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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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> >>good mngorni o tourie vwers t inhe west. its i eswednday,ua janry 27th, 16 20.we tolcome th "cbs niis morng." nadoruld t smpeays h will yc botoott owmorr'sop g tedeba. s criticsay he isai afrdf o fox newsnc ahor myneg llkey. > >>a deadlysh utooton i egoron. th e ifbnd aol pice cononfrhet t meardro pertestscc oyiupng a rafedeill wedlif re. fuge cb nes iwsesnvtitegas a un wowaded r rrioecprojt. rm fomper eesloye t sayhe ctyhari f isngallirt sho ofts iis m sionto p helur injed pstroo. b> we teginmohis grninh wit a a lookt y'todas "eye enop" ers, wyour iorld sn 90dsecon.>> no> i'm t a fan of m egyn kelly.i shthink ae's d-thirrate rtrepoer. le set's we hoh mucey mon fox g is toingako mne o tebhe date
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? okay d >>d onal ptrumplans tooy bcott e th gnextop debate. >> c thiserontrovsyes dat back to the veryst fir rliepubcan de , bate-mcoatodered byrs you tr uly. a >>enppartlyeg melyn kly i s al rerely, sally.cary ni bernde saers andil h lary toclinnam cnipaigng suserioly rebefo theow ia uccaus. on>> mdayht nigs it' alln i yourha nds. nosupresre. >> 24-day stffandoet b aweenn an ovti-genernmgrt oud p an the cafbi ome t aea ddly -- >> on ammdy bun t was iakennto cu odsty. ft>> aer thezz bli ard of2016, fthe gederalenovernmt -orepen, e thfeli is rnieturong t normal in e thernaste.s u. i >>t was imibposslebe fore. fi>> on almnd tiseleviorn fo de s,cadera chacteror act abe vi goieda dts ahe t age of . 94 >> i l owndou movenly doov msieha tt ino kw m i'ingog toe hav fun.
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ul awf the amiceras.>> > a gbaargeru txpck englodi to in nerew jsey. twope orsrato got outhe wnhe ty sa smw oke fngilli the ca bin. > >>ey pn tonnmagin h tintinghe pe suwlr boht mig h beist las ga . me t>>s highmibet y mstlaod r.eo>> he t win, it's ,inir vagini s haed stunn wake refost. oh, ! my a >>tll tha mas.tter >> hte go brettes grade in high ho scu ol, yo torhe prenesidt? i >>ott's n evencl ose. ba rack fdoolero aundn ih hig olho. he barely got hisor wk done.he 's a bum. n>> o "iscbs thng morni." w >> iheas t bestng thi tove er edhappenrn to bedeie sanrs. w>> thehiorst ttng thape hapned er to bndnie saisers stillst .atic c>> wean't haveal bsloon athe t mp ca eaign.vent ait'sri teridble ea! no on ballos! >> > this g'mornins "eye eropen" is
7:03 am>> lc> wetoome th "cbs is rn moing."re icpublannt frone-runonr dald tr saump eys hil wl bttoycohe t la stat deb beeefor iowa'sir fst in n thenatio caesucus. um trysp sa he willp skiom tworro gh nifot's ewx nsve e bntseecau he la cims deebat merodator megynke lly is b aiasedgainst m.hi>> now, if hes goeugthrothh wi hi iss promte, thaou wutld p t edcr uz andco mario rub aten cter instage me pri time. r majott garre isn ies ds moine th witr ump's risky .move odgorn mo ing. d >> goog.mornin fe the weud betend donaltrump d anwsfox neme simring for ntmoshs i now on. ic wheah mhens tin falat debe fo behere t iowa cseaucus is f.of ea at l tst for arumplend at ast no for 's aa saglathat pouyed t at s presenconferces,al rlies, and c of oourse,n tv.>> ca they oyn't th wit meik le ttheyoy withve edyrybo .elseso t lethem heavir the tedeba. t' lee s sehowhe toy dth with e ra tings. r >>teeport r: iarall stented wh ne fox wsea relsed ate stament
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pr tidentorrump f cinower tgo ad vl pimir autinndhe tto ayallahsa ying trump ulwod,uo qte acreple his cetabin withtt twier w heotas n usamed. >> n whe theyt sen outhe tis we y guce pieson de bye som pr pe lorson a wngithog rer leais, i b ok? >> te reporr: heim claed the ptrumco boyastt w rooted in one th g,in m egyny.kell el >> w tcome toheli kel file, ybeverody. i'm m egynllkey. >> the deebat willo gn oh wit orth wimrout . trump. ox >> f b stoody kellyin agast wh at it s waidere uniespecifd re thfats oub trolem fromp tru mp caanaign mager coreylieule skwindowi.ri povals unced.>> pp ayarentl melegyn ksly i al reea lu, rarlly scy.
