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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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killing the boy. you see pictures here of the scene. several police cars still at the scene investigate ing what happened. this all took place on fleming avenue. not far from booker t. anderson park. witnesses were able to get a license plate number, it is 6lu- u524. again the suspects vehicle is a white dodge avenger. we're working to get more details and as they become available, we will bring them to you. back now to our top story, as promised governor jerry brown today proposed a bare bones state budget. one he says calls for tough decisions to put california's health in order. the belt tightening includes a pay cut for most state workers saving some $381,000. a million slashed from the cal state university system and a $1.7 million cut in medical. the insurance program for needy
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and disabled tom vacar will have reaction to these pay cuts. but first, ken pretty pritchett. >> reporter: the budget that governor brown proposed contains deep cuts and it relies on voters cooperation, both of which are in doubt. governor brown says his tax cuts are dangerous. >> that have pushed this state deeper and deeper into debt. >> reporter: brown's budget proposal balances a projected budget gap over 18 months by cutting spending by $12.5 billion. k-12 education is the only segment spared but that may depend on if voters extend current boxes in a june special election. brown is counting on republicans in the legislature to support calling a special election. >> i met with republicans and i would say that they are not,
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they're not locked in stone in opposition. >> reporter: but republican opposition was clear within minutes. >> i do not agree with his assessment. he is overly optimistic. in fact, that's almost unrealistic. >> reporter: democrats were more receptive. >> our federal funds have run out, the temporary taxes are ending, there are no more patches. >> reporter: brown is calling on the legislature to cut the gaps without knowing if voters will leave a gaping hole in his plan. >> if we don't have the taxes it's going to be difficult, even draconian if i can use that word. >> reporter: brown's plan calls for cutting programs as long as funding to local government. they will begin debating his plan this week. ken pritchett. now from ken we go to
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ktvu's tom vacar who has what these cuts will mean to hundreds of thousands of families trying to get off welfare and he's live in san francisco tonight, tom. >> reporter: that's more than a billion dollars. those budget cuts to needy families are as cold as the winds that blow here between state and federal buildings on church street. >> we're here, we're loud. >> reporter: people gathered outside of brown's san francisco office protesting cuts. one example, welfare to work. designed to assist people to get into the work force with cash, education, child care and other support. freed knows it's value firsthand. >> i was able to go back to school. i was able to get my aa degree. i was able to continue on. i'm finishing up right now getting my bachelor's degree. without that i wouldn't have been able to go to school at all. >> reporter: 700 billion came
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in cuts to reduce enrollment. the remaining almost 400 million comes from such things as child care, job training, and other support services. >> some people come from you know battered homes and got out of the worse situations imaginable and are making it and needed this little bit of support. >> reporter: of the 580,000 california families currently enrolled 458,000 will remain. but 122,000 families will be eliminated from welfare to work programs. >> for those mothers who are going to school, they're going to have to drop out of school. for the mothers who are working, they're going to have to quit their jobs. they're going to have to start all over. they're going to have to go back on welfare. that's everyone if they can get back on welfare. >> reporter: get this, the best case scenario, best case assumes of course that there will be no further budget cuts. that's an iffy assumption at best. reporting live, consumer editor
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tom vacar, ktvu news. governor brown's budget cuts spares just one area, and that's k-12 programs. in the south bay today, educators were grateful to be spared the latest budget cuts but still they say the status quo is not good enough. >> we've had cuts that have been massive. it's not so much protecting where we are but getting us back to a place where we're adequately educating our students. >> reporter: the higher education did not fair as well. the new budget plan calls for slashes plans by a total of $1 billion. for more information on this budget proposal. just go to our website. and the man accused of
