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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 31, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for more on the decision. >> reporter: the golden yacht club made the announcement on their website, that this will be e site of the next america's cup. >> just like giant's winning day. baseball game all that, that's going to be a dream. >> reporter: the world cup for sailors. san francisco had beat out new port long island and italy which is projected to bring in $5 million in revenue and create 9,000 jobs. bmw oracle racing team made clear his interest in bringing the cup here. >> it's a great place for
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viewing. you have the wind delivered at 1:00 in the afternoon all throughout the summer. >> reporter: negotiations this month between the city and event organizers continued late into this afternoon. >> negotiating with larry ellison is not an easy deal. i've had some experience in that myself. my hats off to the city. >> reporter: the former commodore for the st. francis yacht club says the scenery is what made the decision. >> new port i think they would have to sail out on rhode island sound. >> reporter: we'll hear from business owners from around the city and they'll tell us how they hope the cup will fill up
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their registers. david stevenson. >> the effect the america's cup is going top, patti. >> reporter: this competition has received so much attention here and across the world and all day people have been coming up to us asking us who won. drummer john king is celebrating, new year's eve and news that san fan san francisco will be hosting the next america's cup. >> that's great news, that's fantastic. that's kind of getting the world cup or the olympics. >> i will tell you, i would not be surprised either way. >> reporter: a city spokesman earlier today says that there's only minor changes.
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which includes oracle investing on pier 22, all of that for free rent and development rights. >> pretty important to me. >> reporter: on the street, a lot of people tell us why they watch the competition although they don't sail. >> even if you don't sail you can watch the competition. >> reporter: this is a historic competition, and if all goes as planned, bay area residents will be able to look out into the ocean and watch the sailors from this vantage point. pat to the ti lee. >> the city has to do a lot of work to get ready for the america's cup. but there's also a lot of fun in store. san francisco will see more than 40 days of racing in the
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bay before the race. that could mean 9,000 new jobs in the city. for more information -- a five hour long hostage stand off near houston has ended peacefully with 60 people in custody. he finally surrendered, a second gunman has been arrested earlier. a bank manager was assaulted, that was the only injury here. most of the seven hostages were slowly released during the ordeal. after it was all over, three other bank employees came out. they'd been hiding in a closet. we're just hours from the new year and tonight hundreds of thousands of people will be
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out celebrating throughout the area. in san francisco, there's an added monkey wrench because tonight also happens to be critical mass. mark tamayo is tracking rain for tonight. there are some family friendly events this evening. first to rob roth who's live in san francisco, rob. >> reporter: police estimate hundreds of thousands of people will be coming to san francisco and the majority will be coming here to the waterfront. now city crews have already set up barricade to keep partyers from spilling into the street. one of the events tonight is of course the fireworks. here in these barges off pier 50, pyrotechnics crews were getting ready to have a blast. >> that probably mostly affects the audience, getting wet. we'll be set up and covered in plenty of time. >> reporter: throughout the
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city, people were getting ready for their celebration. >> a lot of people seem to be doing cocktails at home as well as their champane toast at midnight. >> reporter: police say they will arrest anyone with open containers and that they'll be accomplishing check points throughout the city. b.a.r. t. will be increasing security on trains. and bike riders will take off on their monthly bike ride, that will also cause traffic. >> from rob in san francisco let's go to janine de la vega. >> reporter: lots of people especially families are out here.
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they are coming here to enjoy the rides and the park. this is just one way that they are celebrating the new year's in the south bay. in the baren house restaurant and lounge, preparations are underway. case after case of champane are being delivered. >> we usually don't go through this much champane, but tonight we expect tons of it. >> reporter: the lounge is empty right now, but tonight tons of people will fill it to ring in 2011. inside didams party supply store there was a steady stream of people shopping for the celebrations. >> it seems more intimate and probably more fun and easy than having to go out and worrying about driving or finding a cab
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and beating all the rush and the craziness. >> okay. >> reporter: for the olson family the celebration was already starting in the aisles. with four children, they opted to stay home. >> we'll have dinner and get the yard all messy. >> reporter: but for those who still want to go out, there's still lots of things to do out in san jose. the ice rink will be open until 11:00, there'll be count down on the speaker and we're told they may even turn on the snow machine to ring in 2011. just hour luck, looks like the weather isn't going to cooperate tonight. looks like we're going to get a little rain. mark tamayo is here now with some details. >> most years we actually do have rain on new year's eve.