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st augu t, i'mmyaking toysnd a in leavg. >>s it'hatime tomt syebod plays ow gr an-upn nd thewhen i see a es prles re waseenritty b a ch lild, iiket jus w,sa what do vei ha to do? dwhato iav heo t make fox chri? t >>rump srtuppo wersepo ske th wi n dideeot s tmo care if r theiidcand tateookhe tri pme time st age.>> rspe,onally don't ma. tter o >>onh, i d't .care ivthey g ae humar hd time yw anay. or>> repruter: ts mp i now g talkin haboutolding aiv ral le tevisedve e tnt roaise funds fored wound ai detls yet. uz crll cha tengedrumpa to on nee-on-oeb date withif dntfere tomodera nrs orood moreratts a all. mithe toc ofay p perw vie ra cove yge notnet o the e.tabl>> e onc tagain, mhanks, ri davis wasam cigpan manager fo rn joh mn'ccais 2008 es prtiidenal bid. n he'sow picolital cutontribor c withbsn. m good. orning d >> goog.mornin >> o lotsf qnsuestio about va motindtion a why oneer psons iin
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t who wins? r >> ightnow, ink thi theea tm of cteandidahos wre aoi gngo t be ha on ttat sgeou celd b the wi inners,f they teeff o on um trisp in h seabnce, i t hinkey thou c wlddinp uct aually ki maunng grod up.>> melegyn krtly sta sed herhow sa ruying tmp isd useo t being in ar chutge b shesa id, otqu te,he ut treh is hoe d gsn'tet to l controthe a.medi h >> e has,outhgh.wh len you took athect condu of theed mowia tard trump, he's notgo tten sincrutyha tllt aer oth onfrrut-ernnins he tli repubcan tinominae on havover time.i' eeve bnro a lund soveong i' en seov them er time.he ll's a towedeto g awayh wit do ining th ts withhe media that rsothen' are t. >>e likwhat? >> an how mimy tes doe peopl in the media allow him toal c ilontle te vision shows?ed un is heal cntls i soyunda owshs. bo nosdy iff adordehi t ks oindf po opunrt ity. t >> tha hhasn'tdappene .here e we'vndexte anit invnatioy man me tis.we t waninhim e liv i andn co r.lo h
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e>> wld couhr tocow a rhik and thi m. is in hme statent he tboalks aut s presse releates writn by a il is is ferom th trump keunli thestupid,hl hig y etincompopent penile runng our trcoun ty intoouhe gr nd,. mrptrum knowshe wn tok wal ay aw, riloger aesnd a foxew ns in thy ks theoycan th wit p . trumn'doesayt pl dos thit hur him now, ckri? i >>hi tnk thero gss ns incoieistenc as thatre tistaro ng tp,show unk fra tlyhemo ttre a hention etsge t, mheeor nyscruti he gets, thee mor nsincontiste heis. st jute yes, rdayheks talut abo i maybe will, maybe i won't. n'i do wt know'mhat ioi gngo t do . c hisnampaig meranag says be e liev hwhate .saysi t don' wknow hhate said. he>> tub rep flicanntro-rneunr ckpiaing ht fig w fithoxs new l channechin whi fox has said at thmp tru isro terngrizi one ofth eir emeeploys, tshat' a sgtron ar chge. ye>> s, butt' tha asew n gechar, gh rit? ok loha wt edhappen t lasteime h go t in aht figit wheg melyn eox fe peoplvewent oeir thr tway tory andak meur se ev
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nt to unsalt umtrp. ltheyeft megyngi hanutng o th r ere fooua cpleda ys. asit w a r needyn eactioto an ou lat of p cecaatndide. d >>tho you inkis this a e,mistak t aurning point for p.trum 'v >> i ae seenf lot ong turni in potsha tout i thsght wa going osto cm t hi hand itasn't.e th way heak m ues tphese th i ings, kthins it' goingo t hiwear tn omever ti. si've saidayince d onen i this pr iimary,ilt wakl t ae long me g's noto oing tecbe d iidedn ne the xt twoee wks.>> r so faorit's wngki f.or him>> d harinto wcu a cauins and inma prirynd a get more nt momeum. es>> y. ha>> tounk yck, ri s.davi >> nk thau. yo >> no i ke'w wll see you n.agai th u ank yo verychmu.> >> sbernie sandersosays ling e thiowaau cscuseou wlde bo n tr y.aged t bu aew nl pol ofoc demrats out isthni morngws shoim h lngeadi ll hiclary nintore the by a ur font-poirg main. eiin nrighbong esminn mota,ore than14,000 srtuppoers sdhowe upla igst ntht a a srsande rally in st. ere v smontorenat will mtee th
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moing a tthe wouhite hse be etfore r turninge o th iowaca .mpaign >> a> dl deay sh iootoutnre ogon ov t ernighd coul ehelphend t oc ticupafon o aed ferald wil rlifeeefug by armed men. fi ofhocers st andle kild the ou grp's okspesmanft aer a af tropfic st.ei thr ,leadermm adyon bun is am veong fipl peoe aterresd by fbthe ndi a onregote sta cepoli.>> ee threr othem mbers were starreseed teparaly. nit's cotlearow hy maneo pple e arol hedp u athe tal mheur na wtionaleildlif rterns eva is in s,burn on oreg. goodg.mornin ep >> r gorter:rnood eer w nksow,ho aut hritiesave ataken ds han offac approh to is thoc oncupati. thbut llat ang chan ed odatuesy. nd bud y anhiswe folloerrs we ad hea ed to mtownngeetihe wn wtheyopere st pped byolice. it and 's eaunclr whoed fir rs eois vid shows fbige antsnd a cepolice interptingit milant le aderon ammdy bun ander seval ot r heamiliti m oembersnn a eg oron wahighy, not far from er wheye th've oieccupfed rade l
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s shotwere refid,dy bunas w ar edrest h androis btherya rn washo st but has e-nonlifenthreatjuing inries.>> s thibo is ar ut youm,freedo to ab move thout ouis cntry. r >>teeporavr: loy fim,nicu a esspokfoman er thro pertestass w ll kiedth in toe shoout. ammon busndy'at fher cliven ok spe with ink.o. fngollowiis h so s n'rear. st r>>nyady bun ha b seen ihotn e th arm, lavoy fuminic hadee bn rd mu, eredcolold-boded mu.rdered>> or rep fter: dinicumibescred ach n ange ihowho autesritie wer oaapprthching aye 25-d tioccupaon. t >>hey had become more edharden.en whst they ouepped het of tir clvehi tes nowhey're sgteppin ou t withhe tir flries. ep>> rr:orte last night,ly heavime ardff oericsts dooua grd ts ouhoide a spitalel bdieve t o ol be hneding of ohe tit milia s.member l atigeast eeoht pplene con cted he to trm aed protester we ar trested ouesdaynal feder fe lonyrg chaes of caconspiryo t impede fiofcers. t >> ihiss the cotunsti.tion
