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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 10, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the tucson of congresswoman giffords today as people leave candles and notes for her recovery. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. first jared loughner appeared
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before a court. the condition of rep g irk ffords remains in critical condition. >> gaby giffords and others are still fighting to recover. families are still absorbing the enormity of their losses. >> the tucson suspect has been held without bail. he targeted congresswoman giffords and his writings on an e-mail detail his dislike of the government. ken wayne has the story. >> reporter: loughner has a shaved head. he appears to be shirking or
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smiling and appears to have a black eye. charges that could lead to the death penalty. loughner said he did. the hearing was held midst tight security 1,000 miles from the shooting. fbi agents reportedly had trouble getting into loughner's home after someone put plywood blockading the front door. in the yard of the home, there was a shrine with a skull, no one really knows what it means. >> no one was going to ask him what it was, because, yeah. he made people feel uncomfortable. he made people people
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threatened. >> reporter: a masked individual burns an american flag. in another, writing about government mind criminal. the registrar's office says loughner registered as an independent. tonight representative gabrielle giffords remains in critical care. giffords cat scans show no additional swelling in her brain. >> at this point in the game, no change is shown and no change is good. she's the still following hands commands. >> reporter: the bullet penetrated just one side of her
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brain and she was conscious and responsive before going into surgery. doctors say brain swelling remains a threat in giffords case. as a precaution, they've removed part of her skull to allow brain swelling. representative giffords husband has issued his last statement. he says his wife was doing what she loved most, hearing from her constituents when she was shot. and kelly said, i want to extend our heartfelt tkpwratty taoud to the people of arizona and this great nation --
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heartfelt gratitude to the people of arizona. >> her father says that there are moments when his grief is unbearable. >> like this morning. just waking up. she, she comes over and says daddy it's time to get up. and she didn't do that this morning. >> christina taylor was born on september 11, 2001 and was featured in a book about children born that day. a book called faces of hope. john mccarthy role, gabriel zimmerman, fill his sclneck and
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dorothy morris 76, were some of the victims. ktvu's heather holmes is now in oakland. >> reporter: julie, imagine you've just finished your shopping, you're standing out here outside your locasafeway and you're faced with a gunman. what do you do? three people took heroic measures. >> reporter: the chaos and carnage ended when witnesses saw a chance and took it. bill badger made a move to bring down the gunman. >> somebody else took a chair and they hit him on the back of the head and he slumped forward. that gave me the opportunity to grab his left arm, and put my other hand up in his back and shove him down. >> reporter: badger and another
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man secured the shooter on the ground. >> he started hollering, but we held him there. >> reporter: the suspect was down but still tried to reload his gun. >> he dropped it out of his pocket, he was down and i was able to get it before he got it. >> daniel hernandez, a university of arizona junior showed no fear in the face of gunfire. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer led an ovation for gabrielle giffords intern. >> all i saw was the entry wound. that's where i was applying the pressure. >> reporter: and that pressure just may have saved giffords
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life. others that would be incredibly save is joseph goddard, he dove on top of his wife to protect her from the gunshots, he was shot and killed. >> we'll have more on the tucson story in about 15 minutes. including another conversation with a congresswoman who witnessed the shooting of the congresswoman and died herself. we will tell you more about the santa cruz connection to one of the victims. in richmond police say three people are being questioned at this hour in connection with that city's first homicide of the year. a 16-year-old boy was shot to death this afternoon as he walked out of his grandmother's house. the victim has been identified as teshawn brisbie. police say the gunman got into a white dodge avenger and drove away. two hours after the shooting, police found that dodge avenger and the three people who have now been detained. berkeley high school will review it's security propowe
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call after a student took a gun -- protocall after a student took a gun to school today. berkeley police are not saying at this point if they have arrested the student. now to a story you will see only on 2. an unusual crime in the south bay and it was captured on video. it involves a woman who walked up right up to homes and stole packages. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows a car driving into a cul-de-sac. then a woman with a pink suit and boots walked to the door carrying a package and leaves with another box at hand. she swapped an empty box for a box with presents. then she walks away.
