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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 9, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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from top cop to top prosecutor. the familiar face chosen today to be the new district attorney. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. in a move that caught just about everyone by surprise, the city's police chief has stepped down to become the interim district attorney. that leaves the police department with a new chief that may not be there long.
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our coverage begins with ktvu's john sasaki. >> reporter: a conference brought out the who's who. >> as i was listening to him, it became clear to me that he was the choice. >> reporter: gascon was the city's police chief from 2009 until this afternoon. the former chief who's also a lawyer is the first latino district attorney. >> i believe that i can offer something to this role that will be some what unique and having the understanding of policing. >> reporter: one big difference between gascon's administration and that of camela harris is that harris refused to seek the death penalty even in the case of a cop killer. gascon will be working with adachi. >> we have less resources and
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yet we are seeing our case loads explodes. the workloads increased even higher. david chu is clear with the choice. >> i can't think that anyone doesn't believe that he has tremendous integrity, he knows what it is to uphold justice and he has an incredible depth of experience. >> reporter: gascon say he will work with gascon. john sasaki. >> when george gascon became san francisco's police chief in 2009 he was first outsider to get the job in 30 years. before that he was the chief of police for the mesa police department for three years. he joined mesa after serving as an assistant chief for the los angeles police department. that where he began his law
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enforcement career as an officer. gascon is also a member of the bar. >> for more on that part of the story we go to ktvu's maureen naylor, she's live in san francisco. >> reporter: the police department is in shock tonight no one saw this coming. george gascon will move from the fifth floor to the third floor to the district attorney's office. word that this word for a chief will be different. >> excellence is a journey. >> reporter: it was a short journey as police chief george gascon. now jeff godone is the interim chief. >> i was pretty shocked. i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: the head of the san francisco officers police organization says police department was a jolt to
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thedepartment. he wants a chief promoted from within. >> i was told that chief godone will be the interim chief but will not with considered for the job. and i was told there will no be a so called national search. >> reporter: but chief godone gave a tip that he would like to stay on the job. as for the new district attorney, one former san francisco police chief says the popular gascon can expect a very busy next few months. >> he will be closely scrutinized i think he's aware of that. i don't think he would have accepted the appointment if he didn't think he could win the election. >> reporter: the san francisco police commission and the newly appointed mayor are expected to
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meet this week to begin a search for a permanent police chief. ed lee hasn't taken the job of mayor and he has a hot item on his plate tonight. san francisco chief's attorney called gascon a stellar pick. i look forward to working closely with our new district attorney for the months and years to come. from a first district attorney to a new mayor. coming up in a few hours, san francisco will have three different mayor. gavin newsom takes the oath of lieutenant governor. president david chu will take over as acting mayor that's until ed lee is sworn into office on tuesday.
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lee who would become san francisco's first asian american mayor arrived from hong kong. he is said to have the confidence of many city officials. lee will finish out the new year of newsom's term and has said he has no interest in running for a full term in the fall. in tucson arizona tonight well wishers are keeping vigil for the victim's of alleged killing spree gunman jared loughner. six people were killed, 13 others were injured. candles, flowers and signs now sit where giffords is recovering tonight after emergency brain surgery. new information on the youngest victim is being released. adam housley is in tucson with
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the very latest, adam -- >> reporter: the good news tonight is all the people who were injured in the hospital are out of icu expect for the congresswoman. that comes after the gunman wounded 13 and killed six will be arraigned in court tomorrow. 22-year-old jared loughner shot 23 people outside a tucson store. he's now charged with two first degree murder counts, two attempted murder counts an one count of attempting to kill a member of congress. those counts -- prosecutors could bring charges in the remaining cases in court: among the dead 9-year-old christina taylor green. the girl was born on september 11th 2001, and was featured in a book called faces of hope. which tells the stories of children born on that tragic day. >> i can hold on to the
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wonderful, the nine beautiful years that i had with my daughter. >> reporter: meanwhile representative griffords remains heavily sedated in tucson. authorities say she was loughner's key motive. >> we are still in critical condition. brain swelling at any time can take a turn for the worse. >> reporter: meanwhile people here in the southwest have put up a vigil. >> reporter: at this hour the crime scene still hasn't been cleared. we're told that won't be done until tuesday because a specialized team has been delayed to get here.
