contro twthe rmo foloer emperyees we so fufearetl of ronaliatiy the ke as nd usshot to irow the fa ces. t >> iexwas emtrexely antravagt. erdinnals and ancohol d just ta tocel acss. ep>> rr:orte a forri chae tabl niorgatizaon s vervings,eteran l al ethissexpen e on,sixpenve so red rts anl,alcohoem it se s. ha>> we t thrymilita calls wfraud,ndaste a. abuse ep>> r aorter:ngccordi to it charfoy tax perms, sg ndinon nf cos erenceetand meenings w t 1.from $ll7 miinion to 2010 $26
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thp groud spenbaon comsst stre p s toraprogm. rm fomper eesloye s sayinpendg yr skteockencd sieve stooen tk ov er. p manyo oint tdocolorags sprin sas histyle.>> pp he rad ellehedown t il buding. t >>keo mara a grand entnce. e >> hmehas co a in on, seguea ho rse. r >>teepor00r: 5ff stabe memrs te at tndedher fouy danfcoenerce olin co.orad prthe taice mg $3onilli. on>> dan't wu t yoavto he a b$2, tabno doonrs dan't wo t-up tfly er evf y staf omemberyence a ar, a tost five orar resd t an woopit d up ant call iuiteam blding. wo d undeiowarrojr pr ect,de
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zirdizt , bureoffeapd, c tain kryan.uleshe ie denerd ths e wassexceive sp ngendico on ennferces.>> s it'e thbesest udo of nor do s llarroto p svideceervid s an raprogo ms twaour rsrrio and ei thmir fa.liesan e d theshight itqualy. r >>teeporhyr: wto go iv a fe ar stor res ct inadoloreno wh youco dould in it ks jacllonvid e an msave aoneypend sonnd mn ey o dewounrrd wa?iors ik>> lhae i aive s rd, theeason th e at wprare inovidosg the nf coceeren es toe nsurrewe a ig alabned o le td buil tas aeam an ad betoble al be d.igne y >>reou at jusg goineeto k p yi sahang t mt nor atte" what i k ast abouhaall-onnd crefenc es. o >>kay.>> nd wouared w priorctrojend a no dollr dotrars meained to sp ead k an vbe a.oice 'sthatct exahaly wamt i ng doi. si am, orrylli wida be imnedf yo llu wie tak whardngorki er ammoicans d ney anitdrink and e wastit. ya>> rs n kulendof wouried waror ec proj ut toldchs the y aritdid sp not mend $3 oillionn the
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anthere und was o able ts tell u t what istdid e ott, henalso de ied th y charitd speny moneohon alcol or ag engn es iheany ot or kindf ssexcespive ngendi. c >>rehip reid bg akinthe iginvesttoation thip, u.ank yo his in mornl g" wiluecontins chip' mprmer e sloyeest ay tha the og pr dramsroon't pvide mp meday a addical pvisoryanel enrecommalded egl promnant wen an mod new bethers ne screer d fopr de.essionis thse is baewd on nnc evidee at thst suggepas post rtum esdeprftsion oinen begngs duri eg pry.nancgo meverneant res archerslso es suggatted th a alls,dult men meand wocrn be sbeeened cause 7nearlyme% of a sricansr uffe es depr.sion an r otheerconcghn tonit, forpr wegnantthomen, ve zikairus is di e day thdecdc ad vd u.s.irgin is ndland aic dominuban replic ins it wtravels.arning12
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. ricoth uie mosqn to borisvirus lingedto er a sirious becth def t, our . drpojon lajook is usining . d what ko wenow? or>> repheter: tal medic mmcoitunisy ch watziing ka elcloscay beituse ea spr 2d to0 iecountrnds arouor the wh ld wit t moremihan 1 callion ses in ilbraz. alone na pregennt womd warnetonot av trthel to acese ples. auzika cldses mi s or nos ymptomin pe most ople.t bugnin prewoant limen o nked t bbaby'sthorn wiro mic cephal abycht, lynormal h smallead. n a dozeofcases in zika iofectn uin thenc.s. si ye lastear. l alenpati bts ared elieveto ve han gotteruthe viros abad fo o, >> sfe no innsctiogi orinated he in tte u.s. abll us out er conctns that thaou cld enhapp?>> itou cld te infecdqu mosito could bite e someonrain
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vithe strus inays lo the b od am stre d sevens.ay unow anteninfecuid mosqto in e thbiu.s., hete tec inf ted on pers.pi pck u. virus roturn ad und ann bite aun edinfectn. perso no thw vie rerus spg adinhein t it unteed tho e is nentreatmt. acno v.cineex arperts nge urgive pren ntioan nid defiestely rearch.>> ap jon look. k thanryyou veh. muc st rayhtige her uwiths. wijon e ll bt righ wbacka ith ne udw st wy onomhy w aen mree or ke lihaly tn n meieto dhe of art at s.tack > >> aalso, headraa mathogon d . s sotay. ay st.'s it a nots lwayy as eas for met as i his for im... it as's er y foseme cauat look r. he . aw.. so e we ustrk-y ul.agel it ce enhan bs mys ody'lnaturais moture isoet can gth into swe iing oft t a bir.quicke an id whensh know fee's elingkeliha tt, akit mfees me e el lik we'rethbo ... whheen soy enj,s itwe oy enjev it oren me. an end i .joy it
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(cphell e onngris) erwhe e aryou? llwe s thequlsirreac are bink tt the aic. mom? uryoad d c won't all aninexterm..ator. i can llca b youomack, m? he ss ay'siter pnasol isthe. tim.. 'rif youmoe a m, ca you thll at e wot rsmeti. 'sitha wyot dou . if w yout anavto sefi n fteepeorrcent more on ns car i,urance yo chu switge to ico. it t 's whayodou . er whe e ar you? vit'sudery lo. there yo are ngu taki a a zumbclass? , [coughh]coug jamike? net? h coug cif your an heame. n'do tt evenbohink aut it. to i inok mucm ex d for mylephuggmy coh. ..yeahha.but wout ab?t mike ashe ht tharadry scthtchy ining gog on. s gues?what w itn orks oughis coh too. h!couges gu?s what w itn orks oughis coh too. ? what!stopdo pun't mlle! lespoierr alt! esshe doman't t!ke i ly onex mucin dm esreliev bothd wet anugdry coorhs fur 12 hos twithicwo medn ines illone pi. t starlithe reef. h ditce thrymise. t' led s enthis. it(pol wely) wait, wait, yait!ou capun't it itken li.. that... hine to r iserst fi
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ba onked- ? it'svenennr gowoa rk. di uesh isss? ustrurt yohw disrashe thwica caslade ptinum. piterows... th ugro..h. tyouresoughuct st fk-on ood. ttbehaer tnin fish. sc caade. di i erd evngythiou i co ld t maker hey partecperf t.moalvest einrythoug. yw, kno1 10i n se houuls cot d gehit by e ansixpenepve ssatic di ster.r but fo7 only $a h,mont d-rilpx heeas brwnk dote was.
