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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 7, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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well, good morning to you.
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welcome to moat mast. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, january 7th. the investigation is underway right now about a mystery going on at the marriott. carbon monoxide. and the health department still doesn't know the source of the dangerous fumes. tara moriarty joins us live with this update. >> reporter: according to the police department, the sours of the problem was coming from the 4th floor, two rooms that face each other. there is a hallway separating them. we did get a chance to go in there and look around. we were asked to leave. we didn't expect to find anything because it's carbon monoxide, which is odorless and colorless. investigators ran tests on two floors of the hotel and did
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find elevated levels. half a dozen people had to be hospitalized, two were treated at the scene. the call came in last night. we believe the victims were flight attendants from sing ga pore air. we don't know the source of where the gas was coming from. initially authorities thought maybe the victims caught some sort of virus and exhibited f lu-like symptoms and that may be the reason why nothing was done. we've put in several cars from different answers but have not heard back. marriott corporate offices based in maryland are expected to make some sort of a statement soon, and we will, of course, bring that to you. but as of now, there's no no indication of where the source of the carbon monoxide was coming from. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. turning to alameda. our ktvu news crew went to the scene of a power outage and found a bigger and more
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dangerous problem. kraig debro joining us live. he has the latest on what we're talking about. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. one of the scary things right now, when i talk to a power company, employee, he said he didn't know why this happened. right now, crews are gonna be busy replacing that line. see the second from the right? they cut it down earlier, just to get it out of the way. and down here, a crew members, one of several on the ground. they will be replacing that l ine. that power lane came down. here's what it did -- this used to be asphalt. take a look at this. see how green it is -- he how green it is? >> the power crews say this is glass and the power line came down and membered one part of the glass. this happened around 4:30 this morning at willow and san antonio in the city of alameda. when the power lines came down, of course, it shut down power to hundreds of customers in the
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city of alameda -- alameda hospital, including alameda hospital. they had backup generators, so they were able to continue to serve their patient as the time. nobody was hurt at this l ocation. it could have been far worse. when i talked to the power company employee, he said there was a tremendous amount of voltage in that line. >> it's a 12,000-volt line. it will do that. >> that's a major line. how much is 12,000 volts? >> well, your house meter is 1250, mullet pie -- multiply that by 100. and that's how much it is. >> reporter: now, the fire department was out here and it was so hot they sprayed down the area around where the power line fell on the asphalt, and --wa is it? 7:00 now? so two and a half hours later, it's still steaming. take a look at -- it's starting to cool down a little bit. we had a shot of the coin earlier.
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there was steam. you might still be able to see it rising through the cone. we'll be trying to talk to some people who live around here so they canty us firsthand what it was like at 4:30 in the morning when you had a big 12,000-power line fall to the ground. back to you. >> thank you. a man suspected of pulling a gun on alameda county sheriff deputies during a standoff is in jail. around midnight, deputies rushed to an apartment on maddox and foothill near hayward for a domestic violence call. as deputies arrived, the is -- the suspect reportedly pulled out a gun. that's when one after opened fire. a neighbor and his wife say they heard deputies screaming, "come on out with your hands up" military times. >> the deputy fired at the suspect. the suspect jumped out of a third-story window and fled on into the. >> the suspect was later c
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aptured. no one inside the apartment was hurt. >> this morning, homicide investigatives in the east bay are searching for the gunman who killed a 4-year-old man. it happened last night at garden avenue and west a street, also near hayward. police say the victim was shot several times. he was pronounced dead on the scene. police are asking witnesses to step forward. 7:05. it looks like the city of antioch may have found a way to avoid laying off six police officers, at least for now. local businesses and residents have come forward offering $ 50,000 in donations to prevent the layoffs. the president of the antioch auto center, promised to match they donation up to $100,000. knew, cause of -- now, because of this community's support, the police officers' union voted to extend talks made last year, concessions, until j anuary 24th, while the contract negotiations continue. that means the six police officers scheduled to be laid off this week will keep their
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jobs, for at least another two weeks. 7:06. the labor department had better than expected news about u nemployment numbers. the national jobless rate d ropped to 9.4% in december. that's the lowest it's been since may of 2009. and the 4/10ths% decline from the 9.8% in november. in a few minutes we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. ed lee says he would be honored to serve as interim m ayor in that's what's best for the city. today, the outgoing board of supervisors is expected to select lee to serve out the rest of mayor newsom's term. it's largely symbolic because
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tomorrow a new board will be sworn in and they will have the final word. ed lee is vacationing in hong kong. he's scheduled to rush sunday night. the board of supervisor's president david chiu withdraw his name from the race. position became vacant when kamala harris was sworn in in her new position. let's check in with sal , see how traffic is doing. >> good morning. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza here. not a bad commute. this the -- there's been a little bit of a backup. but for the most part we're d oing pretty well. also this morning we're t alking -- looking at 880 northbound, same thing goes.
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we're finally getting a little bit of traffic to show up here. the fog has been the problem for the most part. it's been poor visibility, as a matter of fact, our san jose camera you can't really see m uch. this is the map, gets busier so is 85. if you drive on 85, you will start to see that familiar so traffic for just a little bit on the way to cupertino. let's go to steve. >> thank you. sanjose, sal's right, the fog seems to be residing down there. we have some with low clouds, partly cloudy skies. there will be a little bit of sun today. got a nice tweet from colette. the coast has been pretty good. some mid-50s, a few upper 50s. get a little bit of an offshore breeze. inland valleys, coast is okay. not hot or anything but it's okay. there's those higher clouds
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coming down from a weak lee in southern california. it's not doing too much but from about the santa rosa mountains. morning lows are unking warmer. we had a the -- we had a the -- we had a lot of upper 20s, l ow, low 30s. cold valley, twin peaksle. potrero, 37, 8. the foggy pattern in the valley, though, is not going anywhere m until maybe sunday night and monday. so visibility can be lousy and it comes right back in the carquinez straight and delta. if it doesn't turn off, you stay in the 30s. 7 santa rosa/nope. santarosa yesterday was 28. 37 concord, also livermore even to oakland but both reported 6:00 a.m.
