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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 23, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. take a look at this surveillance video from inside a bay area smooth ie shop as two men raid the cash register and rob customers at gunpoint. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the man with the gun told customers to get down. and then he and his accomplice grabbed money, purses and other valuables. the takeover robbery happened just before closing time last night at a new shop on a trendy block of piedmont avenue in oakland. ktvu's mike mibach is there tonight with our report. mike? >> reporter: frank, it was a 40- second crime. the robbers got away with credit cards and cash. but they also got caught on
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tape. the investigation began close to 11:00 in the evening. officers were interviewing victims who just minutes earlier were inside this smoothie shop. security cameras inside the store capture a man walking into the establishment, pointing a handgun. the owner, who did not want to be identified, was behind the counter and heard the demands. >> get down. everybody get down, yeah. >> reporter: a table of six quickly drops to the ground, the gunman grabs over-the- counter and grabs the money while his accomplice heads to the customer's table and grabs their purses and eventually the till. >> i was kind of freaked out and standing there and doing nothing and watching him take the money. >> reporter: two summers ago piedmont avenue was the epicenter of a swarm of similar restaurant take-over robberies while armed men ordered customers and employees to hand
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over their valuables. police say they caught those responsible for that crime wave. >> right when we made that arrest in those cases restaurants robberies went off the grid. this is the first one of the year. >> reporter: it comes at a time when police say crime in oakland is down 18% compared to last year. but it also comes at a time when officers were recently let go from the department because of budget constraints. >> we are down 80 officers. and there are some things that will suffer in this police department. and one of them is going to be long-term investigations. >> reporter: tonight piedmont avenue is packed with people from fenton's to mr. green bubble a shop hit last night. people say they still feel safe with fewer officers on the streets. >> what i am hoping is they will find more effective ways to do their policing, more effective and more efficient. >> reporter: the owner of the smoothie shop says $350 was stolen from the till. crime stoppers of oakland is offering a $10,000 reward in
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this case. reporting live tonight here in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police are also trying to figure out the motive for a fatal shooting early this morning. a man coming home from work was shot and killed. police say 52-year-old mariano was walking to his apartment on east 15th street at about 1:40 this morning when someone shot him. he worked as a night janitor at kaiser permanente medical center in oakland. investigators say it is not clear if robbery was the motive since the victim's wallet and keys were left behind. his neighbors say they were shocked to hear about the crime. >> very sad. very sad. it is like unexpected. like he doesn't get associated with anybody here and even me. like he was a very nice guy. so far there is no description of the shooter. and police have made no arrests. a $10,000 reward is posted tonight for information. police in concord are advising caution tonight after they determined someone is
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planting pipe bombs in a city park. three explosive devices have been found in new hall communicate park in the past three days. it's a popular park where a big soccer tournament is planned for this weekend. ktvu's deborah villalon is there with a live report. deborah? >> reporter: julie, because of that soccer tournament, 500 kids on these fields over the next two days, police are being very cautious. for six hours they kept bomb sniffing dogs and their handlers on the soccer field and knowing along the creekbed looking for any more explosives. it's a sprawling park. and 60-acres, about half was searched after someone on a noon-time walk found the latest pipe bomb. specially trained dogs from all over the east bay were hustled to concord today to comb new hall park. >> based on three devices within 48 hours caused some concern on our part that there might be more devices out
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there. >> reporter: two pipe bombs were found wednesday and detonated and walnut creek's bomb squad using its robot blew up a third today. >> they set it off. >> reporter: those living closest to the park felt it. >> it was just a huge, huge explosion. it shook the house. >> it sounded like a bomb. yes, it sounded like a bomb. >> reporter: the officer just told us that there is pipe bombs planted all over the park. not sure how many devices there might be, police sealed off the field and turned cars away all afternoon. >> we usually fill up this parking lot to play bocce ball. >> you will not have access. >> reporter: the players couldn't play their friday game and they auto dialed some 500 household are an emergency alert. >> we move people away from bombs, not bombs away from people. >> we really enjoy this park tremendously. whoever did this has really got to be put away. >> reporter: the three pipe bombs are similar presumed planted by the same person and