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. one more note tonight, we're now being there was three heros. two men who tackled the gunman, and a woman who grabbed a magazine out of the suspect's hands as he was trying to reload. >> police credited three people with preventing a greater loss of life. a 53-year-old woman, who grabbed the magazine and two men tackled him. also today court papers filed against loughner found that he was trying to assassinate congresswoman giffords. the safe also contained a letter from the congresswoman thanking loughner for attending a 2000 event like the one she was holding yesterday. that mystery of the person of interest who was sought yesterday has been solved
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today. a man was seen with a suspected gunman, that man came forward today. tushes tushes-- turns out he was a taxi driver who brought the suspect to the location. after getting the money, they walked out together then separated. a healing service was held yesterday where congresswoman giffords attends church. congresswoman giffords was married in the reformed jewish temple to a astronaut. president oe obama is calling on all americans to take a
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moment to remember giffords. straight ahead for you tonight, the details of a hostage situation in sacramento and the unusual circumstance behind it. also coming up, what police are now telling us about a person found dead today and the connection to a san jose nightclub. and a pressure test played a role in the explosion in san bruno. get ready to pay more at the pump because it's something that happens thousands of miles away. we'll explain, the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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just about an hour ago a hostage situation in south sacramento ended peacefully. police say around 6:30 tonight they went to the home on mapleton way to inspect reports of an argument. when they arrived they found a gunman in his 20s that was holding four sisters from the ages of nine to 17-year-olds inside a home. the s.w.a.t. team was called out to the scene, eventually officers say they were able to convince the man to surrender and took them into custody. it appears the man had met one of those girls online. and had come from minnesota to meet her if for the first time today. the number of victims connected to a shooting in a
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downtown club grew today. >> it's scary that you can walk out and it's right here in front of you. >> reporter: officials believe his death is connected to the violence that broke out in the mexicali club. there appears to be a shoot out between a group of latino men. >> i just heard three gunshots that were close by here and we went inside and then we came outside to check what was going on because we heard a car take off real fast. >> reporter: when officers arrived on scene, two men were dead inside a club and a third man in his 20s was laying on the ground suffering from his gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital. >> quite a bit of violence, quite a bit of chaos and hysteria that we had to sort through and figure out what
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took place. >> reporter: police interviewed witnesses and determined there were at least two gun used. a man spotted a man's body in this suv. police believe the deaths are connected based on witnesses and the closeness of the body to the club. it's too early to tell if the shooting was gang related or . reporting from san jose, janine de la vega. in the south bay, a 15 year old girl is being treated for life threatening injuries tonight after an suv was hit her in the intersection of camden just after 1:00 a.m. saturday by a silver or grey japanese make vehicle.
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her boyfriend, garrett berger of fellton was arrested for being drunk in public. >> we do not believe that his intoxication had anything to do with the accident. but obviously we believe that alcohol is a contributing factor in this case. >> reporter: police believe the girl may also have been drinking, anyone who saw the hit and run collision is asked to contact police. what started out as a verbal fight inside a san francisco nightclub escalated at the point that three men attacked a man with a broken bottle. they found the two snacked men outside the temple nightclub. the two were taken to the hospital and they are expected to survive. no one has been arrested. a $250,000 reward is being offered tonight for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for killing a 20-year-old man four years ago this month. alberto casillas was shot to
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death on january 7, 2007 at club caliente on fulsome street. several hours before casillas was shot he was threatened by two men. oakland police are investigating another deadly shooting, this time one that claimed the life of a 15-year- old boy. ktvu's paul chambers reports. >> reporter: lovell would have turned 16 last month. he had prove previous run ins with the law but was working to improve his life. news on the death is taking a toll on the family who lost a relative last month. >> he walked down the aisle to look at my cousin in the casket. who's going to walk with me now. >> reporter: tanisha says her brother lovelle was going to meet with a friend last night
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but the next thing she heard, he had been shot. officers pronounced the fremont high school sophomore dead. >> nobody wants to see their sun 6 feet under. >> reporter: friends of the 15- year-old claim he was told a different story. >> i said what about your hard drive. and they said, we have to get police to look at this. and i said so we won't be able to look at it and he said no. >> reporter: police have not made any arrest and do not have a description of the shooter. a new report questions whether a pressure test on a pg & e pipeline caused the san bruno explosion. in september of last year, the
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natural gas explosion killed three people. pg & e raised the pressure in that line to the maximum allowable under wall. experts wonder if that test weakened the line. one called it a huge gamble. a decision is expected this week on a long disputed dog leash law in north bay beaches. the golden gate national recreation area is set to release a plan to address how dogs are controlled in marin county beaches and more than a dozen other sites. no details are being provided but officials say they are not looking to ban dogs completely. pet owners argue their dogs need space to run free. over the years there have been complaints about dogs trammabling on sensitive wildlife habitat and aggressive dogs attacking people and smaller animals and scaring children. if you drive you probably noticed the price of gas line continue to rise at the pump. prices have increased along
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with crude oil prices. few analysts shelby trumby says the prices are up the áf to $3.40. the average price for a gallon of regular runs $3.35. gas prices could get even higher because of a small leak. the operators haven't figured out what caused it. only about 10-barrels spilled but workers can't resume pumping oil until they are sure they can do it safely. so analysts say the price of crude oil could go up in the short point. supplies are adequate. twitts with ties to
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wikileaks. the military official official's online usage that the government wants to investigate.
