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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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police are investigating two suspicious deaths, why the neighbor believes it is the elderly homeowner detectives investigating the tucson rampage are talking to a senator >> the bay area being hit with the hardest. the hardest was the fog. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. i'm dave clark >> good morning. i'm tori campbell.
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it's friday, january 14th. police are investigating two deaths in livermore. a visitor discovered the bodyies last night. >> reporter: after talking with a neighbor and checking public records, i'm certain of one of the victims but not certain the next of kin will be notifyied. behind me is the home where two bodyies were found on canterbury near con canon. both were shot dead. one was elderly and had been living here for decades. police were called to the home at 7:15 yesterday. the grandson who lives here recently moveed to this area noar las vegas. the door was open. theed froms let themselves in
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but neighbors said those friends had regular access to the home >> she had very devoted friends. they who visit her every thursday night. i don't know if they hadn't heard from her or their weekly visit, but they came and unfortunately, they found her >> reporter: now the neighbor i spoke with said she hadn't seen the people that liveed in this house for about awoke and a half. he is also said the grandson moved into the home shortly before christmas. again, she hadn't seen her in awhile. we checked public records and found people with a similar name, the woman across the street identifyied that the people had relatives. i'll try to follow up on that to try to get confirmation on who was in the home. reporting live in livermore >> thank you, kraig
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we're following news from vacaville. a man has died after an early morning fire. an officeer noticeed fire coming from the home. crews found smoke and flames in the back of the home. the cause is disaster declaration stege -- is still under investigation police say a 25-year-old man was shot several times by another man in the coffee and tea company yesterday afternoon. we have a ktvu crew on the scene. the man ran inside the coffee shop to hide from the man who shot him. now we're going to bring you a live update coming up at 7:30 also in san francisco, police are still searching for
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one person after a chase early this morning. it happened near bay dome and silmon. police got a report of a suspicious van. the van drove off. witnesses chased after it towards highway 101. police took over and found three people running from the van down bay shore boulevard. two suspects were captureed the other is still out there. no kidnapping victim was found monetta san jose is back to normal after a two-our lockdown. 8:30 last night a woman left the secure area and tried to come back in without going through
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the screening procedure. 800 passengers were evacuateed from terminal b. the woman was eventually found. boy 11:00 everyone was allowed back inside detectives in arizona who are investigating the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords have now contacted bay area state senator leap and yee. investigators wanted details of the death threat dense yee after he forced to see how much palin was charged. well, doctors in arizona may remove the breathing tube for congresswoman giffords today, and they're hoping she will be able to sit in a chair. in about an hour and a half
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we're expected to get an update from her doctors. so far they said they're happy about how well he is has been improveing. doctors say she's more alert, responding to familiar voices. during physical therapy yesterday, she actually moved both of her legs employees at uc berkeley are bracing for another round of job cuts. 150 employees will be laid off before june. 130 other jobs will be lost through retirement or voluntary departures. the jobs are on top of the 600 jobs already owe limb nateed last -- eliminated last year new leash laws are coming to the recreation area. it would restrict dogs from some areas. dogs would be kept out of parts of krissy field, ocean beach and
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fort funston. the dogs would be banned entirel y at muir beach in marin county >> disappointing for me. this is my favorite beach. i come all the way down from sonoma >> we want to create a safe policy where people get to choose what type of experiences to have rather than to have them imposeed upon them. that a allows all people access >> there will be meetings in san francisco, san mateo and marin county, scheduleed for march >> let's check in with sal and see if there are problems on the road >> there are a couple of issues. it is lighter tha usual on this friday, lighter than it would be. the traffic looks good.
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once on the bridge coming into san francisco, the fog that had been there, it seems to have lifted completely to the point there's not enough troubleing drivers. for the bay bridge i know it is no longer an issue for drivers there. take a look at interstate 880 at the coliseum. traffic is moveing along niecely. we have a problem eastbound interstate 0 at will -- 80 at willow. it doesn't sound serious but we've had a couple of different problems. it's foggy near the car keen nays bridge, so be careful >> on this friday we have cloudy skyies. a couple pockets of fog. it has lifted. so we're seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s. when we were chatting on monday, i was talking about 20s and 30s,
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so a big move up. sunny and warmer, and higher clouds to the north the weekend, not much change, maybe a few more clouds on sunday but the rain line is movei ng way to the north next week looking quiet. 70s are possible. we still pick up an east, northeast wind. since we're starting off with 40s and 50s instead of 20s and 30s, once the cloud deck burns off, it will be warmer. you couldn't find a 50-degree temperature a week ago. now the current temperature is 53. the refuel yesterday was in the bad. 6/100ths san jose. san francisco, oakland, hayward, dublin about a tenth of an inch.
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pet lou a quarter of an earn. santa rosa with a third of an inch. 23 in tahoe. 2in reno. secretary 5 -- sacramento 50. also as you head up to the mother lode there are fog advisoryies. a lot of rain towards hawaii is lifting towards seattle and portland. once you get to the mountains, it's nice. 54 on saturday. corm under most -- cooler under mostly cloudy skyies on saturday. clouds, sun, near 60 by noon. low 60s. fog will hang on. 61 now. mid-60s san jose, saratoga,
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santa cruz. half moon bay 60 degrees. subtle changes, fair, dry weather into early and next week the stock markets are mixed in early morning tradeing. jpmorgan chase beat expectations. the largeest amount in five months providing solid momentum. but weak retail sales dampened optimism. right now the dow is down three. the nasdaq is flat. the s&p is up one. one of the stocks to watch is intel. the stock has seen its bell weather. the net income is $12 billion, up 167% from the year before the company president and ceo
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says that is the best report in company history, and he predicts this year will be even better. investors will be reacting. consumes spent $381 billion last month, the sixth consecutive month of increaseed sales. economists said it's a sign the economy will continue. but that report on retail sales was slightly down from what was expected, so that's why the markets are not reacting heavily >> it will be interesting to see if it will continue now that the holidays are over booming bankruptcyies in the south bay. why they hit an all time high one change that could save california nearly $1 billion plus, dwi charges dropped.