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tonight's deal not a significant changer. we do have mostly cloudy skies in the northern half of the state and over the bay area. the clouds have been increasing steadily. you can see all this coverage, most of this showing you some activity really not reaching the ground. so we could have drizzle out there but nothing too extreme. that will be changes over the next few hours. here's our rainfall forecast model. you can see what happens by this evening. you can see by midnight the rain showers are fairly good pushing into the region. so here's the plan for tonight for new year's eve. cloudy and cool, showers developing, especially after 8:00. like i just showed you, temperatures on the cool side mainly in the 40s, 45 to 46 degrees. we still have more showers, chances for your weekend
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forecast as well. i'll have more of that coming in just a little bit. police are ringing in the new year by warning drivers not to drink and drive. dui suspects could start the year in jail and face $10,000 in fines and fees. officers say plan ahead. >> you want to have your plan while you are sober when you haven't been drinking because then you can think more rationally. when you start drinking and then you try to think of how you're going to get home, that's when people are irresponsible and make poor decisions. >> reporter: in san francisco, all vacations on motorcycle have been cancelled. ktvu reporter jim vargas says there will be no dui stops -- he'll join us what they'll be doing there instead.
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three, two, one, happy new year. that's sidney australia ringing in the new year. it's 5:00 a.m. our time. the city celebrated the fireworks display over the sidney harbor.
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the stock market closed out the year and the decade today on two very different notes. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar from the financial center. >> reporter: what a year it has been. today the san francisco exchange like all exchanges across the country and the financial district in general close the year on a very hopeful note. >> all three markets were over double digits. you had the dow up 11%, you had
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the nasdaq up 12%. and the s & p up over 13%. it was a very good year for stock market investors. >> reporter: it's been a bumpy ride, example the dow hit its low in march of 2009. it began this year at 10,428. it's hit it's rescission high a few days ago and ended today more than 11% higher than a year ago but still well under it's day all time high of three years ago. it was an unusually good year for investors. >> for the first time since 2005 that all of the different groups were up this year. commodities were up, stocks were up, bonds were up and the dollar was up. >> i got a pretty good stocks at depressed value. so they turned around and rebuilt my portfolio up pretty well. >> i'm getting older a little faster than i'd like to but i
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think i'll have a good 25 years to recover. >> reporter: you think you will? >> i think so. >> it's a better year than you normally expect and have seen in the past. 9% return of year on average. >> reporter: you made only $70 over the entire decade. everyone in the newer tech heavy nasdaq your thousand dollars made you only $74. >> i think we are all realizing that playing the stock market is really very speculative. and that we can't expect constant return, double digit returns over the years. >> reporter: but recent rises are bringing new money in. >> i will actually throw a few hundred bucks a month into an account. >> reporter: market experts say more than a trillion dollars is waiting on the sidelines in the hands of mostly individual investors. reporting live, consumer editor
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tom vacar, ktvu news. the price of crude oil ended the day at its highest year end price since 2007. a barrel of crude oil closed above the $91 mark. a decline in the value of a dollar and expectations of a growing worldwide demand for oil are driving up the price of crude. the price of oil could rise to over $100 a barrel by march. the higher the price of crude oil, the higher the price we all pay for gas. stocks ended this year significantly higher than at the close of 2009. even though today's final day of trading was mixed. it's been a volatile year of bad and good. the nasd all ended the year up by double digit percentages. as for today the dow closed up at 11,577. nasdaq was down by 10 to close at 2,653. the most direct route to