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> >>d men anarwomen eqe not ual i whens t comertto heaks attac . thoften mpe sy atomssend cau s ffare actording ew a nte stay ment b am icer hanrteaoc assoniati. ahere, d l jonk.apoo l >> fooksstantan ic i.this ep>> rr:orte y two aearsgo, -y 54ead r-ola vaness anoele sho gn desitaer s hrtedwhaving at she
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i >>t felt chestetigh mningore th hean tst cheht tigg eninit was di rag atino up totmy bjatom w. hr>> tocee d mtorsd issethe onur mlaths whter inile the omiddleltf an ud rasoun of her t,hear c the bausee ecam very r.clea i >>ol was thad i hed a art .attackd an wthat i vas ackery luy girl. ithat t goto here sy.quickl i ifef had loft her thfice, e ct doolor t, d med and din this oth ree stwoet, i dnul't have rv suived. h >>iseart dn ease in womeis de unrcrreseandhed, unoerdiag sed un and redert.ated >>te repor hr: dr.ndolly aerson ca girdioloh st witn perlmaheart in e stitut yat nework bypresanteri. n >>urot sinprisceg onom a wan ts geos diagnh ed witheart di e seaswishe woll do d rse anke li fly die trom ita han man. r >>teepor sr: thenttateme find
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a year afterrt heak attacco tmparedofo 19% men.du tringmereatcont, campli tion s ratehiare fgherenor e d whilpachest stin is ill th ste momo comton sympmem for n woand wmen,reomen ali more kelyth tan men ao havel typicamp syfatoms, ntigue, oausea,r n painthot in t.e ches fint,acf 42% owiwomen rtth hea ck attaris expeo ence nt chesin pa. w >> aomendere hariar to dgnose, enbut evey if thag're dinosed ec corr ttly,wihey lell be ss ly likece to rel ive al of the elguiddeine d rivecameditis onto eatrtht>> te reporgnr: dian osis iwomen m ischore ngalle sing,omympt s li atke f aiguesend naut a won' in poctt direthly to are he e er aiso lsdeunrertmeat nt a after t hearckatta .ss leha t20n of% om weten g rd careiac whab, ihichs ddki ed da stanrard theotpy, sc t.>> ap jon l took,ouhank yr. docto>> s what'hibeing y dden be onof
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we l 'loushow yt. nex[d teaughmer] sostime thhae wallys lfelta ike t gian.maze ot[mr]he nnjediy 'tdn flieel ke g goinchto sool, ane d shepsldut ngri d theay d anwas t up aghni eme se iedabrrit lealthl e time . gh[dau ter]itel fket li the wre aasei wtghon y mldshouers. ane d thhtweig r wasllea y hard htoupold .ot [mr]he daone dy myghauwater s cr,ying 'sthatn whejennldy to us thshe ghouout abhut grtin elhersf. au[dr]ghteth y en mntparegos t me tmtreaent.
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elto hesp pr erveenour nmviroent. goi vot in.lved i teboosurd toinism my m faruncommbyity aiby pg ntinar55 biln quts. goi vot in.lved joi enrdy gag eninloand ve vedeli aringsh frepl supy of pr e oducfland sowerto oc a lheal s.lter i ingot edvolv. yo voung eelunt hrsa ave inwinng itspirt thahiwe tnk wis corthraeleb.ting dd mindle ah higolschode stunts: k asyo suroochinl prl cipatabouap ngplyi for uda pralentiri spit omof ctymunird awa.
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> >> tnewshtonigf omaa r jo veco ir-upmen ro.wo podens anel pwered lace over ci annuent tade s stues no asot to en off'sd iransi pre, dent ss hahaan rou iniwnn toun to rod us up bdeiness w als nohethat t ec iconomct sanavions h e been edlift. a >>nd houet dog l o outr f he us ho ee inntlkmoab, althama e he oty r dausbecae e shtohad go e and sh.went nd wag erin aintomi 13-alle hf ma onrath. viluditrne s oayedouff c rse, tonceeco cht k ouada debi rab wice twima as egny l os asther nnrus ere shgemanatod in f ish nt seveeah and edrn a m no o m wassuore d rprisethan r he aowner,ampril ho lin whsaidlu wdivinellas rea ay lazynd
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fi y nallghtoni pt, feweople sacould ucy as mayh as sing innoth ag asigbe voda. asit wt thacefa .e thpadeadn cthat could arackn di au uenceenp evor bef e he ed open m his.outh e thr actobewas nost ks wn aev ufer-sngferiec det ptivehil sh fi t, onithe s"bcom y arnemi ."ller>> a whooure yng goist to lien meto, yo or omur cr?pute oe>> d lsn'tk oo.good y >>'tou wonie belhive ts inaccordheg to torir rec'md, i as deceed. t' >> iobs pr aablyke mista.>> be aig va ods wastmilyaken edreportde dead acadendgo a his usstatd dealior aecve ba ame inrunng g garethe f st ohis li fe.>> a vigodt firso came t inprom iencesen a s riou orolen e thr othe osidee f thaslaw the
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rl co.eone t >>miell ikes t wa only si bu.nessi ysalwaed lik. him h >>die oded t aay94t . an atd thhe's tni "overght ws ner " foedthis w.nesday sofor f me othyou wse ne her others cacck bthk wi us a juste littlfolater r the rn moneing ndws aur of cos se "cbth niis mor ng." t fromrohe bstadcar centein newyo y,rk citco i'm slett pely. e thinmany kstds of ories, g bialand smafl all feouct y one or way er anoth.we n ask ostevery iory --s it gh rit? i is?t fair hois it ?nest re we a t goinge o thalorigin ur soe ce, thlepeopno who kw and 'sthatn whew we kno we can po rert f the.actsth
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t scoteypellek, weht nigs. nn>> aerouncis: thth is s e cb er ovt we e lcom oto thehtvernig ne ws.a ofstate en emergemcy r iainsn fe efpact in , cificafocali rniaer whs e partheof tn tow are in ngda oerfaf g llin tintoeahe ficia ca, frbeach ont mm coy unith soutanof sra fisncco c withinommands g view of theoc n.ea t buclthe aiffsmbre cruling de unthr ree lerentouss pg ndin ofve waans ivd drining ra.ev onacuatides orred. hnjola bonckstise re the.>> or rep ater:clt a idiffse ar apttmenld bui iingnif pac ica,ca rnlifopoia, plicedoste cenotills tepeing toplehahey ve g too. da hngerecad btoome eao gr t as e thf cliftestarlld faing dr icamat iallythnto eae ocn. ot>> gdo to t wha gweotdo to .we go've gt toutet o.>> or rep mter:llichevee mo d intw nto mogohs aan to rt apa ment th wiun an elparallceed oiean vw.>> or rep wter: ahereoure yng goi o?to g
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e 0 10.feet en wh b the iases pedound by highsu thrf, e f blufndis uneermiy d whbig deboulavrs hene beug broinht t e ow slsi eroon.wh owen pl erfuerwintrm stot,s hi clthe tiffsa ake inbeatndg, a le uift bgsldinte tee oringe n th ge ed. o twtmaparbuent ngildives ha be iten s eting smpty 2ince010. en why thee weree dmed da oungerunsly biinhae.tabl sithnce foen, eaur yf rs odr t oughalin cniiforana mew t fest , ormsthand ife clemfs rd ainest .able ti unisl thte winenr whvy hea in raur retned. fipaciasca hn see bthise.eforin t 1998,t he laselbig o ninye cars,anonstntt witoer srms wa washed ae y thfsclifvi leang raseveusl hoanes h oginggen ed. e onapcollonsed th to ace be h lo bew. rsothe t had to bedoorn wn. rd bail whblougewy kn b thengiddi e wherivhe loued wneld o wayme heet tfa same
