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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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go orod m.ningit th is ayursdnu, jathary 28, 16 20. lc wetoome s "cb mthisngorni ." do trnld inump s vokethe bi inble f hisd eu fwith noxews. chelsalis hec dn isiooyto bcott ni tos ght' adebatefon eye anr eye.>> s.> u.en scis tist twarnhe zi irka vutus ok bread coulmebeco e anloxpsivean pc.demi > >>puand g ttinplthe n ug i arniaglla fas. thwhy tue naworal cnder bould e du retoced ri a t.ckle > >>egwe bhiin trns mowiing th alo t ok ay'todayes "ene oper."yo orur w90ld in s.econds> >>s he sayalhe is l atmad er evngythi. fox>> m kegynelly!>> yreou a al dear.make ke maea a dl. 'r>> younge maki m a big. istake c >> jan isaust y -- mp>> trud 's feucetakes nter st age. i >>ot was ned treatel wl by fox. c theyt ame ouhiwith ts di ri pculousst.r. enatemitt and wa
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ha a edndcuffct suspes stealan ah oklstoma s ate'petroo r tr paarol cle whi t theerroop chsearised h f cararor mnaijua. > >> bif youutreak ow in neha irmpshu e yoyothink gou can l alwathe y?>> i do. i >>u f yot don'eabrt?k ou p>> iblrobawiy ryll cit a ltle bi t. > >>lland at thamas tter-- w >>ishat r your supe pbowlick?br s onco poreranths? >> t inkhis it'a t greastory ytfor penion manutng bol carina tolooks ugh. oiit's go ng t cbe anelose o. n>> o "thcbs oris m".ning>> op> perele ay verupset be thcause isere ng goibe to a new anmovie td invihat moe, mi aechjal isckson ng goibe to ay ply ed bita brwhish maite n.e thucprodaier s dd wet idn'wantto t caswha e itn,ma w but e ul woked lige to nat nomir ted fo aran osc. yso douwho yat gou totdoo . hi>> ts moinrng'sye epe oner is pr teesend by to.yota s let'go ps.lace >> lc> we "ome toi cbs thmo "rning. > >> tdonaldayrump smis his nd adis m ae upe nd h swillthkip e st laub repn licae dbatrebefo mo
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p trums callychis bo ott ofto s night'nefox ebws danate eye r foyean e. p he alanspa camevign ent. il whvee se hn ofepis rcaublin lsrivare sha s the itageimn pre me ti. >> p a newt oll ou mthisngorni ow sh% s 32ikof lpuely re blican rs votewa in iort suppo. trumpte id cruzecs in sacond plthe wi 25%.on nely o c otherdaandimate, rco ru ibio, ds ine oubltsdigi. gamajor isrrett s in de moines e wherakcruz tere cent f stageor rsthe fi it timeban a dete. gmajor,rnood moing. or>> repooter: gind yce bod ott an tart ofl he deama ineuverins playt g ouho y ur b.hour fo the trx and mpump cains contue eg to n, otiateorbut, f, nowthe go t-p fron hrunnerevas an ent leschedussd acroat town drakeun tyiversie at thftime ohe t de .bate rpthe pupuorted rpose?ra fuise r nds fonsvetera ga ortinizaons. umtrrep's icpublivan reials ther n' doy t bur it o ifindt rc fa. ical g>> i vot aunery qfairiouestn r fobosomeutdy bdo we tan't lk ou abatt th.
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dn wey,esdaal donumd trp rt pod rayebohis t ycotheof t ba deiste htb texneook atgotiing pl oy. >> as i w t notedreatrl faiy. u yo tknowhat?ri ght? edoesboverygrdy aitee wath th? yo knu iowlin , feenwh f ihtig ouwith yfi, i'm tghtingamhe s e way. veyou ha t to be freated airly. r >>teepor cr: teddrruz opping in om spoe s llt bug bettin on a ggroundiname a iow tsaid rump cis ad.owar n >>haot t it heras aff id ome. s he iidafrayo of u. ep >> r corter:whruz o will lylikee becomnuthe omberne de arbate ttoget t nighosproped a me ti p and flace dor ae ebatwithtr ump.>> a howutbo t thef wo on us ia onone- d-onee ebat-mmanoano? avwe hvee a wnue,vee haim a al weisre m isings a nd cae.idat ox>> fri's pimme tnge kil bil re o' uilly trged trumpo nsreco. ider h >>isere is it t. wha >> l, bil m letlle teou y. reyou'in takisg thh muc more ri sey ousl ithan am.i' tm noin tak sg ituserioly. w >>s?ho ii ywanto ou tidconsaler,
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y, sak. looi t migh e.rgiv f gordorwa. i>>'t done likg beinn takead agvant.e of t incahis i se, bewas taing ken va ade ntagy of ep>> rr:ortemp trupl simd ifie tahis s cticerin tamms fr iliatohi pps sursorte. >> i' if prm retiesenheng t un coastry si pre, dentn'i wot le r t outrcoun by --seecaus it' rsa peitonalaiy trt. m i'gonot toing o letntur cou ry enbe takta advan ge of. or>> repruter: topmp's gal rivs us fr atratedg t bein ofrozenut aofernoth m mediat,omened fum. i >> $ got a h20 bethoe'll s w up. >> t i wenouup a c pple ofoints,i d woulsay. nt>> itierese ng sidshow. ea gr stest ehow onarth! s this ishnot a ow. or>> rep ster: aacuper p ba tecking id cruzris offeng to t pu1.up $ll5 mi hion ife s accepttethe sexas s nator' te deball cha.engetw nio orgas zationhesaid ty willno ptt acceio donatm ns fro s trump'heevent igre tonht. t
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al "wetl streal journ" kim ra sts ssel is.with ush ite wroles a catumn thrs appeawe ieklynen the r wspapeand ea pltosed yo have u. ic>> n be toree he. >> ld cous thiigbe a bke mista nafor dompld tru ? t >> it hink iis. s this ikethe nty mome i for owa te vors. atheyunre ted in.ey thay are ploing a t of ioattenthin to te s onbade, tebe e,causth by y,e wa r theutnc c ck bath on mbe nuf er otedebas soth isere ot a lfo of oncus s thi one. k we4 now ofout of 10 se tho vo sters stillheay tuly cod an chhege tinir mds. tdonalds rump ig goinupto be on t thae stagl and al of his mp cooretityos, as seu can e, are togoing ve be lehaling c argest m hiheand il wotl be nth be ere.>> o du yoththink ilere wle b anpt emr?y chai hi>> i tosnk a ptysibili. a>> foxncnd rd saionthey w't ha emve an popty tdiumhere. tdo youashink, ar kl adrove m e inthe powat in "eell strt jo l"urnaay todou, it cld be ghenoubl to low hishaead, t t it s is anomall eadugh leio in wa th cat cane ould brgthe maf in o endifferce? t >>blhe proweem is don't al rew ly knoiswhat his lead . alhis re lead. nuthe omberuene qn stio that yoever hneutas o i there n iowais ev how dreoted ad' donals sursorte?ar de they cevotedtyelebri wa
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e ththkinds l at wilinstand li orne fho five gurs toet a oticketkir the pend of gopleo ou at ond colt nigh cto as.aucud ancothose vuld beery er diffopent pele. o >> dliyou bebieve rng tuout nu atmbers se theli ralsnes doe 't attransl te intoeshe vote at th of end ay the d?>> s that'obwhat nknody ows. u yo, know pin theouast, y tend e to havt abou12000,le0 peop whore are cagular gucuss o-erheto tre icpublauan ccus. stregionrati n hasecot nriessalych a anged ilot inowa. dso hasd onalp trumlyactual n takesothme of teose vors or not? c >>arould mioco rubit benef fr llom ais of th?>> ha he ens bey vertestragic. w heigas a bve belie yr thatou n ca tpeak eoo iarlywan io, so he s has aavedf ll ofihis re r powelathe eest wk d anllpos e armico sng out hhowinge is ngmovi up. >> ha he e s themendors tent ofhe es "dne moists regier." a >> snd thealioux fewls nerspapas an well aid campg gnin with