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eon cutstit ion.>> or rep oter:nua janry 2nd nd budy an hisrm aedol frslowe ctookolontr ofhe t malheur ti naonaldl wilife imey claed the feral go mevernsnt i forcingch raners el to srl thei . land a>> whyre a you? rmed>> we'reio serusbo autng bei he .re swe areioerbous aut ddiefenng ou ghr rindts a we are s erious t aboug gettinthings igstra htenedout. r >>r:eportee katnbrowed stepp upss preure onal feder th auieorit es tohend t cu oconpatit juss day t>>he stiituason iut absolely usd it m rt bed esolveim elmediaty.>> or rep ater:s ofig r htnow, it ll's stiea unclr howy man apeoplereup occyinghe t il buindings the refuge. kwe donow e lawmenforcent has es hetablisd aet perimer andd roa ablocksy'nd there onlyow allingpr oopertyinwners the eaar. >> reintesting. ,carter .thanks> >>t studeninas wnghi dton,.c. orthis mrening adi heang back to sc ahoolfteras lt ekwesend' ip crg plinfasnowll. e ther fedoval genernmst hao als pere-othned eno sgew emerncyn i
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toy.da spart theit c ay sretill pdacke swithannow dtr sinuggl g tocl upean . fouray dsft aer the zablizrd. ewin nk yorws cre areus focing on le cinargid setr sneets i rdha -hitnsquee. re mon thahe30 inc ss offenow ller the. > >>enpresida t obamisng calli fo tr newndest aat tres mentto t stop zheika ruvis. th ide prest en bwasriefed by he ndalth ana natiourl secity fi ofyecials y.sterda e th mo-bsquitoruorn vi iss li o nked tdabrain nmage i .babiestw o newes cas are crmonfined i ka arndnsas ali caiaforn. thats bring.s u. total to at as let 18di in 8 t fferenstates.ey thal have vol inlved trsravelefr enom rectutly re frnedrom 1 of 24ri countes and tertori rieswh eere th i viruss antrd.smittee thewlist nnc islude the cadominipun re ablic und the.s. vi inrg s.island ais winconsan m i usnder re arusst accfed olo ptting a mass ie fber sved smoamy hamed mz haheh wit ilyllegalos pinsess gin mache
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ll kien dozs of ppleoe in aa m so matenic n mple fegeral aernts weip tped off in te sepmbern wheam h mzehade pl ans to attackae isrlis in the we st bank.>> e> ther govnor rickny sderet mpr y ivatelhewith t naheacp, t l civiht riggrs unoup aveiled pr eoposalo tan hledle adth in e te wad r anhelpec affted zecitins. a aiadrnna diazs iit wh us. >> te repor r: thenaacpre psident stold u the -lhourong meeting wa ans a frvek conn rsatioand the rn goveasor wre ulmorsef. ey th h mettere a city hthall wi the mayor tiso dcussol s utionsto w theaterbl proems that ar open't tn dow butnv iolve the mm coy.unit w >>ee havo tal tkbo aut ac tacountybili . r >>teepororr: cneokll bro ts,he
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lo -tngmerol sutionn ili fnt y tuesdaghni t.>> av you he dorispropetionat nu ermb of black,ro bwnnd a poorch enildrje suboct t edlevate le ad,s that' abl proemha tt upgrows oe, gs toun jiorig h hsc ndhool ah hig . school or>> reparter: phet of t oi15-pornt priity plands exten yo beaind rep tringhe w ater stsy.emit ge sugstsir hingth youo t di bustriatte woter b itlesnstead heof tio natgunal ard. cioffi aalsrein urgopg peo le tus e bedottler watnd ate filrs. wefor eks, perrotest hsave pr exdesse agoutre,ay sing ey thil're stgl beinle bil fdor leadne poisod water. e th scity aayss of augustth 7 ser ice fomenonpay nt. an >> cri't dt,nk iwi cook th it,th ba ie witht. or>> repter: adiccorng to a 1420 ystud a a flintew nerspapli fnt
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s billines genee co,unty agaver$1ing 40 a ntmoh. athe t entlemearych sool tu y,esdaar pents ahend touir yngki inds led u tpo bees ttedor f . lead i >>ll'm reay nccod.erneto day is like a wakeupal cl be heing re,g seein howhi t asll is . >> te reporher: ter govllnor wi kbe bac hereit at cy hall later y todaeto giv anup odaten the wa ter iscris. tone ofhes topic wet expec him cuto dissss iis hst reque for ti addiedonal fideral a toak m e t sureerhat evyonee her under e thage of 21 has access to lo nghe-term aralth c me noatter intheir r come oine surancco .verage ha >> tnk you so much. s atate ay gencinal cniiforais thng mornicc a ausesas g mp coy anofli negegencn i a ss mathive meaneak le. it'sng sui the serouthn rncalifo ia gasmpcoany. co the inmpla btmela tshek lea on the de,sign nscotitrucon, er opn atio iandctnspe oionfhe t well.ou ths sandofid resentsn ite porr haranch nve bee forcedm fro ei throm he sincehe t gasea lk ga ben in r.octobe i anganvestitionev reals st dingurbi newai detnls i the
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viree tolenri clsmina who es cafrped gidayot a bigea h dst art. dguardsidn'tic notye the were orgone fut abo 16 s.hourmi ilreya vllarrea is at the georanou cnty jail inta san ana.go od g.mornin or>> rep wter:ee arin learng mo utre abo the plsrotoco in heplace tre ataihe jlse udo t ec chd k anurmake shae ttat inmesar ent accouored fnd aow h those ot prsocolke bron dow last id fray.>> c youan be aedssur in igvestsator are cnuontitoing work tesirel aslydrounhe t clock. or>> reps ter: afolaw ent rcemenwo ayrked d n andight toe locat ththe re eeapsced maintes, itauthoriesde wonr howda manrytoy daandig nhthe csck at the georannt couy smen'tr cenaial jl edfail to rleveahe t wyere inmissg. he >> the sriff isme extrely tr blou bedthy eh lengt of time t itoook ter detmine the three teinmaous hinsed aum maxim se jcurity wailere counac untr. fo >> te reporffr: olsiciano now kw e thes inmated escapus jter aft a5:00ea.m. hdco unt.bu pit destedd anaitiols checkth eat wer sd upposeapto h penag