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critically wounding a congresswoman went to court today. doctors say they are optimistic about congresswoman's giffords condition. >> reporter: good evening, behind me you can see that a memorial for victims of saturday's shooting here in tucson continues to grow. earlier today the shooter faced a federal judge for his first court appearance to answer charges of murder. at his first court appearance since gunning down 20 people outside an arizona grocery store. a reading of the federal charges against him. among them 22-year-old jared loughner faces seven murders, plus attempting to assassinate a congressperson. >> we have documents to prove that. >> reporter: among those do you means an envelope inside a safe in loughner's home. along with the words, i planned
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ahead, my assassination and giffords. 911 calls paint a picture of just how horrific the shooting was. >> this is guy was mentally disturbed. he was isolated. >> reporter: eight of loughner's victims were hospitalized. >> we're not out of the woods yet. that swelling can take three day, five days to maximize. >> reporter: family members have heard from the president. including the parents of 9-year- old christina greene. they say that she would have been very impressed because she was interested in politics and that's why she was at that event on saturday. and over my shoulder, you can see that dozens of people have gathered for this memorial service for the victims who are
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still recovering at the hospital here. we've been here since saturday. just a couple of hours after the shooting took placefuls -- plac and we've been seeing this memorial has been growing. this community is really banding together in support of these families and victims. in washington today, people pause to mark the tragedy in tucson. president obama and first lady michelle obama led the nation in a moment of silence. the president told reporters today the nation is still in shock and grieving. >> as president of the united states, but also as a father obviously i'm spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them. >> the event prompted members of congress to take a look at
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their own security. bay area congressman the gerrimendi has been part of his political life for 30 years now. especially at town meetings. >> there's been shouting especially from tea party members. the shootings in tucson have prompted a nationwide debate over the polarization of u.s. politics. >> we have to have a level of discourse where you can disagree on a policy issue but it doesn't become an advocacy for violence or hatred. >> reporter: right now there is just one suspect in the arizona attacks. but around the country people are talking about the heated rhetoric in american politics and whether it may have played
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a role in that tragedy. coming up at 6:00, hear what the bay area has the to say about the controversy. the night before she was shot, congresswoman giffords sent an e-mail to a friend. tray grayson. in the e-mail she said she congratulated him on his new position at harvard university. i think that we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down. president obama ordered flags lowered to half staff. the federal building in oakland was among those that lowered it's flag in memory of those killed in tucson on saturday. a number of private building also lowered their flags today in light of what happened. for more information, you can go to our website a gay right's group pushed
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ahead on the military's don't ask don't tell law. last month congress repealed the ban on gay's serving openly in the military. the military department then asked the judge to give them time to put the new law into place. and tonight the faa and the national transportation safety board are investigating a plane crash. the crop dusting plane crashed this morning. deputies were among to respond. witnesses say the s2r trush commander airplane crashed. the faa says the plane is registered to a company in walnut grove. alameda police say they are investigating a minor accident involving an mc transit bus and an ambulance. the ambulance was pulling up
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when the bus pull ed away from the curb and both vehicles collided. no one was hurt, both vehicles do have minor damage. when it comes to talk in the san francisco government, it may seem like a game of political chairs, but when will it stop. and we'll have the timing of the next potential rainmaker.
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it's kind of like a game of musical chairs around san francisco politics. right now the seat that is open is around chief. chief gascon became district attorney. the search is on now for who's going to replace him. tonight we're learning that
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three people are being considered including one who would make history if she is selected. ktvu's rob roth is live in san francisco tonight with more on this, rob. >> reporter: frank, george gascon spent his first day today as san francisco district attorney. but here at the hall of justice the question now is who will be the next police chief. >> reporter: george gascon spent much of the day addressing his staff. he says he has mixed feelings about leaving his position as chief but sees it as an opportunity to improving the relationship between departments. but gascon's job change leaves an opening at chief again. >> i'm not going to run for the chief of police position.