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a second camera shows her bright red hair. >> to have someone walk right up to the door and take our presents, we were really shocked. >> reporter: the family found the empty package when they returned from a christmas trip. shows out the box had been stolen from a neighbor and emptied out. >> she took my girl's christmas presents, that's wrong. their her christmas presents. i really hope they catch her. >> this gal actually, she was the last one you would think of as being a crook. >> reporter: police are now looking for this gold honda accord, four door, mid-1990s model with spoilers and black custom rims. the woman in this video may be linked to an auto burglary. we posted the video on
10:11 pm in los altos maureen naylor, ktvu. earlier at about 5:30 during the evening commute pittsburgh and richmond bound trains were briefly delayed. the problem was a fire in a tunnel. no word on what sparked that fire. coming up next you will hear from the man expected to be san francisco's next mayor. >> i don't consider myself anyone elses puppet. >> see what else edwin said when we tracked him down. jerry brown says, not this year, the deep cuts he's proposing and how cuts could be even worse depending on what voters do. the areas dropping into the lower 30s, first thing tomorrow morning. we're going to look into the radar and show you just how close the rain is to the bay area.
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san francisco's new board of supervisors meets tomorrow. the first order of business is installation of edwin lee as interim mayor. amber lee, no relation here, tracked him down to talk to him. >> reporter: today we spoke to him as he is prepareing to take
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over the mayor's office tomorrow afternoon. san francisco council member, and soon to be mayor ed lee met with supervisors. the 58-year-old has served under three mayors. i asked him as interim mayor if he will be carrying out the policies of his former boss gavin newsom. >> i don't consider myself anybody's puppet. >> reporter: lee told us his expertise is as supervisor of programs. he describes himself not as a politician but as a representative of persons.
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lee sued the san francisco fire department. >> are you still a troublemaker? >> in some ways probably. >> reporter: board of supervisor president chu tells us he anticipating a much smoother relationship with lee than the contentious relationship with newsom. >> i think lee is someone who will be able to work with us extremely well. he's demonstrated that as a city administrator. >> i look forward to taking on this very awesome position. the incoming mayor is also grand marshal of next week's chinese new year's parade. you can also catch lee tomorrow
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morning on mornings on 2. he's expected to call us first before he is sworn in in the afternoon. one very important job facing the new mayor will be naming a new chief of police. former chief george gascon was named district attorney and sworn in yesterday. gascon was the police chief for just 14 months and came from outside the department. the head of the police department says he would like to see the next chief to be chosen from the ranks. >> i think that person now after this latest test of going outside i think we now need to go back inside. >> these names have been mentioned, denise smitz and greg sur and dennis oleary. california new governor says it's time to put the state's financial house in order.