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ne "the tw yorkmaimes" kes po the atint thig the fht is be n tweeadthe lepuing res blicanan ged roler aioxs of f news tw neork.wh o at dmayou thke of at andth n at theaptrump wpearedith o' lyreilni last d ght anofone ei thesr biggs t starggbeimed h onto recsider?>> nk i thiou the tthghest ing fo mer the tdia isu hat yowant av to hnae a dompld truoo on, g d r foatyour rbuings, yt,ou know, t ate he samretime, anpublics t love oo bashmen the dia. b >>thut is onis dtrald ump otakingx n fousbecahie he t nks ha fox mus too erch pow? i >>d t coulbe. abut ito lsoujust cld be be mocause ubst rep tlicans hinkit t plays to tellotheir vers th mat thes edia ibad. ha>> tounk y. t >> yhankou. ha>> tounk y. >>ta certiinly sorll mtoe come. stkim elrassan, thu k yofor in jousing e at ththtable is mo g.rnin sh waoningtig's b gestne pewspa br isinlastrng beie nd saisers thng morni. as a "wn hingtoedpost" l itoriays saem the dc ocratiatcandid e isnn rua,ing , quoten-fictiofilled ai campgn. ab it le els tht vermonr senatoasno brt a utave trerh-tell a and t loanlike mr y othecipolitians.
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smaking ceveraln ampaigstops to inday to iowa day. conancy s rdes ithere. orgood mnaning, ncy. >> te repord r: goog.mornin dithat e ptorialririmaooly tk e issuanwith sladers pns to ex ovpand genernmt. s theyhaay he ads not lyequate pl exhoained ouw he w fld payor al hal of tt. 's itim a s cilarclase n intohas be aken m bing,t ut in'doesemt se b tor othesuhis r othesathouf nd o sthemd howe f upimor ht last.nigh i >>e givbeyou srniersande. >> or rep ster:intumpthg wius sansa irandonson matyn cisa, s nder teblasind clfoton avr lething e e.stat y >> mneoppos nt iinnot a iowto t.nighsh re isngaisiey monm froa ph elilad iphiatmnvesfient y,ankl w ildouat rr he hbeere wi outh y. r >>teeporanr: s hdersusad jt rnreturoed fs m hitrown o ip t inwash fgton 4or anu5-mite si
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>> we tdalkebo aut dtiomes cis , sues tweabalk foout nreig li powecy, ke talbod autit policsju astit lbitle t.>> or rep wter:kihat f nd o tipolics? an>> c i g pet areictu? t >>rehe pntsidews knoom shietngou- abwat io. or>> reparter: et lier a a wl boaling aley iniodele, wa, in clarton hegued sst is be to p equiesthe prs ident's gain alespecihely womn it co es tam ob acare. >> make no mie,stak ify the get a blrepuanic esprt,iden itil wl be e gon in tirhe feest wk.>> or rep iter:son matyn cir , hehu d sbanstinsiheed s 's a sftrantiormaanve ctedida. >> re theon is nely oer pn soo wh a isve proann chakge mer.wh to ishahe cmange heker re?sh ae iski walbrng, ineathg an chgege be is achorn mangendaker a hieveryt tng she, ouchede shmade erbett. r >>teeporhar: t tt isashe c e e zoerwagnma is bkingenetwe nowan ucd caigus nht. e th shighl chooorjunia is pr ctecinta caporin fon clint in be daaverle. yoare enu ev e oldh nougotto v e? n >>o. m i'ay20 do s tog younotto ve. ep>> rr:orte c youtian se ll ba pr
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ea arres whe theik zair vus is re spading. andr. fathony okuci toof part a in befrithing wide presi nt a obameethis whek on ta zikre that. i hes whit usm fro bethesda. goodg.mornin>> ve we ha00 4,0es casbi of baes itborn wsph sud ectes defect in il braz.ul coisd thec affu.t the s.? e >> w bdo not telievethhat ere ll wima be a tbjor ouf reak ozika uin thestnited ates. d weanon't we t to bercavali t abouit. w weoant t take iert vy se slriouy. ifbut a zikikacts le e thr othepe tyirs of vhauses tt are uimosqneto-borve we ha pe ex wriencee ith, w swillee ni miea outbrflks in anorida d thtexas anat c be we -clltronleolwid mthquoso itve onctor ctrol. fu hopee lly, w nwill ot seean wythinghaorse tatn tht , buwe ve habe to vi very .gilantt
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tbjor oun reak iunthe itedst deates, thspite te facthat th isere de consiprrable oblems ouin srith amertca, palyicular b inwirazil idth a wd espreaou otbreakkaf zi. >> t whaheis ten urgspt re onse ithatces ney ssarhiat ts ntmome? r >> nightthow, gee urnt re sesponve is cctorolontr, nalymeto, ak msue hare te t thmo 'ssquitor vectoare llcontroed.yi trelng to e iminatitthem w h ct inse.icides at whsp we poke tontreside obama o intiur mee tng wasinhe k d ofco eaunterm bsures,etter no diaganstics g d bein tableo de un trstandushe virr, bette cvectorolontr e andinverythg hes wastinteren.ed i l >>aset me yok u,r. doctokn i s ow thirwis oveglhelmin y adspremo by tosqui ies but know e ths cdc haedreport c one ase i thatads sprehe by otmer ar yoe cou erncd neouab?t that do>> we el not bheieve ts re i r majo owaysref spg adinisth t apar mfromo osquitbites. t righhenow, tsi conbldera e
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t,abous au'yo wrel elaraw ie,s th ste devaseating iquella n napregomnt w gen whoecet inf ted e whilrethey aan pregnd t anthe as re con the cdc hast ome ouwithei thelr guidlline teeging prnantwo wmen orhoomen w t thinkhey e arntpregnatt or geeging prnant a tonlvoid uesabs lusolyte ss neceavary trthel to ose gi reerons whu e yo thavealhe loc aspread ond thek utbreaa.of zik>> or imp itanttinformaon. or doctk , thanyou. >> e you'rwequite lcome. th moree emre mrsbef o anar grmed whoup oko tor ovea fe l deraliwildeffe rinuge eg orreon a i nowstn cuody. r theiensurrmeder caei as thr le mmader adyon bun t urgedhe erfollownds to ecc the oioupat n. m hea ade apcourt arpecean we y dnesdatlin porand.bu idndy sast in a enatemt, ot quase, pled e standown. omgo hhue and fg yours.amilieth htis figou is nrs forow in e th.courts a >>1 ll 1ermemb ts ofrohe g up b havereeen arndsted a face lofehany dome holreuts imaine nside thma eulhwir lild rfeefuge. rt canser eva b is inurns,
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rt caer were, good rnmoing. or>> repocter: lerals hle tel usth rey're feadyor theat occupion en ev and hen wit thet arresnd ahe tde oath ofne n,mas a many as tenoc ntcupamas reunin hdkere down and vgowino t make at lasd.stan>> is this f aforee r all ddarmageon! r >>teeporhar: t tt iseshe msagefr oomanne mll stiid inse e th lhmanaeur wtionalildlreife fugean id hells cafoing r in refoenrcemt. he>> topy st f yougerom g ttin re he! tkillhem! r >>teepore r: hotand ahersre re ngfusien to e d thd armeoc ticupahion wegch bs an aa ot provest eder f leraland ow evis, s en ar theiedjail le , adern ammoy,bundes urgm the o to g. home>> b mr. wundyveants e trybodyo mbremehaer tbot somed dy dieand is thno is at justimbout h rightno w. or>> rep bter:un adyevnd saler ot hee rs weredarrestay tuesd awwhen lce enfor smentedtopp n them o aa road 2bouts 0 milefr heom tpo comund.