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clear skies. today, 40 to start off. foggy, especially down towards morgan hill. 48 and then 55 partly sunny. some higher clouds and hazy sunshine. 7 in tahoe. 28 in ukiah. 29 eureka. that's getting cold. 39 for sacramento. 38 for fresno and that fog is there. so if you have to go up to 99 or the 5, heading up the mountains, it will be tough with the fog. our next system won't do anything until a deep strong low builds up in the pacific northwest. that will change our weather into a -- northwest direction by sunday and monday and probably scour out the cloudiness. 30s and 40s, fogs, clouds, hazy sunshine, sun and clouds, 44, to 6 a. i mean, fog, forget it. you're done. otherwise you can get some mid- 50s. oakland, san jose.
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55 san jose. santacruz, 58. 456 moon bay, 56. redwood city, 53. not much of a change on sunday. and then on tuesday, ciaody with light rain. 7:11. a new study reveals a significant difference in death rates at east bay hospitals. we'll tell you which ones did better or worse.
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i'm gonna say we're in san jose because i know it's really
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foggy down there. all the way down to morgan hill. visibility is zero for some, so be care until. highs could be anywhere from the 40s to the mid- to upper 50s. here's dave. >> boy, look at that picture. well, the new jobs report came out this morning just a short while ago, there was actually some good news. alison burns following the numbers for us from washington, d.c. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning. we are gonna show you who is hiring and who is not in a moment. but first, the big picture, the december report from the labor department shows that the unem employment rate has dropped to 9.4% from 9.8% the month before. 103,000 jobs were added in december and layoffs are d eclining. most of the high ir-- hiring is in leisure and hospitality, healthcare and temporary jobs. there were job losses in
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construction. right now, ben bernanke is giving his take on the economy. he says it will be four to five more years before the jobs picture normalizes. >> the economic recovery that began a year and a half ago is continuing, although at a pace that's insufficient to reduce the rate of unemployment significantly. >> now, president obama is going to be visiting a small business here in the d.c. area later this morning to talk about this jobs report and introduce some new members of his new economic t eam. reporting live from alison b urns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:16. well, the new republican-led house of representatives today starts to debate the call to repeal healthcare. the procedurallual vote comes -- procedural vote comes first. republicans want to repeal the healthcare. the vote is mostly symbolic because democrats leaders in the summit have already said
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they are gonna block any move to. there is a developing situation in london right now. several media sources are r eporting an increase in police presence at british subway stations and airports. cnn says it heard from british security forces that a decision was made wednesday night to raise the threat level from substantial to severe for london transportation systems. one source says emergency teams met yesterday morning. british police are not c ommenting. a few months ago, counterterrorism officials warned of possible attacks in europe and the u.s. the state department is -- is warning hundreds of people their lives may be on danger because their names appear in
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wikileaks documents. the state department says some human rights activists, foreign government officials and even some business people have been moved to safe locations. they don't know of anyone who has been attacked off jailed as a result of the leaked cables on wikileaks but they are worried that the cables have damaged -- have done some damage for providing information to the u.s. palo alto police arrested one suspect and they are looking for another in a recent string of robberies. the 21-year-old was arrested on wednesday. investigators think he was involved in as many as three dozen robberies. police are looking for one other suspect connected to these crimes. there is a $10,000 reward being offered. some residents of vallejo are taking the law into their own hands. they are fed up with a growing number of prostitutes walking the streets of their city. sethey-- so they are patrolling
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the streets themselves, looking for prostitutes and pimps. we talked to one woman on the front line against this citizens of war of prostitution. >> sometimes you can look up the block and see one gal on each corner. we're concerned that it can also be children independent -- u nderaged children. >> residents involved in these patrols point out, prostitution is directly connected to other crimes. they say they want to help what is an overworked and u nderstaffed police department. a new study reveals a sharp difference in death rates in the east bay hospitals. >> researchers took into account of such risk factors. two medical centers had strong
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showings. nursing homes are faced with a challenging new phenomenon. more younger people are showing up as patients. the number of patients under the age of 65 has gone up 22% in the last eight years to 1 in s even -- one in seven patients. some are as young as 25 or 0 years old. the change we're told is due in court to medical advances that keep people alive after injuries. this morning, the president of international soccer's g overning body says he wants to change the traditional schedule for the world cup, the one that will be played in 2022. last month, the desert nation was awarded the championship. now, the president says he
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expects the games to be moved to winter to avoid the bliss t erring heat which can average about 108 degrees in the summer in yaw father. he says that would proict -- qatar. he says that would protect individuals. >> wow. >> uh-huh. a dramatic video to show you of a miracle rescue. how a stranger stepped in to help a father and daughter after this fiery crash.
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welcome back. an illegal immigrant from mexico has now been sentenced to 17 years in prison for raping a 94-year-old woman in
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palo alto. a santa clara county judge sentenced roberto disendez yesterday for an attack t hatted -- that happened nine years ago at a nursing facility. he pled guilty as part of the deal that spared him a longer prison sentence. the victim died in 2006. a judge has put the monthly phone calls between accused kidnappers, phillip and nancy garrido on hold. the garridos are waiting for a trial in el dorado county on charges that they kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her captive for 18 years. the judge is expected to put a stop to this, ate least for --
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at least for now. deputies say a baby's father was at the wheel of a truck that collided with a wild hog, the truck spun out of control, hit a tree and caught fire. a good samaritan who saw the whole thing rushed -- rushed to the truck, managed to free the baby and -- free the baby and the father. >> pretty dramatic. >> yes. >> amazing. let's see what sal is seeing in our commute. how do we look? >> we look pretty good. there are some issues out there. we have a problem in walnut creek. this crash with the paramedics on the way for this incident. things are pretty light. we had a camera at 680/24. right now it's too foggy. let's go out to the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic looks good. we have fog in southern marin
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county this morning. it's not a huge problem for drivers. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a little bit of a delay, westbound for maybe five minutes before you get past the metering lights. >> that fog continues to dance around a little bit. the fog says -- okay. i'm going to san jose. that seems to be where it is the thickest over oakland, we had some clearer skies. it looks like the fog is c reeping back in i think san rafael's high was 42. 31 in sonoma. tanville, alamo, 35. mill valley, albany, el cerrito, around 38. deal city -- daly city, golden gate heights. a bunch are around 39 degrees. if you are in san francisco, it is cold. there's around eight locations
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at 7 which is just -- i don't know. maybe it's just me. >> that fog right now is just -- you can't see across the street. >> the low down in southern california has spun in a few high clouds. but for us, it's go be na a -- it's gonna be a combination. these forecasted highs. i had a tweet saying you said 49 in santa rosa. i've seen highs as high as 58. if you get the sun. if you get the sun. and we might even have some rain in here on tuesday. >> okay. thanks. we now know what caused a major power outage this morning
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in the city of a.m. we'll have a live update where crews are on the scene of what may be a problem. police are investigating a shooting that happened at -- happened at the b.a.r.t. parking lot. the victim -- a dog.