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i'm just being term chief. >> reporter: gascon is well respected and some have said they feel betrayed that he's leaving the department. >> we're back at square one: my members want stability, they want continuity, they want a mission. >> reporter: three of the names being floated to become the next chief, deputy police chief denise smith would be the city's first lesbian or gay -- first openly lesbian or gay chief. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a winter storm is making it's way up the western
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seaborg. from the carolinas to louisiana. the storm has dumped up to 8- inches of snow in some arealess. stranded vehicles are littering the roadways. the storm caused the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights. many were delta or air tran flights out of atlanta. well the effects of all that bad weather are being felt at san francisco international airport. five arrivals from atlanta were cancelled. an air tran cancelled it's only flight to atlanta. delta airlines only arrival and departure were cancelled due to rough weather. here in the bay area, things weren't that bad but it was unusually cold this morning for us with low temperatures around freezing. frost has been a regular sight on windshields and lawns the
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past several days. and people have had to bundle up for the morning commute as they waited for b.a.r.t. and caltrans. >> let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo. i think all the heaters are cranking. >> yeah, and tomorrow you might need your umbrella as well. tomorrow morning not as cold as this morning. but not to say it's not going to be cold, we'll still have some 30s out there in parts of the bay area. on the map, you may have may have noticed from mid- to late afternoon, we do have partly to cloudy skies. temperatures already showing up. your forecast is this, by 8:00 38-43 with mostly cloudy skies. by 10 10:00, still cloudy and cool. that's setting the stage for
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another cold morning but not as cold. we have quite a few 20s showing up on the map this morning for santa rosa, fairfield and livermore. tomorrow the coolest locations right around the 23 degrees mark. napa, san francisco 40 and san jose in the mid-30s right around 35 degrees. spot forecast for san jose you can see what happens, we bring in the possibility of a few showers, the best chance will be up in the northern half of the bay area as this weather system moves in from the pacific. tomorrow morning in san jose, 7:00 38 degrees. by 12:00 49. definitely the clouds a factor and a few showers moving into the region. here's our rainfall forecast model. we're dry right now. we're dry for tonight. look what happens by 7:00. a little bit of action moving into parts of the north bay. this is at 7:00, the afternoon hours will be a completely different story coming up in our full forecast. we'll take a look at the complete outlook with our rain cast model we will also have a look at your five day as well. the tragic shootings in
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tucson have touched the astronauts on the international space station. >> please join me and the rest of the expedition crew in a moment of silence. >> reporter: commander scott kelly and the crew at the space station observed a moment of silence. scott kelly is the brother of giffords husband who is also an astronaut. >> as i look out, i see a planet that seems very peaceful, but it's not. >> reporter: kelly is keeping in touch with his family via an internet phone. after two years in orbit, the kepler spacecraft has made an important discovery. the kepler has discovered a new
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planet. it's called the kepler kanb. nasa says the discovery is quote a significant milestone in the search for planets similar to ours. how all of this is connected to what the justice department is doing. also police in palo alto sending out a warning tonight, why they want people to be aware of their surroundings. it's the latest step for confirmation on a rumor carrying between verizon wireless and one of the hottest tech toys around. is verizon saying i do to the iphone? >> take a look at this. a woman caught on tape pulling a fast one. the sneaky way the suspect is stealing packages without
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getting noticed. and will there no longer be toll takers? but there's a twist to this story.
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a lawyer for twitter has labeled as harassment a federal subpoena related to the investigation of wikileaks. the federal department wants asange's computer records. the economy was the number one topic when president obama spent time with the french president. >> we have discussed how we can coordinate our agendas to make sure we are as productive as
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possible in delivering the kinds of reforms and follow through that will result in prosp era ty around the world. and an expected announcement tomorrow that verizon will have the iphone available. the concern, that at & t will lose a lot of business. the dow ended up down 37 points
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closing at 11,637. the nasdaq gained four points ending the day at 2,707. sun down corporation of san jose -- the first plant will be built in loscados. the system will generate 25% more power than fixed solar panels. something that happened at the state capital here today has traumatically changed the san francisco political scene. it's cold, how cold is it? enough to make some people happy. and enough to make some people snap. dealing with the chill coming up.
