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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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ttletelar. hefor t mngorningpt cangionid funde by cbs > >>edit's w, nesdayy januar27 th20, .16th this is bse "cng morni" news.>> > the anstetdoff bweened arm esprot atershond autesriti in onoregne turbld .oody on pee irsonsle kil wdhenn whe fbthe ind a states troopeclos>> n> foxews iset gtingd dumpe byp.trume threblpuanic pderesilntia on frnnt-ruayer s is hets no ta pkinginart the blca e'sch . ucuses>> d > anedtraginy in diana. be a lovednc priutipal p hser fe lie on thline,us pnghiou yng st tsuden o outef th way of a
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llki r>> od> goni morrong fe m thiostud57 oo newsrbsm at c news he teadquare rs herewin nk. yor t goodito be wh you.m i'-manne gariereen.> >>orthis mthning, dee learsf oth d e armegroupup occying a de ferawil lild rfeugefne i or aegonndre uarer .rest theua sit atione t thfewildli re tsfuge imaelf re insd.flui fb the i andgo oreen state polic st thopped upe gron o aig hhway ar ne, burns neowr sregon,erhots we fi d red anemone mf ber othe ti milieda kill a andernoth de endrew dver of ouror ptland at stomion fr j burns uoinss on th one whdrew, idat d youel t l. us ep >> r orter:ammomun bdynd a osome hfis topki ranng of
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da tuesrny afteoo ot f the sleadere of th oregonif wildle refuge octicupaon. r caepublinro fnent-runr tdonaldlarump p sns tokip to 'smorrow gopsi preiadentl he is t final gopat debe be nforeext 'sweekow iaau cscuseth wiumout trp,ev sendi candates ll wie takpart.e the debat is beingad brocast by
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satrump ys he hasss iuesit wh mo fox r deratoghmean y.kell n dopichamon has . more or>> rep ster: aserie of war had been goingn o for trump.hi ecs d cisionomess day beefor re icpublwians inll f sally tart ti vonng o t whohey wantbe to thstlateal escanation d nstensioe camer aftox f news le rehiased ts pressse relea tu saesday inying, , partwe ne leard from at secre back ne chan tl thathell ayatoahnd a ti pun bothen intd tore tat do runald tfamp unirlyhe wny the et mehi with hm ifece bomes pr enesidt. ethte stament sethe tep rnublicapr tiesidenntal fror -runneoff. w >>eyhen th sent outhe t wise p guyress rseeleastl a lite bit ag bo doneye som pr onpers, wialong erth rog osayd i sai e- by bye.>>
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n womegspi. or>> repuster: jstt yey,erdahe t io bill cnaireteandida took to aginstskram, aising hol frslowe if e housh pldciartipate in yet heanotbar de mteatoderedy b her.>> mp truno is utsed toot n rocontg llingsthint, bu the tr isuth heoe dsn't get to co l ntromethe dia.>> or rep iter: n astenatemt, the knetworay s tsrumps iti sll aelcomerst thuday snight' aeventnd will beed treat ir faly. >>hi tiss ll abo aisut h not g beininwillog ten defd his rdreco. >> ep rteorker: loc td in aight lebattir for facst ple, tedru cz is nower offing t doebate trump onone--one. >> nu 90 mioutes, y and me ,mo onnoamo, lin/ncolladougtys sled anhaif tart sc, es youethen w ca no da iowaow tn llha. r >>r:eportes thiheis tth seven cof theigampaean sson for the gop. ea instttd of aending the tedeba,tr saump ,ys he d,instea wlil be g holdina fisund-ra feror ve
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on >> dio champen herew in n rk yok , thanyou, don.> >>ra democticsi predeiantl ho bpeful sernie ianderss leschedueed to mtit whsi predent amobtha niis morthng at tee whi ho use.e the white houshesays tre is nofo rmndal age ta forhe meeting, bu lt theittle knownor senat fr moom verntas hom bece a rp su frisinginactor he t mo decratic ninominatg esprocs.> >> auk milwaanee m i usnder fb the si say sammyoh mdamme za hahnee had b unernd su anrveillcein sepce sertemb.he d tolfbior infmance hisup gro neplan sd tovehoot e tryonehey at saw em the tndple a hoped to ki alllet t as 30people.he rr was a mested bondayy rcunde aoverftgent a her pedai o for twtiautomahic macne guns an d lesis.ncerse s he iha crged with gun ss po. ession>> o > twlepeoper wile klednd a th otree hers wedoundhe wn nf gubrire ouoke tt a aes homels ca n mp iatsetle. it's eaunclhar wtri tedggert lasni sght' oosh.ting vione iectim dt d athe ensc e,an aotheret thho