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we have new information op a developing story in alameda. we just learned in the past minutes what caused a line to fall that led to a power outage. kraig debro is live on the scene with an update. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. for the first time this morning we're hearing from the alameda municipal power company and -- company and they are telling us about the scope of the outage. right now at willow and san antonio, you can see the crews are busy here. they are gonna replace this l ine. i talked to a crew member. he said it would take about two hours. alameda power says a line fell on the feeder road. look what the heat did. that's a glass substance. it used to be asphalt and on this side, it's turned into some tie of moon-like shape.
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they said the area is from the alameda town center to the island. a connector sleeve on the line fell and that appears to be the preliminary cause. the-- cause. at the -- the amount of voltage is higher than what we find in our home. >> it's a 12,000 line. >> how much is that? >> well, imagine your house is 120. mullet by that by 100. that's how much it is. >> reporter: the fire department came out here and doused the asphalt around where the line fell. this is -- it is three hours later. if you look very closely on the ground, you can see the ground is still spoking -- smoking. everybody is back on now. what they've done is rerouted
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the electricity. but this is a feeder line. these lines carry all of the electricity and from here, they branch out to other places to feed homes and business. but these are the main power lies. this was a major, major incident here. everybody back online. we're gonna go and see if we can get video of what happened. we're working on that. since we got out here. we'll see if we can get that for you in our next report. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. >> thank you, kraig. 7:33. well, if you haven't been outside yet, we can tell you, it's cold and foggy in a lot of areas -- areas. that's forcing people in the bay area to do something they don't usually to do -- scrape ice off the windshield. jade hernandez is in albany right now. how is it out there? >> reporter: it's 39 degrees. we first brought you pictures in orinda of cold and -- of cold and fog but in this n eighborhood, in albany, we've
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already heard from a few neighbors who will dealing with this -- it's frost. this frost is causing drivers and commuters to get up a little bit lit -- a little bit earlier this morning. there was a man filling up a bucket of warm water. he said he's been doing it all week and he was wiping off his windows of frost. he says he doesn't have use his car in the morning but his wife does. he says it has not been a big deal but he has noticed the temperature change within the past couple of days and so have these across the -- so have others across the bay area which means drivers have to give themself the a few extra minutes before they take off. >> i have to wait a few minutes before i can take off. others 0 -- otherwise i -- otherwise i won't be able to see out 450 windows. so he mountain -- so i put a few extra layers on. >> the highway patrol responded to an accident on 280 with
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state 92 and redwood city. the acura rolled over, struck a tree and landed wheels up in an embankment. no other cars were involved. coming up we'll hear from a man what took the time out to aid his wife this morning. he just left with his son to off to work. he said, again, he's just et g etting used to this. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. well, north bay police are looking for whoever smashed the windshields of almost two dozen cars in city twos. investigators say vandals a ttacked the windshield of cars parked at american canyon on three different streets. they either used a bb gun or an air gun to break the windshields early wednesday morning. the damage is estimated at several thousand dollars.
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other cars were damaged at -- damaged around the same time. a recall effort -- effort in hercules for the mayor and two city council members is moving forward. a group of residents gathered signature according to the "contra costa times" the three are accused of a crime and one member says he plans to meet with the recall department today. hayward police are trying to figure out why someone shot a dog. police found the dog near the south hayward b.a.r.t. station yesterday. they took one man in custody in the parking lot. they found a second suspect on the train. b.a.r.t. service had to be d elayed for about 20 mints. b.a.r.t. is announcing the opening day
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for the long-awaited pleasanton station. it's on the median of interstate 81580. anticipation spokesman linton johnson says the new station will open next month on f ebruary 19th. the project is more than two years behind schedule. we're waiting on sal. i know you are watching the toll plaza. how are they doing out there? >> they are doing very well. we just spoke about b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is on time. one of the things that i have to tweet about, someone was happy about the b.a.r.t. station o pening up, they say the more convenient you make b.a.r.t., the less traffic we have. it's backed up for about a t en- minute delay and right now that's not too bad. it's a little surprising a we have any delay at. here we are.
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the traffic is just moderate. i wouldn't say it's too bad. this is 880 northbound and southbound, that traffic looks good passing the coliseum and northbound 680 still affected by the crash. here's steve. thank you. the fog is kind of moving a round, dancing a almost bit. and really, really thick down towards san jose. i had some tweets coming in s aying, you can't even see across the street. if this -- this is almost l ike -- if you get the sun or when you get the -- or whether you get the -- or if you don't. it will be partly sunny, it's
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staying south. our next system to the left of your screen has no place to go. there's some very cold locations but not as cold as yesterday. we had a lot more upper 20s daly city, twin peaksable the outer sunset district. the fog is not going anywhere continues to come in through the valley, then right back in to marin county and even into san francisco. when it's in place, it's tough to budge. if you don't have the fog, it will get up to be okay. it's not bad in the sun. 37 concord, livermore, hayward, oakland is in there, napa, santa rosa yesterday, we have fog today, yesterday, they were
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28. sanjose has been between 29 and 40. that's our target forecast t oday. we'll go 55, partly sunny, higher clouds, hazy sunshine as that fog starts to burn off. 7 in tau. so it's cold there. 27 in ukiah. 39/38, sacramento, fresno, any travel out to 5 or if you are headed up to sacramento, head toward lake tahoe. nights and morning are tough. mostly cloudy down there with some light rain. light rain. our next system will be digging in from the pacific northwest. that will start on sunday and change our pattern. but until then, dense fog, hazy sunshine. a -- hazy super. the strong low here will help push the fog out. might even give us a little bit
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of rain on tuesday. no change saturday. slightly maybe more clouds sunday/monday. >> thank you, steve. a big change is coming when it comes to finding and keeping a job. we'll have the results of the new survey that show the new job trends for the new year.