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laying in plain view. police say they were potentially lethal. but by evening gave new hall the all clear. >> it's a beautiful park. i really enjoy it. so i am not going to let anything scare me off. >> reporter: people did flock back to this park. but certainly there is an awareness now to be watchful for pipes or wires. and police say don't pick them up. that's what the bystander did today. he carried the pipe bomb to a maintenance crew and they sounded the alarm. it also appeared that the fuse had been lit previously, but did not explode. reporting live in concord, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. berkeley police announced the arrest of a homeless man today in connection with a recent arson on telegraph avenue. they say he is the prime suspect in a series of similar crimes. investigators say 26-year-old travis eugene churchill pleaded not guilty today to setting a fire early tuesday morning at sam's market. police say churchill was spotted soon after the fire by
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officers working another case. those officers took photos of churchill that were compared to these surveillance pictures. >> and it was so clear that he was wearing the same clothing as the suspect in the sir veil -- surveillance tape and was easily recognizable. churchill is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail. police say they suspect him of starting eight other fires in the area. but as of now, he has not been charged in those cases. in a jail house interview today, a concord man whose pitbulls killed his step grandson admitted that one of the dogs had shown aggression before. ktvu's claudene wong spoke with 62-year-old heyasha. he spoke about his regret of the deadly. >> reporter: a soft spoken man talked about the deadly pitbull attack that killed his 2-year-
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old grandson. >> my wife found my grandson in the garage mauled. i don't know how long he was in the garage because i wasn't at home. if i was at home it would have happened. >> reporter: the 50-year-old was not home at the time of the attack and doesn't know how jacob got passed the deadlock that usually secured the door to the garage where he kept three of the dogs. >> having the dogs is my fault. that is my burden that i will carry on for the rest of my life. >> reporter: there were a total of five pitbulls at the home. neighbors told them that the dogs scared him but he said he never saw the dogs act aggressively towards the children. >> i personally have never seen aggression on all of the dogs. my wife has seen it. but i have never actually seen it. >> reporter: still, he admitted that a year ago one of the dogs killed the family's chihuahua. and the biggest pitbull wasn't even allowed near the kids.
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he says he kept all of the dogs, because his 13-year-old son wanted him to. >> keeping the dogs, i never realized this kind of thing would ever happen. maybe my love for the dogs blinded me. >> reporter: he says he was warned that doing an interview might put his life in danger but he decided to talk anyway. he says he believes he should be facing penalty and fines but not jail time. he is facing two felony charges for little jacob's death. claudene wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. prosecutors are expected to review his case early next week. he was booked on charges of child endangerment and possession of a mischief outside animal that caused a death. he remains behind bars at this hour held in lieu of $120,000 bail. >> san jose mayor chuck reid says he plans to ask the city council to put a measure on the november ballot to build a new ballpark for the oakland as. it caught the commissioner off
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guard. the as need the approval of major league baseball and team owners to make a move to the south bay because the giants hold territorial rights to san jose. mayor reid's decision to press ahead with the ballot measure is a change in stance. he had previously said he would wait for baseball officials to act. but time to put a measure on the november ballot is quickly running out. the deadline is next month. a minor earthquake rattled parts of san francisco and the peninsula this afternoon. seismologists say the 3.2 quake hit at 2:29 p.m. just offshore from dalye city. the epicenter is in the same area as the big 1906 earthquake. no reports today of injuries or damage. changes are coming to the
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bonfire policy at ocean beach. starting a week from sunday the golden gate national recreation area is enforcing an 11 p.m. curfew on beach fires. those fires are allowed only in the fire rings in certain areas of the beach and permits are required for groups larger than 25. the park service hopes the new curfew policy will reduce vandalism and public drunkenness. it's an expensive piece of equipment that could help the san francisco police department crime lab test dna evidence more efficiently. so why hasn't it been used in the last six years? we will explain coming up. ac transit calls is a sick out. drivers call it a push out. and temperatures increase today. more warmth for your bay area weekend. i'll be back in 90 seconds with your bay area forecast. ♪
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[ music ] tomorrow's forecast calls for some warming. temperatures are getting into the low 90s in land. a basic summer weather pattern for your bay area weekend. now, next week i know it's a ways out but we are looking at a cool down again. fog tomorrow morning is all over the in land bay regions as far as napa, concord and fremont. but it won't deliver into antioch or oakly, pardon me. so a warmer day tomorrow. forecast overnight lows. you will see lots of 50s, even along the coast. so kind of a mild to cool night. heat stays in the valley.