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sa the oeying gous if yot are n nglivith on gee ed a youre ki tatong up so much.pace>> or rep tter:rdhe oo er t ac ev tuateuihe bg ldinwas iccrity ized bthile bu odingwner cat acoity unmecil g etin last t.nigh t >>roo thl w alrethe ntsides an ntd tenat s ou cin ae ouplho isurs ll reafay unir. s it i hveryonard m. thean amd i ng goibe to in fil g an alappeth on ecis disioden ma by th tye ci. ep>> rr:orte c themaity r nage stinsiheed tge dan rr iseal.>> kn we hiew ty s dagowas toing co me. d wet idn' wknowthhen we weere tr tyingt o puffit olo as s ng a at ann ctiooowe tghk litly.>> or rep mter:elicha mrychen hadhi los be ingingss n boxes and wa ouanxi ms to ove. t toldy he citl councinohe is w le home ss. ow >> hsu am i tpposed mo keep y anjob t d ea pin the orocess f is th .a linfttle u air.ep >> r aorter:mo fate re pa ccificaenitizuls coced fa .00 5,op0 peerle hvee lin ie th 'scityte threaasned conetal zo.ha aclf pa'ificnes busiresses a telocae d thertoo. b johnonlackstife, pacica, ca
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unmanhr t fointhree whmates o d.escapefr axom a m simumitecurupy ope pe lle who aive innd nd arou a santa bna areg ecominin sicrea wnglyedorride as s tail heof t's menal d legeescrimom becubes plic.>> or rep ater:hrll tenee m areno ciw faedng f ceralesharg of es ngcapil. jai th auieority s sa cthey souldtill i bens thia are andre a id cons aered armedannd d.gerousin atvestigs or shave30erved ar serach ward nts an chaveupome em pty. d we to want yo warne ou som ofwh ouat y a are tboutaro he is co ernsidraed g.phic w >>noe kw mesobody outhe tre ow knmes sog.thin ep>> rr:orte o thee rangtycoun er shdeiff mepartednt askhe t icpubl h formoelp .nday ea[ sp fkinggnoreigu lan]age seand antes mgesath to e mevietnaomse ctymuni . e >>rextlymemp itaor fntheor tm r touteach oic let ne e wher th e ey'rat. 'r theyd e armengand daerous. -y 20dear-olha jonatn euti, fa mcingrurde c ihargesske lind to
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e ng gas. tie ea37-yd,r-olse hosayin neri ac d cuseidof kg nappinand ur 2, 201na wyerianith om acce,plic le aly,gedltu tora red wiman th re fi.>> o alsedpourac blel h al over hi inm and nd the et he cu his s penioff. i >>re'm scad. eo >> po ple wh ilivee n th mm coy unit jneararail e ig fredhten. >> he t psepleoe e ar bthatad.ho d w di gtheyutet oja of il? h >> ie isdincrevibly t.olen r >>r:eportee orang countyos pr hecutorereathwn bro says at th t histsrial i f setexor n t mo h.nt >> he tct aats thco he temmit d e arinnothorg sh dt e lostohim s thiheat tt las nu mite. r >>teeporutr: atihorieles bieve th mee esn pecafrd enom c tral n' meils jada frirny moing. ld hea in wcellatith st lea 60 he otmar intes. cathe esutpees cir the way ro thstugh a reeel sc ten andhen tintoldhe buis ing'biplumng nn tuels.
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elrappwnled dofl five sioors ung ma rope lade ofinens. mif the fen arethound, reey a nfacingyeew 15-erar fedal gecharess for jcapingail. t righinnow atvestige ors aralsook loining owto hgo they r t theiol tos.d anheif tt y gohelp. fbut so oar, noe ne her at the er shs iff'rtdepa hmenteeas bn sp suended.>> co> the n untdowbehas asgun trst iniohe natidn presentialca llthe po ts seemano ch dgelyai .co one d nducte nby foxowews sh s y hillartoclinthn wi-p a six oint o leadrnver bedeie sanrs in wa io .%- 4842%. t onubhe repsilican nade, dold tr thump wiwo a tnt-poiov lead er cr ted uz. ma and birco rud.o thire thidpresalentiul hopefs are espr fsing ileshwan ioad ahe of th bae dete. r majoetgarrpot rerts.>> al donumd tr ep istissen ally htiedinere a. iow d aheaewin nps ham ahireound s thro ca.lina ic whanh mevis a y ctor chereould ke mamp trunc's opre imleobab bid
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thardopo st.te uzd cres compl to lacesike th isin urggur ralan iows to niscruti zeumtrp's rd ecorand ge ur esissut thalehobbd rebefo. h me ti .gh rit. n >> ithfie l narisp.nt ho172 urs. r >>teeporhar: tcht mual dond um trd p ancrted gruz o>> wow. urump suged teppor mrsy an of nthem eewlyedngagth in e li pol ticaesproc fs to oocus n ti vong.>> h youtoave ng briho it me, ri ght?we e havavto hmae a e.ndat thave wo doell.we e hav- to -biget mbg nuers. f >>arebru9ty h. g >>utet o v andote. op>> gnt frone-runilr raed ai aghinst p s toneoppotent, d , cruz bbackedliy reotable vers. he>> 'sfa g.llin rv nes.ou erconcanned oud she.ld b >> ol rngliou thrhegh tat greest hi f ts ofahis tevoriz cru ckattas. c>> theiaanadann, mm fro nacada. lguysteike r d foy.amnest h >>dne diep't ratort ths he halo frans goom, n ldmas.sach
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rtadveg isin fcruz biredwiack th w a neercomm hcialngittimp tru on is an hisue icstor vally ital itoa'owcis soonal catserv.ives tiaboron. i >>pr am oio-chevce in ery sp reect. owin irua, c cz isinlaime g thma onteldef un, rdogdibranng p trumblestaenishmrlt dag,in onego wep pookr brarers yie tro ng t .turn t >> wrumpcuill det a al x ndexpaer govt nmendispen, ng ex ndpa d theebt. ru>> thomp web cels rate a"thertof d theeal." rusaid cflz's initexibild y wouldo aom hisa.gend k,>> looce at a portain int.ha you tve gotkeo mals dea.we h can'tguave a sty who and one th fsenate aloorvend eerry othse thnator e inks hhais a wck jo htb, rig. ub>> rep wlicansrtill pae icipat t ininheir feval telebised date. tbeforea he iowescaucus. matrump t y nohebe tre enthreatboing a ofycott fox mo r deratokemegyn lly. n'fox isint backwng do. wand asowe tratp threoyened bbecotts fored anipparticn ated iy everba dete. ul i co yd tellngou beiin here aw
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
baing veck einrythatg th i ha osve lt. n >>e o onfacan o il tthsee e in icjust te in chese, asesbut iwhenmet co cs tonsompen atioer thpee are atople wthching is te inwhrview e o arngsayi, you ow kn w, itusas jd t ba.luckd, ane and wt don'arnecessily e oworthem fif the l te thathey .lost hi>> tt s isn' th s was a tystem,s his waac lytual j our ur was ool tax dholars wd pai thfor lie poicce offwhers o edarrestin mr. h ton.ta our arx dollids pahe for t anjudge prd the orosecut that os predecut, himorpaid f the ex s pertt who goitng wroid, pa k tohieep dm on reathorow f 30 ye foars crr a heime n' did t mm coit. hthishias notdong to h wit , luckevbut ngerythi w to do ith wa the rey we tseat thore who a er vuln iablecrn our inalju systice stem. ee >> stt scoul's frtl repo on we our .b site s.cbsnewcom. e thovt ernighne wwsil rl be ightck ba. sget faint-act, glostng-la inglirem ef frourheartbn wi th neit liutraomzes stidach ac and islythe on pctrodu fothat prrms a veotectier barri atth k helpsomeep stidach ac in to the shemach wbere it s.long ffortiast-acngng, long-lastiel