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duties upon which i am about to enter. all right. he made a name for himself as the head of san francisco. today gavin newsom is taking on a statewide challenge. newsom says he will try to implement some of the successful programs he created in san francisco all across the state of california. he is now second in command of the state. john sasaki is live with more. >> reporter: gavin newsom is no longer the san francisco mayor. that's because his office is now here inside the state capital. we watched as he was sworn in as california's 49th lieutenant governor. the state senate chambers were filled to the rafters to watch
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san francisco mayor newsom. >> the duties which i am about to enter. all right. >> reporter: after giving half an hour speech with no note, newsom spoke how he was going to bring new programs to the state, and green jobs. >> we opened a new office in china. these are now things we can do as a lieutenant governor. >> reporter: newsom's stature around the world will only help the stage. >> he is an international entrepreneur but also a thinker and i think that's great for who's to come. >> very enthusiastic. not afraid of taking chances, takes risks for the betterment of the state. i think the state is in great
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hands. >> reporter: the man expected to take newsom's place as interim mayor ed lee also attended the ceremony and is said to be sworn in himself tomorrow afternoon. john sakaki. the hayward police department's investigation into an officer's fatal shooting of a 65-year-old man has concluded that shooting was justified. randall loronzo was 15 feet away and advanced on the officer while holding a knife during the december 30th encounter on depot road. lorenzo was shot after he refused to drop his knife. investigators say the victim was too close for the officer to risk his safety by using a stun gun. palo alto police are warning people to be aware of their surroundings at all time after another robbery there. a man pulled a gun on a woman early saturday morning. this happened in the victim's driveway. the man demanded and took the woman's purse before he ran on to oregon avenue.
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he is described as a tall, young man with no facial hair. the sixth man accused of gang raping a richmond teenager will be back in court today. the judge today said the defendants will be able to enter pleas on february 23rd. the two new attorneys -- and two new attorneys were appointed for two of the men. five of the six are charged under a 1994 rape law that could send them to prison for life. their attorneys are asking to have those charges reduced. the lesser charge could send them to prison for as many as eight years. fairfield police are releasing the discovery of a body of a 60-year-old man on west texas street. investigators are treating the case as a possible homicide. a public work's employee found the body around 8:00 a.m. the man suffered some kind of trauma to his head and face. just about everybody is
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talking about it. the bone chilling weather, it is cold day and night. we have mark tamayo telling us what we can expect. but let's start with robert handa and how people are dealing with this cold. >> reporter: we're at the ice rink in san jose, many people here enjoy or tolerate cold weather but that attitude changes when the chill cuts into their every day lives. temperatures in the 30s and 40s are nice if you like ice. the bocin family says today's temperatures helped keep the ice rink solid and cold. >> we've had to put water on our cars in the morning to start, to get the kids to school. bundle up getting our scarves and hats and warm boots. >> reporter: the most common complain is how frost damages yards and gardens. mat lipo addressed what he calls the most common mistakes such as pruning frozen parts of
5:34 pm
a plant. >> you need to leave that damaged material on there as an insuelator in case you get further frost. >> reporter: lepo says covering the plants is important. >> if worse comes to worse and you can't get out there and do any of that. you want to go out and ice off the plants. the moisture will actually freeze and create an ice blanket on the leaves. >> reporter: ice can help plants but not roads. even on a sunny day, water can freeze into ice and shadows creating black ice. the california highway patrol put out black ice warnings today in sonoma, and napa and recently here in the mountains. >> identify seen a -- i've seen a lot of spin out people. so i'm being very cautious.
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>> reporter: live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you robert. and now we go to ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo. >> a little bit of relief. let's take a look at some of the reports from early this morning. santa rosa down to 25 degrees this morn. napa 27, nevado28, and gilroy 29. we had a cool northerly flow with clearing skies. temperatures dropped to right around the freezing mark. that was the range this morning. there is a system offshore that's already generating high clouds. those high clouds will be on the increase. we're mostly expecting lower 30s rather than mid-20s. santa rosa right around 30 degrees. concord 35 degrees. there is a weather system offshore that will soon increase our shower chances coming up i'll highlight the areas that will receive just a
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few sprinkles and a few neighborhood can be approaching just a quarter of an inch. i'll have the full break down coming up in just a little bit. one of the oldest freeway overpasses in the bay area is scheduled to come crashing down this week. in a $63 million rebuilding project that began last month. caltrans will close eastbound ramp to southbound highway 101 tonight through friday from 11:00 p.m. snl until 5:00 a.m. during that time crew will demolish the off ramp that was opened back in 1970. a $10,000 reward. the information at&t is willing to pay for when it comes to a crime spree in the east bay. pg & e says it did years of work in a pipeline that exploded. and what new evidence has found in one key bay area road.