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yosemite park is still closed tonight. a large boulder slid blocking the road. caltrans hopes to have the road reopened in the new next few hours but says that will be -- we are expecting the shower coverage to be on the increase between now and midnight. look outside right now in san francisco, a very popular destination for this evening. and you can see a few sprinkles, a few light showers, those lights always enhance what you are seeing. but still enough to possibly to wet the roadways in san francisco. so already some moisture out there and a good idea to keep the umbrella near by if you're headed to the city tonight. as far as the activity right
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now on live storm tracker 2. i can show you the numbers, right now they are in the 40s to 60s. the coverage right now on storm tracker is light. tonight's forecast is this at 6:00, 45 to 50 degrees. cloudy and cool once again. the possibility of a few sprinkles or few light showers, we really increase the chances at 8:00 tonight. 43degrees with a possibility of a shower. by 10:00 tonight, showers developing especially by late to mid-evening and definitely the cool side, low to mid-40s, around 40 to 45 degrees. now the system moves in overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. and first thing tomorrow morning we will have some scattered showers around the bay area. won't be everywhere but still you can see the clouds and also a few off and on showers. santa rosa low of 48 degrees. san jose 40. with the clouds in place it won't be nearly as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. most of the region will be
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above the freezing point. here's the satellite, you can see all the activity. this is our storm system. the first part, that's moving in tonight into your saturday morning. the second part this will be a factor as we do head into sunday with increasing rain chances across the bay area. another very popular destination for this weekend, lake tahoe and you can see for saturday, snow showers off an on. accumulations could be in the order of two to 4-inches. mostly cloudy skies on monday. afternoon highs mainly near the 30-degree mark, overnight lows quite chilly by monday morning. we're just talking about 11 degrees in south lake tahoe. we'll have more on that and how much we can expect as we do head into the second half of your bay area weekend. >> we'll see you then, thank you mark. large whales are getting a lot of attention in the bay. kayakers shot this video of the whale which is estimated to be
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25 feet long. a ranger says it's the peak of migration season right now and the whale may have veered into the bay from the ocean in search for food. whales are migrating to baha where they will spend some time in the warm water before returning to alaska. and there will be budget cuts, but not the usual ones that you normally see from congress. and beautiful view, fireworks exploded from ten of the city's most famous buildings. a sober reminder of a life lost to violence.
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also the b.a.r.t. shooting trial, the san bruno explosion and the giant victory, we're taking another look at the biggest bay area stories of 2010. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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on monday a new congress convenes. newly elected lawmakers will be officially sworn in next wednesday. president obama has pledged to look for common ground. tea party republicans have promised to repeal health care reform. one of president obama's most hard victories this year. the most parent thing to do
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is budget cuts. not surprising, but staffers are expecting possible pay cuts even lay offs. an exstaffer says congressional office budgets aren't generous to begin with. >> congress represents 2/10 of 1% of the entire federal budget. you have to ask yourself, is 2/10 of 1% an adequate and appropriate investment? >> a watchdog group says that's the way the economy is and that it's time for the federal government to cut back. >> there is not this connection to the private-sector where pay is based on performance. it's extremely rare for someone to lose their job for any reason other than a change in parties. >> the cuts may make it harder for the public to reach their
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representative. earlier this year, legislators received an increase to their office budgets which average about $1 million. these new cuts will take back this year's increase and then some. with his administration almost over, governor arnold schwarzenegger is making elections to the high speed rail board. the governor reappointed the now exmayor of anaheim for the board. governor arnold schwarzenegger also named a los angeles publisher to the board. and dale valentine, a retired firefighters has won the mega millions.