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kind of mixed results of the jobs reports. the national unemployment rate was just announced. that's down to 9.4% of the that's a drop from 9.8% a month earlier. right now the dow, right on the flatline basically, kind of teetering back d forth between positive and negative territory. the nasdaq and s& s&p are basic d oing the same thick. job seekers may be e ncouraged by at least new unemployment figures which, again, dropped to their lowest level in two years but they also face new challenges in their search for work. reporter sandra endo joins us live with details on a new survey that identifies --
7:45 am
identifies key trends. >> reporter: this is a new survey out by career builders who surveyed a bunch of e mployers and workers to talk about and figure out some of the trends you will see coming up this year. now, taking a loot -- taking a look at some of them, it's interesting to note that we all know a -- -- dash we know a lot of companies are working leaner. but there's also optimism they will be hiring. there will be different types of jobs, social media jobs, green jobs. those are areas that people can specialize in and tap in to, not just the traditional jobs you would think of. so that's encourage -- e ncouraging news as well. also some interesting things to point out from the survey. a lot of people are fearful they will lose their top talent because they can't give out the bonuses and the extra increase in pay like they want to.
7:46 am
a lot of companies won't be giving out bonuses. >> -- -- ul doesn't always m ean -- interesting job trends out this morning. that's all on career b sandra, is there any indication whether there will be an increase in unemployment or if more jobs will be created this year? >> that's all of the talk -- b esides the good news that the unemployment rate did fall and more jobs were created in december but not as many as they anticipated. the real economic factor will be later in the spring --
7:47 am
economic industry experts are in terms of real job growth. they want to see a hole sense -- keep in mind, there will be several months of being uneasy before we get really hard numbers, if there's actual improvement or not. yeah, the recovery moving at a snail apace. thank you. 7:46. "the new york times" is saying s.e.c. is investigating what the california pension mislead invest. they say calpers lost some of their portfolio. the state of california wants to know if consumers were informed about this. meanwhile, jerry brown has put
7:48 am
a limit -- jerry hill has put a limit on pensions. >> the bill would require that all programs in california, follow the irs salary cap of 2 00,000 when they are c alculating ben -- benefits. governor brown is following through on his promise to trim his safe. the office of the secretary of education will be eliminated. brown called the office redundant since there is already a new -- since there is already a superintendent. he says $18 billion has been cut over the last three years and that many schools face financial disaster. he's pledged to review a review
7:49 am
of how school funds are spent and a touch to find better ways to finance education. well, at uc santa cruz, the american studies major may become the latest of budget c uts. the department chair says they've been operating on a lien staff and there isn't enough money to hire anybody. a meeting about all of this will be held on monday. students are being asked to check with the registrar's office, this after 500 letters were sent out mistakenly saying those students were eni ed -- were uneligible to return.
7:50 am
they have sent out letters of apology 25-year-old kate donna hue, she was in -- donna hue was -- was burned when her u ncle, for no reason doused family members with fuel and then set them on fire. she died. two other family members have died. the uncle refuses to talk to police. two mississippi sisters were freed from prison on the condition that one donate the kidney to the other. the they were serving life sentences for armed robbery. the governor of mississippi suspended their punishment in part because of a plan for
7:51 am
organ donation. tiger woods has won less -- one less endorsement deal. "golf digest" magazine. woods's agent said the contract ended and they could not just agree on new terms. >> maybe this new year will change things for tiger. >> maybe. maybe he will be able to improve his golf game, at least. this weekend, one bay area city, not one -- two bay area teams won two championship -- championships.
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this is a really -- really good time for people who want to see a lot of homes before they buy one. zip realty says the number of bay area homes for sale jumped
7:54 am
by 51% last month compared to december -- compared to d ecember 2009. however, the number of local available properties slipped slightly between november and december of last year. two teams will meet in the k raft fight hunger bowl. the first college bowl game ever named for a specific cause. this game at at&t park used to be called the emerald bowl. palo alto will honor two championship teams tomorrow afternoon. there will be a parade for palo alto high school football players who finished a perfect season. the girls' volleyball team also took the state crown the parade
7:55 am
start at 4:30 at webster and university avenues and will finish in front of city hall. president obama has agreed to sit down for an interview with bill o'reilly. it will be part of the super bowl coverage. you know the white house has had a pretty testy relationship with fox news. but it is custom airy for the sitting president to sit down with the network hosting the super bowl. last year the president was interviewed by katie couric before the name. >> i think the super bowl is t he -- is the first sunday in february. let's check in with sal. you probably know when the super bowl is? >> february 7th. >> okay. >> traffic is he moving along okay on 237 as you drive across 880. there are no major problems if you are heading out to highway 101, it should be a pretty
7:56 am
decent commute for you. there is a little bit of s lowing. let's move along and take a look at the commute. traffic is -- did i say f ebruary 7th? february6th. that's the first sunday in february. 880 oakland, traffic is moving along well near the home of the oakland laiders -- oakland rated a -- oakland raiders. westbound bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is backed up for about a ten-minute delay. once you get on the bridge, it looks good into san francisco. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. a very happy friday morning. we do have a wide variety of -- well, fog for some, sun already for others. there's-- there's higher clouds coming up from southern california. most of them seem to be diving
7:57 am
south already. 36, 37, 38, 39, moffet, san j ose, 39. s that the target forecast for today. 39, 40, 44, you will see all over the place. foggy. then we'll go 55, and that low is heading into southern california. the next tim won't arrive until sunday or monday. if you are heading to the mountains in lake auto -- lake tahoe, it will be okay. 40s for some. this is all factored in if you can get the fog to burn off. livermore, this is one of those patterns where you on the pleasanton side of the sunol
7:58 am
grade. santacruz, 58. no change until sunday night and then monday/tuesday leading to some clouds which will lead to the possibility of some rain. several people came sick at a san francisco hotel overnight. the health department is still trying to answer one critical condition. and tense moments at an apartment building in the east bay what. what led to a police standoff this morning. and six police officers in antioch have been given at least a temporary reprieve for being laid off. who stepped forward to save the day?