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forecast highs for some cities where you live or near where you live 90 in fairfield. 90 in antioch. those are your forecast highs for saturday. back in a bit with the five day forecast and a forecast for an area where you live. evacuations are underway tonight in the gulf of mexico as oil cleanup and operations crews leave ahead of tropical depression bonnie. helicopter shuttles took oil workers off rigs and ships were ordered away from the ruptured oil well. vessels connected to deep-sea robots would be among the last to leave the area. but officials say they hope those boats can stay and ride out the rough weather. the storm isn't expected to further damage the oil well but it may delay work until mid- august. and that tropical depression made landfall near miami this afternoon with sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. it brought heavy rain but caused little damage. the storm is expected to reach the oil spill site tomorrow and then head towards new orleans. officials warn bonnie may regain tropical storm strength as it moves across the gulf.
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it seems like a waste of a valuable resource. six years ago san francisco police bought some expensive dna equipment for the crime lab. but ever since it's been sitting unused. ktvu's allie rasmuss is live with our report. >> reporter: well, frank, there are two dna testing machines that the crime lab owns and is not using. we have a picture of them to show you. this is called an abi prism 400. and now some people including the police commissioner want to know why the department bought this equipment six years ago and never used it. >> certainly when we purchased this equipment it was with the intent that when we had the opportunity that we would make that happen, that we would increase the efficiency of the people who worked out there. >> reporter: the equipment is supposed to let crime lab technicians test 16 dna samples at once. san francisco police wouldn't tell us how much it paid for the two machines. but an online report priced them at about $140,000 apiece. san francisco police commander
10:16 pm
denise schmidt says they bought the dna testing equipment six years ago with a federal grant. >> we qualified for and got the funds and we made the purchase knowing that these funds did not cover the personnel issues or the other. so that would have to be part of the department's planning and executioning going forward. >> reporter: but that never happened. and the abi3100s remained unused and unplugged. and that meant the department didn't have the ability to connect the machines to the rest of its crime lab computer system. san francisco police commissioner jim hammer discovered the unused equipment during a visit to the crime lab. >> someone in years past wasn't putting out of the pieces together. we have a nice piece of equipment, modern technology but we don't have the software installed so it can work. i think it is worth knowing how the system broke down. >> reporter: law professor robert talbot says this incident will hurt the crime lab's credibility and he says that could impact the outcome of criminal cases. >> the more chance there is for a jury to say we are not going to believe this.