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he is getting lots of inquiries on his marital status, but he is married. and he says his wife would like to use that money to remodel the bathroom. and we'll tell you why it could be a lot easier to be arrested for driving under the influence tonight and it's not just because there are more cops on the street. and beautiful pictures from dubai, as they welcomed in the new year with a huge laser and fireworks show centered around the world's tallest building. w t ileororr li irore
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4:00 a.m., if i saw somebody in my backyard suddenly i would be kind of nervous. what would you do if your felt your home, your family, your safety was being threatened? one south bay man picked up his gun and shot at two men he says were in his backyard in the early morning hours up to no good. now one man is in the hospital and that homeowner is being investigated. robert handa live now in san jose with more. >> reporter: gasia, we're here at san jose police headquarters with the men who shot the possible burglar has been interviewed by investigators for hours to try to find out how the shooting happened and why it happened that way. san jose police officers
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swarmed around this house in the meridian neighborhood where a homeowner says he saw two people in his backyard. one with a handgun at about 4:00 a.m. the homeowner shot at the men through his glass door. >> the man ran with no shirt down the street to get help from people. >> reporter: officers talked to the homeowner, recovered the shotgun. >> he was found with a gunshot wound. taken to a safe location and transferred to a local hospital with what appeared to be at the time life threatening injuries, but has later been downgraded to serious but not life threatening. >> reporter: police say officers found a cell phone but no handgun and no indications of a second intruder. investigators also say the man who was shot had tried to enter
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another neighborhood home hours earlier, jiggling a key at the key lock but ran away after the homeowner yelled. >> he's trying to protect his house. protect himself, i'm assuming he has family there. at 4:00 a.m., if i saw somebody in my backyard suddenly, i would be kind of nervous. >> if it's a burglar you shouldn't shoot, you should. i would call 911. >> reporter: police are still waiting to talk to the suspect in the hospital. the homeowner has been released until the district attorney decides what to do next. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. also in san jose, police now say the man they shot earlier this week near a grow house robbery was wanted for other crimes. police have arrested two men
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for tuesday night's robbery on locuest street. officers say they mistook anthony silva as a robbery suspect and shot him in the leg. the driver of the car was also arrested. the alameda county sheriff's department confirms that one of it's off duty deputies died in a car accident early thursday morning. marco ortiz was driving home from san leandro to brentwood when he lost control of his vehicle. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. ortiz was a 10 year veteran of the sheriff's department. he's survived by his wife that is pregnant with the couples first child. it's become as much a part of new year's eve as champane. those dui check points that are out to catch people who shouldn't be behind the wheel.
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gasia, this is one of the prime times for officers. >> they are not out there dealing with every detail that comes along. they are able to focus on dui issues driving. >> reporter: police have the potential of more motorists than check points. there are two check points tonight. a police will be stationed at on and off ramps too. they will be looking at probable causes such as loud music and expired legislations. >> they're not going to be paying attention and that's
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enough to get them arrested. >> i'm going to civic center. >> reporter: are you driving home after that? how are you getting home. >> no, i'm going to stay at a hotel and spending the night at the city. >> when you start drinking and then try to figure out how to get home, that's when people get irresponsible and make poor decisions. let's not start it out in that note. >> reporter: and people will be getting home by walking, that's good in big cities. but bay area wide, they're running a program called tipsy tow. that means they will tow your
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car and take you home. rides on all munni trains and buses will be free from 8:00 tonight to 6:00 a.m. new year's morning. light rail trains will run from west portal to king streets until 2:15 a.m. and from west porter to the embarcadero till 4:00 a.m. and caltrans will offer free rides until 10:00 p.m. with a train running every half hour. service on b.a.r.t. will run until 3:00 a.m. monday morning. however b.a.r.t. will be on a holiday schedule tomorrow. that means trains will not start running again until 8:00 a.m. if you're headed to the fireworks in san francisco's e many, barcadero, starting at eight, trains to and from dublin and pleasantton will only stop at the embarcadero. you can always stay home
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and watch the fun. in less than four hours now, hundreds of thousands of people will watch the ball drop and greet the beginning of 2011. allyson cassa joins us now from the middle of that crowd. good evening tonight alyson. >> reporter: the party is definitely already on the way. we have about 3.5 hours before the ball drops. but there's been musical shows entertaining the crowd. back street boys and the new kids on the block have just finished their set. the party will still go on as planned in new york time square. >> three, two, one, happy new year. >> reporter: we're looking at a dry run as what's been dubbed as one of the most popular new
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year's eve celebration in over a century. this year will be no different, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to count down the final seconds of 2010 with the famous ball drop. more than a ton of confetti is also expected to be eyes will b festivities. new york officials say security will be tight can thousands of security personnel in place throughout the area on watch for any suspicious activity. >> we want people to have a happy experience. but we're also concerned about a terrorist event. >> reporter: for the celebration, time square is closed to vehicle traffic. near by mailboxes and manholes are sealed. revelers sent through metal detectors and backpacks are banned. and talk about staying power, most of the hundreds of thousands of people that are
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lining the streets here in time square have been waiting for hours and hours. but people i talked to say it's a one in a lifetime experience and well worth it. a new plan and a new year on tracking infections. also with all the new electric cars now on sale, how come we're not seeing many of them on the roads? this video coming to up from thailand where a large crowd gathered to ring in the new year. 2011 arrived there at 9:00 9:00 a.m. our time.