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>> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live at a hotel where guests came down with carbon monoxide poisoning. we'll tell you what is so p uzzling about this case for investigators. the latest report on jobs came out a couple of hours ago. we'll see how it affects this morning's trading on wall s treet. the second hour of "mornings on 2" begins right now.
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's january 7th. well, an investigation is underway into an overnight mystery at one of san f rancisco's best-known hotels. carbon monoxide made several hotel guests sick at the marry out. and the health department still doesn't know where it came from. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. according to the police report is happened on the fourth floor of the marriott. now, we did have a chance to go up and take a look at the rooms. they are situated across the hall from each other. when we were up there, we did not notice anything out of the ordinary. but it of course, it was very early in the morning, so it was relatively quiet. now, investigators believe this was all due to carbon monoxide poisoning. but they can't figure out where the dangerous gas was coming from. at least four people got sick. two had to be hospitalized. two were treated here at the scene.
8:02 am
the call came in at 10:40 last night. we believe the victims were all flight attendants -- with sing ga pore airlines. they had just gotten off a flight and were coming from the airport. now, carbon monoxide is a c olorless, odorless gas. symptoms include headaches, stomachache and nausea. we've put in several calls to evenings but we've not heard back yet. right now we're treeing to look into whether or not the hotel had a his -- had a history of carbon monoxide pointing --.s onning in the past. we now know what caused a large power outage this morning in alameda. a high voltal age -- a high
8:03 am
voltage line fell on willow and san antonio avenue around 4:15 this morning, causing 6800 customers. the man suspect -- the map suspected of pulling a gun on alameda county deputies during a standoff is in jail. around midnight deputy the r ushed to a apartment on maddox and foothill for a domestic violence call. now, as the deputies arrived, the suspect pulled out a gun reportedly. that's when one officer opened fire. the neighbor and his wife say they heard deputies creaming -- screaming come out with your hands up several times.
8:04 am
>> the suspect jumped out of a third-story window and fled on foot. that suspect was later captured. no one inside the apartment was hurt. an outpouring of community support has spared the jobs of six antioch police officers. local businesses and residents have come forward to offer $ 50,000 in donations to prevent the layoff. the president the antioch auto center promised to match any donations up to $100,000 because of the community support of the police officers union, they voted to extend contract concessions made last year until january 21st while
8:05 am
negotiations continue. that means the six officers who were slated to be laid off this week will keep their job for at least another two weeks. this morning, the labor department had better than expected news about unemployment numbers. the national jobless rate jumped to 9.4% in december. that's the lowest it's been since may of 2009. it's a 4/10 drop from the 9.8 in november. coming up in a couple of minutes we'll bring you a live report from washington, d.c. with what fed chairman ben bernanke is telling lawmakers this morning on capitol hill about the u nemployment rate. 8:05. sanfrancisco's, ed lee, said he would be happy to serve as interim mayor--- mayor.
8:06 am
mayor newsom homes to announce had the -- announce his choice for the next district attorney. david cheui withdrew his application. the district attorney position became vacant when kamala kamala harris was sworn in as the state's attorney general. fog is -- fog is the major problem today, right, sal? >> it is. up north, it's better today but in the south bay, it's worse. you can see on the golden gate gauge. it's not so foggy here. it's foggy in marie.
8:07 am
just got word of the bay bridge getting a little bit better h ere. also-- also getting world of metal debris near the martin luther king exit. it's at 51st. watch for it now and now the chp is saying it could flatten some tires here's steve. the fog is coming right back in towards marin county. it looks like another day of highs. back into san francisco but san jose, the leader of the pack on the thickest fog this m orning, at least so far. and temperature, 40s for high.
8:08 am
possible today. fog, cold. more fog and cold tomorrow. the weekend doesn't look like much of a change. but by late sunday, monday into tuesday, clouds and the possibility of some light rain. a very cold low will give us more of a northwest wind and that might help stir the fog you and lift the visibilities. >> it's cold and damp. damp. damp and cold out there. damp and cold. yes. that fog comes back in through the carquinez straight all way over to marin county then back into the city. not something we see very often but the pattern has set up. it's been a while and that fog is really thick towards san j ose. some 30s and 40s.
8:09 am
lows are actually running a lilower even though it's still cold. sanjose, foggy forecast to start off with, 40, 48. we'll go 55 for a high. but again, right now, $-- unless the fog burns off soon, the visibility is -- our observer said it's tough to see just across the street. 30s in the -- 30s in the valley and there is a lot of fog in the sacramento and san joaquin valley. any traffic problems south, that fog can be very, very thick. dense fog, low and high clouds. hazy sunshine. that will probably fake us through sunday morning and then by sunday night and monday, the system digs into the north and that will bring in some clouds and light rain. it looks good for the sierra.
8:10 am
cold. mostly sunny for some but cold for others. santacruz, 58. half moon bay, pacifica, 57, 58, even warmer than many inland locations. we cloud it up on monday light rain due on tuesday. okay. 8:09. in london, several media sources are reporting an increased in police presence. cnn said it heard from sources that a decision was made wednesday night to raise the threat level from substantial to severe for the london t ransportation systems. one system says emergency teams met yesterday morning. british police are not c ommenting. a couple of months ago, counterterrorism officials w arned of possible attacks in europe and the west. a new study is reporting a sharp difference in the death
8:11 am
rates in local hospitals. so-- so how does your hospital rate?