2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
elo c ckfoef.rt ' chr t.geldar>> he ty said anyod byve or a ai certn age,bl aede-bodi weil wl y- pacoup to pme hel dig the cityou t. i >>'t done carhe wre youre a in e thonnati. 24nc ihesf o snown irb uan enroviennmret irqu haat's w wt we silleeve or the xt neho 48 gurs ioing tntohend e heof t ekwe. r >> dch. s aoolsre tseton opeor tomrow.ot scher dhoolicistrouts c ldre cmaindloseou thrhegh tt res heof t weott rd hea from nnaatiol rk pavi serce today theye hav veremooud ennogh sffw o the ti naalonal m fl tolil the wa gtshinon ntmonume. tmorehan 18 times. iskr c vane,leavnk thaer you v y ch mu. > >>the"c bs nioverneght ws" wi
3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
to day,e wea lrned why a gtexasrandy jurnv itiestigang ne planntd parehoodic indted two of itscs criti d.insteae th -aantinbortioiv actistt wen ovunderc ser tohoot ro contlversia veoids ofla pnned ntpare hoodemeeploys. iheres jan r >>teepor r: thercundeover de vi wosere plexosive. on>> d't lolwbal it,l tel me wh ouat yll rea -y- >> $75 a ecsp.imen ep>> rr:ortey the sedpark imcr iinalganvestis tion a cross thery counto int werhethnn plaed ntpare whoodasll ilyegalli selngab feorted tal ti.ssuee this surpre itmndic benty a grtexas urand jy sdai ovundercer vi actibrst, toke whe lawhen ey th alyllegedd useak fe ca rnlifodria iver's lenic asesnd
3:08 am
inledes say theirrcundeover te eschniqu were tamhe se as najourlists rsunde bcoredy ns coontitutial sscholar like l cornelsiuniverty'sha micel rf do.>> s thild cou set ace predent an ild chl uconderver in igvestnsatiole by magitite jo liurnasts. ep>> rr:orte tcsactien oftse ud c byenitiz jalournistsct aisivtsfr omnv eoniralmentists toni alma ghri gtsupros skieengo txp eose gdwron.oingju asst lumt smeriv act istswi athinni signtfica freeec speh orvicteny wh aed feralge jud st owruck dn an ihoda lawan bning de unerrcovra opestion t inhe da iry duinstry.dg jue lynn windmillen referced he "t jungle"n whe nuptoin sclairwe ernt und icovern t chegohica p meatackingdu instry,xp eosing ue crtolty ni amals and sa un cnitarytiondi oonsft mea pr ngocessis planthe in t 1900s. l >> aot of thesetu insti tionsar rae opente ire sect so you needod someby to gond uerse fal et
3:09 am
e therwais no y thec publi will t gessacceth to em.>> te report r: i ralso aaises es quftion o i whos a najour?list viactissts a o tpposeoor reptersfr ewom a ns zaorganition. now,scott,ve e cryoneosan pt th ings lionne a snday s"thi alsois lijournasm." an >> jor crawfd ghtonit. hajan, t.nk you w, noe w have a cbss new in atvestiginion to ari chaty forun woded ravetens.wh auat crght outi attenons i how thend wouedar wrior project spends dnsonatio asom cpared to he otr nglope-rescted archs.itie for plexame, thele disabd ic amereran vetansri chae tablrv seusice trdst spen %96 of its et budgns o fiseer houot deves %.91bu tcc aording toub plicec rords po re brtedy charity ganavi tor,e thed woundor warriro pject sp usends jt 60% onts ve. e'wherres the tst ofhe money in gog? r chipdeid an erproduc, jfeennir
3:10 am
h wit gatif of $19 a month u yojocan ouin wnded worarri pr t.ojec ep>> rr:orte in its cocimmerals, th aeyeapp tlheo t acamerin pu 'sblic d it wos.rkin 14 20 alone, thero gup cereedivor m tehan $300li milon in do onnatis.>> ir thesi misson io t honornd a weempoour wnded wh p thecublioe d'tsn sees i ho thw sey tpendheir nemoy. ep>> rr:ortey armta sffer stgean hcamefrome omra iqh wit az brn st ar and pure plt hearand au trcmatiin braur injynd a ptsd. it inyiallir admed the archity's wo rk andpa iprtic.ated he ot g a otsh foutrom the es prt.iden >> staffge serantar mic me icri ec ttmilee. e >> h atook a job pscubli sp r eake twithhe gaortiniza on, t bu aquitfter lhavisnd speing fo rtr pa fiesor etixecu avesnd st aff.>> a youresi uurng o juin,ries ou arr dkest ysda o,ur haiprdshs,
3:11 am
so youan cav hehe tigse b pa s.rtie slet' a getex mican ma ar ifi iach nd bat , geit teca hred,ave a big d g ayinat a lhavis hotel at the h beachere inja nvckso,illene o n.ocea reand irqusting taff lhatives t inhere aa to stay at the ho tel. ep>> rr:orte n cbs sewspoke to mo tre 4han0 frormelo emp yees o whib descred aty charihe wre ngspendiut was o of oe twme forrmp eloyeese wer so fu fearl of rtietaliayon the as nked usoto t shehow tir s. face t >> i wasre extmely avextrt.agandi s nnerandoh alcol j andust to actal .cess ep>> rr:orte a forri chaetabl niorgaonzati servierng vet ans,al el thisxpense ,onsi expenve s resortand hoalcotl, i emses. ha>> wt theit milaryal cls au frasd, wndte a abuse.>> or repccter: a tordingo ar ch tity axforms, sgpendin on co
3:12 am
om $1.7on milli in 2010 to $26 io mill n in2014, the seammo atun grthe oup spendn o ctombaes strs verecory. titsop rmermp eesloyeay s sgpendin ocskyrd keteesincte sven took .over manyoi pnt to coolorad sgsprin is as he. styl h>>e redappell down the ilbungdi. >>o t m aakend gra tren.ance e>> h hase com in on a e,segu a rs hoe. ep>> rr:orte0 50ff staem mbers te at tndedouhe fayr d cfeonncree in codolora. pthericeag t $3 iomilln. on>> dan't wout yo tav he a $2 b,500ar tab. rsdono't donnt wa-upo t fly er ev sytaffem mncber oe a arye, ivto a fer sta aresortpnd woo pit und aal clt iea t mbungildi. dewounard wrior ecprojt, de edclinte inwrvie rstequeors f iznard bzi,ut reoffed,ta capin ry
3:13 am
ddeniere the wasxc eveessi dispennng o erconfs.ence >>it's thees bt use ofon dor ll dotoars ro pvideer ssvice and pr msogra o tourri warors and th eir lifamies. thand ehe higst itqualy. ep>> rr:orte g whyoo t a five rstartesor inor colado when youco duldto i in jonacksevill and sa onve meynd and speon mey on dewound warsrrio? ik>> le iav he ,saidhe tso rean at th a were pdirovihong tse co ennfertoces en wsuree e ar ndaloia naliged able toui bsld a aea tm an ad be tble boe igalned. ou>> yre a justng goio tee kp sa tyingnohat at mter "what i k asut abo alndl-ha coennferces.>> okay.>> nd woued worarri pctroje and rdonola dolrars tined me to sp eadk an a be voice. 'sthatct exahaly wt i am indog.i am sorry, i wlile beddamn if wi you ell tak hardki worng anamericons mndey ank dri it and e wastit. n>> rya lekufs ond woued warrioroj prectol thed us tty chario did cf1 o
3:14 am