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to the maximum legal limits two years before the blast. according to a san francisco chronicle,pg & e officials say the pressure was raised to 400 pounds per square inch for two
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hours back in december of 2008. the artificial spike was part of the company's practice and was done at a very safe level. but experts call it a huge gamble saying the increase of pressure could increase the strain. the explosion leveled 38 homes and killed eight people. and at&t is offering a reward for someone vandalizing a phone box. a california lawmaker said today that a new law is saving lives on a busy san francisco thoroughfare. the law fathered by leland yee. yee reported there has not been a single pedestrian fatality since that law took effect.
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in the previous four years from 2003 to 2007 there were 10 10 pedestrian deaths. drivers are waiting up to six weeks to get their new licenses with enhanced security features. the dmv says the vendor is struggling with raised lettering and how state of california panels are being transmitted. pharmacist took the witness stand today for michael jackson's doctor. tim watkins testified that dr. murray bought seven viles of prophopol in the months before michael jackson's death. intel agreed to pay money
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to settle a lengthy legal fight. it all started a few years ago when intel filed suit claiming that invidia was not approved to produce chips. eight days in a row of dry weather but the clouds have been increasing all day. coming up i'll have the details and the timing of the storm system that will soon impact the bay area forecast. new at 6:00, take a look at this. a woman caught on tape pulling a fast one. the sneaky way the suspect is stealing people's packages without getting noticed. a new plan to eliminate all toll takers on the golden gate bridge. before you get too excited, there's one very important twist in this story.
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congressmen are making changes after the shooting of congresswoman giffords. congressman cardoza said he has been looking to move his office for several months now. and the shooting in tucson only hastened his decision. we're just getting word now from washington, d.c. that president obama set to visit arizona on wednesday to attend a memorial for shooting victims on wednesday. the president led a moment of silence at the white house today and there's a growing vigil at that site at tucson. doctors in arizona reported continuous improvement in
5:46 pm
congresswoman gifford. we're learning details of how she's surviving a gunshot wound to her brain. >> reporter: i've learned maybe that she's left-handed. >> doctors who have been reporting who have been caring for her, have been forthcoming about how positive the news is so far. >> reporter: center east bay jeffrey randall, we've learned in the last few days here at eden hospital trauma center, two patients with similar injuries died. doctors say after a bullet passes through brain swelling begins the enemy. the left hemisphere here contains speech and verbal centers. giffords speech may be further spared if she's one of the
5:47 pm
lucky rare left-handed just like with jim brady, also shot in the head during the last assassination attempt in the u.s., it's possibly gifford will have problems left on the left side. but the will to survive are on giffords side. >> everything we know about congresswoman giffords is she is very high spirited. and if anyone is going to pull out of this it would be her. >> reporter: reporting live, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. the shooting ram rampage in arizona is touching people
5:48 pm
from arizona to washington to hollywood. actress gwyneth paltrow is related to congresswoman giffords. the official returned the device immediately. esteban nunez is serving a 10 year sentence for manslaughter. coming up next at 6:00, the bay area bridge that is considering eliminating all toll takers. julie haener is in the newsroom with some of the other stories we're working on. >> reporter: a ktvu exclusive involving an unusual crime. watch this video closely. the woman you see is stealing packages from the front porch of people's homes. where it's happening and what's being done to try to catch her. the man suspected of killing six people and shooting a congresswoman in tucson appeared in court today. tonight, we'll look at all the heated political rhetoric from both sides and examine whether it's getting out of hand.
