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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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chopper 2. inside it looks like they have found that collection of pipe bombs. air space over that area has been limited and also tonight, we have a warning for drivers, you can see will highway 680 just in the forefront of the screen very close to where this discovery was made. and what authorities are telling us tonight is that they may have to close 680 there in pacheco from time to time for safety reasons. what we know right now it is believed authorities found a collection of pipe bombs inside a storage locker there in pacheco very close to highway 680 and that they are going to explode those items there. when they do that they will shut down 680 from time to time. now to some developing news tonight out of emeryville where some folks riding a shuttle bus are recovering from a bit of a scare. police say they got a call from
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a passenger on the emery go rounds just a little over an hour ago. saying someone on board had a weapon. police fulled the bus over near the home depot on 40th and hollis. they searched everyone on board and found what was found to be replica guns. no one was hurt. tonight a story you will see only on two. a man who thought he was doing the right thing. helping authorities with information that led to an arrest. but now he is very concerned about his safety because of a letter he just received from jail. rob roth is live in san francisco tonight with more on this, rob. >> reporter: san francisco man says he was simply doing his duty. he pointed out a criminal suspect to police. then he received this letter in the mail. it was signed by the suspect addressed to the witnesses home. >> jerome cuffey says he couldn't believe he's received
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a letter from the jail with the suspect's name on it and that the letter included cuffey's name, address and phone number on it. >> i'm afraid for my safety. i don't know what this man is capable of. >> reporter: we first met cuffey, he had seen a man setting papers on fire. the letter says in part, i don't know why you did what you did to me. such prejudice has made a solid cause. >> i now understand why people don't want to come forward. and instances like this. i mean, god forbid this was a shooting or something.
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>> reporter: how olson got information is unclear. >> i suspect it's from legal documents. >> reporter: olson's attorney would not discuss the case. but it's illegal to provide such personal information to a defendant. defense attorneys we spoke to say they black out personal information on any documents a suspect may see. >> if i don't pick up after my dog, i'm held accountable. people should be held accountable, that's what i'm looking for. >> reporter: the prosecutor has not returned our call. also we checked and couldn't find cuffey's cell phone number not even online. that's the same cell phone number included in the letter received from county jail. two students are injured and a third is under arrest after a gun accidentally went off at the southern california high school. it happened around 10:30 this morning at gardena high school in los angeles. police say a 15-year-old boy brought a loaded gun into his classroom.
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when hi set his backpack down that gun went off. the round hit two students and one is now in critical condition in the hospital. authorities locked down that school until police arrived and arrested the boy who brought the gun. one teacher said she hopes this incident does not unfairly hurt the school's imagine. >> they are amazing kids. and the very small percentage that set the stereo type for our school. >> police have not said why the student brought the gun to school but the los angeles times quotes a fellow student that the student had gotten into a fight and wanted to protect himself. the graffiti was spotted last month and named today as the day a violent threat would be carried out. university administrators took it seriously, they alerted staff and students and arranged for more security. but a spokesperson for ucsc tells us everything was peaceful on the campus today.