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the government of iceland is demanding that the u.s. explain why it's stigating an elected official. the u.s. department is asking a u.s. ambassador to release her documents. the u.s. is trying to build a case against wikileaks. in oár other news of the world. in iran, 35 people survived afr a passenger plane broke apart during an emergency
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landing today. 71 others were killed. the pilot of the iran air boeing 727 had reported some sort of technical problem to the control tower. reports said the plane wound up in farmland while making a second attempt to land. in sudan, the lines were already long when the sun came up today. residents of a southern parking southern part of the african nation are calling to build a new nation. voting is scheduled to take a week and the referendum is expected to pass. sudan is widely poor but rich in oil. israeli bulldozer destroyed a historic hotel. in its place 20 apartments are to be build for israelis. pelestinians and the iranian government denied it was a move toward peace. a new study out tonight
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says smoking could disappear by the middle of the century. the report comes from a study in britain where in the 60s, nine out of 10 people smoked, that's down to six. the first cars were supposed to reach the bay area in mid-december, so far only a handful of the drivers have been able to drive one home. it's unclear why the roll out is running behind. some believe nissan may be doing quality testing while others believe delays due to the car's high tech battery. and ford unveiled a battery-
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powered version of it's focus. the new electrical accelerates quickly and quietly going from zero to 60 in less than 10 seconds. it can drive from 80 to 100 miles on a full charge. unlike gm's volt. the ford focus does not have a gasoline engine for back up. >> we are electrifying our -- we're going to have a conventional gasoline engine. we'll have a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and full electric. >> reporter: ford this week will introduce new hybrid models in detroit. pure electric and hybrid vehicles will be five to 10% of the worldwide fleet by 2010. and shooting in arizona not only brings questions about
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an update now on the shooting rampage in tucson that left an arizona congresswoman seriously injure. 13 others wounded and six people dead. prosecutors today charged 22- year-old jared loughner with a number of federal crimes. including attempted assassination of a member of congress and murder. they found evidence in loughner's home showing he planned to kill congresswoman giffords. doctors said they were optimistic about giffords recovery. >> congresswoman giffords was
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able to communicate with us through hand motions. and we feel very positive about that. loughner will be in court to face those murder charges, state charges are to follow. neighbors say loughner stayed to himself and often watched him walking his dog. loughner's high school friend says that loughner once asked him to go target shooting with him in the desert. tragedy in tucson has put members in congress on notice with flags at halfstaff. >> i think it needs to be a wake up call for members who have treated security in a
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cavalier, their own personal security in a cavalier way. >> reporter: on the web and on sunday talk shows, lawmakers debated whether heightened myth cal rhetoric on various issues including health care and illegal immigration fueled the alleged shooters anger. >> it's gotten so elevated until people feel enboldened by this. >> this is from justice phillips the cofounder of one of the group's tea party nation quote, within the entire political spectrum there are extremists both on the left and the right. violence of this nature should be decried by everyone and not used for political gain. how do you respond to that, sir. >> the fact of the matter is, we just came out of the election. we saw a candidate for the u.s. senate. saying if you can't get what you have at the ballot box, let's seek second amendment remedies. what does that mean? that is a very vitriolic statement. >> reporter: as for the gun
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debate. >> i think we need to enforce the existing gun laws that face barriers for those who are mentally unstable to gun ownership or gun use. >> i don't think that plays into this at all. i don't think this really, i think they are unrelated. it's probably about a very sick individual and what should have been done for that person. >> reporter: others are concerned any association with the alleged shooter and the tea party is not just unfair but irresponsible perhaps even contributing to a more dangerous rhetoric. >> all information from local authorities so far are that loughner acted alone. but calls for toning down the rhetoric on both sides seem to be welcomed by lawmakers of both parties. in washington, bret baier. congresswoman giffords is in a clinically entuesdayed coma to help her heal -- clinically endeuced coma to