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jerry brown says those decision includes cuts of $500 million from the university of california. 400million from california state universities. 1.7 billion from medi-cal. 1.5billion from welfare to work and a 10% reduction in state worker pay. ktvu's ken pritchett. >> for ten years this state has put together its budget with unrealistic expectations that has pushed this state deeper and deeper into debt. >> reporter: but lawmakers mostly republicans says that plan does include unrealistic expectations. the cuts will be widespread. however k-12 education is spared. although that could change if voters reject a five year
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extension of certain taxes in a proposed june special election. brown is counting on republicans in the legislature to support his calling for the special election. >> i've met with republicans and i would say that they are not, they're not locked in stone in opposition. >> reporter: but republican opposition was clear within minutes. >> i do not agree with his assessment. he is overly optimistic. in fact, that's almost unrealistic. >> reporter: brown wants the voters to pass the cuts without knowing that voters are going to leave a gaping hole in his plan. >> if we don't have the taxes it's going to be difficult, even draconian if i can use that word. >> reporter: in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the governor's proposal to
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cut $1.5 billion from a welfare to work program triggered a rally outside his office today. >> for those people who are in school, they're going to have to quit school and start all over. >> reporter: lorane freed is one of those who attended the rally. she says the program allowed her to go back to work. if the proposed cuts are approved the california budget project says lies would be eliminated from that program. you can check out the governor's new spending plan for yourself, it's as easy as going to once you are there go to the political tab. it is another cold night in the bay area. this morning many people woke up to the frost or ice on their car. that made this monday morning a bit more challenging to people trying to get an early start. >> we've had to put water on
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our cars in the morning to start, get the kids to school. bundle up and wearing our warm boots. >> reporter: the state patrol issued a warning for black ice in the north bay. black ice occurs when water freezes on the road with shade, making it difficult to see. it was very cold this morning a combination of clear skies and the cool northernly flow resulted in temperatures in the range of 25 to 30 degrees this morning. changes for tonight, you may notice the increase in the clouds. with that it will not be as cold. you can't see santa rosa right around 30 degrees. still pretty chilly out there. fremont 36 degrees, san jose 35 and san francisco 40. mostly cloudy skies and yes the chance of a few showers. here's the latest right now on live storm tracker 2. not a lot to report but you can see some developmentings offshore. you can look at the projected time lines with the rain
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showers moving offshore and more areas will pick up the most rain as we do head into your tuesday forecast. the golden gate bridge district unveiled a radical plan to help reduce it's looming deficit. the plan would essentially eliminate all 32 toll takers and in effect collect all tolls electronically and it could be in place in two years. if it goes forward, the plan would save the district $16 million over 10 years in salaries and benefits. >> you've got the deficit, and these are tough tough choices and we wanted to explain where we were before we get into the finance meeting on thursday. >> the bridge already uses the fast track system. the new proposal would use cameras to record the license plates of drivers who don't use fast track and send them a bill in the mail. the deadly shootings in arizona brought back painful memories for one bay area member of congress?
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>> it was a horrific time in our bay area as you remember, rita. that story coming up. then late word about a vote on a rate plan for trash collection around the city and the south bay.
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a somber sight outside of oakland's federal building. flags are being flown at half staff out of respect for the victims of the shooting in arizona. across the nation today americans stopped to reflect on the shootings in tucson and those who were lost. outside the white house, president obama and first lady michelle obama led the national moment of violence as the bell tolled. the president had asked people
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to stop at 11:00 a.m. eastern time to pray or meditate on saturday's events. and because of the shooting of congresswoman giffords a congressman from stockton says he's moving one of his offices to a more secure building. democrat dennis cardoza said in a statement he had already been planning to move. now he's decided to do it moric quickly. cadoza will move his office to a government owned building. he says that will make his staff and his constituents safer. and what happened in arizona is bringing memories of jacksontown. spears talked to rita williams about that time and also about the two bullets still inside her. >> reporter: named for an assassinated member of congress, leo ryan. >> it was a horrific time in our bay area, as you remember rita. >> reporter: a horrific time 32
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years ago. jackie spear and her boss, congressman ryan went on a fact finding trip to south america. where jim jones has taken his followers. here you see spears interviewing one of the families that wanted to deflect. gunman opened fire at a landing strip killing ryan and four others and critically injurying spear. events replaying in spear's head with this weekend's shooting in arizona and the shooting of giffords. >> i keep going back in those times and remembering those moments laying on that airstrip for 22 hours. >> reporter: shot five times. >> i still carry two. >> two bullets. >> i still carry two. my stomach is still churning because i know what gabby is going through right now. it's going to be a long recovery but she's going to do
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it and i'm going to be there to help her. >> i do. >> reporter: it took jackie spear 29 years to win her bosses seat in congress. and she says she learned from leo ryan to live each day as if it was the last. rita williams, ktvu news. the shootings in tucson have triggered a lot of talk on whether extreme rhetoric may have motivated the gunman. callers to kgo radio debated that question this morning. some callers argued that the shootings were political, others refused that motion. and others argued that was the act of a mentally ill young man. >> both sides yelling at each other which is how it's always been. >> reporter: so many callers have strong points of view that they either don't or won't listen to another opinion.