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found out why the city councilm an is no long are facing these very serious charges.
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good morning 7:14, low clouds, fog. temperatures aren't that bad, 40s and 50s. once the fog burns off, upper 50s, low 60s right now secretary of state hillary clinton is talking about u.s.-china relations at the state department. clinton's speech -- these are live pictures of the secretary of state. this speech is the inaugural richard holbrooke lectureer. he was the special envoy to pakistan who died last month. her speech sets the stage for
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the upcoming visit of china's president next week. we will have a full report at 7:4 5 some alarming financial news from the biggest city in the bay area. pam cook has all the details coming in >> reporter: san jose hit a major financial milestone last year but nothing to brag b more than 13,000 individuals and businesses in the city fileed for bankruptcy protection. that's up 16% from the year before and also a record for san jose. analysts say this year could be even worse as the job market continues to be weak the trend is the same in other parts of the bay area. in oakland, bankrupt court said 15,000 fileed for bankruptcy last year, up 20% from the year before. the numbers from the san
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francisco division are not complete. but 4700 bankruptcy fileings were processed, up 500 from 2009. many of the people now fileing are part of two income familyies but many have found that both careers have been hit by layoffs or cut backs. others are small business owners i'm pam cook. back over to dave lawmakers in sacramento have held the first hearing about grand rapids bron's budget. he has set a dead lien for march the 1st. that would allow time for the voteers to expand income, sales and vehicle taxes. the biggest debate is the governor's call for a change in corporate tax law. it would generate a billion
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dollars for the state, raising taxes on businesses whose headquarters are outside the state
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republican state senator tom berry hill of oakdale was stripp ed of his chairman of the food and agriculture committee he said finding solutions for the budget crisis is the democrat's problem. senate president steinberg said
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all senators have a duty to come up with solutions for california' s problems well, the state budget could also change some plans for within san francisco neighborhood. the san francisco business times is reporting that construction work in hunters point could be stopped. 10,000 homes as well as commercial space and an artist col on are planned for the old ship naval yard but it could be left in lem both of sips major product -- projects are funded in phases, some work could be left half finished oakland county council ig nays see owe della rase sew who was arrested on drunk driving will not be charged because of incon clowsive evidence. he failed a field sobriety test test prosecutors said results from blood test the make this later make it difficult to prove he was above the legal limit when he was driving google could be facing an antitrust lawsuit the department of justice is considering sueing to stop the $700 million deal it made to buy i it ata software. the department of justice is concerned at the expense of rivals, google could direct people to their own travel site you're going to be paying more to mail some things beginn ing in ay the cost of sending a first class letter will stay at 44 cents for the first ounce but each extra ounce or part of an ounce will cost 20 cents. right now we're paying 17 cents an ounce for extra weight doing your taxes may be easier even if you useed the simplified 10ez. you take a photo of your w2 and it transfers the information to the appropriate lines on the tax form. customers can download it for free to fight returns but you'll have to pay $15 to file the returns >> time to start thinking about
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those tax returns. the troubleing discovery by local researchers. a study on pregnant women and toxic chemicals it's a push for recycling and what that could moan for bay area restaurants >> if you're driveing in san jose all of a sund, we have slow traffic that has disappeared. we'll tell you about this and the rest of the commute.
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a new study on the presence of tox sec chemicals in pregnant women. out of 163 chemicals studyied, 43 were found in all 268 participants. among them bips tennal a and a broken form of ddt. the american chemistry council
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respond saying new procedures allowed for the small amounts state senator leland yee is making a second try at passing a ski helmet law. it was signed by governor arnold schwarzenegger last year. this time around the helmet law is a stand alone office. he said it could dramatically reduce the number of injuryies and deaths restaurant owners in vallejo are finding out about a new ban to ban styrofoam containers. they would be the first city in solano county with the ban. the recycling coordinator is recommending it. he said they end up in landfills or waterways and a ban would
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help protect riddler creek, which has been known as a trash hot spot all right. we want to check in with sal and see how things are moving. sal? we have a couple of slow spots. if highway four comes to mind and highway 280. we will start with highway 24 which is moderately heavy. it is going to be busy from about arine da up to the tunnel it looks good into oakland. we have a little slowing in the middle lanes, which are the fast track lanes. i'd say that's maybe five minutes. the fog is not an issue anymore for the bridge. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound. 280 at 17, 80. the commute is beginning to wake up. at 7:25, let's go to steve
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>> clouds, overcast. the fog has lifted. it was reduceing visibility early. there's a lot of gray over the bay. downtown oakland 55, so is morgan hill. there are significantly warmer temperatures to end the week. even though it's cloudy and cool. once the fog burns off, it will warm up. upper 40s livermore. fog being reported at soa county airport temperatures are on the mild cite side. it's taking aim towards portland and seattle. tahoe, wednesday you get past the fog in the valley and in the hills, it will be good to g mostl y cloudy. 54 for a high on is the day.
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fog for us, low clouds. the wind out of the east, northeast still kind of factor for north bay, east bay locations. mostly sunny and warmer. five-day, not looking for rain. we're looking for a few more clouds, dry days but night and morning forks especially towards the valley we're warning about imposters poseing as utility worke rs the reason why three schools are being forced to replace half their teaching staff and people looking forward to this year's mavericks serve competition.