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thand oue grokp spn esmartrobe vo lacuy finikim was lled.he ec had rtoently orld repters he ld wour rathe tdiedbehan d. cage i >>ng'm goit to nomyspend ys dace in a ll. r >>r:eportert suppoe ers ar ll cam ing hiyra mart. he >> sth said oley cood blded sh ot him. hothey s st him,ighe f, uresat as letit six mes. orthree of four t the aimesfter w he oase n thndgrou dead. r>>orepr:teut bri authoutties p blthe sqame lyuareth on e es prot.ters et>> lbe me ar cle. s it iacthe s tionchand s oice ofe thd armepioccuofers there tfuges hat ha tled use o wherwe od are tay. >> te reporper: 11 ople, cl ing udiny,bundac now fnye feloar ch cges ofironspactoy mp ie ed ce offithrs of ede unitte stas ro the ugh th fuse oforce, miinti, dationeaor thrts. s >> thihacan't nyppen th h can'tn appemein andrica a c itapan't h hpen inarney co unty. r >>r:eportebi the flo has bcked l off alinroads wto thee ildlifre
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incomplaalt revet ed thathe inremaocing ercupiy s ma hhavead pl exesosivid inseie thr mp co.ound ow>> w. rt cather, yoank ryu veh. muc > >>cbour wss nees invtitiga on in heto tnd wouared w priorctroje s ispainrkstg ngroea rioct.ns er formye emplod es tolt us thath ite chart y spenlylavish while wanot alivys delenering ough lp heve to .terans brnow a oanche f thu.s. rymilitawe is ngighi in. tithe acreng secf tary omythe arte cblls , s newsd we neee to maksu sore no faldier thlls h rouge th wcracksouhen hor etwes is " e leav bno one"ehind. s it isiour e ncerhahope tt any ga ortinizaedon d ticatedr o ou ra veteduns conemcts th iselvesn nna maorer w tthy oferheir svice d anifsacrice.>> e and wlshave aaro he d frome thmutough cddernyompa whichpa wrtnerschith a toarity ni orgaitze milylary-st e ra endurance arces heound t d. worlth d ey tolotus, quree, we cently r put ourspartnethhip wi the de wouniod warrprr ecojunt der ewrevie and ww are no in the esprocvas of eg luatinour ar chrtity paorners fe futur .events wo the waunded prrrior haoject s st rronglyd ejectel severaof the ai cle ms mad rin oureport. o its ceclhas deulined mtiple
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> >> pfivee eoplinare us c tody m this iorningecn connittion wh a hesoutalrn cniiforila jaak breth gatd ainealnationti attenon. orthe ouange cernty sh niff is ot bidescriirng thek linheto t esescape. sa she t ys thaisthe prgooners t lp he. f none ointhose to cus dy are e e e thres inmateeehave bn on th foe run str almok. a wee erthey wnee gout abour 16 hos rebeford guaces notid. tmoren ha0 25ceoffi rs are ar seg chinthfor wae res rd i,0$20000.>> ut> soorh flisida an cleuping th misniorrong fe m thgedama om fror a t onadodeutsi ft. erlaud.daleth -1e efst twiouer t dchedown st yey erdawi wthdsinp u 1to00 mi anles r. houit e tor tdown areesamnd d aged s.roof e thm storedtosss carhein t pa g rkin alotsaund csesed l vera hecrasons ale g tha floridtu kernpi. s wind upickedvep one e hiclfrome thhbsout loundd ane and droppe n it irtthe no lhbounde.anat st lea p onen ersorewas edport .hurt>>
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"yingonit dte't matr if yo lau're bwhck or ite."no itw a whr e actoenhas be os chpoen to thrtray mue pop sic nd lege.ah heead, tng growige outra over hi ts nlationaer weatht repor
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kiery bssinegwis kth.ay>> my> a iosterllus i hnessanits am aericanr irline tacrosshe ntatlaic. a >>owhead hre the cndw haled emthe ncerge,0y 30ee00 fd t anho e w th hcrewedandlaf it ter on te of oheiraswn poused t. th wse neba is hick ts inmornghg riret he"c on hibs t s rn mo"ing. at nidionwn e is oyoe ur sid sc anner: irescantem. anrescan, resc.