8:12 am
8:13 am
good morning. the fog is coming right back in from the east. there could be some fog fog and
8:14 am
cold conditions for many. especially in san jose. once that burns off, anywhere from the mid- to upper 50s from the -- along the coast. there is some hopeful news for the economy this morning. new jobs numbers just released show businesses are increasing hiring -- hiring. alison burns has reaction on capitol hill. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to y ou, tori. it is the lowest unemployment rate in more than a year and a half as we've been reporting this morning. the unemployment rate for december dropped to 9.4%. now, this label department shows there's been the most job growth in lee sure and hospitality, healthcare. the south korea run -- construction industry is still shedding jobs. ben bernanke is on capitol hill talking about it. he predicts hiring will continue in the months ahead. but he's concerned it won't be
8:15 am
enough. >> this could threaten the strength and sustainability of the economy. 40% of the unemployed have been out of work for six month ors more. >> reporter: benber nan kay thinks it will be five more years before the job situation, normalizes. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it is 8:14. just moments ago, the house of representatives, took the first step. voting largely along party lines this morning. the house set the rules for the debate and vote next week on repealing the legislation. the vote will be mostly symbolic because democratic leaders in the senate said they will -- said they will block any -- and they say the republican plans to repeal the
8:16 am
healthcare law would drive up the federal deficit by $230 billion in the next years. the state department is w arning hundreds of people that their lives may be in danger because their names were leaked in wikileaks documents. state department says some u -- some human rights activists, foreign government officials and even business people in other countries have been relocated to other locations. palo alto police have a rrested one suspect and they are looking for another in the recent string of street robberies. officers arrested the 21-year- old man on wednesday. investigators believe he was involved in as many as three of the dozen robberies reported in the city since september. police are still looking for one other suspect tied -- tied
8:17 am
to these crimes. officers are offering a $100,000 reward. some vallejo residents are taking the law into their own hands. 4 are fed up with the growing number of prostitutes walking the streets of their city. they are now patrolling the streets of -- themselves looking for prostitutes and pimps. we spoke to one woman on the front lines in this citizens war against prostitution. >> we're concerned that they can be children -- underaged children. >> those involved in the patrols point out prostitution is directly tied to other crimes and they want to help what they feel is an overeverything worked and understaffed police department. 8:17. there is a new study revealing a sharp difference in the death rates in east bay hospitals. researchers took into account, risk factors like the average
8:18 am
age of paints and the -- patience and the severe of health problems. nursing homes are faced with a challenging new kind of patient, those who are much younger than their elder roommates. according to the centerrers for medicare, medicaid services, the number of patients under 75 has risen. some are as young as 25, 30. the change is due in part to medical advances that keep people alive after dramatic injuries. some provide poker games instead of bingo and pizza
8:19 am
instead of lasagna for dinner. head of the soccer governing body says he wants to change the traditional schedule for the world cup in the year 202 -- 2022. the president announced he expects the games to be moved to winner time to avoid the b listering heat there. it averages about 108 degrees during the sumner qatar. he says that 0 would protect t he -- that would protect the health of the players and the fans. . measure p
8:20 am
8:19. dramatic video of a miracle rescue. how a stranger stepped in to help a father and young daughter after this fiery crash. also -- a new development in a closely-watched kidnapping case that involves the garridos and the telephone. good morning. if you are driving into the south bay, traffic on 237 is looking pretty good. we'll tell you more about the northerning -- about the morning commute -- straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. a good samaritan is being called a real hero this morning. rescued a a mother and daughter. they are all okay. the truck spun out of control, hit a tree and burst into f lames. a stranger who just happened to see all of this rushed in to help. managed to free them all before the games engulfed the truck. 8:23. an illegal immigrant from mexico heads to prison for 17 years for the palo alto rape of a 94-year-old woman. the santa clara county judge sensed 43-year-old roberto r esenzez for the attack at an assisted living center nine years ago. he fled to mexico and was only arrested and extradited two
8:24 am
years ago. he pled guilty to spare him from aing fong -- from a longer prison sentence. a judge has put phone calls between nancy and phillip garrido on hold. they are being held on charges they kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her captive for 18 years. prosecutors suspect the couple may be using phone calls to coordinate their testimony. yesterday, the judge suspended their right to talk on the p hone. a final decision is expected at the end of the month.
8:25 am
let's check in with sal. right now traffic is okay. 808 a little bit slow. that's northbound 80 880 on the right side. also this morning's commute looks okay at the toll plaza. in fact, westbound, light. in fact, this is very nice looking friday night -- friday light for the bay bridge. let's go to the lake tahoe area. i guess not. we're going to show you 237 instead. westbound, 27 traffic looks g ood. from 237 we go to kingvale, eastbound 80 at king veil. this is the -- kingvale. this is the -- there we go don't you just love the graphics they use. traffic is moving along very
8:26 am
well. i-- go yes, those are snappy graphics. we do have single digits for truckee and also south lake tahoe. a little bit of an easterly breeze and that's bringing in the valley fog right back through san pablo bay. a few high clouds, it looks like they are starting to drift s outh. so tahoe if you are heading -- if you are heading up there, once you get through the nothing in sacramento valley. the fog makes -- finally the visible satellite came in and we need sunlight in -- there are a few breaks but there are a lot of locations that have low clouds. sanjose is just socked in, 30s for many. lows are running warmer but it's still cold out there. got a nice tweet from san leandro," the sun is out. but there is a lot of ice op rooftop." it's cold, even if you have the sun. we'll go 55 under mostly cloudy
8:27 am
skies. hazy sunshine toward san jose. but the fog decided to go to san jose. did it know the -- know the way to san jose it sure did today. a system moving into the north up around vancouver and seattle will start to change our w eather. tahoe looks good. just cold mornings, single digits. fog, sun, clouds, hazy sunshine, 40 to 60 on the highs if you are in that fog, i mean, it's -- it's cold. if you are along the coast, it's pretty nice. half moon bay, pacifica, santa cruz, capitola, temperatures there are upper 50s for some. possibility of rain on tuesday. >> reporter: why power crews are working with a 12,000-volt line right now. >> reporter: and commuters woke up to this -- it is frost.
8:28 am
take a look. find out how drivers handled this early this morning. and we've finally learned when the long-awaited west dublin b.a.r.t. station will open almost three years behind schedule.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we've got an update for you on a developing story. crews are still at the scene where a high voltage line fell down in alameda turning the asphalt into liquid. kraig debro is back now with the very latest on what's going on. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i wanted to show you exactly what that heat did to the asphalt. on this side is glass.