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france police need your help following a bold homicide. a man was shot and killed and polk and gear riy. we have the details. >> reporter: we're in front of the cafe where candles have been lit people said police did see some surveillance cameras police are useing the tape and
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asking witnesses to come forward. the shooting happened in broad daylight yesterday afternoon around 4:30 at the corner of polk and geary. someoneen terred the jay ben cafe, opening fire, killing a man. some reports indicate he was shot in the head. police aren't sure what sparked the shooting, that the suspect and victim knew each other some say the victim ran from the suspect. to give you an idea of the area where we are, we're on the back side of the amc movie theater on the border of the safe versus unsafe neighborhood. the jay ben cafe is supposeed to open at 7:00, but it is still closed.
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we don't know if the owner, the customers were traumatized by what happened yesterday. if you have information about the case, you're urgeed to contact san francisco police hundreds of employees at uc berkeley are getting bad news this morning. a lot of them may soon be laid off. jade hernandez has more. good morning, jade >> reporter: the announcement came in a campus bulletin. faculty and campus police escapee d cuts. 150 managers and support staff are gone. the announcement did not come as a surprise. about a quarter of the jobs and layoffs will cut the managers on campus by a third. earlier this week governor jerry brown proposeed cutting from the
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system. the jobs are in addition to the 600 positions cal laid off last year. a consultant advised where the cuts should be made the consultant expects to cut raisings by $75 million. by june of this year the campus expects to eliminate 20 jobs president we're waiting to hear back from a university spokesperson. we'll bring you any information they might have for us later on. jade hernandez, back to you a protest is expected to start right about now in concord dense the plans to close down schools at the mt. deab low unifyied school district. parents are trying to save silver elementary school. it's one of several recommended
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to be closed. next wednesday an advisory committee will present its recommendations on possible school closings bryant elementary, carver elementary and everett are on the list of low performing schools. the schools have to adopt one of four plans in exchange of death federal grant money. they have to replace at least 26 teachers. the school district reportedly said the option was not their preferred choice a federal judge killed in the tucson shootings will be laid to rest today. the members of a controversial church have agreeed not to picket. in exchange they'll receive free air time on two raid yes
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stailings. they have picketed outside funerals. judge roll's service follows an emotional farewell to the younge st victim. 9-year-old christina taylor green was laid to red yesterday. among the mourners, the girl's aunt, kim green, an oakland firefighter. the battalion chief also attende d the funeral >> it was good to support kim. we wanted to show support to kim during this emotional service >> christina was born on september 11th, 2001, the day of the terrorist attack there will be a candlelight vigil at walnut creek to remember the victims of the
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tucson shootings. the mount diablo peace and justice center are organizeing it a fallen fire captain from the alameda fire department will be honored. scott carnival dieed. in about two hours there will be a procession in his honor. the procession may cause some delays around grand avenue and pacific avenue in hall immediate dpa the contracost to county water district is warning customers to watch out for impose rs. they said it's rare for an employee to go inside a home without making an appointment
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first. tesla has a new naifnlt union pacific railroad has purchaseed acres next to the freem ont factory. freemont city officials said they're trying to set up a meeting with union pacific to work together fans of the mavericks surfi ng contest near half moon bay, you're being encourageed to stay home. the event will be closed to the public for safety reasons. access to the beach and nearby bluffs will be band. these are to prevent what happene d at the last mavericks competition 13 spectators were injured when massive waves knocked them down >> exciteed there are so many fans. no one wants anybody getting hurt >> about 40,000 people usually show up to watch the contest.
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this year there will lab des sigg ed viewing area. it will be a mile from the beach where you can watch it on a big stream. it also will be streamed life on the internet all right. let's see if things are different on the roads this morning how's the bay bridge toll plaza? >> it's getting crowds, people arriveing at the same time. if you're useed to seeing this all the time, it's not a big deal. at least this will be a five-m inute delay. the fog, the good news is the fog has cleared out. you can actually see pretty well while crossing san francisco. also this morning we're looking at the commute on 237. we have stop and go traffic. it continues for another half mile. this morning we had a crash on northbound 280 at saratoga. traffic is backing up on 280 heading northbound into the
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valley. slow into cupertino. doing very well, includeing a trip to the airport. in marin county, southbound 101 light from nevado to san rafael we have a lot of low clouds. there's still some pockets of fog. temperatures are much warmer. sonoma had a record low monday of 25, this morning 45. mostly sunny and warmer. some areas will have a hard time getting through the cloud deck. for others mid-60s. the weekend looks almost the same. next week looking very quiet. there will be 70s along the coast. south barks peninsula,-- bay,
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peninsula, it looks warm. mid-50s for morgan hill. 52 hayward, freemont. 49 santa rosa. santa rosa is downtown. the airport is 45. one system yesterday left about a quarter, third of an earn, about a tenth for most locations. everything else is pushing northward. 20s in the mountain. it's not that bad once you get to the mountains, but the fog in the valley could make this tough. 40s, 50s. 59 in paul springs -- paul palm spridges. partly cloudy today. a high of 54, mostly cloudy on
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sunday. for us once you get the low cloud deck to burn off mild to warm, but fog, low clouds. some of the higher elevations not that strong but still out of the east northeast. cloud, sun, mostly warm, mid-60s or low 60s. north bay, east bay, upper 50s to a few mid-60s. peninsula, santa clara. partly sunny after the fog saturday. then dry. mild, warm if you're not sun next week mudslides in brazil have caused the deaths of more than 500 people. officials fear the number could still rise. they're not sure how many people are still missing. meanwhile, cameras caught this
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dareing rescue. a man pulled his neighbor to safety from a house falling a part $400 million in assistance have been major pledged why our states a more risk of catastrophic georges than any other region in the country. >> the crowd's reaction to this performer which has generateed a million hits on you tube.