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vo h: it appensftso oen yo stu almous get ited to . onphe:e voic m mainreenu tapresentive. prretaesentive. prretiesentave. : voiswhich hy w inbet g put.firs.. re x,lae wthgot is. ..vo: es.take somtt geusing o.ed t in jo n then.atio n atioisnwide yo on idur se pr retiesentave. .fact ewhenenmergoocy rorm docts oo chn se apaotc elin rrieve r for theienpatiusts m cle,ba ndck ant join. pai me the idicinel n advi is #1their e. choic no g thintris sr ongeouon t gh tpainadhan vil. li reoeef d gsn'tnyet ate betr an ths. thi l. advi wi ithrengendi ltse ikrodasteze haanlnuts cod coa, dethe oulicists ta ne oflautel s takeakpanco es tola whwe neve
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co [ ]ughing zi[ sneeng ] ld a coak can mu e yoramiseble. il lucka y, alkr seltze plusco cld andiqough llsuid ge. iqrush lstuid faf relieouto yr h tougymcold sptoms. st fawe, po lrfuld iquigels fr lkom alta seuszer pl ig weatht ws cherchhas anged.we wighteratchl-s alnew ndbeyo s the pcaleamrogr ts pu f theusocn oyou d anjunot hest tum n beron s the.cale lo eise wwhght eaile tinghe iealthr, th wi n allmaew sinrtpots. d an mmove oreby lu incngdiit fssne in s way wthatr ork fou.yo se w e ho ygoodl ou'lfeel th wi n theeiew wwaght rstche yo be snd therocale pgram! orjoin fre fe now
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:45 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:55 am
od goin morng, tour owe viersin we the st. it isur thsday, j 2anuary8th, 2016. om welcke bac tos "cbthis in morng."er three's mone real eaws ahd inincludwg a neen challge to ck tikeet broers lik b,stubhu ri iekki klooman ltks a how one e statrywill t s totop llreseser th ate chargra outsgeou icpres. hfirstsere' y'todas "eye op."ener he >> t fox andru tmp camps in contoue t nee.gotiat the gopnt fror-runne hasn a ev tent at sheedchedule tim of the badete.>> c touldhies b a big emistak fo ldr dona? trump t >> ithink i is. s this ithmoe key orment f iowa te vors.e ow t >>she onet thant cliason h beinen makg but his spoup rters sedon't em to other 001,0 of them stoodp u la nist ght. c >> touldffhis aheect tni uted es stat? e>> wo dot n bveelieha tt there ll wia be or majbr outofeak a zik tinhed unite.states>> evenit wh the starrends, a atthe deh of one man, as m aanysn tecc otsupan marein hundkere
7:56 am
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7:57 am
ay s hse'lld hol ad- funraiser r foteveran, d.instea trump adppeare onox few n s ch neanlal nstight ddiefenng hisde tcisionoho ancr bill il o'rely. i >>e havo zer rpeesct foreg mynll i thn't heink s'ser vooy gd at at wh she.doesi thehink s h'sryigh e er ovrated. klfran yyou're l aotou tgher an th megyn kelly. >> itlook, oe dsn't .matter tpeople whoughtuhen yoed start to ha run tst thi was a .joke reywhe. ythaterou we a ffbun.oo .okaybu w t no-- >> on i dhi't tnkhe t tyhthoug i s waabu n.ffoo at whd kin ofta a sntteme is th at? m i'not wngalki away,bi ll. y >>reou aki walng away flp ou>> wld you do me a favor -- >> ec bseau b ighouout y s moany va nilla shmilk.akesi ybought mou soanyil vanla sh milkouakes yme owe . in thouk ab.t it y,sa .look ti migh comeba ck. eransw the tiquesons. olookorut f the folks. stjuan wyot u tosi conder it. owyou ee m lkmi.shakes t i'llheake tffm o the ledger.>> s it'oup t fox. 's itot n t upo ,me bill. y >>ou owee m 17 lkmiesshak, th anen, d it wan them.>>
7:58 am
uzd cr pseropod a -oone-onne de bate. hone ofisup sacer psdg ple tedogi ve m$1.5illion toer vetans ar chs itiealif donmpd tru s.accept>> y canxpou ehelain t miaklksheth g?ini' fum conbosed a utatth. tlike gheyuto oog trethe h ande a buys miaklkshe? ha >> twt's hooo i tk it. hethat ty're iefrnds,he type sndme tihe togetr andl billyo'reil cl has boearly hughtim a lotf o sh milkhaakes tt he> >>ghall rit. ne a olw psl thior mningst suggesfo nrmerkew yor moray melicha oo blcomberg hauld heve trt suppo c toteompe a ashi trdar pty es pralidentiid candate. the tinaonwideve sury of 900 rsvote byli repubcan prollste an frntk luzws sho 37 f%onor daldtr ump, f33%oril hlary inclton, and 29mr% for bl. eroomb g.nt >> ingeresti. ga michin stateat sene today ul codpp arove$2 8on milli to es addr ts theoxicat wer crisis a w pollho sws groverno rick yd sner'sro appvalin ratg um plngmeti. thfewer %an 40 ofic mnhiga svoters iay hes d aoingoo g d job. arne ly%70 say theer govnor ha
7:59 am
.orlyad rianaz dia isn ili fnt wrehe dsafeinrinkger wat for s momeaybe nt froswa ay. ri ada,and gooinmorng. g >>ood rnmoing. budistriention ctersik les thi on e e arnowou d ublingp as cy reclingnt plass atythe ci nt coinuests iho smrt-ter ti solu hon ofanding outot btled wa ter. aon lrmg-teol sutionld cou in clude acrepling d,damaged lea pipes tarhat ile st clngausi some ntcoataminion.bu ert ov talltahe stes sayhe t wa r teitqual gy istietng ttbeer. y >>hoou s nuldot beri dgnkin th tee waomr cing outf ohe t. tap r >>r:eportehe tun amo ot lfead in in flt'sat w iers dinecreasg bu st it's ntillote saf to in drk. nearly94%f o city homes that ha eeve bnes ttede hav below 15 s partllper bifion o, leadch whi siis consadered thfe by e epa. 85%ta coninn evees ls low 5 parts per llbiion. s >> i gthatood ouengh?>> es the t rttsesulhe ty asrelereed atu ac vallyery irencog.agin t >>athe wser iin eatgp uthe pe pioms fr thesiinde. ep>> rr:orteil civ eeenginarr mk rdedwas s wa ftheirst to ex pose in flt's spwide lreadead
8:00 am
er ove sethe core.very wa ed srdsaysnt flill sti needs to pass aed feaeral ld and co tpper eest toe nsurr wate .safetydo t youhinkeo ppleer hee ar we aweks roay fmei bngbl ae to in drk ltunfiered tap water, mo nths, aryes? >> alrecaisti ylly,ou'reki talng 1 2, 2/2 ntmohs. f >>linten residults sho ndot thaveo pay for water theyid d no ant red a not using.>> or repayter: menor karr weave a isgskinor f an aioddit nal$3 mi n lliotain stedi funng to help op prth up tye ciat's wer ut y.ilit t>> i makess ul feeik le we're be maing fdeools of. r >>teeporher: sti con tnueso pa r y hehlmonty billsor f water th 'sat drunblinkae. w >>tie savll hoe tlu fshhe t to s,iletst we edill ne w to ash rou clothesnd a w se'retill in bathitg in . ep >> r torter:sto assi t withhe ou fall tt from che trisishe at stde hirec publiat relions s firmwithey monha tast w do d nateto a tax exemptd fun t meanpto heleo the pfple o t. fline thin movg mnichigard forwa fund rewas citeiekrtat creedn i 2013.