coonrado ceferencas but wot n atherend was abunole tel tls u at whid it d .cost hscott,oe alsen died the ch y aritdspeney mon onlc aohol or engages in anyer oth kind of ce ex ssivengspendi. p >> chireidre bakinghe t in igvestioatton t.nigh , chipk thanyou. t by hey,wa rrtomo cow,bs s"thi in mornlg" wilnu contie chip's ve iniostigatn. er formye emplo sesay thehat t pr msogra don'tde provi hecomprensiveto help an veters. ytoda aed micalis advanory pel mm recod ende palltregnan women d annewhe motrse bne screed for es sis i based onew nvi e denceat th sstuggestp posartum de sipresfton oeneg binsin durg pr y.egnancgo ntvernmerc resealshers ao su d ggestellthat a uladts, men anden wom becr seenedec bause ly nearf 7% o ansmericar suffe es deprsion.>> th> anoer concern ghtoni ft,or ntpregna n,womehe t zikair vus is respg.adin y toda theccddd aed.s vgin la isnd andic dominan republic init
3:15 am
12asesep r iortedn puerto co ri.e thos mquiton bor virus igeslind to aio serusir bth fedect, our dr n. jooo lapsk ing joini .us dwhateo w owkn? r >>teeporher: tic medal co itmmuny is winatchga zik ycloselse becau itd spreao t0 2 iecountrros a tund wheorldit wh hamore t mn 1illionas c iesn az bril ale.on na pregennt womne war ndot to av tro el tthese acples. zikase caus mild n oro somympts m inost oppele. but inan pregnten womin ltoked bbaby's wornith crmilocepha yc ht,or abnymall small .head oza denas cfes oa zikec inf tion he in t s lceast iel patrents aie beloved t othave geten th virusoa abrd fo beinre comg here. >> so n,oec inft tgss sti infec oonsgiritena d tin.she u t.ell us about z consrnldit cou pphaen.>> ante infecdqu mositold cou te bie som one in braic zblhlt at thn perso ccouldoome t the edunitte
3:16 am
s.w noan inunfected moosquit in .person upeckp virus. turnun arod and bite an fe uninpected rson. w no theus virdi spreanng i the un taited thoe is n invacce. rt expees arin urggnt preve iond anef dyinitel rechsear.>> jonoo lapk. an thyok veu mryh.uc rstay hightereh wit us. wijon ell bht rigac bkit wh a ne swtudy on whyen wom are more li s.tack > >>soal d,ahea buhey etddy, l t's gethese yqdaliuil gquidanels .d go thbut liese gquidarels w.e ne mu x cinestfa. max it s's thee amerdiffence. es thmue are i-lttosympm. we o ll sthare ese. othis inex s mathstreng and mfightsucus. hiuh...tnkt! fas dryou d ..ohl .i'litput backheon the s.lf.. w ne mfromexucint fasmax. e th conlyanold u d flidliqu gel atth m's-saxentrhgt ghand fiucts mus. thstart lie reef. h ditcmithe .sery
3:17 am
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3:18 am
swi editchge to icod ant go.more remoin savn gs o carrainsunce? ahye-f bror,esso m andore. rlike ienterscensuran. wmore says toave. ni brce, too-tap. chi th nat'sllot abr, ino-teke sha. hageico tos molercycan nsd rv i, urancetoo. , oh athat'sor lot me. yoh ieah,ll'm aut abomo tere, brddy elosevt.
3:19 am
we areol fnglowiwo t lodeve pingatsitu.ions c >> uatch opnt whaou y ssmied, cb isn os onn anyom crpute and heon t app,pp ale tv, ,rokund a re fi tv. , cbsnysalwa on.>> ar we nge goio t theri onagil so ceurf olepeop who.know at thhe's w kn wenow we can rt repo the s.fact t >>he "evcbs g enin"newsh wit tscot pe.lley>> en> m anden wom are not equal iwhenomt ces to heart attacks. n oftethe somympt asnds cause actording a new snttateme by er am hicaneart ciasson.atiohe ren,agai isr. don j oklapo. l>>ooksta fanstnic i isth.>> or rep tter:eawo yrs o,ag r-54-yeaanold vessa noel a shoe de
3:20 am
lledodepise. i >> felhet cstig tinhtenge mor tthanhehe cst tenighting itas w di rag atin tupoy mto bot mjaw. t >>hreeoc dtors mdisse the nodiagsis. ur foth mons later whilen i the mi ledd a ofn ulndtrasouer of h theart,sehe cau beecamer vy eaclr. w>> iolas td iad h art hea ta id that was aer vy lucky rl gi. at thot i gre the so klquicy.if i hadt lef her ceoffi t,he doolctor t,d me d andid thisn o th e ,street ild woun'te hav su .rvived h >>iseart dease inom wen i sun eaderres rched,iaunderdgnosed and rtundeedreat. ep >> r dorter:r. hollynd aerson ca girdiolohst witer plmanea hrt itinst autet nkew yor by pres.terian n >>otpr sur oisingnce a wanom ts geia dedgnosh witrt hea di shsease lle wiwo do ndrse a ly likero die ftm iha tn a man.>> te repor sr: thenttateme find 26 om% of wen dien ihe t first ftyear aer a hearttt aack co edmpar19 to %f o men.ri dung treneatmt,ic complation s ratearer highe for n.wome
3:21 am
e mostom cmonym sptomor fen m an d n,womeen wom aree mor lyikelth tan menavo he icatypal tosymp ms,tifague, ,nausea or in pan not i the t.ches in fact, 42%f o women h witheart ckattasxp eeerienco n chest in pa. om>> wreen ade harr to agdinose, ev but en ifhe ty're dediagnos rr coy,ectly the b willese ls ly likece to rellive a of the id guelineed deriv mioedicatons ttr iseat th asdisee.>> or repter:gn dianosis ien wom is more chinallengg, somympts ke liue fatig andse nauona w't pointtl direchey to t. heartth isere also deunmertreatnt r afterta hea le than20%f oom weten g ia cardc b,rehahi wch isde kidd dastanthrd y,erap sct.ot>> jon polathok, yoank u ctdoor.>> 'swhatng beiid hnde byne o ofro
3:22 am
we sh'll now youext.>> ws> neig tonfht o a major ve coupr-n i rome. enwoodel paners wela pced over ci annuent de sestatu so as not o todffen 'siran prenesidt, ha ssan rouhani inow tno tnd rou up es businlss deaha now t t theec iconomct sanavions hne bee ft lied. >> aou h dndog let out of her e hous inonelkmt,ba alamahe ot daher ecy b sauseadhe h to go sandhe .went erwandining to a il13-male hf thmaraon. di luvineay strffed o secour, tonceock che out ad dea itrabb.wi with tsce aan m ly aegssth oer errunnes shag maned toin fhis se h vent eand aarn damel. ne no o m wassuore drprisen tha r he owner, april mlha winhod sai vi ludi rne was leallyazy and
3:23 am
f lyinal tonight,ew fe peopl co sauld sy a a muchays sing th no aing asbe davigo. w itasha tt cefa. e th deadpant tha cldouck cra an di au uencevep enor befee h en opedis h eor actas wes btno kwn as -severriuffeng dtietechive pl sh fi, on theit scom ar"bney ll mier." ho>> wou are y g toingo lniste to o, mer your utcomper? >> d'toesnoo l kodgo.>> ou y't wonie bel tvehis ac incord tg to rheird,ecor i'm ce deased. i>>s t'obpr mably a.istake be >> aig voda was milystaken po reearted dadd dece oag and his at steaus drd o aliveec b aame ru g nninthgag ese rtf o his .life ig>> vodast fire camo t om prceinena in er s riousole on
3:24 am
r bstebewho edtrayic melha co nerleo. t >> mellike itas wnl oy si buness.i alwaysed lik him. e >> hd dieay tod at 94.>> > andthat's the ve"ornight ws neth" for iswe or somef t youhes new nt cos.inue r foer othhes cckac bkh wit us st ju ait ltle later for the in morn ag newsfnd oe cours "cbs thismog.rnin"fr bom thestroadcate cen irn new yo itrk c sy, i'melcott pley.>> ma> the inny kds of s,storie bi d g anlsmal allt affec youne o way or heanotr. we o asknve e srytory -- ist i ri ght? t is ifair?is it ?honest a weoire gng to theri ogi nal ce sourhe, t ppleoe who kwnond a th wat's whene know we can rtrepo the facts.
