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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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friends and family members come to pay their respects to a vallejo man who was shot and killed while he was waiting to go to work. sheriff deputies searching for a missing four-year-old patterson boy make a discovery in a canal. we'll have the latest. >> they are going to be meeting with the students who were directly involved in this incident as well as having a discussion the entire class about what wept on, proper ways
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to express curiosity by the human body. >> questions remain about a story first reported by ktvu, children performing sex acts in a classroom. good afternoon. we begin this hour in vallejo with new information about a map who had turned his life around only to be found shot dead in his car this morning. his body was found in a parking lot on admiral can han lane near the timothy street exit. >> reporter: the shooting happened at 4:00 this morning. by 9:00 a.m. this parking lot was full of people. but 15 to 1 people came here to pay their respects to the
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shooting victim. much of the group has left but they left behind a small memorial to the 23-year-old vallejo man who died in this spot. when i spoke to the vehicles tim's brother, we asked that he not mention his name yet. that's because there are some younger family members, some younger people who do not know yet that he has died. police responded to shots being fired in this parking lot. when they arrive, they found the victim in the driver's seat of his vehicle. he died of gunshot wounds. he would meet his boss here in the parking lot and would drive together to work. the victim was training to be a carpenter. >> i have been driving with him for three or six months. he was a really good kid, really hard worker. i considered him my friend. >> i'm unable to confirm
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exactly what the exact motive is but i can tell you that our team of investigators are processing leads as they come in and exhibit viewing witnesses as we speak. >> reporter: now, throughout the morning, friends and family members gathered in the parking lot to comfort one another and console one another. the victim's pastor did tell me that the young man did have some legal problems in the past, did have problems with the law but in the past two years, this victim had made great strides in turning things around. he started getting a job, went to church regularly. there are still some people, some family members still mourning the loss of this 23- year-old vallejo man. vallejo police say they are investigating but they have no suspect description and no suspect vehicle to give at this time. in vallejo, allie rasmus. >> thank you very much, allie. moving on now, a two-car
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accident left a person dead and caused problems. cooper pulled in front of a car on san pablo dam road. the other car was traveling at about 50 miles per hour and broadsided him. the victim was not wearing a seat belt. we just got an update in the search for a two-year-old boy. we learned that a car was found in the canal. >> reporter: they did find the car in the many cam but just about two minutes ago, sheriff deputies told me they threw a line down into the water and was able to hook something. so we very well may see a car being pulled up while they are waiting for divers to get here. we don't know if the car belongs to 27-year-old jose rodriguez who allegedly
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kidnapped four-year-old juliani cardennas. the remote control sonar equipment was put into the cam just before 10 this morning. it allows deputies to see if a car had gotten stuck in one of the three tubes that are in the canal. the sonar found the car near one of those tubes. they have contacted the bureau of reclamation because they want one of the pumps turned off so the water level will drop. >> they are calling our dive team coming back out here on scene. they'll try to develop a plan on how to go down in this waterway to try to recover the vehicle that's in the water right now. >> reporter: when the car is pulled up, they will be able to tell if it is a silver car that rodriguez was driving and if there are any bodies inside. juliani has been missing since tuesday. investigators say that rodriguez snatched him from his grandmother's arm. there is still an amber alert in effect but if this car is not rodriguez's, deputies will still need help in tracking him
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down because they believe that the child is still with him. so far, there has been no cell phone activity. there has been no credit card use from rodriguez. so, again, they are desperately waiting for answers and, of course, the mother is hoping, i'm sure, that this car does not belong to rodriguez and that he is still out there alive. reporting live from patterson, janine dela vega. of course, you can go to for more on this if anything is pulled up. the website has a photo of the suspect, the description of the car. an oakland second grade teacher is suspended with pay following reports that kids en gauged in sex acts in his
