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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 30, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the pro vision of arizona mess's controversial immigration law will remain in effect. >> arizona governor's had hope that the immigration crackdown would begin this week but a judge in phoenix i shall jude an injunction and now the 9th circuit of appeals in san francisco turned down her
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request scheduling a full hearing. >> reporter: they wade neighborhood gay rights, religion in the classroom. illegal immigration fits right in with 9th circuit history. the federal judge who blocked most of arizona's law is getting threats and it the state capitol in phoenix is still wrapped by protests and arrests. >> it's an interesting scene near phoenix. >> reporter: arizona's governor predicts a long battle to the u.s. supreme court. >> we are disappointed but we did what we wanted. we got the injunction. i will still means, as you well know that the lawsuit will continue to move forward and the merits of case will be heard. >> reporter: but, first the injunction against the key provisions come to the 9th circuit court of appeal, its hub in san francisco, its
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judges spread across several states. >> that's biggest circuit in the country by far. so we have a lot of action out on the west coast. it's not surprising that the 9th circuit is as controversial as it is. >> reporter: historically considered a level-leaning court, that's gradually eased and in the first appeal stage, only three judges hear arguments. >> its all depends on who the three judges are. they are not short on some very conservative judges. their ruling can be appealed to an 11-judge panel. most believe that arizona has an uphill fight. >> a state statute that enters into congress' area and interference with foreign policy of the united states violates that clause of the constitution. it's preempted. >> reporter: so come november, arizona's cause comes to roost in san francisco, a city well accustomd to social justice
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issues and street protests. >> this is highly politicized, this issue but what is not today? >> reporter: and arizona will be arguing that the federal government is unwilling or unable to unforce its own immigration law so states have no choice but to act. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalone, ktvu, channel 2 news for the latest on the wildfire danger in southern california, at this hour, the crown fire in northern los angeles county is still growing. when we checked with the los angeles county fire department, just about an hour ago, the fire burned 1300 acres and was only 13% con taifnltd residents have been evacuated from 300 homes but officials say that 2,000 more buildings are threatened. the fire broke out yesterday near palmdale. it jumped the california aqueduct this afternoon and is threatening some major electrical transmission lines. stay with us. in about 10 minutes, we'll have a live update from the fire command post
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san francisco firefighters had their hand full for a time this evening. a two-alarm fire damage two buildings in the city's pacific heights neighborhood. the buildings are on california street near steiner. ktvu's amber lee is live at the scene with the report. amber? >> reporter: frank, tonight, firefighters tell us that the turn of the century building behind me is uninhabitable after a fire severely damaged the unit on the second and third floors. it displaced seven tenants. a fire broke out here. witnesses say they could smell the fire and saw plenty of smoke. >> scary. really scary. i thought people were in there. >> reporter: people were inside. firefighters say that they evacuated people inside.
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supervisor candidate dennis trialy thought it was construction workers. >> at first, i thought it was just construction and then with the addition of the smell and everything else, i came out here to investigate and i saw smoke and, at that point, i realized it was a fire. >> crews say it was tough knocking out the fire. it took 70 firefighters about a half hour to get the upper hand. >> the fire was centered into tweent walls and was able to get the walls from both buildings and take it from the inside. >> reporter: firefighters brought us inside the building and showed us the damage to the third floor and the staircase. crews say all five residential units are off limits for now. several tenants told us they would be staying with friends. >> we are all okay and we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: the battalion chief told one firefighter injured his ankle when he stepped to a hole. authorities say that the cause
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of the fire is under investigation and appears to be accidental. neighbors told us they suspect that it may have started as a result of the welding and construction work next door. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are hoping a new sketch will help them solve a cold case involving a drive-by shooting two years ago. here is that suspect's sketch that officers want you to look at. the homicide happened in the early morning hours of august 15th, 2008 in front of a 7- eleven store and king road in east san jose. investigators say three young friends were walking a girl home when a car pulled up and someone inside opened fire. 16-year-old rickey montoya gerkin was killed. no one else was hurt. for another look at the sketch, go to and look for the bay area news tab. the parents of a two-year-
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old vacaville girl who died accidentally were sentenced to 172 days in jail and 40 year probation. the shanahans pleaded no con tempts court officials say that the shanahans already served 185 days and likely will serve only the 902 days remaining on their sentences. in fran, a superior court judge delayed sentencing terry child, the man accused of blocking access to the city's computer system. childs refused to divulge the passwords. he finally gave them up only when mayor graffanino newsom visited him in jail. he faces as much as five years in prison. the judge delayed sentencing until next week to give attorneys on both sides more time to prepare. the house of representatives approved a bill today that would improve new