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in the east bay, three suspected bank robbers today led police on a three vehicle chase. about 9:30 this morning, fremont police received a frantic call that the u.s. bank on fremont boulevard was being robbed. when officers arrived they saw a car leaving the scene then gave chase. the systems crashed their car into a power pole. police arrested two of the suspects at the scene, a police dog found the third man hiding in a curb side recycling center. now to the america's cup. we've all heard the great things it'll do for the city and how much money it'll bring in. more than 80 business along the embarcadero may have to be relocated. and john fowler has what are being called evictions. >> reporter: this will be the
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very heart of what will be known as the america's heart village. a village bringing green and gold. >> it is several world series events, several super bowls put together. >> reporter: but 80 port tenants housed on seven piers will have to go. >> having to relocate is of concern to us. >> reporter: in it's 10 years, zanny has entertained a million people in it's elaborate, permanent tent structure. >> they gave us a tentative date by the end of the year but i think that is still a little bit a moving target. >> reporter: port leases are not permanent. >> a standard industrial short term lease says, they will be subject to the lease terminating, relocation we call it development project of these piers. >> reporter: former mayor newsom says the city needed a spectacle of the america's cup
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and infrastructure improvements. >> we've spent decades trying to find the capital to be infused in this aging pier. the reality is we haven't been able to find partners but now this opportunity has come up. >> reporter: and the booming bower transportation company -- >> if we have to move folks we have to do it in a way that preserves their success but enhances their success. that's how you do it. >> reporter: we know what a great thing this is for the city that we love. what we felt today is a lot of love back from the city, back from the port they don't want ma'am to pack the bags and leave from the city. if she'll have to pack her bags and leave this spot, they'll find us a home. >> reporter: a one man organization that is facing eviction and may not get such treatment. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of san francisco
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workers held another noisy protest. negotiations between the hyatt and workers -- ken pritchett is live in san francisco tonight with our report -- >> reporter: frank across the street is the green light rail center. there's also a maintenance yard back there. that's where the derailment in the last seven days have happened. i talked to nummi today tay they say the rail yard is safe but that it's a much needed
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fix. the derailments were minor, no damage, no injury, no passengers involved but nummi calls them serious incidents nonetheless. >> we are putting immediate fix into place. >> reporter: john haley is the san francisco municipal authority director, he says that the tracks have come to wear and tear through time. >> we've moved a lot of the maintenance activity from green, some to geneva yard across the street. others to our maintenance facility on third street. >> reporter: haley says all movement of trains on the yard are now closely monitors, this and other steps to improve safety in the steps of another million dollars project. >> they can say all they want, but in reality, you need to fix it. period. >> reporter: rafael cabr era with the workers union says he is not satisfied with the
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interim safety steps saying operators take blame for the over worked tracks. he says a fix is needed now. >> if they have moneys over there, for other projects this is a very project they need to address. >> reporter: the mta says it is rebuilding much of its infrastructure. this station, this maintenance yard is on its list. at 6:00, we'll take a look at another nummi issue, on time arrival service which has dipped from an all time high from early last year. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu news. apple is sharing some good news with investors after a rough trading day. the cupertino based company is reporting it's best quarter every. apple says it brought in $26.7 billion last quarter. that's up 78%. holiday i pad and iphone sales fueled the boost. the news came after the end of trading today. apple stock fell 2.25% after
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ceo steve jobs announced he is taking another medical leave of absence. apple stock may have been down but the over all markets today were up. the dow gained more than 51 points closing at 11,838. the nasdaq was up nearly 11 closing at 2,766. for more information about apple and the steve jobs leave of absence, you can go to our website ktvu .com and click on the apple tab. a berkeley couple escaped their home after it went up in flames. the fire started in a second floor bedroom where one resident saw flames coming out of a heater. berkeley firefighters quickly knocked back that fire preventing the flames from spreading. people who live in the home and near by says the a frightening situation. >> i was upstairs in the attic on my computer and i smelled
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smoke and i went downstairs and it kept getting darker and darker. >> i opened up the door. at that time the third and second door were completely engulfed in flames. >> reporter: everyone got out safely and no one was hurt. >> reporter: congresswoman giffords continued her recovery in a hospital room. giffords husband mark kelly says she has been smiling at him and was able to rub his neck. kelly says he would be willing to meet the parents of the suspected gunman and doesn't blame them for the shooting. we'll have details on a new gun law put together by dozens of giffords staffers. and you're looking live right now at traffic at a standstill as officials deal
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with this ongoing situation. the raiders introduced their 17th different nfl head coach but then that press conference turned into a whole different situation. we'll have a live report. and i'm tracking that nasty valley fog tonight. i'll let you know how it'll impact your day tomorrow.