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stocks are edgeing up. industrial production rise is by the most in five months. that's good news consumer price indelve jumped. 87% of the increase comeing from the increaseed cost of gas. jpmorgan chase jumped 87%. right now the the dow is up 13. s&p is up 2 secretary of state hillary clinton has wrapped up a major address on u.s.-china relations. >> reporter: there's a lot of focus these days on tensions between the united states and china as china's president prepares for a state visit next week. now secretary of state hillary
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clinton is useing this morning's address to focus on areas of mutual interest. she said the u.s. does not view china's rise as a threat. her speech sets the tone for what is being called the most important state visit in decades as china and the u.s. spar over security and human rights issues >> this is not a relationship that fits neatly into the black and white categoryies like friend or rival. we are two complex nations >> reporter: now president obama met for more than an hour at the white house yesterday with advocates for human rights, improved human rights in china. that's certainly an issue that the president's aides say he will focus on. reporting live from washington, d.c. president obama is meeting with the president of pakistan
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at the white house -- at the white house. he met with biden earlier this week. the obama administration is intense fig the pressure on pakistan to help root out al qaeda. president obama and the pakistan president will be among those attending a memorial service for diplomate richard holbrooke. he recently serveed as a special envoy but his time dates back to the previetnam era. he died in deals following surgery from a torn aorta when you think of the big one, you probably think of an earthquake, but the u.s. geological survey said atmosphereic rivers dragged tropical moisture across the
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pacific openings and points them dictly at california for several days. we had a small taste of that in december when we broke records for rainfall hundreds of planners are at sacramento state university today and talking about the worst case storm and how they should be prepareing for it there's been an explosion in the number of rats in the bay area. experts said the unusual weather is to blame. several exterminators began to see anen crease after the late fall warm spell followed by winter rain. the rats can be difficult to get rid of >> if you eradicate them at your place, they will go next door >> starting in june, new federal rules will limit the sales. but residents shouldous extreme
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caution san francisco schools are investigating why some middle schools had access to pratt poison. several students the martin luther king middle school enjeepsed it after fileing -- ingested it after finding it on top of a filing cabinet. one student realizeed something was wrong who called her father and then called 911. they were checked out at the hospital as a precaution the opening of the accident prone spider-man show is delayed once again. the curtains will rise march 15th 15th instead of it february 7th so they can fine tune the show. the show has been dogged by trouble. four actors have been injured, includeing a sidey stunt double -- spidey stunt double
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a girl has become a sing sensation on youtube after her performance of the star spangleed banner was cut short. >> there's nothing wrong with your tv. the mike went out, but the crowd jumped in. they helped her out and she kept singing. this video is on youtube. 2 1/2 million hits. the admirals by the way inviteed her back. >> she had a great voice >> great voice >> kept goirntion too -- going,
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too sheriff's deputyies in sonoma county have mate a disturbing -- made a disturbing discovery >> the late pope john paul is one step closeer to being recognized in a very exclusive way. o?oowq
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the late pope john paul, ii is one step closeer to becoming a saint. the vatican has set a date for john pope to be beatify, the final step before st. saint hood. he died in 2005. a second miracle is needed for the late pope to be made a saint. the beatification ceremony is expected to happen on may the 1st general david petraeus is the center of an evident to get him to five star general.
7:54 am
he has distinguished himself as a leader worthy of a higher rank. at this level only the president can make the decision. congress has to approve it. the last time anyone received five stars was in 1950 a sonoma county man is being held on $100,000 bail after sheriff's deputyies discovered a meth lab in his bathroom. kevin haywood was arrested during a routine probation search. the sonoma valley christian school is on the same block. all the dangerous chemicals inside the property have been removed the mountain view city council has approveed a plan to install a cell phone tower on top of the church despite complaints from neighbors. it will go on top of the first press by fairn church. some neighbors, concerned with possible health effects, are against the tower and claim it
7:55 am
violates the zoneing code the council disagreeed and gave the go ahead on tuesday some residents of washington, d.c. are launching a new effort to rename part of pennsylvania avenue. they want to rename part of the street that runs in front of the white house. one proposalled name is no vote. that's been suggested. if the d.c. council agrees with it, additional street signs could go up beneath the existing ones we want to check in once again with sam and see what's happening on the roads >> all right, tori and dave, if let' s take a look at what we have.
7:56 am
northbound 280. you will see traffic moveing along safely. there was an earlier accident at saratoga avenue. they cleared that off. this is the second day they had a crash there. bay bridges a recovered. they had a backup about 20 minutes ago. i think that was the rush. this morning's commute in san francisco looks good. northbound 101 traffic is moveing along very nicely. let's go to steve we have low clouds, fog. joe says, oh, man i hate this fog. napa valley lousy visibility. so keep that in mind. northbound, east bay. most locations will have a low cloud deck but it's not on the deck but sunny, warmer. for some it will be a low slow process. san mateo 52. a lot of low clouds and fog.
7:57 am
temperatures, though, much warmer. 40s and 50s. farefield 44 san jose 53. 20s in the mun tans. reading 41. fog in the valley. 5palm springs. a lot of rain in hawaii towards the pacific northwest. northern california might see rain. lake county, south, it doesn't look like it for while. tahoe 54 on saturday. our forecast does call for low clouds and fog in the morning. then clouds are persisting. mild near 60. mostly fair later on. 62 concord. antioch, a hint of a buff of a breeze will keep the cap on
7:58 am
temperatures. san jose 66. higher clouds on sunday. it looks warm if you can get the sun. fog dep and cool if you can't livermore less continue to investigate the death of two people and a threat against a polysignatures plus, dogs now have fewer places to run around, where the national park service wants to ban the pets completely.