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classroom. the teacher said that he was not aware of the activity. a girl and a boy participated in oral sex while the teacher as others were present in theclassroom. a social worker is talking to the children and teaching them about the proper way to express sexual curiosity. >> we have to work with the evidence that we have at this time. we believe that the reports have some merit. >> reporter: he says they have done preliminary interviews with students, staff, parents and that police may also become involved but say it's too soon to draw any conclusions about what happened. we posted the letter sent home to parents on our channel 2 website. to read it, go to and click on the bay area news tab. police have a community in alert in lake meritt. a woman was sexual assaulted and robbed on tuesday. police are trying to determine
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whether the crime is connected to two other sexual assault in the area late last year. one person told ktvu that police should not hold back information. >> i think that would make us aware to make sure that we are walking together, walking in groups and do what we need to do to be pro tented. >> reporter: police are advising people to try to stay in well-lit areas and being especially careful when getting in and out of their cars. some high-paid california executives are getting more money. u c regent awarded 10% pay raises to three managers. university president mark udoff said that the system faces a 10 million-dollar gap. officials defend this raise saying that the raises are needed to keep the universities competitive >> governor jerry brown discovered a fiscal emergency to allow state lawmakers more
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time to work on a budget crisis. it resets a clock and dwifs lawmakers 45 days to agree on a budget plan. if there is no budget deal within that time, lawmakers will be blocked from acting on any other legislative matters not reletted to the budget a critical hearing is underway in san francisco at this hour in the federal perjury case against former giant slugger barry bonds. the defense team wants the judge to throw out key evidence seized during the balco trial. it's an attempt to build against a victory they gained last year. this is file video but bonds is in the courtroom today. ktvu's rita williams is there today. we'll have more on this story on and rita will have more on the 5:00 newscast. just ahead, president obama talks about job creation. and the congresswoman
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wounded in the tucson shooting has been moved. we'll explain why and where. and the nice weather seen in the bay area, we will have the forecast ahead and a celebration going out of hand in the south bay.
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ask congresswoman gabrielle imiferredz is now in houston for the next phase of rehabilitation after a enthusiastic sendoff. her surgeon and astronaut husband mark kelly who works in houston was also on the plane. she was transported by helicopter to the texas medical center for a complete evaluation. she heads to the center's rehabilitation hospital after that. today's movies the latest milestone in her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head during the january 8th shooting rampage that killed six people and injured 13. president obama is assuring workers in new york that he is committed to putting the economy in overdrive. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> i know that is not for me.
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i know it's for our quest here today. welcome to the capital region. >> reporter: the president spoke there at a general electric plant in schenectady. 35% of americans believe that the economy has improved under president obama. the president reaffirmed his commitment to get people back to work and offered his faith in the talent of the u.s. work force. >> we see it right here at this plant. we see it right here at ge. america is still home to the most creative and most innovative businesses in the world. we have the most productive workers in the world. america's home to inventors and dreamers and builders and creators. >> the president also seized the occasion to introduce the panel on jobs creation. president obama welcomed the
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nation's mayors to washington before he flew to new york, including the new mayor of san francisco. the local leaders come to washington hoping to get federal funding for their cities. president obama told them the stimulus money that flowed into the cities over the past years has run out. after interrupting a burglar, a hostage situation happened. the women all in their 70s called 911 and told police they were being held hostage. a s.w.a.t. team was called in and entered the home but did not find a suspect. deputies tell us that the victims, including one from oakland are safe today. >> one of the victims was able to get out of the home on her own. the other locked herself out into the bedroom which the s.w.a.t. team rescued. they are all in good conditions. they are not injured at all.