8:01 am
eddefend c theovontr uersialse heof t fundwey.dnesda t >>heom ctimunicaons is aug he inissue this. t no aboutpi snning nganythi. boit's atiut get fng theo acts tpe ople. or>> rep iter:n ame state tnto s cb tnewshe vego'srnoric offe rt fuher deedfendng usion dations ay to por f pr firms,g sayint tha teno sta i moneys voinlved. d anthatry eve soreurces iei bng gh broueat to br onpi helng atde inclushe t anadditiol mm coiounicat.n helpga yle? >> riadhaana, tu.nk yo ro calina peranthuas qbarterck ca wtm neson ind sou oing jffust te n days beeforup sower bl 50. ilhe weal lhed tan psther ai agthnst ene dver bosronc in chthe onampi.ship onnewtxp eedlain yrdestehyay w henk thist thae' hsac fedo s ch mu iccritism,sp eyeciallor f wh omat s he callveis otor-the- p atcelebrions. >> i saidt ice sin dayne o i 'm anfr aanicri-amequcan rbarteack at thay mca sre aot l ofpl peoe usbecahee ty haven'tee sn no g thin tthatcahey mpn coare meto .pe aopleoire gong t sayha wrteve w theytoant y.saan d if i'm inhi t wsorldiv ling fo rt tha rspe,on oh, thisso pern g gointo say .thisth
8:02 am
ithen't can a lookt semylfnd a y sam i'cam norewton i'm ro cameonn newt to most people be cai'use t.m nobe i'cause ngm livi for you. el >> tioevisnrt sposly anastnd a es addre sed thiscritic m ndsurrouneing .wton he>> tre is r alacia oncompent, bu hat i teng talki about .thatca beeuse, w asla bck people got y waor me intmporta tshing where ci ras sm iaac fantor th thsomekeing lis. sport so i inthetk, l me tell you me so athing,hs muc as i l coveam , newtonif ila p ayed cgainstam on newtd, i' a putit h on ben use maubthey rin it ty pret good.>> kl barey czeritici tdhe rr na pative olayingut as, e,quot kblacsu vers white.d anoner sup bowle gamay d we ju llst at wan to see aoo gd . game>> do we , edinde. o >>atn th field. sercalp asreak breing the w laelto s lprovericed etticks. i rikkmaklien is inhe t green om roh wit the rtsesul of an
8:03 am
ice. >> m> 20.inutes>> sh yep, eik les d.brea rs fit on "thcbs oris m" ninga iebarbak breugthroh.>> a wereth at eba glol quheadrsarte m oflattere whe you e arti getng a thfirsandk loo at th xte neen gioeratn of pming u oncb "iss thni morng" u' yooire gong t get toea h wrhat
8:04 am
ofndhe bra. i i>>t wan you. innew atformision thng morni ab wout holp sca tersake ad agvanthoe of tlise onne ticketsa les. yo new ttrk's ageorney wineral ll asrelee aep sweingt reporto okersan cet som bimesuy 1,000 ck tia ets teminu,nd ahe t tnhey .ices fo rexplame, eladsie's xho sws in or new y sk city ooldut in t lessanhan come sendhand ttsicke to s eehe onr ccertop tped $9,000. s cb lnewsegalxp eert r ikki maklie hn isere to einxpla how it all i, rikk good g.mornin>> mo good rning. i >>t jusw kno its i tr frusating. he you ar thenoanmeunceyont, u on get the phone,ou y go online d ancayou tn't ge it.>> word. d annki thi ifs it'et somhing re you ally have sethe your art ,
8:05 am
j have sust yeenouim mngicki adele,h,nora it was just t.perfecbu ent whha we vein sgers ore w ve ha owshs,r o weav hein sportg en evt ts thaalwe rely wtano t go - to - w>> but'te don have a fair sh ot. ha >> wtht's e m?proble an we c t't getheti wd ife g couldet theic tkets e thicprrees a flinedat. tso wha eric hnscaneiderm, the o a.g. yf newasork h said,ch whi bemay come aalnationxa emple isth is. ok lo,ti tickeng is a fixed game.d an awereoi gng to c thangetha now. yethree oiars gng ino ts thi rt repo. whso, atfi we nd ,is c whyan't ge you et th etticks? twell,he venue, if youoo l akt s it aa ,circle theen vue di thvides uingsp.mb nu, er oneyou hav aeit letl ac plhae in ttcl cir tethas i g goinayto s goingo t the people ar who e voin.lved the erpromothes, t odprucers, e th tsagen o,ur s.friend i >>llt's a 's allneonli, why't can they tfindplhe peoe who are raperpethiting ts? ll>> weti, ullymate they lyprobab. couldth decuiffi iltys this, h,nora
8:06 am
lotechnogy outpaces tawhe l everygl sine nck i ,2007 the caps ont wha et tickd s coul sbeold for,se the opricesn p,toy theer we red the orason fif ltingm the wa uss becae llaegistorsho tught at th you woulde hav more co iompetithen if te re werno ca .psso xa for efmple i you look at oorbitzicr preelin orxp eedia r foan rlaiineti yocket, u look ss acro the topnd a you can say ll i'th take ois onesr thi one, 's it pechear.d an thatas whe t idea ofti lifnge th haw, w t theyd,foun is thaty bft liing the ,caps whoou wnd up be ing helped? enot th umcons aer,ndt tha was e the.purpos thnow e conrsumes i .hurt ofcause telochnogy. gtorney'seneral s nowintepp g tup forhe coernsumen aig bwa y. b >>waig y.>> s what'he doing? ha >> w st he'sgayin is isth. dhe saibe numre, on look, the icbox whh is wthhat eey'r ed call, the onest tha gon i and t iley're legal. w so ge're toing gooer aft
8:07 am
med wo in upn albany, let's go get ami crinal ltpenay. w then'rhat we leooking ats i the whe' wreng goio t have is we goare toing have .capswe areot n going toow all these ck ti gets toofo out . sightso go it's oing t be anxa emple fo nar the tion.t' le is see ofthere peoplfo .llow ha>> t rnks,.ikki>> bu> a sssine wleith ss anha tn d aozenor wkerss getat shot ath pee suwlr we hos thitl litmpe co ianys ttgeiny g readhefor t tinaonal e.stag at thhe's an ad o t"cbshis mo g.rnin" .. ou.yld couy. sta.. .. l d .y..eeou ne d thr powe.of.. ernew thxpaflu emaressx. th new pothe tower ee fbel .tter
8:08 am
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8:09 am
bearbils doled l the toy du in astrys ali bilolon dlar nebusiutss bn iec rentea yrs, gr owingom conpressi and nc cooneptibl prohuems sart wte mat ilsou anngncin barbie hais cgngin her .look the cnyompaad is tdingall, ti petepa pe tend a- -et pitend avy cur .bodies ya mire vilealarr hl is wereith ast y oryou'reg seein first on hi"cbs trns moing." e barbi'r youeea butiful ep >> r sorter:ince 19,59ar bbarall miicent berorts,r bettewn kno as bi barase h aew n mena. r >>teeporr:t a 11 1/2nc ihes ta ll, bearbi has had me orthan 18
8:10 am