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in livermore police are investigating two suspicious deaths and why it could be a murder-suicide she continues to defy the odds, what doctors hope will be the next step along the road to recovery for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the second hour of mornings on two start right now. good morning welcome back. i'm tori campbell >> i'm dave clark. it's friday, january 14th. police in livermore are investigating two deaths this
8:01 am
morning. the bodyies were found inside of a home last night. we're learning more about who those victims are we have details. you're also talking to neighbors as well >> reporter: good morning. we moveed out of the livermore police department. we got reports that the police are telling other media the victims are a grandmother and grandson. a neighbor has given us similar information >> i lost a very dear, dear friend. i mean, we laughed together. we cryied together. it's a terrific loss for me >> reporter: the woman who lives at the home on canterbury is originally from the south and now in her 90s. we've been able to identify her from public records but we don't know if the next of kin have been notified. friends found two bodyies last
8:02 am
night about 7:15. the woman had friends who would visit her every thursday and those friends had a key >> she had very devoted friends and they would visit her every thursday night. i don't know whether they hadn't heard from her or if it was their weekly visit, but they came. unfortunately, they found her >> reporter: the neighbor says the woman's grandson came to live with her from las vegas just before viz. she said she hadn't seen the woman in 10 days. asked the woman if they found a note. it didn't appear to be a sign of forced entry or foul play. another reason it could be pointi ng in the direction of murder suicide. they're still investigating all the other possibilityies that could be involved here. reporting live in livermore >> okay. thank you we're still following
8:03 am
developing news from vacaville. a man has died after an early morning fire. a police officer on patrol noticeed fire comeing from the home about 1:30. when crews got to the scene they saw heavy smoke and flames and saw the body of a man believeed to be the homeowner. the cause is still under investigation mow net that san jose airport is back to normal after a two-hour lockdown. last night a 22-year-old woman on a layover left at sure area and tried to come back in without going through the security area. 800 passengers were evacuateed from terminal b. this is a photo of some of the passengers waiting to be rescreened. the woman was found by 11:00. some flights were delayed up to
8:04 am
two hours detectives in arizona who are investigating the shooting of congresswoman giffords have contacted bay area senator leland yee. his chief of staff said investigators wanted details of the death threat after he led an eafort to force cal state stan ni laws to reveal how much sarah palin was being paid to speak at a fund-raiser. congresswoman giffords also criticized palin after palin posted a map of places with crosshairs doctors in arizona could remove the breathing tube for congresswoman giffords today. they're hoping she will be able to sit up in a chair. we're hopeing to get that update from the doctors. so far, they said they're happy about how well she has been improveing. doctors say she's more alert, responding to familiar voice.
8:05 am
during physical therapy yesterday she actually moveed both legs employees at uc berkeley are braceing for another round of job cuts. 150 employees will be laid off before june. 130 other jobs will be lost through retirement or voluntary departure. they're on top of the 600 jobs already eliminated since last year. it cease expected to save -- it's expected to save $20 million the dogs will be kept out of parts of san francisco's chris spie field, -- krissy field, ocean beach and fort funston. they will be banned entirely in
8:06 am
marin county >> it's disappointing. i come all the way down from sonoma >> we think it's important fort state to create a safe policy where people get to choose what type of experiences rather than to have them imposeed upon them. that lay loy -- allows all people access >> public meetings will be held in san francisco, san mateo and marin county we want to check in once again with small >> you might find this interesting. i asked our come mute teres if they count on friday traffic being light. people are saying yes. let's take a look. a little bit of slow traffic on 237. even this commute is not has low as it usually s barring a big
8:07 am
crash or a big accident on a bridge or something like that, we are lighter than usual. 880 northbound looks good as you drive up to the broadway area. there's a stalled mini van, northbound 880 at broadway. that was reported to us a few moments ago. it looks good comeing in from san francisco. all the collisions i see on the chp board are collisions that have moveed to the righthand side. traffic is light. people are driveing by the lateest is 680, a couple of cars already on the righthand shoulder. low clouds and some fog. a few areas. we had some all over the place. now it's lifted. there are pockets where it has reduceed and lousey driveing conditions. foggy morning, low clouds, mostl
8:08 am
y sunny and warmer. the key would be the east, northeast breeze. atlanta if temperatures can get into the mid-60s. a few more high clouds. next week looks quiet. warm if you have the sun, 7. san mateo starting off with fog. 64 for a high. as temperatures begin to rebound, when your low is 52, it wouldn't take much sun to get to low 60s. livermore at 49. 53 hayward. 53 san hoe sai. san jose. warmer conditions by a wide
8:09 am
margin. 50 in sacramento. ukia 43. very warm, breezy conditions on the coast. that satellite is a bad image. i know how to fesm it, and-- fix it, and i will. they will have warmer temperatures on saturday, 54. still rather mild. the overnight lows will be coming up. our forecast low clouds and fog will give way to mostly sunny skyies, east, northeast breeze, again makes it a slower process. clouds, sun near 60 by noon. upper 50s, antioch, brentwood. 63 hayward. 60s, livermore, danville, san mateo and mid-60s morgan hill. not much change. a few more clouds on sunday. mostly sunny warm on monday and
8:10 am
tuesday unless you have the fog, then cooler. it is 8:09. the stock markets are up in early tradeing. jpmorgan chase beat expectations with profits soaring 47% in the first quarter. industrial production rose in december by the largeest amount in five months providing solid momentum. retail sales were up last month but not as much as expected. right now the dow has turned around. it's in positive territory up 25. the nasdaq is up seven. the s&p 500 is up 3 1/2. intel is down slightly, less than a dollar. actually it's down 19 crnt 19 cents, less than 1% intel reported a net income of almost $12 billion.