8:31 am
on this side is the substance that kind of looks like a moon rock. but crews are busy repairing that -- replacing the line that fell. there's two crew members here and two on the left side of your screen. they are trying to get all of the tension in the line right now so they can turn it back on. as you might imagine, the lines on the left side here are de- energized. the ones on the right with energized, providing electricity to everyone in the service area. the line fell at 4:15. alameda power said 6800 customers lost electricity as a result. hours after the line hit the ground, there was still s moldering. >> well, it's a 12,000-volt l ine. so yeah, it will -- >> reporter: that's a major line. how much is 12,000
8:32 am
developments? >> well, imagine your house meter -- your house is 120. multiply by -- multiply that by 100. >> reporter: it has to be hot even after you sprayed it to -- sprayed it with water? >> oh, yeah. it was real hot. it almost turned into liquids. >> reporter: this thing has been up there for at least 20, 25 years. i talked to a guy on the scene. he says every year they have to go around and inspect 50 miles of their 250 had mile system. they use infrared cameras and if there was a problem with this particular part of the line, they did not see it during their information. so it could have been one of those problems that recently happenedor that they just didn't uncover at the time.
8:33 am
reporting live from alameda, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 n ews. >> all right. thank you, kraig. it is 8:32. drivers may need to give themselves extra time to get where they are going this morning. foggy weather around the bay area is making for a tough commute. jade hernandez joins us live from albany now with more. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. commuters here in albany woke up to frost on their windshield. right now i can show you that frost has turned into just mere precipitation on the windshield but it's still currently 39 degrees. a couple of residents told us they have definitely noticed the temperature difference this w eek. we caught one man trying to help his wife out this morning. he filled a bucket of warm water and wiped off the frost on
8:34 am
his car. the map we spoke to said he's been coming out early of -- every day for get the car ready for his wife. he says he's definitely noticed the temperature drop. >> one more day there's no i cing. we don't need to do the ice. >> reporter: fog hass about listen -- has also been an i ssue. just before 5:00 this morning, the highway patrol responded to an accident on 280 just south of the main interstate. foggy conditions made it really difficult to see the vehicle. the driver flipped over and suffered only moonor injuries. no other cars were involved. reporting live in albany, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 8:34. north bay police are looking for whoever smashed the windshields of almost two cars
8:35 am
cars in two cities. investigators say vandals a ttacked the windshield of cars packed 0 -- of cars parked on american, and the culprit used either a bb gun or pellet. other cars in neighboring vallejo with were also damaged about the same time. a recall of -- effort in hercules and two council members is moving forward. the group collected ballots for the three men. now, according to the contra costa times, they are accused of financial misleads that -- m isdeeds that could jeopardize the city's ability to pay for basic municipal services. notices will probably be served next week. a marin county teenager
8:36 am
could face weapon charges after a handgun and two machetes were reportedly found inside his truck at school. the marin i.j. is reporting a 17-year-old senior was arrested at redwood high school yesterday after the discovery. the paper said the teen's mother bought him the gun for hunting the. he reportedly told the police he forgot the weapons were his -- were kniss huck -- were in his truck. bliss in hayward are trying to find out with why someone shot a dog a was found yesterday. they took one man into custody in the parking lot there and found the second on a train. a date is now set for the opening of the long-awhited west dublin/pleasantonburg station it's on the median of 580, just west of the -- justiest of the 680 interchange. the new station will open on
8:37 am
february 19th. the project is more than two years behind schedule because of contract issues and concern of construction quality on bridges. i just czeched b.a.r.t.'s website. they are gonna have 1200 spaces. that will be helpful. >> yeah. >> that's gonna lead us right to sal. weiss watching our commute. sal? >> airport always contended that if it were easier to take public transportation, the easier days, the more people that would do it. 808 northbound. that traffic is moving well, we've seen -- i've been a traffic reporter lodge enough to remember when there was a b.a.r.t. strike and 880 -- 880 was a parking lot. it is -- it is slow. but if b.a.r.t. were not r unning, let's go to the westbound toll plaza. it looks pretty good near. it's a very small delay.
8:38 am
this morning, san francisco a little bit of fog. one says it's a little bit foggy on the carquinez but not as bad as yesterday. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. anna up in sebastopol, larry in san leandro, he said the sun is out but there's ice on the rooftops. it's cold out there. even if you get a little bit of sun, it's the cold that cuts right through you. once it burns off, it's okay. but if you are stuck in the fog all day long. they are in the 30s and they end up in the 40s. low in southern california is moving in through southern california. it did spin in a knew high clouds. foggy pattern. it looks like it will be right
8:39 am
back tonight probably into saturday night and fund -- sunday. it comes back from the valley, delta, can keen miss straight. it's cold. sonoma 31. scotts valley, 34. along with boweller creek, dan ville, alamo, 35, million v alley, all around 38. daly city, twin peaks, cold valley. potrero hill. 38, 40. 37 has been the number this morning. santarosa, napa, fairfield, livermore is in there. they are still in the 30s. redwood city 39, san jose 39. foggy. still foggy there. the meteorology did the -- department, thick, thick, thick. we'll go 35, a cautious 35,
8:40 am
just show i -- just show you know. 28 ukiah, 7 in utah, any travel in the valley equals fog and reduced visibility. a little low in southern california is on the way out. a strong system is gonna dig up saturdaying monday night. before then we'll have dense clouds but it looks like a little bit of rain on tuesday. not a big deal. auto-- tahoe looks great on the weekend. they are cold. 5 this morning. mostly cloudy on monday, 7. fog, cloud, 40 to 60 on the temperatures. that 60 would be along the c oast. pacifica, 59. antioch, 42. fog cold through sunday. monday a little bit of light rain. back to the desk. >> thank you. right now, president obama is set to give his reaction to the monthly employment numbers released just a short while
8:41 am
ago. he's at at -- at a moving -- manufacturing land in landover, maryland. let's listen in. prince george's county's executive is here. i want to thank the ceo and owner of thompson creek manufacturing and all of the employees here at thompson. thank you so much for your hospitality and the great work you are doing. >> yay! >> i want to acknowledge the fame and fests of those -- guests of those standing behind me today. it's wonderful to be here at thompson creek. i want to thank rick for he s howing me how you manufacture more efficient windows at this
8:42 am
factory. this is --' explain to me a family business and rick was just 13 when his father fred, opened the company. and back then, his family loved above the store and rick started out sweeping the floors. three decades later, thompson creek has expanded. it's already outgrown this new 80,000 square foot facility that it moved into just three years ago. and i'll bet sometimes rick f eels like he's living at the plant. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's whoops when you are in charge. but building this business has been an extraordinarily accomplishment for the fall. it speaks not only to him, it also speaks to all of the employees here today. the hard-working men and women who make this company work. it speaks to the promise of america. the idea that if you have a