>> rteeporher: s is a pop lt cuure icon.bu tet afrad dec oesfin domgatin dothe orll w aldndt jus weeks sh ort ofer h 57th hdbirtay, ie barb is g aetting ma. keover e >> w were hngeari thyoat, u ow knny, maug thohaht ttar bbie ouwas t ofh.touc ep>> rr:orte as ayp tlyical wh ite dollit wh alunrecisti op prs,ortione somrepa nts ghthourbt baasie wdi senng the g wronagmessoue abt be. auty he>> trere apl peoe w hhoad edturny awafromar bbieau becse ey thte wand dollsha tret mo fe ree rablthlvemsees fe reedrablms thes.elvemo rete in trms of bheir todyyped an imoreern tms ofir the skin ne to. >> ep rteoromr: ctopetiocrs m ked iebarb's slyeeming perfect ap arpe wancehirole p amoting new fline oct aion figures for gi rls. r >>teeporasr: leat yr, mlatte odintr 2uced3 dnewolls whit di enfferint skes ton h andair lo cor. r >>r:eportehe now ty are adding
8:11 am
ll, and pe.tite >> a iuactyllhi ts nk thiis one t ofoshe mtit exciimng tes for e thd,bran benroad inggirls' cechoid s an bwhatarbieks loo li heke, r btyody hepe, r hn etyicit hn eticy,iter har thrt is pae of thti evoluon ofth ane br wd ande hat wevbelie is rithe coght tinversa aonro und wothe torld e havh wit kids to day. or>> repatter: mtel isou cgntin iton . iebarb o notnlyes facha cgellens a innre incglasin cytiompe tive rk maet, shes ils ao upga ainst notech-dlogyn rive. toys l >> tet'salk abouten fri fdsor a bit. ep>> rr:orte c thenyompaoo tk at het las fyear promtsarennd a pr y ivaccaadvoaftes teran cinounelng hlo ba. rbie h,>> odi rea angnd itwring? !cool r >>teeporndr: a inctteraive do hall test rs pondendiffertly, ba onsed catonvers wionsh it yourd. chil el matt sayshe t rdecorde erconvssation areec surely ed stor. c >> wan't tait to yalk toou later.>> te reporthr: in steir la inearnorgs rept,e barbies sal re we down %,14ar mking the th eighgh straitua qrter of
8:12 am
re the v areusariota miskes at the wer imadeen th be arbi ne li.i k thin ithischs a tangehat wa sol absyutel ceney.ssar r >>teepor mr:latteo als wants emto rcuind erstom ist's not st juut aboha wt girls e,se but whathe ty learn andgi imane e whilinplayg with iebarb. >>eo somne has to die.i' dill e.>> te reporher: t toy maker in uctrod ned theolew dls to a grofoup 4nd a ye5-ldar-os. t >>dohey ln't lookike iebarb. ep>> rr:ortey the't donk loo likeiebarb? e ths girldiimmeyatelot niced somegechans. >> she has brownsk in. r >>r:eporte her nodew bpey ty sn wane't oth of em.wh d y di cyouehooshe r? [ >>ib inaud le ]. ep>> rr:orteex the n ft stepor elmatts ing chaingpa rents' tipercepon. veyou hag a lon roadhe aad of u yoonor d?'t you w >>e do. ithists no the end. ini'm goong to ctotinue work ahardt g,bein k younow, onrespesibl a andte betr re tiflecf on owothe trld hat
8:13 am
te report'r: i rs aiskhe for t as pldotic tllthate matl i spi holng wilt resul ia n real co tinnecon. >> wo it beuld e mor of a risk if d we con'tnuontioe tvo elve ba , rbie wifeta sy nastagnt, if sh e looks thee sam and did thehe sa me thing.e shha gsot to evolve weith th s. time >> ep rteor fr:or "iscbs th mo rning,"ir meya arvill,real in rncalifoiaia>> id 'm glarethey ag makin that . change>> o. me toen wh'r youtte a lil,le gir it's ce nie to sela dolt tha looks li ouke y. ou it w hldbeave nten itieresng t ifhahey bd a glackirl on that topanel ha say w st does he k? thin me i rehember wsn i wa ait ltle d kiin say mg tom,y mo whyan c 't ve i ha blond hair and gtpiails m likefry girl?iend smy momhaaid tldt coun't happenbu t itcan. c ian havend blor hai and bi lsgtai. mo to,rrowar ch ilie,'llho sw up wi loth baind hndr a pilsgtai.
8:14 am
om> fr cars go niod morng k thanr you fongwatchinn chael2. nd i'm aevi guara. er univ ositydaf nevae policare st inveg igatinedan armry robbed ant assaulpuon camsts ne happendd aroune 3-40 ar the s west ptadium garkingarage. er univolsity py ice satwo su aspectshepproacvid the ctiman d ma deonnded morey befeee fling sc the tene. vheics tim wanot ju inred. spthe sureects acr des aibeds o twe whitarmen wesking mas and tjeans.rehey wese last n en o rt noinh virgeeia strint headg ay awm fro. campusif k youannow tythingn hat calp hees invtotigal rs cal u-lin-r po7-ce at -18-4 403. t also univeity fi ofhecials rild a dll er yesto day, t phelprerepa for r ouarms sg ndine thsiunivertety tesofd all its
8:15 am
ng raome frib audlale aonrms tcampustro eleconicno titificaa ons viokfacebo... te esxt m esages, amails,nd on er univ csityteompurs. er univolsity py ice saanthey wt neeveryo to heknow tms syste .. workho. and cw theyan get atinformouion abget emeronnices mp caus. ce poliou enc eragee veryonto log intova my nethda or s e e-s- lo stgin sy uem foritniversy em s ployeee to makhesure tir ph onere numb f is on tile ifhey o want tivrecexte tes. alert t timek o checoayour ritds wh ir.j."mn the m"ore f- 106.9 tr ceaffic nter! ho lw's it oookingreut the, ? r.j. selet's ovnd it er to te meisorologfft jeti marw nez no a for r weathe . update
8:16 am
mo lostly cdaudy to ay with high inof 60 o. ren w windsill in tcrease aonightnes our xtnt wirmer sto i movese nto theaar f byy ridag.morninte a winr wastorm utch isthp for rae sieran hid a d gh winfowatch r our ll vaheeys, w0-re 4h 60mpwinds po are bssibleidy fray afn.ternooou look het for avy si noerra s ww this ,eekend andll
8:17 am
t whas i syourowuper b l ? pickbr s oncopaor rsnthe? y >>noou kw atwh? t i go ato seeit letl more rminfon,atio t but it hink iis a t greaystor for pn eytoinmanng to ou be, y t know,dsowar e thendof ar his ceer in aup sler bow ag ain. d, an k youhenow, tef dense of th coe bron,s have is un abbelievt le, bunacaroli looksto thoie is gbeng to --s it' in go bg toloe a c see,on agh tou one. 'v>> youne bee fwiollong a long hmore han i ave. er>> vevy cler. tihe sidll dsan't y. s >> it'thsomefoing yor u to -ufollow yp whenerou intheview tpr enesidt. t>> i'mnoaking prt idenaobamed refuso tsay e if h phas aicko t win the pe suwlr bon whe with asked by ji m ebenmin of ourr denve at stion ackc. s >>s ounde like his onop tf o th mee ga. v>>chery mu. sove ucry m. h so>> d> wenoo khew t bigam g weill a bein w for onema sll nebusiss. mpa coany wecas rtlenyrd awaed a ann d itheup serl bow and rtwo$5h il m.lion