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more on the breaking news. what you are looking at here are the southbound lanes of interstate 680. they have been completely shut down. the reason inside that storage building, police believe they have found a number of pipe bombs. they have already detonated one of the devices there and they are planning to detonate more of them. they did not want to move them to another area fearing that they might be too dangerous. so as a result, they have shut down the southbound lanes of 680. this is in the area where
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highway four connects to 680. we're continuing to follow this story. as soon as we get more information we bring it to you. the introduction this afternoon of the raiders new head coach. it was overshadowed by the alleged indiscretion of the team's former coach. >> no visual aids, no over head projector, but any time mr. al davis davis holds a press conference it's great theater. it all turned into a discussion on cable. jackson has never been a head coach but he was coordinator to two offensive teams including the raiders this past season. now the 2010 team more than doubled the points scored from
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the previous year. now hugh jackson becomes the sixth raiders head coach since 2002. >> there's nothing like working for coach davis. i know a lot of stuff is being said about this and that, i am telling you, i'm here. i'm a walking testimony of coming here in the first year and having the opportunity to make something great. i plan on being here for a long time. >> so he can lead this raider nation, the fans and bring back those touchdowns in that coliseum. you have to score points to win. you can't win without scoring points then you have to knock someone down. >> reporter: jackson replaces tom cable who was fired after finishing 8-8 this season. davis says one big reason cable was removed was his indiscretion. and that's also why davis
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docked cable $270,000 in pay. >> all this goes against my wishes, against my way of living. against my life, and against the raider way. i just wasn't going to take it anymore. there's no way that he can come clean on this. he knows what he did. >> reporter: one of the lawsuits that davis refers to starts with the former assistant coach. he claims that cable punched him. physical abuse against cable's two wives and another woman. it cost the team money once the franchise was named along in those lawsuits with cable. to add further to the drama. cable was signed bid the
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seahawks adding to the drama. another winter storm is barreling through the northeast. take a look at the roads in connecticut just west of the hartford. not many people on the road, people there heeding the warning to stay off the roads. we've just checked in at san francisco international airport and it says says it has not seen any delays. we want to take a live look, neither san jose nor oakland international are reporting any major delays as well. as always you might want to check with your carrier directly before heading out to the airport. well, i was talking to someone today. she said it's so nice to see the sun out. today let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. pretty nice out there. >> pretty day, the sun came out. a lot of fog this morning. the fog has cleared out. know that it's coming back to your neighborhood tonight. at least a lot of bay area
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neighborhoods. you see it in the central valley. it's eroded away. there's the central end kind of chewed out. the dynamic is enough that the fog allowed for clearing. look at the temperature right now in santa rosa, 66 degrees. really warm out there right now. temperatures are going to start to plummet pretty rapidly. lots of mid-40s. that will allow the fog to form again. i don't expect a fog advisory. because it's been eroded a bit and broke up a bit. it would be a hard burn off tomorrow. we're coming into this with a lot of fog. we'll see a quick burn off tomorrow. there's a weather system north of here. it's going to stay dry for us. but there's a weather system north of here that will keep
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mixing the atmosphere. when i say mixing, i mean taking the moisture and allows the fog to form. there'll be a little bit of mixing tonight and tomorrow so not a lot of fox. you will still find a low 50 if you go out to brentwood. daytime highs tomorrow we had 70s down toward santa cruz. upper 60s in some spots. tomorrow we will see mid-60s and upper 60s. a really nice day. where is the rain, i'll show you when we come back. right now officials have surrounded a storage facility in pacheco. that is where officials have found several pipelines. we will take you live to the scene where at least one of those devices has apparently been detonated. and 680 right now in the southbound direction is closed. a live update next. federal authorities charged two people with slurping and one is from the bay area.
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coming up, we'll tell you what slurping is and why it's a very big deal for anyone who owns an i pad. from a routine check up to urgent care. we'll tell you how a new law will slash the time it takes for you to see a doctor. the kid friendly product safeway has stopped selling after a bay area group made a troubling discovery. remains stolen in a bay area cemetery. but we'll reveal why the thieves may not have gotten what they had hoped for, all tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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all eyes on this public storage facility in pacheco. these are live pictures from chopper 2. they have detonated at least two devices now. twices that they are calling pipe bombs discovered in that
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storage locker here at this facility. they have now closed southbound 680 so they can safely diffuse the situation here. we will be covering and bring you much more federal investigators say men stole personal information from i pad users by hacking into at&t. >> the more their victims have to scramble to fix the holes and the bigger the humiliation and damage to the corporate victim, the more bragging rights these individuals have in their own community. >> 121,000 people fell victim to the hacker including new york mayer bloomberg and chief of sam rahm emanuel.