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help her heal. the big concern right now is brain swelling. but he says surgeons have learned a great deal about treating such injuries. >> we've become much more aggressive with the treatment of penetrating brain injuries such as gunshot wounds. this comes from both our civilian experience and what we've learned from the conflicts in iran and afghanistan. >> reporter: congresswoman giffords doctors are hopeful about her recovery although they warn it could be weeks before they know how well she came through her surgery. a former intern of the congresswoman says he was face to face with the suspect in yesterday's mass shooting. 19-year-old alex villex says, his job was to redistrict constituents who wanted to speak to giffords. that's when he came face to face with the gunman. >> i was shaken to the core and the only thing i could think about is that i wasn't going to
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be able to get out of there safe. >> the staffer says that he ran to safety. and governor brown has not offered any specifics on his proposal to bridge an estimated $28 million deficit. however budget insiders say they expect him to propose many of the same deep cuts to services such as health department care and welfare that were backed by arnold schwarzenegger in the last years. brown may propose a special election with ballot measures that may increase taxes. >> reporter: when mayor newsom is sworn in tomorrow there will
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be a familiar person there. his father, judge newsom. and we're talking football. the eagles face off against the wolf pack. it has been a dry stretch across the bay area. but that's about to change. mark tamayo is facing a storm headed our way. when you can expect rain in your workweek.
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take a look at these pictures, the south is getting hit with snow and freezing rain. the national weather service issued winter storm warnings from eastern texas to north carolina. the governors of louisiana issued emergency declarations
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and asked people to stay homes. hundreds of flights have been cancelled out of atlanta and delta airlines cancelled 1,400 flights tomorrow. our weather pattern has been changing a bit over the past 24 hours. with the clearing skies for tonight, temperatures already dropping off rapidly. right now in the maps, yet at this time we had persistent low cloud cover basically over the entire bay area. right now the clouds closer to fresno and right and hensford. the latest observations there we go, just switched over to the 10:00 numbers. santa rosa, napa 35 degrees right now in a few more neighborhoods. we'll go ahead and switch over once again, you can see livermore once again checking in at 35 degrees on track to reach the 20s overnight. so far tonight with our bay area forecast, fair skies, very koáld out there for tomorrow morning, patchy weather clouds.
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few high clouds on the increase into the afternoon hours. we do bring in the chance of a few light showers in the extended forecast. look at all the 20s. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, antioch, livermore right around 20 degrees. oakland 34 and san francisco, you know it's chilly in san francisco when it's in the upper 40s. up here in the pacific, we have a -- mainly just a few high clouds for your mondays afternoon into the evening hours. here is the approach of that problemmal system for tuesday. more clouds and the chance of a few scattered light showers, the focus of the activity will be up in the north bay. but this is not a major storm. here's our cloud and rainfall model at 5:00 you will definitely notice an increase. then into tuesday morning, we could have a few pop up showers. you can see favoring the
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northern area. we must bring in a chance during the afternoon hours on tuesday. your bay area forecast tomorrow morning, 7:00 30 to 42 degrees. by 12:00, partly to sunny skies 30 to 48. temperatures for afternoon highs most areas will be in the low to mid-50s. here's a look at the numbers, santa rosa 51. san jose 54 and morgan hill 54 degrees. a look ahead, a very cold morning tomorrow morning. for tuesday not as bad with a few scattered showers out there. morning clouds on wednesday and a chance of a few light showers on thursday. partly cloudy skies on friday, forecast models yesterday are bringing significant rainfall for the weekend. looks like a change in the forecast. >> thank you, mark. a mega millions ticket bought in livermore, it came very close to winning the
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jackpot. the winning numbers matched five numbers but not the mega number. so it is worth more than $188,000. not one got all six numbers so tuesday's jackpot will now be worth $20 million. tonight there was football at san francisco's premier baseball park. that's where boston college faced off against the university of nevada. >> we're in the house, nevada is rocking it. >> nevada was rocking it. the kraft bowl. >> we love the stadium and we're so happy to be here. >> reporter: according to kraft, one in six americans struggle with hunger.
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and there are more americans struggling to put food on the table than six years ago. and a raider probowler sees his contract voided. we'll see you who will be a free agent in just a matter of months. and wild card nfl play offs are in the books. we'll tell you who's going home and who will continue, next. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪
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