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safeguard on offshore drilling. the legislation is in response to the bp spill in the gulf of mexico. it calls for an increase for drilling safety and lifts the 170 million cap. debris must be removed from the bottom of the damaged gulf well so that the procedure to permanently seal that well may be delayed until monday. here in the bay area, protesters gathered near the uc berkeley campus tonight to protest bp's involvement in a new energy research facility bp is providing a half billion dollars to fund that project. ktvu's mike mibach is live in berkeley with the story. mike? >> >> reporter: these pro terses are upset about the oil spill in the gulf of mexico but they are even more disgusted with this, that is the half billion dollars project that, in their eyes, is coated with corporate
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greed. >> the focus at the corner of sannic and berkeley way was all about oil giant bp. it's not enough to protest. we have to stop it. scwoo scwoo they are talking about the drilling but also it the ties. the oil giant announced it would give 500 million dollars over ten years to create the energy bio science institute at uc berkeley. the university says that the facility will initially focus on biotechnology to produce bio fuels, for example, turning plant material and fuel waste into transportation fuels. >> what obligation is the university going to have towards bp? what is it going to put our safety at risk because bp is donating the money to uc berkeley? >> bp is trying to look like a
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green corporation. i am tired of lies. i am tired of people like the university of california selling its soul for money to do reseven. >> reporter: u c funding from sacramento has dwindled in recent years and because of that, a couple of uc berkeley graduate students we ran into say why not, go forward and tap into the well of a company filled with money when education and research are on the line? >> that's a situation. research needs to go on. if bp it willing to offer the funds, we'll take it. >> we don't understand why people would have issues with bp with all the recent events but it's necessary for research to progress if california is going to remain the center of innovation. one of the bigger proponents of this research facility is the governor of california, arnold
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schwarzenegger. san ramon-based company. the number it is also beat analysts expectations. when it comes to the situation in the gulf of mexico, chevrolet's vice chairman says that the disaster was preventible. he also backs lifting a drilling moratorium in . on wall street, a mixed day capped a winning month. the dow jones was down a point. it had been a hot july for investors. the blue chips soared almost 7%. flames with thousands homes in the line of fire. a live report from southern california is up next. also torrents the positive trend we discovered in a bay area city typically plagued by violent crime. what may have been the turning point. and i'll be back in just about five minutes with tomorrow's forecast as we move towards the weekend. we will see some warming.
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sphwhranchth although police say a mentally ill homeless man who took out a gun inside the emergency room in oakland children's hospital is not talking to authorities. the incident began about 3:15. 49 years catrell broadback came into the e.r., took out a gun and took a female employee hostage. officers talked him down and within minutes, he surrendered peacefully. he was taken it a psychiatric hospital. police say he has a lengthy criminal record.
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good news tonight from richmond. police tell us that crime has decreased dramatically. they credit not only strategic police work but a renewed spirit of community involvement. ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> reporter: richmond police is pointing to a dramatic drop in crime and say that crime is down across the board. officers detained two young men. proactive policing has played a major role in cutting down crime. >> we really focus to limit the resources that we have on the neighborhoods ant low cases, the exact locations of the crime concentrations. >> reporter: overall, crime is down 10% from this time last year. in the city's 12th district, crime is down 22%. and most notably, shootings are down 37% and homicides down 60%. >> our murder now stands at 12 today, at this time last year. that number was 30. so that's a significant
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decrease, but still, you know, 12 is the number that seems accessible. >> reporter: in february, a shooting inside new gethsemmane church. >> you don't have to leave laninovich pond to be in a better place. >> reporter: at the hair salon, stylists say they have seen a change. >> on the news, we have not seen much crime reported, even around here, it's been calm. >> the city's new skate park is also receiving credit for giving kids something to do. >> it keeps us busy and it can keep us going. it takes our mind off of stuff. >> it's good to see. >> good skateboarder is also a paramedic in oakland. >> that's an outlet for these kids, keeps them off the streets. >> even in the tough economy, richmond is planning to hire 7 more police officers in the
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coming months. in richmond, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to update you on that growing wildfire in northern los angeles county, it fueled by high temperatures, low humidity. it is burning in high desert in palmdale. that's where jane yamamoto is live now from the command post. good evening, jane. >> reporter: good evening. the latest number, 13,000 acres burned, 30% containment, four structures destroi.d the biggest concern continues to be the wind. things have subsided down here. at one point, gusts up to 30 miles per hour. tonight, firefighters are keeping a close watch in the canyon. hot spots still burning just off elizabeth road tonight. >> fur if you were up in the area, you have seen all kind of hot spots. we still have the winds. >> reporter: throughout the day, high winds, near triple