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d an8:00 m.p., thehr t meeen n'werepot rerted mngissiil unt ro y ughlou16 hftrs aheer ty re edpellfr to meedom fro the hojailuse .roof >> there prylimina itinvesongatiin ttosche e aapeownd ht i oc edcurr has cdause thehe sriff nc cos erns aeto som of the jail ma inntte couic practesnd a how erthey we cod.nducte >> te repor jr:haonatn euti, cba du ongnd aos hsein niayer are st onill r theunnd asi cond dere me arand dad erngs.ou e thew rard b haseenpp uedm fro ur capte. ne>> we pled peoe to come ar forwdnd ade provima infor tion no we k hw theyave. r >>r:eporte oiafficls sayer oth tescapevehat haap hpened in the0s '6 and'8 ls0s aope hapnedh witth fe roo in mind, which the fsherifdm aits is a design .flaw the atessocia pdress is re inport mg thisorningat that le onast e of the men, bac duong s waup stoposed be ddeporteac bk
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hettommin ed ieathe ar. ve howesr, thi is likean thousds of otheres cas wedhere feral au itthortries y andep dort on somee and theirat nivent coury t won'hetake t mback. >> thankou y. > >>anirre's p ssidentaidte betrre s lationhewith td unitestates aresi pos iblefhi wasngtons act ss le ilhoste. ro iuhanre toud thenc aient co iliseumomn rse thini morng. m heet white popra fncisue tsday t athe tivacan. pothe pele cald onn irao tp hel re spad the sdprea of orterrism. uh rosaani ys irann' didt rstequeth eov cer-up ofud nees statu at se a muum.>> > abe davigo, theg- lon time r actodihas ed.>> m, to y can gou metthe off e ho ? ok r foold time's . sake an >> c 't do,it say.ll i>>em rember that scene. o >>h, boy.
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"thegohedfatr"la pying a mo rbste whoas w ctaughyi betrang s hios bs. he then beecam dtietecisve fh on rn baeyil mr.lemi enstakts reporf o histh dea iturnednto aun rokning jeha tt heen oft pallayed ong with. goabe vidaiv loed te b y94ears ol d. t >> thawascene t.s greapl ease tell michael i always li
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hlikenee kw h weas about to get an noceunhir: tios portcbn of " s orthis mspning" soonbyred a.cign ertogethth, all wae y. is the wedoundor warri ecprojavt le vinganeterhis bend?>>
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nd hufreds oli milonsf o drsolla ar, yeano is elt hping my br rsothe and mery sists.or as at lealt not hel of tm.>> d,ahea new rtieporng from ch ip reid's inigvestn.atio >> th> nee iwsbas tcks hi mo inrnt g righn here ohi"cbs t s in morng."d. imy tipifs; ee you kokp sming, yo frur "m"eedo o mayy nlsgo ar faouas yygr oxuben te. ou (annnc cer) qui eefor frp, hel ca 00ll 1-8no-quit-w. we wighteratchs s hachd.ange htweigch watalers wl-ne yo behend tle scagr proam pu hets toc f ousun yo an t d no tjust nherumbe heon tle sca. wloset eighe whilngeati thhealier, wi llth a s newpomart.ints an ved moe mor ncby idilu fngneitss ayin wats thfo work yor u.
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7:26 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:41 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
de wessedomenon dak't teoo gd care of lvthemsees. ss leel liky to dore pnatal vi rsits o take vinitamrs o eatwe ll. yo behand tert thn e ca be ang lo-termmp iactn o crehild nrn bo to mothers w whoere es deprrised dungre pcygnanr o af thee aron emotialnd a ha bealviorue isss and cckan tra or perfe mancchin seaools yrs la ter. d >>edepressot m mherseay b vo in ilvednub sanstce usabe. t >>heep rdort di pointut ot tha ti somememes woln feeo s itesoladth 'tey dont wanto ask for .helpth taey sort tel scaf-mediteit whsu ajb stscestans canim ultatelyt hur bythe ba. d>> how ko younow the es depronsis i soni sigficant at thho you seeuld shek lp? o>> onef thege bigst hurdles hiwith twhs and tyhek tasce for enrecomms dationsoare im t,portanan pregnomt wen who e arre depedssl fee --ep dioressnis igstzematid, pe.riod
8:14 am
na pregomnt w nen andew .momser tha e's nssee of guilt, er thsee's a onsef shame that shyou ou fldn'tiseel thay w ou ar bnd theirth of -- y >>ou're so y.happ >> s it'edsuppos b tohee tes bt nt momeur in yo life. if y'tou donie experhance tt u' yo gre notooing t reach out lpfor he. ou if y ,do t aherere gatre sc greeninoo t wls andyoe get u er whe youd neeo t go. s itd houlbe i think s is iare gat step in e th >> ag i ree. an th ku.yo>> >or mane thf halmeof ansrica y budu proctst jusau becsehe ty ahaveat nural belal. hsomeeav anrt aiciflia su .rprise ne the rmw info nation, ext on"c s bs thiinmorng."t on "c s bs thig.mornin" an bs >> cng morni s cbmornuning rods sorponsedby dv ailhe wnas ft s andg trononto paugh in. no g thintris sr ongeouon t gh tpainadhan vil. efrelisn doeet't g b anyrette an ths. thi advil. en iamelurs yoet tefih's rstf line oe.defens
8:15 am
tr lgy coamate enltel heah. epit reslenishsp weak ots atwith nalural ccium trto sheengtamn enel tfour bimesr.ette e colgat henamelealth. ngstroaler, heamthy en.el ke maic del riousesecip a thathtre ligcaer in lories adand suded gar en whse you uda splen no al cweorie s.etener in thr,k suga e usasplend e e tradllis aut abose g izinrtoppoy.unit so i'g m gointoak tise th rtoppoitun gy toofo rif sc pt. f so inni wa ta gorso jeey chand oueck ott shtusy elccerli'rts poo,foli at whs 'o it tyou? 'or ia m tiscotassh mon e whostsassere ae madof ne stoik l he mertea. pa pa! reyou'so no inn of me! porerpshas it'time zeto seiay the d. don' st justppee oniortuty, izseite
8:16 am
lause) >> su> "conpomer reakrts" tes on tu naodral foel lab aingnd a justory utst os zie magavene sury founde mor than %60 ofri amecansuy b od prabucts leledal natur but th two-elirds batieve n muraleansmo n re doean rd foss proceed le labes offerno clear g.meanin e thordirect oumf consafer sety stand suliainabity at su"con mer po re arts" jnd shesoins u at the e.tabl evi beli he we teardfohis bere d anidyou save we ha but what?