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we are not going to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: san francisco police told us today they have secured a $400,000 grant from the department of homeland security to update their software so that they can start using those dna testing machines. they expect to have them up and running six to eight months from now. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. a vietnamese political activists is expected to be released from jail tonight following an attack on a singer last weekend in santa clara. lee tong faces four felony charges. during a hearing today, prosecutors added a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. a judge ordered him to stay at least 100 yards away from singer don lynn hong. he is accused of using pepper bay on the singer. a judge also reduced his bail today from it is 100,000 to 75,000. >> the operator of a tow truck driver pleaded no contest today to 99 felonies and one misdemeanor in a telling and
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ensuing scam. he could face as listening as 14 years in prison when sentenced. santa clara county prosecutors say he ran b and c towing and professional collections. victims said he would tow their cars and then sue them without proper notice. prosecutors say the scheme exploited the small claims system. another day, another long way -- wait for the bus in the east bay. the on begun transit dispute is causing problems for thousands of commuters in alameda and cost -- contra costa because drivers have called in sick. >> reporter: crowded bus stops today even midday after the commute. >> we are getting tired of it that's for sure but what can you do? >> reporter: the ac transit sign said rapid. the phone conversation said help. >> well, if this comes late, i don't know. >> reporter: frustrated students? >> yes, i have been late for
10:19 pm
school twice already. >> reporter: you've been late for school? >> yes, i have summer school. >> reporter: what are they teaching today? >> that we shouldn't be late because i could get kicked out for summer school for being late. >> reporter: late for school and late for home. >> he was like my mom is going to beat you and stuff. i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: because you were late? >> yeah. i was late home. >> reporter: the reason, a shortage of drivers, nearly 200 called in sick today. twice as many as normal. ac transit officials aren't calling it a sick-out but since this happened every day since monday when a controversial new contract took effect, they say it looks like one. >> well, we apologize to all of our customers for any inconvenience they are experiencing. unfortunately, it is out of our hands. >> reporter: are the drivers calling in sick? >> no, the drivers aren't calling in sick. we are out here working every day. >> reporter: union officials say it's true, there are probably more drivers absent from work today than unusual. but they say it's not a sick-
10:20 pm
out. >> there is not an inn normal sick-out or a formal sick-out. it is a push-out. >> a push-out union officials say because the new contract has many dryers finding trouble finding child care. the contract calls for new schedules with longer hours. >> ac transit now is requiring the majority of our operators to work 13 hour days for eight hours of pay. >> reporter: not really true according to the management. they say because more drivers are needed at commute times and not mid-day, some drivers are asked to work split shifts. >> they may be working over a 13 hour period but they are not working 13 hours. >> reporter: a neutral arbitrator is set to weigh in next week. but until then. >> it's a bad day. it was a very bad day. >> because of the buses? >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: people like this man who says he has been missing appointments because of late buses will have to grin and bear it. political editor randy
10:21 pm
shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. the husband of zhazha gabor says she is in critical condition. the 93-year-old television and movie star may have suffered a stroke during hip replacement surgery earlier this week. gabor broke her hip falling from her bed last saturday at her home in bellair. the hungarian born actress rose to fame in the 1950s and 60s. gabor has been wheelchair bound since she was partially paralyzed in a 2002 car cident. >> a major development tonight involving the two people accused of burglar eyeing a home right after the family that lived there was killed in a car crash. they said that the tickets for the bus and told us to do that for $1. >> munni transfer was sold on the black market. how a police stin to a costly crime. ktvu, channel 2 news morning
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. the federal perjury case against formergiants star barry bonds moved forward today, inching closer to a trial date. lawyers convened for a hearing at the federal court house in san francisco. no firm date was set but prosecutors and bonds's legal team are looking at early next year possibly in march. if the trial goes forward uc hastings law professor peter king says bonds will likely testify and how he acts on the witness stand could sway the jury. with those 12 jurors in the box, if he comes across as that historic arrogant unlikeable barry bonds that many of us saw in the public eye, that could sink him as much as any evidence could. >> another hearing is scheduled for two weeks from today to try to set a trial date. a peninsula couple was convicted today of burglar eyeing the home of a sonoma family that had just been killed in a car crash.
