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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 1, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening and happy new year: i'm maureen naylor. a new year, a new storm. a cold winter blast blew in overnight dropping rain and snow on some mountain homes and roadways. christian is live in nap napa with this story. >> reporter: we started getting some rain. now, at its deep, the snow was about four inches. it stopped traffic and brought out plenty of visitors. >> some of napa's highest peaks brought in the new year with a blanket of white. highway patrol had to lead people through the snow and people were warned of the condition. at the same time, crews worked
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hard to clear the roads. mr. perez was hard at work clearing with roads by 4:00 this morning. he said the conditions can be tough for drivers. >> just drive slow. we have families and we want to get home to them. >> -- decided to brave the elements. >> we're ging go see the snow. >> the fisher family says snow just 45 minutes away from their santa rosa home was too good an opportunity to pass up. >> he's seen it when he was about three years old. but it's his second time coming up here so close to the snow. >> it wasn't just the little ones enjoying the snow. outdoor enthusiasts climbed to the top of mt. st. helena. >> there's ice and snow stuck to all the twigs and pine needles, just magnificent.
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>> i've never seen snow. i've just seen it on the mountain, but it was the first time we came up here. >> a lot of people wanted to take snow with them. we'll see how long that last. you will be surprised, we saw snow on the roof of cars as low as -- >> and for a check on that cold system that's starting off 2011, we head to mark. >> if you thought it was cold enough it could snow, you weren't too far off. snow levels roughly around 3,000 and 3,500 feet. the snow levels actually come down closer to sea level. as far as rain totals, you can see most of the activity in the north bay.
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san francisco, .76. oakland .35. we picked up about two-tenths of an inch. nothing too extreme, but it looks like some moderate cells approaching the antioch area. no the north, we still have some rain showers. nothing too extreme, but we have more activity out in the pacific. rainfall rates will be picking up over the next few hours. coming up, i will tell you when the heaviest downpours are expected for tomorrow. >> for all the latest weather news ararea, log on to channel 2's website and click on the storm track you are tab. a firefighter was injured and people were forced from
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their home. three residents suffered minor injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation. authorities today identified two of the three victims of the fire earlier this week in oakland. 32-year-old -- flores went back inside the home in an attempt to rescue benevides and her daughter. four people died in crashes this holiday weekend, and they have a warning for drivers out tonight. we're live in berkeley with the story behind the statistics. >> well, it was a deadly new year's eve night and new year's day morning on bay area roads
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and highways. this despite a drop in dui arrests. a smashed piece of windshield a head light, and spent roadside flares are what remained of deadly accident that happened last night. on 101 near candlestick park, there was no trace of a dui accident that left one dead. >> we're disappointed with the numbers in this 2011. 64 people arrested for dui. four fatal traffic collisions in the bay area. >> in the bay area, there were none last year, four this year. >> that means there's four families that are now planning a funeral for their loved one to start out the new year. >> two of the fatal crashes
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were dui related. the chp was in maximum enforcement mode last night, and there were dui check points throughout the bay area. this one in san francisco. it's difficult to determine whether dui driving was discouraged, but the arrests were down. 92 people were arrested last year compared to 64 this year during the same time period. statewide, 527 people were arrested, slightly higher than last year. a great improvement in the bay area, but not enough says the chp. >> there's an old phrase where a smart man or woman learns from their mistake, but a wise man or woman learns from the mistake from others. so to learn from that's people that were arrested last night and don't end up being a statistic at the end of this holiday weekend. >> the statistics on dui
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arrests and fatalityies are kept through the entire weekend and will continue through tomorrow night. a woman was arrested last night in the east bay after her car crashed into a parked suv. it happened at meekland avenue in san lorenzo. the driver tried to get away but officers have not confirmed that. chp officers gave the woman a sobriety test before arresting her. no one was injured in the crash. a man was shot today in the tenderloin district. they were both sitting on the corner of turk and taylor streets. the suspect shot the victim multiple times and then ran. so far there is no word on any arrests. meantime, the san jose police department is arresting its first homicide in 2011. investigators say 15-year-old oscar gonzalez was shot
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multiple times just after 1:00 a.m. police say at the time of the shooting, gonzalez was on his porch on the 400 block of asurras avenue. police say they believe the shooting was gang related. less than an hour earlier in oakland, an 18-year-old man was shot to death and three other young men were wounded outside and apartment complex. the victim was identified as darnell barch of bay point. police have not made any arrests and the motive is under investigation. now the victim of oakland's last homicide of the year 2010 was also a teenager. place say 17-year-old christopher jones was helping his older sister putting her baby in her car just outside their home when the two were shot. jones, the senior at castle month high school was killed, his sister suffered one gunshot wound to her foot.