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one of the six people killed in saturday's shooting was gabriel zimmerman. hi served as representative giffords community reach out. after receiving a masters in social work in arizona, zimmerman wept to work with emotionally disturbed children. zimmerman's father told reporters, quote it's a strong irony that it was a badly disturbed child who killed him. gabriel zimmerman was engaged to be married next april. you can find extended coverage on scroll down to the right now section. we've posted pictures, video and audio from 911 cars. did you know that you're going to have to pay for to have your trash picked up? and one person is dead in the crash of a small plane in
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the delta. what the pilot hit moments before that crash.
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redwood city's city council voted just a short time ago to hike the rates for garbage collection. many residents aren't pleased about that nor are they happy about the new service that started in the new year. lloyd lacuesta is live with our report. >> reporter: a few minutes ago, the redwood city city council voted unanimously to increase garbage rates by 18%. this year some 100, 100,000 residents of peninsula received these new garbage cans and a new garbage company. tonight some customers showed up at redwood city hall to vent their dissatisfaction with the
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service. >> we're up to 6:00. >> the guys are out, we're working hard. i don't know if they got it or not. >> reporter: representatives of recology were getting an ear full tonight. the company has taken over for allied waste. there's been concerns of new pick ups and pick updates. what's galling some customers that the garbage collectors are now seeking higher rates for the service. >> there's a lot of service issues right now. the first thing people think of is why am i paying more money when i'm not happy with the service. >> i don't understand some of the set up charges where they say, they collect every week. >> yeah. >> you don't have enough garbage, does that make sense? >> reporter: the redwood city council tonight debated a request for 16 to 18% garbage rate increase. nine other cities in the peninsula are also being subjected to rate increases from nine to 38.5%. this after only two weeks of
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service. >> recology is a very small portion of the rate increase. there's a lot of other things such as capital improvements and service levels. as to service level, you know we're out there on the road, we're providing good service. >> reporter: now again the redwood city city council has voted to increase garbage rates in this city 18%. the new rates they go into effect tomorrow. live in redwood city, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose is one of nine cities where ford is looking to fire engineers to work on its electric vehicles. ford says it is recruiting 750 engineers to work on battery, energy storage and other systems associated with the electric cars. those positions are within 7,000 new jobs the company announced today. a mixed day on wall street where the dow industrial was down 37%. an iphone deal with verizon is
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reportedly in the works and will be announced tomorrow. crude oil could soon be pumping in through the alaska pipeline reportedly by friday. a small leak was found friday and the pine was shut down. shutting down the pipeline today sent the price of crude up to almost $89 a barrel. a national transportation board is investigating the crash of a crop duster that crashed today. authorities say the pilot was 58-year-old steven allen. the sheriff's department tells us the plane clipped a 200 tall foot tower right before that crash. palo alto police are looking for a man who robbed a woman at gunpoint in her driveway. it happened on the 2300 drive of st. francis drive. the robber ran off with her purse. police tell us to this point they haven't been able to link
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this robbery to other similar robberies. they are advising residents, be aware of your surroundings at all time and report any findings to them. grief counselors were at cawana elementary school to talk to students. police say they believe juan carlos angeles was related to a gang and they believe his death was relate to that. and the new lieutenant governor turned his full attention to his new job in sacramento. john sasaki reports. >> reporter: newsom's father judge william newsom administered the oath.