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
stium?>> . snacks b >> or repmater: a rzond elease t thateaser ofts i adte yesayrd infeaturg danar mino and alec nbaldwind atu feares on the le wiress serpeak andit digal sp r eakeexal a. > >>ka banl wil sooner off a way cto get washhoitnut a atm .cardnk ba ofri ameca joinsse cha i n ciannounng rdcae-frehn tecology. new atms will aowllou y toet g yo onur m weyhit your tpsmar.honeth ie move dsdesigne tavo s e om custmeers ti. sthis i thet lates waych te inologysng chaing howe w useon 2014y nearl 40%e mades accs th wi their tpsmarhone. p howceronound is t ahisndha wt eare thca implitionsf o it? y?mone ep >> r yorter:
8:21 am
s thi now. e chasanand b okf ama.ericth ie wayort wnsks iteadf o ngtakist a pladic car out of yo ur w aalletndut p itn ithe sl pot andgunchin inr you code u yoruse fo b aunch of other th , ings ytake pour ohone autnd g lo tintopphe a with a ng fiinerpradt reyoer on neur phoan ivd it g aes you onetime use de con thecothe s de i lnogeonr go od.'s it a liketo facr en authtiticaveon eryoneul shod ha latra oyersef . curity ou >> y still heav to go to the nk ba! yoneu beed to re the and hipuncn ng iinsomethg. is how this erbett? m it'souore abett safny tha co ncnvenie e? i >> m think aoreboutit secury hein t long run because with atmch maouines y hear about im skmers. utthey pr ovethe atmts slo whenu yoouput yr card iny the steal gthe ma data there. ybmaae er camain watchg you inpunch your.codeu yoeosee pplegl strugeh wit theca ndrd a wisith thl you'lap t pyour uhonehesing t chip in the
8:22 am
e >> ware all usingur o sm neartphofos now r morefi ianancl trioansactns. awhat sre we ieeingner tfms o thnew meods?>> is that y reall i whats ha g.ppenin ph the one is binecomg w thetallean e d thankey ocd lksy at onlyre youin seeg a pplepa ndy a mssaungay p y whereou go he to t store and tap orli sde ur yone phoou ye'rg seein rs pepeon-to- rsoncttransa.ionsth gee younr getinera, onyo ungeran eey oweheach otmor ney. y ifou i andto went r dinneand yo edu pickhe up t check i owe hyou myfalf o iutt b i pick up the check. w >>snhy doe c'tharliek pic up chthe eck? t' >> is on . me>> f 40% othe cttransaiorens a st maill den ias ch. sdo youheee t w dayt e won' do tr any ioansactcans in sh? i >>l feeomit's c ing.ou if y a go to a store yndou n' do at geth cas girester.u yohave idpa andqu searde rear d andynobo uses shca. i whent wennt ioy m local coffee ndshop aed tri p toayom sngethi a with 10r dollail bl and the g youn dpeople kidn'thanow wto t
8:23 am
iah, its. il >> mlslennia are t into bhisut he is tre ain s glesidownde?>> on you de't hav thety abilio twh yip outour wtalle and pay me sonbody i cashn i a cenontrawaable y.yo eau're l avingor recd e ere arofa lot youngpe,ople ci espe wally dhoavon't h e bankco acstunts ill. onthey de 't hav,access maybe etthey g paid inas chr o maybe a theyre notar pte of th oinnle nn cod ecteragene ttion,hey will lbeeft . behind . much y ifouou ctald sr y aftehothe swto el hp me sign uorp f this! 'l >> iogl lbo everydy in. m giveeou ywor passrd. >> e > thonnati ial zoon wa gtshinson in opega a winutitho ingetttg hih wit0 2he incs of ow sn in theli barzzdf o01 26 anda oflot k talut abohe tan pda thatec bame aner inttneta sr ri duheng tm. storn jaor crawfd isth at e zoo how nd he a hisei nghborser wet kep sa fe. r >>teeporoor: grnd k toozothe uro fos dayto
8:24 am
ngdurit thatime,he tda panas w a ostaref thcr seen. h a bunc fof hishoans swed up to ge atli gsemp oef th panda who re edmindsn us anow ca be oflot fun.wi thuc mhth of e et astcoas edsock a by wr intem,stors thi awas t jol of a giant pan takeav h oingneec hk a ofw sno y.da ha>> tt first owsn, falloehe gs az cry. r >>teeporher: teb fac vookideo t ofhent eashusi rmngolli inhe t t snowghrowin itn ose himlfot g arnely 60 monilli smandie iith isn charge of alanime care at th zoo. >> he is a 19ea-yolr-d bear but ac ikts le a cub thest fir sn llowfa. e thon secd or fhourt snow he is li a lttleess teinedrest. r >>teeporurr: soue enghy, b dn wey esdathe snowas wld o hat thand e pandaas w fedocus on infindsg hi boambo andve en that ghdelihited nss fa . h >>heey tre! hey! ep>> rr:ortehe wn they ceam
8:25 am
se swewehothd veeoid tohe tse re the. ow sn isda pan meti. 's it their nalatur bihatat, like nd pakea eperic noleem rdinde us stlaim troe aunad big orstm. t >>ishis b theestff stuor f aspand t and bheir testime of th .e year m as wuch asate he ,ity theare yienjong it. ep >> r torter:e hey are not thon one as thew snoed pil upas pt week, ot anher s imaledjoin in onhe t n. funi ako, riverer ott tkoo a o.phot weon dadnesy, wilma was ol frngicki t inhe sn,ows thi ti itme wh a urke o mahuns, not every al animci appreheates thi wte uf stikf lhee tse flgoamins. i >>ult co cd beenool boughut it 't canp keem them fro ee fr. zing>> te reporinr: dure g thrdblizzath s e bird movedsiinde, a pe ecrfopt rtpounity for aoo z
8:26 am
flock of amfls.ingo gothers totnohe s bwhtroug to em th. es theon mkeysnd ahi tsre fert st te oed itut i tnheir warm ho .uses rtall paf o a bngalanci act to ecprotet thma anils andll sti t leavthem he ae littl n.fu>> ve we ha h to bendere ahe tre o ison nar mginor f erroro s we ha 3ve00,0ni andmals a o allf th e em hav mto iakethr toughhe tor stm. or>> repndter: a did ?they he >> ty d.di ep >> r norter:rlow neay a hu zondred oyo emplees spent the we heekend ovre ghernitt juso t ke ma t surenihe amals made it out ayok. li and osten t this.i wemean, i thinkt's a pain wh haen we ove tve shohel t wa sideu lk, yoinknow, o frontf our ushoe. oothe zye emploesnl not oy have hoto sl vel alof theas pfoses r us e peoplbut they have to sh atovel p ths forimhe anals. ou>> yld cou a haveec sond job janow, n. co you euld b a p anda. keeper i >>'m aan pdaco haat's wt i like!>> e you'r a goodtt tha too, jan. t' >> iso s fun!