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>> what these suspects did, was realized that each device was linked to a e-mail account. >> they each face charges of conspiracy and fraud. at&t says it has since taken steps to protect the information of i pad users. opening statements were heard today to find out who all owns the rights of the bratz dolls. matell claims the company lured key developers. matell has won lawsuits against
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mga in the past. but have been overturns on technicalities. beautiful beach front homes are threatened by erosion. the reason, on their beach a river runs through it and they don't want it to. but they don't know what to do about it. that story next. and the bay gets under way to overturn the sweeping health care law. the white house calls it a huge mistake.
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you are looking live right now at a storage facility in pacheco. tonight authorities are surrounding a locker there with states narcotics crews say they
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have found a collection of pipe bombs. that storage facility is located in pacheco. they discovered them inside what they believe are pipe bombs inside that locker. they are disabling those devices on scene. they did not think it was safe to remove them from the location. there have been two detonated. they have reopened the southbound lanes. those are the far lanes on the screen there of interstate 680 680 680 which is very close to where the storage locker is. we're going to work here to try to find out if there are more devices that need to be detonated and if they plan to close the freeway again.
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but as you see, traffic is moving on 680 as we get more information on this we will bring it to you. some beach front homeowners are trying to find a way to keep a new river from undermining their homes. john fowler went there to generate some response and find out what can be done about this daunting problem -- robert handa went there to generate some response. >> reporter: these days their spectacular view is marred by ongoing erosion and they say trying to solve the problem is wearing away their patience. these days a 20-foot wide river running through rio del mar beach. used to flow directly into the ocean but winter storms have redistricted the water and now it cuts under the bank. some homeowners are worried about the impact of a big storm. >> it comes down and can do
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some serious undermining. >> reporter: the river causes other hazard, pollution when the water is stagnant and a new cliff. >> there's about a 40-foot drop out there. just people walking that don't realize that as soon as they walk near that edge they can fall down. >> reporter: homeowners have asked to carve a rout toward the ocean. but they were turned down. the key may be an aging retaining wall. >> because it can come to county planning. we would have to work with the coastal commission. it's not a quick process but we could do that. >> homeowners are willing but weber said they might have to keep looking for a solution. >> it could be a quick solution, but long term problem for homeowners down the stream. >> reporter: it is very difficult to come up with
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permanent foolproof solutions. but their concern is that agencies will wait until homes are lost before taking any action. robert handa, ktvu channel two news. san jose says a drive by shooting took the life of a 20- year-old man. it happened last night in a strip mall parking lot near hopkins way. his identity at this point has not been released. witnesses saw a vehicle leaving the area but so far there is no word on whether there have been any arrests in the case. san jose police say the shooting appears to be gang related. in san francisco, police say they have the gunman who opened fire in broad daylight in a busy city street today. it happened around 9:40 this morning at the intersection of 16 and fulsome. investigators said two men got off a car and then got into a confrontation with another man. one man was hit. with the help of officers police found the two men and
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arrested a 16-year-old from hayward for the shooting. by this time tomorrow, there could be a vote on repealing the health care reform law. today debate got under way with both sides digging in their heels. >> it's the battle over health care round two. now in the majority house republicans began their push today to overturn the president's health care overhaul. >> if you look at the affordable, and accessibility and quality of health care, the invasion of a system and the choices that patients must have, all of those principals are harmed by this bill now this law. >> reporter: democrats aggressively defended the law saying many people have already benefited and argue this is a time wasting debate. >> every minute that we spend fruitlessly debating the repeal of health care reform which we know is ultimately not beginning to happen is one less
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minute that we are not spending creating jobs and trying to turn this economy around. 21 million americans under the age of 65 would have difficult getting coverage. the law bans -- that's a road brenell branch has been down before. before the president signed the affordable care act. >> that was a real hard thing to do to deal with. realizing that i could get my breast cancer back and then i would have no way of getting treatment. >> well tonight you can add six more states to those challenging the health care law. today the attorneys general in iowa, kansas, maine, wisconsin and wyoming announced they have joined a lawsuit in florida
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questioning the constitutionality of that law. state officials say they need to make a 10% cut in med- cal to help the state's budget crisis. lower courts agreed with opponents who say the state can't make those cuts and stay in compliance with the federal medicate law. now the supreme court has decided to hear the case later on this year. coming up next here, more on the breaking news from pacheco, the discovery of what's believed to be several pipe bombs. we do have a crew on the way and we will bring you updated information momentarily. it's the reason so many people were killed or injured in that tucson shooting before the gunman had to reload. what some lawmakers now say they want to ban. and keeping customers happy, up next, the new tactics grocery stores are using to keep your bills from rising.