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ndom. >> we do haveas at let two rs pefons o reintest. el we bievehi ts was age tar ted ci indent. hweaveo n rneaso tlio beeev yo anlsne e ies in dr angesat thi t.poin o >>th of ime victais remns in ic critcoal n.nditiopo ellice bheieve t victimser we edtargetse becauwh of heo ty e, arec not bheause t wyere me holess. > >>enpresida t obamriwas befed on theen pothrtial teatth of e kazivi rus. er yestheday, tor weald hlth ga oronnizatict predi tedhe sqmorauito-tednsmitt w virusas ad sprelm to allost aou cesntri in theicameras, idinclunghe t u. s. to symp ums are sually bmild,ut e th virusee has bnke lind to bi h rts defectin ilbraz. pr the enesidalt corled f the pmdevelofent o s,test esvaccin, and trtseatmen. > >>wo the t tianrt-aboghion rits stactiviars chwiged thak ming unthose erdercov vedsideof o ne planden pard thoowiurll tn emthesselv in.e thactwo fhaes c orgesf mp tag erinovwith gtaernmenl re
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mtheyade an deunrcovereo vid ngaccusied plannen par othoodf ga ille sllyngelliet fisal tsue r foarresech.a jugrand ndry fou the ga oronnizatiot did nhing wrong. > >>exthe tnaas teeger whose ud a sllo-caedlu affenza denefse ul coacd be bk inhe tte unid wstates48ithin hours. ha etoun cch wasig finhtg rt depofration icom mexuto b dr hiopped als appe. couch and hishe mot wrere edarrestmo last fnthwiollong a re motw than eko-we nhmaunt.'l heurl reton t texas toe fac ar chteges s fmmingrom aru dnken dr givinvi conioct wn inhichou fr lepeope weredkill c and ouch ivrecebaed pro.tion > >>ngcomi t up onmohe "g rnin ."news a ifcl ferhang. an engrodi coralif cnialiffut psho met ais r fk ofallingo inthe t a. se te lavir, brang the rdblizza. lwe wil y showowou h a medic lphe aedom wan get ru iqsh lstuid faf relierto youto ldugh coom sympts.
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a weinre s. king t>>s hiwlnerey asle cedstoa gu d ardevisho s owyaa t ch ftliafing r tekita ongwan r teon ndmo nayhtig. th cae aiptorn redeevd yoer tneo ab doanshn .ip metiap l vseeoidro fthm coe t asgu shard iowst was tenin mutes be ifores t waweswallod by the se a.>> > a cngrumblili cffat crees acevtiuas.on e thossoare f me ohethe neadlis on m thengorniss new.tand e thdisan unego trion e ibunsays poa ref rt ohogunst ts avya na sp ho lital tedo ara nely hosix-ocur ln.kdow erwork ns at mavalaledicte cenr sa n o diegteevacuathd wi theirha abnds thove adeir he. mpan ee loyertrepoeaed h aringt t lease threhogunsests yayterd inmorng. ta miliolry pfoice und no ceevidensh of a ngooti. e thanclevelaid plern deal rtrepoe s thircity f ed six ceoffi trs f rheirinole a cdeadly.hase resix moic offarers ene suspded d anr anothed.retirein
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sh as intool car f alowing -s highhapeed cllse, kithing bo d unarme ipeoplenside. of one r ficeinwas eddict forma ugnslabuhter, act was d.quitte>> in> the apdian solistar rtrepopos a r pulaciprindipal eda iheroscn a bhoolraus csh. eswitnsases emy elryentaoo schl paprincisal surdn jousan phed en studutts oe of th away of busfo bet re irust ack kndleilhed r. -ytwo 10dsear-olre suffed ri sejuous inries. e therdriv5 and 2tsstuden were ab woardithen de sudlunly d rche rw foanard mpd juheed tb cur st yey erdarnafte oon. i >>er'm vloy cseth to e tu sin.atio hverytoard k talt righnow. e so wn.mour he>> tl schoolecancels d clasto day.po celi t sayshhe crade is unr iginvestn.atio > >>mathe "oorha walld herd" po rea rts l funeramehoir fe re injuthd reree fitefigh rs and ofone ts iwn