8:11 am
the company president and ceo says it's the best report in company history and predicts this year will be better the economy recovery may have started but there are a lot of people who say it's coming too late to stay out of bankruptcy court. some of the hardest hit who never expected to be there >> governor brown wants to transfer thousands of prisoners from the state to the county jail a new report on how pregnant women are affected by toxins.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
low clouds, fog. we'll have mostly sunny skies. upper 50s for some. mid-60s for other the city of san jose hit a major financial milestone last year but not something they're bragging about. 13,000 businesses and people filed for prupt sigh protection, up 15% from the year before and record for the city. experts say this year could be worse because everjam une mployment numbers are not improving. people who have been able to hang on for a year and a half said they have not been able to see relief in bankruptcy courts coveri
8:15 am
ng alameda and contra costa bankruptcy has increaseed 20% through the first 11 months of 2010, 4700 bankruptcy fileings were processed. that's up from 2009 when there were almost 4200 for the same time period. many of those people are small business owners, leaving those business owners with less revenue a new survey finds 3 in 10 americans commit financial infidelity. more than 2,000 couples with combined finances were polled. 31% said they lied to their spouses about money. 16% said the deception led to divorce. the poll found that both sexes are doing the lieing to their partners in equal numbers. the most common lie was about hiding cash lawmakers in sacramento have
8:16 am
held the first legislative hearing on governor brown's budget. he set a deadline of march first for lawmakers to vote that would allow time for the june elections. the biggest debate is over brown' s call for a change in corporate tax law. it would generate nearly a billion dollars for the state, mostly raising taxes on businesse s whose headquarters are outside of california some of the county jails would be affected. brown is proposalling to transfer low level short time offenders from the state to county jails. some countyies have room and would be happy to take them as long as they're provided adequate funding the state budget could change plans for a sphraps neighborhood. construction work in hunters
8:17 am
point could be stopped. right now 10,000 homes as well as commercial space and an artist colony are and, -- planned in the wake of the deadly peep line in san brew know, there's more commissions. the commission met yesterday. the panel listened to lmakers one assemblyman, his district includes san bruno said the district failed his constituents >> took outside entityies to shed light on problems that the puc should have been focusing on >> in the next few weeks, governor jerry brown will appoint three new puc commissione rs. many say it could change the
8:18 am
perception of the puc being proutility google could be facing an antitrust lawsuit. the just test department is considering sueing them in in their effort to buy ita software. the department of justice is concerned that at the expense of rivals, google could direct useers to their own travel search site which may still be in the development stage right now. state senator leap and yee is making a second attempt to pass a ski helmet law. this time around the helmet law is a stand alone mesh restaurant owners in vallejo are finding out about a new
8:19 am
effort to ban styrofoam containe rs. 28 cityies have banned them but vallejo would be the first in the county to ban them. they are blowing into waterways, which could affect marine life. city leaders will hold a workshop on the idea next friday you're going to pay more to pail some things beginning in april. the cost of sending a first class stamp will stay 44 cents for the first ounce. each additional ounce will cost 20 cents. right now we're paying 17 cents an ounce for the extra weight doing taxes could be made ease sir. intuit is releasing a turbo version for your smart phone
8:20 am
snap tax will transfer the information on the tax forms. the customer can download snap tax for free. you can file state and federal returns. there is a new study on the preens of toxic chemicals in pregnant women. 43 chemicals were found in all 26 study participants. among them bisphenol a linked to plastic and brain development and a broken down form of ddt, a banned pesticide from 1972 it was a frightening experience for a belmont hues and his pregnant wife >> you could see the smoke
8:21 am
already coming into our bedroom. i got scareed >> what else they're saying about their courageous escape and pun born child >> prosecutors make a decision on whether to charge a council man with driveing under the influence >> traffic is looking good. we have another look at traffic and weather coming up for this friday.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
an an interview you'll hear only on ktvu channel 2, a couple is speaking out about a house fire they had to escape. paul and aalyssa mesa were stuck on the second floor. the husband found a way out and coaxed his terrified wife to jump >> i braced myself. i got on top of the window sill, put my feet out first and i dropp ed. it was the scaryiest thing i've ever had to do in my life. aalyssa breck a heel and paul sprained an ankle. they lost everything, but their unborn baby by escapeed unharmed
8:25 am
oakland county councilman ig nays -- ignacio delap few wen toe was stopped because he was drivei ng erratically he failed the field sobriety test but prosecutors said the results from blood tests taken later make it hard to prove he was above the legal limit when he was driveing >> sal , things looking okay? >> some of the people contacting me say they deep depend on traffic being lighter than usual. 880 northbound getting up to the coliseum. when traffic is light, the collisions get to the shoulder and they drive by.
8:26 am
this is a look at the toll plaza. this morning's commute in marin county, there's an accident on the shoulder. moveing down to the south bay. i want to check this out. the road sensors show slow traffic but that's about all. 101 in mountain view is slow. let's go to steve the fog can reduce visibility for awhile. there meet be subtle changes but the temperatures are not as cold as when we started the week. now we're seeing 40s and mid-50s. a few high clouds will continue to skirt the north bay. 40s and 50s. mountain view, redwood. san rafael.
