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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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heth tt . thrainfe llth on owe snk. pacus..caing el edevatod floe likitcond. ions d anofall s thir wateis cibeneficoal of . urse..ktstoconys saof most wa this llter wi fl igow rntht imio pyrad lake hawhich lys realdr been wnawn do tfromrohe d. ughtpebut s rhapmo mpst intortathly, ope pef le o hrenonoave d,tice t andrehey' t glade o serithe thver y e wa sethey ueed to s ru- ebensr-kayake s"thepikein r the biver mroughthee out re itoday,en've beli utillzing a t ofhein snow ou the m bntainsutto t seeivhe r cerupome ico ruldn'tcoesist owming dn ." here bjohni-arsantitreno-"ll's reay ce nie to sestlar yeawe had ansome ligd reirt ate ouurof o ho e usd an swet hu oitn ff iy,ma's itd goo wto seeloater fwing n. agai" ca you ndn fie moratinformion ab e out thheriver n ight othe gs uste websiou and y v canisit bsour wet-ite k-t v-n dod com an ic cl tk onluhe bwse bes link tt buon. co ngveri w stormivatch le at p rockyaark, rdan canaany chnel o twnews
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n you carakeep tthck of e at wewhher... yerever..ou are. owithreur fane ch2 nel heweatr app. ca you thn get r.e fo..castd . ans watcheand wa gsrnine in thf palm oyour . hand..u and yostcan cuitomize to wrehe l you jive.uscht sear -v "k-t-nin" g theploogle oayr ap e plorste. an end wh weverr inteheweatr me co ns toerorthvan nendda a theer sirera, ermembay to st with ch l anne o2 newsain the r... li ononne, eb facanook itd twter r fom storh watcntcoinngui ra covege. rn tu ting tomehe crit. bea. e . tholreno ppaice dertmentis rc sea fhingusor a sn pect ia de itadly hun and rha that ppened y earl mthisngorniit pe hapatned c ther orneof anspokd e anthfouree strust, jt oeastllf weens avue. of alficiths say ste pedea rian, - 55ldyear-o w male,egas lallyos cr fsingh ourt wstreethen he s wa bstruckhiy a vecle tr g avelinigat a h oh ratef ee sp td withdlhe heas dee peinstraro was pd nounce odeade n thscene.e the vehiclcris dess ibed aa lnewer,olight cfuored, ll- si ckzed pickup tru. tn wisaessed try the educk fl the
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crand seneet wits ss ingofferi a 15dr-hunoled dlar rdrewaco in tinneco on tila faed errobb ny on morthraccarn st yeerday. ap it hjupened erst aft, 7 a-m wwhen ar hite oanhispanic m in wear cg darkg lothind entere st the thore widg a hanun and teattemptod ob rhe tle c. rk su the waspect ccs unsu aessfulnd o fled. n foot ou if yan have rmy infoation t abouadthe de aly hitunnd r or is thpt attembeed robu ry, yoare d asketato conrect sectnt wiess at2- 32dr49-hunteed or r xt youtip to -4 84711. tw the ino remagiing fufrtives omca a ialifornbr jail e eak arback in dy custo. th e ey werinfound an the s scfranci--o areay nearl400 d hundrefrmiles oom therange jcountyerail wh ee theyscaped r earlieeethis wk. n bria rwebbtsepor. if sherfif's ofsacials cay espees th jonau an tie d aneihossrin nayear be backbaehind errs aft a pdaringsoriean bry k. thewere t on fhe runrlor neaney nis day .
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tat."enhe m b areeing te inwervied d an swillbeoon bataken orck to ouange cd nty anpl n aced igha hik risarea of methe sawh jail eyere th d.escape w brianb ebr fos cbne . ws ilsttol om ce,ll we'ho syow u ho l w locanscitizeea are lrning hoabout rew to porpare f ge emer..ncies. h andstow fir on respo ders dr thei tjob.hat
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ok lo oing tomuur com..nity. mo n re thaun30 volgateers thered to ro go the ugh thstfinal ages
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emain thlp to he in aner emgency. tithe cirpzen coras progm is si de tgnednco enhae and im thprove she wantoe couy if shers f'ofemfice "y ergencsp reffonse e" ortsevby dinelopg po a f ol onetrailud vorsntee. e thntvolu seersrtuppomu comnitysa , fetystdisaerre prepadness,d anncemergeony respffse eorts f of rirstndespoers."i ed learnus varios, skill as fa har as w dt to ao in case er whope pe aleurre howt, h to dosl a ing.i neleartod how a do bfullody ch teck,keo mae sur athathell t s boneokare ra." mayri rod, guezvo r luntee23 :26 "c mert"rsembeo als whelpith no gen-emerojncy prhaects tt helpim thprove tye safee of th ea lowrn han you cr bette ep prfoare ger emerorncies to ro enloll in rtcal cein traing,'v weupe set k a lin-von k-t-n t dom,co t undere he blu nknewslions butt . d anmathe anmmov r hasneeturd tore orno f w thendeekee . thma
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n va tthatlsraveo tmany co itmmunroies ac sss thetate. mathe anmmovl wilt be awhole fo maods rksoet on rguth viiniast 2 iten, l wilyebe in n ringtoonnd mo tay and; uesdayckand ba in rs caiton c wy onedaynesd. ormeteisologget anilla schling avwill hoke a lour at yofo lrecastn ater iowthe sh... t but.firs. sh waoningt i d-cils stggl diing t ou lfromweast bek'sarlizzd, d an rsomeenesidrets a digging toinhe tocir ptskewe. l 'ltell
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fiftd....a ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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igrose h thwayhahat n s chai rirest. ctionsattemperures ri noght inw are pp the us er 30' d anr loweye40's. y sterdawe d climbeheinto t 6 low s0's.o co irlder aov has med in. ll sateowite shs d cloustcover pill initlace wh uma medi i sizedsempulr ove no rteshwtern rncalifomeia. caowras shs wet me pavengnt alo w i-80.ave'll he w tooratch f t icehtonigll as we no as aouther rsnnd of ntow. wierwe ather ad bvisorytoegins atnight 10pm go and oues thrlygh eary monda g.mornin refutu scastnohows sw de
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ornday m. ning re futuhocast sw ws snore pidevelolyng eary sunda g morninsland g idin ut soheh as toe day g. s onthen riclea ong outayn mond and datuesdsy. roabe will s a mesmo ornday mitning w oh lotsf re ngfreezice and iow. snal tots wi e ll berhigh o south, f i-80 evwith s ierals nchepo assibleait the srport.even da s y showemcold treperatus hothroug wut thewieek arth ptly cl soudy okiesayn mond and a k breahefrom ty wintrr.weathe we hoitver l wil sbe alow wa uprm. mi cop ng u, nextofone m theost na dyhimic chgh sfoool llotbapl s ayer lfromseast gasonave s hialverbmi comt tmenthis
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m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. e thenevidomce croes fckm ros br t ough bbacke y thloapolas autronorts mane thye 40 ars ago. ie sctsntise hav tlongizheored e thonmome forted afsmr a all pl canetdeollithd with ear, t abou-afour-hnd-abialf n llio s yearago. w noarreses cher-cat u h-l-aave neleare d thh crasa was -oheadn iocollisn n-- jota ust ciglanngbl
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edstattr. assiophys cistd founst erongncvideate tht mosheof t on mo s waedformm froh,eart n andot to inth ear. 'sangelawi here inth a fk al loo r at youstforeca.... ve sey n dacoshows ld mp teeseraturgh throue out thweek
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