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d for ol stime'sakes? an>> i c 't doit, sally.>> s thiinmornheg, t en aitertwonment mrld isg ournin e thh deatraof chactcter aor abevi goda. aythe plobed a m istern th"godfat er" buashe wt bes n knowecas dethitive p ol fishn th ome sitcey "barnr. mille" go vi 9da wass 4 yearold. >> ais long omland wtian waing fo dnr a ki tey gotl he calshe ae rped fo 18 msonthth at e ht heige of thd t, firs she wasd toln a bu amcolance t uld noertake h to mthe 20ileso tthe sphoital, a but rapamedic,ho wse own r brotheedreceivne a kidy, tenavigawhd the iteout it condo ions theget err the in ti me.e tht patienedcalla it e.miracl nv dencer brortos qua erback onpeytng manniar is ge ting upo fo his riurth t tp touphe ser bo twl andyehe 18-erar vetan is
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me. enlisto tt whanf an twl neork ccrewt aughsahim tyingo iopatroats cilch blil bek chic te afndr su aay'shafc cnsmpiohip .game ey>> his, thht migmy be as lt srodeo,aso it ha been supleare. 'r>> youeae a grett compitor. >> ng mannit hasn'e said hwill reretier aftse this utason b the ea 39-ywir-old e ll bolthe dest tequartorback a start superbo wl.nn mad ing anonthe brkecos ta on cathe prolinas anthererin sup wl bo lye on t placeito see is t righ oheres.n cb s that i, sundayryfebrua 7th. s los angelersclippe star e blakfigrif mn will tiss upo x siwiweeks roth a bhaken nd. t buowit's hsu he aistneatd th in ryju h thatasoo hps f aansnd ffteam o sicialshakinghe tir s. head if grbrfin hokehois sgotinan hd hwhen peedunchne oth of e ip clqupers e mipments.anagerth mee two inn got arto an gumentdu dring aneinatr thly clear got t ouonof coltr.>> m > i'-manne garie.reen
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he n re icinew he n re iyonew itrk c y, aba dby'serelivmpy siouly cotld n .waitsh s e wa obornbun a igsy h hway m inttanhauran dshing ru hour st yeerday. a cepoliic offhier on y s wato tr c affit courd hear91the ll1 ca t aboun a womainor labe on thfd e r drivand d foun.them as>> i wtl a litrie surpwhsed en edi openth up sse padoenger or an hed the aad wasdylrea, out ba the e by cammeout imy.diatel a me hnd dadd elpeh catcthe d, chiled wrapp a it in o bunch f tsblankei -- , mean ttowelso ke mait sure ep was k. t warm he >> ty familvewas gilin a pocees o cort tspthe hoheital womre m d an ababyngre doi well.>> i> whenmet co ws tongrestli a orrtny spoha for tert matt, er evanyone w cts thetohance
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oncoyoung itmpetitor w h downsy dndromeedecidt thatehe wand ak to t te on aanop rd ke tlwreser. ul pato bur on ofosur bton at stwbion poz rerts.>> or repter:he wn hscigh hoolud stanent tedy s oppeden th t, ma w you tould hhinkule wod be ounervt s buthnot idis k. dy an d hassyown mendro h bute n'doest t le sthathitop m frompl inaye g tht sporovhe la h week,d e face wdevin,ho a isr numbenkone raised divion i iierwrestls in hihtweig w >>cke loed .up i hes a t koughid.he t juspesnap dd meanown t d pu i mehen a ocad-ld k andobullgged veme oy r to m aback jnd iust dncoulto't sthp wee por. r >>teeporher: ten moms t wa htcaugca on .meraan bdy'sryrave d and'sevine tru tssporhimanss p hae sincgone l.vira >> bl humg,inue i gss? i suose. p it'sy rett, coollilike, ke all t ofathis n tentiongis bei r foima sple act ofin ks.dnes r >>teepore r: ha had goodre .cord feunde.ated
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i >>nk thi m thegeessa is or spnstsmaiship ve ali well y todathand idat kces acidpt ks li ndke awhrew eaolehlyrted. now r >>teeporndr: as y ha beenwr inestln g sevenoyears he hnd won ama lost s tcheand be y en bodd slamme tmany aimes. th one ising ru tine, wlo or se, a andyhalways ils a sme. w >>loin or 'sse, itos the mt n fuchto wat hreim w.stlebe e causomhe cffes o m the atchd anhe has theig bmigest sle. ep>> r yorter:e ou hav such arm waha and cg whoue do y t getfrhat om?>> us jesis chrt. ep >> r yorter:anou cet't g any tbetterathan th.>> wa that s s wbz'urpaul bton inreportg. pl apnde's fiho my ip ne app is mouysterisly pgointine som tpeople co thiss ouple' ye pastthear ere uss is
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