5:49 pm
plus continued coverage on jerry brown's proposal which he says doesn't include any gimmicks but it does propose a lot of cuts. tonight what he is proposing and the area not being cut on to the weather now, a lot of people are going to have very expensive heating bills because it is cold out there. warming up any time soon mark? >> just a little bit for tomorrow morning. i think you are still going to be shivering for tomorrow morning. we could soon be seeing showers tomorrow as well. the clouds will continue to be on the increase and temperatures on the cool side. more clouds for tomorrow, a few showers weekend,
5:50 pm
alreadytracking that. at least the weather pattern and looks like it will be a high one. in the afternoon hours on advance of this system out here in the pacific, there's a nice accumulation but it's a fairly weak system for us. especially for the south bay we're just talking about a chance. these amounts very light. only a few .1 of an inch to maybe .25 of an inch and that's just about it. as far as our forecast, we're dry tonight and we'll take this into tomorrow morning. again 8:00, a little bit of activity. a few sprinkles showing up. 8:00 quite a few clouds in place. you can see what -p has by mid- afternoon by 4:00, still a few showers approaching the shoreline. they are the highest chance will be north of the golden gate bridge then we're going to hold on to that possibility into the evening hours on tuesday as well. here's the forecast for tomorrow at 7:00, once again bundle up. by lunchtime, 43 to 48. the chance of a few showers
5:51 pm
like we showed you. then a few showers at 4:00 as well. 48 to 53 degrees. very cold in the morning. the afternoon temperatures still on the cool side with 40s in santa rosa, napa and fairfield. oakland right around 51 degrees. half-moon bay tops out 52. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast and it is a fairly quiet weather pattern for wednesday i should say. we could have a few lingering sprinkles. not a big deal. you can see overnight lows coming up a bit in the lower 40s. there is a slight chance of a shower on thursday. by friday and saturday into sunday, typically this time, it's tracking very strong storms. looks like an extended period of dry weather potentially as we do head into the weekend. see you at 6:00. >> thanks mark. we have breaking news from downtown oakland right now. we're getting word there may be a problem on the b.a.r.t. tracks near the 19th street station. there are reports of a fire on
5:52 pm
the third rail. the oakland fire department is on the scene we're working to get more information because this could potentially impact a lot of commuters. when we do get more we'll bring it to you during this newscast or the news at 6:00. new information out today reveals what -- also revealing today what could be a risk factor when it comes to autism. and it has to do with how quickly you space your babies.
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new research suggests that birth space may play a part in autism. researchers studied babies born from 1982 to 1992. they found children that were born three years or less after their sibling were more likely to acquire autism. parents are more likely -- the americanhearted association wants all students to learn how to perform cpr and use a defibrillator by the time they graduate from high school. the bill adds that students should be required to learn cpr. at least 36 states either require the training or at
5:56 pm
least encourage it. san jose schools today received se welcomed news and a big donation that could have them turning out the broadcasters of the future. a nonprofit group called create tv is giving a half million dollar grant to schools in san jose for new media equipment. schools can also apply for $50,000 grant either for a portable studio or field production kit. >> so it's going to look something like you know five high end cameras, five computers with a final cut probe and adobe suite on it so these students have access to these critical media tools. >> reporter: creative will be working with the schools to produce a minimum of 30 minutes of television program every month. the shows that the students create will air on the create tv channel. the search is on for the
5:57 pm
grinch who stole christmas in an affluent peninsula community. and the video released today that police hope will catch her.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a story you will see only on two. a woman caught on tape swiping packages off front porches. the bay area neighborhood where it's happening. the governor unveiling his budget cutting proposal. and some of the programs that face the ax. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. police in the south bay are asking for your help tonight in identifying a young woman caught on surveillance video stealing packages from the doorsteps of homes. it's a story you will see only on 2. ktvu's maureen naylor joins us now, she's live in los altos, maureen. >> reporter: at least two homes have been targeted. police think there's more victims out there. they want everyone to take a good look at this video right now and see if they recognize the woman in it. the video was


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