8:27 am
40s elsewhere. the coolest at 43 degrees. that's a far cry from 25. plenty of cloud cover but it's not taking an aim toward us. it's going towards seattle, portland. tahoe forecast, once you're there, you're good to go. the fog can be tough. the later you go, the better off. if you go at night, 54 for saturday a breeze is out of the east, northeast. forecasted highs upper 50s to low and mid-60s. peninsula, south bay, coast, looking good. looks like a quiet pattern as we go into next week the warning about imposters poseing as utility employees in one bay area county i'm live in san francisco. we'll tell you why one man
8:28 am
believes free wi-fi access at this coffee shot led to a deadly shooting plus, the reason maverick surf contest is telling people to stay home this year.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. we're getting new information on what led up to a brains shooting in san francisco. a man was shot and killed inside of a coffee shop at polk and geary. >> reporter: we're here in front of the coffee shop where the deadly shooting happened. the victim was shot behind the glass in front of the counter.
8:31 am
he walked by and saw his body lieing on the ground with dozens of bullet casings scattered everywhere. there are three cameras on top. police will be taking a look at them. outside the cafe candles have beenly the in the victim's memory. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon at 4:30 on polk and geary. someone opened fire killing the 25-year-old man. another man said the victim stole a computer and that's what sparked the shooting >> took the laptop and came in here tryied to get a signal. from what i heard the kid ran in to get a signal on the lap to because it's free wi-fi here >> reporter: now the man we spoke to also said the shelter
8:32 am
that sits caddy corner from here as an overflow of homeless. he said violence has's calated. the coffee shop is still closed. we're waiting to speak with him. police are asking people to come forward. we're live here in san francisco. three struggleing schools in san francisco are now faced with the task of replacing half their drive teacher -- their teachers. the three are on the state's list of low performing schools. the san francisco chronicle reports thely it schools have to replace a total of 26 teachers the school district reportedly
8:33 am
said the option was not their preferred choice hard times are also hitting uc berkeley once again hundreds of employees are facing layoffs. good morning, jade >> reporter: the news was not une xpected. we've been asking what people think about the lateest round of cuts. students found out about the cuts through bulletins yesterday. more than $100,000 -- governor junior rip brown proposal -- proposeed it. a multimillion dollar consultant hireed by the university adviseed where cuts should be made. those consultants have been
8:34 am
worki ng closely with administrators. the campus expects to eliminate 280 full-time positions they will do half involunteerly, half by retirement >> students need advice from all levels, professors, managerial level and to continue the cuts while raising the tuition, it's doing a complete disservice to the students >> reporter: the university has a tote have you have a 7,000 nont eaching employees. faculty and campus police escapee d cuts. so did the undergraduate school workforce. no one can comment on the story until later this morning.
8:35 am
reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu news >> 34,200 high school students applyied for the fall semester. that is up 7% compareed to last year. also only 7% will be accepted in arizona mourners are gathering as we speak at the church where a federal judge who was shot to death in the tucson shootings will be laid to rest. judges from all over the nation are attending to pay their respects members of a controversial church group in kansas have agreeed not to picket the funeral of judge role, in exchange for free air time from two raid yes stations. they said it's god's punishment
8:36 am
formark's acceptance of homosexual at 9-year-old christina taylor green was laid to rest yesterday. morning the mourners, green's aunt, a firefighter t- >> it was good to support kim. a very e positional service, being it was a 9-year-old and a sinceless killing >> little christina was born september 11th, 2001, the very day of the terrorist attack. there will be a candlelight vigil in walnut creek tonight remembering the victims of the tucson shootings. that begins at 5:30 on north broad way and civic drive. those who plan to be there, you
8:37 am
should bring a candle or a flashlight the fallen fire captain from the alameda fire department will be honored 42-year-old scott carnival died last month from cancer that doctors said was caused by his on the job exposure to smoke and fumes. in about an hour there will be a procession the memorial service will start at 11. it may cause some delays on pacific avenue the contra costa water district wants customers to watch out for imposters. the water district said it's very rare for an employee to have to go inside without making an appointment first. residents should contact the office first tesla has a new neighbor. union pacific railroad bought 160 acres next to the car
8:38 am
makeer' s factory. freemont city officials said they're trying to set up a meeting with union pacific to work together to maximize the potential of the land fans of the maverick surfing condition test near half moon bay are being encourageed to stay home. the new rules are to prevent what happened at the last competition. 13 spectators were injured when massive waves knocked them down >> they're exciteed there's some fans but nobody wants anybody getting hurt this year there will be a designated viewing area from the bee. the competition will also be
8:39 am
streamed live on the web hey, sail sal, less dramatic things happening in the commute >> let's take a look at what we have. i want to show you something. we have a construction closure that will be planned in self-contained artificial heart -- planned in santa clara. it is tomorrow. we're going all the way down to 680 at 101. there will be a moveing street sweeper from 3 a.m. to 2 p.m., basically from early in the morning to the middle of the day. best spie passing the -- busy passing the coliseum. let's go to steve
8:40 am
>> thank you, sir, a very happy friday. there's already some sun breaks towards nap napa county, marin county has low clouds and fog. most locations, noticeed a couple sun breaks looks like the low clouds are getting close to burning off. a few high clouds will move over the north bay. so a fog dpi morning, pockets of fog. most of it was a low cloud deck. sunny and warmer. it will give us a partly sunny, partly cloudy day. seven-day forecast 70s are likely. everwhere else looks to be sunshine. 52 san a tai mateo.
8:41 am
already seeing upper 40s for some. 54 santa rosa. 52 oakland. 43 ukia. 50 in sacramento. the fog advisoryies will be confineed to the valley and the mother lode. a lot going on, especially from hawaii. lake tahoe, partly cloudy, mostl y sunny and temperatures warming up to 50. we have some low clouds. a few areas are getting sunshine. by noon sun, mild near 60. mostly fair, mid-60s for some.