8:17 am
ing to openp uom a cerment paniod d he t ar whablthe pu tic haso stayab thout blis proem. >> se becauay it ssur natal do t esn'always mean tunaral. >>is that t.righ um consiners thk it means no ar altificire ingtsdien or lo gmos, for e.exampl no r meat theynk thi it means no ug drs that thema anilser we ed raisde outsied and l somet sorof al natur a life ind dtoesn't nymean a ofatth. >> a whatrele exampfs oro pducts rethat aed labelal natur that no may t beso?>> ur in o on"crsume porerts" oustory tot day,e wtu feare n seveendifferodt prtsucnd a fe uabr irya s ntmohro of pducts a weoire go ng turfeate. ftheirstdu pro ictson del mte fruital natur wshich csontain fiarticial patreservives like so umdi oabenzte y andouan c use raa natul belal. anr otheucprodst iso wesnil en's oftea soy bnr o canolar o
8:18 am
mo fidi cedpsro but most um consdoers thn't erink the ou shld be gmoats in nural d labeleucprodts. ll finaye wtu feare a rooeet br at th has amecaral color.>> es jamck smuer s tayshe color fo r r theiroot breeom cm es fro l naturaedingrs ientland de mo hante ts no onrespded. tiwho ulmately dideces wd hat an ot is n? t >> parnoof it isthing th on e s book w chen itoromes f the fa ededs fas fo dod andmirug adranistndtion a othey dsi conderol all c ors tobe artciartifial. a weayre seing th lackf o ve gomerntant sdsndarow alls co anmps ielato misnbel i a sl mi weading way and be haveeen le abcu to dohament tt m theantleof on c asumersngre bei slmied onth ete mark. >>
8:19 am
t >>hat's right. w weemant thn to bait thaltogether if dey'tone hav llthe wifi to deorne it ef dine it so it's ng meanilfu thatan c cannotdmislea nsco umers. >> how a as cronsume do you know ithistus naral? e>>ctxaly right. osas opp oed torganic which has dshundrege of patas of s ndardsan d isif veried its no pcterfe bu tt hashat andat noeural dsn't qu re airenyf oho tse inth yg,et ha nklf thi it'ser vdifie and o- tw tthirds ihink nt's oogms aand noiartificl grins.edient ou >> y prouoll fnd 80% ofeo ppleul wod buy moreal natur ifhe tir ex iopectate ns wermet. hothis seuld b shiometng the foodnd iwaustry mnts toeet. ol>> absriutely thld cou be a n/wir win foev oderyby. fa the thct of ere matteo is pple b want fetterood andet bter foot ti pracances tdyhe l wantabels at thck stap u tose tho ex iopectatns. h>> youeope tht besancompies ul wo td wantehe sam th ing. ct>> exaghly rit. wwe kno some cesompani outre the t haven'akeven theen tal natur bo
8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
set's t nd io over tme ogteorolffist jene martiz now fo wer a upather date. go niod morffng, je! ly mosty cloudrmand waayer tod h withn ighs imithe s d 50d angh lis.t windrm we was thingup hu by tanrsday idd fritay wh gh hi ts in 6he lowst0s. a rongng lo v, withy alleershowe s. hava wgoodsdedneay! 'l weacl be b ak withnother
8:23 am
lc we wome,meelcoto back bs"cs thimoinrn" p ming usin thi huralf ho, secheladl hanersff oser a ff diterenin kd of gumonolooue, yul cod say. at whs doehe sea tch aou yng sechelabo autg datin and .others>> aid hdene sid ofer sup bowl fe ver.e thofwives dwrees bre and ca mcy ffre bandenso watnul p l ck ba the aicurtns. ithatahs ead. ri noght t w iis teim to show soyou mef os thimog'rnins he neadlis. >> s > loleangemes tipos re ortsna a yogur gurd oered to pay lynear $6li milonn i a suaexl ss harauiment st.