8:43 am
dreamable you are willing to work hard, then you can succeed. that promise is at the heart of who we are as the peel. it's at the heart of our a merica -- economic height. it is what leads to new products and new ideas. and technologies that have not only made us the world's largest economy but the most innovative economy in the world. you are listening live to president obama. he's puck talking about the economy. there were good numbers released this morning about unemployment, showing the rate dropped from 9.4% from 9.8%. you can see the dow is down
8:44 am
that's because some of that drop may be because of an increase in seasonal jobs and there's also less jobs created in december than expected. so a bit of mixed news on jobs coming out this morning. the president is also set to announce leaders -- later new conditions to his team. we'll continue to mob ter -- monitor this and bring you more information as we get it. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty live in san francisco where we've just learned the source of that carbon monoxide leak at a popular tell. we'll tell you what i nvestigators are now say. also -- google is involved in yet another controversy over privacy.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
the marriott hotel chain has just released a statement involving the carbon monoxide leak in san francisco that made several hotel guests sick. tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco with this important update -- >> reporter: we spoke to officials and they say they've determined the source of this leak. it appears it's coming from the heating vent system. we just received a statement
8:48 am
from the headquarters. "we immediately blocked off the four guest rooms and had the fire department inspect all surrounding guest rooms. meanwhile, the four rooms will remain out of inventory until this swigs situation has been involved. that's latest from here. back to you. >> all right. thank you, tara. 8:47. a nursing student from santa rosa has died after a bizarre attack that happened in pore -- puerto rico. kate donahue was in pore puerto rico to meet the family of -- family of her fiance. she was one of nine burned when her fiance's uncle to for apparent reason doused family members with fuel and set them on fire at an engagement party of theirs. she died yesterday. 2004 other family members have died. the uncle has refused to talk to police since he's been arrested. some puppies are in
8:49 am
isolation after an outbreak of a deadly disease. 35 puppies at guide dogs for the blind have become ill in the past week. five have died. they have parvo virus. puppies younger than four months old are especially in danger. >> it just takes extraordinary veterinary -- veterinary care to help nurse them through it. there's no cure. you just have to help them get through it. >> employees are not sure how the virus got into the kennel. 8:49. this morning, there are rumors going all over the internet about apple products. the postings appear to be leaked drawings and photos of an u pdated iphone. experts analyzing the parks and images say they could be connect -- could be effected to a new iphone 5 or possibly a verizon phone. mock the changes, a modified antenna that might eliminate issues the need for a case.
8:50 am
it also appears that a card slot has been added. that could indicate a phone that works both on -- a phone that works on the at&t and verizon networks. south korean police are s aying that google collected e- mails and other private data while taking photos from its street view mapping service. the police says that breaks south korean laws protecting privacy but it's not clear if google will be prosecuted or penal -- penalized. google has apologized. the federal government wants to reviews the recommend amount of fluoride in brinking -- in drinking water. a recent study found too much fluoride in the water is causing spots on some kids' teeth. it's most common in aged children 12 to 15.
8:51 am
what happens when a woman cries? a new study claims the tears send off a chemical signal that is actually a sexual turnoff for men. that's according to a new study in the journal of science. researchers say testosterone levels dipped in men who sniffed women's emotional tears and they found those women less attractivive. tiger woods just ended his relationship with "golf digest" magazine. it was the second largest endorsement for him behind nike. it earn -- it earned him about $ 2 million a year. he's call called the world's faster golfer. how fast? his club speed of 120 miles an hour, he can hit 133 balls in two minutes. look at him. and today he will try to break his own record by hitting 50
8:52 am
balls in 30 seconds. david says he does it to show kids that with hard work anything is possible. he's on a nationwide during and will try to break the record in houston today. he's so fast it's hard to f ollow. >> he's almost as good as your husband. >> well, no, he's getting -- he's getting a little rusty these days. one bay area team won two championships. and why a university is apologizing to hundreds of students because of a letter they received. blast p place place
8:53 am
shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪
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i'm going to make a difference. i knew i wanted to go to college, but i had no clue how to pay for it. the u.s. department of education has over $100 billion to help students pay for college. and the free application? you mean the fafsa? i did it online. i'm going to find out how to pay for college. i'm going to
8:55 am
students at the university of los angeles are being asked to check the registrars office after letters were sent -- were sent out to 160 student -- sent to students other than 160 that should have gotten these letters about ineligibility. sunday, at san francisco's at&t park, the two teams will meet in the kraft fight hunger bowl. the proceeds will help feed the hungry. thousand, in -- now this game at at&t park used to be called the emerald bowl.
8:56 am
palo alto will be honoring two different teams tomorrow afternoon. it will be a parade for the -- there will be a parade for the high school pliers -- players. they won the division 1 title and finished a perfect seen -- perfect season. the girl's volleyball team took the crown. the parade begins at 4:30 at webster and university avenues. it will iniffish right in front of city hall. the san francisco zoo is well coming a new face this morning. an 8-year-old hippopotamus named tucker. tucker was supposed to move in in november but he wasn't quite ready to say goodbye. in affect, refused to get in his crate. we've gotten some new developments concerning jim
8:57 am
harbaugh. john elway is saying he doesn't think that jim harbaugh wants to move to the nfl. he thinks he wants to stay in stanford and the quarterback has announced he will be returning. the broncos were heavily r ecruiting -- >> real interesting. sal, what's happening with b.a.r.t.? >> we have developing news there as well. we had a police search at the pacific center station. they were looking for someone they say is armed. so they went down to the platform, the trains were d elayed. there are some residual delays on b.a.r.t. about 10 to 15 minutes. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. bay bridge toll plaza also light coming into san francisco. and in san francisco, a little foggy but northbound 101 looks good. here's steve. a lot of fog out there, sal. it's another foggy morning. a lot of reports of ice or f
8:58 am
rost. it's cold. we will get some partly sunny skies. scary fog. seriously thick. more of the same into the weekend. it does look like a little different pattern which would help the fog lift it a little bit, scour it out. >> the thing about the fog -- you think you know where you are going. you are -- you've gone to the same place every day for ter years and -- for ten years and you think you know it. >> that's true. >> and it changes. >> i know it. all right. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. >> bye now.
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