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>> the duties of which i'm about to enter. all right. >> reporter: after giving a half hour speech with no notes. newsom described to the media how he plans to bring his ideas in sacramento to green jobs in the rest of the state. >> we opened an office in china. these are things i can do as lieutenant governor. >> reporter: newsom's stature around the world will only help the state. >> he brings a portfolio with him that is not just as a mayor. an international entrepreneur but also a thinker. i think that's great for what's ahead. >> reporter: and wise says she will miss his leadership in the city. >> very enthusiastic, not afraid of taking chances, taking risks for the better ment of the state. i think the state is in great hands. >> reporter: the man who is
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supposed to take his seat, ed lee also attended the inauguration. tom delay of texas said at one time one of the most powerful republicans was sentenced to life in jail. a judge released delay in monday today pending appeal. a big change already developing for your weekend.
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getting any where in atlanta and much of the south today was difficult if not impossible. a winter storm has shut town most cities and towns. up to a foot of snow fell from louisiana to the carolinas. most flights were cancelled at atlanta's airport. one of the busiest in the world. the biggest problem for dealing with the snow is that most places are just not equipped to deal with it. atlanta has only eight snowplows so the city is now hiring a fleet of private trucks to spread salt and gravel on the ice and snow packed roads. in australia, flash flooding today is being blamed for the deaths of 12 people another 72 are missing. the latest downpouring sent rushing water through the city. all of this is happening in the city of queensland who is still
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recovering from flooding. in bengladesh thousands of protesters rallied. in response trading was shut do until further notice. officials say many investors are novices who don't understand the ups and downs of the market. and at the vatican, pope benedict xvi called for more protection of christians today. in particular he urged pakistan to reverse its blasphemy laws. he also noted violence against which christians in china. the vice president met with
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general petraeus. petraeus reported positive knews he says an afghan tribe has promised to stand up against th taliban in one of the most dangerous parts of the region. they were in the martinez courtroom for their postpreliminary hearing arrangement. they are now scheduled to be back in court february 23rd when they could enter pleas. the goal of keeping one san pablo elementary school open received a vote of support tonight. the san pablo city council voted in favor of a resolution to keep lake elementary school open. the city says it will give the school district about $250,000 so lake elementary can stay open at least another year. this is just another step in the process and the deal has not been finalized. a $2,500 reward has been set for finding the person who
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shot a sea lion. the humane society announced the reward. still ahead tonight, a south bay nightclub is temporarily shut down but stopping the violence is going to be difficult. and up ahead, meteorologist mark tamayo is updating the forecast. the latest on the cold and rain, just ahead.
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the activist group code pink demonstrated outside a san francisco bed bath and beyond store tonight to call for a boycott on the line of cosmetics produced by an israeli company. the ah aba products are made in
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the west bank and are labeled as israel. ktvu was unable to reach an ahaba spokesperson to respond to the boycott. and san francisco is not the bay area city looking for a police chief. police chief rob davis retired in november. the city has narrowed it's search to fewer than 10 candidates including acting chief chris moore. the aclu is calling for the city to reveal the names of the finalists. mexicali club has been temporarily shut down. jana katsuyama reports now on what makes this case so complicated for detectives. >> reporter: san jose police say it's a complicated case that unfolded at the mexicali club about 7:30 saturday night. homicide detectives are
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investigating the violent outbreak that left two men dead and an man injured inside the club. while a fourth man was found shot to death. >> we learned they are from outside the country. we're trying to notify their next of kin. >> we're trying to determine what their involvement was. whether they were victims or the suspects. >> reporter: today police would only say they are looking for three to four latino male suspects. police also tell us there were no security guards at the mexicali that night. the club owners may have violated san jose's entertainment permit. >> every club that's offering live entertainment and serving alcohol is required to have security on the premises. we'll be looking closely at this club to see if they were violating that rule, then they'll be severe consequences. >> reporter: san jose city attorney says that they will be reviewing the permanent process with the mexicali owners to
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determine whether there should be any fines or permanent closure of the club. a man's body was found today in a park in fairfield but police told ktvu they do not consider the death to be suspicious. police were called to allen whit park this morning on a report of a dead body. police told us that the man appeared to have been drinking and that he has been seen in that park before. we have been locked in this cold weather pattern for the past few days, that is already changing. you may have noticed an increase in clouds in the afternoon hours. the overnight low, are not that extreme chill out there but still pretty cold for the morning. most of it not reaching the ground, but a good sign that things are beginning to change in the atmosphere that will set the stage at least for a few showers, especially for up in this region up in the north
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bay. bay area forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy skies on the cool side. coolest locations for tomorrow morning. like i showed you a few minutes ago starting off the day in the lower 30s, tomorrow for your tuesday. more clouds and a few showers and the weekend already some developments here. looks like a dry weather pattern and temperatures could be warming up. quite a bit of activity out here in the pacific. but this system already sheering apart. it will impact our forecast for tomorrow. more clouds, north bay showers and a chance elsewhere. rainfall expectations not a big deal. maybe just a few .1 of an inch and i would be surprised if we picked up .25. we are dry right now but we'll take this into tomorrow morning. it's 7:00. the highest chance of a few showers will be up in the north bay especially up in sonoma county and napa county. into the afternoon hours, not a lot to show you. we could have a few sprinkles or isolated showers out there.