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hiasof harsment. dhchoudeury tnieshe le alongatis. otsix hhers caveedharg him of se xual ulassat. anir enteff sta for the he pant grs areoinge to thsuper wl bo. ow the nerer j rryrdichasonid d e th tsamehing tashe lmet ti thent paadhers me the ciohampnship me ga i backn .2004th i atink th is great team it spir. ll>> ha!elujah d >> inoon't k bw himut i like that jerry dsricharon. l speciahug. h >>d e woul ylikeo.ou to d >>kno you ow him?>> yes. o >>sef cour you !doyo tu musak mehe t i hi h >> fe isrom north licarona. o >>urf co se, of. course>> aon cn nectioth ere. >>ou y're right.of rs coue. duh? w"thengashistton port" repo s w only somend howeup for a in morniog sessn in theen sate r afte the bl.izzardse lnatorisaaj mkikows said shely on saw n.wome tandwo pages. sa she ys isak spes to the ha s rdinesenof womnd a i love
8:25 am
falous! t>> tha isnb ublelievae!st juoe g ss tohowu. yo bs >> ay olutel.doesi' m with u.yo w >> he areail and rdhay, h.nora he >> canlsea hdlers i theat lestle cetobrity t make mheove to ne witflix th a newoc dryumenta es serial cled "chelsea does." e sh whasorn manyfe difrents hat udinclcoing anmedi a andrutho hoand st of here latht nigw sho r fonseve aryes. heas tw sho ended and she pr teparedcho laun heret nflix ar thea, e ea40-ydr-ol t tookeim w to aritete letr ofic adve to he f rselgeat a 20.he s re isechelana hdlern i the latesteg sment ofur o emmy na nomirited se ese"not to self." >>ou yre ay verwe set. e you art.not fade .ar you i know'r youree scad beingo s fa r awaym froou yr fyamil andn ia hecity wre you know fewe peoplan ud yoav he no money.t
8:26 am
n we you 2 i know yonou dnk't thi of seyourlfs ae,brav t butishat ex whactly atou yli repubcans thiis f theirst o mfigany bea lps in r you life. fodon't hirget ts time,ou yre a re din-ctio ilessn thees bt po ssibleway! t righ now, y wou'reaiting tsable a in leittl resantaurt in santa ni moca, focali, rniaedcall rosti eand on of a dozen ranestaurts wi you fll be ired.fromu yot do no have toak te every ilittlecenjusti h that aappenstre a ntstauraak and m ie it ntour yoe battlcry.u yo areot nn joaar of acnd ne wiver ll .bewa uitntilou y doom s yethingou ca bore andut ae savr you ponassi r fo.that m i' l aeittlat leti geterng he us becade i ha to get to st s arbuckt.tonigh noi'm kit dding. eemy car tr islyotalg takin f!ofn' doctt expeia immedeste rults of anngythi. om my m is mnormond ay m dad is w. jeay ok , pickone.
8:27 am
ino kw youe hat hngeariha tt but p bentatie. wa i ont t get myub tes tied.i t don' iknoweyf th cano d it. >> n put iimthe t aend effort d anorwait fwa the a it wmel co.yo llu wi w nott aiestabl re fover. w youille liv out every moment yo meu dreautd abond an eve more!so ak t yeour meti,k loo , aroundan thd breae. pl seasetartat eheing y althnow. ecit bomesoo th mucavto unrel t you ihinkoo'm t oldo t get iemarrd?>> no. n >>o. d >>tho you ink ie hav aen dect re figu? >> yes.>> y thankou. avyou heo t cereatd gooit habs now. op stnk driingod sa and don't ev nker drith anoer soda n.agaiar stelt a rhiationshp wit i owou yon de 't liktathe ste, t busoput inmeth ig int -- le mon.yo u can still drinkoh alcols amu s ch awayou s nt a alongu s yodo
8:28 am
gun', do tt tryo get me to cl mean upy act. younk dri too much! youwe sat toomuch! waa!wa a! a! wa ar you rue dllnk a thee timnd a wo you buldeed tir too!u yohave aer vyea hlthy tifoundaiton wcoh aldhol an i evwill ner tak te ahatway from yo a,else youet tweedhi somet ng :0 at 50n imothe grnint thaid saou, do yhi tnks it' okay to in drilk whree you'gn preant?if e you'rngplanniiv on gthing eba foby up tir esgarett arede harr toui qt th nge loerou y e,smok so pick ane ag or abe numr under 30 and st dop the tay youurnha tt mb nuer. u'yodre goo q atguittin inthgs, m sosuake oure yt quibathe d th tingsoo.n' doakt t we aater llpi, a pi sleeping ll, or aie dt .pillth reey a only tcshoruts and tc shoronuts asly lt a for short odperiti of ndme ave ellntuay u' yoavll hoe t t faceiche mus d an nit isot att prey song. kn i ow thest wor wayo tee mt ys
8:29 am
y erybodis sore cyep rehe! er evyybods, i li ake,to edirr o mo any ney! wo the srld i full of men, so look at datingea rstlilyicalnd ath abink hoout ww you bant to e me reedmbern whebryou upeak . t >>hinkf ory eveel rnsatiohip as anpp otyortuni togr ow,ot n as ou a sl thsoe are esul matry eve wherein life an md,ost ntofteimes, rethey a not your rslove. ey th are,veryy ver ,cute you kn hiow thts, rig?>> yo do veu hafr a boy?iend no>> do act rehut oo t yfexbo wriendsu'hen yonve bee in drking.i doown't kno how t make yo surselfdotop iting , but op st! ti want wo know yhatriou donk tep ke b yourodyik lhae tust becaewh dat i'minrink ng is ot in workg! i'm so sick of you. i thisyos why anu're d!gerous e becaus lyou're1ike 1 and reyou'ri tmecking ! 'r>> youste a ho, right?>> lybare!ba !rely
8:30 am