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this was the year that general motors and nissan made good on promises to make mass produced electric cars to the market. but don't count on seeing many of them on the road any time soon. industry analysts say sales of electric cars are very slow so far mainly due to limited availability. it is expected to be well until 2010 until the volt and leaf are largely available. you may want to check your refrigerator for ground beef that is being recalled for possible e.coli contamination.
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17-tons of beef may be contaminated. it was processed between december 7th and december 15th. that beef has been sold under the brand names nature's harvest organic and organic harvest. the affected beef is labeled est18895. so far no illnesses have been reported. state health officials have decided to go back to a tried and true method of collecting information on hospital infections. health officials have decided instead to have hospitals report infections to the centers for disease control website that many will be use on a voluntary basis. stanford researchers say expanded testing and treatment for hiv in the united states could prevent 212,000 people from getting infected with hiv. then all teens and adults
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should be tested at least once for hiv. researchers say 21% of those who have hiv are unaware that they have the virus and that treating people with hiv reduces their chances of passing the infection on to others. >> reporter: new research has found the best way to make sure an athlete is ready to go back to the field is testing their brain reaction at the start of the season. football players were the least likely tested in advance. everyone though they are at higher risk of head injuries. with too many new year's eve celebrations to list, we have a story of a unique woman who had her hand in nearly a thousand of those celebration, we'll explain, coming up. i'm currently tracking the
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showers. i'll have the time line coming up in just a little bit. new at 6:00, a sober reminder of lives lost to violence. the b.a.r.t. shooting trial, the san brunoe explosion and the giant's victory. we're looking a look at the biggest stories of 2010 on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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the list of new year's eve parties that will take place across the bay area, boy it's a long one. and one woman has had her hand on nearly 1,000 of those parties. jade hernandez takes us inside the balloon lady's warehouse. >> reporter: inside of this warehouse thousands of employees were hard at work blowing up tens of thousands of balloons for nearly 1,000 events tonight. the woman behind it all the balloon lady. you might have heard of her
5:47 pm
work. >> i have a fabulous staff. they really know what they're doing. we have great clients. everybody just does what they're supposed to do and it gets done on time. >> reporter: how late will you be working tonight? >> i hope we're wrapped up by 8:00. >> reporter: this is the busiest day of the year for the balloon lady and her crew. in her arnal, take the multi colored helium filled orbs to its destinations, including balloon drops. barricades were already situated along water for tonight's big 15 minute fireworks show. extra police report will be out again this year and free transportation will be provided throughout the city. in san francisco, jade
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hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. emergency rooms across the nation expect to be treating tens of thousands of people throughout the nation mainly because of alcohol. coming up, why they were removing all these white crosses from in front of a local church today and why each one of them has so much meaning. plus it's the pothole that just won't go away. the new repairs that are planning and how those repairs will lead to traffic delays not just for one day but three
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days. and the five foot high 10- foot long metal sculpture was stolen from the family's front yard monday night. emily is going to ring in the new year wearing a silver top hat. hundreds of thousands of people are going to be out there. over now to our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> everybody has to at least bring an umbrella or have a friend that has a big umbrella because the shower chances will be increasing as we approach the evening hours. we've had a few sprinkles and areas of drizzle. some more development out here in the pacific. that will be approaching our coastline over the next two to four hours especially after the 8:00 hour. here's the forecast for tonight then. we do have this with mostly cloudy skies and showers developing, for the weekend, a cool pattern, the chance of