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her baby was not wounded. the gunman fireed from a moving vehicle and was not located. a homeless man has been arrested for being the suspect of a prechristmas robbery. they used a stun again onager receive jenkins. they found him in a homeless camp. officers found a machete along with a rifle in his tent. he's suspected of robbing a men's warehouse shore and carjacking a man in santa clara. police believe he's behind two other carjacks and a robbery around the valley fair mall in san jose. activists marked the shooting of -- some of the protesters say the event was not only aimed at remembering the shooting of grant but also as a protest for those who suffer injustice at the hands of authorities. for the families of officer
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grant, the wounds are slow to heal. >> for us, this day is a day that really seems to appear to have happened last night. so when we reflect and we look back in time, we realize we haven't moved anywhere because it seemed like it just happened. the alameda county office said it will not challenge a judge's ruling throwing out a gun charge. without that conviction, the former officer could be freed within five to six months. chuck reed visited be police and firefighters working on the holiday. it's become a new year's tradition since he took office in 2007. it comes as part of the efforts to revise pension systems. two weeks ago, mayor reed got the city council to name new candidates to the board that
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oversees the $4 billion pension program. time square is getting back to normal after the big new year's eve bash. coming up, we'll tell you who showed up. a prison fight in europe damaged the facility. and the death toll the rising following deadly tornadoes that ripped through the south and midwest.
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well, in case you missed it, this is what it looked like at the stroke of midnight in san francisco. people crowded the waterfront to spring in 2011. the party downtown was just one
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of countless new year's eve parties going on around the bay area last night going into this morning. on the east coast, a crowd of estimated more than 1 million people packed the area in and around new york city's time square. it's one of the biggest parties in the world. people gathered to watch the iconic ball drop. partyers left behind a mess. in egypt, the president spoke out about the terrorist attack that killed people this morning. a bomb exploded near a christian church in alexander ya. it was promised to bring the people to justice. in england today, violence broke out at a minimum security
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prison after -- refused to take breathalyzer tests for alcohol. there were empty bottles found. there are no reports of injury, but the fire damaged six prison dormitories, two game rooms, a gymnasium, and a mail room. a mistake by the airline pilot led to an evacuation of a capitol building. apedmont airline pilot inadvertently turned his radio to wrong frequency, causing the plane to lose traffic with air traffic control. the capitol building and congressional offices were evacuated. fighter planes scrambled as a precaution. the death toll from yesterday's tornadoes has risen to 7. the storm ripped through several states in the south and crews are just now starting the
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massive cleanup effort. shelbylin reports. >> a bitter start to 2011. the small town in missouri was hit hard. >> the storm was especially tragic for dewayne price of rolla, missouri. his elderly mother is in the hospital but her friend was killed. they were both sitting in the living room when it hit. my nephew and his friend were outside and he saw houses exploding, blow down here into the road, and my mom and friend were in the house. >> everything started rumbling underneath me. >> i got picked up and down at least three times i know of before i come to a slamming halt up against a small little tree up behind the house. >> this is what's left of
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stevenson's home. they're assessing the damage of the storm. i'm shelby lynn reporting from atlanta. >> our new year could start off a little wet and also with a little bit of snow. >> that cold weather pattern remains in place. looks like another round of showers tonight as we head into sunday. right now the maps, some coverage out there with scattered showers out toward antioch and right around the fairfield area. you can see some activity for richmond, oakland, hayward. there's some light showers up in the sonoma county and also toward napa county as well. bay area forecast, we're expecting the temperatures on the cool side. showers and snow levels locally
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down to about 3,000, 3,500 feet. tomorrow, periods of rain. it will be chilly out there. the extended forecast, we're talking about a dry weather pattern. you will see that coming up in the five-day. rain likely for your sunday morning. temperatures around 40 degrees. san jose 43, morgan hill, 40. the key for tomorrow, we're not going to have too much of a warm up. here you can look at the satellite. i'm watching the circulation moving in from the north. this will be a big players as we head into sunday. more rain expected. it's going to reinforce that cold air, but once this moves out -- and it will -- high pressure returns. this is a dry weather pattern and that's going to warm things up. later in the week, the warmer locations could approach the upper 50s. looks like a break in the rain developing in the five-day.