, life ibutllt wi be worth it, an ted i'm llingyou,is it . e theryou go. lidon't tsteneoo phople w are te g llinyoyou u'reng doi toomu ch.>> y? reall t>> thaho is w you are. yflexour itgr. ik>> i leou y. l >> iike you too. t'>> ikas ooy t burn out on thsomeing. itce for youyos ou te mov on. iev n gerot ae chanco tbe ri seou ss andnkay thand you a i wa tnt you ko inow g'mlratefu tforhis ercare. an thu k yo mveryuch.en thjoy rue st oggleef th owunkncan beyouse ilu wavl he e th ylifelwou adrays d eameof. oobe god t o allef theo pple at the lov you and let t hem kalwaysatnow thov you le them . backan td don' ever l tistenony aone o wh tells you youcan't,au becse cayou nnd ail you wd l do oulove y! ov >> loue y back, elchsea! asthat w eagrt!so t! grea as it w brave m toove across tr coun0y at 2re whe you don'tkn
8:31 am
t don'enlisteo to phople wel tl u'you yongre doi too,much ch roarlie se! >> i .know ornot f a se. cond tr>> so ue. th asat wt. grea >> go,he clsea. go e.paig you too, g.crai sp ngeaki o e wivesf o s buper owlch onampis showa danso jacobn how ptheyrerepa t forighe b . game a>> as fewi, you're ttorying st s ay acalms a you canor fr you anhusbd. hosome w, you sfeel,ince you o have nl,contro thatha tist onthe pl us found outch whiie mov drew andri byttan brees won be
8:32 am
yoas if au wereal man-me...? s this i tone ofobhe js erwheye the havayto p youe th.same t buarthere ane so mply exames e wheroethat dsnap't hpen.i' inm goo g to dhieverytanng i c to su make ryre eve woman ryin eveet job gs paid methe sa... n e meewho arg doinobthat j. i'arm hilltoy clinn
8:33 am
he td roa toer sup50 bowl s ive xcry efoiting r thers playe d anfatheir miliestoo. e whilthenc bro tos andhe hepantrers porpare f what pp ha tens onhe field. pl the fayerssamilie areli deang withti logis ccalgehallen scl intiuding eqcket rfruests om ev y erybodnothey kw andir the t. cada obna jac ssonpoke with three su wlper bo t wiveseo set whathext nean week lfd a ha b wille li m ke frointhe .side godana, niod morng. or>> rep gter:moood s e teamredo a g oat jobf pr ngotectila the pyers and gi manaecng expontatioms fr the di me ia butt's the wivesf o
8:34 am
. else leas we frarned heom tse ve rate onsthf ,e gameol htding i ertogeth wehen th world is tc wahing isn't asas e ays it lo oks. pe suwlr bok weeis leik wh?at t'>> is lik seodomebyay ss you ve hapl to an a wedding in about n te adaysound y're pngrayihe t e wholtimet isn doeur't t n into raa funel. am i onwrg? lisacc meyaffrnd aan britty s breearare moried tup sler bow ch s ampiond analyel pla ad key ro thle in be daysthefore e me ga. ou>> yki're nd of the kegate, epero so tk.spea ouso y're pctroteingou yr sb huanand akd m singure no added ssstreut is p on h pislate so myou'reakingry eve hone hasotelro s omanetd ticks andry eveone is ha ppy. y >>e ou'rlike tamaing,inin you kn a ow, acgood fe for eeveryon at th week. so all oft tha you kind oft jus otakeyin sa ing,ot g tshit. paryo stu jupl go ooay fl.tbal>> a as fewi, you'rery ting to a stays calm as youan c forou yr sb huand.
8:35 am
n haveroo conthal, that tts i e ththone ing you can col,ntro ar ure yo own ioemotns. ut>> bt whaou are yua actlly ki thinng? y >>t ou wanto throw up!>> te report r: whas what i theme avmory hue yo fromhe ter sup pbowle eoplt mighurbe sedpris ea to hr? o >>goh, sh. kn i haow tet th dayf othe ,gamedr ew and ina persoidlly la in e thndroom aed watch a e,movi ic whsh wa so stfuressl, usbecae, knyou yoow, veu ha af ll oethes ot em gionsoinghr tough you but tyou'retorying i holdtll a in an etd pr nend iothings wrong, s this it,grea i thisuss j ter ig's a ngaht me. >> aig nht mega, !yeah>> me ga. ha>> w dtyoo wau nt toat e for ea brt kfasmotoowrr? w >>dihat ud yo tcwah? t >> iwas aj"mor agleue." r >>teeporr:is heq ruestr o yo urs? i >>s t watvon .th e only one thatas w tv. >> ngstro. ep>> rteord r: eo won twsuper bo wls. oneit wh f sanisrancndco a two th wive denr. abhow yoout irur fupst sower b
8:36 am
eewl wuk yot wen thh?roug m >>goy ons. noi kw beingre inc ydiblyoung an hd justad aab by and de wian-eyed jud st whoverd.elme tbut by the hirde,onou y sort avof hte iow dn a leittlte betr yoand u ,know ,okay i'm not br ngingi my ar1-ye-old who can't t sil.stili' avm leming hi heom with a ba erbysitt'l but ingl bri the onolder tes thaan can hdle a ll fu urfor-hou .gameso k youind of get atl lite r.wise ri>> by,ttan b youhtroug a1- d>> iid. y >>elou h tpedato creehi ts iciconic p ttureevhat oderyby ks thin of when theynk thi of ce airtthnly ent saisni win tnghe r supe. bowl i >>em rem hberngoldi they bab an md mysom i rngunnih wit .meu yodoknn't heow woure y ticonfet iyis flng ewhvery erean idt's justs thi oheverwglmin nd ki of riexpe.ence ha i tndedheab byo t drew ryeallki fnd o sa.vely st ju h getimut o ofhe t iosituatn. se and imeing hus jt hold him, it egetsonmotial so !easy why am iti getngti emoonaln o is th? nl>> uike brnyitta, it was like
8:37 am
tt lile boyri weaheng tut ce phheadroones ptecthiing eas rs. erwe wwie thros ng kidheover t si de. e ther niso tunnel,or no zeganidpa th. e thera was urpict "e intsspor il ralust oted"f ne oidmy kuss jt imby h rselfngunni oen th elfid, arno p entsheanywre!an wd heayas w toong yoube to imby hself. at th o wasur reah, paaints fled yinet l was amoittle re chc.aoti ri>> ksten youad h the oitppose of end em.otionswh iat wasikt leai wtingn ithe el tunnhe and tn you d'ton get th tce ouhaome tout ynt wa?>> ht t thaonseas w, itas afe perct onseas.>> ri kstennd aja benmin wnatso we ngre e waged hhene wonis h fi surst boper ndwl ari mared wh e en hedplay h inis cose nd, h whic tlosto the psatriot in 20 08. b >>nenjami waonts, the ienntdde ce reeriv. >> as i we likini th ak were in go wg toin so'm ius jt g oingto p jum this!wall>> dy bra. he>> tn for ,us theal bl dr opped.>> fi down eld. brokebr