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digit temperatures, high dust the. flames surrounded high voltage power lines, the main supplies. we have power lines running through both phalanges of the fire, the eastern and western flank of the fire the power lines, we took action. we have the critical infrastructure. >> an aggressive air assault, air tankers, helicopters. >> fixed wing aircraft, including this dramatic drop from the d.c. 10. 12,000 gallons right on the fire line. >> we are deploying everything that we have hwarzenegger at the command post briefed on the firefighting effort. >> the first 24 hours are the mo important time. >> the vinyl exhibit fire broke out thursday afternoon. flames leaping up to 50 feet high. roaring through the western palmdale and beyond the valley
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area people forced to get out. we don't need the residents trying to evacuate when firefighters are trying get in with their truck. >> and a voluntary evacuation still in effect tonight. as for the cause, it is still under investigation. however, they do believe it was an accident. they do believe there are workers trying to take out a tire, taking out a tire that sacked the blaze. firefighters are expected to be here in the fire line next week. >> jane yamamoto reporting, now back to you. >> a fire in southern california resultd in a quick turn around. one strike team had just returned from a fire near the sequoia national forest when cal fire issued an meet call for help. some of the gear was still drying as another team had an hour to get on the road to help fight the flames. tonight, 22 firefighters from five east bay agencies are on the fire lines in southern california. it has been a tough day for san jose firefighters. 50 of them lost their jobs some
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of firefighters turned in their gear today and said good-bye to their coworkers. others will work their final shifting during the weekend. as part of the layoff, city will take the truck and one engine out of service. they could not agree on how to trim the fire department payroll by 10%. >> in vallejo, city's bankruptcy continues to take a toll on the police department there. three and four canine units are said to be taken out of service tomorrow. that means officers scott yates and his dog net will be the only canine unit working in vallejo. >> ned has already got the 7 arrests under his belt which is -- he has only been working the streets for a month and a half. >> the other canine officers will house their canine partners at their own expense or give the dogs to the city for care. vallejo's 17 number s.w.a.t. team is also set to cease operations. s.w.a.t.
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members will remain on the force performing regular duties but the team will be dispaippedded because there is no money for main -- disbanded because there is no money for maintaining equipment. if you are at the ballpark, giants-dodgers, you saw the fog roll in across market street over into oakland, into alameda. it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning as it was this morning. we start along the coast. 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. temperatures just in the 50s, maybe some drizzle in pacificca and half moon day. temperatures in that mid-50s, that's about 9, 10. inland, temperatures just touching on 60. partly cloudy, more sunshine inland. now, what we are looking at is a temperature forecast that does include a lot of fog. i'll talk about that coming up, have the temperature forecast and we take a look at the five- day forecast. that all happens in your weather at 10:48. the mystery of who owns a
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massive -- a los angeles judge scheduled a trial date in september to determine the owner of the 840-pound rock. a man said he purchased it back in 2001 from a brazilian gem dealer but the emerald never made it. authorities seizes the gem back in 2008 after it was reported stolen from a warehouse near los angeles. it has hosted millions of travelers. finding a place to sleep in palo alto. coming up, we'll show you what's happening in some neighborhoods.
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. boxer is holding a 5-point lead over carly in the race for the senate seat. the pentagon announced 6 more u.s. casualties, makic july the deadliest month. patty lee reports, bay area affgones have strong feelings about the administrations plan to escalate the war. the 9 year war is intensifying. >> any step could be your last. you have to accept it. every time you walk out the wire. >> reporter: u.s. fatalities dropped after they captured [inaudible] in february. since then u.s. casualties increased. 66 in july. one month we have a milestone.
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>> reporter: [inaudible] says he disagrees with congress' decision to approve money. >> tragic milestone and it's showing we are hitting totally in the wrong destruction in afghanistan. >> at this mosque, many afghans said they are worried ability civilian casualties. they say the u.s. is the only force preventing another civil war. >> it's a disaster if the u.s. pulls out. >> reporter: travis was killed in iraq. she helps comforts bay area families. >> i don't want to see anymore
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killed. of course not. till it's done we have to fish the mission. >> reporter: casualties are increasing because more u.s. troops are in afghanistan. 30,000 more troops are on the bay. president obama hopes that will change the conflict. time will tell. patty lee. >> new video of a pursuit near sacramento. an nba player at the wheel. >> a rally for three uc berkeley graduates. a source of a lot of speculation, now we have details about chelsea clinton weekend wedding.