3:25 am
llott pe, ey nweekights. a >>ernnounc i: thise s thcbs er ovnenight ws.>> om> welce to the nioverght . news at a ste ofen emergcy r iemainsn fe efct in fipacica,if calaorni e whers partheof tn towre an i erdang f ofngallio inthe t ,cificach a bea front mm cosounity futh oan sra fisncco cwithndomma ving oiewsf the oc ean. ebut ths cliff are clirumbng de uner th reressntle pgoundin of was ved anivdrginra .in uaevacstioner orded. johnbltoacksne is there.>> or repter: aa t clidiffse tmaparentld bui pingeolic pdoste s noticeintelleog p tpleyhee havto . go erdang had beecom toore gats a ctheliffta srtedli falng am dralaticntly iohe t ocn.ea g >>oot t dot whaotwe gdo to . ep>> rr:ortehe mic mlle iovedn o tw msonth oag t aonrt apament awithn unllparaeled ocean ewvi.>>
3:26 am
e thff clins iac paific cane ris 0 10et fe. whenou p bndedy hiur sfhe t bl isuff er unddmine b whyig bo rsuldee havee bnro b tughtine slow erioosn. pwhenfuowerlte wintor srms t,hith lie c tffs aaketi beaanng, d ft leld buiings trieeteng on the . edgetw opa antrtme binuildavgs he itbeen stingty empce sin nce then,r fouea yrs of ghdrout in coralifniant meaew f or stanms, ed thli cffsem rdaine abstle. ti unisl th winterhe wnvy hea ra rein edturn. fipaciasca h t seenhis fobere. in 1he998, t lbiast g el nino s, yearan consttin wterto s rms shwa aedway theli cffs lngeavi se raveusl hoes hngangi on eonol cpsla oedno t b theeach be low. he otadrs hbe to n tor.downba rd ouwill kghby tnewheid bdingwh ere heed liv would oneay w et me s theame tefa. h >>ere itis .th
3:27 am
n ving o etheudge yo are ng taki up too much acspe.>> or rep tter:rdhe o tero ev teacua b theinuildasg w it credicizth by uie bgldin owner at a citync couil mngeeti last ni ght. t >>hro tow all theid resents an d tenantsut on i aou cple s hourllis reay un.fairit is very hard on d a iinm go bg tolie fing an thetyci. r >>teeporher: tit cy meranag stinsiheed tge dansr i real.>> wew kne tayhis das wng goi to me co.we n' didowt knn whe thee w were ttryingo putof it lf asasong po lessib ibpossle. no at annctio weoo tk tllighy. r >>teepor mr:elicha mchenry hadhi s bgielon ingsn boxes and was xi antoous ve held tit cyou cncil he isow n lehomess. ow>> h i amup sdpose toee kp my anjob atd e in thero pcess of th is. li a ttle faunir. ep>> rr:orteat a fore me pa cacifiiz citensld cou .face 05,00e peopl l herenive i the ci ty's tnehreatedoa cstal .zone lf ha cipacafi's bseusinesres a lo catedhe treto o.
3:28 am
fo calirnia. i >>thn souernal caiforni the ma fonhunt er threes inmat who es caped.e thpl peohoe we livn ind a ou artand san ana areom becin g reword aset dails o tfhe smen' le al cgedsrimeom beces icpubl. ep>> rr:orte t allhree menre a w noac fing falederha c orgesf ca es ping.jailau itthorsaies hey touy ctild sll i behin tsa are andre ade kidd ar ndmed a oudangers. stinveorigatves have serd0 3 se ararch w arants hnd caveome uppt emy.we an do wt to y warnouom s oef at wh a youre abouto t hear is ed kidd ns coediderap grc.hi>> or repter: trahe ongeou cnty sh f erifrtdepame antedskhe t blpuoric f help ndmoay.d an asent mgeessao the t naviet meseuncommity. >>re extmelymp itaor fntor them to ch rea outet l nice where th atey're .th arey're ndmed a erdangous. r >>teeporher: t ea20-ydr-ol ci faurng mdered chargin lked to aie vetnames
3:29 am
gang esti. ea 37-y hr-old,ossein yenari ac ofcused kinidnappg and to e.rtur ye naitri wnh a mpacco,lice le aly,gedlor tretuad an mh wit fire. ls >> aoou predac bleh allr ove a himnd in e thend he cut his ni pef.s of>> i'm sc.ared >> eo pe plivwho leth in e co unmmy itarnel jai are htfrig.ened he>> teose pplere aha tt bad.ho dw diy the g oetut of jail? i>> hesdi increblyol vient.>> te repor or:ngraeou cynt os prorecutth hearoer baywn s s at th t his irialts set fort nex nt moh.>> a thects thate hom cedmitt e arhi notngrt sho of diicabolal. l to hoseoim t this athe tt las numite. r >>r:eporteri authoelties b ieveme the apn escedm froal centr jmen'sail friday moinrng. ld he a inel clit wh atea lst 60 he otr maintes. theap escees cuthe tir way ro thaugh el ste seecrnnd a then to in the bu'sildinglu pmbing nn tuels. w lafoenenrcem stays trohe gup pa rel
3:30 am
a ropead me of li.nens ifhe ten m are unfo td,heyre a nfacing ewea15-yrer fedal gecharrs fosc eaping ilja. t righnowti inves agatorslsre ao g lookintoin howhe ty got their hed if ty got help. so but far, n oonee her athe t if sherpaf's dertment hasn bee t pu loneave or has been sp suended.> >>the tdcoun hownas begun as pe oplef oow iare ppare for the rsfint i theat nion pderesilntia uscauces se poll t seemo change daily. oneon cedduct by fox newsws sho hi lly arincltonit wh a insix-pot velead ore berni s iandersn iowa.48 %-42%.on theub rep licanside,on dald tr itump wh a o-twinpot ldea over ted d marco rubio ree pntsideliaef hopuls are sipresleng fnsh iow ia aheadf o th ebadete.>> al donumd trsp i etissenally htiedere in iowa. d aheain h newhiampsndre a south licarona.wh meich aans to vicryer h ceould make trsump' oncero impebabl bidfo
3:31 am
ord t .stop d te ccruz tomeso pslaceik le th is ururging rals iowan toru kt to infr is om's rdecornd ae urg is tsues hhatedobbl on frnnt-ruiners s thite sta be .fore ou>> yw knos thi its nowh crunc me ti. gh rit. n>> ihe tin fal sp.rint17 ur2 hos. ep>> rr:ortet thah mucal dond tr anump td cedzrugr aee on.>> w. wo >>am cnipaig ingnew nha irmpshe. um trgep urd srtuppoers manyf o themly newng eaged in the lipol ticaesprocos tus foc on ti vong.>> h youave tori bng it ,home ri ght? avwe hoe tav he a atmande. ve hado to .wellwe e hav to --et gig b nuermbs.>> ru feb9ary th.>> o getndut a tevo. >> gopro funnt-rraner iled ag hainstisop t ntoppone, ted ,cruzd backe byia relbleot vers.>> li falneng, s,rvou nscornd andsh ouldbe. ol>> rnglihr tghou theat gre est ohitsisf h fitavorrue cz ta atcks. he >> t caannadi, f manrom .canadagu eys liked tor f neamsty. h >>ide d rn'tteport tha heas h lo
3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
to u day yo ecan doinverythg j ine ust onclick, ev enyo keep leur toiclt ead n anfresh. in uctroding cllysol geick l. k clic iitn njto eleoy crean fssshne thwi everyh. flus ly sol.