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still plenty of clouds in place. late tomorrow afternoon, a few light showers approaching san francisco, oakland, fremont, also parts of the south bay as well. then into the evening hours this time tomorrow night. probe just lingering clouds and we could have a few lingering sprinkles. not a big deal. a fairly good bet, at 12:00, 42 to 48 degrees. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. still a bit of a chill in the air for tomorrow. san francisco 51 and antioch 49 degrees. san jose tops out 54 and fremont right around 53 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast, we could have a few lingering sprinkles into tomorrow morning. there is a slight chance of a few light showers on thursday. once again that would be favoring the north bay, you can
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see overnight temperatures warming back up. we're not talking about 20s, 30s, but 40s. if you're already making plans for the weekend, looks like it'll be a clear weekend with no showers. one of the giants of broadcast news was a featured speaker. author tom brokaw spoke at the.
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oneof san francisco's gem is almost back to it's glory. a project to restore the palace of fine arts is nearly complete and is expected to reopen friday. the palace was built after the 1906 earth wake earthquake as part of an exhibition to show
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the city has recovered. if expectation for tonight's bcs game is that it would be a higher scoring affair. michael james against auburn and heisman trophy winner cam newton. neither team scored in the first quarter. newton found cody burns from 35 yards out. oregon went back in front when darren thomas threw right and back to james. but the auburn defense kicked the ball to the tigers and they would score before halftime. this time it's newton standing in and finding emery blake. auburn led 16-11 and would add a third quarter field goal. with a flair for a dramatic
10:56 pm
score. oregon successful on a two point conversion that ti the game at 19. then came the strange play of the night. the ducks are opening for over tight as michael dire is dragged down by eddy pleasant. dire lands on top of pleasant and never hears a whistle. urged by his bench to keep running he does. for 37 yards, the tigers are in field goal range. they review it and determined that dire's knee never touched. matt set up byrum. byrum good. and the tigers first national championship since 1957. >> this week everyone knew the odds was on the auburn defense. to see how they would respond to oregon's offense. not taking anything away from oregon because they played an excellent team. but our defense did our home work and did the job.
10:57 pm
>> reporter: and heisman trophy winner paul orning. the award goes to the season's most versatile player. and this year it could go to no one other than owen morisik. as a linebacker, morisik made an interception and returned it for a touchdown. he was the only player to start in both offense and defense. stanford is looking for a head coach to replace the departed jim harbaugh. that person will not be chris peterson from boise state. he said today he has no interest in other jobs. and that's it. lots of football news going on. >> closed the door fast on that one. >> i sure did. >> thank you. >> that really was a great game tonight. >> it was fun. all the way down to the end. be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll have the very latest on the weather that's headed our way again.
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and a possible impact for the morning commute. >> and the news continues on thanks so much for joining us everyone. have a great evening. >> good night.
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