10:25 pm
26-year-old michael vincent pleaded not guilty to charges including burglary, auto theft and vandalism. he could face up to 12 years in prison. 29-year-old amber marie true pleaded guilty to the same charges and faces up to eight years behind bars. john and susan malony and their two young children died in november. the burglary took place at their home three nights later. sentencing is expected sometime this year. the santa cruz department is asking for help to find a missing 73-year-old man who has memory problems. friends of william moritz family and friends say they haven't seen him since wednesday. he was last seeing wearing a sweatshirt, blue jeans and sneakers. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked contact the sheriff. general stanley mccrystal ended his 34-year career as an army officer today in an emotional retirement ceremony
10:26 pm
in washington, d.c. musk music. the four star general served as the top commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan [ inaudible ] . >> because of the few decisions that he made on the battlefield but he cherished his life as a soldier. he was forced to resign his post in afghanistan last month after making disparaging remarks about the obama administration in a magazine article. in a sign of economic recovery, ford today reported a big surge in second quarter revenue and profit. the automaker said its sales from april 1st to june 30th were up $4 billion from the year before and the profits surged 13%. in california auto dealers reported today that new car sales overall jumped 23 percent in the first half of this year with the biggest gains coming in just the past three months. wall street responded to those car sales numbers finishing an
10:27 pm
up week with a winning day. the dow gained 102 appoint, the nasdaq 23. word that major european banks passed the financial stress test and a rise in the euro also boosted the confidence in the global economy. someone has cut down or destroyed dozens of trees in golden gate park. coming up the reward that is now posted to try to find the vandals. and promised information on cell phone radiation. now there is a lawsuit trying to block san francisco's new law. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mansini sleep wear. i came up with this mobile art gallery
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love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see how cheerios can help you do it. [ music ] a big weekend in gillroy, the gill if roy garlic festival. and temperatures tomorrow in the upper 70s at lunch time and lower 80s or actually upper 80s at the time of the year. tomorrow will be the warmest
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day. sunday in the upper 80s. i will be back at 10:45 with your complete bay area weather forecast. see you then. >> a san francisco muni mechanic and a street salesman are under arrest because police say they were selling stolen bus transfers at half their value. the two were nabbed during an undercover sting to stop a practice that muni says can cost $a half a million. >> reporter: at mission and 16th street in san francisco, muni riders say illegal sales of midnight bus transfers are every day occurrences. >> in if he come to offer it to you, can you buy a bus transfer? >> they are selling the tickets for the bus. and for $1 an all day pass. >> reporter: selling what is normally a $2 ticket for $1 may not seem like a big deal but it adds up to the losses of thousands a week for the
10:31 pm
transportation agency. >> the late night ticket allows you to ride the bus all day, okay? usually when you get a transfer on the bus they rip it off and give you a certain amount of time 90 minutes to two hours. >> reporter: last week a san francisco police sting netted two arrests. long-time muni mechanism 52- year-old edward king and 62- year-old for selling the transfers. paul rose says the muni is trying to determine just how widespread the problem is and fix it. over the past three years the agency has lost $180 million in state funding and is facing a $56 million budget deficit next year. right now, every dollar counts. >> we are going to look at our policies to determine the best way to move forward so this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: muni spokesman tells us the mechanism to made $30,000 is on unpaid administrative leave and muni is recommending they be fired. in the meantime the agency is trying to determine if the
10:32 pm
policies they currently have could be improved. in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the cell phone industry is suing san francisco's new law requiring cell phone retailers to post how much radiation each model emits. the tele communications industry association already has retaliated by moving its annual convention out of the city. the lawsuit claims san francisco is overstepping the federal communications commission which sets limits for phone radiation. but city officials say the law gives consumers important health information. studies are incon exclusive about whether cell phone radiation poses a health risk. a $2,000 reward is posted for information to whomever is killing trees. some are uprooted others with their bark torn off. this week more than one dozen elms and sycamores were cut down. the trees cost $500 each. >> i don't understand it. i just don't understand why
10:33 pm
someone would do something so stupid as this. >> someone that's very sick. someone that's very sick that doesn't care about society, doesn't care about life. >> reporter: police say they are also uncertain why someone is cutting the trees. it appears the recent vandalism was done with a small power saw. a twisted tale of real estate is unfolding in the santa cruz mountains. and it means a family will likely lose their home. the situation has come to this because of a mind boggling maize of mortgages, bank mergers and foreclosure that made the purchase deal appear too good to be true. ktvu's robert handa explains. >> reporter: haily strand and fiancee jan are about to be evicted from their home. they paid $98,000 for the house at a foreclosure ion in november. >> we had a deed. we had it recorded by the county of santa cruz. we have paid property tax. >> reporter: this is your home? >> we thought we did everything