8:27 am
youan c thu,k yo n.ja do youem rrembehi tsro gund br ngeakier supl bowad? c oomen get yrou tsoy rl giaks meom sese noi >> ls gire mak nsome.oise mei re a wasll sma binussest tha bwentwoig t y umingp,nl oy oncb "iss th mo g,rninil" we weel m ttheex nt sibu tnesseno b fefitrom an di auhaence ttnl ohey ter sup bo dwl can.eliver
8:28 am
ocyour lthal weaer. ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
8:29 am
> >>ofday ko recnings in upo us! myth broer! wh iats life? ou if y die? alo grious h!deat ye>> a! > >>wow. ithats ate tas ofn a add heade to he tup s berl ow50. syou'reiteeing st fir"c on bs m thisngorni."yo u'reomwelce. cothe cimmers al i opartf a mp ca taignigo hhthlig small nebusi dssesg urinbithe g, big .game el michille mmeler tht wi all sma si buwnness oener rectly awarded th oris opp,tunityha one ttld couy pag-off bitime. el michgole, orod mning. >> te repord r: goog.mornin awhatnre incdibletu oppornity it is o.toif ou you cldor aff tdhe $5 mi follion r 30d-secon spot ri du sng theowuper b'rl, youe ob protably n all sma sibuness. thwell, isr, yea quick books ht sougis submsionsm froma s ll nebusi nssesnwatiofoide her t an chceo t get big bsusines ex aposurehind, tins mornhag, ttdr
8:30 am
w deathish eecoff, aom cpany ecthat ryentlxp eandedo t1 1 pl ems oyee tjustkeo ta onha wt willik lely bets i gesreatt al che.leng >> wert staed in at uni00 5r ove aherenlnd oy 01,50qu sfoare-ot howareuse. ep>> rr:ortery ever yeaveyou' ke ta an onernoth o one tfhese iepupps? ea>> yh. ynextmoear inved hito ts one. r >>teeporomr: sngethi b has een inbrew dg ateathh wis .coffeell cat i ate tas for ccsuess. oo smth. w >>eta srted itn i .2012ev yeery arar, ye after,year thsince en,e wouhave dbled i nze si in nurevee. >> te reporhar: micwnel bro d startecohis ffeeee carr with a l smalstupateor new ykho sp in 2008. y>> ms qerstcus omer camein,ik me ve gi me aup c o yfour sgetronst ff condee a thatot ghe trs gea in turng. oualthghe whadon strg eecoff, yo owu kne, thk dar roaster wen'tth eos mtca naffeited.
8:31 am
12 20, and theth birf oea dth wi cosh . ffee i >>t'sd kin of like mike's . baby so toch watt thay babro gw and vedelooup, yw, knos it' okindf a cool g.thin ep>> rr:orteha miceled hir his dhchilfrood jiendohnwe sdishs ath ode pronuctina ma bger,seecau ithathas wmat sllin busess rsowne do. at wh y didnoou kouw abfft coee fo beoure ye cam onrd boahi ts nt vee?ur i >>w knokei li . it>> or rep yter:ikou leee coff? y >>eah. ep >> rr:orteh wit a teame h dcoul t arustnd ack kna for om prn,otioth deah wismebeca a ic quitk h in thein onle plmarketace. and is nesow a bert sell on az amon . amazon s>> iedtartju with stng selli aba bog -- aut a bag of ceoffe a we ek. w norewe ali selupng sward of a th ou psands ounda y.da ep>> rr:orte andha tt was all be forethis. >>cotungraonlatis!>> for real? r >>teeporinr: w aning small bu csiness fontestor aup ser a bowld sorpons bedy tuinit
8:32 am
go it's toing t fas frdorwa us teabout yen doars wn theed rou ad ro0 in 3 s.second ep>> rr:ortera litelly. l >>lyiteralco 30 se nds. r >>r:eporteis here the big onquestin -- candyou hale it? >> on my own with myll sma -pninen ersof?stafpr lyobab. not ep>> rr:ortele whiha micel mp raped u prtioducwhon, ich udincled eninlistorg me reroasts hein t gireon. g >> lot ae ittlofbit e edg to it. r >>teeporr: a teamm fro itintu k quicsbook and arper advngtisi ouset pt tocerodu the ec30-sond r supeadbowl . ea>> disth wfeh cofe isea rlly are tivoluy onard.branth be ads ringifto lhee t spirit tof thaan brd. >> te reporerr: aft this cicommerw al, hoagmany bs of co dffee ieco expt to sell? e >> wareem atto pt tgo get t abouuaa q mrteronilliou pnds urin otr disioibutenn c tersre toady p shi for the dayth of e g bi . game r>>orepr:teit w rhstoagin op aternsioow noi gng0 2 hours a y, daha microel bwn isee fling go bood autti meeng dendma.>> s thiis a b migtomen for mike
8:33 am
or rep ster: ios hisma s ll nebusiss spr.onso e >> w vareery conntfide that at deshh wi c hanandles. thi a theyllre reahey on t cuspf o is th hugeen mom atnd thevey ha pbeenrirepaorng fhi t fsor ye ars. t >>hahey eeve bryn ve mettyevuch erpy steth of e wa y.i get-m eails daily. ey th't donan wt thisme comlrcia to be a hanindrce teo th bu sssine. wtheyitant top hel busssine. >> my hebrotr! at whs i life?if t tha youie d a grilosou at deh! ep>> rr:ortes thir supebodwl a bwillen seey bor mane th a rehundlld mi pioneeopl and for e thamte d atthea wi ash,oo gd ou amntf o coffeeri dsnker are ly likemo angm. the w >>coel, medeath! ea>> dthco wish ffee. lyfiercein caffeated! wo>> w! t >> hat'seagrt!>> y oh,eah.e thbosuper cwl adomesh wit a rihigh pce tag but soid d death
8:34 am
ou abt 20uc bks a unpo d.>> . wow t'>> ires a p cmiumanoffee dco thmes wi a gntuaraee t to behest t,rongestr the s oongestn h. eart t >>hat'she why t iy callht deatsh wich whi is ae littlch cat yd antla lite arscy. id >> d t youry it? h,>> os. yet lelme tel you. not s ooth a allt-geout. ou >> yed likit . >> idi d. >> but?strong t >> iisg stron but mi ochelle lbama fivero itwhhoe e.usat th iser hnle oony bs c. w wel iligbe bac yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt,
8:35 am
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