8:38 am
as>> i wki thinng, no, this is no w t ho sit'sduppose to end. 'twe donwh know fat itikeels le osto lhie tsea snso a tndhe cl k oc tisngicki do.wnyo ju'reustli reazingha t wte e argonot toing on the d.fielu yo see oeane tmeb celratingnd aon e team just stdeva. ated>> yo if d u coul pgive af iece oad o vice tthe w women ahore ba emg rkin supon buper wowleek an eid thr mifa wlies,hatld wou e?that b i >> s wouldeay livth in e .momenttr ty sooak itn iprand apeciate a it'tnd donry wor so . much i >> e wouldven s tay thehings sthatsueem rpeor imptantea rlly 'taren that poimt.rtan >> iis wh c iouldo g back and y enjoit. ini thatk ths iba probly my onlyre gretth of e eentire tim is, yo owu kn'r, youe soon cedcern th wiak min sgeurve ee ryon else o iskay, but youon d't get a ndseco t toake aee dpat bredh an y ll's a a blur. u yoju dst'ton get aec sdon to ki
8:39 am
hi >> wlett bridany an kstrien peare ho gful toet to the s uper , bowl ilisaops h hinger son o gets tthe at c isanhristiaf mcc afreyt 2. i hes a r bunningack atta snford randupunner- forhe t haneism trophynd a hiser oldro bther maxwo re hissdad'be numrhi wle he atwas a dukeend hs i einnterg e th tdraft yhisear andot a l of lk ta c heould be ae lat round . pick >> trin!igue he >> t wlaives pyh suca key le ro.i it love . t they took usithere w h your rvinteiew, dana. t dogehey t nganythi?i heknow t guyset g the big ouginormngs ri s. y>> the get ama s vller oersionfth nge rir o a t.pendan helike t w guysho pull it out co erme sup t bowlheime ty't don i weart around. nybritta d brees woesn'tant to i weartec bauseis drew still g playineeand fls sheil wlol hd of f. at>> grerv inteiew. al rely t.grea re>> g >> e > threndcops a a baby. ne up xt, ae littlpr sur ise in
8:40 am
his in morng." > >>ga bieb dut for a ornewbn bo y along norew ytyk ci's buessit adro, rfd e.driv li poffce osicer rndespoo ed ta 1 91llcait w ah woman o wn theay he to tit hospal. t >> i nwasoice tng bri on that de sihe to rilp bebng somtoody inth d.e worl as it w nice. >>te reporicr: offershe ccked in on the newly edexpandam f ily at the alhospit. on>> no ile worl fget it. a >>mong theua qeslitiou y're in looking for an a mul, wod a an pllpe he?>> no. nt i wad a goo sense of humor!me sohobody w t wants soave the wo rld! b
8:41 am
ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
8:42 am
orgood mning yothank wau for ctchingelhann 'm 2. ipo john tter n a woman is ialcriticdi contion orthis m. ning..roafter lling r her caowinto peser lin near wndowntoen ro. asthe crenh happr ed neathe te intirsecf on otokeysndne a 4th re stuset jfot be1 re 1last gh ree polics tell uivthe drer llro hed vericeh oler vefea e nc an tod inle erictl canelis th er ke...g nockinpoout inwer e tharear foanabout reoka to d ther rivetore . nown..shwhere n e is i cr itonical c. ditionli po 4ce sayeeth strt stwe of to keys cne wasloser d foa few ho burs...neoth laeds open back a up2 round a-m.ey thnv are itiestigawhng, r ethe s drugohor alce ol weredinvolv t incrhat in and b crime- eat-sp olarks parice kie asng for yyourlpour heng findien two m aythey sd robbeena conve ienc st gore att unpoinaslate lt
8:43 am
e therrobbppy ha aenede t th ca mc mrranatart e 187grast eg re st. et..ndarouni midlaght st pnight.saolice mey two n re entee d the storg wearinmasks inand poguted a hen at t clerkan ndd demaeyed mon. re heur are sceveliento phos ofe thn.two mee ont suspecarwas werking dacl wothinghoith a weod shiathsrt bl and leack r athevest. th hee ots r wag wearinludark be cl wothingblith a anack beie w cap,enhite tshnis anoes d a nd haotgun. bech suspt ts lefthe e storn with aloundiscoused amnt asof ch. thboen mer wlae n st seeg headinut so ohbound sn gregt treefo onot. ou if yan have rmy seea c pontactorolice t secre s witnes-2at 3-2-4900 d annothe reco city wiuncil ll o vote te approvlea settment n betweendreno ack trueaee mdowsre fict protestion diatrict ler today. shthe waouoe cbonty ard of mm coonissiacers edcept the tt se ylementrdesteseay, ngttli ws la ouitsfiver erre sinvices th eae ar. e they'vn been itslawsui sinceen heding tonir ctesolidad firede ntpartme12 in 20. th boes side havedagredr to op ncfinaclial aaimsstgain the r.othend.. a d theicistrllt wi y pa wbackrsorkepe comionsatn ne mo by it wegandiithhol wnghen
8:44 am
edapprovg payinhamore tn ou447-tholsand dlars t intlhe setement. le set's t nd io over tme ogteorolffist jene martiz now a for r weathe. update orgood mjening, ff! lymosty cloudrmand waayer tod h withn ighs id the mid 50s an t lighwis.nde whiwarm tngs up rsby thud day an wfridayith inhighs l the0sow 6ro. a stng er wint w stormveill moo intthe si rierra fteday afanrnoon d en evthing wi s heavynow lepossibng, makil traveheover tpa ifsses d aficultkell weend wilong, leth valery showe s. hav wa goodayednesd!
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