10:34 pm
right. >> reporter: the family got caught in the tangled as mess of banks taking over other bank he is business on a foreclosed. they bought the home from world savings and took out a piggyback to reduce the down payment. world savings was bought by wachovia which foreclosed on the piggyback mortgage basically the auction prove. but the bargain evaporated when wells fargo which bought wachovia foreclosed on the original mortgage more than half a million dollars. >> i just thought, oh, this is a mistake. and i assumed it would go away. >> reporter: it turns out foreclosure notice do not have to specify a first or second mortgage. it's in the paperwork but not always often. >> two loans were executed, signed and recorded on the same date at the same time and i literally thought it was one loan. >> reporter: the situation has caught the attention of some lawmakers who say banks should not be allowed to sell essentially worthless second mortgages and called it another reason for banking reform. >> we are trying to clarify
10:35 pm
what the process is. and we are also trying to make sure that financial institutions cannot take advantage of consumers. and this is one that's a blatant example of what's going on. >> they deceived us into -- into thinking we were buying a property. and we need to be protected. >> reporter: at this point, the strand family and wells fargo bank with negotiating a settlement over expenses. but regardless, the family will have to move out. in boulder creek, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. some brave souls went over the edge of a 38 storey building in downtown san francisco today to help raise money for a good cause. supporters of the special olympics repelled down the side of the grand hyatt hotel as people blow cheered them on. the money benefits the northern california special olympics. and ktvu, channel 2 news reporter john sasaki, there he is right there, was one of those who repelled down the side of the building very slowly, it looks like. if you want to see more of this
10:36 pm
repelling it will continue tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. wow. not just a little building. >> 38 stories. >> that's a big building. it's a good cause. >> coming up, another bay area city is adding surveillance cameras to keep an eye out for crime. plus the huge sinkhole that opened so fast it swallowed an suv with its engine still running. and new video of an incredible sight we showed you two nights ago. a 40-ton whale jumping on to a sailboat. [ music ]
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10:39 pm
. martinez is set to join several other bay area cities to use surveillance cameras to fight crime. they are going to install six cameras. the two areas are known crime hot spots. the cameras are expected to be installed by the end of the summer. a new report indicates hate crimes dropped last year in california, continuing an almost decade-long trend. the state department of justice says hate crimes in 2009 decreased 29% from the year before. hate crimes have been decreased by half since they peaked after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
10:40 pm
the report says 1100 crimes motivated by racism, anti- religion sentiment or other forms of bias were reported in 2009. firefighters in southern california say they now have the upper hand on a grass fire that threatened homes and halted traffic on i-5. the 40- acre fire started just before 2:00 this afternoon in the hills about 30 miles northwest of la. six helicopters and some 200 firefighters battled the fire which threatened about 30 homes. by about 4:00 no active flames were showing. a second fire about 30 miles away in being a ton this act ton this afternoon burned eight acres before firefighters put out the flames. >> this dramatic video comes from milwaukee where a massive sinkhole swallowed an suv and a driver. a day later the suv's engine is still running. they are going to lower a worker into the hole to turn it off.
10:41 pm
then comes the challenging part of removing a vehicle. the water main and fiber optic cables are directly below it. >> in world news mexican investigators found 18 bodies in a pit in what they describe is a gang executed site. they say the victims were tortured. the killings stem from the ongoing gang war between the powerful gulf drug cartel and some of its former soldiers for control of drug routes into the united states. in vietnam secretary of state hillary clinton today accepted the remains of three u.s. service members from the vietnam war. clinton stood with u.s. military personnel on the tarmack at handoi airport as the flag draped coffins were loaded on to a plane. they will be taken to u.s. for identification and then turned over to the families. some 1700 u.s. soldiers are still listed as missing in action from the vietnam war. and in south africa, check this out, the first video
10:42 pm
surfaced today of a whale smashing on to the dock of a yacht outside capetown harbor. the whale leapt out of the boat on wednesday severely damaging the mast. the two instructors onboard weren't hurt. marine biologists believe the 40-ton whale was trying to jump over the boat instead of swimming under it and didn't make it. by the way ktvu, channel 2 news has more video as well as interviews with the people onboard. look for the video section at the bottom of our front page. there was a hot basketball game in san francisco tonight. coming up, we will tell you why it's about more than just a teamwork on the court. and chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the five day forecast.