8:42 am
antioch, brentwood, upper 50s. napa 64. 60 richmond. 62 oakland. morgan hill, saratoga, santa cruz, 64. 61 livermore, slotly cooler -- slightly cooler, just a slow burnoff. not much change for the weekend and early next week >> thank you, steve. california is more at risk for a catastrophic storm than any other part of the country. we'll tell you what's being done in sacramento to prepare for that possibility this is called adventure tourism. it's not just for those with too much dare to do. that story just ahead. it was an awkward moment for
8:43 am
a young singer. why she's now an internet sensation.
8:44 am
8:45 am
livermore police are
8:46 am
investigating two death. neighbors say the victim was an elderly woman and her grandson. the body found with gunshot wounds. police said there didn't appear to be any signs of forced entry or foul play doctors may remove the breathe tube from congresswoman gabrielle giffords today. she continues to show signs of improvement. doctors are expected to give us an update on her condition at a 9:00 news conference this morning detectives investigating the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords have now contacted state senator leland yee. they want to know about the death threats he received after he cal state stanislaus to find out how much they paid sarah palin to speak secretary of state hillary clinton delivered a major address on u.s.-china relations
8:47 am
>> this is not a relationship that fits neatly into the black and white categoryies like friend or rival. we are two complex nations with very different histories, with profoundly different political systems and outlooks >> secretary clinton said the relationship between the u.s. and china have reached a critical junction this morning president obama is meeting with the president of pakistan at the white house. the pakistan president met with vice-president joe biden earlier this week. the obama administration is intense fig the pressure on pakistan to help root out al qaeda from its border president obama and the pakistani president will be among those attending a memorial service today for richard
8:48 am
holbrooke. he recently serveed as special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. he died in december following surgery for a torn aore tray a 13-year-old austinian boy who died in raging floodwaters there is being hailed as a hero. jordan rice was with his brother and mother with water up to the car's tires when the engine stopped running. the three got on to the roof. the floodwaters quickly rose. a bystander tied a rope around himself and went to rescue them. when he reached the family, jordan said to save the brother first. jordan and the mother were swept away >> i kept telling the boy it would be all right. i'm sorry for himself and his family and that we couldn't save
8:49 am
them all >> jordan's father said his son couldn't swell and was terrifyied of water. at least 5 people have -- 25 people have been killed california is more at rex for a catastrophic storm than any other part of america. atmosphereic storms dragged moisture across the ocean and point them at california for several days. we had a small safety of that in december. hundreds of emergency planners are at sacramento state university discussing the worst case storm you don't have to go far from home to have a travel adventure this weekend. we go live to the santa clara convention center >> reporter: it's been five years since we had a travel
8:50 am
adventure show in the bay area. if you want to learn to rock climb, this is a way top find out if you have that a ti used. be it an african safari, an austinian out back trip, this is the fastest greeing form of touri sm in the world >> interact with nature. you don't know what you're getting on the interness internet here, you're talking about the it with the people >> just get out there and have the experience and tack about it >> you can talk about it, what you might want to do with the folks who put on the tours, many
8:51 am
from the specific venues and countryies involved, includeing our own because there's a lot of adventure tourism in california. i can tell you it's a different kind of vacation. while it's not for everybody, it's for a lot more people than you might think. it runs saturday and sunday at the santa clara convention center. look at that diveer. take care >> all right. thank you, tom. of course, for more information on the travel and adventure show, you can go to and look under web links people planning to travel to china have a low budget option. they're offering castle size rooms and will open in shanghai.
8:52 am
there are 68 castles stacked on top of each other. each have a clock, internet and $13 for a full day a young dperl has become a singing sen -- girl has become a singing sensation on you tube after her performance of the star spangleed banner was cut short. see, it happened to me. yeah, the microphone died, went silent at the start of the hockey game but the crowd quickly helped her out. this video on youtube has received more than 2 1/2 million hits. everybody in the arena started singing along with her.
8:53 am
the admirals inviteed this lady to come back. she will sing again on february 5th >> i'm sure they will triple check the microphone we're following a developing story in california. we are learning new details about the victim who was shot to death inside the san francisco cafe.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we are following developing news comeing from southern california. officials said three people have been found electrocuteed inside of a home in san bernardino. police are speculateing it may have happened as they were investigating the explosion of a transformer. there's also a report that a power line fell on the victims police have identified the man shot and killed in a san francisco coffee shop. police say 29-year-old terry turner was chaseed into the cafe near polk and geary yesterday afternoon a man shot turn per multiple times and ran off. people in the neighborhood tell ktvu police have a person of interest and that the suspect had a longstanding feud with the victim. this, by the way, is san francisco's sixth homicide of the new year >> let's go right back to sal and see what's happening in our commute
8:57 am
>> we have traffic that's mostly recovering from the morning commute. we didn't have much of one. we have slowing on 880 northbound as you can see in our live picture. traffic is going to be a little bit slow as you drive past high street. also, the morning commute at the toll plazas a not been a commute. we had a backup at 7:30, but that's all. if you're driveing in san francisco it's crowded on 101 north and southbound but no problems on 101 or 280. let's go to steve low clouds and fog but already sun breaks. it won't take long to be in the mid-60s. looks like a weekend where there will be night and morning fog. mostly sunny, warmer, especially coast. near 70 early next week
8:58 am
>> really? >> it's very quiet >> no rain over the forecast. they're getting pummeled >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching. hope you have a great weekend.
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