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ye epe o tneros thi da y. c >>hibs trns moing.we ayek ds. bo aut t tenimes a monthn a in ntnocen persoedis frem fro an anameric onpris. ethey'r onex,erated mesotimes dafter becade oecausef new ev .idencene wss conferions o new dna isanalys.e throroad fm al jai cell to ee frn dom cabe a dcuiffilt one. ot sc ptelleynd a the 60 minutes ew crke spo t tohreee peopl lkwathing tre ail.on e ofthem, ray nshepeon snt 30 s yearthon deaw. ro>> is life notlw aatays wh we k thinit .is>> ray hinton'se lifas wev ner ewhat hht thougt ild wou be te afr 8519n whe he was mi ifsident aied byne wit wssho hpickedim out of a mugho st .books hire pictu was in there after a theft ticonvicon.en whic poloue fnd aun g in his mo 'stherus hoe, aie lanutent to tld himehat h b hadeen starrened i three g cludinthe mrsurde ofwo t re
3:36 am
ai i sd youot ghe tng wroy. guhe sa ,id i't don careth wheer u yo did or n'dot. aihe su d yoinare goog t be icconvfoted itr . s heyoaid nou kw why? s iaid no. s he waidote g ahi wte man. ey thgo're ting soay you shot him. g goinavto he a white da.yo reu ang goi to h aavete whi ju dge.yo e u arggoin to h aave white ju orry me kelily. d an he idsa, allf ot thall spes nv onnvicti ,nvco.ictionth wat's dhat itoesn'tat m ter i thatt didn' doit . dhe sai not to .me ep>> rr:orte theie lanutent eddenig sayin. that but hinton was cedonvict a atge 30 . he was57he wn the u.s. smeupre t coured rul 9-0is h denefse had beenefinctfeive. wa ne plesisic testou fndha tt nthe gu n wasot ther murde .weapon>> y 30ears ago, age jud proudlyst ood up. and said -- i sncentee you to
3:37 am
y 30ears later. neno o t hadheen dec tcyo say- - . mr nthione wry sor for --e w ysorr w for thatook place. hno oneaved sai it. ep>> rr:ortedi what hed tta ste a ofmalabaiv geou yo t help you ge ut backp onou yr feet? he>> troy dpped alles chargt thawa s it. or>> repoter: n money. tno sui of cls.othe >>thnoing, no. ep >> r aorter:tnd tha ishe wre tamany s atesreli faing the gr nowingumber of etexonerad on prisers. t ituturns o in amalab ia,f ray on hintom had cmittedur mder and was rd eleaseon leparo, held wouve ha beengi eliorble f job ai tr hning,ousing anassistce, aand busic tket .homet bumost states offer no di immeate ancssistae to the in
3:38 am
bear embinrassecg bausef o dumisconr ct oinencompet bcey opolicer prorosecuts.>> c youan'tum traatize onsomee, to try l kil e,someon cmnonde so e meon lockmesooneow d fnor 30 ar yeds an notl feeom se re sispontybili w for yhatouav hedo ne. r >>teeporttr: ayorneri ban ev stnensoke wornd oay r nthion'sca orse f 16ea n evensodstarte equalus jtice sh is n tiinitiagave, oronnizatis ov inerturneg fals icconvtions. t >>edhey ne ,onomicho using, l,medica me eantal hrelth ca, they need to ow knt thahe tir imvictioizatn, rthei usabe, hasn beeen tak sey.riousl t>> jusut absolely agunimleinab, co i 'tuldnn evexp elainhe t orhorr>> en kre ilandt los 21 years. wheas ntmisideified by wssitne whoseol clected a 0,$2000 rd dnvicte in a 1986 rape and mu
3:39 am
>>d ooinmorng. oo >> gind morng,si r. or>> rep bter:ecause of the rarers peepectiv ofn a itnnocenan m owh honas dare h dtime,he t ve go prnorutla irendn o ec conns ticut' paroled.boar s>> atoment poi inr you feli, ysir,avou hoe tp ste up. s >>so thi isr you new cell? >>yeah. ghfor eis t houra day. r >>r:eporte it t fookive years ot to g thisjob. at first he livedh wit his si ndster a f heoundor wk as a un cofoselor ubr trokiled ds. g>> i sot amall antpartme in wn to. e thereehave bhtn nigsre whe i ic barrysaded melf in a nwalk-i os clet.ep sltht in ere, ngthinki t,hat me so gone isoingo te comkick y down mnddoor a drag me back. or>> repouter: y i sleptn a os clet? >> , yeahahye, a few times i .havear ue yor ovet tha now?si arx ye sr.late >> it den hon't tavehess iues now. ep>> rr:orte t one thing mhatade it erasie is a ciconnectawut l at thpe comesnsat the wrongly co tenvic
3:40 am
to get a k.chec d whatid theta ste give u?yo>> $6 n.millio >> $6 iomilln. m >>anore tht mosstates are gi ving. t >> iom ces toom sethinge lik ,0 $300 a00 arye. ri >> ght. f >> eorvery year youpe snt in pr onis. >>.yeah>> you st ay iotis nth wor ?it >> soablylute. ve gi me $5 monilli every .yearst woill 'tuldn beor wtht. i>> te reporenr: k ierrelandas w fo unrtate. s 20state n offero catompension at i ones julie erbahm's home, igmichan.>> t otherhehan t timeha w htave you ?lost e >>inverythg. yteverhing. l myife isng nothi as it was. or>> repnter: i 0320, bahmer wasa magortge brokersi raing her er sist's byba. amhe bece ill. okshe to him to anme ergency ro om. ordocters th seeduspect the boy hadee benn shakil untis hin bra wa s madaged. s she wateconvichid of cld abuse.e shnwas i her f yifthearn i
3:41 am
at the boyad hfe sufred a l naturarostke.e sh was red,trie acd,quittend a dgthe jue izapologed. afteer sh wasea relsed for a ti shme, ase w meho.less ow>> h didou yrt sta over? i >>ast wve ry, v very,ery ro ugh. u yot star tfromhe bo.ttom cl re yaiming ouridtyenti. d itidn' have an i.d. te afr i jdumper oveha tt lehurd, styou art ainpplyg for .jobs ythenavou hoe to ghr t,ough , okaynowhe tre is ae fivea yr p ga onr you sureme, whys i ?this u yo ytellouren pottial eyemplorth e h.trutan ind my,case ier nev got e phonscallck ba.>> re the waso npo suporrt f you a ofny ?kind >> no.>> julie bahmerks wor for a de atroitreapa rish. t >>yohank u, god esbls. >>ul hopefyly mte y.stimon>> h iner spa treimeby lobing ch mi'siganis legrelatu for a en comp sationlaw.>> mo no afunt o money canr eve in brckg bary evegthint tha i ha
3:42 am
o>> n one canl fai to seehe t ju ine sticinse the secas, but iwhenomt ceso t cnsompenatio th e ere ar wpeopleinatchhig ts in ietervo w whayare souing, y ow knt, ias wt jusad b cklu. aand,dond we cen't neyssaril heowe tm for theif let thay the st lo. t >>snhis i't th was a emsyst t,hisas w lyactual j ourceusti stsyem. w itas ourax tla dolhors wd pai fo pr theolicee officrz whu edarrest mr.nthion. r ou taxol dlarsai pd t forhe dg jude an thero prsecuto that pr edosecut p him, faidor the rtexpeo s wh igot twrong,ai p d ee to k hpimn oea dth rowor f0 3 ar ye as for crimee hid dn't .commit asthis hot nohing t do with lu tck, buth everyo ing tdo with e th way were tatse tho w ahore abvulnerle in ourna crimil ic justste syem. s >>scee sott'l ful liah, lly.e shtypreth mucs livein faher rivoncte pridress ess. an e'd sht s notlexactiy dy. ievene f sh agetsin sta llshe'it wear for sa weekaitrt.ghso se i ue tidetto gut oth e osekwe s olds tainand do towny i getfrt anesh ftd so.