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10:44 pm
. ktvu, channel 2 news and weather brought is to you by lexus. [ music ] . midnight basketball is making a comeback in san francisco. two years after funding dried up, the program is on the
10:45 pm
rebound. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live now in the city with our story. janna? >> reporter: well, julie there was certainly a lot of action with two teams playing for much bigger stakes than just sinking the baskets. they were firing off shots and running the court. but this was no ordinary lineup. in the blue uniforms, police officers and park officials went head-to-head with a team of coaches from the san francisco housing authorities. they were all part of an exhibition game to kick off the city's midnight basketball league. >> we welcome the opportunity to compete again and to have a sharing of relationships. >> reporter: the program gives youths ages 17-25 a chance to play basketball with people from around the city, including police officers. it also includes a second league for kids ages 13-16 founded by police officer lauren henderson back in 1993.
10:46 pm
>> and i wanted to do something for the kids, something to keep them out of trouble, educate them, get them on too high school and get them on to college. >> reporter: and that's the point. building teamwork and relationships between the police and young people. >> we started in just one gymnasium over in the western addition from 20 years ago. and it grew like wildfire overnight. >> reporter: but in 2007, due to funding cuts, the program faded. that is until this year when the housing authority donated $250,000 to bring it back in partnership with the parks and the police department. >> i played nearly 20 years ago when it initially started. and now i'm coaching. you know, i think i was put here to give back to guys, to younger guys. and show them that, you know, the streets is not the way. positive activity is the way. >> reporter: the program will be open to some 200 youth. >> he loves basketball. both of my boys love basketball. so it will be a real thrill for
10:47 pm
him to just participate. >> i like the support program. i like it bringing everybody together from different parts of the neighborhood. they are able to play and have fun and enjoy each other. >> reporter: the league is still accepting players. but as for tonight, the housing authority team won by a score of 55-53. one thing is for sure, though, in this game it is one where the end everyone wins. reporting live in san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. the fix for apple's iphone 4, a free case, is available online tonight through itunes. apple calls its bumper case program and its design to the fix the much mall anded reception problems with the new iphone. while the fix is free, it does take a few steps to get the case. users first much download the special app through itones and then launch the app and choose the case they want for their
10:48 pm
phone. the butcher case is available -- bumper case is available through apple and iphones stores. they won't be available until later on this year the newspaper phones. it does not affect the black models of the iphone. [ music ] and the fog is back at the coast. your bay area weekend is here. the fog isn't going to make a big push into most neighborhoods tonight so a warmer weekend ahead. the heat is in the value lip. these are current temperatures. still in the low 80s. so the valley heat will work its way west tomorrow. more warmth around the bay. fog is constant right along the coast. so it is a classic summer weather pattern. these are the highs from today. your highs tomorrow will be about the same. maybe a degree or two cooler or warmer in someplaces. it's a classic summer pattern. cool coast, warm inland. the warms day of the weekend will be saturday. as we head towards the early part of next week temperatures come back down and it will cool off a bit. overnight lows with fog right
10:49 pm
in the coast just in the 50s so sort of a classic night. mostly sunny in san jose tomorrow. 81 degrees in san jose at about 3:30, had:00 tomorrow. the micro climate, the big one is how they break out. coast bay and in land it is exactly what you expect. now, i'm saying this because it hasn't been exactly what you would expect the last week or two. actually the last month or two. we have had some very unusual early, late spring, early summer, late summer weather. and it is just kind of changing whack to what we expect more. what we are going to see this weekend is classic bay area weather in the summer. fog along the coast. 60 at stintson beach. 92 in places like antioch. but that is warm. 90 in pittsburgh. if you go a little further or farther, if you looks out towards the valley, you allege find some mid and upper 90s. even some triple digit heat this weekend. 90 in morgan hill tomorrow. 81 in san jose. the bay area weekend looks