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two apparent pipe bombs detonated. reopened now in both directions, this is where a short time ago, state narcotics agents say they discovered what appeared to be pipe bombs in a storage facility. they have then detonated two of those devices. they have a crew now arriving there on the scene to gather information about who possibly these pipe bombs belong to, why they were there. much more information coming in a live report tonight at 6:00. congress today took steps the that could lead to a ban on
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high capacity clips for weapons. the weapon used in tucson's shooting carried 30 rounds not nine rounds. >> to stop the sale of these high capacity clips. then determine what went wrong. >> a similar bill is expected to be introduced in the senate before the end of month. researchers in switzerland say they have found a way to hack keyless car locks which would allow thieves inside your car. a scientist challenged two people to break into his car. they found a way to find a signal and use that signal to break into the car. they are working on a way to
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defeat those hackers. there is further proof tonight that we live in a fuel operated economy. diesel cost less than gasoline up to 2008 where demand pushed the price higher. and while prices at the pump are being passed on to drivers, there's word major grocery store chains are swallowing price increases to keep customers from going to big box stores. the supervalue company which operating supermarkets including albertson say they took a loss last quarter instead of increasing prices. ucsf is reporting a new medical breakthrough that one day could help doctors treat
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genetic diseases before a baby is born. experimenting with mice, the researchers found that transplanting cells harvested from the mother herself helped stop the fetus from rejecting the cells. the scientists hope this information will help treat sickle cell and other disorders as early as the first trimester of pregnancy. there's new research that find that long hours in front of a computer or television can have a negative effect on your heart. it appears screen time expends less energy than reading, writing or driving. this was not expected, coming up why twice as many
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pets are finding homes. and a little cooler tomorrow we have that fog to talk about. it's coming back, i'll show you when it will return and where. new at 6:00, from a routine check up to urgent care. we'll break down how a new law will slash the time it takes for you to see a doctor. the kid friendly product safeway has stopped selling after a bay area group has made a discovery. and a cemetery was vandalized, but we'll tell you why the thieves may not have gotten what they were looking for. tonight at 6:00.
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okay take a look at this. it's a tricky maneuver. scientists untangle a north atlantic white whale wrapped in 50 feet of rope. the whale was first spotted on christmas. scientists tracked her since
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then with a satellite tag and they used a sedative to calm her down. they cut off the road and she swam off. and now to a story we first covered in november. a pet store with hundreds of pet rats. and since then, they have encountered a growing problem. >> reporter: the owner didn't separate three male and female pets, they have multiplied into hundreds of rats. cages are filled in some cases the rats are literally on top
5:47 pm
of each other. >> would you like to take a couple dozen home with you. >> i worked in maternities since the early part in november when they first came. and there's been about 400 babies. >> reporter: the girls and boys are now separated. >> from here we're going to be moving out of state from michigan to oregon, washington, arizona and nevada first. >> reporter: volunteers have named many of the rodents to make them more adoptable. >> they are like little dogs. you can potty train them, you can harness this, take them for walks. >> reporter: but taking one of these curious creatures home is a tough sell for some. >> ratatoulee was a good movie, but other than that, i don't want to take a rat home.