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ve giu s yo vmoreinitam c. t plus isphas a yeciall te crafd d blen3 of 1mivitans, ramine hls anderbs. son whentyou wapp to su ortmmyour istune sytaem, boke airrne, an jod enviy lielng wl. e ther supl bowns retur to wcbs aeekro fmda suny when the nv deernc broakos tehe tie fld t againsarthe colina ntpahers. ma for fny ose thoat w tching he igamets jus ae sid show for the real rtentet,ainmen the super a aris ye, -s30 secondpots i se folling r $5 iomilln. powe s tke fooure peopl in the aknowboute som of most me
3:46 am
he>> tta sarkes ghe hi.>> youav het tha big vngiewi au cedien.ev yberhaody s th peurressne o to sbe are gsat a polessib.>> a youre pnglayie likty bet it whoue ter the. th >> at's nott whaou yr fr girl iendsaid. >> a s buperowl ciaommerclak mes yoeverrine bheng tir a mega.>> or f meer supl bow wast jus ab out crcommeiasls a a kid. >>it's be,come you owkn,us mt visee gewin for every,ybod re .ally>> b goack andk loove or the ea strlieup ser s,bowl the co cimmerals, it's inamazg. >> sh my av eeacrm. nlast wightasou r tgherhan i ghthout.>> t wasn'remuch pessuror f rt advetoisers nd sta f out romth e co dletelyntiffereiv unerse.>> y if douon't buy rca, you may bein buygbs oeolet color tv. l >>ookingt ahe t orsty,
3:47 am
the apple ad.>> t fromhe iyndustr pointf o ew viom, cypleteled chang the me ga.>> he for tir fimst te peeopl izreal ne we teed doohi sometng th at g is toingoav hez buz va glue,alet t kedabout. we g are toing hoaveo tak te more skri.>> iti s gllets chillnk thiing ut ab theer expeienc of sineeg th fe ador their fst meti. j oust lneook >> an meay y rsago ias w iednvit d too aom ciamercorl f pepsind ait t waso lncauheh tir new can. itne was of o theom ciamercl at th hadevhierytng. adit hat gre c,musit i was sexy, hoand t, but nnfuy. ou yovr le i >> tshat are g natewep psi can wh or at? i >>nk thith 'sat whypl peoe d loveit. f >>four oe fivti densts rv su weyedould rndecomme en tridt.>> fa my tevori a was w spteid d rfo trident. >>ou wldou y rmeecomnd -- hy>> wn' didhet t d fifth entist
3:48 am
encommdde trint? i >>lyt ont cos ,0$200o00 t od pruce. w itnas i t theop ten forhe t pe suwlr bot tha.year e ther supl bow is aee carr ma ngki .move ercarein makovg more f peeopl in the cannt icerodu new letant. ef>> b toreheme comlrcia i was typreth muct jusod mgelin wa g ntininto kdf ogety mt foo in ther doo for ngacti. d antv. d anso,t tha was justik le- - the big ombo. ngduri it i wasea w nringude rwunde aearnd a neuda. brat e thend ofhe tce snen wheou y e seme. >> icintrodunghe tll a natural bu .rger>> t' whasri critea. i dknent ow the kon't bnowavut i he .it >> asenheuscr-bus h ha obeenne gof thereater advrtise that me co es backvery .year >> t hink'swhat up, ghrit?>> at wh's .up w >>shat' ?up>> t wha sta trtedoo d was do ad
3:49 am
d that jidn'txcust eeoite pepl tc wahing the mega.>> t lheagangu ien that ad isvertmaing tsde i t wayp o po urculte.>> one ofos mtou fam asdr eve ma asde w theud bweiserde cly ddale ale cald we'llev ner fo rget. k thinhewhat t dyid whit the yd cle daleser aft 9/.11 se ourifos her t s uperwlbo, but it as w the rhtigng thio t do at at thme mont. i >> think for s buper yowlou nt wao tee s the crcommeialss a ch mus aou yan wto t t seehe me ga. t >>ishis he tor mot city. isthwh is eat w .do i >>f im a aul cltura roanthlopo, gistea100 yrsm fro w noir fhist tng io d isk loo at su boper wl adisverting. >> ey h, hralp can ie hav a do rito? >> su,ren wheig ps fly.>> t a wayo rsundehatand wet w we rebo a autt any given meti. c>> thernbs ove nightllews wi be b rightack.>>
3:50 am
e thlepeop who.know elto hesp pr erveenour nmviroent. goi vot in.lved i teboosurd toinism my m faruncommbyity aiby pg ntinar55 biln quts. goi vot in.lved joi enrdy gag eninloand ve vedeli aringsh frepl supy of pr e oducfland sowerto oc a lheal s.lter i ingot edvolv. yo voung eelunt hrsa ave inwinng itspirt thahiwe tnk wis corthraeleb.ting dd mindle ah higolschode stunts: k asyo suroochinl prl cipatabouap ngplyi for uda pralentiri spit omof ctymunird awa.
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>> . back r aftesyear f ofallingt marke sh are, cdirengti its all day kfbreafoast ar um jp ines sal in lastua q orterf 2015. deinsi a malcdon od'sn nh man'attasas eetsid to tryo t ep ke w upith whathe t cmeustors wa nt. hi>> t os isfne ohe tir fst in th tie naiton whto cusmizeul bky g, osin aia gnt ipad that letsu .ite on wmoreay mcdd'onalss i ngtryi k toeep upit wh ll mil'enia csinhangg estast. li.>> or rep mter:anore th three nt mofths aer moncdd'al msade ea brt kfasan alyl-da faafir.>> d allay braseakft.>> or rep tter:ovhe mppe arseao t be at sfyisgin cmeustorra c vingsan l d walst'sreetit appetore f pr ofits.
3:52 am stoe sesre salpe jumd 5%, umakeorp ft losro gundga ainst rg bukier ng, ndwey's ando tac ll be. t >> ihissn a oizrgannatio os clining oner sngviom shietng ke li 70 monillipl peoe a day. sit i a lebatt.shiptu g rninaat bhitles ips ryve, veryrdha. ve gihe tmdi cret for some of thesp eed at w thichheye havlt dea th wi e,thes r >>r:eportee, thos usede includcr m iticishefor t aurestrant's su siper ze m aenundll ansegatio ofng usi thunhealy unhietycall ra ised ieingrednts. cifa sngfftiom ctipeonti from pr usevioin chase likke sha shack and ipch.otlesi evnce ste ereastkbroo took moveralcdond's theny compa mpsifilitsed iu men andfe beed owup hto cus cmersanse u it. t >>shere i sere i r >>teeporr:li rolng out aue val n meto . tadigil app to find aldes. and kiosksha tt t lecryou eate ur yo nbowrsurge.
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al de. e thidfea oto custimizaon su tsgges f the ioodsre fsher ha bsn'teenti sitnger undot h li aghtsll day. r >>r:eporte thelo taired om custerer expeienc is aew n tw nist o an old .idea >> now tthat'sheo way t do .things y.our wa ns suavet he itr you w ay >> or rep ater:nd there tsnd i ga ginin ntmomeum. ckstarbuff's o ers80,000nk dri co atmbin.ions coa tal bel app asllow you to eo pr.rder he>> t ideaou y canav he so inmetheg th way yout wan is ll mil eniaandti disynctl am aneric. now t used boeinge abl to dong this tl exacway the ey wt wan td i ihinkt iser he to ayst. r >>teeporusr: crtome sf sati iactions ovimpring.e thl actua nrumbe o pfeeopl who avisit malcdon id'sse on thde e.clin thwhy eey'rnc lau nhingew muen fitems,xaor emple inec selt st nores i ohio,ry t mac and .cheeseco touple snres i texasry t out sw peetotato fries. >> tthat's henioverghtew n fsordn wey.esdafo mer so n theews couentins.
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