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>> investigators only have a vague description of the victims. they won't know if they got away with anything until they contact the home's owner. deputies will return to the home later this day to collect evidence. > a young boy is recuperating after a dog attack. the father of the three-year- old used his hands and piece of wood to fend the dogs off. the boy went into the neighbor's yard after kicking a ball over the fence. a fire killed dogs and cats. there was a big welcome for the shelter's new medical director. santa cruz is preparing for
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a centennial birthday party with renovation work. the carousel along the santa cruz beach boardwalk will turn 100 in august and crews are fixing some nicks and scratches before the big celebration. the carousel was delivered in 1911 when rides cost only a nickel. bronze plaques will be complem rating the pier. we are excited to introduce the newest meteorologist to our family. we want to introduce you to rosemary orozco. >> you could not have introduced me with better weather. and this is going to sit around. abundant sunshine and even a boat out there in the water. some of us are sinking back into the 30 thz morning, just a
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few degrees above freezing but sunny for all of us as we move through the afternoon. a little bit of patchy fog expected to return in the early morning of the hours. by the afternoon, we are looking at hazy sunshine ant extended forecast -- and the extended forecast, no rain in sight. we have rebounding in temperatures. 54 oakland, 59 hayward. san francisco looking at 60 degrees already. fog in the north as well as the east bay. the trend is going to continue. the afternoon is going to be sunny, mild and as high pressure sets up and stays put, that storm track is going to stay to the north. we will continue with the afternoon sunshine, the morning fog. take a look at the satellite view. you can seat east pacific definitely with high pressure on board because that storm track is saying to the north. if i back up just a little bit, you'll notice not a lot going
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on, not for california. we do have rain and snow over areas of washington as well as oregon. but our state is going to be dry. sunny and mild expected for your friday. we are a little breezy at this hour over the east bay hills. fog will be back again overnight and for the afternoon, temps ranging. 62 in napa this afternoon, 68 expectd in santa rosa. meanwhile, as we head a little south, check out 68 for morgan hill. mid-60s fremont. 64 expected half moon bay. if mid-60s is still a little cool four, take a look at saturday. how about afternoon sunshine and 70 degrees sounds to you? sound great to me. we will be just a little cooler on sunday. as we get back to work on monday, we'll is slip back into the mid-60s for the afternoon. gorgeous out there. can't complain. >> beautiful because we have the rain. nice that we can celebrate the nice weather and hope we can
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some more. well, welcome. happy to have you here. >> well, thank you. happy to be here. a coroner's examiner reports says that since the double fines, the number of pedestrian accidents jumped. market street at vanness followed by geary boulevard and vanness and broadway at vanness. the stunt man known as spider dan may testify in his own defense on monday about his skycraperclimbing stunt in san francisco. dan goodman used suction cups to climb the skycraper. he said that the he climbed the millenium tower to bring attention to the vulnerability of skycrapers to attacks by
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terrorists. prosecutors say that no matter the message, it was illegal. and thousands of fans celebrated after the broncos defeated gonzaga. no one was arrested. the trouble on the street followed santa clara's biggest victory in years. broncos defeated gonzaga 84-75 in a huge upset. gonzaga had defeated santa clara nine straight times before last night's game. and the big storm that has been here is turning up other places. and we have some highlights of american idol ahead.
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. taking you live to the new york stock exchange for a look at the big board. we can certainly see the numbers. stocks are slightly higher after companies reported strong profit. google reacted to news of the shakeup. google stock was up slightly after yesterday's closing bell. google anowed that company cofounder larry page will take over, a position he held during
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the early stage. that upstaged google's fourth quarter earning which increased by 4%. a company named angry bird is migrating to another form ofplatform. it is now an animated series. it is not clear if the series will be web based or for television but the ceo of rodeo mobile is focusing on broadcast content. angry birds first appeared on i phones but now is available in traditional platforms, including game consoles. nobody knows if the clydesdale will be on, but budweiser has locked the spot for the sponsor for the next four games. to you can watch the super bowl
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right here on ktvu. the minnesota metrodome that caved in during a snowstorm last month may not be ready for the vikings' preseason game. the roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow in early december. you will remember these pictures. right now, official still have not decided whether or not the roof needs to be fixed or replaced. either way, it will take at least six months before the metrodome is ready for the season. several american idol contest taps in new orleans gave jennifer lopez goose bumps. temporary home. she is a single mother of a special needs child and says she often sings to her little girl. jennifer lopez says all that practice paid off. >> when you sang, i felt it. i really felt it. >> thank you. >> i mean, it brought tears to
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my eyes and that was the first time that happened today. >> she is one of 86 other hopefuls from new orleans to get a golden ticket to hollywood more closely watching the situation in patterson where authority are in the cam right now searching a car at the center of a missing boy investigation the next newscast is ktvu at 5:00. we'll have more on that story and much more. until then, hope you have a great day.
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