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it's pretty small and ekkee. >> reporter: and if these animals aren't adopted by february, the goal is to find them foster homes. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, kt vu channel 2 news. we have more now on the breaking news we've been reporting from pacheco. we just spoke with the chp and they are telling us right now that they may have to shut down 680 in the southbound direction once again. now here's the situation if you're just joining us. police believe they found a series of pipe bombs inside a public storage facility there that you see on the screen on first avenue in pacheco. from what we understand, they have detonated at least two of those devices on scene. apparently they did not feel it would be safe to transport them to another location. and from what we understand, from just talking to the chp there may be more devices that they need to detonate and as a result, 680 is going to be shut down again perhaps in the coming minutes. coming up next at 6:00, we will
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have more on that developing news from our reporter who is now on the scene. we'll get late details. julie haener is in the news newsroom with more stories we're working on. >> an unusual picture. thound a deer got into the living room of a bay area home. what happened next. also what happened 100 years ago today on san francisco bay and how it changed the course of history. how many times have you called a doctor for an appointment and they are all booked up. tonight the new rules that sooner. t you in to see that we'll so you at 6:00. time now for us to get another check of our weather. let's check in now with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> let's take a peak outside. we'll show you live storm tracker 2. this is the system i'm tracking. it's barely visible. it's right here. the clouds are slowly dropping south. what it's going to do is it's going to change the wind direction. it'll give us some mixing in the atmosphere which should
5:50 pm
help prevent the fog from reforming in ernest as it has. and from mary sville north the fog goes away. the dynamics will be such in the surface that fog will pop up in the usual spots. valley fog should not be as extensive as yesterday morning. it'll be patchy and sneaky. all of a sudden shows up when it comes around the corner, that's the way it'll be. it burned off rapidly. as that system comes down and bumps across northern california, here you see it right here. no rain from this but it will change the dynamics of the atmosphere and should dry things up. that should help fog formation. i don't think we'll see a dense fog advisory tonight but we will have patchy fog. certainly in the livermore valley where it is regular out there this time of year.
5:51 pm
livermore tomorrow, 48 degrees, foggy when you wake up. mid-50s at lunchtime, maxed out in livermore at about 58 degrees for a daytime high. that's just because all that cool air is lingering in the mid-valley. tomorrow there'll be patchy fog. we'll see it out here toward clayton and walnut creek. 64 tomorrow in oakland for a daytime high. 64 in hayward. coastal sections have been really nice. stinson beach has been really nice. weather is outstanding. santa cruz tomorrow should be easy, 67 degrees with 65 degrees in morgan hill. no spare the air night, the air quality is doing okay. this is a very stagnant weather pattern. with that you can bet there's no rain in the forecast. and look at the past five days, i don't see any rain. that will probably all change. lots can change between now and then. but we do have a five day, that looks dry and it'll stay that way. that should be about it until early next week. >> that fog last night was
5:52 pm
really something. >> burned off quick though. >> thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. the new tool that will help gay teens struggling with suicide. the berkeley city council is expected to vote in just a few hours in a landmark change. what it wants to do for city employees who want to get a sex change.
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one of the nation's largest gay rights lobbying groups says it will share a store front with a the trevor project group. it will let the group the trevor project use some of the space for its lgbt suicide hot line. when hrc announced the move, some of milk's friends and admirers said that the group's plans did not match those of harvey milk. >> i haven't heard any opposition from any of my colleagues in the council. when it passed in 2007 i think it was passed. this is a prudent way for us to provide a benefit. >> reporter: city officials
5:56 pm
would set aside $20,000 every year for gender reassignment surgery. as you just heard, the city says it adopted the benefit back in 2007 but it hasn't been able to get its health care provider to cover it. >> kaiser has already told us it's not going to provide it. health net would have required our premiums to go up significantly. i think this is the best way to provide this benefit to our employees who need it in a cost effective way. >> reporter: city council member moore says he is not aware of any city employees who may be interested of taking advantage of this benefit, at least not yet. coming up next, more on the latest breaking story, where a storage facility where crews found a collection of
5:57 pm
pipebombs. also coming up next --
5:58 pm
developing news in the east
5:59 pm
bay, the explosive discovery that prompted the closure of 680 earlier tonight and there may be more closures to come. also winners and losers, who could be forced to lose when the america's cup comes to the bay area. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have been showing you the trouble in pacheco for the last hour. pipe bombs were found in a storage unit and the situation has been causing a lot of problems for commuters on 680. so far authorities have detonated at least two of those devices. the chp has had to shut down 680 on the southbound direction at least twice this evening and we've learned there could be more closures ahead. paul chambers is live on the scene


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