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the forecast model, the rain showers increase and tomorrow morning, we're still showing you some moderate rain. in the afternoon, the chance for scattered showers. we still have this, a winter weather advisory in place. it begins at 10:00 tonight. snowfall will be six to 12 inches. here's the plan for tomorrow morning. 40 to 45 degrees, rain likely. at 12:00, 43 to 48 degrees, and temperatures on the cool side. here's a look at the numbers. not too much a warmup. san jose, 51 degrees. the look ahead, 5-day forecast and finally after tomorrow, look what happens, maureen and mike, a dry weather pattern and temperatures warming up a little bit, but another round of wet weather to wrap things up. well, she may have arrived
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early, but this newborn was right on time for being the new year baby.
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dreams of a multimillion
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dollars new year's eve fortune proved elusive last night. two tickets, one sold in sacramento and another in anaheim matched five of the six numbers. no one in california or 41 other states picked up all of those numbers. the jackpot rolls over to $290 million. last night's numbers were 10, 12, 13, 35, 56, and the mega was 9. the first baby came into the world just after midnight. 19-year-old stephanie hernandez named her daughter azaire ya haiti. she was born a month premature but is doing fine. the hayward mom says her father found seven pennies when he was rushing to to hospital. >> she was born at 12:07.
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>> the spokeswoman says she's not surprised her hospital delivered the first baby of the new year since they deliver two dozen babies a day. so on the second night, back to back against the heat, you have an expectation for the warriors. final section, warriors inbounding, monta ellis lets one fly. that gave golden state an eight- point lead after one. and then more of the same in the 2nd quarter. this time step curry delivers. the warriors led by 20. they were up by 14 at the half. it's now 82-75, golden state late in the third. we're still bowling tonight. even though much has changed on the bowl landscape, new year's day still means wall to wall
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games. the team probably with the most to prove was the horn frogs playing for the first time ever in the rose bowl. wisconsin led the frogs 3-0, but then andy dalton play faked. monte ball gets around the corner, finds a pylon. wisconsin trail business two with two to play. badgers have to go for a two- point conversion, but the pass is swatted. gary patterson gets to celebrate a 13-0 season after his team's 21-19 win. it was a bad day for the big ten all the way around. in the cap capitol one bowl, watch the move by the quarterback. it's a 35-yard touchdown. the tide rolls 49-7, just loss number two for the spartans.
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84-year-old jo paterno still going and urban myers returning. florida sends mier out a winner. florida coach urban myer closes his career with a win over penn state. in the gator bowl, mississippi state handed michigan's its worst loss. we'll have the rest of sports tonight at 10:00. >> well, coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, dozens of people were forceed from their homes fueling a fire in san francisco. what's being done for the vic testimonies and what happened just hours before the fire? that's tonight on the 10:00
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news. i'm maureen naylor. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. see you then. >> good-night.
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