10:50 pm
great. a lot going on. the gillroy garlic festival i mentioned that. the sears point racing going on this weekend. if driving that way that's always an issue. but the weather pattern kind of nice upper 70s, low 80s. because it can get hot out there. and the weather will cooperate. if you get too hot drive west because it will cool off rapidly. >> also a big race as well. >> yes. >> thank you, bill. >> thank you bill. >> algae bloom has caused the lake to be closed. it asking harmful to people especially small children. the bloom usually occurs in fresh water in late summer and is expected to dissipate once the weather and water conditions change. park staff say they will monitor and test the water as the bloom subsides. baseball may be in its proverbial dog days of summer. so tonight they took to the
10:51 pm
field at the observingland coliseum. they head the dog day at the park. that features a pup rally near the parking lot and a pup parade all before tonight's game with the chicago white sox. the dogs own their owners had the opportunity to take in tonight's game in a special dog- friendly section at the coliseum. look at those guys. [ laughter ] >> coming up here, would you be interested in a tabloid style computer for just $25? the prototype and where it might be built when we come back.
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10:53 pm
10:54 pm
. there may be a super-cheap tabloid style computer on the way. the government of india has unveiled a prototype of a touch screen device that looks a lot like an ipad but has a price tag of just $35. indian officials say it will surf the internet and do word processing and video conferencing. india's human resources development officer says negotiations are underway with manufacturers and they hope to have the device available to millions of indian students by next year. well, mark is off tonight. fred is here. he has some news about the giants. they continue to be hot. >> ever since the all star break, they are 7-2 since that break, by the way. however, the giants nearly let the game get away in arizona. you know those diamondbacks
10:55 pm
they own the third worst record in the major leagues and they have that formula for failure pretty much down pat. giants led 2-1 in the 6th inning when aubrey hoff gets his second solo homerun of the game off pitcher edward jackson. huff leads the giants with 19 homeruns. arizona led 4-3 in the 7th of the evening. the second throwing error of the inning. nate scores to tie the game at 4. next batter mr. clutch torres who triples off jackson. two more giants score. despite giving up eight walks san francisco wins 7-4 to remain three games back of the third place padres. the game started at 1 game over 13 and felt pretty good. the as were all bark and no bite tonight. at least the four-legged fans seemed to enjoy the game. oakland trailed 3-0. just one hit until the 7th inning.
10:56 pm
that's when jack cus. it hit to send him home. the white sox kept adding to their lay. aj, the man evereveryone loves to hate. the red sox win 5-1. catcher curt suzuki agree to a two year extension. he is batting 35 rbi and the team high 10 homeruns. kurt went hitless and his strength is the ability to cultivate oakland's young pitching staff. >> but we want to talk about a deal, how about this, sports illustrated as said darius hayward bay is the top paid athlete. he will earn over $21 million this year when you add in the salary, bonuses and other
10:57 pm
things. as a rookie he caught nine passes and one td. $21million and one td. >> barry zito has $18.5 million. >> english writer mark cavendish won the tour de france. alberto contador still leads by a narrow eight second. he still wears the yellow jersey. cameron diaz and tom cruise joined him on the podium to sell tickets to their new movie knight and day. the final stage is set for sunday. that's sports for this friday night. >> that's more than $2 million per catch for darius hayward bay. >> it is nice work if you can do it. >> $21 million. that's a lot of potatoes. >> just money. >> thanks, fred. >> that is our report for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. our coverage continues online at
10:58 pm
have a great weekend, everyone. >> good night. what this droid does will change how you do movies. with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same.
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introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does.


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