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the highway patrol released video of an incident involving basketball player tyreke evan. he was driving the mercedes. he was going more than 100 miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic on a sacramento freeway. westbound officers caught up with him and arrested him. last week, evans pleaded no contest to reckless driving. a judge gave him three years of probation and suspended his license for 30 days. vacaville police said today
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they made two arrests in connection with the shooting earlier this month. police say 25-year-old dandre moore was arrested. police arrested samuel young of richmond. investigators say twhoot men shot two people shortly before midnight on july 16th while the victim sat in a car outside of a liquor store in a rocky hill air aftervacaville tomorrow marks the anniversary of iran's arrest and imprisonment of three uc berkeley graduates. outside the iranian mission, graduates and the families pleaded. >> it's going to take an outcry from our people and outrage by our government to get these people out. rallies are planned tomorrow for san francisco and other cities to call attention to the
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anniversary. the u.s. state department and their families say three were simply hiking along the iranian border. in other news of the world tonight, in pakistan, government officials say at least 430 people are dead from floods in the northwestern part of the country three days of monsoon rain pushed rivers over their banks, swamping hundreds of villages and towns. helicopters and boats are being used to rescue flood survivors. this has been the deadliest flood to hit the region since 1929 in mexico, the u.s. temporarily shut down its consulate in the troubled border city of suarez. a state department's spokesman says that there was a threat but he would not elaborate. consulate also shut down in march after three people connected to it were assassinated.
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in argentina, a gay actor and his partner were the first to mary. argentina was the first south american country to be allowed to mary. gay couples have the same rights as hetero tech sewell people. f.a.a. downgraded next koa's aviation ready. they were dropped from a category 1 at that to us at that category 2 which means it is failing to meet international aviation standards. the move will not stop flight between the united states and mexico but will block mexican carriers from expanding into the u.s. other carrier 2 countries include iew cane, uganda and israel. our chief meteorologist bill martin is back with the complete bay area forecast.
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a transportation hush that serves san francisco for more than 70 years is now just a week away interest being torn down. so today, hidden parts of the trans bay terminal were open to the public. one final time. ktvu's david steven son has our report. >> by the end of world war ii, 25 million people used the trans bay terminal to travel in and out of it san francisco. today, people liened up to say good-bye to the decrepit building. >> we're going to do demolition around the building. >> transportation officials opened up rooms that have not been seen in more than 20 years. this diner filled with blue bar
10:46 pm
stools and horse shoe counters. and then the bar for thirsty travelers arriving in and leaving the bay air yamplet the restaurant and bar stool are still here. i used to be a custodian here. >> there is also the shoe shine stand walled off. an unused state police jail cell used to hold unruly visitors until a 1990 are the quake restaurant retrofit closed it down. we are working with caltrans preserving a number of items, the benches, shoe shrine, phone boost. >> video was showed of of gleaming new terminal. steve o'brien began working at the old terminal in 19028, just before long train service into the terminal was ended.
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>> the train it is -- they had a problem because they could not pass each other and they had what they call the suicide lane. >> anything about this build that you go' going to miss at all? >> nothing. >> drivers take a more pragmatic view. >> brand new terminal, going to not have to worry about homeless people, all the smell. i think it's great. >> the trans bay terminal will remain open and operating through midnight next friday. demolition on portions of the complex will begin on august 14th. in san francisco, david steven son, ktvu channel 2 news. chelsea clinton is set to be married tomorrow to her long time boyfriend but details around the wedding remain secret. rhinebeck, new york, is the area. large party tents were seen on the estate of john jacob aster. and former president bill clinton walked through the
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village with a throng of reporters. guests will not be allowed to bring their cell phone. >> do you think any-up will try to sneak something in? >> i'm sure people will try to sneak things in but its tea going to be really difficult when you have the state police, local police and secret police on their tail. >> one writer said this is the most significant thing to happen to rhinebeck sense george washington's army drove the british out during the revolutionary war. and fog is headed your way tonight just as it has the last, gosh, six, seven nights in a row. we had a lot of fog and it's going to be in your neighborhood. right now, wife fog sure to cross the bay on its way into oakland, hayward, san leandro. we are looking for a day tomorrow a lot like today. so not bad. not hot. we go in. just a nice day. the weekend is all about fog in the morning, clearing in the
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afternoon, extended it forecast we are talking about warming trend but that's not hard to do, considering you can go back monday, tuesday, temperatures were upper 60s, low 70s. those are daytime highs in the warm responsibilities temperatures have gradually warmed this week. this is the sul brit. i've been pointing to this piece of blue or this low pressure center really all summer because it is the reason we have been cool. is the reason the fires are not really occurring as they on do. high pressure comes this way. the warmth will come towards the coast. fog stays at the coast. we're going to see more mid-80s upper 80s and maybe a low 90 in the independent land bay valleys but whatever you had today, you know, what i will do i will all over testimony. nice day tomorrow, nice to. 70s as you move across the east bay, concord, rio vision ta. upper 80s. sacramento valley, low 90s and so it goes.