5:50 pm
some showers. a fairly good bet for one part of your weekend. if you want a dry weather pattern, looks like that should be moving back into the region. you can see all the high clouds approaching the area. this is a cold front, this is an area of low pressure, main circulation up here. at least for tonight we have the rain showers that will be on the increase an for tomorrow, for your saturday. it'll be cool and the chance of some showers primarily the highest chance will be for the morning hours. this is the main event, this area of low pressure approaches the coastline, we increase the rain chances, the heaviest will be set for sunday morning. especially pretty early sunday morning say between 5:00 and 7:00 morning hours. we still have to hang on to the possibility of showers. here's the forecast model for tonight. 4:00 showing you mostly rain
5:51 pm
showers. especially along the immediate shoreline. then into tomorrow we could have lingering showers out there and a chance for light shower. here is the next rain producer that moves in sunday morning at 5:00 lasting to about 7:00. throughout the course of sunday we still have to hold on to the possibility. but once again the heaviest rains expected sunday morning. for tomorrow morning, some scattered showers at 7:00, for your bay area forecast. low to mid-40s, and then by 12:00 we can expect this with temperatures only in the 40s, 43 to 48 degrees and still a chance of some rain showers out there. and then by 3:00, still the chance 48 to 53 degrees. so still remaining fairly chilly for tomorrow. you can see up in the north bay in the 40s all afternoon for santa rosa, napa and fairfield. san jose 53 and mountain view tops out at 53. your five day forecast, chance
5:52 pm
of showers for saturday. especially for the morning hours. showers likely, that will be for your morning hours, then there's that dry weather pattern that we have been advertising as you can see for monday, lingering clouds for monday and morning fog for tuesday day and into wednesday. but gasia and frank, typically historically, we have some very strong systems moves moving into the bay area. >> what about the cloud cover? >> cloud bases should be high enough. you might have to carry that umbrella around with showers coming down. >> thanks, mark. well, the new mexico governor bill richardson has decided to pass on the opportunity to pardon billy the kid. today is richardson's last day in office and the pardon was
5:53 pm
based on whether the new mexico governor had considered one. and right now there's a parade ready to hit the streets.
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an oakland teenager will ride tomorrow in one of the rose parade floats. mike odelaro jr. is going to be
5:56 pm
holding a photo of donor johnny hernandez. in 2008, mikey received johnny hernandez's liver. and this year's rose parade team is building dreams, friendships and memories. one of the most colorful floats is from the organic display. >> the theme of this year's float is dream to remember. it really embodies the things our customers to do. what better way to build dreams, friendships and memories. >> reporter: paying tribute to the late president ronald reagan. thousands of people are expected to camp out along the parade route tonight so that they can see those floats up close and personal if you will tomorrow morning. stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at six 6:00 is next.
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the me memorial to violence in oakland is empty tonight, find out why organizers hope it stays that way.
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the official word just came down, the america's cup is coming to san francisco and even if you don't follow sailing this is a big deal. it could mean more than a million dollars for our economy. the deaths were sprain, but police tape, sirens and shell casings, tonight a way to honor all those killed in oakland. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. san francisco has a lot more to celebrate tonight than just new year's eve. it's got to cup. the america's cup. it's one of the biggest sporting events in the world and it is going to mean a lot of money and thousands of jobs for our area. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco now with more on the decision. >> reporter: word that america's cup is coming to san francisco is


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