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this pattern is, dare i say, getting old. really is. but fur a firefighter, not because you are loving the fact that the moisture from all this fog, that's the problem to. the moisture from all this fog is really increasing the humidity and cooling the temperatures. by afternoon, the fog is gone. another computer model showing the fog offshore. that's what happened today. temperatures that we saw today. the forecast for your weekend, pretty similar to the forecast that we had today and yesterday. 75 in napa, 74 in vallejo. these are not hot temperatures. 87 in oik. expect 932095 in antioch. expect 92 in livermore. you get the picture. still if you go to the giants game tomorrow night, i would take a jacket or a sweater. because the fog will roll in. more of the same tomorrow. i know that southern california wishes they had more of our
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weather. they are hot. they are desperate. >> only 20% contained tonight thanks, bill. authorities in montana today euthanasized a female grizzly bear after using dna to confirm it killed one came per and mauled two others. the bear and its cubs rampaged through a came 7 ground attack people in several tents. the attack happened in cook city, a small town near yellowstone national park. investigators say they have captured it the grisly's three cubs and have taken them to a zoo. protection against the upcoming seasonal flu may be available a little earlier than usual this year. drug manufacturers now say they are already shipping out vaccines to health care providers. usually, distribution does not start until august. the season's vaccines protect against three different flu strand, including h1n1. and the centers for disease control says that everyone over the age of six months should get a full shot. prior recommendations only focused on high-risk groups. just ahead here, the lights
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went out in parts of the east bay today. we'll tell you why right after this. and clearance items. , sale, everything, no exclusions! save on everything for her, for him, for kids, all jewelry, and home. go to to see everything on sale! jcpenney.
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>> pg&e says that about 3500 customers lost power after a problem at a substantial.
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the switch malfunctioned and triggered a fire on 21st street near telegraph avenue. street lights in the area were also knocked out. pg. says it restored power to most customers by noon. >> you can see mark at his desk watching the giants-dodgers game. >> it watt hair raising, annoying. nerve ragging, exasperating but in the end, if you are a giants fan, satisfying. with the giants in towrntion pretty much everything it was supposed to be. it didn't cause much of a spur. remember last summer when the giants signed aubrey huff, don't ask where they would be without him. what a hero he was. 2-1 deficit. 3-1 pitch to you a bleeh, 2 on, 2 out. he hit that shot about 420 feet. that part of the yard, it's not going out. it's a two-run double, instead. giants with the first lead. he was not finished. in the 6th, tim lincecum, 7
10:56 pm
strong innings for the win. he ups his record to 11-4. pretty much on the ball. here is huff again in the 8th. solo shot. giants with a comfortable 6-2 lead, we thought. they wound up win can 6-5. a shaky brian wilson could not pitch because of back spasms. padres lost, giants only 2 1/2 back. a's continue out on the road and falling off the map as far as the american league west is concerned. the white sox, those continue on their merry way in the central division. ozzy guillen has the south side playing free and easy. the old cup on the helmet trip as the coach brought up the starting lineup. the sox debut their pitcher lucas harold, getting the win in his first major league start. brett anderson for the a's, just off the disabled list
10:57 pm
allows the sox three runs in the 4th. that's it. gordon beckham with an rbi single there. big crowd at stanford tonight at the bank of the west tournament rolls into the quarter final stage. the big draw, the number 5 seed that would be maria sharapova. near court, elena demeantevia. sharapova won the first set, dropped the second, going into the third, sharapova up 5-3 as i walked in here she was serving for the match. looks like sharapova could win a three-set job tonight following the long holdout last year by the niners' number 1 pick, a little concern about them getting their first rounders signed this time they do. they both will take the field with the rest of the squad when training camp officially opens sun day five-year deals for the offensive linemen, guaranteed money for ain't any, anthony.
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